Dr. Michael J Sarik at Mason City Clinic

250 S. Crescent Dr

Mason City, 50401
(641) 494-5200
Awesome - S.J
As always everything was great! - M.D
It was very quick and pleasant, no problems and unexpected surprises. Very happy with the visit. - R.N
As always my visit went extremely smoothly. - S.F
I never have to wait. The office staff, nurses and doctors are always very friendly, courteous and professional. - D.P
All good. Friendly. Professional. Attended to task asking how my medicine was working for me. All good. - J.N
There were several people trying to check in at the same time. The ladies on the other side of the counter were professional and did the best to be expected with so many people checking in. After that, everyone seemed to know their job and did it accordingly. It was nice to have a doctor that actually listened to me instead of just waiting for me to stop talking so they could do their song and dance. Great experience. - J.P
Always feel well cared for at the Heart & Vascular Institute. Dr Sarik has perfected the art of being professional yet personal. - A.S
Dr Sarik listens, answers questions, describes problems clearly and is pleasant and always respectful. I’m happy to have him as my doctor - S.S
very helpful and informative session - R.F
My experience was very good. - J.M
When I got checked in and arrived at the admitting desk, they seemed to be ready and waiting for me. Didn't have to wait to be taken to Sarik's office and it all worked easy with Nurse and Dr. Results were fine and I was done very quickly. - B.C
Had a great experience. - A.H
Dr Sarik answered all my questions and explained things clearly The pacemaker tech and the doctor worked together to solve my problem Both were very comfortable and pleasant to consult with - S.S
very nice office and staff was great! Makes the fact that we drive so far to the appt. bearable! - R.T
In terms and time in office reason for visit was very commendable. Also checkout and scheduling next appointment very prompt. - J.F
I always love seeing the nurses and doctors at the heart center. They are always so kind and listen to my concerns. Thank you as always. - R.T
Everything went well. - C.N
Very thorough explanations - J.G
Everyone was friendly and welcoming. Things were explained thoroughly. Give him a raise. - D.H
Dr. Sarik spent a great deal of time with us to explain the new diagnosis and go through treatment options. - S.W
Great. Service - W.W
The doctor was very informative for me when answering all my questions - K.K
The doctor was very plain about the results he told the us the risks out weighed the benefits.We appreciated the unvarnished. truth.So plans could be made in future - L.M
Visit was relaxed and reassuring. - J.J
It is 5 or more stars all the way. Dr. Sarik and his staff have given me excellent care. I can't say enough good things about them!!!!! - S.F
This was just my annual check-up and device check. Everything was fine. Doctor and staff were great. - R.B
Good - R.N
I was very pleased with the attentiveness of the staff and Dr. Sark. They listened and understood what my symptoms were, and encouraged me that they would get me feeling better soon. - L.H
Could not have been more pleased. Very glad to be back! - G.H
I was very pleased with the fact that I could get in the same day. That helped me and eased my mind as to what was going on. Dr Johnson was very kind and made me feel at ease. Thank you for the prompt and efficient service by the staff. - S.G
Very informative - K.K
Everything was perfect. - D.S
Was a good appointment. - V.R
Excellent - S.W
Very glad to have Dr. Sarik as my doctor. - D.P
As usual everything was great! - D.M
Excellent as always! - S.R
Dr Sarik is very good at explaining the requirements for upcoming procedures - D.E
Had a pacemaker check & advice on the changes made. - B.H
I was very happy with my appointment. Was on time and very efficient , - M.A
Dr Sarik explained my heart condition and then laid out a plan and medication - D.E
I was informed that I would have some wait time. Staff were all very pleasant to me. Dr. Sarik is the best. He explained my diagnosis to me in words that were understandable and wished me well. - C.R
Got in right on time. Everyone ask how your doing. they listen to you.. About anything that was on your mind. Dr. Sarik is great doctor he listen to you and answers any question that i may have. - G.B
Very pleasant and professional,listened to concerns scheduled follow up visit regardingMedication change.Thanks. - R.W
Got right in and the nurse did her thing and Dr. Sarik came in and check my EKG , gave me the results and we were done. - J.S
always a thorough and detailed visit... always leave satisfied..... - D.K
Met with Dr. Sarik to set up a surgical appointment . Everything went well. - M.T
No problem. Had a good care. Told me everything I needed to hear. - W.W
Had an excellent experience. Called back on time, Dr. In room on time. The nursing staff and reception was great, friendly, and efficient. The device clinic nurse is very knowlegable,friendly. Very bright nurse. Dr. Sarik addresses my problem, explained very well, had a plan ,informed me. Was very satisfied. That's wy I continue to come to the heart center. Continue the good work. - G.K
I had a follow up appointment after a stress test and it went very well. Dr. Sarik answered all of my questions and spent as much time as needed to make me feel at ease. - V.R
There was no wait arrived upstairs and got ushered right back to exam room. Very friendly efficient staff. - R.W
Very good checkup did not have to wait too long. Found out my pacemaker is working good. Very good doctor and helpers. - R.G
I saw Dr. Sarik for continued assessment of my heart condition, he was pleased to where I was at with my treatments. I also had a divice check and also saw Jennifer McCambridge PA-C to change and up date my medications. I will see Dr. Sarik in a year and have a return appointment to see Jennifer McCambridge in a month to evaluate the medicine change. - S.P
In and out excellent - S.W
I had a pace maker put in on February 20th. I had my follow up appointment in Dr. Sarik's office on March 16. Everything is going fine. - V.R
great service - A.H
I was very satisfied with Dr. Sarik, the staff and the schedule. - D.P
Everything was fine. Thank You! - F.S
Very good - R.R
Dr Sarik is a very pleasant person to deal with. Engages in conversation and is very thorough. - T.V
excellent all around, answered all my questions. I will continue to have faith in Dr. Sarik. easy to converse with, - D.W
I calles in the morning morning and was seen in the afternoon, Shocked, Have plans to go on vacation and had question of my pacemaker My quesions were answered Told me to have a good trinp and told me to see hiim in Feb. - S.M
It was a pleasure appointment. Everyone is so friendly. - M.F
Very good - friendly staff. Efficient. - C.N
This was my first visit to his office. - D.J
Very pleasant!! - W.H
Very good. Thank you🇺🇸 - L.M
Staff, nurses, etc. were all friendly and made me feel good. Information given to me will lead me to getting my problem corrected. Love Dr. Sarik. He has been so good to me all the years I have been coming to Mason City Clinic. - B.C
In and out nice - S.W
check of my defib...review by Dr. Sarik...discussion of findings....always a pleasant experience... wonderful talented people..includes staff, defib technician and Dr Sarik - D.K
Got in right away. Saw the doctor and the device person right away. Everything went well. - J.M
Had to wait alittle longer than usual, but once I got into my exam room things moved along better. I am very happy with the service I receive at this facility. - J.O
great - A.A
He and his staff always do a great job. No complaints here. - S.K
Great - A.A
I only had to wait for a few minutes before being put in an exam room. Everyone was friendly and efficient. Dr. Sarik adjusted my defibrillator and I was out of there in a matter of minutes. Win-win! - P.C
Dr. Sarik and staff were very friendly and helpful. - E.S
Professional, informative, feel like Dr Sarik is an old friend. - A.S
Every thing was great!!!!! - S.J
Dr. Sarik is great he takes the time to listen, and help you with whatever problems that you may have. - G.B
Dr. Sarik, I am having severe bruising. I had an appt. with Dr. Boetchen yesterday and he recommended that I stop taking a baby aspirin daily as I am also on Apixaban 5mg. He asked that I contact you about this. Jerry Krause - J.K
Discussed replacing defibulator. Coming back June29 to discuss it more - R.B
It was great. - R.S
Very friendly staff and the doctor was very attentive and answered all my questions. - S.K
He was very helpful answering my questions I had. ratting him 1 to 1o I rate him 10this form I do not like, for a person going blind I can not read it. - Dale Zaugg
Very good overall. There was a long wait after being taken to exam room, but was made aware several times that there was a delay. - J.A
I was at the Heart Center for an in office pacemaker check and a visit from Dr. Sarik to check my heart. It has been 10 years since my pacemaker was placed, and it has been relatively easy living with the device. I thought it was getting close to the time to have a new pacemaker placed but found there will be a few more months before this happens. The process was outlined by Amy and Dr. Sarik that I will have phone checks at intervals of two months and then another office check in October. The visit was short but as thorough as needed. Any questions I had were answered. Thanks! - L.B
It was very very good . - R.S
Dr. Sarik is a very pleasant individual and very thourough. Always asking questions and giving answers that are understandable. - J.C
The nurse had contacted me as to an appt. Any questions I had he answered and hope I answered any of his. I believe will see him again ..either in 6 months or a year, not sure on that. - J.L
Very good. - S.H
Everything handled excellently - R.H
Dr. Sarik described to me the process of implanting a pacemaker, but I am getting along so good, I declined the offer. He said I could remove the Life Vest from Zoll. I have don e so, and sent it back to the company. - L.G
Device check - D.K
All the right answer - D.E
I met with Jennifer McCambridge and Dr. Sarik to discuss my treatment for atrial fibrillation. They made an adjustment to one of my medications and scheduled me for a device check. Dr. Sarik was pleased with my progress and stated that he didn't need to see me until next April. - S.P
Device check for new pacemaker. - F.O
required prescription renewal; accomplished without flaw. examination thorough and asked if I had questions. - Jerry Goodlaxson
Appointment was on time. Staff was friendly and efficient, as always. - D.P
Very nice and caring guy. Willing to listen to what you had to say. Helping you find a solution to the problem. Thanks! Had to wait alittle bit but it was worth it to me. - G.B
very professional. I felt at ease. - G.M
Everything was great. - D.M
Our appointment time ran late, and then we evacuated because of the smoke detector scare, BUT we were treated very professionally by the nurses and Dr Sarik is always good to explain Fred's situation to us. Fred's pacemaker/defib was checked and we received results from the stress test that had been ordered by Dr Reeder. We are fortunate to have such good Drs and staff in our area! Thank you! - F.S
Always professional,genuine concern for health.Thank you - R.W
Thorough. Pleasant conversation and very helpful - V.M
I was very impressed with my experience with Dr. Sarik and his staff. Totally professional and the extra time Dr. Sarik spent with me meant a lot. - J.S
There was very little wait time, everything was done in an orderly fashion, questions were answered. - J.E
great what more can be said. - D.W
Follow up.Dr Sarik has always demonstrated professionalism andGenuine concern.All questions have always been answered with honest and direct response of which I appreciate. Thank you - R.W
No problem with my visit - S.M
normal check up - L.R
i got all my questions answered and we discussed my goa - D.N
Dr. Sarik was helpful and informative at my appointment. He answered all of my questions and helped me understand my heart problems. - P.G
Dr. Sarik has always shown genuine concern. Has always answered all questions asked.Feel very confident in his knowledge. - R.W
checked my pacemaker. - D.S
My doctors appointment was a follow up on an ablation that was performed October 21, along with an implantation of a three lead pacemaker/defibrillator. Dr. Sarik was pleased with my progress and will see me again in April . - S.P
i did have to wait quite awhile for my appt like an hour and a half which to me was a long time. but i did get my questions answered like i wanted to - D.N
I was pleased with Dr. Sarik. - E.S
Good, informative, thorough - V.M
My device is functioning well, and I feel good. Dr. Sarik emphasized the importance of taking Eliquis to help prevent a stroke. He was very pleasant and brief in my short time with him. - M.C
First class treatment from all parties concerned. - D.K
I had very good experience with Dr Sari and his staff!!! - Steven.J
Dr. Sarik is very thorough and does an excellent job. - S.F
He is an excellent Doctor. It was a general recheck and all went well. - S.W
This was my six-month routine visit. As usual, Dr. Sarik answered my questions and asked me the needed questions to determine how I have been since the last visit. - C.M
Our experience was excellent. We had several questions and also asked that he consult Dr. Congello. He stepped away and came back in after speaking to Dr. Congello. He completed our request and that was very pleasing. He was personable and listened to our concerns. He was knowledgeable and caring. He reviewed all the information and was able to communicate on my level of understanding. - B.D
Very good - S.M
good experience - J.C
Every thing went great. An experience I will never forget. The care given was wonderful and all the Doctors were great. Thank you to all for giving me life. John Vee - J.V
I had my pace maker checked and reviewed the results with Doctor. Discussed my blood pressure and decided to leave things the way they were going. Always enjoy my visits as I donot feel I am being rushed through the process. - M.A
My visit with Dr. Sarik went well. He answered all my questions and explained what my blood tests results were. He explained how my pacemaker tests were doing. He said I should be seeing Dr. Congello and went to the appointment desk with me to help me get that appointment, which I was to have 2 weeks after leaving the hospital and I had it with Dr. Sarik instead. All in all it was a good appointment. - B.W
It was fine. - Karen Arhart
Dr. Sarik is great. He makes sure I understand what is going on and what they are doing and why. He listens to what I have to say and answers any questions that I have. - S.R
I saw Dr. Sari for my heart. He hospitalized me for afib. He was courteous, personable, and informative. - P.G
Dr. Sarik's bedside manner was very good. My questions were answered. I plan to request him to be my Dr. when I schedule my next appt. I would recommend him to friends and relatives. - Eldon Siemers
Went for my pacemaker check...the nurse that did this was very fine. it was the first time I had seen Dr. Sarik and was very pleased with him. - J.L
A short waiting time to see the Dr. I had some questions that need to be addressed and Dr. Sarik made some recommendations for more testing and made the appointment. - J.S
I arrived about 15 min early and I was seen immediately. He discussed the results of the test and answered all my questions.It was a very positive experience with Dr Sarik and his staff. - Donald Aamodt
I have always had excellent service with dr.SARIK. HES very polite and does his job. have never had to wait for him him very long in room. hes a very good DR. - P.U
excellent - Andrew Achenbach
Dr Sarik is always very thorough in what he does. - D.E
one of the best I have experienced at Mercy great people - D.W
I have always been treated well by this department. They treat me as an individual worthy of treatment no matter what my age. (78) - Kay Sloan
We had to wait a little while but that's to be expected. I know that the doctor spends the time he needs to with each patient. Everyone was courteous and answered our questions. - James Eden
We had to wait a little while but that's to be expected. I know that the doctor spends the time he needs to with each patient. Everyone was courteous and answered our questions. - James Eden
Wait time was short compared to experience at other providers. Provided good feed back - Renie Neuberger
Great visit. Friendly staff and it is always great to visit with Dr. Sarik. - Nancy Mchugh
I was pleased that Dr Sarik took time to really listen to my concerns. We are presently trying different meds to find exactly what will work for me. - B.Warren
I was extremely pleased with Dr Sarik concern for the heart problem I have. He is very helpful and professional. He was help with getting the correct doctor on a time frame to help fit our travel plans. It was a very pleasant and calm experience to - William W.
Dr. Sarik was kind and took the time to listen to me. - C.A.
Dr Serik recomended I go to Abbot for a procedure. h e has always been very cordial and has always answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable asking questions that may have been a little silly but were important to me. - Mary Badje
everything went smoothly; everyone was respectful and helpful; very little waiting. good checkup. - James Eden
I am pleased with my recent visit with Dr. Sarik. He was very thorough in ans my questions and checking my pacemaker / defibrillator findings.... - K.Thompson
My experience was timely and professional. Dr. Sarik gets very high marks. - S Ferris
I had a pacemaker implanted and I am doing very good. Care after the surgery was good and I would recommend the Mercy Hospital for any medical treatment - Kenneth Thilges
My experience has been overwellming, Dr. Sarik and all Staff has been fantastick - Jeffrey Johnson
My name is Barbara Larson and I saw Dr. Sarik in the heart unit. It was a consultation and he was a very good listener and examined me and ordered tests that are going to be done on Monday. I had a very good experience with him and the staff. - Barbara Larson
Dr. Sarik is great, as is the whole heart team there. They saved my life when I had my Cardiac arrest and continue to help me stay heart healthy. Very nice, personable and does not keep you waiting long! - Susan Rohlfs
My appt was for a pacemaker check. I had a good report. I feel confident with Dr Sarik and his staff. I asked for an EKG to be done for a different appt and to save us time and it was done. I do not need to go back for one year. Very satisfied. - Ronald Mathews
Every time I come to the clinic, the treatment is first class. I am pleased with the physicians, nurses, and everyone else involved. I could go to the VA clinic but I feel when my heart is involved I will stay with the physicians at Mercy. - Dale Martin
Dr. Sarik has been treating my PVC's with medication, the results of my Holter monitor indicated an increase in the number of PVC's. We were able to discuss my alternatives to treatment by either changing medications or ablation of the heart muscl - Steve Pederson
I have always received professional and prompt service, and I might add I always felt at ease because of everyones attitude. Ed Devereaux - Edward Devereaux
I'am blessed to have Dr. Sarik and his staff so close as Mason City to receive quality expertise , to receive special treatment for my heart condition. God Bless You All ! Mary E. Hill - Mary e. Hill
Fast friendly service...as usual. Dr. Sarik is seeing me for some abnormalities in my heart rhythm. I appreciate Dr. Sarik's approach. - James Loveland
Fast friendly service...as usual. Dr. Sarik is seeing me for some abnormalities in my heart rhythm. I appreciate Dr. Sarik's approach. - James Loveland
dr.Sarik always explains things well which I like and he makes you feel like your not just a number but a human being I think he cares a lot about his patients - D.Novak
I was called in before my appointment time and the 2 nurses checked my vitals and med list and went through everything, That was good as some of the meds I was no longer taking an a few other corrections were made. They were courteous and friendly. - L.Sandin
My appointment was for a pacemaker recheck. When Dr. Sarik came into the office he asked about my son, who has been diagnosed with cancer, and asked if I was still working in the IT department at Mercy Hospital. Even though he may have had tho - Jeanne Robinette
DR. Sarik, had reviewed my file and was well aware of the pace maker results. He is an individual that will give you information and unless it would place you in harms way allow you to decide on the options given you. I will see him again and more - Bethel Fahrenholtz
I was implanted with a pacemaker. As I told the Nurse and Doctor, the only pain I experienced was the IV in my hand and the removal of the bandage after two weeks. My condition was slow in developing and I didn't realize that I was more tired than in - Gerald Joynt
Have a defibrillator/pacemaker and went in for a checkup of the device and of myself, plus a prescription refill. The staff were all courteous and friendly. I give the highest marks to Dr. Sarik. I think he takes a personal interest in his patient - Donald Harms
Dr Sarik is great. He always takes the time to explain things and always takes the time to talk to ME. - John Perrott
I met with Dr. Sarik on March 12, 2014 as a follow up on my medication change in February. Two days prior to my visit I experienced long periods of A-fib plus shortness of breath that concerned me. My pacemaker was read and Dr. Sarik informed me as - Kay Sloan
Dr. Sarik placed a pacemaker in me . After surgery I return to his office and they adjusted the pacemaker. I feel good that Dr. Sarik is working with me, and I realize that it will take some adjustments to get it where we want it to be. His beside ma - Karen A.
I met with Dr. Sarik on March 12, 2014 as a follow up on my medication change in February. Two days prior to my visit I experienced long periods of A-fib plus shortness of breath that concerned me. My pacemaker was read and Dr. Sarik informed me as - Kay Sloan
Was in and out before my appointments scheduled time, nurse was great, and dr sarik is the best! Heart Center does care about its patients. - Steven Wilson
My office visit with Dr. Sarik was very good and informative. I was well treated by Dr. Sarik and the entire staff. - Paul Smith
everyone was pleasant and helpful .tThe wait time in the office was a little long but I understand there are other patients waiting also. - Larry Reynolds
Dr. Sarik is pleasant and is very professional. He answered my questions in a way in which I could understand. He was willing to write up a report for my aviation medical examiner and get that to me in a timely manner. - Steve P.
I want to thank Dr. Sarik. For trying to help me and then found a Dr. Who could. I admire him so. He went above and beyond finding someone to keep me alive. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I do admire you - Donna Gray
Amy, the nurse ( sorry don't remember her name) & Dr. Sarik made my Mom feel very comfortable. Mom is much more alert today & says she feels better. She was smiling & laughing today & this is something she hadn't been doing for awhile. - Lucille Jackson
DR. Sarik, had reviewed my file and was well aware of the pace maker results. He is an individual that will give you information and unless it would place you in harms way allow you to decide on the options given you. I will see him again and more - Bethel Fahrenholtz
Dr. Sarik is a very caring and excellent doctor. He always listens to my questions and never seems rushed with me. - Kim Winchester