Dr. Mark E Lassise at Mason City Clinic

250 S. Crescent Dr

Mason City, 50401
(641) 494-5200
It was awesome - J.B
I'm satisfied with my treatment and my overall experience. - K.S
I enjoyed visiting with Dr. Lassise. - G.E
He is easy to talk to and a great doctor. I’m glad to have gotten him as a doctor. - S.A
I couldn't ask for a better doctor. - G.K
Everyone is pleasant and understanding. Dr. Lassise is excellent! - E.E
Dr was very easy to talk with, everyone made you feel welcome. - T.S
He always takes parent input into consideration. - M.E
Dr. Lassise is an excellent Dr. Patient and understanding. He prescribes the minimal amount of medications I need which we review regularly. I highly recommend him. - S.P
Checkups are always pleasant and helpful; willing to take extra time if necessary. All staff is pleasant and helpful. - D.L
Get very good service! Always treated very nice. Would highly recommend!! - K.H
He’s just a great guy. He’s there to help when needed. - S.A
Dr. Lassise always takes time to listen to me and gives me an update on staying on or changing meds. He says to call if I need to talk to him between appointments. I appreciate that he cares that I do not wait until the next appointment. - C.C
Good! - J.G
Dr Lassise is available when I need to see him. He has managed my medications so that I am comfortable. He is one of the best doctors I have ever been to. - R.H
He always feels like he actually listens - K.R
Great - R.M
I was very pleased with my talk with Dr. Mark Lassise. He really understood my problems and where I needed help.Thank you, Dr. Lassise.Garnet Roney - G.R
Like the dr and easy to understand. - F.S
Very short wait time, friendly staff. - C.E
I was treated with respect and felt my appointment went well - J.B
Staff and provider were terrific and professional. - L.L
I wish there were more drs like him. So easy to talk to. - G.K
I have had no issues with the service I have gotten. Very friendly, Been treated very good. Dr Lassise has been very caring and helpful. - K.H
It was a very easy breezy appointment. Even the parking. - J.W
Very helpful - V.C
Very polite staff. Feel comfortable with everyone. - S.P
All aspects of my appointment (05-21-18) are very good, I am completely satisfied. - L.S
was very good dr was very good - J.E
Although my condition has improved some, it persists. My expectation was to acquire a medication, which would give me more immediate relief, when my condition reaches crisis level. However I trust the doctor and am generally satisfied with the course of my treatment for long term relief. - K.S
my appointment was on time. I was able to express all concerns and left feeling comfortable with my treatment plans. - K.K
I like Dr L. because he makes me laugh. - B.J
Want to try new medication but cost is an issue. Combining exercise and medication is a winner. Even if I can't afford it, if I keep to my exercise routine, it lifts my mood as well as everything else, so I'll try that while working on the financial part. - S.B
The clinic and Dr. Lasisse are professional yet they have a warm way they relate to you. For people who have traveled years down this road you will appreciate that they actually want your opinion on treatment and that they work as a team with you to better your mental health. - B.M
Very good - S.A
Will give new medication another chance after our discussion. I'm hoping against hope it does it's job and food cravings go away and fast! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! - S.B
Dr was very pleasant and very friendly. - D.S
Nice staff and great doctor - L.S
Dr Lassise Is very professional and efficient and takes time for a patients needs. - A.O
Dr Lassise is the best! - T.C
it was personal and met my needs as a patient - J.L
everything was wonderful....my only complaint is I could not find the facility there was not a sign out front so I had to call the office and ask how to get there. - N.K
Fine. - S.B
I am very happy with Dr. Lassise. He is very understanding and gives me the great treatment. - J.D
My experience with staff and with Dr. Lassise has always been very good. He always makes time to listen to all my concerns and I never feel like I'm being hurried. - L.S
Awesome. Never better. - M.T
Seems to be working. - S.B
Dr. Lassise has treated my chronic depression for several years. He always listens to me and helps me direct my care. I am assured that he will see me whenever I need him and I know he cares about me. Staff are friendly and helpful. Good telephone skills. They are mindful of privacy in a busy office. - P.F
Dr. Mark always meets my mental needs. Has never over proscribed. Have always liked him over any other. - M.E
He knows me well. Takes his time and makes sure all my issues are heard and puts me at ease. Always tells me I can call before my next appointment if I have issues concerning me. - N.P
Staff was friendly and helpful. Dr. Lassise is very relatable and easy to talk to. Thankful for such wonderful healthcare providers in our area. - S.S
This was the first time i had met with Dr. Lassise. He took time to answer all my questions and made me feel comfortable - B.S
First time seeing Dr. Lassise after Brian left. I appreciated Dr. Lassise listening to me and assuring me that treatment would not change. I got mixed up on my appointment time and arrived early. I was willing to wait but I got to see Dr. Lassise ahead of time. - K.S
Ben going there for many years. I've had great experience. I'm glad to have Dr lassise for a doctor. - L.K
Good services - N.M
He is a Good DR. to see I would like to see him again. - V.C
Dr. Lassise took the time to listen to and address all of my concerns! I had a great experience with him. - J.G
I was seeing Dr. Lassise for my 6 month checkup and review of my meds. - D.L
Every time I come to check how I'm doing he's very concerned about my well being. I trust him with how I'm doing. Love having him as my doctor. - S.A
This was for a follow up check-up - A.O
He is an awesome dr. I wish there was more like him. he really cares about his patients. - G.K
Visits go very very fast so I try to cram everything I have to say into 10 minutes. Good visits. - S.B
I love going to see him he lisens to what I say and we talked about what we should due next.he easy to talk to - L.W
Had a very nice visit with Dr Lassise. He is very pleasant. This was my first time meeting him. - B.M
It was good. Straight forward - L.F
everything was explained talked through - R.N
Great doc! - E.K
Always very satisfied with Dr. Lassise and his care for my mother. He is always so caring and attentive to her well being. I am so pleased that he doesn't just try to medicate her with a bunch of narcotics as we have had happen in the past.FYI: My e-mail address is now janiceask48@gmail.com - Suzanne White
I have never had any complaints about dr lassies im thankfull I have him for my doctor he is the only 1 I trust he is very helpfull and always listens to what I have to say and doesnt have the attitude he is better than his patients and always willing to work to find medication that works well for that specific patient - J.B
It's always pleasurable experience. - N.B
Very understanding and listened to everything that i said - S.B
We went over my prescriptions, talked over my recent state and agreed things were going well. I will see him in three months. I felt very satisfied and well cared for with my appointment. - K.K
My experience with Dr. Lassise is very good. He makes sure to ask me how I am and can easily tell if things are working or not. He always knows exactly what I am trying to say and the issues that I describe. He is great. Always gets straight to the point and that is awesome, but he also takes the time to know what is really going on. - A.N
Dr. Mark E Lassise at Mason City Clinic is the best doctor I have ever had. I know he saved my life. He helps my husband manage my care. - K.C
I asked Dr. to remind me what Venlafaxin was for, depression he said. I told him I was having a lumpectomy Tuesday.Chatted a bit about my sis and brother. Talked about working in Phoenix in the schools if I am able to stay longer this winter. - S.B
I felt my appointment went very well. Office help and Dr. were very helpful and courteous. - Sally Stinehart Eichmeier
Dr. Lassise is a great psychiatrist! Open to patient suggestions and incredibly supportive. - E.K
Awesome - S.A
I enjoy the staff and their personality! Dr lassise is actually a doctor that I have recommended to others. I have to drive approximately an hour one way to get to my appointment but it's worth it when you can find someone you feel comfortable with and can trust for your mental health needs. - J.C
Always treated well with respect. - N.P
My entire family thinks Dr. L rocks. - S.Stange
Never any problems. Scheduling is easy. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Very pleased with the entire experience. Have recommended and will continue to do so. - C.H
I highly recommend the team at Mason City Clinic for those who wish to heal in a safe and dignified environment. Improving mental health can have a daunting outlook, but with the help of these experts, you can exceed your potential. - H.W
I am very happy with Dr.Mark E Lassise. My brother whom lives 2 hours away couldn't find a doctor he liked. I sent him to see Dr. Mark E Lassise and he has been making the 2 hour drive now for about 2 years now and both of us are so happy! We wouldn't go anywhere else!!!!! - J.B
I was treated with concern and conscious effort. Quality job by all! Thank you. - C.R
Office help is great. Very friendly. Wait time is great. I love my doctor! He takes the time to really listen to me and understands exactly what I need. Very knowledgeable about all meds and willing to take phone calls. Knows my personality so well that he knows what I need. - N.P
I enjoy having him here to work with me on my issues - S.A
Dr.Lassise The staff is great very caring as well as Dr. Lassise I've been Dr. Lassise for a very long time - Brenda Flatness
Was a great experience. Would definitley go back and reccomend him. - A.M.
I wish there were more Dr's like lassie. He is easy to talk to and listens to u. He actually cares about people. - Ginnie Kingston
I wish there were more Dr's like lassie. He show concern for his patients. - Ginnie Kingston
Everyone is always very kind and professional. When we need an emergency appt. We are always squeezed in in a very timely and efficient manner. The Dr. himself makes a point to call us back, it's never a related message from the nurse or secretaries. - Nathan Bartholmey
The experience was excellent with courteous staff and individuals who wanted to see your goals met. Dr. Lassise is a courteous and patient friendly Doctor who thought of personal ways to make my experience wonderful. Excellent job to all. - Clifford Rossler
Dr. Lassise was very nice and very caring with heartfelt concern. I felt he understood my desire for weight loss surgery was genuine and wished me good luck! - Diane Miller
Dr. Lassise was very nice and very caring with heartfelt concern. I felt he understood my desire for weight loss surgery was genuine and wished me good luck! - Diane Miller
Dr. Lassise is very thorough and happy to answer all questions you may have. I have been going to him for years and am very happy with his level of service. - D.Bickhart
Everyone at the office was very kind, helpful and professional. Dr. Lassise took time with me and was caring, concerned and helpful. - S.P.
Staff was courteous & friendly. Rescheduling was easy. Had to wait 30 min past my appt time, but Dr listened and empathized with me. - Melissa Cardwell
I received a consultation from Dr. Mark Lassise from the Mason City Clinic. I have been a patient of Dr. Lassise's for several years and I have always had good experiences. He listens to my concerns and genuinely cares about how I am doing. - Christa Cosgriff
I was anxious about seeing a psychiatrist. I had never seen one before. The experience was great. My doctor made me feel like he really understood what was going on with me. He listened to everything I had to say. The medicine I was prescribed h - Yvonne Copper
My Treatment was Professional ,... Honest ,... and Sincere . Dr. M Lassisie is Insigtful and We can visit about anything . A for Staff and Prompt responses to my Personal requests. - Steven Schilling
I have seen Dr. Lassise on two occasions now. Dr Lassise was very concerned with my problems and we are working together to get them resolved. The staff was very friendly and professional. I look forward to my next visit with Dr. Lassise. - Larry S.
I've meet with Dr. Lassie a few times and he listens to our concerns and seems very caring and professional. I believe they should have family counseling available and they don't seem to offer that in the Mason City area, but he did speak with our o - Patricia Breese
Short wait, if late always apologizes genuinely. Relates to patient as an equal human equal. Can seem casual or serious demeanor as needed. Always explains a diagnosis but not necessarily observation conclusions. Promotes worth of trust. - L.Throne
Dr. Lassise is is always punctual for appointments. He is very knowledgeable and vested in his patients' needs and well being. He is always very respectful, professional and caring. I highly would recommend him to someone looking for a psychia - D.L.
The office is first rate , clean and professional and I found the staff to be courteous and quick to respond to my needs. Dr. Mark Lassise is an excellent doctor and I trust has advice and counsel and feel fortunate to have him as my doctor... - Richard Killpack
i enjoy going to dr. lassise alot better then the mental health center its more one on one and he is able to get you in and help if there is a medication problem and is always willing to listen and cares about his patients - Jon Bergstrom
The conversation was pertininent annd was benneficial. It was optional when to meet next and it was for reviews of goals set. He was very caring ad was knnowledgeable about myself. It was a good visit. - James Ludwick
The visit was very positive and resulted in positive modifications in my medicine therapy. I felt the visit was open and very personal with all energy directed toward my treatment and goals of my psychiatric needs. - James Ludwick
I see Dr. Lassise for medication management, usually once a month. His offices are inviting, his staff is efficient, and the doctor himself is great. He's laid back, extremely intelligent, and gets the job done. He is not a dictator, which I love. - C.P.
I have been going to DR. Mark Lassise ever since I was 15 I am now 46. I like him and trust him totally. Very good at explaining what he will be doing to help with your treatment. He is The Best Doctor for me. - Kristine Menting
I received a consultation from Dr. Mark Lassise from the Mason City Clinic. I have been a patient of Dr. Lassise's for several years and I have always had good experiences. He listens to my concerns and genuinely cares about how I am doing. - Christa Cosgriff
Dr. Lassise seemed to me to know his stuff. His frankness was very much appreciated. It was a pleasure to visit with him. - E.E.