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Service was great. - T.T
My husband and I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Acacio. It has been quite a journey for us so having Dr. Acacio’s expertise and knowledge has been most reassuring along the way. I am grateful a girlfriend of mine (who also conceived with Dr. Acacio) recommended him to us. We are very grateful to Dr. Acacio and his whole team. - Nancy Boal (Georgini)
I have been with Dr. Acacio for many years. He is,a man of his word and if you listen he will get you where you want to be. Motherhood is greatest gift in the world. - Anna Salsman
We had the most amazing experience with Dr. Acacio and his staff. He is the absolute best at what he does. Very personable, caring and genuinely wanted to do whatever he could to help us reach our dream of having a family. We will forever be indebted to Dr. Acacio and his clinic for all they have done for us. - Angela Barnes
If I have to pick only one word to describe this amazing doctor and his incredible staff, I would say “Family” because that’s what they are to me and that’s what I felt every step of the way. If you are reading these reviews, you already know he is the best at what he does but that’s not what this review is about. Yes, I came to him for second opinion because he was the best but I stayed because he was caring, compassionate and honest. he listened, he understood, he felt it and he didn’t judge. When we walked into this journey, we didn’t tell a soul about it and this amazing team made sure we never felt alone throughout this emotional process. They went above and beyond their duties. We are fortunate and blessed to call them family and they forever mean so much to us. He himself and multiple members of his team have gone through infertility so they know what you are going through and they walk with you every step of the way. - F.M
If I have to pick only one word to describe this amazing doctor and his incredible staff, I would say “Family” because that’s what they are to me and that’s what I felt every step of the way. If you are reading these reviews, you already know he is the best at what he does but that’s not what this review is about. Yes, I came to him for second opinion because he was the best but I stayed because he was caring, compassionate and honest. he listened, he understood, he felt it and he didn’t judge. When we walked into this journey, we didn’t tell a soul about it and this amazing team made sure we never felt alone throughout this emotional process. They went above and beyond their duties. We are fortunate and blessed to call them family and they forever mean so much to us. He himself and multiple members of his team have gone through infertility so they know what you are going through and they walk with you every step of the way. - F.M
Very compassionate office and I like the fact that they have after hours number when concerns arise. - Gabriela Brown Reyes
The best !! I don’t have enough words to describe how amazing Dr. acacio and staff are!! They will forever mean so much to me ! - Melissa Griffith
Always helping me with every question I the staff❤ - Beatriz Andrade
Everyone is very friendly and takes the time to answer all your questions. - Morgan Bruns Roche
Excellent - Kristi Nash
Dr. Acacio is a wonderful fertility doctor who really cares about his patients. The staff is great, always available to the patients with any questions. I really enjoyed my experience here. I am glad I did my research and went to him as my first choice. - Naranja Aguilar
Dr. Acacio and his staff are top notch in infertility care. Dr. Acacio is by far the most compassionate, caring and professional doctor that we have ever encountered. He is also one of the most knowledgeable and advanced that we’ve come across in this field. He was willing and able to run tests that other clinics weren’t advanced enough to run. His entire practice from the receptionist to the nurses to the embryologist and anaesthesiologist are very professional and friendly. And the entire process was made easy and smooth for us. We highly recommend Dr. Acacio and his practice. - Kellyn Collins
Very nice people - Sayret Castanon
Dr. Acacio and his staff were wonderful to work with! At every point we felt well taken care of. Dr. Acacio's positive attitude and state-of-the-art technology are a winning combination. His detailed approach to our fertility struggles gave us a beautiful daughter and we are forever thankful for his care, enthusiasm and knowledge in the ever-changing world of reproductive endocrinology. - B.S
Everyone was very professional and caring. My experience was excellent and my results were positive. My surrobaby is now 3 years old and healthy as can be! Thank you! - M.N
Dr. Acacio and his were very caring and helped us through emotional stress of the entire process with comfort. I have recommended him to friends and will continue when friends need referral. - M.H
It was quite pleasant, everyone there is so personable, down to earth, like family. I felt special and comfortable. - C.Z
Love and miss you Dr A. 2 kids that are our miracles. - G.A
I only have great things to say about Dr. Acacio. He truly is a miracle worker! Despite the stressful process, he always made me feel at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Acacio and his team! - A.C
The staff is extreme friendly , very helpful, understanding and efficient. Overall our experience at Dr. Acacios office was amazing. - Emily Draeger
👌👍👌👍👌👍👌👍 - Everlidis Borreli
Dr. Acacio and his staff were great. Any time of day that you needed to contact them they were available. Very sincere caring individuals that helped any way they could during a very emotional process. Very compassionate people. Highly recommend anyone looking to undergo IVF to do it with Dr. Acacio - Sara Forsyth
Dr Acacio did a great job of helping us have a family. I love the staff there so much. They are like family now. - J.V
I love Dr Acacio and his staff is amazing. Infertility is a struggle, and Dr Acacio helps you feel hopeful. - Amy (Suzy) Breidenbach-Barich
Dr Acacio & his staff were incredible! They made a difficult process easier & made us feel positive about our experience. With the help of Dr. Acacio's office, we now have a beautifully spunky 2 year old! Thank you so much!! - M.R
The process was seamless and we were pregnant on our first try. We are beyond thrilled with the results. - A.R
Excellent - Haleh Dara
We are very happy with the care that we received from Dr Acacio and his team. - Vicky Chan
So kind and so knowledgeable! His staff is just amazing and they are all so caring. - Paige Burch
I have a healthy, beautiful four-year-old thanks to Dr. Acacio. I am forever grateful to him for helping me achieve the best gift. - Alice Crisci
Very patient doctor with skills to give us the gift of a family - Candice Foster
Very knowledgeable, clear information, very professional, and kindness. - Janjira Cornehlsen
Very knowledgeable, clear information, very professional, and kindness. - Janjira Cornehlsen
He is so good. He is very knowledgeable, but almost more importantly, he is kind and understanding. We are so glad that our friend recommended him to us. - Karen Coy
He's the best - Natalia Christensen
Dr Brian is the best! - Stephanie Cropper
I came to them to help my husband and me have a child. They went above and beyond to make that happen. Dr. Acacio took his time explaining everything and didn't rush us in our decision. We failed treatments and took some time off before we moved up to the next step. When we came back everything happened so quickly and I soon was pregnant with twins. we have two 18 month old twin boys thanks to him and his office. If I was still living in California I would be back to help if we decided to have anymore children. - N.S
Dr. Brian and his team are amazing! They are more like extended family members to us.Always available, compassionate and caring.The facility was warm and inviting. The medical treatment was consisten, professional yet my husband and I were treated like family not a number and not just a body. We have a beautiful and healthy daughter.We have the family we so desired for many years. I share my experience every opportunity that I get. Thank you for being such a blessing to us . - F.H
The services I received were excellent. Dr. Acacio provides the superior services that we did not receive elsewhere, at numerous other fertility clinics. After 8 years of struggling with the challenges of fertility Dr. Acacio and his staff made all of our dreams come true. I know it was not possible without Dr. Acacio and his magical touch. - P.E
We had a fabulous experience with a successful outcome. The entire staff was knowledgeable, supportive, professional and experienced. They have an established, well-honed process and we did everything that was recommended, with the best results. We had explored several other practices before deciding to proceed with Dr. Acacio. We couldn't be happier with our experience and highly recommend them. - M.M
Dr. Acacio has always been kind and caring and helped me through a rough time. I highly recommend him. - D.H
We are from Australia & my husband attended your clinic in 2012. We underwent a donor egg transfer utilising a surrogacy. Our baby was born on the 31/12/2012 & is almost 5. We are very thankful to your practice for helping our dreams come true. - M.J
I have loved working with Dr.Acacio and his staff. Everyone has been so helpful and accommodating when scheduling appointments. They made the whole process very comfortable and enjoyable. I highly recommend Dr.Acacios office. - Amanda Sternerson
Thank's to you and your staff now we have a our little angel her name is Iyari and we are so so happy.For us was a bless when we took the decition to have a treatment in your Clínic.Thank you very much. - E.M
In comparison to our first experience with the IVF world there is not much bad to say about Dr. Acacio and his team. Dr. Acacio was always informative and knowledgeable. Sylvia always bent over backwards and ran herself ragged, making sure each patient got what they needed. When we were unsuccessful with our first embryos in getting pregnant, Sylvia called so many times to advise the staff was there for us, etc. You could also see the true joy in Dr. Acacio's voice when the second time we implanted our very last embryo successfully, happily announcing, you're going to be a mommy. - C.B
(From my Yelp review in 11/2014)Today marks the beginning of my second trimester and one of my first thoughts was, "I can't believe I'm finally here... I need to give Dr. Acacio his yelp review!"The process of getting pregnant has been a long, difficult roller coaster and if you're reading this review, you probably understand that in more ways than one. By the time I got to Dr. Acacio, I was mentally and physically exhausted. I had gone through 7 IUIs and 2 failed IVFs- all done at two of OC's so-called "best fertility clinics". I thought there was no hope for me until I arrived at Acacio Fertility Center.What made me hope again with Dr. Acacio?***He genuinely cares and will spend the time looking over your chart. Based off of what he sees, he will customize a plan for you that's actually FOR YOU- not just some generic IVF plan he uses for everyone. (You'd think this would be a given with any fertility doctor but I can assure you- IT'S NOT. I wasted two IVF cycles at a reputable clinic where the doctor would read through my chart as she walked into the room. She didn't even try to hide the fact that she was unprepared.)***He understands how difficult the process is because he and his wife also had their own struggles. That empathy sets him apart.***He is confident in what he does because he is legitimately great at it!!!The staff is wonderful as well!-When I had a small scare after being released to my OB, I called them in addition to my OB (I was terrified and felt most comfortable calling them) and they even called the next day to follow up to make sure I was okay.-My birthday happened to fall on the day of my first/6 week ultrasound and they brought in a slice of chocolate cake and sang to me in the room! I was so elated about the ultrasound going well that I was caught off guard- it was beyond thoughtful.-The nurses are all really sweet and seem to truly care about their patients. I was too scared to get my beta results on the phone and they emailed me both for beta #1 and 2 as requested. :)While I agree with the poster below that sometimes there can be a breakdown in communication, 99% of the time they were responsive and communicative. I attribute that last 1% to the simple fact that they have so many patients... But it's because they're so great at what they do!Words cannot describe how thankful I am to Dr. Acacio and his staff. Thank you all so much- without you guys, I would not be typing this review. - J.W
Fertility treatment can be scary and often disappointing. The staff at Acacio's office were wonderful and supportive through the entire process. - T.C
Our experience with Dr.Acacio and his staff was amazing! He’s truly a phenonminal doctor and his staff is very accommodating and helpful. If it weren’t for Dr. Acacio, we wouldn’t have our precious Duke! Thank you to Dr. A and his wonderful staff for everything that you guys did and to make us feel very comfortable during our whole IVF process. - D.L
Dr. Brian Acacio, was a so wonderful and changed my life. I multiple problems and obstacles to prep my body to carry a baby. He performed a very lengthy surgery on me and was so helpful in orchestrating a successful start for me to conceive and successfully have my 2 beautiful daughters. I highly recommend him. Alicia Garcia - A.G
Dr. Acacio and his staff are absolutely wonderful! If it was not for them, we would not have our wonderful twins. They are all warm and caring, and a pleasure to work with, especially during the difficult time of trying to get pregnant. I would highly recommend Dr. Acacio and his practice to everyone. - T.T
No problems with scheduling or wait times. Doctor was respectful and listened. Positive results. - M.C
Well trained & caring physician, we had good experience - N.S
After interviewing several facilities, we chose Dr. Acacio and his staff to go through treatment. The positive energy and thorough explanation of our plan, when and how we would cycle was a great experience. What could have been a stressful time was a fun and memorable time in our lives. We now have our little Mary, and we often look back to our time at Dr. Acacio’s facility with great gratitude! - S.G
Brian Acacio was thorough, patient, empathetic and professional. He always made time to answer questions and we have recommended him several times. Those whom we have referred and followed through, had successful pregnancies as well. - K.Y
Compassionate care for both rounds of IVF. Second try worked REALLY well - triplets! - C.U
I have done multiple egg donations through Dr. Acacio and his staff and I had a wonderful experience, it was comfortable, professional, and everyone in the office is very kind. - A.C
This experience was very easy from meeting for the consultation and talking about our plan, to scheduling the next appointment. My fertility plan was rather easy compared to most. After I got my plan aligned and started my medication, I found out I was pregnant the next month. The staff was always so kind and such a pleasure to talk to each time, no matter if it was a office visit or a conversation over the phone. Dr. Acacio was so great and enthusiastic about the whole plan for the first time we met him, he was very kind and had nothing but great thoughts for me. 3 years later I still have the first video that showed me that I was going to become a mother. I even recommended my friend to the office and she is currently in the process of her fertility plan now. - S.P
All the staff was helpful and friendly. We truly enjoyed the care provided. And the gift of our daughter Laila. - A.P
Our babies didnt make it but the staff was great Dr A's Nurse was excellent at explaining all the details for every step of our IVF. If we had the money we would have used him again . i wish IVf wasnt so costly because every family should be able to have a family if they so desire. - G.G
I will definitely go back again for my 2nd one. Overall experience was incredible. All the Staff and Dr. Acacio was very helpful. I have nothing negative to say. All I can say is thank you so much. See you again soon. - M.T
Dr. Acacio and team make you feel like the most important client. You’re not just a number. They are available for every detail of your journey. Through every medical question and emotional need, this is the place to have all needs met. Thank you. Forever grateful. - T.B
We had a great experience with Dr. A. I couldn’t have asked for much better. He was wonderful and always made me feel at ease. - N.D
We came in for a cycle of IUI which was very smooth but unfortunately unsuccessful...the next month I took a Break as there were follicles seen in my ovaries..and luckily I conceived naturally that month! Kudos to the team of doctor who constantly gave us positive motivation and belief that we would be able to conceive😊Doctor is excellent but staff needs to be little more helpful, sp the nurses😃 - H.M
Dr. Acacio is an awesome person with a sweet disposition and a very caring attitude. He and his staff have absolutely changed our lives and we truly consider them a God-send. Thank you so much for all that you All have done! - B.D
Dr. Acacio and his staff were wonderful to work with! They made sure you received the best care. I would recommend them to any couple looking for help in growing their family! - B.G
So much pleasant , knowledgeable, willingly helpful & supportive staff. - S.M
I highly recommend Dr Acacio, his facility and his staff. Every interaction with EVERY person there has been courteous, caring, and professional. - M.M
Wonderful people/staff. All were very knowledgeable, helpful and supportive. - F.C
Dr. Acacio was very kind and supportive through the whole experience. He grieved with us through loss and celebrated with us with the birth of our son. Sylvia was also amazing. - J.T
We love Dr. Acacio!!!!!! He and his most wonderful staff made our dreams come true. He is the most loving, professional, caring Dr we have ever had. We hated it when our time with him was done. He made every minute in his office the best possible experience we ever had. His staff in both Bakersfield and L.A. were the most professional we have ever worked with. There is not one negative thing we can ever say about our experience with his practice. I tell EVERYONE I meet about our experience with Dr. Acacio and his staff and recommend him every time we talk about how we got our two precious children. We are people who do not like to go to any kind of Dr. because the experience is always bad or negative but we would look forward to the day we would get to spend it with this Dr and his staff. We did not mind driving 2 hours from our home to his office in L.A. and we even looked forward to going and hated it when we had to leave. There is a special spot in heaven for this great man and his most wonderful staff. Again we love Dr. Acacio!!!! - V.G
The experience of going through infertility was overwhelming. Dr. Acacio and his staff was professional, kind and efficient. I always felt well taken care of and that I was getting the best care. Dr Acacio helped my husband and I start our family! We now have a daughter and twin boys. - J.M
My husband, Lee and I have three incredible children. This is ENTIRELY due to Dr. Acacio and his amazing staff! I had been to two doctors with no results, before finding Dr. Acacio. With my previous doctors, I truly felt like cattle, that I was just a number...unimportant. Fertility issues bring with it so many emotions, and having a caring, understanding, doctor (and staff) that genuinely want to see you succeed, makes all the difference. It wasn’t until I had that kind of emotional support, coupled with medical expertise, that we had success...three fold. - N.F
We loved everything about our experience. - G.K
Love this place. I went there very sad because I was trying to get pregnant for two years and only on the first try I became pregnant thanks to dr. Acacio and his excellent staff - V.A
Dr. Acacio is an amazing doctor. He adjusted the treatment according to my needs. We are very happy with having 3 beautiful triplets. We felt very well treated. We did 2 in-vitro cycles and the second one was the winner! I was never afraid, because I knew that I am in good hands. The staff is very responsible and friendly. - Y.T
Dr. Acacio always put me at ease. The staff was always helpful and answered any questions that I had promptly. We are eternally grateful for the greatest gift he gave us - our daughter. - B.G
I can’t thank Brian Acacio enough for the gift he gave us. We have two beautiful babies and it’s thank to him and his team!!! - C.F
We loved dr Acacio and his staff! Beyond professional and really knew what they were talking out. Plus we got our beautiful baby girl with their help! - J.N
Dr Acacio is an excellent dr. I am very grateful to have found him ! - R.L
I was a patient of Dr acacio's in 2010. I cannot say enough good things about him, his staff, and the entire experience. They made a stressful time almost easy! I heartily recommend him, and I bet my son does too. 😄 - S.P
Excellent! - N.D
The staff was very friendly and helpful! - S.G
I absolutely adore and love Dr. Acacio. I first saw Dr. Acacio in 2003 and got pregnant with twins. I came back in 2012 and had a singleton. I drove all the way from the Bay Area just to see him. He is kind, patient, and knows what he is doing. Can't say anything bad about this doctor! - D.T
Highly recommend Dr. Acacio! Professional, caring & understanding. Staff and office is wonderful to work with as well. - M.C
Dr. Acacio and his amazing staff are surely wearing angels' wings under there uniforms. They changed my life and gave me hope that I never would have had. Everyone went above and beyond their duties and the level of professionalism coupled with sensitivity and honesty is the standard by which all similar practices should be held. I love them! - Helen Collen
He's a great doctor and the nurses are also amazing. He is giving us our miracle baby. Would recommend him to everyone I know. - Shannon Dorsch
Excellent patient care and professionalism! Working with Dr. Acacio was a much more positive experience than other doctor's I had previously worked with. He was positive and encouraging through a really hard time in our lives. We are forever grateful to Dr. Acacio! - C.C
Dr. Acacio and his staff make miracles come true. Dr. Acacio treated us like family. He and his staff were extremely sensitive to our concerns. Dr. A was always open, direct and most importantly honest. We were so fortunate to work with an amazing group to complete our family. - M.C
Dr. Acacio, Sylvia and the staff were amazing! I am a very happy mother to a daughter that will turn 8yrs old next month thanks to Dr. Acacio.I am and will always be thankful and blessed to have had the pleasure of Dr. Acacio's help.Sincerely,Lisa Jackson - L.J
Referred by three other coworkers who had all gotten pregnant by Dr A. Without his treatment I wouldn't have the darling daughter I now have. - M.S
Our experience at Acacio Fertility was top notch in every level from reception to back office to Dr A. I would highly recommend him and this fertility center to anyone having fertility issues!!! - S.G
We are blessed with a girl baby who is 8 now . Happy and feeling blessed - B.G
Staff was super friendly and helpful through the process. As confusing as cycles can be, staff was available to answer questions and offer guidance. The entire process we felt supported and educated by the office. - D.C
I have nothing but great things to say about a great facility, staff, and doctor. And best of all a POSITIVE son!! - N.V
We owe our entire life to Dr. Acacio, Sylvia his head nurse and his entire staff. If it weren't for him we would not have been blessed with the love of our lives, our twins Michael and Brandon. We struggled for 6 years trying to get pregnant and went to 3 different fertility specialists (all highly recommended) but with no success. The 3rd doctor finally turned us away after 3 attempts saying that I was too old at the age of 40. We were absolutely devastated and considered using donor eggs or just calling it quits. We had already been drained and exhausted with a total of 9 failed IVF attempts at this point. God must have heard our prayers because we got referred by a friend who used Dr. Acacio and was a success on their first try. We decided this would be our last attempt. We met Dr. Acacio and told him all about our failed attempts. He was so upbeat and positive! I told him I felt so old and had no hopes for success and that I was willing to use donor eggs at this point. He responded with a huge spark of life and hope in his eyes, "You are still young, young young!! We will use your own eggs". To this very day, a few years later I still remember that very day he gave me and my husband "HOPE" again. We started treatment with him and got pregnant the very FIRST TRY!! It was the HAPPIEST TIME of our lives finding out that we got pregnant and then finally delivering healthy twin boys. Dr. Acacio was thoroughly involved and extreme caring throughout the entire process. Dr. Acacio is a very passionate doctor who only cares about helping his patients. I truly have never met anyone like him. I wish I met him sooner. If anyone is going through fertility issues, don't hesitate calling Dr. Acacio to help you. I had 3 other doctors to compare him too and I can't even tell you how much pain and suffering we went through with the other 3 doctors. They are nothing compared to Dr. Acacio. He truly is the best fertility doctor in the world hands down. We will always have a special place in our hearts for Dr. Acacio and his staff. He brought us the gift of life, joy, love and happiness into our family. We will forever be grateful and indebted to Dr. Acacio!! - J.H
Amazing doctor! Excellent staff and facility! Gave me my treasures. 100% success x 3. - J.C
My experience was amazing. Dr. Acacio and all the nurses were extremely sensitive, positive and friendly. And now I have a beautiful 1 year old daughter!! I would (and have) recommend them to anyone struggling with fertility. - E.T
Excellent Experience. Very professional and personalized attention. - M.R
It's hard to put into words the emotions and gratitude you feel towards a Doctor and his team when they've made your dreams of parenthood a reality! Aside from being highly qualified and experienced, Dr. Acacio has a calm and welcoming demeanor that made an uncomfortable, scary and uncertain situation bearable. We are so grateful to Dr. Acacio and his team. Dr. Acacio is the best doctor you could find to guide you on this journey and we have healthy and thriving 5-year-old twins to prove it. - C.T
I am so grateful to Dr. Acacio.!! He is the BEST!!! I had a hemmorrhage that almost killed me but thankfully he was the surgeon who saved my life at Mission Hospital.. I will always be grateful to him and his expert care...I had no idea what was happening internally but he did and he also referred me to my OB/GYN, Dr. Craig Salcido both of these doctors helped me manage something major without having to undergo a major surgery. THANK YOU DR. ACACIO!!!! - Q.L
First IVF didn't take but 2nd one did and I am super grateful to have DR. Acacio do our treatments. He went the extra mile to find out the "real" reason why it didn't take and changed his approach! I'm blessed with twins. Because of this treatment and after the birth of my twins I was able to have another baby 1.5 years later. Unplanned but I think he totally helped awaken the fertility within. I love DR. A and his team esp. Sylvia during my treatments. His whole staff is GREAT! - A.B
My overall experience could not have been more perfect. I met Dr Acacio when I was 17. I was sent to him by my OBGYN to have some tests ran Who would of thought that when I turned 26 I would be his patient along my journey to becoming a mother. Dr. Acacio and his staff are truly amazing. Dr. Acacio is so caring and understanding when it comes to the IVF journey. Heather was my nurse most of the time and she is definitely someone very special to me. Anytime I felt like I needed to be seen right away, I was able to call the office and get in the same day. Sylvia was my after hour nurse and she was always more then helpful. I had a a successful cycle my first time around and I am ready to go in for my second cycle. Dr. Acacio and his staff have made my dream of becoming a mother true! I will always be grateful to have such amazing people on my team.I love you all!!Alexis - A.P
Amazing doctor! Got prego first time ! You guyz are amazing. - R.V
Such an amazing, honest, and advanced facility. The staff seems to care for you and really wants to help make your dreams of parenthood come true. I went though another clinic first and had 2 failed rounds of IVF. After looking at their records, Dr. Acacio was able to point out what they did wrong and how it would be fixed in minutes. I wouldn't hesitate to recomend this place. Dr Acacio seems to have so much joy in what he does. He's a godsend. - T.P
Dr. Acacio is a Godsend. The night before this appointment I was in the ER due to severe dehydration and they performed an ultrasound there, telling me they can see the fetus but could not detect a heartbeat. Dr. Acacio not only detected the heartbeat but had me listen to it! It is because of his amazing talents, efforts, and love that have allowed us to have our first child and give us hope to look forward to our second child. I want to thank him and his wonderful staff for everything they’ve done for us. He explains things in a very easy to understand way. He is gentle and makes the patients feel at ease. It is clearly obvious that he cares about each and every child he helps bring into the world. If you are struggling with fertility or any issues related to your pregnancy, Dr. Acacio will do everything in his power to help you if he can. Also he provides treatment at a very reasonable cost. Thank you again and God bless! - N.B
Thanks to Dr. Acacio's team, I was able to conceive with just one try via UIU. We have a handsome and healthy 19 month old boy! Thank you Dr. Acacio, Nurse Sylvia and staff! - A.D
it was amazing - S.A
We could not have been happier with our experience with Dr. Acacio. He took time with us and explained everything in detail. We never felt rushed and always felt like he was there to listen. His staff was very knowledgeable, competent, and always available when we needed help. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Acacio and would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking fertility services. - L.J
It took a while (4 IVF’s) to get pregnant. But Dr Acacio and Sylvia were so great through our whole process. - A.H
Dr Acacio and his team are the kindest, most honest, and most dedicated medical professionals we have ever encountered. Their work speaks for itself; their success rates are high, their patients are happy, and they are widely regarded as one of the very best. Dr Acacio made our dreams come true when he helped make us the family we never thought we could be. We are eternally grateful for Acacio Fertility. - J.W
Dr. Acacio and staff were wonderful; however, we did not receive the results we were hoping for. There is a need for more individualized care. I was able to go to another fertility center and they monitored me VERY closely. During the first few weeks of a positive pregnancy test, I would go in every other day to check my levels. After the first five weeks, they then monitored me once a week until I was 12 weeks. We have a beautiful baby boy who is 1 1/2 and are now pregnant with a baby girl. Dr. Acacio is a wonderful doctor; but they need to monitor and follow their patients more regularly. - A.B
After many failed attempts Dr Acacio made it possible. Him and his staff are very caring, professional and dedicated. You will be able to see the difference from the very first visit. His facility has been a true blessing for our family, we are now enjoying our triplets. Highly recommended! - M.M
Love Dr. Acacio!! He's the very best. Helped bring us two little angels! - E.J
This experience from the beginning was a scary process, Dr. A and his staff made it so easy and alway took the time to answer any question and address any fear that we had. So happy to have my two little ones thanks to this amazing team of professionals. - J.W
Bc of Dr Acacio and his amazing staff, we conceived our third child via donor sperm and IUI in March of 2015 and welcomed a beautiful baby girl 11/30/15. The love I have for her and how she was able to come into this world will never leave me and I will be forever grateful to this office and Brian. Thank you for guiding and listening to me in my deepest moments of desire. - C.V
The team working with Dr. Acacio we're kind and courteous. They gave us all the information we asked for while anticipating questions we may have had. They provided us with the space to make the decision that was best for us without pressuring us into anything we may have been uncomfortable with and encouraged us to make our right decision versus anyone else's. They were part of our plan without dictating the plan which was so very much appreciated - V.T
I highly recommend Dr Acacio. I drove 120 miles round trip to see him each time. I've continued to recommend him after all these years past my successful treatment.Thank you Dr. Acacio and staff. - C.M
Fantastic experience!!! - T.W
Brian Acacio MD is simply the very best RE there is. I don't just say that because he helped us start our family through IVF, but because he's a kind, compassionate man who cares about our family. We are eternally grateful to him for all he did for us. Staff was excellent as well. - R.S
Dr. Acacio has been my Dr. Since 2010 on my first tubal pregnancy. He has helped me along my journey, I am excited to get to my dream of starting our little family. I am very pleased with all treatment and care I have received so far. Thank you all. - S.Z
Great experience - L.M
Dr. Acacio treated me for an autoimmune issue that other doctors dismissed, and his treatment helped me get pregnant. I’m so grateful to him! - L.M
Dr Acacio and staff held our hands through this entire process while putting us first and what was best for me specifically to suit my body/struggles. I have recommended him and will continue too - he is the very best at making dreams come true - M.P
Wonderful doctor and staff. They treat patients with the utmost respect and compassion. I highly recommend Dr. Acacio and his amazing practice. - J.D
We got pregnant.... That was the goal. Dr. A was awesome. - J.K
Dr. Acacio and his staff are the absolute best!! He is the most compassionate and caring doctor I have ever met. He goes over and beyond for each and every patient. We had been with a few fertility specialists prior to finding Dr. Acacio. Because of him, we have 7 year old twin girls!Thank you Dr. Acacio!! - R.F
Dr. A was such an amazing help! I lost hope on getting pregnant and Dr. A gave me some great advice. Found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after my initial appointment! - C.F
5 star service very professional - E.B
I have the best experience. - S.A
Dr. Acacia is amazing. From his scientific knowledge to his bedside manner... all top notch. Brings tears to my eyes right now as I remember the journey... when things didn't go well, he and his team were compassionate and quick to readjust to get to our goal...a baby! There is even a nurse actually available 24 hours a day by phone! I can't say enough good things about this entire office! It's actually sad when you do get your miracle baby and have to say goodbye to them.... - N.E