Susan Ramdhaney

915 Hillside Ave

New Hyde Park, 11040
Dr ramdhaney can ease my nerves when I come in to see her, she is a very good listener and very professional. She made sure all my questions are answered. And my endoscopy with her was such an ease, no pain and she made sure I was worry free. - Anonymous
Dr Susan Ramdhaney ,I knew her from before ,because of her nice behave and perfect treatment all patient come to her . - Anonymous
I felt really comfortable coming to this place to check up with my health. I would highly recommend others to visit for their own health. - ALLAN A.
This Dr made me go through two, not one but TWO Seperate Endoscopy procedures to detect H Pilori which I later found out could be detected by a simple bloodtest! Not only that, but after I left her SCAMMING Practice I continued to get letters from her office stating that I need to book an endonoscopy procedure. Just incase you dont know they make you bring another person, go to Kings County Hospital and knock you oit while they stick a tube with a camera down your throat into your stomache. I DONT BELIEVE THESE REVIEWS ARE FROM REAL PATIENTS!!! BEWARE OF THIS PLACE!!! - Anonymous
with her every appointment I am very satisfied - FAHMIDA A.
Everything was excellent! - C.H
The staff was very accommodating and courteous. They asked if I was comfortable and processed me as new patient pretty quickly. Dr Susan was very nice and helpful. She asked a lot of questions and provided advice. She kindly explained terms and procedure and was willing to accommodate everything (appt, procedure, medication) based on my needs. The only thing I would recommend is exporting the info from ZocDoc so it's not repetitive when patient explains his/her medical history. Other than that it was a very nice experience, would definitely recommend. - B.C