Dr. Radu Hagau at Mason City Clinic

250 S Crescent Dr

Mason City, 50401
(641) 494-5300
The Dr. was very informative on the tests that were done on me. I was very pleased! - J.B
great doctor that listens to me - C.H
Everything went smooth as always zero complaints - B.Z
Dr is very informative. All people involved with my appt was very polite and know their job. - D.D
Dr Hagau is always pleasant to talk to. He makes sure I understand what is going on and answers my questions. He is a very nice man. - C.N
Thank you so much. Everyone was so kind and the results were explained so we could understand. - R.P
All staff were very helpful and good personalities. - J.K
Was good as usual and remembered that I needed my head raised until I was out due to my old injury. - D.B
very happy about the day everone was great - W.M
Very good facility & staff. - H.B
I had a great visit. It was very quick, everyone worked together to make sure everything was covered during my annual checkup. - H.A
Met with Dr. Hagau about my latest test results and line up future tests. Everything went great. - K.W
Short wait, every one pleasant. - W.K
Staff very responsive to convernew - H.R
Explains things quite well and speaks well. - J.F
Pleased with care given - M.E
Everything went well. - R.F
I am always a little worried before going to see Dr. Radu Hagau, but he gave me a really good report on my health, and I feel very comfortable with my doctor and his staff. I would recommend them to anyone. - P.S
Everyone was very helpful answering my questions. Very kind and thorough - M.Z
was a great visit - T.B
Very pleasant and answered my questions - P.S
Very helpful and answer my questions so I understand. - P.S
Friendly caring service! - L.W
Dr. Hagau has a great rapport with patient. Is knoelegeable and explains treatment understandably. - K.H
Dr. Hagar worked me in when I needed to get in. Thank you - M.Z
Very satisfied. - D.F
Dr. Hagau is very good in his field. He makes sure I follow my meds and keeps me on track. I feel comfortable with him and have great confidence in him. - P.S
It was the sphortest wait time until getting in that I've experienced in some time. The doctor was very professional and yet not cold or distant. - W.D
I was very impressed. Thank you - K.H
Very efficient.... Nurse and doctor. - S.W
Good experience. Great staff. Excellent doctor! - J.H
Dr. Hagau is very caring and he knows his stuff! I really feel confident with his care. - B.H
very kind man - K.K
I felt that the doctor and the staff were very helpful as to explain my reason for the appointment concerning my heart. Also getting the correct tests as to determine the outcome of the problem. - D.A
I couldn't be happier with doctor hagau. I had heart attach 8 years ago, was bounced around between heart doctors , have had him a couple years now, excellent one on one . very very nice to talk to. - J.S
Very thorough about all reports. Asks good questions to determine needs. - S.W
Great! - C.H
No complaints, very good experience! - I.E
Dr Radu Hagau is one of the most personable doctors I have ever visited. He has a warm smile, is easy to talk to and cares about the my concerns. The staff at the Heart Center are friendly and professional. I would reccomend Dr Radu Hagau and the Heart Center to anyone in need of excellent care. - S.S
Went in for a six-month check. Staff and doctor were courteous and helpful. Check went well. Great doctor and staff! - J.H
Everything went as expected Caring people. - Allen Richards
I am very satisfied with Dr. Radu Hagau and the staff at the heart center! No problem getting new appt. for next visit and getting info for getting blood draw before next appt. Very pleasant visit!! - R.D
Dr. Hagau is one of the most caring providers in town. He is thorough and follows up. I like that! - L.M
I was late getting there dued to the roads but he still saw me. He cares about his paitents. - D.F
It was a very courteous and fruitful visit. Looking foreward to having my Cardio Version done very soon. - R.F
I did not have to wait long to see Dr. Hagau. He listened to me and answered all of my questions. He is very thorough, and wants to do all he can to make me heart healthy.Marcie Andrews - M.A
Very satisfied. - J.N
Doctor Hagau is no doubt my favorite doc since my heart attach in 2011 . He is very polite, personable , and professional . He is very easy to talk to and is quite concerned about how I am doing. I hope I get the privileged to have him for a long time. I love being able to see him in Hampton. So convenient. - J.S
I did not have a long wait time and Dr. Hagau and his staff were friendly, professional and I felt answered my questions. I feel I am getting very good care. Thank you. - J.S
The visit was very good. The staff is very professional. Dr. Hagar is an excellent doctor. He answers any questions and is concerned for his patient’s wellbeing. - J.H
Professional, knowledgeable, easily understood. Explained options in a way that was easily understood. Nurse very pleasant and professional. Overall a good experience, IF going to the doctor can be a GOOD experience. - J.Y
Everyone are very friendly and knowledgeable about what their job is. I am very pleased with this! - R.D
All aspects of my visit were excellent, from the wait time to the nurse and doctor interaction.. Dr. Hagau listens and has good life style suggestions. I have every confidence in Dr. Hagau. Follow up to lab work was relayed to me in timely fashion. - M.A
Very pleasant & cordial visit. Good discussion. - K.W
I was very pleased with my appointment. I got a review of my stress test and the information about what to expect if I have another AF event. Dr Hagau was very pleasant and it has been a pleasure to have met him and feel comfortable with his care. The staff is always very pleasant as well and makes one feel welcome. - Y.H
Very informative and good suggestions on my overall care. - C.S
Not a problem looking forward to appointment next yr... - A.H
Keeping in mind no one likes to have to go see the Doctor, it was a good experience. Doctor and staff were very respectful and friendly. We are fortunate to have such a nice facility staffed with such professional people in our community. - J.S
I am very pleased with the care I received with Dr. Hagau. He spent the time to thoroughly go over every concern I had. Frankly, I don't remember a specialist of any kind who has done that in the past. - S.F
all went very well - R.W
Couldn't have went better! - C.H
Couldn't have went better! - C.H
Very good Dr Radu was great - M.H
I had little wait time and got in and out quickly. Really liked the nurse, Penny, she was very thorough and friendly. Great personality.really like Dr. Hagau, too. Also very friendly and thorough. Explained things to me in a very easy to understand language. - B.H
It was great - W.D
It was one of the best doctor's visit I have had . The doctor seemed genuinely interested in my well being and that made me , in itself, feel better going home. He is a person I can ask questions to and he give me answers.This doctor is one of the best I have ever had. I hope he stays here for a long time. His assistant nurse was a very caring person, very apologetic for being late, but who made up for it by her kindness. ( I even got a parting hug from her).I will remember this visit for a long time!!!!!!! - G.V
I was pleasantly surprised to get in early! Dr. Radu Hagau was very professional and informative. He explained everything well. Thank you! - K.G
Pre-op appointment prior to surgery. Will do follow up with Dr. Later. - H.G
It was a pleasant experience. Dr. Hagau was did an excellent job of answering all of my questions and I felt confident that he was very competent as was all of the staff. - B.F
Got right in,and things we well. - J.R
excelent - G.H
My wife and I were very pleased with the service we got from Dr. Radu Hagau. We thought that he showed deep concern about my problem and explained things very well for us to understand.The only thing that seems to me a little slow is lining the procedure for looking at the heart through the throat. We met with him on November 30 and have not heard from the scheduling dept. as of today December 8th. Time moves slowly when there may be a big problem and not knowing for sure. - W.K
My wife and I were very pleased with the service we got from Dr. Radu Hagau. We thought that he showed deep concern about my problem and explained things very well for us to understand.The only thing that seems to me a little slow is lining the procedure for looking at the heart through the throat. We met with him on November 30 and have not heard from the scheduling dept. as of today December 8th. Time moves slowly when there may be a big problem and not knowing for sure. - W.K
I enjoy seeing Dr Hagau, He seems to remember me so he can refer to our last visit. He seems to care about helping me get over my health issues. I will keep coming back until those issues are solved. - J.W
I was sent to this department by my primary physician, Linda Floden. I saw Dr. Radu Hagau who was very personable and thorough in reviewing my files and history. He ask me questions concerning my recent and past history and answered any questions I had.I was seen timely; nurse was exceptionally nice and girls at the appointment desk were prompt addressing future appointments. - T.B
Love Dr. Hague. He's very kind and very thorough. Would highly recommend him. - K.T
Love Dr. Hague. He's very kind and very thorough. Would highly recommend him. - K.T
I am very pleased with the care I receive from the staff and doctor hagau. doc is one of the best one on one doctors I have ever had. - J.S
The nurse and DR Ragau was very personable and answered all our questions. DR Ragau also asked us if there were any more questions. - D.H
my visit with the doctor a real pleasure - J.P
everything was great - L.W
i was very happy with dr. haugu. he listened to everything i had to say and answered all my questions. sometimes i have left doctor apts and did feel like they even listened to what i had to say and that was not the case that day. i feel like i am in good hands with him. i wish more doctors were like him - S.G
I have been having heart issues. Dr was very nice sending me for stress test. - M.R
Dr reviewed medications and explained concerns on some of them. - R.H
I loved Dr Hague. He was very kind and very thorough. I would highly recommend him . Great doctor! - K.T
I received excellent care from Dr. Hagau in all ways possible. Definitely a five star experience. - S.F
I was pleased with Dr. Hagau and his treatment and his concern. - D.M
Great doctor and staff - S.G
All went well except for the wait I had after getting placed in the office. It was then a 50 minute wait. Too long. - R.O
Everything good - B.B
Dr Hagau was very receptive to all my ideas of my treatment options! He is thorough and very easy to talk to. He took the time to find an assistant to make a follow-up appointment. And, personally escorted me to another room for that visit. - S.S
All went well. I had a long wait (nearly an hour) once we got in his office but all was ok after he finally came in. - R.O
Very fast and efficient! Took time to answer all my questions and made me feel very comfortable! - Denise Drummond
I was very satisfied with my visit. Dr. Hagau was very through and caring. - D.M
First time met this dr. Very nice no problems at all. Thanks for your servise - S.K
I was very satisfied with the results /suggestions from the Doctor - E.K
Five Stars, excellent!! - C.J
Looking forward to be able to see the same Heart Doctor each time. In the past seven plus years I have only seen one doctor (TC) more than once. I trust that will improve with Dr Hagau. The experience with him was very good. - H.Z
Dr. Hagau is very thorough and takes the time to ask questions and give input. I really trust this Doctor and hope he is with Mercy for many, many years. - P.S
This was the first time I had seen Dr. Hagau. He went over all my records that were available to him. Said that I needed to see another doctor in Mason City.However, on our trip to Mayo for my husbands cancer treatment I had one of my dizzy spells that I have been experiencing for over 2 years and they took immediate action. In two days I had a pacemaker and they did an ablation. Now I am feeling better than I have for a long time and have no more dizzy spells. - S.W
He did a great job - R.F
Good - W.B
My first visit with Dr. Hagau I thought it went very well I think he sounds like he's going to be really good heart doctor for me I appreciated him. He took the time to explain things to me. I also liked his nurse. She was very pleasant and thorough. - C.M
I visited Dr. Hagau seeking cardiac clearance in preparation for surgery. Dr. Hagau was very thorough when looking over my history as this is the first time he has seen me. He is very kind and I feel very confident in his care. - C.M
Dr. Hagau was overall quite friendly. Was slightly judgmental in my opinion when questioning me why I stopped taking my blood pressure medicine before I could explain. At the time of my visit I just said I probably misunderstood, but I should have my a better case for myself. When I first left the hospital the next day my home blood pressure machine had systolic readings around 200 and heart rates around 120. My ears were ringing and I felt pressure around my head and wrists and my ankles were swollen. I thought it might be wise to go to the ER which I did, fearing a possible stroke. At the ER the doctor (Dr. Congello's wife) gave me some water pills and some blood pressure pills to take if my systolic pressure exceeded 160 or my diastolic pressure exceeded 90. I went home and only used about 3 water pills and 1 blood pressure pill.I then had a scheduled follow up with Dr. Dunlay and at that appointment he seem to question why I went to the ER and then went up on the floor and consulted Dr. Congello. When he returned I understood him to say that I was to take triamterene and discontinue my metoprolol. Before leaving my wife and I talked to the nurse who said to discontinue the metoprolol so I went home and did so. My heart rates remained high around 120 and BP around 150.I then came to see Dr. Hagau on a follow up. I had noted the change in medication on my med sheet that I gave him and upon seeing this he told me to immediately resume my metoprolol which I have. Since then my BP and heart rates have been good and I am currently participating in Cardiac Rehab.I had a follow up appointment with Dr. Dunlay. At that appointment I pointed out to him what had happened. He told me that he did not tell me to stop the metoprolol but to stop the BP medicine I received at the hospital ER and replace that with the triamterene. He also asked who the nurse was , which I could not remember and asked me to see him in the future rather than the nurse and I agreed. That particular day however he did not seem very approachable . So I guess I misunderstood but after just getting out of the hospital with all the new meds either replacing some or adding to it was very confusing.That's the story I wanted to share with Dr. Hagau but didn't and now have. I appreciate his thoroughness and getting me back on track with my BP medication. I also appreciate that he had his nurse call me to tell me to take 4 pills of the clopidogrel when going off of the brilinta (ticagrelor). I would rate him out of 10 a 9 and I look forward to having him as my cardiologist in the future. Thank you. John Shoop - J.S
I had an appointment with Dr. Hagau as a followup on a medication change and a general checkup of my heart health since having a stent placed in 2014. - D.M
He explained my stress test and did a very good job - M.M
I had my 6 month check-up. He check all the test results, medication I'm on carefully. He listened to my heart and what I had to say. - B.M
just had a check up AND it went well and all questions were answered - C.W
initial evaluation for hypertension and afib - D.F
Dr was very thorough in checking over my records and results of tests. - S.H
Everything went well - J.T
Good experience. Friendly and thorough. - D.R
The visit was timely and all questions answered. - R.H
Dr.Hagau had a great way of working with me. - J.V
I went to doctor for my 6 month heart appointment in Hamptonmy second time with doctor hagau. He is very friendly, has great person skillswent over my medication, excersize, and the future doctor appointmentshe is very good and would recommend him to anyone - J.S
Dr. knew my history well. He was very thorough and took a great deal of time for this evaluation. A pleasant visit. - Dennis Thompson
I was impressed with him and his nurse. They took time to listen and tried to be helpful. - M.M
I really like Dr. Hagau and his staff at the Clinic. He makes me feel very comfortable and I feel he knows what is best for me. - P.S
A good experience. Dr. was well prepared knowing my history. Took plenty of time to talk with me and my wife. He changed a medication--explaining the reasons for the change. He was very thorough. He made the doctor-patient encounter very satisfying. - D.T
Dr. Hague got me in immediately after a stress test. I didn't have an appointment scheduled but he took the time out of his busy day to see me and schedule further testing. Very pleased with Dr. Hague. - K.B
very pleased - R.K
I met with Dr. Hagau for a follow up to a echocardiogram I had on September 19th. Dr. Hagau shared the results and also visited with me about the cost of one of the prescription drugs I am using. He suggested a change in that medication to one less expensive when I begin meeting my deductible again in the new calendar year. He listened and answered all my questions concerning my health. - D.M
Got right in. Helpful a check in as was the nurse, Shelby. Dr. reviewed my history and examined my heart. Dr. Hagau said he want me to wear a monitor and check out the insertion area. so set up appointments for September 28 and December. Dr. Hagau was cordial and professional. Would have liked a little more discussion on the itching under my chin. - D.S
Appt. went well. Pretty much on time. I felt he did a good job in exam and talking to me about how I felt. We went over my meds and he stated twice thought appt. that if I should have any changes in how I felt, chest pains or trouble breathing I should contact his office right away. - Virginia Thompson
Very satisfied. Very professional and pleasant physician. Symptoms I have been having are being evaluated. tests ordered with re-evaluation. - G.H