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I needed information on OTC drugs for my allergies. Dr Allam was very informative and helpful. I now know what to stay away from which is what I wanted to know. It was also time for a blood test to be taken. I fasted according to instructions and it was completed. - p.r
I have been satisfied with the medical services recieved from Dr Allam. I like his energy and his interest in my medical needs. I am not crazy about the stairs. - Philip Robinson
Dr Allam is great, he took his time with me and answered all my questions. - C.P
Dr Allam and his staff are great! Always helpful and Dr Allam has been fantastic with my medical care. Not only a great doctor but also a great person. - M.T
Pleasant. Thorough. Informativve1 - Arlene Oconnor
I have been a patient of Dr. R. Allam for over 25 years. It has been a pleasure knowing and having him as my primary Dr. He is a patient caring Dr. Who makes the time in talking to you. He has an excellent staff of women who are friendly and they also take the time to know the patients. - margaret.c
I met Dr. Allam at Mountainside Hospital when I was admitted. Very nice Dr. His bedside manner was excellent. He made me feel like he cared about me like I was his family. Since then I followed him to his practice and im his new patient forever. Thanks Dr Allam your the best???????????????? - Rosalind Pruett
It has been a pleasure having Dr Allam as my primary physician for over 25 years. His staff is accommodating friendly and very caring. I would absolutely would be lost if I had to change my Dr. He takes time and explains everything. Thank you.- - Margaret Crann
The office is very pleasant to come in every one is wonderful and the doctors is very trusting i will referral to my friends - L.D
Dr. Naveem Allam is an excellent doctor and he takes his time to listen and talk to his patients. He goes above and beyond to ensure that he provides his patients with the best care and services. - b.b
Dr. Naveen Allam is by far the best doctor I've been to! He is very professional and listen to all of your needs prior to the observation. The location and its staff are amazing in making you feel very comfortable. I never like doctors, but my experience here change my opinion of doctors. Thank you for placing me on the pathway of health living! - H.B
Dr. Naveem Allam is a great doctor. He takes his time to listen to his patients and is really passionate about his job. - B.B
Dr. Allam is always attentive,thorough, prepared, and knowledgeable. He and his staff are considerate, patient, and create a pleasant environment. - A.F
Exams are always thorough and pleasant. - A.Fajvan
Accomodating, serene, gentle - R.H
My experience with Dr. Allam so far has been the best then any other doctor i have had! He is thorough & instructive. - S.Winn
Awesome office. Efficient staff. The doctor wonderful. I hope to have a very long relationship here. Will encourage my entire family to come. - A.J
Courteous and personalized service from the staff and doctor. This followup visit is brief but is like a regular visit. - K.B
Good - A.W
Very helpful and responsive. Understood challenges and concerns quickly, moved to resolution path easily and quickly. - Frank Rand
Excellent i was without him for 2or 3 year and that why i am back - T.G
Dr. Naveen Allam and his staff have provided me with superlative medical care. I would heartily recommend this doctor to others! - C.B
Good - Alexis Williams
I just love, love my doctor - H.C
Dr. N. Allam provides excellent service. He is knowledgable and extremely pleasant during my office visit. - H.C
Dr. Allam was very personable and friendly for my first visit. - C.D
Dr. Naveen was very thorough and very patient with all the questions. He took the time to explain everything. - L.W
I always enjoy the professionalism, efficiency and courtesy of each visit. I am always accommodated regardless of the situation or the nature of my need. ???????????????????? - William Boyer
Great service im well taken care of - R.B
Always caring and compassionate staff.I never wait long and am always able to get a last minute appointment if I am not feeling well. - n.r
Every Time I have come to see Dr. Allam, he and his staff is exceptionally thorough. I am always seen in a timely manner and my questions are always answered with care and compassion.I love that they can do blood work right in the office and I don't have to travel to a lab.My phone calls are always returned quickly and they are always able to fit me in when I am not feeling well. - N.R
Pre-surgery physical and blood work. - J.W
I have been to Dr Alarm several times, and received high quality service. I also referred few of my clients to him , and will continue to do so with great respect thank you. - C.H
Excellent care! - J.G
Very patient and attentive. - R.T
Great doctor... understanding and professional - j.d
A fabulous experience! I truly got lucky, this duo, father and son are truly caring physicians. I haven't had this type of care since a child. Its great to know they are in tune with what true responsive care practice looks like, its in important to children as well as adults. - J.G
My experience is wonderful. I found a doctor for life! Professional, warm and friendly. A doctor who actually takes his time listening and makes you feel like a person,not a number. Let me tell you the entire staff is great, too! - J.G
I have had a great experience with Dr Naveen. - J.Dominguez
Hes a very good Doctor - R.A
The most fantastic Doctor any patients could every ask for,very professional ,Also all the staff or great the most wonderful staff and doctors you staff would ask for I highly recommend both father and son and staff. - k.H
I was admitted to mountainside hospital twice on Dr.Naveen R Allam explained to me my conditions,my concerns in terms where as a patient I understood everything he was saying to me he didn't used fancy medical word that patients didn't understand.Also he makes it is duty to come to my room by 7am to update and my results of any test I had done Both father and son are extremely wonderful Doctors and great bedside manners always greets you with a pleasant smile. I'm very satisfied with the office service also performed by all the staff in the office.Great team - K.H
The doctor and staff are awesome and extremely professional. Very informative. Will answer any question you have. - Pablo Eda
As always my visit with Dr. Allam was excellent. He took his time answering my questions and was thorough in his examination. - R.D
Friendly staff very knowledgeable easy to get a appointment - R.C
Excellent facility and staff - T.H
Excellent office assistants and receptionist. Very friendly, and not a long wait. Extremely impressive doctor whom i woud reccomend to everyone i know :) - T.H
I have nothing but praise for Dr. Naveem. Initially I was treated while an inpatient at a hospital for surgical treatment and was so impressed with his medical care that i indicated that i intended to see him and establish a relationship with him as my new primary care physician. Well, here i am having travelled from New York to see him. What attracted me to him was the passion he has for providing quality care and his welcoming personality that can put any patient at ease- even person's like me who generally only go for treatment when forced by family pressures. Let me conclude by saying you will feel that you are in competent and caring hands and given the problems we all face in getting quality care it isn't often you can say that any more. - S.S
Dr. Allam is a great doctor, not only is he a great doctor but his staff is excellent, they run everything smoothly. Dr. Allam makes sure you get the best results as a patient. For anyone out there looking for a great doctor I recommend him. - L.O
Small office and great staff. Doctors know you personally and care. They do not rush you in and out of the office. They do blood work right here in the office. The nurse that took my blood got it on the first try and it was nearly pain free. This is probably the best doctors office i have ever been to. - S.H
Convenient same day appointment access in addition to normal planned appointments. - V.F
Wonderful experience, Front office is very patient and understanding. Appointment is respected within reasonable wait time. Dr Naveen Allam is an excellent practitioner. He listens to your reason for your visit and very quickly renders his diagnosis and treatment if necessary.I would not hesitate to recommend him to my good friends. - C.S
Tremendous. Dr Allam is a very personable man. He takes blood pressure and all vitals himself. Not a nurse. He looks into your eyes and has that one on one contact. So many doctors look at a chart 10 times more than looking at the actual patient. Not Dr Allam. He is unique man. He has true love caring for all humanity. Plus, he keeps patients up to speed with all latest medical advancements and office with latest technology. Dr Allam's office staff is an extension of his integrity. Very pleasant and professional. I watch as patients come in office. They all know every patient by name and address as such. I'm telling you that means so much to a patient. We all feel so very safe in Dr Allam's hands. When in hospital in past. A single patient could have many different doctors come in with a specialty. No matter how many doctors. There is only one quarterback that controls the game. That is Dr Allam with hightest authority and is easily recognized how other doctors respect him. Don't let his size fool you. Dr Allam is one strong man in so many ways. Self discipline. Hours puts in is incredible. Day after day after day. I respect the fact he exercises. He keeps in shape knowing be must to be able attend to patients at his highest level. Dr Allam loves people. Loves talking to every patient. A year round Santa Clause. And his give is to keep all healthy to the best they can be. Last Dr Allam runs a practice. Never ever insult this man to call it a business! God put this man on this earth for only one purpose. HE CARES WITH ALL HEART. I have been patient of Dr Allam for over thirty years. If anyone wishes to speak to me as his patient call me any at any time. This is Warren Hull 973 807 6606. Tell you all facts. No assumptions. Thank you for time to listen. Best regards to all. - W.H
The staff is very friendly and the Doctors are thorough and answer any questions you ask. - F.Dangler
Love love love Doctor Allam. The office staff is wonderful as well. - S.T
Came for a physical for barbering school - G.P
Always a fast and pleasant experience - s.p
Always a pleasant experience - S.P
Wonderful doctor and outstanding staff - B.O
The overall experience from the front desk staff to the doctors passion of wanting to help me really shows in every aspect. Very pleased and would recommend - a.m
So glad I was given Dr. Naveen Allam when I was admitted in the hospital. He is a great doctor and his staff is outstanding. - B.Ostella
Since becoming a patient of Dr.Allam, he has been very attentive to all my medical needs. - N.R
A very friendly and pleasant experience. The office staff is very friendly and accommodating. I did not have to wait at all for my appointment, i was on time and so was the doctor. The physician was very friendly and informative and passionate on helping me get well. Over all experience was great. - A.M
I came in with difficulty breathing. Dr. Allam did a very thorough job of diagnosing my problem and clearly explained my course of treatment to me so that i understood everything. Overall my experience was very positive! - J.P
Dr has been great always accommodating concerned and available . I am confident in his abilities to help me reach the age 100 - Nancy.G
Dr. Allam is extremely kind, he listens to his patients and does his best to understand what is wrong with the patient and always give the best advice. - E.H
I never feel rushed here. Dr. Allam always takes his time with me and speaks in a manner that I can always understand. - A.B
My experience today was very pleasant. The office staff very professional And I love the manners that they each displays. I love Dr. Allam always pleasant and easy to talk to. The best Dr. I love his smile and sense of humor. - Y.F
Dr Allam and his entire staff are very professional and thorough. - M.L
Very well responsive to my health needs and treatment. - L.S
Excellent - K.M
Have been with Dr Allam over 20 years. Key - personal attention. The Doctor truly care. #1 all time for myself and family. A good Man. The best !!!!! - W.H
I am very satisfied with the services provided by Dr. Allam and his staff. Always friendly, courteous, attentive and accommodating to my time and needs. - Sergio.C
Always professional welcoming staff, very little wait time if any, efficiently knowledgable and ready to help - S.J
Dr Allam is very kind, understanding, compassionate and has plenty of experience. I haven't been disappointed by his service. - F.Lubega
Dr. Allam and his staff are professional and friendly. He came highly recommended and I was not disappointed. - K.C
I have always had a great experience wth Dr Allam. All of the staff is very accommodating and its great they do all blood work in the office. Dr. Allam is always looking to get to the heart of the problem rather than quickly looking to treat the symptom with medication. - John Araneo
Love both Doctor Reddy Allam and his son. Always professional with warm personalities. - l.p
Love the practice. Came in for possible strep throat. - L.P
Good comprehensive physical. Doctor manner excellent. Listened well. - V Knipping
Very good - V.Butler
He is very knowledgeable and approachable. Through his care I have achieve Benchmark improvements. - M.A
My - Sandra Rogers
Pleasant experience. Knows his business and is approachable. Listens and looks out for the costs of services and medicine. Had no problems with him or his care. - M.A
ObesityHypertension controlStressful eating - L.Brown Brown
He is a great doctor 👍🏻 - s.n
As always, excellent care - D.C
I was greeted by the receptionist who photocopied by id and insurance cards, accepted my co-pay and gave me a receipt. Within minutes the nurse ushered me into the treatment room and weighted me and reviewed my current medications. Dr. Allan entered the room and discussed the reason for my visit. He checked my ears, nose lungs, heart and throat and measured my blood pressure.. We discussed what I was doing to address my syptoms. He prescribed an antibiotic and said the staff would call it in to the pharmacy.. - r.p
Very good. My family of four is with Dr. Allam,s practice. We have consistently received patient, thorough, excellent care. - P.G
He is a great doctor and he's nice and understanding ???????? - S.N
Last week was my first time in this office and meeting Dr Naveen. The staff and doctor were very cordial, timely, and informative. I will definitely retain him as my physician and would recommend him to others. - J.H
Always a good experience - Gregory Kueken
Appt for exam! - L.Rose
Appt for exam! - L.Rose
Awesome - j.t
Very good practice! Great staff - J.T
Excellent service - C.M
Very nice doctor. I like dr allam. - J.Acevedo
I met Dr. Allam when my husband had emergency gall bladder surgery and was assigned Dr. Allam in Mountainside Hospital. Both my husband and I liked him so much that we immediately decided to declare him as our primary physician! Each time I have visited his office, his staff have been professional and friendly, and Dr. Allam has been willing to spend time answering any questions I have. - D.C
Ive been a patient for about a year and have had a great experience. Naveen is very responsive and helpful, really going above and beyond his role to ensure health. Ive given many referrals on his behalf over the past year. Im looking forward to continuing my care here. - K.T
Good all round - W.T
Dr. Allam was very curious what was going on with me. He took his time and gave me a great trewatment. - l.c
Very good and helpful - e.c
It was very helpful and easy. They are very professional - M.R
Very professional and effective - E.C
Between the office staff and both doctors I am nothing but happy with this practice. Truly amazing how smooth and easy it is to be a patient here. So happy to have found this office as my new PCP. - G.M
I absolutely love Dr. Allam and his wonderful staff. I always feel so comfortable when i visit this office. They truly treat their patients like family. Dr. Allam is the best and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a Dr. He always answers questions that you may have and takes the time to explain everything. He is genuine and cares about his patients. Its hard to find such a wonderful doctor today. But Dr. Allam and his staff are where you want to be for any of your health concerns or needs. - Jacquelyn Restaino
My visit is always pleasant and comforting. I feel less stressed at its completion. I feel free to ask any questions and am generally satisfied with the answers. I sometimes need more follow up on suggested health practices or medical referrals. The best thing for me was Dr Allam's follow-up and support in helping me to stop smoking. I have been free from smoking for ten years now thanks to Dr. Allam's intervention. - S.Johnson
With an urgent concern the staff at this office worked superb in fitting me in the exact same day. Dr. Reddy Allam, is truly compassionate and such a smart human being and doctor. So happy I have found this office to be my new primary! So happy. - G.M
Smart and energetic doctor, with a great bed side manner,Very happy with Allam group. - g.d
Great ,staff and doctor - G.D
Good bedside manner. - c.a
My visits are wonderful, Dr. As well as staff are knowledgable courteous, and patient. - T.T
Good atmosphere, great doctor. - L.W
Friendly professional environment and person I would recommend to anyone seeking medical care. Helping me with reaching healthy goals. - A.W
Professional and friendly - P.D
Very professional and friendly - P.D
Like everything about dr and the coworkers - J.A
Dr allams the best - Robert Nicholas
Great experience from a real person answering the phone. Dr is so nice and informative. Entire staff is friendly. I feel very comfortable being in their hands with my health. - T.S
My experience is always great , the staff is very helpful and courtesy especially Jackie. Dr Allam is a wonderful MD always encouraging and does the best to help. - J.S
Very good and professional grade - John Andew Ammeen
Pleasant staff, always courteous staff. Dr Allam has always been thorough with his examinations. Up to date, Have been a patient for a long time. Extremely happy with the care the Dr has given over the years. - Margaret.C
Dr Allam has being my doctor for some time, and he is a guy who takes interest in his client, he don't just rush and get you in and out, he ask lots of questions...and you are allowed to ask lots of questions also, i am so glad I choose him as my entire family comes to him for health care...thanks doc!!Every visit is a positive experience. Always friendly, always professional. Great staff, comfortable atmosphere. Overall, terrific medical practice.Many thanks for your kind caring. - Paul Stoddart
Dr. Allam has provided me with great medical treatment. His diagnoses and treatments have been spot on. And he is very supportive and knowledgable. - R.W
Came in because i haven't been feeling well the past few days. - D.F
Great office, on time with appointments, awesome staff! - A.E
Capable, caring, available physician - W.M
Dr Alam has been available for weekend consultation and script. His care is competent and complete. - E.M
Avery warm and hospitable doctor and staff. In a time when everything is so rushed Dr Allam is always professional and friendly - R.S
Fantastic and excellent doctor who is always very warm and friendly. He is dedicated and his staff is very professional as well. Highly recommend to all! - R.M
Always stellar! Dr. Allam treats me with respect, humor and he listens. - D.D
I always receive high quality service from both the Dr. Allam and the office staff. - J.V
I always receive high quality service when I see Dr. Allam. He is thorough in meeting my needs as a patient. Most importantly, his office staff is helpful in assisting me with getting an appointment and answering any questions I may have regarding my insurance. - J.V
Great - M.T
Always love coming to Dr Allam. He listens, he is understanding and comes up with doable solutions. He also has a good sense of humor and never rushes. The phlebotomist is great too and found my hard to get veins on the first try Front desk is friendly efficient and listens too. - Elizabeth.D
Excellent doctor. Trustworthy, straight forward, caring, and can always pinpoint exactly what it is and what I need to do when I inform him of an issue. - j.c
Dr. Reddy B. Allam is an excellent doctor. I have been going here for years; he is honest, straight to the point, and tells you what you need to know. Additionally, he is caring, trustworthy, and extremely helpful. I have referred him to many others. - J.C
Excellent in understanding patient problem. I am glad I choose Dr Allam Reddy as my PCP - r.t
Excellent in understanding patients problem. Dr Allam was able resolve my issue with in few days. I am glad i choose Dr Allam as my PCP. - R.T
I receive excellent service on every visit. - Mark Robinson
Every visit very professional and informative - L.G
Flexible, informative, great overall - H.G
Scheduling: Typically, if I indicate I have an immediate issue, they get me in that day. But I've had to use a same day care center when they were heavily booked- understandable.Doctor is an excellent diagnostician. But there are times when he has to be reminded of something in the file. - Victor.F
Great Doctor he's my primary physician for years! - M.R
I have Dr. Allam for years as my primary physician. He's always easy to talk too and the staff are very accommodating. - M.R
Always a pleasure. - L.E
Drs. Naveen and Reddy Allam are great. So sweet, thorough and professional. You never feel rushed here. The staff are also great! Everyone is friendly, welcoming and patient which is good for someone terrified of needles like me. I'd recommend this practice to anyone looking for a new PCP! - J.R
Very positive. Dr. Allam has a calming effect and is very caring. - K.A
Very good had a wonderful experience with Dr Allam and his staff everyone is pleasant and courteous I will recommend him to anyone I always pleased with my visit keep the good work doc!!! - s.k
Great! Was seen quickly both visits and did not feel rushed. Dr. Allam really listened and took the time to understand my concerns. The entire staff were friendly and helpful. - D.Rubolotta
It was a pleasant and productive experience! I was seen right away by courteous and helpful staff.Dr Allam has excellent bedside manners and responded to my specific medical needs efficiently and ptomptly. My impression is he has good clinical skills. - D.C
VERY good - e.a
Thorough exam - B.A
Always avilable, courteous, quick to se me and very knowledgable. unlike all of my other doctors. - Frank Reiser
Dr. Reddy Allam has been my gp for years. Every appt is a pleasant experience as Dr. Allam is not only an experienced, intelligent doctor, but a benevolent one as well. - M.Campana
Always a pleasent staff very respectful of the patient and the doctorsare phenomal - Michael Arminio
Services are wonderful. The girls are very nice . - M.B
Excellent as always - b.M
I have been with Dr Allam for past three years. He is a great Doctor. He has encouraged me to be more careful with my health as i get older. - R.P
Dr Allam and his staff are really wonderful. I always know that i can count on them when i need them. Dr Allam is so professional and wonderful at explaining things. - D.H.
The office staff is always both courteous and professional! The atmosphere is always warm , friendly and positive! Genuine work ethics are noteworthy! My Doctor is always on point and cares for me from his heart as well as with expert medical administration! I live because I'm encouraged during my healing process to be completely confident in the health care that I am receiving each time I come to to Dr. Allan's s office. I left his office today with the reassurance that I need to become healthy. - v.k
Excellent service from staff.Doctor is professional. - K.C.
You guys rock and always fit me into a schedule that works for me. And I love your nice staff and I appreciate the care from Dr. Naveen Allam. He is courteous and compassionate and willing to take the time to explain to me the medical management and his decision-making. I also appreciate the courtesy of the staff and willingness to accommodate an appointment based off my schedule. The facility is clean and has an upbeat vibe that lets me know that this is patient centered. I recommend Dr. Allam to all my friends. - R.M.
Dr.Allam is an excellent doctor. He is extremely knowledgeable and has excellent bedside manner. I highly recommend him as a physician. - S.W.
The staff and Dr. Allam are always professional. They always answer my questions and return my call in a timely manner. - A.V.
He is great doctor who i have been using for years - R.G.
Dr Allam is a highly intelligent, experienced, and personable doctor. His office is always clean and his staff is always welcoming. When I call with short notice on something that I am worried about Dr Allam and his staff always find a way to get me into the office and make sure everything is ok? - M.C.
Great experence, has been good! - T.L.
Dr Allam is always thoughtful and always advocates for a lifestyle approach to health. - X.J.
I spent time researching for a primary doctor because I wanted a doctor that was knowledgeable and had an inviting and warm personality. After much research I came upon Dr. Allam's practice and was impressed with his credentials and reviews.My first appointmet with Dr. Allam was pleasant and his bedside manner was phenomenal! He took time to talk to me and answer my questions. I didn't feel rushed out of his office and a big plus is the wait time is reasonable and your appointment time is honored.I highly recommend Dr. Allam to anyone that is looking for a primary physician and if your not satisfied with your current doctor. - I.L.
I have been a client here for over 10 years and it has been the best experience and i am never hesitant to come or call here for medical issues or just routine checkups. - J.Lauture
Every visit is a positive experience. Always friendly, always professional. Great staff, comfortable atmosphere. Overall, terrific medical practice.Many thanks for your kind caring. - G.B.
Each and every visit to the office has been a pleasant experience. The professionalism of both Drs Reddy and Naveen Allam is unquestionable and their "bedside" manners are terrific.The entire staff couldn't be friendlier or more accommodating. A total pleasure to walk in and be greeted. Overall, outstanding medical practice. Many thanks. - G.B.
Dr. Allam answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns. He is prompt, personable and compassionate. I am very comfortable discussing my concerns with him. He follows through on next steps involved in patient care. I trust him to make appropriate referrals. He is a warm and caring physician who l would wholeheartedly recommend to family and friends. - M.B.
Always the best. - J.S.
Friendly. Short visit times. - O.R
Office visit - L.L.
Great - M.T.
When i choose doctor ALLAM as my doctor i could not have made a better choice - R.F.
I have been seeing Dr allam for couple years and im being very happy since thatHe is very patience kind and friendlyI really like him - V.S.
I love DR. Allam, he is extremely professional, he always gives his honest medical opinion and is extremely through. The staff is very knowledgable and professional even while conducted simple reminder or follow up calls. I've been coming here for 2 years now, it is alway a pleasant experience. - A.V.
Great always patient and concerned. I love him as a doctor and human being. - G.H.
Great as usual , such a caring and always sweet dr. - G.H.
My experience has been excellent. I have no complaints. - Jason Sheppard
Always helpful in terms of helping me solve the problem or reasoning for my visit. - L.G.
Excellent in all areas. - Edward Knight
The staffs are very professional,and made me feel comfortable. - D.W.
Everyone at dr. Reddy office very friendly patience. Dr. Reddy makes you feel very comfortable when speaking with you. I would recommend dr. Reddy to anyone that needs a good doctor.Dr. Reddy has wonderful staff. They are very patient with you. They will also answer your questions, even if they have to repeat something that you had already asked. - B.G
My experience as a patient of Dr. Reddy Allam as been immaculate. He is a great doctor to my family and friends. Dr Allam returned phone calls promptly no matter how busy he is. I am informed of my test results as soon as he received it in his office. He is pleasant person and very approachable. Dr. Reddy Allam is the best!!! - M.E.
Friendly and caring facility staff - C.Motleywright
Excellent office, no wait..friendly staff,efficient in what they do here at the office.. Well pleased - S.F.
Very happy with the care I received. - R.Stewart
Always well taken care of. Very thorough. Always on time. Really cares about me. - Barry Giblin
Everyone is kind and helpful. Dr allam and his son helped me so much during a difficult time. My whole family goes to this practice. Dr allam diagnosed my son when another dr had missed it. Great dr. - L.L.
Dr allam has been nothing but a huge pleasure and help in ensuring that my health is where it is supposed to be. - C.L.
Doctor Allam saw me on-time and was courteous and friendly (as always). He answered all of my questions and didn't rush me through my appointment (though still left me enough time to make my train). The office staff were quick and attentive with smiles all-around. - S.M
It was great Dr. Reddy answer all my question explain everything on a way I understand . The staff is very friendly and helpful - J.O
Every one is very helpful - Brian Zaorski
Ive always had a thorough exam and good experience with Dr Allam - Anne Marie Cerreto
He is a very efficient and thorough doctor. iI trust his opinion. - M.P.
Dr provi ded very good care for my mother - T.S.
Excellent service no problems the doctors or stafff - R.S.
Outstanding service from the receptionist, nurses and doctor. They take the time to explain meds, and they answer every question one may have.. - Wilfredo Torres
My experience has been good withe doctor so far - M.Z.
Dr. Allam is thorough in his treatment to his patient. He is very caring , and he asked all the necessary question . - N.B.
This is a very nice place, clean, quite and everyone is nice - A.A.
Fantastic Service - J.J
One of the best doctors I've ever met! Amazing staff as well. - J.J.
Wonderful. Dr. Allam is extremely knowledgable and his office staff is pleasant. - A.C.
Dr. Allam is professional and courteous. He has been my internist for over 15 years. He always discusses treatment options and treatments/medications, explaining everything to me. He is knowledgable as well as amiable. - K.M
I am very satisfied with dr reddy allams treatment and concern for my welfare - M.Rozan
Dr. Allam has been my internist for over 15 years. He is professional and pleasant. He is aware of new research and he always explains everything to me, including options for treatment and medications. He is knowledgeable as well as amiable. - K.M.
I had a very good experience Dr. Allam made me feel comfortable enough to openly talk to him my first visit, I even recommended a co-worker... - Beatrice.B
Ive been a patient of Dr. Allam for many years. He is the ultimate professional. Extremely thorough, knowledgable and comprehensive. He keeps me very healthy. I really enjoy being a patient here. I refer many of my patients here also. - L.F.
Dr Allam is the best Dr one could ever ask for He is a Dr and a friend i which ever Dr was like him Very plesant staff He is the best Dr in the world - S.F.
Dr Allam, is a great doctor, his patients overall health is of utmost importance to him. He has been my doctor for the past ten years, and I am truly confident in him to meet and treat my medical needs. His staff is also very professional. - Carol Dorga
Dr allam and his staff are awesome 5 stars for all of them. Everyone is so friendly and professional!!!! - William Feltz
Great never a complaint on staff doctor i would never go to any other doctor - O.F.
Excellent does not describe the experience. I tell all my friends about Dr Allam. He is the best. He cares and takes time with his patients. His wealth of knowledge is exceptional. I don't drive to NYC for a consult any more. We are so lucky to have such a professional in our area. Everyone in my family comes to him. He tended to my mother in law and we could not ask for a more caring human being. We have a 100% confidence in Dr Allam - O.O.
Excellent does not describe the experience. I tell all my friends about Dr Allam. He is the best. He cares and takes time with his patients. His wealth of knowledge is exceptional. I don't drive to NYC for a consult any more. We are so lucky to have such a professional in our area. Everyone in my family comes to him. He tended to my mother in law and we could not ask for a more caring human being. We have a 100% confidence in Dr Allam - O.O.
It has been great. Dr. Allam is thorough, spends a good amount of time with patients and explains everything we need to know. He is patient, polite, helpful and nice to talk to. I have already referred a few people I know to come to him for medical treatment. The office staff is also great to talk to. Everybody here knows what "good" customer service is and provide it regularly even if busy - P.K.
I always have a wonderful experience, they are very quick and courteous, the doctors are the best I've been to. - A.D.
Excellent doctor ! Never have to wait when I have appointments ! I highly recommend him - B.H
Great doctor. Never have to wait long. Staff is wonderful - J.Jaeger
Great - R.C.
Excellent - Y.G.
I came here with my wife for the first time. I was impressed with the way he took care of us. Father and son are so care and caring. Always ready to answer questions. - J.Gomes
Its always a good visit. Everyone is very nice - H.J.
I arrived for my appointment and waited a short time to see the doctor. The offices are very clean and comfortable and the staff is courteous. The visit with Dr Reddy is very satisfactory. He is very detailed in his analysis, explains what to expect from any action he is taking, and gives a reason for the actions he is taking. He has an ongoing conversation during the visit, talking about my condition, providing nutritional and other guidance that will be helpful in managing my condition, explaining what signs I should look out for in my daily life that are related or that might impact my condition. - M.T
My visits are always handled on a timely and friendly manner. All my concerns are answered. - V.C.
Excellent - G.G.
Every time I see the Dr it is fast no long wait over all a good experience - Yakima.C
Great experience, great Dr. - J.V.
Came in for blood work they staff was very accomodating with my appointment scheduling and the doctor was very professional - J.C.
I am very happy with the care given by this office - Vincent Digeronimo
I've been working with Dr. Naveen now for a while. He's very professional in what he does. He's been giving me my allergy shots quickly and effectively. - B.C.
Excellent staff, very helpful and very respectful. Just simply a great office. Dr. Allan is amazing very caring and very dedicated to his patients. - A.H.
Dr. Allam is the best doctor, I love him so much that I now have everyone in my family coming to him. I would not trade him in for anyone else. His staff is also great. - O.M.
My experience has been excellent. I am very happy with the care. The office administrators are very friendly and professional. I would recommend him to anyone who needs assistance with living a healthy lifestyle. - Mary Burkle
I have been a patient of Dr. Allam since 2000. He is our family physician. The doctor has always been very helpful and friendly. He has a great attitude and a lot of patience when dealing with patients. - R.S.
I always have a very pleasant experience when i visit, Dr. Reddy Allam's, office. He is a kind, attentive, and caring man. His office staff is incredible! They always remember me when i come to visit, and ask how Im doing, which is important to me. It shows they actually care about their clientele! They were incredible to my father during a stressful and heart wrenching time. I never have to worry about mistakes or miscommunication with this office. They are very professional! It is usually convenient to make an appointment in a reasonable amount of time, as well! I highly recommend receiving care here, and i always refer friends and family! They make going to the doctor an anxiety free experience! - J.H.
Extremely friendly staff. Great overall. - D.S.
Dr. Allam and staff are excellent. My experience has been incredible. Montclair is lucky to have him practicing in our community. - P.T.
Excellent every step of the way! - m.b
I am very pleased to have joined this group as a patient. Dr. Naveen Allam is great, very personable, caring and thorough. I believe i will be a patient here, and those in my family for many years to come. - M.B
Excellent experience and treatment. - l.c
I have been coming to Dr. Allam's office for about 12 years, and I have been very satisfied with the treatment I have received. He is very professional and knowledgable and would recommend him to my friends and family. - L.C.
I've had a wonderful experience with Dr. Allam the last 3 years. He is a compassionate and diligent health care provider. I highly recommend him. - G.C.
Everyone in the office is very pleasant. Dr. Allam is very approachable. I like that he takes his time to actually listen to what you have to say and is rushing out of his office. - L.T.
Dr. Allam is very nice, conscientious and patient with me. I live in NY so I have to get up early, take a train and walk to get to his office. I would not do that if he was not a great doctor. - S.T.
Dr. Naveen Allam is an amazing doctor. His medical knowledge and commitment to patient care and concern is exceptional. I have and will continue to refer others to him. - R.Mitchell
Dr. N. Allam is the most compassionate, understanding, caring dr. I have been to in a long time. I was recently in the hospital and he was excellent! - Renee.K
He is my GOd sent Angel very caring i thank God for him@his father.i be happy to come show nothing but love.THe staff are great.HAve a great day.Miss Helen jones. - H.J.
I have always had a wonderful experience with Dr. Allam and his staff. Either in the hospital or in the office I feel confident Dr. Allam is there to help me...Ive been with him for a little over 3 years and only have great things to say. He is professional, attentive and caring! Thank you Dr and Staff, keep up the awesome work! - D.Jordan
Dr. Allam has been my primary doctor for a number of years (about 15-16). He was highly recommended byA work mate. Over the years he has provided satisfactory and successful service. I'am comfortable & satisfied With him as my doctor. - Kenneth B.R
Dr. Allam is thorough, efficient and friendly. - J.N
Pleasant, professional, accomodating. - A.R.
My experience at Dr. Allam's is always a positive experience. Dr.Allam is extremely compassionate is his a approach and very knowledgeable. - D.H.
Awesome!!!!!! - J.T.
When walking in I am greeted by staff and with practically very little wait time I am brought in at the time of my appointment. Also being in Reddy B Allam's care feels like he truly cares about his patients, he will give this one on one feel and his treatments work! The overall experience I have going to Reddy B Allam is a pleasant one. - T.R
The reception desk is promp and answer all my question. - W.B.
Very happy with my experience at the practice. The staff are always very friendly, helpful and accomodating. - M.H.
I appreciate Dr Allam. He has a calming energy about him. He is down to earth and it is very easy for me to express myself to him. - R.D
I enjoy going to Dr. along. He has a calm and energy about him and he's very personable. I feel as if I can speak freely to him to him. I trust his judgment and appreciate him as a person. - R.D.
Always very professional takes time to really understand whats going on and helps me to understand what i will be described - J.C.
Great experience - L.B
Excellent doctor and staff! - a.a
This office is very professional and the staff (including the doctors) are amazing. - L.B.
I have been very satisfied with Dr.Reddy Allam over the years.I haven't seen him yet today. - Neal Zimmermann
Excellent doctor and staff! Always helpful and kind, and has been so since 2001. - A.A
Routine exam and blood work. Staff is friendly and efficient. - I.S.
Dr allam been my doctor for 25 years i wouldn't change it for the world he save my life he he me for years with my chf - I.J.
I am very satisfied with Dr. Allam's practice. Everybody has been very helpful, accommodating to my schedule and professional. - V.G
The office is always friendly and helpful. They are good about reconfirming appointments and thorough with insurance issues. Dr. Allam is respectful, thorough, and looks for the best solution. He listens to your concerns and discusses them with you and answers your questions. - A.S
Coming to Dr Allam was the best desicion I have made.. He is caring and proffesional and his staff is excellent.. They make you feel confortable at all times. I trust Him wit any health problems I have. - N.Carrera
I have been suffering from chronic leg pain for three years. I have seen multiple reputable specialists with no diagnosis. Dr Reddy Allam diagnosed and treated me for Restless Leg Syndrome and it worked. I didn't know RLS was so painful so I too couldn't figure it out as a nurse. I am so great-full and now sleep through the night ???? - A.A.
This is very clean office with nice respectable staff. Dr. R. Allam was very kind, took his time with me.. I would recommend his oractice to anyone looking for a doctor. - N.Serraton
Great - N.J.
I am very satisfied with Dr. Allam's practice. Everybody is helpful, accommodating to my schedule and professional. - V.G.
Coming to Dr. Allam has been the best decision I've made,not only has he been caring and professional his staff is excellent. I trust him with any health problem I have. - N.Carrera
My experiences with Dr. Allam have been good.The wait time for him is short. I can usually get an appointment quickly, and he always lets me know my test results and his action plan to remedy health issues. - A.H.
Dr. Allam has been our family physician for 15 years. He is a responsible, caring doctor who puts his patients first. Dr. Allam takes his time with each patient and gets to know them personally. There's no rush with him. It's easy to get a same day appointment and the office staff is very accommodating and friendly. Dr. Allam took care of my mother for many years and even came to visit her in her final days. He is a wonderful person and Doctor. I highly recommend you give him a try. - l.r
Dr. Allam is a wonderful supportive practicioner. He is caring and sensitive and most importantly interested in his patients and their families. I've been his patient for over 10 years as is my husband and other family members. Dr. Allam is accessible. It is not difficult to get a same day appointment as his staff tries to accomodate your needs. The office staff remembers your name and are friendly and helpful. Do not hesitate to visit with Dr. Allam or his associates. They are true professionals. - L.R.
Dr N. Allam was really great in explaining to me everything I need to know about being in good health. He was really nice which is comforting because it's stressful being evaluated by a doctor. He explained to me about blood work and what he looks for to insure good health. He spoke to me about weight and how its important as you get older to try to maintain a healthy diet. I got a blood test and an ekg. Also I had my blood pressure tested along with a breathing test. I'm going to try to follow. All Dr. Allam's suggestions so I can try to have a more healthy lifestyle and avoid future problems. - D.B.
I enjoy the care from Dr Naveen Allam and the staff - C.R
One of my brothers suggested me to see Dr Allam about my allergy issue ,ten (10) years ago. After the first visit , because of the quality service my wife and I adopted him as the family doctor. It was not only about good care but also the respect , the attention, the professionalism expressed by the entire office personnel. As soon as our daughter turned 18 she starts visiting Dr Allam and experience is the same. - R.Bauzil
Excellent - S.Farquharson
Dr is a good dr. He has been treating me for many years. I have not had any problems with him. He usually find the, if not he refers me to a specialist. - K.B.
3-month check up for blood pressure, blood work, respiration. Doctor also checked a spot on my face and confirmed a bout of diverticulitis. - E.C.
My visit are alway timely and professional.The staff is always friendly and efficient. - H.A.
Dr.Allam always has time to go over whatever concerns you may have. A few years ago when was extremely fatigued Dr Allam sent me to several specialists they only a slight elevation in my tests. Dr Allam told me he knew there more was wrong ,finally after monitoring me for a year my illness finally revealed itself he saved my life. Also he has a wonderful staff that is always caring and concerned just like he is. - S.T.
Excellent - C.R.
I have always had a pleasant experience here. Dr. Allam is very nice and I feel comfortable around him. I also like the nursing staff and they have treated me with the upmost respect and dignity. I really don't have any complaints. The environment here is also relaxinh. - R.B.
Dr Allam and his staff are friendly and helpful. Every tine I come here everybody is approachable and easy to talk to. They make you feel comfortable. I require blood work which calls for fasting. Dr Allam and hiis staff are able to accommodate me with an early AM appointment for my comfort. Twice I had painful sinus infections. On both times, they were able to squeeze me in quickly early. I also appreciate that I can set up a saturday appointment so I dont need to miss work. - W.S.
My experience with doctor allan been very good he been my doctor for more than 10 years now Also have a good staff very helpful - Angel Morales
I have been a patient of dr.allams for many years. I have never had anything but a professional and courteous experience here.dr. Allam and his staff treat me with kindness care and respect and are always devoted to my wellbeing. - M.B.
Dr. Allam is a very friendly and warm doctor. When Im being treated, I feel welcome and comfortable. - Philip.M
Everyone in Dr. Allams office is always so nice and very helpful. Love coming to his office - D.D.
My docter is very efichiant takes his time to explain all procedures he takes his time and is very therol with his. Examination of me - M.A.
Excellent - M.Adams
Excellent - M.Adams
Dr. Allam treats me for allergies. I receive weekly shots designed to cure me of the allergies. He is wonderful. He explained in great deal how the shots will work. He also explained about the allergies and how the body reacts to them. - D.S
Very helpful and informative. Dr Alam and his staff are a pleasure and make it easy for the patient - R.R.
I have been coming here for the past 11 years and their know better place to be than here - R.J.
Always friendly and professional he takes time to explain - E.Alfano
Dr. Allam has been treating me for diabetes for several years. I have found him to be a concerned doctor, who genuinely cares about his patients. His quick response in 2008 when I had a ruptured appendix - arranging for immediate surgery the same night - quite possibly saved my life.His office is run efficiently and pleasantly, with minimal waiting times. - J.B
Very satisfied with the care. Dr. takes time explaining my health condition. - L.C.
I have been seeing Dr. Reddy Allam for a number of years now and he is the greatest doctor ever! He's got the warmest nicest sincerest and most genuine personality and bedside manner than any doctor i know. He also has a great sense of humor. Dr. Reddy Allam is also extremely compassionate with his patients. During hospital stays he always managed to come see me even with his busy, hectic schedule. Overall, Dr. Allam is a very knowledgeable highly intellectual physician. - D.E.
Great! Staff is fast and organized. Always a pleasant experience - N.H.
Dr allam is a very good doctor. I have been a patient for over ten years. I have referred his practice to family and friends. Not only does he provide excellent care ,but he also shows concern for his patients. - Haynes Georgie
Dr. Allam was very attentive and took his time with me. He answered all of my questions. I was very satisfied with my visit. - T.W.
Excellent, - A.L.
Dr. Naveen always has smile when i see him. He has a positive can do attitude. Extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to speak to...great bedside manner. Everyone that i recommend to this practice is always so impressed and can't thank me enough. I am definitely a fan of him and his father.The perk is that they also have a wonderful staff. Office is very clean too!W - Barbara Olivo
Dr. Allam is an outstanding care provider. He demonstrates all the qualities that a #1 rated Dr. Should have. My experience has been nothing but positive all these years. - J.F.
Love Dr.Allam's office. The office staff is great. They always do their best to help with your needs. They do not overbook, so you rarely wait more than 10 minutes. Dr.Allam always goes the extra mile to make sure you get the best treatment. Always gets on the phone or calls me back when i have questions. I have been going to him for years and have no plans on ever changing. My whole family are patients. - L.L.
Staff is nice, helpful and happy. - P.S.
My doctor appointments for over many years have been very professional and Dr Allam takes his time and offers the best support during all my office visit. I actually brag to my family and friends. There is no long waits and the staff are excellent always pleasant and Dr Allam commands All patients to be treated with the best care. Many friend have become new patients on my referrals, and they thank me for recommending a Great Doctor who cares. Dr Allam is the best!!! - S.D.
I am a patient with the doctor for about a year. I receive an allergy shot every week performed by the doctor. I am pleased with my results and my overall experience with the staff. They always are willing to help and provide the best care for my health. - Aaryn.A
The office staff is warm, friendly and welcoming. Dr. Allam takes time and genuinely cares about his patients. Dawn and the administrative staff are approachable and friendly. For a patient who feared doctors, I look forward to appointments here. - T.S.
Always a pleasant experience - A.S.
My experience is always excellent. DR.Allam is very competent and thorough. - John Buechel
Ive been coming to this office for years now. The staff is always a pleasure to speak with and if you ever have an emergency they make sure to squeeze you in. Dr. Naveen Allam is amazing. Ive most recently started my allergy shots with him and he's always patient with whatever questions I have. Him, Dr. Reddy Allam and their whole staff are very knowledgable, kind, and most definitely accommodating people. If you're looking for a doctor, look no further! I'm so happy I found this place! - B.O.
Always taken at appointment time. Everyone in office very professional and pleasant. - D.S.
During the two years that the Drs. Allam have been treating me, I have continually impressed by their expertise, professionalism and true caring nature. Rather than settle for the usual in-and-out visit, Dr. Allam takes the time to find how you are "really" feeling and takes all the steps to make you leave his office betterAnd more reassured than when you walked in. A true professional in every sense of the word. Combine witha great staff and you have the best medical care in the area. - B.S.