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I would like to thank Dr Dachman for being so astute and knowing my needs before I tell him. Dr Dachman is very kind and compassionate I would highly recommend him to family and friends. His assistant Michelle is also very caring and extremely knowledgeable and efficient. - Sara.B
I have been a patient of Dr. Dachman since 2002, and I am so thankful to have him as my doctor. He takes the time to listen to my concerns, and is extremely knowledgeable and professional. If I am in pain and need to see him, he goes above and beyond to fit me in his schedule. No matter where I am living, I will fly or drive the distance to see him. I thank God that I have such a caring doctor because I saw eight doctor that ignored my symptoms and concerns. Doctor Dachman did all the necessary test and let me know that I did not imagined the symptoms I was experiencing. His staff is also extremely caring and professional. - D.B
My experience with Dr. Dabah has been and still is extremely satisfying. I have a bulging disc between L4 and L5 that has made life really miserable for the last 4 years. Through a combination of prescriptions and epidurals, I feel as though I got my life back. I am so glad I met Dabah and his team! - J.W
Great Service :) - j.s
I arrived at Doctor Dabah's office in extreme pain. He was understanding and thorough when examining me. The course of treatment has been extremely effective and I am out of pain at this point. He has also charted a strategy to keep me this way. The two words that I can use to describe him are "effective" and "compassionate". I am very grateful for his help . - George Phelan
excellent these folks have helped reduce my pain level to zero - c.k
I have had many pain doctors over the past 12 yrs This is the 1st doctor that listened and actually did something for the pain I came in for. And also listened to me tell him about the other pain and the same day I was in the office took away pain from fractured ribs, from a fall I had. - V.D
Dr. Dachman is very pleasant and thorough in his diagnosis . He listens and very satisfied with the visits. - H.T
Dr dabah and his entire staff are great! - n.v
Doctor Dabah explained my options in a way that I understood completely, that way it was easy to make An educated decision. My experience was very informative and educational loved it. I have nothing but respect for Dr Debah and his staff thank you and keep up the great work you are doing. Words cannot explain my satisfaction - R.c
Best Dr. And practice ever! They are always on time for my appointments and test results are always fast. Everyone is so friendly and a tentative. - Katie.H
DR Dabah has been fantastic He is very thorough and very easy to talk to. - H.N
Dr. Dabah has been very helpful and has a nice bedside manner. - S.S
i see Dr. Dabah monthly and he always makes me feel as if i am his only patient. the attention he gives me and the listening he provides demonstrates that he genuinely cares. i have recommended him and IPT to several friends. Dr. Dabah's asst's are very good. they are personal and always make the experience relaxing while providing an assessment. - S.D
very hsppen with the doctors explanation of diagnosis, treatment plan, results and follow up - g.c
Dr Debah was able to get my knee pain and back pain in check with 2 appointments I am feeling much better he genuinely cares about his patients and getting them back their lives. I also see him for TMS and he has been extremely accommodating to help me get the needed time off with my work in order to complete treatment - Michele Wargo
Dr Dabah is great doctor. He cares about his patients whole health. SInce I have been seeing him, my standard of living has improved. Thank god for Doctors like him. - S.G
I love Dr. Dachman he the best he is a great Dr my wife and son see him also and love him too - R.B
Great! - Vince Maffei
Very thorough Dr with good diagnosis. Highly recommend. - R.J
Pleasant experience. I feel that my pain is being managed carefully. - S.M
I love Dr Dachman and his entire staff. I have been coming up here for for years and they have been treating me and my body with care. They take time to explain everything to me so I understand and always have a plan to treat me. - C.C
I’m beyond happy with Dr. Dabah. Migraines are gone and leg pain is way better. Took a trip to Dominican Republic and had treatment a week prior. I never would have been able to go on any excursions had I not gotten treatment. My vacation and my life have greatly improved. Thank you! - heidi demarco
Great experience that was professional by Dr. Dabah and staff. Great care and treatments. Thank you!!! - E.P
I came in due to severe pain in my left knee pain. it limited my ability to walk normal and caused severe pain - c.q
Dr Dabah Is a great doctor. I’ve seen him a few times. He’s cured my pain completely. Wouldn’t go any where else. - c e
Dr. Dabah very helpful with getting me the proper care I needed. Had excellent care feeling better with my neck and shoulder. Very quick on seeing patients. Nurses and staff very polite and helpful. - S.V
I love the experience visiting Dr. Dabah's office. Nurses and doctor are very knowledgeable. Just on my first visit Dr. Dabah ordered a comprehensive set of lab tests and X-rays to rule out different Dx. I Ike that Dr. Dabah listened to me and my preference of no injection for the pain to discover the reasons of my health problems. In a very few weeks The office sent me a copy of the report with detail information about his findings. I am ver impress with the service and the ability to follow up with patient in a timely manner. Thank you very much!!! - B.M
I had nothing less than an outstanding experience with Dr.Dabah and his staff at the office. Everyone is professional and friendly. Dr. Dabah ordered the appropriate testing, medication, and therapy for my pain and I had experienced quick results. He also let me take part in my care and decide based on his recommendations which therapies I wanted to go forward with. I'm very satisfied that I was advised to come to him for pain therapy. - B.A
I had origionally come to see Dr. Dabah for a workers comp injury. Dr. Dabah has been a tremendous help in determining the injury and then a fantastic help in working towards the healing of my injury. It has been about a 3 month period on coming in to see Dr. Dabah and now that my workers comp injury has been taken care of I will still be coming to see Dr. Dabah for regular practice. - Brandon.B
I came in to see Dr. Dabah due to a herniated T7-T8 disc that caused non-stop pain and discomfort. I honestly have to say my experience with Dr. Dabah and his highly qualified and uplifting staff has been wonderful. He pinpointed my pain and through medication management, shots and finally an ablation, my back feels amazing. I can finally pick up and play with my 5 year old son and it's the greatest feeling ever. I HIGHLY recommend visiting Dr. Dabah if you are in pain. Great bedside manner and also extremely knowledgeable on any symptoms brought to his attention. 5 out of 5 stars - C.Higgins
As always very good care and professional nice people to deal with - R.Savage
great - c.r
Dr. Dabah provides amazing patient care, and is very hands on with his patients. Love how great he is with working with pain and procedures! - K.C
I've seen doctor little more than half a year and have to admit my pain has improved. Pain was at a level 9 and now it's at a level 1. Great experience with pain therapy associates. I appreciate doctor Dabah and his staff. - S.Mularczyk
I was injured at work and my regular doctor could no longer help me I was referred to Dr. Wajde Dabah who was heaven sent. I was in excruciating pain when I walked in his office. His staff is wonderful and Dr. Dabah is very knowledgeable. After three much needed injections, I am pain free. Dr. Dabah and his staff are AMAZING!!!! - T.T
After years of recurring numbness, tingling and pain in my outer left leg, I came to see Dr. Dabah. Other doctors felt the root cause was a bulging disc in my back which did exist. Dr. Dabah wasn't convinced and suggested a nerve block in the left leg. One month after undergoing the quick procedure, my pain and recurrences of the numbness/tingling have been reduced by about 75%. Time will tell and it isn't supposed to be permanent relief per my understanding, but it's provided a ton of relief when it was drastically needed. If I ultimately get a recurrence, I will absolutely return to Dr. Dabah. I fully recommend you visit him if you have pain issues. - M.R
always been great never had to wait feeling much better since coming here - g.p
Very thorough testing and exams to determine the problem. Works with you to find the best treatment. Describes treatment in detail. Felt important and well cared for. - s.b
Freindly staff. Great Dr who provided results with pain management. - R.B
Dr. Dachman and his staff are top notch. Although his specialty is pain management, Dr. Dachman has a unique ability to find solutions to patient problems overlooked or simply not addressed by other specialists. He treats the whole patient body, mind, and spirit. You are never just a number at Pain Therapy Associates. Chronic pain patients have usually sought relief from and disappointed by many other physicians prior to seeing Dr. Dachman. His compassion for patients who are suffering is evident, and he offers a wide range of options to help his patients find relief. Most importantly, Dr. Dachman is a highly skilled physician with a life-long commitment to improving the quality of life for his patients. - R.T
After years of chronic neck and back pain I finally have some relief! I have tried many things over the years and facet joint injections did the trick. I thank Dr. Dabah and the staff for sticking with me and trying new things to get me the relief I desperately needed. Dr. Dabah and everyone at Pain Therapy Associates take time to listen to my health concerns and try alternative methods. I can't say enough good things! - S.S
My experience with Dr. Dabah was great. I came in unable to walk or even to put any pressure on my knee (pain level 10). In a couple of weeks, I recovered and able to walk freely (pain level 0-1). - N.F
Appointment for evaluation of right shoulder with Dr Dabah found the doctor to be extremely nice and willing to discuss the problems. Great doctor. Continue to see him and will refer patients to him - G.A
My experience was very positive. The staff was very professional, and I received prompt attention to all my needs. I had the kyhoplasty procedure done in the office surgical center, and it was absolutely painless. It took care of my problem that I had been struggling with for over 4 months the same day as the procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Dabah - s.m
excellent bedside manner. Doctor listened to all of my concerns and shiwed genuine care while discussing treatment plan. - S.M
D r Dabah has been wonderful, helping me get of Oxcontin. He is patient, takes his time, and truly listens to me. When I come in he is always prepared, read my file and never does the "what are you here for" routine. I would rate him as one of top doctors I have ever seen and highly recommend any potential patients to make an appointment with him. Christine his P.A. is wonderful and his whole team are wonderful caring professionals. - Nancy Varner White
Dr Dabah listens to your issues. He doesn't rush your appointment or make you feel like you are wasting his time. I am very happy that I now have him for my pain doctor. I have had severe neck pain and finally got a neck shot and he made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions plus it totally helped! - a.c
Dr. dabah is a very knowledgeable caring Dr who is truly concerned with making sure his patients get better. he is one of the best doctors I have ever seen and would highly recommend him! - N.v
I am so pleased with the results of the procedure performed by Dr Dabah! My pain level in my tailbone has been dramatically reduced. - h.h
My visit with Dr. Dachman was fantastic. He is caring, asks great questions, and is genuinely concerned with his patients well-being. I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Dachman and the incredible staff. This is the best facility and staff that I've encountered. - J.S
I am always impressed with Dr. Dabah and his caring bedside manner and medicinal professionalism.I would recommend him highly to family and friends.I also appreciate the follow up calls after a procedure. - Elizabeth Skibinski
Dr dabah was very considerate and thorough on my situation and needs. After my procedure I had great success - H.M
I was experiencing severe numbness in both hands and was diagnosed with carpal tunnel. Dr. Dabay injected cortisone in both wrists a month ago. The numbness has gone away 95-99% of the time. - D.L
Went in with severe knee pain. Came out 2 months later with almost no pain at all. Dr Dabah and his staff were friendly and professional. I highly recommend this office to anyone with pain issues. - R.B
Always a good experience here. He is very attentive and really listens to everything I have to say(concerns ,fears, questions, etc). Never pushes things on me that I don't want to do or am not ready for. Also love his holistic well rounded view for pain management. - N.S
Dr Dabah and his staff show a great deal of C.A.R.E. when treating their patients. Extreme courtesy, always seek to be accurate in how they go about providing the best treatment for the individual, respectful of your feelings and very empathetic. - Sheryl.H
Finding Dr. Dabah was like finding a unicorn for me. I have a very complicated set of medical issues, including Severe Gastroparesis and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, compounded by having reactions/hives to a long list of meds. After spine surgery, the pain couldn't be controlled so my surgeon sent me to Dr. Dabah. He's one of the only people who could read & interpret my pharmacogenetics report & understand how my other health issues affect my ability to take medications. He gets 5 stars & a high recommendation from me!!! - S.W
Great staff with great doctor. - A.P
The staff here is very helpful and has done a lot to improve my life. I would recommend to anyone dealing with pain issues - A.P
I had hand stiffness I revived shots for. I was brought in early and had all my issues covered. It was pleasant and thorough. Very pleased. - Anthony DeMonte
Dr Dabah takes care of me and understands my problems. He is easy to talk to.seems to be very knowledgeable. - J.N
Dr. Dabah was patient and listened to me. I have been to so many other doctors who do not listen it was refreshing to have someone who actually took the time to hear me out and understand my concerns. - J X
I had never had injections as treatment for pain so I was a bit hesitant. Immediately Dr. Dabah put me at ease and I was feeling less pain .He has an excellent bedside manner and he is extremely professional. I feel he is the future in medicine he continues to look for ways to help me. I'm very thankful to have him as my doctor . - T.P
Wonderful working with dr and staff I am no longer in pain and feel like my old self - D.N
I have seen dr dabah for back, shoulder and neck pain. I have gotten great relief from all the treatments including the stem cell procedure for my shoulder pain. Dr dabah is excellent and so is his staff. Would highly recommend him. - B.L
Headaches went away after infusion and prescription - M.V
Chronic knee and ankle pain for years. With Dr. help and persistence I have good daily mobility and pain is manageable. When before it was hard to get through some days without having to take breaks. I have been very pleased and it has significantly improved my daily life. - J.L
Dr. Dabah is excellent doctor, he is very knowledgeable , with a great bed side manner. He and his staff are friendly and proficient at their respective duties. I would recommend this facility to anyone in pain! - J.D
Very nice, everyone is so great - Carla.S
Dr. Dabah is the kind of doctor that takes time to discuss what you are feeling/experiencing and explore available treatment options. You never feel rushed. You never feel like you are just another patient to move in and out of his office. He is friendly, conversational and professional. Excellent bedside manner. - M.E
Being a caretaker for my husband Lee & at times for my mother in law Cheryl, it's tough and hard to find a physician who understands the situation or outcome of a certain illness for a condition which is very complicated to understand and help overcome the pain and suffering that person had/have been dwelling on for years. When we first met Dr.Dabah, I said to myself, this is it, that person that can actually help my husband and most specially my mother in law Cheryl. He is the kind of person that understands and knowledgeable of the whole concept of what is going on or precisely what plan need to be done to be exact. He had helped my husband Lee very much to control his pain to no pain at all. With minimal pain medication prescribed and not overboard like other physicians. My husband Lee and I are very appreciative for all the kindness, compassion and help. Thank God for that. In my mother in laws case, we were glad and happy that we were able to convince her to see Dr.Dabah or else she may or may not be with us at this point. From taking too much pain medication from a different pain doctor before we got her to see Dr.Dabah, it is just overwhelming/ tense for both me & my husband that one day we will just get that call regarding her. Thank God for Dr.Dabah with his understanding with her whole situation. Now my mother in law is no longer on those nasty high doses of pain medication. She only takes minimal pain meds and with Dr.Dabah performing procedures to help her elevate her back pain, it does give us a big relief that she'll be there with us for as long as it takes. Now we don't have to be worried as much when she was under those high narcotics she had been taking before we met Dr.Dabah. The staff here are all superb and caring. Bless them all. - L.A
Having had several surgeries my pain has always been an issue but Dr. Dabah is the first to truly minimize the pain from my CRPS in my leg. The reduction has helped to improve my quality of life tremendously. I have lived with the pain for 4 years and was assured by several doctors that I would just "have to live with it". Dr. Dabah has continued to try new things until he found a solution that would offer some relief. Coming to this office has proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made and has begun to offer me hope for a future with minimal pain. - C.Parsons
Dr. Dabah has been professional, capable, and caring. He is easy to talk with and listens well to what I have to say. He is also patient with my service dog and accommodating of my needs as a paraplegic. I strongly recommend his services to anyone. - J.M
I was very impressed with the dedication and determination of the staff with their efforts to diagnose my illness. The have gone above and beyond my expectations. - M.M
Dr. Dabah and his amazing staff were patient with me and great listeners. The appointments were always on time and necessary procedures were done in a timely manner. Although my back pain isn't completely gone, his treatment plan for me is working! Very kind and thorough doctors and staff! Highly recommend Dr. Dabah! - C.F
I went to Dr. Dachman to help me with my arthritis. I waited four months to see him, which is normal for the best. I found him to be very dedicated in helping his patients be comfortable. When my husband became ill Dr. Dachman squeezed him into his busy schedule, one thing leading to another, I believe his guidance saved my husbands life. His office people, especially his medical assistances are outstanding. Do not be late for an appointment tho, there is no wiggle room. - G.C
The doctors and staff here are wonderful, warm caring and knowledgeable. I feel secure I'm my treatment and trust the doctors completely. They are up to date on the most current treatments. - T.H
I like the doctor DRDabah he's patience with his clients and he finds out where the pain is an gets it under control were you can continue with your life with no,pain thanks Dr Dahab - Mary.B
Very thorough. Explains things in detail . Seems to care about my well-being. - Cynthia Scola
Dr. Dabah is a compassionate, knowledgeable doctor. He truly understands patients' needs and will ask questions until he feels he can treat you the most effective way he can. Great doctor! - A.W
My last round of shots were fantastic, I am no longer experiencing back pain. Dr. Dabah has a wonderful bedside manner, is caring and compassionate. I've been dealing with back pain most of my adult life and he has finally given me relief. - Karen Moreno
Whenever I come here, I always feel like I am in the best of hands; whether it be a simple check up or an emergency. I always leave here feeling so much better. - Saku Nielsen
I have been very pleased with the care I received from Dr Dabah and staff. I started to come here with significant neck pain and with treatment I can now say I am pain free. - M.G
I saw the doctor due to chronic pain. I have fibromyalgia. Dr. Dabah both listened and explained everything. I am confident that the procedure that I have scheduled will be a success. - J.v
Excellent care - A.B
Dr. Dachman and his Crew have given me my life back again.I have been in pain and my life restricted a little more every day for 4 years. I am a nurse, my husband is a physician, and after multiple work ups by other physicians and practices, I was finally referred to this office. My hiatal hernia was finally discovered to start, and my ongoing symptoms of pain in general are being alleviated. Dr Dachman listens, he is kind, he is smart and willing to search and discover the cause, and not just medicate. He has given me life back. Everyone at the office is delightful and so supportive. - S.W
Dr. Dabah has been a great doctor to work with. He listens to my concerns and addresses them with detail and patience. He is key to my care on my road to wellness. I highly recommend him and the practice. - A.E
Doctor Dabah is good doctor he will give his best that hi can I have pain in my back and have migraine really bad and now I'm 100% good I can go walking again and do my stuff outside thanks doctor Dabah - A.T
Before I started seeing Dr dabah my back pain was horrible ... within three months time my pain has gotten 70 % better. This is has been such a family office atmosphere .... - S.K
Wonderful dr with good humor treat patient like family - E.L
Doctor Dachman is knowledgeable and always knows how to help me manage my pain. The staff is very pleasant and professional. I highly recommend this office for care!! - D.C
Overall, my experience was excellent. Dr. Dabah and his entire staff are caring, exceedingly knowledgeable, and go the extra mile to make sure that their patients are well taken care of. What I really admire about them is that they explain, in great detail, exactly what issues are needed to be addressed and they make sure they take care of those issues. I have been seeing Dr. Dabah for approximately 4 months and the improvement to my neck and back has been remarkable. I cannot thank them enough. - M.B
Dr.Dabah and his staff are always searching for ways to heal my neck pain. I am happy with the progress we are making as a team. The receptionists are always so cordial. - K.L
Excellent results from my treatments with Dr.Dabah.Always kept informed with what was going on and what to expect during the treatment. - M.G
I am always so lmpressed with how nice everyone is, you are treated with respect and understanding always. I have had chronic back and neck pain for years. Dr. Dabah has kept me from going insane from the pain, it's nice to be able to enjoy life again. Both my wife and I see Dr. Dabah and absolutely will continue to see him. His bedside manor is second to none. His procedures are quick and painless. A huge thank you to Dr. Dabah, Christine and all of the staff at the office. - Dallas Lemke
Very prepared for appt. Initial diagnosis right on target. Coordinated multiple test reports from med providers & physicians with ease. The ONLY physician that took the "big picture" view and could connect-the-dots. ~H. - H.R
Thank you Dr.Dabah, Christina, and Vanessa. Staff is always phenomenal and also dedicated. They are Very compassionate and caring. - S.S
Dr. Dabah is the kindest and most brilliant physician I have ever met'. P - C.D
Dr. Dabah and his staff are truly dedicated professionals. Unless you have been in excruciating pain youDo not know how important doctors are that have this speciality. The knowledge, kindness and caring of these people was so outstanding that every doctor should shadow them to see how to treat a patient in severe discomfort. I can not praise this group enough. - Colleen Carroll
Dr. Dabah and his staff are truly dedicated professionals. Unless you have been in excruciating pain youDo not know how important doctors are that have this speciality. The knowledge, kindness and caring of these people was so outstanding that every doctor should shadow them to see how to treat a patient in severe discomfort. I can not praise this group enough. - Colleen Carroll
Being a new patient with a condition totally foreign to me, I did not know what to expect. Dr. Dabah did an outstanding job explaining my issues as well as what treatment was warranted and what I could expect. I have, and continue to, receive excellent care from the doctor and his entire staff of professionals. The end results are better than I had hoped for and the patient care outstanding. My confidence and initial impression of Dr. Dabah continues to increase with each treatment and session I have had. - D.S
Everyone in this office is wonderful. Dr Dachman is the best Dr I have ever had, he goes above and beyond for his patients . Dr Dachman found out what was wrong with me when many Dr's didn't and saved my life. Plus he has a wonderful personality. Chris is a wonderful man also always happy and very good at his job..Rena is also a very good Dr. - S.N
Been seeing Dr Dachman for 30-35 years...Don't know what I would do without him. He gave me my diagnosis after I had seen many other types of doctors...when I have pain I call and he takes care of me...getting me "on pain free track" again...THANK YOU DR DACHMAN! - Karen Berndt
He is totally amazing!!! He has an incredible staff as well!!! I've been a patient since 1995. I simply would not go anywhere else,if it weren't for all of them! - Lynnette Schwarz Peterson
Dr.Dabah is an excellent Dr and staff is wonderful. - R.K.
For the first time in many years, my acute sciatic, joint and muscular pain is manageable thanks to Dr. Dabah, his team at Pain Therapy Associates. I am reclaiming my life as a result. I had no idea how much living with constant pain had impacted my life quality until Dr. Dabah practiced extreme care and concern to address the several roots of my physical anguish. Today my outlook is positive again and I feel I can embark on the next stage of my life with confidence that I won't be slave too the often excruciating pain that ruled my daily life. I have hope again. And for that I'll always be grateful. - Brent.F
Dr.Dabbah has helped me make tremendous strides in managing my pain. He listens and pays ,close attention to my needs. - C.K.
Dr. Dabah has provided me excellent care while I working through nerve and muscle issues. He is very knowledgeable and has good bedside manors. I would recommend. - A.E.
Have had a really good experience with dabah. He has controlled my pain to the best of his and my ability - J.W.
Have had a really good experience with dabah. He has controlled my pain to the best of his and my ability - J.W.
Friendly staff and Dr., has many tricks up his sleeve that most pain specialists don't have. - S.K.
Friendly staff and Dr., has many tricks up his sleeve that most pain specialists don't have. - S.K.
Dr. Dachman is the best doctor I have ever had! He and his staff will go above and beyond to find the best treatment and care possible. Everyone there is friendly, nice, and extremely helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Dachman and refer his office to everyone. - P.A.
Like that he's willing to try new and different treatments to alleviate pain - J.N.
I have been going to Dr. Dachman for many years and he helped me have a life again. After seeing numerous other physicians, with no diagnosis of what I have, Dach diagnosed me on the first visit. He continues to take care of me and addresses all of my needs. - K.P.
I am so grateful that I found this office since I was in so much pain. I feel that I have a good relationship with Dr Dachman and Brittany who I have also seen. Everyone here is fantastic so caring and friendly. I would not hesitate to refer this office. - J.N.
Chris is always bright and funny and professional, makes my experience very smooth. He is very good at his craft!! - H.M.
I have been in pain for many years after seeing Dr.Dachman, I feel like a new person no more pain. After the first visit I felt much better. After going to other Dr. with no results. Thank you Dr. Dachman for giving me my life back. Your greatful patient Sally T. - S.T.
The doctor was very responsive to see the next day. Thank you.The doctor zeroed in the problem with laser visionThe doctor listens to my concerns and questions.The doctor is compassionate The doctor actually calls me with results which I really appreciate The office staff is very goodThe medical staff is excellence I rate everything being done as 6 STARS - Robert Cheever
My pediatric rheumatologist spoke very highly of Dr. Dachman before I transferred to an adult rheumatologist, and I totally see why! Dr. Dachman and his staff are extremely helpful and caring. They take personal interest in you, not only as a patient, but as a person as well. Scheduling is super easy and very accommodating. They're an efficient team with practically no wait time. My personal treatment is effective and I've seen significant improvement in my daily life! All thanks to the care I've received from Pain Therapy Associates! I've already recommended this practice to others in need of this level of care and will definitely continue to do so. - K.R.
Dr Dachman is one of the best ones out there. Office staff is polite, considerate and very accommodating. Lots of treatment options too. If you want to stay away from medications, Doctor really understand and works with you. If you want to go purely holistic, you can do that right here in this same clinic!! - M.M.
The staff at Dr Dachman's office is wonderful!!When my mother-in-law called Dr Dachman's office, she got an appointment right away..My Mother-in-law also saw another pain dr. before seeing Dr Dachman: This pain Dr did not help her..I brought her to see Dr Dachman, himself, and he helped my mother-in-law a lot....He was also able to find the source of her pain and recommended necessary treatment..I highly recommend Dr Dachman and his office for pain and arthritis treatment. - m.a
I have seen Doctor Dachman over 17 years. There are many wonderful qualities about him. He addresses my health regarding pain medications if needed. He takes the time to make me feel comfortable and happy and answer any questions I may have. I find when I leave his office I ask myself what would I do without him and his wonderful staff.!!! - A.C.
My issues were resolved professionally and with compassion. - C.M
I have been a long term patient in this practice and know the staff well. I have always been treated with respect, kindness and good humor. It takes special patience to work with chronic pain patients, and I have appreciated the compassion shown by the members of this treatment team! - J.P
This office - Anne Winters
The staff here are the most friendliness all the time and of any office I have ever been to. Dr. Keeps me as pain free as possible and always makes me feel like I am part of his family. I highly recommend this office and all the Dr.s here! - Dallas Lemke
I've been to other doctors prior to Dr Dachman office for my hip and back problems. Dr Dachman and his staff have given me and the best analysis and treatment I've ever had. The PA 's and all of his staff down to the front desk are friendly and professional. I look forward to my appointments because I know I will walk out feeling better. The massage and physical therapy is also a great service provided by the office. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my pain management. - Kohut.M
I have been coming to Pain Therapy for a few years now and I can tell you it is the best place for the care I need. Everyone who works there is really at the top of their game. I have never been treated as well at any other facility or office. Dr. Dachman is truly concerned about my pain and any swelling of my joints, and will treat them accordingIy. I trust that everyone who works here to have my best interest at heart. If you get to a point in your medical issues, I would highly recommend that you make an appointment with Dr Carey Dachman. - Christian Mahnke
Dr. Dachman cares for more than the clinical needs of my pain he takes the time to find out what and where the pain is coming from. He goes the extra mile looking into the cause of problem. Both physically and personally. Great to have a doctor that sees the whole picture! - Vicki Munoz
Dr Dachman is always on time. I appreciate that he looks into alternative treatment options for my RA. - K.G
The only Doctor feels your pain like yourself..always provide the best solution for my situation.. - W.Z
Dr. Dachman is my miracle Doctor. He always helps with my pain and sends me home feeling so much better. I can always count on Dr Dachman and his friendly staff to make my pain go away. They are all very pleasant and I always feel welcome there. - K Toolsie
I have been a patient for almost ten years. I couldn't be happier. - R.H
Wonderful! He is the best. He is in best in medicine. His staff is the very best I love dr Dachman. - Elaine.G
The wait time is usually nothing; I get to go right in. The staff, PA's and Dr. Dachman are friendly and always willing to answer my questions. I feel like I am in good hands here! - C.D
Dr. Dachman and his staff are always patient and caring. I have never felt rushed. I feel the best I have in years, and doc is so diligent in monitoring the progression of my disease. - Andrea.J
After spending 18 months visiting 7 different doctors, Dr. Carey Dachman diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia and Un. Infam. Arthritis. I began to enter a very closely monitored treatment. I was introduced to a climate of compassion, that I had never experienced in any doctor's office before. I was treated as an intelligent partner in my health care plan. I was listened to and respected for my input. At anytime that I was in need of seeing Dr, Dachman, he arranged to fit me in. I am so grateful to his staff that emulates the same level of compassion and concern as the doctor . Frankly, I would not be here today living a productive life without him!! - Pat.M
I have been seeing Dr Dachman for over 20 years and he has treated my rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia beautifully. He is wise and knowledgable and has a crew that is excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and family. - E.S
Very concerned doctor, would recommend him to everyoneI know who has similar problems, very compassionate doctor, on time. - T.R.
I have had many doctors over the years, but none EVER like Dr. Carey Dachman. He is "hands down" the BEST doctor I have EVER had!!! When you make an appoint with him at a specific time you are seen at that time. Who else can you say that about, in - Christian Mahnke
I have had many doctors over the years, but none EVER like Dr. Carey Dachman. He is "hands down" the BEST doctor I have EVER had!!! When you make an appoint with him at a specific time you are seen at that time. Who else can you say that about, in - Christian Mahnke
I was very fortunate to find Dr. Dachman and his entire staff for the help that not only I needed but for other family members and friends as well. They treat the whole person not just the symptom and with the plan of treatment to wellness that they - Margie Mack
I always have a great experience ! They are always helping me stay out of pain and educating me about my illnesses. I love how Dr . Dachman integrates medication and mind body exercise . He has help save my life by always being very thorough and I ca - R.S.
I first saw Dr Dachman in the late 80's. Something was wrong with my feet and I saw several other docs who eventually said there was nothing they could do, it was all in my head. I don't remember how I came upon Dr Dachman, but it was the luckiest - M.M.
I've been coming to Dr. Dachman since 2011. I came in with numbness in my fingers. I choose Dr. Dachman because he believes in alternative medicine. With acupuncture and message therapies I have not had a flare up in a very long time. I also am being - A.M.
I went to 5 doctors before I found Dr Dachman..he diagnosed me and started treatment...soon I was feeling better..I continue to see him when I have "flare ups". Dr Dachman and his staff welcome me warmly and Dr D treats me and puts me on a pain free - K.B.
Dr. Dachman has got me in a state of tolerable pain. When I first came to him I was in such horrible pain, it was hard for me to function. I feel like a new person. The staff here are so nice and truly care!! My healthcare provider should cover more, - D.L.
I have been seeing dr dachman for many years, as have my close family members.. Dr dachman has always been very responsive to my medical concerns , and I trust him implicitly .. I highly recommend him and his staff for arthritis and pain management - A.C.
Everyone is wonderful. Chris is patient, Michelle is caring, Brittany is terrific and the ladies at the desk are superb. Now for Doc, I will never be without him. - J.B.
, I have been coming for over 25 years. I am always CURED. Dr. Dachman is the best. No wasted time. Fixes me and I'm on my way. I'm getting older and pray that he stays In Business to care for me. - S.C.
Extremely friendly and timely. I never have to wait long. Chris always has a smile and demeanor that puts me at ease. He explains things and takes time to chat and engage. I am encouraged to ask questions and time is always taken to answer them. - M.S.
My experiences with the Pain Therapy staff has always been at the excellent level. The understand my needs and take care of me quickly, efficiently and with much patience. Dr. Dachman is extremely knowledgeable about pain issues and his staff work di - L.O.
Dr. Dachman and his staff have got be going for over 30 years. I don't know where I would be without them. They are kind and caring, they are also there for me when I need them. - P.G.
I admire and respect Dr. Dachman so much. He not only knows his specialty but keeps abreast of all areas of medicine and has diagnosed problems outside his specialty. His bedside manner cannot be beat. His staff is warm and welcoming and always help - T.H.
Before coming to Pain Therapy Associates I could not find a doctor experienced enough with pain management to provide any relief. Dr. dachman uses a combination approach with medicine, shots and therapy which has been extremely helpful. I highly reco - R.D.
An extremely knowledgeable and compassionate doctor. The best doctor I have ever had! My RA is so well managed thanks to Dr. Dachman. I drive 40 miles and pay out of pocket, totally worth the care and attention I recieve at this facility. - K.P.
I am always happy with my care here and feel like my dr is very competent and caring. I really appreciate the caring staff and their promptness,, I have been coming here for years - N.P.
I can't say enough about Dr. Dachman and his entire office. They have changed my life from one of pain to one of normalcy. They are thoroughly professional, yet always compassionate. I would highly recommend them to anyone suffering the debilitating - M.R.
I had suffered years of arthritis, inflammation and pain. I had seen numerous physicians, including a Rheumatologist. Not one of the doctors diagnosed me with Rheumatoid arthritis. Dr dachman diagnosed me within 5 minutes. And confirmed with X-ra - B.M.
Superior care and professionalism, along with an exceptional staff, is why I have been a patient for over thirty years. Appointments are always on time. I highly recommend Dr. Dachman and his practice. - S.I.
Dr dachman and his staff are very focused on patients well being. The level of detail provided for post care on the patient portal is terrific. The entire staff is well trained and very friendly. - S.S.
When I first arrived at this office I was in a great deal of pain and after a few months I am almost pain free. I would recommend this office and staff. - Steve Hebert
I have been a patient with Dr for about 6 months. When I arrived in September of 2014 I was just barely functioning. Today I am walking daily and am close to pain free as I have been in the last two years. The staff is terrific and it is because - Joanne Bergmann
I love to this office. I had seen 2 rheumatologists previously and non one had diagnosed my RA. They have tremendously elevated my quality of life free of pain. I wish they could be my primary care office. - B.Michele
Pleasant and very informed staff.. When I first came in I was nearly crippled.. I am now pain free and living a normal life. Doc has helped me tremendously . I would highly recommend this office for arthritis and pain management . - R.H.
Great visits with the whole staff..everyone is very professional..I have been coming here for a long time and have great control of my arthritis..I have no pain! I highly recommend this office to anyone suffering from arthritis. - T.N.
Dr. Dachman is very professional and personable. The entire office staff is professional and courteous. There is always a very comfortable feeling in the office and any and all questions are answered in a very timely manner. - Margaret Johnson
I am happy with today's I always am.. The office, and especially dr dachman, are always very considerate of my needs. I have been coming here for years, and without a doubt, I am doing much better.. This is truly an excellent place to s - A.C.
As always, I have had nothing but excellent experiences with Dr. Dachman and his team. They have treated me with dignity and respect and always answer my questions fully and without hesitation. I will continue to recommend their services to anyone! - L.Van orden
I am very please with how attentive dr Dachman is to my medical concerns.. He goes over everything in detail, and does the diagnostic testing needed to better define what is going on.. Further, he treats me wonderfully, getting me in immediately th - B.C.
I have been a patient of Dr. Dachman for close to 15 years. I feel I am getting the best care possible and I would highly recommend him and his very capable staff!! - C.Lee
I feel very comfortable with the staff . I know that I will. Feel better when I leave. My questions get answered every time I visit. It is nice to know that I will feel better before the day is over. The doctor is always on time,,and that is grea - V.C.
The staff is the best. They are the most caring people and make you feel like they know you are in pain and want to help you be well. I feel better just walking in and having a smiling face greet me and call me by name and make me feel welcome. If Do - J.M.
This is the very best office I have ever gone to, Everyone is so helpful, and you leave pain free, Dr. Dachman and staff are wonderful. - E.G.
I am always treated with respect...I love the staff who are very nice to everyone. This is a top notch pain management facility, prompt, ethical, efficient. I highly recommend this office for arthritis care. - P.G.
I have searched for a good doctor for many years to manage my pain issues. I finally found Dr. Carey Dachman at Pain Therapy. Him and his staff are awesome and very caring. I am very confident that he is doing everything possible to give me the utmo - Tina Kaylor
The staff is always professional, welcoming and pleasant which I appreciate very much. Dr and staff seem to genuinely care about my health and welfare. Although I don't care much for the shots I know that they are necessary and help me in the long - Lisa P.
Dr. Dachman and staff has treated me for major back issues (Mayo Clinic diagnosed a back operation). Through treatment and diagnoses I have have all pain relieved and movement restored. Other issues have been aggressively treated to keep me ahead of - Anthony Demonte
I am love with Dr. Dachman as a dr. Of course. He is very positive and helped me when no other dr. Could when I lost my vision. Staff is always helpful and kind. His nurse michelle is very helpful and goes above and beyond. - Susan C.
I've been coming to Dr Dachman for 20 years and refer my friends here as well. They are always friendly, caring and sensitive to my needs. Dr is always able to help and I don't know where I'd be without him and his staff. - Jeanne Tackett
I have been a patient here for 14 years now. This facility and staff are the kindest and most accommodating to my chronic pain needs. Dr. Dachman and staff deserve an A plus rating in all aspects of patient care and professionalism. My quality of lif - Susan Smith
I am very happy with Dr. Dachman. He is always able to take away my pain. I would recommend him to anyone. Everyone is so helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. A terrific place to come! - N.K.
I have come here for several years and am very happy with my care, as are other members of my family that come here.. I always leave with a smile and highly recommend this office - H.P.
Dr.Dachman has helped to manage my RA for the past 2 years. He is keeping me mobile and pain free. I always receive excellent treatment at his office. - Margaret Gabala
I have always been very happy w dr Dackman ofc and all of his staff. Everyone is always very pleasant. I have received excellent care for my arthritis - L.S.
Prior to seeing Dr. Dachman in 1998, I had been to 6 different physicians to find relief for my neck and shoulder pain,to no avail. Once I started coming here, the pain was successfully diagnosed and treated promptly and more importantly, has not ret - Susan M.
I enjoy my visits here. The doctor treats me with respect and listens. The staff is outstanding as well. Some days these visits are the highlight of my day as we get many laughs. All in all I have great visits. - V.Dole
Dr Dachman has helped me tremendously. For years I lived with constant pain, but with his help I no longer do. He has given me my life back. I feel very fortunate to be his patient, he really is the best there is. He and the office staff are f - Ruth A.
The visit was both very professional and friendly. The doctor put me at ease right away! I am terrified by shots, but the staff as well as the doctor kept my mind occupied with light hearted conversation. - Helen Polites
I am very happy with the treatments. The staff is so comforting in a stressful situation. I am very grateful to them. - Sylvia Shoemaker
Great care. Thank you..dr dachman and his staff have really helped with my pain.. They are truly excellent, efficient, and understanding. - R.K.
Doctor has helped me a lot. I am very happy with his service and satisfied he is a very understanding doctor. His staff is very friendly and I am planning on coming back. - M.C.
My experience was very professional. Dr. D. was very considerate and listened to all my concerns. Michelle was as awesome as always. I have been very happy coming to this practice - Rosalie K.
Very caring and professional. Procedures are handled proficiently with a highly competent support staff. - M.S.
I am very proud to be a patient of Dr. Dachman. From The moment i walked into his office 3 years ago I have never felt better. His care and very professional Staff make me feel confidant. Thank you Pain Therapy For your outstanding care. - Maureen Muise
I have been a patient of Dr Dachman for several years. He diagnosed my issues holistically and I have been healthier and pain free for two years. He recognized and solved symptoms that other doctors failed to properly address. - Steve W.
Dr. Dachman recognized swelling of my left knee, discussed it with me in detail, and with the able assistance of ultrasonographer Chris, gave me three injections. if I hadn't seen his needles with my own eyes, I wouldn't have have known the shots ha - George P.
I love coming to the hospital. They make me feel at home. Cathy is great with all the questions we have regarding insurance, appointments and what not. Chris explains everything he does and he is good. Dachman is awesome. He has a great personality a - R.P.
Great team at this practice who really care about the well being of their patients. Would recommend to anyone who has issues with chronic pain! - Melinda B.
Always take me so fast and on time. Everyone is very sweet and welcoming for my morning apts. - K.Hernandez
Doc and his staff are fantastic. They always accommodate my needs. - Pat Isenberg
Dr. Dachman is the most compassionate physician bar none. I have struggled with chronic pain for over 30 years and he is the first doctor that has treated my pain and given me back my life. I recommend him often for those with chronic pain issues. - A.W.
I have been a patient for over 20 years the Dr. Dachman and staff Kris, Cathy, Carrie & Michelle are the best. Therapists are top notch. Rich V has kept me limber.. I have made my recommendations for the practice to many people. They have kept me mo - Andrea Ohlson
Great group of caring doctors and staff!!! - T.Rybicki
Everyone has been very helpful and attentive. I see pain therapy associates for back pain with definite improvement seen - T.S.
Dr. Dachman and his staff are always wonderful and always do what they can to help relieve my pain. Having doctor, acupuncture, massage and more in one place makes me feel comforted and helps me feel closer to my old self, before Fibro took over 100% - Morgan Wojtkowski
Dr dachman is the most compassionate physician bar none. I have struggled with chronic pain for greater than thirty years and he is the first doctor that has treated my pain and given me my life back. I recommend him often for those with chronic pain - A.W.
So far so good. I received shots and hope they last longer this time. - Karrie Soderberg
I always feel so well cared for by Dr D and his staff! - Catherine Miller
Dr. Dachman is a very throrough doctor and the smartest doctor I know. I see him for the care of my severe arthritis. - Sue G.
I have been coming to this office over 10 years and I have always been pleased with my experiences. Dr. Dachman and his staff are fantastic. - Kelly Best
Dr Dachman and his staff has provided excellent care for our family who has Lupus and other auto immune diseases. We would trust our health to no one else. - Y.Paik
Always treated well by staff. Appreciate early am appointments. Doctor is thorough with treatment. - Tim F.
I actually look forward to coming to the doctor! This clinic is truly a unique experience. They are always on time. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, efficient, kind, and personable. I like that I can receive most services in one l - Chrysanthie Bessinas
I think dr, dachman is the best doctor I have ever had. - Mike Delabar
I have known doc for over 30 years and absolutely love him and his staff. I have recommended many people to him. He is the most caring person who really listens. - Patti Isenberg
Pain therapy center I've been coming here for several years. I would not change Ra doctors. I moved out of the area and travel 1 hour and 15 minutes to keep my visit - Gwendolyn Dilsworth
I have been seeing Dr. Dachman for about two years now for auto immune issues. A The Reynalds disease has been under control for about a year and half, treated by acupuncture ans bio feed back. And RA is kept under control by injections and message - Annette Manzardo
Dr. D is always very congenial and has always answered all my questions regarding my health problems. He is a great doctor. His assistant, Chris, is also very helpful in understanding the procedures that are done in the office. I'm so glad to have - Marcia Brautigam
When I first came here over 10 years ago, I could not reach over my car seat. Within a few months, I had regained full mobility & flexibility, and my levels of pain were significantly reduced. I appreciate Dr. Dachman's aggressiveness, and I'm extrem - Ronald Herrmann
excellent physician and staff...I have great confidence in this office, and for the first time, have some hope that my pain may be abated. - Alice Taylor
Have had multiple injections on right head/finger for arthritic joints. Visit every 2-3 months-Hand/Finger movement much improved.. I am pleased with my care at Pain therapy, and with Dr Dachman. - M.Long
the best of the best..Outstanding service from the doctors and their staff...They are the only pain clinic in the area that offers true holistic management. - Terry Mann
It is a joy to come to the office. The staff if wonderful. Dachman is always fun to see despite the needles. :). - Shannon K.
I've been coming here for years and always find the people here very professional and caring. They listen to my concerns and promptly respond..There is no waiting time, and everyone is pleasant. - Laura Van horn
I have seen Dr. Dachman for many years. I am very pleased with his care. His staff is excellent. Dr. Dachman is the one I see for any of my complaints & joint & muscle pain - Daniel B.
i have been coming here for many months, and find everyone very pleasant. The doctor and his staff always listen to my concerns, examine me thoroughly, and are always helpful. I really trsu them for my pain management and arthritis treatment. - Irene Pena
Dr. and staff are just great!! I have been coming to see Dr Dachman for over 10 years, and even fly from florida to see him! - Paul Dillon
Excellent service. I hav ereceived regularly execllentr service from dr dachman and his staff for my chronic arthritis and pain. I highly recommended him! - Sandra Parkash
I was in extreme pain and was not certain the treatment would be beneficial. The staff was very thorough in assessing my needs prior to treatment. The closeness of the imaging facility provided prompt feedback verifying proper treatment for my condit - John Fialko
Never any waiting times-always a quick process. Great staff. Have been coming to Dr. Dachman for 12 years and credit my great health to him. - Marissa Brokhof
I have been a patient of Dr. Carey Dachman for over 30 years. I have arthritis and if it weren't for Dr. Dachman I wouldn't be able to do all the things I am able to do. I have a great deal of confidence in him. I feel as though he is genuinely conce - Kathryn Madsen
Dr. Dachman had made me virtually pain free most of the time. I highly recommend him and his staff - Mark Devitt
Follow-up after knee injections. In mid-February, I could barely walk due to serious knee pain. Now, I'm walking normally. The doctor and staff are great. Wait time in the office is next to nothing .... far better than other medical office I go to. - Eugene Plantz
Dr. Dachman and his staff are always pleasant, patient and on-time. Dr. Dachman is very thorough and runs all blood tests right at his office so they get done right away. - Rebecca Metheny
The staff is amazing, concerned for the people who are there for care. It's very clean and state of the art equipment. Brittney and Doctor Bennett have taken very good care of me and I will refer anyone I know to your office, my niece is now a patien - Amber Burns
Everyone is great and very helpful. I always get in to see the Dr. or one of the assistants very quickly. Dr.Dachman is great and gives much of himself to his patients. - Barbara Golonka
I have been going to Dr. Dachman for over 20 years. He and his staff are great. I lived in the area when I started going there. 10 years ago I moved to plainfield, I swichted to a Dr. that was closer, after just one visit I was back to Dr. Dachman. - Deborah Anderson
I have been a patient of Dr. Dachman for many years and would refer anyone with chronic pain or unknown illnesses to him. Dr. Dachman is a very caring and understanding doctor. I like the fact that when I walk in the staff knows who I am. I always f - Laura B.
Received injections re pain, and consultation re hand issues. Dr. Dachman always listens and offers advice for treatment possibilities. If I'm in pain, he is there for me... very reassuring. - Denise Silverthorne
Fantastic office and staff! Everyone was very helpful, friendly, and professional. Dr Dachman didn't rush through any of my questions. He made sure all of my questions were answered before I left. I really appreciated his position on using medici - scott a.
Dr. Dachman and his team are effective at managing my pain and improving my health while navigating complicated insurance requirements. The care and follow-up are critical to my improvement, and I have never experienced such thorough consideration o - J.M.
Dr. Dachman and all on his staff are always very caring of the patients and continually strive to find the best ways to alleviate pain and help their patients. I have been a patient for more than 10 years and I - Judith Swaeringen
The staff is wonderful. They are friendly and willing to help with any issue presented to them. The office and staff are the most organized medical team I've ever had to deal with. Dr. Dachman is caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, and available t - Barbara L.
very good visit, felt much better after appointment. always positive approach toward future. - C.K.
As usual, Dr. Dachman was precisely on time. This is quite amazing and much appreciated. I was also able to get an appointment on the one day I was in Chicago. (I fly in from Wyoming.) Dr. Dachman is a good listening, gives pros and cons of the tr - THEODORE K.
Dr. Dachman and his staff has always treated myself and my family with great care and respect. We appreciate the ease of appointments, shots, therapies, and medication options. We think your the best. - KERRY H.
I was on my last journey to try and figure out why my headaches had taken over my life. After having survived a ruptured brain aneurysm I knew life had to be more than pain that is debilitating. They control my life. When I walked into the Pain - Glenn Yaffe
The staff are courteous,friendly, and knowledgeable. Dr. Dachman is efficiant, caring and superior in his knowledge of how to treat pain and get results quickly. I would highly recommend the practice to anyone who is in pain and is not getting 100% - JOANNE D.