Leonardo Salese

1811 Bethlehem Pike Bldg C-300

Flourtown Commons, 19031
(215) 402-0800
Dr. Salese is always prompt, cordial, and informative. I feel that he provides me with excellent medical care. He points out options in a way that is easy for me to understand. - C.C
As usual, Dr. Salese was cordial and genuinely interested in how I was doing. This particular visit he offered alternatives before he started the procedure, so that I was an informed patient, which I feel is excellent care. He was also particularly sensitive when I began to feel lightheaded, The staff that I encountered throughout my visit were cordial and helpful as well. - L.M
I would like to Thank this group for their timely manner as a patient. Dr. Salese for his professionalism and his staff for such tender care. - D.B
I think he's great. He obviously reviewed my situation before he came in the room. He also explained the best go forward plan. Lastly he listened to my questions and concerns and displayed a good attitude in doing so. - F.P
Went over history regarding problems, taking necessary testings and procedures to reach a diagnosis, overall, I see a start in the right direction. Staff was courteous and addressed concerns. - J.C
I met with Dr. Leonardo for consultation on a treatment course for an issue that i am having. Dr. Leonardo explained what can cause the problem and the treatment options very clearly. He listened to and answered my questions completely. I was very pleased with the visit and treatment strategy that he recommended. - R.H
Dr. Salese was professional, attentive and listened to my symptoms carefully. Offered appropriate followup and medication to alleviate discomfort. Highly recommend this compassionate physician. - P.M
Met doctor as a follow up concerning a growth on my liver. Doctor reviewed prior tests and concluded an MRI would provide the best information as to the current status of the growth. Doctor was informative and assuring. - Joseph Carcaci
This is the second procedure I've had with Hillmont G.I. and both times the staff & doctors where excellent. Everything turned out well, I have no complaints. - A.J
My experience was exceptionally good, Dr Salese was attentive and listened and answered all of my questions. I'm used to Doctors brushing you off and not listening. Thank you so much, I felt reassured that we will get to the bottom of my problem - L.O
Dr. Salese explained everything to me in layman details. I really appreciate the gentleness of the procedure. I would recommend him to friends. Very professional. - B.C.
Went to Dr. Salese for a follow-up visit after having an Endoscopy performed. Dr. Salese said all was well and I made an appointment for six months from now. He is a great Doctor, very nice to talk to, does not rush the visit and is quite informative and knowledgable. I am very pleased with the visit and the Doctor. Will certainly go back to him again. - M.B
Office staff is polite and friendly. Dr. Salese is very knowledgable about GI issues and i feel confident he will help determine the cause of my abdominal pain. Happy i was referred to the office after a Chestnut Hill ER visit. Also a plus being less than 10 mins from my home. - C.B.
Great - Richard Saraceni
Dr. Salese is very thorough, sympathetic, and helpful. I was seen right after i arrived at the office. Sometimes tough to get an after 4pm appointment. - Jenell Olson
Wonderful care - Nancy Barton
I was here for a follow-up visit with Dr. Salese. We discussed how my treatment was progressing and some blood work was ordered to check my hemoglobin levels. We decided that a colonoscopy is not necessary at this time and that we will continue to monitor my progress to see if any changes need to be made to my treatment. Very nice experience. My questions were answered in a way that I could understand easily and everything went very smoothly. - A.D
I came for hemmorhoid banding. Dr Salese reviewed all options. I am an RN and had previously reviewed options. We decided on a treatment based upon my symptoms. I arrived and was seen promptly. The procedure was quick with hopefully good results. - D.S.
It was my first visit and I found the entire staff very welcoming and helpful. - J.W.
Overall we have had a very satisfactory experience and will certainly recommend this facility. - S.Venkatraman
Executed in a very professional and caring manner. - L.R.
I spoke with a resident. After, I spoke to the doctor who told me he wanted to do an endoscopy, and use that to evaluate if I should stay on medication. - A.H.
A new doctor was suggested to replace my doctor that has left the practice. I am very satisfied with the new doctor and look forward to a successful procedure. Thank you. - Anita Massi
I was welcomed right away and called back after only a couple minutes in the waiting room. The doctor was prompt and friendly. Scheduling a follow-up test was quick and easy. Thank you. - Courtney Panachyda
I had a very nice experience here today. Thank you for making my appointment a pleasant one. - Susan%20Conklin
Front desk personnel, check, doctor, and end processing were pleasant and efficient. Definitely pleased with visit and prognosis. - Gary Gray