Benjamin Raile

1811 Bethlehem Pike Bldg C-300

Flourtown Commons, 19031
(215) 402-0800
Dr. Raile introduced himself when he entered the exam room. He asked how I had been feeling in the interim since my last procedure; any concerns, questions I might have he could answer. We reviewed my concerns then he explained the procedure in full before he did it, and asked if I had any questions regarding the procedure. Once done he then said the staff would waiting for me. The entire team takes care of you from beginning (check in) to end (check out) and in between! - P.D
Dr Raile was very patient in understanding the symptoms and explaining likely causes.Front office was very helpful in setting up necessary appointments for diagnosing the cause. - A.G
Awesome!Staff were kind and courteous.Did not have a long wait.Right on timeDr. Raile did an amazing job.He put me at ease and it was a painless procedure.Thank youI will be back! - Melanie May
My experience with the office of Hillmont G.I. was very good. The office staff was friendly, the physician was knowledgeable, friendly, and polite, and the facility was clean and appeared well organized. As for the surgical center, the office staff was very friendly, the nursing staff was superb in every way, and the physician was calm, friendly, and comforting. - H.P
I had come in with some questions about continuing the treatment. The Doctor was thorough in answering my questions as well as in providing me with symptoms to look that might suggest a need to return. I appreciated the candid and thoughtful replies. - G.H
Dr. Raile was very professional & explained everything to me before he was going to do it. He has a very kind manner & made me feel comfortable. The nurse who checked me in was also very kind & professional. - H.H
The only problem I had was that I didn't understand that the office was not at the treatment center. Did a little wandering. The whole experience was efficient and pleasant. - C.W
Very good experience. Dr. Raile explained my symptoms thoroughly and made me feel calm and comfortable. I am happy to try the treatment options he suggested first before running for diagnostic testing immediately. The practice is clean, comfortable, and the staff was very friendly and informative. - C.P
Dr. Raile explained the procedure for me before he began and again as he was doing the procedure. I have worked in a hospital setting but I have not had experience with this procedure. He put me at ease and I found his overall demeanor comforting. It was done quickly and before I knew it he said we were done. - P.D
I am impressed with the lack of wait time at your office. In the past two months, I've waited as long and 1-1/2 hours after my scheduled appointment with a specialist. Dr. Raile was able to resolve my gastrointestinal problems almost immediately. The results of various tests were presented clearly and concisely. I would highly recommend your practice. - B.K
Dr Raile explained my banding procedure in specific detail and took the time to answer my questions. He was very gentle and explained what was happening during the procedure itself. - Stacey Carsom
Dr Raile as well as the rest of the staff were very professional. The dr took the time to explain every step slong the way and had even answered some questions on possible remedies for my wife as well. - R.W
I was very impressed with the information I was given Dr Raile covered all the details of my report and explained in detail what each detail on the report meant he told me to get more blood tests which I have done and am waiting for the results - L.B
Dr. Raile takes his time and explains everything well. I was diagnosed with Celiac, and he was very kind sharing this hard news. I only with that with the Hillmont patient portal i could view test results or even communicate via email. Being able to communicate with the doctor easier outside appointments would be helpful. - M.V
I have been a patient of Dr. Raile's for about a year. Recently, I started have a lot a digestive issues, which he is addressing in a very kind and thorough matter. I really appreciate that. I have full trust in Dr. Raile as we get to the bottom (no pun intended!) of whatever is causing my symptoms. Hillmont GI is the BEST! - L.H
The Dr listened to all my symptoms and looked through my testing history in detail to see when my low white cell count started. He really thought about all the meds i was on and the doses to determine if anything could be lowered. I felt I was given a lot if time and attention during my visit. - M.S
Hemorrhoidal banding second time was painless and relatively uncomfortable. Dr. Raile is very gentle and puts one at ease. I am relieved to have these done and look forward to better health. - M.M
I saw Dr. Raile for having diverticulitis twice in five months. He was very nice. The people in the office are nice, too. We scheduled a colonoscopy. - D.B
Nurse was very nice and did her job well.Doctor was very thorough. Listened to what i had to say. Came up with suggestions and plans to help with my GI issues. Overall, a great experience. - Z.C
I was in for initial consult after seeing PPO last week. I had a nice conversation with Dr. Raile covering all that had transpired in last month. He listened to everything patiently ( a rarity these days ) and gave his advice and suggestions for interim relief and we scheduled a colonoscopy and endoscopy at the end of this month.It was so very nice to have an appointment with a physician who listens, an appointment that not's hurried along / not ruled by the insurance company that tells him he is to see x amount of patients per hour , and human. - S.W
Dr Raile met with me to discuss reflux an do an endoscope. He was very pleasant and helpful, found nothing unusual, everything normal. He had prescribed an antacid and was very clear about it's side effects, reducing dosage as my symptoms subsided. He as very clear, also reassuring. - Catharine Williams
The staff was courteous and respectful. There was an extended time that I had to wait, but Dr Raile explained that an earlier patient ran late and that pushed everything back! He was not with me long, as I did not have pressing issues, but he checked to ensure that I was in good shape, then took me out to schedule the test I came in for. - Staci Callahan
Dr Raile reviewed all tests and prior procedures and explained condition that caused recent gastric difficulties. Very thorough examination. I am glad I consulted with Dr.Raile today!! - J.H
I felt comfortable as soon as I walked into the office. All personnel were kind, courteous and patient. Although I unintentionally arrived late, (309 traffic heavy) my appointment was handled in a timely manner and very efficiently. Wait time was virtually non-existent. Dr. Raile provided necessary information as to the required procedures to evaluate my particular situation. Scheduling and follow up appointments were taken care of. I am most satisfied with the service provided by Dr. Raile and his office team members. - D.P
Felicia is so friendly and funny. Dr Raile very calm and efficient. could have spent a few more minutes however i already have a dx and just starting with him and practice. Check out was very smooth and all support staff friendly and patient. - E.S
Dr. Raile was very informative and helpful. He listened to what i had to say and discussed treatment options that would help me. He is very personable. - E.E
I had many questions and concerns about undergoing a colonoscopy. Dr. Benjamin Raile was extremely helpful in thoroughly explaining to me the risks and benefits of various alternatives, preparations, and details of actual procedures. He took his time to provide additional relevant information that was important to the subject. All that was done in a friendly and cordial manner. - L.S
Dr. Raile seems very nice and very professional. The staff is excellent as well. The office is beautiful and very close to our home. I just wished the procedure was either done there or at the hospital instead of traveling down to Flourtown. Looking forward to getting this over with!!! - Joan Fredericks
I had a very good experience. Dr. Raile made me feel very comfortable and carefully listened to my concerns. He offered a conservative plan before going to extreme measures, which I appreciate. - E.Babich
Very informative session. All personnel professional, knowledgable, experienced. All my fears were abated by the calm confidence openly displayed by physicians who accomplished the banding procedure. Looking forward to their continued care. Thank you very much. - C.B
I'm not a doctor kind of person and I wait until the very last bit of my energy has been spent trying to fight off or ignore the pain that I'm in. Dr. Raile seems genuinely interested in helping me get to the cause of my problem. He listened attentively as I gave him a jumbled patient history, and asked appropriate questions when I faltered. Kudos to him and his wonderful staff for being warm and friendly to a nervous person like me. - C.H
Dr. Raile was very friendly and offered many good suggestions that I will take advantage of. Since I no longer need to visit him, I will come back to him, if and when needed, and will also recommend Dr. Raile to people who need a doctor with his specialties. He is a pleasant person to deal with and I felt good knowing he is a great doctor. - J.A
Dr. Raile was very knowledgeable, well-spoken, pleasant and has a good sense of humor. He explains the tests and procedures putting the patient at ease. It was a very good experience and I would recomment him to others. Jane Meyers Algard - J.A
DR. RAILE IS VERY APPROACHABLE AND LISTENED CAREFULLY. HE DID A GOOD PHYSICAL EXAM. A for this. He was concerned and took immediate acton for me to have further testing due to my experience of diarrhea, he had readthe results from mybprimsry doctor before seeing me so he knew I had already had a stool cuture an the results of that culture. I had a feeling of confidence and could trust him to csre for me and to do the upcoming endoscopy and colonoscopy. hewas professional and kind to both me and my husband. I would recommend him to other people without any hesitation. - D.W
Dr.Raile was very patient & informative with me. He explained & tried to show me with pictures of my issue with my colon. This was a pleasant experience. Thank you Hillmount GI. - R.E.
My appointment was at 1:00pm and at that time I was escorted into the examination room and promptly thereafter I was seen by the MD. - C.C
The Physician's Assistant (sorry, I did not get her name) was right on time, as was Dr. Raile. In fact, a little ahead of time.Dr. Raile talked with me about the issues, examined me thoroughly, and then suggested an appointment for further examination at Hillmont (9/14) I was very satisfied with the visit and thank you.Grant Greapentrog - g.g
Staff members are extremely friendly and helpful. Dr. Raile has proven to be a compassionate listener and a skilled MD. I'm grateful I found Dr. Raile and this practice. Thank you, Dr. Raile!! - J.A
Staff members are extremely friendly and helpful. Dr. Railey has proven to be a compassionate listener and a skilled MD. I'm grateful I found Dr. Railey and this practice. - J.A.
Coming here is always quick and painless. I love how you get me in and out and the staff is always friendly. - Ashley Sanders
No waiting time was a huge plus and i felt the doctor listened to me. - Laura Boyd
Staff was great. Professional. Instructions were clear. - C.B
I was able to get an appt quickly and i had no wait time. The nursing staff was excellent and very friendly. The physician was prepared with documentation and made recommendations for treatment and follow up. - Melissa%20Iatarola