Village Physical Therapy

9055 Katy Fwy Ste 316

Houston, 77024
(713) 461-2915
I feel that my experience couldn't have been better. The staff treated me extremely well throughout the process - even getting me a same day appointment with my primary care provider when I suffered a major setback following a vacation trip to Costa Rica. I have been able to return to normal activity levels, including walking 2 miles almost daily. I very much appreciate everything Brian and his staff did for me - Thank you to all! - C.T
Love the team here! - L.A
The staff is great! Good communication and really helpful - T.L
All of the staff at this facility are true professionals. The ladies at the front desk are friendly and helpful. The physical therapists know how to gently challenge while respecting my comfort level. This facility operates well from beginning to end. - J.H
My experience with this facility was very positive. The entire staff were helpful, diligent and watchful . The scheduling was easy for me to conform to and I would recommend this facility to anyone who is need of PT. - D.G
My experience has been good. I am improving and my pain is gone on some days. Everyone is friendly and very helpful. - Y.H
Village Physical Therapy is an excellent facility with a friendly staff. - F.A
Great program with caring people - K.C
Great and caring staff who helped me a lot in recovering from my injury. They answered all my questions and they personalized my treatment plan to fit my needs. I would recommend them for physical therapy. - S.E
Everyone did an exceptional job. I have recovered and am now stronger and pain free. I highly recommend Village Physical Therapy. - P.W
excellent. - j.b
Thank you for excellent and professional therapy with resultsI have no more painI look forward to running again - D.B
All the therapist were very informative, provided me with a plan of action. Worked as a team and add humor to take my mind off the pain. Greatly appreciated! - L.A
The PT's are very good at what they do!! It doesn't matter which one you see. They are all caring and make sure they understand how you are feeling and they adjust treatment as necessary. I came in with a severely pinched nerve in my back which was limiting my range of motion and strength in one arm and causing plenty of pain. The treatment regimen they used worked quite well and I am now back to normal with my range of motion and strength. If I need further PT for anything Village Medical Physical Therapy will be my go to. - D.V
Great knowledgeable staff always willing to answer my questions. Thanks to all for getting my left arm and shoulder back to almost full functionality. - P.S
Very caring environment, everyone is invested in helping patients achieve their goals. I especially enjoyed the upbeat, positive attitudes which helped create a healing atmosphere. Great team!!! - Diana Vincenti
My experience with you Village therapy has been excellent. Five stars. The exercises designed to improve my frozen shoulders have been excellent. They were easy to follow and I was also able to do them in my home. The therapists are knowledgeable, thorough, and very encouraging. I recommend Village Physical Therapy to everyone. - Betsy Gress
Well organized with scheduling and time schedule. Upbeat personnel. Good results. - R.A
I enjoyed physical therapy much more than I anticipated. I worried that I would dislike it, but the staff were very nice and the exercises were quite useful. I believe that my range of motion in my shoulder improved, and I can continue to use the exercises to improve on my own. - G.P
I've used your services twice this year, most recently for a frozen shoulder. The staff and treatment were excellent. - R.S
The entire process of my physical therapy was wonderful. I was needing physical therapy to help improve issues with stability, flexibility, endurance, and confidence. From my first evaluation, I felt that my goals were clearly understood and the staff provided information, exercises, and feedback to ensure my improvement. At each appointment, without fail, a staff member would have a conversation with me about my progress, any issues I was facing, and then tailor the appointment to focus on my specific needs. I consistently received one-on-one guidance and explanations for each exercise, as well as information to take with me so I could work independently. From a physical standpoint, the therapy enabled me to regain independence in performing daily activities, decrease pain, and build strength to ensure a lower chance of reinjury. From a personable aspect, the staff was professional, genuine, and gave me a solid and reliable support system to help build confidence. I would highly recommend this facility and staff for anyone needing physical therapy. - D.N
Staff very freindly, would work with me regarding schulding. Everyone is professional very nice. Staff gave me tips when doing excercises at home - M.M
I was very pleased with the results I got. Everyone was very helpful. I have even recommended them - S.W
I truly enjoyed my physical therapy sessions and the staff was the best! I am feeling much better and back to my normal routine. I greatly appreciate it and thanks for all your assistance.Patti Kanakis - P.K
The therapist promptly diagnosed my condition and created a plan to alleviate my issue. The service was friendly and fun, definitely putting the FAMILY in the name making you feel welcome and at home. Will definitely return when required in the future. - D.O
The treatment provided was excellent for what I came in for and I will continue these exercises as prescribed. The therapist were wonderful and provided a wonderful comfortable environment. They are well experienced and I recommend as outstanding in their performance as a team. - R.G
I cannot say enough good things about the practice. I was a little intimidated before beginning physical therapy, but very soon after going I was much more at ease. Brian was the first person I came in contact with and he was caring and thorough. I felt we bonded immediately and when I started PT, Jennifer and Larry took care of me first. Jen was kind and considerate and made me feel very much as ease. Larry was encouraging and personable and really motivated me. They both seemed to really care about my "recovery" and answered all my questions without ever making me feel "silly". I did not see Julie or Taylor as much, but they were both sensitive to my issues and very nurturing. The entire staff seemed very knowledgeable and dedicated to the patients. I appreciated them calling me by name and remembering my name each time. So often, one feels like a "number" and that is just not the case here. When I had my last session, I felt sad to leave because even though I had only been going for a few months, I did feel they were all friends. It was also very easy to schedule appointments and the receptionist (Theresa?) was extremely pleasant. I give this group my highest recommendation. - S.B
The therapy was extremely helpful. I could see progress throughout the treatment. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. - M.P
The only reason I had minimal improvement is because I wasn't able to keep the required treatments.Plus I found out I am going to need surgery.Everyone very nice, knowledgeable and facility is great.Thanks for your help! - J.C
Carolyn Frederick, I was treated with exception care and very helpful! - Carolyn Frederick
I was very pleased with the people at the PT facility and the results we got. I would recommend this to anyone. - C.F
Villages physical therapy has done an excellent job working with me to achieve my goals. - Clark Russell
The staff is friendly & very knowledgeable about physical therapy. Their sense of humor helps also. Yes, I would recommend them to any of my friends. Your location at 9055 Katy Fwy. is easy-to-access. - Arleen Murray
The entire staff was very welcoming and involved in my treatment. It is a friendly atmosphere in an environment that could be very sterile and "by the book". They listened to me when I complained, made suggestions how to compensate for "problems" and work towards improving my overall condition. They did improve my condition quite well, even though I will probably get back to 100%. I highly recommend Village Family Practice Physical Therapy to anyone in need of physical therapy. I feel like they are a level above others in the area whom I have had experience with. - D.V
I was delighted to be offered this treatment in lieu of something medicinal and/or invasive. I love that it is in the same building as my primary provider and the results have been great. The staff is great as well. - C.F
Staff excellent Hand back to normal function Thanks - M.M
I chose to come to Village Family because I felt that the treatment I received there was good, I was well advised, and I think that I will be able to completely recover from my bursitis. - l.l
It is a great clinic with professional people. - F.Z
Good results from Day-1.98% improvement, but some minor lingering pain/discomfort.Staff was outstanding; facility was very good. - D.G
Great! Highly recommended - T.F
Had a good experience. Everyone is very courteous and helpful and professional. No wait time at all. - k.c
Physical therapy has been a very pleasant experience overall this past month. The equipment available is great. The staff are all experts in their field. - C.W
The whole staff has been fantastic. Thanks to them all for the good care and coaching. - r.d
What a different experience. The staff LISTENED to my issues and did not try to put me into a pre-packaged routine that did more harm than good. Each staff person took the time to learn my preferred name. The facility is clean and well kept. There are plenty of staff and I don't sit waiting for a new assignment once a task is complete. Most importantly, I am seeing results. It's almost like the people who put this clinic together made a list of the mistakes other Physical Therapy clinics were doing and corrected them. I enthusiastically recommend these professionals. - W.N
First visit I was using a walker. By the 3rd visit, I no longer needed it. I have been walking ever since. They are very very good. I have a lot of respect for the TEAM...they all give you support and the push I needed to walk. Even the home exercises are great. Two big thumbs up. - D.P
The staff are all exceptionally professional, well trained, and caring. - D.S
The staff is excellent . Professional, friendly and instructive. I actually looked forward to sessions I didn’t want to do and now are doing on my own. Five Stars - B.E
The staff have been very patient and professional. - Mary Figueroa
The staff is wonderful to work with! - R.j
Every staff member is outstanding. They are knowledgeable, friendly and patient while at the same time encouraging me to challenge myself to give my best effort. - A.G
Working on issues in improving.....great staff....felling better - S.B
Great team of therapists and assistants in techniques/practices coupled with super interpersonal skills that motivate and uplift the patient.About a month of therapy sessions (3x weekly). - S.A
Friendly and knowledgeable. Responsive to questions - M.C
I was very happy with my treatment and the staff at Village PT. Everyone was very professional and treated me like a friend. If I ever need treatment again, I wouldn't hesitate to go back to Village PT. - J.P
The experience and treatment have been very good. The pain in my shoulder has gone away. I have had 7 treatments so far, and will have several more before treatment is complete. - C.M
Great service and staff. Knee improvement since day one! - M.N
I'm very pleased with the professional service I receive at Village Physical Therapy. I choose physical therapy over medication or any invasive type therapy. All of the therapists offer great guidance and make sure each therapy movement is done correctly. I appreciate their sympathy, empathy at every visit. And the front office ladies welcome me with a smile as soon as I enter. I couldn't be happier. Thank you. - J.B
It was a great experience. - R.T
This is the second time I have been treated by the staff at Village Physical Therapy. I find the entire staff to be professional, respectful and friendly. Every single PT and PT Assistant makes an effort to greet all patients by name and inquire about their physical condition. The staff collaborates to ensure that my questions are answered and needs are met. Each staff member is vigilant to make sure that the exercises are done properly and frequently ask how patients are feeling during the session. I believe they genuinely care about my progress and encourage me every time I visit. The front office staff also greet you by name and are pleasant and accomodating. They are efficient in scheduling and gracious in accepting payments. The facility is neat and clean. Equipment is well-maintained and organized.Last spring I worked with each of these same therapists. I achieved great success after four weeks such that I was able to travel internationally for an extended period without any problems! ( I did maintain my exercises twice daily while traveling.) Currently I have another week or so of therapy before my re-evaluation. While I am not 100% pain free yet, I can't imagine working with any other staff that could match the high level of care and instruction I receive from Brian, Andrew, Larry, Taylor and Jennifer. They are training their student, Manny very well!!! - M.M
It was hard work but it paid off. I was in terrible lower back pain and now am feeling much better. Pain level went from 8/9 to 1/2Everyone was friendly and helpful as well as trying to make the hard work almost fun. - L.H
Very happy with entire experience..Professional courteous staff, an environment to encourage each patient to get better... - T.E
All of the staff was so friendly and very comforting, i’d Always come back here if I need to, and recommend to friends in the future. - B.B
Great facility and fabulous staff. From the first day I started the therapy until my last session, everybody was friendly and very good at addressing and relieving my pain. I couldn't be more pleased with my experience there and thank you all for all of your professionalism and great work. - O.C
Had therapy from 8-20-18 to 9-18-18 for carpal tunnel syndrome. The therapy was intense an worked very well. The staff is extremely attentive and pleasant to be around. They are always smiling. They know their jobs very well. I would recommend them to everyone. I miss them. - S.S
This is the best PT I have ever seen!! I worked for many years as a caretaker of elderly and have been in many, many therapy sessions with clients. This is the first time the therapy was for me! The staff are extremely organized, engaged in helping me get better and committed to doing a good job. They are upbeat, professional and make it fun!!! They are ready for me when I get there and get me started immediately. I never wait for the therapy or for the payment of my co pay. - G.W
Cheerful and professional. Very competent staff. - M.R
I was very satisfied with all aspects of my treatment. I felt as if I had excellent results, despite being terribly out of shape. Andrew was particularly good. He made sure I performed my exercises correctly and monitored my routines very carefully. The rest of the staff was outstanding from the front desk to the therapists. They all encouraged me and made the routines pleasant and fun. I would not hesitate to recommend anybody who needed therapy being treated there. - B.H
The staff is very nice but push you so that you will get better. It is very apparent that their job is to get you well. - J.J
Everyone is real knowledgeable and friendly - David Spence
I am very happy with my progress after my ACL surgery. Thanks Village Family Therapy! - K.S
Super friendly and polite staff who really care about their patients. Front desk staff are also very awesome too! - k.k
Everyone from beginning of treatment until the end were professional, friendly, knowledgeable. I never thought I would get the results that I have achieved through physical therapy only. I highly recommend this! - P.F
Every time I came to one of my 12 therapy appointments, I was greeted by friendly, smiling faces and professional a d helpful staff and therapists. I enjoyed my therapy sessions and made good progress in recovering from my hip replacement surgery. Thank you VFP Physical Therapy. - P.C
Brian, Larry, Jennifer and the whole gang are just great. You are there “to work”, but they make it a relaxing experience. - kenneth dickens
Taylor, Jennifer, Larry, and Andrew have provided the positive attitude and reinforcement I needed. - thomas smith
Thank you so much Brian, Jen, Tyler, Larry, Andrew and all for fixing my issue so quickly. I feel 20 years younger! - Marilyn Wolff
Personnel was professional, competent, and provided extraordinary customer service. - ZELDA WILLIAMS
They have a very pleasant and caring staff. They work well with their patients Brian and Larry are very good at evaluations and Jennifer is very conscientious and friendly. - Celeste Davis
The guys are awesome! They are always so nice, funny, and helpful! - Katherine Cole
Friendly, competent and professional. - Ken Hartman
Good help with exercises and people really want. To. Help you get better - Jerry Kimmitt
Outstanding in every way. Staff is very knowledgeable and personable. Their professionalism results in a great deal of confidence that the therapy program will achieve it's intended results. - George Mclure
I have had excellent help from all the therapists and enjoyed my time with encouragement from all. Each person there seems to truly care for your wellbeing. I would recommend this facility to anyone.Shirley Semler - S.S
Great overall experience! The front desk was very accommodating and the physical therapists work great as a team and are well versed. - Taylor Arp
I appreciate the patience of the staff. The therapy is helping. Andrew paces the exercises to meet my need and ability. - Susan Heitshusen
They provide excellent service! Brian is one of the best around town at getting your body back on track. - Christopher Cormier
I am very satisfied with the services they provide. - Cheryl Bradford
Very knowledgeable and professional staff. - Helen Bennett
This team is truly awesome!!! Astute professionals who genuinely care about each and every one of their patients. - Stephanie Gay
The staff is great and helpful and caring. Location is convenient. Clean environment. - A.L
Great therapists - John Ragsdale
Every member of the staff is well versed in their practice. They are all personable and friendly as they pay close attention to patients ability to perform an exercise correctly; often asking about patients comfort. Each one exhibits genuine concern while providing the motivation to push one's self. This staff works collaboratively to provide best and appropriate PT for patients. - Melissa Mehall
Everyone was extremely friendly and easy to get along with during my sessions. - Melissa Wu
I have undergone PT twice here about three years apart. The staff remembered me from my first visit and are always pleasant to not only each other but all of their patients. It is quite amazing that each member of the staff greets me by name (and everyone else) on each visit. They pay close attention to assuring the exercises are done properly to maximize the benefits of the PT program. They are patient and are ready and willing to explain the condition that has been diagnosed and the treatment plan. A very professional team from the moment you enter to the moment you leave. - Mary Ricciardello
All the people at Village PT are patient and encouraging. They not only explain the “how” to do the exercises, but also the “why”. - Vicky Johnson
Great group all very helpful - EDWARD GELBER
Very impressive team works together for patients, and produced good early results for me.The natural light gives an upbeat vibe, and equipment meets the needs of patients.Well done! - PATRICIA SODERSTROM
Everyone worked together to make sure patient was never waiting for next step of therapy. All were so courteous!!! Would definitely recommend to others. Parking was the only issue. Parking spaces are about 3/4 of the size of a normal space. - PATTI RANKIN
Very professional and greatly reduced my pain and greatly improved my quality of life. - JEFF GUY
I have had a great experience at Village Physical Therapy over the past month. Everyone is extremely friendly, encouraging and helpful. I would definitely recommend this office. If any injuries are to occur in my future I would not hesitate to return. They've got a great group working here. - M.L
All of the Village Physical Therapy staff have been fantastic over the 9 sessions I have had. They are patient yet firm in their guidance through the stretches and strengthening exercises to target my SI / sciatic issues. I would highly recommend this staff and facility to everyone. - M.P
Great physical therapists! - DEBORAH JOHNSON
Great service, great staff who encourage clients to strive. Clean and positive environment. - RENEE TARAZONA
The Physical Therapist are focused on the patient, nothing else. Exercises/stretches, etc. are closely monitored to be sure they are performed correctly for best possible result. Lower back and pain relief feels 80 to 90% improved after 4 weeks of therapy. The Staff is very professional and result oriented. I would use these folks in the future, should the need arise. - N.M
Each visit was on task, pleasant, courteous, knowledgeable and compassionate. Each staff member was paying attention to every detail and willing to direct me in the proper way no matter what. I felt I was in good hands and the treatment was directed at easing and eliminating the lower back pain that I came in with. Well worth the work and would recommend to everyone I know. - L.L
A great experience from disgnosis to treatment to no pain! - b.b
I have spent the past 6 weeks working with the team at Village Physical Therapy and everyone has been exceptional. I have always been given realistic expectations and through their help and guidance, I have seen a huge improvement. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else! - G.W
Everyone awesome. Love the way everyone always talked to you weather they were working with you or not. Or corrected you if you were not doing exercise correctly. Great people. - h.o
Great group of therapist. Steict when they need to be. Supportive when you need them to be. - shanna graves
These are the most caring PT professionals that really have helped heal me in a short period of time. Plus they teach you exercises that you can do at home. It really works! I highly recommend this group! - JULIE MULLINS
Pleasant experience, professional attentive folks, stringent yet relaxed routines with positive results. - JOHN WARLEY
Everyone was absolutely great. They took excellent care of all my needs on every single visit. I saw them for about 2 months and throughout my visits I learned a lot about each one of them and how much they care. Because of them I greatly improved from my injuries. Awesome team. - J.B
I am very pleased with the professionalism of the entire team there. They are knowledgeable, caring, friendly, efficient, and work together as a team. I have only good things to say about my experiences there. - NANCY MALONE
I had a wonderful experience with the staff and management at Village Physical Therapy. Brian and his team were very thorough and efficient in their approach to my recovery and they were very motivating as well! I’d recommend them to everyone who needs to have physical therapy! Great job! - LULUA MALA
I found that your Facility is excellent and the staff was very professional, personal and friendly. Thanks - J.F
therapists were all sooooo good. No wait time!! Friendly and helpful inquiring about how well treatments were going each visit. I went 3 times a week. Thought I had my last appt. but received appointments from you for 2 more. See you then!! - p.y
Awesome Staff! - theresa merino
It was perfect! They cured me, what else can I say? - e.j
Most important -- the physical therapy worked! I came in, not being able to raise my left arm higher than shoulder level without significant rotator cuff pain, now it is 90% back. The initial evaluation was thorough and professional. My primary PT walked me through the dozen or so exercises, and monitored the way I was doing them. Other PT's would offer helpful advice and encouragement. Scheduling was an efficient process -- I had to change my appointment once, no problem. I would recommend this physical therapy team to anybody. - s.m
Always on time. Feel much betterEveryone friendly and knew your name - s.m
This is a first class operation. Their goal was to provide the best program to help me achieve my goal. In addition to the technical knowledge they provided motivation to work as hard as I could both during the visit and to continue that effort at home.Thanks for all the help. I am amazed at the progress I (we) made together. - R.B
The entire staff of Village Physical Therapy are incredible! They are always very welcoming and friendly. - c.j
Good staff interaction with patients. Concern for patients' well being and progress made. - s.i
Great people that work with you and know their job - a.f
Real benefit for me. I really appreciated all the encouragement and direction I got from the staff, plus I keep doing the exercises. I highly recommend Village Physical Therapy. - l.f
After hip replacement surgery, I was referred to Village Family Physical Therapy to aid in recovery. The staff is knowledgeable, professional, compassionate and a joy to work with. With patient, kind, yet tough, encouragement, each therapist helps to work through the healing process. I love how the staff works in tandem with each client ensuring we are performing the exercises correctly and within one's ability. This helps the sessions to flow smoothly and efficiently. They also make the sessions fun, interesting and informative sharing reasons for the particular exercises for each client and the importance of performing the "homework" exercises. I look forward to each session. - s.f
VFP Physical Therapy helped me alleviate cervicogenic headaches and strengthen my neck muscles. They also helped me improve posture, shoulder muscles, and back muscles. They took me through the exercises patiently each visit, and made sure that they were being done properly and also applied traction which helped significantly. The physical therapists paid much attention to the complicated neck-shoulder-back issues, and emphasized exercises for these issues. My posture is much improved and I have the exercises to keep strengthening muscles going forward. The VFP Physical Therapy Department's expertise, patience and professionalism is very much appreciated. - j.b
The facility is clean, everyone is willing to help. Great staff. Great experience. - p.m
Staff is very friendly and helpful. - D.D
The staff of Village Family Practice Physical Therapy has always been professional and friendly.They answer my questions, they explain why I am doing exercises pertaining to my injury, theyare attentive to how I perform these exercises and what I should be doing at home. It is alwaysan enjoyable experience despite the reason why I am there. My treatment at Village Family PracticePhysical Therapy motivates me to continue these exercises at home. I have only good things to say abouteach and everyone of these fine people. They care. - K.S
Very good physio therapists. Concerned about my level of pain and gave me treatment that help immensely. - e.p
Treated for pulled groin muscle of left leg and possible left hip problem. Went twice a week for a month for treatment. Also given exercises to do at home. Brian, Larry and Cyrus handled my treatment and were excellent. They were on time with my scheduled appointments. Final report being sent to Dr. Fields. - p.b
very professional staffan effective treatment plan was formulatedas my strength and ability increased, the therapy was adjusted accordingly - m.w
Personal and punctual. It was an upbeat group that took a team approach to making me feel better. The appointments started on time. - b.k
Very knowledgeable staff. My condition has improved and have learned to exercise correctly. Great staff. - c.r
Had 11 sessions of P.T. & staff is friendly, helpful & knowledgeable. - s.b
Brian and Larry are very knowledgeable and give exceptional service. I came in their offices after an accident requiring multiple shoulder surgeries and barely able to move my arm. With their expertise and encouragement, I was able to regain full functionality and return to work and normal life. Their new, expanded facility is top notch with all the necessary equipment. - brian.p
The staff and facility was upbeat and excellent! I was very happy with the outcome/results from the physical therapy. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of physical therapy. - T.B
Everyone was very competent, cheerful and explained everything perfectly. It was great experience with no negative comments at all. Thank you, Julie - J.H
I use Village Family Practice for all my health needs. All of the doctors and staff are very helpful, courteous, and friendly. The Doctors really know what they are talking about and work very hard to make what would normally be an unpleasant experience a happier one. - d.h
Went to 5 sessions of physical therapy at village to help ease a herniated disc. After the 5 sessions i feel like im 10 years younger! The staff is super friendly and helpful. Great program for recovery!!! - r.t
Excellent Staff! Had foot surgery in January and feeling better, couldnt have picked a better place to do my treatments for Physical Therapy. Thank you, Brian,Kayla,Larry, Jenn and Cyrus. - T.M
Professional and friendly stuff, easy to follow instructions, very helpful treatments. - d.m
I was given tender loving care and lots of attention. Some of the exercises were painful, but the staff was always there for me. Though there might have been lots of other people at the same time, they had me feeling I was their only interest. - p.m
I had PT for a month on my shoulder, and I am so much better. The entire staff is very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend this facility. - r.w
Tough love on the third floor started right on time, as usual. EVERY TECH greeted me, using my first name, and I responded in kind. What happened after that? "Keep your back against the wall" "Straighten out that leg" "Hold that for just another 4-3-2-OK" "How's it going?" "You doing OK?" "2 more, come on, you can do it" and further variations of a theme.As always: Friendly but demanding. Funny but professional. Personally involved in your physical problems."See you next week - take care" - r.s
2-07 thru 3-06. Physical therapy for back pain. Therapies were helpful and conducted in a professional manner. Was encouraged and motivated with their assistance. - e.t
My six week therapy sessions were targeting my lower back due to an auto accident. Sessions were designed to alleviate pain and to strengthen muscles. The staff was EXCELLENT in my care and friendliness. - j.c
PT following a partial left knee replacement3 times per week for month - j.s
Awesome staff! Very helpful and engaged throughout the whole process. You can tell Larry, Brian, Kayla, Jen, Cyrus and Theresa are genuine when they ask you how you're doing. Would recommend to others. - b.v
An amazing staff who demonstrates concern and caring with my rehabilitation. Rehab is not easy and although they made me work hard, they made me comfortable and made me laugh. - L.H
This was my last session after 4 weeks of treatment following an injury affecting the sacroiliac joint. I went to 2-3 sessions per week. VFP-PT helped me understand the nature of the problem and provided exercises to alleviate it. There was very significant improvement over this period. I am able to return to work and operate at close to the level where I was before the injury. I have reason to expect that by continuing the exercises I will continue to improve, possibly getting all the way back to where I was before. My experience with VFP-PT has been extremely helpful. - p.w
Excellent treatment from the group. All were knowledgeable, cooperative and compassionate; and yet I prospered under their care after left knee replacement. I would highly recommend them. - e.b
I visited the Village Family Practice Physical Therapy department several times during December 2016 and January 4, 2017. The entire staff was super nice and made me feel welcomed. They were really good at explaining my exercises and answering my questions. - n.c
In my 2 visits so far, I have had a very positive experience with the entire staff. Brian seems very credible and knowledgeable, as do his staff members. They are all also very friendly, personable, and professional. - B.R
Village Family Practice Physical Therapy team is a step above the rest. They always made me feel welcomed and cared for. I spent 30 days in their care and each and every employee always knew my case and treatment. They were always available to answer any of my questions or address any of my concerns. My shoulder is feeling much better and I have this team to thank for it! - T.S
Great help assessing knee problem and post-op treatment - g.a
From the beginning Brian and his employees were very professional. They gave me weighs that my muscles needed. In the past I have worked with physical therapists who did not give me heavy enough weights. Brian and his physical therapists gave me the right weight and pushed me at he right time. They were also pleasant to work with, being kind and considerate, too. I enjoyed my time there. - R.B
Professional care and support. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. - J.R
From the time of my first appointment until now (month), Brian and his staff are always very helpful in treating my SI joint issue. Brian and his staff are friendly, professional, and always optimistic and upbeat. Even though I recently had a set-back in my recovery, they made me feel hopeful that I will get better and reminded me of the necessary guidelines/precautions. I would strongly recommend the Village Family Practice, Physical Therapy (Memorial Village) to my family and friends. - Sofia Riches
The people here or very helpful and friendly. - A.W
Therapists are friendly, caring, encouraging, and knowledgeable. Wait time is very short, if at all. Plenty of equipment. Each session progresses, adding weight or more exercises, so it doesn't get boring. - D.H
The entire staff is very good, pay attention tI feel o what I am doing and correct me if I am doing the exercise wrong. I feel that everyone cares about me and about getting me back to my fighting weight. - g.w
Everyone treated me very well. Seems like they care about their patients, and Brian and Larry are very capable. Definitely worth going there, would recommend to everyone. - A.C
The techs are amazing. Super helpful and knowledgeable. They strike a good balance between professionalism and keeping a light-hearted fun atmosphere. I'm not a huge fan of the genre of music played overhead, but I'll take a little country or pop music any day if it means watching my injured wrist get stronger and stronger every day. Push yourself in the time you are given and you WILL see results! - J.C
This is a caring and professional practice. The staff is knowledgeable and respectful but they have a lot of fun too! I would recommend this place to everyone I know! I will miss not coming for my PT treatments. - c.d
I had an excellent experience with my therapy. Everyone there was very nice, friendly and helpful. The therapy helped me a lot and I would recommend this therapy place to others. - D.G
Excellent. The entire practice is very friendly, professional and genuinely concerned with my rehab. Every therapist greets me by name every day. - H.D
Brian and his entire staff were very professional, courteous and concerned for the well-being of all of their patients. I feel that the time I spent there was well worth the effort to increase my physical strength. - T.A
Every visit was a WOW experience!The whole staff is excellent!!! - T.B
The staff at Village Physical Therapy are terrific. They are attentive, professional, and dedicated to ensuring that I get the most out of my treatments. - G.D
Excellent experience this group is friendly professional and knows how to get the job done.This was my third rehab with them and would use them again in a heartbeat - r.n
Terrific staff; helpful and attentive to their clients. Well organized facility. - C.M
Very satisfactory. Everyone was extremely friendly and professional. I appreciate the transparency of information and discussion about my condition. - J.G
I have been having PT on my Achilles tear over 8 1/2 weeks and Brian's team have done an excellent job of building flexibility and strength back into the ankle and Achilles tendon. Have progressed from 2-3 times a week to once every 2 weeks. I am not back up to light jogging and slow tennis but all normal day-to-day activities are no longer impacted.Thank you to Brian and his team. - j.w
After visiting Dr. Metha because of severe upper arm pain, he said I should begin Physical Therapy. I began Physical Therapy on July 13, 2016 and have been going 2 times per week. The therapy has definitely improved my upper arm because the pain is no where near what it was at the beginning of therapy. Dr. Metha had me get an MRI to make sure there was not an issue with the rotator cuff. He said I might need another MRI with dye to see better what was going on. He also suggested I contact a surgeon about having an operation for it. I have made the decision not to have surgery because the arm has improved very much. I attribute that to the wonderful care of the physical therapists which are very knowledgable and very caring. The whole operation of the facility runs very smoothly, everything from scheduling and not having to wait and the competence of all the staff. - m.s
I was very satisfied with the treatment I got. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. If I need PT in the future I will be back. - r.p
I had therapy starting August 4 two or three x's per week ending Sept 1The entire staff were diligent, caring and professional in their work. Brian gave me many suggestions for at home exercises and so did Jennifer. I would recommend the office to fact when in therapy previously, even though the orthopedist I saw had therapists I asked to return to Village therapy and Brian. - s.b
My experience with Village Physical Therapy has always been very positive, professional and friendly. - s.h
First session of physical therapy. - j.a
The experience I had was helpful. They help me strengthen the mussels in my arm and take the weekness out of my hand. I can i.e. My hand 75 present more the weakness is much stronger in the fingers. My experience was good - D.V
Exercises and stretching have strengthed shoulder and reduced pain. The staff are very helpful. - C.Hoelzer
The entire staff at Village Family Physical Therapy is amazing. Physical Thereapy can be both personally and physically painful, and Brian and his staff are freindly, understanding, and encouraging during treatment. The treatments may have been challenging at times, but I was supported every step of the way. I would absolutely recommend Village Family Physical Therapy to anyone in need of Physical Therapy care. - D.B
it was a workout but with positive results.good crew - k.C
Shoulder pain - upper trapezius muscle, likely due to degenerative vertebrae in neck. - W.G
Really enjoyed all the office staff. Brain was very thorough in his evaluation. I appreciate his honesty and candor. Teresa was helpful in scheduling and accommodating.All the staff great!Positive results.Thanks. - H.M
The treatment has been very helpful. Not only that it is fun to go since everyone is friendly yet they stay on task and keep us all working up to pace. It has been a rewarding experience of which I am most grateful. - M.F
VFP Physical Therapy is convenient, efficient, with very friendly and professional staff, ably led by Brian Cesarski. - M.L
I am very pleased to work with Brian, Larry and Jennifer. Good communication, very knowledgeable, first class. - R.R
The staff were very knowledgeable and attentive.They made the experience very comfortable and truly cared about helping me to relieve my pain. I would highly recommend their services. - N.T
Very professional & attentive staff & management. Fun atmosphere. - Heather Woltz
I was treated for a shoulder injury. Prior to PT I was having trouble sleeping, due to the pain, often getting only two or three hours a night. PT has greatly reduced the pain, improved range of motion, strengthened the injured muscles, and as a result, gotten me back to a better sleep patter. I am still having some pain in the shoulder but it is much better.The staff was well trained. Everyone was on the same page. They were always well prepared. One thing that might improve the facility would be a changing room. - R.C
Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable as to what needed to be done for my treatment. I rated my results as average only because it appears my problem is more "age related" and possibly more degenerative in nature. I don't really notice any difference after PT treatment, but I will continue to do the exercises that were provided.Thank you all for your efforts in a friendly, professional manner. - C.H
I am far better than the day that I started my treatment Thanks to the dedicated staff. I will recommend this facility and the staff to other people whom are in need of the physical therapy.Kamran Etemadi713 468 1100 - K.E
Treatment is still in progress which is why I gave it 3 stars. My back is getting better but it's not at 100% yet. Village Physical Therapy and Rehab has been a very positive experience. There was minimal paper work and I have never had to wait to start my treatment. I felt Brian took an extensive amount of time on my first visit to find out exactly why I was there. The assistants I have worked with (Taylor & Cyrus) are very positive and upbeat people who try to make the treatment a good experience. They monitor my exercises and make sure that if I am not doing them correctly, they tell me how to adjust it. Brian takes time on most visits to ask me about my progress, how I'm feeling, etc as well as to answer any questions I may have. - B.E
Brian and his staff are very helpful during therapy session and constantly checking up on your progress, pain level and makes you feel like family. Facilities is equipped with required equipment. I like the enter action provided by staff members during the session making sure that you are exercising the correct way. - J.F
Loved the providers and the results I got from them. They were fun, friendly, and I was able to joke around with them. - D.Z
Treatment was excellent. Could not get stars to register. No time to deal with this. Sorry - M.F
I had never participated in physical therapy but my experience was outstanding.Brian and Larry were tremendous in explaining the injury, treatment and expectations.The office team of Jenn, Cyrus, Tyler and Theresa were fun, courteous and professional.I have already recommended the Village Physical Therapy and Rehab team to friends and family.Thank you, - M.H
Above and beyond the call of duty. All staff are so kind helpful. I would give them all A Plus - T.M
Very helpful and caring group. - D.S
I seem to return every 3 years for a different issue. I wouldn't go anywhere else for PT. The location is great and the entire staff is awesome. In the past I've always completed my treatment and was back to 100%. I am still undergoing PT for my current issue and have faith that with Brian, Larry and the staffs help, I'll be back to 100% in no time. - J.N
Village Family Physical Therapy exceeded my expectations! The entire staff made me feel well cared for, and my knee feels so much better! If I ever have the need for physical therapy again, I will call Village Family Physical Therapy. - P.B
I would definitely recommend Mr. Cesarski and his staff for physical therapy. They assisted me in learning new techniques to combat pain and improve physical strength. I have not had any pain for months and continue to do the exercises and exercise in general. Thank you! - A.V
Treatment result rating is only because of a potential misdiagnosis. By no means is it a reflection of the staff, their approach or the treatment since there was improvement despite the potential misdiagnosis. I cannot say enough about Brian, Larry, Jennifer, and Theresa. Not only are they all customer focused, they are incredibly hospitable, approachable, personable, and flexible based on your specific needs - all while maintaining the highest level of professionalism. I would HIGHLY recommend them. Thanks Brian, Larry, Jennifer, and Theresa; it was an absolute pleasure working with you but even more so knowing you. Nikki - Nikki Norvell
Always on-time. Always friendly and encouraging. Maybe explain targeted muscle groups more. - A.R
The staff is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to listen to treat my injury correctly. - K.C
I was in PT at Village Family Practice from 2/28/16 thru 3/25/26 two days a week and it helped me tremendously. The facility was very neat and clean and the staff was extremely proficient and supportive. I am very happy to know if I need PT again I have a great place to use to get better!! - M.H
Everyone in the office is fun to work with. They listen when i bring up any concerns and adjust the therapy accordingly. I recommend them to anyone who needs help. - K.A
I'm seeing great progress already! - A.M
I have been working with Brian and the staff since early January...they have been diligent, attentive, and helpful. I have improved despite the MRI - S.B
Very organized treatment, staff extremely friendly and easy to work with - made going to PT very enjoyable. Great staff. Keep up the good work! - S.H
Village Physical Therapy has help me greatly. I am very thankful for all the care and instruction I have been given at Village Physical Therapy. thsi is very encouraging to me. It s a good motivator to do my exercises at home. - L.S
I appreciate the friendly and professional staff. They make good use of my time, while educating and encouraging me towards wellness. - S.N.
The staff is very professional and did an outstanding job of helping me recover from my knee injury. My appointments were on time and they explained the exercises I needed to do and made sure I did them properly. The results were outstanding and I - Harold Kuehler