Christopher Canale

620 East Medical Drive, Suite 205

Bountiful, 8012980057
Dr. Canale was very courteous and knowledgeable and helped make sure I felt comfortable with the procedure as a patient. - .H
Thankful to have found y'all - David V Christian
The procedure was easy to schedule.My wife has been in to see Dr. Canale twice - and now me one time - and we have felt good about his level of professionalism and personalism.The staff was pleasant and courteous - seemed to be concerned about my level of comfort and wanted to help out if I needed something.Thanks - .M
Love Dr. Canale. So awesome that he has tried all these different preps to be able to give his patients the best experience possible. What doctor does that??! - .W
Dr. Canale was very warm, caring and detailed regarding my medical issues. He made me feel very much at ease and comfortable with his plan of treatment. I would highly recommend him to friends or family needing his specialty area. - .F
dr canalle discussed the results and my out look. hings to eat and signs to watch for. nice that he took the time to talk to me where i couldreally understand what was going on. thanks dr - .G
Always a good experience with Dr. Canale. He takes the time to discuss the results with the patient and is very thorough. - .F
Dr. Canale is very supportive and caring. He is very thorough. - .G
I didn't feel scared and I felt like they knew what they were doing. - .G
The procedure was an endoscopy. It went very well! No pain. It was indicated that I was probably lactose intolerant, but there was very little detail to follow - medication, diet, etc. - .S
Overall it was a great experience. Everything went well. - .Y
I love Dr. Canale. He takes the time with you and doesn't seem to just rush through your appointment. Dr. Canale treats you like a friend and not a patient. My experience with him has always been positive. He has treated me for a horrible disease and has helped me gain control of the disease so that it no longer runs my life. I would recommend him to anyone who would need his services. - .C
Wonderful facility, great nurses, and Dr. Canale is the best! We wouldn't go anywhere else. We were treated respectfully and professionally. - .C
I had originally scheduled the appointment and then had a conflict, with that date, and was able to reschedule without any problem.The wait time was not long, the staff was very professional and courteous.My husband and I have both had other colonoscopies from Doc. Canale, he is very good with his bed side manner, I trust him with the scope and with the review after. He is a great doctor! - .P
I felt confident in Dr. Canale, and he was clear and concise. He listened to me and answered myquestions or concerns I had. I did not feel like my office visit was rushed. - Esther M Shutt
I have loved working with Dr. Canale and Brinlee. They have treated me very well and have always called me right back when ever I have call in and left a message with a question. I would recommend anyone to go see him and his staff! - .B
Everyone was so nice to me. It made me feel comfortable. Canale is an amazing doctor. I would see him again if given the option. The procedure was fast and accurate. The staff is also knowledgeable and professional. - .D
The procedure went smoothly and they followed up on treatment options in a timely manner. - .H
Dr.Canale seems to really know his business. I have great confidence in him. He has treated both my wife and me previouly. Because of high quality service at those times, and coming through it all very nicely, we go back to him. He tells exactly what he needs to do, then does it in a professional and pain free manner. He shows with photos what he saw down deep in the cavern and what it all means, and how he dealt with it. I went home happy.The staff are fine professional and courteous people; made me feel confident that all that needed to be done would be done. - Donald L Enders
Dr. Canale is always so personable and very easy to discuss anything. He is always very professional and explains things in a way I can understand. The staff and facility are excellent. - Sally L.H
Dr. Canale is an excellent doctor, every time I see him I feel heard and validated, his staff is amazing. They recently help me find a large myoma or fibroid and thanks to his nurse Brinley, I was able to find an appointment to see and OB the next day. His nurse also had information on how to get a CT scan for a fraction of the price. Although my problem was unrelated to a GI problem his staff went above and beyond to help me find a doctor and get the services I needed. I am very grateful to all that Dr. Canale has done for me in the past, I have not had a flare in 3 years, and I have not taken any meds for over 2 years. Dr Canale always supported me in using alternative ways to treat my colitis, which was so important to me. He is very knowledgeable and personable, I highly recommend him. - .S
this was my first visit and I was impressed with the entire operation, from first contact to the doctor's attention and good listening skills. I am happy to have found such a good replacement to my doctor who has retired. - .F
I was so pleased with Dr.Canale and his staff. They treated me very well, and took the time I needed to ask my questions. I felt they were kind, professional, and I am so glad I have found a doctor I trust and feel comfortable with. Also, his nurse Wendy is just the best. She is so helpful and caring. - Beverly Eggett
Very fast and efficient. The staff was very friendly and my experience was very positive. Thank you - .S
Everything with the process and procedure was excellent , the staff was very happy , helpful and informative. The Nurses and Dr.were very professional and friendly, which put my mind at ease throughout the procedure. I felt like everything was very well taken care of. - .B
Felt very comfortable. Will return to this office - .F
Dr. Canale took time to listen to my personal concerns and gave clear answers and options in return. He and his staff made a very uncomfortable experience comfortable to go through. - .D
Christopher Canale I met him when I had a colonoscopy I had the best experience with this procedure. The Dr., staff, all of it was wonderful. Then I wanted my hemorrhoids taken care of and he explained all the ups and downs, exactly what he would be doing and what he expected me to do at home. He is the BEST I would recommend him to all you folks out there looking to have these procedures done. I have and will continue to refer my friends and family to him. Amazing Dr. Thank you - .C
I appericate the fact that I did not have to have be put out for the procedure. I also appericate the humors conversation and relaxed atmosphere during the procedure. - .B
I was very pleased with the care I received there. Dr Canale was so helpful and took time to answer all of my questions. HIs staff especially Wendy was so kind to me and helped me prepare for my colonoscopy with concern and kindness. I came away from the experience feeling like they truly cared about me and my health and concerns - Beverly Eggett
It was a pleasant, informative & easy - Vicky Mulvey
Awesome! Loved every part of it! - .B
dr canale and the entire staff were very nice. treated me as if i was a neighbor or a mamber of the family. dr took the time to cover everything with me plus gave me ample time to ask any questions. i highly recommend them next time you need that test run - .G
Everything was really great! The only thing that would have made it better is if they hadn't pushed back my procedure an hour and a half for an "emergency" that they knew about the day before?? Hum, we must have a different idea of what an emergency is, but the doctor and everyone involved made an unpleasant procedure a piece of cake. - .W
Everyone was very nice. They explained everything to me very well. I was happy with my experience. - .B
Very good experience. Dr. Canale was very good and our nurse was wonderful. - Charles B Johnson
I have had to go in for surgeries several times with Dr. Canale, he had made sure every experience a personal one and made me feel comfortable each time. - Mckay.C
This was a necessity based on a procedure performed seven months ago. It went smoothly and the previous procedure proved to have been successful. I was pleasantly surprised with both procedures performed by Dr. Canale. - .B
It was a snap. I went to sleep, and then woke up. It was all done. It was painless and effortless. - .S