Christopher King, DO

1111 Delafield St # 105

Waukesha, 53188
(262) 542-9503
The process from the initial appointment with Dr King to surgery is very smooth. Dr King is one of the best surgeons I have ever met. Would highly recommend him! - D.M
Excellent - S.P
Very thorough. - S.C
Dr King and his staff are the best. They are very compassionate and right there to answer any questions. I highly recommend Dr King and am so glad he was there for me!! - D.M
I had a very good experience again! Dr. King is a kind and caring Doctor and his knowledge is incredible. - K.B
Dr. King took the time to go over my history, MRI and gave me treatment options. I felt well informed during my appointment and will be following up to schedule surgery. - A.P
Your staff has been very helpful in getting information to Sedgwick insurance company. I feel that my operation helped. I am happy with the way I have beed treated by everyone at your office and the hospital plus the support staff. Thank-you - C.C
Dr. King's expertise is unmatched. He performed my spinal fusion and it was incredibly successful giving me my life back. I trust his professional judgement. - R.F
Very good treatment. The student that was training was wonderful. Dr King came in early each day to keep me updated. - P.H
This is my second surgery with Dr. King. His standards are high, I believe. I am very pleased with results. Dr. King communicates well, and I like his approach with me. He seems respectful of my anxieties without being condensending. Actually, I have a lot of faith in his skill set as well as his judgment. This is my first time as an inpatient at AURORA - Summit. I have had seven surgeries in seven different hospitals over my adult life. While all of my experiences have been positive, AURORA was no less so. From registration through surgical prep, surgery, post-op to leaving the facility, things went well and I was treated with respect and proper consideration. I would return to AURORA if need be. - T.C
Everyone is great! Very Happy with my experience! - G.D
Dr. King is an excellent surgeon and is very personable and approachable. He is succinct in his explanations during your office visit which I liked. He took the time needed for me to feel comfortable with the plan at the end of the visit. His care manager is very professional and efficient. - K.B
I felt that my concerns were addressed during the visit. Dr. King was patient listening and understanding my health issues. He took the time needed to review my prior medical records and images, and explained them to me in detail, along with his plan for my future care. - K.A
Dr. King was extremely helpful in explaining my condition, discussing options, and recommending a course of action. I would recommend him to others with lower back pain. - F.H
I needed an urgent Back Surgery and I went out of my Insurance network to Dr. Christopher King. I’m very glad for making that decision. Dr. King’s professional skills as a Neurosurgeon are the BEST and UNMATCHED. Dr. King’s kind and compassionate care helped me and my family immensely before and after surgery. Even the office staff went out of the way with all the formalities for my urgent surgery. I’m extremely grateful for having Dr. King and his office take care of me!! - J.S
excellent. - R.B
I was very pleased with Dr. King's pleasant, friendly demeanor. Also very Impressed at his ability to zero in on my problem so quickly. Several other contacts over the years denied my reasoning would cause the extreme pain. Dr. King is an excellent specialist and was quick at discovering the reason behind the problem. I'd highly recommend him. - A.M
I am very happy we chose Dr. King. He took time to explain what needs to be done both by talking to us and showing us what would happen.See also spent time with us before and after he came in. I feel like Dr. King really cares about me and my problem and will do all he can to fix it I tried to do the ratings but I'm not sure how to get it to work. I would give all subjects a five star rating. - G.P
Dr. King and his entire staff, have been fantastic. I could not have asked for a kinder group of medical staff. Terry Ambelang - T.A
The appointment was on time. receptionist and everyone were very pleasant. Dr. King was very thorough and explained everything in great detail in our discussion of possible surgery. - S.B
Everything was done in an excellent manner, including my post surgery care and concerns. - T.A
I’m still waiting to schedule the procedure, but Dr. King was very thorough in his explanations and suggestions. - M.S
I saw Dr King at the suggestion of Dr Chapman and agreed on by Dr Burns as the right as the person to see about my balance problem.Though there was no solution to my problem, his handling of the issue was well done, - T.K
Sometimes confusing message about treatment plan. Example Dr. Donaparthi's office called to start setting up S.I. injections. Order for left side only when pain is equally bad on both sides. I thought I was receiving on both sides. this needs to be clarified.Also disappointed that my doctor will not be a part of PHCI so will not be able to perform surgery if I would need it. Of course this is not my doctor's fault. I would follow him but cannot afford out of network prices.Thank you. - T.B
From the nurse in the preoproom and the entire staff, I could not have had better care. Every thing was done in a professional manner, Dr. King and his staff are A number 1. Waukesha Memorial, also gave me fantastic care, thanks to all of you. Terry Ambelang, New Berlin Wis - T.A
Good results. Thanks - J.G
Waiting for the results of a ct scan. - J.M
Dr. King was very thorough during my visit. He was very knowledgeable about my concerns. He listened intently and explained in detail the plan he wishes to pursue to find out the cause of my pain. During my visit, he took time with us and did not rush us out. My husband and I would highly recommend Dr. Christopher King to other people with spine, back, or neck issues. He's a great doctor!! - K.B
Every one was very polite. Dr King was exceptionally great - C.Z
I have no regrets about my decision on going through with the procedure to help with my pain. I am so happy I got referred to Dr. King’s office because they all were amazing and I am now living a nice PAIN -FREE life. - W.F
I found it difficult to get in touch with doctor when I needed to. Messaging thru mychart did not seem to be used, since I did not get an answer to my three messages. - F.P
Not what I expected. Exceeded my expectation.I had to complete and bring some paperwork (medical history, etc.) and a CD with two CT scans. I thought it better to submit them prior to the app't so the Dr. might have a chance to review BEFORE my visit. How could he go through all that and the scans during the app't, which I expected to be 15-20 minutes?The doctor saw me within 10-15 minutes of my appointment time and spent over 45 minutes speaking (and listening) to me, doing a brief physical exam, and then reviewing, in detail, the CT scans of my cervical and lumbar regions. He didn't review the scan in advance. He spent the time to review them with me.I was not there to proceed with any particular action or surgery. I was there to CONSULT and strategize whether to take action now (I'm 67), or wait some years, maybe 10 or whatever, to live with my ongoing condition/s (I've had a discectomy and fusion already) and take action at some later date.Dr. King understood all that, and considering the complete Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) I have, he recommended we take a wait and see approach on the surgery. He did refer me to Dr. Doniparthi in the Pain Management clinic to again CONSULT the possibility of an injection or trigger point therapy. (I have seen her more than once before and had injections before).I did follow up with her the very next day and her assessment was basically the same - no assurance that any injection would help... might help, might not. So... wait and see as long as I could continue to function as is.I was very pleased that I was listened to, that a conservative approach was considered and taken, and will return to Dr. King, if and when, I deteriorate to needing some intervention. - Sandy Hamm
Great knowledgeable doctor. Staff is very helpful. - M.P
totally excellent! - R.B
This was a post op visit. Dr King did a great job at explaining the surgery he did including my x ray. See is also great always prompt in follow up with any of my questions. - R.G
We were seen on time and Dr King took time to talk to us and explain The results from my EMG. We set an appt for an MRI and Inwill see him again Aug 14 unless a sooner date opens up. I’m glad we went to see him. He was kind and didn’t rush us - G.P
Doctor King deserves the highest rating in all categories. I cannot say enough about how I was treated through out the time I was in his care.Because of his skill as a surgeon, my quality of life is improving each day as I continue to heal. Good Bless June L. Walk - June Walk
I arrived early. I was taken in early for my appointment.The doctor discussed with me his concerns and treated my needs accordingly. I am to return if symptoms indicate I need to see Dr King.The staff were most enjoyable to work with. - D.L
I arrived early. I was taken in early for my appointment.The doctor discussed with me that the ventricles in my brain have enlarged and are filled with spinal fluid. He lowered my shunt's pump pressure setting to 90 from 100. Hoping this will drain the excess fluid present. Headaches could occur. I am to return if symptoms indicate I need to see Dr King.The staff were most enjoyable to work with. - D.L
I had excellent results from my surgery with Dr King. Dr. King, anesthesiologist, and all office staff and nurses at his clinic and Waukesha Memorial Hospital were great. Will recommend him every chance I get., - V.M
I have complete confidence in Dr . King , he and his staff are the best !! - J.P
Awesome visit.....hoping for positive results.... - C.R
every was so nice and provided excellent service - T.T
Successful treatment! Hard time communicating with office (they do not seem to use mychart, no response to several inquiries). - .P
The day went as planned and everyone was accommodating and cared about my anxiety. They were attentive but not overbearing. This is my second experience of surgery with Dr. King. The anesthesiologist was also informative and respectful. Recommendations all around. - V.M
Dr. King is kind and knowledgeable. He takes time to answer questions honestly but gently. I highly recommend him. - F.M
Excellent surgeon and great service from his staff - O.P
My follow-up appointment after surgery on May 2nd went well and I am healing as expected. My next appointment with Dr. King is on july 31st. - .C
Overall excellent. Dr. King was very helpful in taking 45 minutes to explain my MRI slides in our pre-surgical consult meeting. He and the staff have been very helpful throughout this process. - .B
Everyone is always very professional and nice.See is the best,she has always taken care of all my needs.Dr. King,thank you for helping me with my back problems. - .K
Five stars for Dr King and his staff. They are a fantastic team - talented, thorough, personable and patient when you have questions. The initial scheduling of my surgery was easy. The relief from pain was in sight. Then I got the phone call that it had to be pushed back due to lack of OR space. That is a "hard pill to swallow" when you're in pain. The surgery was a success and other than discomfort from healing, I'm pain free! - .D
I got an earlier appt because i was on a cancellation list. This helped alot! Im so glad to have Dr. King as my surgeon. He really goes the extra mile to help his patients. - .B
Everyone was awesome. Informative throughout the whole thing. - J.E
This was the first time I have met Dr. King. I felt very comfortable communicating with Dr. King and his staff. Their professionalism, courtesy, knowledge, communication, and education (to me ...identifying areas on my MRI), helped me understand my neck diagnosis and follow up care. - S.S
Everything went well. - J.J
Pleasant, accommodating, competent, informative staff.Would not hesitate to visit if required in the future. - S.N
Everything was done in a professional matter, on time, courteous, and helpful. - .A
Great. Good advice to help healing. - Theodore G Atkinson
Dr. King & his Patient Care Coordinator See were helpful and very responsive to our needs and concerns. The care I received from the hospital staff, especially those in Day Surgery was excellent. - C.C
i'm glad i had dr king for my surgent. all was better than i thought it would be. the incision was smaller, no complitations so far, i still can't walk but working on standing and getting out of wheelchair, bed. I was suprised on how my right leg doesn't work, I can't seem to move it on my own is there something that can help this? The staff is so nice here. - .T
The staff was very professional and everything was on schedule. Dr. King and his support staff are the best. - .K
Dr.King was very personable. Explained results of MRI so my wife and I could understand. Explained best course of treatment. - R.D
My whole experience was very satisfying for my carpal tunnel surgery. Dr. King and his staff were friendly and concerned about my well being. I highly recommend Dr. King for any neurological problem one may have. - .M
Follow up review of MRI scan of my back surgery. - R.M
Dr. King answered all of my questions. - K.F
So far so good! 5 days post-op. No more pain, no more numbness, no more tingling!Arm is weak but I am confident strength will return. Dr King and his staff are friendly and knowledgeable. ACDF @ 2 levels. - .W
Dr. King was great. Very blunt and to the point. He tells it like it is. No sugar coating, but in a very nice way and with reassurance. He was recommended to me by 2 people, and I would also recommend him to anyone. - .E
Always satisfied. Staffvery good. Doctor Great - K.B
Sent this survey in earlier - .H
Dr. King.....If and when I need to have surgery, I wouldn't hesitate to have you as my neurosurgeon. I realize how busy you are and that I was very fortunate to get an appt. to see you In only 2-1/2 weeks.......but for me waiting (being in horrible pain) was the longest time of my life. Looking back.......I'm wondering if my referral should have been to the Pain Clinic first. Nevertheless I appreciate your expertise! Thank you. - B.G
Dr. King seemed very knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly - .H
Dr King was awesome, I liked that Dr King spent time to explainjust exactly what was going on and what to expect. - P.S
Surgery went great. Dr. King was very informative. Staff very helpful after surgery when I called with some questions. - .P
Dr King explained everything so that I understood. Everyone was very kind and pleasant. Great overall experience. - K.G
Staff and Doctor were excellent'timely;friendly relaxed and took the time to listen and respond. - G.H
Survey coming out so quickly after surgery makes it impossible to respond to treatment results. Staff at the hospital was very attentive and responded to my needs at every level. Dr. King was great when dealing with me and his personality was appreciated before and after surgery. - T.A
Doctor and staff are excellent to work with.Thank you - E.J
Dr King and his staff are very friendly, thorough and patient. I had a lot of questions and never felt rushed. - J.D
I had back surgery. Everything (so far) has been fine. - .S
Results will be determined with each passing day. So good. Have always been satisfied with Dr. King and his staff, especially See.Back feels good after one week. - .B
Dr.King explained my MRI and showed me a model of suggested treatment. - K.F
My response is that Dr. King and his staff are very professional and courteous to his patients.I feel very confident with his knowledge and abilities to do his job. Dr. King explained the up coming prceedure in detail and in common terms that we could understand. Dr. King used a replica of the spine to show use what was happening to my spine. Dr. King was very good at telling it like it is. It made me very concerned about now and the future. We believe his knowledge and skills will make my future more enjoyable. But Dr. King also said there is no guarantees, but felt very optimistic. Our primary physician Dr. Gwendolyn Tanel told us that Dr. King is one of the best Neurosurgeonsin his field. We have been with her for over thirty years and we rely on her judgement and suggestion for whom we she see for specific problems. Dr. Kings staff gave me the written instructions about the proceedure and the follow-up directions. Looking forward to the proceedure with a positive attitude. - C.C
I was pleased with the explination that I was given by Dr. King as it related to my condition. I was also satisfied with his recommendation to have additional injections, which I have already scheduled. - .R
I had a laminectomy-multiple levels. when I had a leak at the bottom of my incision, I called the office and was able to see the surgeon early the next morning. this gave me peace of mind. It was diagnosed as a seroma, not a spinal fluid leak. - .A
I can to Dr King because of tingling and numbness in my right foot. He explained my treatment very clearly and precisely. The recommended treatment I will be following is to increase dosage of the prescribed medication.I have been following his recommendation and am seeing a slight improvement, Hopefully this will continue.I would recommend Dr King to anyone needing his type of service. He is an excellent doctor, - J.H
As usual my experience was great. Dr. King did a fantastic job fusing my sacroiliac joint. My back pain is completely gone. I highly recommend him and his staff. - J.M
the overall surgery and recuperation went far better than i expected. i was a tad fearful of getting back surgery, but i had absoluetly nothing to fear. all wonderful people who provided very comfortable care. thank you! - .C
Dr. King is a very informative doctor and took the time to explain what needs to be done. We never felt rushed in my appointment and was willing to answer any questions we had. Staff is pleasant too. See, Dr. King's assistant, very helpful and informative too. Thank you! - M.P
Dr. King is patient. He takes the time to explain the procedure and uses MRI images to explain my stenosis, bone spurs and pinched nerves.His assistant See is the most pleasant person and also very knowledgeable.Overall, a 5 star experience. - T.W
Dr. King explained things in easy-to-understand ways, and has a funny & kind nature. - W.S
I got in later than my appointment time, but not by much. Everyone, including Dr. King was pleasant and helpful. I like the way Dr. King says it like it is. I could see the concern for my condition on his face. He spent as much time as I needed going over all my questions etc. - T.M
Dr.King and the staff could not have been better. Everyone did everything they could to make sure I was as comfortable as possible. Thank you! - A.G
The surgery went well and the problems with my left arm and should were resolved. Post surgery I experienced pain and weakness in my right arm and ulnar nerve. I continue to experience weakness in my right hand and loss of fine motor skills. More recently I have pain going down the top of my right arm to my index and ring fingers. I think this might be the radial nerve. Usually this is a sharp pain that dissipates in 3 or 4 seconds and starts in the evening. (Could the Gabapentin that I take at bedtime be controlling the pain?) Just last night, I had to take a pain pill because the shooting pains became so frequent. Right now, I am not experiencing any pain in my right hand or arm, just the normal weakness in my hand. - J.C
Dr. King and staff was caring and helpful throughout the whole experience - .K
I am very appreciative to the quality and professionalism Dr. King and See provided me. I thank you so much. - J.L
Everybody at the office is exceptionally phenomenal!! - T.M
My experience here was great. Everybody did their job wonderful and in courteous manner. - .B
I had a fairly pleasant surgery experience, and thus far I am pleased with the results. My recovery will take some time, so hopefully I will continue trending in the right direction. - .P
I was all upset that I needed back surgery, then after the MRI results were in it ended up being I just needed an ESI. I think the delivery in the first meeting should have been more conservative until the results were in. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to stave off the surgery for now. - .B
Very helpful and detailed about explaining my medical condition and recommended treatment - .D
Phenomenal neurologist!!! - .M
Dr.king has been fantastic with me! Every questuon is answered fully and every problem has been solved with my back! I couldnt have chosen a better neurologist! He is top notch in my eyes!! - .M
Dr. King and See very courteous, friendly, answered my questions and concerns.This was a consultation, no treatment. - J.E
All good. - .P
Dr. King is the best. I wholeheartedly trust him with my physical problems. I will and have recommended him to friends. He tells you like it is so you can understand what he means. I will always go to him when I feel the need. - J.M
Dr. King has the true "bedside manner." He takes time with you and answers all questions carefully. Also, he does not push you into any surgical decision but guides you with all the options. - .S
I have nothing but good things to say about my treatment and stay at Waukesha. The Drs. and staff were informative and and helpful. - .J
Excellent diagnosis and treatment - Lynn A Nelson
I appreciate you taking the time to explain my medical condition and the recommendation for treatment! - J.D
Everyone in this office has been wonderful. Dr king is extremely thorough and professional and his care coordinator See is always available when I called with after surgery questions I had. - .C
Dr. King was very informative and polite and caring. - .E
I was moved ahead on the schedule. I was treated with kindness and courtesy. I was a little groggy for a couple days but am feeling much better now - .J
Wanted 2nd opinion on x-rays of low back & plan of treatment. Dr. King gave a very thorough explanation of my condition & provided information on options for future treatment. Would definitely recommend him to friends/family. - Karen D Patrick
Got the info I needed - M.S
Dr. King accomplished what he told us he would do. Unfortunately, I suffered a stroke later that same day. - .E
I am a regular patient of Dr. King. He is excellent at explaining things,and an excellent surgeon. Because he is well known and respected, it is sometimes difficult to schedule appointments and particularly surgery with him. I was not able to schedule my as soon as I would have preferred because he is already booked into March. My surgery is scheduled for March 14th. - .M
Everyone was very nice and professional. - .E
I had a very good experience. Hospital staff was very caring. If I had to do it all over again, I'd ask them to start icing me immediately. They waited for me to ask for ice pack, which happened the day after surgery. Only other suggestion, make sure patient has something (even a couple of crackers) in their stomach prior to pain meds. I vomited twice and both were on empty stomach.As for the rest of my experience, Dr. King is excellent and also has great bed side manners/personality which seems to be rare these days. He was always very patient with our questions and did a great job of explaining the process. His patient assistant, See is also phenomenal. - T.M
I had the appointment time wrong on my calendar and arrived an hour late. Dr. King's staff made adjustments and I was able to see the doctor almost immediately. I appreciate the accommodation. - J.C
My experience was outstanding. No complaints on anything. Personnel explained every procedure. Dr. R. Thomas was very clear in explaining test results. I felt comfortable in the facility and had confidence that I was being well cared for. Thank you for the opportunity. - .R
I was in considerable discomfort for over a month until a physical therapist suggested to my physician that I needed an MRI.After my MRI on 11/2 and original diagnosis of a cervical disk herniation, it too over 3 weeks to get an appointment with Dr. King. After that, the treatment proceeded rapidly with a successful discectomy and arthroplasty on 12/13. Recovery from surgery is progressing normally with very little pain a complete remission of my neck and shoulder pain. - .C
Everything went well. Dr is very understanding and thorough. "C" is great assistant. - Frederick F Smart
I went to see Dr King for my follow up after my surgery. Everyone was five star from the front desk to See, and of course Dr King. - J.Z
Everyone was 5 star! From the staff at the front desk, to See and of course Dr King! - J.Z
Dr King is one of the best Doctors I have had. He takes his time and doesn't rush, answers all questions and is a very gentle person. I was afraid going into surgery but after talking to Dr King, my mind was put at ease and I relaxed, feeling I was in good hands. He is a very caring Dr and I will highly recommend him to anybody who needs a Neurosurgeon! - D.M
Dr King is one of the best Doctor's I have had. He takes his time with you, answers all questions, doesn't rush you and puts you at ease. This surgery was very scary to me but after talking with him, I felt very relaxed about it and he took away my fear. He is one of the best and I would highly recommend him! - D.M
My experience was very positive - T.I
You really show us that you care. Very helpful for whatever we need. - S.B
Received paperwork for appointments for CT scan as well as bilateral injections.Was able to schedule those procedures where they were most convenient. - M.A
Dr. King was amazing. I was so scared and in a lot of pain and he talked me through everything. His bedside manner was fantastic and I felt very blessed to have him as my doctor. I will be forever grateful to him!! - .B
Explanation with MR review by Dr King was thorough and easy to understand, overall excellent. Ms See was very personable and clear. She is very understanding and caring. - .S
Best physician and staff ever. Dr. Spent a great deal of time with me and my options. The lumbar laminectomy went well. I am now pain free. - T.W
It has really been a pleasure dealing with Dr. King and his office personnel. They are efficient, prompt and understanding. Hope that the results of my treatment (surgery) will deserve an excellent rating also.Thank you all for your professionalism and courtesy. - J.H
Dr. King gave a very thorough explanation about what is going on with my back. He took the time to do a complete exam . He also reviewed my MRI and explained it very carefully to my wife and myself. He also talked about several treatment options not just surgery. I enjoyed his sense of humor and if I decide to have surgery he will perform it. Paul Kressin - P.K
Lower back surgery was performed by Dr King on 11/20/17. The procedure went smoothly, or I’m told, and the hospital staff was professional and attentive. The recovery is painful and I’m sure will take a long. The results will not be known for months when I attempt to play golf. - T.I
Completely satisfied. Nurses were excellent. Good quality care. - N.P
I’m happy with my experience. - M.S
I actually like when Dr King shows the MRIs so we can see what is going on An he explains it well. He was very good. Since I saw him this past Monday I was feeling ok An did some yard work I can’t get up or walk or get out of bed without in so much pain.Thank you Dr King for seeing me - J.H
My entire surgical experience went so smoothly. Very pleased with results, which of course is the main objective. Dr. King and his staff are great. - Ann E Chiaverotti
Everyone in the office is extremely pleasant, but surgery did not correct problem. I realize the results of back surgeries do not have a very good reputation in the general public, but it's still discouraging after going through one and being left with the same pain. - C.G
Dr king was very detailed and explained everything so it was understandable for me. - .G
I never felt hurried, Dr. always took time as did hospital staff to answer concerns and questions. Post op care was great and prepared me well for being at home. - A.C
Wonderful experience - C.P
DR.King went into detail on my condition and explainded everything so that I could under stand it.Very kind. I will highly recommend him to any one. - F.G
I’m having sciatic pain in my right leg. - M.S
Dr. King was very informative and I enjoyed talking with him about my back problems. Dr. King spent allot of time explaining the results of my MRI. - J.P
Overall......Excellent experience! Very, very informative. - J.G
They typically run behind in the office every visit. The surgery went well and I felt at ease when I arrived though I had anxiety going into it.So far the results of my surgery are going well. Still have some pain but following walking and medication regimen. - C.J
Good facility need parking - G.K
Very pleased with the service received. I was a referral and given top priority seeing Dr King the day after my MRI. All options were thoroughly explained and surgery was scheduled within a few days. After surgery the procedure and findings were explained to the family in detail and the day after I received all the same information. - A.M
Was an office visit - will get results of Bone Scan on October 17thDr. King will then fix my back so I won’t be in pain - N.J
Dr. King is an awesome doctor and I would never let anyone else touch my back. - N.J
Dr. King has a very busy schedule, so it's a bit tough to get to see him. With that said, he's probably busy because he's excellent. He's got a great personality and very down to earth approach. His assistant, See, is also excellent. TJ Mayo - .M
All and all it was good. Wish I was farther along in healing. Hopefully I will be better down the road. - E.S
Great dr and staff love his his bed sidr manor and humor - G.K
Dr. King and his staff are excellent. I wish that he did services closer to Racine, but I will travel to Waukesha for his expertise. He is a straight shooter and every visit I feel informed and at ease from his insight. Probably going to have to see you sometime within the next 6 months for my lumbar area treatment. I wish that I could have M.R.I.'s!! Thank You Dr. King. Randy Potter - R.P
Dr. King and his assistant, See were amazing! I felt comfortable talking with both of them with regard to the surgery I was going to have on my back. Dr. King took his time to explain everything to me as to what was going to happen in terms I understood. I want to personally thank Dr. King and See for treating me so great! I would recommend them in a heartbeat! - .S
Dr king is one of many of my doctors. Unfortunately I have many health issues. With that being said, Dr King is at the top of my list of Amazing doctors!! He takes TIME with me AND listens to EVERYTHING I have to say compassionately!! He also has a sense of humor, I Love that. He's a great Surgeon and also awesome in the office visit setting. He's done 2 surgeries I know have C 4-5, 5-6 & 6-7 fused I would recommend Dr King to anyone!! - J.T
Dr. King is a highly skilled neurosurgeon. He thoroughly explained my condition, procedure and post op expectations in an excellant understandable manner. All my questions and concerns were responded to. I felt very confident with every interaction with him. He is 100%professional and friendly with a nice sense of humor. I am very pleased with my surgical outcome and followup care. His office is well run. I would highly recommend him. - J.D
everybody was very kind and helpful. A smile went a long way with me. Dr King has a great personality. - .L
Explained why I was having pain and the treatment needed to remedy so I could understand. Good sense of humor! - L.N
Happy - G.K
Very satisfied with the results. Minimal amount of pain. Dr told me exactly what to expect after the procedure, he was 100 percent correct - K.R
Very satisfied - K.R
Very informative ,Dr king was very assuring - J.S
Very pleased with Dr. King and his staff. All very kind and helpful. - .B
The appt went very well. However, I still have additional appts so I'm not sure my issue has been solved until these tests are complete to find out if further treatment is necessary. Thanks - .D
Dr.King is in my eyes next to God. This was my fourth lami. This time Dr. had to put screws and rods in my back. The first weeks were pure hell because of the pain. But Dr. King did all he could to keep me comfortable. Now 6 weeks later I feel like a stronger person. My gimpy leg is gone and I can tell the difference in my stance. Thank you Dr. King for your knowledge and expertise. I have given your name to many of my friends. Once again, I thank you for making my life easier. Sincerely, Judy Mlejnek - J.M
Pain is gone for now! - .S
Disappointed to get pneumonia from something in the process. My nerve issue was completely resolved from the surgery. Dr. King and See are very special people. Need a formal reference? Call me! - R.M
Dr King very patient. Answered my questions, addressed my concerns. He listens to you.See has always been kind and encouraging you in your recovery process. - .E
: ) - .M
Dr.King is great. He tells it to you straight and doesn't sugar coat it. For me personally that's exactly what I want in a doctor. I would recommend him to everyone. - G.W
Surgery and post op check up: knowledgeable staff, quick response to my phone calls. Dr took time to explain, easy to talk with and answer questions. - .E
Friendly, explains your procedure ,Sense of humor. - .S
Dr. King is a great doctor. He is thorough and has good listening skills. He has a way of making his patient feel comfortable. - .W
I scheduled a visit with Dr. King for a 2 year long chronic lower back pain issue. My particular issue does not include numbness or tingling but it is affecting my ability to perform simple everyday tasks such as cooking a meal or vacuuming. I went into the appointment expecting Dr. King to say my case was not "bad" enough for surgery. I was very pleased Dr. King is compassionate and interested in my case and finding the source of my pain. - D.T
Great job determining what to do with my back and the results were very good. I would strongly recommend Dr. King. - .P
Dr. King is a very good doctor. He explains everything very clearly. - .G
It was good. - .S
He told me he could correct problem with the pain in my legs and he did. It feels just great, Thank you Dr, King - .V
It was good. I love dr. King's sense of humor. He always has funny things to say. He is very quick-witted. - D.S
I am grateful for Dr. king's expertise in the operating room! My experience was difficult because Dr. king Was difficult to communicate with. He did not want to talk to my family after the surgery unless they requested him to do so . My daughter had asked to talk to him which he eventually did. He became very upset with me when I tried to talk to him about it. This was something unexpected. - M.K
There was miscommunication between my self and Dr.King. Good communication between us would have made my experience less difficult. I am grateful for his expertise in the operating room! - M.K
Doctor King did a great job on my back fixing what needed to be repaired. He was easy to talk to about any problems which came up. - R.W
Dr. King was very informative and put me at ease about my future surgery - J.D
Friendly staff and dr that spent a good amount of time explaining my MRI results - K.J
I would highly recommend DrKing to anyone needing minamally invasive spinal surgery. Throughout my experience with him, I was confident in his skills and expertise. He clearly explained my condition and procedure using my MRI and models. He and his staff are courteous and responsive to all concerns . My symptoms resolved after the outpatient minimally invasive spinal surgery. - .D
I would highly recommend Dr. King to anyone who may need minimally invasive spinal surgery. It is evident to me throughout my spinal surgery experience that he is a skilled surgeon. He clearly explained my condition and procedure using my MRI and models. He and his staff are courteous and responsive to patients' concerns. His office is well managed. - .D
I would highly recommend Dr King to anyone needing minamally invasive spinal surgery. I am 2 weeks postoperative from an outpatient minimally invasive L2-5 laminectomy with good results and complete relief of symptoms. Because of his surgical skill, I did not need a fusion. He clearly explains the spinal condition and surgical procedure using your MRI and models. His professionalism built complete confidence throughout the whole experience. His office is well managed and the staff are always courteous and responsive. - .D
Dr. King was patient and informative regarding my condition. I liked the way he reviewed the MRI scans with me and explained what it showed. That being said, I now have to decide whether to have the surgery recommended and when to do it. - J.K
I like the fact that he is honest with me on how things have to be. I need to lose weight otherwise it will compromise any work that is done. I know that I'm in great hands because the conversations that I have with people, inside and outside the medical field, almost everyone recommends him. - L.T
Good. - R.M
Good. - .M
I don't like to give ratings until the number one thing I go to a doctor for is completed and that's the results. - C.G
I felt very comfortable and left Confident in my treatment and Dr. King - Sandra Barzyk
Dr. King great at explaining the surgery and what to expect. It is a slow recovery to get my leg strength back though. - .B
Dr King was very thorough & took the time to explain everything. - D.I
Dr. King great surgeon. Makes sure you are well educated before and after surgery.. Good at keeping family updated - C.B
Doctor King is a great doctor and I appreciate his excellent communication skills, he makes things understandable! - R.C
Always pleasant, and professional. - W.P
It went as I hoped it would, he explained what he had to do and why, now we just got to set everything up. Thank you. - Robert J Viehweg
I was very satisfied and understood what was happening to my back, as he very carefully showed me what the problem was and how he could fix it. I feel so much better then I did. I am in the process of having him do the operation as soon as I can get all the stuff needed done Thank You Dr. King. See you soon Robert J. Viehweg - Robert J Viehweg
The entire process and procedure was excellent.The nursing and attending staff were great. - William T Pope
Cervical spine surgery. Dr. King read my chart on a referral. Came all the way to Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital to see me. Told me he could fix my pain. He was an Angel from God to me. He repaired what 11 other doctors would not touch. I had been in pain for 12 years, and he fixed the major pain in one procedure. I cannot say enough about his caring for people. He went out of his way to help me and I will never forget it!!! - .G
Dr. King was very informative. My wife and I enjoyed his bed side manor. - T.A
Our first visit with Dr.King for surgical consideration of symptomatic lumbar spinal stenosis was awesome. He was very thorough in explaining the pathology of the problem, using visuals, in an understandable way. He took time to answer all questions and concerns. His professional manner,as well as his sense of humor, was appreciated. The office staff were courteous and prompt. We feel confident with impending surgery. - .D
Sugery went as explained in detail. Results very good at this time. Appreciate Dr. King's Skills and patience. - Joseph Michael Gray
Dr. King explained in detail my situation and refeed me to a physician at Froedtert to treat my aneurysm in a less invasive way than surgery due to my age. - K.L
Short waitNice staffGood interaction with DR.Overall great experience.Gary Otto - Gary A Otto
Replace # C 5/6 disc with bone from cadaver and titanium plate. - Mark F Gliniecki
Doctor King is a very kind Doctor. He evaluates everything. Listens well. Gives you answers as to an alternative to the pain. I have been seeing him for many years. I trust him. I trust his knowledge. I know that I am in good hands. - .B
The surgery was very difficult but the care was excellent at Waukesha Memorial Hospital. The nurses were loviing and kind and understanding.. - K.B
It is not easy to talk about such issues especially when this had been a re-occuring issue that oddly enough has not resolved itself even though the Doctor's reassurance that the problem isn't as bad as I believe it is, but there is a plan which I am abiding by and we'll just have to see how this works out as far as my experience with Doctor King goes, it was adequate, at least I got in to see him, will just play it by ear and see if the plan works. - P.W
Dr King reviewed my recent MRI and compared it to my pre-surgery MRI. He confirmed that, physically, my back looks good. He said I should continue to walk and lose weight. I'm feeling much better now, but if I should have more trouble with sciatica pain, I should come back to see him. - Jean L Brocker
Met with Dr King twice before surgery. Reviewed and explained the MRI's risks and benefits of having or not having surgery. Being a health care provider, I had spoken to others in my profession and asked who they'd have do the surgery and the feedback was unanimous, that it would be King. First surgery done last week , next one, next week. Obviously I give him top ratings - .H
Recommended shots with Pain Mgmt, Dr Bridget Johnson, for back pain due to sacroilitis. Back had been fused a few years ago above sacral area. - .A
I had surgery to replace an internal medication pump. The care coordinator for Dr. King was wonderful and answered all of my pre-surgery questions. The nurses at Waukesha Memorial were great. My only complaint: despite warning the doctor and the anesthesia about nausea that I have with general anesthesia, I woke up to repeated dry heaving - It was horrible, especially with abdomen incisions. The last 4 times, I had no problem. I do NOT want to go through that again. - J.F
Dr. King performed a L2-L4 laminectomy and L3-L4 lumbar fusion stabilization w/ instrumentation. I was very pleased & had complete confidence with Dr. King and his Surgical Staff, who also made me feel very comfortable while in their care! My inpatient stay of three days, included very excellent care by the nursing staff, Physical / Occupational Therapy Staff, Respiratory Staff,and ancillary departments. All comfort levels were met and I felt well educated with my post-operative cares & activities by time I left the hospital. - .S
I was referred by another physician to see Dr. King for possible surgery. Dr. King listened to my issues and did a thorough examine. He explained in detail the findings on my MRI including long term problems that I was never made aware of by other physicians. He told me what I can do now and possible options for surgery but he actually recommended against surgery at this time. I did not feel rushed. I was very comfortable with him. - .D
Always a good experience to visit with Dr. King. Very calming, kind and sometimes funny demeanor. Very caring and never seems to be rushed. Takes as much time as needed to explain procedures and answer questions. Has a great way of talking to you and not down to you. Keep up the great work! - .A
Dr. King is an excellent communicator and surgeon. He described in detail what my surgery would entail and then performed what he described. I am thrilled with my results and my recovery. I would recommend Dr. King to any one needing back surgery. - .S
Dr. King's treatment was excellent in every way. He explained the medical situation very clearly and showed the MRI images to suppose his diagnosis.The office staff and his nurse, See, were very helpful and answered all our questions fully. There wasn't anything more they could have done to make the visit excellent. We will refer any family member or friend to Dr. King. - R.B
Everything went as planned - .K
Excellent. Dr. King was very through and spoke in terms I could understand. The prent out was great also. He had a very good personally and sense of humor.He was referred to me by Richard and Linda Zajork and I am grateful for their recommendation. - D.H
Doctor King answered all ?s. Very nice, pleasant to talk to and didn't have to wait long.Very good experience. - .S
Dr King tested strength in both legs and feet. He asked exactly where my sciatica pain was. He asked me to show him where my butt pain was. He asked if my back hurt. He said because the pain came back 2-3 months ago, it was time to do some diagnostics. He wants me to be without pain. He ordered an MRI and follow-up visit. - Jean L Brocker
As always he's very informative, kind, and trusting. An excellent Doctor. - .H
Very professional - .Castator
Dr. KIng performed a discectomy and laminectomy in May 2013. Prior to that, I had five epidurals and other pain reducing injections. My L4 L5 disc was herniated and pressing on the nerve to such an extent that I also suffered from "Foot Drop" as I was unable to flex my right foo, or walk normally. As an athletic 52 year old, my activities were reduced to none. After surgery, the nerve slowly came back to life and five months post op I was able to play hockey again. It's now four years later and I have had no more pain. I play hockey and other sports and have had no ill effects. I often hear people warn about the dangers of back surgery, I always tell them they had the wrong surgeon. Thank you, Dr. King. - Owen Dunne
Dr King was Professional and spent a lot time explaining my condition and medical procedure so I could make an informed decision. - J.A
The experience was very good. - T.S
Day Surgery procedure on cervical spine. - Kenneth J.K
Dr king is one of the best doctors are there. He was able to look at my MRI and have a treatment plan within a half hour. I can't wait for the surgery to get back to normal - T.M
Was very happy with my overall experience. Dr. King and staff went over and above to get surgery approved by insurance. Handouts were very helpful as to what to expect, before and after surgery. - Susan J Springer
I enjoy talking with him and how he is able to give me all the information I need. Being nervous about surgery he put me at ease with humor. I feel very comfortable around him and trust his opinion of care. - .J
I went to see Dr King for pain down my left arm, shoulder, collar bone and shoulder blade. He told me it was from disk degeneration in my neck at three levels. I had him fix my back a few years ago, so I knew I was in good hands. He didn't recommend injections or physical therapy, he said none of that would help bone spurs and narrowing of the spine. I had surgery a few weeks later and I'm home healing now. 2 weeks in a neck brace and now just taking it one day at a time, stretching and turning my head til I get all the motion back. He is a great doctor and a nice man...his sense of humor is dry and sometimes I'm not sure how to take him, but he has a good bedside manor and knows what he's doing. He thoroughly explained everything and answered every question my husband had. Before I saw him I had seen a neurologist who had told me there was nothing wrong with my neck and I also saw a pain mngment doc who said I had disk degeneration and gave me two injection that's didn't work, so I was glad to finally have my insurance ok seeing Dr King. - .Beck
Experience was great. Explains things thoroughly and makes sure I understand. Treatment plan was explained and made sure I agreed and understood. This is my second time visiting Dr. King. My first time was 4 years ago when he did my spinal fusion. Great doctor. I wouldn't go to anybody else for my spine. - Kim M Bormann
muscle spasams - .R
Wonderful - Julie A Dembiec
I appreciate that Dr. King took the time to explain the MRI in detail. He is easy to talk to. I now feel informed and do not need surgery. Another Dr. had recommended surgery. Thank goodness I saw Dr. King. - M.S
My consultation with Dr. King was well explained and easy to comprehend. He explained in detail the complex nature of my problem and the process required to correct it. I have complete confidence in his ability and appreciate his patience and compassion. J. Michael Gray - J.G
Very proffesional - P.C
MRI and blood test were right on time. I was able to schedule my appointment with Dr. King an hour later. His staff is incredible. Friendly and very capable. Dr. King was on time and great as usual. - .H
Pleasant educational caring respectful - Susan F Decleene
Superb. - Russell W Brethauer
Was very impressed with the doctor. He explained every thing. - V.H
Overall experience was very good. Dr. King was very thorough in explaining the surgery and the outcome. So far everything has turned out as anticipated. Also the hospital staff did an outstanding job of attending to me during my 3-day stay. - P.G
Dr Christopher King is very knowledgeable about his speciality and gave me excellent information to understanding my condition. The amount of paper work that had to be completed before my visit was more than anyone could take in. I was in a great deal of pain and had been for 3 days before seeing Dr. King, and when I told him that the drugs I was currently on, did not relieve the pain that I was feeling. Dr King mentioned that we will always have some pain. I expected a little more compassion and immediate help. He left me feeling cold and irritated. It reminded me of the British, "stiff upper lip." - .B
Dr King is a true professional and compassionate to your needs. - T.S
Dr. King went over my mri and explained the problems I am having. He was very thorough with his explanation. He went over the entire mri and was frank with diagnoses. I appreciated the time he took. After processing the information I do have some basic questions I will have to ask his assistant when I call to set up surgery. - S.A
I was very pleased with the service i recieved. Dr. King is very thourgh with his patients. - .G
Prescription of steroid was immediately helpful in reducing pain to manageable level, without need for pain medication. I'm very thankful to finally be out of the hurt locker. - .B
What an absolutely great experience! Dr. King went above & beyond in assessing my situation and explained everything so clearly! He also ensured I understood the information. On top of that, he was so pleasant and very easy to communicate with! Definitely an " A " for Dr. King!!! I feel so blessed to have been able to see him for my issue. Also his office staff were ALL wonderful - in-person and over the phone! - .D
Dr. King explaind in great detail my problems. Gave suggestion on how to manage discomfort an pain in my neck. He is very easy to talk to. - Carrie L Beres
Follow up visit for results of recent MRI. Conversation regarding future treatment. - James J Paprocki
I had a very pleasant visit with Dr. King. He was very personable and seemed genuinely interested in my medical concerns. He was well prepared for my visit, as he had already reviewed my MRI's and other test results and was able to comment on them. He relayed back anatomy to me in a manner I could easily understand and used props/pictures to show me things. We talked about my problems and then discussed a method of surgery that might help with the pain in my SI joints. Dr. King suggested that I try water exercise and hot tub therapy first before jumping into surgery. I, like any patient with horrible back pain, am considering having the surgery, as I do not want to wait any longer. Every day I feel like I am merely existing and not living due to horrific pain. I could resume water exercise post surgery. The SI surgery is day surgery and it sounds like I won't have a lot of down time. Does your office send something in to my insurance company for approval or do I? How far out is Dr. King scheduling for something like this? Would I need a return visit first before scheduling surgery? I also wanted to comment on his office staff. Everyone I came in contact with was extremely friendly and most helpful. Really made me feel welcomed. Enjoyed Dr. King's sense of humor also. - Gail A Dropp
Surgery follow-up appointment - .K
Very good Appt was on time - .R
So far it has been a great experience. Everything went as planned and it something came up was handled to complete satisfaction. - J.P
Dr. King is a lifesaver, not once, but twice he has pulled me through cancer issues. Last year he removed a bleeding brain tumor and just last week he removed a tumor on my spine. Dr. King is a blessing from heaven and I am grateful for all his hardwork. - E.P
Dr. King is a kind and caring physician and surgeon. He really cares about me and my recovery and I find that his sense of humor puts me at ease. I came with a list of questions and he went through them with me and answered all my concerns. At the end of my visit he reassured me that if I needed him for any other concerns I should let him know. He took the time with me and I really appreciated that. I would and have recommended him to my family and friends. - .S
Had surgery to do fushions of the neck. Brace used in recovery process. - T.K
Dr king is awesome! He has great patient skills, I see many dr's he's on the top off my list. He takes time with me , answers my questions and concerns and if possible does something about them. He surgical skills are great. I love his personality. - Jacqueline H Trudeau
Dr. King performed surgery on my C-Spine, cleaning up bone spurs and removing a disc and doing a spine fusion at that point. Also did surgery on my left elbow freeing up a pinched nerve that was giving my numbness in my little and ring fingers. - B.B
Dr King was very professional. He explained the results of my test and informed me of what I should do next. I plan to continue seeing him for any treatment necessary. - .S
Dr. King took the time to assess me and discuss what the future might hold. We developed Plan A and a Plan B for the immediate plan of attack. In the meanwhile I have talked to several other people who are current patients and ones that will be soon and everyone has had positive things to say. - .T
As usual Dr. King was on time for my appointment with him. I value and rely on his expert opinion concerning my back.I would never allow anyone else to perform surgery on my back or provide any neurological services.He is the best neurosurgeon in the Midwest as was stated in the article that was in a magazine. - N.J
I had back surgery on the above date. I was well taken care of by both Dr King and Dr Connelly and if there was anyone else, I don't know their names. I would recommend Dr King and company to anyone anticipating back surgery!!They rock!. Dr King's sense of humor is most uplifting! He made me feel good even when I was hurting. - Roseann S Sass
Very good. Informative on time. Concerned about patient. - S.K
He was great.. He put us at ease and explained what he was going to do in detail. Very good bedside manner. Also friendly. - P.K
I have seen Dr. King in the past. He has done surgery on me in the past also. I am very happy with him and very much like his explanations and choices he gives you. - .Z
Hospital time and surgery was as expected. It was good to be able to go home the same day. Dr. King was correct about the amount of pain and when it would be the worst. I was prepared for this. The tube in my throat caused swallowing problems for more that a few days.Post op appointment assured me that my healing was on schedule although I still would have some pretty severe pain at times 4 to 5 weeks after surgery. - W.S
Dr. Christopher King was beyond phenomenal! He took great care in explaining what was going on and what he was going to do to treat me. The surgery was a success and he was wonderful afterwards whentalking with my husband, according to my husband. He followed up with me in the hospital which made me feel good. His bedside manor is wonderful. Most doctors act rushed and like they could care less. Not Dr. King. I have been bragging about him since then. Even his staff was incredible with communication. If anyone needed a neurosurgeon I would recommend Dr. Christopher King amongst anyone else. - J.D
Immediate diagnosis after going to urgent care and told something completely different. Instilled confidence in me from the very start. Explained surgery, diagnosis, treatment, aftercare, precautions, long-term expectations, etc. with patience! Was readily available after surgery and being home. Would never have had this much confidence with anyone else. Trusted him completely. Believe someone was looking out for me to have gotten him for a doctor. So grateful!! - Jeffrey Schwenn
I was very pleased with my evaluation by Dr. King! His approach was very concise & direct. My husband and I appreciate that he also listened to our questions and concerns, as we measured our options. I would highly recommend Dr. Christopher King! - Kathleen M Schroeder
Excellent surgeon! Explains in detail what needs to be done; checks on you and your care staff daily. Would recommend him to others. - A.B
I was very satisfied with my appointment. Dr.King explained my bone scan. I trust him completely with whatever needs to be done. - .M
Dr. King was very thorough. He listened to me, checked my strength & reflexes and went over my MRI's in detail with me. I am happy that I am not a surgical candidate yet, but I understand what is going on. - Donald W Grant
Dr. King explained the results of my c/t scan. He was responsive to my concerns and made a referral to another physician to help resolve a second issue I am experiencing. - .W
Dr, King was very personable and put me at ease. He looked over my MRI, Bone Scan and Xrays and explained what each one of them showed. He was very through and honest what my condition would require and then presented a plan that he thought would be appropriate. I agreed with his recommendation and proceeded to take the next step. - Jeanette C Volkmann
All excellent. Well pleaded. Not too happy with results indicating one or two future operations but can't blame Doctor for my bad bones. See you in couple of months after hip revision surgery. - Frederick F Smart
He is the smartest m man I know,the care w as was outstanding and results I returned for a operation in a different area,trust a100 percent. - S.S
My visit was very informative, pleasant and non-stressful. Thank you. - Marylou J Moths
Dr. King was very informative and explained my situation in a way that my husband and I understood. He has a good sense of humor and spoke in a way that was calming. We both appreciated that. We felt like he was a friend speaking to us even though he had just met us. We felt at ease even though what he was explaining was difficult to know. I have a fear of the surgery, but feel that he will do his very best to restore my health.Thank you. - .S
The experience was very good! I would recommend Dr. King to others. - S.T
1st time meeting Dr. King, made me feel very comfortable. I had trust in him that he would do the very best for me. Looking forward to seeing him again.Would recommend Dr. King to anyone who has back pain. - Kathleen M Horvath
Preparation for the surgery was carried out quite thoroughly with Dr. King and my other Doctors PCF - Dr. Klemish; & my cardiologist - Dr. Weinburg). Surgery went well, but great discomfort and pain post opt especially the first two days and fairly rough the next two weeks. This was somewhat expected given the condition of L# after surgery; but daily improvement there after saw healing and steady improvement each day after two weeks post opt. - Robert M Stankovsky
I went for a recheck of my lumbar spine after exhausting my pain management possibilities. Dr. King showed me where the problem is nerve compression at L2-3. I already have fusions at L 4-5. He explained that the lower back pain (which is much less intense) would probably not be fmuch improved, but that the fusion should help stop referred pain into my left hip and entire left legdown into my foot. Currently i am barely able to walk from my bed to the bathroom without significant pain, or to even sit in my favorite chair to read for very much time.Unfortunately I will not be able to have the surgery until December 7th. His scheduler assured me she would get me one of the three anesthesiologists that I trust, since I have severe cervical injury caused by an anesthesiologist that has led me to Social Security complete disability six years, along with PTSD. I have also requested a patient advocate 24/7 because pf abuse this August 28-30 leading to a major PTSD attack and nightmares since that time. I am scared out of my mind, but the alternative could eventually lead to being wheelchair bound or worse.Dr. king is kind and compassionate, and i am counting on him following through. I am looking forward to a much better 2017! - .M
Dr King was extremely pleasant to work with. He explained everything in such a thorough way that I had very few questions.I would recommend him to anyone - K.P
We went thru all the procedures on Sept 13 , Then a follow up on Oct. 20 . This was necessary for me to understand the complete lower back laminectomy which was very troubling to know that , this is not very good with the possibility of losing what little mobility i have at this time , further discussions with my wife have put me in a holding pattern due to fact that i thought their were better advances in the back without fusion . Dr King has presented this very well with all bases covered . I am still looking for anything to help me at this time to prevent surgery or prepare me for surgery with new options . Dr. King is the only surgeon that will be doing anything to my spinal cord , also i hope new ways and means come to light .Thank You So Much DR. King and See Jim Babe - J.B
Awesome experience! Dr. King showed us what's going on in my spine and why I'm in more pain. He took time to name each piece of the puzzle while pointing it out on the MRI. He also discussed the plan for surgery and put our fears to rest. Dr. King does excellent work. He did my cervical fusion four years ago. I'm a repeat customer! - Andrea G Badon
This is the second time I've needed Dr. King's expertise, and again I left feeling that I was getting the best advice and care possible. - .O
Words cannot express my pleasure in meeting Dr. King. Having Dr. King do my surgery was a God-send. I am at home and getting around in almost no pain. I certainly have and will recommend him to anyone. - .F
As always Dr. King made me feel as if my wellbeing was the priority. - J.E
Dr. King is very informative and he answered all my questions. He did a great job on the surgery back in July and would definitely recommend him to others - T.King
Dr. King performed a craniotomy on Sept. 14 th I was sent home on the 15th and have had issues or problems. Everything went well. - C.B
Helpful, honest and supportive in a difficult situation. - D.W
Dr. King very thoroughly went through and explained the results of my MRIs. He always educates and shows me exactly what is going on with my spine. He is realistic and conservative about surgery. I feel confident in his judgment. He did not recommend surgery. I also enjoy his dry sense of humor. - L.M
I saw Dr. King for bilateral lower back pain radiating down both legs. A variety of procedures had been previously tried by other physicians to determine the cause and decrease the intensity of my pain. Dr. King listened carefully to my concerns, did an exam and prescribed a diagnostic procedure not previously used. This yielded encouraging results to explain my pain. - .M
I was recently diagnosed with a nerve sheath tumor. Dr King took the time to review my MRI with my husband and I, the surgical procedure I would need to have it removed and what I could expect post-op. Dr King answered all of our questions without appearing rushed. I felt confident and prepared for surgery. - M.G
Dr. King explained what needs to be done very thoroughly to me and made me feel confident that all will go well. A very comfortable experience. He is very kind, I enjoyed talking with him again. - Rosemarie Verg
My husband & I were very pleased with our visit with Dr. King. He was very patient & extremely thorough.Took time to explain the results of a CAT scan that was ordered thru a different physician. Dr. King is the only doctor to give me some hope that my existing symptoms might be diagnosed with additional testing. He also told me not to give up, as he would find an answer to my problem. Thank you Dr. King. - D.I
Met with Dr. King to review MRI results. Dr. King was very patient with my questions and explained everything in easy to interpret language. He was very thorough. - .H
This was a post-op visit. Dr. King reviewed my MRI & explained various findings. He also explained my options, of which he graciously answered all my questions. We agreed on a plan and I left his office completely happy and confident that I have gotten excellent care. I consider him my hero. - P.E
I had surgery to repair a spinal fluid leak. Dr King did a fantastic job. - A.B
I think the surgery went as well if not better than expected. At least to date (1 week later)everything seems to be healing well and I am stronger than expected. - Alan T Bautch
Excellent as always! Top notch in every way! - .M
Dr. King reviewed my MRI with my husband & me, carefully explaining what we saw there & offering his opinion for treatment. He is very caring & compassionate, professional, and an excellent physician. (He performed surgery on my back in May of 2013, & the pain relief I experienced was amazing. Unfortunately, my back has continued to deteriorate due to arthritis ...) I feel fortunate to have him for my neurosurgeon! - Susan B Smith
He was very easy to talk to. He explained everything so we could understand it. He did an excellent job on the surgery. I had no pain after and no need to even take pain pills. All and all I would rate Dr. King excellent! - J.S
My care coordinator See answered every question in a timely manner and Dr.King made sure I was getting the very best level of care for my specific needs.He even worked with my insurance company to make sure the procedure could go forward and was the right course of treatment for me. He explained everything in great detail, so I knew what to expect. Overall a great experience. - Marie A Mullen
Dr. King described my condition, showing me MRI films. He was very thorough and made sue I understood his explanation. - M.S
Dr. C. King in my opinion is the epitome of what the medical profession should be. He spent time explaining my situation & options. He has always been polite, professional & empathetic. He is very honest regarding results of treatment,good or bad. I always feel secure in his care and know what to expect. In my opinion his ethics, knowledge & skills are impeccable. I only wish we had more physicians like him. I trust him implicitly. - P.E
Paul & I were in a vehicle accident with our vehicle And PAUL THOUGHT It was a good idea to have Doctor King look at his neck to make sure there was no damage done to it as it turned out his neck was not injured It actually was healed properly. We had a very nice conservation and about the accident in general. Doctor King did examine his neck. - P.H
Dr. King explained to me what was going on with the pain I had. He said I was able to increase the Gabapentin one day at a time. He said it will improve a little at a time and to hang in there. Dr. King is an awesome doctor. - Rosemary Palmer
It was an experience with the best out come I could ask for. Dr. King knew I was in great pain and even got my surgery set for an earlier date. He was the best afterward spent time with me to explain everything. His staff at the office was the best I have ever seen. When I go back for my checkup I will thank them all. - A.B
Professional, succinct, and to the point. Clear explanation as to why surgery would be the preferred solution. - Robert M Stankovsky
Dr. King is a wonderful doctor. He is very patient with questions and gives complete responses. He does not make you feel rushed, I know he is very busy with many patients and responsibilities, but he focuses on his patient completely and takes time to discuss everything very well. Dr. King is obviously very knowledgable and well respected. This with his kind manner inspires confidence. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have him as my doctor. - Jeffrey N Schlueter
I had a great experience if you call having your head carved open fun. Dr. King was very knowledgeable and witty. - M.B
The day of surgery went exactly as planned. Follow up pain was intense for the first three days at home. The pain level was not unexpected. Pain diminished drastically on the fourth day home, six days after surgery. Healing progress could be detected from the day after surgery and is continuing to do so. The incision is healing nicely. Stairs have been no problem from the start. Walking is coming slower. Doing the recommended walking leaves my body weak.OT and PT were minimal in the hospital. Neither was prescribed after release. Teaching me a few techniques like putting on socks and shoes would have saved my wife (my caregiver at home) a small duty. She had her hands full the first week and any minor releif would help prevent being over-whelmed.I am extemely pleased with Dr. King's skills. I would recommend him to anyone. - T.S
Efficient checking in. Short wait time to see the doctor. Dr . King was very professional. Accomplished our appointment goals in a very short period time. Explained answers to my questions in a very thorough manner. Excellent experience. - W.B
Dr. King went over all my test results and explained everything to me. He is very professional and friendly. I think he is an excellent neurosurgeon. - R.P
In and out quickly told me what he was looking at and explained everything to me so I would understand and let me know what I need to do further - .P
On 25 May 2016, surgery for correction in the lumbar area was completely successful. Eventually, all pain disappeared and I was able to resume normal activities. Dr. King helped determine the limitations of movement and such, so I was able to formulate a plan to maximize my recuperation. Before surgery, he spent a good deal of time going over the MRI results with me, explaining exactly what showed on the film and what the surgery would involve. Dr. King spends three days a week in surgery and two in clinic, which to me indicates a surgeon who is on the cutting edge, so to speak. I was treated with respect by everyone and made to feel part of the process. I would recommend Dr. King to anyone needing help with spinal problems. - M.N
Dr. King and his care coordinator C are great. They assessed my injury and and created a plan of action when others ignored my pain. - D.M
Scary at first, hard to think about but I knew something drastically was wrong as I was passing out, I was admitted to Waukesha Memorial Hospital by my general practitioner and then introduced to Dr. King who ordered test to determine what was going wrong, after the test results were complete Dr. King came and talked to myself and family concerning my condition, and then the operation, it was a sucess and I'm on the road to recovery thanks to Dr. KIng, Dr. Elangovan and Dr Schellinger, and the Pro Health staff, I feel blessed and feel any one in need of this kind of situation should all feel blessed. Dr. King did a follow up office visit with Margie and myself and explained in exact detail what and how he performed the operation and what to expect in the future. - .D
I like the straight forward approach from Dr King. No beatin around the bush with him, I appreciate that. See was awesome with returning calls and answering any questions I had. It was nice to see Dr. Bartel earlier in day. Thank you all for the best care you give. - M.C
Doctor King was very patient with me as I considered surgery. I have had so many surgeries and did not want another. But he explained to me that if I waited the surgery would be more difficult. The results have been very good. He is very thorough and had a very good team of nurses, etc. for my surgery. He is a very good Neuro Surgeon.Sincerely,Kathleen Boyle - K.B
I had a great deal of pain in my left leg. I met with Dr.King. He spent a lot of time going into great detail regarding what was causing my pain and what he could do for it. I felt that he cared about helping me. The surgery went well. I had some pain during the first week which was controlled with medication. The second week I used only ibuprofen. I would rate Dr.King, as simply GREAT! I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. - C.D
Excellent care provided by DR King .....thank you again...Andy V - A.Verburgt
THe check in was fast and easy. I only had to wait a few minutes and I was called back. The nurse was very nice and helpful. I waited a few minutes and Dr. King came in. He checked me over and told me what the problem was and treated me for it. I really like Dr King. - E.P
DR. King was a tremendous help to me, very professional, caring and compationate. He also has a greet sense of humor! His skills as a surgeon have enabled me to continue to enjoy life and be productive! His staff was also excellent. I am very glad to know DR. King and and am pleased with the way my situation was handled. - P.L
Love how Dr. King explained everything to me.He is the best and I will highly recommend him. - G.P
My experience was excellent. I had knowledge of Dr. King , previously he had performed a cervical fusion on my husband , with perfect results.After receiving my MRI report ,I knew I needed to see Dr King. I called for an appointment, frightened, not knowing what to expect. The nearest appointment was June 21st . Ruth , his office personal was extremely polite and promised to talk to Dr. King's scheduler and was able to get me in 2 days later. Dr King exudes experience and confidence. Even though I would have preferred a different result , I trust his opinion and know he will do his very best on my upcoming surgery. - C.K
Everything went fine with the dr. I am going to have a shot in my hip tomorrow Thank you Evelyn - E.S
Follow up appointment with Dr King. Very inciteful on what I am allowed to do following surgery and not. My position in the ER is very physically demanding and knowing when I will be able to return to work without limitations is important. - J.B
Dr. King explained everything in detail, using appropriate terms and checking to make sure I understood everything. He was attentive to my questions and didn't rush the appointment, which was much appreciated, considering the delicacy of a spine and the attendant structures, and what treatments I could be facing. Dr. King also has a fine sense of humor, which helped keep my anxiety level in check. He clearly knows his business, and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing spinal evaluation and/or treatment. - Mary Ann Noe
After reviewing my MRI, Dr. King and I discussed my options for surgical and non-surgical procedures. I was given pages of information on the surgical procedure and decided I needed to think about what option I want to pursue. I appreciated the information given to me and the lack of "pressure" to go straight to surgery. - B.P
Dr. King is an excellent neurosurgeon. I cannot imagine, nor would I allow, anyone else doing surgery on my spine.Dr. King explains, in detail, exactly what he is going to do and why. Questions are answered in a manner that is understood in layman terms. His reputation, as a doctor and a person, is five star.Norma Julian - Norma J Julian
I saw Dr. King to explore whether something could be done to relieve my back pain. After some explanation from Dr. King about my condition, he wanted an up-to-date MRI before discussing any treatment. He ordered an MRI and I have an appointment to see him again after the MRI is completed. - B.P
The help was very nice and Dr king is very nice to me and I hope I get good results. - E.S
I was pleased with the visit I had with Dr. King. He was my surgeon in 2006 when I had to have brain surgery. He is through in his assessments and shows genuine care for his patients. - P.J
This was my 6 month post-op visit. Although I am still have a quite a bit of pain Dr King indicated It should get better. I certainly hope so. Everyone at the office is always very polite and helpful. - T.H
From start to finish Dr. King was up front and professional in explaining what my options were and did an excellent job on my surgery with excellent results. - h..
Everything was very efficient and everyone was very friendly and kind. - H.,
I have had 2 lumbar surgeries with Dr. King and the results were excellent both times. - Palmer, Rosemary ..
I had a cervical fusion C5-6, 6-7 12/16/15. I was very nervous and Dr. King made me feel very comfortable. He explained exactly was he was going to do and what to expect for recovery. The surgery and recovery went well. His assistant See was very helpful before and after surgery when I called with questions. I have referred him to family members and coworkers. I am very happy that I had the surgery, I feel better already! - Rhonda L .K
So far I am very happy with the results. I would however like a bit more feedback on my road to recovery. The operation seems very routine to the surgeon and staff, but is not for me.I feel good, but am worried about causing damage to the repair. I know I was given limitations, but it seems like the written sheets are generic in nature and cover all spinal surgeries not specific to mine. - Aprahamian, Gregory E .
I could not be more pleased with how I was treated by the surgeon and his staff. The surgery went off without a hitch and just as explained. I could not recommend Dr. King more highly! - M..
My experience with both Doctor King and his assistant, as always, was excellent. I appreciate that the staff at Neurologic Associates are caring, compassionate, and most importantly, very knowledgable in their professional expertise; whether it be at the front desk, or in the doctor's office. Thank you for your care! - C..
I had a fall on 1/18, and I had cervical and lumbar MRIs on 2/6 ordered by my pain management doctor. I received the results on 2/8, had concerns, and wanted to review the results with Dr. King and get his recommendations. Initially I was only able to schedule an appointment a month out, but with a cancellation was able to see him in just over a week. He was as usual, very easy to talk to, has a great sense of humor,and went through the results. He goes through the actual imaging, and shows me exactly what is going on. He is a very excellent teacher! He concluded that I did not need surgery at this time, and gave recommendations for pain management. His staff also was willing to get another unrelated MRI ordered by a non-Prohealthcare doctor put into Epic so that it would be a part of my complete medical record. This was accomplished in only about fifteen minutes. I felt this was going above and beyond on their part! - Myszewski, Linda H .
Dr. King explained everything in a way we could understand. I have complete confidence in Dr. King that he is doing everything he can to relieve and fix my mom's back. - Schaefer, Esther M ..
I would recommend Dr. King as a great Neurosurgeon to get treatment from.See Xiong is proficient and courteous whenever I have a question or a need for pre and post surgical care. She is a great asset to Neurologic Associates. - M.T
Experience was very positive. Dr. King's staff was friendly and prompt. Dr. King was to the point and I greatly appreciated his expertise in describing my recent surgery. Overall a very satisfying and pleasant visit. - W.B
Prompt and thorough, answered questions I had with good explanations. - .K
after my first operation I've come to accept Dr king as much of a friend as my doctor. i completely trust his advice as truthful far more so than the pro health care or the insurance company's.. I've been to some of his discussions during and after hours at the hospital. though i have moved a three hour drive i will continue to come to waukesha for my medical care because of drs. such as Dr king, Dr Wilson Dr Tanel Dr Donaparthi all of whom i owe my health completely too.these Drs. exemplify the way the medical field should operate. the staff of these drs. are also the best I've experienced in my 60 yrs. after having some insurance issues i've been able to witness RN's clair and Jen fight like gladiators to try to solve the issue. personaly i believe people such as these should be what the medical field should be thank you all for your help in my health care i owe you my life! - .M
Dr. King went over the pictures of my CT Scan and explained everything I needed to know in words I could understand. This was very helpful to me. - P.E
I went to several Doctors and it has been over six years, no one found my problem. I went to Dr King and he found it in five minutes! I now have pain relief! I couldn't be happier! - W.D
I have been very pleased by the professional service I have received from Dr. King. - D.W
Once again Dr. King did GREAT job with my surgery - C.J