Brian Chapman, MD Neurologist

1111 Delafield St. Ste. 105

Waukesh, 53188
(262) 542-9503
Good experience - D.S
We were in for a follow up visit. The front desk checked us in and was very friendly. The time in the waiting area was very short. In the doctors room blood pressure was taken and info verified. Doctor Chapman arrived and was in a very friendly mood. Talked with me as to how everything was going and answered all my questions and also my wife's concerns. - D.S
Very nice doctor - C.N
Arrived 15 minutes prior to appointment. The doctor was running behind schedule. Spoke to him about my medications. Changed dosage of one medication from two a day to 1 1/2 twice a day. Waiting for a new medication that will actually decrease my shaking. Made another appointment for six months. - J.G
Arrived 15 min. before appointment time. The doctor was running behind schedule. Had to wait about 30 minutes.After I saw the doctor, he requested I go upstairs to get a blood test. I asked if I could get this done at the Muskego ProHealth, and he said that was okay. I normally go twice a year to have my liver checked since I am taking Tecfidera. When we were leaving, the nurse handed me a form to have another test done. This was at a different location than what I am used to. When I got home, I accessed Quest Diagnostics website. Looking up Stratify JCV Antibody ELISA....I found it was a test for PML. I thought that PML was only for people taking Tysabri, but found it was also for people who take Tecfidera. That would have been nice to know. - K.G
Explanations were easy to understand. - S.B
Visit to Dr. Chapman was positive and through. Was pleased with staff and appointment and follow through. - M.A
Dr Chapman took the time to listen to me, that is VERY important to me, he explained the medicine to me and we agreed on everything going forward, very happy with my choice in seeing Dr Chapmanm the ladies at the front desk as well as his nurse were very friendly, made me feel comfortable, I would recommend him to my friends if they are in need of a neurologist, - J.G
Excellent doctor - excellent staff. - M.S
My husband and I both visit Dr. Chapman for our sleep apnea. On our visit we discuss any concerns and learn of ways to continue a healthy lifestyle that lead to a better quality of sleep. - P.W
Always takes good care of me - D.H
Loved that I got results immediately, quick and timely diagnosis. - C.M
Dr Chapman made me feel comfortable and confident in his treatment - D.S
Very good visit. - J.B
Always helpful! - J.G
Little wait time, efficient and friendly staff. - J.L
Overall good experience - J.C
Everything was great. All of the employees are very nice and helpful. - D.H
excellent visit - T.D
Her first name is Cloie, appointment was a follow up. There are some adjustments being made in her meds to see if there will be any difference in her hand tremors and also her headaches.It'll take a little time to see some results.Always great service and very happy with the Doctors that we've had! - C.B
I was pleased with Dr. Chapman service that I was given it was short vist but a good one. Care was given that I needed. - K.R
The staff is always friendly and helpful. Dr. Chapman is professional and very caring. Our experience has been great. - T.S
Scheduled a test in Milwaukee I feel very confident with dr. Chapman and his staff thank you - G.P
Good! - A.P
Had a good experience with this appointment, as always. Short wait, pleasant area, very nice staff to work with. - A.R
Very pleased with the treatment. - W.M
Excellent - D.S
It was ok. Waiting on the be scheduled for my mri and results. - C.N
Every one was very prompt and helpful. I’m not very impressed with the doctor though. - M.C
Headache Annual Appointment - P.N
He was very concerned about my constant migraines due to having all of my teeth pulled out and to this day, I am still having non stop migraines which I can't do anything since it affect my vision especially when I'm driving. - S.R
At first I was very concerned. After the tests were finished I felt much better. - Patricia Skibba
Staff is always professional and friendly and Dr. Chapman always listens and is awesome. - S.V
Overall appointment ok. However, wrong dosage of medication called into pharmacy, which led to another trip for us to the pharmacy to correct. Which, then, resulted in a 2nd payment on our end as the error was from the doctor's office, so the pharmacy could not take the medication back, because once it leaves their facility, they can't take it back & could not give us a credit.Also, the correct spelling of my 1st name is Vernon vs. Vermon.Thank you - v.H
Very helpful and also the discussions about Sciatica nerve issue - Darrell R Vandervelden
Dr. Chapman understood my situation, was supportive, and offered suggestions/options to help me with my decision for my next course of action. I am very pleased with the results! Kelly, as always, was very helpful and scheduled my appointment with Dr. Chapman which enabled me to see him promptly. Thank you both ☺ - Linda L Dougherty
Everything went very smooth. Very friendly staff. Willing to go above to make sure medications were covered and reasonable. Thank you. - .W
I was very pleased with the doctor and staff at the clinic. Adequate attention was given to my concerns. - .K
The staff was efficient, professional and very kind to us. Dr. Chapman was professional and direct yet,he had a caring manner. We were not rushed and Dr. Chapman answered all of our questions. The office was busy thus the wait time was a little longer than expected. It was z great visit. - S.T
I am very happy with the care that I am getting from Dr Chapman and his staffThank you - D.S
Felt extremely comfortable and confident with the evaluation and diagnosis. Keep up the good work. It is wonderful to know that we have such great care in Waukesha. Peace - .Z
Very excited about the new medication. - .W
He does a great job on my treatment. - .J
Thank you for being kind and courtesy to me while you diagnosed my problems and for a thorough examination - .J
I was impressed that Dr. Chapman read the report from my recent hospital visit,which turned out to be OK - .W
I was pleased with the service. I'm looking forward to further testing. - .I
Way better than my past neurologist and much more available for schedules. - L.S
I was very satisfied with Dr Chapman and the staff, from receptionist on down. Very friendly upon checking in and checking out. - J.G
Went in for the results of my MRI. Dr.was very informative.. - .M
Excellant - J.R
Great experience. Answered all my questions. - D.Q
Quick appointment and discussion with dr. - J.F
Bad news on the diagnosis. But good doctor, etc. Jb - J.B
This was my first visit with Dr. Chapman and thought he was very attentive and thorough. (Spelled incorrectly?) I really liked him as a person. He was very nice to my sister and me. - .S
Staff was very welcoming and got me in quickly. - .R
Wonderful. Both doc n nurse review mom's health n answer all concerns. - B.B
Except for pain upon injections, everything else was great. - I.T
No waiting to see Dr. Chapman. Very complete history and physical exam. Prompt execution of scheduled tests. Diagnosi reached and treatment suggested. Very satisfied. % stars - .H
I have been a patient of Dr. Chapman for many years. I have found him to be very good on meeting his appointment times. - .M
They have always been very pleasant here. My needs are taken care of in a timely manner. Never have I had a problem with my care. - .L
Quick and informative - .F
I have had restless leg syndrome for over 20 years. Have had help in getting relief, but it seems that theproblems have become more annoying the longer I have restless leg syndrome. The staff in Dr. Chapman'soffice have listened to me and have helped me to get relief. Dr. Chapman and his staff have been veryhelpful and understanding. - A.R
Everything went well. My only concern was dealing with Apria because they were calling for overseas. - .F
Well I had little wait time, the doctor listened to what I had to say and is really helping me . The staff is very nice and friendly and it is easy to make an appointment. - .K
As soon as we arrived, we were asked to complete two surveys (patient and caregiver). Dr. Chapman asked my husband how he was doing with the new drug he is taking for his Parkinson tremor. He is also a patient of Dr. Chapman. We spoke about my Pars Planitis, macular degeneration, and cataracts and how they relate to my MS. I also told Dr. Chapman that we added some railings to our home to make it easier to move from one floor to another. I requested a prescription for Hydrocodone to help with pain management. Dr. Chapman wrote up an order for blood work. He request another MRI, since it's been a long since I had one done. I will have that done tomorrow, April 25. We completed the surveys and handed them in. I went upstairs for my blood-work to be done. With all that was going on, I forgot to ask him how the stem cell research was coming along for people suffering with MS. Scheduled another appointment for 6 months from now. - .G
I was examined for my equilibrium imbalance and told there is no treatment for it aside from the medication I am prescribed. - D.D
It went well.. - .G
My visit with this office was excellent! No complaints whatsoever. - P.W
This was my 1st appointment with Dr. Chapman after my D.A.T. Scan. The results were what we expected. Dr. Chapman is very comforting telling you what you expect, but hope otherwise. He's very thorough and listens to you and answers your questions. He explained the medication therapy we're going to take and also explained in detail the medication side effects that may occur. - .W
No call about EEG test results. Had to call. - M.H
The staff is always kind, Dr Chapman always takes time and explains everything and shows great compassion and concern for me personally , I appreciate and value his care for me. - .H
I received results that I did not expect but was glad to receive. He gave me information on the new medication I will be receiving and then he took the time to answer all my questions. We discussed alternative treatments for some ongoing symptoms. He meets all my needs. - M.K
Dr Chapman was attentive and kind. - .S
good - E.E
Treatment for trigeminsl neuralgia is very subjective and difficult with Doseing of medication . Dr is an excellent listener and very patient . - J.B
I originally had Dr. Genevieve Jones for years. When she left, "Jeannie" met with me for my annual visit for 2 years. I then was notified that I needed to meet with Dr. Chapman, who was now the doctor overseeing me and prescribing the Lyrica that Dr. Jones had begun for treatment of my migraines. I understand that is a necessary protocol. When I met with Dr. Chapman recently, I did feel somewhat rushed--the appointment with him lasted approximately only 10 minutes. Although my concerns were discussed and met, I did feel he was not "involved" like Dr. Jones was. I understand that he had to stay on schedule with his patients... I guess I just need to get to know him better in the future. - .D
My experience overall was very good. Dr. Chapman seems truly concerned to find out what is wrong with me. I' hoping to be scheduled sooner. than the 27th for the nerve tests. Thanks, Michael Grbich - .G
Dr Chapman was very informative, on time and answered all my questions. I felt very relieved after I left. The scheduled time was made convenient and the staff was professional and helpful. - M.M
Was very nice. A good friendly Doctor. - .R
Very well done - G.R
Yearly checkup. All ok as usual - K.C
Great follow-through. - .L
All around good everything goes smoothly - .S
The staff always greets you when you arrive. Everyone gets to know you and treats you like family. Kelly Dr.Chapman's assistant is very nice and helpful always follows through so you never have issues with tests, Rx, ect. Dr. Chapman is awesome his perseverance to find a solution to my Autoimmune disease. He always is very positive and that makes me feel good. - J.P
My appointments are always on time, I never have to wait. The staff is amazing. Listens attentively and makes sure all concerns are addressed. Dr Chapman is very thorough and asks questions in order to make sure I haven’t forgot anything. Which usually I have. I couldn’t be any more satisfied. Thank You to Dr Chapman and his Team. - .C
Met with Dr. Brian Chapman. He prescribed me a different medication to control my tremors. - J.G
In and out quickly with great service - .B
Had a pleasant experience. - M.G
I was called into my appointment on time. Dr. Chapman was polite and talked me through the procedure, which was very appreciated as I'd never had an EMG before. - P.D
Pleasurable experience, I would recommend Dr. Chapman to anyone - J.M
good - .S
Got in quickly, got examined quickly, gave me direct and clear results and instructions. Dr. Chapman is great-so easy to deal with and talk to. - .F
Very good - W.M
Had a great experience at dr Chapman’s office. Every thing went well I was totally happy with my appoint and testing experience. I feel Dr Chapman was a very good provider of service, was excellent in communicating details with me. Would highly recommend to anyone who would ask! - Patricia L Barney
Dr. Chapman truly seems to care about his patients he takes the time to listen to your questions and he also asks questions. He does test on you when are warranted and before you leave he makes sure that you have your proper medications, this is the kind of doctor I want to go to - M.R
Very little wait to see the doctor. Staff was pleasant. Doctor was kind & instructed me as to what he thought was best treatment at this time. - V.H
He checked my hands and said there was nothing that could be done anymore. - R.R
Everything was Great, no wait time and the staff was excellent. - T.R
Doctor Chapman has great bedside manner . He doesn’t mess around , gets straight to the point . He has done me great at the diegnoss as well as the after careI am extremely satisfied with Doctor Chapman . Thanks to the whole team - R.B
I came about 15 minutes early for my 9am appointment with my forms filled out. I think I waited a short time after my appointment time in the waiting room and also the treatment room. I needed some blood tests and I was glad that the lab was in the same building. - J.J
Very nice .Dr. Chapman gave me his results and was very niceL. Matt Wellford - L.W
Overall experience was good. - .Z
Staff and Dr where attentive. They worked diligently to schedule my test in an expedient manner. - R.A
Great, easy experience as always. - S.S
Thank you for always being caring and thoughtful. - .W
Fast and informative appointment - T.P
Doctor Chapman is very good. He is caring, and knows things I didn't even know about myself.I will tell others about him too. - C.J
I just love dr Chapman he goes over everything with me. He listens to everything i have to say. Im so glad i have him for my dr. - .H
It is nice. - D.R
Very good - .H
i didn't have to wait long. Dr. listened to me and seemed to care about my problems I would definately continue to see him. - M.M
Always a pleasure seeing Dr. Chapman, he has always helped me to the limit that I can be helped - .M
Review of medication and movements. - J.F
The wait time was short. Dr. Chapman answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. - D.D
Dr. Chapman put me at ease, the staff was great. - .P
Very pleasant receptionist and nurse. I felt you listened to me and appreciate that. - T.W
I was very happy with my overall visit - N.M
While traffic made me late, focus was where it should be. Work now is going well. - W.Y
having botox treatmentsfor migraines. they are helping me to experience less of them. The administration of them needs to be located in the upper half of head and not on lower right side due to trauma there, all in all, great Dr,, great staff and a great facility - I.T
From the time I arrived and checked in there was very little time before I was asked to come in brought to my examination room, very little time for the doctor came in for my examination. My examination was very good doctor asked me when he would like to see me next. My appointment was made and off I went. - R.M
My experiences at Dr. Chapman's office have been exceptionally great. From the reception staff to the nurses and especially to Dr. Chapman.All around GREAT.Cheri Enters - C.E
I went for my yearly check up. - D.B
Very persistent and found answers - R.B
Went great - C.P
Arrived at facility 15 minutes prior to appointment. Staff greeted me promptly. Waited about 10 minutes until called into doctor's office. Assistant took my blood pressure and vitals, checked medication list. Soon after Dr. Chapman arrived. We spoke about my condition. Nothing new. I gave him a form that I needed for him to fill out. He competed the form. I left his office and scheduled the next appointment to return in six months. I went upstairs for a blood tested. Left the building. - K.G
I was looked after immediately with no wait time. Referred to computer notes and informed of another prescription after my surgery recoup. Good bedside manners. - M.A
This was a new test for me. Dr. Chapman was awesome. He explained the test and quickly completed it. Everything was wonderful. Good job! I wish every clinic ran like 1111 Deleafield. - S.H
no specific comments at this time - .G
I have no issues or complaints. Outstanding VS. - W.M
Good all over. - .H
Waited only 5 or so minutes to see doctor, and he had fully reviewed my case prior to coming in. Doctor listened carefully to my concerns and asked me questions about how I was feeling too. He included me in the decision making for treatment and follow up and explained everything clearly. - Dean R .B
Very nice people. Excellent bedside manners. - Milagro Levy
Five stars applies to everything and everyone associated with you, Dr. Chapman. I appreciate the timeliness with which everything is handled by your staff. I am very impressed and appreciative of how you, as my doctor, treated me from the time you entered the exam room until we were finished with the appointment. Instead of looking at the computer records and talking to me, you sat across from me, looked at me, assured me you had reviewed the records, and asked me to tell you my story in my own words. Thank you.I look forward to the follow up visit in a month as we continue to look for answers to my concerns and test results.Take care,Cheri Enters - Cheryl R Enters
Dr. Chapman was very caring and detailed oriented. He answered my questions in a way that I understood. I am excited to start my treatment plan and look forward to my next visit with him to discuss my progress.Thank you Dr. Chapman and Staff. - D.B
I was treated well by the staff and in a timely manner. Dr. Chapman's examination was thorough and to the point, very expertly professional. - E.S
Staff is wonderful. - .L
Very professional, caring. - .P
I like Dr. Chapman. He seems very capable and professional. That said, because of the tenuous nature of my condition, I do not like to wait two weeks for the results. - A.G
staff and nurses were very friendly, as always, and very polite. Although Dr. Chapman was running behind today, which is abnormal for him, they were very supportive of my 'having to leave soon' and once in the patient room, i was seen right away so I could get to my next p;ace on time :) All in the office made my visit pleasant. - L.H
I have always been pleased with the staff and doctors who care for my son, who is an adult, but requires some assistance and does not always cooperate in a pleasant way. - M.S
2 yrs & 6 doctors later, Dr Chapman was the 1st doctor to give me a diagnosis, with a possible solution. Only wished I had found him sooner. Thank you Dr. Chapman. - D.I
I love going there they are all so nice. And dr champan is a great dr. Talks to u like a human instead of big terms. I love having him for my dr. - L.H
DR. Brian A. Chapman is a GREAT DR.! He understand the needs of older people. He takes time to understand you too. I just love him as a Doctor. - C.J
My visit with dr chapman was to try to find out reason for blackouts. Tests are currently being done. - D.B
My experience was good. - J.D
Excellent Doctor very patient oriented. Excellent staff customer friendly and very curteous So glad I picked this professional caring team - .J
After 1 1/2 years of leg numbness, foot numbness, pain & tingling, & seeing multiple drs, with multiple treatments, I had no resolution of my systems. Dr. Chapman was the 1st to give me a diagnosis & a course of treatment which he helps will resolve my problems. I only wish that I had seen him 1 1/2 years ago. I feel that I finally have some hope. Thank you Dr. Chapman. - D.I
very good - .M
Very much appreciate that Dr Chapman ordered a CT scan of my head that resulted in a accurate diagnosis of my problem. His opinion and advice after the scan helped me make a treatment decision that seems optimal for me at this time. - M.N
I came for an evaluation and that is exactly what was provided. I would like to see the MRI results on screen and review it with Dr.Chapman on my follow-up visit. - F.P
Dr. Chapman is very good, and I like him very much.I think he is a good choice for me. I was worry about using Methylphenidate for over 15 years and Dr. Chapman had the same worries as I had. I'm now taking less and less of Methylphenidate until I don't have any left. Then I'll go back and see if I need any thing else. I LOVE Dr. Brian Chapman! - C.J
Dr. Chapman is always courteous, attentive, and able to work with me to solve my issues. I have always had a positive experience when visiting Neurological Associates. Five Stars at all levels. - .L
Great - .K
Facility is very conveniently located. Staff was friendly and wait time was okay. Dr. Chapman spent time with me. We spoke about my medication and new treatments. Scheduled my appointment before we left. Overall experience was good. - J.G
Everybody was nice and pleasant, Dr got right to the issues and scheduled the test immediately. He was well receptive to my abilities and I think it will be A nice patient Dr. relationship - D.M
Very positive experience. Dr Chapman explained the procedure clearly so that I understood the test. - .J
Dr. Chapman has developed a treatment program that appears to be sustainable and conservative.He doesn't over-schedule appointments.He seems somewhat rushed during appointments. - D.R
Everyone was friendly and helpful.Dr Chapman .was very easy to talk to and understand. - .B
From the minute I walked in the door I was treated outstanding by the staff very short wait time. Dr. Chapman is an outstanding intelligent doctor! Very pleasant and I recommend him to everybody I know!!! - J.F
Listened to what i had to say - .C
overall everything was good no complaints - .S
To begin the office staff is polite, friendly and efficient. Dr Chapman is very professional, listens well and seemed genuinely concerned about my health. He was honest about test results and whether surgery would help. He answered our questions honestly. We were impressed. - Brandon Schroeder
Dr Chapman is very easy to talk with. - .B
Everything was great - .L
The visit was efficient and quick. and was explained very well. I felt better after I left the office. - .H
Dr. Chapman is very professional and very honest. He tells it like it is and he try's to work with you (not against you). We like Dr. Chapman and would recommend him to anyone. - .S
Pleasant - M.J
Short but sweet! Very glad to start weaning off the 2x daily Propanolol routine! Thanks for the foot check as well. - Richard L Farvour
Dr, Chapman is always very professiona - .M
Our appointment was made last minute. We arrived at 4:20 and were told we would have to wait until 5:00. At 4:40 we were called. The doctor completed the DMV forms and we were in our way. - .G
Only doctor who decided to have my foot x-rayed. It has been swollen and has ached for awhile. Everyone else just wanted to lower the swollen ankle. Found fractured toes. Thanks Dr. Chapman. - Milo V Collins
Regular check up after plasma pharisis. Doctor a little behind time, no major problem. - D.M
Dr. Chapman was easy to talk with and very thorough. I appreciate his concern with my problem. Hopefully he will find a solution if there is one. - Henrietta L Goodden
I had an EMG of my of R lower arm as I already have a two level fusion. I guess the test reviled I have a pinched nerve in my elbow. With not much pain in my elbow (ulnar) I do have a bad ulnar on my left that is horrible pain. Anyway my symptoms are severe pins and needles all the way to my finger tips all day weather arm straight or bent!! I didn't get a chance to talk to Dr about this. Also I can press on a spot near my cervical spine and this these symptoms will happen again no chance to talk Dr. My biggest issue is I walked out not know whats next???? Im miserable day n night, sigh.I think Dr Chapman is a good Dr just didn't talk to much. I tried telling him I have pain down my bicep at times?? - J.Trudeau
In order to receive a refill of my migraine medicine lamotragine, I had to come for an appointment. Also discussed meds for onset of migraine. Discussed reduction of one (of 2) of my migraine meds. Dr. Chapman was very accommodating. - S.J
A follow up appt. to review recent neuro testing. And med RX for results. - .R
The doctor didn't believe me regarding my family & especially my sister's prior history which could affect my treatment. He made me feel like his treatment w chronic migraines is the best when I think he's not exploring all options. He wants to do more Botox which is super expensive. I suggested altitude questions & he dismissed it immediately telling me I was stress free when I went on vacation. I am disappointed with his treatment plan but feel like I'm stuck. My sister had two brain surgeries & he suggested it was because she was over weight. Not the case. They couldn't see anything on her MRI. It was found in a spinal tap. He won't order one for me nor put me on a different prevention med I suggested. He said Botox is a preventative. I feel stuck..... - H.K
I was a little nervous at first, but Dr. Chapman made me feel comfortable. He explained what he was going to do and said how it would feel. I was very relaxed while this was done. I did have some questions and have made a follow up appointment. I was very satisfied with this appointment. - Roberta P Scheuer
I am very disappointed with the service I received. I've had migraines for almost 30 years, and dr Chapman basically told me there was nothing left to try. I asked about botox injections and he said my insurance wouldn't cover it. His own nurse said it would be covered if I had failed at least 3 other medications, which I had but Chapman seemed disinterested in even pursuing it. Another doctor treating me for an unrelated condition, in the same network, got it approved with no problems. When I tried to get my prescription renewed for my migraine medication I was told I needed a office visit, which I took off of work to go and Chapman seemed offended I went to another doctor for the injections, and said that the other doctor should prescribe the mediation going forward. A total was of time. I've used this medicine to abort migraines for 20 years. Terrible experience. - .H
Was very happy that Dr. Chapman answered my questions & will return in a few weeks for check up & will get all of my questions answered - Maribel.H
This was an informative visit. - J.D
Dr. Chapman is quick and efficient in his assessments. He seems to be aggressive in his treatments regarding medications. I feel comfortable with the frequency of the follow-up visits. - Douglas L Reiske
We had been to his primary the day before but they did not recognize it was shingles. My husband did give them some faulty information so that may have been why they didn't recognize it. We have been happy with Dr. Chapman for a long time. It was great that we could go to the Brookfield office as he wasn't at our regular Waukesha office. - .Campion
I had a.good appointment. I learned a few new things about my health problems. - N.P
Dr Chapman has always been very efficient. It has been a good experience over the last 17 years that he has been treating me. I feel comfortable recommending him to others. - G.B
It was fantastic, as usual!! - S.S
Dr. Chapman was very thorough explaining my MS condition and the potential medication change. His assistant was very helpful with the forms I need for future financial assistance.All service was top rate, as usual. Dr.Chapman is an outstanding doctor! - Victor E Gasperetti
Dr. Chapman was well prepared and told me immediately when I'll be able to drive again. He also procured the necessary forms to send into the DMV and took care of sending a prescription refill to Walgreens for me. He is very efficient. - W.P
On time. Efficient and kind. I could tell he was very experienced at administering the test. The test was at times uncomfortable but he was very understanding.asked about my symptoms first and listened to what I had to say. - .S
Initial meet and greet. Did not have past medical history's yet. Just discuss present medical concerns about my NPH and shunt problems. What and if any other treatments are likely. Recommend further Neuro testing. Then a follow up appointment after testing. - .R
I complained about my leg spasms and trouble sleeping. Dr. Chapman increased my Tizandine to 2Xdaily. Dr. Chapman will contact ACS Advanced Care Scripts Patient Care Specialist to request 3 month supply of Tecfidera instead of one month. I asked about a new medication for RRMS patients taken 2Xannually by iv. Told I aged out of that medication.Had blood test taken. Received results via MyChart. Looks okay to me.Scheduled next appt. for October. - .G
Well pleased with entire operation. - Joseph J Nuspl
I arrived at Dr. Chapman's office a little bit early. My waiting time was very short and was greeted with a smile as usual. Dr. Chapman's assistant is very thorough when I reached the examining room, and was treated very promptly with things she had to do. My waiting time was very short before Dr. Chapman came in the examining room. Dr. Chapman's concern was very professional and was glad that I was doing good. Dr. Chapman told me he would like to see me in 6 months. - .M
I was apprehensive about the test after I learned it involved needles, however, the nurse explained that it would be like getting a flu shot. Dr. Chapman was so experienced that I didn't have any pain. - .Formo
Very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Wished I came better prepared with questions to ask about the condition I had come in with. - .C
fine visit - T.D
He was very nice. Once I got in to see him he was quick and to the point. - B.B
Brief examination regarding stiffness in the cervical area was discussed resulting in a referral for an MRI procedure. - Gerald F Stern
Very good - .M
DR Chapman tested me and gave his diagnosis on the spot. Thank you - M.C
every was the best it could be - .B
Had a quick, to the point, follow-up with the doctor. Everything about the appointment was fine. - .K
Dr Chapman was very kind & helpful. He answered all my questions & addressed all my concerns. Dr.'s assistant, Amanda, was very kind while completing my history & taking other information. She even gave me directions to the Waukesha office. - Gloria Turcotte
First visit. Was impressed with how Dr Chapman relates with the patient. Seems to know what direction to take to get answers for the problem. - .K
20 minutes late for appt. Did not apologize for being late. Did not do a good job explaining results. Just indicated that the results will be in his report and to follow up with surgeon. - T.M
Dr. Chapman is very nice. No wait time. Good visit. - Peggy J Belaen
Great experience. Everyone was so pleasant, helpful and friendly. This started with my phone call to set up my initial appointment. Doctor Chapman listened and laid out a plan of care until my next appointment. He patiently listened to all my questions. Great experience. - T.W
Very good knowledgeable stafg - K.K
Very Good. Please note the new email address: - R.B
Appointment went as usual, except the doctor called in an order for some physical therapy at a place I would not go and especially because I told him my general doctor was prescribing this. - J.L
Friendly staff. It was very satisfying to see physician who really knows his field. - Wayne M Seiler
I had a very pleasurable experience with Dr. Chapman. - B.K
Dr Chapman performed and EMG and he was very kind and explained everything clearly so I could understand. - .B
Saw Dr. Chapman who prescribed an EEG and an MRI. Both technicians very nice and accommodating. Hated the MRI and hope never to have to do that again. Dr. Chapman very nice and responsive to my questions. On the whole a good experience if you have to have a medical experience. - .O
professional - G.R
It was a great experience. I think he wasn't running behind because I got right in. He gave me details on my procedure & answered my questions. - .K
very good - W.V
Good - G.Y
Localization-related focal epilepsy with simple partial seizures. - John D Galvan
Doctor was thorough is following thru with teats to determine what is going on and I feel very confident and assured with him. - Allan J Gabel
Dr. Chapman did a very good job performing a EMG to diagnose the nerve problems in my feet. The news was not good as he informed me that I had severe nerve damage from my knee to my toes.I wish that he had explained what my options were and how I could help the nerves recover. His recommemdation was to start taking Vitim B. I was satisfied with the visit. - N.A
I gave complete confidence in Dr. chapman.He came in e room, answered my questions in a manner I thought he was confident and right on the subject.I had gone to him before and the explanation of what was to happen and the result was just as he projected. - W.S
Staff an Dr Chapman were professional, courteous,with a wonderful greeting, felt real.Although this was first visit,I know future visits will be of impeccable service. - Peter J.B
receptionist was polite and friendly, nurse was quick and nice, dr. did all his tests, asked questions and was friendly. felt like i had enough time with him. gave me next steps to do. on time!! - .H
I was referred by my internist, Dr Michael Schneider, because the Rheumatologist I saw the week before felt that a follow up by a Neurologist was needed. I have numbness in my hands andfeet and though I have a B12 deficiency and am getting B12 shots. Dr Chapman tested several reflexes on my hands and feet and explained that an MRI of the cervical part of my spinewas needed. - Kathleen Wynveen
The appointment was on time Both Dr. chapman and his nurse were friendly. The Dr was thorough and kind. All questions were answered clearly. Extra steps to be taken were explained - K.M
Dr.Chapman treated Dan with the up most respect and went out of his way to help my husband. Dan was very distressed that day and Dr. Chapman calmed him down and helped him. Dr. Chapman helped him with his ongoing medical condition when Dan felt everyone else was just pushing him to the side. Excellent Care! - Daniel L Breidenbach
Dr. Chapman is an experienced professional. He did a though evaluation and listened attentively to my concerns. Dr. Chapman expedited immediate care for me at Waukesha Memorial Hospital. I am impressed and pleased with my treatment. - T.P
Currently under the care of Dr. Andrew Beykovsky . Underwent Anterior Cervical Disk Replacement on 1/11/17. Recovery has been smooth and uneventful, much less painful than I expected . Dr Beykovsky explained, in great detail , every step of the surgery as well as immediate and intermediate post-op periods. Very reassuring and clearly has the best interest of his patients in mind . - Loretta Bonness
It was nice. He explains what he is going to do and why. His reasoning was sound. I would recommend him to others. - W.S
Had an EMG. Explained what he was doing as he went along. Good experience. - .R
I had an EMG test done by Dr. Chapman. He was very calming. Explained what he was going to be doing and WHY. Put me at ease and told me the results as soon as he was done. It was altogether a positive experience. - S.H
Doctor Chapman was quick, efficient and helpful. - W.W
Dr was very concerned and tried to make me as comfortable as I could be. - J.P
Dr. Chapman was prompt and friendly, He explained the information we to know regarding Waynes Alzheimers. - Wayne M Seiler
Dr Chapman is a great dr. He will listen to everything u have to say or ask. He is wonderful dr who cares about your feelings. - Lisa L Hruska
Dr. Chapman and his MA were awesome! The only thing that bothered me is that I was asked to come 30 minutes early to check in. I got there 35 minutes early - checked in and sat there for the next 33 minutes. I think an extra 10 minutes for check -in is more than plenty. Otherwise had a great visit.Thanks. - K.S
Dr. Chapman was prompt in seeing me. He conducted the tests required and gave me the results prior to me leaving the office. He is very professional and I appreciated him explaining the tests and the procedures and giving me the results at the end of the testing. - P.E
My wait was short nd my eperience excellent - Robert J Iorio
My wife and I were very pleased with Dr. Chapman. He took all the time needed to explain and answer each and every question we had. He explained the medication prescribed in great detail. Please tell Dr. Chapman the medication seems to be helping said condition I will let him know more results as time goes . Please thank him from both my wife and me.Happy thanksgiving to allTim Foote - .F
Dr Chapman is a very caring doctor who listens carefully and then shares what needs to be done. He is very good with people who are dealing with multiple kinds of dementia. - R.L
Went in for regular periodic appointment. Doctor and everyone were great as usual. - .B
Had an EMG at the office. Dr Chapman was very nice and knowledgeable. - H.R
Dr Chapman performed a quick Neuro exam. Answered questions and concerns. Very personable to discuss issues with. I was satisfied with his conclusion. - S.W
The appointment provided a good review of my condition and progress. Discussion of where my condition is going or not going was very supportive, - .C
I would recommend Dr. Brian Chapman to anyone with neurology concerns. He is a very good physician. He made me feel comfortable right away. He also was good in preparing me for the neurological exam that I needed to have. I did not have to wait for him as he was on time for the appointment. I would give him a 5 star rating. - S.T
Check in was easy. Some one checked on me in the waiting room 3 times. Every one was helpful and friendly. Dr. Chapman was on time and thorough with his exam. - W.S
Every time I see the dr I always have a wonderful experience and the dr always listens to me. He gives me explanations that are easy to understand and truly cares for my well being and mental health. Thanks so much for taking time for me - Jennifer A Simpson
Dr Chapman was an extremely gentle physician. He was very prompt, and I did not wait in the room for him to arrive to the appointment. He was kind,caring and answered all my questions. - S.A
I have been going to Dr. Chapman for a little over a year. He is a great doctor and the service provided is great. I have been to numerous neurologists, over the years and found that many were very quick to jump to conclusions, overuse one type of medication, or be unaware of other options for treatment. After all, I have seen over 10 neurologists in at least 3 different countries; some where good, most were not. I went to Dr. Chapman based on my primary doctor's recommendation. This was his second recommendation, so I was a bit hesitant to put my faith in his abilities. When I arrived he proceeded to suggest a course of action, and have had taken that medication, I knew from experience, that it would not work for me. Immediately he was able to suggest another possible course of treatment, that up to today has worked wonders! He is truly a keep and I would wholeheartedly recommend him :D - S.S
Apt went very well. Feel very comfortable with Dr Chapman. He explained everything very clearly. - Steven Perille
It was focused, engaging & complete - Monica D Bryant
Dr. Chapman was very pleasant and efficient.He told me what I needed to do to get on with my life.Thank you very much. - Clara J Winters
The doctor was friendly as usual, we chatted a few minutes about how I was doing since the last visit. He than gave me three words to remember and repeat back after later conversation. These were Screwdriver, apple sauce and broomstick...We than talked about the new medication(Memantine)to back up the Rivastigmine, that I currently have been taking the last 6 or 8 years or more.That's about it.. I will see him in 6 months. 6-8 minutes. - K.N
Had EMG test. Dr. Chapman was great. Explained everything, what he was doing, why and the reaction expected. Very calm demeanor, very kind. Pleasant experience. - Susan M Baudo
Dr. Chapman answered all of my questions and explained everything until he was sure I understood - J.K
Appt was prompt, very informative and with a conclusive diagnosis! This was rather comforting as I've been dealing with my issues for nearly 10 months with any diagnosis and I have been seen by several other specialists. - .B
Dr.Chapman explained what he was going to doing next and how I would feel and react for each test. I appreciated that he explained to me the results and the course of action to be taken. - J.L
Dr. Chapman is very professional, has helped me as muchas possible - Donna L Manske
Dr Chapman is such a knowledgeable neurologist and I feel so comfortable having him as my doctor. - K.R
I always have great professional care and I always get my questions answer in a professional way. the staff is friendly. - Kelly Krebsbach
I felt that the doctor listened to me and explained my test results. I was frustrated coming in to the appointment because I have seen 2 doctors and not received any treatment but now I believe that Dr. Chapman will help me and get to the bottom of what is causing my symptoms. - D.H
Dr. was personable and efficient. - D.C
Doctor is very professional, I feel very comfortable with him. - D.M
I was greeted and welcomed with respect by all members of the staff and the doctor. I would recommend them to anyone. - J.V
Dr. Chapman met with us to hear how Bob's Lewy Body Dementia is progressing. As Bob's caregiver, I always appreciate Dr. Chapman's insight and ability to read between the lines of what Bob says is going on. Dr. Chapman always ask me questions regarding to past two months. What I really appreciate as a caregiver is how quickly Dr. Chapman gets back to me whenever I have a question or concern. Just today, August 1st, his nurse called me to tell about how she had been working to find a possible GPS tracking device for Bob to use. Together she and Dr. Chapman go above and beyond what I expect. I would highly recommend Dr. Chapman.Maggie LewisCaregiver for Bob - R.L
Friendly, efficient, professional,and to the point. Thank you, Dr. Chapman! - K.L
Efficient, kind, helpful. Good experience! - S.R
Saw Dr. Chapman at Waukesha Memorial after experiencing a slight stroke. Saw him for a follow up appointment approximately two weeks later. Very fortunate that I do not need Dr. Chapman's services any further. However, should the need arise for a neurologist in the future, I would not hesitate to contact Dr. Chapman. - .D
My visit with Dr. Chapman was satisfactory we discussed my condition and treatment for my migraines - Cary A Hock
Dr. Chapman was very concerned and thorough. He was on time and pleasant. - J.T
Dr. Chapman is very professional, does everything to make a patient feel comfortabe - .M
I was admitted very promptly as soon as I arrived. Dr. Chapman was very friendly and thorough with his examination.No complaints what so ever. - .R
He was very professional, He got right to the procedure, told me what was going to take place & what he was going to do. He told me the three things that was going to be done.He also told me the results of the test after the test. I asked him how I did & he told me I did good. - R.M
Had a follow up visit with Dr. Chapman from an Oct. office visit. The person at the front desk handled everything professionally and we were taken in time for the appointment. The person greeted us in the room and took my blood pressure etc. Very nice guy. Dr. Chapman was very nice and personable and listened how things were going since I saw him last Oct. We discussed the options and some new meds were prescribed with a follow up visit in 2 months. Very happy with my experience. - D.S
I was admitted to Waukesha Memorial Hospital on Sunday, May 8th after to having a seizure in the ER. Dr. Chapman was the doctor on duty. He continued to attend to me while my stay in the hospital. I have been to one follow-up visit with him and have another appointment scheduled in July. The emergency staff was outstanding So my husband says( I don't remember much). My encounter with Dr. Chapman both in the hospital and in his office was very good. He explained what happened and ordered appropriate tests he felt necessary. - Kimberly K Babe
I love dr Chapman he is real great dr. He listens to everything I talk to him about. - L.H
Doctor Chapman is very professional and informative. He always discusses symptoms and medications and keeps me up to date on any new developments concerning my MS. - S.S
It was was ok !! We really like Dr Chapman !! - M.T
I had a procedure that was ordered by another physician. The lady that scheduled my appointment said "You'll want this done as soon as possible." and my appointment was just a couple days out. The office staff was very personable and running on time. The doctor did a great job of making the procedure as painless as possible and explained the results to me. Couldn't ask for any more! - D.B
I appreciated knowing in more detail about treatment options and recommendations. My problem hasn't been fully resolved, but at least some possibilities have been considered and ruled out, leaving a more realistic picture of what's possible with lower-tech measures. No pressure to do more than is indicated, and further follow-up is at my discretion. - K.B
A thorough review of my medical complaint and ensuing examination to arrive at a prescribed solution. - Russell C Ackley
The staff is very helpful and pleasant. I was seen on time and Dr. Chapman couldn't be nicer or more thorough. - J.T
Every thing went very well. Thank you very much - M..
Everything was done in a wonderful way. Time was taken to discuss matters and a follow up was scheduled. - M.K
I had follow up with Dr. Chapman today. He addressed my concerns and suggested a test to check what might be going on. I'm happy to have a caring doctor I can have confidence in. - E.I
Dr. Chapman explained everything during the procedure which helped ease the nerves. - M.G
I was taken on time, waited a very short time and the Doctor was with me asking questions. This was a very knowledgeable and pleasant physician. - C.C
Dr. Chapman was clear in the discussion answered my questions - W..
Treatment rendered expeditiously. - G..
The entire experience went very well. CH - H..
Doctor Chapman always explains everything very well. He is very thorough and knowledgeable. He let me know I can call him at any time that I need him. I have the utmost confidence in him. His staff is always very friendly and helpful. I will continue to highly recommend him to everybody. - E..
Nice staff and short wait time - Potter, Megan ..
Love Dr Chapman.He always is very supportive and caring. The only problem is parking is very difficult and usually have to park in back which is very hard as I have difficulty walking due to pain. - ..T
Got in on time the procedure went ok it wasnt to painful, the doctor was very nice and answered all my questions. - S..
The staff is always friendly and willing to help. The wait time is normal, pretty much on time. The treatment is handled very efficiently, both time wise and friendly. After treatment it isEasy to make your net appointment. - ..B
Review of meds and diagnosis. While trying to be kind and caring, the honest truth, as hard as it might be to accept, is necessary. - R.L
Dr. Chapman performed the test (EMG) and gave me the results immediately. He explained what he was doing each step of the way so there was never any doubt in my mind about what was going on. I very much appreciated his efficiency. - Michel Lantz
Friendly, efficient, knowledgeable service. - .V
I got there on time and didn't have to wait long, only 5 minutes. Dr.Chapman listened to all my questions, gave me a few tests and discussed my medication.All went well and have to see him in 2 months. The vist was. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️A - M.R
Overall good experience. Dr Chapman did an excellent job with my test for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and it was pain free. I would have appreciated a little more discussion about how to help with symptoms, but overall it was a positive experience and felt in good hands. - J.S