Andrew Beykovsky, MD

1111 Delafield St # 105

Waukesha, 53211
(262) 542-9503
I had been to 2 other neurosurgeons and had no confidence in them.After meeting with Dr. Beykovsky I went ahead and set up a surgical date to have my C Spine fixed. I am over enjoyed with the fact that it is a disk repair and not a fusion. Plus not having to wear a neck brace just makes it all the better. To be honest I finally feel hopeful that I will get better and have a brighter future. I can't wait to get this done and look forward to having a more active and less painful life.Lastly I wish more surgeons offered dick replacement. Everyone in the office is incredible . Thanks again.Sincerely,Raphaela Blair - R.B
I have been in so much pain for many years even after the spinal fusion in 2012. I am thankful and grateful to have met Dr Beykovsky , who was able to get to the root of pain. I AM VERY HOPEFUL to finally gain in living a good quality of LIFE. The staff is professional, caring and friendly . - S.H
Friendly and helpful Easy to understand - J.B
Dr. Beykowski is the best I have ever been to. Over the years i have seen many doctors and he is head and shoulders above the rest. - P.M
I receive outstanding customer service is excellent!!Dr. Beykosky is an excellent Doctor he always makes sure to explain to me what is going and he breaks everything down so I can get an understanding. The Staff is very friendly and courteous!! - M.J
Nurse, PA,and doctor were all very pleasant and professional, and fully answered all my questions. Excellent experience all around. Thank you! - Joan Prendergast
Everything went great! - A.P
He is the best doctor that I have never had before - H.M
This has been one of the best experiences, I love my Dr and the Natalie - R.D
Dr beykovsky was very personable and after meeting with him gave me specific direction to solve my situation. I would not hesitate to recommend him or return myself if needs arise. - K.U
Everything went great. Natalie and Dr.Beykovsky are very caring and make a great team - H.M
Dr. Beykovsky was wonderful. Natalie was extremely helpful and Jennifer was very easy to talk to. Great staff, - T.S
I would look no further when looking into a spinal fusion. My experience and recovery was amazing. Thank you again! - J.R
He is kind, knowledgeable, excelent bedside manners, the surgery went great, the pain disappear, and the recovery was better than expected. I will recommended him to anybody thatneed a spine surgery. Thank you. - R.G
Dr. Andrew and Natalie should be proud of how well I’ve done. People that knew me before surgery thought I had no chance of getting better. People wouldn’t be aware that I could barely walk before. Thank you so much. I tried to visit you in Waukesha only to learn that you also moved. Keep providing great service to everyone! - H.O
Dr. Beykovsky is a wonderful doctor. I am so fortunate to have found him. He has always addressed my needs and answered my questions regarding my lower spine problems. His surgery / expertise brought my life back! I can walk again without a cane. After surgery I was able to resume normal work and responsibilities after 2 weeks (educator and church organist). Now after 3 months I have been doing yard work like I used to.I can highly recommend Dr. Beykovsky for neuro issues! I am very pleased with his help!! - .R
I was rescheduled at the last minute. Everything happens for a reason. I'm having little painnow; prior to surgery I was miserable. Dr. Beykovsky has a calming demeanor and makes you feel comfortable. I had Natalie for my Care Coordinator and she always was cheerful and helpful. I followed post-op 5 day pain med routine. Since then I take Tylenol PM at night before bed. I loved that in my 2 week follow-up Dr. Beykovsky told me to avoid contact sports and to do whatever I felt I could. I began working 24 days after surgery. I'm still getting fatigued more quickly than typical. Other than that I am very happy with my results. Mobi-C C4-5, 5-6, fusionC6-7. I also wanted to specifically thank a nurse/tech named Bob B. He stayed beyond his scheduleddeparture, the second time I went through pre-op to put my IV line in. I've had problems with that multiple times and am not comfortable with needles. I'm so grateful to him. His compassion and kindness was above and beyond!Thank you Dr. Beykovsky for your excellence and wonderful care! - L.C
Second time having an operation where I got cut open; this was the favorable of the two. Great team to be under care of. - C.C
He was very kind, honest, professional and knowledgeable the staff was very friendly and capable.He explained the whole procedure very well.I felt very safe . Thank You Dr. Beykovsky for taking my pain awayI highly recommended him - O.B
This is probably to early to give a fair review since I'm still in pain. And my healing time hasn't been that long.I had a L5 S1 fusion. It has only been 1.5 months since my surgery but I have new pains in my right lower leg and foot that never existed before.Also a loss in strenght in my right foot in the lifting direction.Some of my previous pains are gone.I was told this is a year recovery and my pains will get better. Fingers crossed. My foot gets a hot burning sensation at times and is almost always has a numbness to it. The numbness goes up to my shin. - .R
I was very nervous and worried about having to have surgery for my spondylolisthesis and other issues, but thanks to Dr. B, my surgery was a success! He was very confident and reassuring. It was a very long and difficult recovery, but I am so grateful to be feeling so well. Thank you! - J.V
Dr Beykovsky is a wonderful doctor. I am so pleased with my experience. The Waukesha community is so lucky to have his expertise. I can highly recommend him! Natalie, his patient care coordinator was great to work with. She helped my with coordination of my surgery. The experience was very positive. I am glad I live in the Waukesha area to make this happen. - .R
Dr Beykovsky is a wonderful doctor. I am so pleased with my experience. The Waukesha community is so lucky to have his expertise. I can highly recommend him! Natalie, his patient care coordinator was great to work with. She helped my with coordination of my surgery. The experience was very positive. I am glad I live in the Waukesha area to make this happen. - .R
I am very pleased with the services provided by Dr. Beykovsky and his staff. - G.S
Dr B is one of the best surgeons I have had the opportuiny to interact with. A friend who retired as a VP of nursing told me if I find a neurosurgeon with a personality to stick with him. Dr B was considerate, detailed in his explanation of my situation and displayed outstanding bedside manner. - N.O
I was very impressed by my whole experience from Dr. Beykowsky, his nurse, and all his staff of nurses who attended me. The nurses in the recovery room even mailed me a signed card thanking me for giving them the opportunity to serve. I am the one who is to thank them. Nursing is such a noble profession which I honor. (Two of my daughters and three of my granddaughters are nurses who love their work too.) GOD BLESS YOU ALL. - A.T
I was scared to death to have this done. Dr. B. eased my concerns and so far my recovery is going as scheduled. It is painful, he told me it would be. However after the first week of healing it is moving along better every day. Dr. B. is the BEST!! Looking forward to a full recovery. Thank you! - .B
Everyone was so friendly and informative - R.B
Everything was good - J.H
The staff and the Dr were life savers!! I had a pinched nerve in my neck and I had never experienced pain like that ever in my life of 72 years!! The moment Dr Beykovsky walked into the room I felt an instant sense of relief! He talked to me rather than at me, told me what he could do to fix my problem, informed me of all the risks and still managed to put me at ease. I had no problem putting my life in his hands! I have had the surgery and even though it has only been a week, I am pain free (as he said I would be) . - J.J
Dr. Andrew Beykovsky is a wonderful doctor! He is trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable. I am so lucky to have been treated by him. I am doing very well and will be able to go back to work on Monday, April 23. My left leg does not collapse anymore. I have my life back. I am very grateful for Dr. Beykovsky's expertise. I highly recommend him. He is a great asset to the Waukesha community!His patient care coordinator, Natalie, has been wonderful. She has helped me with questions and answers. I thank her for her help!The total experience could not have been better. Having back surgery is not a fun activity. But Dr. Beykovsky and Natalie made this easy to manage. A big thanks to both of them!!!!George - .R
Thank you - S.P
the dr. was strait forward and very informative. - .H
Dr. Beykovsky reviewed my MRI and explained it thoroughly. He is very clear and direct, but not pushy. He recommended surgery, explained the procedure and all the risks that could be involved. He asked us to think it over and talk with the family. I have decided to move forward with the surgery and was pleased with the help that his assistant, Natalie, gave me. I feel confident that this surgery will relieve my leg pain symptoms and improve my quality of life. - J.W
Great service as always. - L.M
I recommend Dr.Beykovsky go a lot of people. I am still having issues that we are working on. All of his staff is excellent. - .A
Quick and friendly service - .R
I’m waiting for a call to schedule a MRI - .P
Dr. B is wonderful and thorough. His staff is friendly and courteous. - S.B
My questions were answered promptly and everyone was so caring - R.B
Thank you - S.P
He was extremely helpful, and made me feel at home. I was completely relaxed, and always had a positive outcome with every visit! - .D
Dr.B and the whole staff at the hospital were amazing. I was very comfortable with the treatment and recovery I received. Definitely refer any one to him and Waukesha Memorial Hospital Day Surgery - W.C
Dr.B and the whole staff at the hospital were amazing. I was very comfortable with the treatment and recovery I received. Definitely refer any one to him and Waukesha Memorial Hospital Day Surgery - W.C
The whole experience of my 2 appointments were good. What keeps it from perfect is understanding exactly what professes are and why. Reason being, my 1st appointment is understood, its the 1st appt. The follow up appt. could have been avoided because the only thing it did was send me to two different appointments at 2 diff. places. I feel a phone call after Doctor rec'd MRI results to tell me would have been cost effective for me. I dont feel follow-up appts. should consist of the doctor telling us our next step. Im paying for appt. #2 when in actuality he didn't do anything for me except tell me to go an get an x-ray and go to a pain managment Dr. to have an injection. Other than this, Dr. Is VERY nice snd friendly! - .K
I completed this once already! My overall experience was favorable. The prep and surgery went well, the staff was efficient and very detailed my medical history. The surgery was one of the easiest I have had, pain and discomfort wise that I can remember and the hospital staff was most attentive and caring. I was happily surprised with the whole experience. Thank you.Robert Ryder - R.R
Very happy!! - Terrence D Sullivan
I would like to take a moment and thank, Dr. Beykovsky and Natalie his staff member. After over four years, after a fall I had on ice. Numerous Dr., therapist, nerve pain removal, chiropractic treatment was good, but very short term, every week, over 90 adjustments!! And all those medications sleep aids!!Dr. Beykovsky shared with me a procedure called infuse implant system. I can’t believe the brochure had all the symptoms I had, and shared with all the Doctors!!! And Specialist! I had the procedure done Feb 1st 2018, I was sore a few are days,(not bad) within a few days I was able to do things I haven’t been able to do in years!!! Yes I am still s little sore, but in a good way, muscles I have not used in years, and it only going to get better.I truly believe he and his staff take patients and their jobs seriously.. Thank you Brad B. - .B
Everyone was friendly and helpful if needed i would definitely call and schedule an appointment - .C
I went to Dr. Beykovsky for a 2nd opinion after the Orthopedic doctor I saw told me that surgery would not help the pain, so it wouldn't be worth it to do anything- live with it. Not really an option for me. Dr. Beykovsky was very nice and, and explained my MRI and bone scan results so that I could understand them. He gave me hope that a majority of the pain would go away. - A.M
As always, overall GREAT service! - .M
Dr Beykovsky is an excellent surgeon. I had nothing but a phenomenal experience with him and his coordinator Natalie - A.B
Dr B has excellent bedside manner and is totally focused on resolving whatever issue his patient is experiencing. - N.O
My experience with Dr. Beykovski and his staff was tremendous. He and Natalie explained everything to my wife and I in terms that we could understand. We left his office with total confidence and understanding everything that was going to be done on my back surgery. It was a pleasure in every visit to the offices each time. We would and I have recommended your office to several of my friends. And we will keep recommending you in the future. - .L
Dr. Beykovsky was excellent. Answered all my questions and was a pleasure to have as my physician. Two thumbs up. - G.P
Dr. Beykovsky is a well-mannered practitioner who really takes his time listening to his patient. - Gregg Sperling
Getting ready for surgery--informative and educational. I felt the doctor was being honest about expectations for the outcome. I appreciate that. - D.G
I had a cervical disc replacement. Dr. Beykovsky, his staff and everyone at Aurora Summit hospital were great and made the whole experience much easier to go through. Thank you all! - N.E
I had an excellent experience. Clinic seemed very well run. My problem was quickly diagnosed. I saw Dr. Beykovski initially on 2/16/2018. After discussion and in office exam, he ordered some diagnostic tests. After my tests were completed I saw Dr. Beykovski again on 03/06/2018 to review results. I had a clear diagnosis and treatment solution for my issue. Surgergical date was scheduled that same day. I'm relieved to finally have an answer and treatment for the injury, pain I have been in for nearly 5 years. Dr Beykovsky has a great rapport with patients, positive attitude, confident but not arrogant. Very reassuring to patients. Communicates all aspects of career clearly, and kindly. 👍 - L.F
Very friendly - R.B
The staff and physician i saw were outstanding. - .P
All went well. Just wish my test results were better. - S.H
Doctor was wonderful - .E
Great staff and a wonderful Dr. - .C
Everything went well. Dr. was very informative and gave me my options so I could understand them. I highly recomend Dr. B. - .H
I had an excellent experience. Pleasant staff, short wait time.Dr. Baykovsky was very personable, knowledgeable and gave clear information. Set out a clear and sensible plan to dx and tx my condition. If I do need surgery; I feel confident in his ability to tx me. and also that his staff would provide good care. - .F
This is what top quality care feels like! - Richard W Quick
This is the second time I have answered these questions. The doctor and the staff were very professional. - L.A
Very impressed with the professionalism and demeanor of the doctor. - L.A
I am extremely happy with the care I received from Dr. Beykovsky and his surgical team. Dr. Beykovsky was kind and compassionate and took the time to answer my questions and concerns. Everyone did their part to make it an easy process from Natalie The patient Care Coordinator to the front office people. - .S
Considering that it was surgery it went very well. Wouldn't see anyone else for my back problems. Dr. B is the best. - .J
Everything was handled in a fast and orderly manner, and explained and answered all my questions. - S.K
My family and a friend were very impressed when aftersurgery, the doc spent time with them in the waiting area and actually used a white board to explain the procedure used and the result. I was also very pleased when the doc stopped to see me the next morning. This is not always done. I’d highly recommend this surgeon to others. - .O
Very pleased, thorough. - K.R
Very good experience - M.O
I am beyond pleased with Dr Beykovsky and his staff. - .A
My husband joined me for this consult and we both were very impressed with the service we received in all areas. Dr. Beykovsky is a joy to work with. He made us feel welcomed and like we were a friend of his. I would highly recommend him to anyone. It is a pleasure to receive such great treatment. - L.S
MD very concerned and answered questions. - A.H
I saw Dr Beykovsky for my restless leg syndrome. He referred me to Dr Chapman who I will see 1/30/18. Dr Beykovsky did a C3-C7 fusion in 2016 and I am completely satisfied with the surgery. - M.G
I saw Dr Beykovsky for my restless leg syndrome. He referred me to Dr Chapman who I will see 1/30/18. Dr Beykovsky did a C3-C7 fusion in 2016 and I am completely satisfied with the surgery. - M.G
Great - Excellent - P.K
Location is very run down. Personal experience was excellent. - .W
the staff was very professional. Dr. Beykovsky told me excatly what he was going to do in such a way that I understood. So far so good. I didn't have to take many pain meds at all. - J.F
1st visit went very well, found out what i needed to know. - .R
Dr. Beykovsky and Natalie are both compassionate and capable; a wonderful team who reduced my fear and instilled confidence that my health would be restored. They really listen to you.I postponed having a spinal fusion for over four years, primarily because I have rarely heard about successful outcomes until two friends shared their stories of pain and the positive surgical outcome with Dr. Beykovsky as their neurosurgeon. Their backs were in terrible shape as was mine. In fact, one friend had such a severe and complex back problem that he had been turned done by every doctor he had gone to for help. No surgeon would touch him. All outcomes were amazing. Today, my friends feel as I do, as if we have a new lease on life…free of back and nerve pain. Truly amazing, within a couple hours of surgery, I was up walking with no pain…none, when earlier that day my pain level was extreme. I feel truly blessed! I know that being introduced to Dr. Beykovsky was a God send.Thank you Dr. Beykovsky and Natalie…I tell everyone I can to see you! - J.M
It was informative and pleasant.Dr. "B" makes you feel relaxed and very important as a patient.I believe I have made the best choice for the treatment of my back issues. - R.S
Almost instant relief after surgery.Dr. B is highly knowledgeable in his field. He had informed me on all aspects for my spinal surgery,He is understanding and a real pleasure to talk to and joke with.This is the guy you need to see with your back issues. - A.J
It was informative and pleasant.Dr. "B" makes you feel relaxed and very important as a patient.I believe I have made the best choice for the treatment of my back issues. - R.S
almost instant relief after surgury - A.J
I was pleased with everything.. - R.J
Dr. Beykovski and Natalie are the best I would recommend them to anyone and in fact, have on several occasions. I am very glad that he has privileges at Aurora Summit, the best hospital in the state as far as we are concerned, and that he has an office at the Medial Center which makes it very easy for us. - D.J
The staff and Doctor deserves more than a 5 star. - M.T
Staff were very pleasant and informative. The doctor took the time to explain every thing in details that were easy to understand. we are very confident and relaxed about my upcoming surgery. - W.L
Staff ffiendlly and kind - .H
Dr. Beykovsky was very thorough in examining my symptoms and health history before I saw Dr. Bartl. I appreciate his attention and concern. Kathy Murphy - .M
Dr. Andrew Beykovsky, MD. Neurosurgeon is the most knowledgeable specialist I have seen after visiting several others through the years. He has kind bedside manners, truly cares for his patients and their best interest from the first consultation to the final treatment plan. He also has a sense a humor to share a laugh and smile when needed. His M.A. and staff are very friendly, return phone calls and are sensitive to responding in a timely manner. If you have to wait to see him as a new patient, please wait because he takes the time to listen, discuss options and makes sure to address any concerns you may have. He truly cares for his patients. - .R
He is one of the kindest doctors, has a sense of humor, but also is VERY knowledgeable in his profession! His M.A. and staff are very welcoming with a great attitude and put me at ease when they knew how nervous I was. He listened to my concerns, discussed options, but more importantly was willing to address what was in my best interest for post surgery recovery. As always, it can be challenging to get that first appointment in to see him, but after several years of different specialists he is worth the wait to see. He will personally call you back if there is any concern/issue. There are not many doctors that practice medicine that way anymore. You will not be disappointed and will appreciate his positive bedside manners. - .R
This surgery was a very hard decision for me. I got multiple opinions and everyone agreed it was necessary. Dr Bartl was always professional and to the point. She was very highly recommended. I think the only thing I might want is something more to do after the surgery. I think there are exercises, isometric muscle contractions, or stretches I could be doing to help stay active. The hospital was as good of an experience as it could have been. I would highly recommend Dr Bartl. - K.H
Awesome staff,Dr Beykovsky took his time and thoroughly explained everything we had asked with patience. Now on to the surgery - D.A
Dr. Brykovsky , listen to my several year old back pain, and gave me excellent advise, staff is very thorough. I am looking forward to the process, very much . Brad B - B.B
Very pleased - .V
I really like Dr. Beykovski a lot. He did excellent work and today I am walking thanks to him. - .O
I appreciated that I was able to get x-rays taken right at the facility and then they could be put up on the computer in the examining room within minutes. Very efficient! Everyone, including the receptionist, Dr. Beykovsky, and his nurse, was very personable and interested in me and my problems. Though I don't really like going to the doctor, it was a pleasure to have to spend time in their office. - P.D
Dr. Beykovsky is very knowledgeable. He has a very upbeat nurse. Natalie is helpful and i feel very comfortable with her. They are both very up beat. Treatment is good. I feel there are too many X-ray for Lumbar compressed fracture. (3 x-ray, CT and MRI). Is this really necessary and are they good for my body? The body brace is good for support while healing and PT after that is good to strengthened my lower back. - S.P
Dr. Beykovsky was very personable and seemed to truly care about finding a way to help me with my chronic back pain. A welcomed change from my past experiences. - C.H
Pleasurable experience from the ease of scheduling to the courteous staff and the comfortable bed side manner of the doctor. Confident and knowledgeable. Well done. - C.H
Overall very good - .M
It was just presurgical consultation. - J.S
My experience was very positive overall. Dr. Beykovsky spent quality time with me and his clinical support person was knowledgeable. The facility needs updating. - .W
The doctor explained everything to me in detail and the experience was wonderful. - .P
Dr. B was an excellent MD, great bedside manner, took time to answer all me and my husbands questions, he even called me personally twice to discuss results. Very impressed. The only downside was the 3 week wait for an appt and another 4 week wait for surgery. - K.M
My experience at the office was great. No issues. Happy with all people I came in contact with. - C.C
It was a complete pleasure. Thank yiu. - .H
Dr. Beykovsky and Natalie are great with explaining things and not making you feel like your dumb because you're not the doctor! Very good bedside manner - D.L
Have nothing bad to say. Would definitely recommend the clinic and Dr B and his staff - W.C
It was a great. The staff and especially the Dr. He really understands and wanted to help me if possible. He is super great person. He really cares about people especially gray hair lady like me. Natalie was there to help with anything I needed. He explained at having the surgery and how long to recover and all that. He is just a super great person. I would tell anyone to go with him. - S.K
Dr B and Natalie were exceptional! - .L
Very professional with great explanations of what was going on causing the pain and how he was going to fix it. Surgery went extremely well. Highly recommended!!! - Matthew K Dinnauer
I am always treated very respectfully and I never have to wait to go back to see Dr. Beykovsky. I will never be able so say how Thankful I am for the GREAT care I have received from Dr. Beykovsky and everyone at the Waukesha clinic. - F.F
From my first meeting with Dr. Beykovsky until present, (my surgery was four days ago) the entire process was pretty amazing. I felt very comfortable with how things were explained and everything went just as they said it would. My calls were always returned promptly and Natalie always had the answers for my questions. The staff at the hospital treated me very well, and the people with me said they were always kept informed. I was very nervous going into this and Dr. Beykovsky and his crew and the hospital staff were very professional and compassionate and somehow made me feel assured and reasonably calm . My very heartfelt thanks to all of them - P.P
Ever since the minute I started looking around for a neurosurgeon because the referral my PCP made never called, I have been happy with my choice & Neueoligical Associates. I think it started with their great informative website and once I requested an appointment it was game on from there. Dr. Beykovsky was so down to earth and made me feel so comfortable that I had all the confidence in the world in him. It is now 5 days postop from a C3-4 disc replacement and things are going great. Thank you to everybody at Neurological Associates!! - .M
MD was very thorough and took time to answer all my questions, his confidence put me and my husband at ease - .M
Dr. Beykovsky is a very good friendly, knowledgeable doctor. He makes you feel at ease though out your visit and right though and after the operation. He has a great bed side manner. Takes time to answers all your questions. You never feel like a number. I have recommended him to our family and friends. He staff is excellent, welcoming, friendly and an over all ease to work with! - A.R
Just loved the way he explained things and telling it the way it is. Everyone was good - .K
Was handled professionally. Was very satisfied . - W.M
I am so pleased to tell everyone who treated me for my back surgery that you are ‘The Highest Quality of Medical Professionals I Have Ever Had The Opportunity To Make Me Well Again!’ EXCELLENT STAFF! As for my Surgeon, Dr. Andrew Beykovsky, You are an OUTSTANDING Surgeon! You have given me my life back! I walked ‘easily’ three hours after surgery and have NEVER HAD ANY PAIN! Seriously... not even from the incision! You are an AMAZING Doctor. I have happily given your card to everyone who knew me before surgery, see me now and who are stunned at how my mood has returned to Joyfullness. I am returning for neck surgery on November 2nd and I can hardly wait for the results as I know they will be as good or better as Dr. Beykovsky only knows to always do his best. I am so very thankful for my referral to have him get me my life back. See you next month Dr. Beykovsky. Best Regards, db - D.B
Appreciated your straight forward approach to explaining my complex condition. Not in a hurry to go "under the knife" but truthfullypresented the multiple facets of my past & present conditions. Even though I will be facing a "life-time" of pain / arthritis limitations as Icontinue to age I learned for the first time how these pain sources came to be & steps I might take to manage my pain.Mostly Dr. Beykovsky I appreciated your advocacy with Dr. Doniparthi to "squeeze me into" the next mornings schedule (Thurs.) for a spinalinjection! Thank you more than I can say as I began to experience reduced pain on Friday AM. We have successfully married our40 yr. old son & new daughter on Saturday. I walked down the church aisle with a cane ! I thank you again!God Bless! David L. Shuff - David L Shuff
He has great bedside manners, sense of humor which are important since he's not a doctor you want to see unless you are in so much pain! His staff is very helpful especially his nurse. They return calls and educate you. I feel more than just a chart number being one of his patients. He doesn't go right to surgery, explores less invasive treatments first. I don't have fear when I listen to him explaining procedures/surgeries. Great doctor and staff! - A.R
Dr. Beykovsky was extremely professional and kind. He offered a much more conservative treatment plan vs. other surgeons. - Megan C Byrne
Scheduling was quick and easy. Staff was great. Dr. Beykovsky was his usual excellent self. - J.L
This is my second surgery performed by Dr. Beykovski. I am extremely happy with the outcome of both surgery and feel very comfortable recommending Dr. Beykovski to family and friends. In fact, I already have.Dr. Beykovski spends time with you, listens to your concerns and genuinely cares about you and your issues. - .J
Efficient, welcoming. - D.G
I can't begin to tell you how comfortable I felt with Dr. Beykovsky and his staff from the minute I walked through the door. After years of having chronic neck pain and feeling as if previous complaints fell on deaf ears it was such a relief to hear doc say "There is definitely something wrong & we are going to figure this out" My journey has only started with Dr. Beykovsky but I have complete confidence in him & his staff. Natalie is great with keeping you updated every step of the way. - .M
Saw you a week ago friday and you said someone would contact me about pain in back! Dr. Padma Doniparthi's scheduling asst. called on that Friday to say she will call me back with an asap appt. Have not heard from her since need to get this taken care of can you help? - .M
The doctor explained the MRI images and answered my questions. - Daniel J Mejia
Procedure fully explained and all questions answered to my satisfaction.Feel that I am in excellent hands.f - Allen R Janick
As usual you and your staff are very efficient and friendly. While I cannot say anything about the Dr who is supposed to do the procedure as I have not heard from them yet with a schedule. Can you check as to when my appointment is and let me know or have them contact me?Thank you - .M
Very friendly and efficient staff. Doctor B was very attentive and made me feel that my issues were important. - D.J
I am thrilled to be up and active as soon as I was. Dr. Beykovsky is as good as it gets in my opinion. A great doctor and a great person! - D.P
everything went well.. - John M Evenson
I was treated respectivley And I feel DR. Beyvkosky always tries His best In some of the patients misfortunes and I'm sure he has success stories as well But, He treats his patients well which is all can ask for especially in a complicated field of practice. - .L
I was treated respectivley And I feel DR. Beyvkosky always tries His best In some of the patients misfortunes and I'm sure he has success stories as well But, He treats his patients well which is all can ask for especially in a complicated field of practice. - .L
I've got a mancrush on Dr. Beykovsky. Absolutely a positive Dr. Awesome visit and looking forward to my next one.Steve V.T. - Steven M Van Trieste
Awesome, talented individuals all the way around, from hospital volunteers to Doctor Beykovsky and everyone in between. Had the best care anyone could ask for and great results from the procedure. Very impressed with and grateful for their care! - T.L
Natalie and Dr. Beykovsky are amazing. I felt I received very personalized treatment. They both are on top of their game. Very pleasant experience. I will definitely will recommend to others. - .L
My experience with Dr. Beykovsky and his staff at his office, along with the medical/surgical team at Waukesha Memorial was outstanding. All questions were answered and it was apparent my care and comfort were of primary concern. The results of my surgery (cervical disc replacement) were beyond expectation and I am happy to say I was back to work in less than 2 weeks and have made full recovery.Thank you all. I would highly recommend Dr. Beykovsky and his team to others in need of spinal/neurological surgery. Kelly Duggan - K.D
Very well covered my condition. All questions answered with additional information provided. - A.J
Prompt action with good results. - .R
I was very pleased with my surgery , very pleased with Dr. Beykovsky, and very pleased with the service , Thank you - .K
My parents really like Dr. B. He has done a previous back surgery for my dad and has another scheduled - .F
Saw Doctor promptly at scheduled time. My overall experience was excellent. - .R
Very good - L.L
The doctor was helpful in that he listened to my problems and then offered suggestions as to how to cope with my pain including seeing Dr. Zoeller, a pain management doctor. - .B
I appreciate that Dr. Beykovsky is not afraid to prescribe something for pain. When a person has a lot of pain it negatively impacts all aspects of their life. Dr. Beykovsky understands this and does his best to make his patients as pain-free as possible, while at the same time focusing on the cause of the pain and providing treatment himself or a referral to physical therapy, MRI services, etc that allow him to get to the root cause of what is causing the pain. This finding of the root cause will help him know how to treat and eliminate the pain without the need for pain medicine. Dr. Beykovsky is very approachable and does not give up on you and that is a comforting feeling. I would gladly refer a family or friend to him. I myself was referred to him by a patient who was happy with his service. Dr. Beykovsky is held in high esteem by the nursing staffs at the hospitals he does surgery at. I know this as I heard it said to me many times by the nurses at both Prohealth and Aurora "how lucky I was that I got Dr. Beykovsky" and that "He's [Dr. Beykovsky] one of the best." I agree with their sentiment. - G.E
I appreciate that Dr. Beykovsky is not afraid to prescribe something for pain. When a person has a lot of pain it negatively impacts all aspects of their life. Dr. Beykovsky understands this and does his best to make his patients as pain-free as possible, while at the same time focusing on the cause of the pain and providing treatment himself or a referral to physical therapy, MRI services, etc that allow him to get to the root cause of what is causing the pain. This finding of the root cause will help him know how to treat and eliminate the pain without the need for pain medicine. Dr. Beykovsky is very approachable and does not give up on you and that is a comforting feeling. I would gladly refer a family or friend to him. I myself was referred to him by a patient who was happy with his service. Dr. Beykovsky is held in high esteem by the nursing staffs at the hospitals he does surgery at. I know this as I heard it said to me many times by the nurses at both Prohealth and Aurora "how lucky I was that I got Dr. Beykovsky" and that "He's [Dr. Beykovsky] one of the best." I agree with their sentiment. - G.E
Excellent bed side manners, takes time discussing options, doesn't pretend he knows everything. One of my favorite doctors! - A.R
Excellent bed side manners, takes time discussing options, doesn't pretend he knows everything. One of my favorite doctors! - A.R
All aspects of my visit were exceptional. He is an excellent communicator. I have a great deal of confidence in his ability to take care of my medical problem. - .G
I believe Dr. Beykovsky will be able to ease my pain and his confidence helps ease my anxiety. Everyone I have met, especially Natalie, has been more than willing to help me navigate insurance issues and given me the information I need to schedule additional appointments. They have been very thorough with their explanations. - J.M
After numerous appointments with a pain management clinic, It was a pleasure to speak with a qualified neurologists who diagnosed the problem, and had a solution. Four weeks after the procedure, I feel awesome.Excellent job Doctor B and staff.Respectfully:Dean Zastrow - D.Z
This was a very surprising experience and the outcome was better then I expected. Dr. was very friendly and explained what was going to take place. Office staff was very friendly and efficient . The overall experience was much better than I could Have wished for. - H.K
My wife and I have been deeply impressed by Dr. Beykovsky's pleasant personality and the way he sets one at ease when facing surgery.We were delighted when he gave us a second opinion for surgery when he offered a couple coflex implants. It has been a real blessing to have him do this surgery and I would give him an excellent rating in all areas which refer to him above. Also, I would give an excellent rating to the staff, and all others with whom we had contact at Waukesha Memorial Hospital. As to the final outcome, I am equally confident and I look forward to much relief from my pain. A BIG THANK YOU to all involved. Allen and Marion Treichel - A.T
He is excellent, he goes above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. Everyone is very professional. I will suggest him to everyone I know. - K.P
Friendly, direct answers. Positive form of treatment. - .R
Dr. Beykovsky was awesome! (As was Natalie) Dr. Beykovsky was the third surgeon I saw and he was the ONLY one who listened to me and the ONLY one who examined me. The staff at Waukesha Memorial was outstanding. They made me comfortable and made recovery easy. - .M
Every thing was excellent . - R.C
Excellent care - .B
1) Change my e mail address to: dennisvedder@yahoo.com2) I came in for a follow-up conference and was absolutely satisfied with the conference. All of my questions were answered. - D.V
Dr. Beykovsky was awesome! (Natalie as well). He was the third surgeon I saw and the ONLY one who took time to listen and the ONLY one who actually examined me. The staff at Waukesha Memorial was outstanding! They made me feel comfortable and made recovery easy. - .M
Dr. was very professional, explained the procedures well. Explained so a lay person do understand. All in all a great pleasure to be under the care of a physician that is very knowledgeable and great bedside manner. - .B
Dr. Beykovsky seems to be an excellent physician. He started by asking me questions about my personal life so he could get to know me as a person. His questions about my complaints were also excellent. I thought I received a thorough exam. He seemed satisfied with my responses to his resistance exercises. He has a great combination of a pleasing personality, medical knowledge, and application of that knowledge. - A.G
Dr. Beykovsky, is a caring surgeon and his perfectionist attitude in providing his patients a successful outcome is appreciated. It’s obvious to me that he is an expert in his field. Going forward I will recommend him to family and friends that could benefit from his service. One suggestion I make is to work with Natalie on improving her customer service skills. Natalie strengthsFriendly, greets you will a smileWilling to answer questionsShows compassion for her patientsArea for developmentLacks connection with her patients, robotic when asking questions about patient historyDoes not return phone callsApproachability when a patient is making an appointment and she is working on something else. Suggestion instead of one moment, look at your patient and say something like, “I’m currently in the middle of ….. can I have a moment to finish it? Your patients need to know that they are important. In addition some patients might not have the time available to wait. Natalie, fall in love with your role so much so that your patients can feel it. - R.W
Dr. Beykovsky was awesome! He is an extremely professional and talented surgeon. What impressed me the most is Dr. Beykovsky wanted to get to know me as a person, not just as a patient. This was very evident in the time he took evaluating and explaining my condition. But it doesn't stop there. Dr. Beykovsky sensed my apprehension and suggested to meet with my husband the very next day to talk about it. I was so impressed by this kind gesture. Before surgery Dr. Beykovsky' s assistant, Andrea was so helpful and personable. I was given her direct number and could call at any time I had questions. She made sure all preparations, insurance, and details were taken care of. What a blessing! I have never been to a doctor or office where everyone is genuinely interested in patient care. I highly recommend Dr. Beykovsky and Neurologic Associates and am so grateful for the care they have given to me. - .T
Excellent. Very professional staff. All questions and concerns were answered. We were directed to DR B for his knowledge pertaining to my issue.Dr B was excellent. His caring nature was evident. His knowledge to my issue was appreciated - Dean A Zastrow
Wonderful doctor!takes his time with you and you never feel rushed.friendly and caring.he's the best - P.B
I met the dr for the first time. He indicated that he thought my present diagnosis was possibly incorrect. He ordered a MRI of the area in question and we set up a follow up appointment to review the MRI. Everything went well. - .E
A great experience - .Olson
New patient being evaluated for back pain. Dr. Beykovsky was kind, attentive and thorough in his examination and explanation of my test results and condition. His treatment recommendations and plan for implementation were clear. - .R
Doctor Beykovsky answered all my questions in a friendly manner and was respectful of my decision to not have surgery at this time. Front staff and nursing staff very friendly and caring. - J.O
I thought everything was great from the reception to the person going over my notes in the room, to the doctor. - R.S
Very good - .Olson
Dr Beykovsky, I can't say enough about the care I received! First I'm pain free after many years of chronic back pain. Second he treated me with kindness and understanding! He took his time with me and listened to what I had to say. His staff answered all my questions and concerns. I consider Dr Beykovsky my friend and if I need service in the future He will be my choice! - Ralph L Schmickel
Excellant ! Just as the first time. And as I expect in the future visits and upcoming surgery - Gilbert A Catalano
I felt very reassured with my visit. I felt that he really listened to my concerns and addressed them in a timely fashion.I am optamistic for positive results from this upcoming procedure.Thank you - K.F
Dr. Did a good examination, he knew I wasn't Understanding, and made sure I understood the process would be. I liked that Brad - B.B
I was treated very well by everyone with the same xception f to ne nurse. I firmly believe that my confrontation with her was a mixture i of her not understanding what I was trying to tell her along with he not allowed nag me to even find Nash a sentence.I believe alstroemerias that I could have handled it much better and therefore I place the blame almost equal between us both for the altercation. I do take more of the blame since I was unable to find clan my position, and My was never able to be nform her that I was a retired nurse and had some knowledge of the situation. I than becaus of my own stubborn ss suffered the rest of the evening by having to lie in my ne position partial off of the bed and in s verse pay n so nc After are altercation she started to go get free stuff n me when We asked for pain medication. I told her to forge it and leave the room and leave me alone so nce to nake it easy ER I would accept no medication for pan r care of any kind from her. Due to my stubbornness and the way I handled ( which I am truely ashamed of) I last d to n severe pain of n that one posting partially off the be alll night until the day should ft came on and I was forced halyard given medication for pan and associated step in repositioning in the bed.I am very sorry that prior to my leaving no I could not find that nurse again o apologize to her and perhaps n a quieter area plain what I was trying to do and why.If you know the nurse in question please convey my apology to her.I have not nbeen to n Waksha Hospital in their ver 18 years when I last looked fed here. Comparing it to St. Mchaels and St. Joseph's hospitals n Stevens Point and Narshalfield WI. I find ne the overall excell nce of the Dr's, the staff that I encountered, and the hospital itself to be as good if not better than the hospitals up north. I gen the esteemed Marshfield clinch facilities and staff day not exceed the quality f care that Zi received free m Dr. Beykovsky and the Pro Health Waukesha Hosptsl facility and staff. Thank you very much. - S.L
Dr. Andrew Beykovsky and all supporting staff treated me with a caring and very professional attitude. Many doctors and there staff forget the patients are in discomfort and pain that is why we are there to begin with. A word of sincere caring and comfort goes a long way to the healing process. I personally feel the trip from Flordia to see and be treated by Dr. Andrew Beykovsky was the RIGHT CHOICE ! 55 years of chronic pain with relief in sight. - Gilbert A Catalano
The Surgery went very well, it solved all of my issues. I am very pleased. Dr. Beykovsky was great. - .C
Extremely happy so far. Although it's only been a few days DR B previously did a 5 level neck surgery on me. The results are beyond words, my quality of life has changed since.Being a disabled soldier I have many challenges and future surgeries and hope to use DR B when I can. - S.S
There aren't too many more great adjectives I can used regarding Dr. Beykovski. You have received many reviews from me in the past regarding Dr. Beykovski. I would recommend him in a flash in fact I already have. He always makes you feel at ease and gives you the opportunity to judge for yourself if that is the procedure that you would like done. - .J
Good, i just wish dr. B. Could have done a miracle and make the hurt go away. I have to wait until 5-12 to get relief. - Carol J Kaltenbach
Post op checkup. - M.C
From the first handshake I could feel the Doctors confidence in his abilities. He speaks With you and not At you. I have complete faith that Dr. Beykovsky can give me my life back. - .B
Had my operation and everything seemed to go really good. I had to have 2 weeks of rehab and am now home and still can't give up walker due to another problem with my left knee. Hopefully this will be taken care of with an injection shortly. - H.K
My experience with the services I received from the above doctor was inviting, informative, and friendly. I would recommend your office to others who may have medical concerns associated with your practice. Thanks - F.J
Pain c4c5 and c67 dis replacement. I like his approach for a fix for me - Pamela Mrowinski
Good experience - Craig B Schultz
Was notified right away that they were running behind. He still did not rush me to try and catch up. - .H
Dr and staff were a pleasure to work with and went above expectations to get the job done. Results are good and would recommend to others. - T.Y
Had a GREAT experience with Dr. Beykovsky both before and after surgery. I would recommend him to all of my friends. - Donald C Hrbacek
I was a bit hesitant with my appointment. Dr. Beykovsky was very helpful in easing my hesitations. My main concern was that I was going to have to have surgery again, but he assured me he didn't think that was necessary (which was good news for me do to the fact the other doctor I saw said I needed a fusion). The overall experience was pleasant. I was in and out. The receptionists and nurses were very kind and helpful. - A.M
My office visit was a excellent one' Dr. Beykovsky answered all my questions and concerns' I am grateful and thankful he was the Dr. that did my spinal fusion. I would gladly refer Dr. Beykovsky to others for surgery. - Dorothy J.K
Dr was great he told me what to expect and I was pleased with the results - F.G
Very pleased with his bedside manners - Kathleen A Mohorich
good visit. got the info that I needed with good humor. - Raymond J Sell
all went well the doctor walk me through the process before hand and I was pleased with the results - F.G
I was well treated and well respected. I couldn't of asked for a better doctor. - J.H
Anterior Cervical Disc Replacement - .B
I was extremely pleased with my visit and glad I went to him for a second opinion. - Karen E Whettam
I was very pleased with my evaluation with Dr. Beykovsky. He is very thorough and speaks very directly and candidly. He takes the time to discuss options and his personal methods very carefully. I left feeling hopeful and encouraged in working with him in the future. I have seen a lot of Neurosurgeons with my condition and often leave more confused or with a lot of questions, that is NOT the case with Dr. Beykovsky. I would recommend him to my friends and family. - .K
I will recommend Dr. Beykovsky to anyone in need of his services. He was completely professional and caring at the same time. I am glad my PCP recommended him to me. - D.H
Dr. was very informative about the operation and explained in detail what the good things were and also the things that could happen during the operation. He was very detailed and I left feeling very positive about my operation. - H.K
I had another wonderful appointment with Dr. Beykovsky. He explained in great detail the next procedure I will be having, and his nurse, Natalie, was very kind and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Beykovsky! - .A
Dr. was very detailed in his explanation of surgery that was going to be done. - H.K
Very thorough and informative. Treated very well. - C.E
Everyone in this office is very helpful and knowledgeable. My experience has always been very pleasant and satisfying. The girls at the front desk are very congenial. Natalie, Dr. Beykovsky's assistant, is immensely helpful and her personality brightens my day. As for the doctor himself, I adore Dr. Beykovsky and have the utmost trust in him. He helped me tremendously and I will be back in the fall to have my left SI fusion completed. - Teri L Pierson
Post op visit. Went well 6 week follow up. lifting restricting til next visit. - Michael W Crowe
Doctor examines me for severe back pain. I thought that he spent more than enough time with me and made me aware of problems that I didn't realize I had in addition to the back pain I was suffering. Made me feel like he truly wanted to help me. - D.M
I was seen by Dr Beykowsky to discuss surgery for my foraminal stenosis. He did a complete exam and we discussed my options - S.K
This was my first visit with Dr. Beykovsky and found him to be very personable, knowledgeable, thorough, honest, and did not rush the appointment. If you have to wait an extra few minutes to see him, it's well worth the wait. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone! - D.Z
This was my first visit with Dr. Beykovsky based on a referral. I had been experiencing sciatica for about 2 months and had an MRI done before I went to this visit. The exam was very complete and Dr. B. showed and explained everything in great detail. He provided the options and also explained the historic outcome of each. He even provided his own professional opinion based on experience, which help to direct me to the decision I made. I never once felt rushed and completely listened too. - .B
It went will..had a lot less paid this time6. - D.R
Likes to listen and respected me - .H
I was very pleased with my surgical experience with Dr. Beykovsky. He was quick and thorough. I forgot to ask him what he did in my arm to make my carpel tunnel better when he performed the surgery but I can ask at my next appointment. I remember him saying that the sheath around the nerve had gotten very thick and was pressing on the nerve .Dr. Beykovsky has a great sense of humor and professional at the same time. It helped relax me before the surgery. - Elizabeth A Craney
Very willing to help me and to find out what's going on - D.R
I was very impressed with Dr. Bekofsky, both in his office and during and after surgery. He was totally forthcoming with benefits and drawbacks of the procedure. He gave this information with a smile, not cocky, but friendly. I felt very confident with him. The hospital was as good as they were able. Because of the modern equipment, the ICU room was too small. Even going to the bathroom was difficult. I felt sorry for the nurses. The care of the nurses and aides was very good. They always told me what they were doing for me. When I was moved to a regular room, it was much bigger, and then I didn't need so much equipment. Again, the nurses and aides were very good to me. But I still wanted to go home. My overall experience was positive. - Barbara J Hubbard
My 92 year old mother-in-law was once again admitted to Waukesha Hospital. Her ongoing back pain had gotten so bad that she could no longer stand and she was in constant excruciating pain. All other avenues had been exhausted over the many years and surgery was the only option to try to get her some relief. Based on our limited options and the high level of complications with her age, we were lucky that Dr. Baykovsky agreed to perform the surgery on her back and give her this last grasp at relief from pain. He was very patient with us and particularly in his dealings with her and the progressing dementia. The surgery was successful and a couple of days later she was able to stand with the help of the therapists. Unfortunately, her other organs which had been in decline were not able to withstand the stress. Wish we had met Dr. Baykovsky years ago so Mom could have had more of a chance. We have nothing but the best to say about Dr. Baykovsy. - M.F
Had my follow up appt after surgery. Natalie was a huge help and helped me answer the questions I had, also Dr.B was wonderful and was very informative. I appreciate everything the office has done for me. - Lee E Rynders
I had a discectomy and fusion of C4-C7. The staff, the nurses, and Dr.Beykovsky were wonderful. I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon. Dr. B's bedside manner was amazing. He was honest and forthright and made the surgery a much better experience than I had anticipated. - Lee E Rynders
Dr Beykovsky performed surgery on me in November of 2016. He was kind and personable, he also was very informative on my condition and why I needed the procedure done. The whole process went very smooth, I felt very confident that Dr Beykovsky had suggested the right pathway towards toward a better and healthier condition for me. My pain had limited my lifestyle, now I'm pain free and living without restrictions. I highly recommend this physician. - Terry Schwerdtfeger
The appointment went right on time. Dr. set me up for back theraphy. Very helpful. - Sandra V Nuspl
Prompt, courteous service. Thorough exam and consult, including helping me understand the results of my MRI. Helpful discussing options to manage my pain and a great personality. I highly recommend him - Anne E Wandler
There are no words to describe how I feel about Dr Beykovsky and how he has given me a new life. I have gone thru 4 major surgeries in 3 years due to my health changes, accidents from the problems I have. I have lived with chronic pain for at least 15 yrs. When my pain became so intense and over took my life I didn't know what would happen to me and if there was help for me. My daughter knew of Dr Beykovsky and I was blessed he took new patients and from the moment he walked into the examining room I knew he was the one that could help me. Dr sat down and spent time with me, examined me, reviewed my MRI, and treated me like he so cared, and was not in a rush and just concentrated on me. I was so so scared that there was no help for me and what was my life going to be like. I am 64 and have alot of things that I want to do. Dr and given me my life back. I am now headed for a cervical fusion surgery in March and am blessed he will be doing my procedure. May God bless him, and I thank him for being there for me. I also want to thank Natalie his assistant, she went above the call of duty to help me from the moment I meet her, and all the extra work she did with my pre Auth, and helping me. She has been an angel to me. - Judith A Nielsen
On 12/19/16 I had a double disc replacement performed in my neck and had my second and last follow-up appointment with Dr. Beykovsky yesterday 2/15/17. In less then two months removed from the surgery I can return to full activities without any restrictions. I have complete range of motion in my neck, zero symptoms or pain in my right arm which prior to surgery was totally debilitating and ruining my quality of life. I would say that I am beyond pleased with the results and certainly didn't think I would be 100% symptom free this quickly. Dr. Beykovsky has now changed my wife's life as well as mine because of two very successful surgeries. Thank You! - T.T
He is a very good listener and cares for his patients. - J.H
Dr. Beykovsky performed a cervical disc replacement. The surgery went well and so did the healing. I am so pleased and happy that to have Dr. B as my doctor. I trust him 100% and found relief after years of cervical neck pain. Thanks Dr. B - .B
After consulting Dr Beykovsky for a herniated Cervical disc that had not responded to conservative treatment , I chose to have him perform a discectomy with artificial disc replacement. Everything was seamless , from start to finish . The surgery was much less painful than I had anticipated, as was the recovery . I now have all the sensation back in my Right hand and my strength continues to improve daily . So happy to be pain free . Exceptional surgeon, takes his time with you to answer all your questions and is very friendly and approachable . - L.Bonness
Doctor did all testing of my area of pain. Then looked at MRI and showed me the problem. He told me what had to be done and how he was going to do it.I am very confident that this Doctor will do a good job on my problem. - Michael W Crowe
Dr. Beykovsky always answers all my questions honestly & completely. He also puts me at ease with his sense of humor. I appreciate that he is willing to work with other conservative approaches rather than automatically defaulting to surgery. I am very glad my PCP recommended him when I originally did need surgery last summer. - .S
great doctor - .K
Dr. Beykovsky was very personable and listened well to what I said. He explained my condition in terms that were easily understood and used the MRI images to illustrate what he was saying. He offered treatment options that met my goal of least invasive treatments, but also discussed other possibilities of future or additional treatment. He ordered more testing to provide the most information to help me make an acceptable choice in my course of treatment. I was very pleased with our appointment. - .W
Went well just setting up an appointment for surgery - .R
From start to finish, my experience with Dr. Beykovski and his staff was top-notch. Dr. Beykovski performed an L4/L5 fusion and things progressed well. His bedside manner was great, the surgery went very well, and my recovery has been very good. I would definitely recommend him to anyone experiencing back pain, and was recommended by someone else in the first place. - S.Pulos
Very friendly and concerned about me. He actually listened to what I had to say. - J.H
Honesty flowed from me w Courage in Christ. I saw Dr B's heart appear. I went from uncertainty of Drs ability to actually care for my concerns to believing that in God anything is possible. I trust Dr B will be kind as I arranged another appt. w Dr in the near future. - Nancy S Kranker
Dr. Beykovsky replaced two degenerative discs in my neck that were causing severe biceps and triceps weakening along with numbness and tingling in my right arm. Within hours after successful surgery those symptoms were gone. I am very very pleased with the entire process and thankful he performed the surgery on me. - .T
It was recommended by the Neuroscience Department at ProHealth, Veronica Laak, to see a Neurosurgeon regarding a small aneurysm that was detected when I had a small stroke. Dr. Beykovsky was recommended. I appreciate that he took the time to explain my situation. Dr. Beykovsky indicated he would write a letter to my heart doctor, Dr. Richard Leech, regarding more control over my blood pressure and that he would periodically schedule CT scans with dye to keep a watch to see if the aneurysm grows. - Faith Davis
I felt very supported and reassured throughout my entire hospital stay. - .P
Pre-op pt care coordinator Natalie was very knowledgeable and was always available to answer questions and concerns. Dr. Beykovsky saw me pre-op to make sure I had no issues left to address prior to surgery.Post-op care was exceptional. Had a longer stay in the hospital then usual . Everyone kept me well informed about tests/ results. Dr. Beykovsky continued to check on me and made himself available for questions. He saw me prior to my discharge. Nursing staff at WMH were wonderful, very caring and professional. - Sally S Schram
Dr. Beykofsky tested many things on me even before reading the MRI and he had my problems diagnosed without the MRI and then had it all confirmed when viewing it. It was determined that surgery is definitely needed to fix the problems and symptoms I am having. He was excellent and I look forward to a very successful surgery on the 19th. - .T
Dr.Beykovski,is so easy to talk to.He ask just the right questions.Gives the best response to my question.Makes me feel like I am his only patient. - Cecelia J Pagel
I received excellent care from dr beykovski. He made sure that I knew what was going to happen during my hospitalization and surgery. I would recommend him to other patients. - Mary J Inden
I agree with many of the other very positive and complimentary responses I have read. This Doctor deserves 5 stars on all counts. - C.V
Dr. Beykovsky was very pleasant and helpful. Enjoyed our visit and appreciate his concern and caring attitude. A great physician!! - T.Y
Great experience, great doctor, great staff!! - A.C
I was very happy with the appt. The Dr. was very personable, easy to talk to, answered all questions, described in detail my problems and explained how he would proceed in the surgery if it was necessary after more xrays and a bone scan. after these tests he concluded it would be too risky a surgery and declined to do it. Was happy with his honesty. - Jeanette C Volkmann
very thankful for the skill of Dr. B - T.O
Dr. Beykovsky was very professional and competent but also very compassionate. Becasue I have been in chronic pain for such a long time, I showed up in his office in tears. I worried that my credibility of my issue would be skewed by that. Instead, he listened to me through my tears and treated me with dignity and respect. I have been dealing with chronic neck pain for over 5 years and have been to a multitude of medical providers. Dr. Beykovsky left me feeling like if I had to have surgery, I would be in good hands. In addditon, it is the first time I have had hope that my pain may really be treated and I can get a quality of life back. I am very grateful that I was referred to Dr. Beykovsky and hope that there is something he can do to help me. I spend my career taking care of others and it feels really good to meet a surgeon that cares about my medical issue. - R.S
Very thorough. Listened intently to my concerns and addressed them immediately. - P.T
Wonderful, supportive, friendly staff. - Laurie M Wnuk
Doctor took ample time to address all my concerns regarding my existing health issue. Looked at me while talking. Demonstrated professionalism. Very satisfied with this doctor and his knowledge. - S.T
Excellent experience with Dr Beykovsky. He even came in to see me late in the evening when I had a concern. - Gloria E Lemmer
Dr. Beykovsky makes you feel very comfortable and well informed about your condition. He's very friendly and takes the time with you. I didn't leave his office with unanswered questions. He nurse Natalie is very friendly and makes you visit runs smooth. She knows her job very well. - A.R
Dr. Beykovsky is a wonderful neurosurgeon, with an excellent "bedside manner". He is a consummate professional, as well as a very kind and considerate human being. This is evidenced by the down-to-earth (and humble) way he interacts with his patients. He is also very skilled: At the time of my surgery, both legs and one arm were paralyzed. Within 30 hours, I was walking and moving both arms again! I am SO thankful to God for using Dr. Beykovsky to heal me! He is a "100" on a scale of 1-10. - .A
His assistant was very friendly and helpful,Dr.Beykovsky was very patient took the time to explain in detail, and was very informative as to what the problem and outcome would be. The only issue we had was coming in 15 mins.early as requested and still having to wait another 25 minutes for a total of 40 mins!Before being seen.Our time is valuable too! - Jay K Pace
Dr.BeykovskyIs a very detailed, Dr. Makes you feel like you are his only patisn't, he take the time to make you feel comfortable.He is the Doc. Of choice. I have shared his name with a lot of friends, they have all been blessed by him. - Cecelia J Pagel
Dr. Andrew Beykovsky had performed my spinal fusion on 02/15/15. He is one of the finest Doctors that I have seen as a patient. He is extremely compassionate and is an expert neurosurgeon. I have had follow-up visits and once again he has always showed the utmost of concern for my well-being! - .A
This is Evan's mom writing this. He was in for a yearly appointment. We discussed our concerns regarding Evan's pain and the solutions. It was a good appointment. Andrew has a great personality and made Evan feel very comfortable. - E.M
I enjoyed meeting Dr. Beykovsky. He explined my problem and confidently put me at ease anout the solution. I can't wait to be better. - P.M
Our experience was a very positive one with hopefully a positive outcome. Dr. B. said he was one of the best with a few "tricks" up his sleeve. He was very thorough and told us what we could expect. Thanks. - T.O
Love Dr. B. Fabulous surgeon. Had my last follow up with him. Felt like he didn't really listen this time, but every other time was great. - .F
Excellent treatment, personable, positive, professional. - .L
Dr. Beykovsky was very friendly and made my husband and I feel very comfortable while examining me. He communicated a lot of information while he spoke and examined me.I am happy with what he prescribed for the next set of tests for carpel tunnel.I am happy he will be my attending neurologist for the different situations I have.Dr. Beykovsky definitely has an excellent "bedside manner." - E.C
Excellent care by an excellent Dr - T.V
Dr. Beykovsky was knowledgeable, accommodating and put my mind at ease about having surgery. The whole staff and office is top notch. - J.S
Dr. Beykovsky actually listened closely to my description of my symptoms. He exhibited a friendly and very competent manner. He had previously performed successful surgery. - .B
I was very impressed with Dr. Beykovsky. His personality is great and is a verycaring Dr. - .W
Dr Beykovski was personable and detailed in how he explained the results of a MRI image to my neck. He also explained what treatment options are available to me. In my experience he was very likable and professional. - T.S
It was a short visit, but was just checking on how I was doing. He is a great Dr, & he did a great job on by back. I am feeling a lot better. He seems like a very caring Dr & wants to see me again in six weeks. - Ronald J Melvin
All went well. He took time to talk and answer questions. Very observant Very satisfactory visit. - Richard R Brandt
Dr.Beykovsky was amazing during my appointment. He explained everything throughly and went through my MRI. He is a great doctor and I would recommend him to anyone. - .W
I was overwhelmed by Dr.Beychovsky's concern for my all around well being.I have since taken a close look at my behavior & my attitude. Dr.Beychovsky'ssuggestions that pain has been ruling my life resonated deep whitin my psyche.I am in awe of the change in that has occured when I recognized and owned thatit was/is a fact. I haven't been my usual self in years. Tough to look at.I believed that I'd risen above my circumstance and was coping just fine. In actuallity I've been out of my mind from pain.The good Dr. offered to work on achieveing - hopefully - a future withless pain for me. I do have a tough road ahead of me yet Dr.Beychovsky used thewords "we" instead of "I". THAT is a first. Over the years my decision has beennot to use the usual prescribed medication to "lessen" pain on a long term basis. Dr.Beychovsky HEARD me. I appreciate Dr.Beychovsky's mannerism and respect.Thank God for a man who's standards are higher than previous Dr.'s I've been to oflate. It seemes THEY have lost sight of why they are in their profession. Sad. Regardless of the outcome I KNOW I am blessed.Thank you, Dr.Beychovsky. God bless our journey. - N.K
MRI results look normal to me. I am not a doctor. Surgery does not seem to be the answer. Perhaps a circulation problem is what needs to be tested for the pain that still exists in my left leg. Thank you for your care and concern - Gail G Davis
Dr. Beykovsky was wonderful! I called that morning for an earlier appointment to get test results clarified and they got me in immediately. He spent a lot of time listening, then doing a thorough assessment and then went over my imaging in detail. I was so scared but he helped to put me at ease and was very professional yet compassionate at the same time. I will be forever grateful for his parting words..."There are some things in life that we can control and some we cannot. This is completely out of your control so don't waste energy on worry. Have faith in me that I can do my job and give you the best outcome possible. Worry will only wear you down." That will be my motto now moving forward...have faith and trust that all will work out for the best. He was amazing in a very scary and emotional moment. I have complete trust in him moving forward. - Rebecca A Keller
Dr. Beykovsky was understanding, informative and compassionate. Would highly recommend him. - .B
In November 2014 I experienced a fall. From that moment on, I was in excruciating pain in my lower back and from the sciatic nerve. I also had arthritis in the back, a cyst between L4/L5, no padding between the discs, a spinal bone spur and spinal stenosis. In other words, my back was a mess. To avoid surgery (out of sheer terror), I spent almost three years doing physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, magnetic therapy and pain management, including drugs and injections. Unfortunately, nothing brought the pain level below a 10. I was so exhausted from dealing with the pain that I felt that my life was over.Through a referral from my primary doctor, I met Dr. Beykovsky. In great detail he explained the condition of my back and that surgery was the only course of action that would give me any relief. Dr. Beykovsky didn't promise me the "moon"---he stated that he could only guarantee 90% relief in my leg and about 50% relief in my back. He was very caring, but firm as far as what his expectations were of me---I needed to follow his directions to the letter. It was very difficult for me to put myself in Dr. Beykovsky's hands, but 10 days later I had 5 1/2 hours of surgery. I woke up from the surgery in less pain than I had going into it. The leg pain was completely gone and the back pain was almost nonexistent. Now, almost three weeks after surgery, I feel incredible.I believe that Dr. Beykovsky gave me back my life and I am grateful. I would highly recommend Dr. Beykovsky to anyone who is facing back surgery. - Gail E Grigg
I have been very pleased with my treatment with Neurologic Associates & with Dr. Beykovski in particular. He has answered all my questions & let me know what to expect. The day of my surgery I had my daughter & 2 friends with me. All 3 of them were impressed with Dr. Beykovski's caring & bedside manner - even my daughter who is rather wary & distrustful of doctors. - K.S
Unexplained left leg pain, numbness and slow foot reaction still persists. Dr. Beykovsky was determined to get to the root of the problem through 2 MRI's. I am thankful this doctor's persistence. A quality of life style for me at 69 is important. May a cause be found and treated. - G.D
Dr B has quite a gregarious personality. Behind the lighthearted banter is a highly skilled professional. I'm so extremely grateful for his abilities as a surgeon, and his fortitude to learn and implement new procedures. I had an artificial cervical disk replacement. The surgery and recovery went seamlessly. I went home the next morning with little more than a two-inch scar and scratchy throat. My family and friends can't believe I had major surgery. I tell them I was in a sword fight with a pirate. ;-) I've already referred two people. One of them has an appointment this month. Dr B's staff kept me in the loop prior to surgery with my insurance information and preapproval status. He has two offices for appointments and does surgery out of two hospitals. This shortened my travel time significantly. Great experience all around considering the severity of my condition. - C.Dunn
Always a pleasure to see Dr beykovsky for a follow up.Staff and Dr beykovsky are very accommodating time my nutty travel schedule. - Robert A Siegel
Dr. listening to what I HAD TO SAY very understanding a great DR would recommend to my friends and family - A.H
Pleased with the professionalism and thoroughness. Took time to explain my condition and possible treatment. - Frederick F Matson
Dr. Beykovsky is very personable. I felt comfortable and confident with him performing my surgery. I am still healing but doing well. - .H
This was my final visit to Dr. Beykovski following my Cervical Fusion. Surgery was successful, but my headaches had returned. Dr. Beykovski recommended Physical therapy and wrote the order. I am to see him following the therapy.As usual we always find Dr. Beykovski to be friendly and attentive. I am very thankful that Dr. Carie Narkis recommended Dr. Beykovski for my evaluation. - .J
He is a great listener and very understanding. He showed me my MRI and explained what was going on so I understood it. He did an amazing job on my surgery and continues to help me. I love this doctor!! - G.P
Saw Dr. B for a surgical follow up and reported some symptoms that have been concerning me. He immediately ordered further testing. He's a fantastic doctor. He's always listened attentively and conducted thorough physical exams. This seems basic, but there are MDs out there who don't. I highly recommend Dr. B!! - N.F
Very great fun for Dr Beykovsky. It was wonderful. Treated with kindness and staff looked concerned about my health. - L.H
Initial consultation for back issues. The doctor provided an extensive review of my recent MRI and discussed a surgical option. His review of the MRI gave me the knowledge and information I needed to make the decision to have the operation. - S.M
Excellent care by a caring Doctor - T.V
Pleasant, informative, Doctor Baykovsky has a warm and caring manner and seems very knowledgeable. Sense of humor to my remarks were pleasing. Super doctor/patient manner in speaking. We soon found we had common experience in understanding heritage. Follow up plan precise in understanding current physical problem. My husband and I felt confident being in his care. - G.D
Dr Beykovsky was outstanding in both medical and "bed side" manner. Very though and allowed time for questions. An extremely satisfying visit.His staff was very helpful. Went over dates and possibilities. The only downside would be that I have to wait so long to get into his schedule for surgery. - Richard R Brandt
Dr. Beykofsky was great from beginning to the discharge both in technical skills & bedside manner, The pain in my back is all but gone and it gets better every day. Thank for all your help and perseverance. - .C
Dr. B did a great job of neck surgery. He repaired the C2 vertebra and it is healing nicely. I can" - Stuart A Fish
I am SO blessed to have Dr. Beykovsky as my neurosurgeon! He is thorough, proficient, kind, and humble. When I was wheeled into the operating room for ACDF surgery, I had lost the use of my left arm and both my legs. Within 24 hours, I was walking down the hallway of the hospital, and had more strength in my hands and legs than I've had in years!I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Beykovsky! - S.A
Have problems with my neck and saw Dr. Beykovsky about how to help it. He is suggesting PT at Moreland Family Practice. I have since scheduled such appointment. - Patricia M Molitor
Feeling so much better. I felt listened to and that they cared. - J.E
Kind, compassionate and reassuring. Went into great detail to make sure that we understood exactly what he was going to do during surgery and what he hoped would be the outcome. We appreciated his honesty about the first couple of days and the pain. I have great confidence in his ability to help me reach a pain level that I can live with. - Gail E Grigg
I went in to have my stitches removed after having a carpal tunnel release surgery done by Dr. Beykovsky. He did a very good job on the surgery, and did a good removing the stitches. He is sincere and caring. When the last 2 stitches didn't want to come out with out causing pain, he was very apologetic. I will be coming back to see him in the near future for follow up appointments. - J.F
I had a craniotomy on May 29th. I have had weekly follow-up office visits since then. Dr. Beykovsky shows a genuine concern for my wellness. He takes time to answer questions clearly. I feel he really cares about my recovery and does not rush through the appointment time.I am thankful that he was "on-call" the Sunday I arrived at the Emergency Department of WMH.The staff at his office is also caring and efficient. - .D
Great experience. On time visit. Excellent doctor with an excellent manner. - J.S
Overall excellent experience. Very knowledgeable about my pain and appropriate treatment. Thorough exam. Pleasant personality, treats you as if you are family. I trust him with my medical needs and feel totally confident in his ability to treat my condition! - D.G
Excellent. Professional, and personal. We had complete confidence after consulting with him. - Karen J Leis
I think Dr Beykovsky is a very good doctor. He takes the time to talk to you and listen to any of your questions. He makes me feel at ease on my treatment. I would recommend him to family and friends. - .R
Was admitted through WMH ER and was seen by Dr Beykovsky on 6/13/16. I couldn't be happier with the compassion and expertise of the doctor. I went in having severe back and leg pain and have recovered with no back pain at all. My only wish is I waited 6 weeks with severe back pain should have seen him sooner. - L.T
We cannot begin to state how super our experience was from the first visit to he last. He was exceptionally thorough in his exam and explanation of the procedure. The results of the procedure we amazing. Little glitch with drain tube curling but corrected fine. Follow up visits were encouraging. Walking, speaking, thinking all improved almost back to normal. AAA rating - W.C
I started my journey in finding treatment for my spinal stenosis and cervical bulging discs several years ago. After physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, steroid injections, and nerve oblation I decided it was time to discuss surgery. Dr. Beykovsky is compassionate and sincere. He listened to me first and than provided a solution.I have surgery scheduled and feel confident that Dr. Beykovsky will improve my current health situation and let me start to enjoy my life again. I trust Dr. Beykovsky and I am thankful to the Physical Therapist who referred him to me. - G.S
my office visit with dr beykovsky went very well we dicussed my cat scan and emg that were done. we put a plan together for any further treatment that might be needed. he explaned everything so I could understand it. he dose a excellent job. I feel good about him as my doc - Mark A Schram
Follow up to Cervical Fusion surgery. Always good to see Dr. Beykovski and that my surgery was such a success. Glad to get the collar off. I will see Dr. Beykovski again in July for final follow up. I have recommended Dr. Beykovski and will continue to. - Diane James
Dr Beykovsky had an excellent bedside manner. Very pleasent to talk with. Explained things in detail. All doctors should be like him.I really enjoyed my visits with him. - .R
Dr. Beykovsky was very professional and made some recommendations that were appropriate. - R.P
Dr. Beykovski was personable as always. I did feel a bit rushed but not badly. I really like his assistant who let me know what to expect. - K.S
Dr. B did a L5-S1 fusion for me. I was nervous and very apprehensive. He helped calm my fears and I placed my full trust in him. I couldn't be happier with my results! He's a very gifted surgeon and is very kind to his patients! - C.P
I woke up with extreme pain in my upper back with tingling and numbness in both arms. My husband took me to the Mukwonago ER where the ER doctor ordered a MRI of my whole back. It was found that I had a "moderate size focal midline disc protrusion and there is an associated epidural hematoma along the ventral surface of the spinal cord." This resulted in me being ambulanced to Waukesha Memorial where I had my C6-7 vertebrae fused together with a titanium plate. Dr. Beykovsky was waiting for me at the hospital and explained the situation and the need for immediate surgery in clear terms to me and my husband. He personally took me from pre-op into the operating room and made me feel very comfortable with the procedure. His bedside manner is wonderful and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing this type of procedure. - Pamela M Donegan
I can hardly put into words how happy I was with Dr. Beykovsky and Natalie. Several months ago I blew out two discs in my neck. Dr. Grossklaus recommended Dr. Beykovsky. I immediately felt that I was in good hands. My surgery went extremely well and I am starting to feel normal again. At this visit both Natalie and Dr. Beykovsky took their time with me and answered all my questions. Dr. Beykovsky is a great surgeon and a truly nice guy. - J.L
On time-listened-have me confidence - V.O
All services were great and everyone friendly - S.K
I experienced a work injury to my lower back and SI joint which caused severe pain and inability to walk or put any weight on my right leg without a cane/walker. I had spent months having Joint injections along with pain management medication with no progress and was then recommended to Andrew, he wanted to explore all avenues in the assistance of healing the injury before surgery was recommended. I then went through a month of chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy and both had viewed a more serious injury and problem than they could assist in healing progression. Andrew then recommended surgery, an I-Fuse which would fuse my damaged SI joint with a minimal invasive procedure. I agreed very quickly as I had been disabled mobility wise and in severe pain for six months with what seemed to be no end in sight. (I was also taken off work completely along the way) The procedure was very fast, I was made extremely comfortable before during and after the procedure. I left the hospital the same day of the surgery with crutches and in depth instructions on how to help the healing and recovery process. In three weeks I was up and walking with help along the way and now three months later I am pain free and walking like a normal human. Andrew gave me my life back, I'm only 30 years old and the outlook before Andrew was quite grim. Andrew is by far the most sympathetic, understanding, knowledgable, down to earth and amazing Doctor/surgeon I've ever met. I will never be able to thank him enough in words or actions for giving me my life back, for allowing me to live a normal life from here on out and return to work full time. Following up with Andrew these past three months has been just as great. He cares about people, he takes time to listen to any questions and or concerns and answers honestly and with pin point knowledge. Another hurdle I experienced after the surgery and healing was removing the heavy amount of pain medications the previous doctors had put me on from the beginning of the injury. Very strong pain meds and I knew my body had built up a very dangerous dependency to them. I opened up to Andrew about the issue during the post op appointment and instead of passing on the subject or judging a patient. He not only listened but I could see compassion in his actions and response. He helped me get my life back and also helped me through one of the hardest things I've ever endured, weaning from the pain medication. With support from both him and my family, friends and girlfriend I can successfully say I am pain medication free, walking, enjoying life again and returning to the work force in mere weeks. There are two other people who have shown such compassion, love and concern of my well being and that is my mom and girlfriend. Never would I have thought, that a complete stranger would take me under his complete care on a human level as Andrew did. He is real, when you hear he is one of the absolute best, it's for a good reason and quite the understatement. He takes patient care and healing to a level you will be hard pressed to find from any other surgeon or Doctor anywhere. Thank you again Andrew, thank you so much for this second chance, allowing me to continue life which is something we sometimes tend to take for granted. You are a true hero. I will never forget you. Thank you from the wholeness of my heart. - D.Campbell Pecore
All things done on this day were very professional, efficient, and done with an at ease and friendly manner. - F.U
Dr Beykovsky performed a very successful lumbar laminectomy 2 weeks ago and the recovery is excellent. A very dedicated surgeon and I highly recommend him. - Dolores D Cornwall
Dr. Beykovsky was very personable, caring, knowledgeable and all around easy to work with. His experience and expertise are commendable. I had a great experience as well as great results and would not hesitate to recommend him to others suffering from back issues. I had an SI joint fusion as well as an L3-L4 laminectomy and scar tissue removal from a previous back surgery with another surgeon. Dr. Beykovsky came into the room to see how I was doing the same evening after the surgery as well as the morning before my release. Definitely has my vote! - T.Y
We love Aurora Summit and are very glad that Dr. Beykovski practices out of there. I would highly recommend Dr. Beykovski and in fact already have. He is kind, compassionate, extremely talented in his field and has a good sense of humor. I'm not looking forward to having any more surgeries, but if they involve the spine, I will be sure to call Dr. Beykovski. - D.J
My surgery went great two weeks ago. Waiting time for appts is minimal, staff is great, and the doc is awesome. Answered all my questions, made me feel good. He is a great guy. - J.L
Very personnel and easy to talk to. Understood my need for surgery and tried to schedule for my easiest convenience. - Frank Ulicki
Awesome Poeople. enough said. - G.M
Dr was friendly and spent a bit of time with me. He tried to answer my questions as best he could. - Y..
I will be having Cervical Spine surgery in April. I have all the confidence in the world with having Dr. Beykovski doing the procedure. He makes me feel very at ease and he is so pleasant. I think I'm in love!!! He showed me my last MRI and explained in detail what the results were. Plus he likes basketball, which is a definite plus in my mind. - James, Diane ..
THe office staff is very nice and prompt when needing assistance with paperwork - H..
Was very informative, gave me the answers I needed. - M..
Dr. Beykovsky did an excellent job and his support staff at the office was outstanding. Stacey was extremely helpful working with the instance company and she was very prompt in returning my calls. Excellent customer service. - Emily M .H
My first visit with Dr. Beykovski couldn't have gone better. That is probably the best neurological exam I have had. He is very pleasant and put me at ease. He explained completely everything that I needed to know. I feel very confident that should I need surgery in the future that I would be in very talented, experienced hands. It also helps that Dr. Beykovski trained with Dr. Cusick, my neurosurgeon that performed my first and second lumbar fusions. That gives me extra confidence since Dr. Cusick was once the head of the Neurological dept. at Froedtert Hosp.I look forward to working again with Dr. Beykovski as we makes plan for my future medical health. - Diane James
All I can say is that Doctor Andrew Beykovsky is one of Fineness Doctor ( and his staff ) that I have ever met!. He LISTENS to you and there no rushing you out of the office. - .K
Dr. Beykovsky and the staff made the surgery and overnite stay as comfortable as possible. The post op rehabilitation....3 weeks so far....has gone very well. I am most grateful for the wonderful medical services available. A special thanks to Dr. Beykovsky for giving me the confidence that the surgery would relieve the the reoccurring pain that I was experiencing. - J.J
Great Doctor, would recomend to everyone, everybody was great, - .M
Waiting time is a little long but I would rather have a doctor that takes the time necessary with a patient. That means that when it is my time I know he will treat me the same. Mary Jo is a great nurse and puts you at ease immediately. Dr. Beykovsky is very matter of fact in his treatment and seems like a very confident competent doctor. I feel very comfortable with his diagnosis and would go to him again if necessary. - J.G
Everything went well from setting up first appointment till now. - L.E