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Waukesh, 53188
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excellent experience ....d - I.B Reviewed on 06/19/2019
Great friendly service - T.S Reviewed on 02/05/2019
My surgeon is Dr. Bartl. She is very nice and upfront on what needs to be done to obtain relief. In my case I have neck and back problems. I feel at this point the surgeries were unsuccessful for me and just made my problems worse, however that may just be me. In a whole the office is very nice and clean. I do appreciate Dr. Bartl's effort in trying to alleviate the pain I live with daily and I definitely would recommend her to others. Unfortunately for me surgery only seems to make things worse. She does get you in and out and home the same day which is nice. As long as your pain is controlled. My back wasn't and I was still discharged which made me have to go to the ER right after the discharge, but my neck went very smoothly and was home same day with controlled pain. - C.E Reviewed on 02/05/2019
I found that everything was done in a timely manner. Dr. Bartl did excellent job at explaining all results and procedures in detail so that I understood what would be happening. She took time to answer all my questions. Her demeanor is very pleasant. My surgery went as explained to me and I now have a better quality of life. Staff at the office was very pleasant and helpful. - D.V Reviewed on 02/05/2019
I was very happy with everything except the end results. i really thought that my surgery would correct my walking problem. I still hope with alot of strengthening exercise it will improve. thank you for everything you've done. - V.R Reviewed on 01/30/2019
Very friendly and efficient. - T.S Reviewed on 01/23/2019
Good service - S.F Reviewed on 01/21/2019
I am alive and walking... enough said:) - D.R Reviewed on 01/21/2019
My experience with my appointments have all been excellent always on timeDr Bartyl is very thorough she explains your situation well ! I feel confident with her preforming my Procedure - D.O Reviewed on 12/03/2018
Great experience, everyone very kind and helpful. - T.E Reviewed on 11/20/2018
I had questions about my treatment and other things and they were all answered. - C.B Reviewed on 11/20/2018
I had a very good experience with Dr. Bartl. She knows what she is doing. I would recommend her to a family member or friend. - E.F Reviewed on 11/13/2018
I had pain in both my legs. Got in for a MRI The pain was because I had a herniated disc. She got me in right away.she was very kind about me being worried about me being exposed during operation. Explained that I was never fully exposed. Made me more relaxed. Operation went well because I had a very good doctor. - R.L Reviewed on 10/30/2018
Dr. Bartl is the best - B.K Reviewed on 10/23/2018
Everyone was very nice and my surgery went as I excepted it to. - K.V Reviewed on 10/18/2018
Very good excellent. Job - B.P Reviewed on 10/17/2018
Over all things were good, getting my first meds filled was a mess. It is a shame that was so messed up. Also When I went in to have my belt fitted, Amanda had me wearing the piece that goes in front on the back of the belt. It was not until a week and a half later when I came in because of a problem with the belt, that another girl said , You have this on wrong!She did not seem up to date on the belt, because she went through 2 belts fitting me. She could not get the first one to work, the second one she had me wearing the front piece in the back(which did not feel good sitting down!) These issues took a little wind out of my sails about the whole process.I hope for everyone's sake these things were a very isolated occurrence - D.S Reviewed on 10/11/2018
Dr. Bartl was clear in her explanation about my potential treatment for back/sciatic issues. I have not yet made a decision about proceedeng at this time.Thank you for your time and concern! I will make a decision in the near future. - C.Z Reviewed on 10/01/2018
I fully trusted Dr. Bartl. Thanks - C.K Reviewed on 10/01/2018
Just a post-op check up. discussed progress & checked incision. Progressing as expected. Dr Bartl very attentive & answered a questions I had. Did not feel rushed at all. - S.A Reviewed on 09/30/2018
Dr Bartl is a true artist! - K.O Reviewed on 09/26/2018
This was the first time that I met Dr. Bartl. She was familiar with what had already been done regarding my treatment. She explained the MRI, and noted areas that further testing would give her needed information for recommending the right type of treatment. - Dorothy Keefe Reviewed on 09/25/2018
Excellent overall. Short wait time and doctor is very through. - W.R Reviewed on 09/25/2018
Dr. Bartl and everyone I have ever dealt with have been exceptionally helpful, Friendly, informative and treated me with the utmost respect. Dr. Bartl listens to and addresses all my concerns. I have and will continue to recommend her to Family and friends. - J.R Reviewed on 09/19/2018
Dr. Bartel exceeded expectations, went in for numb fingers and elbow pain, and took extra care to go over back pain issues too. - C.M Reviewed on 09/19/2018
Dr. Bartl is very courteous and extremely thorough in her explanation about my pathology and does not hesitate to show films on the computer to assist in her explanation of my symptomology. She also encourages to have you ask questions to bring clarity to the issues. - R.S Reviewed on 09/19/2018
Everyone was very nice. The doctor was really thorough. Definitely would recommend. - K.L Reviewed on 09/19/2018
The staff is always friendly and helpful. I did not wait long for my appointment, and once in the waiting room, I was seen in a timely fashion. The procedure and choices were explained clearly, along with the next course of action. I have a lot of trust with my surgeon. - C.G Reviewed on 09/11/2018
No Doctor should be rated as numbers of stars. But I would say is Dr Bartl is excellent Doctor. She know exactly what is wrong and says so. The service is always prompt. I never have to wait a long time to see her.It's hard to find a doctor ofher experience that has a good bed side manner. Her staff are always pleasant and kind. Pain is always bad, no matter how severe it is. She always offers help to understand what the problem is. - R.L Reviewed on 09/10/2018
had no problems - wait time was close to appointed time - staff is very nice & helpful - K.V Reviewed on 09/10/2018
Brief but satisfactory - J.K Reviewed on 09/06/2018
U guys r the BEST that ever was:The BEST there is:& the BEST that ever will be!!!!!!!!!! - K.P Reviewed on 09/06/2018
The doctor and staff are very nice and they care a lot - R.W Reviewed on 09/06/2018
Been waiting for date and location for back surgery.All is fine.Thank you - M.S Reviewed on 08/21/2018
Waiting to find out the results of some further tests ran by Adrielle. Bartl. - P.T Reviewed on 08/21/2018
Not sure of our insurance provider because have not received any statements yet. Your staff was excellent. Am very pleased with how myself and my family were treated. So far recovery is going well. Would recommend Dr. Bartl and staff plus Waukesha Memorial Hosp. - K.V Reviewed on 08/21/2018
All was excellent - N.S Reviewed on 08/21/2018
Everthing was excellent from every aspect of the staff and the hospital - T.A Reviewed on 08/06/2018
Very good. - J.G Reviewed on 08/06/2018
As usual, Dr. Bartl and her staff treated me with the utmost respect. Dr. Bartl speaks to me in a way I undestand, I trust what she tells me,and she always asks if I have any questions. I feel I am getting the best care possible. - J.R Reviewed on 08/01/2018
I needed an MRI due to a problem with my foot and since I have a shunt in my brain I also needed to see a neurologist within 24 hours of the MRI. I had to reschedule the MRI 3 times due to scheduling difficulties and finally found that my previous neurosurgeon had moved to Columbia-St Mary’s in Milwaukee, though he still sees patients in Brookfield. His assistant made arrangements for me to see Dr. Bartl since I could not be seen by my previous M.D. for several weeks in Brookfield. I had not seen him since 2016 because he told me I did not to be seen unless I had problems. Dr. Bartl was extremely kind and competent, and we have decided to have yearly visits unless I have a problem in between. I was very pleased with Dr. Bartl, her assistant and the office in general. - A.B Reviewed on 07/31/2018
Despite my fears, the staff put me at ease. The operation appears to have been successful. Another few weeks should give a better result. - K.W Reviewed on 07/30/2018
The staff and Dr. Bartl were very pleasant and made me feel at ease. Dr. Bartl explain what the problems were with my back and also what she could do to fix it very well. Explain it with language I could understand. - V.G Reviewed on 07/23/2018
Everyone was so nice and helpful - T.S Reviewed on 07/23/2018
Great - E.W Reviewed on 07/23/2018
DR. Bartl is a great Dr. and would recomend her to anyone - D.B Reviewed on 07/23/2018
Pleased how I was treated. Hopefully after my surgery, I will be more comfortable. Have faith! - K.V Reviewed on 07/23/2018
My experiences with Dr. Bartl and her staff have been excellent, both now and over the years. As much as can be expected, function returned and pain went away or has significantly been reduced. I fully recommend her - K.S Reviewed on 07/10/2018
Everything was explained and our questions were answered. Secondary x-rays were requested and accomplished in 30 minutes right down the hall. Dr. Bartl was very professional, knowledgeable and understanding. - Jeffrey S Duchin Reviewed on 07/09/2018
I thought I had a pinched nerve but it turned out to be a herniated disc.So much pain Doctor Bartl stopped in to see me after her other surgery’s.she kind and careful of leg. Said I needed surgery right away.Said she was booked full but she’d find a way. Took me after 1day and operated on me. All the staff was kind respectful of my wishes. I trust With my life. - R.L Reviewed on 07/09/2018
Very informative could not have been nicer she was great at explaining everything - B.P Reviewed on 07/02/2018
As usual, Dr. Bartl was very informative, businesslike but very friendly. She explained everything is great detail in language I could understand. Her staff was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Bartl has my complete trust with my healthcare. - J.R Reviewed on 06/27/2018
Dr, Bartl made everything go smoothly. She was very caring about the pain I was going through. She got me in although she was booked out.She still took the time to talk to before and after the surgery. I was nervous but I knew she would do a good job from other friends advice.Herstaff was a dream, very friendly and caring. Always explaining what was go to happen next. - .L Reviewed on 06/27/2018
Very professional and caring All friendly and reassuring Fast and accurate I would refer anyone I know to dr Bartl - .L Reviewed on 06/27/2018
I appreciated the lady who made my original appt she was friendly and made me feel like I made a good choice in scheduling with Dr. Bartl.Dr. Bartl listened to me and knew I made a good choice. I also was pleased to read my after summary visit as it was accurate. I feel comfortable with Dr. Bartl and believe she is honest and wants me to feel better. - .W Reviewed on 06/27/2018
All positive feelings - .K Reviewed on 06/25/2018
It was good - S.F Reviewed on 06/20/2018
I plan on waiting until the 3rd week of August to have my surgery, unless things change, worse or better. Otherwise my interaction with everyone was great. - S.B Reviewed on 06/19/2018
Physiclal Therapy is not doing anything for me. - .E Reviewed on 06/19/2018
Amanda & Dr. Bartl are very personable and eager to answer all my questions. Reception staff were full of smiles! - K.W Reviewed on 06/19/2018
Amanda & Dr. Bartl are very personable and eager to answer all my questions. Reception staff were full of smiles! - K.W Reviewed on 06/19/2018
I am very happy with the outcome of the surgery that Dr. Bartl performed. The office staff is always great and now that Dr. Bartl has a new Patient Care Coordinator, it was a much better experience than before. - L.E Reviewed on 06/19/2018
as always treated as#1 - D.N Reviewed on 06/19/2018
As always , Dr. Bartl was informative , professional and engaging - .B Reviewed on 06/19/2018
As usual, Dr. Bartl took the time to explain my symptoms, what my options were for treatment, and what the expected outcome could be. I appreciate the time she spent with me to make sure I understood it all. Her staff was friendly and helpful. - J.R Reviewed on 06/12/2018
Everything was great, that is why I am back to plan another surgery for Aug 13th, 2018. - D.S Reviewed on 06/11/2018
Nice people to deal with. I am very satisfied. - H.C Reviewed on 06/04/2018
Nothing to add - .K Reviewed on 06/04/2018
Dr Bartl performed back surgery through the front of my neck, removing and replacing two disks and fusing them together. Everyone involved was amazing! All of my questions were answered, each staff member was pleasant and respectful, and I am out of pain and back to living my life. I am extremely happy with the results, and would highly recommend Dr Lynn Bartl and her staff. - .S Reviewed on 06/04/2018
great - D.B Reviewed on 05/27/2018
Dr. Bartel was very nice and thorough in her end results. - M.W Reviewed on 05/25/2018
Don’t know about results yet, have surgery in June - S.H Reviewed on 05/24/2018
I arrived on time. After a short wait, I was called back. Dr. Bartl's Nurse was very friendly and efficient. Dr. Bartl came in, listened to me, checked me and sent me for proper testing. As usual, Dr. Bartl was very friendly, listened to what I had to say and made sure I understood everything she explained. - .R Reviewed on 05/24/2018
Dr Bartl was very thorough & explained surgery very well - B.B Reviewed on 05/15/2018
Excellent experience with Dr. Bartl regarding my surgery and consultations. She put me at ease with answering all of my questions and providing detailed information regarding the procedure and the recovery period. Her professionalism in-office as well as her experience for the procedure completed made it quick and positive. I would easily recommend Dr. Bartl to others. - .Z Reviewed on 05/13/2018
Dr. Bartl is outstanding. I have no residual pain or any pain for that matter. I am so pleased with this surgeon and highly recommender to others. - .K Reviewed on 05/07/2018
I took my dad Felix to see Dr Bartl I found her very caring and explained things to us. Dad is having trouble talking right now. - F.V Reviewed on 05/01/2018
Very concerned staff and provider! - P.B Reviewed on 04/30/2018
My situation required immediate surgery the day after my diagnosis. My doctor visited in the hospital the day after the procedure and I had relatively few complications throughout the healing process. I feel like quickly identifying the problem and treating improved my prospects for recovery and I'm happy to say I'm doing much better. - Matthew.H Reviewed on 04/30/2018
Everyone involved in my treatment was professional and helpful, starting with my initial doctor appointment, through the day of my surgery. Every concern I had was addressed, and I felt each person really listened to me. I'm pleased with the outcome, and highly recommend Dr. Lynn Bartl and staff. - .S Reviewed on 04/23/2018
I give everything a 5 Star excellent rating. I could not have asked for better care all around and I am so grateful I was sent to Summit and to Dr. Bartl. - .P Reviewed on 04/23/2018
Everything went very smoothly the day of my surgery with everything - the nurses, doctors, and all procedures went as planned. I have zero complaints. Dr. Bartl is great - very straightforward and professional in answering questions and doesn’t waste your time. Her customer care coordinator Michael is very helpful and organized. I’m on the road to recovery! - .E Reviewed on 04/21/2018
great dr is the best - D.B Reviewed on 04/19/2018
Good results - .F Reviewed on 04/18/2018
So far great result! - P.B Reviewed on 04/17/2018
It would be nice to have the office visit discussion with the doctor in the paperwork that is given to you when you leave the office. I asked if I should have therapy or not and the doctor really didn't give me an answer just that's up to me. I asked her thoughts but it was a generic answer.Other than that I'm feeling better so the real test is when I can start doing more of my normal workouts and such. - .S Reviewed on 04/15/2018
I am quite satisfied with Neurologic Associates. I am looking forward to my surgery to relieve my pain. - J.S Reviewed on 04/11/2018
I just recently underwent my third spinal procedure in a span of approximately eighteen years under the care of Lyn Bartl M.D.. My most recent experience was similar to the previous two in that the information shared concerning the procedure was accurate and easily understood. Any questions I had prior to the operation were answered in a precise fashion. The physician was responsive and very accomodating to any concerns I had. I would not hesitate to call upon her services If a future need arose. - N.C Reviewed on 04/05/2018
Very happy with care received - Diane Gallas Reviewed on 04/04/2018
Dr. Bartl is excellent! She thoroughly explained my medical situation to me and the suggested surgery. My surgery was performed perfectly and I am now 4 weeks post op and doing extremely well. During the first couple weeks after surgery, I repeatedly sent questions to her office and I received either email responses on My Chart or telephone calls within a short time afterwards. I am so happy with her and her staff (Michael). They are a great team. - .K Reviewed on 04/04/2018
I was feeling hopeless about my situation, not sure what was going on with my leg. Dr. Bartl led me on the right path to eliminate my worries. she has been kind and compassionate and now I feel like I am on my way to a great outcome. I'm actually looking forward to my surgery, knowing I'm in competent hands with Dr. Bartl. - C.B Reviewed on 04/04/2018
I've never had a major operation and it scared me a lot and I was really nervous but you and your staff did an excellent job of keeping me comfortable explaining everything so I knew exactly what to expect. Thank you for your patience. - T.O Reviewed on 03/20/2018
Every one was very kind and explained in detail what was toHappen every step of the way. I was very confident I would receive the best care possible after talking to the staff.I am now recoveringand am very pleased with the results - G.D Reviewed on 03/20/2018
Looking forward to follow up MRI reading and appointment. Dr. Bartl is great! - .R Reviewed on 03/20/2018
I was rear-ended a year ago and have had neck pain ever since. I couldn't be active without suffering. Every night I had to ice my neck after work and before bed just to be able to function on a daily basis. I couldn't deal with the pain and decided to do some research. The honesty of Dr. Bartl is highly satisfactory. Michael is great as well. I really wasn't expecting to have surgery and when they told me I did - I was beyond nervous. They answered all questions and put my mind at ease. I did an extensive research on over 20 doctors in my network and had much confidence on Dr. Bartl's diagnosis.After the first week I was walking a mile and a half without pain. In my third week and don't have the pain like I used to. Right after surgery the numbness in my hands and arms were gone - that was a true blessing. - K.S Reviewed on 03/13/2018
The honesty of Dr. Bartl is highly satisfactory. Michael is great as well. I really wasn't expecting to have surgery and when they told me I did - I was beyond nervous. They answered all questions and put my mind at ease. I did an extensive research on over 20 doctors in my network and had much confidence on Dr. Bartl's diagnosis. - .S Reviewed on 03/13/2018
Bleeding at base of neck. Don't know the exact cause. - J.D Reviewed on 03/12/2018
Very happy with quick access to see Dr Bartl for consultation. Would definitely return if treatment needed. Felt very comfortable with Dr Bartl. - .G Reviewed on 03/06/2018
Excellent service as usual - .C Reviewed on 03/03/2018
This being my first major surgery, I hope any future surgeries are all this good. I didn't really know what to expect, but Dr. Bartl and her staff explained everything to me and prepped me for what to expect after surgery. I was up and walking around several hours after surgery with no pain, later that evening I had a full dinner. As a facility manager it is very important for me to be mobile and have full use of my hands. Before surgery my right arm and hand were virtually useless and in total pain. In post op, Dr. Bartl checked up on me to see how I was doing, and I regained at least 50% of my strength back in my right hand and hand absolutely no pain, Yah! I am well on my way to a full recovery with the help of PT and a lot of self determination to get back to 100% use of my right arm and hand. From my wife and IThank You and your staff/team very muchPat Standlee - .S Reviewed on 02/28/2018
Friendly atmosphere Truthful, thoughtful, kind - R.L Reviewed on 02/26/2018
So far I am happy with the results of the surgery Dr. Bartl did but it's only been a week. Michael, Dr Bartls assistant, was very knowledgeable and helpful with any questions that I had. The only improvement I could recommend is returning phone calls on the same day you received them. Other than that my experience was very good. - C.N Reviewed on 02/26/2018
Staff is always helpful and polite. Never have to wait, sometimes I even get in early. Dr. Bartl listens to my issues and try’s to understand what’s happening. - P.R Reviewed on 02/19/2018
Great job!! Real great job and friendly love her - J.H Reviewed on 02/13/2018
In office visit for second opinion regarding recent MRI to address increasing neck pain issues. Dr. Bartl, her staff, office and scheduling are always wonderful to us and nothing less. As frustrating as my ongoing case is I have always been treated with kindness and respect. Dr. Bartl performed an in-office test injection earlier in the month that was not helpful, so she ordered additional imaging which revealed a previous cervical fusion was no longer solid. I am thankful to Dr. Bartl for always digging deeper to find what other doctors often gloss over and dismiss telling me that's just the way it is and can't be helped. This hasn't been repaired yet, but I know Dr. Bartl is the best for the job. - L.T Reviewed on 02/13/2018
Follow up but still having some pain. As expected Dr Bartl zeroed in on the pain and I am now scheduled for physical therapy following my fusion surgery. Excellent Dr and would highly recommend, - B.L Reviewed on 02/13/2018
I first visited Dr. Bartl for a consultation for a pinched nerve causing significant loss of use in my right arm and hand. She diagnosed me with 2 ruptured disks in my neck. She recommended total disk replacement. I had never herd of this option, which she explained the procedure, its benefits and risks.Now its almost three weeks after the surgery. I have regained almost all the use in my arm and hand, and it continues to improve every day.Dr. Bartl and her staff were and continue to be very pleasant to work with. They answer all my questions and concerns about the surgery and recovery.I would certainly recommend Dr. Bartl to anyone needing this type of procedure. - .H Reviewed on 02/12/2018
I was treated with kindness and they made sure I understood everything they told me - .D Reviewed on 02/05/2018
Having back pain Test scheduled faster then thought and now just waiting for Cortizone treatment. - .B Reviewed on 02/05/2018
I was a little late for my appointment and she til got me in right away with out having to rescheduling my appointment. - M.K Reviewed on 01/30/2018
Outstanding care by Dr. Lynn Bartl and staff, especially patient coordinator,Michael. I had cervical spinal fusion surgery on 10/16/2017 and treatment through 01/23/2018. The intricate and delicate surgery performed by Dr. Bartl was next to a miracle considering the degenerative spinal area I had. She explained everything thoroughly before and after operation in my visits. I could not be more pleased. - R.S Reviewed on 01/29/2018
Had cervical spine fusion procedure on 10/16/17 and treatment thru 1/23/18. The operation, although very delicate and intricate in nature, went excellent. Everything leading up to surgery and all post op appointments were explained thoroughly. Very impressed with care and concern by both Dr. Lynn Bartl and the patient coordinator Michael. The entire office is very thorough and pleasant. Dr. Bartl in my opinion is an outstanding neurosurgeon, and I felt completely at ease at a difficult time under her care. - R.S Reviewed on 01/29/2018
So far my experience has been positive. I don't have any treatment results as I was just in for a consultation. - C.N Reviewed on 01/29/2018
I received my test results, took 2 weeks to schedule but if it was bad, I figured they would have scheduled me earlier. - .B Reviewed on 01/22/2018
I have known Dr Lynn Bartl for years. She is an excellent doctor and I wouldn’t settle for less. Everyone on your facility is very friendly and very professional. - .S Reviewed on 01/15/2018
They we’re kind and efficient. I appreciate people who work hard do their jobs. I don’t like hospitals, they make me very nervous. Dr Bartle seemed to understand and with her great staff worked with me instead of against me. The nurses were great. In particularly two. One held my hand in the operating room. The Other waited as my husband got the car. She showed a lot of understanding and concern. Thanks to the doctor and her great staff - .L Reviewed on 01/15/2018
Dr. Bartl helped my legs from aching and also helped the pain in my back. - E.R Reviewed on 01/15/2018
Good Job - D.S Reviewed on 01/15/2018
Everyone was kind and helpful. Just the fact that they explained everything to me, made me more comfortable. No one made fun of my fear of hospitals. They were careful not to cause me more physical pain, as in taking blood and moving me. The doctor was friendly and reassuring. After the surgery the doctor explained that everything went well. The nurses were exceptional. One held my hand to comfort me. Another wheeled me out to my husband and told me notTo worry I’d be fine. - .L Reviewed on 01/15/2018
Dr Bartl was very understanding about how much pain I was inShe helped me understand why I had this pain. I was very nervous about surgery and afraid of hospitalsThe staff was very careful and kind They too explained everything about What would happen next. A very pretty nurse held my hand all the time to comfort me. Another kind nurse walked with out to my husbands car. Kind and efficient, that’s the way to go. - .L Reviewed on 01/15/2018
Had alittle wait this appointment , otherwise Dr. Bartls team is awesome. Very caring and supportive. Would strongly come back to this team if needed. - .R Reviewed on 01/15/2018
I needed help at hospital and Dr Bartl was there to help me. Was able to get me a back brace and made arrangements for me to go to Shorehaven where my husband is. She saw me at the office for a follow up and X-rays. I know if I need any help she will be there. She took care of Ron through his hemorrhagic stroke and the brain surgeries for cancer. She was always available if I had questions. - Corrine J .K Reviewed on 01/15/2018
Dr Bartel and her staff work hard and are good at what they do. - .S Reviewed on 01/10/2018
Everyone was top notch and I am on the mend. Thank you guys. - B.B Reviewed on 01/08/2018
I had a carpal tunnel operation on my left hand. Dr Bartl and her staff did an outstanding job. It's been just over 2 weeks and the numbness in my finger tips is rapidly going away. I'm very happy with the results. - C.C Reviewed on 12/28/2017
Dr Bartl is an awesome doc. She made me and my family feel very comfortable with the knowledge of my health situation. - .B Reviewed on 12/28/2017
I liked that Dr. Bartel took her time and did a full exam, asked questions and explained things in detail and asked us what questions we had. I felt confident when I left there. I came there for a second opinion and I am glad I did because she is the Dr I will go with for my treatment, I just felt more comfortable with her than the first Dr - L.S Reviewed on 12/28/2017
I was very pleased with the whole process of getting to see Dr. Bartl, her explanation of the procedure, and how fast things got accomplished.I'm not happy with the outcome of the overall prognosis, however, but it is what it is and Dr. Bartl was upfront with that. I would recommend her to anyone that needs a GOOD Neurosurgeon. - G.S Reviewed on 12/18/2017
To me Dr Bartl and her staff are the best. I felt safe in her care. - J.B Reviewed on 12/18/2017
Thank you! - M.R Reviewed on 12/18/2017
Dr Bartl and her staff were outstanding. RN Joy and Tech Dawn did a great job of getting me ready for surgery. I loved their sense of humor! I considered the carpal tunnel operation minor surgery, Dr Bartl and her surgery staff sure don't! I was impressed by their care of me.My left hand is healing quickly. I've had very little pain, in fact, it has been just a minor annoyance! I only used 3 of the pain medication pills Dr Bartl prescribed. - C.C Reviewed on 12/18/2017
Very pleased with all staff - L.H Reviewed on 12/18/2017
Everything went as planned and now I'm released !!!! - J.M Reviewed on 12/12/2017
Dr. Bartl went way "above and beyond" to get me an immediate appointment and fit me into her busy schedule. She was extremely thorough and explained my situation in an understandable manner. She was so kind, professional, personable and knowledgeable. In addition to recommending a neurologist she again went out of her way to arrange a prompt appointment with him within a couple of days. She called me with the results of my scan one day after it was completed. I can't say enough about her as a person and about her service. Kathy Murphy - .M Reviewed on 12/11/2017
Dr. Bartl is a wonderful Doctor and Surgroen. She has help me tremendous and still is. Michael also is great assistant with what he does. He has also help me tremendously. Strongly would recommend this team! - .R Reviewed on 12/04/2017
Dr Bartle was very kind and understanding about my pobia of hospitals. Actually and her staff we're the best! I remember in the operating room how the nurse held my hand and said look at me.It help take my mind off all the bright lights and scary machines. She was so kind. Next thing I knew it was all over! Even thinking about hospitals makes my shake, it terrible. No one said I was being silly. - Rita Lawson Hurab Reviewed on 12/04/2017
I was very afraid of hospitals but the nurses we're wonderful The nurses and my doctor we're the best I remember being put to sleep The nurse said look at me and she held my hand and then it was over Back in the room I saw my husband and friend right away Then another nice nurse helped me get in the chair - .L Reviewed on 12/04/2017
The staff at Neurologic Associate have been absolutely wonderful throughout my Preop and post op care. All of my questions were answered in a timely manner & I was put at ease knowing I would be taken care of. Thank you. - .S Reviewed on 12/04/2017
Everyone was so nice and listened well (which is important when you’re in pain). - C.L Reviewed on 12/04/2017
I was very pleased with my overall care - L.H Reviewed on 12/04/2017
I really appreciate Dr. Bartl.. She listens and is very patient.. - R.L Reviewed on 12/01/2017
Dr. Bartl was aware that my husband and I were here for a second opinion. She was thorough in her explanation of the Lumbar Microsurgery, answering our questions about the surgery, and the necessity for the surgery. I would recommend Dr. Bartl to other people if asked for recommendations for a neurosurgeon. - .P Reviewed on 11/29/2017
This is so different than any other type of review. You don't want to say you enjoyed their services... I came to Dr Bartl with low back pain. We decided I needed a single level fusion. She met every expectation I had prior to the surgery. She answered all my questions and she was completely professional. I had a second opinion, just because this surgery is a permanent change and I was not taking it lightly, not because of any doubts I had about Dr Bartl. The second surgeon agreed with Dr Bartl and said I was in excellent hands with her. The surgery went well. Waukesha Memorial was a great place to be from start to finish. Carol and Deb did a good job getting me settled in and calm prior to the surgery. Dr Bell came in and explained all he would be doing to keep me asleep and comfortable throughout the surgery, which I appreciated. Both how he explained it and how he succeeded in doing so. Most of Dr Bartl's time with me has been while I was asleep. I saw her briefly before the surgery in case I had any lingering questions and I saw her again two days after the surgery to pull the drain out and to check over the incision etc... She was always professional and available for questions. My nurses were the real power behind my recuperation. I spent the most time with them afterwards. Lori, Lori, Andrea, Mary, Jaquelyn, Erin, (I'm sorry if I'm forgetting anyone) did an amazing job of taking care of my vital signs, treating the brief fever I had, helping me back and forth to the bathroom etc. And all the ones whose names I did not catch who cheered me on during all the laps around the hallways during recovery. Everyone was always professional and friendly. I have no feedback on the actual surgery itself since I am still in a considerable amount of pain. I'm told it will last for a couple of weeks, so I have that to look forward to. I have zero complaints about my stay at Waukesha Memorial and nothing but good things to say about the staff. - .H Reviewed on 11/27/2017
I have carpal tunnel in my left hand that has gotten worse. Dr Bartl gave me options and I chose surgery. - .C Reviewed on 11/27/2017
Everyone was polite my visit prompt ! - D.O Reviewed on 11/27/2017
Omg,,totally awesome,tons of love - .S Reviewed on 11/27/2017
Omg,,totally awesome,tons of love - .S Reviewed on 11/27/2017
Overall experience with Dr.Bartl has been excellent from the intricate anterior cervical vertebrate fusion on 10/16/17 to the subsequent follow-up appointments . Her expertise and understanding of the situation from surgery to on-going recovery is very gratifying. - R.S Reviewed on 11/21/2017
Explained very well my test results and future care, to improve my back pain problem. - C.M Reviewed on 11/21/2017
Dr Bartl performed surgery on my back. As far as I’m concerned she is the best. Getting better every day. Her assistant Michael is very helpful and professional. Whole experience with her office was excellent. - J.B Reviewed on 11/21/2017
It has been a pleasure having Dr. Bartl as my neurosurgeon. She is very professional, as well as having a kind and compassionate bedside manner. She listens to my concerns. I'm only into the 2nd week of rehab, after having surgery, but so good! I am feeling relief and do believe that once I'm healed and into this a few months it will have been a great success and could give a 5 start review on the results! I would highly recommend Dr. Bartl if looking for a neurosurgeon. - K.W Reviewed on 11/16/2017
Friendly and efficient staff - R.C Reviewed on 11/16/2017
Lynn Bartl was a pleasure to meet, her assistant was also very personable. Overall experience was excellent, wish I left with a more positive prognosis. - T.R Reviewed on 11/15/2017
I first saw Dr Bartl after 1 visit to urgent care, 2 visits to an emergency room and 2 visits to my primary care doctor (spanning 5 weeks). My pain level was 10. My primary care scheduled an MRI. Within 2 weeks After seeing Dr Bartl I was scheduled for surgery due to spondylothesis and spinal stenosis. I am now in my third month after surgery and feel like Dr Bartl saved my life. I am slowly getting back to normal and am so grateful for the care I received. I would, and have recommended her unequivocally. - B.L Reviewed on 11/15/2017
Dr. Bartl was my surgeon previously and I had excellent results. I'm happy to work with her again. - A.B Reviewed on 11/15/2017
Most important she listened I mean really listened.She made sure I understood her diagnosis and reassured me she could help - G.D Reviewed on 11/01/2017
Professional informative comfortable easy to interact with. - J.K Reviewed on 11/01/2017
I wished I would have gotten more options post op to stop the pain that still continues, rather then referrals for someone else to figure out. - J.T Reviewed on 11/01/2017
Saw Dr.Bartl after recommendation from my PCP after MRI on my cervical spinal condition. She took ample time and testing with my wife and I in explaining options. She went over my MRI detail explaining surgery options and prognosis with no surgery. There was no no pressure either way, but quite evident mine was a chronic condition with no way for improvement except for anterior cervical disk fusion in involving 3 vertebrate. I was very impressed with Dr. Bartl and in a few days made arrangements to have surgery.I have since talked to several people who have had surgery by Dr. Bartl with excellent results. I have been very impressed with the expertise and compassionate care provided by Dr. Bartl and her staff. I would definitely recommend anyone in need of a neurosurgeon to contact her office, and specifically her. - R.S Reviewed on 11/01/2017
Everyone and everything was great except the wait time to get into see the Dr and the wait time for surgery. - D.S Reviewed on 11/01/2017
Knowing I had an issue with numbness in both hands I finally had the appropriate screening and diagnosis by Doctor Lynn Bartl. She suggested I have the left hand Carpel Tunnel surgery completed first as it was the hand with the most problems which resulted in surgery October 18th at Waukesha Memorial Hospital. Being one who has zero interest in being a participant of any form of surgery I have to say I had one of the most empathetic and professional medical experiences one could have. Doctor Bartl, her staff and all of the staff at the Hospital were outstanding and their care, patience, knowledge and support exceeded my expectations. In addition to Doctor Bartl and her staff special mention has to be added for Tess, Sherry, and Diane at Waukesha Memorial Hospital. Thank you all!Joe B - J.B Reviewed on 11/01/2017
Thank you - .F Reviewed on 11/01/2017
It was very organized,went smoothly - D.O Reviewed on 11/01/2017
Staff and doctor very nice. Satisfied with everything. - R.C Reviewed on 11/01/2017
Everything was explained so I could understand fully and make an informed decision. I have called the assistant and gotten prompt answers. - .S Reviewed on 10/17/2017
Don't know if you got my message but I cannot say enough for Dr. Bartl,her assistant and office staff. Everyone was so helpful,caring and friendly. Great care was taken to explain everything and to listen to my problems. I can't begin to thank each one of you enough. From my first call,(spoke with Ruth) to my departure I have nothing but praise. Many,many thanks!!! Sherry Welch 12/11/1943 - S.W Reviewed on 10/11/2017
They were very attentive to all my questions and I felt like they really cared. I feel like I will finally get some answers to my health issues - .D Reviewed on 10/09/2017
Receptionist pleasant Dr. Bartyl provided a detailed description of my MRI Timely appointment - .H Reviewed on 10/09/2017
The scheduler(Ruth) to the dr. assistant right to Dr. Bartl all were so very kind,patient and helpful. I could not have been treated better!Many thanks to all involved! Sherry Welch - S.W Reviewed on 10/09/2017
Very thorough. Very professional. - .K Reviewed on 10/09/2017
I did not even sit down before I was called back. My wait time was minimal in the room. Dr Bartl is amazing She listens and asks questions about my recovery. I had questions written down and she answered them all. She never made me feel rushed. I can’t say enough how pleased I have been with every encounter with Dr. Bartl and/or her office. - B.L Reviewed on 10/09/2017
Dr Bartl is an excellent surgeon! She gives you the facts straight, makes her suggestion, and the leaves the decision up to you. If you are lucky enough to have her as your surgeon you are in good hands! - .B Reviewed on 10/09/2017
The facility was clean and inviting . The staff was friendly and professional. Dr. Bartl was professional, reassuring and knowledgeable. Most importantly, I trust her to be my surgeon - B.B Reviewed on 10/09/2017
Dr Bartl is a excellent surgeon! She gives you the facts straight makes her suggestion and the leaves it up to you. She does great work. If you are lucky enough to have her as your surgeon you are in good hands! - M.B Reviewed on 10/09/2017
It was a pleasant visit everything went in a timely manner - D.O Reviewed on 10/03/2017
Dr.Bartl listened to my concerns and my pain. She gave me time that I need to explain what I was feeling. Very good Doctor. Her assistant Michael is also good at his job. He's easy to talk to and understand. - .R Reviewed on 10/03/2017
It will take time to know if it was a successful procedure. - .T Reviewed on 10/02/2017
Dr Bartl was very knowledgeable of the procedure I needed and the problems I am having with my back - S.B Reviewed on 10/02/2017
Excellent care - K.R Reviewed on 10/02/2017
excellent - .R Reviewed on 09/26/2017
All very good except 20 minute delay and Office is “dated".Art Mitchel - A.M Reviewed on 09/26/2017
Everything about the appointment was great. - J.M Reviewed on 09/26/2017
My first surgery ever. So far I feel much better. Only post surgery bladder issues concern me and still do since I must wear a catheter until October 6th. - J.S Reviewed on 09/25/2017
I enjoyed my visit with Lynn Bartl, MD and Her staff were excellent as well. - R.S Reviewed on 09/07/2017
Dr Bartl was great. Just beginning with her but very happy she is my Doctor - J.B Reviewed on 09/07/2017
I've never had any kind of surgery before. I was actually stunned by the extent of the surgery that I need. It was important to me for Dr. Bartl to put me at ease and feel that I should get through this OK and return as close as possible to the life style that I was leading. She did that! Michael was also very informative and helpful also! - .S Reviewed on 08/16/2017
All very professional and helpful! - .B Reviewed on 08/14/2017
NA - .S Reviewed on 08/14/2017
Dr. Bartl was very helpful in explaining my problem - E.R Reviewed on 08/08/2017
Dr Bartl did a great job and I am glad we chose her as my surgeon. There were no other surgeons available at the time when I really needed some pain relief the most. Dr. Bartl just happened to be there at the right time because she was on call that weekend. She diagnosis my problem and got me fixed in a matter of a week instead of the weeks everyone else was saying. Dr. Bartl visited me the three days I was in the hospital to see how I was doing and made sure I was comfortable. Dr. Bartl is truly my "Knight in Shinning Armor" and I would recommend her to anyone who has back problems. Thank you again Dr. Bartl for being there for me when I needed someone to help me through the pain. - R.V Reviewed on 08/05/2017
Remarkably smooth from beginning to end. Recovery from the shunt procedure was interesting. No pain. Did not take pain medication. Dr. Bartl and her staff were a pleasure to work with. Dr. Bartl provides necessary detail in a very understandable way. - .K Reviewed on 08/04/2017
I was seen quickly for my first visit. It took 2 weeks to get an appointment to review my MRI results. I was then referred to a pain specialist for an epidural which will be done next week.l. I would have liked for this to be done sooner as I am in daily pain. She was very professional and explained all options to me. Her nurse was very helpful and explained everything and gave me a written copy of my visit. - D.B Reviewed on 08/03/2017
Thorough explanation and presentation of options. Very pleased with entire experience. - S.K Reviewed on 08/03/2017
Dr. Bartl is always very professional in telling me what steps to take next. I appreciate being seen so quickly after spending very little time in the waiting room. Michael has also been professional and friendly. - .L Reviewed on 07/31/2017
Excellent experience. Very knowledgable surgeon. Staff friendly and helpful. - D.S Reviewed on 07/30/2017
Very good. - .D Reviewed on 07/20/2017
She is very efficient, on point, and explains the issues well. Dr. Bartl is very professional in her approach with patients but I always felt very comfortable asking questions and never felt I was being rushed along. It is too early to evaluate the results of the surgery at this time. I would want at least another month or so but I have no reason to expect not having a good outcome. - D.M Reviewed on 07/19/2017
Everything went very well, no complaints. - .S Reviewed on 07/12/2017
Went extremely well. Little pain. Complete satisfaction. Excellent attention. Seem to be doing better and will know more as time goes by. Dr. Bartl takes the time to clearly and thoroughly explain the process from the beginning to the end. Her assistant, Michael, and her staff were quick to respond. - .K Reviewed on 07/06/2017
Michael, Dr.'s assistant is super! Listens to everything I say.Dr. Lynn, explains stuff to me so I can understand.I appreciate the great care. - A.C Reviewed on 07/04/2017
Dr. Bartyl was very professional, friendly and made my treatment plan very clear to me. Michael was also very professional and just a very nice person. Thank you. - .L Reviewed on 06/29/2017
I called on Monday to get an appointment to see Dr. Bartl. After I explained the problems I was having, the Scheduler got me in to see the doctor the next morning. Everyone who I had contact with at the office was extremely helpful, friendly and polite. Michael, Dr. Bartl's Nurse, was as friendly and efficient as anyone could be. As usual, Dr. Bartl was friendly, showed genuine concern for what I was seeing her for. She ordered tests and medication to help with the pain I was experiencing. She said after the tests are done, and she looks them over, we will meet again to see what the next procedure will be. - .R Reviewed on 06/22/2017
Very knowledgeable and explained MRI well and a plesent person - M.C Reviewed on 06/19/2017
I got an appointment immediately! Dr. Bartl is excellent with her explanations and further tests were explained. A plan of care was discussed. I left feeling I understood what the doctor talked about - .D Reviewed on 06/19/2017
Enjoyed my apt explained everything very well - M.C Reviewed on 06/14/2017
She was very informative,to the point and explained the surgery very clearly. She gave reasonable goals of expected outcomes of the surgery and discussed possible risks. She is very business like but also very friendly in her approach. - .M Reviewed on 06/14/2017
It was very comforting, professional, friendly. Dr. Battle was very nice. She showed me my MRI' to see what she was talking about and explained in terms I could understand. - C.B Reviewed on 06/14/2017
Very caring and informative on the Surgery for my mother inlaw,Followed up right after. - .H Reviewed on 06/14/2017
Excellent. I liked how straightforward and professional she was. Which was exactly what we would want in a surgeon. She got the job done. Surgery was yesterday, I had been in a great deal of pain before they put me under. Some pain, but an improved pain, after surgery. I'd been dealing with a stabbing pain down my right leg, that is gone. Right now, the only pain I feel the is where the incision is. Such a relief. . - Michael J Rausch Reviewed on 06/08/2017
I was referred to Dr. Bartl by my primary care doctor Michelle Puzio-Bell D.O. I was having back pain for the last two years. A MRI showed lower spine/nerve damage. Dr. Bartl went over the MRI with my wife and me in detail. She showed exactly what had to be done with surgery. She then went over post-op items in detail. She also said we could try injections as an alternative but that would be temporary relief and said that surgery ultimately have to be done. She asked if we had any questions. We said no. She then told us, "here's what you should be asking". She then went through a list of things of what to expect before, during, and after surgery. - J.W Reviewed on 06/08/2017
I would rate my experience as "very good". The options and explanations of the procedures were presented in an understandable manner. The surgery itself went so smoothly I actually have no memory of it. My post operation recovery has been as explained it would be with no unexpected discomfort. I will recommend Dr. Bartl to anyone looking for advice. - Thomas E Cerwin Reviewed on 05/26/2017
Very busy. Waited much longer than usual, but Dr. Bartl took time with me and answered my questions. - Dona D Nadelhoffer Reviewed on 05/26/2017
Post Op Check up - Lisa A Swanson Reviewed on 05/20/2017
very good. check in was very easy. Michael was very professional and welcoming. This was my first visit with Dr. Bartl. Very kind, listened, and provided a joint treatment plan. thank you - L.W Reviewed on 05/19/2017
De. Lynn Bartl discussed how both my hands felt, the healing, after carpal tunnel surgery. I feel both hands have healed, post-operatively. I was able to tell Dr. Bartl with absolute certainty that she had done the carpal tunnel release that has completely taken away all of my pretty severe pain.This is a considerable improvement to my quality of life.My main concern was the serious well as being unable to play piano.Since piano was my major in college as well as my profession I desperately wanted to regain my piano skills.I don't have my skills totally recovered yet, but at least am physically able to practice piano.I am not where I want to be pianistically yet, but can begin working up to get a decent, consistent amount of practice time.Most of my daily activities I can complete..I is was advised by Dr. Bartl to only lift gradually again and limit pushing with my hands.My first hand surgery was on February 1, 2017.Yes, there was post operative pain, but I had effective pain medication all through my recovery.I am extremely grateful for having Dr. Bartl perform both hand surgeries. Just to live pain-free in my hands again I simply don't have enough is amazing from how bad that was!I am hopeful that with the hand exercises Dr. Bartyl showed me by doing those with her own hands combined with piano practice again will build my skills.Regards, Nancy J Rose - N.R Reviewed on 05/17/2017
Dr. Bartyl was very friendly and up front with how to treat this medical problem that I am having. Also, thanks to Michael. He also has been very nice. Thanks! - K.L Reviewed on 05/17/2017
Surgery went well, though it was extensive L-2 through L-5. Beta block was great for the first day. After that the best pain killer was ice-better than drugs. Recovery has gone quickly and will be full. - C.R Reviewed on 05/16/2017
very good. - .V Reviewed on 05/15/2017
This review was requested by Dr Chapman.Very possitve meeting all the way around. - D.B Reviewed on 05/15/2017
My appointment was to get the doctors opinion on my existing lower right back pain. She ordered an MRI. I tried to go to the MRI in the same building however the person at the desk told me that she did not know what insurance was accepted and that I needed to call my insurance for details and then call them to set an appointment.I have since then, found that my insurance only covers Waukesha Hospital for MRI. I called Dr. Bartl's office and left a message with her assistant/nurse for a recommendation/referral/order to be sent to the hospital so that I can make my appointment. As of today's date, I have heard nothing from anyone. - .F Reviewed on 05/05/2017
I arrived a little late but the woman who checked me in said it would be ok. William was very cordial and took my blood pressure, which was high. He calmly told me the numbers and suggested we wait a few minutes and try again. It was going down the second time. DR. Bartl came in and removed the stiches and patiently gave me instructions and asked if I had any questions. Exceptional visit! - K.P Reviewed on 05/02/2017
Dr. Bartl is very easy to work with. She is gentle and kind and allows us to ask as many questions as we need to. She is more than willing to explain things in terms that we can understand. She has always been on time for all my appointments with her (which is nice). Her patient coordinator is also extremely helpful. He is very Knowledgeable and willing to answer questions. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bartl. - G.D Reviewed on 04/28/2017
Dr.Bartl is always pleasant and through. Her assistant Michael is very nice too. - Annabel L Carpenter Reviewed on 04/25/2017
Everyone was so kind, helpful and thoughtful. Every question was answered without having to ask. I would definitely recommend this team/doctor and if I ever need help again-this is where I'm coming😇 - Adora L Ruehmer Reviewed on 04/24/2017
Very pleased with all work done by Dr. Lynn Bartl. Would highly recommend her to other parents in need of spinal care. - Wayne M Ball Reviewed on 04/20/2017
My experience was very professional and of high quality. Dr. Bartl takes the time to explain everything needed and asked to us. She made feel at ease right before going into surgery and she personally called me at home the day after surgery to see how I was. - Gail M Doerflinger Reviewed on 04/17/2017
Dr. Bartyl is a very nice physician. She gave me insight into what is going wrong with my neurological function. The office staff were also courteous. Thanks. - .L Reviewed on 04/17/2017
Dr Bartl was very friendly and knowledgable. She took lots of time for the examination and explained everything in detail. I have a special circumstance concerning my insurance and Dr Bartl did everything she could to accommodate me. - D.Y Reviewed on 04/17/2017
Initial consultation. Medical records not received just a basic meet and greet and go over medical history verbally. No treatment prescribed or attempted. referral to another DR. - .R Reviewed on 04/13/2017
I had an appt to go over my MRI. (That I bright with me from another clinic) and also X-rays (from another clinic). She ordered a Ct Scan and a bone scan, and was told to come back for a follow up to come up with a final plan. - .B Reviewed on 04/13/2017
I had great care from Dr Bartl and the whole team from WMH. - .S Reviewed on 04/09/2017
I came in with hip pain (still have) because my ortho surgeon (Dr. Merkow) said he couldn't help.He told me to see Dr. Bartl which I did and she ordered all kinds of tests. which really have lead anywhere. But at least she did something. She didn't tell me she couldn't help me. I'm scheduled ny her to have another test for her, which will be next week. I am very pleased with her as my Dr. - .S Reviewed on 04/07/2017
Dr. Bartl was knowledgeable regarding my condition and recommended a surgery to best meet my needs and lifestyle. The cervical disc replacement had a much shorter recovery than other treatments and was effective in treating my concerns. The surgery went smoothly and Dr. Bartl updated my husband following the procedure. - Kirsten Owens-Bur Reviewed on 04/06/2017
She was able to see me quickly after I made contact. She performed my surgery about two weeks later and I woke up after surgery with no pain. She is amazing! - Colleen M Warlin Reviewed on 04/06/2017
Dr. Bartl performs cervical spin fusion on 4 vertebra 12 weeks ago. The results were just as I had hoped for. Dr. Bartl had described the range of possible outcomes before the surgery and these were meet and exceeded. I am 100 percent satisfied. - Glenn J Eggert Reviewed on 03/31/2017
I had neck fusion surgery C3 thru C7 at it was successful. - .S Reviewed on 03/30/2017
Initial consult for future treatment for NPH and/or shunt valve adjustments or revisions. - Floyd O Riebe Reviewed on 03/30/2017
had carpal tunnel surgery and she came in to talk to us and answer any questions prior to surgery. Dr. Bartl came to discuss how surgery went to my husband after the surgery. she was very professional and friendly and on time!! only took pain pills for one day and so far so good!! - .H Reviewed on 03/24/2017
Overall excellent experience. - J.S Reviewed on 03/22/2017
My appointment was for Post Op for SI Joint Fusion Dr. Bartl and staff are always very professional yet friendly. I never leave feeling my questions or concerns were not addressed. I have the utmost confidence in the services I receive from Dr. Bartl. - B.K Reviewed on 03/16/2017
I had a very rewarding experience with Dr. Lynn Bartl. She was very understanding and explained everything in detail.Always asked me if I had any questions and took her time with me. I felt I was never rushed. She was very concernedwith all my questions and any problems I had. She is an excellent doctor and I would highly recommend her to anyone. - A.P Reviewed on 03/15/2017
I was diagnosed with a golf ball sized non-cancerous tumor April of 2016. We were referred to Dr. Bartl and met with her a few days later. Before we met with her the day we had the MRI she contacted and already had a prescription ready for us to start to help fight the symptoms. When we met Dr. Bartl she was very professional, had knowledge of the tumor and laid out the treatment plan which involved getting the tumor Embolized. We needed to do this at UW Madison due to insurance. This meant Dr. Bartl had to work with the Doctor at UW Hospital for what she needed him to do and coordinate for the same day transfer to Waukesha Hospital for the early morning surgery of the tumor. The surgery was about 7 hours long with many risks since the tumor had pushed the brain stem and had grown around many vital nerves. I was so thankful to God who led us to Dr. Bartl who after surgery told us that everything went well. I was walking 2 miles within 3 weeks and now after 7 months had a MRI with no growth. I am enjoying my life as I did before the surgery with a little double vision (a prism on my glasses takes care of)which is also getting better. I found Dr. Bartl to be caring, honest and a professional who I trust. - D. Reviewed on 03/09/2017
Dr. Bartl has been wonderful. My quality of life has improved and is continuing.. I thank the entire team. Michael has been great to work with also.I would recommend her team to anyone and I have. - D.D Reviewed on 03/03/2017
Very kind and knowledgeable. Took time with me to answer any and all questions I had. seem confident that I choose her to do my carpal tunnel surgery scheduled later this month. - .H Reviewed on 03/02/2017
Dr. Bartl was very pleasent and thorough as always. - .P Reviewed on 02/23/2017
Dr. Lynn Bartl performed my second carpal tunnel surgery February 20th 2017. She saw me before the surgery and asked if I had any questions. One small change was made with the anesthesiologist as he was also in the room.The surgery went well, I am now recovering at home and have adequate pain medication to use when I need it. Every possible detail was handled by Dr. Bartl, I am so very pleased with how she respects my input. I have total trust and confidence in her, she is quite the pleasure to meet and work with! - N.R Reviewed on 02/22/2017
My experience with Dr Bartel was as expected,I knew when I went back that I would be rescheduling for more tests and possibly surgery - Kevin C Schroeder Reviewed on 02/22/2017
This was a re-check appt following carpal tunnel surgery. Dr Bartl asked how my hand,wrist was feeling. She understood completely. Dr Bartl then explained the rate that the nerves heal and I understand that it will be approximately 6 months time if things go well. Knowing that time line helps me know I must give the healing time. We discussed strength, weight-bearing in the hand. Dr. Bartl freely answers all my questions, is a very pleasant person. I have total confidence in her, am having my other hand done by Dr. Bartl. I can highly recommend Dr. Lynn Bartl! - N.R Reviewed on 02/17/2017
Post-Op visit: Dr. Bartl provided much needed advice covering my next six weeks of care. Wearing my back brace, walking a mile a day and increasing that to two miles during this time frame. She checked the site and advised that everything looks good and cleared me to drive. As with my other visits, Dr. Bartl is direct,helpful and informative. I am most pleased that my sciatica pain is gone. - T.P Reviewed on 02/17/2017
This was my first appointment with Dr.Bartl. The receptionists were friendly and accommodating. Wait time for the appointment was about 5 minutes. The Physician's Assistant was friendly and helpful. Dr. Bartl was prompt and friendly. We discussed my problems and the options for treatment. She was informative and readily answered any questions I had. - .P Reviewed on 02/16/2017
Dr. Bartl performed low back surgery on the 25th, the next day, my sciatic pain was gone after more than a year and a half of discomfort, some in the extreme. Dr. Bartl is clear and direct in conversation and displays outstanding professionalism. I have been most pleased with the entire process. - T.P Reviewed on 02/09/2017
Dr Bartl is extremely knowledgeable and comprehensive in her explanations. I am very comfortable asking her any and all questions. She saw me before as well as after the carpal tunnel surgery. She provided a hand exercise to do once per hour, 10 reps, showed me how by doing the hand exercise herself. All good information. I will do everything I can to keep Dr Lynn Bartl! Regards,Nancy J. Rose - Nancy Rose-Ortlieb Reviewed on 02/07/2017
Dr. Bartl made sure that I was very comfortable when first arriving and during my stay in the hospital. I was very pleased with the care I received during my stay in the hospital. Dr. Bartl's office personnel (Michael) kept my informed and got my questions answered in a timely manner. - D.M Reviewed on 02/06/2017
Everything was fine.Didnt wait long and all Questions were answered during visit. - Jane L Kontowicz Reviewed on 02/06/2017
So far as i can tell i think iam doing okay. I am a person without alot of patience so i think i should be feeling better faster so it is something i have to work on. hopefully down the road everything will work out fine. - .P Reviewed on 02/06/2017
I was very pleased with Dr. Bartl. She took the time to answer my questions and has very good bedside manners. Her assistant at the office Michael is also very kind and has excellent manners and explained all my questions very well. They are a great team to work with! Thank you for your great care!Katie Phommarath - K.P Reviewed on 01/25/2017
The staff and the doctor were all very friendly and helpful. I was VERY nervous and anxious about seeing a Neurosurgeon. I forgot to mention a very concerning area of pain because all we talked about was one area. I daily have pain at the base of my skull but forgot to mention it. I have had this associated pain for years and figure that is the way everyone feels. I would like to find a solution to my pain and hopefully be able to get some sleep. It would have been helpful if Mike or Dr. Bartl asked more questions about my symptoms that may have triggered me remembering to mention the base of the skull pain. - Jane M Schmittinger Reviewed on 01/19/2017
Great. Assistant was great. Dr was awesome as always. - A.K Reviewed on 01/18/2017
Good information; came away with a plan of action. - C.R Reviewed on 01/17/2017
Excellant! Doctor was friendly, on time and knowlegeable. Very pleasnt personality. Willing to answer all my questions and them some. I will recomend her when ever I have an opportunity to do so. - .Schneider Reviewed on 01/16/2017
Met with Dr Bartl. She gave me very important information that was a result of her research. Thank you Dr a Bartl for your efforts in my health care. - .C Reviewed on 01/13/2017
Dr. Lynn Bartl is extremely knowledgeable and comprehensive. I always feel comfortable asking anything that occurs to me at my appointment. I usually have more questions when I get home, and Michael has always called me back, is extremely helpful, gets clarifying answers in timely manner. Dr. Lynn Bartl is the only surgeon I would go forward with. Please do everything to keep her..she is one of a kind and should be commended. Sincerely, Nancy Rose - Nancy Rose-Ortlieb Reviewed on 01/11/2017
Dr Lynn Bartl is extremely knowledgeable and is a very pleasant doctor. She's been thorough by using my office visits to explain, as well as obtains tests that give her the information to advise me.She completely explains the surgical procedures to help me, while leaving the decision totally up to me. I find that I am grateful for the no - pressure approach. I have had several phone conversations with Michael. His strength is he finds out further information about my questions, always calls me in a very timely manner and is cheerful.I have had Dr. Bartl for a past neck surgery, as well as my husband. We have come to trust her opinion totally, both with the results of surgery and having all questions answered. I don't know that I could go into this next surgery without her.Dr. Bartl is one of a kind.Respectfully, Nancy J. Rose - .R Reviewed on 01/10/2017
This visit was to discuss a Laminectomy and Laminotomy. Dr. Bartl explained the procedure, used visual aids and created a strong trust in her ability to address my issues. She is extremely professional and gets to the point, recommending next steps to address the problem. I found our meeting to be most satisfactory. - T.Platz Reviewed on 01/09/2017
I had cervical fusion surgery (C-3 through 7). According to the surgeon, everything went as planned. I'm still recovering because it's 4 weeks post surgery, but that's as forecast. The hospital has their discharge person in my room within 2 hours of admission, telling me that they thought I could go home the next day. The next two days it would have been medically impossible (vomiting & severe headache leading to flat bed rest). The surgeon finally released me 2 days after these events. - Michael H Schultz Reviewed on 01/08/2017
Dr. Bartl was both professional and friendly. She listened to all my concerns, then gave me understandable explanations for my symptons. We discussed treatment options for now and if needed in the future. If needed, I would go to her again and will definitely recommend her to others. - .D Reviewed on 01/07/2017
My office visit with Mike and Dr. Bartl went well. Photo"s of the back were explained after the xrays were read from a previous time. I am still healing from back surgery and that was seen on the Xrays. Dr. B did a very serious surgery for me . It was my second back surgery. I can walk because she straightened the back and tackled the painful sciatic nerve on the right side that the bone doctors claimed was severe pelvis arthritis. That was true and still is a problem but the back was mainly involved. Thank You. - .K Reviewed on 12/22/2016
I was pleasantly surprised that I was called to go in a little before my appt. time. I thought my entire experience was excellent, everyone was very friendly and thorough. - .M Reviewed on 12/20/2016
Excellent. Dr Bartle was very clear on what needed to be done first and why. I did not fear the surgery. Excellent bedside manner. Her nurse and assistants were very helpful and dutiful. Hats off to Dr Bartle and her team. - J.B Reviewed on 12/08/2016
I was handled professionally. The information Dr. Bartel gave me was extremely valuable and exciting. I am thrilled that someone can finely help my problems after 15 years. - .K Reviewed on 11/22/2016
Dr Bartl did a great job taking care of me and doing my CT surgery. I am 3 days after the procedure and have only slight discomfort controlled with 2 advil today. I have little to no brusing or swelling. The incision looks great. I am surprised with how quickly the surgery pain is getting better. I look forward to seeing Dr Bartl in another week and 1/2 to do my other hand. - C.H Reviewed on 11/17/2016
Dr. explained my issues and corrective actions so I can understand them. My wife and I left feeling great about the advice I was given. - .B Reviewed on 11/04/2016
Michael and Dr. Lynn Bartl answered all my questions and then some. I am very happy with visit. - .K Reviewed on 11/03/2016
I'm not sure if this will go through the system. The log in field for my name is grayed out. My name is Kathleen Butorac (10/26/59). On a couple of occasions I called to get the "iCheckup" survey requiring 25 words. After both requests, I only received this survey format coming from Lynn Bartl. So, since I'd really like to review her, hopefully this will suffice or get to the right place. I have highly recommended Dr Bartl after my experience with her and my back surgery. We met last September to review my situation and she explained in comprehensive detail, even showing me a model of a spine and what the end result would look like. She was very calm and reassuring that the surgery she recommended would be the best in my situation. Sensing my apprehension (only out of a bit of fear), she was compassionate and took time to listen to my concerns and answer all my questions, even asking before she left if I had more. The surgery was a success and she was excellent at managing my expectations for recovery -- explaining that it could take a year to 18 months but that with therapy and paying attention to the do's and don'ts that I should be able to get back to the majority of my pre-surgery activities. I still have some pain and limitations, but due to her encouragement, I work hard to stay on top of my exercise regime, and am patient for results based on her explanations. I'm grateful that she was recommended to me to help me. As a side, her assistant Melissa was awesome in her response time to questions and genuinely pleasant approach to helping me. An "all good" experience. - K.B Reviewed on 10/30/2016
I met with Doctor Bartl to discuss a treatment plan based on the MRI and X-rays that had been taken of my lower back. She explained the findings in detail and suggested additional tests. At the time the tests are completed, she will contact me to discuss an action plan. I thought that Dr. Bartl was friendly yet professional. Her explanation of the findings were understandable and she also discussed possible correction for the pain I am experiencing. On my first impression, I liked her and will look forward to working with her in the future. My husband was also in attendance at the appointment and he expressed his feelings that he liked her and thought that she had my best interest in mind when she suggested further testing and treatment planning. - P.E Reviewed on 10/26/2016
Dr. Bartel listened to my symptoms, and fears, and knew exactly what was going on, her expertise is remarkable! - .M Reviewed on 10/25/2016
Very detailed. Answered all my questions I had. - .L Reviewed on 10/13/2016
A very satisfactory meeting. Informative, helpful, thorough. Will result in surgery which should alleviate my swallowing problem. - J.C Reviewed on 10/11/2016
I was happy to meet Dr. Bartl. She was very easy to talk to and willing to discuss several of my issues even though my appointment was only for carple tunnel evaluation for surgery. I have seen 3 other doctors for this issue and doctor Bartl is the one I choose. - C.H Reviewed on 10/10/2016
Dr Bartl is great to work with. - D.B Reviewed on 09/27/2016
It was ok considering that I got bad news. But Dr. Bartl kept me calm and explained everything to me that I can understand.. - R.L Reviewed on 09/26/2016
Was seen pretty close to my scheduled time and was provided detail explanations regarding my MRI results and options available to me. - V.B Reviewed on 09/26/2016
Dr. was friendly with a plesant manor. We talked about my issue and a course of treatment. I feel confident about the procedure and the outcome. She did explain in detail what is to done. I as if we had known one other for some time. - Henry D Schneider Reviewed on 09/26/2016
Wonderful experience. Very knowledgeable and helpful. - J.R Reviewed on 09/14/2016
Dr. Bartl was very informing about the surgery beforehand and during aftercare. The staff at the clinic was also very communicative and helpful. I had never had surgery before or stayed in a hospital. Dr. Bartl explained the procedure in a very detailed manner that I understood. Everything went as planned and I could not be happier. Thank You Dr. Bartl you are the best in my book. - E.Z Reviewed on 09/09/2016
Dr. Bartl explained the prosecute very well, alleviating all my fears. I was confident the surgery would go well, and it did. The experience was as Dr Bartl described it. Now that I am home I am experiencing very little discomfort. My original symptoms have disappeared. - Kay C Schroeder Reviewed on 09/09/2016
My Consult with Dr. Bartl was for ongoing Spine issue. While not hearing what I wanted to hear, Dr. Bartl provided me with my options for further treatment and really paid attention to my concerns. - S.J Reviewed on 09/08/2016
The staff were absolutely wonderful. Lynn is very professional and thorough in her examination and explanation. She made me feel very comfortable and I would recommend her services to anyone. - B.Moeller Reviewed on 09/07/2016
Dr. Bartl gave me an excellent first impression. She is honest and straight forward, which I appreciate. She answered all our questions & listened to our concerns. I never felt rushed through my appointment -- she gave me the time I needed to make an informed decision regarding surgery. She is professional and has a friendly personality. Great follow up by her staff as well. Efficient & friendly office -- very well managed. - .M Reviewed on 09/07/2016
This procedure went very smoothly. I have had previous procedures done at Waukesha Memorial. All my experiences have been positive. - D.B Reviewed on 08/30/2016
We went to Dr. Bartl for a second opinion. Dr. Bartl was knowlegdable, compassionate and concerned. She answered and clarified all our questions. We left confident in our path for further treatment on my back. I would recommend her and her staff. Thank you for your help. - J.K Reviewed on 08/25/2016
Lynn is a great Dr, she performed a microdiscatomy and a laminactomy on my lower back, I had leg pain that was so bad I could barely walk. I was up and walking around a couple hours after surgery. My leg pain was gone right after surgery. I would highly recommend Lynn for any of your neurological issues. - M.S Reviewed on 08/22/2016
Day off surgery. Met Dr. before and she asked if I had any questions. She met my two daughters they asked her questions. She was very gracious. - D.S Reviewed on 08/05/2016
It was my post op visit. She checked my incision site. Talked about what I could and could not do. Talked about replacing tylonal for pain meds. Talked about nicotine patches.Made next appointment. - D.S Reviewed on 08/05/2016
Dr. Bartl is very kind and courteous. She explains everything in detail and makes sure all my concerns are addressed. She is an excellent physician. - L.B Reviewed on 08/04/2016
I think that I have the most competent doctor that I possibly could have. Dr. Bartl is so full of knowledge and helpful suggestions that I enjoy my visits with her. She is always willing to listen and make sure I am comfortable with the treatment plan before I leave. - Jodi .R Reviewed on 08/04/2016
Very good. Good bedside manners! I'm still alive!She answered my questions. She has a good friendly & knowledgeable staff - K.L Reviewed on 08/04/2016
Dr Bartl has been very understanding and caring. She is very good with explaining every thing I need to know. - .G Reviewed on 08/04/2016
Dr. Bartl was very thorough during my appointment. I had several questions that other doctors never took the time to answer, but she made sure everything was explained. She presented surgical options in an understandable manner. I would not hesitate to return to Dr. Bartl again. - .C Reviewed on 08/04/2016
It was a very informative visit. She answered all of my questions and then some. - Dorothy A Boxhorn Reviewed on 07/28/2016
I had a herniated disk on L3-L4She performed a lamanictomy along with a microdiscatomy. Could barely walk or stand for more then 15 minutes before the pain was shooting down my leg, I am pretty much pain free, the only pain left is where the incision and the muscles that were stitched together. I would highly recommend her if you are searching for a neurosurgeon. - Michael A.S Reviewed on 07/28/2016
Very pleased with way my conditions were explained and what the treatment plans are. Best news is that surgery will be the last resort. - Carolyn S Conaty Reviewed on 07/28/2016
Overall good experience, All care given was through as one would want. - .S Reviewed on 07/11/2016
I met with Dr. Bartl for chronic back pain. She reviewed my MRI and did a physical exam. She made comments and I asked questions. She then ordered XRays and two MRI's To identify problems in my spine. I respected her and trusted her opinion. - Barbara A Banach Reviewed on 07/06/2016
Dr. Bartl is always very attentive, concerned and makes sure I'm informed and comfortable with our treatment plans during every appointment. I'm very happy and lucky to have her as my doctor! - J.R Reviewed on 07/06/2016
She was very professional but yet still had a sense of humor. Bed side manner was good. She seemed very confident and was informative. - J.S Reviewed on 07/06/2016
Lumbar Laminectomy at L3-4-5. L5 minimal degenerative disc disease. No disc herniation. Have been very satisfied with the entire surgical procedure and am anxious to do further physical therapy to strengthen my muscles to again serve meaningful activities with my life style. - R.G Reviewed on 07/05/2016
I had a lumbar lamenectomy performed by Dr Bartl.The operation went well, I am healing well, there were no issues with pain other than that left over from what I had been experiencing before the operation. The pain is going away and things are getting back to normal. - G.F Reviewed on 06/30/2016
Dr Bartl performed back surgery- removal of two discs and L4/L5 S1 I honestly do not know the medical terms but I'm sure you know. This is the second surgery I've had with her. the first surgery in 2011 was on my neck and it was the worst snow storm ever and it took us in a 4 wheel drive and if memory serves me correct she got stuck and someone from the hospital went to get her....Just that alone prove how dedicated she was. I am so blessed to have had her do both surgeries. My husband and I feel she is honest, thorough and straight to the point. Like if she says this is what needs to be done we trust her and say ok. From the initial office visit to pre op, op, post op, room visits, pre op office visits. I feel she truly cares and I feel completely at ease. And I listen to her when she explains how I should continue my home care.Thank you so so many and may God Bless you - .N Reviewed on 06/30/2016
As a result of a fall.I fractured the odonquit portion of the second vertebrae in my neck. During surgery, Dr. Bartl placed a screw in the odunquit holding the separated pieces back together. I had to wear a collar or neck brace for several weeks which was uncomfortable ,but I'm sure was necessary.My pain was minimal and I think Dr. Bartl did an excellent job. My thanks to Dr.Bartl for her professional help in my time of need. - Raymond F Gallagher Reviewed on 06/30/2016
Dr.Bartl was very compassionate and concerned about me when I saw her this day. she went though the xrays and we talked about my injury and she told me what I needed to do. then she let me rest a while as I wasn't feeling well that day. I like Dr. Bartl and find her very pleasant. Melissa her nurse was very helpful as well. - J.W Reviewed on 06/30/2016
Very professional and informative. Listens to my complaints and my surgical history. I feel confident in her care. - Carolyn S Conaty Reviewed on 06/19/2016
I went to Dr. Lynn Bartl for a second opinion, I liked what she told me about my neck issues and carpal tunnel.Dr. Bartl was only going to fix the worst part of my neck so I can continue to work and said she could do one of my carpal tunnel surgeries at the same time. I had the other carpal tunnel done 2 weeks later. She is very professional but easy going and I was very impressed with her skills. Whenever I mention her name people say Dr. Lynn Bartl is a really good surgeon which I agree and I have recommended her to numerous people. Dr. Lynn Bartl is awesome and just want to say thank you for taking such good care of me. - Leah A Clark Reviewed on 06/16/2016
I ended up in the emergency room and needed emergency surgery. She was extremely thorough with the procedure she was going to perform and even went as far as to show me my MRI and explain it to me. Surgery was amazing, while my scar is there it isn't big or bulging, she did an awesome job with that. At my post-op follow ups, my appointments were on time and her nurse went above and beyond with getting my LOA papers filled out with work, it went as smooth as possible! Overall, the entire staff is very friendly and helpful and while I hope I don't need to return to Doctor Bartl's office, if it happens, I will look forward to it, even if it includes another surgery in the future! I highly recommend Doctor Bartl! - M.K Reviewed on 06/08/2016
I'm very pleased with my surgical procedure and the outcome. - S.F Reviewed on 06/06/2016
Every thing was covered before surgery, no surprises at any time from check in to check out. Nursing staff was always prompt, and through. Dr. Bartl talked with us in terms we could understand and spent time with anything we questioned. Only thing that could have been better ,was a follow up call the first day home from hospital to check to see if everything was ok at home.In my case a change in medication was needed, and we had to call in about it. Over all was a very positive experience . I would not hesitate to use Dr. Bartl again. - D.S Reviewed on 06/03/2016
The overall experience was great. I could not answer the question concerning "Treatment Results" because there was no treatment. This was my initial visit. - P.E Reviewed on 05/23/2016
Dr Lynn Bartl is very friendly and very easy to talk to. She is open to all of my questions,provides excellent answers, statistics, much wanted advice and plan of treatment. I feel she discussed my MRI thoroughly, providing the pictures as she pointed to the screen while explaining. I againgot an updated diagnosis of the changes. I am listened to and participated in my treatment plans. Melissa Horn is prompt and explains all treatment prescriptions,I could not have a better doctor or better tracking and care. Bravo, Dr. Bartl!Regards, Nancy - N.Rose- Ortlieb Reviewed on 05/22/2016
I was waited on with very little waiting time even though I was there ahead of time. The doctor was concerned with my health and was professional in her diagnosis. - G.F Reviewed on 05/21/2016
Dr. Bartl is always on time for her appointments and she is direct and to the point. She does answer any questions that are asked of her but sort of moves quickly to cover all the bases (or maybe to better characterize she doesn't go into great depth if you don't ask many questions). Overall experience is excellent, but be sure to ask all your questions as she will go into more depth if you ask. - C.W Reviewed on 05/18/2016
Knowledgeable and through. Puts the patient first. - D.B Reviewed on 05/12/2016
great doc and staff - D.B Reviewed on 05/12/2016
Physician was very pleasant and more than willing to answer any and all questions I may have had. - R.S Reviewed on 04/29/2016
Got information that I expected and a good explanation of what I could expect. - M.C Reviewed on 04/24/2016
Dr. Lynn Bartl has had my life in her extremely capable hands many times and I know I wouldn't be here today without her skills as a surgeon. I highly recommend her to any/everyone and I (literally) trust her with my life! - J.R Reviewed on 04/22/2016
I was very happy with my all over experience with Dr Bartl and the office. Everything was professional yet very friendly. - G.K Reviewed on 04/21/2016
Appointments have always been on time and you don't wait like at most Dr. Offices. Dr. Bartl is to the point, will answer your questions (if you have them). Sometimes it feels a little rushed but in order to keep appointments on time that is probably what needs to happen (so it is probably good to have all your questions written down). Re-scheduling and scheduling is often more difficult (but this is probably due to the high health care needs) and when you have a quality provider then demand is high. Very satisfied overall...second time patient. - C.W Reviewed on 04/19/2016
Very scared to have back surgery, but Dr and staff answered all questions, with smiles and eased all fears. Surgery was a success. Dr also chooses to take less invasive approach which I feel is always a good thing, very friendly and knowledgeable. Great communications skills too. - C.M Reviewed on 04/18/2016
I saw Dr. Bartl regarding new problems I'm experiencing and was seen quickly, scheduled for tests and a follow up appointment all within a week! Dr. Bartl is a phenomenal doctor and I trust her with my life! - J.R Reviewed on 04/18/2016
Everything about the visit was acceptable. Dr. Bartl is very professional, knowledgable, and pleasant. I would easily recommend her to others. - L.B Reviewed on 04/14/2016
Dr. Bartl was extremely knowledgeable, trusting, and generous with her time. Her staff was kind and thorough. I would recommend this experience for others. - D.W Reviewed on 04/09/2016
Dr. Bartl has always been an extremely attentive listner and answers the questions asked. She does not skirt the issue. Answers are very direct. - R.S Reviewed on 04/01/2016
Always he best! - K.. Reviewed on 03/17/2016
Dr. Bartle answered all our questions regarding future surgery and answered questions regarding procedures if he didn't have surgery.No complaints here ! - C.. Reviewed on 03/09/2016
very professional,answered all questions asked which I could understand - B.. Reviewed on 03/08/2016
always good to see her. I HAVE ALWAYS HAD FAITH IN HER TREATMENT - J.. Reviewed on 03/08/2016
Very nice surgeon, explained procedure in depth, not in a hurray any or all appointments and post-op listened to my needs or potential needs and concerns. - R.. Reviewed on 03/08/2016
Best experience for this situation ever - Thiry, Carolyn L .. Reviewed on 03/07/2016
We are not quite done with appointments and results, but the first experience went well and efficient. Brian liked the Dr. as well. Follow up after x-rays and MRI in March.thank you :) - C.. Reviewed on 02/22/2016
My overall experience was wonderful, couldn't ask for better care than what I got. Dr. Bartl did a wonderful job on my hands. Melissa answered all my questions when I called and got back to me in a reasonable amount of time. Would recommend them to anyone. - M.. Reviewed on 02/21/2016
staff was wonderful from the Doctors, nurses, techs to cleaning people. very clean facility everyone just very nice - R.. Reviewed on 02/17/2016
Doctor took time to explain the situation, and the alternatives in understandable manner. Also was willing to listen to another [problem and refer to a test which was scheduled for this Friday at Waukesha Memorial Hospital Thank you. - T.. Reviewed on 02/17/2016
everything was great, no problems any where. She is a great doctor and her nurse also great. - W.. Reviewed on 02/17/2016
Follow-up for CT & Bone Scan . Discussed treatment options. Doctor Bartl was very direct, and precise in the manner that we are going to treat my back problem. She went through the C.T. Scans, and the results of the Bone Scan Knows my back well. Would advise people back, neck issues to see her. Very professional.Thank You,Dan B - Daniel R Bailey Reviewed on 02/08/2016
The staff and Doctor treated me very well and I would recommend them to anyone. - E.M Reviewed on 02/06/2016
I have been seeing Dr. Bartl for 15 years. She has always treated me with compassion and honesty. She spends an adequate amount of time assessing current concerns and questions and I always leave feeling respected and heard. I never have to wait long in the waiting area and her nurse Melissa is always extremely helpful. I have referred Dr. Bartl to multiple family members. - K.Baker, Reviewed on 02/04/2016
My over all experience was great. Everyone at Waukesha Memorial Hospital was nice and made you feel comfortable. My Doctor did a great job & I thank her for that. Thanks again to everyone who helped me there. Donna - D.M Reviewed on 02/03/2016
Dr Bartl listened sincerely to certain concerns I had before surgery, as well as the rest of the staff. My surgery went well, and I have confidence that it is due to the level of expertise and experience of Dr Bartl. Recovery also went well working with staff and OT and PT during their hectic schedules. Most everyone was good humored about the overall experience with me, which was helpful in my after surgery state of mind. Dr Bartl saw me each day and in no way made me feel she was rushed in our visit. All good. - K.B Reviewed on 02/03/2016
All staff treated me very nice and polite. Didn't,t have to wait long at all. Liked dr bartl. Very much. Liked the fact that I could just walk to xray to set up for MRIand X-rays. - Karen A Flick Reviewed on 02/02/2016
the doctor has magic hands and the staff was attentive everything was Greatps love these people....... - D.B Reviewed on 02/02/2016
My lumbar microdiscectomy was expertly performed with knowledge, gentleness and accuracy. The outcome was perfect with unexpected positive results correcting another condition! Thank you Dr. Lynn Bartl! - L.N Reviewed on 02/02/2016
My lumbar discectomy was swift, painless and right on. In addition to correcting the original problem, surgery corrected another problem that saved me from future medical treatment and I'm rejoicing and thankful for Dr. Lynn Bartl! I would recommend her as your Neurosurgeron! - L.N Reviewed on 02/02/2016
Overall very pleased beyond expectations. All went very well! Thank you - D.O Reviewed on 02/02/2016
Dr. Bartl is a very talented surgeon and pain was next to nothing. - Daniel C Gibb Reviewed on 02/02/2016
Everyone knew what to do, my day surgery was made easy and comfortable, my daughter was made to feel welcome and given information regarding my surgery. Thank you to the Waukesha Memorial staff and to my surgeon, Dr Lynn Bartl. - M.R Reviewed on 01/22/2016
Dr Bartl is always on time for her appointments and that is very respectful to her patients. She is down to earth and straight forward. She is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to make sure you as the patient understand. - Carla J Vandenbush Reviewed on 01/21/2016
Dr.Bartl is the best. Very through, explains what she plans to do and is honest about result possibilities.Her staff is patient and helpful.I may not have done the surgery if I hadn't heard so many positive comments about results from her work.Thanks for making my neck work better.Annabel Carpenter - .C Reviewed on 01/20/2016
Wait time was very reasonable after which the staff was highly professional while being personable. Dr. Bartl offered explanation of the problem and the treatment options available in a manner that was easy to understand. The printed material for reference at home also was helpful. T.O. - T.O Reviewed on 01/19/2016
I've seen Dr. Bartl several times. She is fantastic! She always takes time to sit down and listen. She is also great at explaining things. - .M Reviewed on 01/19/2016
Dr Bartl performed my fusion surgery on 12/2. The immediate results, the advice given for the recovery process, and all my follow up visits and care have been excellent. Thank you Dr Bartl, and thank you Melissa! Bill Webster - .W Reviewed on 01/19/2016
Dr. Bartl has been a great neurosurgeon, from my first consult with her and through post-op care, even once returning home. Her staff made scheduling the surgery very easy, and the surgery itself went well. - .B Reviewed on 01/19/2016
Dr Bartl and Melissa are excellent. I'm so glad they were able to help me and great results were achieved. I'm pain free! - A.B Reviewed on 01/19/2016