Kenneth Reichert, MD

1111 Delafield St Ste 105

Waukesha, 53188
(262) 542-9503
Awesome visit - C.R
My experience was excellent. - J.P
I am very happy with everything. Dr Reichert and Stacy were fantastic!!I would and have recommended Dr Reichert to anyone that needs a neurosurgeon - T.C
Wonderful no wait time and great meeting - .E
First thing I noticed is they got rid of the 1960 waiting room frosted sliding glass windows which made it very uncomfortable to check in and not sure where you should check in if no one was there . The waiting was minimal and as usual the nurse was very friendly. I have a great degree of confidence in Dr. Riechert and have recommended him several times. I must comment on the new website though. Way too much over the top. Thank you for treating me - M.G
Staff were friendly. Dr was very rushed. - A.W
Everybody was very nice. - .K
Dr. Reichert spent time with me answering all of my questions. I never felt rushed. He was easy to talk to and to understand . His staff was friendly. Great experience! - K.P
treated with respect - gooexperience - .E
After my arrival, first I had x-rays, then visited with Dr. Reichert. We discussed my lower back aches and pains. He explained I'm still in the healing stage for some time and the aches and pains should subside over time. We then discussed moving on to physical therapy going forward. - .J
Dr. Reichart was very understanding and friendly. Good explanations. Very easy to get a follow-up appt. Very little wait for appointments. - .H
Overall experience was very good. Wait time in waiting room was about average. Wait time in exam room was much longer waiting for the doctor to come in (approx 45 min). Felt Dr. Reichert was helpful and honest. Girls in the office and at the desk were very friendly and helpful. - L.N
I cried tears of joy in front of Dr. Reichert as the surgery eliminated sciatic pain in back of both legs that was created by synovial cysts on facet joints. While taking out the cysts, Dr Reichert performed several other procedures on back without a fusion. Thank you as I can now walk without pain. - M.P
Saw Dr. Reichert the day of discharge and started to cry in front of him with tears of joy knowing that the surgery eliminated all pain in my legs due to sciatic caused by back and synovial cyst issues. Did not need a fusion. Tears of joy says it all. Thank you Dr Reichert so very much. - M.P
Everything was excellent, as always - .A
Really good job with this surgery. - .L
The visit with Dr. Rei - R.H
My experience on Wednesday was good. I come with much anxiety and needing a lot of reassurance. Dr. Reichert is a wonderful doctor and I am so happy he is mine. I badger him over my fears and beliefs and he grounds me with facts and reality. I Thank him for his patience and willingness to spend time with me every other year counselling me about what I really should be looking for. Before I had my tumors I was one to think that tumor was a bad word and life was possible over with one. Dr. Reichert has made me understand that my life is normal and I am best off moving on. SO, after this visit I try to rest my anxiety for the next 23 months until we meet again. Thank you Dr. Reichert for being the kind and patient doctor you are. D.D. - D.D
My experience on Wednesday was good. I come with much anxiety and needing a lot of reassurance. Dr. Reichert is a wonderful doctor and I am so happy he is mine. I badger him over my fears and beliefs and he grounds me with facts and reality. I Thank him for his patience and willingness to spend time with me every other year counselling me about what I really should be looking for. Before I had my tumors I was one to think that tumor was a bad word and life was possible over with one. Dr. Reichert has made me understand that my life is normal and I am best off moving on. SO, after this visit I try to rest my anxiety for the next 23 months until we meet again. Thank you Dr. Reichert for being the kind and patient doctor you are. D.D. - D.D
Dr Reichert performed my spinal surgery as scheduled and I expect my full recovery. He performed a similar surgery approximately 10 years ago and I expect similar excellent results this time. - .J
I appreciate the one on one time with the Doctor. He always seems interested and not rushed when speaking with me. He also does a great job asking me questions and explaining my condition. - .H
Thank You for your excellent treatment.I was taken care of in a very timely manner.Thanks Again to you and your staff. - R.K
My pain is 50% better after completing the medication. I am getting a little more sleep but still wake up a couple times a night in pain. I will be calling on Tuesday if it does not get better. The doctor and his staff were wonderful and actually got me in before the holiday when there was a cancellation. - .P
Very happy with the doctor and his staff - .L
I felt like my life mattered. I was TRULY blessed God placed me in his hands. He is a wonderful Doctor and I would not hesitate to use him again. - J.P
Vary Informative and promt - .M
Had emergency brain tumor surgery in March 2017. Having continued follow up care since.I have no complaints at all about Dr Reichert or Dr King who I both met in the ER at WMH in March. Both men are very respectful, professional and understanding. They are also NOT ARROGANT! - which I thoroughly appreciate. I've already walked out of medical appointments if I felt I have been talked down to - and found others who know how to properly communicate with patients to take care of my medical issues. Both men also take the time to answer my questions, regardless as to how unconventional/weird they may sound - Dr King in the ER and Dr Reichert during follow up visits. The office staff is also very respectful, professional and understanding - as well as personable. They have always gotten back to me in a timely manner if I left them VMs. This all comes from someone who managed a physicians office early in her career and is a customer service professional.AWESOME skills and service. I just hope I never have to refer anyone to you. - C.E
Dr Reichert performed a lumbar laminectomy for pressure on my sciatic nerve. He explained very thoroughly the risks of the surgery. After the surgery the previous pain in my lower back and left leg was gone. After surgery he again explained what was done and again explained what I needed to do and what to expect. I would highly recommend Dr Reichert to anyone needing a Neurosurgeon. - .R
I am familiar with Dr. Reichert from previous surgery he performed on me. His office, the wait time, his staff, the ease in scheduling and my overall experience are excellent. He hasn't performed the necessary treatment that's scheduled for 15 January 2019 yet, so I cannot rate that at this time. I look forward to excellent results as in my past experience with Dr. Reichert. - L.J
The staff was great and the doctor was right to the point and surgery was schedule promply.Thank You - .K
Everything was excellent it went vary smoothly . Everyone was nice and friendly and helpful. - D.S
I am very happy with my whole experience Dr Reichert is wonderful as is his staff - Janice M Lehmann
I was very pleased with the explanation given to me and the timing to get the procedure done. - .J
Everyone was very friendly. Dr. Reichert answered all my questions. He explained things very clearly until I understood what was going on. I didn't feel like I was being rushed. - L.H
It was good i was in and out - E.S
Fine - .M
Dr. Reichert, the facility, the wait time, the staff, the treatment results, the scheduling ease, and overall experience were all excellent. I cannot be more pleased with the results. I recommend Dr. Reichert to anyone experiencing back pain for successful results. - .M
it was a great appointment! - .J
Dr. Reichert made me feel very comfortable, & told me a lot of information about my procedure & what’s going on with my body that was unknown to me before my consult with him. - S.S
Slow but steady progress in healing. - J.E
Tracy is the most professional, warm and caring person I have ever met in a Drs. office. Dr. Reichert is of course the best neurosurgeon. What a team. I have my utmost trust in both of them. I hope it is okay if I call Tracy with a question instead of bothering Dr. Reichert. The entire office staff is warm and courteous. As much as I care for all of you, I hope to never have to come for surgery again. Best wishes to all and HAPPY HOLIDAYS - .S
Staff is great and they make it comfortable and easy scheduling. Stacy is always pleasent and treats patients with care and respect... thank you Stacy. - .G
This was a follow up appointment from my surgery in April. X-rays look good and healing as expected. I am very happy with the surgery and all the assistance along the way! Dr Reichert and Staci have been extremely helpful at answering questions I have had during my healing process. I am pleased with the service I have received! - .K
I picked Dr. Reichert based on his surgical expertise. At times he is impersonal but once you get to know him he warms up. - M.S
Dr Reichart and his staff are very friendly and helpful on trying to resolve my problem. - M.J
I have always been very pleased with my experiences with Dr. Reichert and Stacy. I really don't know the other staff members names but everyone has been very peasant. The form was strange as there is not a box to press which result you wanted. I pressed excellent for every area but the word did not stay lit, so if nothing came through on your end just know it was all excellent. I did not press treatment results as I have not had my surgery yet. MaryAnn - M.S
I have had back issues for close to 14 years and I had seen multiple doctors within the same major Health Care Provider, regarding the cause of the pain and possible treatments. I had another MRI done on my lower back (L3 and L4) in August 17’ and was referred to a specialist (neurologist) within the same major Health Care System. After leaving multiple phone messages and never receiving a call back, I decided to go elsewhere for solutions. My wife found Dr. Reichert on line after doing some extensive research and am very glad she did. Getting in for my first appointment was very easy and quick. He looked at my MRI at my first appointment and explained in “English” what was wrong with my lower back and what was the cause of the severe discomfort that I was experiencing.He went over all the options to resolve the issue and the Pros and Cons of each. I am going to have surgery to fix it and am very comfortable and at ease that Dr. Reichert is the one performing it. He makes you feel relaxed and very comfortable when you talk to him. We would recommend him to anyone for treatment at any given time. His nursing staff is also very nice and easy to talk to. - D.Owsiany
I have had back issues for close to 14 years and I had seen multiple doctors within the same major Health Care Provider, regarding the cause of the pain and possible treatments. I had another MRI done on my lower back (L3 and L4) in August 17’ and was referred to a specialist (neurologist) within the same major Health Care System. After leaving multiple phone messages and never receiving a call back, I decided to go elsewhere for solutions. My wife found Dr. Reichert on line after doing some extensive research and am very glad she did. Getting in for my first appointment was very easy and quick. He looked at my MRI at my first appointment and explained in “English” what was wrong with my lower back and what was the cause of the severe discomfort that I was experiencing.He went over all the options to resolve the issue and the Pros and Cons of each. I am going to have surgery to fix it and am very comfortable and at ease that Dr. Reichert is the one performing it. He makes you feel relaxed and very comfortable when you talk to him. We would recommend him to anyone for treatment at any given time. His nursing staff is also very nice and easy to talk to. - D.O
I was very pleased with my visit.Dr. Reichert went over the results of my MRI. He scheduled a 6 month follow up MRI to verify tumor doesn't return.I asked Dr. Reichert about proceeding with possible treatment / surgery for my lower back. We discussed my lower back issues & he ordered x-rays & a bone scan to narrow down the cause of the problem. - .D
This appointment was for an initial consultation regarding low back pain. - D.C
This was my first consultation for leg pain there will be more follow up visits after lab work and other tests are completed. - J.L
The end of November of 2015 I was in the emergency room and was told I had a brain bleed. After more extensive testing, it was determined that I needed to have my pituitary gland removed. It was removed in November of 2016. I'm feeling and doing so much better. Dr Reichart and his staff have been great through this whole process. I have received excellent care. - .J
All in all great - .C
Very positive, great results - .H
Everyone at the practice is welcoming and friendly and also professional. Any questions I have are explained thoroughly. - S.W
I felt I was listened to. I did not feel as though I was wasting anyone's time. Everyone in the office was very nice, let me know about a wait time, which I appreciated, because I was going back to work after my appt. I left feeling I had options about my treatment, and not just jump to surgery. My problem came the next day when I woke up with Bell's Palsy, which just happens to have the same medication, just a stronger dose of prednisone. I am hoping to "kill two birds with one stone" . I'll let you know how this goes. Thanks for this opportunity for comments - S.L
Very pleasant experience.Dr. Reichert and staff where knowledgeable and professional.Its refreshing in this climate of pretty subpar health care that there still are reliable,efficient,and caring offices.I walked away feeling confident that if I have further problems they have my back! - C.A
The office visit was satisfactory. I feel that Dr. Reichert threw too many questions at me too fast for me to even think!! He explained what would happen with surgery if I choose to go that way. I have a question. When he looked at my CD of my MRI from Feb. 2016, did it show a fracture in my lower back L4 area??? I would like to know if I had the fracture at that time. Please email me with an answer. Thank you. - C.K
Wonderful - S.H
Dr. Reichert's Assistant Stacie is absolutely amazing!! She is always pleasent, helpful in any way that is needed and that is greatly appreciated!! - .G
Dr. Reichert was phenomenal, in all aspects. - T.S
The nurse was great and I am extremely happy with me surgery results. - .B
I had a previous appt. In March. Some personal issues came up and I had to postpone. Yesterday I went back for a pre op visit. I had my list of questions and he said fire away. He answered all if them. I told him I was scared, he said it was good to be apprehensive with this type af surgery. I'm still scared, but not as much. He said something about getting the time moved up, but I am guessing that is something the office would do. - .N
This appointment was for post-op carpal tunnel surgery. As always, the Doctor and the staff were friendly, courteous and answered any questions I had. They did not rush through the appointment even though the doctor was running behind (which was unusual), Completely putting my mind at ease. - .H
Dr. Reichert was well prepared as he had reviewed my file and my last MRI. the appointment went very quickly, tests were ordered and I will have a f/u past completion of tests ordered and maybe then we will have more time to ask questions. I am very pleased that my pcp (Dr. Lutz) referred me to Dr. Reichert. - .D
Dr. stuck "on call" at hospital . . not his fault, no problem . - Bruce Peterson
Very nice and and very professional. Great job on the surgery and explained everything well. Would recommend Doctor Reichert for sure!! - .M
Great experience. - Matthew L Ubell
Dr. Reichert removed my staples & went over the results from my surgery. He explained my condition & went over my recovery process. He answered all of my questions fully. - Robert A Dannenberg
Staci was so very helpful and was able to bump up my surgery after my initial consult with Dr Reichert. I was so grateful for all that she did in preperation for my surgery. Dr Reichert was very informative and I would definitely recommend him to friends and family. Thank you so very much for helping me feel better after suffering for 3.5 months from a bulging disk!Katie - K.M
Everyone was very professional and personable, answered all my questions and explained my medical situation in a way I could understand. I felt like their level of concern for my issue was very high. I'm glad my regular doctor referred me to you. - M.S
. - .G
I enjoyed meeting Dr. Reichert for the consultation. He put me at ease and answered all my questions. I still have to decide when I am going to do my brain surgery but I know they will be with me all the way. - .B
Dr. Reichert performed surgery on June 19, 2017 for a herniated disc. At my first appointment in early June, he advised me to consider a second epidural. We also scheduled a surgery date and he said it would be no problem to cancel the surgery if the epidural helped. I felt very comfortable and confident with this plan and appreciated his willingness to give me time. The epidural did not help and I had the surgery on the 19th. It was almost pain free and the entire process went smoothly. I did not need pain medication while in the hospital and have not taken even a Tylenol since I came home. My leg pain is gone and I am enjoying walks and am returning to my normal activities. Dr. Reichert was steady and encouraging through the whole process and I am very thankful for his skills as a neurosurgeon. In addition, Staci was so helpful and encouraging through the whole process. She returns calls promptly, is kind, and very personable - what an asset she is to the office. The office staff was also always kind and courteous. - J.S
Dr Reichert was very informational with the procedure we were inquiring about. His asst. was very helpful with getting us scheduled. Overall, we were very pleased.Thank you!! - K.M
Was seen at the exact scheduled time of my appointment. Love it! - J.G
Gave good detail into the diagnosis - .C
I got in with very little wait..Everything seems to be on schedule with recovery. - J.R
Doctor made me feel at ease about discussing my problem. - E.P
Called the office on Monday 6/12/17 re/ my leg problem and was given an appt. for Tues.6/13/-17. Dr.diagnosed my problem quickly and told to call back with progress in 1 week. - P.H
The office staff is very professional. Dr Reichert spends plenty of time going over your test results so you can understand what's going on and what needs to be done.I felt confident going into surgery and the results are very good.I am very thankful for this practice. - S.W
Evaluate arm numbness and pain due to neck issues. - S.D
Dr. Reichert and staff (Staci) are courteous, compassionate and professional. Concerns are given prompt attention and all my questions are answered. Thank You - Linda M .M
I had a very nice experience seeing Dr. Reichert. I was a bit nervous but he immediately made me feel at ease. We had a good conversation about my symptoms, came down to my level when he explained something to me. I felt like I could trust him with my health care by the time I left. He was informative, a good listener, and made sure all of my (our-my daughter was also in the room) questions we answered.I would not hesitate to come back to see him again in the future. Even though he was a Packer fan, I still liked him! (I am a Detroit Lion fan:))Thank you for the opportunity to give my feedback. - P.S
It was better than expected.i didn't have to wait. The statff was pleasant. - V.O
This was my first post-op appointment. The date was scheduled prior to surgery and there was no waiting after we arrived. Dr. Reichert is great about answering all questions and the atmosphere in the office is very friendly. - R.H
Quick to identify my pain. Remedy physical therapy, massage and pain pills. Doctor and staff courteous and easy to work with. - B.N
Dr. Reichert explained the procedure very well. A laminectomy on L3 L4 & L5 after seeing my MRI. All Office staff was very polite when making appts for followup. - K.F
This visit was a follow up for my cervical fusion surgery. Dr. Reichert gave me some suggestions to help me walk with better posture and to feel steadier on my feet. He reviewed my X-rays also. - K.W
I had a laminectomy, very positive experience , Dr. Reichert was amazing, very caring and explained everything - Jeanne Herrle
Neck Surgery Bone put in neck C3-C5? Fusion. - Diane A Jarvis,
Dr. Reichert took very good care of me while I was in the hospital in at follow up visits! - Michelle A Kudlewski
My visit with Dr. Reichert was for a final check up after back surgery. All my questions were answered and future progress was discussed. I will not need further visits. I was able to thank Dr. Reichert for his care. - K.S
Office is organized, employees are friendly, and the wait time is low. Dr. Reichert does not spend very much time with me but I go to him for his surgical expertise, not necessarily his bedside manner which at times borders on rude. - Miya Stigler
Dr. Reichert is always very thorough and informative. - Angela Rebholz
Professional and honest about condition. Spent time to discuss follow up procedure(s) and recommendations. - F.E
Excellent experience...would definitely use Dr Reichert again - G.K
Reviewed my history, complaints and did an excellent evaluation of a treatment plan. Very excellent service and advice. A good man and good Doctor. - Lawrence P Zieger
I was very pleased with the staff and Dr. Reichert. He answered all of my questions and took the time to explain everything to me. He was very thorough and took his time with me and my husband. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of a specialist or surgeon in his field. I will be seeing him again in 6 momths. - H.I
Second surgery follow-up - .H
Dr. Reichert was very patient with me after the back surgery and tried his best to find a treatment for my right leg. I appreciated the time he spent with me considering I am a juvenile diabetic patient. - Jo Anne Schreck
This was my first follow up visit after surgery. Dr Reichert answered all my questions and offered advise to help in my recovery. - K.W
I know I have receive the best care hands down. I travel far to see him. - .C
This was a post operative office with Dr. Reichert. All questions were answered to my satisfaction. I appreciated the time Dr. Reichert gave to make sure my concerns were addressed. - Karen Suchocki
Dr. Reichert performed a laminectomy back surgery to relieve the pain I was experiencing when walking or standing for short periods of time. All arrangements for office visits and the hospital stay were prompt and timely. The follow up appointments were also satisfactory. Dr. Reichert took time to answer all questions. The previous pain has been resolved and now I am recovering from post operative discomfort. Recovery is going nicely.Dr. Reichert's assistant Staci was very helpful with all the arrangement as well. - Karen Suchocki
Doctor Reichert reviewed the X- Rays of the C4/C5 vertebrae that was repaired. I asked about the new pain in my neck and he told me to start more neck exercises to strengthen it and the pain will go away. That hasn't happened yet but I am trying. - Jeffery C Brook
I was seen promptly and as always Dr. Reichert's demeanor was pleasant and kind. One of the kindest treating physicians I've had. - Erin Giglia
I had a great experience excellent doctor. - A.H
Doctor Reichert looked at the X-Rays and said everything looks good. Would like me to return in two months for another X-Ray. - J.B
My office visit was very informative and Dr. Reichert answered all the questions I needed answered at this time. Tests have been ordered to investigate what is happening in my neck which the x-rays do not show. Very satisfied with my visit. Thank you. - J.O
Dr. Reichert was very personable and knowledgeable. He explained my MRI so I could understand and gave me options for treatment. He also said if I had any questions to call the office and if I still had more questions he would be happy to sit down and talk with me again. - M.H
I was very pleased with my overall experience. Dr. Reichert was matter of fact,which I like very much.He got down to business and answered allmy questions to my satisfaction. - .H
Evaluation of current potential surgerical non-surgerical solution for spine, neck, arm pain. - .B
Dr. Reichert seems very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions. He is a little direct and doesn't beat around the bush with his answers; can be good or bad depending on your personality. I think with surgeons, their skills are their top priority and their people skills may be a little less on their priority. As far as the facility, it needs a MAJOR update. I walked in and was very taken back that a doctor who could potentially operate on my brain is associated with that type of setting. I came from a doctor who works in a major hospital with top of the line equipment and modern atmosphere and so I felt like I took a major step back. I wouldn't say Dr. Reichert's skills should be associated with the facility but I think it's only natural to look at the setting they're practicing in. They need their own building rather than a suite and for extreme updates. Lastly, the wait time was longer than expected. I waited about 20/25 minutes for someone to come get me. - .V
Follow up from surgery - J.B
No complaints about my experience. I was very nervous about this surgery, but thanks to Dr. Reichert, Staci, Dr. Connelly and the hospital staff I had a very good experience. Everything was explained in detail what to expect thru the entire process. Everyone kept me informed and very calm. Thank you so much for taking care of me. I had the best doctors and staff taking care of me. - Sharon .C
I had an MRI on Friday afternoon. There appeared to be some unusual findings. The Moreland XRay suggested that I speak to in the Neurological area. I spoke with Dr. Reichert who examined my MRI. He asked me if I had any falls after my CT scanned that was done on January 12. I did not. He asked that I take it easy and another CT scan would be done on March 15. Since I had not headaches or other side-effects, that he thought that the blood from the broken vessel would be reabsorbed over the 3-week time. I did remember later that I did not fall, but a metal container hit me on the head as I tried to take it from a shelf in my kitchen. I do not know the exact day that it had happened, but it probably was a week earlier.Right now I still do not have any headaches or other issues. - Violet B Corliss
I felt the doctor was very through and truly wanted to get to the root cause of my issue - .N
Dr. Reichert was able to see me the day after he received a call from my neurologist. Even though I know he squeezed me into his schedule, he was very thorough and took over an hour with my husband and me. He connected us to his assistant and stayed with us the whole time to ensure we would be seen by another doctor as soon as possible, even making direct calls to the other doctor. He was thorough in his explanations, asked if we had questions and offering information about the need for surgery and what would happen during the surgery and the recovery. Very impressed and the appointment convinced us to use him as our neurosurgeon and not seek additional opinions. - .G
As I have been healing from my injury and surgery Dr. Reichert has been meeting my needs. I went in for my last visit because something has been hurting me after I addressed a different issue related to my healing. Again, as he has always been doing, he listens and appropriately provides what is needed. I am impressed with his confidence and knowledge. I still have about 8 months to go in my 2 yr projected healing process. - .L
Dr. Reichert went over the results of the follow-up MRI and noted that the turmor had gotten smaller which was unusual but a good thing. To ensure my understanding he showed me the MRI from the initial one and the recent one. showed the measurement. Was please with the outcome and wanted another re-check in two years. He is very informative with a gentle nature. - Marcia W Goodrich
This was a consultation regarding possible surgery. My daughter was with me to help me try to remember all I should. There are and were plenty of questions about this. I am also consulting with Dr. Findling at Froedtert in Menomonee Falls and would presume Dr. Reichert is or was going to talk to him about my situation. Being 86-years of age is of concern to me and apparently Dr. Reichert thinks there could be some risk to any surgery. Yet - Dr. Findling as of my last appt. with him, thinks I should have it done. Have been told and I know, ultimately it is my decision. It is difficult for me - in that "at my age", do I want to have it done and live longer (but with what else that MIGHT happen - anything can I know) - OR not have the surgery and what other complications may arise? Dr. Reichert took the time to answer most all of my questions and I still would like to consult again with Dr. Findling before making any final decision. Dr. Reichert also said he has never heard of anyone with what I have OR have had. Seems I have been told this before. - Juanita M Saunders
Surgery on C4-5 vertebrae - J.B
I replied before, but here is another...His care was excellent !!! - .B
Excellent all around ! - .B
My experience with Dr. Reichert was great. I like how informative and knowledge he is. He helped make me feel more at ease about the surgery and I feel he actually listens to me when I tell him how I'm feeling. Thank you Dr. Reichert! - Angela L Rebholz
Overall staff & physician (9).Good experience, medical diagnosis and further treatment options were explained. - L.E
Excellent care thus far. - R.B
Had a replacement of the valve on my vp shunt. Dr. Reichert is wonderful man and an excellent doctor. He has done 3 surgeries on me so far and I have been happy with the results and thank him greatly for what he has done for me. - K.K
I've known Dr. Reichert for some time and he is consistent in his approach by thoroughly explaining what treatment path is best. He has done the best he can with what he has had to work with on me. I have always recommended him to others who discuss back problems with me. - Kurt S.S
Had a baclofin pump installed. The procedure went well. Everyone was very helpful. Follow up is easy with every move. - .M
Dr Reichert Did an excellent job and it worked and I have had no pain.I am seeing him tomorrow and he is removing my stiches I am pleased with service and they stayed on top of everything. Had one small set back onSaturday but it all worked out. Thank you for all your help. See you tomorrow.Hedy Iwinski - .I
Met with Dr. Reichert to discuss having my aneurysm of the brain checked with a CT scan. Last checked in 2011. He recommended procedure should be done & will schedule date for test. - T.G
Very courteous staff. Dr. Reichert was very pleasant and took the time to explain my options, and the surgical procedure in detail. I was very pleased with my experience. - Linda M Martens
Hi,It was great expereince. We finally turned the corner. We are now on the road to recovery. I feel so much better than I did Yesterday. I slept 12 hours yesterday and feel much better to today. I will continue to keep moving forward and I if I have questions I will call you. Thanks for all your help, appreciated very much. Sincerely,Hedy Iwinski - H.I
Dr. R. was very clear and easy to understand. I appreciated his concise answers to my questions. - Elizabeth J Wallrath
DR. Reichert looked over my xrays and mri and gave me a very good review and his recomended of my options. - B.S
Always a pleasure. Quick staff, professional consult, I've recommended colleagues to Dr. Reichert. - .G
My appointment was for consulration due to severe pain in my neck. I was shown my MRI and given an explanation of the images and possible options were discussed and I was referred for two future appointments (EMG and Bone Scan) to help determine future course of action. I have a follow-up appointment scheduled for 1/4/2017.Every one was very very nice. - .H
The staff and doctor are always very helpful. They answer questions and take the time with the family. - D.H
Dr. Reichert has been prompt, professional, and competent throughout my contacts with him. An initial workup 3 years ago, a pre-op visit, the surgery (laminectomy) in October, and two follow-up visits. I fully respect him and would highly recommend his services to anyone else needing help. - T.W
Very professional and friendly. He tells you how it is and is very truthful. I will recommend him to any body looking for a good doctor. The surgery is very successful. - Sally A.K
Very happy with the end result.I thank the dr. for sending me to the rehab place. I could not have handled the problems with pain and sleep at home.It did take 4 weeks before I got relief from the pain and improved every week since. - O.F
There is so much I wish to say. First, thank you for the clean scar. 2nd, I am aware that I was hallucinating after surgery and I believe morphine induced this reaction. After 12 surgeries I thought I knew what surgery involved, but I have never experienced anything close to the pain levels I had with this surgery. I would suggest that people recovering from surgery not be expected to do 3-8 hours of therapy beginning 3 days after surgery. I never felt I could rest and recover until I got home. (I understand medicare rules). Every one was very good to me at the hsp and rehab. I am very grateful that I don't have to walk around with the probability of quadreplegia any more because my spinal cord is free! I wish there would have been better after care from your office. Thankfully Dr. R. told me at the 2 week visit what to expect in the healing process. Thank you. Julie - .V
The staff and doctor were very helpful. They would answer any questions we had plus the nurses were very competent. The patient said the staff was very cooperative and was helpful with his condition. - D.H
I felt confident that my procedure was going to go well and that I was in good hands with Dr. Reichert. - E.K
I was very apprehensive to have spine surgery, so put it off for many years. Therefore I ended up having many issues.Dr. Reichert recommended doing a laminectomy for my spinal stenosis. He took off 8 spurs which were growing, and the spinal canal was narrowing and pressing against the nerves. I woke up feeling amazing. The next few days I had some pain issues, that the care team helped me with, with some Physical Therapy. I did amazingly well with-in ten days, thanks to Dr. Reichert and his team. - Shirley J Hammock
Dr. Reichert worked on my back 2 times 10 years ago and I was very pleased with the outcome, 10 years later I have a new problem and when referred from my primary I asked to only see Dr. Reichert as if I do need intervention of my back again I did not want anyone else to handle my case.I have referred other friends and family with back issue's to his office.Todd - T.G
I love Dr. Reichert. He did my surgery in Sept. 2008, and was kind and concerned about my recent neck pain. He put me totally at ease, prescribed a steroid treatment, and let me know if it was not better in one week to contact him.I would highly recommend the Doctor to anyone I know. - M.D
I had a follow-up appt. and after a brain MRI regarding my Vestibular Schwannoma. I had questions that Dr. Reichert answered and have been pleased with his visits when I have had appts. Therefore - no negative responses with regard to my appts. He told me that I did not have to see him again unless I have further problems. - .S
Dr. Reichert was very personable as was Stacy. Dr. was very clear and told it like it is which is very important to my husband and I. Stacy is very nice and was a great help even when I called her back with some questions and to schedule the surgery. Sandra D Kling - Sandra D Kling
This turned out to be the last visit after surgery! Dr. Reichert did a great job.... much less pain, less drugs and feeling as if I could live at this current level of discomfort and meds. He did a great job for me... and I know I wasn't and easy case. - .S
At first app. He told us all the pros and cons for us to make our decisions,with no pressure. Before surgery he came to answer any questions and made us feel comfortable. He came after surgery to my family to let them know everything was ok. Later he came to see me to make sure everything ok - Sally A Kronshage
I had seen Dr. Reichert a few years ago when he recommended a laminectomy. I decided to try non-surgical interventions first which unfortunately were not very successful. I had even contacted another surgeon for a second opinion and spent the past 5 months attempting to see him. That too was unsuccessful with repeated cancellations so I returned to Dr. Reichert. My appointment with him was very helpful and I now have a date for surgery. - T.W
I felt great when I woke up from surgery. Did well in the hospital & rehab. - Shirley J Hammock
He was thorough but to the point. Explained next steps and what to expect. I appreciated his candidness and felt very comfortable in my decision to choose him as my surgeon. - Mirr Kadlcek, Katie J .M
Consult appt. for arm tumor on 8/17/16....felt very comfortable with Dr. Reichert. Only negative was that when he spoke, he looked at and spoke to my husband, and not me...I was the patient.Surgery was 8/25/16. Staci, Patient Coordinator was the insurance approval in less than two days!Postop appt. was 8/31/16...rec'd shocking news that was completely unexpected. Dr. Reichert told us he wasn't concerned prior to surgery, and after surgery as well. Hearing I'd likely need radiation and need to tAke a leave of absence came out of NOWHERE to us! - T.V
Dr Reichert was to the point and gave me my choices. He was the most thorough of any doctors I met with.Thank you Dr Reichert. - H.B
Dr. Reichert was very thorough and complete in his explanation of my condition. He had a professional manner but also conveyed that he personally cared. He spent time to describe things in easily understandable language, and shared the test results. My primary care physician recommended him, and I was very comfortable. - C.B
My neck surgery was in September of 2015, due to an automobile accident. It has been a long hall and difficult recovery, of which I am still going through. I am very happy that I choice Dr. Reichert as my surgeon. My surgery went well and my healing is proceeding as expected (though not fast enough for me). Dr. Reichert has helped me through the whole process, answering all my questions, providing or referring all treatment that my body needs. Today's visit he referred me for physical therapy. I would recommend Dr. Reichert to anyone who would ask me for a referral. I am a business owner and have high expectations. He has met my expectations. Thank you Dr. Reichert. - .L
I hadn't seen Dr.Reichert for 3 years and this initial visit was to discuss the pains I had starting having in my upper legs. It wasn't the best report that I could have received concerning problems with my back; however, Dr. Reichert prescribed a plan involving some steroid medication and physical therapy., which I am beginning today. I have the utmost confidence in his plan and will be in touch with him again in approximately 2 weeks. As I have mentioned to family and friends, he does come very close to walking on water as a surgeon. - Alice E Lambie
Dr. Reichert was very,very personable. It was a good apt.,and I was very pleased to have gotten rid of the siiatica and other back pain. My husband and I enjoyed talking with Dr. Reichert. I know he is a very,very busy Doc.but I am glad to not feel intimidated by him any more.Thank you so much Dr. Reichert. See you soon.Marcie Cater - M.C
Dr Reichert seemed prepared for our visit. He knew why we were there. He came to the examination ready to treat. He answered questions, was talkative, and we did not feel rushed. Good visit. Also, Staci, the patient care coordinator is always friendly and reassuring. - Judd J Schoeneman
The doctor was interested in me/performed medical exam in a very efficient manner. An A plus grade for all areas of professional needs. - Carol J Lombardi
Had a follow up with a x-ray to check for proper healing. All is well and I'm able to get back to my normal lifestyle. - R.H
Dr Reichert was much more personable this time when he came into my room right before surgery. It made me feel more secure having him chit chat for a minute. He spent time talking to my husband in my room after my surgery which meant a lot to both of us. My surgery went well. Dr.Reichert has a very good reputation as a doctor and I fully agree with it.Thanks Dr.Reichert.Marcie Cater - .C
This was my second appointment with Dr. Reichert. We discussed the results of the bone scan and x-ray of the hip area. I am confident that he is making an effort to diagnose the cause of my hip and leg pain. I am satisfied with his level of concern and reassurance of a solution. - Karen Suchocki
I am always treated with professionalism and a friendly smile. I have always been treated with respect in a very friendly way that creates a ease in communication. I as a fisherman like to hear his tails also. This shows me he is a down to earth person and can relate to his patients. He does look quite different without his mustache , a little younger i think. Always a five star rating with him. - R.D
I was very impressed with the time Dr. Reichert spent with me, and the opinions he explained regarding my back.Dr. Reichert showed me the images from the MRI studies, and the options that are available to me. I will continueto see Dr. Reichert, and follow the treatment he suggested. The staff,his nurse were very helpful, andaccommodating.Thank You - R.W
My experience was excellent! Dr. Reichert is the BEST!!! - .B
Great experience he is so professionalAnd easy to talk to. Did a great job on my operation. Thanks again Jack Allen. - J.A
Extremely positive..all questions answered in a friendly and professional manner. I continue to improve and thanks to Dr. Ken will live a life able to use both my hands. - T.W
We were called to fill an open appointment. Great! There was no waiting and we were called to patient room. The usual pre exam information was taken. Dr. Reichert arrived shortly. He was ready for a shunt adjustment after a short conversation. There was a plan given if the adjustment did not show improvement. - .Schoeneman,
I was very pleased that I was able to have an earlier appointment, as someone had cancelled their appointment and they were courteous to call me. Dr. Reichert saw me briefly he knew exactly what to do and ordered tests. He also gave me information about a drug I am on and I did not know a bad side effect. He has a great knowledge and his surgery skills are outstanding. I would not let another surgeon operate on my spine.Sincerely,MaryAnn Sonnemann - Mary Ann Sonnemann
My visit with Dr. Was very informative and he answered all of my questions. He was very friendly as usual. - Phyllis A Hansen,
I felt comfortable that I have chosen the right doctor after our meeting. - B.V
Dr always has time and will take time to talk about my problems. Great to have a Dr that genuinely cares about my condition and my options. Thanks for squeezing my appointment in so that I can hopefully get some relief. - R.H
I'm very pleased with Dr. Reichert. The discussion regarding my surgery was directed to me in an understandable way. - D.L
Dr.Reichert told me what need to be done he told me its up to me and i did have my back fixed . help me keep the pain under control. he tells ya like it is he is vary good at what he dos. - J.W
Dr.Kenneth Reichert was very professional and courteous. His technician Staci is a joy to work with. - M.Everson
Scheduling the appointment was quick, and they were able to see me right away which spared me so much stress.The visit was on time, and Dr. Reichert was very prompt.Dr. Reichert explained everything clearly and in-depth leaving me without any questions or concerns.The visit was an excellent medical experience. - C.L
My husband and I went to see Dr. Reichert for one more visit for final details before my surgery on April 25.Got the answers we needed. Thank you, Dr. Reichert. - C.H
Greeted promptly at the front desk. Staff efficient and pleasant. Dr Reichert was personable, discussed my concern directly and gave his opinion. - S.N
Everyone was very professional and caring and made me feel at ease. Great job team!!!!!!! - Cherie E Raabe
Needed to see Dr. Reichert again to get a clearer picture of upcoming surgery. Got more information, but still need more details. He was very good and patient with us and our questions. - C.H
Still healing from back fusion just a couple of days post ...but I have to say Stacy and Dr. Reichert have been very understanding regarding the pain felt. Stacy is always friendly and helpful also returns my calls quickly :)Just a great person!! ..thank you! Dr.R discussed options and left it up to me and my wife. He was very open to discuss things and so far very pleased with the surgery. Thanks Doc and Company! - S..
Dr. Reichert has been an excellent provider from my first visit in 2014 to present. Excellent bedside manner, very honest and understanding. I would highly recommend him to friends, family, and coworkers! Keep up the great work! Dr's. Like him are hard to find! - Dana J Janssen
Everyone was pleasant,pretty much on time over all I was satisfied. - Dolores B Gamm
I would have preferred to not be there but I had a very informative meeting with Dr. Reichert and I trust that I will be in good care with my future treatments. - J.R
Clear explanation of MRI. Dr.Reichert made me feel very comfortable and I came away understanding exactly where tumor is and its probability of future growth. I am not going to worry about it anymore and will just keep a watch on the headaches. - S.P
I was very satisfied with the Elmbrook Memorial Hospital facility and its staff, who were very knowledgeable and gave clear and explicit instructions for me after the surgery. The wait time prior to the surgery and the scheduling was a very easy one. Dr. Reichert is a very experienced and successful surgeon and I believe performed a very successful procedure. His meeting with me the following week provided greater detail as to what I had experienced during the surgery. The treatment results will be determined toward the end of the recuperative period, which I have not yet reached. Overall, I feel that this has been an excellent experience to this point. - Van Buskirk, Donald ..
I am very pleased with the doctor, great manner and great outcome.....electric like leg pains are gone. Still have pain starting in the small of the back after standing for 5 or 10 minutes. - K..
My experience for the surgery was good. Dr. Reichert prepared me for the surgery and what to expect after. I am still healing at this time, but results are noticeable. Some of the problems were not but there was no guaranties. All in all I would recommend Dr. Reichert to anyone whom needed his expertise!! - Loretta A Rinehart
Dr. Reichert and his staff did such a professional job! I was most impressed with how much the doctor really cared about me as a patient. It is an anxious time for anyone having surgery. All the help and concern is so appreciated! Catherine Pfeiler - P..
We were very happy with our visit. Dr. Reichert explained our options and spent the time with us to answer all our questions. - Janicsek, Linda M .
Nurse Jen was great, calm, I am not a needle guy. Made the pre surgery go easy. Dr. was great, procedure went very well and I am on the road to recovery. - Wessberg, Robert S..
Very friendly staff. Great interactions. Treated me like a human being rather than a test result - S.K
My experance was wonderful all people were great and concerned about me and my health - John S Allen
dr. reicheert is a very experienced dr. that had done surgery on me once before now. i trust him to make the right decisions for any future surgery. he is a "mater-of-fact'.dr. It is his way or the highway. - J.O
He saved my life - D.K