James Wilkes

140 24th St S.

Wisconsin rapids, 54495
(715) 424-1881
So far I have been very pleased with the surgery and my recovery. I am hopeful that the billing department will work quickly and efficiently with my insurance company and MediCare to keep my bills at a manageable level. - M.K
My poor, over used "yoga knee" needed help, and Dr. Wilkes was able to do just that. Thank you ! - K.S
Satisfied - N.K
Very good, everyone is very nice and friendly - D.W
It went very well. Glad I finally made the decision to have my knee replaced. Thks for the great care!!! - L.J
I feel I had great service and cared for by all. Really liked my doctor and his happy and fun loving nurse. What more needs to be said! - J.V
Went great, very pleased - M.W
It was such a relief to have Dr Wilkes inject a pain medication that will help the wrist pain I have been going through for two months. - K.F
I was very pleased with the doctor and staff. Thank you - T.N
Surgery for torn meniscus. The entire experience was very positive, from the MRI to the surgery and physician visits. Problem was taken care of, wonderful to be pain free in that area once again! - J.S
Wait time was very long, but I guess there was an emergency or something. Received a cortisone injection in my hand that I haven't had much normal use of for about 6 months. Instantly could completely move my hand without any pain! Had seen nurse practitioner in the past with no results. Hopefully, the injection will continue to work. Made my day! - S.V
I have had a very positive experience with Wisconsin River Orthopedics. Very happy from the first appointment through the last. - A.C
Wonderful friendly staff with a smile on everyone - N.S
I am extremely happy with the care I received from Dr. Wilkes. He is very thorough in his examinations and always willing to answer any questions. Also, all of the staff were very friendly and went out of their way to provide anything I needed. I would highly recommend Dr. Wilkes! - D.M
I chose to come back to Dr Wilkes due to the success of my first knee surgery in 2009. - J.H
Dr Wilks was very direct with answers that were clear. - J.L
Absolutely love my doctor very kind and answered all my questions - T.H
Everyone I met this morning were super friendly like I've known them for years friendly!! Absolutely fantastic experience, was my first time there also. Dr. Wilkes explained everything and made sure I understood what he was talking about all the way through!!! Very amazing attitude he has, impressed!!! Would most definitely recommend him to anyone I know! Thank you - B.K
Dr. Wilkes is a very caring and compassionate doctor. I especially like the fact that he is straight forward when discussing your care and issues you may have. I know that some people do not like that kind of "frankness", but to me that is a number one quality to have in an highly experienced health care provider. I also am very appreciative of Maria Statz being my physical therapist, she also is caring, kind and dedicated to get her patients to reach their goals in their rehab program. She kept me on task and motivated me in getting myself to reach my goals of bending and straightening my knee to what was expected and reminded me how important it is to keep strengthening my knee and to get back to a normal lifestyle. - D.H
Had a cyst on my finger and Dr. Wilkes removed it Everything went well - J.S
Follow up from surgery which went very well. Staff very friendly and efficient. Doctor great! - L.A
If I was rating on the number system the facility would be a 10 . The staff is the greatest, right from the check in to the nurses caring for you, and the PT staff. Every one is smiling and more than ready to help. Always willing to assist you. The medical staff always makes me feel at home answering questions and giving advice on a faster healing process, great job to all of you. - G.H
Everything excellent - J.Krummel
My experience with my appointments and surgical procedure where all excellent. The whole experience was comfortable thanks to all the staff and doctor. - L.T
I needed to be informed of my option(s) regarding pain in my left thumb. I felt Dr. Wilkes explained everything explicitly and in a manner that I understood. He was kind and engaging and listened to what my concerns were. He was patient with me when I expressed my fear of needles, explained how the medication worked and why it had to be administered the way it was. I would not hesitate to see Dr. Wilkes again. - D.M
Very friendly Answered all my questionsVery thural - L.S
The waiting room is very comfortable and I love the fish. I was called to the cast room on a very timely basis, possibly early. Beth Ann did the required interview and then helped me on the table and removed my cast with skill and speed. She thoughtfully asked the room neighbors if the saw would be too noisy. She helped me to the waiting room for X-rays where the technician was helpful and kind and efficient. I returned to the cast room and waited a very short time for Dr. Wilkes. He has always treated me with kindness and sympathy and respect. He is always upbeat and in a good mood. Beth gave me instructions about exercising my ankle and set up physical therapy appointments so I did not have to. Everyone I have met at the clinic is friendly, helpful and efficient. I was totally pleased with my outcome and was given excellent information upon leaving. The only one thing that I don't care for is filling out a form every time I visit. - C.G
Dr Wilkes went over the mri i had and he explained it very well, he also found a spot in my shoulder and gave me another shot which i hope will help. - O.B
Had bicep tendon repair. Entire process and follow up appointments where very awesome. Highly recommend Dr. Wilkes and this office for treatment. - K.R
In the morning, Dr. Wilkes examined my left wrist, that I had broken, in a fall, and that had been repaired, surgically, with a metal plate and screws, to determine whether it had been healing properly. After determining that it was healing well, he asked me if I had questions. He answered the questions that I asked and asked me to schedule a final appointment for three weeks from that date.In the afternoon, I met with Julie, the occupational therapist, also at Wisconsin River Orthopedics. Julie took measurements, to determine whether the exercises that I had been assigned to do, had produced the desired results. She also massaged my wrist, to decrease the formation of scar tissue and increase flexibility. She also worked on my shoulder, when lifting my left arm, and helped me to realize how stiff it had become during the time the wrist was immobilized.I couldn't believe how much easier it was to turn the steering wheel, on the drive home! - C.P
I feel I had a positive, caring, informative, and helpful experience. I solution was arrived for my problem, at this time, and all my questions were answers. - Doreen Kruger
I was in for knee surgery. Doctor Wilkes made me feel very confident that what I needed done was not a major operation and it would be fixed and it 100% was. Everybody I had to talk with and work with extremely nice and professional.thank you very much!!! - D.H
meet with Dr. Wikles about my left hip. Dr Wilkes explained everything about the exrays and the options I have for treatment and follow up visits. - P.W
For a first time patient, I was ecstatic that Dr. Wilkes took the time to get all information and was a complete professional. I felt completely cared for by all staff members, which is very important. I wouldn't go anywhere else. - Cali Tweedie
I am very happy with the whole group of people that worked with me on my knee replacement. Dr. Wilkes did an excellent job on my knee and the nurses were very kind and helpful. I still have some pain after a year but it is continuing to get better.I would recommend this clinic and the staff to anyone that needs help. Roger Spice - R.Spice
As always my visit was pleasant. The girls at check-in are very professional and courteous. Today's wait to be seemed a little longer than usual but nothing that would require attention. It was just very busy in the clinic. I wish all clinics had the same professional courteous manner as yours. Merry Christmas! - H.B
Thank you for taking the extra time to visit with me not only about my care, but personally as well. - J.W.
Everyone has been wonderful. Thank you so much. - Kathy Weber
Recheck on carpal tunnel surgery. Nurse greeted me and smoothly handled my check inDr Wilkes answered my questions and prepared me for next weeks second surgery in carpal tunnel of other hand - j.M
Dr. James Wilkes did my surgery in 2006 and when I required it this year I knew who the doctor would be, no question. His entire staff including Nurses, Office personnel and Physical Therapy personnel do a very good job at making you feel comfortable and on your way to getting well. - D.R
I had a very professional and calming experience with all people involved this morning. Dr. Wilkes addressed my issue with speed and caring. Beth was very helpful, as always. I was apprehensive when I went in, but so glad to have been there. Thank you! - B.W
Very friendly staff, Wonderful Doctor and great efficiency. Always solve problem and take care of any needs. - S.S
Very knowledgeabe, very warm, very considerate!!! - Geraldine.P
The nurses, xray gal, and the dr. did an excellent job handling my problem and to explain everything - O.B
I was asked to change my appointment from 2:30 to 10:am, I was happy to do so however I needed to be out of the office by 11:00am to go to work. I was told that would be no problem. I also told the receptionist and the nurse when I arrived. Everyone was very understanding and I was in my car to go to work at 10:40am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The nurse named Peggy is a super star in my book. She is always professional, sweet and very kind. Dr. Wilkes is always so great, he is spot on with his treatment and makes it "fun" to have the appointment by sharing grandchildren stories etc. - A.P
Today was a follow-up to MRI. Dr. Wilkes explained the MRI results. Described and demonstrated on shoulder model the rotator cuff and where the tear to it was located. He informed me that surgery was an option, explained the process...with pictures and on paper, the recuperation and therapy timeline and made sure I understood everything. He presented me with options other than surgery. We/I decided to do physical therapy prior to making a surgery decision. I set up first therapy appt. and went home armed with literature provided by Dr. Wilkes. - s.c
Very good place to go. Everyone is very friendly. Did not take long to get seen. Doctor was very good,and went through everything. - L.P
I like it here! - Naomi.C
I like it here! Everyone is very nice! - M.Anderson
I have been a patient of Dr. Wilkes for over 20 years. I have complete confidence with Dr.Wilkes. He goes above and beyond with his treatment. Dr. Wilkes cares about his patients. Overall rating I give 5 stars for everything. - k.s
Very comfortable with dr Wilkes. Feel at ease and trust his judgement - Scot Field
The visit was helpful and the explanation of what to do was excellent. - P.C
Dr.wilkes was great and extremely friendly. They made the appointments an ease - M.H
Great - Justen Krohn
Fantastic! I found out my problem and what I can do gig forward. I'm very happy. - T.E
Dr. Wilkes and his staff are very friendly and efficient. I feel they treat me with great skill and patients - K.N
My experience with Wisconsin River Orthopedics can only be described as excellent. Appointments were on time, staff was very helpful with questions and concerns and most importantly; Dr. Wilkes spent time with me to answer questions and explain my surgery. - J.M
I am extremely pleased with my results. The professional and friendly, caring staff have exceeded my expectations. I would stronlgly recommend Dr Wilkes, his staff and the therapy staff to anyone needing knee replacement surgery. - K.K
nothing but perfect!! Front desk, X-ray, doc, nurses,staff. I couldn't have asked for better treatment and people. - E.S