Samandra Tann, NP - Eagle Physicians

301 E. Wendover Avenue, Suite 200

Greensboro, 27401
(336) 274-3241
Very professional & attentive to your needs! - Darlene R Stephens
Very good and was glad to get my cpap report - .T
Great professionalism - Shukriyyah Jones
Very thorough, always leaves you feeling that you are in good hands. - Jerry A Leonard
I was seen quickly and she was very helpful. Very good communication and returned my follow up call right away. - Dana K Burnette
I love being a patient of Mandy's, she's makes every visit meaningful also her nurse Shenika is always pleasant when rooming me - .I
Very good contact and communication - Betty J Jeffries
Great - .G
I must say, words cannot express the love that I feel for Samandra. In between primaries, I was fortunate enough to have and. Tann fill in until my new primary arrived. Had it not been for her, I may not be here today. She was quick to point out that the persistent achy pain I was feeling in my right arm was my heart talking to me. I was swiftly referred to their on staff cardiologist at the time. I am forever grateful and appreciative to her. Had it not been diagnosed, when it was, I may not have been here today. You have my undying loyalty and love. - Barbara J Grace
I was very pleased with my visit and pleased with the level of care and information provided. - .L
Very nice and courteous staff working throughout the office. Samandra was genuinely concerned about my wellbeing. - .H
She is perfect. Very helpful and knowledgeble - .W
Excellent service in all respects. - .O
Excellent and knowledgeable - Anne Osborne
I was very pleased with my visit with Tann - Delores H Lawrence
I received the treatment that I was seeking and was pleased with my visit. - .M
I was a patient at the Lake Jeanette practice and had to find a new medical home. Samandra Tann was recommended by a physician/friend, and I was very pleased. She was very thorough and provided a comfortable atmosphere. - .A
Samandra Tann provided excellent service in solving my rt ear blockage. Great job in easing my anxieties! Dr. Griffin, Nurse Joyce & Samandra gave first class service as always!Respectfully,WB - .B
This office is alwasy very professional and friendly. - .A
Very professional. - Margaret K Rutherford
Superb service and very knowledgeable physician!Great experience! - Rondol L Davidson
Professional, knowledgeable, caring, sensitive to needs, listened and good quality health care. - Linda T Moore
Very good she is easy to talk to I really like her - Lawanna P Steele
She is very caring, professional, and concerned about her patients; she called the next day to ck on me; & later when she saw my husband she checked on him. We greatly appreciate being able to see her the day we are sick - Shirley A Harrelson
She is the best! - Cynthia S Schaub
She was great and fun to talk to - Paul D Farley
She did a very good job roaming me. Went over everything so all could understand. Covered things from A to Z. - James D Jones
My overall experience was good. - .F
I was given an appointment that was very soon after my call. Mandy identified the site of inflamation as being very near to a relatively recent wound. Out of concern that there might be a blood clot, she got me in for a venous ultrasound the very next day. Luckily, the test showed no such clot. Very good service!! - .H
Everyone was so helpful. I had no wait time at all. Ms. Tann really cares about your needs. Very satisfied!! - .H
I always enjoy my doctor visits with Dr. Tann. She explains everything with great detail, and she makes you feel comfortable while being seen with her. She’s honest and respectable and that is what makes her one of the greatest PCP I’ve ever had!! - .G
My appointment with Dr. Tann is always good. Very knowledgeable and professional and listen to my concerns and she do what is necessary to find out what is causing my health problems. Thanks for all you do. - .H
Loved getting to see Samandra and getting to know her a little. Very thorough and thoughtful. I have a lot of drug sensitivities and she did a wonderful job of navigating thru that and finding a solution. - .B
Mandy is wonderful, as is her nurse. I always feel like I am in good hands and that my needs will be met....Mandy is warm, kind, and very professional. A true asset to the practice. - .S
Always impressed with the practice. Run very well. Everyone professional and pleasant - .F
Nice experience. They took the time to listen - .H
The practitioner was very good and thorough. - .L
Seen very quickly. Results immediately .Everyone efficient and friendly. - .E
I like Mandy Tann very much. Both my Mom and myself go to her. she is very friendly and knowledgeable. We so far have had no problems and our experience with Mandy & Eagles has been excellent. - .O
Great - .B
Tann is awesome provider - .L
Staff was prepared and professional - .E
Was seen promptly and determined problem with sinuses. Always very professional. - .D
Needed wax and forigen object removed from ear and she did that very well. - .T
I have really enjoyed my visits with Samandra Tann. I've been going to Eagle for many years sinceDr Ruskin's days (he was my first)......and went to Lake Jeanette many times....until they closed.But I really like Mandy Tann. She is pleasant, caring and professional......she really takes aninterest.....and is a good "doctor." I can't say enough about her. - .C
Great experience with Mandy. She does a great job. Good listener. Strives to find results for your issues! Highly recommend Mandy! - .A
I was given a prompt appt and was pleased with service. - .W
Excellent - Martin S Churney
Wow, What a great improvement in service! I am very pleased with the service I have received. Staff is friendly and effective. - .S
Samandra was great -- very thorough and caring. - .F
Ms. Tann is an excellent NP. I will definitely schedule an appointment with her if my Doctor is not available. My problem was solved with the the prescription she prescribed for me. I was well and able to go back to work feeling great! - .W
I had wax removed from ears. I had a excellent experience., - .G
It was a pleasure - .G
She's great the best dr... - Morris Wingfield
Very please with visit - Linda S Harris
It was very good! - .N
Very caring & Professional. - Annette Jones
I had a pleasant experience with Nurse Practioner Samandra Tann, she was very professional, thorough & she took the time to examine me & explain what was wrong & effective communication regarding a treatment plan. Very kind bedside manner & I didn’t have to wait that long to be seen - .R
Very knowledgeable - Jacqueline M McNeill
She is very knowledgeable - Laura Joyce
Great service, short wait time - .H
She was wonderful! - Kara Joyce
Very thorough & professional, she took the time to explain to me the cause of my symptoms & effective treatment & recommendations. Very kind bedside manners - Crystal M Royster
I was extremely comfortable with the visit and Samandra was very helpful. - Richard M Turner
She really explains everything so when you walk away you have full understanding of your meds and condition - Teresa S Douglas
I was pleased with every aspect of my care. - Francis H Kinlaw
Great experince - David E Worland
Very attentive. Through. - Pamela R Alberty
Very prompt and professional visit - .H
Excellent! Love that she and other staff take time when i have an appointment - .F
She makes me satisfaction what was my question - Karima G Salehani
friendly staff, great doctor and people who care about their patients - .M
P.A. was great And waiting was short Thank you - .S
great - .A
Very friendly and knowledgeable! - .M
I was very pleased with my experience , I had lost weight (small amount) not gained.My vitals were in great change in medications.I will continue the same process and hope for a great report next year. Thanks,enjoy a great Holiday Season. - .Horton
Overall experience has been very good. I can't say on treatment success as enough time has not passed to know the results. - .M
experience was great as usual. - Carole B Stevens
Every thing was excellent very little wait time and a superb professional ( Samantha Tann) - .M
I was extended every courtesy and consideration. I actually saw the P.A.. The next morning the nurse phoned and REALLY explained every detail to me; as a matter of fact, she called me back, quite promptly, to further address a question I had.Thank you,Patti Wagner - .W
Ms. Tann is very thorough, knowledgeable and efficient. - .M
Readily available! This was the second case I needed to be seen same day, and voila I was able to get in and be seen. The appointments are not long and drawn out neither; straight to the point!! I really like my Primary Care Physician and the staff at Eagles Physician!!! ☺️☺️ - .G
All my questions were answered in a meaningful way and with easy to understand instructions for future problems. - .Z
The experience went well. She asked clarifying questions to determine my status and I left with assurance that I would be ok - .G
Very pleased with all aspects of my visit. - .P
This is my second visit to the office. I am still very pleased with Dr.Tann. I feel like she takes the time to listen to me and give my the best options - .T
Always kind and professional!Thank you for treating me so quickly! - .A
I really appreciated the friendliness of the staff and the doctor was very thorough. - .Owens
Everything went smoothly and efficiently - .E
Nurse practitioner Mandy made sure that I was properly examined for fractures and internal injuries from my fall. I really appreciate her thorough and professional approach to all my concerns. And, she also made sure that Dr. Polite, my PCP, was fully advised of the situation. Mandy is professional, confident, and helped me to deal with a very scary situation. Really do appreciate all she did for me. - .K
Good. Switching from Eagle at Lake Jeanette and looking forward to getting to know my new nurse practitioner. - .J
okay visit - .L
Friendly and professional staff. - .N
I had a good experience during my office visit from beginning to end with all the Team Members. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. Great advice was received from the Provider in regards to my questions. - .B
I love Dr.Tann she listened to all of my concerns. I will definitely keep her as my new provider. - .T
Like always, it was a pleasant experience.Thank you! - .A
I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Nurse Tann. I found she and the staff to be very friendly and engaging. Nurse Tann made me feel as if I was the most important patient of her day. She took the time to review my entire medical history. I must say that is a first and I really appreciated it. I actually look forward to my next visit as Nurse Tann and I work together on my health plan. Thank you for listening and treating me like an individual. - .G
Great! - .D
Great!😄 - Vickie J Flippen
Efficient - Carol D Aplington
Great service! - .M
The staff was prompt with check-in, short wait to see Ms Tann. Her treatment plan good and feeling much better now. This is a great practice. - .W
I had a great experience. Dr Tann was attentive and very professional. - .G
The doctor and nurse were very prompt and courteous. They quickly got me in and went over my base vital information. The doctor made sure to ask if there were any items I wanted to discuss. She analysed my question and provided a great solution which worked for me. Very pleased with the visit. - .P
Staff was amazing from the start. Everyone was very welcoming and took the time to really listen to my concerns/needs. Samandra Tann was very thorough and I am grateful for her time. - Lori W Vernon
I received a satisfactory diagnosis. - .R
I was a little worried because this was the first time I have came to this location but the staff made me feel very comfortable. - .S
Was very pleased with professionalism and speed in which I was seen. - .C
I was seen in a timely manner. Samandra Tann was friendly, seemed genuinely concerned with my well-being, and offered multiple treatment options. I would highly recommend her. - .C
Very detailed with all of our info.Very knowagable & concerned. - .C
I had a major hives outbreak. I was seen in less than 3 hours. - .K
Treatment results not complete yet..still some problems...have contacted the office today - .W
It was a pleasant experience - .A
I came in because of an inflamed tick bite. Went to Urgent Care this evening because of symptoms. Being treated for Lyme Disease. Is it usual to wait and see. No preventive treatment?Everyone of your staff treated me well. - .H
Treated for scalp hurting. Did SED test, negative for temporal arteritis. - .B
Excellent experience.Ms Tann was open. Professional and actually listened to me - .F
Very pleased with overall experience which resulted in a referral to The Hand Center for Carpal Tunnel evaluation. Nerve conduction studies are scheduled for tomorrow 6/19/18. Thanks you for your excellent assessment and referral. Mandie is the greatest. - .P
Always feel Mandy has my best health in mind. Appreciate her attentiveness and follow through - .T
My need to be seen immediately for bronchitis ( I was in town for only a few hours before leaving again for granddaughter’s high school graduation) was met with empathy and efficiency. MUCH appreciated. Follow-up call from Chicago for additional prescription was handled in an equally prompt manner. I am EXTREMELY grateful to Pat, Mandy and her assistant. - .F
Good. I was cured! - .K
Very professional. - .K
Good experience. Care was excellent - .H
First visit with Ms. Tann and it went very well. She was professional and thorough. - .M
This is the first time I had saw Mandy .She downloaded my cpap chip and went over the results with me Also she check my vital signs even though I had them check the day before .Very friendly and nice doctor - .T
PA Mandy was wonderful and her assistant was awesome too ! - .K
My experience with Samandra was great. Everybody was very nice and helpful. - .J
All went well. Able to see me earlier than scheduled - .K
Thanks for getting me in... was very sick... - .R
All went very well, no complaints! - .S
xx - .B
Very happy with Ms. Tann and my visits with her. - .S
I was very pleased with my experience. - James A Brown
Mandi is VERY proficient and knows what she is doing. She is very knowledgeable with medicine and her diagnosis. I would recommend her to any of my family and friends. - .M
Excellent service as always. Very caring and concerned about my toe. - .P
Excellent service! - .H
I was seen quickly. Staff was courteous and professional. All my test results were explained - .B
Dr Samandra Tann was very thoughtful trying to diagnose my problem. She worked with me to solve my problem. It worked , I felt better in three days five days and I'm feeling much better. She is very professional, I have been a patient at Eagle and Tannabaum. For at least forty years. Great Doctors. - .C
Mandy was wonderful! She took very good care of me, showed professionalism, and genuinely cared about my issue and resolved it. - .J
Mandy is very caring and thorough. Always appreciate her thoughtfulness and time. - .D
My provider was awesome and she took the time to listen and allow me to answer questions. the most positive thing for me was that I felt like I was building a rapport with my provider as a patient and that is very important to me. Thanks for being so awesome. - .W
Mandy, as she was introduced to me, is great. Could not see PCP Dr. Griffin/Joyce for a same day appointment. She understood my concerns about being scheduled for knee replacement on March 20 and took care of me.Hope the star ratings all show up as FIVES. I have not used this particular system before. - Alvenia J Uitenham
It was an excellent experience, not a long wait time. Everyone was nice and friendly. - .G
My appointment was easy and fast to schedule. My office wait time was short and both the nurse and practitioner were both efficient,knowledgeable and provided excellent service. - .G
I was worked in on that day for a medical concern. My provider was equally concerned and we discussed my treatment options and came up with a plan of care that I understood. Very informative visit. I was happy to have seen her and would see her again. - .B
I felt that time was taken to speak with me and I did not feel like I was rushed through. - .W
Samandra and her student helper were terrific!!! She was knowledgeable, caring, responsisive when I brought husband Jim (a patient of Dr., Griffin) in to have wax removed from ears! So appreciate that we were worked in very quickly and the job was done quickly and efficiently.Thank you for an excellent experience!! From Helen Farson - .F
I appreciate the speed in which I was treated to get immediate medical care for my infection.Thank you! - .A
Samandra was excellent, I have seen her a few time at the practice and I hope to continue see her when I need to go the practice. - .C
I have absolutely no complaints with the attention I received at Eagle Physicians. I emailed my provider, Dr. Griffin, with my symptoms and received a response the following morning. An appointment was made for the next day. The tests were run and a diagnosis was made immediately (no flu) and a prescription was called in to my pharmacy and was waiting for me on my way home. The young lady who did the tests and diagnosis was excellent and thorough. My visit was prompt, quick and complete. - .S
I appreciated Samandra's ease of manner, sense of humor, and concern for my comfort. Her treatment has been beneficial. - .T
Everything went well and everyone was very nice. - .H
Prompt correction to my ears, well done. - .K
Excellent all the way around!! Thank You! - .C
Seen and examined by PA. DX sore throat with submandibular adenopathy. Prescribed antibiotic called in to my pharmacy; am taking it, and am doing well. - .S
NP Tann was very professional and courteous. She listened to my concerns and addressed them immediately. Wonderful results with her!! - .C
i was treated with dignity and respect and expedience. thanks for everything! - .H
Thank you all for the excellent care and compassion. - .A
Very good service !!! - .V
Quick appointment, was seen promptly, very professional. - .P
c/o congested, coughing, fever /SOB, headache. lab work completed, results showed flu virus. Script for ABT 7 days. Meds completed feeling 100% better. Eagle medical staff has always met my expectations from the 1st phone call to the end of treatment. Thanks for keeping me healthy. Cora Shaw - .S
Friday 2/2/18I always appreciate Eagle's swift quick care response and professional care - thank you ! - .B
She answered all my questions to my satisfaction and was very kind and courteous. - .H
Treated with respect. Thanks - .M
Having visited the hospital emergency department on Jan. 13 to address a cut on my right index finger, I had scheduled an appointment with Samandra to evaluate the wound a week later and determine if it was appropriate to remove the stitches, which she did. Samandra was very professional and friendly and explained everything she was doing. She gave me instructions for caring for the wound going forward and told me what to look out for that might warrant a follow up visit. - .D
Experience was very pleasant. Thanks to all. - .N
wait time was short. Samandra checked me out and gave me good suggestions to improve my health - .F
Very good service and got my results back very speedily. - .B
I don't feel a pneumonia shot should have been administered while I was sick. My immune system was already compromised from the upper respiratory infection and post chemo/radiation treatments. I became more sick after the visit which resulted in a second visit to the doctor. Other than that, the staff and facilities were good. - .W
Your office is always able to get me seen the same day and is always prompt with treatment. - .M
Thank you so much for getting me in when i was not feeling good. The staff was able to work me in within a matter of minutes, with no problems. Once again thank you for being the best. - .W
I was completely satisfied with the ease of making an appointment, and thorough exam. - .M
Am getting better because of Mandy. Everyone performed very professionally. - .A
My appointment was a follow up on my blood pressure which has been elevated. The PA said my reading that day showed that the medications are working well. - .P
Disappointed that I did not get to see my regular doctor (Dr. Nevil Gates.However, back up PA was professional and certainly helped me out. Very thankful for that. - .C
Samandra Tann, NP is phenomal!! She is patient, knowledgeable, kind, and very thorough!! I prefer seeing her verses my regular physician. Very appreciative of her and her staff !! - .W
Visit was for pain in abdominal region and she ordered a Scan asap that was nice. - .G
I saw Mandy, the nurse practitioner, today as I was continuing to have concerns over an upper respiratory or acute sinusitis infection. Mandy listens and is very thorough and caring. - .D
She was empathetic, thorough, knowledgeable, decisive and efficient. The pres cribed treatment was effective - .P
No waiting time. Got checked in quickly. Talked to nurse practitioner, examined. Found I had a sinus infection. Got prescription and on my way in 30 minutes or so. - .P
Everybody was 5 star- thank you - Barry Brasloff
Your on call Doctor was excellent, cheerful, knowledgeable and prescribed medicine needed and which worked. Best to "Mandy" - .O
Quick in and out. Caring and professional staff. Treated properly and effectively - .H
Dr. Tan was very thorough and professional in her evaluation of my condition. - .T
Mandy is great. A beautiful person with good understanding of elderly patients. Thank you! - .B
Excellent treatment and service. - .S
Was seen quickly. Thorough examination of hand after cat bite. - .U
The ladies were kind, considerate, and professional. I was impressed by their attention and final resolution of my situation. You are fortunate to have such capable employees. - .M
Felt that I needed to see doctor. My Dr. On vacation //Christmas. Eagle worked to get me appointment with you at 4PM. In very short time after seeing had EMS come get me and taken to Cone hospital and be checked and admitted. I was told had heart failure connected to IVs and stayed until31th very please with my Twitter treatment by all concerned and left hospital feeling great and still am due to this treatment as of today 1/3/2018 - .K
Dr. Tann is a very good PA/ - .P
Samandra Tann and the Nude working with her were super friendly and caring. They took care of me and got me out in excellent time - .S
Good - .H
Medical staff and providers exceptional! - .P
. I am glad I can be seen so quickly when I call and always appreciate my doctor's help, and that of the nurses. - .P
Dr. Tan was very professional, listened to my concerns and gave her professional opinion on diaganosis. - .H
I called to be seen that day because I felt like I was coming down with something. I ended up having a sinus infection and was prescribed medication. Everything was good as usual. I have never had a problem with any staff there. - .S
I was struggling with a cold. I was unable to meet with Dr. Gates because he was booked. I met with Ms. Tann. I thought that she was very professional and she helped me with some medicines. I have improved, although I still have a cough and some drainage. I think it will go away soon. - .H
Always great. - .E
Samandra Tann, NP was very professional. She has helped me in the past when Dr. Griffin has been away. She has once again helped me out.I am feeling a lot better. This is my second go-round with acute bronchitis within the last couple of months. - Dolores Ahrens
I thought I had a sinus infection because my nose was raw inside and I had a lot of mucus. Tammy checked me all over, andasked what I had been taking as far as medication. She told me to stop taking the Dayquil and Nyquil because it had dried meout too much and replace them with a saline solution. That did the trick!!!! - .Q
I suspected a UT infection. It was confirmed. Cipro was prescribed. Infection cleared up. - .A
Thank you for seeing me. - .B
Excellent as always. - K.H
As usual when I go to Eagle at Tannenbaum everything went very well. Check-in was easy wait time was short information from Mandy was easy to understand prescription was ready to be picked up when I have arrived at the pharmacy. Thank you all. - .D
I am feeling better. - William J Pines
C-Pap evaluation. Mandy explained results to me and answered my questions well. - .A
Came in for an annual physical. Dr. Griffin is great and very helpful. - .C
Seen immediately with an urgent problem. Addressed issue and arranged test necessary promptly. Always happy with service at this Eagle location. - J.R
Mandy spent a long time checking me over and giving me the necessary medicine to heal. Great personality and fantastic caring group. - J.B
Samandra Tann, NP is very sufficient. She is very knowledgeable and explains her findings in the most simplest way possible so that it is easy to understand. I would recommend her to all of my family and friends. - N.M
Samandra Tann is a wonderful provider! She has true compassion....she REALLY cares about her patients. - A.J
I truly enjoy this practice. Thanks for the great care you gave me. Thanks - T.H
I was very satisfied with my care. - K.B
Samandra Tann was excellent -- she identified the problem and was able to prescribe medication that solved the problem. She was very easy to talk to and listened to what I told her. - C.R
I had a very positive experience from beginning to end. I was treated professionally by all I came in contact with at Eagle Physicians. - B.C
Mandy was outstanding - totally thorough and truly answered all my questions and ordered the necessary tests.I was very impressed with her professionalism as well as that of her nurse. Outstanding.Her nurse Shanetra got back to me right away as soon as she got the blood test results back. - P.L
As always, this was a very worthwhile experience. - V.D
This was an occurrence I felt DOCTOR should see me as felt great pain in left arm awakening in AM. After being checked Dr Tamm believed it to be inflammation in arm caused by flare up in arthritis Received prednisone injection & prescribed prednisone pack for 6 days. Finished yesterday & believe all is well! - M.B
I was glad to be able to see Ms. Tann on short notice. Everything from my wait time to the excellent staff was great. Ms. Tann was thorough in explaining my diagnosis and the treatment. - E.W
I recommend samandra tann and eagle with high marks! - J.C
I felt like I got good answers to my problem. - E.K
Samandra Tann, NP, diagnosed my condition and she was correct. Nothing serious and in two days the problem was resolved. She told me what I needed to do to avoid this from happening again. Great job. - T.F
No complaints, Miss Tann was professional and done very well. - R.C
Followed the recommendations of the NP and by this morning (Monday, 10/16) felt much better. Think biggest help was the anti-allergen OTC meds and the tylenol, which I ordinarily try not to use. - C.D
Samandra is very thorough, considers alternate possible problems. She is an excellent Physicians Assistant. - L.W
Discomfort in wrist, diagnosed as tendinitis. Prescribed meds for pain and healing. Good visit. - R.M
I was treated in a professional and courteous manner. NP Tann reviewed my symptoms and prescribed the appropriate drugs. The results seem to be taking care of my problems. - C.H
Great experience. Loved NP mandy. - E.H
Samandra Tann, NP was very personable, knew what she needed to do and in my opinion made very good suggestions to get me back on the road to recovery. - K.S
I was able to ask all the questions that I had & was answered politely. I felt comfortable in the exam room. I felt well cared for. Thank you all. - N.D
I need to have my ears cleaned prior to a hearing test from another medical provider. The procedure was easy and painless; the result was clean ears. - A.G
Very professional and pleasant - W.C
Very professional and friendly. Excellent result. - A.B
I was very pleased with Mandy. She was very thorough and referred me to Friendly Foot. - L.H
Very helpful - M.K
Excellent - J.A
Great Experience - K.D
Overall experience was perfect. I called in for same day appointment, And was accommodated within an hour. Waiting time was less than 10mins. Fast and excellent service! - M.S
Easy to schedule for a same day appointment. I always have a pleasant experience. - B.S
I called and asked the scheduler to try and work me in and they had an opening within 45 mins of my initial call. Amazing, simply amazing... I was on time and was ushered back within 5 mins... the PA was very professional, and her diagnosis and treatment was right on. I was feeling better within 24 hours. I have had to call and come in twice in the past 6 weeks and both times it was excellent! - B.R
I was able to get a same day appointment, the wait was very short in the waiting room , and examining room. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes. That's fast service. I was satisfied with the treatment. I love the same day service for acute problems. Sometime thing happens and you need a Doctor, but you don't want to go to the emergency room. That was the case with me. Thank you. - S.M
Good attention. Thanks - K.W
I was able to see a doctor with short notice for extreme back pain.Staff was able to schedule an MRI for that same day.Thank you - R.F
Always a great experience when I visit Eagle Physicians. Everyone is friendly and helpful. - N.J
I was taken on time with very minimal wait once I checked in. After getting into the exam room, I was quickly attended to. - D.P
Good job all around - M.A
Ms. Tann was excellent, she diagnosed my issue pretty quickly and answered all questions I had. - R.R
Excellent - R.O
Very Good - R.V
Saw nurse practicioner for 1st time. Very throughout and professional yet personable. - B.S
The nurse practitioner was VERY thorough during my visit. The nursing staff were all very nice as well as the front desk staff when checking in. - N.M
PA very knowledgeable. Staff always courteous and helpful. - M.H
Very pleased. - B.J
Very professional great personal! - D.S
Went very well and am very pleased with usual... - B.R
very informitive visit - R.C
I was so very pleased with the superior level of treatment I received from Samandra Tann. - D.B
Diagnosed accurately and prescribed appropriate meds to take care of issue. Provider knowledgeable and professional - J.H
Everyone was wonderful - A.H
Everybody was wonderful from start to finish. - T.H
Everything was great. - F.C
Everyone was concerned and took great care of me. Feeling better because get me the medication and advise me on what to do, - B.H
I was very pleased with my appointment with Mandi. She made me feel at ease and was thorough in the exam. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mandi to anyone needing to be seen at Eagle Internal Medicine @ Tannenbaum. - S.E
Enjoy the ease of being able to get in same day. Mandy is a great listener and shows up with a genuine real and caring demeanor. - C.S
Very competent and helpful provider. - P.H
Pleasant experience, no problems. - C.S
All went well not a long wait - M.H
The courtesy, skill, and help rendered me was excellent. The treatment rendered me is solving the problem. Thank you - W.S
This was a very quick and easy visit. The personnel quickly checked me in and my wait to be seen was very short. I received honest feedback that was very helpful for my continued health improvement. - D.P
Mandy and Dr. Gates directed me to the hospital where I received the necessary inpatient treatment. I am grateful to always be under good care at Eagle Physicians. - M.E
Excellent care! - A.W
I was seen promptly and received good care and attention - S.B
Always very professional and excellent service. - R.L
Was my first visit and I really like this facility ad all the staff. I just moved to the area and needed a doctor since I have diabetes. Getting my first appointment was easy and the doctors secretary helped me get in to see a NP till I can see the doctor because I was running out of meds. Te check in was fast and easy routine to get in the back....weight, height, blood pressure, etc. The nurse prac was great and got all my info to get me established and filled my Rx's. I'm glad I picked this practice. - K.N
All the staff were courteous. Short wait time. I was very pleased - L.C
I saw Dr. samandra about a rash on my chest and she looked at it and called it Shengles and quickly got me the medicine to help heal it up, she acted fast and got me feeling better. Thank you - J.L
So glad that Mandy was able to see me on short notice. I am allergic to poison ivy and she gave me a shot and how to get rid of it ASAP. - D.M
I had a checkup 6 months after my yearly physical to monitor my blood pressure to be certain that the medicine I am taking is being prescribed at the correct levels. - S.K
She was very nice and helpful. - P.S
Woke up at 6 a.m. with pain from a UTI. Called for appointment and got in to see Dr. at 11:30. A urinalysis was run prior to seeing the doctor. Attention from all was quick and professional. - J.C
She reviewed all about me and checked vitals. As usual, she was very pleasant, efficient, and thorough. A good visit! - C.R
Mandy was terrific in every way.She reminded me to take my fluticasone. I did and it worked.Cough is gone - G.L
painful right pain dx bursitis of hip examined by Tann n.p. correct diagnose consult with Dr. Cage injected Keneolog int trigger point in the hip...instruction to utilize ice...i to call if further treatment needed.....Satisfied with treatment... - H.T
Totally Professional in every way possible. Made what could have been difficult very easy. - J.C
Both the PA and her assistant were friendly. They explained every procedure and talked through what was happening during each procedure. They gave me a time-line in which I would receive information. I received a follow-up call the next day with initial test results. - L.W
Tann, NP, is a great provider. She is provider and very personal. I am very happy with my care. - J.T
Excellent service and attention to detail. She listened closely to my issues and did not rush me. She explained everything we were going to do each step of the way. Very happy with my experience. She also followed through with phone call notifications as necessary. - M.Carey
5 Star Service - K.G
excellent - L.S
My experience was great. I was treated on time and with much respect. Margaret - M.M
Very pleased with experience. I was there for a 6-month check-up after receiving a prescription for a low dosage of blood pressure medicine. A thorough coverage of my medical record occurred and appropriate blood work, which was explained to me, was done. Results of the blood work were provided via telephone call within 2-3 days. Excellent service and I thank you. - W.T
Problem with sinus and breathing. Mandy the PA prescribed the correct medications to fix my problem. Doing much better today. Mandy is a excellent PA !!!! - R.S
I knew one ear was plugged; thought the second might be, too.Mandy and her assistant checked and removed wax impediments from both ears, VERY efficiently and painlessly ... on a same-day basis.Fantastic health care. I'm very grateful. - M.C
My experience with Dr Tann was very professional. I told her about my problem and she checked me out, told me what the problem was and prescribed some meds. Within a few days, I started feeling better. - L.P
Very pleasant, she listened to my concerns and was thorough and efficient. It was a pleasure to meet with her. - M.B
very good experience; from reception to check-out. - L.C
i had 2 health problems, that i thought needed medical workup, so i got appt. quickly and labs and good exam and office called me that afternoon, with results. Great care and i was releived. - M.L
Had a great talk with Mandy about my recent health experience. She paid great attention. - J.B
I was taken care of very well.What was needed to do for my injury was clearly explained. Thank you. - Doris J Patterson
NP Tann is a very accomplished personal. Quite professional and knows her business. I like her a lot! I would definitely see her again if need be. - C.J
First time to see the NP. She was very professional and treated my problem thoroughly. She explained what I should do. - William L Coleman
I am responding on behalf of my mother. I was present during her visit. Thank You for proving this opportunity to provide feedback.We actually discussed her visit in detail immediately after leaving the office. We were both impressed with NP Mann's attention to detail and the compassion she demonstrated to my mother. She asked a lot of probing questions and provided options for addressing many of the issues causing health issues for my mother. She also scheduled a followup procedure to help pinpoint the cause of her medical problem. Thank You! - A.C
I was very satisfied with the treatment and handling by Samandra Tan. - Lois F Costin
Routine. - M.S
Excellent as always. - C.S
Ms. Tan spent adequate time with me and went over thoroughly all the concerns I had. She made sure I was up to date on shots, medicines, etc. - L.W
Positive... - G.J
Samandra was thorough, caring and concerned. I was very pleased with my visit. She is an excellent NP. - J.R
Mandy understood perfectly why I was so stressed. EKG was done. She prescribed med. The med is assisting me to handle "my bump in the road of life better." She noticed how tired I appeared. I was sent to the lab for blood work. Blood work indicated nothing going on. Mandy is "top-notch"! - Ruth A Phillips
NP was efficient, skilled and friendly and charming... - T.P
I saw her to get a ball of wax removed from my right ear. She was adept at the procedure and was friendly, welcoming, and fun. I left with a clean ear and happy to have met her. - K.E
Quick visit for cough - C.W
It was a quick visit. They gathered all the information they needed and I was on my way in no time. Samandra wick courteous and professional. - B.A
Cleaned wax out of ears. Mandy and her assistant were wonderful. Excellent experience from beginners no to end. - Fleishman Linda E
Mandy is always great, and happy. - C.G
Samandra Tann was extremely kind and listened to my symptoms. She was also efficient and explained the problem well enough that I understood everything. - M.K
Ms Tann was very pleasant and attentive. She went out of her way to address my questions and answer them in detail. - L.G
3 words to describe my experience: PROFESSIONAL!EXCELLENT!ABOVE & BEYOND! - L.D
Mandy (Samandra Tann, NP) was friendly, informative, helpful, and thorough. She ordered a basic metabolic panel and made sure I got literature on how to sign up for the phone app. I was able to access my records within a couple of days. Overall, I would rate her at the very highest level. - D.T
Samandra is thorough, professional and a great listener. She helps you to get down to the root of your symptoms. This is my second visit with her for the same/similar problem. - A.H
I was able to get seen quickly, have my needs assessed and my concerns addressed. A totally satisfactory experience. - S.W
Had and extreme reaction of trigeminal neuralgia. She gave me another medical pills and suggested I have a mamagram of me right breast lump. I have a strong positive feeling of my visit. - J.Slater
Fast and efficient good job - Patricia Stafford
Treated for upper respiratory infection - W.Brookshire
I had a blocked ear and ear pain, chills, feeling sick.....Shenicka took the information and was very nice, then Mandy came in, assessed my problem...she said I had a lot of wax and a"whopping ear infection"and probable sinus infection . She flushed my right ear and prescribed Bactria DS......she was careful to check my chart to see that I could not take pannicillin....she was gentle, very professional and friendly. Credit too to Dora, Dr. Po.lite's appointment secretary who made sure I could be seen that day...greatly appreciated! - Linda B Schafer
It was wonderful, Samandra Tann listen to my concerns and her response was GREAT!!! - C.M
Excellent, very professional and each service I received was great and helpful - P.H
I asked to see someone because I had a severe sore throat. I was given an appointment at 9:20. Mandy was on time to see me, and quickly diagnosed my condition as a sinus infection. She also tested for strep throat (both tests were negative). She prescribed Augmentin, which she said would treat the strep (if I had it) as well as the sinus infection. Mandy is very personable and has a good bedside manner, but she is also very efficient and knowledgeable. I would be happy to see her anytime, even if a doctor is available! - J.O
I was in for a six month consult and nurse practitioner Samandra Tann was very professional, knowledgeable and informative. - S.N
Most thorough exam I have had in awhile, very pleased - P.C
My husband and I are new to the area and want to establish a relationship with a great family doctor and staff in the Triad. Samandra Tann was kind to see us right away. - Nancy Fraser Carrier
I set up the appointment because I was having trouble controlling my blood sugar level. She reviewed my daily test results and talked to me about diet and exercise. (I'm now getting better numbers than before.) - R.L
I had a very good experience. She addressed all my concerns. - S.R
Great-provider listened, answered all my questions and did a through exam. - C.M
I had very good results and a pleasant visit. My medications had no changes,I am to continue my present routine. - P.H
Very professional quality time spent didn't feel rushed my issue was important to Tann NP Thank you - Regina E Mumford
I was very please with the services as performed by Mandy. She was prompt, kind and attentive . The examination was very through and complete. She was also detail orientated as related to my medication.She has outlined a treatment plan for my next visit. - Ernest Allen
I was very fearful of the outcome of my appointment. I was quickly put at ease a was reassured the commonality of the issues and that everything will be all right - S.Oliver
Very good. Professional and friendly.The right diagnose and treatmentI feel 100 pro betterThank you - A.L
Got my appt. as requested and needed. I was seen on time and treated with needed care. Thank you. - U.V
From checking on to checking out I was treated with professionalism and much respect. - C.G
Positive 5 out of 5 treatment for my ailment - T.J
Well pleased. Short wait time and NP was very polite and understanding of the pain I was experiencing. - R.B
We discussed my symptoms, was examined and I voiced my concern for etiology of pain. Treatment options and diagnostics were discussed. We decided on a plan and have implemented it. I am doing much better, carefully following drug plans, diet changes and losing weight. - R.T
Mandy was very professional and answered my questions. I was very pleased. - B.V
Concerned about possible flare up of diverticulitis. PA was very thorough and provided me with med needed if flare up was worse. Was seen quickly and check in and out went smoothly. - E.S
Eagle Physicians is the best!! - J.P
Samandra saw me for a hemroid (sp) problem. I asked for relShe suggested surgery and started the procedure to find an opening with a surgeon. They determined that I could have the procedure right away, I said no, as it was my birthday and family was here to celebrate. She did tell me that in time the swelling would go down, which it has. She did a really good job of understanding what I wanted and getting the solution until I said no. She was able to secure another date to fix the problem. R - R.D
Vist was fine .still recovering - R.W
routine check up - T.M
I thought I had a sinus infection - S.K
Thorough questioning and relevant background from last visit for a sinus infection. Got an appointment the same day I called. - R.G
First time meeting her and I would see her again. A very knowledge and pleasant person. You got a good one! - E.G
Was able to get appointmaent with PA She was very nice and ordered x-ray on foot. Even placed temporary cast on got me an appointment that evening with orthopedic - C.P
Excellent. I was in the office to get my cholesterol check done and was feeling so poorly that I asked the front desk to work me in. They did and I got an antibiotic and am finally well after being sick for a month Love the practice.Samantha is the best!! - S.W
I was pleased that Eagle fit me in on a short notice. The experience was very professional. My concerns were checked and I received my medication directly to my pharmacy - which I picked up on my way back. - A.C
Excellent - L.S
I was very satisfied with my experience with ms.tann she was professional and thourgh.She took my blood pressure and asked if I had any other comcerns. - P.S
Excellent experience. Ms Tann is professional, friendly, and efficient. A good experience. - P.A
I had a sinus infection. Over the counter items recommended. - J.S
I was very pleased with the attention she paid to my comments, the physical exam she did, and the decisiveness with which she responded, requesting a chest film and prescribing meds. - Barbara L Petrou
Very concerned and caring - J.B
Very good experience. I went in seeking relief for headaches. Finding that one ear was completely clogged she cleaned it out. I felt much better for approximately three hours but then the headacches and my balance was off again. I have been to Dr. Griffin and my eye doctor but the problems continue. - B.B
Felt that she was thorough but didn't have her whole attention. Asked if I wanted prescription medicine for cough and I said no and when my wife picked up my prescription, it was there also. Was also told I would get results of the xray the same day but did not. Overall was okay/ - M.C
Mandy (I think is her correct name). the PA did an excellent job--asked the right questions, gave me a good examination, treatment and follow-up. - P.G
Samandra Tann was professional and thorough, but also very friendly. I have the highest confidence in her skills and complete trust in the information she shared with me. - G.E
checked me out and made good recommendations - L.F
Very calm and reassuring. The Rx has worked well and the blood pressure has returned to a more normal range - even with Thanksgiving food! - S.D
I was in a lot of pain. Mandy was very courteous and checked out my leg. Felt it should be looked at by orthopedic Dr. and called over to Dr. McKinley who agreed to see me right away. She made sure I had help to get there and that I did not use my leg to stand on. She got me a wheel chair. She made me feel special. - L.M
Samandra was very professional and very thorough. We discussed my over-all health and meds. I am very pleased with her. - Walter R Heller
good review of medication and treatments - H.S
Mandy is very professional and knowledgeable. Being a woman, she is more able to relate to issues I may be experiencing. - H.F
was good ---- professional work was done to my satisfaction. - E.D
All questions answered. Dosage of BP med increased. To see again in 1 month. - P.S
Very professional - G.Shepperson
Samandra AND her nurse were EXCELLENT. I went in for cold symptoms, and I mentioned that I had been having chest pains and she did an EKG. Thank you so much for that. I could tell that they are both very concerned about their patients, just like Katrina and Dr. Johnson!! - B.S
I described pain in right hip to Mandy and she determined that it was bursitis. She prescribed predesone for 10 days until I could go to Dr Kendall at Greensboro Orthopaedics. This took care of the immediate need for the pain. - L.T
I was seen on short notice and was treated both with compassion and professionalism - S.A
Samandra , Thank You I learned a lot about the steps to take each day to take my Diabetes test and Blood Pressure. Thanks again for the information.I enjoyed my visit with you. - D.H
I was given a flu shot ,the blood pressure,temp and pulse count were in good ranges. The weight had an increase,which needs to be lowered. - P.H
Great job! Very through. Change e-mail - Michael D Peake
Arrived on time and seen within a few minutes. Good exchange of health information with PA. No new or unexplained health issues were noted. However, later follow-up of lab test results indicated kidney performance was deficient. Apparently I will need to consult with an urologist to determine what I should do in an attempt to improve or control these issues. Satisfied that this checkup did what it should and identified issues I should address. Personnel who saw me were competent and professional and pleasant. - James B Irvin
I called in that morning for a urgent appointment and was able to be seen the same day. Everyone was courteous and worked hard to help with my need. - L.M
Seen same day for hip pain. - R.H
Fantastic - C.C
My experuuncy was great as expected - William H Ray
Pleasant visit as usual. - L.S
Ms. Tann was an excellent provider. I was seen promptly, and she was skilled at clearing the excess wax from my ears. - S.Berry
My visit was satisfying . - J.L
Nice and helpful. Good service. Excellent. MSH - M.H
I came in for a tick bite and she put me on one doxycycline pill and I felt very cared for by her. She has a wonderful bedside manner and is easy to talk to. - S.G
I was pleased the way you went thru the exam. You gave me a few suggestions on how to handle my sore knees which I may try in the future. Thank you once again. - D.W
I got great service - D.D
Exceptional GOOD Appointment - R.O
Very knowlegiabble and excellent diagnose.She knew her business , - J.R
I had not met Samandra before, but she reviewed my records thoroughly and developed a well thought out, logical course of action that she thoroughly explained. I was very pleased with the treatment I received. - S.H
Thorough. Correct medication prescribed. - P.S
The receptionists at the front desk are always cordial and handle check in quickly. My wait time was reasonable as I was early. Nursing assistant was pleasant & did her portion of the prep rapidly and carefully. Samandra Tann P.A. did my exam and did a thorough job of questioning me to find any additional needs I had. I felt that I was given sufficient attention and all my questions answered. - N.D
Samandra was very professional and caring. She made sure I got the correct tests to determine my condition. Then, in followup described the treatment I should take. I would rate her excellent. Thanks, Samandra. - F.G
The PA I saw was extremely thorough and very kind. I believe her name was Mandy. She correctly diagnosed me. - Janet G Fowler
Excellent - M.G
I was very pleased with everything that was done, the diagnosis was correct, and advised me on pain issues. - A.C
Check up went well. - S.R
Had gout. She prescribed meds. Talked about foods to avoid. Very nice and did not rush me. - N.C
We are new in town and are waiting to become established with Dr. John Griffin. Physicals are scheduled for May, 2017 (1st available at the time of inquiry). I am having trouble with my left foot swelling and were able to get into see Mandi immediately. She was very professional and knowledgeable. My wife was in the room to help me give my health history, she was very impressed with Mandi. Everyone so far from the first call to inquiry about becoming a new patient at Eagle Physicians to the front desk staff to the staff member who took my vitals before Mandi arrived as well as checking out were wonderful and very welcoming. Getting established with a new Dr. & office after having been with ourDr. in AR for 20 years is without a doubt the most concerning issue to overcome in the new chapter of our lives. We are especially hopeful that Dr. John Griffin will become our new Dr. Henry that we left behind. - J.B
Excellent - M.W
Great. Really liked her approach. - C.T
Samandra was very professional, understanding, respectful. - L.B
Ms. Tann was very thorough and I felt like she did everything possible to diagnose my illness. She's got a great "bedside" manner and I trust her. - Jane B Lawson
I came in for an office visit as my ankles were more swollen then usual. I felt that Samandra Tann did an excellent job checking them and advising me on what to do with the problem. They are a normal size now and I have followed her suggestions. I am very pleased to have her at the Eagle Physicians office. Thank you. - C.A
Great experience. I thought I was dying and she confirmed that I wasn't. Not kidding! - D.G
Great as usual - B.D
Excellent and professional - M.D
Was very pleased with service. I felt like I received good treatment and the NP was great. Always pleased with the service I receive at Eagle family Practice. - M.O
Samandra was very thorough in her examination. She never made me feel I was being rushed out of the room. Her communication of her findings was clear as well. - J.P
My appointment with Ms. Tann was very enjoyable for a doctor's visit. She covered everything in regards to my health and made useful suggestions in order to maintain a healthy blood pressure level and weight. A great fill-in for Dr. John Griffin. - R.B
Awesome experience and the meds prescribed have truly helped. - J.D
Nice,knowledgeable, efficient and courteouss - F.B
Sandra Tann was very helpful, Checked mu husband very thoroughly. Answered any questions I had. She made helpful suggestions of ways to handle situation if it occurred again. I really appreciated her counsel. Charlene Holler- wife - Z.H
Excellent - thank you! - L.D
Seen for malaise for two days with some dizziness. Father took BP and it was elevated (~190/105), so called Dr. Stoneking's office to see about coming in. Happy to get appointment with Mandy. Thoroughly evaluated and started on Lisinopril. Lab work checked out: all normal. BP down to normal now.Thanks!!(by Chris's father, Don Smith M.D.) - Christopher D Smith
excellent - L.S
PA did a great job answering my questions and helping schedule appt with surgeon . - P.R
Very professional and thorough, all questions were answered - T.D
Mandi courteous and knowledgeble. No problems. I would recommend her to others. - E.G
She treated me for a spider bite. She was efficient, professional and knowledgeable. - P.B
Very pleasant and professional. I was received promptly and all questions were answered in a manner easy to understand. Good job - S.H
This was a follow up visit and Samandra was very personable and helpful. - R.R
I was seen promptly and treatment was given, diagnosis completed and prescription provided for medication. - P.M
She asked lots of questions to help with what was going on - T.J
Ms. Tann was polite, friendly and professional. She reviewed my use of my CPAP machine and had suggestions as to how to improve my use. I am to follow up with Advance Home Health to get a readout of my CPAP card and have them send her the download to facilitate better input. I look forward to having future visits with her as she is a valued member of my care team. - S.C
Excellent service. Minimal wait to see Ms. Tann, who was very personable and patient friendly. As always, service was prompt and all the employees were courteous and professional. David Rowe - H.R
It was a routine visit. This was a follow up from my last check-up 6 months ago. Samandra answered all of my questions and made notes on any concerns I had. Very professional with her responses. Overall it was a very pleasant visit. - D.P
I had a great experience with Samandra!!She has always been very attentive to my situation and reason for visit. She does not rush the appointment and answers all my questions! Very professional and ethical. She covers all the bases! Always glad to see her!! - Teri T Lutz
Thorough exam for prolonged cough, aggressive regimen of antibiotic, prednisone and x-rays ordered. NP Tann impressed me as professional and knowledgable. Pleased with my experience. - A.M
Very positive. Good service. I felt that everything I needed was well taken care of. I was treated very well and was very satisfied with NP Tann and her nurse. - C.R
Saw Ms. Tann through Quick Care at EAGLE. I had be been suffering since July 2 with a sore throat, cough, massive congestion, fever, low energy and my over-the-counter drugs were not helping. Ms.Tann checked me over carefully. A flu test was negative. She could not say for sure what the problem was but ordered a prescription cough med. and a 21-pack of prednisone 10mg.tablets to take for 6 days. With 2 days left to go, I am thankfully amazed at the rapid progress I have made. I have a recheck appointment with Ms. Tann on July 14. Ms. Tann and her staff were friendly, very professional people. This Quick Care service is a wonderful thing and I would highly recommend Ms. Tann! Joan Legette - J.L
Was seen promptly at appointment time. She was very pleasant, polite, professional and knowledgeable. First time meeting her but left with a good impression and would see her again. - C.S
Great! - D.H
I received an answer back concerning my blood pressure readings. It said what I expected. - J.S
I ha fallen hiking and raised a large bruise on my right thigh (I take Coumadin). The only "doctor" conveniently available was the nurse practitioner, and that was fine with me. Her assistant gave me a cloth to cover my mid-section, Mandy had me move my leg in various directions, she poked, explained how the blood moves with such injuries, diagnosed no breaks, no X-ray necessary, and recommended continued cold-packs. Sent me on my way. - Thomas Droppers
Annual physical discussed thing of cocern that I have and came up with referrals or things I might do to try to improve. Plleaased with visit. - H.K
6 month check on Blood Pressure. Was impressed at how Miss Tann was so thorough in checking me out. - B.P
i was treated very professionally. every thing progressed on a timely basis. the doctor seemed to care about me as a patient. - C.H
I thought I may have a new renal stone having back and flank pain. After discussion of my current complaint, we showed the recent rash on my flank and it was determined that I had mild case of shingles. Treatment options were discussed including medications and behaviors (avoiding certain populations of people). Followup calls were invited and any additional support that I felt necessary were offered. - R.T
Samandra Tann, NP - Eagle Physicians was very nice and she knew just how to treat the problem I went in for. She was very professional & pleasant. I would recommend her to my friends & family. - J.G
On May 31, 2016 I had surgery for a spinal fusion and 2 herniated discs at Moses Cone; I went home the next day. On the am of Wed. June 8, 2016 I woke unable to urinate. I called the office of my primary physician, Dr. John Griffin for an appointment ASAP .A few hours later I was seen by Samandra Tann, Nurse Practitioner. She catherized me and removed the urine. Then she phone my surgeon, Dr. Joseph Stern, who said I needed a Foley Catheter. Since she had none, he said to send me to the E.R. at Cone for one. Meanwhile she put in a catheter with a bag that she did have. She phoned the E.R. that I was coming. Ms. Tann was knowledgeable, encouraging, upbeat, explained what she was doing and why, told me what Dr. Stern said. I would highly recommend her and would go to her any time. - R.T
Came in for pain and preasure in right ear at times. Got treatment for allergies, seems to be working. - Tommy L Isley
My experience was excellent. From check-in to the exam with Samandra was great! The nurse was very prompt in calling me back to have me seen that day. I don't think I sat in the waiting room even 3 minutes. Get up the great job!! I will definitely recommend the practice to anyone I can tell. - A.C
I was very pleased with everything that the Doctor and Staff helped me with. Thank's to everyone for all your help - L.C
Ms Tann listened to my mother's issues, treated her respectfully and answered out questions. - B.S
Mandy and Judy, her nurse is very personable and knowledgeable professionals. I highly recommend Mandy for medical care, she knows what to do, she cares about her patients. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting her and Judy both. I will definitely be choosing Mandy again to take care of my medical care! I actually had a great and pain free experience! Thanks Mandy for all you do! - P.P
She was very through. She spent time trying to figure out what was wrong. I was very impressed with her. I would highly recommend her based on this visit and previous visits. - J.S
Mandy met with my dad Reason and quickly had him communicating and she got right to the problems he was having. Ordered all the procedures required to determine the extent of his needs. She followed up with our questions. She was wonderful and put my dad at ease - .R
Pleased to have seen Dr. Griffin, who was able to get me in with Dr. Dalldorf on Saturday, even though it was a Holiday weekend. Nursing staff was excellent helping me adjust the crutches I was using so it would be safer and more comfortable. - Virgina A Daniel
Very little wait time and very professional treatment. Received a shot to help my allergies. - David D Murray
Everything that you have done for me has been excellent I am happy and lucky to have you for all my health concerns - James E Magistro
The PA, Samantha, was terrific. She was prompt, courteous, knowledgable, and easy to speak with. I would be happy to see her again. - .M
My experience was very good. She gave me a medicine I had never taken before and it really work great. She and Judy really great - Laura R Tate
Request for appointment was handled well and promptly. Wait time in waiting room was brief, less than 10 minutes. Seen by Ms Tann also in less than 10 minutes. Diagnosed throat problem and removed "splinter” quickly and efficiently. - .P
Was seen quickly and received diagnosis and relief, along with prescriptions. Waiting on physical therapy to begin on 3/28. - Timothy L Bradshaw
Mande and Judy were exceptional in taking care of me. Their professionalism was awesome. I am on the mend because of their expertise. - Dolores D Ahrens
I was in and out in record time. Tam, is very professional yet, has GREAT bedside manner. She listens, checks out what you are there for, and provides treatment needed to feel better. - .F
Had a fever, sinus infection, caugh. Samantha was very professional, helpful and I was on the way to recovery - Robert D Ayers Jr
Wait time was less than 2 minutes and Dr. Tann was very professional! - Kimberly A Brown
Scheduling was easy this time. Once I arrived, I was seen in a reasonable time. Everyone was very pleasant. Diagnosed as having a virus. - Ruth A Phillips
Great visit. Answered and cleared up lots of questions. - Joletha Neal
Very impressed with Mandy. Gave me helpful tips to cope with the allergies. - .D
Good fast friendly service - .M
I could not have ask to have been looked after any better- thanks-- Good job !! - .L
We always have a superior experience with these folks. Thank for always making sure we are taken care of. - George C Carpenter
Mandi Tann is the absolute best!!!!!!!! That is all :) Have a great day! - Andrew M Bonner
I had an urgent medical concern and received a same day appointment. After test was ordered and results evaluated I was contacted with a diagnosis. A prescription was phoned in to my pharmacy of choice. I received a follow up call advising that medication should alleviate pain and clear up infection and that I should contact the office should I not get better. Everyone was pleasant and efficient when assisting me from start to finish. - .P
Samandra Tann, NP has very good bedside manners. She took the time to listen to my issues, she checked me over thoroughly, and she asked me questions so she could diagnose what was going on with me in a very professional manner. I highly recommend any patient seeing her whenever the patient is unable to see their PCP due to the PCPs schedule being completely full. She is by far the most professional Nurse Practitioner I have ever seen as a patient. - .M
I am having trouble answering questions.Everyone there done an excellent job.ThanksLouise Adams - .Adams
Wonderful group - .L
Prompt, on time, knowledgeable,and - Winfred M Kirkman
I called and was able to get an appointment right away. I did not have to wait a long time and everyone was very helpful and made sure I got the care I needed. - .M
Love the team at eagle. - .C
Satisfied that the treatment was appropriate for what I needed. No problems or issues regarding staff or service provided. - James B Irvin
My experience at your facility was very favorable. The doctor and the Lab. Technician were very knowledgeable and courteous. I would certainly refer anyone to you. - .B
I was listened to and given the opportunity to explain how I felt. Everyone was very kind to me---great experience. - Linda M Stratton
Very good. - .J
Dr. is very knowledgeable and professional.Larry Powers - .P
Over all, my experience was excellent. - .G
excellent experience - .B
Very short wait time- in waiting area and treatment room. - .B
Healing took longer than I have experienced in the past but I think that was due to the fact that I had an upper respiratory infection that required a longer time frame for healing. I was very pleased with the care and treatment received from both Mandy and Judy. - William J Pines
Every thing was great. - .L
Both of my visits with Samandra were open, friendly and professional. She listened, we discussed and came to a considered, best fit solution to my needs. Highly recommended! - .F
Excellent - .W
No issues; everything was excellent. - .D
nice, personal educational visit - .P
Mandy was very thorough and professional. Your staff is always courteous and efficient. I have always appreciated the kindness and professionalism exhibited by the Staff at Eagle Tannenbaum and have referred several of my friends to your practice. - .B
I wouldn't consider any other facility for future surgery's. - Barbara Brissette