Jeffrey Kerr, MD - Eagle Physicians

301 E. Wendover Avenue, Suite 200

Greensboro, 27401
(336) 274-3241
Everything was great with the staff and doctor as always. Thanks for all you do. - .G
Dr. Kerr is a very kind, knowledgeable, caring physician. It was the first time I went to an Endocrinologist after 20 years dealing with my thyroid issue. I appreciate all the tests he ran and now truly have peace of mind regarding my thyroid issue. Dr. Kerr was willing with a smile to view two photos my husband showed him of me so many decades ago when I was slim and a roller skater! I'm glad to have him for my thyroid care. - .O
Dr. Kerr is very knowledgeable and I had a lot of questions about a recent breast cancer and its relationship to the thyroid cancer he treats. He took his time and answered all my questions. I couldn't wait to see him because I knew he would be there for me and he was. The other oncologists were not as informed as he was.Amazing doctor.... - Pamela J Gavin
Always a pleasant experience. - Mary Lena Cathey
Dr Kerr is always very attentive and courteous. I am very comfortable discussing any concerns - Jacqueline Johnson
Dr. Kerr is very knowledgeable and attentive to his patients. He educates while providing health services and walks through our own personal experiences. The nursing staff super friendly and personable. Nurse Andi is awesome. - .L
Excellent - Mitchell D Donnell
Dr. Kerr takes time to listen to any concerns I have and responds.I trust his knowledge and judgement. - Susan Peoples
Excellent - Gilbert L Flynn
Excellent - Gerald C Parker
Andy was very nice and helpful as well as Dr.Kerr. - .F
Very pleasant. Friendly, caring staff. Dr Kerr took the time to listen to my concerns & was very thorough. - .I
It was great - Maria M Hayes
The staff is very great with people...... - .B
Dr. Kerr and his staff are always very friendly and thorough. - .H
the wait was minimal, the treatment was prompt, friendly and very professional. I appreciate Andy the PA. She is wonderful. - .S
The doctor was very nice and informative. - .K
Excellent - Lena Chaney
Everything was fine as always. Dr Kerr is the only Dr. that has kept my A1C in a good spot. - .B
I have been a patient of Dr. Jeffrey Kerr with Eagle Physicians for the past year. I have been extremely satisfied with healthcare services received. Dr. Kerr is an exceptional physician that takes a genuine interest in his patient's wellness. He communicates very well with the patient to explain every step of any treatment plan and the expected outcomes. For your healthcare needs, I would recommend Eagle Physicians, and especially Dr. Kerr. - .G
Dr. Kerr and the staff were friendly and gave exceptional service as usual. - .I
Excellent - Edith L Williams
Excellent care and staff - .C
The Staff as well as Dr Kerr are always helpful in caring for the special needs of my diabetic mother. We always feels safe and better informed after a visit. - .K
As always,my time here,is well spent.I thank you for such excellent care and service. - .C
The whole staff was very kind and very professional. Dr. Kerr spent a great deal of time with me explaining everything to me and wasn’t in a rush. - .B
Staff are knowledgeable and very helpful. - .T
Feel very comfortable with doctor and nurse xx they are thorough. - Alan Harder
Front desk staff always courteous, helpful and friendly.Dr. Kerr was easy to talk to, answered my questions fully, and gave helpful feedback. - Susan Peoples
Very pleasant. - Rebecca Windsor
Great! - William J Owens
Great team ! - Gary W Shropshire
Very pleased that Dr Kerr is my endocrinologist! He is extremely professional and brings many great suggestions to the table. Thank you!! - .U
Everyone was professional. The facility was clean. - .S
My check in was fast. I had little wait time. The staff was friendly. I have worked with them for years. I would recommend them. - .S
Dr Kerr is very knowledgeable, expert in his field. - .A
Dr Kerr is terrific. Very thorough and explains everything. I always feel his focus is 100% on me during appointments. - .R
It has been a pleasure getting to know Dr Kerr. and his staff. They are very professional as well as nice. I look forward to continuing my care there with them. - .G
I am always impressed with the staff....but to find a physician who is not churning and burning his patients through a system is fabulous. Dr. Kerr never looks at his watch. He never hurries you in any way. He answers every question you may have and goes on to explain in great detail what, we as patients, should be doing to live a long, healthy life. At age 66, this type of care and service is seldom presented by a physician. I plan to continue our relationship for many years to part, thanks to his wonderful suggestions. - .P
everything about the visit was as perfect as could be. - .H
Everything and everyone is always great. Dr. Kerr is taking excellent care of my current condition.🤗 - .T
Great service - .L
I always enjoy meeting with Dr. Kerr, sharing a few personal stories and getting a clear and down to earth understanding of my current health condition. - .A
Dr Kerr is an amazing doctor. He is extremely knowledgeable, very informative, and understanding. The office staff and nurse are also wonderful . - .F
The whole experience went quite well. - .E
Everything was very good... - .P
Very pleased with clear explanations and time Dr Kerr took in explaining my symptoms. Looking forward to learning more about my situation. Also, very positive experience with all office and medical staff. - .C
Very nice interaction with Dr Kerr. Staff was very friendly. - .L
I was treated very good as I normally am - .R
I am very pleased with my doctor and with his staff. - .C
Everything was good Dr. Kerr is a great doctor and great listener. - .A
Excellent - .C
Everything was 5 star. Less than 5 minute wait time - staff and Dr. were excellent. - Wayne Ellzey
Dr. Kerr is very knowledgeable and caring endocrinologist. Have seen excellent results since I've started seeing Dr. Kerr. - .A
Dr. Kerr is always polite and very easy to talk to. I know he's spent time reviewing my chart before he comes in to meet with me. It makes me feel like he's taking my need serious. Great guy - .H
A good experience everytime - .C
I knew going in what progress I had made and where I needed to improve. Dr. Kerr listened to what I had to say, took notes, and answered my questions. He gave me suggestions to improve and scheduled me for 6 months for my next visit. I left his office feeling good about the goals I set for myself and the knowledge that if I need to talk with him that he is available. - .G
The facility, staff, and environment were excellent. I didn’t have to wait at all - for either my blood work or Dr. Kerr. - .S
You guys rock - .T
My most recent visit with Dr. Kerr was regarding a potential spike in my blood sugar levels due to an upcoming procedure. I also spoke to the staff the day of the procedure. Both provided excellent information and support. - .G
Dr. Kerr is gracious and kind; takes time to listen. I especially like that he is knowledgable in many areas --the up-to-date information, current drugs, and the best treatment for me as an individual. Thank you Dr. Kerr. - .V
Great staff - .P
Dr. Kerr is one of the most thorough and professional doctors I have seen in a while. He is very courteous and has his patient's optimal health at heart. Thank you for being so genuine. - .S
I have always been impressed with the care that has been shown to me by everyone at this location. From the front desk, to the lab staff, the nurses, and the doctor. I always feel they have my best intrest at heart. - .P
Great as usual - .C
Great experience - .R
great visit - .H
it is always great to come into the office. the staff is always friendly and welcoming. There is almost never a more than ten minute wait to see Dr. Kerr. I love this office! - .G
Everybody was very helpful and Dr. Kerr is wonderful, very caring and concerned about my progress with diabetes. - .S
I have always been at ease with Dr Kerr and have been confident with his advice. - .A
Fast friendly service. All questions answered where I could understand - .H
Staff was very kind and Dr Kerr was very thorough! Would definitely recommend!! - .K
My visit was a scheduled twice a year visit as a Type 1 diabetic for 51 years. I was checked in quickly. My blood was taken quickly. Dr. Kerr's assistant Andi came and got me her. My wait in the exam room for Dr. Kerr was short. He was very attentive and took a little extra time because i have had 5 deaths very close to me in the preceding 3 months. I got weepy and he was very caring. My deepest thanks to Dr. Kerr for that. I was able to quickly set up my next appointment in six months. Check out was a breeze...we even had a little laugh. Know that I really like the facility because there is plenty of parking in the deck. I have learned to park at the top and walk right in to the same level where Dr. Kerr's office is....perfect. Thanks all! - .B
I was very skeptical about going to an endocrinologist as I had a wonderful naturopath where I lived previously and endos are notorious for not listening well to their patients. I was VERY pleasantly surprised that one of the first things out of Dr. Kerr's mouth was, "I was reading up on you and studying your history this morning". He REALLY listened to my concerns, ran the tests I asked him to run and I felt he was interested in my well-being and improving my health. He gave me a very informative booklet from the American Thyroid Association which was written in a way that the average person could understand and explained things really well about what thyroid does and doesn't control. I am looking forward to feeling better and I am sure that under Dr. Kerr's care, I can achieve that. - Karen L Corbett
The staff was very courteous and professional. Andi is truly a joy to be in her presence, she is so kind and caring and I’m so grateful she’s a part of the team. - .H
Excellent service by all. - .S
I always enjoy my visits with Dr. Kerr. I appreciate his quiet confidence, his preparedness, his knowledge, his thoroughness and his advice. I am grateful he is a member of my health care team. Linda - .S
Dr. Kerr and Andi and all the staff there are excellent in all respects, I could not expect any better treatment anywhere - Louis E Tatarski
So far everything is great. I appreciate Dr. Kerr’s concern and care. - .H
It went alright. Dr. Kerr is a good doctor. He keeps me up on everything I need. Thank You - .F
everything was fine - .S
Very, very good patient services. A doc who finally listens. I am so grateful. Wonderful assistant who exudes warmth and caring. Called me back😊😊 - .L
The staff at Eagle Physicians are always friendly and helpful. Dr. Kerr is the best!! He takes time to explain things to me and to answer my questions. I am fortunate to have such a caring Doctor. - .S
I personally find Dr. Kerr to be the most thorough and genuinely concerned doctor that I’ve had. I trust his judgement completely. - .W
Very professional and prompt, I did not have to wait long to be seen. - .W
Very pleased with Dr kerr and staff. Been treated just great. Thank you - .B
Very good experience. - .W
The staff and Dr. Kerr were professional as usual. They took great care of me. - .I
One of the most professional doctors I know. He is vital to my healthcare. - .K
short wait time - great staff -great doctor - .S
Noticed pleasant office atmosphere, doctor was serious and friendly, no new treatment needed - .G
Very positive - .A
Professional attentive staff - .F
Dr. Kerr is genuinely interested in the whole person and takes the time necessary to listen to all concerns. - .W
I feel respected and very comfortable with all the staff working with me especially Dr. Kerr. I am very thankful that a friend recommended him. - .A
Love my doctor & staff! Always helpful - .S
Excellent - .P
All was good. - .C
Excellent - .B
Always friendly and professional. - .T
It's always perfect care when I am Dr. Kerr's patient. The entire Eagle organization takes good care of me. Dr. Osborne; Dr. Polite; Dr. Kerr; and the PA's, too. Thanks to all of you for excellent work. Most appreciated. - .K
Everyone was very courteous as usual. Very knowledgeable and very efficient. - .P
Dr. Kerr is easy to talk to, and answers questions fully--about a rather complicated endocrine condition. He replies quickly to questions, both in person and through the patient portal. The tests he has ordered are exactly what is standard for diagnosis, according to my reading. Now that a diagnosis appears to be complete, I'm sure we will talk further about treatment options at my next appointment. I fully trust his knowledge and advice. He is one of the best physicians I've dealt with. The staff are friendly and helpful with questions, both by the online portal and by phone. The portal was a bit difficult at first, but I am now fine with it. In a word, no complaints! - .K
Overall good experience-wait time was lengthy from vitals checked until Dr. came in - .S
Excellent services - .J
You and your staff has treated me like a Queen when I have an appointment. You actually are better than Excellent. I feel you and your staff have been honest, helpful in whatever situation I have presented and I would like to say just a simple Thank You for that. I am just happy that I am able to have a doctor and staff that I can feel comfortable to talk to and provide the good service I receive.Thank You so Much!!! - .W
Dr kerr is so nice and takes his time with every patient. He listens to you. - .Y
Everything about Dr. Kerr is excellent. I am so glad to have found such a fantastic doctor. I am a very happy woman. The facility is excellent as well. Great job!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing Dr. Kerr in July!!!!! - Mary Andrews
Dr. Kerr is very thorough. Very glad I was able to get an appt with him - .J
Dr. Kerr was easy to talk with. He offered plenty of time for any questions that I had, and got medication information for me from a prior Eagle visit. He mentioned that my thyroid had become smaller, and I do wish I had commented that the stress in my life is considerably less than when this problem began. - .B
Dr. Kerr always takes a lot of time listening and also gives me relevant information about my osteoporosis. I am very pleased with this practice, from the support staff to Dr. Kerr. - .S
Excellent - .F
Dr. Kerr is a wonderful Doctor. I can say that he really cares about his patients. He is very warn and careing and wants best for his patients. When he is with you he ask questions, answers your questions and wants to make sure you understand you meds and how they work to help you. I can not thank him enough for taking care of me. His medical assistant Andi is awesome she is so very warm and careing she also wants what's best for their patients. Dr. Kerr and Andi are a great team. They both make you feel comfortable . The staff that checks you in for your appointments are very caring and make you feel welcome, the staff that set up your appointments for return visits are very courteous to make sure your appointment time is a good time for you. The staff in the lab are so sensitive to your needs and are very nice and they care. The staff that checks you out makes sure you have your paperwork and are very nice.I would recommend Dr. Kerr and his staff. They truly are a blessing to me. Thank you all for what you have done and are doing for me. - .B
I just love my doctor from the front check in all the way to the lab the staff is so friendly and caring just love them all thanks for everything you’ll do - Maria D Grant
Excellent! - .L
dr.kerr has been taking care me a long time he'the best - .Z
Took his time to explain and answer questions. Very understanding. - Jayne D Simpkins
Dr. Kerr really listens to his patients and is incredibly knowledgeable in identifying and explaining all treatment options. - Gail H Bretan
My experience was very good. There were no issues. My doctor was able to provide me with my medication that I needed. Overall the experience with the staff and doctor was very excellent. - .J
Excellent doctor. Would recommend him to anyone with thyroid issues. - Michael B Venable
Wonderful service!Thank you so much for providing such wonderful service! Dr. Kerr and staff were very friendly and provided me with an exceptional experience. He’s a great listener, asks the right questions, and was genuinely concerned about my well-being. This is the best experience I have had in a doctor's office. Thank you so much Dr. Kerr for your help. - .W
Everyone was very helpful and answered any questions or concerns I had. - Cynthia B Triplett
Dr. Kerr ,his nurse, and all staff members wer couteous, and cheerful. They all made the experience pleasant. Wait time was excellent also; I was taken care of in the appropriate time. - .M
Wonderful as usually it is always a pleasure to go to see Dr Kerr - .H
Dr Kerr was great! Took the time to explain everything and my options.Felt as if he really cares about his patients. - .A
Did not have to wait long to see Dr.Dr. Kerr took time to explain things and was eazy to talk to. - .D
I had to have lab drawn and was sent upstairs and had come back down. other than that it was fine - .P
Very favorable visit. No complaints. - Eugene H P Wade
I enjoy working with Dr. Kerr. He is always a good listener and up to date on the most recent findings, as well as aware of the most current treatments and devices. - .B
Always a good experience. - Lucille A Jones
I love my doctor - .M
The doctor and staff are very nice and very qualified. Good office. - .L
Everything went as expected thank you excellente! - .H
IT was very good. Everyone was excellent. - .R
Great service and excellent Doctors! - .P
The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. - .F
Everyone was real nice - .E
I can’t ask anyone to be so nice and helpful as you guys are thank you for all that you do. - .C
I am absolutely thrilled that Dr. Kerr is my doctor. He is a brilliant doctor. The thing I appreciate the most, however, is his incredible bedside manner. He takes his time. He listens intently. He has a great sense of humor. I have seen many doctors over the past 20 years. He is by far the best! - .G
Wonderfully understanding doctor who takes time for his patients. I searched for four years before finding Dr. Kerr and I have no intentions of leaving his practice! I highly suggest him to everyone I know with diabetes. - Alexandra M Allen
A kind and great physician with very good bedside manners - Miles E Hurdle
Always get excellent from Dr Kerr and staff - .H
Dr. Kerr cares about his patients, is easy to talk with and privides excellent care & attention. He is professional,sensitive & easy to talk with. I see him once a year and he always remembers me. He answers all my questions and has on occasion referred me to another professional. Dr Kerr is a consummate professional who CARES. - Marion G Dansby
Dr.Kerr is such a caring doctor who really listens to me and offers realistic goals. I absolutely love Dr.Kerr and his staff. - Donya S Herring
I am very happy with the results I am getting 😁 - .H
This was an annual review. Appt ran on time. Dr Kerr and Andi are always professional yet kind. - .S
Everyone was very professional and answered all my questions. - .S
Always excellent service. - .R
They take time to talk and listen to me. - .F
Dr. Kerr and staff are kind and caring health care providers. Dr. Kerr explains every step of any treatment process and thoroughly reviews all associated results with the patient. I have complete confidence in the care I receive from Dr. Kerr and his staff. - .G
good - .M
Doctor was very informative and professional! - .D
The nurse took my blood pressure and two minutes later Dr. Kerr came in examine me. No more than 10 minutes later I was finished and making my next appointment! - .D
I always feel very comfortable on my visits with Dr. Kerr. He is very understanding and always takes the time to inform me in resolving any health situation that I have. Also, his nurse, Andi, is always kind and shows concern for any issue as well. A very great team together. - .C
Staff is curtious & Dr Kerr is wonderful - .S
Always courteous and professional. Answered all my questions - .S
Dr Kerr and Andy are the best! - .M
Dr Kerr is excellent! He took lots of time to go over my health history and medicines. I would recommend him to anyone!Thank you!!My health has really improved greatly!!Mrs. Susan Frick - .F
Dr. Kerr and Andy are amazing! They are professional, polite and it's very enjoyable to work with them. - .M
I really appreciate Dr. Kerr. He and his staff are awesome! - .R
Everyone in this office is working together to provide exceptional care and service! - .M
Dr. Kerr has been my doctor for over 14 years. I find him pleasant and caring and he has been with me and supported me through many hard times. I would refer anyone I know to him as I find him caring and devoted to his patients. Thank you, Betsy Jo Beckner - .B
My father passed away the day before my appointment and Andi and Dr. Kerr were very kind. - .D
Excellent experience. They are wonderful at helping me learn to live and thrive with Diabetes. - .R
I didn’t actually get to see the doctor due to an insurance problem, however, I did meet with The assistant, Andi, briefly while she tried to help resolve my insurance issue. She went above and beyond what was asked and really tried to help me so I can see the doctor. She was AWESOME! - .P
I've been to a variety of different doctors over the last two years, and most have tried to get me in and out of their office as quickly as possible. I did not feel rushed while meeting with the staff or with Dr. Kerr. I've seen other doctors who would ask me why I was there, and it was obvious that they hadn't even read my file. I had the opposite experience with Dr. Kerr. It was very obvious that he had read through my information and he was genuinely invested in trying to help me with my medical issues. He asked several questions and wanted as much information as we could provide. He also helped us to understand how my diagnosis affected my health as a whole. I was throughly impressed with the entire experience. - .T
Dr. Kerr and his assistant Andi were both very professional and thorough. The office support was polite and professional too. Overall, I was very pleased with all interactions. - .J
Dr. Kerr seems genuinely concerned about my health always takes time to talk about and offers suggestions about healthy lifestyle choices. - .C
It was great - .M
Dr. Kerr had taken the time prior to my visit to read my medical history. He asked a lot of questions and addressed my concerns. Honestly, I don’t remember the last time I was as impressed with any doctor as I am with Dr. Kerr. - .S
Everyone was friendly and answered all my questions. - .H
The staff at Tannanbaum are frantastic. Dr. Kerr is awesome. Very helpful. Response time is quick.Noone like's to go to the Dr. But at least if you have to that is the best place to be. Ty. For what yall do. - .L
Dr Kerr very helpful with my struggles with my diabetes and very understanding with insurance - .S
From the momement of check-in through checkout I was treated with upmost respect and kindness. The check-in staff was wonderful and engaging which help start my visit by putting me at ease. The wait was brief to see the Doctor. Doctor Kerr was knowledgeable, kind, and very informative. He took the time to answer any questions I had without feeling rushed, and even answered questions I didn’t know I had-by providing information that I never would have thought to ask. The lab department and checkout went smoothly and fast. I was very happy with my experience. - .F
Fast and to the point - .S
Great service. Execllect staff. - .F
Good visit. First appointment with Dr Kerr. Staff at check in, lab, very courteous. Impressed with Dr Kerr. He had reviewed records sent by referring physician. Ordered lab work; called next day with lab results;set up scans. Appointment set up to discuss results & treatment. His staff very nice. Appreciate assistant calling me with results of follow up test. - .K
Overall experience very good, nurse is always friendly, Dr. Kerr listened to my concerns, very clearly gave me information, scheduled tests, does follow up quickly. - .P
it was good - .M
Dr. Kerr goes out of his way to answer my questions. He also suggests ways to help me remedy my Diabetes problems. I believe that most physicians go through the motions of giving adequate care, then hurry on to the next patient. I believe Dr. Kerr really cares for my well-being and because of that he is an exception to the rule. - .S
Wonderful experience! - .G
I am very pleased to be a patient of Dr. Kerr. The service is excellent. I know when Dr. Kerr gives you a diagnosis you can completely trust it. All of the staff is most professional in every way. When there is a question of any kind, Dr. Kerr orders test to confirm any diagnosis without hesitation. My overall opinion of Dr. Kerr and his staff is one of excellence. - .T
All staff and dr Kerr excellent - .J
It is always a pleasure to go to my appointments with Doctor Kerr. The staff is friendly and efficient and and makes you feel like you are in good hands. Dr Kerr, as always, takes the time to talk about my condition and never makes me feel that he is in a rush or that he thinks my questions are a bother. I know that he has considers my health important. I am confident that I get the best care from Dr Kerr and his entire staff. - .S
I enjoyed my experience there. The staff was very nice. I enjoyed meeting my new doctor. I felt very comfortable there. It's nice to deal with a practice where the doctor and staff take special care and time to give you medical care. - .G
My experiment was one I will always remember. I was told Dr. Kerr was one of the best in his field. Turns out they were telling the truth. He was able to not only tell me how to solve my issue but how to maintain the quality of life I previously enjoyed and some. I feel one thousand times better today than I have in months prior to seeing Dr. Kerr. His staff were very attentive to my needs and made sure I felt as comfortable as possible during my visits. They all Rock! 👍 🌸❤️ - Priscilla Toon
Great as always - .J
I have never had a bad experience at an office visit with Dr. Kerr. He is always thorough and answers any questions and concernssatisfactorily. - Evelyn P Abell
Excellent - .P
Dr. Kerr and his staff are really great people. They make me feel like I can overcome my condition. - .H
Dr. Kerr and his staff are excellent. He is a very thorough doctor and doesn't miss anything. I really appreciate the care he gives to me. - .O
All the staff...without exception...was helpful and quick and patient. Thanks to all. - .B
Completely satisfied with the professional, courteous reception and treatment received from Dr. Kerr. He is very thorough and concerned with my well being. - .G
Everyone was very nice and I did not have to wait long. Dr. Kerr took the time to answer all my questions. - .J
Okay - Daniel W Post
Excellent experience, as usual. - .B
Always recieve courteous and quick service - .H
I was treated as normal.The Doc answered my questions and gave suggestions - .C
Perfect!!!!!! - .S
Great people! - .B
I am truly very pleased with the warm, calm, unhurried manner of Dr. Kerr and the help he has given me. He gets the job done and also seems to truly enjoy helping patients; I think he's the right kind of person to have become a physician. The staff are almost all very cheerful almost all of the time (perfection is too much to expect!), and it is certainly always a very clear and efficient process, even though the complex of rooms and checkout and check in points is a bit of a maze. I am very thankful to be a patient at this Eagle facility. - .M
The visit was excellent! No complaints at all. Thank you sooo much! - .P
Supportive and good listener - .G
I have high hopes Dr Kerr and i will be able to work together and get the right tweak to bring my system on line. the staff was very kind and accomidating. - .M
Dr. Kerr was thorough as usual. - .I
Great MD and staff! - .J
Everyone was very helpful. I was very pleased with Dr. Kerr’s professionalism and knowledge. I was so very happy that he agreed to see me. I’m sure he can help me. - .T
Great appointment and love Dr.Kerr. Glad that I made the move from my primary care doctor to him for my diabetes. - .W
My first visit with Dr. Kerr was on 7/11/18. I was extremely pleased with the amount of time the Dr. spent with me getting to know me and discussing my medical history. He is very thorough in explaining treatment options and expected outcomes. I have complete confidence in Dr. Kerr and his entire staff's medical knowledge and skills. - .G
All the staff were friendly and helpful. Dr. Kerr is very calm, thorough, and respectful. - .S
Everything was ship-shape and Bristol fashion! - .G
Really enjoyed my visit,don’t go to Doctors like I should but was very impressed with Dr Kerr. Took the time to talk and explain to me different things. Even suggested other options to some problems I was having, took his advice and found out what was causing the pain I was having. Would recommend to anyone. - .M
My experienced during my visit was very good no complaint. - .A
My experience with Dr Kerr has been excellent from a physician patient perspective. Dr Kerr and his staff have been extremely flexible in addressing my needs and provided timely and knowledgeable guidance. - .E
Needed to go back to ole medication, thank you for your help - .P
Dr.Kerr and his staff are great. Dr.Kerr is very easy to talk to and he explains everything so I can understand. His assistant Andi really cares about the patience and our well being. She is a great reflection of Dr. Kerr. - Donya Herring
Every visit I learn something new. Thanks to Dr Kerr and his counsel on 7/16/2018, Not only did I start using the Mediterranean Diet as he suggested but both my Husband and I stopped smoking cigarettes, again. Hopefully this will be the time we can stop this terrible addiction. Thank you Dr Kerr. ALL the staff are so very helpful with EVERY visit and I so appreciate your help. Especially Andie. So very helpful with all the info i need. Could not say enough about the excellent healthcare given me over these years. You all are so very appreciated. - .G
Dr.Kerr and his staff are great. Dr.Kerr is very easy to talk to and he explains everything so I can understand. His assistant Andi really cares about the patience and our well being. She is a great reflection of Dr. Kerr. - .H
It is always a pleasure to see Dr Kerr and his staff they are always kind and most helpful. - .H
In and out very quickly. Dr. Kerr has amazing patient relationship abilities. Staff are always so helpful and positive. - .P
The office staff was very nice and polite. Dr. Kerr is great! - .T
Dr. Kerr is very thorough, patient and kind. He spends time with you explaining and answers all your questions. He listens and is very understanding. 5 stars all the way! - .O
Excellent visit. Dr. Kerr and the staff were great - .V
Dr Kerr and staff excellent. - .A
Everyone was helpful and friendly. - .B
i was able to be tested for A1c before seeing Dr Kerr so we were able to discuss results at my appointment. Dr Kerr was caring, efficient, and on time. - .B
Dr. Kerr is the best. He actually listens to me which is something a lot of doctors don't do . He is very knowledgeable in his work and apparently familiarizes himself by reading over my file before he sees me so that I feel he knows me and my condition as well as he can. He is the reason I keep coming back. Thank you . - .M
Everyone there is very nice, the doctor takes the right amount of time to answer all your questions. Thank you for being genuine and caring! - .H
The staff was very perfessional! I also liked how Dr. Kerr allowed me to talk to him about my situation and explain things to me... - .B
Dr Kerr makes me feel like we are working together to get my diabetes under control. He always has excellent suggestions for my diet and he is definitely the best doctor I have ever had. His staff is also wonderful to work with. - .T
Everyone was pleasant. - .W
Very good as expected. - .R
Everyone at Eagle Internal was so nice. My appointment with Dr. Kerr was outstanding. I felt like he was really listening to me. I felt like I was the only patient he had. He had a wonderful bedside manner. The medicine he prescribed is working. As a result I'm taking two less medicines. He & his medical assistant have been available if I've had any questions. I am so thankful & grateful. - .G
Love this doctors office. Everyone was friendly. Did not have to wait long - .M
Great Dr. Great staff. - .S
Excellent all around. - .V
Dr Kerr is thorough in his care and treatment. I am pleased with diagnosis expertise. - .R
Dr Kerr is an exceptional doctor. He shows genuine love and compassion for his patients. He’s professional kind and takes his time to ensure you have a full understanding about the care you’re getting. I would highly recommend him to others in need of his care. - .W
Very good - .J
The Staff were very courteous and friendly and knowledgeable - .T
Thanks for the visit - .E
Dr. Kerr is knowledgeable, courteous, and interested in patients' well-being. I did not have to wait at all when I got in to the office and was pleased with the visit. I had to make my appointment four months in advance, though, which was a long time to wait. However, it was worth the wait! - .S
I was very pleased with my experience. The woman at the front desk was very friendly, Dr. Kerr's assistant was also very nice and helpful, and Dr. Kerr took plenty of time to talk to my about my condition. I really appreciated his attentiveness and didn't feel rushed in the least. Overall, a great experience. - .S
always have had excellent service from Eagle physicians and staff. would recommend their service to anyone - .L
From the time we came in to see Dr. Kerr everyone was so nice & helpful. Dr. Kerr was very pleasant and took the time to explain in great detail on how to treat my thyroid condition. - William C.L
Hope to get control of my health with this staff. - .S
Everything went smoothly, & I really like Dr. Kerr. Easy to talk to. - Sharon Dusel
I was pleased with every aspect of my first visit wit Dr. Kerr! He was very thorough and caring. I had been with another doctor for over 30 years so methods and ways of doing things are different. - .G
Dr Kerr is as thorough as anyone could possibly wish for. He takes time with you and explain any questions you ask - .T
Original appointment was June 26 they called and got me in a month earlier. Everything about the appointment went smoothly. There was very little wait time and everyone was very friendly. Overall experience was positive. - .T
Dr. Kerr is a great listener, and a wonderful provider. His nurse is personable and very helpful. The office is very efficient. - .D
Great visit and I learned a lot, - .C
Had a great time.....staff and all were easy to work with. - .B
My experience with Dr. Kerr and his assistant, Andy, was excellent. As a team, they both took very good care of me during and after my appointment. Dr. Kerr was very thorough in his exam and he listened to and answered all of my questions in a caring and compassionate manner. He called me personally to go over my lab results and explained the significance of each outcome, offering a treatment plan to guide me to better health. Overall, a very good experience. I will definitely continue to recommend Dr. Kerr to friends and family. - .G
Excellent..previously stated did not receive results but they were actually in the portal on 5/18/2018. - .R
Everyone was friendly and helpful and Dr.Kerr was patient, inquisitive and knowledgeable. - .M
Dr. Kerr was prompt and knowledgeable. His nurse was also prompt, friendly, and kept me updated. The site was clean, well lit, and well equipped. The scheduling person was readily available. - Keith S Hiatt
Very positive experience. - .S
Very comfortable visit. - .W
Always recieve great care - .H
Good visit - .R
I was well satisfied. - .M
Dr Kerr is responsive to my needs and listens to my concerns and questions. He is excellent. - .P
Great visit, staff friendly and helpful. Dr Kerr was very thorough and listened. First time I've had a Dr listen and not be in a rush. I look forward to continue working with him and his staff. - .B
My experience was great,thank you Dr. Kerr and staff. - .J
Everyone very pleasant and helpful. Dr. Kerr very knowledgeable and very easy to understand. I would definitely recommend this office. - .P
I got a better understanding of my illness and information to help me to control my outcome. Thank You - .S
All of my questions were answered in a manner and verbiage that was clear and understandable to me which is very important. Thanks to you, Dr. Kerr, and your staff for making this visit a positive experience! - .J
Dr. Kerr has always been very kind to me as a patient and has always given very thorough examinations. I always feel comfortable when I go to him. - .P
Not exactly treatment, yearly checkup. All went well. - .P
Informative! Gave me a path to controlled diabetes. - .P
I appreciate the time and attention Dr. Kerr offers. I trust him to supply the best medical care needed. - .C
Dr Kerr takes his time with you and listens to your concerns. He is very experienced, after taking his recommendation and changing the medicine , I was feeling better within the first week. I am confident in his ability to treat my thyroid condition. Thank you Dr.Kerr! dn - .N
I always feel very special in your care and treatment of me.ANDI,is the very best caregiver there is.Thank you for all that you do,to care for me....the very best from front desk to the doctor and nurse. - .C
Dr. Kerr and his team are GREAT! I would highly recommend Dr. Kerr as he has a great bedside manner and explains things until you completely understand. He is not one to push you into a treatment direction, but to explain all the pros and cons of each and then partner with you on selecting the best direction for treatment. - .V
Surroundings were pleasant, reception personnel very helpful and nice, waiting room clean and nice, wait not too long, doctor and assistant tip top, good experience. - .W
Very professional and well pleased with provider and staff. - .H
School was out due to the tornadoes the day before. I called the office to make sure I could bring my 8 year old granddaughter and was told it was ok. Everyone was kind to her and as always professional with me. Dr Kerr thank you and your staff. - .H
I was impressed with Dr. Kerr. He reviewed my records and explained in laymen terms what he believed to be the problem. He assigned the necessary test to verify his diagnosis. The test results were received in a timely period. I feel like they are keeping me informed as the testing continues. They treat me like am a person not just another body they will see later. I was very pleased with the staff and their ability and willingness to schedule the test to coincide with my appointment. They were very helpful.I would definitely recommend Dr. Kerr and this facility to others needing an endocrinologist. - .S
Excellent, as usual! - Rodvegas Ingram
Dr. Kerr is a very knowledgable, caring doctor who takes great care of his patients. - .J
Very knowledgeable about diabetes and would recommend this practice and doctor to anybody. I enjoy talking with the doctor about different treatment . - .W
Dr. Kerr is always very nice and answers all my question. Wonderful bedside manner. - .C
Easy to get in on time and very good staff to work with. - .M
As usual, I felt my overall experience was excellent. I really appreciate all the great care given me by Dr Kerr and his staff. Thank you - .G
Excellent doctor and staff. Minimal wait time. Very helpful staff. - .C
Everything went well, great staff and i have confidence in the doctor. - .T
Feel at ease. - .M
Dr Kerr and his staff are one of the best I have seen here they are courteous and most pleasant every time I have seen him. it is always a pleasure to go they are the best - .H
I had really good experience with Dr. Kerr. - .O
The customer service is superior for personal caring interest in patients ' health and well being. I feel it's an extension of friends warming up people's heart by being very approachable and comforting during this time. - .R
My experience has always been great here. The staff is so kind and very helpful and the doctors are the same way! - .B
Dr. Kerr is a very responsive physician who truly cares about your well-being. - .K
Dr Kerr and his assistant Andi were so caring and professional that I was comfortable from the start. As a new patient and needing a specialist in endocrinology, I found assurance that if a problem existed with my symptoms that it would be found and treated. Thank you for your complete care and concern. - .U
This visit was my best one yet. I had more one on one time with the provider . He listened to my very real concern and explained why,at this time ,it was not in my best interest to take a common medication for my problem. He did advise me to increase my carb intake per day as I have lost way too much weight. possibly when I've gained enough weight, and if I am still pre diabetic then we will revisit the idea of a medication. I appreciate very much, the Medical Assistant, Andy, who got me a fairly quick appointment. Also I am very pleased that this practice has a MA who is knowledgeable regarding endocrine conditions and who communicates with the provider on my behalf. - .Y
Very good dr and staff - .J
Prompt attention in check-in and minimal wait time in the waiting area. Once being seen the staff was not in a hurried way. I felt like I had their undivided attention. - .M
Was really impressed with everything. Love the new machine and the fact that everyone cared and made me feel welcome. My mom has had trouble with doctors not listening before or answering all our questions but we had tge opposite happen when we visited your office and hope to continue to have those experiences . - .T
Dr. Kerr took plenty of time with me explaining the results of the test that I had. Everyone in the office was very friendly and helpful. - .Petty
The CMA was very courteous, my Physician was very professional with superb interpersonal communication skills. Overall, an outstanding experience. - .A
Dr. Jeffrey Kerr is an excellent endocrinologist. He has compassion, understanding, empathy, honesty, competence, and commitment.Even though he's very intelligent, he's not condescending and treats all of his patients with respect, which is very important to me. He listens to all of my concerns and answers all of my questions. He gets back with me in a timely manner with the results of my test and concerns.To sum it up Dr. Kerr is the epidemy of what an excellent doctor should be.Martha Bello - .B
It was amazing, very good at explaining in detail,excellent doc - .K
I really liked Dr. Kerr's calming bedside manner. I am at the beginning of my procedures, but so far I am very happy. - .V
Top notch service. I fly from Texas to see this group now. - .S
the whole time I was there for my appt. I felt very well taken care of, from checking in to leaving. Everyone was very nice. - .S
I was extremely pleased - .W
Dr. Kerr is an excellent physician. His nurse is very nice, kind. I have had a positive experience there every time I go. - .P
Dr. Kerr is always really patient and helpful by asking many questions to improve awareness about my own health. - .S
Dr. Kerr is amazing! Exceptionally knowledgable with great bedside manner. Explanations in details, very helpful, and friendly. 10 out to 10 would recommend. Thank you Dr.Kerr! - .S
Thank you so much for your thoroughness and quick follow-up. Everyone at the practice was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and polite. - .V
Dr Kerr is always very informative, his staff very caring. The front desk is very efficient. - .J
My visit went fine. I learned more information that I needed to know. - .L
Dr. Kerr is a very friendly and courteous doctor. He takes his time with his patients and explains in detail what his diagnosis is and what should be done to help the patient. He answers all questions and never seems rushed. I recommend Dr. Kerr verly highly. - .P
My overall experience was excellent. Everyone treated me nice and I were in and out in no time. - .S
Dr. Kerr was very thorough and asked me various questions. I asked him questions as well. He listened to me and took time out for my questions and concerns. - .J
Great visit! Dr. Kerr spent a lot of time explaining my diagnosis and Treatment. - .H
Very pleased everyone is so friendly from the time you walk in the door till you leave.So glad Dr. kerr is my dr.takes time with you and explains things well. - .S
I am a patient of Dr. Kerr's. I have been seeing him for the past few years. I always receive excellent care and consideration from Dr. Kerr and his staff. He is a bright spot in my medical care.Thank you.Linda Thomas 336 854 5833 - .T
Couldn't ask for a better Doctor.I love Dr.Kerr .He takes time to listen to you and explain everything to your knowledge where you can understand it. - .H
Always in and out quickly, but not hurriedly. Lab results are fast. - .M
I would recommended Dr. Kerr and his staff to everyone. He is very kind and always listens to my concerns. Just recently I needed to be seen and they got me worked in as soon as possible. - .P
Excellent doctor. I know I am in good hands. - .G
I didn't have any waiting time at the front desk, and only a few minutes in the waiting room. Nurse was very friendly as she weighed me and took my vital signs, and promptly told me the results. I waited just a few minutes for Dr. Kerr, who I see just once a year. He was very thoughtful and thorough, and reviewed all of the tests, issues, and options in depth. He then walked me to the appointments desk (very polite) and I was checked out and on my way quickly. All told, my time at the office was about 35 minutes--which is great since it was a routine follow-up with nothing bad to report! - .H
Great care. - .W
Registration was quick and painless. I was in the waiting room for only about 10 minutes. Andy was, as usual, friendly and personable taking me to an exam room and taking my vitals. Dr. Kerr listened carefully to my questions and comments. If he was slammed with other patients, it didn't impact my visit--he was focused on my issues and treatment. I like to understand my treatment and how the medications prescribed by my other doctors interact with his prescriptions and he is very thorough and patient in explaining -- never rushed. - Stuart J Skog
Dr. Kerr was very professional, easy to talk to,made me feel at ease. He was well informed and gave me some things to think about to make my decision on my treatment. - .H
One of the best office visits I ever had. Wonderful friendly staff from start to finish!!! I would definitely recommend this place. - .P
Very pleased with overall experience. Really liked Andy as well. Thanks for such great service. - .C
I certainly have no complaints. Everyone was courteous and efficient. I had hardly any wait time. Dr. Kerr was patient and answered all my questions and concerns. Thank you. - .S
Dr. Kerr always provides a detailed explanation of my lab results & makes any necessary adjustments to my levothyroxine. He answers any & all questions I may have. His staff are warm and welcoming. - .O
Everything about my visit was great - .P
As always I was pleased with everything. Dr. Kerr is always pleasant and answers questions that I have. The other staff is great from the front to the nurse. - .G
I love this practice. I always feel that I am special, and all my questions are answered. - .P
Dr. Kerr is the most caring physician whom I have ever encountered. He takes the time that is necessary to listen to his patients, and to make needed suggestions. I have complete confidence in him. - William Wiener
It's excellent. - .T
My experience was wonderful as always. - .S
only my 2nd visit. - .B
Dr. Kerr and his staff are always friendly and well organized. He listened to my concerns and responded with adjustments to my treatment plan. - .G
Excellent experience - .E
Regular 3 month visit, Andy was very professional, kind and prompt. Dr. Kerr was very professional answered all my questions. - .P
Great visit, as usual! - .R
Great staff and a very efficient office. Dr Kerr is very diligent and thorough with his patients. The level of care is much higher than typical offices. - .R
I enjoy having Dr. Kerr as my physician. He is up to date on treatments and medical devices, and is involved in making sure that I am getting the best treatment that I can receive. I would recommend him to anyone needing an excellent endocrinologist. - .B
Great experience as always. Dr Kerr is a very good doctor . Everything went well. Staff is great. - .C
It was a wonderful experience. Every one was so very pleasant and very informative - .H
Dr Kerr is most helpful! - .S
Overall excellent care - .E
Dr. Kerr is professional and kind and takes the time to talk to his patients and get to know them. I never feel rushed or pressured. - .D
Staff and Dr. Kerr are friendly as usual. Process was efficient even though computer system was down. Kudos to team. - .R
Very pleased with the care received. - .Z
Pleasant visit as always. - .V
He is the best at what he does. If he tells you he will do something for you he does it. You do not have to keep after him or his staff to get something that is really important to you. Just as it says above, excellent. - .S
I never had to wait long to see Doctor Kerr. Doctor Kerr is very patience and the staff from the front counter to the lab and the person scheduling my appointment is very friendly. Doctor Kerr gives me advice when needed. Takes his time explaining everything. - .A
Dr. Kerr was prompt as always and did an excellent job of checking me out and answering my questions. I will definitely look forward to my next visit with him. - Patricia S Miller
My experience was good didnt have to wait long. I was seen as soon as I sat down. - .A
Dr. Kerr is the best. He's always prepared; asks good questions; makes you think about your health and how you've been feeling. Makes sure you are focused on your part to have good health. Nurse was excellent - professional yet personable. Like Dr. Kerr. Could not be happier with the overall experience each time I visit Eagle Physicians @ Tannenbaum. Top notch care. - .K
Dr. Kerr has been one of the best, most informed, most laid back physicians I have ever had in my life. As a Type 1 diabetic for 50 years (since age 11) my experience over several states (SC, Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, NC) has been one of doctors and staff who only shake their heads or cluck their tongues or have some kind of judgementy eyes and tone with me. Nothing obvious or critical has changed much about my health status over the decades: I have kept decent care of myself. I have kept decent numbers all of my life. No hospitalizations for diabetes. What has changed dramatically...the care that this endocrinologist and his staff have demonstrated to me over the last several years. And even though I still have "white coat syndrome" blood pressure numbers when I arrive in the the time I'm leaving those numbers are calming down. Many thanks to Dr. Kerr and his staff and thanks for this chance to share those thanks with others. - Margaret R Brown
Very little wait time, everyone was very nice and did not feel rushed. - .R
Dr. Kerr is a wonderful physician. He takes his time with you offering compassionate care and listens to everything you say. - .B
Great care provided by a very knowledgeable and compassionate physician. - .H
From reminding me about my appointment, to seeing Dr. Kerr, to scheduling my next year appointment they process was perfect! - .K
Staff is caring, efficient and knowledgeable. - Jo G Clark
Well satisfied would recommend dr. Kerr to anyone. - .A
pleasant as always - .F
I was very satisfied with my visit to your office. - .B
I went thru the office with ease, my appointment was on time and Dr. Kerr was right on time. His nurse was pleasant and very thorough. When I went to check out it was very easy and then off to the Lab. At the Lab it was in and out. No issues.. Thank You for All you do. - .H
Wait time was nearly zero for both lab work and appointment with Dr. Kerr. Dr. Kerr was clear in his exam and explanation of my progress and future treatment plans. Scheduling my next appointment was a breeze. All staff are very courteous. - .T
I have felt welcomed and everyone I have met thus far has been kind and courteous. I will not know the complete results until January 16, 2018. - .M
Excellent service all around. - .J
Normal visit with short wait time. Very pleased with Dr. Kerr and his staff. - .S
Dr. Kerr is always very nice and professional. Staff is great as well. I would give them 4 stars. - .W
I would recommend Dr. Kerr to family and friends. He is very thorough and kind. - .P
A good productive office visit - .H
Thank you! - .H
Dr. Kerr has helped me greatly with my diabetes. Thank you, Dr. Kerr - .S
This was our very first visit to this office and seeing Dr. Kerr. The nurses were so nice and engaging. Dr. Kerr introduced himself and immediately asked my daughter to explain the current status of her diabetes and was extremely attentive to everything she was saying. He took notes and engaged in conversation with her and had a genuine concern for her needs. He explained that he wears a demo pump at times, even when traveling, and uses medical devices, so he too can experience what Type 1 diabetics experience on a day to day basis. We were very impressed with this! He gave her a demo Omnipod to try and she has been thrilled with the results. - .S
Excellent in all regards. I tried to uncheck the "provider" to excellent also, but it would not go back!Wayne Leupold - .L
As always the care provided by Dr. Kerr and the staff is superb. He will take the time to listen to questions and provide you with the information that you need. He is very knowlegeable about my insulin pump providing helpful instructions on how to utilize the pump to its maximum capacity. You can ask him any question without fear of sounding foolish. His staff is quick to respond to your needs. Even when checking out, it is very simple and pleasant to reschedule an appointment for follow up. Dr. Kerr and Andi make a great team and are "the best". I appreciate all the care that is provided to me. - .B
Wonderful! - .W
Dr Kerr was attentive and thorough in reviewing my case. He was responsive to and respectful of my questions and answered without talking down to me. I never felt rushed and, although he documented our conversation as we spoke, he made excellent eye contact throughout. It is no surprise that he is in such high demand! - .P
Such a caring doctor! - .H
First appointment with Dr. KerrEverything was great, no wait time , personnel were friendly and attentativelook forward to a lasting patient relationship with Dr. Kerr - .P
I am grateful for having Dr. Kerr as my Diabetes monitor. His guidance has helped me achieve and maintain our goal's. Ed - .R
Dr. Kerr was engaging and asked more questions. I never have a long wait so the process flow is very efficient. Even had to reschedule to the Dec 4th appointment and that was easily handled. - .B
It was a great visit - Holly .B
I was very pleased with my visit with Dr. Kerr. He not only asked questions and listened to all of my responses, he gave me very helpful information as to how I should protect myself from making my current situation worse. I especially appreciated that he was more interested in finding the cause of my problem rather than just prescribing different medication. - .T
Very good professional service provided. - .Y
Excellent as always. - .M
Wait time was minimal and Dr. Kerr answered all my questions. His assistant taught me how to use the Victoza injector. He even sent the results of my blood and urine results to me and to my kidney doctor without having to ask him. Being a retired registered nurse, I like to know the results of my labs and the norms. I highly recommend Dr. Kerr for the diabetic patient. - .W
Great service. Warm and friendly atmosphere. - E.A
I was pleasantly greeted, checked in and referred to the lab. The nurse came right away, took my vitals, gave me a flu shot and had me ready for Dr Kerr. Dr evaluated labs and listened to me about what had changed since my last visit. He gave me an examination, then we discussed meds and revisit. He recommended I see the new primary care doctor and have physical that was missed when my other PC left. I made the appointment, checked out and received a printed recap of my visit and next visit information. - E.S
Was a very good vist - D.O
It was very good. - P.S
It is always a pleasure to see Dr Kerr and his staff they are pleasant all the time - C.H
Doctor Jeffrey Kerr is very kind! He always listens to the patient and ask questions to verify. He takes time out to explain things thoroughly and figures out the cause to my illness. He Is a great doctor! - P.N
As always, Dr. Jeffrey Kerr is kind, professional, understanding, and positive. It is always a pleasure to interact with such wonderful doctors, nurses, and office staff. Thank you for doing a great job and making the patient feel valued and important. - R.C
Andy and the other Medical Assistant are top notch, as is Dr. Kerr. If I didn't live an hour away I'd have an Eagle Physician as my primary care doctor too. I am thankful to God for the high quality of service that I have received from Eagle. You are all a blessing to the community. God Prosper you! - E.S
All is well. Dr Kerr answers all of my questions. - J.P
My experience with Dr. Kerr and his wonderful nirse, Andi, is always positive. Scheduling or rescheduling an appointment is always a simple process, prescription refill requests are always handled in a timely and efficient manner. Dr. Kerr is always knowledgeable about new technology and studies and is willing to share that information with his patients. The lab is usually the 9nly drawback as wait times there can be a little lengthy. - T.K
Excellent - P.A
I can honestly say Dr. Kerr is by far the most wonderful and compassionate Doctor. He really cares about me as his patient. He listens to you he talks to you and takes his time with you makes sure you understand what he's doing for you make sure all your questions are answered. His nurse Andi is awesome very personable and cares for her patients as well as Doctor Kerr. I am so very thankful that I have both of them taking care of me. Thank you Dr. Kerr and thank you Andi. - L.B
Great sense of bedside manner, diagnosed ok. - J.T
Dr.Kerr is always patient and takes time to answer any questions or concerns I have. I never feel like he's trying to hurry me out. His nurse Andy is so sweet and friendly. - S.N
Had a good experience with Dr Kerr he takes time and explain everything to me, about my health and what treatment to do. The office and time was excellent all the way around very satisfied. Thank You for Excellent service - C.M
Very good on time, friendly and informative. - Millard Sloan
Great Experience - B.W
Dr. Kerr is awesome - S.F
What can I say? Everyone from receptionist to nurse to doctor to scheduling went very smoothly. Thanks - M.K
Excellent as always! - C.P
Excellent care - P.L
It was a great visit and all of the staff were really great at their job! - M.A
I have been a client at Eagle physician for numerous of years and the care was very very good the staff is very professional but most of all is no long waiting. - L.M
Office staff was great. Love Dr.Kerr. Very nice and wonderful doctor. - M.G
Diabetes Check up, Dr. Kerr is the best - R.W
I would recommend Dr Kerr to anyone needing a doctor. - J.W
Very pleased with my experience and the care given - K.P
Everyone,from from desk personell(check in/check out),very friendly and helpful.I always feel very important by the way,I am treated.You guys,make seeing the doctora pleasant but professional visit.I thank you,from the bottom of my heart,Sincerely, Jack D.Campbell - J.C
Being a diabetic and having a close relative die from diabetic complications, I became aware of an issue with my toe. I used the patient portal to express my concern and ask for a possible appointment and was called the next morning, clearing the way for me to come in that day to be evaluated. Dr. Kerr saw me and immediately took the needed steps to correct my situation. He thoroughly explained our course of action and brought a sense of peace to both my wife and I. I think you need a rating above excellent to describe this health care provider! He and his staff represent what health care should be! - D.M
Dr. Kerr is an excellent doctor.....I feel I am in good hands! He is very knowledgeable on all questions I have, and spends a good amount of time with me in my appointment (never feel rushed). Love Andi, too......she is very helpful, pleasant, and always returns calls promptly. Thank you both for all that you do! - S.G
Dr. Kerr ALWAYS has the time, skills, and ability to make me feel like I am cared for, respected, and he definately knows his craft!! - H.F
Very good - J.O
Dr Kerr and office staff are AWESOME!!! - E.J
Dr Kerr is responsive and empathetic. The office runs efficiently, yet maintains a feeling of personal welcome. - B.P
Dr. Kerr and staff were outstanding as usual. He could have thrown the book at me for my failure to adhere to my diet, but he was gracious and gave me words of encouragement. He also gave me tips to help me get back to where I need to be. I appreciate Dr. Kerr and staff. - R.I
Very pleasedGood explanations - A.S
Excellent staff and experience - M.A
Very good visit. Dr. Kerr listened to me and worked out a plan to try and help my situation with a follow up to see if it is working. - S.E
Dr Jeffrey Kerr is a extremely knowledgeable Physican who shares his wealth of information and experiences with his patients. Dr. Kerr has assisted me in lowering my A1c significantly during the past 2 years . He recommended I explore the utilization of an insulin pump. In following his thoughtful advice over the years it has truly been a game changer. I'm more than pleased with the medical services he and his medical assistant provides. I would recommend him highly to anyone with diabetes and especially if one is interested in leveraging technology to assist in the treatment of this chronic illness. - W.E
I did not know what the test would be like and was somewhat apprehensive. Andi, my nurse, was so nice and reassuring in this process. - B.C
I liked the overall experience. I have no complaints whatsoever. - M.E
Appreciate the quality of care and the way Dr. Kerr always explains everything to me. - V.B
I went in to have my thyroid checked and it went well w ease and all my questions were answered. - M.D
Excellent care all around! - P.F
I couldn’t be any more happy with dealings with Dr. Kerr and his staff. I had an urgent issue that concerned me greatly. Dr Kerr was very attentive, and really took the time to listen to me. I felt like he really wanted to find the cause of my issue as opposed to just addressing the symptoms. After getting some blood work done, he was prompt in reviewing the lab results and contacting me about what he found. He’s incredibly knowledgeable, and he was able to explain things to me in a way that made sense. I couldn’t be happier. - T.A
No complaints - B.S
Dr. Kerr took the time to listen to my concerns and answer all my questions - S.B
Always a good experience. - N.T
Everyone was very professional and friendly felt like all my questions were answered and I wasn’t being rushed out - L.M
Check-in was done quickly and efficiently. Wait time in waiting room was no more than 5 minutes. Nurse very pleasant, efficient and easy to talk to. The wait for Dr Kerr was no longer than between 5-10 minutes. My blood work was done a week before my appointment so we discussed resultst. I would definitely recommend Dr Kerr and staff. - F.F
Good - R.H
It was the best I have ever had. Dr. Kerr, spent a lot of time with me explaining some new technology and things that might help my Type -1 diabetes management. His student doctor was very nice and the nursing staff was very friendly and helpful. I will definetely recommend him and the staff. - J.P
Great office - A.S
very good - N.S
It is always a pleasure when I go to see Dr Kerr he is very patient. He staff is also the best - C.H
Everybody is so nice and professional. Dr. Kerr treats you as if you are his first and last patient of the day. He has a very good bedside manner, and he listens intently. - E.P
The office visit went very well. Dr. Kerr answered the questions I had and he was very professional. - R.R
Dr. Kerr is very perceptive, and listens to what patients have to say. Dr. Kerr is interested in total health of his patients. - S.T
Very good experience. Friendly staff and great doctors. - C.H
Good - J.F
I went to Dr. Kerrs office for a follow-up. The staff at the office were very friendly and helpful. Dr. Kerr is very helpful and can answer any questions I may have and gives good advise on how to make my condition better. He is a excellent Dr. Keep up the good work. Regards - J.S
Extremely thoughtful and diligent.Every question answered.Time and care took to make sure everything gone over was understood. - J.S
Great customer service in Dr. Kerr's office. The Staff is very professional. Dr. Kerr is an excellent Physician and listened to my questions. I would recommend him to Family and friends. - Linda Miskovich
I called on 9/21 with an issue and was called 9/22 to set up an appointment that afternoon. That was great!! - S.D
It's was a great visit - D.F
Very nice staff. All the people are wonderful but mrs. Andy is special. Dr kerr is excellent as well. I am very pleased with the whole visit. - C.L
Nice guy- shows appropriate concern. Generally a positive experience. - D.P
Dr Kerr spent a lot of time with me explaining my treatment plan. He goes the extra mile to help his patients understand where they are and where they can be with today's medicine. And last of all, he's brilliant. He knows his stuff and how to communicate vital information to his patient! - D.M
Dr. Kerr was very thorough in going over my lab results. He was very clear and I understood him. He answered all our questions and spent a reasonable amount of time going over my situation. - C.A
Clean office, nice staff, Dr. Kerr took time to listen to me and explain the changes he made in my pump. - M.S
Always appreciate the time and concern Dr. Kerr gives me. - T.G
Dr. Kerr is a very good doctor. He is patient and kind. He is very concerned about your health. - L.T
Dr. Kerr always takes time and explains things thoroughly and his nurse Andi is the greatest! - D.R
Very good dr and nurse and staff - P.J
Always treated with the up most respect. The staff at check in are so pleasant with me as a patient. Dr. Kerr's nurse Andi is wonderful very personal and understanding. Dr. Kerr is so very personal with me as a patient. He cares listens and talks to you. He answers your questions and wants to help his patients. He is a wonderful Doctor who cares about his patients. - L.B
Excellent - H.R
Good yearly visit. - Sandra S Cantliffe
great overall experience - S.S
I love my MD. He is so knowledgeable. - M.A
Quick and excellent service. - A.Y
Normal visit - I was handled courteously and efficiently. No complaints. - A.S
Couldn't have found a better dr. love Dr. kerr very patient and takes his time with his patients.Staff are great everyone are always so kind and nice and friendly. - J.S
Dr. Kerr has the utmost of personal & professional standards. - R.B
Thorough - V.P
Awesome Dr and one of the best medical facilities that I've been to. - J.P
Dr. Kerr took the time to listen and react. He also reviewed all of my health needs with me and to place an appointment with another non Eagle doctor. - J.P
Always very good in tha whole office - D.O
Dr. Kerr displayed exemplary listening skills and professional acumen. He has helped me on this trip and prior trips. I believe in him. - J.G
Everything went fine.The doctor promised to let me know about availability of a new wearable glucose meter, but I have not heard about it. - M.G
All was great - J.H
Dr. Kerr was very nice and patient and not in a hurry during the consultation . I found everyone to be interested in providing me with care. - S.S
very good thanks alot - M.E
Everything has been excellent so far and I really like the fact that Dr. Kerr takes time to listen to me. I know I have a lot going on medically. He is super! Thank you. - G.M
It was the same as always, short, pleasant and your lab technician was very curtious. Thank you, B.Beckner - B.B
From the moment I entered the office, until I left, all support staff were welcoming and caring. Dr. Kerr provided explanations of diagnosis and tests in easy to understand terms, which I greatly appreciated. - B.D
Doctor demeanor is great, not all giggly which I like. He's thorough. Staff is friendly and attentive. I'm never ticked off when visiting there. - B.S
Pleasant, informative, knowledgable. - S.F
Dr. Kerr takes his time with me explaining in detail,and gives me info on what I need to do to help myself. He seems to really care about his patients. - H.M
This was my first time to meet with Dr. Kerr and discuss my recent diagnosis. He really went out of his way to take time to carefully explain things to my wife and I. We were both very impressed. - S.B
I enjoy the treatment that Dr. Kerr provides. He listens and offers help where asked. He is also good at reviewing the data provided and is personable. - A.B
Everyone in the office is amazing. They are nice and courteous. The nurses are sensitive to my needs. Dr.Kerr really listens to me and I don't feel like I'm just another patient. He really takes his time. I don't feel like he is trying to rush to get to the next patient. He makes me feel like I'm his only patient. I love the way the entire office flows, from check in to checkout. - D.H
Dr Kerr was great about answering questions and also follow up questions on the portal later. - V.W
As normal the service and treatment was excellent. - Odis A Alexiou
Dr. Kerr always takes time to fully explain everything and I never feel rushed. He helps me understand and manage my diabetes better. Great experience with nurses and reception too. - J.E
Everyone was nice and accommodating. - C.T
Dr. Kerr and staff were very nice.They made you feel comfortable and listened to what you told them.I would recommend them. Keep up the fantastic work. - J.W
Dr. Kerr is the best doctor I have visited, he is caring and always looking for ways to help me improve my diabetes management. - J.M
This was a follow-up to discuss an elevated A1C result. I had religiously taken my blood sugar every morning and some times in-between, and Dr. Kerr informed me that my overall blood sugar rating re: to what I submitted was now 167. This reduction was very positive, but I still need to make a serious effort to keep in down in the 100's. change was made to my insulin(s), and I was pleased with that. - A.E
Dr. Kerr is one of the kindest doctors that I see. The staff are very kind everyone the very knowledgeable if I have questions. I feel very confident in the treatment I receive and look forward to my next visit. Thanks for being so kind. - T.B
I had a follow up appointment to radioactive iodine therapy. Dr. Kerr is very knowledgeable and takes the appropriate amount of time to answer questions and explain testing. I had to schedule the follow up in 5 months and that was very easy. Very happy the surgeon sent me to Dr. Kerr's practice. - P.G
Wonderful services, only I would like to receive my credit card receipt right after I pay, not at the end of my appointment, because sometimes if I have a late appointment the ladies aren't there, then they have to mail it to me.Thanks - I.H
Everyone was kind and helpful in all I had to do. - A.C
My visit with Dr Kerr is always a wonderful experience he is very patient and explains everything he is the best Dr I have ever seen - C.H
Everyone was very nice and professional i think the Lord that you all are working hard to find out What is going on with my body. Thank you for all you do. - L.C
Good - D.A
Good - J.F
Dr Kerr is very knowledgeable and professional. The only problem with this facility is getting someone to answer the phone on the main line or to return messages. This has happened to me when trying to schedule an appointment when I call in rather than when I am in the office. - P.M
Everything was fine, I just had to wait about 25 mins before going back. - R.S
Always a very pleasant experience visiting with the staff and Dr. Kerr. I always learn something new to improve my health with every visit. - J.A
Thyroid care consult. Results of my thyroid test thoroughly discussed. - Robert D Wade
Professional and informative. - E.R
Dr.Kerr is an excellent who cares about his patients. - J.B
Dr Kerr is always helpful in finding solutions to help with my diabetes - C.J
The visit was a very good experience. Everyone was really nice and polite. Dr. Kerr was very informative and answered any questions that I had. I have recommended Dr. Kerr to my friends and family and told them what a pleasant and informative visit I had. - Judy H White
Very friendly and thorough service - J.H
This was a very educational, professional attention to details visit. I was very impressed with the bed side mannor and want Dr. Kerr for my primary Doctor. THANK YOU!!!! - Michelle R Sparks
A very good physician he has a lot of patients very knowledgeable of the disease I have an a great person to converse with if the rating is 1 to 5 I would give him a five - M.H
Dr. Kerr was sympathetic to a current loss which has affected recent energy level. He answered my questions, gave me some options, and provided lab results. As always, he is very attentive and informative. - E.L
Dr. Kerr & his assistant Andi are so wonderful and are very caring. Dr. Kerr makes sure that you understand all of your meds and how they work. He takes time with you and talks to you he answers your questions and helps you in any way he can. Dr. Kerr is helping me to get my A1C Level down he has explained how this is and what I have to do and along with his help and guidance I am going to get my A1C back down. Andi is also wonderful in showing me how to give myself the insulin injections. I am so thankful that I have Dr. Kerr, Andi and the all the other staff that are there that help me. Thank you all. - L.B
My visit went well. The doctor reviewed my progress in a timely manner. He provideo additionally medical advice. - T.R
I went to Dr. Kerr for a yearly thyroid check. He was quite professional and nice. He was very competent as well. I could not ask for more than that. He displayed enormous empathy and I had complete confidence in him. - D.H
As always, I received a clear, supportive and thorough update on my hormone health. - C.M
Dr. Kerr is an outstanding physician. His assistant, Andie is so efficient and personable. The staff is always pleasant and helpful. We have referred family members and friends to Dr. Kerr. We trust him and feel his expertise in his field is a wonderful asset to the Greensboro area! - B.F
Very informative, Dr. Kerr explains everything to me good. - C.H
Dr. Kerr has been taking good care of me for years and what stands out most is his genuine compassion and caring concern for my overall health. He truly listens to my concerns and is very thorough in his explanation of his treatment plan for addressing them. Dr. Kerr is an outstanding physician and I trust him completely to manage my health concerns. - V.G
Consultation with Dr. Kerr - F.E
Very pleasant. On time. Thorough. Spent adequate time with me. I did not feel rushed in any way. - R.W
As always Dr. Kerr and his nurse make my visit a pleasurable experience. Dr. Kerr is very good to take time with me and ask for any questions I have. - K.M
Dr. Kerr is an excellent physician. I know a little more about medicine than the average patient and I never feelthat he is dumbing things down or glossing over serious matters. He has gone out of his way to give me all theanswers to all my many questions. - E.S
This my first visit to Dr Kerr (or any endocrinologist) and he was very informative, answered all my questions and I feel confident that my healthcare needs will be addressed going forward. - R.B
Very short wait time. Excellent experience. - A.Y
Very thorough, pleasant experience as usual. Dr. Kerr discusses blood work results, why, if any, changes in meds, etc. He puts the patient at ease and has compassion (often missing with other physicians). Very pleased. - R.M
Dr Kerr was and always has been very clear that my health comes first. He takes time to answer all my questions and never seems rushed. - D.F
Very good. - T.S
Vist very good reviewed all blood test including current A1c. Dr Kerr provided me with information and direction to continue with my goal to maintain an A1c of less than 7. Good Visit. - Millard O Sloan
Dr Kerr is always Pleasant and good to answer any questions. I appreciate him doing extra research to see why I am having certain issues. - K.L
I felt my experience was excellent. I've been having issues with my durable goods medical provided and Dr. Kerr and Andi have went above and beyond trying to help me get things fixed. - B.W
I went to Dr. Kerr for a second opinion on some health issues. He was patient and kind, not rushed. He was caring and took time to ensure my questions were answered and that I understood everything we discussed. He was very knowledgeable and eager to provide handouts for future reference to me as well. I wish he could be my PCP! We need more Dr. Kerrs in this world - K.B
I was checked in a seen quickly. Dr Kerr and his nurses were efficient, and answered all my questions. I was pleased with the appointment. - E.K
Dr. Kerr is very thorough and listens with care. He genuinely has an interest in my personal care plan. He doesn't force his opinion and allows me an opportunity help determine what is best for me. This is what I need in a physician. - E.A
regular office check-up to monitor my diabetes - D.W
Wonderful as always, was in at my appointment time. Andy was awesome and Dr Kerr was amazing as he always is, answered all my questions and even gave me a hand out on a diet that I have been on for the past two weeks and have lot 9 lbs - C.P
I appreciate Dr. Kerr's approach and the time he dedicates to understanding and addressing my concerns. He never rushes and explains things very clearly. - N.T
Everything was as expected. Very professional, clean and helpful. - J.H
Dr. Kerr and his staff are always bery good. - Alfred J Orlup
Very thorough. He was on time and I did not have any issues. Was a 3 month diabetes check up. - K.H
Excellent - J.P
I am extremely pleased with my visit. Dr. Kerr is always very helpful and understanding of my concerns. I even had the wrong date in my planner and the staff got me worked in. - L.P
Dr. Kerr and his staff, especially Andi, are always attentive, kind, courteous, caring. - J.H
This was my first visit to see Dr. Kerr and I was pleasantly surprised at how well I was treated! Dr. Kerr took time to discuss my health issues and gave thorough explanations to any questions I had. Dr. Kerr is a great Dr.! - P.C
very good - M.E
Dr. Kerr is a wonderful physician. He always treats me with the utmost courtesy and respect. He is very knowledgeable yet approachable and easy to talk to. I am very pleased with him as my Diabetic specialist. - R.C
A very pleasant experience as always. They are most helpful and attentive to your needs. - Malloy Gayla L
Dr Kerr asked and received detailed information regarding data sent to him from Dr Polite. He described possible treatment for my condition and set up appointments for ultra sound and possible radiation treatment. - S.G
review of sugar glucose activity. Very satisfactory experience with doctor as always. - S.M
Dr. Kerr is a wonderful man! His nurse is great too!!! I love both of them. - M.D
As always, Dr. Kerr and his staff are top notch. I've been at this practice for some time and have no plans of switching doctors. Dr. Kerr is very thorough and makes sure he takes the time to go over any questions or concerns you might have. I would highly recommend him and his office to anyone looking for a great endocrinologist. - R.T
Everyone is very courteous from check in to check out,making this a pleasant experience.Dr.KERR'S nurse,Andi,is prompt and answers any and all questions,I may her dearly.Dr.Kerr,too is prompt and gives suggestions and offers solutions,to inhance my treatment.We have just the best trust in each other to get me my best care possible.I would like to thank all,who supports this team from the bottom of my heart....just the very best... - C.J
excellent is all I can say!Wonderful Doctor, wonderful staff - F.P
Very well organized and friendly giving information on my health in a way that was easy to comprehend and understand I had an excellent visit - R.W
I felt that Dr. Kerr did not rush me and we made a good game plan to determine any issues. He asked me a lot of questions and we discussed possible options. I felt that he was genuinely concerned about my health. - T.D
Dr. Kerr is a very compassionate and skilled provider. he takes time to answer all my questions and explains things thoroughly to me - B.S
It was very good as usual. My A1C is dropping and we are getting my BG under control. Dr. Kerr does a very good job.Regards - J.S
It was good Dr Kerr is very thorough and has helped me get control of my diabetes. Also the staff is friendly and helpful. Overall very good visit. - T.S
Great and got great service. - D.B
Dr. Kerr has a great bedside manner, and he has me convinced that he cares about me. - E.P
Excellent Dr Kerr is very kind and extremely patient answers all your questions does not rush you - C.H
Beneficial - J.J
Doctor Kerr listen with much patience and concern with problems I'm having . He's very knowledgeable and helpful. Would recommend him to anyone . - C.A
Dr. Kerr continues quality care and empathy for me. My whole life has changed under his care. I have a second lease on life. He encourages me and lays out a plan of care each time I see him. He is kind and extremely intelligent. I am so blessed to be Dr. Kerr' patient - D.D
Excellent. Dr Kerr is always so helpful. - W.H
I had a very good discussion with Dr. Kerr. He explained my condition and the results of my body scan thoroughly and answered all questions that my wife and I had. We both felt very comfortable and happy with his attention to detail. - Charles Allred
Great! - D.G
Great care by doc kerr and all the office staff. - W.S
Dr. KerrIs Confident, Empathic,Personal, Respectful,Forthright, and compassionate. - M.B
Everyone did an excellent job! Dr. Kerr took his time and addressed all our concerns and answered all our questions. I couldn't have asked for anything or anyone better. Thank you. - M.B
Very professional staff, and friendly and compassionate. - S.P
This was a follow up examination for my diabetes II with a blood sampling for A1C (7.1) and sugar level (160). Both values were higher (as anticipated) than the previous examination three months earlier, possibly as a result of cessation of Invokanna a couple of months earlier. Invokanna was creating some excessive urination and incontinence issues. Dr. Kerr has prescribed a new (or different) medication, which apparently is not quite as active in the bladder department, and I am beginning that medication and will report my progress to Dr. Kerr at my next scheduled exam. - John Anderson
Had a regular visit to monitor my sugar readings and symptoms. - Odis A Alexiou
Dr. Kerr is very professional. He listen to what you have to say and answers all of your questions. He takes time to answer all of your concerns. My visit was very pleasant. - L.T
It's always a good visit when I see Dr Kerr. He's knowledgeable of my case and my illness. Dr Kerr is a great teacher as he helps me understand my diagnosis, prevention from worsening, and the treatment plan. - T.H
Dr. Kerr addressed my issues and helped me understand more clearly what I needed, he listened, answered questions and spent more time with me than any other doctor. I'm very happy with my experience! - K.H
Good experience overall. Dr Kerr was pleasant and communicated well. - K.C
Very pleased with Dr. Kerr as well as support staff. Very kindly worked with me when I was late for my appointment. - R.M
Although a routine appointment, Dr Kerr was attentive to needs and discussed changes to regimen with me. - W.T
I was very satisfied with Dr Kerr..treatment and staff..very pleasant experience. - B.S
I was very pleased with my initial visit with Dr. Kerr. - M.C
This was a yearly checkup for adrenal adenoma. Office staff and Dr. Kerr were very welcoming and friendly. - N.J
The entire staff was excellent; from check-in, the nurse, Dr. Kerr and check-out could not have been any better. Dr. Kerr is especially good because he gives me plenty of time to talk things over; he is definitely not one of the type of doctors who has his hand on the door knob during my visit!!! - Louis E Tatarski
Very professional, friendly and short wait time. - A.Y
Dr. Kerr was wonderful. He actually listed to me and made some great recommendations. I finally feel like I have found a physician that cares. - A.Z
My experience with Dr Kerr was excellent. He seemed very interested in my well being. He was very patient with me. He didn't hesitate to answer any questions I had. He was and always has been a pleasure to have as my health provider. He makes me feel as though he wants to answer any question that I have no matter how simple. I feel as though he listens to me. I feel blessed to have him as my doctor!!! - D.G
Very professional - L.H
Dr Kerr has been my Endocrinologist for several years now and I have nothing but praise for him as my doctor. He became my Endo once my primary care doctor and I felt it was time for a specialist for my Type II Diabetes. He has provided great advise not only on how to better control my diabetes but also provided answers to all my questions about the disease and the drugs prescribed. My wife and I are moving to Colorado next month and I hope to find an Endocrinologist as great as Dr Kerr. - R.C
The staff and Dr Kerr are Great . I love this place its fast and He listens and also explains treatment options. - M.R
Dr. Kerr was very polite, patient, and explained everything in detail to me. I feel comfortable knowing that he is taking care of me!! - N.B
My appointment was held on time. All personnel were very personable. This was exactly as a patient would want any appointment to go. - E.S
It was good - W.A
This was my first visit with Dr. Kerr. He was very helpful and took time with me. Because I was having low sugars during bedtime, he changed my taking insulin from bedtime to morning. This has stopped my sugar dropping at night. I don't know why I did not see him years ago, Thank you, Dr. Kerr. - E.S
I really like him and his staff. They are very caring. Dr. Kerr explains everything to me. - Mary Snyder
All good - G.T
Very good informative and to the point. Answered my question and suggested ways to improve my diabetes numbers. - Millard O Sloan
I was treated promptly and with much courtesy. Dr. Kerr is interested (and very knowledgeable) in many aspects of my health; and not just his area of treatment. I am impressed with his wide range of knowledge about me and my health personally and his willingness to take time to discuss other issues besides osteoporosis --eg my high cholesterol. I felt at ease, and not rushed. I appreciate him and his care. - L.V
Very good - E.L
Awesome! Easy in and easy out! Dr. Kerr is great! - Martha Brady
I always have a great experience with Dr. Kerr. He listens and responds appropriately to all of my questions and concerns. - N.T
Dr. Kerr was sensitive to my needs and took as much time as necessary to answer all of my questions. - W.W
As always my experience with Dr. Kerr and his staff was wonderful. He is very attentive and dedicated to my overall care. - W.D
Follow-up for Diabetes Care - R.B
Checked in by Andie. Saw Dr. Kerr shortly thereafter. Prescribed my care based on my current A1c. Through exam and discussion of my concerns. Follow up appointment made by Jennifer. This practice is AWESOME!! All professional and genuinely concerned about me and my health. It ain't broke, so leave it alone cause there is nothing to fix. - L.B
Dr Kerr and his staff are always welcoming, very caring and personable, knowledgable - J.H
He went over my medications and checked my weight loss and listened to my breathing. He had a good bedside manner. - M.P
Dr Kerr is always a pleasure to visit. He diagnosed my Graves' disease and offered several treatment options. My first dr only offered to kill my thyroid which was not an option to me. Two years with Dr Kerr and I am off meds and in remission! Much better option in my opinion. I'm not one to take pills. I would highly recommend him. - T.S
It was a good experience. Annual thyroid check. All in order. We had a chance to talk and socialize for awhile so that was pleasant. Great Doctor. - Helene Dovick Patterson
Good experience. Checked weight,blood pressure, feet,blood sugar readings and adjusted dosage of insulin,and reviewed recommendations for treat of osteoporosis. Made referral for osteoporosis physical therapy program. - P.G
I had a great experience with Andy the nurse a well as Dr. Kerr. Both are always prompt and efficient. I never have to wait for a long period of time. They are very friendly and professional. We need more like them.I have other doctors I go to at eagles and service is not as prompt. - C.C
Appreciate the time Dr Kerr spends with me. It is nice to be able to speak with him without feeling that he is rushing to his next patient. - K.R
Very good, informative, the kind of visit that you hope for from your provider. - W.E
Check in was exactly on time. The wait in the exam room was a little long. My visit with Dr.Kerr was good. - B.R
very good, no problems - O.A
Took time to listen and has a Great bedside manner - R.C
Good as always. - R.K
Dr Kerr is great. He is thorough and doesn't rush through your appointment. His nurse, Andi, is equally professional and courteous. This office is run exceptionally well which is very important to me as a patient. I am impresses with how well it is run given things I've encountered at other offices. - S.R
I had a very successful review of my diabetic condition with Dr. Kerr. I do not like the patient portal and request a copy of my visit be mailed to me at my home address. - M.S
As usual, Dr. Kerr was very thorough and very encouraging. He answered my questions and gave me the attention I needed without making me feel like he was in a hurry to get rid of me as some doctors do. He acted like he was proud of my success in keeping my HbA1C down, and for my small weight loss. I am quite satisfied with him as my Endocrinologist. - P.M
Very good - P.J
Dr. Jeffrey Kerr is a very thorough and knowledgeable doctor. He took time to listen to and answer all my questions. Unlike some of my other doctors, he made me feel like an active participant in the treatment process in that he listened to my concerns about various medications and my body's reaction to those medications. I feel confident being under his care. I feel confident also that he will strive to come up with the best plan of treatment for my medical needs. - E.G
I arrived a few minutes late because I went to the wrong address (looked it up on google, which has wrong data) so I was very tense - I hate to be late. the Doctor's assistant was so good, helping me calm down and cheer up. Dr. Kerr came in after a very short wait and addressed all my questions. He is caring, professional, and so knowledgeable about diabetes and its effects. - M.B
Very pleased with my recent visit to Dr. Kerr. I appreciate the time he gives in explaining treatment and any questions or concerns I have - Karen A Patton
Over all it is good as usual. Dr. Kerr and his staff are always polite and helpful. Dr. Kerr has answers to my questions when asked.My job requires me to work out of town so they can usually fit me in to accommodate my schedule. - J.S
I feel like a new woman since Dr. Kerr has been taking care of me. He has changed my meds 3 times and I really feel so much better. I have no Thyroid and have suffered for 15 years. this is the best I have felt since 2001. I have such confidence in Dr. Kerr and all concerned with my health. Everyone I have met at the medical ctr. has very much impressed me with their care , concern ,attitude and just plain down to earth niceness. Danville VA. does not have an endocrinologist and I was delighted to find Dr. Kerr and that he would take me as a patient. I have left his card with other offices and hope people who need help will seek him out. Thanks for being there and for a new lease on life. - Abigale A Eisenberg
I get the best Care from Dr Kerr and the nurse. Thanks for the great year. - W.S
Great! Dr. Kerr is always very thorough. - J.E
My experience with Dr Kerr is always a wonderful experience he is kind and very patient explains everything and never rushes you and the office is also very polite - Celia A Hassaan
Dr. Jeffrey Kerr is an excellent physician: professional, knowledgeable, and patient. So lucky to have him as an endocrinologist. He's absolutely the very best! - M.B
Excellent in every way! - W.L
A very nice vist - G.M
This was my first visit with your office. Everyone was very nice, professional. Dr. Kerr is thorough. I never felt rushed. He answered all of my questions. I like having a contact person (Andi) for Dr. Kerr. Makes things much more personal. I am very pleased with my care. - K.D
Dr Kerr is a caring Doctor and he answer any questions you ask him - P.C
Dr.Kerr is a very good doxtor. He takes his time and listen to you. He is easy to talk to. - J.P
Pleasant personal conversation - M.G
Everyone was very professional. Everyone treated me with respect - E.W
All my experiences with Dr Kerr have been excellent. He has one of the best "patient manners" of any doctor I have ever had.! - William H Taylor Jr
Dr. Kerr was very personable and kind. After review of my history he resolved the problem. I would recommend him highly. - S.S
Dr Kerr is a very good Dr. He takes his time and answers all questions. He gives advice on how to improve my health if my numbers aren't as good as they should. - D.A
Dr J Kerr is very professional and detailed when it comes to my health. He explains the information so I understand any conditions, test results and medications so I understand. He never rushes his appointments. I am happy he is my physician. - A.W
it went as expected - G.M
Great! Just waiting to get my new pump! - E.W
Dr. Kerr has helped to make my ideal thyroid dose levels very clear, especially with my changing state in pregnancy. Probably one of the easiest experiences I've had with an endocrinologist, and I've been dealing with hypothyroidism for 17 years. I feel like I better understand my condition, my ideal level goals, and just plain feel better now, too. Thanks, Dr. Kerr! - M.T
very good with staff and excellent with Dr Kerr - C.A
I enjoy Dr.Kerr, very understanding and willing to change for improvement on my part...Thanks - C.J
I got the help I needed - William E Sieck
As always I have a wonderful experience with Dr. Kerr, he always takes the time to listen to any issues I have and responds with a solution. - K.M
I had a very good visit,everyone was very polite,friendly,and helpful. - T.S
3 month check up - B.W
I enjoyed meeting Dr. Kerr and appreciated his thorough review of my condition. His attentiveness made me feel very comfortable with him. - Charles Allred
The office is clean. All of the staff is nice. I was seen in a timely manner. Dr. Kerr is professional. He explained everything to me and answered all my questions in a way that I could understand. :) - Mary Snyder
Dr. Kerr provided a detailed and thorough review of my medical history and assisted me in receiving a prescription to improve my medical situation. I really appreciate his professionalism. - J.S
I had an excellent appointment with Dr Kerr, he was very thorough, reviewed lab work and medications. We discussed my current diet and he made recommendations and gave me information about the diabetes prevention program. - L.A
Very good visit. Started new drug and it is doing good. - E.L
6 month follow up, diabetes care. - M.K
Very helpful, informative and supportive. - J.B
Excellent, Dr Kerr is very professional. He is through and describes health care plan in a way that is very understandable. He provides detail literature to use as a resource and take home. - A.W
I saw Dr. Kerr for follow up of changes made to my Insulin pump parameters. He is always very informative, and listens attentively. He keeps up with all the new treatments and studies. I leave feeling that I Have a plan to get well. The staff is always friendly and helpful. - B.Small
All employees very helpful and friendly. All on time, doctor very friendly, professional and caring. Thank you - E.W
It is always a very good experience when I see Dr. Kerr, he is very professional and helps me keep my diabetes under control. Andi always is very friendly and always takes care of any of my needs in a timely manner. She is excellent !!! - L.T
My visit with Dr. Kerr was very pleasant and informative. He is an excellent provider and always stays current with medical advances and treatments. He thoroughly explains things and addresses all questions and concerns - N.T
3 month visit for diabetes. Dr Kerr was very thorough. - Isabelle A Kane
Wonderful as always! He truly cares about his patients. I've never had another MD spend so much time with me. - S.L
Three month Diabetes Care - Robert Barr
Dr. Kerr is a wonderful physician. He truly cares about his patients and spends quality time talking to them. I only see him once a year for a routine follow-up but he always seems interested in finding out how my family and I are doing while also following up on my condition. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for an endocrinologist. - B.M
As usual, he was very direct and helpful in answering all of my questions concerning my blood work. - V.B
As always, Dr J. Kerr is phenomenal!! - H.F
Dr Kerr knows his stuff and is excellant bedside manner and stays on top of all the new technology - W.S
Excellent and thorough - C.W
excellent!Dr. Kerr and the staff at Eagle are professional, efficient.They always treat me with respect and answer my questions. - P.F
Dr Kerr is a great doctor. He is very attentive to my needs and concerns. Whenever he change my medicine he always explain why and how this medicine works. Sherice - S.F
A good Dictor in whom I have great confidense - M.M
It was fine. Dr. Kerr was courteous, didn't waste my time, and explained everything. I like that. - Z.H
excellent, - L.M
As usual, Dr. Kerr showed a lot of empathy for me. I am facing gastric sleeve surgery after a five year battle with breast cancer. He has already been able to cut my original insulin dose from 300 units a day down to 120 units per day. I consider him as a lifesaver for me. He has agreed to continue my care post surgery. I think he recognized that I was depressed because he kept questioning me on how I was doing. He is one of the best MDs I have ever seen. I am fortunate he accepted me to his practice. - D.D
Staff was courteous. Did not have to wait long too see the doctor. - P.M
Very impressed with Dr. Kerr. He gave me plenty of time and advice to address my situation. Calmed my fears about being on insulin. He walked me through giving myself my first insulin injection and was very patient in giving me advice and information going forward. - K.P
Visit was good. - A.S
Very good. On time and efficient. - D.I
Staff friendly, I didn't have to wait more than 10 minutes. The doctor visit was thorough and he addressed my questions. - R.P
Very informative. Rapport was excellent. Relaxed and unhurried. He asked me twice if I had any more questions about an upcoming procedure. Excellent. - D.C
It was good. Dr. Kerr is very thorough. - J.Sparks
Follow up after leaving hospital with DKA. Dr. Kerr answered all my questions and helped me update the basal rates on my pump. - T.S
I get the best Care from Dr ker - W.S
I had a unique experience that day. I had left my house in plenty of time, but there was a wreck on North Church Street which caused me to run behind. I called the office at 8:40 (the actual time of my appointment) to let them know about it, and they were great about it. I got there at 8:50, and everybody was so nice. Dr. Kerr has a great bedside manner. I am convinced that he cares about my health and well-being. I am very pleased with Dr. Kerr! - E.P
Dr Kerr was clear and compassionate. He provided pamphlets to review - A.W
I always have a pleasant experience with the entire staff. Thanks - M.E
Wonderful you can not ask for a better Doctor then Dr Kerr he is kind and patient never rushes you listened to everything you have to say and also answers all your questions - C.H
The visit was as always very professional. Dr Kerr answer all my questions. - L.L
Very Good and informative. - M.B
I was very well pleased with the treatment I received everone was vey pleasant and I could not be morepleased - R.H
Very pleased with Doctor Kerr and the effeciency of his office. Nurse that gave me a shot was wonderful - B.W
I have always had a positive experience. The office staff is consistently pleasant and helpful. Dr. Kerror is great & I have The upmost Respect for him. I am fortunate to be under such good care. - C.C
Normal six-month check up. Checked vitals and asked health-related questions. Answered my questions relative to comparisons with prior check-up results. Very timely and satisfactory experience. - P.M
Dr Kerr is thorough. Dr Kerr communicates effectively. He listens well and is not hurried to conclude the appointment. - K.C
Very thorough. - V.P
Dr Kerr is an excellent physician - he takes the time to ask questions, listen, think things through, and explain the options to me. While I'd like to say that's been my experience with all doctors in the past, unfortunately, most are all too quick to make snap judgements without truly listening or understanding how the condition effects my day-to-day life. Dr Kerr, on the other hand, is very thoughtful and thorough and I highly recommend him if you're in need of an endocrinologist who will take the time to actually help you feel better! - W.M
Excellent treatment. He was very clear and engaging when guestioning me and then when explaining the cause of my symptoms and possible treatments. He repeatly asked me if I had any questions. This is a good thing to do as many of us go to the doctor intending to ask questions and then forgetting.Dr. Kerr's assistant was great, too. - M.K
This was a regular follow-up visit to check progress with diabetes management. - W.H
From check-in to check-out, everyone is very professional and friendly. Dr. Kerr is patient, kind, and knowledgeable. BTW, it took me awhile to figure out how to spell that word :) I'd highly recommend him and staff! - T.H
Dr Kerr is through and knowledgeable of the problems I have. He took the time to explain things to me and it was much appreciated. Because of dr. Kerr I have a better understanding of what I need to do to treat my problems. - A.C
Very thorough with information. Listened to my concerns. - T.B
Outstanding! Knowledgeable, up-to-date research, listens. - E.W
Top notch--first class! - P.B
very good - N.S
I was very happy with my visit. Everyone was very helpful and kind. - G.E
It was a good experience as always. Dr. Kerr always takes the time to answer questions and tell you about your test results and his goals for you. - S.C
Dr. Kerr is always really kind and helpful. - R.S
Very short visit. - D.P
The office is well organized, resulting in very little wait time. Dr. Kerr was very knowledgeable on my Medicare coverage so he was able to prescribe my Rx needs with the least cost and most convenience for me. - M.B
I was referred to Dr. Kerr because of an overactive thyroid issue. When I arrived for my appointment, the staff at the front-desk was very friendly and helpful along with the nurses who attended to me in the exam room before Dr. Kerr arrived. Dr. Kerr was friendly and very thorough hearing about my past health issues. The course of action for my thyroid issue presented by Dr. Kerr was very detailed and something that I could understand. After I had an ultrasound of my thyroid a week later, Dr. Kerr called me at home to discuss the findings and detailed what actions needed to be taken. He was very assuring and I understand what we’re looking at as far as treatment and getting the thyroid back to functioning correctly again.I look forward to my follow-up visit. I feel very comfortable in knowing that I am in good hands with this medical staff and Dr. Kerr!! - K.C
It was GREAT !!!!! - R.H
Excellent as always. - R.N
Everyone from the front desk to the physician were great, very professional and friendly. Love coming to this office. - S.B
grade A - D.S
It was really nice I felt secure and I feEl I will get the help I need. - S.O
Very pleased with Dr. Kerr. Very personable and takes the time to listen to me. - V.P
Wait time was less than 10 minutes from the time I entered the office and was escorted by the nurse to an examination room. The wait was somewhat longer before Dr. Kerr entered. He answered all my questions. I was in and out of the office in less than an hour. - J.C
This was a 6 month follow up visit. Dr. Kerr reviewed my A1C results and the daily blood glucose readings that I had provided. he also inspected my feet and asked how I felt I was doing. I thought he was attentive to my thoughts and thorough in his examination. - J.S
Dr. Kerr is excellent in every way. Prompt, listens to my concerns, answers my questions and suggests the best course of action for my medical issues. - L.B
I enjoyed my visit with Dr. Kerr and feels that he always provides a thorough examination, explanation of treatment plan and addresses all of my quest and concerns. - N.T
A very professional check in. The visit with Dr Kerr was routine. He is a very good doctor and will listen to what you have to say. That to me is very important. My over all visit was very good. - S.C
Dr. Kerr is excellent, he gives quality care from his expertise in Diabetes of all kinds and stages. He takes the time to listen to each patient and answer their questions in terms they can understand. - J.H
While having problems reaching my A1C goal, Dr. Kerr is working with me to modify meds and achieve the desired result. - N.P
Dr Kerr's nurse was very professional & also very warm/welcoming. She went over my medical records with me carefully. Dr Kerr was very thorough in that he listened to what I had to say & was understanding to my reason in seeing him. He took a lot of time talking, analyzing & explaining about my medical issue & medication. - V.M
Friendly, respectful of me as a patient and answered all my questions. Personally called me when a health issue arose. - L.M
Excellent experience. - W.H
Pleasant experience. Explanation easy to understand. Referred to Moses Cone for further treatment. - Janet E Rainey
Dr. Kerr was very informative about any thyroid problem I may have. - P.M
I was very pleased with my most recent visit to Dr. Kerr's office. The waiting area was clean and comfortable and my wait time was short. The office staff was friendly and helpful as always , and extremely accommodating in appointment scheduling. Dr. Kerr spent plenty of time with me , thoroughly discussing my condition as well as a plan of treatment. He was a very caring doctor and showed genuine concern for me as his patient. I was very pleased with my treatment results and would recommend him to my friends and family members. - S.G
Very professional and complete service - R.B
Reviewed Diabetes readings and discussed changing insulin, which we did, also agreed to let Dr. Kerr know by Monday how the new insulin is working to make sure it was not causing low sugars. He went into details explaining how the new insulin & pen worked. - Della L Steele
I find Dr Kerr to be patient and thoughtful. I feel extremely comfortable with him and he takes the time to explain any issues or questions I may have. I definitely feel that he gives me total attention during my visit. - M.R
Incredible! I cannot remember the last time a physician spent this much time with me...and I'm a nurse! I did have to wait 4 months to see him as a new patient, but I would do it again in a heartbeat! - S.L
Dr Kerr took the time to ask about any issues or questions and gave me information about a new pump. He always takes the time to address any concerns or answer questions. - Alan Dvoskin
Very positive. Dr. Kerr took plenty of time with me, answering all my questions and volunteering lots of information on various topics related to diabetes research. I travel from Ft Lauderdale, FL for my appointments because of Dr. Kerr. - J.P
Everyone was polite and the wait time was not long. Dr. Kerr answered all my questions and concerns. I was in and out within an hour. - C.S
Good visit. - E.L
The check-in process was very easy. My wait to be called back for the doctor was minimal. The nurse took my vitals and then I waited for a few minutes for the doctor. Dr. Kerr took his time with me. He was very thorough. We talked about different options with regards to one of my conditions and he was able to recommend a community program and provide me with associated literature. He then walked me to the desk where I had to make my next appointment (and get the literature) and shook my hand and said good-bye. I made my appointment and then went to wait to have blood taken. This was my longest wait. The person taking my blood was very professional and highly skilled (most people find it difficult taking my blood). I then paid and checked out. I was in and out in a timely manner. - J.S
Everyone treated me with the up most respect, I left feeling as if I really mattered this is what I've needed to feel from my Dr. in the pass I know my health truly means something to this practice Thank you so much for that if nothing else - S.G
I got there 15 min, or more, early and there was no waiting time. I was called back to get weighed and went to a room in the back and Dr. Kerr's nurse took blood pressure and pulse, she talked to me and ask if it would be o.k. with me if a student could come in and talk to me and be in with Dr. Kerr, I did allow that to happen. The room was cold to me but it could be because I have this thyroid problem, but then I talked to other people there and they were cold too. The visit with the student was very nice and when Dr. Kerr got in the room he filled him in with everything that I said, it was a three way conversation, but the student nurse did most of my talking.Then Dr. Kerr ordered up Blood work, an EKG, a Bone Density test. We found out that I was low on potassium, and another test after potassium pills and 3 weeks later, and a blood test my potassium is normal, I will be staying in the pills.and my Thyroid is good for now and I found out I have no Goiters in my throat, after twenty five years of believing I had this problem. Thank you for the sonogram. I have another appointment with Dr. Kerr in December, he is my Thyroid Dr. I have no issues at all and I am changing my Primary Dr. next week, I have an appointment with one of the Dr.s in the complex and am excited about it. I want all my Dr.s there. I am well satisfied. - Robin N Hanson
Dr. Kerr is a very professional individual. He takes the time to listen to you and your concerns. He gives his professional advise to help you reach your goal. - Laura Torain
It went very well. My A1C improved and Dr Kerr asked me how it could get better and went over typical Doctor questions. It was a very good visit. - A.G
Experience was good. - V.W
Very satisfied. - M.B
I was and am very satisfied with the visit with Dr. Kerr. He answered all my questions and is very personable and informed with my diabetes. This is my first visit with anyone about diabetes and I will be back. - D.B
I have always respected Dr. Kerr and trust him totally with my health care and issues. I have been his patient for 14 years total. Thank you, Betsy Beckner - B.B
This was probably the best visit I have had with Dr. Kerr. He is such a very nice, educated and knowledgeable doctor. I like a doctor who is warm and I have felt that Dr. Kerr has always been a little "stiff" but not this time - not sure what changed, but this time he was very, very warm, friendly, joked and even SMILED for the first time - I will continue seeing Dr. Kerr and even would before this appointment but for sure, this appointment was soooooo much better. Interestingly enough, I recently learned my best friend sees him too for thyroid issues and she felt the same way as I did. I told her about my visit and she was genuinely surprised and pleased. - C.W
All my concerns were answered. - J.R
Wonderful - M.F
Exceeded my expectation - K.S
Dr. Kerr works with me to figure out the best treatment, he encourages me to do better concerning my health. - I.H
Saw Dr. Kerr for med check & check on how I'm doing. Staff were all nice and efficient. Dr. Kerr was concerned with how I was doing and took time to listen. I trust him and his staff. - S.P
Taken back to room. Nurse was good. Had a longer wait than normal. Talked with Dr. Kerr. Very polite doctor. The experience to my satisfaction. - A.S
It is a pleasure to go see Dr Kerr he is very kind and takes his time with you and explains everything there is no rush his staff is excellent also I would recommend him to any one - Celia A Hassaan
Everyone was professional and friendly. - D.B
Routine physical with review of glucose control and thyroid Rx. Very satisfied with exchange of information. - Margaret J Simone
Very great treatment - W.B
Experience was good. - A.S
Dr. Kerr is always very personable and answers my questions. I had no treatment as a result of this visit. - E.L
Diabeties check up. everything went as expected, wait not bad at all, lab gal was a good shot taking blood. - C.W
My twice a year visit was as expected...excellent. Easy parking on top of the deck. Easy walk to office. Pleasant check in. Short wait. Dr. Kerr is terrific. His assistant, Andie, is kind and understanding. Truly an excellent visit. One hiccup: trying to access my online patient portal. I feel very protective of my medical information and understand that the practice has shortened the amount of time that a password will work to help protect my medical information. But now I will have to call the try to access my numbers for the insurance company. Argh. Otherwise, thanks, everybody! - M.B
Dr. Kerr is the finest doctor, we love him - G.C
Dr. Kerr always provides a thorough explanation of test results and explores treatment options with me. I trust his judgement and believe he is concerned with not just my medical condition but with my overall life. I feel fortunate to have found a great endocrinologist! - D.W
For my condition, everything done during my visit was superior. Dr. Kerr is outstanding in evaluating my current condition and explaining what he has found. He explains the results of my blood work and how they relate to my long term physical condition. The nursing staff was very efficient and caring. Everything about my visit exceeded my expectations and I thank everyone for their kindness and consideration. - C.A
Dr. Kerr is an outstanding physician, who I recommend enthusiastically. - L.M
Very good experience. Very pleased with Dr Kerr and the rest of the staff. - A.P
Dr. Kerr was nice as always. - R.S
I arrived at the office for my appointment early. I checked in at the desk and was instructed to go to the lab to have my finger pricked and then to the waiting area where I sat for about 5 minutes. Dr. Kerr's nurse escorted me to the treatment room where she was very professional and friendly and asked me the usual medical questions and then took my vitals. Dr. Kerr came in a few minutes after the nurse left. He was very professional and personable. We discussed the reason for my visit and what I have been doing since my last visit in regards to my condition. He was pleased with my progress and said he would see me in June. I felt that it was a very good visit and Dr. Kerr was attentive as always and addressed the concerns that I had. He and his staff are very efficient and informative. - .H
I love seeing Dr Kerr. He takes the time to LISTEN to me as well as to explain my medical information to me. - F.H
The experience at Eagle @ Tannenbaum was excellent. Time spent with medical student and Dr. Kerr also was excellent. - Taylor Jr William H
This was a semiannual checkup. As usual Dr. Kerr was thorough in reviewing my Blood glucose readings for the previous six months my latest A1C result and his physical examination. We discussed the results and the medications that I was taking. Dr. Kerr indicated that he was happy with my progress and said to continue my present course of treatment. - John H Sees
My Visit with Dr.Kerr and his nurse Andy are always a pleasure to attend. They have both been so helpful in maintaining my diabetes. I look forward to my next visit in June with them. - .Hoffman
Under Dr. Kerr's care I have finally gotten my Type2 Diabetes under control. He is very knowledgeable in his field. - Lynda N Purvis
Always appreciate the kindness of all I come in contact with when I go and visit Dr. Kerr. - .B
Follow up with Dr. Kerr was, as usual, excellent. Have been very pleased with his treatment, knowledge and proficiency in addition to his obvious devotion to patient satisfaction. My wife and I both see Dr. Kerr for different conditions within his specialty and will continue to do so. - .P
I have always had a great experience with Dr. Kerr. Before coming to him I went to another endocrinologist and each time my wait was at least 3 hours. With Dr. Kerr I feel I am treated with respect and that my time is valuable to him also. I am never made to wait very long. He is always clear and concise as to my treatment plan and always answers any questions I have. I never feel rushed or that he does not have time to completely discuss my condition. This is something I greatly appreciate. - .M
I always have great visits here! All of the staff are very kind and are very willing to assist any need that I have! I love coming here! - .A
Each appointment that I have with Dr. Kerr takes me closer to the management of my diabetes. It amazes me how knowledgable he is and how easily he explains treatment options to me. Last year I was going to another endocrinologist and learning very little about my disease. On my first visit with Dr. Kerr, he evaluated my medicines and explained to me how some of my over the counter medications were in reality raising my blood sugars. Wow, was I blown away. What the other physician had said was ok to take was really hampering my management of diabetes. With Dr. Kerr's guidance, my A1C is now under control, I was able to ride almost 2000 bicycle miles last year and feel just great. I credit this turn around from a couch potato to a higher quality of life directly to the care and encouragement that I receive from Dr. Kerr. I have enthusiastically recommended Dr. Kerr to my friends who are struggling with their diabetes! - .M
I am 24 years post thyroid cancer. I have seen endocrinologists throughout the country in various university and clinical settings. Therefore, I believe I am a good judge of a quality practitioner and know what to expect in an endocrinologist. He is the best quality endocrinologist I have seen in Greensboro. He listens to his patients symptoms and takes seriously their concerns. He doesn’t simply go by the book, but cares about his patients needs. - .C
I love Dr. Kerr. He is friendly, knowledgeable, kind, and always listens and encourages me. He always has a plan of action to help improve my Diabetes symptoms, but never makes me feel guilty for not being at my goals yet. Very professional, yet approachable. I am very glad that he is my attending Endocrinology physician, and would certainly recommend him to others. Thank you for your excellent care :) - .C
Dr. Kerr is an excellent provider and treating physician. He takes time to answer all my questions and discuss all of my treatment options. His expertise resulted in discovering I was initially misdiagnosed by another physician. I do not mind traveling the more than 4 hours to be seen by him - Nina .T
My experence with Dr Kerr is excellent and his staff is also great over all every thing is excellent - .H
The entire staff has always treated me with the highest respect. They are polite and courteous at all times. These remarks also apply to Dr. Kerr. He is an excellent doctor. - Jeanne L Parrott
I appreciate Dr. Kerr's willingness to answer all my questions and to explain clearly. I feel that the health care I get from him and his office is truly collaborative. I feel fortunate to have him as my doctor. - .T
Everything was fine. It helped that I was the first appointment. I will remember that for next time. No worries... - .P
Great doctor who followed protocol for proper course of treatment and diagnosis! - Stephanie L Brown
My wait was not long at all. Check in and check out went smoothly. Dr. Kerr is very thoughtful of my time and his treatment plan for me is discussed in length and any questions I have are answered in a way I understand. - D.N
This was a 3-month visit regarding diabetes. My visit entailed having blood drawn initially, and then immediately being seen by Andy, Dr. Kerr's nurse, who took my blood pressure and we went over all of my medications. I also provided her with my blood sugar meter that she took and downloaded while I saw Dr. Kerr. He examined me by listening to my heart, checking my feet, and asking me questions related to the use of glucometer as well as general health issues. He increased my morning amount of insulin after having informed me of a slight increase in my current A1C. I made an appointment to see him in 3 more months and I was on my way. - A.E
I am very pleased to work with Dr. Kerr and his nurse (Andi) and have a very high level of confidence in his assessments and recommendations. Ed Ricker - .R
Dr. Kerr is the best! So kind, compassionate and knowledgable. - .D
It was a seamless experience with all the staff and procedures. Very pleased with medical intern as well.Odis Aleck Alexiou - .A
Excellent proactive patient care- glad Dr.Kerr is part of our community! - .S
It was good. But the great part was dr. Kerr sending me to cone health for vertigo . I've had vertigo since accident 11/13/2015. Susanne did epley maneuver 7 times over 2 weeks. It's a miracle. As of yesterday, I don't have it. Thank you dr Kerr. You don't know how great I feel! If you run for president, I will vote for you. - Norma S Hicks
Dr. Kerr has been outstanding since he first became my doctor however many years ago. I have never had an experience less than fantastic with any Eagle location or staff. - .Hilton
Everything was done in a timely and effective way. Blood work took short time. Test results were available in one day. - Charlotte Carlton
Dr. Kerr is a caring and brilliant physician. He takes the time to "listen" and I feel I'm ALWAYS treated with tremendous dignity by him and his staff...more particularly Andy, with whom I've the most experience. Appointment times are consistently honored and timely, his examinations are thorough...including examining my feet, which as a Diabetic, I've come to understand is important; and can sometimes be overlooked. Actually, for me, his examining my feet is a rather humbling experience in this way: my previous primary care physician didn't do it, which in my mind minimized the importance of the condition of my feet as part of my overall health as a Diabetic and most importantly, what could result in, among a wide of other issues, potentially adverse complications, if the feet are not surveyeled regularly.Dr. Kerr, is so focused on our appointments I'm made to feel that I'm the most important patient he has. From my perspective as a human being and as a patient...he's as good as it gets! - Sallie A Melendez
Appointment was timely met; showing respect for the patient's time. Check-up was complete and thorough. No real issues with the entire visit. - .M
Very thorough and caring physician. Highly recommend him. - Anne C Cunningham
What a joy to hear how well my Type 2 diabetes as been under control now for over 10 years. Dr. Kerr and his nurtse have been a critical factor in this good news and I am so grateful. I will miss seeing them every six months or so, but know that is good news! Thanks again! - .M
Dr. Kerr explained my situation and told me what we should do next. - Nancy L Jones
While I had to wait a bit longer than usual, I received the high level of care I have come to expect from Eagle Physicians and Dr. Kerr. He took time to explain things to me and made appropriate recommendations for my on-going treatment. I have high regard for Dr. Kerr, his knowledge and skills, and feel fortunate to have him as my physician. - Darrell Warner
Dr Kerr is an awesome doctor!!! Very patient and concerned about his patient's needs! - .D
Dr. Kerr was very attentive and carefully listened to what I was saying. He provided good feedback and a good visit. - .F
Dr. Jeffrey Kerr is exceptional in every way. He is professional and knowledgeable and I comfortably place my trust in him as my Endocrinologist. He's is very easy to talk to and is a great listener. I am also pleased with the office staff and my wait time to see Dr. Kerr was minimal. I highly recommend Eagle Physicians and especially Dr. Kerr. - Minglian Bowers
My erratic work schedule made this difficult but your staff worked hard with several phone calls to help me. I appreciated that so very much - Linda O Vandergrift
excellent - Thomas J McGoldrick
Dr Kerr is great! He spends plenty of time discussing all aspects of my health and well being. Always remembers what is going on in my personal life as far as school and work goes. Always has something positive to give, and makes sure that the appointment is a discussion of well being rather than telling you what is going on and what is going to happen next. I feel the respect from Andi and Dr Kerr every time we meet. He acknowledges my goals and current status as a provider with respect and with meaningful advice towards achieving my goals. I am very appreciative of the way he treats me as his patient when so many others do not offer respect, only opinions and instructions. - .M
All staff were friendly and responsive. Ability to get immediate A1c results is much appreciated. I also really appreciate the ability to sign online and review my records. - Marian J Bryk
I have been seeing Dr. Kerr for several years and continue to be very satisfied with him, his staff, and the facility. - .C
I feel very confident that my medical health needs are in good hands. Dr. Kerr talked with me about all of my concerns and made suggestions to assist me in meeting my goals for a healthy life. My overall health has improved significantly since I became his patient. His easy relaxed manner has a very calming effect and puts me at ease. His staff and Andi, his nurse, are outstanding as well. - .P
Today was nurse visit for injection and treatment is always excellent - .J
I was very pleased with Dr. Kerr for 3 reasons: (1) he came prepared having read over my file and reviewed my prior test results before my appointment; (2) he did not seem rushed and allowed plenty of time for communication between us and to examine me; and (3) he made me feel like I was the most important patient he has which I know is not the case. Regardless, I appreciated his "bed-side" manner and would recommend him to anyone looking for an endocrinologist. - James C Baulding
Overall very good. Listened to my concerns and did what he could to work with other doctors to help move my treatment along. - .G
I have been very pleased with all my care received. - .H
I really like Dr. Kerr. He shows genuine interest, empathy, takes time with me (I never have felt rushed), and always answers all my questions thoroughly. - .L
I really have enjoyed my visits..Dr.Kerr is very helpful. He has made my visit easy..His nurse is verying caring. Thanks for your help. - .J
First time visit with Dr. Kerr. It went very well. - .H
Iam very pleased everyone and the service. - .S
I really liked his bedside manner and I think he did a thorough job with his exam. I liked how he didn't redo the blood tests that were just done at my physical. I also liked how the wait time was also very quick. I look forward to my next visit in a year. - Michelle E Perine
I was able to take a cancelled appointment, I had been on a wait list. The girl who called me was very nice and helpful. Nurse was very nice and helpful, understanding and easy to talk with. Dr Kerr was very nice and listened and answered my questions. So far I am very pleased in choosing him and his staff. The girl who helped me with my appointments was very good to work with. I look forward to being one of their patients. - .T
Dr Kerr was very informative on my medical review. He was very patient ready to answer all my inquiries. - .C
It was fine. - Elsie L Barker
This was my first experience with this office. Tests were performed and I have a follow-up appointment next month; however, my experience so far has been thoroughly satisfactory. - .W
I don't ever have any issues with Dr. Kerr or his staff. He is a great doctor and any time I have a chance, I recommend him! - .B
The care I receive and the knowledge of Dr. Kerr is greatly appreciated. His answers to my questions and his willingness to spend time with me are second to none. Dr. Kerr is definitely not one of those doctors whose hand is on the door knob while he is talking to me, to me that is a very important indicator of the kind of doctor that he is!! - .T
Good experience - .F
the excellent said all about the Doctor. - .M
Excellent experience Andy and Dr. Kerr are wonderfull! - .E
I had an very good experience. Didn't have to wait long to see doctor and doctor was in examination room in about five minutes. I really appreciate the short wait time. Because when I go to my medical doctor there is always a long wait and I always get frustrated. - .C
Dr. Kerr always takes the time to explain things and makes sure you understand what is going on. I appreciate that very much - .K
Dr. Kerr has been my endocrinologist since 2010. I am a Type 1 diabetic and his gentle way has been very encouraging. I've been dealing with this disease since May 1968 with many doctors over several cities in Alabama, Ohio and North Carolina. He is my far. This is his third location since I've been his patient and will continue to follow him wherever his office is. I have and will continue to...speak very highly of him. My experience in October was consistent with my other visits. I will see him next in April. HIs staff person, Andie, has been wonderfully helpful in person and on the phone. - Margaret R Brown
My Experience with Dr. Kerr and Staff is always Excellent. They always treat me kindly, and take time to listen to my cares and concerns. - .F
Super. This survey doesn't work though. - .J
I loved Dr. Kerr's caring, patient manner and personality. His LMA/CMA/RN was wonderful! Please let them know how much I appreciated them. - .H
Just glad that your practice decided to include an endo guy with your expertise in with the other folks. A wise decision. - Varo C Duffins
I love Dr Kerr and Andy, they saved my life! - Christy Paradee
I have been seeing Dr. Kerr for almost 2 years. I can tell you he has saved my life. I was a brittle out of control diabetic taking 360 units of Lantus a day under my previous endocrinologist. My A1C was never better than 10. I feel 100% better and my A1C is better and I feel I have a chance to live longer and have less side effects from the disease. I have recommended many patients to Dr. Kerr. He is pleasant, perceptive and professional in every way. Every Visit you receive printed information on things you can do to help in your fight against Diabetes. He also follows my thyroid and goiters. I sincerely appreciate everything he has done for me. - Dixie Doss
Dr. Kerr is knowledgeable, caring and takes time to cover the patient's concerns. - .P
Always treated so respectfully. Dr. Kerr is a wonderful physician as is his assistant Andi. - .J
Overall experience has been good- Dr. Kerr and his staff are very accessible. - .B
Dr Kerr is a True Specialist and tells you in understanding terms what is cause of issue and what treatments are available. Great Doctor in his field!!!! - .R
very good - George K Richmond
I truly believe that Dr. Kerr has been sent from God to minister and care for people with the horrific disease of diabetes. He uses the most effective way to speak to you as a doctor, takes the time to explain what is going on in your body and then encourages you in every aspect of what you are going through. He has helped me to understand what I need to know and what I need to do to stay healthy and whole. I appreciate him from the depths of my heart and I wish more doctors would model themselves by Dr. Kerr. - .H
all high marks deserved for this stellar provider and his staff : ) - .S
I always feel confident with the care I receive. It is my observation that Dr. Kerr is a very caring person and strives to be accurate in his analysis of my situation. I consider him a good friend. - Thomas J Bivens Jr
Great Experience. I couldn't ask for a better experience than the one I received. - .W
I feel like I've finally found my thyroid home. After searching for 16 years to find a doctor who listens, understands the disorder, and thinks of the disorder the same way I do from my own personal research... Very caring, brilliant doctor. I'm thrilled to have met a nurse who told me about Dr Kerr and am thankful that I made the appt. I feel confident that my quality of life will improve under Dr. Kerr's care. - .Hall
Very seldom have to wait - he is very thorough and never rushes me. He takes time to answer all my questions thoroughly. I like doctors with a sense of humor and laid back; he has always been a little "stiff" but it has no impact on his performance. I just like to interact more - he is always timely and I can be in and out with all questions addressed in less than 30 minutes. His nurse is also very thorough, nice, and has a good listening ear. - .W
Dr. Kerr is amazing. He is such a compassionate man. - .M
Awesome experience with great people. - .H
Always a pleasant experience with Dr. And staff. - .W
Fast and expedient service by all. - Elizabeth G Stanley
Andi, Dr. Kerr's nurse is wonderful and so is Dr. Kerr. Always answers questions and allows you to speak and give your opinion of what is going on. - .G
Actually this appointment was with Lab Cor for bloodwork. However Dr. Kerr's office reported the results of that test within a reasonable time period - .W
Dr. Kerr and his Medical Assistant have been caring and responsive. I have great confidence in Dr. Kerr's knowledge and expertise. - Susan .P
Dr Kerr is very knowledgable and took the time to really listen to my concerns. I'm looking forward to my follow up visits. - .H
Excellent All 5 stars - .S
Dr Kerr and his staff provide excellent treatment. I appreciate that dr Kerr takes time to listen to me and is very thorough. - Amy C Blalock
Doctor Kerr and Andy his PA are both very professional and caring. They are both calm and reassuring and will put in the extra effort to make sure the patient has the best treatment - .S
Dr. Kerr is very professional and cares about my health. He answers all my questions and takes the time to listen to my concerns. He does not rush you in and out. He makes you feel your appointment is important to him. - Laura Torain
Dr. Kerr and his staff are professional and he is always so kind and knowledgeable. Great experience whenever I go to this doctor's office. - Jennifer Donahoe
Dr. Kerr and his staff are excellent - .H
Good. Dr. Kerr took time to explain my options for medical treatment. I did not feel he was rushing me through my appointment. - .E
everyone is very kind and helpful. Very professional. - .S