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Greensboro, 27401
Saw john hayes when my digestive issues came back and he got me back on a helpful medication and was very fast and to the point, no dragging the time out. Very amazing doctor. - .U
Doctor and staff were personable and professional. Made the experience very comforting. - .T
Everything about my experience was positive. There was no treatment because this was an appointment to discuss and plan for a test. Everything was explained well and I feel confident about how to prepare. - .S
My appointment was quick and efficient. Dr Hayes was pleasant and we discussed an appropriate timeframe for my treatment after taking into consideration my recent .problemsI was happy with everyone I dealt with. - .M
The staff is very warm and careing. It's wonderful that they know you by name. The ladies in the front are wonderful. The ladies that do the intake for the doctor's are wonderful. I have been going to Dr Hayes ever since he joined the practice He is an excellent Dr. He has a wonderful bedside manner he talks to you and not at you he listens and he helps you. I would recommend anyone to the practice. - .B
Never realized how easy it was to go through this procedure. I was very pleased with the way I was personalized in every way. Thanks for the kindness of all the staff and you too Doctor Hayes. - .C
The office staff was great at keeping me informed about my appt and what I had to do. The nurses at the facility from front desk to all the nurses who took care of me during prep for colonoscopy were absolutely wonderful. Dr Hayes was very caring and was done with my procedure in less time than I expected. He gave the results and all was well. I would recommend Dr Hayes and his team to anyone needing this type of procedure. - .R
Procedure went very smoothly. All members of staff I met were amazing. Dr. Hayes, new to me, was very professional. Couldn't have asked for better service. - .K
Everyone was very professional, efficient and very nice - .D
Great - .A
You all did an excellent job.i was treated very professionally& enjoyed my visit to.your office, you all have a very blessed day - Harold L Plummer
I was very pleased with Dr Hayes and everyone else who helped me with my colonoscopy last week. - .Z
Dr Hayes is amazing. The entire staff was great and attentive and caring. Woudn't go anywhere else. - .S
Very Professional!! - .H
Dr Hayes is doing his best to diagnosis and remedy my ongoing, chronic constipation and I am hopeful that this situation will eventually be resolved. - .B
Excellent ! - .Z
Good appointment - .S
I was so pleased with Dr. Hayes and his staff. The staff was very caring and understanding and Dr. Hayes is precious, he doesn't make you feel like you are a wasting his time. He is one of a kind and I feel totally at ease with him. He is very knowlegable and I totally trust his opinion. I have never had a problem getting in to see Dr. Hayes, his staff is always very polite and helpful. I do appreciate they way they all have treated me. - .M
I arrived for my appointment and checked. I was called back to the exam room in just a few minutes. I saw Dr. Hayes and was very satisfied with my treatment. I was advised to use a probiotic for 28 days if this happens again because the stomach can get out of whack at times. The receptionist told me to call the office any time I needed to. - .S
I was so impressed with everyone I came in contact with. I will definitely recommend Eagle to others! - .R
Everything went well i had a great experience - .D
Everything is fine. Don't exactly have a diagnosis yet, but that's because we haven't decided whether or not a certain procedure is necessary. That leaves me a little perplexed but it was my decision with his ok, to wait a while on that. - .H
No problems. Overall time was about 2 hours. - .C
Everyone treated me with care and professionalism. My experience was wonderful and I was very please with my care from the doctor and my test results. All the staff worked together to make me feel comfortable and relaxed for my test. - .S
Dr. Hayes & I are trying to figure out what is going on in my body that is causing me so much pain and mental distress as well. John Hayes has been my G.I. for decades and I really like him a lot. He is always kind, courteous, professional, concerned & caring, as are all of the staff I've been with. His office is one of the easiest of my six (6) doctors to navigate, as some wind around and I get lost. There is always someone around to help wherever I am in his office. I'd give him and the staff ten (10) **********s if offered that choice!Sincerely,Alice C. Davis-Cahoon - .D
Reviewed past medical conditions with current medication treatment. Dr. Hayes will schedule colonoscopy for mid-December 2018. Dr. Hayes and staff are very personable, professional and sincerely care about their patients. - .H
My experience was pleasant from check-in to check-out and receiving results of my procedure. Everyone involved with my procedure that I came in contact with from technicians, nurses, and Dr. Hayes were kind, courteous, explained what they were doing and made me feel comfortable. - .D
Dr Hayes was responsive to my reason for consulting him and to my questions and I felt his recommendations were appropriate. Subsequent events have confirmed this. He took the bulge in my stomach more seriously that other doctors I asked about this condition, but it did fall short of the definitive picture taking examination, resulting in a definitive answer to what the bulge was, that I had hoped for. Doctor Hayes explained to me how Miralax works, releasing water into the colon when taken on a regular basis over time, something no other doctor has done. Doctor Hayes has my confidence and I plan to continue seeing him. - .B
I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Hayes and his staff. I never feel as if I'm being rushed through the visit as quickly as possible and pushed out the door. Even that test that we all hate, is a breeze. - .C
My experience exceeded expectations from the prep to the procedure to the post experiences. All the staff made me feel calm and eased any anxieties I may have had. - .L
My procedure was able to be scheduled quickly after my visit to the office. Everyone at the procedural center were extremely nice and professional. Everything went well and my stay was short, about 2 hours. I was called the next day to see how I was doing. I was called with my test results promptly and told what further actions to take. My follow up appointment was scheduled when they called with my test results. - .S
Everything went wellWould use them again - .C
Everything was assessed in detail. The doctor took time to discuss the problem with me. - .H
I appreciate the caring attitude given to me by Dr Hayes. I had a personal concern about a test result that my personal physician had "blown off" and Dr. Hayes agreed it needed further follow up to - .C
The nurses and staff were great! - .A
I appreciate Dr. Hayes' honesty by not requesting me to have a colonoscopy. I used the colorguard procedure which tested positive, but neither Dr. Hayes nor I felt it was accurate. That was about two weeks ago and I just today received a letter from Exact Sciences Laboratories that my test results were now available and had been delivered to the healthcare provider who ordered it for me and they would be able to provide me results and discuss the next steps!!!! - .H
My entire experience was excellent. - .D
As always, the staff was courteous and helpful. Dr. Hayes is always thorough and he's been my favorite doctor for many years because he is an excellent doctor and has a good "bedside manner" and addresses the problem head-on.Thank you. - .D
Very good from the front desk to the doctor, and every minute while i was awake. - .Z
Dr. Hayes was awesome! - .C
good staff, good experience - .S
My experience having back surgery performed by Dr. Hayes was a good one. I certainly can't complain about his care when my result has been so successful. I had several appointments with him, accompanied by my daughter, and felt that, except for the x-rays, I didn't really need to be there. Dr. Hayes was very comforting , placing his hand on my knee, and repeating each time that I need not worry. That I would be able to pursue all my regular activities once I recovered completely. It was frustrating that I really didn't get much detail from Dr. Hayes about the specifics of the surgery, and what to expect during recovery, except when my daughter asked specific questions to address our concerns. I am happy to say that I believe I have recovered completely and am happily working in my large garden with no ill effects. I am still not sure whether or not this condition might develop again. So I assume that, if I am feeling well, I don't need to worry. I admit that I have not allowed the surgery to slow me down as I work myself to exhaustion on my gardening hobby. I consider my garden is my substitute for a good game of golf! - .F
The staff was great, the entire process went very quickly and without problems. - .T
Everyone did a great job. Thanks to all. - .R
Dr. Harris is always complete, competent, and very caring. He gives me a chance for questions and answers accordingly. Appreciate so much his kindness and qualities of an excellent doctor. - .P
Always a good experience with Dr Hayes. - .S
It was sweet and painless. Everyone was professional and very considerate. - .M
The visit was normal. Everyone treated me with courtesy and respect. The staff was helpful, answered my questions, and was concerned about my welfare.Dr. Hayes is a patient doctor who takes time out to listen, and is not in a rush to go on to the next patient. I do appreciate his concern and caring about my health. - .M
It was a very pleasant experience. I loved the diagnosis. - .M
Dr Hayes is an excellent physician. The staff were great and treated me with respect. I was pleased with overall experience. - .M
The staff from the door and back again was excellent. I just love Dr Haye’s nurse Courtney. She is nothing but a jewel. - .M
Everyone was very nice. Everything went well. I was very pleased - .S
Everyone was great - .S
I went to Dr. Hayes, and after examining me for the problem, he realized I needed immediate attention so sent me to Cone Emergency for a Fecal Disempaction which gave me tremendous relief. As of now everything is doing well and do appreciate the immediate attention. - .M
The scheduling was easy, and the prep visit was very short. On the day of my procedure, they called me back in just a few minutes after I got there. The staff were all very friendly and efficient. Dr. Hayes talked with me before the procedure, and then talked with my wife and I afterwards to give us results. I am very pleased with the care I received. - .D
I had a very good experience and was pleased. - .M
Everyone was pleasant and did an outstanding job! - .R
Great experience with Dr. Hayes. He was very knowledgeable and caring. I appreciated all the timely follow up from Dr. Hayes and Courtney and would highly recommend their practice. - .J
Everyone has been so nice, professional and caring. Thank you! - .C
I had a good experience with my first office visit. The atmosphere was pleasant, and the staff courteous. The staff I met, and talked to had great rapport. - .M
Everyone from the front desk to the nurses in the back to the nurses in the procedure room and the nurses in recovery were nothing short of amazing, kind, informative, reassuring and caring. The procedure I had went much better than I thought it would and I owe that to the nurses and Dr Hayes. The nurses in the procedure room kept me distracted the entire time and that helped me a great amount. Dr Hayes was great and explained everything to me from what was going to happen and the results from his findings. He made me feel super comfortable as well. - Hannah .T
I have been Dr. Hayes’ patient for several years and have always had a good experience. Highly recommend him and staff. - .S
My family Dr. referred me to Dr Hayes after a visit to the walk-in clinic. Dr. Hayes reviewed my past history asked questions about my recent episode. We discussed several options to move forward. Since I had no definite indications we chose to do a blood test and a stool sample and follow up when the results were available. Those test were take and sent in. I'm awaiting the results and any indicated follow-up. - .P
Everyone was very friendly and professional. They made me feel at ease and made the experience stress-free. Much Thanks!!! - .C
Dr. Hayes was very compassionate and spent time explaining to me what could have happened but how important it was to rule out cardiac issues first. I have seen Dr. Hayes in the past and highly recommend him. - .C
Front desk staff was a little more friendly than usual this time. Dr. Hayes spent a good amount of time with me & I appreciated that. - .S
Very comfortable setting and friendly nursing staff to make you feel relaxed before the procedure. I appreciate the quick processing through the facility. Thank you again, Charlie Dick - .D
Everything in the office went great, felt good at home, no after affects of being put under, best colonoscopy out of three - .S
All of my experience was great. Dr. Hayes and all of his staff are excellent. They are very comforting and professional. He has all the right people in place for his team. This was a pleasant experience despite what my procedure called for. - .M
There was no wait time, the front office staff were the nicest and most helpful, the nurse asked questions clearly, the scheduler was great and Dr. Hayes was so nice and truly interested and concerned about why I was there. He gave me options of treatment and things like that and clearly explained everything to me. This place is great! - .T
GREAT, could not have been better!!!! - .K
Friendly staff and facility was very clean. Dr. Hayes was very thorough about thee results. - .W
The whole staff was wonderful and very professional only with the personal feel that you want when you are ill. I want to give Courtney a special thank you for all the help she has given me. I think she must truly be an Angel! - .W
Great experience! - .K
Very pleased lot easier than I thought it would be doctor and staff was very professional and took good care of me thanks for everything five stars - D.P
Over all everything was excellent - T.H
Very professional staff all the way along. Made me feel at ease. - C.W
The procedure and staff were great. The prep taken for the procedure was excessive which caused a great deal of discomfort. - R.T
I will hear back from Dr. Hayes within the next 10 days or so with the pathology report. I have been a patient of Dr. Hayes for many years and have always had EXCELLENT treatment from Dr. Hayes and his staff in the office and in the Endoscopy Center. I am thankful that he is my doctor!!!Linda - Linda Porter Hinshaw
Have been having considerable pain due to Scoloisis and other related health problems. Felt Dr. Hayes gave me the best advice he could due to my condition, and age, and will see how everything goes. Started going to Dr.Hayes when he first came to Greensboro,.N.C. and have been very pleased with him as a Doctor. - A.M
Staff and provider are friendly. Provide good care. - S.A
He said I was normal, and I told him I was hoping for perfect. He said if perfect would get me back in five years, than I was perfect. - G.I
The prep was the most dreaded part. Once that was over and the office process started it was very efficiently executed in and out, pun intended :). - C.S
Everyone was nice - B.S
This appointment was set-up by another doctor at another practice with no surgery details for doctor Hayes. Dr. Hayes and his staff handled the situation as well as possible. I appreciate the time he took to explain a potential procedure I may have to have. - A.H
From receptionist ,to procedure, to afterwards everyone was upbeat, professional and accommodating to my needs. - D.M
We quickly put together a plan and I’m hopeful that I will feel better soon. - C.S
Everyone is very welcoming, professional and puts you at ease the moment you walk in the door. - L.B
The staff & Dr Hayes are very kind & friendly. - C.H
Fine - A.S
I was very please with the facility and how I was treated by my doctor and the staff. - K.B
Very courteous, caring, and professional - C.S
Love Dr Hayes and his staff! - B.A
Did all they could above and beyond - C.H
excellent - K.M
Couldn't have ask for a better visit - R.S
Everything was great. No wait, friendly capable staff. - R.S
My experience with Dr. Hayes and his staff was wonderful. On arrival, wait time was under 15 mins. Staff that preped me was so friendly and informative. Dr. Hayes made me feel like he was concerned about my problem and talked in terms that I could understand. He told me what he found during procedure and was adament about following up to get problem fixed. He is such a good doctor and I appreciate the care he provides. - K.H
He is a wonderful caring doctor. Greensboro is lucky to have him! - K.B
They doctor and staff were caring, helpful, courteous, and thorough. They even called me the following day with genuine concern about me. One of the most professionally conducted procedures I've encountered. - R.C
Couldn't have been better. - M.M
All the staff was great. Process and procedure went well. - A.P
Everyone was so nice. Very professional, thoughtful. Great experience! - S.S
Everyone I met at this practice were very professional and nice. I would recommend this practice to everyone. - W.M
Experience was great. - M.W
Dr Hayes was great as usual. His staff in the endoscopy center as well as the office were fabulous. Each and every one of them was professional, engaging, and extremely friendly. - A.T
I was nervous but all the staff put at ease. Very professional and knowledgeable. Will continue any future need of care for GI with Eagle. Nurse anesthetist was awesome! - S.P
Everyone was so kind. Thank you! - K.B
It was a good experience. Everyone was really kind as well as helpful and made sure that I was comfortable through the procedure. I'm glad that I chose this facility to receive my treatment. - E.J
The procedure went well from beginning to when I left to go home. I thought the wait time and the care given were exceptional. - L.G
Excellent service rate 10 - C.S
I was taken back early (since I arrived early) and was warmly greeted by the nurse and tech. The check-in person was friendly and efficient. Dr. Hayes was friendly before the procedure and explained the results clearly after the procedure . I was wheeled out by a nurse and was told what to eat and expect. I would definitely recommend your office to anyone who has reached the age requiring colonoscopies. - B.M
Very nice service. - W.S
Nurse was super nice. We were able to joke and be friendly. The wait was not too long and overall Dr. Hayes listened and made suggestions for a new medication for my issue. Planning to follow up, but have been pleased with the practice. - H.M
Staff could not have been better!!!! - M.C
Office is clean with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Dr Hayes is wonderful and I would definitely recommend him to anyone! - B.A
Process was as painless as could be. Thx to you all. - R.S
It was a good experience considering the procedure. - R.B
It was fine. - P.M
Friendly, helpful staff. Everyone was very professional. - J.S
I was very pleased with everyone who had a role in the care and treatment I received. - E.K
Everyone was very friendly and professional. Very good experience. - M.S
Dr. John Hayes & his team are very professional & detail oriented. My Colonoscopy was a smooth & relaxing experience that is very important to the patient. Thank you and keep up with the great work! - J.F
everything went great !!! - J.C
Dr. Hayes by far is a wonderful Doctor. He has a wonderful bed side manner. He is a very caring and understanding Doctor. He listens to you and talks to you and not at you. He takes time with his patients and does What's best for you his patients. His staff is very caring and understanding to your needs. They care about you as their patient. The front office staff are very helpful and friendly they make you feel welcome. - L.B
Excellent all around. Each person who was involved in my process was pleasant and comforting. Thank you. - R.G
All good. - S.M
Excellent in every way. Dr. Hayes spent as much time as I required, and answered all my questions. - S.F
I was very nervous about having this procedure done because I always get anxious about needles and invasive procedures. Overall, everything went smoothly and I was as comfortable as possible. The doctor was very pleasant when he spoke to me briefly before the procedure and with my husband and I after the procedure. The pre-consultation the week before helped answer most of my questions and made me a little bit more comfortable about the process. The receptionist on the day I arrived was very friendly and helpful when I was extremely nervous. The only difficult part of the time I spent there was that I felt a bit shuffled around with different staff. One person walked me back, another checked my blood pressure, yet another started my IV, and another took me to the room for the procedure. The nurse anesthetist did not seem particularly sensitive to my anxiety with the whole situation, but did a good job otherwise. When I woke up, another different nurse attended to me and removed my IV. Then, another different person met with my husband and I just before we left to discuss the results. Unfortunately, I am not a calm, relaxed patient. A little more continuity might have made me feel more at ease. - D.C
Have been seeing Dr Hayes for many years. He is extremely compassionate and works until you have an answer to your issue. I highly recommend Dr Hayes . - D.W
Dr. Hayes and staff were great. They helped make the experience go smoothly. - K.B
outstanding! - J.K
I was immediately impressed with the receptionist's warm and friendly easy-going manner, and at eight o'clock in the morning, too! Yikes!The assistant was also warm, welcoming, and cheerful as she took my vitals and asked me questions as she reviewed my medical information. she even laughed at my early morning attempts at humor. Dr. Hayes was kind and attentive to my questions and concerns, and he answered each thoroughly and in layman-language. I felt that he was interested because he listened to me, making eye-contact, and displayed attentive facial expressions while both speaking, and while listening. The scheduler was thorough, easy to understand, and reviewed prep for my procedure, giving examples of what to do and not to do when prepping. I appreciated her matter-of-fact and down-to-earth communication style, even telling me where to park when returning for the procedure. A very nice team, kind, caring, attentive, informative. Thank you! - P.P
Appointment to discuss colonoscopy needs and prep requirements. Scheduled for August for the procedure. Have full confidence in Dr. Hayes - W.F
It was a good experience for a consult. - D.J
Experience was good except waited 30 minutes past appointment time to see the doctor. - L.L
Dr. Hayes was very helpful and explained what I needed to do in the future if I continue having problems. If I have any GI problems in the future, I would definitely go back to Dr. Hayes. The nursing staff and office staff are also polite. - S.D
The day of the procedure everyone was so nice and helpful. - E.L
Everything went very smoothly. Short wait time. - D.H
Everyone was very friendly and helpful. The doctor explained the procedure before and after and what was done, found, and what needs to be done. - C.H
I did have to wait over 30 minutes for Dr Hayes to arrive for my colonoscopy. Very annoying. - S.G
Preparation for a colonoscopy. - P.M
Everyone was very nice & professional to me starting with the receptionist thru the discharge nurse plus the Doctor. I didn't feel anything with the procedure. I felt fine afterwards. - S.R
Everybody was very friendly . Dr Hayes an the nurse were very friendly an helpful with any questions I had. - K.S
Everyone were very kind and knowledgeable. - D.P
What a positive experience! All my questions were answered courteously & in detail. Dr. Hayes & staff are to be commended for their professionalism and knowledge. - E.M
I have absolutely no complaints...from check in to check out everything was timely, professional and pleasant...Dr. Hayes is actually one of my favorites...he's always friendly and listens and seems to really care and hopes to help you... - M.S
I feel that the staff that works for Eagle Physicians are by far the best group of people they're very conscientious very personable and helpful. I like dr. Hayes because he is very very conscientious about how you feeling and tries so hard to put you at ease about stuff. - D.E
The doctor was very thorough and informative. He answered all my questions and made sure I understand my condition. - Jim Knight
I enjoyed meeting John and appreciate his professionalism and insights on my upcoming colonoscopy. He is easy going, humorous, but at the same time extremely knowledgeable and professional. I look forward to seeing him again. - T.B
Everyone was very friendly, nurses was very informative about the procedure, explained to me what to expect and also what they were going to do. I had gain trust in my nurses from the beginning to the end.The way they were performing(team work)was amazing. Dr.Hayes is wonderful. He was friendly and also willing to address all my concerns. I was given detail information about the procedure. I just can't ask for a better doctor after talking with him before the procedure I knew I was in good hands!! - Shirley T Albert
Dr. Hayes is one of the best, most professional and compassionate doctors I've met. He listens to your complaints and is willing to go the extra mile. - W.E
Everyone was polite and itwas a very pleasant visit didn't have to wait a long time doctor was nice and concerned made me feel like he cared about me and my concerns. - S.L
Arrived @ Dr. Hayes Office as requested and procedure was completed . Every person at Dr. Hayes office was kind and did their Job in a very professional manner. - T.S
Very good - B.S
My experience was very pleasant, all of the staff were very nice and professional. The prosedure was right on time, no waiting. Dr Hayes did an excellently job, I was very pleased with the entire process. - Teresa Bean
Doctor Hayes is GREAT! in my case he has been stumped as all testing has puzzled us all. I would recommend Dr. Hayes as he is honest and trustworthy.thanks Doc you are great!Terry Anderson - T.A
Great experience You are treated like family - M.R
Each of the Staff members with whom I was in contact were very polite and professional. Dr. Hayes was business like but amiable and provided good information about the upcoming procedure. There was no significant delay between my appointment time and interview with Dr. Hayes. Overall great appointment. - J.L
Great had not been to doctor in 30 years and was nervous but my experience was great and mind was put at ease with my treatment - M.M
Stomach pain. Got the appointment for the next day. As always, Dr. Hayes and the staff are wonderful. - Stevie R Gunter
Excellent!! No wait!!! Saw Dr. Hayes within a few minutes of the wonderful nurse getting the information she needed. - J.Reeves
The service was good. - C.P
Very comfortable! I appreciated the follow up call after my procedure. - S.S
Very good experience. He took time to talk to my wife and then to me. - H.S
Everything went as it had been described by the staff and by Dr. Hayes. I was put it is when I arrived for the procedure and they took excellent care of me throughout the process. The actual procedure I don't remember because I was under and so consequently I'm assuming that everything went well I had no problems afterwards. however prelude to this process is not without its downside so to speak. Be that as it may overall it was a very positive experience I really enjoyed all the staff and Dr. Hayes. Thank you - Z.W
Dr Hayes is a true professiomal. He is truly interested in his patients and their illness. I would recommend him to anybody. - M.P
I had an office appointment with Dr. Hayes for both a year check-up and to schedule a colonoscopy. While the procedure was not something anyone looks forward to, I thought Dr. Hayes was very professional and very helpful. - S.L
Caring and compassionate staff. Dr. Hayes had reviewed my medical history prior to my appointment and he took the time to listen to me and arranged for diagnostic procedure to assist with the diagnosis. Dr.Hayes rounded on me daily while hospitalized, contributing to my care and reducing my anxiety by providing information and explaining my symptoms.Thank you for the exceptional care.Margarete - M.W
explains medications & how they are helping me good results - M.A
Was asking if I could get an endoscopy along with my scheduled colonoscopy. Dr. Hayes was thorough in his questions and informative. - B.H
As always, Dr. Hayes was professional and provided sound advice for my medical situation. I am glad to be in his care. - A.F
Had a colonoscopy. Very pleased withall stages of the visit. From check in to check out the experience was very good. - R.J
I was just meeting the Dr. as I had requested him to do my colonoscopy based on an excellent recommendation from a friend (Vicki McCready). I scheduled the procedure. Dr. Hayes was friendly and reassuring. - K.T
Procedure went very well.Dr.Hayes explained everything very well before and after the procedure. - V.Richardson
Dr Hayes is Greatttttttttttt!!!!!! He takes his time understanding issue and tries to address issue immediately, The Staff is respectful, delightful and excellent. - M.R
Professional and courteous service. - L.P
Follow up with Dr. Hayes for acid reflux. Condition under control.Appt very good. Dr. Hayes very good and thorough. He is an excellent doctor. - N.T
Entire appointment went smoothly without any delays. Doctor was prepared to ask questions regarding my health and prior contact with primary care doctor. Both doctors are in the Eagle association and share records and labs. A great convenience for me. - D.S
As always, my wait time to see the doctor was short, which is nice. I'm always happy to see Dr.Hayes. He is always professional and has a good "bedside manner". I've been seeing him for many years, and he always takes care to make sure we go over everything and he as well as his staff are always friendly, kind and respectful. He's a wonderful doctor. - Alice C Davis Cahoon
It was fine as always. Everyone was polite, friendly helpful. - B.B
Things went very smooth, from my view point. However I was a sleep. I do know that I'm back home and everything seems good. - R.M
Dr. Hayes and his staff take great care of their patients ... highly recommended!! - L.S
Dr. Hayes is GREAT! he listens to you engages in conversation, knows what he is doing and I trust him!thank you for being who you are Dr. Hayes, you make a person feel of value.Terry Anderson - T.A
Perfect Service - Ronnie L Miller
Had a routine colonosophy. Everyone at the Eagle practice was extremely nice and helpful. Dr. Hayes did an excellent job and explained the procedure and his findings to me in a thorough way. I would definitely recommend Eagle to anyone looking for a top rate group of doctor's and staff.Cathy Blanks - C.B
Had a colonoscopy. could not get the stars to work. every thing and everyone was excellent. - Ronald E Beeson
Talk with Dr Hayes concerning on going stomach pain. Appt for further test at hosp on 12/12/16. - N.T
Excellent - C.S
Endoscopy - H.C
Check up post colonoscopy and medication change. - R.B
Dr Hayes and his staff were wonderful, paying attention to my existing health problems to assure a good outcome following my colonoscopy. - Andrew L Meehan
Dr. Hayes and the staff were very friendly, very professional, they made sure that I was warm and comfortable. I remember being given needles, but I I don't remember having a colonoscopy at all, and I'm very happy about that. Thank you very much Dr. Hayes and staff you all were a blessing to me! - P.D
The staff was super and very professional! Thanks for making a not-so-fun procedure easier to manage! Great doctor who has a great team to help him!!!👍🏻 - R.B
Consult for colonoscopy. Very patient and answered all questions. - S.T
4th scope by Dr. Hayes. Everything has gone smoothly every time. Just wish the fluid I had to drink could taste better. - T.S
All personnel were very professional - R.M
If it were not for me coming to see Dr Hayes that day I would have not know I had uterine fibroids! Dr Hayes is always a good visit and always caring, not ever to seem to be in a rush to his next patient. - C.E
Very professional. - D.P
Everyone was very pleasant. Really liked the Dr's approach to the issue. Overall very happy with visit. - R.J
The most difficult part of the procedure was the prep. Everything else was excellent. - S.Z
A very pleasant experience all the way around. Had my questions answered in a very cordial manner. Was very satisfied with my visit. - Barbara A Cockman
Very good experience no problems getting the appointment and no delay in getting it done. - I.W
Dr Hayes was very attentive to my GI problems and had a very good manner with patient. I have no hesitation about continuing my GI care with him. - W.T
Great staff. I have been a patient of Dr. Hayes' for 20 years. I have always received excellent service from him and his staff. My appt. was a follow up from an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy. - S.G
Professional and carrying; service excellent - Michael A Robinson
Colonoscopy. Wait was short. Everyone was very kind and professional. Facility is very nice and well-run. - G.G
Discussied general health , answered questions about concerns I had., good follow up visit . I highly regard Dr. Hayes and his care for my health always. - D.J
Wonderful care from arriving to leaving. - C.M
Dr. Hayes performed a colonoscopy. He was very personable and professional along with the other persons on the team. I was treated with respect and care from the time I checked in until the time I left after the procedure.He explained the procedure and answered all my questions. - C.B
Excellent - S.W
The procedure went very well considering no one really enjoy's a colonoscopy. The staff was very nice andcordial and very professional. Follow-up was very good. Kim called the next day to check on me. I have nocomplaints. - A.W
Absolutely fabulous! The doctor had wonderful and comforting bedside manners. The staff was caring and calming. If I had to do it all over again (not in 10 years... Yay!)I wouldn't change one staff person. Good job. Thank you all. - B.W
Staff was very efficient and very nice. Dr. Hayes introduced himself and explained procedure. Overall, I was satisfied with office and staff. - L.B
He sat down with my wife and I talk to us about options. I was very pleased that he talked about treatment also just in general conversation about his life and ours. Didn't feel rush in and out. Seems like a caring physician - L.O
My experience is great everytime I go with the doctor and nurses - B.S
Office visit to establish as new patient. I was very pleased with everything about the visit. Dr. Hayes's communication was great, and he fully explained options to me, and was very professional in his demeanor, particularly when it involved him having a different option than my previous doctors. - R.S
Greetings we're professional and personalable. I was admitted right away. Staff seemed interested in me as an individual. - F.M
Colonoscopy scheduled; total staff very helpful and professional; - Blair W Jenkins
Was having constipation. Dr. Hayes reccommded a medication that worked well. He is an excellent physician. He listens carefully and is very compassionate. - Josephine L Sutlive
Everyone made me feel very comfortable from the minute I walked into the office for my first colonoscopy. Dr. Hayes and all of the staff were professional and personable. I would highly recommend Dr. Hayes to everyone I know for a great experience of an appointment that not many people look forward to, but one which we should not put off. Sincerely, Maureen Franklin - Maureen M Franklin
Very good experience - W.V
Everyone was kind and treated me well. - B.G
Check in was quick. I was called immediately to backroom where I changed and waited until the doctor was ready for me. I don't remember abthibg else until they woke me up. - L.P
good doctor - Marlene R Anderson
very satisfied with professionalism, courtesy, punctuality, and treatment. As well as cost of medication considerations for prescription. Would recommend Dr. Hayes - T.F
I have been a patient of Dr. Hayes for several years. He is always professional and makes sure he has answered all my questions before the visit is completed. The staff is polite and professional. I am very pleased with Dr. Hayes and the staff. - S.G
Experience was great, for a colonoscopy. Employees and doctor were very helpful in all explinations of the procedure, nurse to patient care and office dealings. I would reccomend this group to a friend. Thanks. - R.B
It has been a good experience. I think and fell that Dr Hayes is seriously analyzing symptoms to determine specifically why I am having this medically problem. He seems to be reluctant to a generalization. This give me comfort knowing he is checking my symptoms, my test results using his medical knowledge to help me get to a more comfortable solution.Thank you, Dr. Hayes for listening and the research material. It has help me know what changes can make in food choices to help my self.Rachel Bell - R.B
I arrived early. After a short wait I was taken back and given a so called gown. I was made comfortable in a bed with a blanket. One nurse checked all my information, then another nurse attached me to the IV. Soon I was taken back to meet Dr. Hayes and undergo the colonoscopy. When I woke up Dr. Hayes informed me that all was well. Everyone was very cordial and helpful. I marked all good and excellent below...the worst is the day before. - C.Thompson
Everything was very good - B.S
My experience was a good one. The staff was friendly and helpful. I don't remember the procedure because I was out and there were no after effects. Over all I had a good experience. - A.W
Very positive - June G Martinez
Dr Hayes was great as always. He was pretty much on time and spent plenty of time with me - D.H
Very good experience I felt Dr. Hayes understood my discomforts and wanted to get to the root cause of it. I felt that I am in good hands and looking to see what too is the root cause of my problem. He is kind. - R.B
Our experience with Dr Hayes has been a good one. He is the type of Doctor we like where they make you feel important and respected. He is very professional and knowledgeable along with the ability to explain the medical problems in layman's term so that it can understood by the patient. As we old folks say also has good bedside manners! Thanks Dr Hayes and we would recommend you anytime. - Frix Brinson O
I found the whole process very thorough, professional, and clean. Communications was excellent throughout the procedural process. - William Hibbard
This was my first experience with a colonoscopy and also with the Eagle Practice. Everyone was very pleasant and made this as enjoyable of a visit as it could have been. Dr. Hayes was nice and I would highly recommend him and his staff. Thanks!!! - Barry F Cook
No worries…the procedure and professionalism of the staff was outstanding... - Rodney E White
I had a real tough case of antibiotic-resistant C. Diff. Tina Garrett (P.A.) was the 4th doctor to attempt to treat me. I'm grateful that she took steps to treat me more aggressively when I did not respond. She accomplished in 3 weeks what other doctors couldn't do in 3 months. Then, as a precaution, scheduled me to see Dr. Hayes just make sure I avoided relapse. He has been great too. - Reid H Martin
Everything went smoothly - Benton W Strader
My experience at the surgical facility was very good. I didn't have to wait any time. Nursing staff was very professional and accommodating. - Margaret A Birge
Very friendly and helpful staff. - .P
Everybody was very friendly and helpful. - .P
Positive. I felt well informed and that there was great emphasis on safety. The professionalism of the staff was reassuring. - .B
Dr. Hayes, thank you for suggesting Miralax. This is a solution to my problem. I appreciate wesley long taking me after the unsuccessful attempt to conduct my exam. Again, thank you.Dottie - Dorothy B Randolph
Colonoscopy. Staff helpful from get go. Prep nurse nice hit vein first try. Thanks. Slept thru rest of it - .B
Dr. Hayes and his staff are GREAT!!! I've been his patient since 2006 and he always provides for me the "best of care". I recommended to my husband and daughter and now they too are his patients. I recommend him highly. Linda - .P
Great experience. - .S
Everybody was great and they treated my condition quickly. Highly recommend! - .Hargett
The staff and the whole experience was awesome. Being nervous about the prodecure they made me very comfortable and at ease. I would highly recommend this doctor and his staff - Nola F Dillon
I gave blood and everyone was very polite and professional. - Susan H Jarrell
As I indicated my opinion is everything was excellent my expectations were met they were very professional - David R Spagnola
Everyone was warm and made me feel at ease during my entire visit. I never felt stress at anytime and was made aware of what to expect and everything went right to plan and made the procedure quick and pain free. Thanks to your entire staff for a job well done.Charles W. Presnell - Charles Presnell
Doctor Hayes and staff was excellent! I would definitely recommend him. - Judy S Fuller
I had a great visit with Dr. Hayes. - .H
My experience with Dr. Hayes was excellent overall and I would most certainly recommend him to friends and acquaintances. - .K
All aspects of staff and treatment are better than expected, appointment schedule is within reason and wait times are acceptable. - .D
Dr Hayes rendered conservative treatment for my UC based on my colonoscopy. He listened to my feedback with my symptoms and how I was feeling. We discussed our treatment plan and together found the dosages that work for me. - Dina R Kipilla
A very good experience. All went extremely well. Very professional and always first class. - Michael F Lefaive