Francis Wong, MD - Eagle Physicians

700 W Main St, Jamestown

Greensboro, 27282
(336) 454-1166
It was the best possible. Thank you very much - .H
Awesome doctor he is, - Michael W Waller
Always a pleasure to visit, always very informative. - .M
It is always a pleasure to see Dr. Wong. He makes you feel like you are someone special. He takes the time to explain everything that is either good or bad with you. I enjoy my visits every time..his nurses are the best. - .L
Dr Wong takes time with you and really care about your health. - Timothy W Martin
Everyone was great, especially Dr Wong!! - .Y
I’m very satisfied with Dr. Wong, the staff and the facility. - .H
I love Dr Wong for my provider. He does not rush in and out. He takes the time to genuinely ask questions and wait for my answers. He also reads what I write on my history form (that usually never happens with other providers I been to). He genuinely cares about the well being of his patients and is willing to share and give advice on what they need to do to continue a healthy lifestyle. - .M
My experience as Dr. Wong's patient has been wonderful. I have great confidence in him. He is absolutely patient-oriented and keeps up with the various aspects of my health care. He takes preventive medicine very seriously. He listens to my concerns and when he detects something that might not be right, or lab results that suggest there might be a problem, he immediately directs me to the right specialist. He follows up with all my health issues in a timely way. I just wish I had found him a lot sooner. I have two friends who are his patients and both recommended him highly. I liked what they said about him. I am a plant-based eater and Dr. Wong encourages and assists with establishing a healthy lifestyle. He covers the basics of what we need to do to regain health or maintain good health in a natural way. However, he is really on top of the latest medical discoveries and information and does not hesitate to recommend medicines or medical interventions if they are indicated and are the best choice. I trust his judgment. He is persuasive because he respects his patients and he persuades gently and with understandable explanations to back up his recommendations. I can't imagine having a more excellent primary care physician and I feel very fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Wong. - .F
Dr. Wong was awesome. He was very caring and knowledgeable. He helped me to feel at ease. I would absolutely see him again. - .B
I do feel that Dr Wong is a great doctor and that he has his best interest as a doctor for my well being! Very satisfied ! - Richard F Curtis
Visit went very well as usual. - Jeffrey D Rayle
Great staff and Great Doctor! - .M
All good, went very smoothly and was efficient - .M
Dr. Wong has a great bedside manner. I did not feel rushed during the visit and he was thorough in his examination. - Erik D Unger
My visits with Dr. Wong and the staff at Eagle is always the very best l can hope for!!! Thanks Everyone for what you do!!! - .F
They treated me very nice I hope they keep doing that any time . Everything going ok - .H
Dr. Wong and the staff at Eagle Guilford College are exceptional, professional and so very personable! It is rare to find an entire practice of people who love their jobs and love their patients. Dr. Wong is passionate about what he does and about helping people heal. When he listens to can tell he is really listening. It also gives me great comfort that he lives what he teaches and loves medicine so much he is constantly keeping up with the latest research. Dr. Wong and this practice are helping me heal and I am so very grateful! - .K
Excellent doctor - Evan J Poag
My overall experience was great. I will definitely continue to trust my health care to Dr. Wong and the staff at Eagle Physicians. - .T
It is always a pleasure visiting the Eagle office. Dr Wong, his nurses and the front end staff are always so pleasant and courteous. Dr Wong has been my doctor for years and I feel he is the reason I am alive today. From the medical care he provides to the encouragement he gives. He is truly a healer - .R
Dr.Wong is an excellent doctor. He treats his patients as his family and listens very patiently and gives the best treatments. - .S
Great physician. Dr Wong is a great communicator: listens to find out what my concerns are and empowers me to improve my health. Organized: dr Wong follows up on labs/test; I feel that he cares about my health.Great bedside manners: personable, great listener, and empathetic. Recommends reading materials as part of my health care. I am totally satisfied with dr Wong as my physician- when he left his previous practice, l followed. - Vincent Pippen
Dr. Wong is my primary care physician. I really appreciate the time he takes with me to answer all of my questions. He is extremely knowledgeable and encourages a healthy lifestyle. I completely trust Dr. Wong and believe that he truly cares about my health and wellness. I highly recommend him! - Ann Marie Dooley
Always a wonderful experience, especially considering our former facility. Clean, efficient, well organized! - .M
Excellent service always by Dr Wong - Christine P Rowe
Very pleased with my doctor - Karen B Moore
Dr.Wong has always treated me well as a patient and he always has my welfare in mind when treating me for a virus or other conditions! I trust him with my health! - Richard M McGilvery
Dr Wong is very caring about his patients total being. - Nannie Mulcare
Dr Wong is very competent. He shows concern & compassion. - Doris A Norton
Very Positive. - .M
I have a great doctor and the staff is always friendly and professional! - .M
Dr. Wong is an excellent physician. He determined that something needed additional testing an gave me a referral right away. He is very good at both listening to his patients and explaining things clearly. - .H
Dr. Wong is a great doctor; personable and he listens to me. - .H
Dr. Wong was great. He listens to his patients and answers all the questions. He is very knowledgeable and cares for his patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Wong. Staff was very nice and friendly and didnt have to wait long. Overall the experience was great. - .M
I enjoy my office visit. It's like visiting friends. I feel very comfortable talking with Dr. Wong about what's going on with me from the my visit. That's very special to me. - .C
Always going the extra mile and take time to explain everything. - .T
I felt very well taken care of. - Lovetta Dunn
Dr. Wong is a good Doctor. I would refer him to anyone who wants a Doctor that spends time with patients and don't make feel like they are just a number. - .R
I really appreciate having a doctor like Dr. Wong who takes the time to listen attentively and actually cares about his patients. The staff is also very friendly. - .B
Dr. Wong diagnosed the problem and the solution. It has worked out really well for me. - .M
As always Dr. Wong is the perfect balance of medical knowledge and an understanding of nutrition,and fitness that works. - .L
Always an excellent experience with Dr. Wong and his staff. - .W
The friendly check-in staff is always pleased to see me and make me feel welcome. Dr. Wong is THE BEST physician. I appreciate his caring nature, his knowledge and his caring attitude. If I have to wait a few extra minutes for him, I am okay with that because I know he is giving someone else in another room the same genuine care he is going to give me when it's my turn. - .S
always pleased to visit Dr. Wong for his checkup and receiving his advice. - .C
I practically walked straight to the back, once I checked in and Dr Wong was in my room within 2 minutes. He was thorough and answered every question that I had. - .D
As usual, Dr. Wong did an excellent job! - .M
Always great service. - .D
Wonderful Experience and - .O
Very good. Dr Wong is the reason I come to the clinic - .B
I'm always in and out when I have appointments with Eagle Physicians. Their medical expertise and excellent customer service makes going to the doctor a pleasurable and effective experience. I highly recommend. - .M
Everything was great - .P
I was very pleased with Dr. Wong. He made me feel very comfortable and answered all my concerns. - .C
Always a pleasure dealing with the staff. Very friendly and helpful. Dr. Wong very knowledgeable and encouraging. Love having y’all as my health providers. - .L
I was able to get an appointment the day that I called. Dr Wong was very professional and knowledgeable about my particular issue. He answered all my questions thoroughly. - .S
Dr. Wong is the best. Very friendly and easy to talk to about medical questions and concerns - .B
Dr. Francis Wong and the Eagle Staff did and excellent job in assisting me with my medical issues. Dr. Wong is one of the best - .J
Dr. Wong is a very experienced and excellent doctor. - .G
Dr. Wong is the best doctor in GSO. He takes time to listen and I never feel hurried. He follows up with me about any issues I may have. - .K
Warm reception, short wait time, professional service. Can't ask for a better service. Doctor of all doctors. I'll recommend anyone to this facility. - .B
Everything went very smoothly. Lab results were available quickly in preparation for the check-up. Did not have to wait long. - .O
Good experience. Easy to schedule. - .H
Dr. Wong is always thorough and picks up on everything. - .P
Dr Wong appears to really care about the welfare of his patients. I am not afraid to talk to him. I think he puts his patients at ease, even when there is a troublesome diagnosis. - .J
Everything was fine. Dr Wong paid attention to what I said. He is keeping track of my progress. - .B
my appointment was excellent, no long waiting and the staff was very friendly. DR WONG listen to my complaint, gave me recommendation on what I needed to do. - .B
Great professional Dr. Francis Wong. - .R
Great visit Dr Wong is very encouraging and supporting. I trust him as my Doctor and advisor about my health - .B
Very smooth / professional process - .S
Dr Wong is attentive to the issues I described. His prescriptions to alleviate my ear pain took a couple days longer than I expected but eventually the situation has started to clear up. - .M
I am very pleased with Dr. Wong. - .M
Well done - .J
Great doc! - .P
As always Dr. Wong is caring and informed. He has been my Dr. for a long time and I am totally pleased knowing him and having him as my physician. - .B
It was good, and done in a timely manner. - .M
Very good visit. - .P
Check up. Got in and out quickly and all of my questions and concerns were addressed. - .H
Excellent experience... - .M
Everything was fantastic - .H
Dr Wong is the best! I never feel rushed when I see him, he gives me the attention I need and truly cares about his patients. Best DR ever! ❤️❤️ - .T
I really appreciate Dr Wong. He never makes me feel rushed and he is compassionate and trustworthy. I always feel confident in the treatment options and advice that he gives. - .C
Very professional. He allows for questions and for me to express my concerns. That is important as a patient. I barely go to the doctor and it’s refreshing to know my health and concerns are important! - .C
Staff is always courteous and helpful. Dr. Wong is very personable. I’m happy with all services I get at Eagle Guilford College - .D
Dr. Wong is very attentive and was awesome - .H
Very good doctor. List to you. And answer the question very good. Will keep see Dr wong - .W
My appointment was on time and I was out within 45 minutes - .K
Appointment was quick, really appreciated the attention and advice. Excellent care and convenient. - .B
My last visit went very well. Wait time for my appointment was very brief. Everyone was courteous and helpful. Dr Wong, as usual, seem very interested in my well being and took all the time I needed for this visit. Results of my lab work came back quickly. I recommend Eagle Physicians 5 star. - .D
My doctor is great! He explains in terms the average person can understand. - .D
The best doctor, very friendly yet very professional. Not intimidating like other doctor there. Highly recommended. - .G
The visit was awesome, Gina and Dr. Wong are the most caring and empathetic health care professionals I have ever met.They are definitely an asset to Eagle Physicians and make my Dr. visits an enjoyable experience! - .O
Very good appraisal of injury and advise - .G
I have been a patient of Dr. Wong since February 2016. I had just relocated from Florida and wanted a doctor that would partner with me in a health team approach for my health care needs. Dr. Wong has always been professional, friendly and approachable. He listens to my concerns and we both discuss what is the best course of treatment for whatever the health issue is. Dr. Wong would research issues when there is no obvious answer available. I am very pleased with Dr. Wongs' care. - Ana M Velez
I'm very please with my relationship with Dr. Wong and staff. They welcome me at every visit and are very attentive to my concerns. Dr. Wong listens to me and makes recommendations to other doctor(s) when needed. It's good to have a doctor who is concern about my well being. I highly recommend Dr. Francis Wong. - .C
Very pleasant experience. I highly recommend Dr. Wong as your personal physician. He is knowledgeable, prompt in his appointments and stays abreast of new medical technology. - .O
In and out I received the medical help that I need. Great bed side matter Dr Wong was caring and nurturing - .B
Gina and Dr. Wong are always the best part of my medical care. - .C
I really like him and his staff very courteous and friendly - .L
All went as scheduled and as usual. - .B
Very satisfied - .P
I did not have to wait very long in the waiting room, and I did not wait long in the exam room. Dr Wong was, as always, very pleasant, interested in everything I had to say, and explained his point of view carefully and with language that was easy to understand. It was clear to me that he has given the topic we were discussing a lot of thought. - .R
Excellent patient service and outstanding staff. - .W
Very caring doctor. - Lovetta Dunn
Everyone at this office that i have dealt with is so nice and professional . No long waits in waiting room and Dr Wong is awesome ! Thanks ! - .D
Dr. Wong is the best doctor I've had! - .W
Very thorough!!! Great patient care!! Love him as my doctor. - .M
It is alway a professional and pleasant experience. - .P
It was positive. - .H
Dr Wong is a caring and considerate physician, with a great personality to go with it. I feel I and trust his advice. His support staff reflects his professional approach when they dealt with me best regard - .K
All was very good, quick in and out of the clinic, no complaints - .K
Everyone is so nice. The ladies in the reception area is awesome they make you feel comfortable and at home. Their laughter is up lifting - .J
Incredibly knowledgeable with the best bedside manner I’ve seen. Truly value this amazing Doctor. - Laura M Brevda
Excellent care. Great bedside manners. Was seen on time. Great experience - Marc H Nesi
Dr. Wong is a caring physician and always listens. And truly love him as my doctor. - Leona D Goolsby
Awesome physician!! Very knowledgeable and personable. - Chauncy L Fuller
Very satisfied. Paid attention to what I has to say. Very professional. - .B
Dr. Wong is great. He cares and takes enough time to make me feel like i'm important. He encourages without scolding but he also isn't timid with telling you what you need to hear. - .U
Great experience. - .H
I love the Receptionist and Staff & The Doctors Of Course my Favorite is Mine! Dr. Francis Wong!!! Always have had a Great Experience at Eagle Physicians!!!! - Bartolome Bisbal
Everyone in the office is very friendly and Helpful. Dr. Wong is very through with your help. He is very concerned is you test results are bad.I love being a patient there. They also took very good care of my mother.Thanks Guys! - .G
I really like Doctor Frances Wong.he more concerned about your health.he really a good doctor - Otis Dunn
Great Doctor I would recommend him to anybody - Tivon R Clark
Very thorough - John E Davis Jr
Dr. Wong is a physician who listens to his patients and involves them in their treatment. - Ronisha S Smith
Great service! - .G
Makes u feel comfort. Easy to talk to. - Karen Greene
very short wait, excellent physician experience - .A
This was a 6 month follow up visit. Everyone was very pleasant and thorough. - .T
My experience with Dr. Wong is always excellent. I am very happy to have him as my doctor. I have been a patient with Eagle Physicians at Guilford College for over 40 years and wouldn't go anywhere else. - .C
Dr. Wong is very attentive and friendly. - .S
Dr. Wong is an excellent MD. He listens to his patients' concerns and thoroughly discusses any treatment needed. - .H
I went for my annual check up and everything was great. The nurse was so friendly and welcoming. Dr Wong was thorough in checking everything and I left feeling good about the visit. - .H
Excellent experience, short wait time for my scheduled appointment. - .A
Excellent! - .J
I am very pleased with Dr. Wong and his staff. - .K
I’m very pleased with dr Wong. - Guy D Keener Jr
Dr. Wong is the best health care provider I have ever had the pleasure of working with! He has the perfect combination of experience and caring that every patient hopes to find in a physician. It is clear that he loves what he does and he always seems to be versed on the most recent developments in medicine. He encourages me to sincerely make the lifestyle changes that will lead to good long term health without judgement and while managing the symptoms and problems I have now. I trust him completely and am grateful to be in his care! - .K
No problems, excellent results.. - .G
Dr. Wong is awesome. Positive, upbeat, caring proactive about healthcare. - Kristin G Vaughn
Very thankful to have Dr Wong as my provider. Very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen and hear what you are saying. - .A
I'm a new patient but I am already very impressed with Dr. Wong's knowledge and his thoughtfulness in arriving at the next steps to be taken in improving his patient's health. He is very organized and he listens to his patient and supports patients like myself who want to be responsible for their own health but also want guidance from a knowledgeable professional who has the patient's welfare uppermost in his mind. - .F
Appointments easy, seen quickly. Dr visit rather short but was friendly & knowledgeable. - Bernard C MacSeoin
A visit to Eagle Physicians, especially to see Dr. Wong, is always a pleasure and beneficial. Dr. Wong is a really good listener, always offers sound advise . I hope he never retires, at least not while I still need an excellent doctor and occasional visits. As for all staff that I come in contact with, they are all very friendly and helpful. - .S
All good - Douglas Dalton
He always listens to me and then puts his knowledge into action taking into account my view of my symptoms. - Donna R Hodgman
It’s always a great experience with Dr. Wong - Lawrence A Hammill
Dr. Wong is a very informed knowledgeable and well read individual with lots of different perspectives and experience to pull from. - Brandon Ohr
Dr Wong is a great guy. He spends time explaining things with you. Great personality. - John W Long
I came to Doctor Wong for a scheduled follow up appointment. It is a good thing I did for I was not feeling well. We discussed my symptoms, he examined me, changed some of my medications,added a medication, told me Merry Christmas andI went home. Each day I improved to where I feelbetter than I have in a while. - .H
My experience with Dr. Wong has been great. I appreciate that he cares about his patients. He always follow up - .W
Extremely good communication; answers any and all questions; very capable physician and staff. Dr. Wong has excellent bedside manner and takes time needed for any necessary examinations and recommendations. Very pleased with him as my primary physician. - .J
Excellent!!! - .R
Dr. Wong and staff very attentive to my needs. - .G
Dr. Wong is very professional and personable. Best family doctor around!! - Mark Euell
excellent facility, very knowledgeable doctor. Friendly and courteous doctor - .B
My entire visit was personable and professional. - .J
Love Dr.Wong and his staff! - .T
Thanks Dr. Wong for actually listening to me! Thanks for your guidance and advice. - .D
I always feel listened to and my concerns addressed appropriately with Dr. Wong. He does not push me to do anything that I am completely uncomfortable with and allows my input into my treatments. Thank you Dr. Wong for making me feel important and not rushed. Sherrill Willis - .W
Always a pleasure. - .F
As always excellent service from Dr Wong. - .R
All areas questioned did deserve a 5 star rating! WE recently left another Greensboro family care center we frequented for 30 years and could not be more pleased with the amazing difference we now experience with your facility. - .M
Dr. Wong has the ability to direct his attention to your concerns and provides answers to your queries. You feel like your health is a priority & that you aren't being assembly-lined through his office. - .B
Prompt and courteous service as always - .G
Excellent service - .F
Good - .W
I had a great experience with Dr. Wong I am a knew patient so I am hoping that I choose the right facility - .T
Very caring staff and Dr Wong is fantastic! - Philip S Johnston
Wonderful staff and Dr. Wong is always very caring and passionate. Professional and courteous. - .M
Dr Wong is awesome and so lucky to have him. - .C
Dr. Wong and the staff paid close attention to what I said, and responded clearly and with easy to understand, suggestions andrecommendations. - .W
As always, a pleasant experience to be seen and treated by an exceptional professional. - .A
I was seen and the dx was made quickly. although I made the appointment at the last minute. The staff was efficient and courteous. - .P
Dr. Wong was extremely thorough and I was completely satisfied with his assessment and diagnosis. - .M
All went well, did not have to wait long. - .C
I'm very pleased and blessed to have Dr Wong and Eagle Practice for my medical needs. Dr Wong answered all my questions so that I could understand them. I'm going through deep greiving from the loss of my spouse. Dr Wong has been very caring and helpful. I had a bad cut on my finger that took 11 stitches. With Dr Wong's treatment and following his instructions, healing has been less painful and less stressful .Dr Wong has a calm reasuring presents . Dr Wong also has a wealth of knowledge about health care and a great bed side manner. - .B
I enjoy going to this office. The staff & Dr. Wong are friendly. - .H
Overall, I enjoyed my visit with Dr. Wong. He is very engaging and has great interpersonal skills. He is very knowledgeable and was very thorough during the visit. He described information in terms that I could easily understand and walked me through the steps that I would need to take to improve my health. I feel comfortable with him as my provider and I look forward to the next visit. - .S
Saw Dr. Wong, and as usual was greeted with a smile and a great attitude. We discussed my sweats, and talked about some avenues I could take to help me with them. He had blood drawn, and got the results back, and everything seemed to be normal except my calcium. I see him again in November, and we will do test on my diabetes. Love Dr. Wong...….Robert - .W
This visit was one of many follow up appointments so Dr. Wong was certain I getting better. He is always happy and focused on me making me feellike I will get better. I am better. - .H
Staff and experience from beginning to end was excellent! - .H
Very good - .J
Staff very efficient and service was quick. - .B
Dr. Wong is very personable and very professional. It is always nice to see him, and to get his help as a patient. Thank you. - .R
Dr. Wong is wonderful, he takes time to address patient concerns, provides detailed explanations and supplemental readings and most importantly knows and remembers his patients as individuals. The staff is always courteous and prompt. Never had a bad experience at this facility. - .H
It was a check up with Dr. Wong. - .E
Dr Wong and his staff are the best. - .D
I have been seeing Dr. Wong for over a year,he has been very thorough and focused on diagnosing my medical needs! The staff has been excellent and very officiant. - .H
I was seen quickly and efficiently, and Dr. Wong has a kind and personable manner. I really appreciate that he does not seem to be in a rush. - .R
Dr Wong is great - .B
Always a good experience - .S
Very pleased with the entire experience as indicated above. I am pleased to have Dr Wong as my doctor. He is friendly, patient and personable. - .M
It was an excellent experience...I actually look forward to seeing Dr Wong each visit. The staff is always cordial and professional. - .B
Dr. Wong always is concerned about you and takes his time with you. - .B
Dr. Wong and staff are all incredibly competent and kind. I'll go no where else unless he leaves. - .C
Excellent doctor. Emphasizes lifestyle changes that work. - .S
Cared about my issue. - .J
I was very lucky to get a same day appointment with my doctor, Dr. Wong. He is an excellent MD. - .H
Throughly reviewed the past records and provided adequate health advices. All the staff are very professional and helpful. - .C
I truly felt Dr. Wong listened to my concerns, and he did so in a very professional manner. - .M
Dr. Wong and his team are very informed and caring healthcare service provider. - .T
Staff was very helpful and attentive. - .F
The entire experience at this practice is exceptional. The registration, check out and lab staff are always friendly and efficient. Gina, Dr. Wong's nurse is wonderful, always remembering my name and some detail about me. I rarely have to wait which is hard to believe when I am with Dr. Wong because he gives me his full attention and makes me feel that he truly cares about every aspect of my health. I wouldn't have believed it possible that I look forward to going to the Dr...but now I do. Dr. Wong has such a depth of knowledge and seems to always know the latest research on many different topics. He is the best Dr. I have ever had! - .K
Dr Wong is very intelligent and excellent patron care. - .J
Staff is friendly and helpful; however, very hard to get through the phone. Takes many attempts. Everyone was very helpful. Provider is great. Thanks. - .W
Great and quick at what they do. - .D
Very happy with it all - .D
Great experience. Dr. Wong is always very pleasant and takes the time to really listen to my concerns. He then gives me all the information I need to make an informed decision about my own health. - .M
Great doctor - .I
always good - .B
Very friendly staff and Dr.Wong always gives great health advice. Dr. Wong is man who practices what he preaches to his patients. I always leave the office, feeling motivated to live a more healthy lifestyle. - .Y
Pleased with Dr Wong - .O
Excellent, as always!! - .T
Excellent doctor and experience. - .P
Good feedback. - .G
Great appointment as always! - .G
Issue addressed quickly and efficiently. Interactions cordial, positive and effective. Questions answered and direction provided. Just what I needed. - .H
Dr. Wong is the best doctor in the Triad. He takes as much time with patients as they need. He always explains issues very well. - .K
Overall very good experience. Dr Wong is genuinely concerned about my health, I believe and takes the time to listen. - .C
It would be hard to put into words the knowledge and care that Dr. Wong demonstrates to his patients. I have known him many years and he consistently provides the same high quality care to me. My advice would be to keep Dr. Wong at Eagle Physicians because I like other patients have tracked him down at other clinics in the past! - .N
All staff I encounter at my visits are always very friendly and welcoming while remaining professional at the same time. I absolutely love Dr. Wong! He always takes the time to listen to me and offers good, sound advice. He understands me when I say I don't know exactly what is wrong I just know something is going on - that is the relationship we have built and I have total trust in him. - .J
great staff services , keep it up. - .W
My experience was great. There was no long wait time, very generous staff, patient, knowledgeable and eager to help. Thank you!!! - .M
Needed to see the doctor for a digestive issue and was able to schedule an appointment on their website and was granted an appointment within a day. Wait time was minimal and staff was courteous as usual. Dr. Wong, as usual. was efficient, attentive and thorough. All this while also being personable. - .B
Dr Wong is always great and I would recommend him to anyone. - Sean Kelly
Dr Wong is 100% professional and takes the time to show he cares for his patients . Recommendations are always excellent. - .G
Great physician - .D
Dr Wong is very nice, very professional and very good at his job. I highly recommend him. - .H
The most pleasant medical office I have been in. - .M
As always, the staff at Eagle Physicians were professional and polite. The receptionist that checked me in made me feel welcome immediately upon my arrival. The nurse that took me back helped to answer the questions I had for Dr. Wong and was quick in getting me into the exam room. Dr. Wong takes his time to talk with me about any questions I have about current and future health concerns. I never feel 'like a number' when i visit with him. He seems to genuinely care about me as a person and my health and not simply getting me in and out of the room to get another patient in the room. The lab tech that drew my blood helped to calm my nerves (I do not care for needles) and made the blood draw quick and painless. Finally, i spent several minutes speaking with the check-out receptionist (no one was waiting behind me) about different foods we both enjoy and our families. I really feel like the entire staff at Eagle Physicians makes me feel like family when i come in and recommended it to my wife a year ago and she transferred her primary care physician to Eagle. - .T
Very attentive Checked out all concerns Great bedside manners. Could not ask for a better visit Dr Wong is taking excellent care of me during a very stressful time in my life I would and have recommended Dr Wong to friends and family - .B
Dr. Wong has monitored my health to keep meas healthy as I have been In a long time. He is trulya gifted Dr. - .H
great! - .L
I had a very positive experience Dr. Wong was very pleasant and allowed me to work on better eating habits and exercise before having to take medication. He gave good recommendations on how to exercise and eat to lower my cholesterol. - .Smallwood Phd
First time visit. I felt Very comfortable and knew the Dr was interested in my health today and future. So glad I choose this clinic and Dr. - .R
Dr Wong was great. He diagnosed my problem and wa helpful in treating my vertigo.Thank You! - .Taney
Dr. Wong does a nice job talking with me rather than rushing in and out. That's a nice touch. He's patient centric instead of practice centric and that's smart for business. Keep it up! - .S
Well run office. Dr. Wong listens to you and gives you the time you need. - .G
Dr. Wong is the best. He takes time to answer all of my questions and does not rush me through my visit. I followed him from Madison to Greensboro. My whole family loves Dr. Wong. - .N
Services were provided in a professional manner and my needs were accommodated. - .A
Dr. Wong is a super super amazing and knowledgeable doctor. Although we have only encountered each other on two visits, I feel he is the perfect doctor. The rest of my visit was perfect as well. The receptionists sometimes don't have a great "phone voice", but when you are there at the office it's a true pleasure to speak with them. Scheduling your next appointment is SUPER easy after your visit. I am so grateful I have switched to this wonderful place!! THANK YOU Dr. Wong!!!!! - .S
Dr. Wong is a pleasure to have as a doctor. He always has plenty of time to spend with you to answer all of your questions. I enjoy my visits with him. The staff is friendly and helpful.Kathy - .B
I am so happy to be back with Dr. Wong. - .L
My experience was very professional and I was very happy. - .L
I like that Dr Wong listens makes me comfortable knowing that he will do the best he can to resolve matter. - .G
Dr. Wong is excellent same with staff. - .T
Dr. Wong was very straight forward. He listened well and made me feel like he cared. - .D
Everyone very caring. My husband passed away on 4/16 Dr Wong was helpful and understanding with my greiving process. Dr Wong and his staff never ceases to amazes me with taking good care of me. - .B
I enjoy coming in for my appointments at Eagle Physicians. Everyone is courteous and seems to be respectful of my time. Wait times are reasonable. Portal is user friendly. I like being able to pull up my test results and next scheduled visits.I have messaged Dr Wong once through the portal and he was very responsive. Dr Wong is very thorough. It doesn't seem like I am being rushed through my exam. - .M
Overall experience was great. Very timely and cordial. - .S
I am always pleased with my experiences at the Eagle medical facility. The staff is always more than courteous and the environment is clean. The most important aspect of my visit to the facility is the time I get to spend with Doctor Francis Wong. Dr. Wong always seems to be glad to see me and he is so pleasant and cordial. He is also very thorough and does not hesitate to pursue answers to questions I bring to his attention. He never hesitates to recommend a medical referral if he believes it is justified. I sincerely believe my overall health benefits from the care I receive from my primary care provider, Francis Wong. - .T
Reception, care, personnel, and Dr. Wong were professional, helpful, and informative. DR. Wong took time to make sure his diagnosis, suggested treatment, and recovery time was clear to me. - Donald M Wojek
I have only seen Dr. Wong a couple of times, but each time I have felt as though I'm his only patient, and he has nothing else that is important to do. That is a good feeling! - .R
As always, very pleasant visit. Dr. Wong really listens and shows sincere interest in my health. Office staff, etc. are always pleasant. - .S
I always have a great experience at Eagle Physicians: They are always kind, professional, & courteous. The bottom line is, they are always there for you and very happy to do whatever it is for you. Always with a very big smile. Have a great day! - Joanna Hilem
It was awesome - .S
Dr. Wong and the entire staff are an excellent professional team. - .C
Dr. Wong is the best! - .C
Dr. Wong and the staff are very thoughtful and knowledgeable. He’s straight forward but listens and cares about you as a whole person. - .V
Great MD & practice! - .D
Follow up for illness and blood pressure follow up. Extremely satisfied with my care from Dr Wong and this office. Professional and answer all of my questions and concerns. - .M
Dr Wong and Gina, his nurse, are truly amazing and have the best bedside manner. Dr. Wong uses holistic therapy before writing a prescription, unless a prescription is needed. I couldn't ask for a better internist and nurse. The office has a very warm atmosphere with the employees and can tell they care about their patient and each other. The office staff is amazing and make you feel like family , greeting you with smiles when you walk in the door. - .A
My experience with Dr. Wong was great as always! - .O
Dr. Wong is the best. Always a pleasure to hear what he has to say. - .B
I truly enjoy Dr. Wong as my doctor. He is very thorough and provides a lot of useful information. No matter what the issue he has a great way of putting you at ease. - .B
Had some very minor surgery done. Dr Wong was attentive to my comfort and interested in making my visit a pleasant one. He took the time to explain everything he was doing. Wait time was not long at all although my appointment was first thing in the morning. - .D
Dr. Wong is the most knowledgeable, approachable and compassionate physician I have ever had the privilege to meet. I am experiencing a variety of health challenges at once and he was able to sort them out and suggest treatment options and medication adjustments to untangle them. Somehow, he seems to keep up with the latest developments in medicine and I appreciate his holistic point of view. Mostly, I appreciate that he treats me as a person..not just a patient. The staff is also wonderful. Gina always remembers my name and is friendly and efficient. The administrative and lab staff seem to enjoy their jobs and they do them well. This is an excellent practice! - .K
It was very good . The whole office staff was pleasant - .D
excellent service - .A
Dr. Wong is excellent - I never feel rushed in and out, and he answers my questions thoroughly! Thank you! - .S
Pleasant experience. Although I was a little late, I still did not have to wait long. - .O
very personal, & appreciated..... - .G
Dr. Wong is such an amazing doctor. He is detailed and very friendly and honest. I love this facility. The staff is knowledgeable and always friendly. I really cannot say anything negative about this facility, staff and the doctors. I love the whole staff. - .W
I was last seen for my annual physical. Dr. Wong provided excellent care. I was able to have my lab work done before my appointment so we were able to review the results at the appointment. Dr. Wong reviewed everything with me and provided advice and printed materials for me. I really appreciate that Dr. Wong takes time to discuss my health and I never feel rushed. I recommend Dr. Wong and Eagle Family Medicine at Guilford College to all of my friends. - .D
All staff was very professional and timely. There were no surprise fees or tests like some other doc. offices. Overall Rating: A - Matthew Wellons
Very good. Concerned and helpful physician. - Raymond E Saunders
I had a great experience with Eagles Thanks for providing an awesome service overall! - Shafiqul Islam
Dr. Wong and his nurse were very friendly and professional and my visit and treatment resulted in excellent care. thanks - Furman E Gladden
My visit with Dr. Wong is always very pleasant. His greeting is always welcoming. He shows interest in my well being and that makes me feel valued as a patient. Love the patient/doctor relationship. - .C
I am a big fan of Dr Wong, one of the few physicians who understands and promote vegetarian, pescetarian, and vegan lifestlyes. Seeing Dr Wong is always a learning experience, whether in discussion, suggested documentaries and books, etc. Only wish I had met him years ago. :-) - .H
The experience was good . - .C
Great experience - .D
I always have a great experience with Dr Wong, it seems like he very much cares about me as a patient. Takes time to hear my concerns, and offers thought out and thoughtful insights and suggestions. Highly recommend! - .A
I always enjoy seeing Dr. Wong. He is always upbeat, friendly and truthful to me and my wife. He is probably the best family doctor we have ever had. He has really helped my with meds, and with diabetes. He is a very rounded doctor, with lots if medical knowledge. I hope he will be at Eagle for a long time. Thanks......Robert - .W
My visit was managed very efficiently including wait time and treatment. - .D
EST doctor and practice around. - .A
Very good. Gave me feedback I could use. - .G
Doctor Wong was excellent. His bedside manner is impeccable, and he made me feel comfortable talking with him about all of my health concerns. Very glad he has returned to Eagle! - .W
Everyone was nice and help me by being a new patient. I didn’t have to wait long everything was on tume - .B
Dr Wong is always awesome as is his team! - .C
I got there early for my appointment and the staff got me in early. Everyone is very friendly and professional. Dr. Wong and everyone goes beyond my expectations and I am very thankful for each and everyone of them. - .J
I went for a routine office visit & was identified from a EKG to be in flutter. Dr. Wong took prompt action calling EMS to get me to the emergency room. Then followed up to see how I was doing. - .M
Dr Wong is the best!!!! - .F
I love my doctor. He is very personable and informative. I feel that I’m his only patient. He takes time to talk and never rushes like some doctors I’ve had in the past. Thank you, Dr. Wong - Elvertice .D
Dr. Wong was awesome as usual! - .L
Everything went very well. Dr. Wong is my favorite. I recommend Dr. Wong to all of my friends and family. - .B
Hi All.......From the moment I walk in the staff is welcoming & courteous, I even hear them joking around with the patients.The facility looks very clean and that is very comfortingNeedless to say I love Dr. Wong, he has a dynamic personality, loves people, and is caring & kind. He is Very Smart & Knowledgeable . He is really listening when I am speaking to him and works with me as an individual and just not going by the text book. He makes you feel like you are the only one that matters and that is a very important & special quality to me.🙃Louise W - .W
My experience with Dr. Wong has always been above reproach. Dr. Wong always displays a happy demeanor, is professional and caring. Dr. Wong listens to my health concerns and offers solutions that I am able to understand. We have developed a "Team approach" when healthcare decisions need to be made. Happy with Dr. Wongs' care. - Ana M Velez
Dr. Wong is a great doctor. - .B
Dr. Wong is great. I saw him for a wellness visit, and he takes time to talk and listen. Top notch. - .N
Dr. Wong is the best of the best! - .H
I asked for my appointment to confer with Dr. Wong about my progress with a nutrition program and lifestyle changes that he and I had spoken about last summer. I've had a relapse of my MS since I last saw him, and I've lost 30 lbs. I talked to him about other ways to detox my body and he ordered blood and urine tests as well as recommended several books to read about diet. I was extremely pleased with the visit. I am happy that Dr. Wong is on my team, helping me learn to take care of myself with food. 😀 - .E
Eagle Physicians is always professional and prompt. Dr. Wong and his staff are very informative and caring. I would highly recommend this facility as their expertise and management ranks as perhaps the highest that I have ever experienced. - .M
Always Great! - .C
I feel well cared for at this clinic. - .B
I would just like to say that the whole staff at your facility are great. Dr. Wong is great at listening to you and giving you his thoughts about the problem you might have.............. - .H
DR. WONG is great. Knowledgeable, up front with message. Will give all the time you need. Looking forward to many years tocome - .L
So very happy with my Doctor, Dr. Wong, and his nurse Gina. He always takes the proper time to go over concerns, and answers all of my questions. I would not go to anyone else for my general practitioner. Everyone there at Eagle are very courteous and nice. It makes your viait pleasant. I especially want to say a big atta girl to the 2 women that draw blood. Dr. Wong found that I am diabetic, and has been helping me with all of the new ways to live and eat. Grateful........Robert - Robert I Wofford
Dr. Wong is a nice doctor. He listen to me. He treats me and family member with me with respect. He always smile at us. I'm glad you have him. - .W
Everything was great and has been since I been coming here. - .D
Very good. Dr. Wong took time with me and that is always appreciated. - .H
Great Service. Thank you - .H
I was able to get in quickly and did not have to wait very long in the waiting area or for the doctor. The order was called into the pharmacy and I was able to receive my medication with only a short wait there as well. - .A
The visit was very pleasant without any problem!dr.Wong is very knolegable,caring and personal! I will recommend him without hesitation. - .H
Great visit. Dr Wong is awesome staff very nice also - .H
It was all a positive experience. - .P
Dr. Wong made the request for a cardiology and appt. and it came and he took time to listen. - .J
Dr. Wong was very attentive and answered all the questions I had. He put my mind at ease for a potentially stressful situation. - .K
Dr Wong is a great doctor, he listen to you then use his doctor knowledge to treat you - .J
As always Dr. Wong does a great job. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you again see you in 2 monthsBob - .B
Very happy with Dr Wong. He is very knowledgeable and I feel well taken care of in his care. I would recommend him to others he is also a great human being - .B
Good visit as last time. Dr. Wong takes the time to listen to you and provide valuable insights and feedback. - .B
I always gain more knowledge about self preservation when I visit Sr. Wong. - .S
Dr Wong is great but I want to also emphasize that the staff is BEYOND excellent. They greet with genuine kindness, answer questions helpfully, arrange schedules cheerfully, and even take blood gently. - .H
Dr Wong is a wonderful doctor that really care about his patients! - .S
Routine physical. No problems. Dr. Wong was pleasant and helpful as always. - .W
Very pleased with every area of my visit, everyone was very professional. - .S
Overall had an excellent experience. No complaints - .M
My latest visit was Excellent as Always!! Very professional staff and treatment!! - .F
Dr. Wong assessed and changed my medications, ordered labs and recommended an office visit to recheck in 6 weeks. That, in my opinion, is very thorough care. Dr. Wong as well as his staff, were delightful and efficient. My only regret was my own fault, not insisting on the manual blood pressure cuff. The automatic one is always very painful, and this visit was no exception. - .F
As always, the service and doctor (Dr. Wong) are great! - .F
The overall experience was great, the only two points that could improve the experience is I had to wait about 4 weeks for the appointment and once in the room I had to wait between 30 - 45 minutes. But the care, time spent with the doctor and the staff were wonderful. Thanks. - Gregory Kalescky
this was a follow up visit for Dr. Wong to check a severe rash I had developed. He, as always, was very kind, patient, and listened to my concerns. We agreed on the possible source(s) for the hives and rash and was administered Predisone injection, followed up by prescription for 9 days. I couldn't have been in better hands. - .S
Dr Wong is great and I am very satisfied with the service I received. - .C
Dr. Wong is very understanding and understands that there is more than treating an issue than blood tests and drugs. He cares about your mental health as well and talks about life as your body ages. He has been a positive force in my life. I wish that I had met him earlier in my life. - .M
I arrived 20 minutes early....only had to wait about 5 minutes before going back to a usual, Gina and Dr. Wong were awesome! - .L
Dr. Wong is a knowledgeable, caring physician. His staff is quite pleasant. I thought it took quite a while to get an appointment for the physical (nearly 4 months), but he did a thorough job. I look forward to seeing him again. - .B
Dr. Wong is one of the kindest, friendliest, and most professional doctors I have ever met. - .C
Excellent! Dr Wong was very informative on several health issues. He was amazing in being positive and honest about concerns. Although he may not agree with you totally, he give you pros and cons on treatment options. I greatly respect Dr. Wong and his staff. - .B
He was very thorough and ensure that all my questions were answered - .J
Doctor Wong and the medical staff was courteous and professional to my health needs. - .A
Prompt treatment. Superb "bedside manner" by Dr Wong. He is a very patient first doctor, which I appreciate! - .B
Staff very friendly and I love my doctor. - .H
As always,Dr. Wong is warm and welcoming as he enters the room to talk with you about your health issues. He listens to your concerns and goals and offers the best solution possible. He gives sound advice and recommendations. I always feel better confident when leaving his office, knowing that he has given his best in helping me. - .A
Excellent care and attention to my health concerns. However, there was a 30-45 minute wait to see Doctor due to an influx of patients with flu symptoms requiring attention. That overtaxed the normal schedule and caused the delay in my seeing Doctor Wong. - David Andersen
Good experience... My doctor is always willing to answer my questions. - .C
As usual , an efficient pleasant experience - .R
Dr. Wong was my primary physician a few years ago and he left the practice. I can't tell you how happy I was to find him again! I have used the walk-in clinic at this facility, which is excellent, but am so happy to have Dr. Wong back! - .B
Excellent/exceptional Provider [in the name of Dr. Francis Wong], as well as other departments (facility, wait time, front office staff, scheduling ease, etc. - .N
very goodshort wait timequestions answeredagree on rx - .A
Dr.Wong is very personable and concerned about getting my blood pressure down. He gives excellent advice on how I can help myself. I would highly recommend him. - James P Geraghty
Excelent provider! - .L
Dr. Wong always delivers exceptional care. I appreciate the time he spends making sure I understand his treatment plan and my healthcare goals. - .D
Dr. Wong provided me with a most thorough examination, helpful recommendations for day to day functioning, and a referral for later appointment with a specialist. I was able to see him the day of my call, and I was in and out of his care in a most reasonable period of time. I am very pleased with the care he has provided me. - .L
For a first visit, I was greatly impressed. Everyone from greeting staff on up gave impression that they loved what they do and were glad to be there to help. I am a retail pharmacist and know that is hard to do day-in-day-out, so seeing and feeling it was very noteworthy and appreciated. I also am greatly appreciative of Dr. Wong's consultation and personalized attention and approaches to my health. I am starting to read book one (The China Study) that he recommended I integrate into my life. The more knowledge and tools I have the better chance I have to push back against various health conditions. This is the kind of care I want to actively be part of: thoughtful, smart, current, and by example. - .R
The staff waa able to work me in their schedule the day that I was seen. I received excellent care from all of the staff from the time I walked in until the time I left. Dr. Wong is an excellent doctor. His wealth of knowledge helped me understand my issue more and provided me with information on how to better take care if myself. - .W
Very pleasant experience. - .S
Visit went very well from the time we walked through the door. I find Dr. Wong to be very thorough & feel that I am good hands. - .R
Hello.Everything was excellent, thanks for your support.Thanks.BR.Wayne. - Joo Hyun Lee
Dr. Wong is excellent and his personality is wonderful. - .S
The office staff is very friendly. The medical staff is easy to talk with and caters to you treatment preferences. Dr Wong is great and always gets me in and out quickly for my annual physical. I am very happy with all of the services provided to myself and my family. - Lucian Smith
Dr. Wong is excellent. - .S
Dr. Wong was my first choice for a PCP since moving from Florida. l have not once been disappointed in every visit I've made. He takes every visit serious and listens to what I have to say. We've agreed to be a "team" on my health care approach. He is very thorough and the care he has provided is excellent. His interpersonal skills and professionalism are beyond reproach. I love his humor as well. Great chemistry. - Ana Velez
Dr. Wong is always a pleasure to see. He is upbeat and full of life. He is not shy about making recommendations on how to improve my wellness and i appreciate that. I would strongly recommend him to my family and friends. I was moved to a room very quickly but I did sit in that room for about 20 minutes before the Doctor came. - .U
Very professional and to the point. He told me things i needed to know rather then what I wanted to hear - Kyle May
I especially like the fact that Eagle Physicians offers walk in appointments in the evenings and on weekends. They are the fist provider that I have encountered that does this. It is really a wonderful service, and one that I hope that they continue. - .K
I was very pleased. The facility is nice, the staff was nice to me, and I really like Dr. Wong as a physician and as a person. - .Z
Dr Wong is a jewel. - .P
Good experience. - .L
it's always a pleasure to meet with Dr. Wong. He's a good listener, esp. when I have a question or concern. He's about the best doctor I've ever had. - .S
Excellent - .N
I LOVE DR WONG A friend gave me the referral and I am glad I switched to him.He spends the necessary time with you and he's very thorough with your instructions and care plan. I would highly recommend Dr Wong - .W
Annual physical. Dr Wong was thorough as usual. He speaks to me rather than keeping his eyes on the computer and listens to me when we discuss my health. His advice and recommendations have always been very good. - .A
Once again, Dr. Wong demonstrated compassion, and knowledge as a medical doctor and wellness doctor. He is quick to know and understand me and my needs, as his patient. This lets me know that he takes each patient as an individual, with individual needs. - .B
As usual, my appointment was timely and productive. - .R
Dr Wong is great.... takes his time and answers questions. - .D
Always the best patient care ever. - .C
Always a good experience at this provider. I have been coming here since 1998 when they were on Dolley Madison. - .J
No complaints. This was a follow-up visit after a trip to the ER for an injury. - .H
With Dr.Wong, outstanding! - J.K
Was in and out with professional and courteous service. - Richard Hale
My experience with Dr. Wong has always been top notch. He always works to encourage a healthy lifestyle and listens to any concerns that I might have. The staff at Eagle is excellent, courteous and they put the patient first. Good job. - C.D
It was very informative. I like the way Dr. Wong break things down. - H.M
Was a good experience. - E.N
My experiences at Eagle Physicians, particularly with Dr. Wong, are always positive. I am blessed to be able to take advantage of such professional and accommodating services. - R.T
Dr. Wong and the staff provided excellent care. I appreciated Dr. Wong's friendly and professional manner. - J.R
Dr. Wong is completely engaging. He actually listens to his patients judging from his interaction with me. I feel like finally there is a doctor who pays attention to what I think and what I have to say. Thank you, Dr. Wong. - B.J
Dr. Wong is the best. - C.B
Overall a pleasant experience, no issues or concerns. Very informative and helpful. Thank you - S.L
Dr Wong was very thorough and professional and experienced! His suggestions are very beneficial to my overall health! - D.H
Everything was amazing - K.I
Dr. Wong was very entertaining - professional. He was patient relative to my concerns & I feel he adequately dealt with my health needs. - J.G
I’m new to the practice as my long time GP retired. I enjoyed meeting everyone and was pleased and comfortable with Dr. Wong. I’m happy at this point to have chosen your practice. - P.H
Everything went great; Dr. Wong is very easy to get along with!! Has my highest recommendations!! Always look forward to seeing him on next appointment!!Jim WarrenGreensboro, NC - W.W
All excellent!!! - D.P
Dr. Wong has been my General Practitioner for the last few years now and has been a terrific Dr. but, perhaps most importantly, a wellness mentor who has coached me in some pretty important changes that I needed to begin making in my life. His knowledge regarding healthy lifestyle choices along with his philosophy regarding aging and diet have put me in a better place and certainly one that I wouldn't have been as aware of nor apt to buy into without his studied guidance. Indeed I thought so much of Dr. Wong that I convinced my mother to change over to him from her GP of many years. I truly can't say enough good things about my doctor and Eagle Family Practice on New Garden Rd! - R.C
Dr. Wong and staff are very personable and knowledgeable. I enjoy my visits. - J.R
Dr. Wong always take time to thoroughly exam me and explain in details his findings. After going over his evaluation, he provides me a corrective action plan to address my medical concerns. In addition to being thorough, Dr. Wong intently listens to my health concerns and addresses each condition separately. Dr. Wong's nurse is very professional and slso takes the time to listen to the patient's health concern. The staff at Eagle Physicians (New Garden Rd) are nice, courteous and professional. My wait time is very minimal which is important to me because I consider my time valuable. So far, my experiences at this location have been very positive and worthwhile. - D.W
Dr. Wong is outstanding great man. - C.B
I had not been feeling well for several days but I knew I had a follow up appointment on Nov. 2-17.My care giver came with me and we quickly were talking to my Dr. Wong. After back and forth discussionof my new problems, he told me what I had and prescribed the proper medication. He told me he would do follow up blood testing in January when I have a biyearly appointment.The facility, the admission staff and the wait time was fine. - A.H
I have never had a physician that I feel genuinely cares about me my needs and wants me to live a better healthier life than Doctor Wong. The trade off on this, is that he does tend to run late/long, but I would take the late appointments because of the personalized care I get. I dont feel like a commodity, Im treated like a person. - J.A
Dr. Wong is pretty cool. Very efficient and genuinely concerned about my health. I really like him. - J.W
From the check in to the actual visit with Dr. Wong everyone was very professional and nice. Greeted immediately when I arrived and checked in. The wait was less than 10 minutes and the I really like Dr. Wong and his nurse. - M.F
Dr. Wong has one of the best "bedside manners" -he seems genuinely concerned, he listens to all I have to say and doesn't rush me out of there. He even brags on me when I am doing well with my health regimen, (eating habits and exercise) and encourages me to keep going. He also lets me know of any new things that he has seen and/or read about that might be beneficial to me. Visiting the doctor's office is nothing to dread when it comes to Dr. Wong! - J.O
I had a wonderful experience! - W.O
Dr. Wong is patient and professional. He responds in layman's terms to any questions that I have. The staff is courteous and prompt. - J.G
Very professional - J.S
Dr. Wong takes time to listen to me and provides me the exact treatment plan I need.I really like Dr Wong as my primary doctor. - C.C
Warm and friendly. Excellent bedside manner. Thorough and explained everything relation to my condition in a manner I can understand. - C.R
My husband Bob and I both go to Dr. Wong, and we love him. He is so considerate, kind, knowledgeable, attentive, ETC. We would not want any changes. And by the way, Jeana is also great and very helpful. We also want to give Phyllis some at a girl's as well. She always seems to be easy to work with . Everyone at Eagle is very kind and gracious Thanks.......Judy - J.W
I love Dr Wong He is knowledgeable and patient with you . He takes the necessary time to answer your questions and explain his diagnosis.I love his nurse as well!JENNY - T.W
Great experience - S.H
Always friendly - S.C
everything went well, no complaints - Q.L
I had a follow up meeting with Dr. Wong. He's so helpful and knowledgeable. I always feel comfortable with him. - M.M
Dr Wong is a great MD & always addresses my health issues. The Best. - D.D
Dr Wong got me squared away with dropping some meds and working to give up others. I know he cares about me and my health and is very patient. I’ve known him for at least 20 years! - K.A
Good follow-up meeting, discussed future treatment options - Donald Moore
Great - S.A
excellent - E.W
This was my first visit to the practice, and I felt comfortable. Dr. Wong took his time to get to know me and was friendly. He also helped me to get to know him. After checking me over and addressing my initial concerns, Dr. Wong asked more questions to make sure that I had voiced everything that might be on my mind before leaving. I was impressed. The nurses and staff were also supportive and professional. - J.R
I had an excellent experience with Dr. Wong and the staff that assisted me. Everyone was very professional and friendly. I felt that I was definitely in good hands. Very happy that I am one of his patients. - P.F
Every thing was great. - Guy Keener Jr
Great physician! Very efficient and very knowledgable re cardiovascular health and geriatric care. - R.T
I was glad to meet Dr. Wong again. I knew him because he was my doctor before he moved out of state many years ago. I was referred to Dr. Wong by Doctor Daub who practiced at Urgent Medical Care, who just retired. It was then when I found out Dr. Wong was back. I am happy to know I have a replacement like Dr. Wong who cares very much about his patients from my experience with him before.Thanks,Larry Osborne - L.O
Very efficient, courteous staff - very pleased - K.M
Dr. Wong is tops in every way. He explains well, has time for me, and makes me feel like I'm the most important patient he has. - B.B
short wait timeattentivecompassionate - A.A
Dr. Wong is wonderful. I left the clinic feeling like, finally, a medical person was truly listening to what the patient had to say. BJ - B.J
Dr Wong was very thorough and did a lot of blood blood test to find out my condition. - D.C
I appreciat that Dr. Wong worked me in with short notice. As always, he gave me his undivided attention, and exhibited his usual great bedside manner. He is a good listener, a great encourager, and a completely trustworthy physician. I feel blessed to have Dr. Wong, with his knowledge and experience, as my primary physician.The experience I have had with the staff lets me know that they really care about people They have a sincere desire to be helpful and show kindness in all situations. Thank you for this opportunity to share. - S.B
Dr. Wong is very knowledgeable, attentive and delivers medical guidance in a way easy to understand. - K.F
Dr. Wong diagnosed my arthritis/gout issue with my left knee promptly and prescribed meds. to treat the pain. My knee is fine now. Thank you Dr. Wong. - H.S
My primary care physician is retiring, and I needed to choose another PCP. Many of my clients have made such positive comments about Dr. Wong that I decided there must be something about him that garners such praise and that I should give him a try. All the praise is well deserved. I am very satisfied with my decision for Dr. Wong and Eagle Physicians. - K.F
As usual Dr. Wong was very professional and very helpful. - G.P
always a good experience - F.K
Very friendly and personable with plenty of useful advise - R.R
Dr. Wong is such a wonderful Doctor. I thank God for him because he talks with you, he responds immediately to you, he explains in detail to you what you need to know about your care. I am very, very, pleased with Dr. Wong !! He is a wonderful person. - B.R
I was VERY impressed with the time spent with Dr. Wong. He is very knowledgeable and resourceful. I look forward to the care I will receive from him. - R.D
Eagle Physician is a wonderful health Care system that works very well for me. - L.D
Entire staff is friendly and personable. Facility is clean and attractive.Dr Wong is friendly, personable, and interested in helping maintain good health. He encourages a good diet and exercise over meds like many other doctors do. My cholesterol was a little high last physical and I was told by another doctor that I needed to begin a med for this. This time it was also a little high and he suggested I could lower it by a good diet and exercise. - D.M
As always , I feel very comfortable going to Eagles at guilford college . The staff is very friendly and treats me as a human being instead of another number . The Doctor listened to me and gave me the attention needed . - J.W
The personal service and attention I receive from Dr. Wong and the staff at Eagle Physicians makes me feel as though I am part of the family and not just his patient. I always feel like I have had plenty of time to explain my issues without feeling rushed and being pushed aside for the next appointment. - P.D
Dr Wong is an awesome doctor! I know I am well taken care of by hin! - L.C
Excellent. Dr. Wong is always prepared, extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I couldn't ask for a better GP and have been so impressed with his services that I have signed my 78 yr/old mother with him as her healthcare provider. - R.C
Dr. Wong reviewed previous records throughly, and advised the medications to take along with providing advice of preventive treatments and care toward a better health. - S.C
Very nice experience - P.G
Dr. Wong is very interested in helping me to maintain my health and wellbeing. I'm very appreciative of his care. - J.B
Dr. Francis Wong is an expert, he takes his time and explains it very detailed. - F.G
Dr. Wong is so AMAZING and truly listens to what you have to say and cares about his patients. He uses holistic therapy before he would write a script depending on the situation and the intensity of the problem. Dr. Wong also has an unbelievable bedside manner and makes the visit pleasurable. - E.A
I am glad Dr Wong is back in GSO!! My favorite Dr! - R.C
Dr. Wong is always such a nice Doctor. He listens well, ask the right questions,and treats you very respectful............. - R.H
Always a pleasure to have Dr. Wong as my primary care physician. Very enthusiastic, energetic, knowledgeable and encouraging. His ability to explain medical issues in layman's terms is greatly appreciated. And a doc who dances is even better...................... - A.J
My experience with Dr Wong and all the staff has been very gratifying. This is one of the reason that I changed doctors and came to the Eagle.Thank you for taking me on as a new patient.Sincerely,Linda D Southard - L.S
Came in for follow-up visit for abdominal aneurysm surgery at UNC Chapel Hill. Dr. Wong examined me and I have another appointment on the 24th for him to continue to follow my progress. He is always careful to address each issue I may have any time I have an appointment with him for whatever reason. I have recommended a couple of my neighbors to him and they are also very satisfied with their treatment. - R.M
Eagle guilford is the best - M.M
thorough communication with me; personal interest and concern discerned; practical suggestions on how I can be personally involved in my own health care. - R.E
I have been a patient at eagle for the last 38 years and Dr. Wong is exceptional. He takes the time and shows he is truly interested in my well being. Thank-you - R.B
Exclent - V.P
I am very happy with Dr. Wong. He focuses on healthy lifestyle over medicines. He practices what he preaches... - K.K
Dr. Wong is one of my favorite people! He is congenial, intuitive, and well-informed. He never acts like he is in a hurry, but he also doesn't waste time. His level of care and caring is very high. - M.C
Great doctor and nurse. - G.S
Very pleasant - R.E
Overall a positive experience. Friendly staff and competent providers. Dr Wong is amazing. He is very knowledgeable, thorough and is concerned about the well-being of his patients. Very friendly, caring and answers all questions patiently . Great doctor with a genuine care. - A.B
Checking in was quick. Didn't have to wait. Everyone was pleasant and easy to work with.I like the online portal so I can quickly access my test results and other information. - S.M
Excellent experience - P.A
Dr. Wong always takes time to answer any of my questions and discuss my overall health with suggestions on how to have a better quality of life. - D.D
overall good experience - S.N
Dr Wong went through all of my heath check points thoroughly based on my previous records. And furthermore, he moved very speedy for the treatment of new sickness frozen shoulder. Sent me to x-ray department and got medicine immediately. So speedy and kind treatment was first in my life. - W.L
Nice guy- Shows concern about your health issues, and, takes his time to answer your questions, and seems genuinely enthusiastic about helping his patients. Very personable and intelligent, and doesn't talk down to you. - D.P
Friendly staff - D.A
Dr. Wong is a wonderful Doctor. He really listens to you and explains your concerns in detail. I'm very blessed to have him as my Doctor !! He also responds on the patient portal very quick !!! God bless you Dr. Wong keep up the good work !!! - B.R
This was for a Physical, and Dr. Wong was great in explaining the results and giving advice on how to fix a few problem areas. - J.G
Great Doc - G.W
Dr. Wong has the best bedside manner! He is an extremely knowledgeable, caring physician. He encourages me to ask questions and provides helpful information for choosing options to address my health issues. Dr. Wong focuses on the best outcome for patients and their families. - A.M
Thank you for recognizing the urgent need for my dad to be evaluated at Moses Cone. All of you treat my parents in a professional and compassionate manner, and I'm so thankful we chose Eagle Family Practice. - P.K
Excellent!Caring, detailed, helpful, concerned,Followup....all excellent! - L.C
very nice staff - M.W
Dr. Wong is very detailed and take the time to explain your condition and a corrective action plan. The follow up appointments are designed to track your progress and to determine if the corrective action plan needs adjustment. Very pleased with Dr. Wong - D.W
Dr. Wong was friendly and very informative. He spent time discussing my health and answering questions, and he provided excellent guidance for improving my health and fitness levels. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking an excellent doctor. - L.H
Was in and out and the staff was very professional. - Richard Hale
Dr. Wong is an excellent care provider who listens to questions and concerns and takes the time to have a discussion to address issues at appointments. I had not been in for a physical in several years and the experience was much better than expected. - S.K
My visit with Dr. Wong was very helpful, he always listens and ask questions, he takes time to explain information and is very concerned with my health care. Thank you Dr. Wong - S.B
Great I know what I need to do thank Dr Wong - W.C
Dr. Wong was great.....I appreciated his competence, friendliness and efficiency. - T.B
Just having moved to Greensboro I needed to establish a new medical care connection for myself. Eagle Physicians came recommended from a friend and I have not been disappointed. From check in to check out I felt I was dealing with people who cared, both about their job/responsibility and my well being. My appointment was with Dr. Wong and I can truly say, he was exceptional. It was clear that he wanted to understand my level of health and any issues I might have. He spent a great deal of time with me. He very carefully listened to all my grumbles and helped me to come up with a clear plan to make improvements in my health. I'm very pleased with my first visit and feel I am being well cared for. - J.B
Everything went very smoothly. I can honestly say that I don't mind going to the doctor - L.B
Dr Wong was informative and thorough. - J.M
My experience with Eagle, from the appointment scheduling to the front staff, Dr. Wong nurse, and certainly Dr. Wong was an excellent experience. Everything was very organized and the flow of the appointment was excellent. Everyone there was very helpful, cheerful and made you feel comfortable being there. Dr. Wong treated me like I was his only patient. He has a great bedside manner and very caring . I feel very lucky to have Dr. Wong as my physician. - S.F
There was no long waiting in the lobby or the Doctors Office. - L.B
Dr. Wong treated me like a human (rarely the case in today's face paced medical industry). He was not hurried. Asked. Listened. We chatted. Very nice experience. Makes me want to come back and see him again next year. Feels like we've built some rapport between doctor/patient. Very nice. - R.S
Dr. Wong and the assistants were highly competent and professional. - Z.H
The the doctor answer all the question that I had .the doctor toke his time to talk to you. - M.J
Very friendly and considerate staff. Dr. Wong is a very helpful and knowledgeable Person. He made me feel comfortable through out my visit. He has provided the absolute best care, and I believe, best advice and treatment during every visit. I highly recommend him as a family doctor. - M.M
Very good. .. - R.S
Impressed with the short wait time; Dr. Wong provided immediate diagnosis and treatment. Prescriptions delivered treatment and results were timely. I am impressed with total care received at Eagle. - P.M
Dr Wong is the best - E.N
Everyone was very happy and helpful at my visit. - P.M
A very good visit! - F.F
Dr Wong is very good with his patients and detailed which makes you feel like he cares - T.M
Treated professionally - E.S
Dr. Wong is knowledgeable , extremely personable, and gets right down to business. He is a Physician who listens and then explains in as much detail as you may need. I feel he works with me in health care. The staff is personable, efficient and effective. The folks that schedule appointments seem to recognize me when I telephone, even though Dr. Wong has been my primary care physician only a few months now since my former primary care physician (of many years) retired. - W.L
Staff very friendly . Dr Wong was very thorough and professional. He gave enough time to address all my concerns. - D.H
The entire process was exceptional, Dr. Wong is an excellent Doctor, one of the best I have ever met with, He is modern in the sense of providing sound advice on diet and exercise to achieve health goals. I feel very confident in his advice and ability and believe he answered all of my questions. The staff moved very quickly and was very friendly and personable. Also Dr Wong worked me into his schedule when I had some pressing personal issues to deal with. - S.L
He is a very caring, experienced and knowledgeable doctor - D.H
My experience was real good. The receptionist, the nurse, Dr. Wong, the lab tech, were all real nice to me. My time with Dr. Wong was real good. He has been my Dr. for the last few years. I believe that he knows my health issues, and that he cares about me. I believe him to be knowledgeable, and he is personable. I am glad that he is my physician. - B.Z
The staff is always friendly, personable and professional. Dr Wong displays a perfect balance of personality, competency and professionalism. - M.B
As always, Dr. Wong was friendly, caring and professional. - G.P
It was a very good and easy first time back to the doctors in years. The wait time was less then 15 minutes (that includes the time I was filling out paperwork). Doctor Wong in an amazing physician. I look forward to coming back. - T.D
My visit as usual was a very good one. Dr. Wong always listens to my situations, and either does test to find out what is going on, and then recommends a treatment, or he listens very well and we discuss my visit. He found out I am a diabetic this visit, and prescribed medication and diet to control it. Very grateful to have hooked up with the fine Dr. Thanks.........Robert Wofford - R.W
Dr. Wong spent the time and effort that I needed in my visit. He asked questions and listened and answered my questions. He did not seem to rush at all. That something we don't see much anymore. - M.G
I have never been to a doctor or a doctor's office that was so kind and respectful! The staff remembers you and is always smiling. My doctor is the best doctor I have ever been to and I believe it's because he takes a more global approach to my health and wellness- he asks about and takes into consideration all the aspects of my current well-being including stress, life events, family, and emotional health. - A.S
I had a yearly physical done when I visited Dr. Francis Wong. Dr. Wong did an excellent job. He took his time and did not rush me through. He answered my questions and gave me helpful advice. In particular, Dr. Wong gave me good advice on nutrition and diet. I can highly recommend Dr. Wong and Eagle Medicine. - F.G
I am very pleased with Dr. Wong as well as his nurse. He is thorough & courteous. - L.R
This was my second visit with Dr. Wong. I am still very satisfied with his full-scale of professional service that he provides. We reviewed all the lab results with excellent patient/doctor alternatives/recommendations. His listening and interpersonal skills are excellent. Glad to be under his care. His humor and mind were a great match!!!!! - A.V
First time with Dr. Wong. Very friendly and caring Dr. - J.C
Dr Wong is a caring, patient Dr that takes time with each of his patients. I got fussed at for my weight and he was correct. Good doctor. - G.O
My annual checkup went well. Dr. Wong explained my health issues and medication to me. He was very thorough in reviewing my medications and making adjustments to fit my current needs. My lab results with Dr. Wong's comments were accessible on the Patient Portal in a timely manner (Monday after a Friday visit). His friendly personality and pleasant "bedside manner" put me at ease. - R.P
Knowledgeable, understanding of my issues, a man with great faith, encouraging wellness, more years to come. Thank you so much Dr. Wong. Eagle's BEST. 👏🙌🙆 - C.L
Good, I enjoy the interaction with Dr. Wong. - T.M
Needed to see someone about a suspected infection ; Dr.Ross was unavailable ; originally supposed to see another provider but was moved to Dr. Wong due to wait time; great staff great Dr. ; scheduled to come back for follow up with my normal gp Dr. Ross on the 24th of July. Have been coming to Ross/practice 20yrs . - T.K
My past experiences with this practice has been very good. I, very much, appreciate how detail oriented Dr. Wong has been. I look forward to his care and advise in the future. - J.L
Everything was excellent, quick appointment,very little wait time & fast diagnosis! Still taking meds (5 more days} - J.S
I was highly satisfied with Dr. Wong's attention to my illness and with all aspects of my visit. - G.L
Excellent !!!Good guy. !!! - K.K
Overall experience is very good. Dr. Wong is the kind, approachable, a good listener. He takes the time to talk, explain test results and answer questions. One of the best physicians I've ever had take care of me. The entire Eagles staff is very courteous. - Dorothy A Scharfenberg
Dr. Wong is very caring and empathetic. He listens to you and he is meticulous in his examination. He has a wonderful balance between being able to integrate his medicine art and people (listening) skills. He alwaysgives me what I need in counseling and medicines. He makes the visit a wonderful experience. I always recommend Dr. Wong to my family and friends as well as his wonderful practice at Eagle Physicians. It truly is an honor being a patient of Dr. Wong. - W.O
6 Month check up - J.E
This was my first physical with Dr. Wong, he was thorough in his examination and answered all my questions. We reviewed previous medical issues and medications. - D.M
Excellent care. Dr. Wong is a great caring physician.5 - V.B
Dr. Wong is a wonderful physician, a great listener and has the best bed side manner. I came in for my annual physical and then told him of my other concerns, which were a laundry list! He was patient and listened, did not rush me and showed concern for me and my well being. Dr. Wong believes that "food is thy medicine," and I am so happy that we have the same beliefs about food and health. All of Dr. Wong's patience are very lucky to have him as their Dr. - D.D
I was very pleased with my visit with Dr. Wong. He is a very good doctor in my opinion. He is also good at listening to his patients. I also liked his new (new to me anyhow) nurse - B.H
Dr Wong was attentive, caring, and helpful. He examined my ear and listened to my complaint about tooth pain. He then prescribed what he thought would help. Finally he gave me a hug as it would be the last time he'll see me before my stem cell transplant. I love Dr Wong. - M.C
I had some infected insect bites and contact dermititous, which Dr. Wong patienty examined and for which he recommended treatment. Courteous, caring, professional. - J.M
Fine experience. I got a diagnosis and a prescription and my ears have cleared up wonderfully. Thanks! - S.M
Dr. Wong was very thorough, very informative, and very understanding. I was impressed with his medical knowledge and his experience with wellness care. In our communications, he listened and gave extremely helpful feedback. I am thankful to have Dr. Francis Wong as my primary physician. I am very hopeful and confident that my health will continue to improve under his care. - S.B
Dr. Wong is always very attentive to me and any health issues that concerns me. He's goes over and beyond what I expect from my visits. He refers me to specialist right away of concerned issues. I appreciates Dr. Wong's professionalism with my health care. - S.C
This visit was for a physical and it was a very good visit. Dr Wong was through and wanted to know if I had any concerns. He does not try to rush though an office visit just to get to the next patient. I have discovered over the years that Dr Wong has a genuine concern for my health and he encourages healthy living. - C.D
Good - R.M
Dr. Wong was caring and very considerate. He was able to treat my vertigo right in the office without medication!! I love the way he takes time with me and does not rush me out. In my opinion, he is an excellent doctor. I have confidence in his ability to take care of my medical needs. I like him as a person. - J.P
Great Doctor and great staff. I'm very happy that I was referred to Dr. Wong. - D.B
Dr.Wong is very thorough in his sessions. He listens well and tailors a treatment just for you. He definitely is talkative, which is great when it comes to a doctor. You can easily connect with him and you can tell he is very knowledgable. - J.O
Dr. Wong completed my annual physical quickly with a minimum wait time. He had a few well-chosen questions. He heard my priority issues, answering each one. He also recommended solutions by referral to other doctors in the area, outlining their expertise. - B.N
Dr.Wong , listened to my concerns and did the test I needed,, Thanks Dr.Wong - J.H
Excellent experience. I would definitely recommend. - V.J
Dr. Wong continues to show a sincere interest in my physical health and keeps encouraging me to follow a specific diet and exercise routine that will eventually produce positive results in future medical tests. - Jonathan Shelton
Very positive experience and a Doctor I would recommend to anyone. - B.H
Awesome. Dr. Wong was inspirational in convincing me to make some minor lifestyle changes that could mean NOT having to routinely take medication. - R.G
Dr. Wong examined the lower portion of my right leg which was injured with deep scratches from a fall that I had. He prescribed a salve to put on the wound and an antibiotic pill to take twice a day for a week's time. I feel confident that his examination and prescribed treatment was correct since my wound at this time has responded well and is on the way to recovery. - A.A
Friendly welcoming staff. Dr. Wong listened attentively. Excellent bedside manner. Accepted what I had to say as input. Gave me time so I did not feel rushed. I felt he cared about me and I was not just a number. - S.K
I saw Dr. Wong for hip pain. I was xrayed and told that I have arthritis in both hips.I am satisfied with my experience. I really like Dr. Wong. - S.E
Dr. Wong was great. Professional and very informative. Listened to my problems and we both went to work to find causes. Will ask for him if Dr. Rankin is unavailable!! - D.H
My experience was excellent with the nurse attentive and Dr. Wong agreeable and medically professional in preparation for surgery by Dr. Stephen Dalstedt. Furthermore, Dr. Wong has been instrumental in healing long standing problems with my heart condition. I am, indeed, appreciative of his efforts.Stephen Bliss - S.B
Dr. Wong is the BEST doctor ever! - C.B
I saw Dr Wong for a followup Appointment. I was seen on time and Dr. Wong was very efficient. - A.A
Dr Wong went above and beyond while treating my condition. He repeatedly performed a common treatment that has worked for me in the past. He spent a lot of time with me and was very concerned that we were not able to totally relieve my condition. When I expressed my concern that I realized he may have other patients waiting, he said not a problem, there are none waiting and in fact it was his lunch time. It was obvious to me that his dedication and caring for my treatment were his first concern. He provided me with a prescription which helped. He was concerned about my ability to get home. I told him I had a ride. Dr Wong followed up with a phone call to my home to make sure I arrived safely. My condition gradually subsided in a day or two. Thank you Dr Wong for your care and dedication. - W.T
Dr. Wong is an awesome doctor and my appointment was great. - J.S
Thank you for being helpful and educating me. - T.T
Very satisfied with all Dr. Wong has done to helpDiagnose what is wrong with me. Dr Wong has now referred me to Greensboro Radiology. Will continue to see Dr Wong as needed.Office staff was very professional and friendly - R.F
Dr. Wong is great. He tells you like it is, is always ready to hear your details and does not rush you in any way. He really seems to care about his patients I highly recommend him............ - R.H
It was my first visit to Dr Wong.I am a long time patient of Dr Kevin Little. i was very impressed by Dr Wong's manner . I am already recovering from the treatment he prescribed forallergic bronchitis.I will go to see him any time I need to. - A.G
I always appreciate time given to me by Dr. Wong. He not only understands my medical needs,but my life situation that can impact my health. I always come out satisfied after visiting his office! - V.S
AWESOME experience!! - D.W
Annual physical - S.E
This was my first time meeting Dr. Wong. He was referred by my fiance! He was very knowledgeable about my health during my physical and answered all of my questions. He treated me with respect and showed me that he really cared about my health. He provided me with great health tips and books to read regarding maintaining my health. - K.W
Excellent. Made appointment the same day and was seen. Doctor very courteous and meds prescribed work great. - D.B
Professional, friendly and on time. - J.W
Dr Wong was very kind, thorough, he got right to the problem and got me on my way. He cheered me quite a bit and I felt very good about his course of treatment. - T.M
Top notch care. Timely and extremely attentive. Relevant explanations. Exceptional visit ! - Adam L Randolph
Outstanding service provided by Dr. Wong; the administrative staff were friendly and efficient - C.C
I couldn't have been more pleased. Dr. Wong took the time to really make me feel comfortable and informed. I was extremely nervous and he put me at ease right away. I am extremely happy with my choice of doctors and look forward to being his patient for a very long time. - A.B
Annual physical. Cordial, responded to questions, Gave information as needed. - Michael G Blackwood
Very concerned about my problem and stuck with it until we got a good result. - G.S
Dr. Wong has been my PCP for the past 20 years. He is very thorough with following up with me and my Dx. He keeps up with my care from other MD's and offers great support. - Y.H
Best doctor ever. - C.R
Dr. Wong was very personable. It was my first appointment with him. The experience was great - S.P
Very successful visit. Dr Wong addressed all the issues I raised. - P.G
Dr. Wong and his nurse, Gina, are the best! Always caring and take time to answer all of your questions. - M.L
Everything was fine and in a timely manner - Nixon Rocky
It was really a great experience, Great service - I.S
no long waiting, great visit. As usual Dr. Wong was great ! - P.D
Dr. Wong took the time to listen to my question. Overall great visit. - S.B
It was a pleasant and informative appointment. - M.Y
Visited Dr. Wong for a physical exam. - T.G
This was a recheck for my BP and meds. I always have a great experience with Dr Wong. He is very professional and knowledgeable. I have referred other people to him. I don't care to go to anyone else. Gina, his assistant is also very good and professional too. The office staff is always very helpful. - J.M
Excellent treatment as usual from Dr. Wong. - M.J
Prompt. Nurse gathered information. Dr wong followed up with assessments....all positive. - G.B
Great experience. Fit me in last minute and diagnosis was clearly explained. - P.H
very good visit.. Dr. Wong was kind and patient.. - C.C
As soon as I arrived I was greeted very warmly and professionally. I was seen in a very timely manner. Everyone I met with was very friendly and caring.Dr. Wong went out of his way to help me prepare for a mission's trip to Kenya.I want everyone to know how all of you do an outstanding job and on a scale of 1 to 10 I give you all a 20!! - R.J
I had a great experience all the way from the front door talking to the front desk ladies all the way to the end when I had great service from the nurses. - J.C
Excellent - D.S
Annual physical. A responsive and caring doctor, that is really interested in keeping me healthy. Highly recommend. - James C Carlisle
Great! - J.W
Best experience I've had with a Doctor. He is very detailed with his explanations and makes sure you fully understand everything. - B.S
Excellent experience with Dr Wong. Very professional and keeping me at ease!!! - K.F
Dr. Wong provided excellent advice on diet. He is very amiable and has good bedside manner. - T.S
Great experience. This was for my annual physical and everything went smoothly. Dr. Wong took his time to answer all of my questions as usual. I really like how he is honestly concerned about me when I visit and treats me like a friend instead of a number. - R.M
exellent as usual - K.T
Always good - Price Edwards
I had a physical, and Dr. Wong gave me great information about healthy living. - T.R
3 month check up following a stroke 9 months earlier. Dr. Wong discussed medicines, diet and exercise. - D.M
Dr. Wong is wonderful. He spends time getting to know his patients and their needs. He is very detail oriented and explains everything so you can understand, - L.G
Great and understanding Doctor; explains things very well. Thanks! - P.J
Dr Wong has been extremely attentive and helpful in adjusting and finding blood pressure meds rin order to alleviate side effects and working with me to hopefully eliminate them all together. He is very knowledgeable and listens to his patients. - D.G
Dr Wong is great, engaging, and believes that food is thy medicine! - D.D
I arrived for my 8:15 appt. had to wait in line at front desk for about 4 minutes to get checked in and them was called back immediately to the room.My visit is always thorough.Love Dr. Wong and his nurse.Then headed to the lab for blood work.Left the office at 10:45 - L.E
Dr. Wong was very caring and empathetic towards my health problems. He was very helpful and explained many ways to improve my health and to lose weight. I feel motivated to improving my health with his direction. He is a wonderful health care provider and very compassionate. He took the time to explain to me in detail my problems and also solutions to my health concerns. He was very nice and made me feel very comfortable. Overall an excellent experience and look forward to my visit in June. - W.O
Dr. Wong was very informative. He asked about eating habits (i.e. more fruits and vegetables, less red meat). He gave me some book titles that pertained to good eating habits (namely "Eat to Live" and "The Blue Zones"). He suggested that I have an overdue colonoscopy - meeting with Dr. Mann on Thursday, March 9th. He complemented me on joining the local "Y" recently to work on my waistline. Dr. Wong took his time discussing my overall health. I never felt rushed and can truthfully say that I enjoyed our conversation. I would highly recommend this gentlemen for both his professionalism and "people skills". - J.G
service was good - Q.L
My daughter, who is a patient at Eagle, inquired if there was physician in this practice that treated patients who preferred a holistic approach to healthcare. Dr. Wong was the recommendation. My first visit with Dr. Wong was a welcomed pleasure. I enjoyed the interaction relative to my future care with him. Dr. Wong reviewed my records and made appropriate recommendations regarding my current medicines and supplementation list. I am a people person and I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Wongs' humor. I look forward to a "Team approach" for my on going care. I would definitely recommend Dr. Wong for any type of medical care. - A.V
Dr. Wong gave me his full attention. We discussed several areas of my health and he suggested some life style changes to help with them - G.P
thoroughly informative. Frank discussion about what I can do for better health. - R.E
The doctor was very detailed in his explanation of my plan. He was very personable and took the time to treat me like a human. Many times you don't get to spend the amount of time that you need with a physician because they are rushing to their next patient this was not my experience. It was a professional and enjoyable visit, especially for a person that dreads going to the doctors. - L.S
Was there to get my regular 3 months check up.No long waiting n the waiting in the waiting room,The nurse was friendly and professional, checked my vital signs and asked questions about any medical changes or prescription, she left saying the Doctor would b in shortly. Dr. Wong come n shakes my hand and how im feeling and ask if there was any changes n my health or medication, checked my blood pressure and then put me on the table, checkin my chest and back for I guess for unusual sounds and had me to go to lab for blood work. - Larry D Burton
Mr. Wong is an excellent physician. Really cares about his patients and is a great doctor. I would highly recommend his care. - J.C
I had several concerns mainly orthopedic in nature. Dr. Wong listened carefully to my concerns and asked follow up questions to gain more information. He prescribed Physical Therapy which I am currently using and feeling better as a result. - A.M
Dr. Wong is very professional and extensive in his care for his patients. - E.O
Always very caring and goes the extra mile for his patients! One of the BEST!! - L.M
Great expereice. Doctor Wong was great. - J.G
Dr Wong is the best! He always listens and is very thorough! He truly cares about his patients!! - L.C
He does a great job keeping me informed and helping me reach my goals. - S.C
I was very satisfied and my new doctor was great and very informative and knowledgeable. I could not have asked for more. - D.H
I have an excellent experience in this visit. - G.G
The entire staff were very nice and professional. They are friendly and personable while giving great attention to my needs and the task at hand ! - T.D
Dr. Wong has the best bed side manner! showed genuine concern for my care. did not hesitate to advise further testing in way of CT Scan. made appointment for CT Scan the same day-very timely! I truly appreciated my visit with him. He then took the time to call me to advise of the result of the CT scan the very same night! I LOVE IT! I am very GRATEFUL! I THANK YOU DR. WONG for your care! You are a JEWEL! - Juliette H Kennedy
Good service great Doctor - J.M
My experience was great and I'm very happy having him and Eagle Physician as my doctor and place to come to when I'm sick or just a check up - D.D
I received explanation care. Dr. Wong was very thorough. - Jeanette V Katz
Came in early and did bloodwork. Met later in the morning with Dr Wong for annual checkup. He took the time with me required and answered my questions. Great experience. Thank you. - R.B
My visit with Dr. Wong was a very pleasant visit. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. He is interested in your well being, and overall health. He diagnosed my problem and placed an order for meds to help out. I would and have recommended him to several of my friends. Thanks........Judy - Judy A Wofford
Very good. Dr. Wong is always pleasant and obviously has the patient's best interest at heart. He is really good at arming you with information about health concerns. - E.W
Good visit, Dr. Wong and his team were great, very professional and caring. Also, staff who did lab work and receptionist were courteous and professional. - J.N
I came in for my 6-month check-up. I only waited about 5 minutes before they called me back. As usual, everyone was very friendly. Dr. Wong looked at all my vitals, listened to what I had to say (and I mean he really listened ... he did not try to rush me out of there like some doctors are known to do) and he talked with me about the things that I needed to do to improve my health. I had my bloodwork done and then left. My results for my bloodwork, along with Dr. Wong's notes, were available on the portal within 2 days. I have no complaints whatsoever! - J.O
Went in for a general physical. Dr Wong extremely professional and provided information regarding lifestyle changes that would benefit my long-term health. He cares very much for the patients well-being . Today's bottom-line, stick to the script medicine hampers the great doctors who have the patients' best interests at the forefront. Dr. Wong is a very special and highly capable physician.Austin Goldman - A.G
Excellent attention to detail. Listened to my discription and took what I believe was the appropriate action. Identified the problem and clearly discribed the course of action. - David B Andersen
Dr Wong is an excellent physician with a great personality and always serves me well and gives me good advice I really appreciate his Service. - J.C
it was a hypertension follow up and we discussed my new options - K.H
I had an informative and expert annual physical. Dr. Wong was professional, yet cordial, effective, yet efficient. - T.C
Excellent. Time at check in and in the waiting room was minimal. Visit with Dr. Wong was short and to the point. - R.B
Fantastic. Within two minutes he found the problem and sent me to ER at Cone where I was admitted, operated on the next morning for the problem and sent home the third day. Please thank him for me. - James Purdy III
Got a complete physical. Excellent experience from start to finish. Dr. Wong is always very personable. He asks the right questions and gives very good feedback. - A.P
Dr. Wong cares about my well being and doesn't just fly through the appointment to get to another patient. He takes the time to discuss any areas of concern. He's assertive in his treatment methods, opinions, and expert advice, yet he is willing to listen to patients to have a conversation with them to figure out the best method of treatment or preventative care. His proactive approach to health is more appealing to me than only treatment after the fact. I am very happy with Dr. Wong as my primary care provider. - M.A
I love my doctor the staff is friendly and caring. If you call in for a question or need help for something they are courteous and do their best to help you. - K.R
My experience with Dr. Wong is always great. He is really knows about a lot of things and always has good suggestions. He is very nice but honest. He is really one of the best Doctors I have come across in my almost 53 years. - M.M
Dr Wong was professional, courteous and very detailed in his explanation and of ordering numerous tests to resolve my issue. I highly recommend him as your family doctor. - C.A
My experience with Doctor Wong was outstanding. Doctor Wong doesn't just examine me and then tell me to do some things (and then come back in a year) but he's very personable and proactive. He is actually interested in aiding me to make lifestyle changes that will make a difference. I've never had a doctor like him. Very refreshing. - D.R
I was quite pleased with Dr. Wong attention to my concerns and medical needs, and learnt many useful suggestions he provided to improve my healthy habits. - Eugene G Doroshevich
Friendly and attentive staff, The doctor has great bedside manner and I didn't have to wait that long to be seen! - K.M
Excellent. The front office personnel were very friendly and very welcoming. Dr Wong's nurse as well as Dr Wong were extremely nice. Very caring and patient with my 84 year old mother. Mom was very happy. Above all, the care given to her the first visit was excellent. Thank you - JoAnn C Wright
Dr. Wong was excellent and helped me get through my illness and even worked with me on alternatives to very expensive prescription drugs. I would highly recommend. - S.K
This was my first visit with Dr. Wong and I was very pleased. He was very courteous, professional, and took my comments to heart when deciding my treatment. This is very important to me because no one knows my health better than I do. I was apprehensive because I adored Dr. Nnodi but she told me she was putting me in good hands and she definitely did! - M.J
Dr. Wong was very thorough and I appreciated his guidance in regards to bettering my diet which seems to be the most important aspect under my control. - D.W
Great Doctor - K.S
Francis spent time building a relationship and getting to know me as an individual: physical discipline, dietary preferences, medical history, family medical history etc. It was a welcome change from my last Physician who would not even look up from is notebook.The staff was friendly too and made a positive impression. - P.S
Dr. Wong was very informative with all information. Glad I was able to speak to him about my situation. - B.S
. Dr. Wong is always very professional with an incredible bedside manner. The staff is excellent. - T.S
He is very good explaining my needs and listens to me and my problems. He has worked with my meds and explains the importance of following the path set for me. - D.T
Complaint about allergies and balance, follow up on shingles - R.P
My favorite doctor and I am lucky to have him as my pcp!!! - A.C
I shared a variety of symptoms, Dr. Wong had lab work done, and he recognized the critical nature of my condition, recommending I go to the hospital the very next day. I credit him with saving my life. - M.C
My experience was great, dr. Wong is very knowledgeable about his job and how he can help you be at your best health.Thanks dr. Wong Your staffs were excellent. Keep up the good work. - D.S
My office visit with Dr. Wong was very good. Wait time was short and Dr. Wong continues to show genuine interest in my overall health. - C.D
The wait was not bad, but could have been shorter. Dr. Wong spent a lot of time with me and explained what to do and answered my questions. He was thorough. - J.R
I had a pleasant office visit, I feel my doctor has my best interest. - Daniel L Spence
Excellent. I was so impressed wIth my initial visit. - R.T
This was a regular follow-up appointment. All mu questions were answered. Dr. Wong ordered the appropriate blood work and the time he spent with me was sufficient. He is an excellent doctor. - B.H
I really like Dr. Wong. He takes the time to listen and respects your opinions. He is easy to talk to and understands that every person is unique, requiring individual treatment to fit their chemistry. I always leave feeling heard. - F.P
My visit was great. Dr. Rankin was very professional and listened to my concern. The office staff was professional as well and makes having a doctor's appointment very pleasant. - G.H
Awesome visit. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. So glad to be back. I was also in on the 23rd for lab work. Another good experience. - J.S
I left Western Rockingham Family Practice to continue care with Dr. Wong. He has always been knowledgeable and caring. He LISTENS. I am an RN of 26 years and I have worked with many physicians at the bedside .. having a chronic health condition, I have been seen by many physicians. I respect Dr. Wong both professionally and as a care giver. Thanks Dr. Wong! - D.B
great. diagnosed quickly. treatment plan. little wait. clear instructions for new meds. - A.A
Dr. Wong is a great Doctor. Extremely positive and knowledgeable in his approach to his patient. He was very helpful in getting me back on track and took the time to get to know me. Thanks Doc. - C.B
Very professional. Informative and pleasant. - Alphonso L Thomas
While i sat in the waiting room for 30-40 minutes after my scheduled appointment time, my appointment was great. All staff was extremely nice and the Dr. Wong was extremely direct and thorough. He is the first doctor that took extra time to talk and explain everything. I left my appointment feeling like I had several suggestions that I could implement in my daily life, to reduce my risk of Type 2 diabetes. He was very direct and made me realize that ultimately I'd need to make a few changes, if I wanted to avoid Type 2 diabetes. Dr. Wong also made recommendations for eye doctors , after I expressed my interested in getting a diabetes eye exam. I'd recommend Dr. Wong to anyone. - C.H
Routine 3 mos. med check, got blood work done ahead of time, resulting in changes in medication. Short wait time. Competent and caring. Recommend Dr. Wong and staff to anyone needing a family practitioner. - C.C
Great experience, very efficient and professional. Received caring service. - Clark R Steed
Perfect. - D.M
This was my annual physical and it went smoothly...Dr Wong had been my doctor before and I am glad he is back at Eagle PhysiciansHe listened to all my concerns and made recommendations. - K.H
Dr. Wong was very professional and straight forward. Very concerned about the wellbeing of his patients. Makes recommendations of life style changes. - M.K
Dr. Wong spent a good deal of time with me.easy to talk to. - T.K
Excellent as always. - M.B
Dr. Wong is very interested in his patience's health. He ask the proper questions and exams you thoroughly. After the exam blood sample was taken and his follow-up reports are very good............ - R.H
I had a physical but was mainly concerned with my Blood Pressure and blood work.Dr. Wong was very thorough in the exam and talked at length about my BP numbers and the possibility of low dose medication if I am unable to get the numbers down on my own.He is extremely encouraging and his 'bedside manner' is wonderful. I am so thankful that he is back in Greensboro! - C.C
First physical in a while. Nice guy. Office is great and welcoming. - A.F
I had fallen and hurt my foot while running. Dr. Wong was friendly and reassuring. He ordered an X-ray which showed that nothing was broken! He then took care to make sure I was comfortable taking care of my strained muscle at home. It helped that he was also a runner and helped me make a plan to begin running again after letting my muscle heal. - J.G
I had been feeling fatigue, problems breathing as if someone was sitting on my chest, coughing up gteen and yellow phlegm for over 3.5 weeks. Dr. Wong listened to my concerns and ordered what he thought to be needed. He ordered an inhailer for me and I was already taking my second round of antibiotics and the pain pills gave me the best night sleep for the first three days after seeing him. I enjoyed his thoroughness and bedside manner. - T.S
The receptionist was very friendly and professional with her job and keep you smilling during the whole process. - L.B
Dr. Francis was prompt, efficient and friendly. - J.G
Got a physical. Experience was pleasant, as pleasant as a physical can be. - E.J
excellent experience....everybody was awesome - J.L
Excellent, efficient service. All my concerns were addressed to my satisfaction. - David B Andersen
Everyone in the office was very nice. The doctor was very knowledgeable and extremely patient. It was a good experience. - W.B
As with previous visits to see Dr. Wong, I always find them to be informative, personal and above all helpful. - A.P
Dr. Wong is a great doctor. He's very knowable about nutrition and I appreciate his time. He has encouraged me to make the necessary dietary changes for better health. The receptionist that checked me in was very kind and Dr. Wong's nurse, Gina is the best. I am very pleased to be a patient. Thanks - K.B
My dr took time to listen to me my exam was thorough and all my questions were answered clearly. I was very pleased - P.C
Starting with the phone call to set the appointment everyone has been much more than I expected. Tammy made my appointment and she was very professional and I could hear the smile in her voice as she assisted me with making an appointment for me and my husband. Once I arrived at the office, everyone I mean everyone was so polite, courteous and professional. Now after meeting Dr. Wong I knew I made the right decision in going to Eagle Physicians. My first visit Dr. Wong was very personable and made me feel very comfortable when speaking with me as we reviewed by information. I did not feel rush as while he was addressing my concerns and needs as it related to my health care, making suggestions as to what I needed to continue to do in order to stay healthy. On a scale of 1 to 10 Dr. Wong is a 10! - M.F
Dr. Wong was very professional, knowledgeable and listened to my responses. - K.F
OK - G.B
Love Dr. Wong. He is willing to give advice and recommendations. He will tell you if it is his opinion or the medical community's. No nonsense straight talker. Love Dr. Wong - B.U
Excellent 1st visit. Dr. Wong is very knowledgeable, and he seems to be very caring of his patients' health and well being. I look forward to a long lasting relationship with Dr. Wong. - F.F
I am very pleased that Dr Wong advocates prevention more than treatment. He has me on minimal meds and he suggested an excellent book about nutritious eating. I like having a Doctor who prefers healthy lifestyle over drugs... - K.K
Doctor was very friendly, helpful and provided a thorough exam. I was able to ask questions and did not feel as if my appointment had been rushed through. Very pleased with entire visit grom check in to labs. - Pandora Simrel
Overall a very good experience dr. Wong spent an adequate time explaining the results of my exam he offered some very good suggestions for improving my health. I would gladly recommend him to other patients - G.C
Routine follow up - P.K
Professional doctor and staff. Explained my problem and treatment. - D.W
Great service! - E.N
I like Dr Wong. I think he does a good job. - J.E
It was my Annual Physical. Dr. Wong was excellent in explaining what I could improve upon for even better health and offered resources such as reading suggestions, etc. The staff were very helpful, kind, and welcoming throughout my visit. - J.C
I met with Dr Wong as a new patient - I am transferring care form Dr Brent Barnett. Dr Wong was good matured, direct and very helpful. I have implemented two behaviors to reduce GIRD and los weight Reduced sweetsElevate bednot eat after 7:00 pm - W.D
They do a great job - T.T
excellent and timely. dr. wong gives complete physical and asks the right questions. - F.K
Dr. Wang was very knowledgable, kind and compassionate, very personable, and patient. I will probably ask for him again. - K.Kirkman
Dr. Wong was fantastic. Took his time and listened to the issues I was having.What a pleasant and caring Doctor. I would recommend him to others. - William D Campbell
Very good visit as Dr Wong is very thorough and explains everything rather than sticking his nose in a computer and never looking at the patient. - R.A
Dr. Wong is a true professional and really cares about his patients!! - L.S
Fast,friendly and took the time to explain things... was very through. - A.H
Excellent. That says it all. - M.B
Had a very pleasant visit as usual with Dr. Wong. We discussed many and varied situations regarding my health, and we went over all of my meds. Discussed flu shot and I cannot get that until October. He always takes time with me and my husband, Robert. We have recommended several of our friends to him. A great medical Doctor. Thanks...........Judy - J.W
GREAT! Best doctor I've ever had. - M.W
Perfect - W.A
Excellent - S.C
Dr. Wong asked me to use dietary changes to deal with health problems. He discussed details about why the changes would help and information about how to make the changes. The results were dramatic and I am very grateful to him for asking me to do this rather than simply prescribe medicine. I feel very fortunate to have him as a doctor. - M.S
I saw Dr Wong on the 13th and 20th of September. He was very caring and professional and sent me to a Dermatologist who is now treating me. - G.P
Dr. Wong is always great to visit. - M.S
Everything went very smoothly. The check-in person was very friendly and personable. I didn't have to wait long before being seen. The visit was short and to the point and I was in and out pretty quickly. Overall very good. - R.B
It was good - J.F
Dr. Wong is very thorough, listens carefully, thinks outside the box, and really hears what I have to say. It took me years to find an internist that I could say that about. - S.P
It was a good experienced and thank you. - I.B
Follow up appointment. As at any appointment before, Dr. Wong was very thorough - very professwional. I am totally satisfied with the services. - M.B
Dr. Wong listened intently and then did a thorough exam. He was very kind, gentle, and explained everything in simple terms. My previous doctor at Eagle moved away and now I think I will be making Dr. Wong my PCP. - D.W
Very satisfactory - L.D
Dr. Wong is an excellent doctor who is helping me reverse my diabetes. - S.C
I have never had a doctor that seems to care for me as much as Dr Wong does. Beyond simply rushing me in and rushing me out, he takes time, he hears what I say, and give me both medical and lifestyle advice for me to heal my ailments and better myself. - J.A
I love dr Wong, he takes time to explain everything and answer all my questions. I never feel rushed. I feel like he truly cares about my health. I have never experienced that before in a Doctor. The nurses are all very nice and friendly, the receptionist is so funny! She is super nice! Everyone there treats you like a friend, not just the next person in line. Even the ladies in the blood work lab! Sometimes the wait is long but it's worth it for the care I get - A.M
My first visit with Dr. Wong went very well. I had been switched to him upon the departure of Dr. Nnodi. Dr. Wong gave me a thorough check-up with several good tips on what I could do to keep in shape as I age. He has a pleasant, up-beat personality. - R.P
Great initial consultation. The entire staff was very positive, informative, professionaland freindly. - D.C
Had my annual physical for the first time with my new Dr Wong He helped me with things that I have been putting of for many years. I have been very fortunate to have Avery good health over the years when I had no regular Dr. I hope that will continue with Dr. Wings help . The staff was excellent. Thanks - W.C
I really like Dr Wong he was very nice. - J.W
Having suffered a week with poison ivy, which was not responding to over the counter treatments, I asked for an appointment with Dr. Wong, and was able to see him the same day: wonderful!!! Dr. Wong was delightful, pleasant, and quickly assessed the problem. He prescribed the necessary medication, gave me some good tips for avoiding an outbreak in the future, and sent me on my way.Even though the rash was entrenched and spreading when I saw Dr. Wong, it responded quickly to the medication prescribed, and now, 12 days later, I am completely well. - Josephine H Furman
.. - K.A
Excelleht - K.K
Very good experience. first visit to Dr. Wong and was very pleased with results. He has great manners and seems to care about the patient.The practice is still over booked..Patients have a hard time getting to see any physician. - J.R
I was there for a physical since I just turned 50. Dr. Wong was very informative. I look forward to working with Dr. Wong in the future. - J.D
Dr Wong is very professional and friendly. Very pleased with my visit. - M.Paterline
It was a very pleasant visit. Dr. Wong was straight and forward about my situation. - S.W
Dr. Wong always has a smile on his face, and makes you feel most comfortable in his office. Always a great experience to visit with him, even though we do not want to visit Doctors? We recommend Dr. Wong to a lot of our friends. A most helpful Doctor........Robert - Robert I Wofford
Very knowledgeable and very well spoken. Genuinely interested in my health and well-being. I shall be returning to Dr. Wong for my future care. - C.C
I always have a great experience with Dr. Wong. I can talk to him about anything. - K.M
My Experience at Eagle Physicians was & always is, Five(5) stars in every possible way. It would be impossible to receive better service---As far as I'm concerned, it really is a 15 star experience. The people you have at the front desk could not be nicer or more knowledgeable;it is the same with your check out folks. Your lab techs are the best, with results in my hands, in just a few days---as I said, they are the best. (I was there on a Wednesday-I was looking and reading my results on Friday.) This brings me to Dr.F Wong and his nurse. I cannot rave enough about them! It is not possible to be more competant than they are. I feel extremely lucky & fortunate to have them taking care of me. As a Retired RN, I absolutely know this to be true. Thank you so very much for sending out this survey. It is my honor & priveledge to participate. Thank you so very much again, Joanna Hilem - J.H
Dr. Francis Wong is the best physicianI have been to since I moved toGreensboro in 1983. He is veryThorough in his quest to solve &Cure your medical issues.I most highly recommend Dr. WongAnd will continue going to Dr. WongFor my medical needs. - P.H
I came in for my 6 month check up, I didn't have to wait too long. Dr Wong spent time with me answering all my questions and explaining everything. He never makes me feel like I am being rushed. A lot of doctors want to talk over you or cut you off when you are talking .. Dr Wong never does that. He is very patient and very compassionate. There need to be more like him! - J.O
Excellent. Appointment was on schedule. Dr. Wong is just wonderful. - J.K
Very good. Dr. Wong was very responsive to my questions. Did a good exam of my body and shared good advise for my future health. I was totally satisfied with his concern for me. As far as I am concerned he will continue to be my personal physician. - R.H
Dr. Wong is one of the most caring doctors that I have ever seen. Wish all doctors were like him. - Robyn Neal
It was great! - C.S
This was for my annual physical. I was brought to examination room within 10 minutes and was seen by Dr Wong within another 10. He took his time after the examination to answer questions and make recommendations. Overall, I am very pleased with Dr Wong and Eagle. - P.F
Every visit with Dr Wong is really good and im glad i made the decision to come to Eagle Physician - D.D
Dr. Wong was awesome! He educated me as to my concerns and what to expect. He seemed very knowledgeable and caring! - Ray Cabranes
I had a nerve racking situation and many concerns when I first met Dr. Wong . After leaving the first consultation I was at ease and Dr. Wong explained everything that was going to happen and did happen which made me comfortable and very confident in his abilities. - J.W
Good - K.M
This was my first visit with Dr. Wong and he had reviewed my medical history and was very attentive and had already scheduled an appointment with my GI doctor after a positive test the day before. - D.G
Enjoyable he had answers for my question and talk to me not at me. Felt good after I left. - D.N
Great! Dr Wong is the best..... - Bobby G Doss
Dr.Wong is very attentive to me. He listens and understands how I may be feeling. I appreciate him taking his time to make sure I'm the road to recovery. - J.W
Dr. Wong is a great physician. He is very thorough - he knows his stuff. He took time to explain so I can understand what is going on with me. I was very impressed when I asked him about NPH. He knew immediately what I was talking about. - M.B
Dr Wong is one of the nicest doctors I've ever encountered .( He's up there with Dr Ross) He is very personable and thorough with the information I needed for my issue. He remindedme of the five things for a healthier life.. Very informative. - G.B
This was a first time "get acquainted" visit. I was very impressed with Dr. Wong's pleasantness and interest in me becoming a patient of his. He graciously listened to my concerns and health initiatives and goals. I look forward to my next appointment with him in December. - D.S
I saw Dr Wong for my check up, talked about health concerns and future goals. The experience was very good. - J.E
The visit went well. Dr. Wong listens and truly cares about his patients. Everyone in the office was pleasant and helpful. - L.M
This was my first visit to Dr. Wong. The experience was enjoyable and I received a wealth of information from Dr. Wong. The staff was wonderful as well. They helped to make my experience enjoyable as well helped to give a calming effect. - Gloria Hairston
Experience was good. Had not seen Dr. Wong before. He was friendly and understanding. - L.W
I was very pleased with Dr.Wong treatment, service, and knowledge. - Robert Johnson
Takes time to discuss things; very caring and concerned about you as an individual. I like him! - Daniel W Post
Dr Wong is a fantastic doctor, he listens and gives quality recommendations. - L.S
My first visit with Dr. Wong. Will continue to use him for primary care. He seems dedicated to his patients. - J.S
Dr. Wong was thorough in his check up procedures and in checking meds and updating them. He reviewed my blood and urinalysis results and changed one dose of my medications. He was gracious and very open to questions about my course of treatment and offered answers I understood. He suggested a try mindful medication classes to reduce my stress levels and I have done so. I would recommend him to others seeking a family practice doctor. - C.Cothern
Dr. Wong was pleasant and thorough... got to know me as a person before we got into the actual medical appointment. He answered my questions and was very thorough in explaining my diagnosis. Good visit! - C.B
Dr Wang is always always a pleasure to see. - D.A
Dr Wong is very knowledgeable which made me very comfortable - Y.M
Dr. Wong was very nice, knowledgeable, and patient. So was the nurse. - B.L
Doctor Wong is wonderful! - Debra Catton
Excellent overall service - F.J
Dr Wang was very personable and knowledgeable beyond basic medicinal common practices. He focused heavily on lifestyle changes that are a must to regain health not just for the present but for the years to come. overall it was one of the best doctor visits of the past 5 years. - T.K
I went into this appointment with a problem created by a change of medicine done by my Urologist, Dr. McDermid. Dr. Wong found that to be the problem and got me off of that medicine and back onto one that did not create the very severe constipation problem. It worked and I have been fine since. Thank you.Jim Furman - J.F
Dr. Wong is great. He takes time to explain everything and is obviously very qualified. He proscribed some medication for me that I believe will remedy my issue. - E.W
The visit was friendly and very informative. Dr. Wong was very direct and provided me with his professional opinion and advise. The staff was also very friendly and demonstrated great patience! I am very pleased with my overall experience at the Guilford College location! - T.Y
I highly recommend Dr. Wong and the entire a Eagle Family practice team at the Guilford college location off of Newgarden rd. - R.C
Dr. Wong is very thorough and takes his time with me. I do not feel rushed. He is extremely knowledgeable and I have full confidence with him. Provides excellent advice on nutrition. - F.G
I had been a patient of Dr. Wongs at Eagle at Adams Farm and loved him! Imagine my surprise when I found out he was back in town and practicing at his new location just minutes from my work place. I was thrilled that he remembered me and I am so happy to call him my Dr. again. He takes such a personal interest in every area of my physical health, and never seems to be in a rush. He's very professional, but warm and friendly. I was referred to him in 1995 when he was the doctor of a friend's mother, and my friend, who was a nurse, was so impressed with his 'bedside' manner, and highly recommended him. I am so happy that he is back in Greensboro, and I'm his patient again!!! - .C
When I went in I was feeling rough. Everyone went out of their way to help me. Of all the places I have ever been you all are the best.And you all are consistently outstanding in all areas. And that is a fact!! - .J
Dr. Wong was very professional in his approach, sent me directly to the hospital, and hernia was surgically repaired. Thanks Dr. Wong - .B
Best Dr visit I ever had. Dr Wong actually took time to talk to me and address my concerns rather than rushing me out. - Chad M Benoist
I am Bill's daughter and live in St. Louis. It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Wong and I thought his care and patience was excellent. I appreciated all of his concerns and felt he was very thorough and kind. - .S
I love the staff. They are always helpful and welcoming. There was very little wait time. I feel like Dr. Wong listens to me and pays attention to my needs. - .D
I had a medical issue on a Friday and was due to have surgery the following Monday. I walked in and asked to be seen in the middle of the day. The staff was very accommodating the wait time was minimal and the visit with the doctor was great. The result of the visit did warrant cancellation of the surgery. Have always been happy with this group. - .O
I went to Dr. Wong for a physical. He was thorough and professional, and I particularly appreciated his willingness to avoid unnecessary tests. - .Baucino
I really appreciate Eagle Family at Guilford College. Everyone is friendly and professional and Dr. Wong is great about being on time. - .C
He was great. I went for anxiety medicine as I was flying out of country alone and was very nervous. He noticed I had s bad cough and checked my lungs. He said I was getting bronchitis and it wouldn't get better if i continued to smoke and mentioned i may need an inhaler. I'm happy to say because of him I have been smoke free since my visit with him 😀. I used to get sick at least once a month with that terrible cough and did not know why. I have not been sick since I quit smoking. Thank you Mr Wong! - Jennifer L Benitz
I am really happy with Dr. Wong. He was straight forward and honest with me in a caring way. I like that he emphasized the importance of lifestyle changes rather that immediately writing prescriptions. He even discussed with me ideas on what changes to make and how to make them. - .K
My overall experience was wonderful---everything was 5 stars. I didn't like what I heard, but that was my bodies fault. It didn't do what I had hoped it would do. Dr. Wong and the entire staff could not have been more professional and or kind. Thank you for taking great care of me. Joanna Hilem - Joanna Hilem
I called the Eagle office the morning of 9/22/15 requesting an appointment regarding what appeared to be an infection that started in my right hand the prior day. My primary physician was fully booked but an appointment with Dr. Wong was available. This was my first opportunity to meet Dr. Wong who had just recently returned to this practice. He was professional, friendly, compassionate, patient, and reassuring. He determined an aggressive approach to address the infection was necessary. Antibiotics were prescribed and followup appointments booked for the next day and a week later. The problem was resolved with positive results visible in 24 hours. I was very grateful that Eagle at Guilford was able to work me in on short notice. My experience with Dr. Wong was outstanding. - Anne C.D
Dr. Wong was very thorough, efficient and at the same time very cordial. - .M
Dr. Wong listened to my symptoms and was very informative made a referral for me right away. He prescribed steroids to help me ,and thankfully they worked and no other procedures necessary for now. - .A
Doctor Wong was very thorough and explained everything in terms that were easy to understand. Very professional and very courteous. - Kevin J Stielper
Dr. Wong is awesome. He is timely, through, a real cheerleader for good health and totally supportive of a healthy lifestyle. - Kristin G.V
As usual Dr. Wong was attentive and effective in his advice and encouragement to assist my journey toward better health. - .C
Always professional and friendly. Dr. Wong exhibits a sincere interest in patient health and is willing to share his advice, recommendations to attain an appropriate result. - .P
Love Dr Wong. Feel he takes excellent care of me! Pleased with his office also. - Lisa Cox
Everything went great. I will be requesting him for future visits if I need to come in. - R.M
Very informative. Dr Wong is a great Dr. Took a lot of time to explain my health to me. - .G
I have found Dr. Wong to be very professional, but re-latable and easy to talk to. He is a great doctor and I will continue to see him in the future! - .S
Dr Wong obviously takes personal satisfaction in healing his patients. Gina is wonderful. - James C Carlisle
I came to the office after having an accident. The nurse decided I needed stitches. However, the doctor willing to stitch up an earlobe was out of the office at that time. She told me I would have to wait 45 minutes for him to return. He showed up 15 minutes later, stitched my earlobe and thus avoided me any trip to the emergency room. I received excellent care by both doctor and staff. Thank you. The entire staff went above and beyond my expectations. - .P
Knowledgeable, informative, and shows concern about patient's well being. Hope to see again, - .P
I really like Dr. Wong. He was one of my favorite Doctors of all times. - .S
Great Service, great stuff, excellent Doctor - .G
Came in for BP recheck and Dr Wong is always professional and very interested in my welfare. Would not want to have to go to anyone else. - Joyce A McGilvery
Dr. Wong takes time to listen and helps create a shared experience in care. - .P
Dr. Wong is always willing to listen. He doesn't talk over you, or make you think that what you have to say is unimportant - (which is refreshing, because most dr's will want to hurry up, rush you out and won't give you a chance to get a word in at all). I never dread coming to see him. I wish that there were more like him - .O
As usual, felt that he had time to listen and answer questions that I might have. - .B
The staff is really helpful and sweet. Dr. Wong was able to address all my needs. - .M
Dr. Wong is an excellent, kind, thorough, and intelligent doctor who cares very much about his patients and takes the necessary time to make sure he can understand the symptoms. Very professional considering all angles of your health. His assistant Ms. Regina Hudy is also great and knowledgeable. Highly recommend Dr. Wong. - .G
Experience with Dr. Wong was excellent and very helpful. - .B
Fast and Professional - .H
Most detailed physical I ever had and my doctor was very personable and gave great advice. Great experience! - .W
Excellent services. - Marie P Brown
Dr. Wong is a great doctor and goes above and beyond helping his patients. - .D