Dr. Henry Diggelmann at Mason City Clinic

250 S Crescent Dr

Mason City, 50401
(641) 494-5380
The appointment went well. - S.W
Everything was as planned. The surgery went well and the results were positive. The follow-up visits also were on time and went well. - S.S
I feel very comfortable with Dr diggleman and his staff - R.W
Thank you for you’re help! - A.R
I arrived early, and they were able to get me in almost right away. Everyone I saw were very pleasant. Very satisfied with my visit. - L.E
Very quick in the waiting room, especially important with a young child. Very clear information from the DR. - W.Y
The visit was good. - S.W
Everything really was excellent. The Dr. Diggelmann, facility, staff, etc. Dr. Diggelmann was obviously very knowledgeable (which one would expect), but he also took time to really explain things. I like to learn, in general. And Dr. Diggelmann seemed to like to educate. So, it was a good experience. I mean, getting medical treatment is not a way I would choose to spend my time, but when you need it, you need it. And you want to care, to think about things, etc. I would also like to say that the staff and nurses were great. Very nice. Knew what they were doing. Very organized. But very friendly. - A.M
Thank you! No waiting time and great service! - T.M
Friendly and efficient - H.A
Always a positive visit, wait time minimal, office discussion to the point, - B.W
I see Dr. Diggelmann on a regular basis because of excessive ear wax and have excellent results. He is always concerned about his patients and I highly recommend him. - S.R
First time patient and everyone was very nice & professional. - G.B
I enjoy Dr Diggleman he listens and explains medical needs more efficiently - M.R
Sure hope my end result is good. Really enjoyed how I was handled all way through!👍😀‼️ - R.U
Easy professional exam and advice. Well done. - K.P
Always very caring and helps with making decisions. - R.D
fast, knowledgeable, friendly, office staff friendly- all around good experience - G.L
I couldn’t be anymore please with my experience with dr Diggelmann and his staff. Everyone was friendly! They explained everything and made me feel calm about my procedure as I was very nervous! Thank you so much! - S.S
I feel very comfortable with the staff and Dr Diggleman, I would recommend him to anyone with problems - R.W
It was good - R.M
It was very short and to the point. Very professional Thank you for telling me I don't have Polups in my nose!!LOL - C.D
Nursing staff were very friendly and listened to my concerns. Dr. did the same. Took very little time and making next appointment went fast. - R.S
Efficient - H.A
It was interesting - T.T
the experience was fine he is a very good doctor friendly and speaks to both me and my husband personally making sure we understand everything and answers questions so we understand and know what to look for. a doctor i will be back to see. - J.R
Positive, quick and helpful information. - S.W
Great overall experience - C.O
Everyone there are doing great! Dr.digglemon and his staff are great!everyone is friendly and very caring they always get the job done and help me were needed thanks guys! - V.J
Dr. Diggleman was excellent, Iinformitive, kind, answering all questions, and giving prognosis clearly. - J.S
Dr. D. Was great as well as the staff. It was fast and efficient. Great people. - J.A
I love dealing with Dr Diggleman and his staff. They are all so nice and caring. Quick to get us in and out. Thank you for everything! - T.B
Good job. - S.W
Always helpful and pleasant to while meeting our needs. - J.S
Everything went great. They were able to get me in the same day I called!!! Thank you! - R.D
I see Dr. Diggelmann on a regular basis because of ear wax and he does an excellent job of removing it. He is concerned about his patients and always explains what he is doing. - S.R
Very positive - Dr. D. explains everything thoroughly, puts me at ease and the procedure was quick. - S.W
From start to finish, the provider, staff, facilities and results were all excellent. I could not have asked for a better experience! - E.W
Dr. Diggelmann always cares about his patients and explains your treatment so you can understand it. He is always friendly and makes you feel comfortable. I would highly recommend him. - S.R
I arrived early and was brought into the waiting room almost immediately. The Dr. was in very shortly and asked how I was doing. We discussed symptoms and he examined me for progress after home care. He then told me his findings and I was told what my options were and what results I could expect. I decided on one of my options which was the quickest and least invasive. We agreed that would be a good start to see if it helped me. He was very informative and very easy to work with. - J.F
Felt Dr. Diggelmann was very thorough and gave me a choice for treatment . - P.F
Dr. D. Discovered my cancer, had cell analyzed at Pathology lab and referred me to Mayo immediately! He is the best ENT ever! He no doubt saved my life with early diagnosis. - B.T
We were seen in a timely manner and Dr. Diggelman provided education and treatment options. - E.C
Everyone was very helpful and courteous. - E.S
Friendly and efficient. - H.A
Everyone was pleasant. When you have a serious problem, it helps to have a good experience.Thanks to all how helped. - L.A
Good job. - S.W
Treatment was on time. Dr. Diggelman was thorough in checking for diagnosis. Good experience with him. - S.B
Everything about my appt went great! Scheduling was easy and I got in quickly. Staff checking me in was very pleasant as well as the assisting nurse. Dr. Diggelmann treated me with respect and answered any questions I had and made me feel very comfortable about returning when needed. - R.R
He always does a great job addressing my problem. - M.S
I think dr Diggelman is an excellent dr.. he explains things so well.. - D.M
As usual, excellent - B.W
I have to have the wax removed from my ears on occasion. Dr. Diggleman is one of my favorite providers. He is kind, friendly and very capable. My hearing was impaired for a long time before any physician discovered that most of the loss was from blockage. Dr. Diggleman was the first to see that this was a problem even though other professional had checked my ears. - C.B
good - J.H
The nurse, staff and Dr Diggleman are all extremely helpful and very compassionate. I have an easy time scheduling my appointments and getting in for emergencies. They are also very good and getting results of tests back quickly - N.W
I was so impressed that I could get in to see Dr. Diggelmann immediately....and I needed "immediately"!!!! The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Lots of smiles, very polite, caring. Dr. Diggelmann took care of me in no time, and I left the office with relief, answers to questions, and advise from the Doctor. I really appreciated everyone and their services! Thank you!! - Deborah.A
Friendly quick satisfactory treatment. Will ask for him again. - J.S
Am always very pleased with the results I get from Dr. Diggelmanns treatment for my ear problems. He is very concerned about his patients and lets them know about new products which might be helpful to them. - S.R
Check-in, wait time, and scheduling future appointment was handled quickly and easily. Staff friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Diggelmann was professional, friendly, and answered all my questions. The treatment he provided was done quickly and comfortably. Very pleased with seeing him in the past, present and future. - S.W
I always have a wonderful day at Dr digglemons office he staff is very nice and they always check on me and make me smile.there very supportive and if I need to get it quick.they do what they can to get me there.such wonderful people to see.thanks - V.J
The appointment I had with the staff and Doctor Diggelmann was excellent plus! All my questions were answered and I look forward to working with the members of the staff. I would recommend everyone consult this staff if there are any questions about hearing problems. Helen (Bootie) Kapler - H.K
Quick visit after tubes in and adenoids out. Very professional, quick and good bedside manner. Always like seeing the faces at this clinic! Have always been very well taken care of. - C.M
Follow-up visit to keep track of conditions in both ears (cholesteotoma in left ear, ruptured ear drum in right ear) went well. I am confident that Dr. Digglemann is keeping my hearing in the best shape possible. - S.C
Great - L.M
If I were to be in charge of a surgical center, this is how I'd want it to be run. From the people near the entrance who check you in, to the people in the intake area through the entire facility your treated like a king. Dr. Diggelman is great in every way. Couldn't ask for a better surgeon, and all around nice guy. My ratings on every facet of this little cancer episode are EXCELLENT in every way.J R Ackley - J.A
I was getting several ear infections yearly, but after seeing Dr. Digglemann and having regular checkups, my ears have been much better, and no infections. - J.S
I got in immediately. I was finishing some forms when the Dr. showed up. He checked me out and said I needed a ct scan. I got that a few days later and saw the Dr. right after that. He was looking at the ct scan when I arrived. He said everything looked good. He said I like doing surgery but you do not need it. I was very happy about that. - M.N
Fortunately, I don't have a lot of experiences with hospitals or doctors, but I would find it hard to believe that your facility or personnel could be greatly improved upon. Henry is a fine surgeon and great doctor in my opinion. The staff are friendly and efficient. I'd recommend it to anyone who needs to have a chunk of ear or nose cut off and fixed so it looks like nothing happened. J R Ackley - J.A
Great staff, great doctor! The ease of registration to the front desk to the nurse and then doctor is a breeze! - C.M
excellent - G.L
This is the second time in a year I've seen Dr Diggelmann. Very pleased with the treatment I received and the results. He's a very nice man and explains well what's going on. I'd recommend him to anyone having sinus problems. He and his staff are warm and friendly. - L.J
dr explained everything well and i had no problems with my surgery or after everything went well - S.O
I arrived on time for appt. I started filling out medical forms and they called me in to a room. I did not wait very long and Dr. Digglemann was there. He told me to rinse my sinuses and gave me a script to get. He said to come back in 4 weeks to see how I am doing. He said If I am not getting better they would do a ct scan. - M.N
I am very satisfied with the outcome - explanations were clear and definative and future body changes explained well. The staff were great and made me as relaxed as possible. - Michael Duval
I was treated with the correct medication and feel much better. The doctor provided helpful and beneficial information. The staff was very caring and helpful. I would choose to come here again. - P.C
No complaints - B.W
excellent - B.L
Dr Diggelmann was very thorough in his explanations and addressed all concerns. - A.K
I have trouble with ear wax and have excellent results with Dr. Diggelmann. He is always friendly and professional and makes sure you understand the options available to you. - S.R
Everything went very well. Very pleased with the way the visit went. - C.S
It was just fine. - T.H
Very happy with the service I received. My husband and I really like Dr. Diggelmann and would highly recommend him. - C.T
Office staff persons were skillful and efficient. The wait time was short. There was a television that was turned on in the waiting area. Dr. Diggelman saw me quickly after the staff person had taken me to the examination room. - R.P
When road conditions forced me to reschedule my last appointment at the last minute (we're 2 hours away!) the staff was able to reschedule me within a couple of days. My experiences with the ENT office have been great, Dr. Diggleman, Dr. Detmer, & Dr. Thome have been so easy to talk to and conscientious about my care. Now if they could only control the weather & road conditions! - S.C
The wait for surgery could of been reduce. - H.O
I was very happy with the experience. When Dr. Diggelmann said it would hurt when he gave me the pain killer shot in the snoz he did not exaggerate. When I came back for my conference the weather was very bad, I had come early because of it and he and the staff were able to work me in well before my scheduled time and I was able to get home before the worst of it.I am impressed with happy with the service and care. Not pleased to find I have some relatively minor skin cancer, but that's my fault for liking to be outside. - J.A
My experience was excellent. Dr. was very informative and spent amount of time needed to get my questions answered in a very congenial manner. - M.I
Overall experience was smooth. The staff was great with my one year old. - A.H
So far I am very pleased with the results of my procedure. Dr. Diggelmann and his staff have been excellent.! - M.N
Dr. Diggelmann is a good doctor, pretty serious but good. - P.S
I had a tonsillectomy in August and I'm still struggling with my uvula. I now have to have surgery on that. - R.V
. - M.H
Great experience. Difficult clicking on the stars. Didn't know if I actually had clicked on them or not. - P.A
This doctor and staff are excellent. They’re patient, thorough, professional and very caring. I would recommend this practice to anyone. - K.H
I was very happy with the care I received before and after my surgery. Everyone efficient, caring and kind. Dr. Diggelman explained everything very well. He was great about letting me know my lab results as soon as he could. I appreciated that a lot! - J.R
I waited a little longer than I thought necessary but Dr. Diggelman and his staff were efficient and professional. Overall, I was completely satisified with my experience. - C.M
so glad to have him as my doctor. very good and knows what he is doing a great asset to MERCY - K.P
Na - A.S
Ear was plugged and side throat concerns. Scope showed throat area all fine and ears were both cleaned out professionally. Treating for acid reflux. Dr. Diggelmann is very easy to visit with and shows caring. - L.H
it was great - B.B
Excellent - B.W
I rated some of my experience 4 stars. I will have to watch my condition to see how it goes. Some of my concerns were not fully addressed for me. I was stil left wondering. - C.H
Doctor and staff were top notch and extremely helpful. - K.H
I was treated with respect by the staff and doctor. Everything went better than I had expected. There was no wait time. Excellent experience! Thank you. - R.J
Good - S.W
I am the mother of the patient, Madelyn F., who was seen in the office on this day, and I will be the one who's completing this survey. As always at the E.N.T. Office, our appointment began on time and the doctor was promptly in to see us within minutes of being taken back into the exam room. The doctor had explained everything thoroughly, answered all of our questions, and as concerned parents of a 19 month old, he made us easily feel comfortable with our daughter's entire visit and treatment plan. Dr. Dettmer is our absolute favorite and we will always recommend him to anyone, however, Dr. Digglemann was quite pleasant as well during our visit with him. We had never met Dr. Digglemann prior to this office visit on 9/29/17. The entire staff in this specific office has always been so helpful, friendly, understanding, and eager to satisfy a patient's needs! Without a doubt in my mind, we give you 5 stars and 2 thumbs up! Keep up the awesome work you do for all of your patients! We genuinely appreciate all of you and your kindness!Completed by,Parent/Guardian: Jessica L. Mahaney (mother of patient, Madelyn G. Freiberg) - Madelyn Freiberg
Everyone was very friendly. I felt that Dr. D. adressed my concern appropriately. I look forward to seeing him again for the results of biopsies that are being evaluated. I was seen very quickly & all the staff responded to any questions with eye contact & in a friendly manner. I would recommend Dr. D this clinic. - J.P
straight talk and honest expectations - all was good - Michael Duval
Staff was friendly, no long wait - T.E
great - R.O
I couldn't be happier with the outcome of my treatment. I was amazed when Dr. Diggelman came out to the waiting room personally. Very little wait time was involved during all my visits. Everyone was very professional while putting me at ease. They were very accommodating when I requested a specific day to get my stitches removed. I would recommend him if the need arises. - S.R
Follow up appointment after ear surgery--healing complete, some hearing restored. Dr. Diggleman and staff are all caring, professional, and very importantly personable! If you need this type of care, you couldn't find a better place or people to provide it! - S.C
Dr. Diggelmann is fantastic! He is very honest and straightforward, not to mention friendly, and truly an asset to Mason City Clinic. I would highly recommend him to any one of my friends or family members! - C.B
I thought he was very professional - K.B
In and out quickly. With very friendly staff. - D.L
Love Dr. Diggelmann! Wonderful guy! - K.Z
My experience was a very positive one. Everyone was really helpful and patient with me as I struggled through the forms. Dr. Diggleman was very professional and answered all my questions. It was an easy in and easy out experience. (Did you know that this survey shows up as spam--I don't know if you can do anything about this.) - S.R
Quick, thorough, and efficient. Would recommend! - Justin Mayer
I am Donna's daughter, caregiver and power of attorney, Dorothy Draeger. We have always found the office staff to be super friendly with smiles on their faces, going the second-mile to make sure we were 'heard' and received the proper follow-up information / appointments, etc. It's also evident that Dr. Diggelmann is a true expert in his field. He pierced mom's eardrum to draw out 'a blood pocket' build-up in right ear. He also expressed concern regarding a diagnosis, wanting a second opinion from Iowa City (Sept. 2017, appt.) HOWEVER, mom has 3 loose screws in back from prior surgeries, restless leg syndrome, and 'gut/groin spasm's on a regular basis from yet another pinched nerve. She CAN'T do a roundtrip of 6 hours, nor stay in a motel. When I went in to present our plight to the receptionist this week (7/27), she took notes and later conveyed info to a nurse, who called me back in 2 hours. good job! We await Dr. D's suggestions for local care, whatever it takes. we're pleased with all aspects of our experience. - D.D
Good as always - C.M
He did the exam, went over my options, and explained the difficulty of surgery at my age. Overall, I was pleased with the experience. - R.V
Dr. Digglemann told me what he was doing before he examined me. He explained everything so I understood what was going on. Awesome Doctor! - C.D
It went good except the treatment burned me quite a bit and it is still hurting along with the right side of my neck the long way. - P.L
Excellent.Wonderful "bedside" manner.Answered all questions in reassuring tone.Thank you. - C.L
Waited 20-30 minutes for a 5 minute appointment. My son is 22 months old...so that is a significant amount of time when trying to keep him occupied. I guess what made that frustrating is that we were the only people in the waiting area other that the women to came, had her appointment and left before we ever were called back. The staff was very friendly, overall good experience. - F.B
The Dr was very nice and took the time to listen to my questions and educated me on what he thinks is my problem. - C.C
Dr. Digglemann is awesome. I absolutely love the enthusiastic attitude he has. - P.K
I have consistently received excellent service and treatment from Dr. Digglemann and staff. Everyone seems to be considerate, friendly and efficient, as well as providing great results on several visits, procedures and follow-ups. Thanks! - S.C
Overall good experience. - B.B
Very approachable, professional, diagnostic skills excellent. Took time to be certain that I understood the results of exam and red got follow up studies. Re: wait time, it was it xcessive, just seems that way....I might have early but that's a rare occurrence for me. Hank you for excellent care. - M.C
Everything went great. Quick office exam. - G.C
Always receive great care from Dr. Diggelmann. He is pleasant and always concerned about you. He has been treating me for several years for my ear problems and I always have wonderful results. - S.R
Have no complaints. - C.S
Love coming here! Dr and staff are great to deal with! - T.B
I have ongoing problems with ear wax and hearing loss. Dr. Diggelmann was the first Dr. to diagnose and treat my problem. I visited two other doctors and neither were able to find the cause of the wax build-up, but Dr. Diggelmann was. He has great bed-side manner, is polite and explains things clearly and patiently. Very good, skilled doctor, I have recommended him to friends. - C.B
He was very patient and I always have a satisfactory outcome. - M.S
Recheck visit, mouth fungus. - A.S
I had a very pleasant experience as usual. Dr. Diggelmann and the staff are all very nice, and the office is run efficiently with short wait times. - J.O
My experience was very good, not a long wait time, doctor was knowledgeable. - J.B
good explanation of what was going to happen - needed more info up front for planning for driver and how much of their time will be impacted. - Michael Duval
Great experience! Short wait, professional and thorough treatment. - J.N
I liked him a lot! To the point on all aspects. Very professional. - T.L
Dr. Diggelmann is always so nice and answers any questions we may have. - C.B
He was veryEfficient.. gave me treatment options, scheduled for CT, discussed meds - P.A
Went very well. He seems very knowledgeable. I hope we can get this CT scheduled so surgery can happen soon. - J.N
The nurses were friendly. The doctor was very nice. I just still feel frustrated I really don't know much about the thyroid nodule. I hear they are common. That's about it. Still waiting for the nurse to advise if my insurance company has approved for an ultrasound to be done to look at size comparison from 2011. - L.H
I had botox for my right eye twitch. I also have problems with a drooping eyelid. Felt this botox was better than the previous treatment as far as my eyelid problem. - J.M
Dr. Diggelmann listened carefully to my concerns and after an examination gave me precise and very clear expiations to the cause's and the treatment required if I so desired. - R.M
first time appointment and referral from the Hearing Associates group. he was fast, efficient, knowledgeable and caring, finding a 'blood pocket' behind right ear drum, then setting up an immediate MRI at the Imaging Center for follow-up. He explained things well and the ENT STAFF has been exemplary in their follow-up, as well, GOOD JOB TO EVERYONE... (dorothy draeger, daughter and POA). 4/28/17 - Donna Draeger
My appointment went well with Dr. Diggleman he answered my questions about the lesion I had in my mouth and cleaned my ears. I declined having the lesion removed because Dr. Diggleman assured me the lesion was not cancerous and told me what to watch for if it should have any changes. I am satisfied with my visit. - R.E
He is great. They were fast also I did not have to wait at all. Just a few minutes that is all. - F.F
Our experience was a very good one for our first surgery for our child. She did not get scared as the nurses were very caring. - B.T
We are fortunate to have as skilled professional as Dr. Diggelmann here in northern Iowa. He is always courteous and very proficient in his treatment. - M.S
Came in for biopsies and exam. Doc did a great job - James Smith
He was very prompt and to the point. He addressed all concerns and I very happy with my visit. - Deborah Duregger
Sinus problems for over a month and he took care of the issue - M.W
I had a very good visit. Dr. Diggelman is very kind and explains everything. I am very pleased that he is treating me. His office staff are also very friendly and helpful. - Jean ONeil
Very little wait time.Scale is weighing about 15Lb. Heavy!!Very happy with Henry and Staff. - B.W
Had wax cleaned out of my ears by Dr Diggelmann - D.N
Good Experience - J.T
Dr. Diggelmann was very good at explaining everything and taking care of my needs - B.B
He looked at two spots in bottom of mouth and said nothing to worry about---no way any cancer---surgery would be very painful, so forget about them. Thankful for the good immediate report!! Thank You!! - M.O
Very good and took time to talk and explain things thank you - M.C
very nice nurses and Dr Diggelmann was very good at explaining why I was having the problem that I was experiencing and what course of action I need to take to help from it getting any worse. - J.B
I was referred to Dr. Diggelmann for a Basel cell carcinoma. Dr Diggelmann was extremely nice and helpful. He answered all my concerns regarding how we will handle removing the cancer cell. He called me by name and was very compassionate about my fears regarding the surgery. I did not feel like I was being rushed and I am no longer anxious about the procedure. - S.K
We were very pleased with the service we received. Dr. Diggelmann was very pleasant and detailed in everything we discussed. Our overall experience was excellent. - R.P
Excellent!!!!!! - S.B
Dr. Diggelman is wonderful and made sure I was taken care of. - J.M
I was very pleased with my treatment. Both the assistant and Mike were very professional and were willing to explain everything in detail. I had an endoscopy which I had dreaded. Dr. Diggelman explained all as the procedure took place. He also instructed me on what I can do myself when I get vertigo. He was thorough and made me understand everything that went on. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others & would certainly return to him myself for ENT services. - B.O
I have always had trouble with my ears and even more so lately as I get older. Dr. Diggelmann is always very professional and friendly. I feel fortunate that his office is located close to where we live. He really cares about his patients and always takes time to hear any concerns you might have. - S.R
Great! Really apreciated the patients that was given towards us and he and the nurse did great with him while he was sleeping! Thanl you very much, we had a great experience. - Tavin DeWaard
Good - L.P
The doctor examined my daughter and looked at her tonsils. He was very clear in his explanations and answered all questions I had at the time. - H.B
Every member of the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Dr. Diggelmann was very knowledgeable, thorough, caring, and to the point. He made the appointment go smooth and quick. - J.W
I felt he listened to my questions well and offered suggestions as to what my next steps in treatment should be. I'm pleased with his holistic approach with probiotics and neti pots. I felt comfortable with him and I can't say that about many doctors. - C.M
Very competent physician with great bedside manner. Visit is what I expected and questions were answered. - R.E
The doctor was very pleasant and reassuring.He explained what he was doing and what he was able to tell from the exam. - B.B
We had a wonderful experience, from the min we walked in every one was so nice. When we were brought back to the waiting room, it was nice to be put in a room with toys so our son could play. The nurses were very nice and even took time to let Bryant warm up to them. The anesthesiologist (I can not remember her name but she had red hair :) ) came in to take Bryant back, she got him to laugh and smile which made it easier to hand over our son. The surgery was very quick and of course Dr. D was there to tell us how everything went. He made us feel very good about the decision to have surgery. As we drove home my husband and I talk about how well the Mason City Clinic was. We have only lived here for about 5 years and it was refreshing to see how much everyone cared about our son! I really hope you pass this letter on to every single person that was working that day so they know how awesome they all are and to keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you again!!!! Love, The Rehlander's - B.R
Good - W.D
Ears cleaned. - M.S
Doctor Diggelmann was amazing her knew was was wrong with my ear in matter of seconds after he looked into it! I'm still being treated by him and will be back to him for any more issues with my ear! - H.S
We love Dr Diggelmann! He's very thorough and always answers all our questions. - N.M
Went to my regular Doctor for a recurring nose bleed. He contacted Dr. Diggelmann and he fit me in right away. He performed a chemical/electric procedure to cauterize the bleed. Very professional, very satisfied with results. - J.T
I had hearing loss in right ear following respiratory flu. After being given a hearing test, Dr. Dingleman examined my ears and concluded that there was fluid behind the eardrums but no infection. He gave me a technique to use at home to help open the ears and will do a follow-up exam in a few weeks. - F.S
Had "pulse" to left ear. No pain only I could feel it. Said it would be 11/2 hr apt, Was much waiting around Had to have hearing test then to see Doctor. Was much waiting around. Had apt. in another town and was late. Thought we had plenty of time. Had alot of wax in ear. The person doing the hearing test looked in my ears and never said that there was anything there. I think at this time there could have been something used to break up the wax. Was painful Dr. said there was nothing to give me. The second ear the Dr. used something that could have been used between apt. - S.M
I did not have to wait long to see Dr. Diggelmann. He seemed knowledgeable and came to a conclusion quickly for my condition so it didn't take long. I left feeling a bit unclear about how I can to have this hearing loss, but that may be because I am not good as asking questions "on the fly". I was also swayed by my 1st hearing test person in Forest City who told me that surgery may repair the condition, so I was maybe surprised by the quick diagnosis that surgery would do nothing. I was glad to have the paperwork so that I could go online to learn about my conditions and understand it a bit better. - K.F
I have ear wax build up and infection that Dr. Diggelmann treats me for on a regular basis. I am always pleased with his services. - S.R
Dr. Diggelman was very knowledgable and efficient in his treatment. - L.D
It was alright - S.W
*** my email is nowlastc1997@gmail.com~short wait time~nurse professionally completed history and readied the area~Dr. D was friendly, professional, caring, and explained the procedure and answered all questions. - C.L
Great experience - D.D
Dr Digglemann office was very pleasant. I didnt have to wait long to see the doctor. I was very please with the out come of my right ear. Im able to hear very well. - K.Y
Very please with results - good over all experience - R.K
Dr. Diggelmann is very personable & makes me feel comfortable when I see him. His passion definitely shows in his work.I had a biopsy of the inside of my lower lip & thankfully, was better than it was when he tested it last year. I would ABSOLUTELY refer Dr. Diggelmann to anyone needing an ENT specialist. He is truly amazing & I am very happy to have him as a provider. Thank you! - Lewis Shropshire
Visit was to check if sinus infection was gone. - S.J
He evaluated my hearing loss from a car accident the air bag hit me on the side of head. He gave me one weeks worth of predisone bI have a return appointment - M.M
I was having trouble with Left ear pain and new to hearing aids-- unsure if I might have an ear infection. Good experience, good communication-- tested with audiologist the nerves to be assured that nerve was not having trouble. - Patricia Lovik
He explained the tests findings and ordered an ENT of my head to check blood vessels. He gave me an exercise to try for my dizziness. I am to stay of RX Meclizine. - G.H
Removed Stitches - D.S
Dr. Diggelmann was very professional, knowledgeable, and a good listener. - Helen Karamitros
I was seen in a timely manner. The staff was very nice and I would recommend to anyone. - C.O
Dr. Diggelmann checked my sinuses as I have been having trouble with coughing and sinus infection since July. He used a scope to look in sinuses. He was able to explain what was going on so I could understand and put me on 3 more weeks of antibiotics. - S.J
Personal and knowledgable. Exactly what I was needing to find out - L.C
Dr.Digglemann and his staff was very pleasant to me. I recommend anyone to go to him if any issues. - K.Y
Great - D.J
Nice Doctor. Polite, made sure everything was properly understood. - C.E
Met with him for the first time to discuss tubes for continued ear infections. He was on time, very straight forward and did a great job explaining our options. Very pleased with his services. -Robyn - B.H
Very GOOD! Solved the problem. Really appreciate how all the ENT dept works to get me in when I have ear infections/mold problems. The staff is extremely friendly and so accommadating. - T.T
We had a great experience. The whole staff did an excellent job. Thank you! - K.H
Very good on visiting with patient and explaining treatment, what can be done to make things better. Excellant - G.B
Dr Henry,Did a great job for my sinus surgery. What a miracle it is to be able to breathe better threw my nose now. Great dr, explains every thing to you well, before you leave. - C.T
Excellent surgery. No complications. - W.W
Check-in and wait time was reasonable. The prescribed treatment by the Dr was surprisingly very effective. He seems to really have a good grasp on his diagnostic skills. I would highly recommend him to anyone I meet, who has a need for hearing advice. - F.C
From the very first moment I liked Dr. Henry Diggelmann. He has a way to make you feel comfortable. Very good bedside manners. Dr. Diggelmann explained everything so I understood. - L.E
I am still struggling with sinus issues a bit. Dr. Diggelmann understood my concerns and immediately placed me on a treatment I am comfortable with. I went through nasal polyp removal and sinus revision in March. I was glad he understood the pain level and problems associated with this surgery. It was definitely different. I am still hoping for 100% problem free, but I am a far from being so sick like I was with the polyp growths. Great office staff and nurses, too. - B.B
Awesome Doctor. Very caribg - B.M
I was referred by my audiologist Dr. Emily Gross when she suspected something not quite right with my left ear. I first saw Dr. Dettmer who discovered cholesteoma in my middle ear. Since he preferred not to do the required surgery, he referred my to Dr. Diggelmann for evaluation and possible surgery. Dr. Diggelmann scheduled CT scan to confirm the diagnosis. He explained the surgery in some detail, as well as complications that could result from that surgery. He also explained the problems that could develop if the procedure was not done. His thoroughness convinced me the best course to follow, and the surgery is now on his schedule this fall--the time frame at my convenience. - S.C
I have dizziness, vertigo, nausea, and vomiting episodes since July 15, 2016. On and off again. still am having episodes and I'm off Ex now since 8?20/16 - G.H
Excellent - W.W
Five stars in all categories is not an overstatement to describe the excellent care I received during my August 22, 2016 visit. Thank you one and all, and especially Dr. Diggelmann who restored my ability to hear. The Mason City Clinic is a delight to visit, beautiful to look at, easy to navigate, staffed by caring and helpful people. - Annette Green Walters
I didn't have to wait long to see the doctor. He addressed the my lack of taste and smell issues. I'd like to see an allergist to see if they are playing any part of my issues. - S.H
Very good. Only had to wait a few minutes in waiting room and examine room. Makes sure all of your questions are answered. - C.M
I came in for a sort of "follow up" appointment, because the area in which I had a cyst removed from my left ear/left neck last September had started exhibiting activity again. Dr. Diggelman did a nice job in checking it over, and covering my options for if/when the cyst decides to come back, which I was pleased with. I am hoping I do not have to come back, but if I do I will know I'll be in good hands. Thanks! - A.C
Great experience - J.Q
Timely friendly quick very pleasant experience - T.S
I have a lot of trouble with both ears getting blocked with wax and other debris and Dr. Diggelmann always removes it so that my hearing is restored. I highly recommend him and will continue to seek out his help on a regular basis. He is always pleasant and professional and really cares about his patients. - S.R
I am very happy with progress made and look forward to Finnish - R.K
great experience! He did awesome explaining everything and making us feel comfortable! - T.B
Discussion of lab results following thyroid surgery - B.B
I thought from the First Lady at the front desk to doctor's nurse, the Dr himself and the lady that scheduled our surgery, everyone gave excellent care. I knew it would be a brief visit with the Dr because we knew our son just needed to get tubes in. He was very professional and answered all my questions. The woman that checked us out at the end was so nice!! They were all talking to Cam and everyone was polite and professional. - C.M
Everyone helped make me feel very welcomed and comfortable - B.R
The staff was friendly, helpful and attentive. Though we had to wait for Dr. D. to finish a previous patient, others had to wait for Dr. D. to finish with me. He is thorough and made me feel that I won't have anything to worry about once the wound heals up. - M.Couch
Very professional and personable. All the scheduling and procedures were performed in a very timely manner. I was very impressed. Thanks to all involved. - Douglas Santee
It took a month to get to see the Dr. I now must wait another month before the tests he has scheduled will be done. The nurse was very helpful and accommodating. My experience with the Dr. was positive and I like him. He was honest and said some of the tests he was scheduling were not pleasant. - D.S
Very Good - M.B
My experience was positive. Dr. Diggelmann was polite and respectful, and I felt he asked good questions and listened to my answers. He was gentle during the procedure and explained what he was doing. My husband came with me, and he also interacted with him. We both felt that his explanations were clear. - L.D
excellent - Doctor is so patient and personable. Answers questions. - L.F
He was prompt, friendly and took care of the problem quickly. - M.S
Dr. Took his time with me, and his taking care of my needs that I saw him for. - C.T
All of the staff was very friendly and were very helpful! - Benton Westendorf
Everything was great - M.D
Definitely a great experience with the Dr. And all of his staff!!! - P.T
Very good, explained the treatment and how to help get over a veritgo attack. I will see him again ifneeded Glenn B - G.B
I was very pleased with my Dr. - K.H
The experience was as expected. It was a busy day at the office but I got in relatively quickly (had to wait once I got in the treatment room). Dr. was engaging and friendly. - D.D
in and out in 15 minutes, I know it was just a cleaning....however, always takes the time to talk! Thank you for taking care of my son and making him feel comfortable. - I.M
Everything was done in a timely matter. - Hadley Hulsing
ct scan on left cheek havind one day surgery on 4-6-2016 dr. diggelmann is a great doctor - L.A
Very good - A.H
I received Botox injections in the right side of my face. Dr Diggleman does a great job. - R.S
Everyone was nice. I was in & out quickly. All my questions were answered. Didn't wait long in the waiting area which I love. - J.C
I have lots of trouble with my ears, including wax and debris. I can always count on Dr. Diggelmann to be both friendly, efficient and professional. He shows real concern for his patients and I have always had excellent results whenever I visit his office. - S.R
Doctor was professional and we hope his treatment will bringhealing of Harry's sinus infection. It's too early too tell. - Harry Stanton
Diggelmann gained my lost trust in Mercy. He is very good and recognized my issue just by listening to me tell how I felt. My recovery is rough, but improves daily. It was a pretty major event to overtake. I have had extra added benefits to my health because of the surgery. I now have talked to quite a few that that were offered this surgery, but refused, in other parts of Iowa. The fact that I was so sick for so long, and Diggelmann had a solution, was all I needed to get pre-op under way, with his great bedside manner and professionalism. - B.B
Felt they did an amazing job. - K.R
Dr. Diggelmann and his staff are very pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable....I would recommend them wholeheartedly for any ENT needs. - M.B
This was my first visit to Dr. Diggleman. I was pleased with all staff involved in my visit to the clinic. - A.S
Very good experience. - L.K
Highly recommend MCC ENT and Surgery Center as well. Everyone was great! - K.W
Excellent - M.M
Good great - D.H
Our daughter had tubes put in her ears at 11 months old. Every single person we encountered the day of surgery was a wonderful and accommodating to her father and I. As parents who had never been through this we were both very nervous and they all helped to put us at ease. Procedure was quick and they returned our daughter to us immediately after she started to wake up. - E.S
I personally have had a major lack of faith with Mercy due to a couple issues I had in orthopedics and an issue I had in the ENT. That ENT Dr. is now gone. I have had experiences now with all of the rest of the Doctors in ENT. I have had great results and leave feeling better as I truly believe that they are concerned for my wellbeing. I have presented them some tough cases with various accidents, and they have done very well. This current issue of mine is a definite health scare and concern. Polyp growth that has kept me sick for 6-7 months with acute sinusitis. After telling Diggleman my long term symptoms and my personal Dr. treatments all failing and why I was referred, he knew exactly what was wrong. I took required tests and set a surgery date. Honestly, I could have jumped ship and headed to Rochester. Dr. Diggleman,s tone, knowledge, caring, assurance, and explanations kept me at Mason City. My condition will be a life changer for me, but I left Diggleman's office with my head up and a smile. I like the staff, and felt very welcome. The previous ENT Dr. that soured me made me feel inferior and was, let just say it, an outright asshole when presented with my concerns of hearing loss and debilitating tinnitus. That appointment put me in such a low esteem that not only I had to deal with the then new and lifelong tinnitus, that he made me feel so depressed. Not a professional. Actually, I got a second opinion at Minnesota Ear Neck and Head and they gave it to me the best they could on hearing loss and tinnitus, and how to manage it. BUT, he also diagnosed me with a deviated septum that I told a quack Dr. at the Northwood clinic about and ex- ENT Dr. about. They pushed it off. My concerns for my surgery with Diggleman will be discussed, and I plan to use Mercy ENT to set a baseline and help me manage my hearing loss and tinnitus the best they can. Very pleased, you are on the right track. Brett Backhaus - B.B
Had a few day's of healing up that was uncomfortable but everything else went spended. - J.E
This was our first time dealing with this dr. The wait for the appointment was not long. The surety date wait wax even faster. All in all a great experience with this doctor. - G.F
I want to thank Dr. Diggelmann for doing such a wonderful job and easing my nerves before my daughters surgery. However the wait between surgery and my daughter coming to recovery was long for a first time mom he didn't have any control over that. He is a wonderful surgeon and I am glad he took such wonderful care of my little girl. Thank you!!! - V.K
I couldn't of been happier with Dr Diggelmann. He explained things very well. I was very pleased that he pushed to have my CT done the day of my appointment since I live 1 1/2 hrs from Mason city. He called me with results of my CT the same day as my appointment. I am very pleased with Dr. Diggelmann. And his nurse was amazing! Very informative and genuine. - S.D
I had a very positive experience. The facility was very easy to get to and park.The staff very friendly and helpful."My team" worked well together and explained everything very thoroughly as they went along....I was put at ease by their expertise. Recovering is going very smoothly, I don't believe there will be any scaring.It is great to have this kind of excellent care so close to home!My appearance at age 80 will not be altered by my new adventure on the nose! Thank you - Caryl Lawyer
Very happy with may visit.Feeling better than I have in a long time. I think I'm on the right track. - Daniel Millard
Dr.Diggelmann took time to explain things in an understandable way. I liked his easy going manner, yet very professional. would go back to him and also recommend him. - David Runyan
I had a very good experience. I was worked in very quickly because there was concern about my airways being blocked either from the allergic reaction I was having or from a possible periodontal abscess. Everyone was very kind and helpful. - Stephanie S.
Dr Dingglemann does a good job taking care of the problem and the nurses do a good job - Kristopher Hanson
Cant thank Dr Diggelmann enough for putting my face back together! !! He was very supportive and helpful in explaining things to me....he must be a very kind and caring person outside of his job also. I felt like he sincerely cared about getting me - Lisa Ziller
Dr. Digglemann was very kind, concerned, and thorough when checking my ear. He was able to tell me what is wrong and what I can expect in the future. He seemed to care about my health, and suggested things I can do to keep my ear healthy until I have - Leeann Eischen
always accommodating, even if it is just for an ear cleaning!!! - Isaac Madson
Dr. Diggelmann is very professional and straight forward. I would recommend him to others. - C.Thompson
The registration gal that morning was very cheerful and helpful with my 15 month old son, who clearly wanted to eat and not be there, as i was trying to fill out paperwork. All the nurses before and after surgery were helpful. My son went back at 7 - Ethan Thompson
The registration gal that morning was very cheerful and helpful with my 15 month old son, who clearly wanted to eat and not be there, as i was trying to fill out paperwork. All the nurses before and after surgery were helpful. My son went back at 7 - Ethan Thompson
Very happy with my doctor. He is so friendly and efficient and I'm in and out quickly. The people in the office are friendly and very helpful. The office area is always clean and enjoyable place to wait for my appointment time. I either get in early - William Tonn
The staff prepared us very well for the procedure. Everything went efficiently which is very important with a young child. The procedure has worked very well for her and has eliminated the problems she was having with her ears. - G.Hartwig
Dr.Diggelmann has treated me several times and I have been very pleased with his services. He really cares about his patients and explains everything in detail before doing it. - S.Richards
Dr. Diggelmann and staff has always been more than accommodating with Isaac. This time was just to check if he had water in his ear from summer swimming and to clean out all the excess wax he has. Isaac was also suffering from a cold or allergies a - Isaac Madson
Dr. Diggelmann and staff has always been more than accommodating with Isaac. This time was just to check if he had water in his ear from summer swimming and to clean out all the excess wax he has. Isaac was also suffering from a cold or allergies a - Isaac Madson
Everybody was very nice and made me feel safe - Emmalynn Hanson
I had an alright experience. Took care of me well, and had very nice results. - Tjaden Kramer
Quick, easy check-in, short wait before procedure. Pleasant staff. Good doctor. Happy my ear's not horribly disfigured. Ha! I hope the cyst that was removed does not come back. Looking forward to information on what it was exactly, as I belie - Antonio Cabrera
It had been a few years since I'd been to the Mason City Clinic. I was impressed all the way around. Thank you all so much for the care in assessing my hearing loss. I'm so relieved that it wasn't serious. The only thing that I can think of to add is - Kim Huemann
Dr. Diggelman and his staff are awesome!!! From office staff to clinic staff to OR staff...man o man are they great. I had the BAHA procedure done(not on list to choose from with out a mastoidectomy) Groundbraking stuff for me and I am so totally - Janice Collins
He listened to my concerns, effectively removed the wax and debris from my ears and provided a solution to avoid excess build up of plaque (psoriasis) in my ears. - Marlene Severe
I had a hearing test. Than met with the Dr. For a first visit I was very pleased with everyone. I have a follow up appointment so we will see how that goes. - Candace Maas
I had a very good experience. I was worked in very quickly because there was concern about my airways being blocked either from the allergic reaction I was having or from a possible periodontal abscess. Everyone was very kind and helpful. - Stephanie S.
This was set up when Dr. Maschka left. My appointment was canceled--I am now seeing Dr. Dettmer with very positive response. - Lynn Griffith
This was set up when Dr. Maschka left. My appointment was canceled--I am now seeing Dr. Dettmer with very positive response. - Lynn Griffith
Everything went as expected. Able to breathe and smell again. Very satisfied. Should have done this year's ago. Dr Diggelmann is a true professional! - James Shelton
doctor was very friendly and knowledgeable. staff was very comforting to my toddler. facility could use updating. - Isis Countryman
Everything went smoothly. The recovery sucked but over all everyone was kind, caring, and helpful. - A.Kokakis
He is a wonderful provider. The visit was fast and efficient. - Lane Flattum
Everyone made sure we fully understood everything our son would go through. The entire staff was very timely. Our overall experience was great. - Drake Steele
The staff and the doctor were great. What I liked about the doctor was that he didn't seem rushed. He took time to answer my questions. I didn't have to wait. I got right in. A very pleasant experience as far as doctor visits go................ - T.Swansonmorrison
I saw Dr. Diggelmann for a blocked ear canal. He found 3 blood clots and my incus implant had become dislodged. He was very patient with me as it was a very painful experience. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing an ENT. - M.M.
I could not be more pleased with the procedure Dr. Diggelmann performed. I am still healing, but am very happy with the results. I've already referred two other people to go and see him. - Daniel Barnes
I was pleased with the appointement, this was the first time we saw Dr. Diggelmann and he was kind and I would see him again. Laura - William's mother. - William Schissel
As a patient I care primarily about the competency of my provider. I also appreciate a clean facility and friendly staff. I don't mind esthetically pleasing facility's, but it's not necessary. I thought my doctor was very knowledgeable and thoro - Darrell Conway
Every visit to Mercy has been exceptional. Dr Diggleman explains exactly what to expect and has explained very well how my follow-up will be scheduled and what to do if something just doesn't seem right. The nurses and support staff is always helpfu - S.Beaver
I saw Dr. Henry Diggelmann at Mason City clinic. He was very helpful in explaining the results of my MRI. He also got a hair out of my ear. He reassured me that every thing in my ear was normal, that my hearing was good. I felt eventho I still ha - S.Reimers
My wait was short. Dr. Diggelmann was very nice and I fill that hes a very good doctor and would see him again.I was treated and the meds.seem to be working. - Bernard Berneman
WE LOVED DR. DIGGELMANN!! What made it all the more better was my son did too, and they both like the Hawkeyes:) I guess what made us comfortable was he specializes in ears and diagnosed Isaac immediately. He told us in diagrams and English so w - Isaac Madson
Met with Dr. Diggleman to find out what could be done about chronic nose bleeds. He examined me and offered to options. I chose to wait and see if the problem would correct with treatment. Dr. Diggleman is very thorough and easy to talk to. - Neil Wubben
We learned a lot from the dr after Henry's scope. He was very thorough in his examination of henry. We were overall very satisfied with this visit. All questions were answered! ?? - Henry Clemens
Dr. Henry Diggelmann was my doctor for squamous skin cancer surgery on my right cheek. Because the procedure was on my face, I was naturally very concerned about potential scarring, and also the possibility that if all the cancer was not excised, th - Cheryl Z.
When my husband and I found out that our son (age 10 at the time) had a Cholesteatoma, it was a big shock. I was heartbroken (no parent ever wants to hear something is wrong with their child....but in our case, it was something that wasn't fatal and - Reid Wiley
This appointment was a follow up appointment from my thyroid surgery back in April. My calium and thyroid levels were checked. The results for my thyroid levels were taking a little bit long so Dr. Diggelmann's office said they'd call me at work wi - Ashley Trousdale
I was able to get in for an appointment in a timely manner. When I arrived I did not wait long in the waiting room. Everyone was friendly. My doctor seemed nice, and capable. I'm not sure if my treatment is completely working yet. It is a little - Melissa Sifert
I was able to get in for an appointment in a timely manner. When I arrived I did not wait long in the waiting room. Everyone was friendly. My doctor seemed nice, and capable. I'm not sure if my treatment is completely working yet. It is a little - Melissa Sifert
Dr. Diggelmann was very knowlegeable, personable, and thorough. My only comment would be that he speaks a little too fast for my brain to comprehend. Since I've never had treatment for nosebleeds before and wasn't sure what office treatments there - J.F.
Dr.Diggleman was very thorough and honest.Raechel was very helpful also.Over all experience was good although I am not done yet. Thanks Ken - Kenneth Amsbaugh
Dr.Diggleman was very thorough and honest.Raechel was very helpful also.Over all experience was good although I am not done yet. Thanks Ken - Kenneth Amsbaugh
Dr. Diggelman is an outstanding physician. I really felt like he did everything in his power to help with my symptoms. He spent as much time as I needed with no rush and made sure to explain exactly what was going on. Two thumbs up! What a great expe - K.Behal
The staff was prompt and on time. Dr. Diggelmann was professional and detailed in answering my questions. He also recommended further treatment options and explained the choices as well as potential impact. I was extremely satisfied with the servi - D.E.
Dr. Diggelmann was very pleasant and very knowledgeable. He explained things to me and following his exam, referred me to a neurologist for help with dizziness, nausea and headaches after he determined my problem was not inner ear connected. Pam - Penny P.
Dr. Diggelmann was very pleasant and very knowledgeable. He explained things to me and following his exam, referred me to a neurologist for help with dizziness, nausea and headaches after he determined my problem was not inner ear connected. Pam - Penny P.
Dr. Diggleman was what a doctor should be. Friendly but yet kept to business. Not in a hurry. Explained things. - Gregory Osborne
Dr. Diggelman and his staff are awesome!!! From office staff to clinic staff to OR staff...man o man are they great. I had the BAHA procedure done(not on list to choose from with out a mastoidectomy) Groundbraking stuff for me and I am so totally - Janice Collins
Dr. Diggelmann does a wonderful job of checking me for ear and nasal problems. He also goes above and beyond the call of taking care of all my other problems such as addressing my infection of my head wound and my sleep apnea. I have recommended him - Karen Penning
Very good, he took time to make sure all my questions were answered and I knew what he was talking about. - Ross Schreuder
Dr. Diggelman and his staff are awesome!!! From office staff to clinic staff to OR staff...man o man are they great. I had the BAHA procedure done(not on list to choose from with out a mastoidectomy) Groundbraking stuff for me and I am so totally - Janice Collins
Dr. Diggelman and his staff are awesome!!! From office staff to clinic staff to OR staff...man o man are they great. I had the BAHA procedure done(not on list to choose from with out a mastoidectomy) Groundbraking stuff for me and I am so totally - Janice Collins
Dr. Diggelman and his staff are awesome!!! From office staff to clinic staff to OR staff...man o man are they great. I had the BAHA procedure done(not on list to choose from with out a mastoidectomy) Groundbraking stuff for me and I am so totally - Janice Collins