Dr. Rogerio Ramos at Mason City Clinic

520 S Pierce Ave Suite 204

Mason City, 50401
(641) 494-5170
I always feel safe and have spent quality time. - R.B
Dr. Ramos Did an excellent job explaining what my illness was and how it was causing me problems. He took the time to look at my medicine and knew exactly what I needed. I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with his services - M.D
Very fine, personable physician. Cares about me. Respectful and quite knowledgeable. - R.M
was able to get the help I needed. - B.F
Dr Ramos is not only a great Dr. And lucky to have him for our rural area. If it wasn't for Ramos, I would still be hooked on opiates. Just when I thought I had no hope to quit 5 yrs ago. Doc. Proved me wrong. I feel like a friend not a patient. He deserves a raise. He said, if I recommended him for raise. I can have his Mercedes-Benz. J.k. Happy holidays - J.N
Dr. Ramos is an excellent physician. He has a wonderful bedside manner. Dr. Ramos encourages me to be my best self. He is supportive of my goals. I respect his suggestions and often think of things he has said later when I find myself feeling low or depressed. He treats me with respect. I hope Dr. Ramos stays with the Mason City Clinic in Mason City. - V.V
Dr Ramos always takes the time to completely understand what I’m dealing with and helps me figure out the best treatment plan. - C.F
Excellent service - C.H
Every time I go there my experience is always excellent. - R.B
Dr Ramos is an excellent physician. - C.H
I love dr ramos hes such a great dr and the staff as well !!! - R.G
Everyone is very nice and professional.. thank you - J.S
it was fine. - P.G
I was pleased with my appointment, scheduling, and staff. - E.F
I am so thrilled to be able to see Dr Ramos. He is a careful and attentive listener. Dr. Ramos is patient and encourages me to be patient and hopeful when trialing new meds. I feel valued and that he has time to hear the spoken and unspoken during appts. Yes, even at the end of a long day seeing patients! Good show, Doc! You are truly called to this work. While many struggle to find psychiatric care, for the past five years, I have been blessed to have had two of the best psychiatrists North Iowa has ever had working here. Thank you! - J.T
I was pleased with my appt. - E.F
Awesome! The best as ALWAYS! Also the shortest wait I've ever had, since my move to Iowa with my husband and kids 7 years ago... - D.R
the staff is awesome and has been very accomodating to all of my needs. - M.F
Dr. Ramos is one of the best practitioners I have been to that provides medical care. He is down to earth and cares about the patient. He does this effortlessly and it is genuine. I feel like I can tell him anything and he won't judge me or anybody else that is sitting in that chair. Hope he is there for a long time. I have traveled cross country to see him on several occaisions. - M.F
I love dr Ramos hes a excellent dr who cares about his patients the whole staff are super nice - R.G
Professional and nice people persons in office. Thank you for making your service available to all. - R.L
As always it's a pleasant experience to visit the office. The ladies up front are nice and efficient. Dr Ramos though super busy always has a smile for everyone and is a good listener. He has helped me tremendously. I've been a patient for nearly a year now and am happy to be a patient there. - K.J
This visit was excellent. I had a very short wait time (different than some other visits). Dr Ramos was great and spent time talking with me, making sure all of my concerns or questions were answered, he didn't seem rushed and just want to move on to the next patient. - D.C
thank you - B.F
Other than the wait a small handful of times being long, which is expected anywhere. I've had a great experience. With Staff and With Dr Ramos. He is easy to talk to, attentive, and has a good heart and cares about the patients. You just have to be 100% honest with him. Overall a great Experience for having to go to the Dr. - K.J
Dr Ramos is an amazing physician. He listens to any problems I might have and is very understanding. He does a great job every appointment we've had together and I would recommend him to anyone. The receptionist are fabulous. They are so polite and friendly. They all do a fantastic job! - T.W
All great! Very professional and respectful. - J.I
Good visit - D.H
Staff and doctor are excellent! - A.W
Love the doc. The staff. Especially miss Karen. Great people! Great place! - D.R
Dr Ramos always takes the time necessary to listen to and evaluate my questions and concerns. - C.F
The receptionists and the dr are awesome I love it there keep up the great work you make me feel comfortable and dr us very helpful and explains things really goid takes as much time as you want thanks again guys im glad I chose yall 💜 - R.G
Dr. Ramos listened to me and gave me some good advice to follow up on. He also suggested when to come back for a recheck. - E.F
Ok - B.C
Dr. Ramos is a caring, knowledgeable, highly professional physician. His staff is courteous and helpful. - S.H
Great staff and doctor. Have to wait in waiting room for awhile for appointment. - J.M
great doctor, but the wait time from your scheduled appointment time till you get in is a little long - T.B
I go in and I'm greeted very professionally and friendly. I usually don't have to wait very long for the doctor. Dr Ramos always ask how I'm doing and visits with me. - R.B
All around great clinic. Love the lady's at the font desk! Dr. Ramos is hands down one of the best docs I've ever been with as a patient. I've been with him almost 4 years now. The staff cares. And that is a rare quality indeed these days. The wait time is a lil long sometimes and other times there's almost no wait all. However, this is no biggie to me. They are so great working with me and my crazy most of the time unpredictable schedule... I've been really late... or earlier or any where between those 2 lol. Regardless they make it happen. I'll bee a patient of the docs for years to come. I love you and the front desk lady's Dr. Ramos... Especially Mrs. Karen... she's been a constant just like you since the beginning for me. Y'all are the best!Thank y'all!❤Daphnye Ross - D.R
I have always appreciated what Dr. Ramos has done for me. He listens well. I see him every 6 months. - B.F
Dr Ramos is great at listening and understanding my needs as a patient and he took the time necessary to evaluate my medications and how I am doing. He never rushes to get you out to get the next patient in faster. - C.F
Met with Dr Ramos. Had a great talk. - R.B
Dr. Ramos is very caring and friendly. He listens to my needs and is very helpful. He takes an interest in not only my medical needs but also my life. I am very satisfied with my experience with Dr. Ramos and would highly recommend him to anyone. - Mason McCort
I like my appointments with Dr Ramos. I feel comfortable talking with him and that's what important to me. - A.B
Excellent - L.P
Dr Ramos is very professional and I feel at ease during my appointments. - R.B
Very Good Dr. Ramos takes the time to answer any questions I have and makes sure I understand his explanation. - N.N
I am always throughly satisfied with my experience at the clinic. The staff is always helpful, smiling and prompt. Dr. Ramos has never rushed me out so he could stay on time with his schedule or see another patient. I am always able to vent, and get caring and genuine feedback. I have never once felt rushed as I have with psychiatrists in the past. I truly am thankful and LUCKY I've found this clinic. - K.L
As a retired physician myself, I find Dr. Ramos to be particularly well informed, balanced, kind, and wise. He knows what he is doing, and I have had only positive interactions with him for the last few years. I most certainly hope we can keep this fine physician in the Mason City area, as good, balanced, smart doctors like him are not to be taken for granted. TM - R.M
It is always a pleaseant time at Dr. Ramos office .His staff is wonderful as He is the best. - L.P
a very friendly experiance. - A.D
I like Dr. Ramos , I believe he has best interest in heart & cares about his patients - J.S
Always very good experience--they make you feel like you are their only patient--don't just rush you right through.Dr. Ramos is so personable--over-all if you have to go see someone--you couldn't ask for a better atmosphere and treatment. Lovella Carpenter - L.C
Dr.Ramos is a great guy! Very down to earth and a great people person! Highly recommended!! - S.W
I really appreciate Dr. Ramos - N.H
Would like to talk to dr. Ramos again just to check in. Thanks. - A.B
Dr. Ramos is kind and listens well to my concerns. He is a very busy man! - N.H
Dr.Ramos is easy to talk to. He cares about his patients. - Rita Barnhart
Very good experience, everyone is friendly and helpful, Dr. Ramos takes the time to talk with you about any questions you have and doesn't try to push you out the door, he wants you to leave knowing that all your questions have been answered and that you are doing well. - N.N
Dr. Ramos and his staff provide some of the best medical service I have experienced. As an experienced, ER and Trauma physician myself, now retired, I am a bit discerning about doctors. But Dr. Ramos has fully EARNED a great review with his excellent service over the last two years. He actually cares about me and his other patients, something not to be taken for granted. He is an empathetic, kind physician who is truly up-to-date about advances in his field. He is particularly intelligent, and always willing to share what he knows--and always willing to answer all my questions fully, accurately, and knowledgeably. It would extraordinarily difficult to replace a physician of his caliber in Mason City and we are fortunate to have him. It is my hope we can retain this asset to the medical community, and the area at large, here for a long time. R. Todd Michael DO - R.M
Each appointment has been something to actually look forward to. No stress. Everyone is very professional and friendly. - Rita Barnhart
Greetings, My name is Todd Michael, and I am a retired emergency and trauma physician from Ames. I have been on Suboxone therapy for about 7 years and during this time have had occasion to see five different addictionologists for this very helpful therapy. Dr. Ramos is the very best of these physicians, who were all really quite good. Dr. Ramos stands out, however, in that he is exceptionally intelligent and knowledgeable about every detail and advance in the field, and is always completely willing to answer my questions about the particulars of this complex subject. He has a truly great personality and "bedside manner" in that he is very open and available, friendly, seems remarkably well-adjusted, has true concern for me and my welfare, and is very down-to-Earth, a truly "regular guy" as we would say in Iowa--perhaps my highest compliment to him. He is particularly cognizent of the fact that patients going without their medicine may experience great discomfort, and seems to share the idea that having a patient go through this is entirely unacceptable and inhumane. He has made a concerted effort at all times, to be available for refill and other problems, and has even given me special numbers I can call if any problem might arise. I certainly hope we are able to keep this fine physician in the Mason City area as he is an exceptional asset to the community and it is doubtful we would be able to replace a physician of his caliber with another with equal expertise--and true concern and compassionate care for all his patients. - Robert Michael
I can't remember the exact day the appointment occurred, however, I am always pleased with Dr. Ramos' advice and communication of my situation and knowledge of the medicines. - Skylar Kantaris
Dr Ramos is wonderful he has helped me thru the tuffest time in my life and continues to help me without him Im sure I would no longer be here The ladys at the front desk are great too - Melanie S.
Dr. Ramos is the BEST! He listens to me whine and complain every month and is super attentive to my questions, needs, and concerns. I wouldn't choose any other doctor to provide the services he offers. - Katie Locke
Staff here are very helpful and Dr. Ramos is easy to talk to and kind. Will recommend. - R.H.
I am very pleased with my experience with Dr. Ramos. I plan on keeping him as my psychiatrist long into the future. - Jeffrey Whitaker
Greetings. I am a retired ER physician living in Ames, Iowa. R. Todd Michael DO. I have had about 5 different suboxone experts in the last 6 years due to moving and staff changes. I have experienced a wide range of therapists. Dr. Ramos is proba - Robert Michael
Dr Ramos and his staff are very professional and compassionate. Wait times are reasonable. Information provided is accurate and easy to understand. I also like the website. - Rita Barnhart
Dr Ramos and his staff are very professional and compassionate. Wait times are reasonable. Information provided is accurate and easy to understand. I also like the website. - Rita Barnhart
DR. Ramos cares about his patients, and takes time with them. I would recommend him to anyone seeking treatment. - C.Hayes
Dr. Ramos is a great doctor! I wouldn't go to anyone else. Easy to talk to and all around a nice guy. - Ashley Bartels
He is a very fine Doctor and person to know. I would recommend him to others. - D.R.
He is a very fine Doctor and person to know. I would recommend him to others. - D.R.
I look forward to my appointment every month and wish all Dr's were like him and his staff. - S.Allen
Very good experience. Doctor listened and spent time, it didn't feel rushed. Felt heard and respected. - J.M.
He does follow-up on and monitoring of nerve pain medicine Cymbalta and Gabapentin feel he knows more how to monitor those. I recommend him to others. - D.Riekens
The facility is a very peaceful place to be waiting for my turn to see my provider. Staff is always caring and helpful ,nice and cheerful . My treatment I receive there is very good my provider is very concerned about his clients and will to listen - L.Purchase
The facility is a very peaceful place to be waiting for my turn to see my provider. Staff is always caring and helpful ,nice and cheerful . My treatment I receive there is very good my provider is very concerned about his clients and will to listen - L.Purchase
The receptionists are very nice and helpful. Dr. Ramos asks questions about how I am doing, how my medicine is working and he takes the time to listen to your questions and answer them, he doesn't try and push you out the door he takes time and help - N.Nall