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My mother has afib, and at the beginning of 2021 I started getting notices on my Apple Watch that I had periods of afib as well. The episodes increased to a point where I went to see Dr. Norris by early summer. I had done research on the Internet enough to know that cardio ablation was most successful sooner rather than later, and that there was great variability in success rates amongst doctors. I wanted to stack the odds in my favor, So I looked for a Doctor Who had a high success rate with cardio ablation. Dr. Norris has very good success rate.The initial plan was for me work on my weight, and to then go on a medication that would require a brief hospital stay to administer and regulate. I lost some weight, but as Delta variant took over hospital space in August, this was not viable. Dr. Norris put me on amiodarone , which put me into rhythm… And on December 13 he performed a cardio ablation. I have been in rhythm ever since. My experience at Morton Plant Hospital could not have been better… it was literally flawless in every respect.I’m off amiodarone, and I’m hopeful that I’ll be off the blood thinners soon. I couldn’t be happier. - R.C
I have been a patient of Dr. John F. Norris for almost 3-years and for every appointment I have had I gave him and his staff an A-Plus rating. The Doctor and his staff are very accommodating and easy to speak with and things are explained in a way that the average person can understand. Any treatment or procedure I have had done by Dr. Norris and staff have always been 100% effective. I have recommended Dr. Norris to my family and friends and will continue to do so in the future. - R.B
I am a post anesthesia nurse and I take care of ablation patients all the time. I never thought i would be experiencing it from the other side. I recently had a cardiac ablation with Dr. John Norris. He dispelled all my concerns about the procedure. He explained that his patients do not experience the back pain because of his gentile technique of moving the esophagus away from the ablated areas Also heartburn is sometimes a problem afterwards. I experienced no heartburn and did not need pain meds either. Dr. Norris and his staff were highly professional and answered all of my questions. I truly believe I had a successful outcome going from atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter to normal sinus rhythm because of Dr. Norris 's extra ordinary skill at this type of procedure but also because he prayed before and after the procedure in his office with me. If you are contemplating this procedure don't look any further. He is the doctor for you because he honors God and it doesn't get any better then that .My spiritual and physical needs were totally met and yours will be also. - G.c
I want to first say I think Dr. Norris is one of the first Cardiologists in the business. He knows exactly what he’s talking about when it comes to patient needs and treatment plans. I came to him almost a year ago at 215 pounds having heart palpitations at age 27. I was struggling with terrible anxiety and thought I was dying from a heart condition that had suddenly popped up. I went to see Dr. Norris who validated my concerns and helped me to understand the etiology of some of my symptoms. He gently told me I needed to lose weight and that I was going to overcome these issues with a few simple changes. He explained a concept to me I had never heard before called the “half diet.” He said the main thing I needed to focus on was my eating habits because losing weight is mostly though diet and some exercise. “Diet, diet, diet and exercise,” he said. At first I thought it wasn’t going to be possible to employ these drastic changes, but can I tell you something? This advice has changed my life and I now live by this principle every single day. I went from 215 pounds to today weighing in at 173 only 9 months later. Whenever I go out to eat, I eat half of my plate (or less depending on how I feel) and have never turned back. Today, I no longer suffer with heart palpitations and exercise regularly to help tone and build strength. I feel better than I ever have in my entire life, and I owe it to Dr. Norris and his expertise and wisdom. I can tell he lives by his own word and that helps me stick to my goals. He is a rare find in the medical field and I hope whoever reads this will gain hope in that whatever you may be going through, if Dr. Norris can help, he will. Thank you Dr. Norris. You saved my life and I couldn’t be happier. - C.c
I want to first say Dr. Norris is one of the finest Cardiologists in the business. He knows exactly what he’s talking about when it comes to patient needs and treatment plans. I came into his office at 215 pounds and heart palpitations at 28 years old. I was scared and thought I was dying from heart issues. Dr. Norris validated my concerns and listened to my story and formulated a plan that consisted of ruling out any possible complications and asked to see me after reviewing my week long heart monitor test results. After seeing there were no abnormalities, he told me my heart was functioning well, but could be doing better. He gently said that I needed to lose weight and offered solutions to meet that goal. He suggested the “half diet” which at first seemed VERY intimidating. I didn’t think it was going to work, but after giving it a try and realizing my body was getting enough nutrition with just eating half of what was on my plate when going to restaurants, it was clear that this small change could propel me toward my goals. After several months of incorporating exercise, measuring portions, and utilizing the “half diet” I have lost 43 pounds and have lost 4 dress sizes. It feels amazing! I no longer experience heart palpitations and enjoy life so much more than I used to. Guys give me second glances which has NEVER happened to me before. I attribute my success to Dr. Norris and his expertise in the field and sharing his love for his patients. Thank you Dr. Norris for helping me and saving my life! - C.c
I had a non-invasive cardiac ablation procedure performed by Dr. Norris about 5 weeks ago. This is the longest time I've gone without having an episode of arrhythmia that I can remember. I wish I would have had this procedure done a long time ago. I feel great and I've been back to work for about 3 weeks now. I'm looking forward to many many years of living without an irregular heartbeat. Thanks to everyone at Pinellas Arrhythmia Associates! - J.G
Everyone I've dealt with at Dr. Norris's office has been extremely helpful, knowledgable, and friendly. Everyone is very professional and makes me feel at ease. Since I've been seeing Dr. Norris for my heart condition, I feel comfortable knowing that I have the best care that's possible. I highly recommend Dr. Norris to anyone seeking topnotch cardiac care. - C.T
I had recurring episodes of A-Fib which required cardio version to resolve. In my final episode which went uncorrected to 6 months I realized that I did not want to live my life with a compromised heart. Fortunately I found Dr. Norris and staff and with their help and diagnosis decided to try an ablation procedure to give me a permanent and reliable sinus rhythm. The procedure went well and within a week I could already feel the results. I no longer spent a good part of my day our of breath and wondering if there was something more serious wrong with my heart. It had been a problem trying to sleep at night and that also greatly improved within a few weeks as my body readjusted to a regular heartbeat. I am very pleased with the results and the overall professionalism of Dr. Norris and his staff. I highly recommend them to anyone in need. - C.M
I had recurring episodes of A-Fib which required cardio version to resolve. In my final episode which went uncorrected to 6 months I realized that I did not want to live my life with a compromised heart. Fortunately I found Dr. Norris and staff and with their help and diagnosis decided to try an ablation procedure to give me a permanent and reliable sinus rhythm. The procedure went well and within a week I could already feel the results. I no longer spent a good part of my day our of breath and wondering if there was something more serious wrong with my heart. It had been a problem trying to sleep at night and that also greatly improved within a few weeks as my body readjusted to a regular heartbeat. I am very pleased with the results and the overall professionalism of Dr. Norris and his staff. I highly recommend them to anyone in need. - C.M
Dr. Norris & his Staff are the best! He has done more for me in two months than the previous Cardiologist did in 5 years. Doctor Norris performed a cardiac ablation for AFIB on me the 19th of this month. The results are...I have not felt this good in more than 5 years! I have not had AFIB since the 19th & Dr. Norris has taken me off of all heart meds & said my EKG is now perfect. In closing I want to say I had no concern about having the procedure at Morton Plant Hospital. Morton Plant is doing everything to keep you safe. - R.M
I chose Dr. Norris to be my cardiologist because I had severe arrhythmia and needed choices with my treatment.In February, I was admitted to Morton Plant Hospital for a three day stay where Dr Norris prescribed tykosine/dofetilide to control my A.Fib. This was a wonderful vacation for me, like staying in a 5 star hotel with a Michelin star chef meal service! From admittance to discharge, the hospital staff was most professional and comforting. My AFib was under control until it returned, and I needed a different life saving treatment.In March, Dr Norris highly recommended the Cardiac Ablation procedure as my next treatment.Although I was apprehensive, I knew Dr Norris would do the best with his expertise and with a prayer, I put my heart in his hands!The Ablation procedure was successful due to Dr Norris and his extraordinary staff. I thank God to have found Dr Norris and my heart is now in Sinus Rhythm. I feel much more healthy, my blood pressure is perfect, I can breathe normally again, and I can sleep straight thru for 8 hours. Thank you so much for all you have done and giving me a successful new life to my heart!Mrs. Erica Clark - E.C
In Jan 2021, I decided to use an electrophysiologist as my primary cardiologist since I have a pacemaker and a history of arrhythmia. A close friend recommended Dr Norris. I have been in his care now for two months and have had four office visits during that time. He has a very impressive office staff who provide the office with a distinct personality -- friendly, helpful, competent, efficient, and always professional. I interact with 6 or 7 staff members at each visit, and they are a great team. Dr Norris of course sets the example -- friendly, low key, knowledgeable, informative, and reassuring. Very easy to talk with...At my initial appointment, I had experienced atrial arrhythmia continuously for several months, accompanied by formation of a clot. Under Dr Norris' care, my clot was dissolved, my atrial arrhythmia converted naturally, and he performed ablations to prevent a recurrence of atrial arrhythmia. I have received outstanding care during the past two months, and I anticipate that it will continue. My sincere thanks to Dr Norris and his excellent staff... - H.C
I chose Dr. Norris’ office because of his speciality and the reviews I saw online, so hopefully this one helps as well. Dr. Norris himself is a genuinely upbeat, caring person who is both confident and put me at ease. His entire staff is also top notch, and I would say the same of them. I was experiencing what felt like missed or irregular heartbeats off and on for a couple years, but they were getting much more frequent over the last few months. With them, I had lightheadedness and an anxious feeling, especially when an occurrence went on for hours. Dr. Norris determined that I would wear a portable heart monitor for a week, which was much less cumbersome than I thought it would be. (I was still able to shower with it.). The results were that I was having frequent PVC’s - 19% of my total heartbeats. I really liked Dr. Norris’ approach to resolving this issue, which was to cure it by ablation, instead of putting me on long term medicine that would only try to mask the issue. I was able to have outpatient surgery at Morton Plant hospital, where every single person was so kind and friendly. I had zero concerns regarding Covid, and felt well taken care of and protected throughout my stay. The procedure itself was much easier than I thought it would be. The worst of it was probably lying still for four hours afterwards. Dr. Norris called my sister right after the surgery to tell her how it went, and she was so impressed with how friendly and informative he was. It is now 2 weeks post-procedure for me, and I feel like a million dollars! I am actually so surprised how much better and calm I feel all the time. The PVC’s were apparently bothering me when I didn’t even realize it. They said that the PVC’s might still occur, but less frequently over 30 days or so, and I had 2 episodes of them in the first week, and none this week. I am just so thankful that I came to Dr. Norris and that he was just so knowledgeable about my issues and got right to the bottom of it so quickly. There was no hesitation in what the next steps should be, and getting things scheduled and taken care of. I work full time and am a caregiver for two parents right now, and having this issue resolved is a true blessing. I’d like to give a special shoutout to all of the folks in his office too - it really means a lot to have friendly folks who are also very good at what they do. - K.G
I've been to numerous different Heart Doc's over the last year since developing palpitations. I went a full year with these I literally thought my life was over. After numerous attempts to figure out what was going on one doctor discovered AFIB. I immediately searched for the best arrhythmia doc in Pinellas. The first time going to doctor Norris I felt at ease. After my second visit, my palpitations and Afib were gone! I owe this doctor everything for bringing my life back to normal. - C.D
I developed persistent afib. Three cardioversions and drug treatment by other doctors failed to resolve the problem. I came to Dr. Norris on the recommendation of a friend who said when his other doctors gave up Dr. Norris saved his life. I thought that was a pretty good recommendation. When I did my research, I learned that his patients respected him as a seasoned physician and a caring person. I called his office and within a week had an appointment. At his office, I was seen by a team of assistants who were all very friendly and knowledgeable. After reviewing my charts and history, Dr. Norris recommended catheter ablation to resolve my problem. He explained the procedure, chances of success, probable outcomes as well as the risks. Within a few weeks, I had my ablation and it was a complete success. My afib has disappeared and I feel much better. I highly recommend Dr. Norris and his team. You won't do better. - R.K
Dr Norris is the best possible Cardiologist I could expect to have. I am very fortunate to have Dr. Norris as my cardiologist. He treated me for Atrial Fibrillation. The treatment has been very successful and one of the results is an increase in my energy level. This procedure has given me back my life. This is a delicate procedure that I would only entrust to a very experienced physician. Dr. Norris is a very caring person. He strives to get his patient properly treated and properly informed. He also has a practice that employs a wonderful staff of very friendly, efficient professionals. His practice is exceptionally good and they all take every precaution to prevent COVID 19 infections. I am thankful to Dr. Norris for all his care and the professionalism of his friendly staff. - G.L
I move to Clearwater in Aug 2020. I was looking for an EP. I googled and found Dr. Norris. he received great reviews from patients. I had been living with Afib for a year. Dr.Norris examined me and decided that I needed an Ablation. It was performed in Nov. So far, it was a success. Dr. Norris is fantastic! His staff is also the best! Very accommodating and sincere. I recommend Dr. Norris to anyone who is in need of his service. - J.K
Dr Norris is does and excellent job a is very personable. I was so please with the job he did that I changed to have him as my cardiologist. - W.L
I went to the hospital emergency room in Sept 2020 and was admitted for persitant AFIB with trouble breathing and lightheadedness. I was treated in the hospital by Dr. John Norris. I am extremely happy with the care and treatment that Dr. Norris provided me. Dr. Norris was able to get my heart back into normal sinus rhythm by using only medications. I have been back to Dr. Norris's office several times for follow up since the 2 day hospital stay. He has reduced my medication needs to only 1 pill per day, and I feel so much better. I am extremely impressed with Dr. Norris and his entire staff. High level of knowledge, professionalism, and also very courteous. I was also impressed with the cleanliness of the office, and how careful they were regarding maintaining good safety protocols in these times of Covid. I would highly recommend Dr. Norris and his staff to anyone who needs care for heart realated issues. - G.G
Doctor Norris performed an ablation on me. It was my second but the first performed by him. He also recommended that I lose around 30 pounds since this would improve the long term success of the procedure. I was a bit skeptical and also resistant since I had not been at that weight level since I was in my 20s. I am happy to inform that the weight loss and some medication adjustments have been a godsend to my hess as Ltd and quality of life. I have been very impressed with doctor Norris’ approach to treating me. He has encouraged me and helped me achieve my goals that I originally thought were not possible. - J.A
Dr Norris is extremely knowledgeable, clear in his explanations, personable, attentive to detail and highly professional. His staff exhibit these same traits. We are beyond thankful for Dr Norris and his staff. - D.S
Although the whole experience is a little stressful at first, Dr. Norris and the staff @ his office as well as @ Morton Plant made me feel at ease. They were very accommodating. The Covid precautions made me feel very safe and secure. Everyone wore masks, and took the utmost precaution. I did not feel at risk at any point during my overnight stay. My sincere thanks to Dr. Norris, his office staff, and to the OR and 4th floor staff at Morton Plant. - J.K
I have been a patient of Dr Norris for the past 6 years and have always had excellent care. He is knowledgeable and explains his treatment advice clearly. He is compassionate and kind. He performed a procedure 6 years ago and I have been doing very well since. He gave me back my active life again!! I am so grateful for Dr Norris.I advise him to anyone seeking a wonderful cardiologist. - D.G
I was on amiodorone for years and was having side effects. I was happy to be taken off it by Dr Norris. I’m feeling so much better now. He also started me on a medication to help my heart with its contractions which also has made me feel stronger. - A.M
I can’t say enough good about Dr. Norris and his entire staff. I’m so glad my primary doctor suggested I go to him. I had already been to so many cardiologists that tried to fix my afib with different prescriptions...none worked. Some people don’t feel their irregular heartbeats. Mine kept me awake and was persistent. First thing when I woke up from my ablation was notice my nice normal beating of my heart. I was so happy. I just had my 7 year checkup and everything was still great...I’m still amazed that the one procedure changed my life so much. I will always be grateful to Dr. Norris. - B.M
Scheduling was according to acceptable guidelines. Dr. Norris maintains a professional office following CDC guidelines and has a professional staff. The wait-time was quite acceptable and I was taken through registration, check-in, and placed in an office expediently. The Tech performed an EKG which was reviewed and discussed with me by both the P.A. and Dr. Norris, who also outlined my upcoming schedule with details regarding the medical plan.I was scheduled to return in four months for a follow-up. - W.D
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Norris for several years now. He has always treated me with truth, kindness and compassion. For years he told me that the best cure for my particular cardiac issues was, simply, weight loss via proper diet and exercise. That message from Dr. Norris, delivered kindly and firmly, never varied from year to year despite my rationalizations. Finally, last year, along with my spouse, I joined Weight Watchers, and over the course of 14 months I lost 65 pounds … a pound or so per week, no magic or pills, just doing what the doctor ordered. And, coincidence or not, I just had my best cardiac exam in a decade, and I’m no longer clinically obese. Dr. Norris shows compassion, and speaks truth, and I’m grateful for both. Thank you. - G.P
Always good. - J.W
Excellent doctor caring and professional. Highly recommended. Takes time to so you understand your issue and treatment .great and friendly staff - P.H
My name is Mike, and I became a patient of Dr. Norris about 18 months ago. I was having trouble with A-fib at the time and Dr. Norris corrected the problem. At that time we also had a conversation about losing weight and exercising more. I needed to lose about 50 pounds, and I hadn’t exercised since Army boot camp. That was over 50 years ago, and so I was understandably overwhelmed at the idea. But...Dr. Norris simply said that if I did those two things, that I would ‘live years longer’. That got my attention. I have never forgot that conversation.Eighteen months later, I walk/run over 5 miles everyday, and I have lost 37 pounds. I feel great; I have more energy; and my blood work has never been better. I owe it all to Dr. Norris, who asked me to share what I went through to lose the weight. Hopefully, others might be motivated to lose weight as I was.I don’t have a short term success story. It didn’t happen fast, since I have only lost an average of 2 pounds per month. (37 pounds divided by 18 months). Some months were ‘flat’ and some months I lost more. As long as I was heading in the right direction, I was happy. Patience was key for me!So, I have been successful simply because: 1. I made small changes in my diet and exercise. (Baby steps)2. I set short term goals for weekly weight loss, and how much exercise I did.3. I set up a weight loss chart that went out 10 weeks with weekly goals. (I made a copy of my weight loss chart below if anyone is interested.)4. If I went 5 or 6 weeks and didn’t lose enough weight to make my 10 week goal, then I forgave myself and started a brand new weight chart. This was key for me. I did this many times. This way, I never got discouraged or gave up. I was happy that the weight was going in the right direction, even when I missed my weekly goals. 5. I started walking 1 mile and 3 times per week. Then I gradually increased it both in how far I went and how many times per week I did it. It actually has become something I look forward to each morning. Go figure...Of course, everyone has to do their own thing. My ‘getting over’ being overwhelmed was important in my getting started. Then staying positive, forgiving myself when I messed up, and pushing the restart button helped me stay the course. Good luck and God bless. ———————Mike’s Weight Loss Chart Profile 10 week weight loss chart, weighing in daily and losing ?? pounds-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 1: Start at Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 2: Goal is to be at Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: ------------------------------------------Week 3: Goal is to be at Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 4: Goal is to be at Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 5: Goal is to be at Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week is 6: Goal is to be at Monday : Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 7: Goal is to be at Monday : Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 8: Goal is to be at Monday : Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 9: Goal is to be at Monday : Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 10: Goal is to be at Monday : Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: ———————————————————————————————————————Final weigh-in Monday: Goal is to be at - M.A
The experience I had from my 9/14/20 service was at a level as positive as I could have wished it to be. I had complete confidence in Dr. Norris' skills in performing my ablation surgery. As was found in a followup visit 10 days later, by my ICD device interrogation, all traces of afib had been successfully eliminated. Every member of staff acted professionally, skillfully, and in a caring manner. Doctor's staff had handled testing scheduling and instructions flawlessly. Having such confidence in the level of quality care from Dr. Norris himself, and with his whole staff made this all a much less anxious situation. I could not recommend Dr. Norris and staff more highly. - L.C
Everyone from the office staff to the folks in the hospital were awesome. You you have any heart issues, this is the place to go. Highly recommend them. - D.F
Dr norris is excellent he performed an ablation on me that cured me from arrhythmia that i had since childhood. I can't say enough good things about him and his staff Highly recommend him. - P.H
My name is Mike, and I became a patient of Dr. Norris about 18 months ago. I was having trouble with A-fib at the time and Dr. Norris corrected the problem. At that time we also had a conversation about losing weight and exercising more.I needed to lose about 50 pounds, and I hadn’t exercised since Army boot camp. That was over 50 years ago, and so I was understandably overwhelmed at the idea. But...Dr. Norris simply said that if I did those two things, that I would ‘live years longer’. That got my attention. I have never forgot that conversation.Eighteen months later, I walk/run over 5 miles everyday, and I have lost 37 pounds. I feel great; I have more energy; and my blood work has never been better.It didn’t happen fast, however, since I have only lost an average of 2 pounds per month. (37 pounds divided by 18 months). Patience was key!So, I have been successful simply because: 1. I made small changes in my diet and exercise. (Baby steps)2. I set short term goals for weekly weight loss, and how much exercise I did.3. I set up a weight loss chart that went out 10 weeks with weekly goals. (I made a copy of my weight loss chart below if anyone is interested.)4. If I went 5 or 6 weeks and didn’t lose enough weight to make my 10 week goal, then I forgave myself and started a brand new weight chart. This was key for me. I did this many times. This way, I never got discouraged or gave up. I was happy that the weight was going in the right direction, even when I missed my weekly goal. 5. I started walking 1 mile and 3 times per week. Then I gradually increased it both in how far I went and how many times per week I did it. It actually has become something I look forward to each morning. Go figure...Of course, everyone has to do their own thing. My ‘getting over’ being overwhelmed was important in my getting started. Then staying positive, forgiving myself when I messed up, and pushing the restart button helped me stay the course. Many thanks to Dr. Norris for motivating me to get started.Good luck and God bless.———————Mike’s Weight Loss Chart Profile 10 week weight loss chart, weighing in daily and losing ?? pounds-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 1: Start at Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 2: Goal is to be at Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: ------------------------------------------Week 3: Goal is to be at Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 4: Goal is to be at Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 5: Goal is to be at Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week is 6: Goal is to be at Monday : Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 7: Goal is to be at Monday : Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 8: Goal is to be at Monday : Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 9: Goal is to be at Monday : Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 10: Goal is to be at Monday : Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: ———————————————————————————————————————Final weigh-in Monday: Goal is to be at - M.A
Dr. Norris’ expertise and experience are impressive, and his staff are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly professionals. At my very first appointment Dr. Norris knew, based on my history, what my options were and explained them thoroughly. He is very personable and easy to talk to and also listens carefully to answer any questions and address my concerns. After more than three years of previous attempts with other physicians, it wasn’t until I saw Dr. Norris that I was treated successfully. I initially went to him on the recommendation of a friend and I am so grateful for that referral, and now I highly recommend him and his whole team. - L.P
I had for a number of years a leaky valve which gave me no problem.Early 2018 I was told that the medicine I was taking for it. should be increased in dose but I could wait until late 2018. I went on a trip but I was starting to loose weight and appetite and feeling weak. Back home after several tests and then in a hospital it was discovered that my heart was not functioning. I stayed in that hospital for days and then I was transferred to Morton Plant. Surgeons who visited me there, after weeks said that my body could not sustain the heart surgery that would have improved my conditions and suggested that I should be put in contact with hospice. A friend of mine gave me the name of his cardiologist Dr.John. Norris for consultation. Dr. Norris visited me at the hospital and said that to patients like me he recommended the pill "Entresto". If my kidney would support the pill, my heart would be back to its function and that it is exactly what happened: after a certain period of time (I do not remember how long) I was strong enough for the hospital to release me. I went to the rehabilitation center, always continuing with the medication prescribed by Dr. Norris. When I was released from the Rehabilitation Center, I was tested. I was strong enough to fly. I flew to the Cleveland Clinic where the surgeon told me I could just continue with the pill Entresto or have surgery replacing the leaky valve. I decided for surgery. Thank you Dr. Norris for giving my life back and continuing so thoroughly to check my health conditions!! - N.S
I have been a patient of Dr. John Frederick Norris' since 2004 and rate him as one of the most knowledgeable and caring physicians I have EVER had. Not only has he shown superior knowledge of the medical field he renders, but demonstrates extraordinary and sincere concern for my human needs; et al. my penchant for healthy whole blood and platelet donations for others. My personal donations totaled 75 gallons when I first become his patient. Saving the lives of others by being able to supply their needs for life or good health is crucially an essential part of my happiness. Through Dr. Norris' meticulous care and medical knowledge, he has been able to keep me on track which has led to a donation level of 160 gallons. NEVER does an appointment go by where Dr. Norris fails to inquire about my donation status. - F.K
I can't say enough good things about Dr. Norris and his staff. I have been a patient of Dr Norris for more than 5 years. I have complete trust in him. He and his staff approach care and treatment with a kind, positive manner, and are always professional. - J.W
My husband and I are patients of Dr. John Norris and find him to be the best cardiologist! We live in Sarasota and so the trip to Clearwater can take anywhere from 1-1/2 -2 hours depending on traffic and weather. Dr. Norris is definitely worth the trip. He is also associated with Morton Plant Hospital where my husband and I have had procedures done by Dr. Norris. Morton Plant is an excellent facility and one we would not hesitate on going to at any time and for any problem! I had a heart procedure done on July 13, 2020 by Dr. Norris and the OR team at Morton Plant was the best!!!! While they were prepping me, they joked around and had me laughing and feeling like they knew me personally! Made for less stress on my part!!! - C.H
Ended up in hospital with low heart rate. Dr. Norris and his team was fantastic. I ended up with a pacemaker. The care and treatment was amazing. Office visit and staff were brilliant. I feel like I was in great hands. So pleased with all my treatment. - T.P
In July 2015 I saw Dr. Norris because my Heart was in AFib. Heart rate at rest was approximately 130BPM 24/7. Dr. Norris immediately put me on medications to stop the AFib (normalize my heart rate). After normalizing my heart rate and allowing my heart to regain strength (couple ofmonths), Dr Norris suggested that I have heart ablation performed. I was very much in favor of this method of treatment since success of thisheart ablation would allow me to resume a normal life with a minimum of medications. Dr Norris performed the heart ablation successfully.It has been approximately 5 years since this heart ablation with no indications of AFib. Neither periodic or constant AFib which I previously experienced. I HAVE BEEN AFIB FREE FOR 5 YEARS. When I first noticed AFIB, I was exercising at a very high intensity (exercising at 90% max heart rate). Since the heart ablation, I have continuedto exercise at a high intensity and AFib free. I will soon be 79 years old. Dr Norris has allowed me to live a normal life, - L.G
Dr. Norris has been my doctor for more than 5 years. He is both kind and straightforward. My recent ablation procedure was a complete success and although I was nervous that morning, Dr Norris and all the pre-op and operating staff at Morton Plant quickly eased my anxiety. I felt my comfort and care were their top priority at all times. I would also like to say that the staff at Dr Norris's office are terrific. They always take the time to answer all my questions, even though their schedule is very busy. I'm happy to say that I'm quickly making a full recovery with virtually no post-op pain or discomfort. - J.W
It was recommended to me by Dr. Norris that I lose some weight to help me with my blood pressure and the health of my heart. So I started eating a more healthier diet and walking, slowly. I have COPD. I gave up all sodas and ate more fruits and vegetables. Mostly i just ate smaller portions and did not snack on unhealthy foods between meals or at bedtime. In 6 months i lost over 20 pounds. I have intentions to continue this new way of taking care of myself and eventually lose another 10 pounds. Thank you Dr. Norris for your encouragement. - E.S
Dr. Norris and his staff are extemely knowledgealbe and efficient. - J.W
From the get-go and, after visiting with two different cardiologists, I was most impressed with Dr. Norris recognition and understanding of my AFIB condition. As he said, "The Cardiology Doctors you've seen so far are very good Doctors. There focus, however, is plumbing. What you need is an electrician." This simple statement led to a careful evaluation, including less medication and, a thorough understanding of the root cause of my issue. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic Dr. Norris and his team planned and organized an approach to treatment. Despite necessary restrictions due to the state's virus lock-down, the execution went exactly as planned - no surprises!On that note, let me say Dr. Norris staff is professional and attentive. They have a great record for follow-up and communication. I have enjoyed the confidence provided by their excellent care. At this writing, my ablation has been successfully completed and I am well into recovery. Less than ten days after the operation, I've returned to exercising (jogging). It is very satisfying not to feel light headed, or dizzy, as with an AFIB episode. There are no flip-flops, sudden pounding or noticeable irregularities (something I had grown accustomed to). After years of listening to this offbeat bongo in my chest, the steady rhythm (and silence) is amazing. Thank you Doctor Norris and team! - J.W
My entire experience, from start to completion was pure excellence. Dr Norris and staff went above and beyond to take care of my every need with dignity, compassion and skill. I would highly recommend Dr Norris to anyone with Afib issues. I have seen several doctors formy Afib issues but nothing can compare with the care I received with Dr Norris. - D.S
The entire experience was excellent. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Dr Norris was fantastic and my results were excellent. His staff is always helpful and always go above and beyond in everything they do. - D.S
Dr. Norris and his team are exceptional, and I could not be happier with the results. When I met Dr. Norris, I was in the hospital. Along with medication and corrective procedures, he recommended that I lose weight by adopting a healthy diet and a regime of gentle exercise. I truly appreciate Dr. Norris' caring dedication, expertise, comprehensive medical knowledge, unflagging skill, and remarkable abilities when it comes to addressing the complexities of AFIB, cardiac arrhythmia, and the intricate balance of the electrical signals in the heart. I had the easy part - "eat less and move more." Dr. Norris and the compassionate members of his excellent team always take the time to answer my questions, and never make me feel that they are in a rush to get to the next patient. A visit to the office is supportive and reinforces my belief that I am in the best possible hands. There are never any unanswered questions, doubt, or confusion. With Dr. Norris' help and encouragement, along with the excellent support of his team and God's grace, I have been to achieve a healthy weight, a sustained normal sinus rhythm, and feel that I have a new lease on life. - D.S
I arrived and was pleasantly surprised to see that all patients must was hands before checking in due to Corona Virus. I had a very shot waiting time, and was then taken back for weight and blood pressure. I was immediately put in a treatment room, and the pace maker rep came in and took his reading and make adjustment. The PA came in immediately and got the pertinent info, and wasn't even out of the room before Dr. Norris came in. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to all the wonderful staff for the care I have received over the years. Everyone goes out of their way to be helpful. And the pacemaker has given me my pre-AFIB life back. I have been a patient for since 2015, and would never even think of going anywhere else for Cardiac issues. - L.G
I had a procedure done by Dr. Norris last week and it was a success! I would highly recommend him. His staff is amazing too! - K.P
God Bless You, Dr Norris, for curing my AFIB with a Catheter Ablation! I was at an increased risk for a stroke due to my family history plus Hyperthyroidism plus I have an inherited blood disease causing extreme blood clotting so this procedure along with blood thinner gives me great peace of mind. I feel fantastic for the first time in many months! - R.m
I lived in the Clearwater area and moved 30 miles north. But I wouldn’t give up Dr. Norris or his staff for any time I had to travel. It’s been 5 years since Dr. Norris performed my ablation procedure. After many years of constant afib he fixed me. Wonderful and very caring Dr. I can’t say enough good about his practice. - B.M
2 Years ago I was in North Carolina and started to have regular occurrences of my heart racing. I went to a cardiologist and he did a battery of tests that resulted in going in for an angiogram. I had a stent put in on valentines day and was on multaq. It did not take care of the racing condition of my heart. He referred me to an EP who diagnosed I had flutter afib. He did an ablation that took care of that. However I continued to have severe (I called them debilitating) episodes of afib. After another study (monitor for another month) he diagnosed afib with rvr. He said it was masked before by the flutter. Went in and started solalol. It worked a little but my heart rate was so low they could not up the dosage to stop the attacks completely, went in and changed to tikosyn which was not supposed to slow the heart down as much. It worked better but still 1-2 attacks per week but they were now not entirely debilitating. Went back in and had a cryo ablation done to try to isolate the signals. It had little effect. I semi retired and moved to Florida and found Dr. Norris to continue my treatment. He did a monitor study and recommended we go back in for another ablation with a more detailed mapping of the electrical signals in my heart. We did that two weeks ago and I have been episode free since. He is very knowledgeable and personable on my first visit with him he in plain terms outlined a treatment plan for me. He is the first Dr. that said the goal is to get me off all the meds. I could not be happier with the treatment.. - R.w
Five years ago I was diagnosed with an irregular heart beat; however, the cardiologist discouraged me from seeing an arrhythmia specialist as "it wasn't bad enough" and he believed ablations damaged the heart. My primary doctor felt it was really just "a nuisance" and offered to prescribe an anti-anxiety medication if it really bothered me. So I just lived with my heart bouncing around between 160 and 50 beats per minute A LOT. I modified my exercise routine to brisk walks and sold my road bike for a slower, safer hybrid bike for 20 mile rides. Still when my HR dropped to 50s while exercising, I tried to ignore it as everyone had told me it wasn't a medical problem. (Besides I was experiencing something more troubling that I called "brain fog". I just wasn't as sharp or quick mentally; I was beginning to think I had early dementia although I wasn't ready to share that yet with anyone. ) Luckily during my annual visit this year, my primary doctor referred me to Dr. Norris and I am so very glad he did! After reviewing the results of my heart monitor, Dr. Norris prescribed a medication for me to take twice a day ( no ablation or other procedure at all), and imagine how excited I was when my "brain fog" miraculously disappeared the very next day (along with the chest heaviness, random sharp headaches and frequent fatigue). I am a forever fan of Dr. Norris and his amazing team. - S.s
I started last year at 235.6 lbs and Dr.Norris strongly encouraged me to loose weight and start walking. My future health was at risk for diabetes, heart disease and/or stoke. I needed to hear his caring but firm advice. I joined WW and started walking. After 14 months I now weigh 154lbs. My BMI is now in the healthy range ( down almost 13%). I feel so much better,have more energy and have added years to my life. I cannot thank Dr.Norris and his caring, compassionate, encouraging staff for their help and support. They are there to help you make a change and not make an excuse ( which is what I was trying to do ). Finally and most importantly I was able to accomplish this through the power of the Holy Spirit that gave me strength each day. He gave me a supportive husband and willpower to continue to move forward each day and a Dr. who prayed for me also. Thanks Dr. Norris and your staff. - C.M
Staff are all excellent. Friendly and professional. They make you feel like you are in good hands. - M.M
Dr John Norris is a life saver.My wife and i owe him for the joy that is in our lives to day.God bless you and your wonderful staff. - David McAbee
Always excellent in every way. - H.B
Dr. Norris and all of his staff have been fantastic! They are professional, knowledgeable, and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Norris with no reservations. - D.S
I have been having heart problems for years because of not being in rhythm. Dr Norris told me, Wayne I will fix that. He did exactly that and all within four days. I am totally pleased to be living a normal life style now. I can tell you this. If you are reading this you are already in the right place. Why deal with the rest when you are now seeing the best, Doctor John Norris. Thank you Doctor Norris for everything you have done for me.Wayne CollinsLargo, Florida - W.C
All aspects of my visit were perfect, and met or exceeded all my expectations. - S.G
Being referred to someone for a heart issue is quite frightening; particularly if you have family history. Dr. Norris is an excellent diagnostician and put me at ease with my situation. He clearly explained my issue and described my treatment options. The good news is that I don't need to do anything at this time, but probably will as I get older. I feel much better about my situation now and am comfortable that Dr. Norris and his staff are monitoring and managing the situation and will let me know when additional treatment is needed. - J.E
I am so thankful to Dr. Norris and his staff. He was very thorough, explained everything and always took his time while diagnosing my heart condition. Thankfully we were able to find a solution with medication and I did not require surgery. I realize how bad I was feeling then, now that I’m medicated and feeling so much better! - K.K
Service here is excellent. Staff knowledgeable and friendly. The treatment offered has resolved my atrial fibrillation. Today I was taken in promptly but after initial processing and receiving an ekg I waited approximately 30 minutes to see the doctor. Small price to pay for excellent care. - M.M
My overall experience has been very good. The staff is always happy, friendly and knowledgeable. It really caught my attention when I was in the hospital, some of the nurses mentioned how much they like Dr. Norris. My GP said he would be the EP Dr she would recommend to anyone in her family. I really like him too. - C.B
This was a regular checkup, with a defibrillator check done also, as well as a routine followup INR blood test. I logged in at the front desk with Dyan, who gave me my list of meds to check over. Shortly, Nicky took my preliminary weight, blood pressure and pulse check before administering the INR test. Jennifer led me to a waiting room, where Scott from Boston Scientific interrogated my defibrillator device. Katelyn came in to input my info into my computer file, and used a stethoscope to check breathing.. Dr. Norris then conducted an interview about my overall condition/situation, and discussed the Defibrillator data and evaluated what my status was, and that we would proceed with the ongoing successful course of treatment until my next follow up visit in 4 months. At every timely step in the process, I was utterly satisfied with the excellent care and attention provided by every staff member I dealt with. - L.C
Ease of scheduling as I worked all night the night before, comfortable waiting area and professional staff - P.K
Every phase of my appointment was handle with promptness. All of the staff were pleasant and most helpful. - H.W
My quality of life would not be what it is today without JFN's elimination of afib from my world.I an truly grateful. - R.M
I have always had a pleasant experience seeing Dr. Norris. The staff is fun and carting. I feel I could count on you to take care of me if necessary. Thanks - P.D
I always look forward to my appointment because all staff is so friendly & caring. That means a lot to a retired RN who used to be the care giver and still when the opportunity is there. 🌞 - J.M
Great experience Doctor Norris did great Jon. Thanks - D.C
To put it simply - I was broken (genetic atrial fib issue) and Dr. Norris fixed me. I feel so blessed to have found a Dr. with the skills to make this possible. Besides the fact that I'm now living life without atrial fib, the caring and compassion of Dr. Norris, Margaret and all of the staff at Pinellas Arrhythmia Associates can not be overstated. No matter what my healthcare journey brings I like and trust this group to take good care of me and my husband, as we're both patients. Thank you Dr. Norris & Staff - you're the best!!! - S.B
When I first saw Dr. Norris I was a little nervous about a fib because I didn't know that much about it. But Dr. Norris and his staff took the time to explain everything about the care and medicine ( Tikosyn) and the procedure ( Ablation) to me which made me a lot more comfortable. After my Ablation procedure I have felt so much better and feel like I have my life back. Thank you so much Dr. Norris and your wonderful staff. - W.C
I began experiencing some high blood pressure issues. Before going to the emergency room (and without an appointment), I went to Dr. Norris's office and they quickly worked me into their schedule. After meeting with Dr. Norris, he identified that the problem was due to a change in RX from a kidney doctor. By being worked into his schedule, it was not necessary to go to the emergency room. Dr. Norris and his staff are always professional and take the time to listen to what you are experiencing. I would highly recommend Dr. Norris to others. - D.K
Great Experience - D.H
Dr. Norris is not only professional medical practitioner, he is also very personable. He answered all my questions and concerns. I implicitly trust Dr. Norris and his entire staff. - D.D
The hospital staff was excellant. Dr. Norris and his staff did a wonderful job and treated me like a family member. Everything went perfect and I am thanking Dr. Norris for giving me more years to enjoy life. I fully recommend him to anyone who has a heart problem Shirley Buchweitz. - S.B
My experience with dr. Norris is extremely positive in so many ways. He possesses great doctor patient skills . He is very good at taking the time to answer all my questions and as a result puts me at ease. I I trusted him enough to put my heart in his hands, and as a result I am afib free; Exactly the outcome I was hoping for. I can’t express how happy I am . I feel like a new person, and I’m forever grateful to him. Would recommend him in a HEARTBEAT! Thank you dr. Norris. - B.P
Was very pleased with the overall treatment with the staff and really grateful for the knowledge and professionalism of Dr. Norris. Also would like to thank Amy for her help in the caring about the patients and setting up the home monitor. - R.B
I have always have great service and all my questions answered. Will not see anyone else - J.M
All of the staff are very professional. - J.S
Personnel were friendly,efficient and competent. I was treated warmly and felt confident in their skills and ability to meet my needs health wise. I feel that any post visit needs would be quickly fulfilled - T.M
I can only recommend this Doctor and his office staff with an A plus rating. My experience with all with this Doctor and his staff has been nothing but the best you could expect. Thank You - M.D
My appointment was for the results of a one-week heart monitor test. I was taken to the exam room at the time of my appointment, weight, vitals, and an EKG were taken in a timely manner. My history was reviewed and medication changes were recorded. The Dr. then gave me a report of the monitor test. He took time to explain the results as they pertain to my left branch blockage. We also discussed the nature of the block and how the body compensates to keep the heart functioning normally. I am very satisfied with the care provided by Pinellas Arrhythmia Associates. - R.S
I'm providing a 5 star rating for all areas because the treatment I received from Dr. Norris and his staff was absolutely outstanding. Every staffer in this practice is polite, considerate, efficient and skilled and all go above and beyond in the work they do. Let me add that when complications followed the surgery, Dr. Norris was right there for me. In fact, he saved my life. God Bless Dr. Norris and all of his staffers. I am ever grateful that I found them. - W.B
Dr Norris did a Cardio Ablatio on me in 2005 and in 2019. He is a excellent Doctor and a Christian. He is a warm and caring person. I would recommend him to anyone. His Staff also is very professional and friendly. - M.H
Agree with 5 star ratings. Thanks. - R.H
Always great, efficient, comprehensive treatment by Dr. Norris and his staff. They listen attentively, completely answer questions, and show genuine care. - D.F
GREAT!!!!!!! - W.F
Staff and technicians personable and knowledgeable. Had a unexpected issue and was scheduled for an appt. within two days. - P.V
Wayne had been seeing a different heart doctor but felt she was not being aggressive enough. A friend recommended that he see Dr. Norris. Thank goodness!!! Both Dr. Norris and his staff have provided outstanding care and have been more than kind and helpful to him.Wayne had some problems following his surgery. If Dr. Norris had not been so caring, aggressive and skilled, Wayne likely would have died! Instead, he is home and doing well.We would recommend Dr. Norris and his staff to anybody needing the very best of care for their heart issues. We are not ashamed to say that we love this man for giving us back our life and know he would do the same for any patient of his who might need his help. - W.B
Quick and simple. All the required information was collected. I was informed of test results and present condition. Given information on next visit and home monitoring. All persons contacted were professional, kind, and courteous. Just a pleasure to deal with. Bill Ogburn - W.O
Appreciate the one on one with each staff member. Dr. Norris is congenial and answers questions in concise manner. Has good rapport with patient. - A.H
Dr Norris took the time and effort to ensure I knew he was a good man and there to help me. He was patient and empathetic. Dr Norris and his team all cared to help and its was apparent in the culture of his offices. Even the hospital staff repeatedly spoke highly of dr Norris and his team. Dr Norris made a very stressful and alarming scenario as pleasant and comfortable as could be. Thank you - J.B
Excelent - T.L
Dr. Norris is very professional, pleasant and competent. I feel like I am in good hands with him and trust his treatment completely. I am very pleased with Margaret also. I thought she was very stern at first but I have found her to be warm, caring and straightforward. The office staff is friendly and efficient. Dr Norris office is very busy, but efficient and friendly and I have no complaints.Very respectfully,Jim Cribbs - J.C
Easy to make appointments. Always on time. Caring efficient competent staff. - W.M
I couldn't be any more pleased. Dr. Norris and the P.A.A. team took me through a rather serious arrhythmia event with skill, grace and tremendous results. - D.C
Every person I encounter professional and kind - P.H
Very professional staff that values our time as much as theirs. - R.H
Dr. Norris and his staff are so wonderful and kind and take the time to explain just what's going on with you and what is going to happen. Dr.Norris helped me in a medicine crisis so I was able to be discharged from the hospital. Thanks Dr. Norris and staff. - W.C
Dr. Norris and staff are very professional, courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable. There is always a very minimal wait time, if any. They set the standard in my opinion for other professionals, how they should treat patients, how the office and staff operate, and their professionalism and courtesy. - J.L
we picked Dr Norris from his reviews on the internet,and we did not error.great guy.great staff.and the Morton plant hospital was great.1000% satisfaction.need i say more.i would also like Dr Norris to send our deepest thanks to all his team in the room that day ,they were all just great.as well as all of the staff of Morton plant.THANKS SO MUCH. - J.F
I have been a patient of Dr Norris since 1999 and have found in those years that his taking care of my afib has done nothing but improve. - R.M
After being diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation, I was referred to Dr. John Norris by someone who is affiliated with BayCare and therefore knowledgeable about the reputations of the doctors within its healthcare system. His exact words to me were, "John Norris is the guy you want to see for truly expert treatment for your condition." Following this advice, I went to see Dr. Norris who patiently and clearly explained to me the nature of my disorder and the alternative treatments and medications that were available. Additionally, he gave me materials to read to further educate myself about how to proceed in dealing with this condition.Being very active and not wanting to take medication or to have the condition worsen over time as I aged, I opted to have a catheter ablation performed by Dr. Norris. The result has been that my heart is now beating normally and that there is no current need for me to take medication. I could not be anymore pleased with these results. In addition to finding Dr. Norris a highly skilled practitioner in his field of specialty, I found him to be very pleasant, patient, and someone who cares. Additionally, his office runs on time and his staff is very friendly and personable. Like my friend who referred me to Dr. Norris with such a high regard, I make that same recommendation to anyone who has a need for the services he offers. - M.D
Friendly, talented, and professional staff and Dr. Norris is the best in the business. - R.D
If you want to be put at ease and feel like your truly cared for and about, you couldn't find better care than with Dr. Norris and his staff.While other doctors told me there was nothing that could be done, Dr. Norris told me "this is what we will do." And he did. I had atrial fibrillation and now I don't. I put my faith in him as he put his faith in God and it worked out really, really well. Thank you Dr. Norris and Margaret for your dedication to your profession. This office is a cut above any other I have ever been to. - J.T
Very satisfied with the provider and all services. Very happy to continue to be a patient. Virgil Sturgis - V.S
The entire staff did a fantastic job today. There are very professional and thorough in all phases of your examination. - R.P
As always everyone was fantastic. I'm not saying that might have been a result of my bringing the staff a present of German Christmas Stollen, but I don't think so. The entire staff is ALWAYS very professional and thorough. - R.P
Doctor visit went well . They listened to all my concerns and scheduled some tests for me. Will see the doctor in two weeks and see what course of action is required. - B.V
I have been a patient for 20 years and am happy to say I have been treated as if I was the doctors only one. Even though his staff has had some changes over the years I am happy to say everything is still the same. Keep up the good work and have a Blessed Christmas and a healthy New Year. - R.M
There were no problems as usual on my visit to Dr. Norris. - J.E
I mistakenly put average for the provider. This office is excellent in every area. I feel like I'm visiting with friends who have a genuine interest in me as a person not just a patient. I hope Dr. Norris will be able to see me through the end. I believe Dr. Norris was divinely placed in my life. - S.G
The practice has been great for me with benefits over and above expectations. Their HHH program for weight control in addition to expected treatment for Afib was a help to me. - R.M
I have been a patient of Dr. Norris at Pinellas Arrhythmia for several years now. I came to Dr. Norris after disappointing visits with two other practices in the area. I have received top notch service and care from the moment I first came to Pinellas Arrhythmia. I give 5 stars to Dr. Norris and to each member of his team. I have referred several people to his practice. I referred someone two years ago who was not happy with his cardiology team and actually ran into him while there for my appointment today and I learned that he is a very happy patient of Dr. Norris now as well and was glad that I told him about the practice. From the reception to the check out the team is outstanding and I won't consider going anywhere else. - D.M
Dr. Norris and his staff are truly amazing. Hands down the best around. Dr. Norris is the best EP cardiologist around. - B.W
Dr. Norris and his staff are truly amazing. Dr. Norris is easily the best EP cardiologist around and he is the most caring and ethical physician I know. His staff are all so nice as well. - B.W
Highly recommended. On a scale of 1-10 a 10 1/2. Office personnel is great only exceeded by the doctor! I would highly recommend him! - M.Dickerson
Everyone is very nice & helpful. I have been going to Dr. Norris for 15 years and have never had a bad experience. - P.U
Dr. Norris and his staff always seem to be genuinely interested in me as a person as well as a patient. I had an issue which was actively pursued by Dr, Norris until it proved to be a non-issue. - C.L
Dr. Norris is simply extraordinary. He is very detailed oriented, addresses every concern you have and is constantly keeping up with any improvements in medical care for his patients. He is a Christian and has been the only Dr. ever to pray for me when I was so frightened, just out of the hospital and came to my first appointment. I will forever be grateful for his medical expertise. - Joetta Bauer
Dr. Norris and his staff are excellent I really appreciate them - G.G
Dr. Norris is the BEST!!! He always makes you feel like you are his only patient.😃 He has wonderful bedside manner and has the expertise and knowledge to fix many heart problems that other doctors say are impossible. I recommend him to everyone I know who needs a wonderful cardiologist !!! - L.P
I am always pleased with my visit to your office. Everyone is polite and efficient. I feel that I get excellent care. And I feel that my husband, who is also a patient there, would not be in such good shape if it was not for Dr. Norris.Thank you Dr. Norris - D.K
Dr Norris and his staff are top notch professionals. I was in a situation where I needed an assessment quickly and Dr Norris saw me immediately and managed my situation professionally and compassionately. He and his staff are always available to spend unlimited time to answer questions and provide detailed information. Dr Norris referred me to a specialist to conduct a procedure yet the entire time he continued to follow up on my progress and oversee my health. Not only is he hands-on and understanding, his entire staff is as well. I would highly recommend Dr Norris and his staff. - B.C
Very pleased with care that I get from Dr. Norris and all the staff. Not much of a wait time. Dr. Norris is always pleasant and upbeat. - S.R
The staff is very professional and friendly. Dr. Norris is also. I am very happy with the care I receive from Dr. Norris. - Marilyn Maloney
I have been with Dr Norris for over twenty years and wouldn't think of going elsewhere. He has always taken great care of me and his staff have all been professional and caring. I have referred several people to him through the many years of our association. - L.F
Dr norris is extremely pleasant and through. The office is pleasant and efficient. - C.P
Dr Norris has always been very caring and thorough during our sessions. He not only provides excellent medical care but spiritual encouragement as well. The two go hand in hand which in my opinion make a great physician. - Jim Besser
Dr. Norris has been instrumental in successfully correcting my Afib where others failed.His concern for a healthy outcome is ongqoing.The office staff has been friendly andprofessional .waiting times are acceptableespecially given the attention paid during the exams etc.The professional staff is confident and efficient and also friendlyintheir ministrations - Tom Marian
I had a positive outcome with the ablation. I find all staff and Dr. Norris welcoming and informative. - Linda McVane
Dr. Norris and Team saved my life in 2007 by performing heart surgery. I have thanked God for his expertise and care ever since then. My activities have returned to normal. I exercise regularly without running out of steam, and generally enjoy life at 85. Thank you, Team!!! - W.C
I have been referred to Doctor Norris twice. Once each by Dr. Mulroy and Dr. Collins (my primary physicians at the time). My experience has been excellent on all counts as the results have exceeded expectations on my part. - W.S
Dr Norris is the best cardiologist we have seen in 20 years. My husband would not be alive today if it was not for the exceptional care he was given. He recommended procedures that truly changed his condition. The office staff was wonderful, helpful and caring. - J.C
First-rate experience in the 'four C's' I care about most - competence, credibility, caring and convenience. Very happy with this office and staff. Found the perfect doctor for what I need. - D.C
6 mo. follow-up. No waiting delays; interactions with 3 providers St. Jude Tech. were very satisfactory. All members of staff very professional & cordial. Always a pleasure coming to this practice. - W.K
Exceptional as always. Dr Norris is the best and his staff are friendly and diligent. Five Stars to all. - J.C
I definitely recommend Dr. Norris. His office staff was very welcoming and assured that I understood everything. Dr. Norris took the time to educate me on what was going on in my body. He was very thorough and listened to my concerns. Not only is he highly qualified, he also has a pleasant demeanor/bedside manner. I was very happy with my care. - Jane.M
I have been followed by Dr. Norris (after much vetting and being mistreated by several other supposedly well known cardiology practices) for approximately four years now with proven excellent results.His approach is clinically thorough and grounded in his "easy to understand" explanations of why your medical condition has occurred andhow his action(s) approach will have positive outcomes. He tells you what you can realistically expect from your specific patient plan and whatyou need to do to maintain / sustain your heart health. His support staff is well versed on each patient's health history. With each visit, they provide Dr. Norris with a current "snapshot" of your heart. He can then review your ongoing progress and, if necessary, provide steps to take with medications, diet, super foods and exercise to support your good heart health.Bottomline, The medical practice of Dr Norris is genuinely five star rated. - C.P
Staff is always attentive and Dr. Norris is so thorough, dedicated and knowledgeable. I have total trust in him and Margaret. - N.A
I have been with Dr. Norris for 12 years and he has performed miracles. He is always considerate and thoughtful! - Charles Jacobs
The office was very professional. Everyone was friendly and knowledgable. Different staff members were in charge of each part of my visit. It was extremely efficient. The doctor diagnosed me quickly and took the time to explain my problem in detail. I was scheduled for surgery 3 weeks later. (My problem was not life threatening.) My surgery was successful and my quality of life has doubled. I would recommend Dr. Norris and his practice to everyone. - Cheryl.B
Love Dr. Norris! I've known him for years and trust his knowledge and skills completely. - J.G
Dr. Norris and staff have been wonderful in my treatment for a-fib. The pacemaker he installed has given me my life back. I am now able to lead an active life, golfing, fishing, biking and gym activities. Thanks so much to all. - Jerry Berglund
The doctors and staff consistently show professional and personal courtesy which is why I am here today. I have full confidence that they provide the best care - J.Milavsky
Can't recommend Dr Norris enough! I had two previous ablations before switching to Dr. Norris, and what a difference. I got so much more information in one meeting and the results now speak for themselves. His office was great and easy to work with too. - Jay Dolan
Great - J.S
Dr. Norris is very thorough, efficient and patient An outstanding doctor. - J.J
I had heart ablation in 2011 and now I have no more problems with rapid heart or tachycardia. I'm off all medication. The best procedure I've ever had done. Dr. Norris is the best could not be happier. - G.Wilcox
Wonderful - J.S
I came to Dr. Norris with an Afib condition. I was resistant at first to tackle this 10 year old issue, but at the same time wanted to address the Afib and all the medicines and limitations it resulted in. When I first met with Dr. Norris and his professional and empathetic staff, I was overweight, suffered from a multitude of ailments and was seeking a permanent solution. Dr. Norris spent an extended period of time with me, he covered Afib from A to Z, he explained options and put many of my fears to rest. In June 2018, this 253 pound patient had an ablation performed that turned my life around by 180 degrees. Dr. Norris and his staff provided me with expert and compassionate care, healthy suggestions and was the catalyst for my life changes. Dr. Norris knew that many of my issues resulted from weight and lack of exercise. He suggested that I work with Terri, his office’s nutritionist who guided me with life style changes. Today, October 4th I am proud to report that I have lost 40 pounds, have no lingering AFib symptoms, drastically lowered by cholesterol, Glucouse, and A1C levels. I can also report that I am actively being weaned from many of my medicines. My life has been renewed, I have changed and improved my diet and exercise routines.I can sincerely say that Dr Norris and his staff have saved my life. I was heading in a bad direction, the ablation procedure, staff encouragement and great nutritional advice has and will continue to keep me healthy and alive for many years.Thank you for this wonderful gift. - W.K
My experience with Dr. Norris and his staff has been very good. - Linda.B
Pleasant and professional throughout. An obvious team effort to back up Dr. Norris. Excellent staff. - P.T
Outstanding and caring doc! Very efficient and friendly staff. - J.N
Both dr and staff are always present and efficient knowledgeable makes the visit as pleasant as possible. - J.Bradley
Dr Norris provides a complete and detailed review of current condition during each visit. Will spend time to answer any questions and explain any issues. I'm very comfortable with Dr Norris's treatment and management of my A-Fib. - W.Lensmyer
Very informative. I now feel I have more control over my condition after talking with Dr. Norris and his plan of treatment. Now I feel I can get my condition under control. - P.S
Dr Norris's entire medical staff is efficient, prompt and caring. Dr Norris has been a true God send to me. - D.Doyle
I feel that Dr Norris is the best communicator of any physician I have ever encountered. He also has cured me of my AFIB after I thought I was in permanent AFIB for ore than 7 years, never experiencing normal sinus at any time. Today we discussed an adjustment in the medications and it was thorough. I amM very pleased with the quality of medical care I receive here from Dr. Norris and all ofF the staff. - T.Parker
I believe Dr. Norris is the most competent, knowledgeable , and courteous doctor that I have encountered in my life. He has been a blessing to our family! - D.Bowman
Everything went smoothly, everyone courteous. - S.C
Dr Norris is a very detailed doctor and very informative in explaining what exactly is happening with heart issues. I find him to be extremely capable as a surgeon and I would not go to any other cardiologist, he's the best there is, Easy to talk to and concerned with what is going on. He has helped me recover from AFIB and provides details on how to improve my health. I rate him as the best cardiologist medically and personally in this area. I am grateful he is there when needed. And the staff in his office is not only pleasant but make you feel welcomed. Thank you Dr Norris for your concern and care with my AFIB and my heart. I feel extremely confident with your care in the office and in the hospital. I have been seeing you for at least 4 yrs and I am very pleased with all you have done to make me well again - Pauline Gauthier
Dr Norris originally found my medical problem of passing out periodically by giving me a tilt test at Largo Medical Center. He immediately put me on sertraline to combat the problem. He also suggested at the time that I would eventual require a pacemaker. Again, he was correct in his diagnosis, and I have now worn the pacemaker for 1 1/2 years. I trust him explicitly as do others in my family including my wife, mother in law, and my wife's aunt. Dr Norris is quite knowledgable and truly cares for the well being of his patients. - Ed Lynch
My experience with Pinellas Arrhythmia and Dr Norris and his entire staff has been very good. They have done an outstanding job on all of office appointments, being very thorough and responsive to questions and concerns. My experience with Dr Norris and his team at both procedures at Morton Plant Hospital was also outstanding. All around very pleased. - R.Passwaters
I have been coming to Dr. Norris since 2006, when I was diagnosed with AFIB. He has always been a companionate dr. and explains well. Always keeps me updated on all my medication and follows my progress. After a short move away, we returned to Dr Norris as soon as we returned and he continued my care. - Henry.M
Had a very wonderful experience...complete, thorough, and extensive tests and doctor consultation. - Veronica.F
I have been a patient of Dr Norris for 6 years. He is very knowledgeable, caring and very professional. The staff is extremely helpful and all those I have encountered put you at ease and make the experience a pleasant one. The office is very comfortable and decorated beautifully. I would highly recommend Dr Norris for any concerns with heart related issues. - Joyce Hammer
I was very favorably impressed at my office visit. The staff was very polite, informative, and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Norris answered my questions. and made me feel good about prognosis. I was pleased to have a slight reduction in medication. Look forward to next visit. - G.C
John, Margaret, and Dyane have been the most consistent, professional, caring, and efficient cardiologist organization that my late husband George and I have been blessed with for many years. John is ALWAYS AVAILABLE or Margaret in his place. John more than once saved my husband's life and mine as well. Bi-yearly office visits are so well managed and thorough. A patient leaves literally very positive and comforted. Hospital visits are timely, thorough, and often problem solving. Both John and Margaret listen to the patient, check hospital records, adjust any medications or order any necessary tests. They leave you with a prayer and a sense that you will be better soon and on your way home. When my husband George passed away, John attended his memorial service which gave me such a strong feeling that God has united us with the very best doctor.I believe that Dr. Norris and his staff are so successful due to their personal touch. They are in this busy world of medicine. They are not just a service center. They are loving concerned physicians who believe that one must know each and every client as a real human being, not just as a disease inside a body. It is medicine at its highest degree: put the patient first and care for the individual. Today's world is turning medicine into an assembly line where scared and hurting customers are seen in twenty minute examinations and the usual blood pressure, blood tests and other supporting data and out the door they go. This madhouse of medicine and insurance does not include Dr. John Norris and his staff. They work all patients with efficiency, solid knowledge of the medical field, and listen and learn and explain to each patient his or her personal condition. And no one waits long time lapses to see the staff and doctors. The personal relationship calms the patient so they trust Dr. Norris and his staff and know that they will get the attention they need and the correct treatment they deserve. Wellness and peace are certainly goals of this team of loving and professional physicians. - Judy.R
I can't say enough good things about the care Dr. Norris and his staff have given me over the past two years. They have been great! - C.Robinson
Dr Norris has been my cardiologist for 19 years. Dr Norris has controlled my atrial fibrillation by various procedures including cardiac ablations, convergent procedure, and installation of a pacemaker.Dr Norris's compassionate care always keeps me completely informed. I appreciate that Dr Norris constantly stays up to date on what is new in cardiac electrophysiology.I highly recommend Dr Norris for cardiac care. - D.N
I would give a 10 Star if it were available. I would highly recommend Dr. Norris, Margaret and all the office staff very highly. They are on top of the problems and the solutions. Always pleasant and caring. I have had other Cardiologists and Electeophysiologists but Dr. Norris is by far the Best I've had and found my problem within 24 hours of my first visit with him that others could not find in the 3 1/2 years that I was going through the problem. - C.W
I would give a 10 Star if it were available. I would highly recommend Dr. Norris, Margaret and all the office staff very highly. They are on top of the problems and the solutions. Always pleasant and caring. I have had other Cardiologists and Electeophysiologists but Dr. Norris is by far the Best I've had and found my problem within 24 hours of my first visit with him that others could not find in the 3 1/2 years that I was going through the problem. - C.W
I would give a 10 Star if it were available. I would highly recommend Dr. Norris, Margaret and all the office staff very highly. They are on top of the problems and the solutions. Always pleasant and caring. I have had other Cardiologists and Electeophysiologist but Dr. Norris is by far the Best I've had. - C.W
The staff is always friendly and courteous. Dr. Norris and staff are thorough, taking time to answer all questions. They are caring and thoughtful. - M.Cone
Dr. Norris is the best Dr. all around that I have ever met in my life. He is personable and caring, full of knowledge. I highly recommend him to anyone who has a heart problem. - A.Rudkin
My experience with Dr, Norris has been very positive. He is attentive to my questions and gives easily understood answers. The ablation he performed has eliminated the irregular heartbeat and managed my AFIB condition to the point I have not had any episodes in the last two months. Thank you Dr. Norris. - George Denty
The finest accolade for any physician is for him or her to be another physician's first choice to care for themselves and their families.This is the case for Dr. Norris. John takes care of more medical professionals than anyone I know. Dr. Norris's fund of knowledge is impressive and cutting edge; he is of impeccable moral fiber, he is available, easily approachable, and kind.Enough said. - A.P
Dr. Norris is a wonderful and very caring doctor. I was in bad shape and scared when I came to him. He gave me reassurance, hope, and a successful treatment plan. I love him and would refer anyone in need of the care he provides. It is a privilege being his patient. Thank you Dr. Norris, with all my heart :) - L.H
The staff is extremely nice,and have a caring way about them. They make you feel comfortable . Dr Norris is always kind and explains everything. He is down to earth and and has a caring manner. - T.D
I have been a patient of Dr Norris for eleven years and I have found him and his staff to be a professional in every sense. Dr Norris is knowledgeable, personable, honest, dedicated and a excellent communicator. He is active in the community and promotes personal wellness to all. I highly recommend Dr Norris as he is truly a electrician for the human body. - Darby Cortright
Outstanding doctor. Patient for 20 years. Very personable and caring. - G.Jett
When I talk to others about Dr.Norris and his staff I always say that they changed my life in such a positive way. Dr. Norris is not only brilliant but a most caring person. He allows you to voice your concerns and questions and listens. His staff is friendly and efficient. I highly recommend Dr. Norris and his staff. - Cherie.W
For 20years Dr Norris has been my cardiologist. During office visits he listens and takes his time answering ur questions. His staff is very professional and helpful , always with a smile. You leave the office feeling ur on the right track to a healthy life. - B.Mitchell
Entire procedure was very professional and friendly. Dr. Norris and staff are amazing and I would not recommend any one else. - G.Grubbs
Excellent, exemplary, Hands on care. Diligent concerning all aspects of my health care creating trust between doctor and patient. - M.Adams
Visited Dr. Norris today following a nuclear stress test last week. My experience today was excellent. I received courteous, professional care from the staff and from Dr. Norris. Everything was explained clearly to me, and reassurance given. - Joan Looker
Dr Norris is incredibly professional and very experienced. He helped me in many ways, as my doctors in California let me down. I have appreciated his expertise. - M.Fisher
Dr Norris is a very caring person who spent a great deal of time explaining my condition and giving me homework to do so if I have any questions or concerns he would address them with me he did not jump into what he was going to do he let me review all the information he gave me and choices I had then when I came back for my appointment we addressed them together I was part of the decision making process which made me feel good dr Norris tells it like it is and explained why he tell you and how it effects you if you don't follow the advice given to you like weight loss I want to live longer and if it's weight loss I need to do I will as he is very encouraging throughout my visits and gives advice that makes sense I highly recommend Dr Norris to all my friends that are experiencing problems with their Dr and need cardiac advice most important I had an ablation last week and I'm out of a fib so now I will carry on to my weight loss I plan todo the Doc walk and exercise and diet as I know Dr Norris supports me 100% - J.Jones
I had a pacemaker for about eight years, then was experiencing extreme shortness of breath, and was very tired. I received a new pacemaker from Dr. Norris, and since then, my health has improved remarkedly; I can walk long distances daily, have regained much energy and feel terrific! I have complete trust and faith in Dr. Norris and his staff. - J.P
Dr Norris and his staff have been excellent in their care, would recommend them highly. - F.Piro
Very Professional, thorough, courtesy, and well versed on Diagnosis and treatment. We felt like we had our questions answered and left the office with peace of mind on what our next step would be. Thank you Dr. Norris and Margaret for being so kind and compassionate.Sincerely,The Matts - D.M
I was having heart palpitations every other heartbeat and was referred to Dr. John Norris for a consultation. I was diagnosed with PVCs and advised to have a catheter ablation. From the beginning, Dr. Norris and his staff were professional and extremely welcoming. The procedure was scheduled for Morton Plant Hospital, and, because of the calming nature, confidence and reassurance of Dr. Norris, I had no anxiety whatsoever while awaiting the procedure. The ablation was successful, with no discomfort, and my heart now has a normal heartbeat, and I feel great. Thank you so much Dr. Norris and your staff for everything, including the amount of time spent with your patients. - R.Mckee
Great people. Exceptional customer service. Dr. Norris is a really compassionate and caring doctor. He puts you at ease. - D.H
If this is concerning the electrical cardioversion procedure at Morton Plant on the 16th...everything was was excellent - R.P
I have been seeing Dr. Norris annually for 3 years. Dr. Norris always listens to my concerns and throughly addresses them. - Darrin Anderson
Dr. Norris is very professional and cordial. He has been my heart doctor for over twenty years. He is very concern with your over all health as well as the heart. - D.H
Excellent - D.Mangels
After being diagnosed with AFIB I was put on medication to control the irregular heartbeat. Months later I was still having AFIB episodes and cardiac ablation was recommended. The procedure was done in a hospital with virtually no after effects. I am a month out from the procedure and feel a renewed energy. Dr. Norris and the staff of PAA were patient and willing to answer all my questions. I feel the procedure was a complete success. - George Denty
Superior doctor. Dr. Norris cares about his patients. He is very knowledgeable. His staff also is knowledgeable and caring. I also feel that I am getting the information I need to keep me informed about my health. I like that he and his staff encourage exercise which is essential to a healthier life. I like that I have a hard copy of my notes from each visit to look at after my visit. - Joan Rubenstein
I'm a 37 year old female that works out daily and eats healthy. I work so hard to stay fit yet I felt terrible every day. I suffered from extreme dizziness, exhaustion, and heart palpitations. I ended up in SVT and had a cardio version. This event led me to Dr. Norris. He was recommended by a friend that also had an ablation by Dr. Norris. Dr. Norris performed an ablation on me and literally gave me my life back. I feel like a new person with full energy and great nights sleep. He is so kind, thorough, and extremely knowledgable. He even called me at home the morning after my ablation on a Saturday to check on me. I wouldn't trust any other physician with my heart other than Dr. Norris!! - Shannon Weeks
Dr. Norris is very caring and always takes the time to answer any questions. - Stanley Wojciechowski
I love everything about this medical practice. Heart issues can be terrifying -- but everyone in the office is attentive, supportive, knowledgeable and answers my endless questions with patience, understanding and factual information. Dr. Norris is beyond competent, thorough, patient and exceedingly kind. He's worked tirelessly to find the best treatment plan for me and I feel better than I have felt in many years. I could not ask for a better experience. - M.L
Great experience. Dr Norris is well-read, an excellent teacher, and spends time to explain and answer questions. He is a man of faith and shares the same ideals as I do. - Terry Capes
I made a great decision in selecting Dr. Norris as my cardiologist. I feel very confident and comfortable in his experience and plan of care. He is a wonderful doctor. - Carolyn Morrison
My experience has been very rewarding to know Dr Norris and staff have gotten me on a much healthier program and headed to a few more years of good life - Jane Mahorney
Very profession and knowledgeable. On time. - David Lyons
Dr Norris is the best Dr, and his staff members they are great and very helpful I'm very satisfied how they take car of me????????thank you!! - Dora Nagy
.Im a 66 year male. I've been having palpitations of my heart for 40 years and today I feel born again after having an ablation procedure performed. This has opened a whole new outlook on life for me, can't wait to start a new life feeling like I do now. - J.W
Dr. Norris is incredible. Every member of the staff are also incredible. In a day when good customer service is lacking, it is so refreshing at Dr. Norris's office where the whole experience is wonderful. CARING, WONDERFUL STAFF???? More than 5 stars!!! - Gary Habegger
From check-in to checkout, everything went smoothly and was done in a very professional manner. Very little wait time at each stage of the process. Everyone was very friendly and courteous. Very pleased with the doctor and his staff.D - James.S
Dr. Norris kept me well informed all through my visits, medications and procedures. Him and his staff are all kind and considerate. They successfully treated my a-fib. I'm very happy with the results. - John Cierniakoski
The entire staff are always courteous and helpful. I have full confidence in their ability and have recommended them to family members. Thank you all! - Joseph Milavsky
Very thorough. I knew I had something going on with me after passing out while giving birth almost 7 years ago. I've seen 2 other cardiologists and Dr. Norris was the only one to find out what was going on and give me peace of mind. - Erin Tracy
I always have a good experience with Dr Norris and his staff. They give me as much time as needed to explain my issues and they always give me great feedback. - Richard Johnson
Dr Norris Always makes himself available to me regardless of time of day. He listens to my problems and has solutions for me. I am very happy with his practice. - Forrest Norman
Dr Norris Always makes himself available to me regardless of time of day. He listens to my problems and has solutions for me. I am very happy with his practice. - Forrest Norman
The personal care that I receive as a patient is outstanding. The entire team works together to provide excellent medical care and I always feel that I am receiving the best that can possibly get. - Bedford Dabney
I have been a patient of Dr. Norris for a number of years. Through an Ablation, Heart Attack, two Pacemakers. He is off the chart attentive, his attention to the full parameters of my health are unsurpassed. As best I can evaluate as a non-professional, Dr. Norris is a brilliant medical practitioner. I recommend him to all my friends who encounter heart issues. - Richard Cowley
I really feel encouraged and educated after my visits. I always have my questions answered and explained to help me better understand where I am health wise. - Evan Hooper
My visits have always been pleasant and informative. Completely pleased. - Darrell Mayes
Staff is always very friendly and Dr Norris always takes time to answer questions or discuss issues. - Kathy Neumann
I could not have a better doctor for the care of my health concerning my heart and related conditions. Dr. Norris is an excellent doctor. I have all the confidence and trust that I am in great hands. He is always very pleasant and comforting, explains what he has found in simple terms so that anyone can understand. I feel very lucky to have him as my heart specialist. Great going Dr. Norris. His staff in one of the best I have ever dealt with. They are pleasant and caring all the time. I am sure that is difficult at times when they have to take care of so many different types of patients. I take my hat off to them. But then they work with a great doctor.. - Carol J Coyle
I was referred by dr diliberto and I feel so blessed by that. I have incredible trust in dr norris and am comforted by his treatment plan. Thank you. - Keri Pettingill
Our experience with dr norris has been wonderful. He has really encouraged and motivated Larry to lose wait and stay on the road to better health. - L.H
After experiencing severe bouts of a-fib, I was fortunate to be referred to PAA for treatment. From my first visit I knew that I was in excellent hands. After undergoing ablation surgery my heart "thumps" are a thing of the past. In fact, I just had my first normal EKG in almost 20 years. Thank you, Dr. Norris and your entire staff for giving me a new healthy lifestyle. - Sherry Armstrong
Everyone is very pleasant and efficient. Questions and concerns are addressed. I am in good hands with dr. Norris and his staff. - Lynne Gingras
Everyone is great and make you feel good being there. Really liked my whole experience. - Cynthia Blaylock
Great experience, excellent doctor! - Robert Frick
My experience with Dr. Norris is always exceptional. Dr Norris is knowledge and caring. He is personable and I always feel like he is interested in me as an individual. An example of his care of his patients is his Walk With The Doc program where he encourages his patients to get out and move. Dr Norris's staff is always great. They are always as caring and as professional as Dr. Norris. I also like the TV educational programs. These programs are another layer of education for patients. - Joan Rubenstein
As always, I was treated by everyone promptly and friendly. Dr Norris is very communicative so I always understand my condition. although I have moved to Trinity, I will continue to return here. - George Lord
Dr Norris has a great reputation in the local medical community. He is patient oriented, responsive and an excellent communicator. Based on several years under his care and the results, I have absolute faith in his judgement. - Robert Beck
I have been seeing Dr Norris for three and a half years. I had an ablation procedure with Dr Norris and he is a great physician with whom I have a great rapport with. I have been in sinus rhythm ever since and I am so grateful!!! - Richard Antunes
As doctor's office experiences go- I didn't have to wait long, the office is clean, the staff professional & very nice. However this office ALWAYS( I know one is never supposed to say "never" or "always"...)- BUT I can say without exception- each time I have been to this physician office, from the receptionist To the check out person -all are so personable while performing their professional duties. Not only do they treat me like they care...they actually impart the attitude that I am important to them! And that is NOT the norm in a lot of professional offices. To add to this, seeing Dr. Norris is like being evaluated by your smartest best friend. Yes-He checks my heart... But he checks on me as a person- the things that impact my heart. I hope he doesn't retire till I'm in Heaven! Which may be a long time with him as my heart doctor. And speaking of Heaven- in my personal opinion it is so very important that my physician - Dr Norris- consult the Great Physician while he cares for me as his patient. - Ronda Gregory
My wife and I trust Dr. Norris explicitly for everything. He is well prepared and such a gifted physician, extraordinary in every way including calming the patient. Superior plus we would recommend Dr. Norris wholeheartedly! - Jerry.O
Seen for AFIB which I have had for a few years. Dr Boris has excellent information and is extremely reasonable in his approach. I am extremely pleased with his help and support. Dr norris is a very fine individual and his manners and approach is excellent. I would recommend him to anyone. - Byron Faith
My absolute favorite medical practice and favorite physician of all time! Doctor Norris is the most caring and most competent physician that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with, and his whole staff follows his lead for caring and competence. I have had two heart ablation procedures (one for atrial flutter and the other for supra ventricular tachycardia) at this practice. I have had haircuts that were more of a hassle! 6 weeks after my first ablation, I broke the Florida State record for the 5 kilometer cycling time trial at the state championship meet. I wish it were possible for one physician to practice in all specialities because if that were the case, I would have only one physician, the rock star of cardio electrophysiology, Dr. John Norris! - Sandy Scott
Our experience has always been a pleasant one. All the staff is exceptional. Dr. Norris is a fantastic Dr. So glad he was recommended. - Arnold.S
On October 18, 2017, Dr. Norris and Dr. Robin performed a hybrid convergent cardiac ablation for myPersistent AFIB. I am 6 weeks post op and have returned to normal rhythm with normal ekg. MortonPlant hospital staff was excellent, doctors expert in their field. I am feeling great with renewed energyAnd would recommend these doctors to anyone with AFIB. - Shannon Angstadt
Excellent professionalism from admission to nursing and of course Dr. Norris. Beautiful, very clean facility. - M.Adams
Good experience, wait time reasonable. Appreciate comments and advice. - K.Kamps
Dr.norris is great - M.H
Excellent experience- Doctor/staff very comforting with a compassionate heart. - Betty Fennell
I first met Dr Norris in 2001 when my husband ,Jim, had a defibrillator implanted. Jim was a heart transplant recipient in 2005 and is currently doing well. I am forever grateful for the care Dr. Norris provided my husband while he waited for his miracle heart. Fast forward 11 years.....now it's my turn! Last November I was diagnosed with a leaky mitral valve and needed to find a cardiologist. Without a second thought, I made an appointment with Dr. John Norris. When I walked in the office after many years, I felt relieved and at home. My reunion with him was uplifting, he exudes a peacefulness that is rare. My biggest concern was my daughter was getting married in March of 2017 and we were doing most of the decorating and footwork. Here it was November of 2016 and we decided to schedule surgery ASAP. How was I going to plan a wedding and recuperate from major surgery?????So, December 30, 2016 I had mitral valve surgery at Morton Plant hospital. I told dr Norris that I had to dance at my daughter's wedding, that was my main worry! He said "Tish, I promise you will dance at your daughter's wedding". Every appointment after surgery, Dr Norris encouraged me with his gentle manner and professionalism that I will get stronger everyday. I had to commit to do the work also. Dr. Norris kept his promise, I danced and danced at Theresa's wedding and it was a memorable day! God bless you, Dr Norris! - Tish Newbill
I feel very fortunate to have been referred to the office and care of Dr. Norris. The staff has always been most professional and I think I have received excellent, state-of-the-art treatment. - Jeffrey Smith
Dr Norris was recommended to me by my primary care physician Dr Purcell for AFIB in 2015. Dr Norris is very thorough and compassionate. He puts your mind at ease. He did a wonderful job with the ablation procedure to correct my AFIB. I highly recommend Dr Norris and his staff to anyone! I trust him with my life! - Donald Smith
When I came to Dr. Norris my health was declining and during the last three years he has performed procedures and that combined with medication I have had one of the most active summers in a long time. I am no longer short of breath and it is as if I have a new lease on life. His staff has been wonderful. - Walter Case
Dr Norris and his staff are a exceptional, caring and very professional group. Their expertise in this field is unmatched by anyone else in this region. The office is prompt , thorough and expedient in all calls and visits. After more than 15 years as their patient I can attest to the quality and leadership this group has. - Anne Lamaire
Very efficient and courteous staff. Very knowledgeable doctor. - G.S
Very good experience. I came in and was taken in right away. Everyone was happy to see me and answered all my questions and concerns. As a bonus I got a good report and don't need to come back until Feb 2018, (4 months).. How is that?! ???? - Carol Stevens
Very happy with my overall care - M.M
Very happy with my overall care - M.M
My experience is always a good one. Dr. Norris and staff always know what they are talking about and recommending me to do. I have been with Dr. Norris since 2006 and trust him completely. - H.M
Dr. Norris has cared for my husband and me in a very human and exemplary manner. We have been family friends and acquaintances in Ohio for over 50 yrs and I not only am grateful for his professional care but very proud of his overall life accomplishments. - L.F
My experiences with Dr John have been overwhelmingly positive. Both medically and practically. Very attentive to the medical issues and always explains in detail as needed. Saturday apps available for those of us still working. All his advice has been appropriate and timely. I have recommended Dr John and will continue to do so. Thanks - D.C
Dr. Norris and his staff are the best! - B.W
Great experience with each visit! Everyone takes time to listen! - Robert Bird
Excellent office. No complaints. - Machiel Kennedy
Very good. Easy in and out and everyone was helpful and kind. - Marlene Stacy
Positive experience from check in to check out. Friendly and efficient staff, and Dr. Norris is caring and thorough. - Sandra Seale
Always pleasant and professional. - Michael Walsh
Very professional and friendly staff. Dr, Norris always informed on reason for visit and willing to answer questions. - Jack Gates
Dr Norris and staff are professional, personable and kind. He is very thorough and knowledgeable. Office staff are polite, friendly and attentive and try to keep waiting to a minimum. - Lynda Brunsen
Excellent service and professionally done. - Edward Lynch
My visits to Dr Norris are always pleasant experiences. The office staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Dr Norris is excellent. His calm demeanor and careful explanations put me at ease. I feel a high level of confidence when I have appointment. I understand my situation and treatment options completely. I could not be more pleased. - Michelle Larson
Catheter ablation procedure with office visits before and after. Dr. Norris and his staff are the most professional I have ever expieramced Excellent at every level. Highly recommend to any one ever needing similar care! Thank You! - James Gomillion
Very friendly staff...awesome doctorMy only regret is that I didn't find Dr. Norris 5 years ago-seriously.Every visit here is with a warm welcome. - Kirk Sutton
I am always amazed at how efficient and knowledgeable the staff is. - Tony Rocha
Very fine service by all. Feel I am well cared for at your facility by a professional staff. - Peter Laurenzo
Dr Norris and his staff are are great, thank you for everything. - D.N
Once again my visit today finds this practice is organized and respectful. Highly recommend. - Diana Mangsen
I appreciate the manner that the staff discussion with any symptoms are done In a manner that doesn't create anxiety the Doctor ability to relate with me as a concern patient about my health can not be overstated I always leave the Dr office filling quite confident in his diagnosis - Shannon Rowland
Dr Norris and his staff are efficient and pleasant. But more importantly is their high level of true compassion and interest in their patients. I would recommend this practice! - Cherie Walker
I was diagnosed with persistent AFIB several months ago. I found Dr. Norris by a referral from another physician. Dr. Norris scheduled me for a cardiac ablation without delay. He thoroughly explained the procedure, risks and benefits prior to the procedure. Dr. Norris and his staff exhibited exceptional professionalism and interest in resolving my AFIB. One month post-op I am rhythm and feel great. Thank you Dr. Norris and staff. I truly feel like I have my life back again. - Ken Afienko
This is my four year check up, and my experience is always perfect. Dr. Norris and his staff are professionals, and they are very caring. I never feel rushed, and all of my questions are answered. I am deeply grateful for the ablation by Dr. Norris, and the follow up care received by him and his staff. - Sheryl Preston
I felt like I was in good, capable hands, right from the beginning. Dr Norris and his staff are outstanding! They take the time to explain everything they do so that you have a better understanding of what's going on. I received the treatment results that I was looking for and I feel like a new man as far as my heart is concerned. Dr Norris is my new hero! - Gorman%20Lewis
Dr Norris has been our Electrophysiologist for nearly 20 years and we could not be happier with him. He has been used of God to save my husband's life on more than one occasion. His skill in diagnosis and surgery are amazing! As a doctor, friend and knowledgable confidant he is excellent! - Richard Urie
I enjoy as much as possible my visits to the office because everyone is so pleasant and confident of their skills.No complaints from me. - J.S
The entire staff is always so patient and kind, I appreciate it very much. Doctor Norris has a wonderful bedside manner which makes a stressful appointment more relaxing. I would recommend Pinellas Arrhythmia to family and friends. Thank you again. Sincerely, Natalie Piazza. - Natalie Piazza
Totally satisfied with the way I was cared for on both visits. The staff was extremely courteous and knowledgeable. The Dr was very aware of my condition and explained everything. Thank you very much for this experience and I will refer others. - Cynthia McLaughlin
Dr. Norris and the staff are excellent! Dr. Norris is an excellent and knowledgeable physician. I have been in sinus rhythm for a year and half now under Dr. Norris's care and I am very pleased with the care I have been given. Thank you, Richard Antunes. Very happy! - Richard Antunes
This is the way patients should be treated,! Competency and compassion! Dr Norris and his staff have attained this. They rest of the medical world should follow their example. - Anthony Bernardi
I am very satisfied with my care and also my wait times. Because I am still working full time it is very important to be that I am seen with in a responsible time. I have always been in out and not felt rushed. - T.C
I must say that I was very impressed and happy to see Dr. Noris's ARNP standing at the foot of my hospital bed when I awakened after my stay in the Emergnecy Department. Knowing the present physician staffing of hospitals with Hospitalists I was indeed happy to have Dr. Norris and his ARNP visit daily. - B.B
I am and have always been more than satisfied with the ENTIRE practice of Dr. Norris and Staff. I am fortunate to be a patient of this group. - Richard Morgan
I have always been very satisfied with my treatment and follow up service. I would recommend Dr. Norris to anyone needing his service. Kent Joranlien - K.J
This practice is run efficiently and the staff are knowledgeable and courteous. This practice is exceptional and ranks far above others that I have been to. The Doctor is highly skilled and I trust him. I hope I never have to change. - D.M
Dr. Norris is one of the finest doctors that I have the pleasure meeting, he was able to solve my problem when two other doctors could not, beside being a good doctor, he is caring compassionate and an understanding human being, I can not say more about this man. Thank you Doctor Norris - P.E
I've been seeing Dr Norris since 2006. He is the best of the best. He is thorough with me, gives me an opportunity to ask questions, most of all he is sincere & compassionate. He helped me when I was going thru some heart issues and successfully performed an ablation. Also I would like to mention that he was there for me when I was under great stress when my husband was very ill ( he has passed away) He truly is a gem. - L.C
The doctor is extremely intelligent, has excellent bedside manner and is the top EP in the area. He has not only corrected my problem but helped me to lose weight and keep the weight off. The staff are all very professional and super friendly as well as very knowledgeable. They keep their appointments on schedule so you never have to wait. They respect your time and are truly care about you as a person and your wellbeing. Going there for an appointment is a very pleasant experience. - M.R
Dr. Norris and his staff are truly a rare find! It has taken me two years to find a cardiologist/EP who will listen and take my concerns/questions/me seriously. I have not been brushed aside or told that I'm too young by him ... I thank him for giving me my "life" back! - L.Frazee-Imboden
For the past 18 years Dr. Norris has been my health care provider, his knowledge, his compassion, his kindness, his caring are what makes Dr Norris a leader in his field of medicine. - B.M