Dr. Ronald F Kloc at Mason City Clinic

250 S. Crescent Dr

Mason City, 50401
(641) 422-6501
Answered more question than anyone else. Very satisfied. Thank you - D.Y
Everything went smooth and as anticipated. Great care post surgery. - J.M
Very complete and helpful information. - W.P
Thank you for taking care of me yesterday. I was pleased with all the staff and looking forward to the next appointment to help with my back and leg pains. - D.H
very pleased - T.B
Everyone was on time, friendly, kind and had great results. - J.O
This is my second time for this procedure and dr Kroc and his staff were great - R.H
Very good in all areas - M.K
Everyone that I came in contact with was considerate and compassionate. - S.T
It was a very nice experience not long waiting times, and nurse was wonderful, as far as actual procedure also was profession and all questions answered. Very nice experience! Thank You - R.S
All staff were smiling, friendly , very short wait time, which is very helpful to someone in pain!!! - J.W
Staff and Dr.Kloc are very pleasant and always take the time to sit down and listen to what I have to say.they never are just there to get me in and out like other drs are, I know my nerve problem is a bad problem to fix but DR kloc is doing his best to make me feel better. - D.F
Dr. Kloc is very thorough and very kind. He answered all questions, and took his time in doing so and with explaining things. He put me at ease. - S.P
Dr kloc always spends plenty of time listening to me ,and knows his medicine very well - D.F
Everything was explained well, - E.S
My visit with Dr. Kloc was informative and helpful. I appreciate the time he spent with me. - S.A
Overall good help with my back pain. - I.B
Asked for referral from Dr. Joe Behr, which he thought was a good idea. Happy to be able to get an appointment so soon after seeing Dr. Behr. Came to Dr. Kloc for chronic lower back pain (Ankylosing Spondilitis) with hope of finding some answers to ease the pain. Thankful that Dr Kloc gave some options that may ease my pain. I'm scheduled for 2 test injections and eventually for radio frequency treatment. Happy to be given hope for relief! - S.W
I have 2 different problem areas causing pain. He showed me where the problems are. I am excited he can help me. Very friendly doctor and knows his stuff. I really like him. - L.E
My experience was very pleasant and I felt that I was very well treated. - J.L
My appointment with Dr. Kloc went very well. He answered all of my questions so I could understand the situation. - J.P
Hardly no wait time! Doctor was thorough and prescribed a medicine that alleviated my pain...yea! - A.B
The provider, facility, wait time & staff were great. The treatment results I think or hope will be all that I want, which is complete recovery. With the use of my chiropractor, massage and physical therapy with the treatment will give me the results I want. The treatments gave me enough relief to start the physical therapy and the others help in the relief. - L.P
I find Dr Kloc and his staff to be very professional and caring in my treatment. Procedure was explained in detail with the risks involved and my questions were answered. Even recommendations were made on my choice of sedation for future procedures to make me more relaxed and comfortable. I will not hesitate to recommend Dr Kloc, his staff or the Sugery center to friends or relatives with pain issues. I truly appreciate the care and relief they have given me and look forward to completing my treatment in the hope of having my pain dramatically reduced if not compleatly alleviated. - A.I
Facility and staff are excellent. Dr. Kloc and nurses are very professional. Looking forward to positive results from these procedures. - P.S
Dr. Kloc and his staff were great, very helpful and friendly. Dr. Kloc has given me hope that he can alleviate my pain. - D.M
Doc explained & showed me MRI results. Let me know what problem is. Will try different approach. Do trust his judgement. - D.A
The Dr did an awesome job on my back, I am doing well. - V.B
He did a get job. I am in less pain now. - V.B
Love the music in the operating room. Caring staff. - R.D
Dr.Kloc and His staff are amazing, they always take care of your needs and return your phone calls promptly. I've never been happier with a pain doctor. Thank you all for all your help! - C.G
I absolutely appreciate all the time and concern Dr. Kloc and his staff, not only in his office but the surgery center as well, provided. I will most definitely recommend your services! - K.N
Dr. Kloc and his staff are wonderful!!! I can't say enough about great they are and how well they work together to make you feel so well taken care of! - S.R
Everyone at this clinic is friendly and professional! - S.T
I thought this appointment was going to be just a "shot"; but, it was a very informative meeting. Even welcomed me to the 'pain' clinic. Dr. Kloc was up front on my individual test results for options. There was no rush or assumption on my decision by him. Very refreshing from a doctor. - E.L
Ok - A.A
Same as usual - N.M
I had a stubborn problem with my back. Dr Kloc tried many different injections, and procedures. The problem has been solved. I hope the last procedure will last a long time! - K.K
Overall the staff was very friendly and informative. Doctor explained what was happening during the procedure. - R.G
Dr. Kloc and his office staff are always very friendly and patient. Answer questions understandably and seem to care about your issues. - S.R
You all for a awesome job at treating me. - V.B
The Dr. and his staff were very friendly. I unknowingly arrived for the appointment late, but they got me in anyway. I had a very short wait time, even though I was late and they had already marked me as a "no show"Dr Kloc was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I am very confident in his ability to reduce my pain by conducting a procedure that will take care of it. I would recommend Dr. Kloc, and his staff to anyone seeking pain management. - L.M
It was great. Thank You - J.B
Appointment was for consultation about back pain and explanation of treatment available. - R.G
Very good doctor and great staff Dr Klok has been a wonderful help to me - G.M
You and your staff did a wonderful job. I'm very happy with the procedure. - V.B
The receptionist's and nurses were very nice and helpful, very Through. Dr. Klock was nice and helpful. - J.L
Very good as usual - N.M
Dr. Kloc has worked with me until we found an answer to help my pain! He never gave up and that meant alot!! He knows his medicine and what it does and the effects and explains this to you!! I thank him for this as it has really helped me! - J.H
Dr. Kloc and staff were very helpful and have been. - C.G
Very professional office. Friendly staff - D.A
I had two previous procedures before this one. The overall experience was fine. The results eased some of the pressures/pain but it did not correct the problem. But it was worth the try. - S.P
My experience was very good. - D.M
The elevator we used shuttered and groaned. It made us feel unsafe. We would of loved some coffee but only thing to put them in was Styrofoam and it makes the coffee taste nasty. I didn't get any treatment so I can't give an opinion on that... The whole experience was great. I do hope that working with Dr Klok will bring the pain relief I am in need of. At this point I will try anything to be able to get the pain I go through daily down to a point that my head doesn't have the loud buzzing sound all the time. - E.W
I was very impressed with Dr. Kloc. He was very imformative. and explained things to me so I could understand. I would highly recommend himand his staff. - G.B
Everyone was kind & compassionate. - S.T
It was very good 5 stars - J.B
Great doctor - J.F
My first surgery was excellent but I'm having a hard time with the fractures i have now. Wait time for the next procedure is three weeks the pain is unbearable. - B.K
I have nothing bad to say about this staff. very professional. - R.S
Everything went as scheduled. Received excellent treatment. The procedure has given me some relief, and just hope it last for several months. - L.T
An update to my previous post. Dr Kloc's nurse Louanne is a God send. She has a huge heart and has done all she can to get my ablation moved up and to try to get me relief for my Chronic severe back pain. I have all faith in Dr Kloc's ability to preform the procedure to ablate my back nerves. That being said I am convinced he does NOT care about pain management in the waiting stages of the procedure. I pride myself on having a very high pain tollerance, yet comes a time it is too much to bear. I have been extremely open to all of Dr Klocs alternate meds and yet pain remains at a constant 8 with periods of 9. If he won't prescribe meds ie....narcotics to ease/manage my pain he should then put me at the top of priorities to do the ablation procedure or live up to his title of a Pain management specialist. I know that DR Kloc is very competent in doing this procedure yet I feel he is playing God in denying necessary care for his patients.V/R Daniel J Nelson U.S. Navy retired - D.N
Having had A series of 3 injections in my neck for nerve pain, l can say that all 3 shots were welcomed because of the easing of an excruseating pain in my neck, right shoulder, and right arm. The nursing staff and Dr. Kloc couldn't have been more helpful. Thanks to all of you! 👍 - H.B
Everything is excellent or good except for the treatment results. This time didn't help only for a couple of days. - D.T
Good steps planed to find source of chronic back pain yet very little done to relieve pain while waiting. A fear I have is paitents who truly need relief will be ignored due to DRS fears of congress crackdown on meds. - D.N
good - W.W
I appreciate the time Dr. Kloc spent with me checking my back, x-rays and MRI. He took time to explain what his plan for me was and the possibilities of what could or may not happen. His nurse was also very kind and understanding. - K.W
Doctor Kloc and the staff are very understanding and listened to what I had to say and answered my questions in a way that I could understand. I look forward to my next appt. - M.G
Dr. Kloc was very knowledgeable and thorough, taking the time to explain to me what my back problems were & showing me on the MRI. - Mary Duggan
Everything went well. Seems to have helped. Like my Dr. And like the surgery center. Dr. Kloc's nurses were also great. Thanks Dr. And staff. Had the temp treatments July 8th, and July 27th. The actual radio fregency ablutions were ,left side August 23 rd and right side was September 14. - N.D
Everyone was professional and courteous and I could not be happier with the results - S.W
Dr. Kloc was very thorough and informative. Explained the test results in easy to understand words. - L.T
I came in to see Dr. Kloc for options for pain management for my headaches. I have not had any treatment done yet so cannot answer the question about treatment results. - K.W
Overall Dr Kloc and his team are very good. I highly recommend them. - N.M
The entire staff is absolutely amazing. They are very concerned about every step of the way in your treatment. Dr kloc is extremely skilled in his treatment, very kind and informative, and is really trying to help his patients find relief from their pain. The surgery center is fantastic for same day procedures as far as access to the building, no waiting, wonderful atmosphere, which is important for patients. - C.B
Very professional staff and Dr. Explained everything.? - J.B
First time I've ever had a shot for this nerve pain. As Dr. Said in 2or 3 days I should have some relief. All staff and Dr. Kloc were very helpful and respectful to me. I am thankful for this place ! - H.B
It was fine. Doctor and staff were very kind and considerate, - J.H
My experience with Dr. Kloc and his staff was far above what I expected. He was caring and concerned for my wellbeing. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere that he and his staff established. I only wish that the results would have been more positive. Dr. Kloc had visited with me about the possibility of the treatments not working and I know now that they did not give me the result that I had so hoped for. The reason for them not working is not the fault of Dr. Kloc or procedure. I think that I may be heading for other types of treatment in the future. My neck is so very painful at this time and I will be visiting with Dr. KLoc again in the near future. Other than my pain being more pronounced, and not giving me a break, I was very satisfied for giving the injections a try. - M.J
Good Experience, so far good result - T.F
I like that when I arrive, I feel that I am not a "stranger". I feel that they are "on top of" my situation and tests and any issues with insurance are followed up on and taken care of quickly. So far, I have been very pleased. - C.R
I was very happy with Dr. Kloc had gone to 4 other doctors and never got anywhere. He pin pointed right away. I will give him 10 a wonderful Doctor. Hope to get my life back on track again with my back. Thanks Nancy Levenhagen . - N.L
All went very well. Staff very friendly! Done in a timely manner. I have no complaints other than it really did not help me but I am glad I tried. Thank you. - L.S
I thought Dr. Kloc really shows that he cares about his patients. I only met him the one time. He took his time, went over every detail. Unfortunately there wasn't anything more he could do for me, it was as if he was still thinking of ideas for another doctor to try. He went way above I felt. - M.F
My problem was discussed and it was decided to do an MRI - S.W
curtious and explains well on needed procedures . - J.B
Dr. Kloc has been trying very hard to help ease the chronic back pain I have. He has been very patient and caring throughout this whole time! He has found a medication that has helped ease the pain to where it is tolerable most of the time. I thank him very much for staying with me and not giving up on me!! Thank-you!! - J.H
Had a good experience. - K.B
I was very pleased with the attention I received today. The Staff was very cordial and attended to any need that I had.The procedure went very well and the nurses were so very pleasant and kind, they made the time relaxing and almost enjoyable.The only disappointing thing about today's experience was that Dr. Kloc did not have any music from the Beatles Revolver album.I am almost looking forward to my next visit in three weeks. - S.P
Excellent - E.K
I was very satisfied with the results of my treatments. - Norma Jean Gobeli
It was ok. - J.S
Even though the Doctor was running behind, I found that he was more than worth the wait. He had ordered an additional test, that quite honestly, I did not think I needed. I was a little irritated! Nonetheless, I had the test. When I returned to see him on the 5th, he explained in good detail a problem that I have always had, that has been overlooked for many year. He answered a lot of questions and still took enough time with me that I didn't feel rushed. I am so glad I saw him and have much faith in him. - L.L
not sure of the date, but it was early in may.have pain in lower back, going to get injection in jun. - R.S
Dr. Kloc is amazing. Gentle, caring and listen to what yo say. My 4 level RFA's left and right we're great my pain is gone. Cannot speak highly enough of this wonderful physician. - E.K
Each and every epideral made my days better but the last one has lasted the longest. - D.M
Very g ood - S.L
Dr.klock Is very professional treat you with a great deal of respect and kindness. Explains the procedures in detail and also discusses the possible results good or bad. His entire staff, specially the nurses in the surgical room are extremely friendly and kind and are concerned about your comfort and what they can do to help you if possible. They make it a pleasant experience Or at least as pleasant as possible. I would recommend this doctor to anyone. Thank you very much - D.G
Talking about results of ablation Aug. 28 and what could be done to help the pains I have now. - M.P
I am very pleased with Dr Kloc He is an excellent Dr!!!! He is very well at explaining things in a way that I can understand!!! I am so glad he is my Dr. - A.B
very pleased with the appointment. Gave me some hope.thank you again - K.N
Very good experience, Dr. Kloch and the surgical center staff are awsome. Very professional and friendly. I have no complaints at all. I will definately go there in the future if needed. - D.M
very polite nurses and Dr Kloc was very good at explaining a procedure that he feels would be very beneficial to my situation. - J.B
He did good so far. - T.C
I was given an injection of Steroids into the Spine. I was very satisfied with the procedure and Dr. Kloc and the Nurses.Jim Phillips - J.P
Rec'd epidural pain shot for spine pain. Dr. Very friendly and comforting.i like that he answered my questions and concerns. - C.P
Overall the procendure seems like it's helping to alleviatingredients most of my lower back pain. - M.O
Consult about having epideral treatment on 01.25.17 time yet to be known. - D.M
It went well. The nurses took 4 sticks to get in an IV - M.O
Was very happy with my appointment - Dale Henaman
Pleasant and informative! - M.H
Overall I had a great experience from the first time I first met Dr. Kloc and his staff, all the way through the procedures. The same day surgery staff were very good and attentive, as of right now I'm pretty much pain free in the area that the procedure was done in. - Larry Carroll
Dr. Kloc is exceptional. He was able to pinpoint my problem. He takes the time to listen and research even after two radiologist overlooked my x-rays and CT scan. Two thumbs up - N.M
Treated me very well and answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. - Ronald Pederson
Steroid injection in spinal area - L.T
Visit was good . explanation was good. - Margie Davis
I am very happy with my experience at mason city clinic. Dr.Kloc listens to how my medications are working. He tries to adjust them to my migraine triggers and how I can best avoid them in my life. - K.A
He gave me my 3rd epidural shot in my back. - D.C
Dr. Kloc did a through evaluation of my problem before suggesting an Epidural Steroid Injection. The injection was very easy and quick. All the nurses at the Surgery Center were pleasant and helpful. Would recommend Dr. Kloc to anyone that is having pain that other procedures don't help. - K.M
Dr. Kloc is a new Pain Management doctor at Mason City Clinic in Mason City, IA. I felt he was quite knowledgeable about my condition and I look forward to the bilateral branch blocks and ablations which I will receive in October of 2016. Thank you, Dr. Kloc, for addressing my needs. - B.B
He viewed a previous MRI of my spine with me and explained to me why I am experiencing such lower back pain. He explained to me my options for treatment to relieve some of the pain and set up a series of epideral injections. - C.H
Dr. Kloc read the MRI and after through and careful reading of the pictures he discovered something that the radiologists had missed and was the cause of my pain. Dr. Kloc was very informative about the procedure and what would take place and what I would feel during the procedure. HIs information was all very reasuring as well as Dr. Kloc. - J.P
I am hoping the procedure he described will help with my lower back, hip, & leg pain. Getting scheduled is pretty far out. First appt is 9/28/16. I guess it's yet to be seen if it will work. - Marcia Overstreet
Dr. Kloc shared his concern and reviewed pictures of my spine to recommend surgery to alleviate my back pain. I felt confident in his expertise and followed through with his recommendation to have surgery. I felt that Dr. Klock had my best interests in mind. - L.G
I was treated very well. The entire staff is caring and compassionate and very concerned about how I was doing. - S.M
Treatment successful. Awaiting final procedure - T.F
I was very pleased with all the support I received. Everyone was very courteous and very gentle to me. My back is doing wonderful I do not have any pain in my back and it has over 30 years of pain. I don't wake up in pain anymore. Thank you so much Dr Kloc and your staff. Virginia - V.M
This was the actual radio-frequency oblation, I had two procedures prior to this to determine the correct nerve to hit with the radio-frequency. The procedure went very well. Dr. Kloc had very good rapport with his staff and with me, I felt. The whole procedure lasted 45 minutes from start to finish. I felt he was very thorough yet was very concerned about my pain level during the procedure. My pain before the procedure was a 7 or 8. I have had no pain in the front of my lower leg since the procedure. I am happy to say, walking is much easier as well as bending, I can even kneel in church again! I am very pleased with the outcome and I think Dr. Kloc definitely is a great pain management doctor. Before the procedure the admitting staff were very efficient and friendly. The surgery staff kept me very comfortable during the procedure. The heated blankets and pillows were great. It made it much more comfortable. In conclusion, if your have been told your diagnosis is sciatica and there is nothing more that can be done, please consult Dr. Kloc. You may be surprised to learn, you don't have sciatica at all and you may have something like I did that can be totally treatable and you maybe even can be pain free like me. - J.D
Takes time to get to know his patients and their needs excellent bedside manners - N.M
Looking forward to the next three visits to FIX me. Dr. Kloc and his nurse were very pleasant. He did a good job explaining a complicated procedure and gave me written material that I have read several times and maybe a couple more times. I really wanted to be "fixed" that time though. - M.P
I was seen for follow up visit after a series of three ESI procedures. - W.B
Very detailed and took the time to explain what the problem is and plan of action... - T.R
everything about my two visits so far have been wonderful - C.P
I was pleased with the way everything was explained. The MRI was shown and explained. Very thoughtful! - B.H
I was supposed to have an appt. at 8:00 that morning. It was snowing and blowing so I called and asked if I could come in at a later time. I was set up for 10:30AM. I came in at that time and was seen almost immediately. Dr. Kloc came in almost immediately and spent 45 minutes with me going over my MRI results. He then prescribed a surgery for me that I did not even think was possible. He assured me I did not have Sciatica but a nerve that could be burnt using a radio-frequency procedure. I will be having that surgery on 3/24/2016, I am looking forward to it as he told me it has a 95% success rate! I can't imagine all the things I will be able to get done with no pain!. I was very impressed with Dr. Kloc and everyone else in the pain management clinic. - J.D
Good overall experience. The doctor seems to think he can help my neck, shoulder pain and numbness in my arm with an interforamenal steroid injection. I hope it works. - S.H
Dr Kloc was very thorough. He was patient and truly interested in finding a solution to my pain. - A.B
I am So Greatful for Dr. Kloc. He has helped me So Much and He cares about his patients. If You have a problem He sits down with you and He goes threw MRI right there with you and shows you what the problem is or He will find out what the problem is. No one ever believed me that I had leg pain in the passed and he said yes, its that nerve right there and went in and gave me a shot and took that pain away. Dr.Kloc Thank you for Helping me!! ☺ - J.L
I felt that the reception I received was very good and the overall experience was very good. I would recommend to anyone that asked about the One Day Surgery. - Arthur White
The 2 procedures I have had with Dr. Kloc has been a miracle. I have had back pain for 38 years. I had a spinal fusion back in 1985 have been going to chiropractors, back specialists, pain clinics, pain pills and have had no real relief from the pain. Now I have no pain!!I cannot say enough good things about him other than he has been a life changer for me!!Thank you DR. Kloc and the staff and everything has been a great experience!! - Kevin Sprecher
Dr.kloc was very great with my treatment and his nurses and staff were just as professional. - Johnathan Kofron
Very good treatment from staff and Dr. - Steven Johnson
This was my initial consultation with Dr. Kloc, however, I found him to be a straightforward, no nonsense kind of guy. I really appreciate that in a provider. He listened, examined me and immediately set forth a course of action. I look forward to - Sue R.
I was treated with respect and the results of my mri was explained in language i could understand - Michael Gruis
Dr. Kloc took time to review my MRI and x-Rays to determine the appropriate course of action with me. - Mark Bailey
I found Dr Kloks staff to be very professional and Dr Klok explained my back problem very clearly to me.I found him very polite - Frank King
My experience with dr. Kloc and his staff was very good. Dr. Kloc has given me hope for treatment options regarding my neckpain and headaches. - C.Tweed
Dr. Keith Hansen, my family physician referred me to Dr. Kloc to discuss a possible solution for my lower back pain. Dr. Hansen has referred others who have had great success with Dr. Kloc's procedures. My lower back pain is a result of arthritis i - Patricia Stock
This was just a consultation. He chose a course of action and explained it to me in detail, using a spinal model to show me what would be done. - M.B.