Dr. Muhammad Al Sharif at Mason City Clinic

250 S. Crescent Dr

Mason City, 50401
Every person I interacted with on the day of my visit was both friendly and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend this facility and my attending physician to anyone in need of this specialized care.Thank you all! - W.K
All staff was friendly, polite and competent. - G.L
Great - S.K
Dr Al sharif was very kind. He took his time and listened to my concerns. He should great compassion. His staff was very friendly. My wait time was under 5 minutes both in the waiting room and the exam room. - J.F
Everything went well. - D.T
I arrived early and was soon admitted. I was interviewed promptly. The doctor arrived soon after - R.R
It was a very good experience thank you very much - M.S
Everyone was very friendly and answered the many questions I had. I would highly recommend!! Thank you!! - R.W
It was good - P.B
My experience with Al Shariff has always been a pleasant one he is a very nice Dr . - R.R
Great experience - R.R
my experience with the cardiac offices in the hospital are the best. From a heart attack, to a bypass, I have had the best of care. My current cardio doc is great and I always look forward to my visit with him. Thanks for the opportunity to share this with you. - L.C
Very good - R.H
I had a very good doctor Mason doctors are the best. - D.C
Very helpful with my questions!! Takes time to explain everything! Very happy with my doctor!! - R.H
Very. Good! - M.F
good - C.H
Got in on time with no wait. Dr came in and was straight to the point, gave me some choices and helped me make the right one for me. - B.B
Appointment was make by primary Dr. or surgeon. Early ( 7;20) so no wait time. I rate everything 5 stars. - D.F
I felt the service and the employees were excellent. Got right in and was only a few minutes when the doctor came in. - G.F
Was on time and very considerate. - L.C
No problems very good Dr. And staff thanks for all you do - S.K
I was pleased with my appointment. Everything is going well. Thank you! - O.K
It was a very good experience. The appointment in Iowa Falls is greatly appreciated. I greatly appreciate Dr. Shariff's willingness to listen to my concerns and input, and his willingness to adjust/prescribe treatment accordingly. His friendliness and demeanor to his patients is a very positive aspect and relieves the patient's anxieties and concerns about medical appointments. - M.N
The experience was excellent, it went as well as I expected it to. - E.D
I had a follow up after my heart attack. All my questions were answered so I could understand them in laymans terms. Very satisfied!! Thank You!!! Richard (Rick) Hauswirth - R.H
As expected the Dr.. was attentive, to the point, and pleasant. - K.R
Nothing but good things to say about dr. His staff or facility. - S.K
great all the way around, short wait, easy to talk to , took care of any questions - J.M
Dr. al Sharif was patient and listened reflectively to my concerns, spoken and unspoken. He followed through on a promise to seek insurance coverage for a new cardiac medication for me. I was very pleased with this my second visit with Dr. al Sharif. - R.P
Dr. Al Sharif is a wonderful, caring and personable doctor. One of the best we have ever seen. He seems to really care for his patients and pretty much tells it like it is. Thanks to Dr. Al Sharif! - R.B
All the questions I had were answered. Very pleased with nurses and doctor. AAA Thanks Rick - R.H
Dr AlSharif took my symptoms seriously, and we are looking to the next step. - D.S
It was OK - K.B
I was very pleased and impressed with my treatment. Previously had been going to Mayo Clinic for over 30 years. - A.P
First - Dr. Al Sharif respected our time by not making us wait "our turn" (the appointment ahead of mine was late). Second - He had thoroughly read through my medical record prior to entering the room thus not wasting time asking questions regarding my records.Third - He performed a "medication review". This was something we had never experienced in all the many visits along my "medical journey" involving not only cardiology but multiple other departments and providers as well.My wife and I left the appointment feeling secure in knowing that SOMEONE took the time to really look at all that was going on with multiple medications and their side effects! (some of the cardio meds added in 18 months ago were no longer needed, having been added during a medical crisis) - D.W
The doctor is one of the few that treat you as a person, not a number 5 person he had to see that day. He doesn't throw med terms at you and dazzle you with his aura. He is real world and understands the person he is treating. - M.W
The staff was very friendly. I really liked Dr Al Sharif. I felt very comfortable with him and his explanation of what I needed was easy for me to understand. I needed to call the next day with a question and his nurse was so helpful and got right back to me. - K.W
I was scheduled to be his first patient of the day...which is a first for me. He and his staff were very kind and explained things to me fully. I would definitely recommend him to others. I was being checked to be cleared for surgery, they ran the necessary tests and I got the results back and explained to me almost immediately. - T.W
as usual. Feel very comfortable with the care and treatment. - K.N
Dr. was on time, and was very cordial. We discussed my heart issues and he was very helpful in refereeing me on too a different doctor. - R.B
was pleased with eveerything - K.N
every thing was great - J.S
I checked in, this took maybe 10 min.I than went to the waiting area and after 5 minutes a nurse took me to a room and recordedmy medical info and took my blood pressure, I gave her papers from the VA with my bloodwork taken less than two weeks before. She than made copies and returned the papers.The doctor came in the room after about 5 min. After he looked over my records he asked several questions than checked my neck, chest,and back. He said I shod exersize more, thanasked me if i had any questions which i had none. He than said he would see in one year. - E.B
Very satisfied with everyone and everything. - D.T
Great visit very informative going forward with necessary plans - A.J
Dr Al Sharif is sometimes too blunt and makes me feel like my illness is all my fault. He was abrasive at first but was better towards the end of my appt. He did follow thru with a consult with Dr Kaur which I appreciated. - T.K
I really like Dr Al Shariff. He is kind and patient and seems sincere in his concern for me. It’s only my third visit but it is going well. - P.A
Over all I got the results I was hoping for. - D.B
Every thing was excellent. - D.T
It was great. I had a good report. Gre a t caring D r. - D.F
Dr looked thu all of my results, and went over them with my wife and myself. We talked about what could happen next. What the next course of treatment could be for my A fib and the heart problems I am havening. We talked about how the surgeon that did my angiogram said that maybe I could be shocked back into rhythm. He talked to me about a medicine he wanted me to start taking. And that they would get in touch with me about preforming the shock. I am very comfortable with the Doctor. He seems concerned and knowledgeable. Staff was very nice and Nurse was through on her part before seeing the doctor. - R.B
Everything was handled quickly and accurately. Thank you - J.C
it was excellent everyone was courteous and friendly. loved Dr. Muhammad Al Sharif , made me feel at ease was up front and wished me well with surgery definitely a 5star rating for all - D.B
Overall it was a good experience. I understand my health issue better and believe all my questions were answered. Thank you. - D.L
Every thing went well, no problem. - B.B
I did not find out I was going to see Dr. Al-Sharif until the date of the exam. For the past 3 months, I thought I was going to see Dr. Denisa Hagau, my regular cardiologist. When I checked in at the specialty clinic, I was told I had been on Dr. Al-Sharif's schedule all along. I advised the receptionist that I had called the Mason City clinic to confirm my appointment but no one said anything to me about not seeing Dr. Hagau. IN any event, I was fine with seeing Dr. Al-Sharif, who turned out to be an excellent physician. I found him to be quite informative. He was quite happy with my weight loss progress since my visit with Dr. Sarik in July and advised me to continue wiith my current regimen. - P.C
Dr. treated me as a person at the level as a person, not like someone who talks down or treats me as another dumb hick he has to get through in order to reach Mercys quota for the day.. - M.W
U guys are nice and awsome - J.S
Doctor was on time and familiar with reason for the appointment. Personal and easy to understand. Would recommend him. - A.M
I was excited to be able to see this particular doctor again. I missed him when he was gone. Everything thing was fantastic. I hope he stays at Mercy for a long time. - R.E
I liked Dr. Al Sharif. I felt he listened and was concerned with my complaints, taking them seriously. I am very glad he took into consideration my whole health history, rather than focusing only on my heart health. - T.C
I saw him twice in Hampton and both were great experiences and I have the utmost confidence in him - D.H
Everything went just fine I didn't have to wait very long and my results were just about what I was looking for I had a good experience - J.J
It was great. I wish there were more Doctors like him God BLESS him wherever he goes! - Maria Rodriguez
I was completely pleased with Dr. Sharf's consultation and his demeanor. He is truly a very nice, caring and informative doctor and an asset to the profession. I would recommend him highly to anyone. - N.B
First time to see this Dr. Was good experience. Took time to talk and answer questions, felt comfortable. Look forward to my next visit. - Michael Moorehead
It was great!!! No more heart doctor for a year. - D.J
Everyone was very professional and friendly. Was in and out fairly quickly. - B.H
Very good - V.D
He explained every thing I wanted to know - R.F
was well pleased - R.M
Very good visit. I appreciate the Heart Center and all the doctors and staff. - J.M
Everything was to my expectations. - G.R
The nurse did an efficient job getting the latest information. Dr. explained the results of the ECHO test given previously and informed us that things looked good for a man of 84 years. He also answered our questions. - E.M
Everything was good. Professional and polite. - B.F
I appreciate Dr. AL Sharif'S honesty and his ability to give me options for my treatment. I feel included as part of my treatment plan.I am glad he is my provider. - A.J
I was very pleased with my pre-surgery appointment and would recommend the doctor. - Robert Hestad
The wait time was only a few minutes, the nurse was very thorough and updated my chart and change of medications. She listened to me and was patient with me. The Dr. was very friendly, he reviewed my history and asked questions about that, and then asked about current problems. He explained my heart rhythm was something that did not need to be changed and it was I could live with, he also took away 1 medication. - Robert Mayer
I was very satisfied and would use him in the future. - Robert Hestad
Dr. Al Shariff was very informative as well as caring about my situation. The staff was very nice & accomodating - Joan Peterson
The nurse was very efficient, friendly and professional. The Dr. was also friendly, polite, and explained everything. - Edward Burke
I enjoyed talking with Dr. Al Sharif. He did a good job of letting me know what is happening with my heart. I do like him very much. - Robert Elsbury
Dr. Al Sharif explained how he felt I was doing. He adjusted my medicine as needed. - Alfred Mueterthies
Excellent from parking to Dr visit. Highly recommend - A.Hermansen
This is the 1st time a cardiac doctor has sat down with me and listened, I was amazed and filled with joy. I have doctored with the cardiac center at Allen Hospital since 2000 and during that time 1 doctor, Dr. Koo who is retired ever gave me his tim - Rachelle Bobenmoyer
The staff was very considerate and I was very comfortable. - Lucylle Triem
I am very pleased with the Doctor's advised was provided to me by Dr. M. Al Sharif about my health issue. That requires further test and evaluation to determine the main cause of my health concern. He is very friendly and approachable and I am goin - Mohammed Khan
This was the first time we saw this Dr. He was pleasant, could hear and understand him, and asked what Marty thought about surgery. We did not know at that time there was to be a surgery as Dr. Vermer (??) said that at our visit with him. Tomorrow - Marty Proctor
Our experience with Dr Sharif was the BEST we had next to Dr Fleming. He genuinely showed interest in our reason to be there. We were there because of Michael's continuous low blood pressure concerns expressed by our medical doctor Dr Gross and our c - Michael Walker
Arrived for scheduled appt, met with Doctor who told me of the previous tests results and was given the ok for knee surgery..the Doctor was also very informative about managed risks involved with the surgery - Janice Dempsey
I'm not sure when I saw this Dr. I was pretty out of it with a hip infection. I know I received excellent care. I felt better after the fluid was removed. I'm home now after 14 days of IV antibiotic therapy at the West Campus. - Carol Halvorson
I was treated very professionally by all medical personnel. Everyone was quick to offer assistance & knowledge. I enjoyed Dr Al Sharif's explanations of test results & his concerned skepticism about my health & the needed hip surgery. I am very comfo - S.Becker
Tara was my nurse. She was friendly and kind. She related well and I was comfortable. I saw Dr Sharif away the Osage Clinic; this clinic always offers good service. Dr Sharif made me comfortable because of his kind and caring nature. He took the ti - Marlys Mueller
I was referred to Dr. Al Sherif by my medical provider, Dr. K. Broman for consultation and care for hypertension. The nurse taking history was very thorough and polite. Dr. Al Sherif visited with me about my current health situation, reviewing my m - T.Borger
Dr. Al-Sharif was very personable and respected my decision not to have further testing since nothing was found in the preliminary tests. - Gaye Scott
This was a pre surgery stress test and consultation. Dr. Al Sharif was very professional and seemed like a nice guy. The staff was also very professional and friendly. If I need anything more I will certainly be in touch with them. - James Greiner
Dr Al Sharif checked on my progress after my Quad bypass surgery and he was concerned about my health due to cancer of the esphogus. - Roger Wilcox
Dr. Al Sharif was very thorough with his explanations and ask question to ensure I understood what he was saying. Very patient and friendly!! - Susan Bortz
I saw Dr. Al-Sharif on Tuesday, January 21, for a check-up following open-heart surgery on December 26. Dr. Al-Sharif was pleasant, easy to talk with and very forthcoming with his observations. My entire experience was pleasant and I most definitely - Netha Brada
Dr. Sharif did a great job of letting me know what has taken place and what to expect in the near future. Should see him again in three months. - Robert Elsbury
I seen DR Sharif 11/18/13 for my result on my heart monitor DR Sharif is an asset to Mercy Hospital. I hope i can keep him for my Doctor. - Betty Golden