Scott C Kolbeck

100 Theda Clark Med Plz # 300

Neenah, 54956
(920) 722-7747
I have been happy with my treatment and service from Dr Kolbeck - J.K
Doctor Kolbeck had my old biopsies retested using a new method. I was impressed with his care. Always have been! Thank you, Chuck - C.G
Dr. Kolbeck was very easy to talk to and put me at ease. Gave me options. - R.P
Scott is the man I trust with my health - C.G
Good exam,diagnosis and he even called to follow up - J.L
Excellent service and explaination. - N.S
Hi ScottyCan Not Get Any Better ! Scotty, Joan, Sherry, Shay, What More Can I Ask For. Scotty's Always Got A Smile. I'm happy Doing good!! John - J.R
i love doc and all his staff, he does take the time to listen to my concerns and act appropriate. - N.O
Appreciate the personal approach Dr. Kolbeck with me. My medical issue with Dr. Kolbeck made me uneasy when I thought about the loss of any personal dignity but he alleviated any concerns. I was treated with respect and given common sense treatment of which I was well informed of. I can't thank Dr. Kolbeck enough. - R.K
Dr Kolbeck very competent and appreciate small fingers - G.W
The Doc and all staff are great people. - D.H
All the star ratings are excellent. I tapped on the 5 stars rating but I’m not sure if they took or not. Otherwise, everything went great. The staff were all helpful to my needs. The anesthesiologist came into the pre op room and introduced himself, which I thought was very professional, as well as Dr. Kolbeck came to see how I was doing and if I had any questions . Overall, the procedure, staff, facility and Dr. went extremely well. A well recommended place to go.Jennifer - J.E
Seeing Dr. Kolbeck is always great, 5 star Doc.. - J.H
I had an assessment of my tract that could have had me nervous but was comforted by the expertise exhibited. Naturally I am happy with a good report. - W.H
I have always been treated well by Dr Kolbeck and his people - J.K
I can't complain. Everything went in a timely fashion and everyone was curteous. - L.S
Care well given! - E.B
Dr. Kolbeck is a very good Dr., and I trust him 100%. I think he always tries his hardest to deal with situations, and I'm glad I go to him. I feel he earns his money, and he treats everyone with respect. All the people that work with him, are good too. They talk to you and socialize with you, and I think that's important, because that keeps you relaxed. The only thing I didn't like, was that it took so long. My appointment was at12:30,and everything was running behind when I got there, and I didn't get out of the Hospital until almost 6:00. I am not complaining, it's why my ratings are lower. I would rate the experience as Excellent. - T.B
Your service and professionalism is GREAT. - W.K
People were vert helpfull to listen to what you what you have to say and what your concerns are . - D.S
Recheck of surgery ! Awesome job by all involved ! Very happy with the services ! - W.K
I was very pleased with my experiences at Thedacare New London. Everyone I encountered was pleasant and helpful. Dr Kolbeck's staff is efficient and kind, and Dr Kolbeck made me feel very comfortable and at ease. - K.R
I received excellent care and I received excellent treatment and all results we explained in easy to understand terms , I highly recommend the staff and services as excellent - R.T
Another great, informative finger waving session with The Doctor Scott ! Hope it is the same next year. - T.S
Completely satisfied. Dr. Kolbeck listened carefully to my problem(s) and went 'the extra mile' to offer advice and treatment. - T.B
Nothing but positive. Staff is always helpful and cooperative. Overall rating is excellent! No improvements to suggest. Rating has been consistent over the last 14 years I have been a patient. - S.B
I truly felt that Dr. Kolbeck was wonderful. He truly listened to my concerns and did all he could to figure out how to best help me. He was very kind and compassionate. Seeing a urologist can be awkward but his kind personality definitely made it easier. - M.L
Awesome office and Doctor! - C.H
excellent patient with my questions freindly knowledgable - D.W
The staff and Dr. Kolbeck are always helpful and they know what they are doing. - D.W
Everything was great. - S.D
Everything was fine and dandy. Very smooth and easy experience. Everyone was in the Christmas spirit with smiles and happiness. - J.F
I received very good treatment from Doctor and staff. - A.L
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. - K.H
Very good. Dr. kolbeck is the best. certainly understand me and takes excellent care. - W.M
I was treated very well during my visit. they answered all my questions and made appts for follow up care for me.Faye - F.C
I felt very comfortable with the staff and doctor and would recommend to others. - B.R
Showed interest in me, very important. - W.T
Dr. Kolbeck is a very patient, wise, and caring man. He takes all the time needed to answer all my questions. He is willing to discuss alternatives to what is going on. He always seems happy, and smiling. - R.B
I am always satisfied with Dr. Klobeck. He is a good and caring doctor. He always takes his time with me and explains everything. - R.M
I would like to thank everybody in the office and lab for the great care and successful treatment. Thanks Pete 5 stars for all. - P.S
Friendly Dr. Explains treatment options. Shows concern for the patient. - P.H
Good service - M.M
Staff and Dr. are always friendly and caring. - B.H
very good experience - G.K
Very Satisfied with my appointment and looking forward to my next appointment on November 21.Gary - G.K
took care of my question and gave me information that i needed.. - A.L
scotty kept me alive for 12 years so far so I can't complain it could be dangerous to my health!! John - J.R
I arrived early, yet I was ushered in very rapidly. Dr. Kolbeck did have to leave before he could see me, for an emergency, which is understandable. The staff informed me and he was back in a very short time frame. Staff is very polite and personable while still being very professional. I have moved and now have a 2 1/2 hour drive ne way to Dr. Kolbeck, I may have to find another doctor to treat me, but I may not elect to do so and face the drive to stay with Dr. Kolbeck because I feel comfortable with Dr Kolbeck and the staff. - D.M
Dr. Kollbeck is an awesome Urologist. I was his first patient with Lynch Syndrome to come to him after researching a lot of urologists in the state. He truly respects and works with his patients and has the patience and willingness to keep learning on new or rare health related issues. Dr. Kollbeck and I teamed up and have learned some tremendous things together through out the years or at least the last 6 years. When a Dr. and patient relationship is as strong as ours it is an everlasting one. He respects my judgement on learning and trying to help others since Lynch Syndrome is a hereditary cancer syndrome. We make a great team and the more knowledge that we learn together will greatly impact the future of his patients with Lynch Syndrome as well as mine. Dr. Kollbeck sure has earned my heart and shows true character of what a Dr. should be in todays world. That is he puts his patients first and not always the insurance companies or pharmaceutical companies, but truly his patients. I would rate him at ten gold stars. Thanks Todd Bender - T.B
Everything went perfectly according to schedule. Arrived on time, very short wait, room was set up, procedure explained, both doctor and nurse greeted me and requested any questions. Procedure was fast, relatively painless and, although it has only been a few days, the implants seem to be having the desired effect. Dr. Kolbeck has always been good, approachable, provides solutions and takes into consideration the patient's desires, time schedules and finances. - Michael Martins
This was my annual check up after being treated for prostate cancer about fourteen years ago. The check up went well and I am happy to say the cancer is gone. My PSA was good and other tests as well. I plan to visit Dr Kolbeck again next year. Thank you. Rog. - R.S