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Greensboro, 27401
(336) 378-0713
Thank you Dr Karki for your excellent care. - .W
Dr. Karki was the most helpful, very compassionate and immediately started me on treatment to ease my symptoms! - .B
Great experience - .S
Everything has been great - .B
5 stars! I was referred to Dr Karki by the Wesley Long ER on a Sunday night. Her office called me promptly on Monday to schedule a video appointment and lab work. They followed up with me several times during the week to make sure I was aware of appointment times and locations, etc. Every person with whom I spoke was polite, knowledgeable and helpful. My teleconference with Dr Karki was at 2:00 on Friday. She called me a little earlier than 2 (!) and spent at least 35 minutes chatting with me ... not only learning about my symptoms, but learning about me! She is approachable, friendly, pragmatic, and a good listener. I was very impressed! Once COVID19 let's us out of house arrest, she will follow up with me for an in-person meeting. Meanwhile, I'm thankful to have found such a great group. - .B
In this very unusual time I appreciate being able to connect. This was very helpful and I look forward to being seen and moving forward with my procedure. - .T
It was on zoom the first time I have used it I think it went great - .C
The doctor is knowledgeable, polite, and she listens. The staff members were professional and very helpful! Phenomenal service! - .L
Dr. Karki gives excellent service and advise. I was well treated - .G
Excellent care. - Janet W Smith
Everything went smoothly and efficiently. Each step was fully explained which goes a long way to easing the anxiety that is naturally felt. - .H
Everything was excellent with my visit - .C
Had colonoscopy! The staff was wonderful, very caring and helpful. Dr Karki is one of my favorite Eagle Physicians. Trust her totally! - .W
Dr. Karkiand her staff are extremely caring. Recommend her highly. - .J
It was good - .R
Visit went very smooth I would recommend this practice to anyone. - .H
Overall first visit excellent on all fronts - Rhonda .D
Dr.Karki was wonderful! So kind and compassionate. I couldnít of asked for a better doctor!! - Rebekah J Schneiderman
Everything went as expected. Dr. Karki is very nice and everyone at the facility was very accommodating. - .J
Everything was great. - .B
everything was great and my Dr. explained everything in detail. - .A
The facility was clean and the staff were friendly and kind. Dr. Karki was professional and kind and tried to give me her best service. I was satisfied with her examination and medical follow-up measures. - .H
Great Treatment. All went as described by Dr Karki. She and her staff did a great job. No issues! Highly recommended. Thanks, Dana - .H
Dr Karki is very thorough and very personable! Very good doctor. - .W
I love Dr. Karki and her staff. They are always amazing. - .C
The nurse who I spoke to was very sweet and understanding. Dr. Karki was thorough and overall a fantastic doctor. - .M
She was professional, knowledgable, personable, and didn't seem rushed. I felt that she was interested in resolving my issues. - Brenda L Whitefield
Very thorough and professional - Craig Pettigrew
A good caring Doctor. Up to date on latest treatments. - Eric Boerner
Dr. Karki was very thorough during consultation and made me feel at ease with the procedure that I was having done. I would highly recommend her. - Kimberly E Brooks
Dr. Karki explained everything in detail before and after my procedure. She is delightful! - .S
Excellent experience - Amy R Thompson
Very professional and courteous staff - .G
First time I met Dr. Karki....liked her personality and her bedside manners. Answered my questions - .W
have never had to wait to check in or for my appointment. Staff is always responsive and friendly. Dr. Karki is very thorough, listens well, is very knowledgeable and able to explain things to me in non-medical jargon so that I understand. - .K
This was my first time meeting dr. Karki. She was very pleasant. Provided detailed information that was easy to understand. - .A
Very patient and explained in detail what the procedure was and when the results would be available - Erica M Batorick
This was the first time at this office for consultation. She explained procedure and made me feel at ease. - Teresa Kloza
She was great. - Monica Cox
Dr. Karki has a wonderful bedside manner. Made me feel calm and answered all my questions. I am thrilled that she is my Dr. - .H
My experience is great. Dr karki is good job. Thanks - .S
I was very pleased with the care I received from Dr. Karki and her staff. Dr. Karki listened well and scheduled procedures to assist in figuring out why I’m having certain issues. - .S
Had a great experience with Dr Karki. My sister referred me to her after my previous doctor left the practice. - Dianne J Henderly
Very professional and kind. Dr. Karki was really knowledgeable and took the time to explain about the procedure. If I could give her 10 stars I would. - Jeffrey Roberson
Dr Karki is professional, very agreable. She took time to explain everything.I m glad i got her as my doctor. - Latifa Chahoua
Everyone was very nice and talked me through everything. - .K
She listened well and gave me a good plan to move forward with. - Charles D Miller
This was my first time meeting Dr. Karki. I was impressed with her knowledge and felt at ease talking with her. - John C Johnson
Great - .E
Thank you.. you guys are Great - .N
She was so attentive and really sweet. So glad to have her as my physician. - Marcella C Storie
Felt very comfortable. She genuinely cared about me as a patient. Her explanations we easily understood. - Janet W Smith
Dr. Larkin was very professional, and made me feel very comfortable about a not so comfortable procedure. I appreciate the way she explained things, and she was very willing to answer any questions I may have had. Thanks for making this experience a positive one. - John K Key
Excellent - Marilyn P Newsome
My follow up was fine. Dr karki is a very nice listner. The apts are quick, but i understand. - Joan A Michael
Super! - Patricia C Ragan
Very professional, listened to what I had to say, and took action to find out what was going on. She was very nice. - Agnes K Matthews
I always receive excellent care from the staff at Eagle GI. Dr. Karki is understanding and very thorough. - .B
Very nice facility and staff. Knowledgeable doctor and took time to explain treatment options and listened as I expressed concerns and answered any questions I had. - .H
Dr. Karki is a wonderful physician. She has a way of making you know that she cares about you as a person and is concerned about your health, for example explaining everything in a way any person can understand. She also asks questions of you that indicate her concern about your health in a comprehensive matter. For example I have gained a lot of weight in large part from medication that is necessary and she and discussed the importance for long term health of seeing a nutritionist which I am following up on.Dr. Karki is also a very warm person who makes me very comfortable to ask her questions to which I always receive a knowledgeable answer. I am glad Dr. Gates referred me to her. - Michael B Evans
Dr. Karki and her staff where very in informative. - .H
Warm, friendly, and very engaged. Explained everything clearly. - Robin M Campbell
Dr. Larkin is a very compassionate doctor and I feel privileged to be her patient. - Phyllis P Hoch
Doctor Arya is very thorough - .H
Exceptional doctor and staff. Professional and personable. - Bruce Hammrich
Dr. Karki, explained why she needed to do a colonoscopy. She listened to what I had to say and made me feel at ease with the procedure and going under anesthesia. - Cinthia E Seymour
Dr. Karki was very professional and very willing to answer questions. - .D
All was great - .M
I was very pleased with the service I received! - .C
Wonderfully friendly and attentive staff. Answered questions and thoroughly explained the steps and procedure in a way to put me at ease. Dr Karki was professional but warm both the day of the procedure and the day we met. Would highly recommend her - .P
I really appreciate that she stopped and listened to my symptoms and concerns and was in no hurry during my visit. She really cares for the patient. Also, she didnít want to prescribe any medication until she finds out what is going on. I highly recommend Dr. Karki. - Geoffrey A Storie
She is an amazing and caring doctor and takes her patients on time!!! - Colette Polsky
The worse...the least professional ever. Will not ever go to her again. No courtesy does she exhibit whatsoever. - Eleata Amick
Was seen quickly. Dr Karki is a very personable and knowledgeable doctor. Very impressed with her. - .W
Everyone was very professional and caring. The doctor was prompt in her follow up to my procedure. I was in/out of the office in less than 90 min. I would strongly recommend this doctor and this office. - .D
All staff members were very thorough and professional all the way from my initial visit to the follow-up. - .G
Nice bedside manner! She put me at ease & thoroughly explained results to me which is most appreciated. - Sheena D Jeffries
I found all the staff, as well as the Dr., to be very knowledgeable & informative. - .C
Very professional very courteous answered every one of my concerns pleasantly I have a lot of confidence in her and I'm looking forward for her to do my colonoscopy procedure - Judith G Newby
Dr Karki has been one of the best doctors Iíve had and Iím very picky . She is knowledgeable, very caring , and takes time with you to address your needs . I am so glad sheís a part of the practice now ! - Mindy L Dennis
Great service - Daniel Warnock
Great work to encourage me had good results a lot. - Nola Smith
Love Dr. Karki. She is very calming. Patient, caring, asked good questions of personal concern and insurance. Explained the procedure, after procedure, findings, and was always available to speak with me in length that answered my questions and comforted me. I wish i could visit her for all my needs! - Joan A Michael
Awesome - .M
The staff and Dr. couldn't have been nicer, from the front desk to the back door! - .B
Very professional. - .R
Very good experience - Gregory L Cook
She was easy to talk to and understand. Was impressed with her and all the staff - Deborah L Shoffner
Everyone was very nice. - Jocelyn Ozan
She is a rare find as she listens and cares and thinks of me as a real person. - Brandi May
Things flowed smoothly and in a timely manner - .G
Excellent - Shelia D May
Everyone from the reception area to Dr K were exceptional! No other words for it 🤗👍 - .A
Excellent experience. Everyone that I saw was thoughtful. - .P
I really liked dr karki. I immediately felt at ease with her - .A
I really liked dr karki. I felt at ease with her immediately - Dreama Anderson
Dr. Karki was very approachable and I liked the questions that she asked. I look forward to her being my gastroenterologist!Elaine Talbert - .T
Very good - James W Young
A total positive experience. Prior to procedure all nurses and anesthesia doctor explained everything with warm blankets and conversation. The doctor introduced herself and asked questions with a full explanation. - Linda H Landry
A total positive experience. Prior to procedure all nurses and anesthesia doctor explained everything with warm blankets and conversation. The doctor introduced herself and asked questions with a full explanation. - Linda H Landry
She is an amazing and caring doctor who never keeps me waiting and understands that my time is a s precio use as hers. She also have quite a bit of patience when dealing with her clients. - Colette Polsky
Planning meeting for a colonoscopy scheduled for December. Pre-meeting went well. Staff and physician were pleasant and easy to talk with. - .F
Wonderful manner - Karen W Walton
Very pleased with the service and facility. - .Z
Doctor Karki was professional and understanding. - Jennifer Richardson
Very personable, instills confidence in attentiveness to my needs and concerns. I would like to have an opportunity to speak with her in person after receiving test results. - Elizabeth P Massey
Very pleasant and professionalism - Randy Russell
Great experience, friendly staff. - Wanda Y Bryant
This was my first colonoscopy with Dr. Karki. Very professional and put you at ease about the procedure. Would definitely recommend Dr. Karki. - Gloria M Chambers
Very professional and pleasant! - Sylvia I Metzger
Excellent! - Shelia D May
I had a great experience with my procedure. Dr. Karki and the staff did a fine job. I was well pleased with the way things were carried out. - Larry O Collins
It was very professional, staff is very good - .M
Iím thankful to have a doctor I can relate to and look forward to developing a long term relationship. I am a new patient. - Tomi L Watson
Dr Karki is wonderful, very thorough, explained every thing to me. I have no complaints. She is wonderful. - .A
All services were completely satisfactory and essential.I could not be more satisfied. - .S
Dr. Karki was very pleasant and polite and listened to me. She explained all about the colonoscopy and she did some lab tests prior to my colonoscopy. She is very knowledgeable and very patient. I was truly pleased to meet her and to learn she really cares about her patients. - .B
Patient, clear, informative - Carmen N Thompson
First visit with her and loved her! Very good! - Patricia P Burkart
The staff is always so kind and helpful! My appointments are efficient and I feel like I’m getting all my questions answered! - .R
The office was thorough and took plenty of time to answer my questions and I didn't feel like I was rushed out. - .J
I called the office because I was tired of dealing with several issues. Dr. Karki is fantastic! I felt like I was heard and action steps to follow through. I am still waiting on what is causing this issue, Dr. Karki is upfront and understanding. - .Jolly
I was well pleased with all staff members and the way I was treated during my procedure. I felt comfortable and feel I was treated with respect. Dr. Karki and all staff members are to be commended and I would recommend them to future patients. - .C
Dr. Karki is great!! Very professional; she explains everything completely and is easy to understand. - Linda K Russell
Dr. Karki is very pleasant and easy to talk to. She listens to my concerns and is always helpful. - Patricia C Kincheloe
I thought she was very thorough in her exclamation of the procedure and handle things extremely professional. - Brent A Ham
I felt very comfortable talking to her. - Diane W Norris
Everyone was so Friendly and helpful. Dr. Arya Karki explained my results in great detail. She was great. - .P
I have never felt so safe and cared for as I was with my doctor and staff. It makes you want to go back. I am so glad I had the opportunity to share my wonderful experience. - Dana M Moore
Dr Karki was very professional. She made sure I understand my diagnosis and the required procedures. She had a great bedside manner and treated me with respect. The office stuff went above and beyond with taking care of me. Wonderful experience! - Veronika .C
She has medical knowledge to help patients with problems. - Gerald W Scott
Very good doctor had no problems with colonoscopy - Randy Suggs
Dr Karki was very informative and I felt wellCared for. - Jacqueline M OKeefe
Dr. Karki, seems to be very capable. doctor. She is a good listener, and answers questions I may have. . She has a caring attitude , good medical knowledge, and explains things well ! - .P
Everyone was so kind and professional. My procedure went well and the staff was very accommodating. Great experience. - .M
Dr. Karki and her staff are extremely personable and professional. I highly recommend her practice. - .W
She is an excellent doctor who is caring and very thorough when meeting the needs of her patients. I appreciate her and her staff who is very caring and courteous, as well. - Loretta Wilson
This was my first visit with Dr Karki. Very knowledgeable and explained the colonoscopy in detail. Would recommend her. - Gloria M Chambers
Dr Karki is very personable, informative and caring. She listens and works to address your concerns and issues - Sue T Grasty
I am well pleased with Dr. Karki. - Larry O Collins
An Excellent experience and treatment at Dr Karki’s office. Very professional and prompt!! I have never had an appointment scheduled that everything went exactly on time. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. She is so pleasant and explains everything so she can understand and comprehend it. Great experience for an endoscopy 😂 - David A Moon
I received exceptional care from Dr. Karki and her staff both in her office and in the endoscopy facility. I recommend her highly. - .L
Everyone was do kind and friendly. - .K
Had a great experience with Dr. Karki and the staff at Eagle. - Dovie L Hanford
My first time meeting her. Very caring. Took time to listen. - Rebecca A Kirsch
Everything was super smooth and fast from beginning to end - .S
I thought the entire procedure was handled professionally and with understanding and kindness. - .S
Very personable - Candice L McCarty
She helped save my life - Stephanie R Johnson
For an appointment that I've put off for months, and was very nervous, Dr. Karki made me feel very comfortable, so did the staff. I'm still nervous, but I feel completely confident in Dr. Karki's team! - .M
As unpleasant as a colonoscopy might be expected, everyone at Eagle was kind, considerate, and helped put me at ease through the entire experience. Dr. Karki was thorough and I would highly recommend her to anyone who might need this procedure. - .C
Always a pleasant experience -- every staff member I have dealt with has been very friendly. Check in is prompt, wait time is nearly nonexistent. Dr. Karki is excellent - very friendly, shows concern, listens well, and explains everything very well. Never any issues. - .K
She was great, the whole staff made me feel very comfortable and safe. - Elaine Scott
Very professional - Jacqueline M OKeefe
She is very through on her exams.she finds ways to make you feel good about what youíre going to experience. I felt good about her doing the job she has to do Iím glad I had the opportunity to be her patient - Edward W Bush
She and her team took good care of me. I especially liked that she met with me before as well as after the procedure. Afterwards, she complimented me on doing my part with following the prep instructions. Not only is she very competent but has a great bedside manner. - Dorothy G Herring
Dr. Karki and staff did an excellent job making me comfortable and explaining everything to me about my procedure. I was taken ahead of schedule and checked out promptly. I highly recommend Dr. Karki and Eagle Endoscopy. - .W
Dr. Karki was wonderful! She is an incredible doctor and spent lots of time with me going over my concerns. I would recommend her to anyone! - .H
Everyone is so nice. My husband had his a couple months ago and he was treated well. Dr Karki was very nice and explained everything so well.I highly recommend your doctors and staff. - .B
Absolutely great. Love Dr Karki and her staff were excellent to deal with. Highly recommend her. - .M
I felt very well taken care of and Dr. Karki was very attentive and listened to all of my concerns. - .A
Extremely informative and a wonderful bedside manner. - Donna R Derrick
Everything was easy which helped with the procedure. - .S
Dr Karki made a great impression...I had not met her and she was personable and professional. I would definitely continue to use her as needed. - .A
The procedure was performed as scheduled. She took the time to explain what was happening before and after the Procedure. I would return to her for future work. - Mark W Hibberts
All the staff where very friendly and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Karki was very pleasant and great! - .M
Friendly staff. Awesome providers! - .C
Very grateful for her excellent care and that of the staff team as well. - Margaret S Benjamin
I had a great experience and was impressed with a first meeting with a new doctor. She was thorough and provided an detailed description of the upcoming procedures. - .S
She was great! - Lisa Deloia
Physician was excellent in manner, practice, and knowledge. Assisting staff not proactive nor quick in execution of peripheral requirements necessary for an overall good experience. - Gilbert Sarvis
very efficient and willing to listen - .L
Dr. Karki was thorough, explained results of my endoscopy in a detailed manner and has a very caring manner. - .V
Dr. Karki is a very compassionate and thorough professional. I have seen several GI professionals and none gave me the piece of mind Dr. Karki did. The office staff are great and proficient. I am extremely happy with and confident in their hands. - .B
Couldn't have been better. - .O
I was very pleased. - Lea B Joyce
Great care, careful to explain each step, quick process and entire procedure was easier than anticipated. - .C
Overall good care - .K
Everyone was pleasant and everything went smoothly. - .B
so much better than having procedure at the hospital! Very easy and convenient. would highly recommend. - .H
I have nothing to say except that I was satisfied - .E
Friendly and professional. - Crystal F Marcus
I was very impressed and satisfied with Dr. Karki and her staff. I appreciated her sense of humor - it caused me to feel less afraid. - Mary Blake
She is a excellent doctor - Alisa Church
I had a good visit with Dr. Karki, she is a very good doctor. She is patient and is concerned about her patients and I appreciate her. - .W
Ist time but was pleasant and helpful - .C
Dr Karki was amazing. - .D
Wonderful service!!! - .P
Dr Karki was excellant in taking care of me and gave me detailed results of my procedure. She is a very thorough and kind doctor. - .D
Great - .T
Exceptional! - .W
She was very personable and explained all concerns simply - .H
Everyone was very welcoming and caring. They respected my privacy. They were very professional. - .C
Dr Karki went above and beyond her role. She made me feel at ease and explained everything in detail. She was awesome. - .D
Dr. Karki was recommended by my GP Dr. John Griffin. She was warm and caring and just what I needed for this anxiety-producing time and procedure. She was compassionate and reassuring. She was thorough and patient and let me ask all my questions without feeling rushed. Same for her assistant. She provided details of the prep and highlighted key points on the procedure. I would recommend Dr. Karki to anyone especially my female friends. - .L
Everyone was excellent. - .W
Everything went smooth and everybody was very nice and made the experience as comfortable as it could have been. - .B
I had a very pleasant experience. Everyone was nice and very caring. - .B
Overall very well explained in detail. - .D
Had a really great experience here. Dr. Karki is very sweet and informative, she answered all my questions and helped put me at ease! - .R
I really like the way Dr. Karki explained everything. - .W
Everyone was very pleasant and helpful. The procedure was well explained. Pre-procedure instructions were also well explained. My procedure date was set at the consultation which made it very easy. - .B
I would like to take a moment to thank this wonderful staff that have taken care of my mother. Dr. Karki went above and beyond to make sure she received the care she needed. They were able to work around our schedule and to make sure her follow up appointments were scheduled in a timely manner. - .V
Nice people - .K
For such an unpleasant procedure, Dr. Karki and staff made it easy. Everyone very professional and kind. - .P
Very well treated - .K
Dr Karki is a very passionate doctor who truly cares about her patients. She listens to their concerns and is willing to try different options based on their concerns. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a caring, passionate and understanding doctor. When I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis she told me were going to get to spend a lot of time together working on my illness. She is one doctor I don't mind spending time with as she truly cares which seems to be a rarity these days!! - .M
Staff was attentive Wait time was minimal. Dr Karki had read my history file and proposed a plan of action and I was quickly scheduled for a procedure - .N
The experience was so good that my wife asked the Dr. right there if she would take her as a patient also. - .W
Dr. Karki is smart, no nonsense, but really personable with great positive energy. The whole experience was really good. Everyone was really efficient but also genuine and human. There was a real lightness about the experience that I really appreciated. I felt nurtured. This was not my first endoscopy or colonoscopy but the experience was way better than what I had experienced in the past and I didn't think my past colonoscopy was a bad experience. Thank you. - .M
It was a great experience. Dr Karki explained the procedure I was to have. The follow up the procedure was great. She is a very caring and wonderful doctor. - .P
I was impressed with the office how quickly I got in. the doctor was very good and spent the right amount time with me. The office was very clean and the people were very friendly - .C
I was referred to Dr. Karki by my primary care physician as a follow-up to a negative result from a test during my annual exam. The check-in process was fast and easy and I was brought to the patient room within 5 minutes of my arrival. Dr. Karki was extremely nice and did not rush me as I worked through my list of questions. I was able to schedule my follow-up procedure immediately after my visit with Dr. Karki without living the exam room. Her nurse explained all of the pre and post procedure instructions and provided me her number in case if I had any questions. This is an extremely professional office that truly seem to understand that my time has value as well. THANKS!! - .M
I go to a number of doctors for a number of reasons and by far I have not come across a more caring Doctor until my visit to your office. She was kind, attentive, easy to understand, had patience with me and seemed genuinely concerned. That kind of care these days are at an all time low! I must include that I was treated well by your entire staff. The young lady that took my blood was amazing! Great up beat personality, kind, and was in a pleasant mood. Then to boot I hardly felt the prick of her taking my blood. - Sherry Withers
Great Doctor - .D
Everyone was very kind and professional. - .J
the staff made my procedure comfortable and stress free - .C
great!!!1! - .N
everything was great. Couldn't have asked for a better experience with a new physician. - .H
Of course, the prep was yukky and hated it but necessary. The Dr and staff were excellent. Kind, caring and informative. - .Kirkpatrick
Dr. Karki and the rest of the staff were excellent. - .H
I had my gallbladder removed 3 years ago and my digestive problems were getting worse. I lived in TX at the time, told several doctors all of who told me not to eat fatty foods. We moved to NC and I had to find a new GI. Thank God I found Dr. Karki. On our first visit she promised me she would get me back to normal and that she did. When I went for my 6 month follow up she extended her hand for a hand shake and I had to give her a hug instead. On that first visit she listed to almost 3 years of history, explained in detail that tests she would run, then explained in details the results and our game plan. Her staff is always pleasant and I never have to wait long in the waiting room or exam room. I could not be any happier with my experience and would recommend Dr. Karki to anyone needing a GI specialist. - .K
5 stars - Alisa Church
Everyone was nice. They know my English is not good so they spoke very slowly. I felt very comfortable at the clinic. Thanks!!! - .Z
She the best - Eilat Shavit
Hey, this was a health procedure and the outcome is good. See ratings above. - .H
The staff has been great through difficult times and Dr. Karki is a compassionate and thorough physician. - Timothy J Brown
Every thing went well - Johnny Raines
Was presented a plan to treat my issues immediately and given prescription until procedure is scheduled. - .H
The staff was very attentive to my needs. I was impressed and less nervous about my procedure due to staff. Great customer service. - Regina Satterfield
The office staff was great and Dr. Karki was very attentive and answered all of my questions. - Margaret .F
I spoke with the Dr. She went over history and explained procedure. Very kind and easy to understand . In other words she explained things so ( not being a Dr) I could understand. . She took her time, and her staff was very good as well. TY - .K
Screening and consultation for colonoscopy. Dr. Karki and her nurse were thorough, however, they got me in and out quickly. I left with an appointment and a list of directions for the procedure. Dr. Karki put me at ease about the procedure. - .M
Very informative, caring, professional and friendly. - Joyce R Wilkie
Dr. Karki is very professional yet very understanding. I feel like she really listens to my concerns. - Jean L Beasley
Dr Karki was excellent. Iam happy that I changed physicians to her because now I feel like I'm on a road to better health.Good Bless you Dr Karki - .M
My overall experience was excellent. Facilities, staff, etc were all very good. Made everything as easy as could be for this type procedure. - .L
Very thorough and kind. - Susan K Collins
Dr. Karki was knowledgeable, efficient, clear, and helpful. I would definitely recommend her. - Alexis Brown
She is very easy to speak with and extremely accommodating - Sheridan Schorr
She was great at answering my questions and made me feel very comfortable - Caitlin Field
She was informative and not condescending. - Johanna P Domitrovits
Very compassionate, unrushed care - Susan Leigh Davis
Always pleasant. Feel comfortable talking with her. Thanks - Beatrice A Pandone
She’s very good doctor - Badreldin Mustafa
Very informative and took up time. Seemed very interested in my problems that i have been having and working to improve. - Cynthia A McGee
Doctor Karki is an excellent physician. This was my first visit with her, she was very knowledgeable, and she answered all of my questions. - Clarassia Hairston
Dr Karki is the BEST!!! She is so kind and understanding. I really like her! - Melanie Cuttriss Curtis
Dr Karki was very knowledgeable, professional, responsive and courteous. - Albert E Essel
First visit. I thought she had a great bedside manner and was very thorough and informative - Janey Kepley
As expected. All good - .K
direct and clear explanations. Dr. Karki was excellent. - .S
Excellent! - Sharon L Nash Sellars
The doctor was very honest and open about my prognosis and the options I had. - .B
Dr. Karki was the absolute best. She was extremely knowledgeable and she actually listened to my concerns. Her bedside manners we're great and I will definitely recommend her to anyone. Her nurse Dria and the entire staff there was great as well. - Coree Forte
Good, caring service - James D Joyce
Dr. Karki is very kind and works hard to find out and resolve issues any person may be having. - .C
Very comfortable with the Dr, she informed of everything before and after the procedure. I would ask for her if ever needed again - Dean M Hardy
Everyone very nice and accommodating. Very pleased with dr Karki. Thank you - .P
The people that I talked with re: my appointment were very nice. The nurse was nice. Dr. Karki and I had a good talk. I left feeling good about my appointment!!Ruth Ann Phillips - .P
Dr. Katki and the entire team rock :-) :-) very processional and took great care of me! - .C
I was very pleased with my treatment from the Time I entered the register room until I exited. Every person involved in my treatment was cordial and efficient in their duties. I am very well satisfied by my experience. Thank you for being there for me. - Betty Trogdon
A very dreaded experience made very comfortable. Could not have asked for better. - .B
Very professional, caring, and competent staff. Excellent care. - .S
I have had a fear of colonoscopies for as long as I can remember. Dr Karki was absolutely wonderful and very comforting. The staff was great and put me right at ease. - .E
No issues at all. A pleasant experience, considering what I was there for. - .A
It was a pleasant experience - .G
I had a good experience with Dr. Karki. - .P
Dr Karki was very professional and personable. I liked the fact that she was very thorough in her assessment. - Joanne E Parks
Everyone was very professional and friendly. Felt very comfortable and at ease, My provider explained everything going on before and after my procedure. - .F
I am very pleased with Dr. Karki and staff. They are very professional and courteous and i would recommend them to anyone. - .W
I felt that I was in good hands physically and was confident that my treatment/tests would be completed thoroughly.Dr. Karki eased my anxiety with compassion and as a professional. - Margaret D Simpson
I was very pleased with Dr. Larkin and her entire staff. She listened to my thoughts and clearly explained my procedure. - .B
My first time there and it was a good experience. Everyone was professional and friendly. I loved Dr. Karki! - .G
Everything went smoothly. No hiccups! - .B
The staff was great and very knowledgeable. I love Dct Karki! She did an excellent job on both the endoscopy and the colonoscopy. I received great care while I was there and always felt comfortable. I would recommend Dct Karki and any of the staff that assisted. - .H
Dr. Karki was very informative and straightforward in her presentation. I felt confident with her diagnosis and commentary. - .L
The staff and Doctor were fine from the beginning. It was a pleasure visiting your office and your staff! Thanks, Tommy Gray - .G
Excellent medical service! - .R
I like Dr. Karki, she asks good questions and I can tell that she listens well. - .H
I was very pleased with the overall experience. - .G
Pleasant professional attentive staff. Most introduced themself. The facility was very clean. The experience was as pleasant as such a procedure could be. Still waiting for pathology report. Thanks! - .C
I have never had any sort of medical appointment where so little of my time was wasted. Dr. Karki was extremely thorough and very knowledgeable, so no corners were cut. I really appreciate what a great job was done with so little of my time expended. - .B
Dr. Karki performed a routine colonoscopy on me. The personnel and facilities were just great. I was encouraged to ask questions and made comfortable in every possible way. Dr. Karki impresses me as a very intelligent and personable physician. I highly recommend her. - .H
Every thing was awesome. - .H
Every thing was great I would recommend to a friend thank you - .N
I was impressed with my experience. Everyone was pleasant. I am happy to have Dr. Karki is my gastroenterologist. - .P
I am thrilled that Dr. Karki is my GI specialist. She is concerned about my health, and takes great interest in my questions and comments. We are going to have a great doctor/patient relationship! - .O
Great help. - .K
I was very pleased with the doctor! - .J
Short wait time, everyone was friendly and cheerful, facility was clean, procedure was a snap. - .D
Finding DR. KARKI was much-needed in a time of medical crisis. She is truly a godsend. Her expertise, her style in communicating, and her genuine compassion are unique and a treasure. I truly thank God that she took me as a patient. - .H
I love my doctors at eagle...dr karki always available for all my questions...always explains in detail my issues and having a doctor who seems to really care... - .G
See ratings above. Good experience. First time with this doctor - like her a lot. - .B
Dr. Karki was extremely helpful in getting me a diagnosis, finding a good treatment for me, and explaining all of my questions. - .M
Everyone was kind, efficient, and on time. Thank you for a stress free visit.Debra Diaz - .D
Everybody was extremely nice and ensured that I was aware of all of the steps following the procedure. Dr. Karki is one of the rare great doctors who takes time to listen to her patients and doesn't treat them like another number. - .C
The appointment went well and iwas treated professionally. - .H
Dr. Karki was very pleasant and answered all my questions. I am happy that I found a nice Gastroenterologist after going to another who was awful. I will feel comfortable if I need to see her again. - .K
I am satisfied with the service when I came in for my first consultation. - .W
Excellent listener; very knowledgeable; also, provides comfort with solutions to difficult medical problems. - .N
I enjoyed my visit with Dr Karki she was very pleasant to me and showed her interest in my well being. She put me at ease from the very beginning. Thank you for being so nice to me.🙂 - .D
Great and knowledgeable - .T
I felt Dr. Karki was thorough in asking the right questions regarding my issues. She was very knowledgeable and provided solutions and answers I had not had previously. Highly recommend her to anyone. - .P
Every one was very professional and friendly. Was made feel at ease and everything was explained to me. Thank You All. - .L
Thanks - .H
Doctor, facility and staff were all what I expected. Excellent. - Georgetta Denhardt
Everyone was personable and professional...thanks. - .B
Great overall experience. Dr Karki really took time to understand my issues and addressed them accordingly. Best GI doctor I’ve had in 33 years. - .B
i was very pleased with my treatment from the doctor - .B
Very little wait time, very professional vist. And doctors and staff very friendly. - .H
Dr. Karki was very knowledgeable and personable. I was very impressed and comfortable with her. - .H
I arrived and was quickly checked in and given my paperwork to fill out. I did not wait long in the lobby or for Dr Karki. Dr Karki listened attentively and explained things thoroughly. I was very happy with my visit and felt that Dr Karki had been very clear about the direction my treatment would be going in. - .R
Great experience. Almost no waiting. All staff members were friendly and knew their jobs well. - .M
Very good - .G
I was very pleased with my visit. I felt Dr. Karki was thorough and explained to me what she felt was going on. - .H
Dr. Karki takes him time and explains everything. I had my procedure today and she is awesome - .S
Good experience. Arya was very personable and thorough during her interaction with me. - .L
Experience so far great. Unable to judge treatment results at this time as we are still working through diagnostics. - .H
Everyone was extremely pleasant. Very good experience as doctor visits go - .M
Dr. Karki is very pleasant and knowledgeable. Very pleased with everyone. - .J
The appt went smoothly & was timely. Dr. Karki was very easy to talk to, compassionate, no pressure. She explained everything well & was considerate of our budget. I would recommend her to anyone needing gastrointestinal care! - .D
She was very informative, nice and answered all of my questions. - .S