Robert Mandell

164 Westford Rd

Tynsboro, 01879
(978) 649-3058
Always has good support from Dr Mandell and his staff. Very comfortable during the visit. - Bob Kravitz
As a referring dentist, we highly recommend Dr. Mandell. Outstanding work and very passionate about Perio! - Smile Center Pepperell MA
Dr. Mandell is a consummate professional who is motivated by providing the best and most honest patient care in every situation. I often travel from my second home in Utah for professional services. - FRANK
I have been a patient of Dr Mandell's for several years. Saved my teeth when another periodontist was going to pull 7 without even discussing a treatment plan. Wound up only losing 2 with Dr Mandell. If you have periodontal disease and want to keep your teeth, see him. - Laurie Herlihy
I was made aware of my periodontal disease over 20 years ago. Dr. Mandell has been caring for me since the beginning. He is an expert. I have been able to keep all my teeth because of the great care I have received from him, and his professional staff. I receive my cleanings there too. Keeping my teeth clean is so important to keeping my teeth. After a cleaning I feel great. He saved my teeth I am very thankful. I always put my trust in him. - Margo Corcoran
I have been seeing Dr. Mandell every 6 months for over 25 years. He has kept my gums stable. He inserted an implant for a front tooth 18 years ago. The implant is still healthy. - R.W