Anna Becker

3511 W Market St

Greensboro, 27403
(336) 852-3800
Everything and everyone was wonderful and did an amazing. - .L
Dr. Becker asked several questions and explained everything thoroughly. - .W
Everything went well! - .T
It was good to see the waiting room modified for social distancing with very few people present. The wait time there and in the exam room was acceptable although not excellent. The attention and card of Anna Becker was excellent. She takes time to explain and answer questions which is very important. - .J
Never had anything bad to say about Dr. Becker. - .H
I love my PA Anna Becker. She is very personable and medically thorough in the care that she gives! - .H
The appointment was timely, informative and I did not feel rushed. The facility was clean, social distancing appropriate and welcoming. - .W
Everyone in the office was very nice. Felt like my visit was not rushed. Anna Becker was easy to talk to. - .F
Everyone was very helpful and friendly in spite of the virus situation.....highly recommended - .B
Anna really listened to my concerns and spent time getting to know me and my medical history. We had good 2 way communication which was good we didn't agree on all items but that is okay. She made strong cases for the treatment options suggested. Would recommend seeing Anna I believe she had my health in mind - Terry Carespodi
Dr.Becker has amazing bedside manners and always talks with you in a very understanding way. Thank you for all you do ❤️❤️❤️ - .C
The visit was smooth, didn't have to wait long at all. Staff was professional and pleasant. The provider saw me immediately after being called back and answered all my questions, she also put at ease about my concerns. - .J
My appointment was great , there was very little wait time both in the lobby as well as in the examination room. The staff were kind, professional, and organized. - .C
Anna Becker is the sweetest, most knowledgeable provider I have had. I always feel reassured that a will be alright when I leave because she is so thorough. - .T
Dr Becker is very professional - .T
My doctor Anna Becker is the best doctor I have ever seen in my 62 years! She genuinely cares about her patients. I would never consider any other practice or doctor. - Cindy B Mcmahan
Anna Becker made me feel at ease and spent the time to answer all of my questions. - .W
Anna is wonderful; she is encouraging while letting you know what you can do to improve your health. She sits and takes time to talk to you instead of running in and running out of the room. The nurses, lab, and front desk people are all great. - .S
My appointment went pretty well! I always enjoy my visits with Dr. Becker and she is very informative and she takes the time to listen to all of my concerns. The only thing that I would have a complaint about is how much time I have to wait in the exam room. Other than that, everything is excellent. - .B
Great - .L
Always fine as usual. - .D
Anna is great and love that she is “Paired” with taking over Dr Reads patients. - .B
I sent in a message on the portal early that morning before you were open and had a call back soon after you were open and an appointment in 2 hours. Great service. - .L
Mrs Becker is the "BEST". She listens to and understands my concerns and offers or recommends remedies to put me at ease. I have the utmost confidence in her as my health care provider. - .O
I always have enjoyed going to eagle triad. Everyone is nice and easy to work with. I know they are busy but they are willing to take time and answer all questions. So my wait is expected and I dont mind because I know they are treated each patient just like me. Thank you dr Becker for your time and concern. - .B
She is wonderful, thorough, clear, supportive. I could not ask for a better primary physician. - Susan D Archer
Very pleased with visit. Anna took a lot time with questions and explained things well. - .W
Anna Becker was great. She took the time to explain and was personable. - .H
I am very happy with the care I receive - .M
Anna is always thorough when I see her. She gives me great options and we go with the best plan. She is very gentle and knowledgeable. - .S
Always a great and satisfied experience. Anna Becker is knowledgeable, patient and explains things that are easy to understand. - .L
My visit with Dr. Becker was amazing as always. We revisit any issues and she always talks with me about those and any other issues I may be experiencing whether it be medical related or not. She takes the time to really listen and empathize. I recommend her to friends and family who are looking for a new doctor quite often!! The best doctor I have had in my 38 years of life! - .D
Anna is thorough and actually cares about your well being. She makes you feel valued and is always willing to help and answer any questions! I am so glad she came to Eagle Physicians. - Joshua M.P
Great as always. Check in to check out. - .B
The ladies at the front office and pleasant and nice. I was quickly called back. The Nurse was great, very nice, and compassionate. Dr.Becker is very understanding, compassionate, has great bedside manners, and takes her time to explain everything. - .C
Efficient Minimum wait time CaringAnswered all my questions Made sure I knew treatment plan - .J
I feel very comfortable with Anna Becker. She takes her time to explain any issues that you may have. Friendly, knowledgeable and great personality. I highly recommend her for your medical care. - Carmen Lopez
Every thing was very good. - .M
I’m pleased with my experience and results. - .M
Great communicator and explained the situation with recommendations. Very pleased with her knowledge. - .H
Love the care provided here and how Anna Becker really "listens" to your concerns and doesn't make you feel alone. - .B
No issues. Efficient process. - .M
She is an excellent provider. She is extremely thorough and helpful. Her greatest attribute is her ability to be genuinely empathetic. - Cynthia Dew
Excellent!! Caring & Understanding!! - Patricia A Robinson
Great. Very engaging and responsive. - Marvin M Sandifer
Anna did a good job. Very attentive and pleasant. Good job - William Wheeler
She listens! - William J Tonkin
Anna does a wonderful job! She's very personable! - Sharon S Cooper
Anna is a caring person; thorough in her exam & has a wonderful demeanor. She is my new Primary Care Provider. - Mary A McFarland
Courteous staff, and Anna Becker is very capable and makes me feel at ease and comfortable speaking with her about whatever I need to. - .V
Good service. Not rushed and made sure to listen clearly. - .A
I've never had anything negative to say since I've chosen Dr. Becker. - .H
Best doctor around. She actually listens to you. Love the staff they’re so friendly everytime! - .F
Anna is very knowledgeable and positive in her approach. I appreciate her willingness to listen to my concerns and work toward addressing them. - .L
She was wonderful - Leonardo Ballard
Didn’t rush, heard all my issues - Asa D Archer
Anna was efficient and thorough. She answered all the questions. - James A Edenfield
Anna Becker is one of the best P.A’s I have ever had the pleasure of seeing! - Rachel Ault
Anna is fantastic, highly professional! - .C
Well pleased with service provided by Anna. I always try to request if at all possible. - .H
Everyone is very friendly and I absolutely love my Dr. there. - .K
I was seen very quickly by Ms. Becker's assistant. Upon Ms. Becker's arrival I was treated with the utmost professionalism . I never felt rushed or hurried to answer questions and / or to discuss my personal situation. She was the true professional throughout my entire physical exam. - .G
Everyone was very professional. - .O
Excellent - Jeanne Carver
Dr. Anna Becker is the best doctor I have ever been to. She made me feel heard when doctors in the past had either ignored my symptoms or not listened to my concerns. I like that she made sure to explain a game plan that made me feel at ease. She was also detail oriented and respectful. 10/10 stars. She’s the best! - Stephanie M Masullo
A fabulous doctor with a true caring nature. - Ronda Donner
Anna was extremely through and made me feel at home and well taken care of. Pleasure having her to help guide me through my health issues. Anna is professional, thorough and knowledgeable. Glad to have been seen by her. Much love. - Sandra M Burton
I welcome my visits with Anna b/c she knows my medical background and is readily able to discuss and share any new or old issues. She is knowledgeable, patient and a great listener. These qualities gives me confidence of advice she offers or what personal or medical needs I share with her. She is an asset to Eagle Family Practice. - Zona C Ridout
Always prepared to discuss medical and personal issues. Great listener which results in good decision making and follow up about my health and well being! Confident with her excellent care and ability to diagnosis. Beautiful combination of a human being and medical provider! - Zona C Ridout
Mrs Becker is an asset to this practice. She is very attentive to every question presented and responds with an answer and followup to insure it's understood. She is my "go to" doctor now. - .O
Anna Becker is always prepared for my appointment by researching our prior discussions and knowing my medical background and needs! That adds a personal and professional comfort as her patient. She is an excellent listener which has resulted in good feedback and decisions about my personal and medical health. I trust her opinion and I have total faith in her as my provider! - Zona C Ridout
Great! Detailed, kind and knowledgeable - Courtney C Owens
Listened and cared. - Stephanie Grigston
It was very pleasant. - .C
Very professional staff. Conversational and great listeners makes visiting the office and speaking about your health concerns easier. Coming from me a person that's afraid of visiting any health care offices. They make it easier for me to want to better my health. They really work with you. - .W
Anna Becker was very caring and gave a thorough exam. Facility was nice, very easy to get a new appointment, the staff that I came in contact with Anna’s assistant and her were especially super!. - .M
I had a great experience. Anna Becker is a great person and PA. She acted as if she had all the time in the world to be with me. I would see her again, if needed, in a heart-beat. Please tell her that she did not drop into the abyss as some in the ER did. - .D
Everyone was very nice. - .G
I love Anna Becker,she listens cares about her patients.The blood vampires could be a little gentle 😂 - .B
First Rate Treatment. Anna Becker is EXCEPTIONAL. She listens and cares about her patients.The entire staff is friendly and efficient. Interaction with entire staff is always a pleasant experience. - .B
Great care! She takes the time to explain and help with understanding my illness and helps me to take the steps to get better. - Richard A Long
She was great, very informative visit - Brandon Tornquist
Excellent - Rebecca B Doss
There is no one other than Anna Becker that I would trust with my healthcare. She is the best ever! - .M
Good experience. Seemed very knowledgeable and nice. - Robert W Hilliard
Very personal and professional getting to know me. - .B
Very enjoyable - William E Gilchrist
Awesome !!! - .H
She is a great pa. Takes her time with you and listens - Sheila S Coble
She was wonderful and caring. A great asset to this practice!! - Mary A McFarland
Great easy experience - Nicholas A Leake
Excellent! - .H
Anna was very courteous and very professional. I had several concerns and she addressed all of them. I had never met Anna before but she was delightful. - Linda J Moon
She listen and care.. takes her time with you and follows up with you.. - .M
Anna was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with her and getting my physical. She was extremely nice and very knowledgeable. What I liked most about her was that she really spent the time to talk to me about concerns I had and ways to improve. I look forward to meeting with her again in the future. - .B
Very thorough and easy to talk with, - Lorrie Reid
Anna and staff are wonderful. Anna listens and encourages. Although I have several health issues to work on, Anna motivates me to move forward with a positive attitude. - .S
Dr Becker was very friendly and helpful. Relieved my fears. - .W
Everything was great - .L
Very good serviceAnna listens well so she can treatThe problem - .A
I was well attended too. Anna Becker is a great provider. - .Z
She is great! - Mina L Keefe
Thorough, pleasant and knowledgable - Steven F Burns
She is awesome!!!!! - Cristina Lang
Anna is wonderful. She listens and is very encouraging as well as helpful. - Rhonda Sawyer
Excellent bedside manner. Knowledgeable and thorough - Mary Manley
Very nice - Donald C Bode
Excellent service from the front office to the check out and all in between. - .D
Great experience as usual. Thanks for everything. - .P
My experience with Anna Becker has always been excellent. Very easy to talk to and always has answers to my questions. - .G
I love the fact that she listens to me and takes my concerns seriously. - .S
Dr.Becker was very professional and helpful. The staff was friendly and attentive to my questions. - .T
Great visit - Michael Motsch
I really appreciate the thorough attention to details!!! And I appreciate the time I do not feel rushed and I feel like my needs are being addressed!!! - Debra J Collins
Thorough, competent and personable caregiver. - John W Drake
Anna is easy to talk to and is providing great care. - Michael P Tellekamp
I love Anna, easy to talk to, takes the time to listen and is very informative and helpful. - Cathlene D Bachman
I love the way she take time to explain things to you so you may better understand. - Anthony J Oliver
She was excellent in her approach and knowledge about my situation. I was very impressed and relieved. It was a pleasure to meet her. - Carol D Craven
It was a pleasure to be one of her patients. Since my doctor moved away was kinda wondering how Dr. Becker would be I am such a happy patient she is so kind understanding and easy to open up to can't tell you how much that means to me. Job well done appreciate all the staff they are great - .M
Anna is such a wonderful healthcare provider and I am thankful I've been able to develop a trusting relationship with her over the years. She is kind, caring and an excellent listener. - .C
Anna Becker is the best! She has a warm and personable personality and appointments are expeditious but thorough. - .J
I rave about Dr. Becker and the whole staff at a Triad Eagle! The check in process is easy - I’m never waiting for more than 5 mins for ANYTHING - which is incredibly rare in the healthcare field. Dr. Becker always takes the time to really talk with me and assess my needs. I recommend her constantly. The lab staff is the best around and Angel at checkout is incredible to work with and a definite asset to the office! - .D
Friendly, was not rushed, talked to me not at me. I would not hesitate to see her again. - Hildagene Reid
Ann Becker is a first rate medical practitioner! She is smart, caring and on top of things. Very thorough and also very kind. - Susan L Budd
Great visit as always. Anna is very personable and professional! - .G
Still having problems with back - Frankie Jones
Anna took the time to discuss in detail my diagnosis and how to best treat. I was impressed with her willingness to look at all avenues of treatment and proceed with the best alternative for me individually. - .L
All went well - .B
Dr. Becker showed interest in my health - she didn't rush in and out, but took time with me. - Sandra K Jenkins
Very knowledgeable and professional which are the two most important attributes for me. Dr. Becker has also allowed me to follow my own plan for diet and exercise before using pharmaceuticals as a last resort. I’m well pleased with my experience. - Scott E Murphy
Great experience. Very clear communication on all levels. - James C Lee
This was my first exam with Anna Becker. She was great! Did a thorough exam and the prescription fixed the problem. - .M
She was very friendly She took her time to listen to me She gave me to many options I felt very comfortable talking to her - Souad Benelhamdia
Great bedside manner , straight foraward , actually listened and made helpful suggestions. - Chance Palmer
I am very pleased with Anna Becker who took over after Dr. Yousef left. She takes time to listen and make suggestions. Thank you!!!! - .E
Checkup was quick and easy. - .S
Caring , listens and attentive - Mary B Wayne
Anna Becker was very thorough. Overall, a good experience. - .W
The check out staff are usually the ones who are less friendly, but I did not find that to be true. All the staff from start to finish we’re so friendly and nice. Going to the dr is stressful for me so it’s nice when the staff are kind, it lessens the anxiety. - .B
Ms. Becker is great. She is a provider that listens to you and then help you work it out. I like that in a provider. Her clinical teams are the best. They make you feel comfortable. - .C
My first time with Anna Becker, and I really like her! Very thorough, and her recommendations worked! - .W
I was very pleased with the questions and the concerned you showed concerning my condition. You were thorough with the questions and examination. Thank you. This page doesn't go to the second page. - .F
Very informative informative given by Dr. Very pleased with visit. Glad I am going to this practice. - .P
She took the time to listen! Same to juniorly care about patient - Anthony Cook
Anna is kind and professional. She listens and genuinely works to address the issues. I look forward to seeing her again. - Rhonda F Lee
Excellent care - Kevin C Althoff
Ana Becker was very thorough and helpful. I was impressed by her. - Denise N Baker
Great provider. Very thorough. - Erica Dodoo
Visited Anna Becker for my initial Medicare wellness check. She was so very thorough, courteous, skilled and made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend her as a provider. - .S
love that I never have to wait very long and all my questions are addressed timely if not during the visit! - .A
Very caring - Rosetta Ruth Darden
Great job! - .L
My concerns were addressed and I am doing much better. - .F
She was very nice, very professional and very patience to listen to my concerns. - Jeanne Carver
Felt like she cared. - Chera L Goins
She’s one of the best, she talked to me like I’m her best friend, she makes you feel at ease, I love her very much - Wilhelmina Smith
It was a typical medical center. - .B
My visit was excellent. Didn't hardly wait. Dr Becker listened and treated me with respect and gave me excellent reasons and measures for going forward on my diabetes and high blood pressure. Can't ask for anything more. - .G
Always very professional and gets me in as soon as possible - .R
My doctor is doctor Swing but I really like her. - Anthony J Oliver
Anna was great! She listened well, was knowledgeable, had clearly been in conversation about me with Dr Smith and appeared thoughtful about my situation. She discussed options with me and explained thoroughly her proposed treatment plan. - Alice S Wolfe
Dr. Becker is awesome, cares, listens and follow up with me after results.I am pleased to have her. - Reda Bouloudene
Great experience! Thanks - Sharon C Daniel
Anna provided me with a high level of care and education of my condition. She took the time to answer all my questions and alleviate my concerns - Richard A Long
Caring. Took time - Martin D Tobin
Anna Becker is personalable and very caring - Judy H Dean
She showed that she cared about my health. She made sure everything was done to ensure everything was in good health. - Beverly C Harris
She took time to listen and discussed all the details of my care. - Chad A Queen
Excellent - Jeffrey McDowell
Came in for yearly physical. Didn't have to wait long. Dr. Becker is very nice and very professional and helpful. - .L
Good - .T
As always, Dr. Becker takes great time and effort to make sure I understand all my medical issues and opportunities. She is the best PA on the planet. Also, her CMA was equally good. They make going to the medical office a joy rather than chore. - Isaac D Bridges
Everyone was helpful, friendly, and professional while answering my questions and explaining any concerns. - .S
Anna was very informative and took her time explaining to me what I was experiencing. She went over many options for treatment and allowed me to help decide what the best route was for me. She asked lots of questions to help her figure out who i was and what I wanted. She didnt push anything on me and was very generous with her time. I am seriously considering transferring to her as my primary at Eagle. - .S
Anna is fantastic! - .S
Anna is great. I know I’m in good hands. - .H
It was good - .C
Listens and exhibits very caring and competent. Always feel like I leave with concerns addressed and a game plan going forward. - Deborah M Dunlap
Dr. Becker is a thoughtful, thorough, smart, kind medical professional. I feel quite lucky to be in her care. - Ellen B Drake
Very good care. - Garland L Seabolt
Anna helped me remain calm. I become anxious in doctor exams. - Katherine K Hilliard
She is Great - Beverly Nole
She is the most genuine and caring provider I have ever had. I appreciate her explanations and compassion. - Allison P Toland
Friendly, personable, and professional. - Gabrielle Harris
She is very kind and took my concerns and questions seriously. Highly recommend. - Dulcey Trimble
Had a wonderful a good report - .B
Excellent! We love Anna Becker. She's compassionate, empathetic and really listens. She never makes me feel rushed through the visit. - .J
Anna is always pleasant, professional and informative regarding my medical care. She takes the time to explain any concerns I have in language I can easily understand.The entire staff at Eagle from the front desk to the lab are friendly and helpful. - .B
She's very knowledgeable and concerned about your health. Listens to you and answers your questions. - Bruce Pruitt
She is great. - Joseph A Yoder
My experience w/Anna Becker is, as always, a great experience. She is the most compassionate, caring and professional PA I have had the privilege of seeing in a long time. She is very knowledgeable and truly cares about her patients. - Cindi Harris
Excellent - Robin Mcdaniel
I love Dr. Becker. She listens and takes action. She cares about her patients and it shows. - Frances A Graves
I always have a great experience when I visit Dr. Anna Becker. I am so blessed to have her as my doctor. - .A
Always very attentive and knowledgeable and concerned. - .C
Always feel like she took her time with me and made sure all of my needs are met. - Amanda Ousley
She was very informative about what I need to do to improve my health - Laniya M Pinkston Jones
she’s great! - Cambre P Weller
Anna Becker was ver personable, very easy to talk with and very understanding. She assessed the problem with my leg and directed the staff to refer me to a wound center. I have had two visits to the wound center to which I was referred. Although I am a patient of Dr Harris, since he couldn’t see me , Anna did have an opening. I am very pleased with her - Annie M Allen
As always, another great appointment and good decisions made regarding my health needs❗️😃 - .R
I could not have asked for a better doctor visit. The PA examined me and diagnosed me and prescribed medicine to help me get well. I am very pleased with the outcome. - .C
very timely and professional. would choose her again. - .S
I like Anna Becker I hope I get to see her again. - .G
I really like Dr.Becker - .H
She is great. I'm really enjoying her as my doctor. So easy to talk to. She gets a big 10. - Edith Diane Smith
She was excellent in every way and prescribed the right medicine to cure my condition, - Ann P Dickson
Anna is an excellent listener and allows you to share your concern and then she follows up with her professional opinion based on your medical data and background! I appreciate and respect the personal/professional relationship we have. And, I know I can trust her and confide in her as well. Sure makes a patient confident and comfortable about their health care! - Zona C Ridout
Always a professional friendly atmosphere - Vivian Lorraine Jones
She is awesome and truly cares. She listens to your concerns! - Monica W Souther
Good experience. - .S
I was able to get in to see Dr. Becker quickly. The staff was courteous and professional. Dr. Becker was professioinal, kind, and thorough in her examination. She prescribed medication that helped my problem quickly. - .W
It was ok, every thing went well. - .H
Great, she listens to you and takes the time to help, instead of just rushing in and then out. - George H Aldret
It was a great experience. The provider is very knowledgeable and communicates information well. :) - .W
Everything was good 👌 - .J
Recommend Ms. Becker to anyone who doesn't already have a physician. She is great! - .P
Very fast wait and a very detailed process. Loved the staff and Ms. Becker I was very comfortable - .W
No waiting, excellent staff experience, excellent care and explanations by PA, did not feel rushed, overall extremely satisfied with the experience. - .H
Anna Becker was wonderful. She carefully listened to my medical issue, eased my concerns, made a diagnosis and prescribed a medication to take care of the problem. - Deborah B Marker
Anna was pleasant and efficient. She listened. - .Z
Great people! - Lee J Schrader
Simply: THE BEST! - .H
She is always pleasant and genuinely concerned with my health. - Laura B Apple
the doctor and staff was professional and provided good care - .L
Dr. Becker is ALWAYS so sweet and personable. She is excellent at listening to my concerns and taking the time to explain her findings and thoughts. I am always more than happy to see her when I am unable to see Dr. White and am very happy she is with Eagle Family Medicine at Triad. - .P
I received wonderful personal care from Dr. Becker per the usual. My favorite thing about her is the fact that I simply don’t feel like a dollar sign. She genuinely cares about each and everything we discuss. Everyone at the facility is incredibly nice and run an efficient practice. - .D
Things went very well. - .K
Dr. Becker is professional, an excellent listener, easy to be with. - .A
Great results - .J
Very impressed, she is very detailed and thorough ~~ - Charles Czornij
It was a wonderful experience. All my concerns were addressed, I was given options and the follow-up was amazing. - .L
I had a great visit with Dr. Baker. She gave me great insight on my situation and genuinely cared about my health. She is truly a nice doctor! - .R
Provider was responsive and attentive. - Marvin M Sandifer
Very knowledgeable and great bedside manner with patients. - Sharon S Cooper
She is very thorough, conscientious and her! - Kelly Bowman
Excellent visit. - George H Aldret
Very thorough. Pleasant and answered questions fully. - Joe H Hagler
Excellent service Very well pleased with my dr. - Kevin King
Excellent - William C Hunter
Anna is awesomely me, very thorough with her care of both my husband and myself! - Patricia Richardson
Everything was excellent - .W
She was so sweet and helpful, she gave me all her attention and actually looked happy to help me. - Akon Bol
You can tell everyone is professional and takes pride in their job. - .E
Everything went well excellence experience!! - .M
Very personable about how she doing things with patient. Talk about different ways to get better. I like her a lot. - Carolyn R McNeil
Nice meeting her. Very knowledgeable. - Charles Sams
It was honeslty very seamless checking in, and meeting with Anna Becker was just great. She was able to understand my medical needs and gave great advice and information about it. Honeslty I loved my experience and I look forward to my next visit. - .M
Very good overall - .B
Dr. Becker was very professional and courteous. Addressed all my questions and concerns. A very good visit. - .T
Very helpful - Y Lewi Ayun
Alot of time was given to me as She is very thorough and personable - .B
Very personable and professional. - William B Zahn
Anna Becker is the best! She takes care of our whole family and does a fantastic job. - Martha W Langholz
Patient also thorough pleasant - Roderick J Darcy
She’s so wonderful - Jessica Cooper
very good Service - .A
It was a great experience. Quick and painless. Everyone was friendly and kind. - .C
Anna Becker was friendly and thorough. Results were as expected. - Natasha Smith
Very professional service. - .S
Anna is professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I am very confident in her ability and the ease with which she communicate. - Linda June Godwin
Friendly. Knowledgeable. Detailed. - Dora P Bryant
Anna was wonderful. Answered all my questions and provided good feedback in direct response to what I shared with her. - .Z
She’s extremely excellent - Faisal M Ahmed
I was being seen for my annual wellness visit. I was greeted and checked in promptly by friendly staff at the front desk, and the wait time to be seen was minimal. Anna Becker took the time to go over all aspects of my health in detail, and made the necessary recommendations for improving my current health. She is knowledgeable, concerned and compassionate. The nurses who administered my shots and drew my blood were both very friendly and efficient. I was contacted by phone within a few days to go over my lab results and make sure that I understood them. It is always a pleasure to be treated by Anna and her associates at Eagle. - .B
Love the office, staff is great, and Anna is very easy to talk to. Always a pleasure! - Kelsey Lindsay
It went well and it was quick easy to get the appointment thank u - .T
No issues- she is attentive and engaging - Iris Carter
Anna Becker is thorough, respectful, personable, and concerned about your needs. She takes time to listen attentively, and give you advice and options for your medical needs. Thanks so much!!! - .D
Very pleasant and professional. Very knowledgeable on subject matter. - Glenda Burton
Anna Becker was very thorough and answered all questions/ concerns I had. I highly recommend her. - Julie A Tucker
Anna Becker is very thorough, caring, and personable. She takes time with you, and is encouraging. - Ronda Donner
Anna was absolutely the best experience I have ever had at Eagle Triad. She spent quality time helping me figure out a plan to solve my issues. - Rachel Ault
Good listener and helped me with my concerns. Really like going to see her. - Roger S Blackburn
My needs were met and my provider was excellent. - .M
Ms. Becker is a professional and caring provider. She is always attentive and addresses all of my concerns. - Sherline V Mclean
Great doctor i am very happy. - Kathy Allen
Hospital follow up. Dr. Becker was very understanding and nice. - .J
I went in for my yearly physical and got some pretty good life advise to go along with it. - .K
Anna was extremely sympathetic and helpful. She has great active listening skills and provides beneficial guidance. In addition, the medication prescribed has literally changed my life. Thank you. - .D
Fairly short wait time. Dr. Becker was outstanding. - .P
Ms. Becker really listens to me and is very sympathetic to my problems, questions and concerns.She takes time to evaluate my needs.I have been a patient of Dr. Cynthia White since 1996, but I like Ms. Becker just as much and am grateful to have them both in this practice! - .G
Excellent experience as always. It was a wellness exam and Anna Becker took the time to answer all my questions and make recommendations. - .B
Ann is awesome! She is always very helpful, caring, and provided details to her patients. - .R
Anna Becker was very attentive to my needs. Great smile and sense of humor. She did a great job - .N
Doctor Becker is a Doctor who takes her time explaining the best way to treat a problem. She encouraged me to use the patient portal is any after hour questions come up and Doctor Becker response very quickly. Doctor Becker has never rushed me in my visit. Doctor Becker made a strong push for me to start exercising since I am a diabetic. I had a few other Doctors that I needed to see for other follow ups and a procedure that I was taking my time to do and she went a head a sent in my referral to make sure that I went. That is TRUE caring about her patients. Thanks you Doctor Becker for being you.Dartaniel - .A
Very good visit. Dr. was thorough and attentive. - .W
She really listens to my concerns and talks me through her recommendations for treatment. - Chern L Forgay Roughton
I met with Anna Becker for the purpose of an annual Medicare exam plus discussing past infirmaties that I have had. Anna Becker was very thorough and had answers to all my questions. Also, Anna is very tactful, yet firm in her recommendations. I cannot think of any part of the visit that did not go well. - .G
Anna Becker was very professional and answered my questions regarding the chest X-ray. - .T
First time, but I really appreciate her hearing me about the swelling that I have in my legs. Then she prescribed some for water retention. Thanks - Ollie L Williams
I appreciated the time Anna took with me and answered all of my concerns. - .B
It was quick and easy to visit this facility - .P
Anna is a great physician. Very knowledgeable. I was seen quickly but didn’t feel rushed. Good visit. - .H
Everything was just fine. - .L
amazing! - Hannah Sisk
She’s the best thank you Anna - Faisal M Ahmed
Anna makes me very comfortable with plans on taking care of my medical issues. - Michael P Tellekamp
Great provider - Chris D Bigness
Very happy with the care and attention taken in regards to my health and concerns. - Eileen Bell
Enjoyed meeting Dr. Becker. She was excellent with her examination and I appreciate her referrals. - Mary L Jones
Very caring and friendly to talk to. And help me with the problem I came for !!! - Martha C Treants
Anna was very nice and took her time to make sure I understood what was going on. Highly recommend! - John Krazmien
Very friendly and helpful! - Sharon S Cooper
She’s EXCELLENT and I Thank GOD for her being my health care provider - Andrea E Reese
Anna Becker is so professional, personable, knowledgeable and friendly. I trust her completely. - .L
Ms. Becker, was very pleasant, & professional. She listened to what I was telling her. We discussed the symptoms. Through examination she concluded what was wrong. She prescribed medication that helped. - Mary K Bwamba
Ms. Becker was very professional and pleasant. She discussed with me my symptoms, examined and prescribed medication that she thought would take care of my symptoms. I was very pleased. - Mary K Bwamba
Reviewed my records properly and helped me to understand each dx better. Made surr to answer all my questions - Katie C Welchel
I have always been pleased with the performance and treatment that I have received. Anna Becker and whole staff have been fantastic. - .H
Anna Becker is very professional and personable. - .R
Shes the best! She really cares and is there to help you. - Monica W Souther
Anna Becker was awesome and we enjoyed seeing her again. - .D
Ms Becker made me feel very comfortable and that I was in good hands. A great experience! - .K
As always, it was a great visit, and Anna took time to really listen and make plans for my treatment moving forward. - .L
Cares about her patients and does a really solid job, very happy with her. - Jeffrey Montgomery
Very caring and helpful. - George J Jennings
Great person listens to your problems and helps to diagnose your issue. - Ronald Woodward
Awesome!!! - Amelia B Donnell
It was good always happy with and pleased seeing Anna Becker! - .S
I had a great experience. - .M
Everything was fantastic. Looking forward to my visits in the future. - .E
Dr. Becker is the best!! I always feel very comfortable around her. She is easy to talk to and genuinely cares and doesn’t make me feel like just another number. IWould recommend her to anyone!! - .D
Anna Becker is amazing! She is extremely thorough and excellent with children! - .M
I appreciate the time that Anna takes. She doesn't rush you out. She wants to take care of the patient. Very happy. - .B
Ms. Becker was very good - she spent a lot of time reviewing my overall heath. I appreciate her attention. - .C
Very friendly. Explains things and listens very well. Seems more thorough than the doctor. Very satisfied. - Scott Gordon
I have seen PA Becker on 2 occasions, once for an annual checkup and once for a swollen area behind my right knee. She seems to be as knowledgeable as a physician. She is thorough and professional. I am confident in her ability to diagnose and prescribe and, if necessary, send me to consult with a specialist. - .H
Anna Becker is a great healthcare provider! - .H
Ms. Becker is very professional and knows her stuff. Not only that, she has a good sense of humor. - .H
Anna Becker is an excellent doctor. From day one to the last visit I've had with her, she has been professional and provided me with a detailed explanation of my visit with her, the meds she recommended or prescribed have been on target. She will go far in this field.Thank you for this chance to give her kudos.Cynthia D Laughlin - .L
Anna Becker was really easy to work with, inquisitive about my situation, and listened to what I was experiencing. She gave me warnings about potential side effects, and told me how to mitigate them/ the importance of not overusing the medication. It was a smooth experience. - .T
Anna is very pleasant to talk with. She understands my conditions and has valuable advice to help. - .C
Very positive attitude and makes me comfortable. - H\'martha Adrong Ayun
Excellent - Sheila G Stone
Great. - Kirby A McKenzie
Very good - James Wassong
Dr.Becker was very professional. She listened to me and answered all my questions. I was very pleased with my visit. - .T
I appreciate the time that Mrs. Becker spends with me as a patient. I never feel rushed. I will certainly be referring people her to (and this practice in general). Thank you! - .K
Every appointment I’ve had with Anna Beckner has been a pleasant experience. She and her staff are wonderful. - .B
Good care - Suzan Lowery
Thank you for helping me find the reason for these allergies. Blessings. - .C
I had a great experience at Dr. Becker‘s. She is so wonderful. She is so helpful. She is so kind. She is so knowledgeable. Love her tons - .P
Dr Becker was very professional and courteous and friendly. - .B
Anna and Heather have been extremely helpful and responsive in getting my medication issues straightened out. I am very happy with the practice! - .H
All went very well - .B
Takes the time to hear your concerns and never makes you feel rushed. Very thorough. - Victoria V Stevens
Excellent visit. She addressed all my concerns. - Alfred Simons
Thorough - Devergia W Richardson
Genuinely interested in my concerns. Great bedside manner..professional - Sharon Cannon
Dr Becker was pleasant and didn't miss anything. I love her!! - Frances A Graves
Very good - Thomas Lancaster
Very thorough and professional - Cynthia D Hinson
She was very helpful and actuallyListened to my needs. - .H
overall was very good - .B
Appreciated everyone’s kindness during this appointment for a challenging back muscle spasm.Ms. Becker was attentive, good listener, quickly & thoroughly assessed & prescribed for my condition. Thank you ! - Patricia A Balboni
Excellent experience as always. - .B
Great - .D
Compassionate staff including Dr Becker. - .D
Ms. Becker was very friendly and listened to me well. I would gladly see her again. - .W
Anna Becker is the best there is. Her bedside manner and knowledge can't be compared. - .T
Anna is awesome. Her patient manner and attention are her strongest assets. Her knowledge and great personality gave the utmost confidence in her ability to help me. The result was excellent. - .L
Everything was great as usual, answers all my questions and concerns. - .R
Very satisfied - .S
The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and prompt. Visit was not rushed and all concerns were addressed. - .W
Anna treats me as if I were family. Always a pleasant experience. - .P
Anna Was very helpful Assessing my over all health and was very caring. She highly promoted self conditioning, like losing weight eating more healthier, and to stay positive. She really made me feel very confident in my journey to improve certain areas of my health. Anna will be a very positive role model in the medical field as time passes. I give Anna Becker a 10 on a scale rating of 0-10. Much success in your future we endeavors. Best Regards - .W
Everything was explained throughly..very professional..very glad to be a patient.. - .H
I loved my experience! Wait time wasn't long and staff were friendly and fun:) Love that PA Anna is a Christian! So cool and helps a lot. She cares a lot and listens well. - .K
As usual, everyone and everything was excellent. Very well received. No time wasted. Anna was well informed about my health and the blood work was painless and expertly accomplished. They all made going for a checkup a welcome experience. - Linda A Hendricks
Dr. Becker cares about her patients. I have never felt such personal relationship. She remembers me and my issues and always makes you feel like you’re her only patient. Of course I know I am not but that’s how all patients should feel!! - .D
Everything went well - .M
I had the best experience with Anna Becker. She was very understanding of my needs and she listened to my concerns. - .S
Anna is just great and an excellent provider - .K
Very please with this medical team. - .F
Great experience with Anna Becker. She was caring, thorough and has great bedside manners. Wait time was minimal. - .S
My experience was positive. Everyone I spoke with was professional and pleasant. - .L
Great visit from beginning to end. - .C
Doctor Becker did a good job attending to my health concerns. She covered all the bases and made me feel better. - .A
Great experience - .A
She was very kind and calmed my nerves very well. She was sympathetic and nonjudgmental. I would definitely see her again if Dr White was unavailable. - .C
I am very pleased with all the help I received from everyone in the . - Shirley J Blake
I really appreciated how much time and how thorough the appointment was! I was sad to have lost my previous doc and was wonderfully surprised how easy Anna Becker was to talk with and how diligent she and staff were in follow up. - .A
Fast hardly no wait experience.Staff is very friendly and helpful for resolving questions needing answers - .K
Very well done. Knowledgeable about my history. - .T
Best care! - .L
Anna is a very knowledgeable PA. She has great patient skills and I am glad she helped me with my pain in my ear - .H
Everything went great. I was very satisfied. - .M
Trust me. I dont like going to the doctor at all, but Ms. Becker made me feel at ease and that meant a lot - .K
I went in for a sinus infection. Dr. Swayne was not available, but I was given an appt. with Anna Becker that same day. She was very friendly and efficient. I was glad to meet her, and her treatment was right on. I am fine now. - .B
This was a great office. The doctor was very informational. Help me to understand and listen to all the problems I thought I had and looked into them for me. - .N
It was great. - .W
The lady that helped me at first was super helpful and nice! Anna seems very educated and well versed. I appreciate how well she listens and cares for the patient. I love that she's a Christian! This benefited me a lot and gave me much comfort when it came to addressing the issue I had. - .K
My doctor Anna Becker is an excellent provider. She listens to my questions, and is very thorough when examining me. I feel special and respected as a patient. The staff is excellent; I never have a long wait time. - .A
Anna was professional, knowledgeable, and kind. She answered all of my questions and took her time to listen to my concerns. I'm happy to be her patient. - .F
Very excellent experience! - .K
Mrs. Baker is very friendly and very good listener and examined thoroughly and provided excellent care and I was back on to my feet withing three days. Thank you Mrs Baker - .C
Anna always provides a thorough and pleasant patient visit experience. - .H
It was great, she was great! Very honest and personable. Second time seeing her and I wouldn’t mind seeing her again in the future. Still remembered things even after not seeing her for 1.5 years! - .J
I didn't have to wait long, everyone was kind and polite and I had all my questions answered. - .Y
this was a hospital follow up. Anna Becker immediately made me feel comfortable, relaxed and in very good hands. She answered all of my questions, making sure I understood each one. She didn't rush through the appointment time and listened to every concern I had. I am absolutely delighted that she was my first contact after just getting out of the hospital. Your practice is lucky to have her on staff. She's great!! I give her 5 stars in every category. - .S
Excellent - .T
I was very satisfied with my visit. I was given a subscription and it appears it is working, It is still a little to tell for sure.Vince - .M
Great care as always.....very satisfied with the treatment. - .B
Dr. Becker has by far been my favorite primary care physician. She really takes the time to get to know you and address your concerns. It feels like she really cares and that you’re not just a number. I would and do recommend her to everyone who is in the market for a new doctor. - .D
I really appreciate her bedside manner. She seemed very knowledgeable about her work. I would definitely schedule again with her. - .E
Nice! - .P
I have always had a good experience with Anna and staff!!! - .A
She was very good! - .G
Anna Becker has been so wonderful and has been the most thorough provider myself and my children have been a patient of in a very long time. We are very thankful to have her caring for us - .H
Anna Becker is a wonderful medical provider. She takes in to account her medical training, experience and my values/needs in determining a plan of care that works for me. - .H
Anna Becker was great - .R
Anna Becker was amazing! The most st thorough dr visit I have ever had! She listened and cared about getting to know me. - .R
Anna Becker is AMAZING!!! Her bedside manner is so comforting and she knows her stuff. I would recommend her highly to anyone looking for a PCP. - .T
Although no final determination was made regarding blood in the urine, Anna Becker did an excellent job including referring me to an urologist. My blood pressure is doing well also. - .G
As always amazing - .F
Anna Becker is an exceptional PA. She takes the time to listen to your individual health concerns and discusses options for treatments that are compatible with your own feelings. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for an attentive and well qualified PA. - .G
Anna Becker is the best physician I have ever seen. Very patient and is genuinely concerned about your well being. - .D
Great service and friendly staff. - .F
Anna was very nice and bedside manner excellent - Wanda Kinzer
I tend to see PAs and Anna Becker is one of the best I’ve seen! - .G
Very happy Anna Becker is a kind and caring person.And the ladies in lab are very good at taking your blood - .B
Very professional and helpful with my health care. - Edwin L Clark
Me. Becker worked me into her schedule and gave considerable time to listen, examine & discuss.Most efficient, personable, excellent listening skills . Thank You! - .B
Anna calmed me and prayed for me...mean't more than I can say. - Carla B Duggins
The diagnosis was accurate with appropriate treatment recommended, which seems to have resolved the problem. Ms. Becker was very professional, explained her plan for treatment clearly, and was very pleasant. She is an asset to your daily operation and provided a positive experience to my visit. - .P
Not long wait, kind medical staff and great experience. - Maximillion Shepherd
Everyone was very professional. Thanks for everything. - .O
went in for f/u for uti. facility was very neat and clean. Staff was efficient and wait time was less than 10 min. LP was friendly and seemed very knowledgeable. - .S
Anna Becker was the first PA I have seen at Eagle. She was very knowledgeable understanding of my issues. Overall, I had a great first appointment for a new physician. - Benjamin Bowden
Ms Becker explained everything in detail so that I could understand what had happened, what would happen, and what I was supposed to do. I really appreciated her thoroughness and compassion. - .N
Thorough and kind! - Dawn Placke
Amazing, helpful, and kind-hearted. - Maximillion Shepherd
Excellent experience. - Charles B Keegan Jr
Was seen and diagnosed quickly. She took a bit of time with me and explained everything. Great experience with her. - Michael Stewart
5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Tonda Bowers
very,very good anna becker was excellent - .M
Highly recommended! Anna Becker is very responsive and helpful. Wait times are never long, and scheduling is easy. Plus the app lets you get test results quickly and easily. - .P
Love Anna. She does a great job. Very thorough. Really listens. Would definitely refer her to friends, family etc. - Mary E Forrest
Anna takes the time to listen and give her advice and opinions. I feel like I’m visiting with a friend. - Cathlene D Bachman
She was so sweet to work my husband into her schedule and listened to his aliments - William H Turner
Everyone was kind and very knowledgeable. - .C
I am so happy to have Anna Becker, as my Physician. She listen to my questions and answers thoroughly, very patient and kind. I always leave her office feeling good, and understanding everything about my health. - Kathy Allen
She was very thorough & caring about everything and made you feel relaxed in talking to her. - Lisa Y Capps
Great - James D Capps
Anna is a great listener. She cares deeply about her patients. Provides great feedback. Takes the time to answer any questions or concerns. She is very sensitive and compassionate. She creates a comfortable environment that makes it easy to talk with her and be honest about your medical concerns. - Emily A Matzinger
Anna has always been the consummate professional. Very patient centered. - William B Zahn
Great experience - Kendra S Spruiell
Better than expected. - .T
Very thorough and comprehensive exam. - Robert D Ramsey
Anna is an excellent PA. Very through, listens to concerns, clear explanation of treatment plan, courteous. - .W
My experience with dr. Becker was very enjoyable I feel that she is very thorough I enjoy talking to her her explaining things that I wanted to know overall I really thought she was very good and I would like to see her again on my next visit - Beverly Nole
I used to see Dr. Fried in Oak Ridge for years until he left general practice, he was the only reason I stayed there for so long. I decided to look around and started seeing Anna Becker. Anna is awesome as well as the rest of the staff! I have a new home for my medical needs and don't think I could have made a better choice!!! - Kevin R Ambs
Always leave my appointment with Anna Becker feeling my health is in good hands! She is thorough and allows time for discussion if needed. Equally important, she does it all with a caring and kind manner😃 - .R
Always a great environment and great patient care. - .H
Anna Becker is very thorough, has a great bedside manner, she has a calming affect on the patient. - .P
dr anna is personable and a delightful experience exudes intelligence and dedication - .G
Everything was fine - .D
Great! - .F
Excellent health care provider. Dr Becker dose a great job with explain my needs. Not sure where i would be with my health without her - .H
Excellent, Very through, I'm happy with the care I get at Eagle. - .H
Always pleasant and helpful with questions as well as patient care - .D
All of my visits to this practice are always great. - .B
Anna Becker is great. She is personable, through and knowledgeable. - .T
Anna is great She takes time to really listen to you - .G
Very pleased with overall experience - .E
From the time I arrived till the time I left my appointment I was met with courteous employees. Anna was so professional and courteous and listened to what I had to say. She was so easy to talk too and very understanding, which I love in a provider. i would highly recommend her. - .K
Dr. Becker was great very concerned with my health. She was very friendly & kind as well as the staff. Very helpful.. - .T
I have been a patient at Eagle for over thirty years. I received excellent accommodations the minute I arrived at Eagle. The receptionist was courteous. I only waited 10 minutes prior to the nurse calling my name and took my vitals. Dr Becker came in for my physical within 15 minutes. Dr Becker was very nice and professional. She immediately put me at ease and took the time to explain every detail of my annual physical. I could not have been more pleased with the excellent service I received at Eagle. Thank you. - .Y
I really appreciated having Anna, She understood the pain I was in & explained what she thought was causing it. The medication she prescribed has been extremely helpful, She was very understanding. The medical assistant I saw there was also very helpful. The reception staff was wonderful. I had just had an MRI & had developed a high level of pain prior to that. On my way home I went by on the off chance that someone could see me or I could get an apt for later in the day. I was so thankful that there had been a cancellation & she was able to see me Everyone at this office is great to work with. - .B
Very professional everyone is so nice and accommodating. Answers all my questions and concerns and I get great advice and positive feedback - .G
My experience with P.A Becker and the rest of the staff was about as good as it gets. Great exam, no waiting, and as always the staff was helpful and courtesy. My blood pressure being normal when I am there, is a good indication that I feel comfortable being in the doctors office. I am looking forward to my next appointment in six months. Thank you for being there for me. - .L
Everything was excellent! - .B
broke my toe on Sunday night, called Monday morning and they were able to work me in.Dr. Becker checked my foot and toes. she thought it may be broker and sent me for x-ray and the confrimed it was broken. Dr. Becker told me to tape toes together and soak in ice. i was glad she saw me, because my toe was hurting really bad. thank you. - .S
Perfect service as always. Love you guys and ms. Becker - .T
Everything went well and the staff were all kind, courteous and met all my needs during my entire stay. Very professional! I am very pleased! - Kelly W Hicks
Ms Becker took time to listen to me explain what was going on. She then explained her recommended treatment to me. I didn’t feel rushed through the process. - .A
I had been having stomach issues for several days. Having been diagnosed with diverticulitis I was concerned. The staff worked me in the same day that I called. The treatment, the care, the attention were excellent. My concerns were addressed and any possible concerns of the doctor were also addressed. I received a follow-up phone call 24 hours later to see how I was doing. Very professional and caring group of doctors and staff! - .W
Once again, I had another great experience with Eagle Family Medicine at Triad. Dr Reade is my longtime physician. I had a timing conflict with my annual review with Dr. Reade, so Anna was available to meet with me. She did a excellent job, was very thorough, and showed great listening skills. Thank you! - .H
I had a great experience - .P
Great visit with Anna Becker. Short wait time and prompt attention. Took care of my problem, and referred me to dermatology for the rest of my problems. Thank You Anna - .L
It was a 5 star experience. thx to all contributors. - .S
I was able to make and appointment and see Anna Becker on the same day. The staff was efficient and helpful. Anna was very knowledgeable, helpful and personable. It is a pleasure to go to a doctor and feel so cared for. - .A
I think Anna is a great PA. She is an asset to your practice. - .D
Had a wonderful and complete examine by Anna Becker. Very pleased with all that she did for me on this visit and her compassion to try and determine what my problem was. I would highly recommend Ms. Becker and so glad that Eagle has her on staff. - .C
This was my first time to have an annual physical handled by a PA. I felt as though Anna was just as informed as the doctors and gave me valuable advice and information. - .W
I appreciated that Anna Becker took time to listen to my concerns and answered my questions. I didn't feel rushed. - .H
Quick and easy to get appointments, very short wait times, and excellent care. Highly recommended! - .P
Anna was wonderful - .S
I feel very comfortable receiving treatment there, Anna Becker is open, honest, & compassionate! I don't know the staff by name, but they are always courteous & professional-the waiting room and treatment rooms are very clean and wait time to see the doctor seems to always be minimal. I would recommend them to any possible new patients! - .W
I must said everything is really excellent staff is prompt and courteous from the front desk until checkout. My doctor shows that she really care she is never rush and she answer all my questions which is really important to me. I get my results from test in a timely manner and if the doctor needs to give me any information she get in touch me right away. I would recommend this eagle office anytime to anyone who wouldlike a good doctor visit. - .M
I really appreciated being able to see Dr. Becker so quickly with my concerns and she was wonderful to follow up and stay in touch as I had a few more symptoms over the weekend !!! I just appreciate the concern and care and the God in you !!!! - .C
Dr. Becker is great and by far my favorite doctor thus far in my adulthood. She really takes her time with me and seems genuinely concerned with my well being. I don’t feel like just another number. She offers options of treatments for my issues and offers to explore any I’m interested in. I’m so glad I chose her when I was looking for a new primary physician. I made a wonderful decision!! - .D
I was a fine visit I like the doctor and the nurses were very courteous it was a good visit - .L
Great! - .R
Very pleased with everything. - .J
Excellent service from the entire staff. - .B
Excellent service by all staff and the PA. - .A
Anna Becker is kind, compassionate, listens well, her bedside manner is excellent. I felt heard, understood and cared for. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a caring doctor! - .S
Anna was fantastic! She was very professional and answered all of my questions. I would definitely come back in the future. - .T
Excellent care - .A
I recently started seeing Anna Becker and she is wonderful! Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. - .P
The services are always good. - .W
It was great. We love Anna Becker - .G
I was able to secure an appointment within one week of calling. Although I have been a patient for 14 years, my previous visits were always with Dr. Sun (whom I just love, incidentally). This was the first time I had met Ms. Becker and I was impressed with how thorough she is. She is personable, inquisitive, and certainly caring and professional. I would welcome an appointment with her anytime. - .P
I am very pleased with the care I have received from Anna Becker. I have told several people that she listens, takes the patient's concerns into consideration, and then provides the best of care. I also appreciate that she made time to see me on short notice when I stepped on a nail. - .S
Good experience and great customer service! - .H
I do like the hospitality down there and customer service and my Nurse and my good Doctor, she is smart and have a good experience about her career, I think all is good all I want for now to feel better thanks! - .E
As always, Staff is very professional and helpful. - .P
I had a great experience here and the staff were friendly, professional and helpful. They were also very kind and friendly! - .B
Was impressed by Ms Becker's approach/attention to detail to Harriett's issues. Full checkup of shoulder problems and problems related to shortness of breath and dizziness and hearing issues.Took BP lying down,sitting and standing and gave EKG and discussed results and suggested possible referrals to cardiologist, orthopedist and audiologist. Fully satisfied. - .W
Anna and her nurse are very competent and professional, yet both are so kind and understanding that I walked out of the office feeling better from just our conversations.I would highly recommend them both. - .B
Anna listened to my health complaint and helped me understand the treatment and the expected outcome. My follow up email was promptly replied to and helped me get a refill and the condition get better. - Olaf .V
Anna is a wonderful PA and on top of my health needs. Thank you so much! - .E
Excellent care, I have great confidence in both Anna Becker and Eagle Medical. Thank you keep up the good work. - .E
Anna Becker was very kind, personable, and thorough. She spent more time with me discussing my overall health than I can remember in a long time. She gave good recommendations and invited me to call back if conditions continued. I appreciated her taking time with me very much. - .C
I love being treated by Anna Becker. She has a great calmness about her. She is so informative, explains things in a way that's easy to understand and really wants to see her patients do well. I would recommend her to anyone who wants an AWESOME PCP. - .T
My experience at Eagle Clinic was very organized , the staff was polite - .J
Dr. Anna Becker is fantastic and one of the most caring and upbeat doctors I have ever met. I will definitely be scheduling all of my future appointments with her! - .P
They worked me in quickly to address specific health concerns - .M
Everyone in the office is very friendly and kind. I love my doctor because she takes the time to listen to my concerns and she explains things to me. I am so glad that I finally found a good doctor! Thank you Dr. Becker! - .B
I needed to get in quickly and was able to see Anna that day. I always enjoy seeing her and she is very thorough in here exam and labs. - .F
I like Anna Becker very much. She is easy to talk to and she explains things clearly and patiently. - .S
Very relaxing visit. My BP was the lowest in over 15 years, I’m normally tensed and stressed at my appointments. - .M
The facility and staff are always great! - .L
I was very impressed with everything about this office visit. Everyone was very nice and friendly. They all made me feel very comfortable. Especially the lab tech. I didn't feel a thing when she drew blood from my arm. - Jennifer .N
Very thorough, interested and kind - .B
Everything went great, miss read a blood test on the portal and thought I was dying but was assured I’m okay. Great service and Great doctor! - .P
Experience was excellent and the staff was friendly too - .B
Very thorough and concise - .C
Anna is awesome, her patient manner and knowledge is exceptional. She is friendly, attentive and understanding. I would recommend her to anyone. - .L
Anna Becker is very understanding and helpful. She is very professional, but still friendly and approachable. The staff are all courteous and helpful, and the facility is always clean and inviting inside and out. Highly recommended. - .P
Good - .F
I came in for a physical and saw Anna Becker. She is always so personable and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the visit and would refer her to family and friends. - .Green
Wonderful - .P
My experience was very pleasant. I was in and out in no time. Anna was very sweet, professional and had great bedside manner. I may continue to see Anna in the future when I return. - .B
I look forward to my visits with Ms. Anna. She is very prepared and knows background of previous visits if need exists to discuss and share. She has an excellent approach and manner to talk with you and allow you to confide in her. Her medical and professional recommendations based on conversation are thoroughly considered and personalized to make you feel she knows you well as her patient. I also commend her for her follow-up patient care. She could certainly be defined as a patient's ideal doctor! - Zona C Ridout
Anna and the staff are great! They take very good care of me, remember small details and genuinely care. I’m glad they’re my primary care doctor. - .E
Anna Becker is incredible. She is patient, thorough, and approachable. Her bedside manner is excellent, as was her clinical knowledge. She talked me through her thought process and I felt I was valued part of the team. - .S
Always pleasant - .Z
This is the first time I have seen Anna Becker. I liked her very much. She was very professional and seemed to know exactly what to do. - .R
This was my first wellness exam since being on Medicare, and also my first visit with Anna Becker. I was so pleased with the amount of time, attention and information I received from Anna that I have already scheduled my 2019 exam with her. Anna is knowledgeable, personable and thorough. She addressed every health concern I had, including one that I forgot to mention during my visit, and subsequently sent her a message about through the portal. I hope that Eagle at Triad realizes what a truly great addition Anna Becker has been to their staff. - .B
Anna seemed to be very concerned of my condition and wanted to help - .F
Great as always, felt I was listened too, and everything was done very thorough. - .B
My experience was very good. I didn't have to wait very long, and all of the staff was pleasant and helpful. - Molli Hoban
Everything was great - .T
Dr. Becker was able to spend time with me and go over my history for the past year and things that were going on and explain things to me that I had concerns about. it's greatly appreciated and usually unheard of not to feel rushed. - .T
Ms. Becker was an outstanding clinician. She took the time to get a complete history of my problem and listened attentively to my complaints. She discussed additional therapies to help in addition to the medication and provided a timeline on when to follow up if there was no provement. She was compassionate and engaging. I highly recommend her. - .T
This most recent visit was my first time seeing Anna, and I LOVE HER! Awesome experience :-) - .P
You handled my emergency professionaly and the paperwork you gave the EMS got me into the emergency room with ease. Thank you. - .W
I absolutely love the PA, Mrs. Becker. She is very thorough, professional and kind. - .K
I have been with Eagle and they have been great. - .V
Mrs. Becker is one of the greatest providers I've had in a while. I felt as though we bonded during my visit and she made me feel "at home". She wasn't rushed it was my time and I appreciate that! She also addressed every concern I had and discussed my past history. Thank you for providing exceptional service! May God continue to Bless you. - .S
Anna Becker is a wonderful provider and the staff at your office is ALWAYS friendly, you make an uncomfortable situation comfortable - .Y
Anna Becker has, once again, proven to be one of the most passionate caregivers in the Eagle Network. She listens, assesses and prescribes through advice, medication and counsel. Best addition to Eagle in years, she's a "keeper". Thank you Anna. - Loretta O Hal
This was my first time meeting Anna Becker. She is absolutely wonderful! She also saw my daughter on the same day. She is extremely professional, kind, knowledgeable and very thorough. She has a fabulous presence and it was obvious that connecting with her patients is very important to her. My daughter and I both hope to continue seeing her for a primary care. It was honestly my best experience at Triad and I have been a patient for many many years. - .H
Anna communicates very well, always a creating an atmosphere where she is in no hurry, willing to listen and explain things. Hope momma and baby do well. - Edward Gibson
I really like Dr. Becker and the entire Eagle staff!! It is such a positive easy experience compared to my last office. I feel like she really takes the time to talk to me and get to know me on a personal level. Angel at the front desk is also super helpful every time I check in! - .D
My visit was quick and easy. Diagnosis made and meds prescribed. My condition is improving. - Bonnie Loyd
I had to make a last minute appointment and was seen by Anna Becker. She was a great listener, asked lots of good questions and showed genuine concern. Appointment desk was very accommodating and wait time was normal. - .B
I appreciate the care and treatment i receive when i come to Eagle Medical Anna Becker PA thanks so much for what you have accomplished with me thus far. I hope we can get my situation resolved with the referral doctors. Thanks a bunch - .K
Scheduled appointment time convenient to me, diagnosis and treatment was accurate and effective. - .P
Ms. Becker was very helpful - Nancy H Clark
Ms Becker does an excellent job listening to my concerns and explaining her recommendations. I appreciate her patience and her thoughtful responses to my concerns and questions. - .F
Mrs. Becker was very nice. Listened to all of my concerns, provided a great deal of useful and helpful resources for my particular situation and health needs. Highly recommend seeing her to anyone. - .I
Anna Becker has a wonderful bedside manner!!!! She has a calming affect on me as a patient. I am the type of person who is a little apprehensive when it comes to doctors visits at no one fault but mine. I believe that she is a wonderful addition to the already outstanding staff of doctors and nurses at Eagle Family at Triad. - Wesley T Proctor
I tested positive for the flu and Mrs. Becker was very thorough with informing me about what I needed to do to get better. I got lab results in a very timely manner. Staff and provider were very friendly and efficient. My overall experience was great. - .M
Very nice and professional got me in quick and out. The eagle team of doctors have treated our family for 31 years. - .D
The wait time was reasonable and the consultation was excellent. - .G
I was even excellent care thank you so much - Janice H Lanier
I'm 66 years old and has gotten into poison ivy. Dr Becker wanted to visually see the breakout because, at my age, it could be shingles. Thank God it was not.Dr Becker was professional, friendly and quick. My prescription was ready when I went to pick it up. - .J
Mrs. Anna baker is excellent of all !She cares from her heart and I trusted! She is great , sweet doctor!Thanks to god! And thank you mrs. Anna baker ! - .H
Good - .D
Anna was truly concerned about my health issue and explained the situation to me in layman’s terms. Excellent care was received! - .M
As always the services rendered were excellent. all my concerns and any questions I had were addressed. - .G
It was a pleasure to meet Miss Anna I had an illness that I couldn't figure out she talked me through it she gave me courage she gave me advice and she show me that everything will be alright if I just follow the cost that she put me on and I really want to thank - .W
Dr. did great very impressed and felt listened too and taken care of very much - .M
Made appointment same day and Mrs. Becker provided excellent service. - James Stanley
Excellent bedside manner and treated me like an intelligent adult. We discussed my health and ways to manage it that made sense and gave me confidence in the people I entrust to care for me. - .L
Anna was very informative and gave great advice on future services that could be of use. I felt at ease during my yearly exam - .M
Everything went smoothly and everyone was friendly - .C
Great appointment! - .E
I enjoyed meeting with the PA, Anna Becker. She was knowledgeable, kind, listened well and was very professional. Sarah Marlow, PhD, CSAC - .M
great experience with Anna, very professional and clear. - .M
Always pleased to use Anna Becker. She nailed it yet again with the symptoms and treatment. Took about a week but am doing much better. She spends time with her patients and explains in detail what she thinks is going on and tries to help in any way she can. - .A
This was my first visit to this office and my first encounter with Anna. I'm very pleased that she will be my primary care provider from now on! She has excellent people skills, and is very competent and knowledgeable. - .T
Anna did a through check up and I feel like she really listened to my problem, thick discharge from nose, hacking cough put me on Z-pac and it seems to have helped clear up the whatever I had. Since I have a problem with antibiotics this sure did help. Do not know if this is necessary to report, but I finished the meds on Friday 12/9- have developed a rash/hives on my body, not all over, along the pant line and some on stomach ,but think it may be from the water at the Y, for I do water ex., just thought I would mention this. I feel fine and Thank Anna for seeing me at the last minute. I must say the staff is always wonderful at check in and out. - .M
I love Anna as my new PCP. She was so thorough. She made me feel at ease and I appreciate that. I also really appreciate how she explains things. - .T
The whole staff is very competent and professional. Dr. Becker is very thorough in her exams, asking questions and taking the time to actually listen to what I have say. - .P
I enjoyed meeting Anna Becker very much and felt very comfortable with her. - .S
Anna Becker is an excellent provider. I am very pleased with the care I receive at Eagle Physicians. - .W
I enjoyed the time I spent with the Dr.Becker. - .H
The entire group is always polite, sincere and there for the patient first. I have been with Doctor White for many years and any will be as long as she practices or I am alive. The few times I have had to see other doctors or a PA I always left felling like I was given all of the attention and help asked for and more. My first time meeting Anna left me believing the people they add to this practice are carefully vetted to make sure they realize they represent the entire team. My life is better because of Doc White and her team. Thank you for everything you do!! - Keith A Sebastian
Absolutely LOVE this woman! She may be a PA but she is more knowledgeable than many other doctors I’ve been to and goes above and beyond to make you feel truly cared for. She always makes me feel more like a friend than a patient - .N
Wait times are always short, staff is always courteous, and Anna always spends enough time talking about concerns, issues, etc. Highly recommend. - Brigette Pfister
Overall everything went well. Anna Becker was very professional, helpful, knowledgeable, and prepared for my visit. Checkout time was the only drawback to my visit. - .O
Dr. Anna was patience, answered all my questions and made sure l understood medicines she subscribed for me. - .L
It was a really good experince .Everyone that I seen or that helped in the visit in any way was very nice . - .B
Anna is great! - .Y
Mrs. Becker presented as a very caring and compassionate provider. She was responsive to my concerns and provided excellent medical care. - .M
I'm always treated with care at Eagle, I'm just still trying to get well with my anxiety attacks because when they come on it restricts my breathing. - .K
The doctor listened well and asked smart questions. - K.K
I had a visit to renew my medication all went well and Mrs Becker was thorough, excellent and was very professional - C.B
Wonderful in all regards! - K.H
Anna Becker is nice, she listens, and truly cares about her patients. - G.Y
Anna was so outstanding she was checked everything and made sure all questions answered - L.T
Very pleased with Doctor. I didn't feel rushed. - L.M
Took me in on the same day. Only waited about 5 minutes. Anna was very precise in her examination. And I am feeling much better. Thank you. - C.K
Wonderful staff - C.B
Anna was delightful. The care providers at Eagle have the best "bedside" manner. - T.J
I was sick with bronchitis and Anna fixed me right up and I'm feeling so much better already - H.J
I've always been hesitant with a PA, but Ms. Becker has helped me to have the confidence to trust the skills of a PA. I always feel like the unusual case, but Anna demonstrated a clear understanding and ability to handle the atypical patient. She is an asset to Eagle Physicians and I am comfortable seeing her in Dr. smith's absence. - D.P
Always a good experience with Anna Becker - H.G
I really enjoyed talking to her she’s very intelligent - L.R
Love this facility and loved my new Dr! Everyone was super friendly and helpful. Anna Becker was so very attentive and listened to all of my concerns without making me feel rushed. She showed genuine concern about me as a patient and it was really nice. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone. - T.G
Enjoyed meeting Anna Becker and appreciated her dedicated time to my visit. Very thorough with all areas of my health and personal care. Listened to my concerns and offered professional opinion and help. - Z.R
Always a great experience. - M.B
Anna Becker is very precise and a great listner. She addressed my needs and even followed up with me after the visit. Thank you! - M.S
Enjoyed the individual attention and true concern for problem - R.M
Anna Becker is fantastic. Love her! - A.S
I was able to get an appointment within a couple of days which was really nice. I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety and wanted to find out what I could do about it. I felt Anna really listened to what I had to say, and I did not feel rushed at all. She was very informative of what my options were and answered all my questions. She also asked if she could pray for me, which meant so much to me. - P.L
My experiences with eagle of Triad on West Market Street in Greensboro is always good. I've been with them for over 8 years and trust their judgment and treatment options. Anna Becker is very pleasant and easy to talk to thanks for the help I feel much better. - T.J
Anna Becker was very well spoken, courteous, knowledgable and most importantly she had reviewed my case file which reinforced my confidence in her appraisal and the treatment she suggested I follow. I /we ( my husband and I) were very impressed and put at ease with a true medical professional who demonstrated sincere concern for my/our well being. - L.O
It couldn't have gone any better. - S.W
Anna was great as usual. She is always positive and I always look forward to seeing her. - B.W
Anna Becker was a true professional. Could not have asked for a better experience. - M.G
Dr. Becker was very thorough, professional and had enough time to discuss new medical issue I've developed. - J.H
It’s a really good staff and the make you feel at home - B.S
My visit was very pleasant. Anna Becker was extremely professional while making me feel comfortable and at ease. - G.L
I was scheduled promptly after calling (Friday afternoon) about a pressing concern. Wait time was minimal. Provider (Anna Becker) had a pleasant and professional manner and was very thorough in her questions and approach. Excellent followup on patient portal. I'm more than satisfied with the care provided and my problem and concern are resolved. Thanks very much, David Wood - D.W
Treatment and interactions with PA were great. However, the the front office personnel were not as inviting as the PA. - S.T
I am satisfied with the service I received Mrs Becker. - K.P
Anna Becker was great and made me feel very comfortable. I will ask for her in the future if my doctor is not available. - J.Y
Anna was excellent - S.S
It was my annual physical. She did a great job. - M.W
Anna Becker was very helpful, I felt she truly knew what she was saying. - D.K
polite smiling efficiency. helpful staff. pleasant positive experience - C.G
Everything was great. I got all of my questions answered. - M.A
Love you and the service provided....all has helped me to be better and my health better. - M.B
Outstanding professionalism and patient care. I felt more like I was talking to a concerned friend. - I.B
DR. Becker is an excellent DR. she took time to listen about my problem and explain the best ways to treat it. she explained different options i could do. she is a plus to Eagle family care. - W.S
This was the first time I had been seen by Anna Becker, and it was an excellent experience. She was knowledgeable, thorough, and answered all my questions simply that I could understand. Anna was also prompt in having my prescriptions filled and calling Dr Edwards for my colonoscopy consultation. Randy Harris is also excellent but a fresh look by another qualified person is sometimes a good thing. Would not mind having Anna Becker as my primary care physician. - Edward Gibson
Due to a scheduling error Anna Becker squeezed me into her schedule. She was very thorough and personable. I will definitely see her again. - K.M
Dr. Becker gave me clear cut information on my condition, what could happen if I didn't take my diabetes seriously, and an attainable goal to improve my health over the next three months. I'm pleased to have Dr. Becker as my primary provider. - B.P
I was involved in a car accident being hit from the rear the afternoon I saw Ms. Becker. The moment I was struck I developed a headache and neck pain. Anna was very compassionate and took great care of me and reassured me that it was more likely whiplash with the symptoms I was showing. I am happy to say that I started feeling better within several days I was given medication and was told if I didn't feel better in a few days to contact her. I was very pleased with how compassionate she was and would have no problem seeing her again and would also highly recommend her to family and friends. - M.K
This was the first appointment I had with Anna she was very professional and took time to get a thorough understanding of my medical history as well as listening to my current concerns. Definitely someone I would recommend to others and would want to see again. - T.S
This was the first visit with Anna I was very pleased . - K.W
Everything was great! - B.C
I walked in and pain and in agony and not knowing why what what was going on the doctor explain everything to me she took my mind at ease she made my heart feel better and she made my pain go away thank you - J.W
Very thorough and informative. - C.P
I was very pleased with my visit with Anna Becker. She is taking good care of me. - S.B
So I have diabetes and while it was not a surprise since my lifestyle lead me here it is a new experience. I am choosing to take this adventure and own it and I feel that with Anna's help and guidance I might just make it. It is important to me (as most patients) thatthe Doctor sees who I am, recognizes my personality and acknowledges me as more than just another patient. Anna shows everysign of being that Doctor and I appreciate the time that she takes for me and with me. - Mary H Smith
Doctor Becker was very thorough and provided excellent care. I will definitely recommend her and will see her again. - J.S
Anna was friendly, efficient, and thorough. I felt like she heard my problem and addressed it. - K.B
Anna Becker is great. She's very attentive - C.B
Very satisfied with all aspects of my visit. - D.W
Great experience. The nurse and doctor were very professional, thorough, and didn't make us feel rushed or like a number. The wait time was very brief and their personalities were very pleasant and likable. My kids enjoyed their doctor visit considering they had to get flu shots. - G.R
Excellent as always. - B.H
Anna was awesome. She took the time to explain things when I asked questions. She was very personable. She was very knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone. - J.S
Was an easy and pleasant visit. - R.N
I think overall my experience was great! Anna was very professional and nice and seemed to care about me as a patient and diagnosing me. - B.B
As always I am very satisfied with my experiences I have at Eagle. Anna was thorough & asked lot's of questions regarding my health. I appreciate & thanks. - P.R
My visit with Anna was great. I was very impressed with her professional demeanor, skill and knowledge. She covered all the required areas needed of an annual physical. - S.W
Anna is awesome. She listens and she cares. She really is an asset to Eagle Family Medicine! - G.C
Very pleased with visit, attention to detail, questions were answered. Great Service! Thank You! - B.G
Very knowledgeable and I was satisfied Thank you i will be back - B.S
My visit was a very pleasant experience. I did not have to wait an extremely long time. Anna was very easy to work with and seemed extremely knowledgeable. - R.S
The experience was positive especially since the appointment was last minute. - J.S
Anna took the time to explain every aspect of the examination. Also, she wasn't in a hurry and seemed genuinely interested in me and my well being. - D.J
It was so nice to have a conversation about my weight and actually have a Dr. listen and come up with a plan to help me first instead of instant lecturing before they ever helped me. I absolutely love my new Dr. and the practice. Looking forward to a long lasting relationship with y'all. Cause this kid is getting healthy. - K.L
Dr. Becker was very personable and helpful. Enjoyed the visit.? - Q.S
My doctor was great. - L.N
Anna was an amazing professional, asked a bunch of questions and really made sure i understood everything. - C.M
Anna was wonderful! I really enjoyed seeing her. - M.K
Anna Becker and the entire Eagle staff take the worry away! - G.Y
Dr. Becker is a great physician! - C.C
The doctor was a pleasure to have because she was like a best friend who you could tell your secrets to. The staff were very generous and I appreciate their time. - H.M
Knowledgeable, relational and compassionate. - Martin D Tobin
I was very pleased with my visit with Anna Becker. She made me feel very comfortable during my exam. - J.T
Very caring and practical care, wants what is best for the patient and willing to help in anyway! - J.L
I called in about the middle of the day on a Friday with a suspected UTI. I asked if it was possible to see Dr. Smith or Anna Becker PA. The girls got me in as the last visit of the day. Anna was extremely professional and sympathetic. She had labs done and started me immediately on an antibiotic. She was very knowledgeable and sweet. I am please to have her as one of my providers. - R.F
I took my prescription for 10 days as directed. My sinuses cleared up and I can breathe normally. Thank you for taking great care in all you did. - M.E
Best experience ever!! - J.D
A very informative and easy appointment with Anna Becker and she cares about what she is doing.....Glad we both my wife and I chose to come to the office....I have always said that the staff and physicians at Eagle are GREAT!...... - D.B
Quick professional care - B.H
Anna, as she preferred to be called, has some of the best bedside manner I have ever seen! My primary Doctor is Randy Harris and he is amazing! But I must say for this PA and I hope one day, future doctor, she it neck to neck with him. I have been a patient with Eagle for over 20 years going back to when it was simply "Triad Family Practice" and in that time only a few have caught my attention and Anna Becker is definitely one of those people. Awesome work! Don't lose that mindset and attitude in dealing with patients! - Matthew Scarborough - J.S
The staff and the doctor were professional and offered great care. - K.K
She checked and followed up on my sleep apnea. - L.B
Went in for testing. This was the best experience I have had and I have been coming to this location for almost 5 years. From the PA to the assistant. I really felt like they cared about my health . - M.S
Very professional and fast. - L.O
Dr. Beck is very thorough. She took her time and really listened to my concerns and asked for my input into possible treatments. I would highly recommend her to anyone. - A.L
I was a little hesitant about seeing someone new, but Anna Becker, PA-C was great! I will definitely see her again in the future. She answered all of my questions, seemed genuinely concerned/interested, and didn't rush through my appointment. I would highly recommend her to others! - M.S
Everything went fine she was punctual, listened to my concerns, made recommendations. - J.C
My first appointment with Anna Becker and I will definitely visit with her again. - L.W
Very nice and considerate interested and very professional - L.H
Great experience as always! - B.H
I was treated well my Caroline and Anna, who took a lot of time with me, getting to know me and performing the procedures that needed to be done. Thankful! - P.J
PA was attentive and did not rush. Gave a diagnosis with suggestion for follow up after initial treatment. - T.J
I appreciated Anna's thoroughness and running many blood tests that have never been run. But I was given results of Vitamin D before it was in the portal, so that confused me when I went to look. Also there was no mention of my Creatinine being low, why that may be or any action I should take. Also, I still don't have answers for my excessive thirst, dry throat, fatigue, etc. I just have normal blood work with no answers or next steps. - C.S
My experience with Becker was absolutely incredible. She was very informative and took her time with me. She answered all of my questions and made me feel confident in everything going on. Thank you! - R.S
Everything was fine - D.D
I didn't have to wait long and all the staff were nice and very caring! - K.E
There for Check up, Ms. Becker was very thorough, pleasant, and helpful. - K.B
There is no reference to Eagle at Triad on this survey. And I could not follow up with questions on the emailed results. Very satisfied with the PA. - A.C
Ms. Becker is an outstanding P.A. I would recommend her to everyone. - S.L
I needed an appointment that day and was unable to schedule one with my regular doctor. Dr. Anna Becker saw me that day and I was very pleased and grateful for her expertise and the care she gave. I am very happy that she is now part of the Eagle staff. - F.B
Anna was amazing! Very caring and attentive and an excellent listener! I felt so much better after seeing her! - J.C
Dr Becker was very friendly and made my daughter feel comfortable with everything. She gave great advice on keeping her health in good condition as well as some nutritional things to eat. We were both impressed and would love to have her treat Keonna again if needed. - K.E
Experience was good, Mrs. Becker exceeded the expectations and the staff was friendly. - L.M
The wait was not as usual. They had an emergency and I understood. The nurse and Anna both apologized. These things do happen. Still excellent service. - K.D
Good experience at the office. Still taking the antibiotics and waiting to completely heal. Thanks for seeing me on such a short notice, Anna. I really appreciate it! Dan Faulk - D.F
Anna Becker is such a friendly person who truly cares about you and will do anything she can to try and help you. Best PA I've ever seen! - A.N
Anna Becker was very good telling us every think she was very concerned she is still helping I was not thinking she would call that was very nice I would see her again - Jewel A Williams
I was extremely pleased with the entire experience. I am very thankful for Anna's personality and genuine concern, as well as her professionalism. She seemed very concerned for my well-being and was diligent to get back with me about the results of my blood work. I was also thankful for fitting me in on such short notice. I always recommend Eagle's Physicians to any new folks looking for medical care. - R.M
It was my first time with Anna Becker, and I loved her! She made me feel at ease and was very personable and thorough, a great addition to the Triad Family Practice! - M.L
I had an excellent experience with my first visit here! I had been seeing Dr. Fried for the last 10 years and was disappointed when he stopped seeing patients. I decided to look into another Eagle facility and I'm pleased to have chosen Eagle at Triad. Anna Becker was very pleasant, caring, thorough and listened to everything I had to say. The staff was friendly, nice facility and I look forward to having a new medical home. I thank everyone for making me feel welcome! - K.A
Had a bad cough and she checked me out and gave me some cough medicine to help me out. She was very nice and was thorough. i liked her and wouldn't mind seeing her again when i'm sick, unless dr. reade is available. he's my primary and i've known him for many years. - T.U
She was wonderful, I greatly appreciated professionalism, and the care she showed. Please keep her around . She is one of the best you have - A.W
Mrs Becker was very professional, answered all my questions and thorough in her exam. Look forward to seeing her for my 6 month follow-up. - J.G
My visit went very well. The staff was friendly and courteous. Ms. Becker was helpful and interested in me as a patient. She was very thorough in her exam and answered each of my questions. The fact that she had reviewed and knew my health history was a real benefit. Simply said, I like her very much as a health care giver and will always ask for her when my Dr. is not available for appointment. - D.C
Dr. Becker was friendly, caring, and professional. I enjoyed my visit with her. - S.M
Very good, Anna was very good at listen and helping to solve my problem. - J.H
Anna is very attentive and takes the time to understand what I need - C.B
As always the visit was conducted 100% excellent! - B.H
Dr. Becker was a great! It was actually the best visit for a physical I have had in a long time. She was very attentive to what I needed and provided many options for resolutions that I needed. I felt very confident in my visit after leaving. She was very interactive and made the visit very comfortable. - B.H
Ms. Becker really took the time to listen and make a decision based on the information discussed and her evaluation. Very pleasant visit and I appreciate her sincere care and concern for my health. She didn't make me feel like I was a bother and acknowledged my concerns as being real. I would like to see her again in the future. - N.B
Anna Becker was very detail oriented and also took the time to listen. - D.S
It was very pleasant. She was very respectful and smart. - S.S
Very engaging carefully went over the details of the physical and listened to my concerns. - J.H
Anna listens. Anna hears. Anna asks. Anna searches. Anna suggests. Anna comforts. - J.F
Anna was very thorough and ask excellent questions to get an idea if the rash I had was an infection or allergy. She made the determine it was an allergy and ordered cream for the rash which worked and rash has almost faded away. She has great people skills and listens to you. I was very satisfied with her and her diagnosis. - D.B
came to get a physical exam and was treated very well by the staff and nurses. they were fast and efficient in processing me and going over everything that was to be done and what i could expect during my exam. dr. becker was extremely nice and pleasant and made me feel comfortable because i do not go to the doctors office unless i am about to die. - M.R
It was the first appointment I had with normally see Dr Cynthia White it wa fine she is very nice and friendly - A.W
It was a great experience. She took the time to do a through exam. - K.M
I am always nervous going to the doctor, but Ms. Becker and the nurse were extremely nice and hospitable. I would like to thank them both for their professionalism, and for calling me with information the very next business day after my visit. This is my first visit with Eagle Physicians, and I will be back soon for the scheduled checkup.Thanks again! - A.C
Very pleasant. Waiting was minimal. Very thoroughly process. Anna took the time to review my chart and explain the procedure she had me follow-up with. - L.M
Anna Becker is a great PA! She gave me good advice and came up with multiple treatments for my upper back. Overall I had an excellent experience. - R.B
My experience was Great. The pa Was thorough and I was satisfiedWith the care I received. - L.H
Anna is very professional and informative, I found her very easy to communicate with on every topic of my visit. The facility was nice and the staff was very kind and helpful. - R.G
I was taken very good care of for cracked ribs.Her follow was also very good. - G.S
Dr Becker was awesome,very thorough and informative. - B.B
Great service and very caring. She listens and I didn't feel like I was being rushed through. Excellent care and I highly recommend Anna Becker! - R.H
Dr. Becker and everyone was so nice and great to get me in and out promptly while answering all questions and made sure I understand what is being said. - V.J
I was going through something very uncomfortable and Anna never made me feel worse or bad about how I was put in that situation. I think she knew I was already very uncomfortable because she had to do a pelvic exam so she was trying to keep my calm and comfortable. She really took the time to listen to the details of what was bothering me to make sure she didn't miss anything and I really felt like I was being take care of. - A.Moore Myers
Dr Becker was very thorough and professional. She took the time to ask me questions about what type symptoms I was having, then prescribed me the right medication. I feel much better and I am very greatful! Thanks you - L.B
High blood pressure required medictation adjustment. Anna Becker was familiar with my case history and addressed the issue successfully. - J.G
Anna was absolutely fabulous. I was impressed she had reviewed my records as this my initial visit with her. She spent time covering all pertinent aspects of my health. So happy to have her practicing at Eagle Family Medical. - Jan P Le Jeune
Anna was fantastic. She went through all of my past history and made me feel heard and acknowledged. I plan on making future appointments with her. - T.M
The appointment that I had with Anna Becker for my check was very pleasant. She was very personable and easy to talk too. Miss Becker was very professional during our time together. I felt like she listen to what I was saying and understood what I was talking about. I was very impressed by the way she handled someone has never met before. - David E Greene
This was an annual wellness exam. Anna Becker was very professional in the execution of the exam. I felt everything that needed attention was covered. My questions were answered in a manner that I could understand. I felt at ease throughout the exam. - J.B
This was by far my best experience with a doctor EVER! I had highly sensitive concerns and was embarrassed to bring forth. Dr. Becker listened to me and did not make me feel judged or uncomfortable. I am very grateful for her patience and diligence in resolving my health concerns. - C.M
Time was taken to answer my questions and concerns. Follow up phone call was appreciated.. - O.H
Everyone was very polite and helpful. Ann was very patient - Jacqueline Fortson
on time, thorough, informative, personable and gave me recommendations to maintain my health - D.A
Prompt, professional service rendered. Answered all of my question. Discussed follow up and medication treatment. - S.M
Anna is wonderful. She took the time to listen. Even though it was at the end of the work day, she never made me feel hurried. I really like her and will plan to see her again. - M.H
This was my first meeting with Anna. I found her to be very personable, knowledgeable, and caring during the entire process. I have also asked her to be my permanent go to provider at Eagle. Thanks ! - D.M
Ms. Becker was extremely thorough and professional during my annual physical. She answered all of my questions and she sought my input on a reasonable treatment plan based on the symptoms, rather than recommending a series of unnecessary tests. As this was my first visit to see Ms. Becker, she spent extra time to get to know me and my medical history. I will definitely be scheduling any future visits with Ms. Becker. - A.Chapin
I think she is a wonderful provider. - G.Y
I am very appreciative of the time Dr. Becker spent with me during my annual physical. She was professional, knowledgeable, and kind. I greatly appreciated her listening and productive feedback.I plan to go back next near for my annual physical. - W.J
Came in thinking I had a sinus infection. Anna did the exam and told me it may be allergies and prescribed Flonase instead of an antibiotic. It worked great. Kudos to her! - M.M
Anna is delightful! Very professional, knowledgeable and caring. She was able to put me at ease throughout my visit. I am so thankful that she is my doctor! - Cheryl Warbritton
Anna was very through in her assessment, she brought up advice that I had not thought of. This is rare as I am a health care provider. She took her time and asked great open ended questions that were helpful to voice any of my concerns. - M.R
Ofc visit for uti - targeted & effiective response.Ms Becker is a good listener & efficiently reviewed my record for course of action. Excellent! - P.B
Excellent experience! Anna was thorough, accurate with her assessment, nice! Everything I could have asked for during a difficult time! - G.L
Anna was awesome! During my appointment, I felt like she was attentive, empathetic, and genuinely interested in my health journey. Anna's positive attitude was refreshing. Im happy to say that I've found my new healthcare provider! :) - K.G
Anna Becker was great. She was knowledgeable, respectful and professional even discussing sensitive topics. I am happy to finally have a great primary care doctor. - D.E
I was hesitant at first, but after talking with Dr. Becker I felt at ease and was happy with how our visit turned out because she listened to my concerns, gave me options, and didn't say you have to do this, this way. - Littreal.K
I have chronic anxiety. She listened to me. I mean really listened to me. She is awesome. - C.G
Anna was thorough and listened to my concerns. She made sure my questions were answered. - D.J
She was very good and was eager to get to the cause of my problems. - H.J
I just love her and her professionalism is superb. She is the first doctor to take my problems serious and truly investigate! For that, I am grateful. Keep up the good work Doc! xoxo - Charnee Buise
My treatment was on point.Been a patient a long time and she took the time to explain everything to me. - Oldham Hilda
Follow up visit. Very informative and I felt like Anna was professional and straight forward and yet took the time to understand the scope of my concerns. - Silva.D
Very pleasant. Ms Becker was very professional and friendly. Felt confident she understood my problem and took appropriate action. - G.B
She was helpful, kind and thorough! - E.K
I was very pleased with Ms. Becker's prompt, thorough, professional, yet personal examination and treatment. She listened carefully to my description of my symptoms and addressed each health concern completely . Follow-up communication provided even more of a positive experience. - S.T
Wonderful first time experience with Anna Becker. My regular MD was not available on the date I was trying to make an appointment so I asked if there was someone else I could see and I was offered to see Anna. After having such a great experience with Scott Gurley who used to be a PA at this office I was more than happy to see Anna. So glad I said yes to seeing Anna. She really listened to what I had to say and was very open to my thoughts of what I felt like was potentially going on with me. She checked me over thoroughly for my concerns and came up with the first line of where to start as well as how to follow up if any of my concerns continued after a certain time. Would be more than happy to see Anna again!!! - L.C
Treatment that I received from Dr. Becker was very professional and caring. She made me feel very comfortable. I also felt like she knew what she was talking overall good experience. - B.J
There for a physical. Anna asked good questions and answered mine . She made feel comfortable. Good visit. - Bowers Michael
I felt very comfortable with Anna and thought she really cared about helping me with the issues I was having. She was very knowledgeable and attentive to what I had to say. The rest of the staff was great as well. - S.B
I enjoyed my visit with Ms Becker. In fact I would prefer her to be my regular Dr if at all possible. She was very thorough and courteous and I would recommend her to a friend.. - Adams William E
Great - H.J
She was so friendly and easy to talk to. Super helpful and caring. Loved her! - H.L
Very good. Nothing else to say. - E.Clayton
Had a great experience. Anna was very personable and complete. Felt very comfortable with the care I received. - D.H
Ms. Becker was very thorough and did a great job! - J.B
My experience was very pleasant I was treated with respect and dignity. The procedure went well and I was told everything I needed to know. - S.W
I was pleased with Anna's friendliness and expertise. She was thorough and explained things as she was doing the exam. I also appreciate that my wait was short! - T.M
She is incredibly bright and characters cheerful. Explaining what's going on and what I needed to do was easy to understand and explained well. She clearly cares about makinmaking people feel better. - A.M
Anna gave me excellent care. I have seen her two times and each time she is very thorough in her diagnosis of the problem. I like coming to see her each time. Thanks - J.A
Listened to my concerns attentively, discussed pros and cons of medication, thorough examination.Very good overall. - T.W
I went in to see Anna Becker with an issue, and I feel that she was extremely thorough in trying to get to the bottom of my problem. She did not make me feel in the least bit awkward, even though I was going to see her for a "lady issue", and this was the first time that I had seen her. She is highly qualified to be practicing, and I would definitely refer her for people needing a physician. - J.B
Great visit, she was very helpful and provided me with great care. - B.W
She was absolutely wonderful enjoyed the entire visit wonderful dr overall - R.W
Anna was very knowledgeable, thorough, and caring for my visit. Simply excellent! - M.D
I had great pain in lower back with pain going down right leg. She was very good , listening to all I needed to tell her and then told me what it was ,she wrote a prescription and it is working for the pain. Very informative.Nancy Rowe - N.R
Dr.Becker was awesome. She seemed very concerned and also seemed to be very adamant that I take care of my blood pressure. I am very appreciative to have a doctor that cares. - T.G
Telephoned near closing time with concern. A. B. Was put on the telephone within a few minutes. Told to come to the office within the hour. She worked until after 5:00, with extensive questions, explanations for questions and reason for suggestions of treatment, of what symptoms to be aware and what to do if there were concers - Nancy J Wells
Anna was very committed to trying to find the root cause of my problem. I am thankful for her patience and openness to answer my questions and for her attentiveness in listening to my account of what I had been experiencing with my stools. - R.K
3/10/2017 I went in to see Dr. Becker feeling like I had been hit by a train. She accurately diagnosed me with the Flu, recognized my fever, validated any new meds against my current meds, and was the utmost professional. Personally, she is pleasant, engaged, upbeat, knowledgeable, and makes me feel well. 03/03/2017 She actually followed up to make sure I was doing better when we realized I had developed Bronchitis and pulled me in right away. We addressed that and we are on the road to recovery. I am exceptionally pleased with her work. - Gina Brooks
Everything was great...the wait time was very prompt and Mrs Becker was so nice and thorough. She made me feel very comfortable and reassured that all is well. She's great. Her and Dr Harris are fantastic! I'm very impressed with y'all and will continue to come there! - K.D
I saw PA Becker. She was very thorough. Dr. Becker treated me with the utmost care. I am glad to know that others treat me with the same care I receive from my regular doctor. - R.I
Very satisfying. She was professional, caring and friendly. Her diagnosis and treatment were spot on - J.L
This was the first time meeting Anna Becker and I immediately felt comfortable and at ease with her. She was very thorough, explained everything she was doing, I felt it was a excellent examination and I looked forward to seeing her again. - G.Y
Very good - A.W
Came in with symptoms of flu. Seen timely. - S.B
Anna Becker carefully listened to me as I described my symptoms and presented to me the options for treatment and guided me to the treatment conclusion that I felt was the option most comfortable for me. I had a follow up visit and my condition was clear. Anna was very kind and genuinely caring. I was very pleased and will be happy to see her again. - Norma G Honey
Overall good experience. Just went in for a couple of shots so it was a pretty quick visit. Anna was very nice and very personable so I felt pretty comfortable - C.Robinson
Very informative, she took time to diagnose and go over treatment options - D.S
Came for hemorrhoid and new plan for ADHD medication. Ms. Becker was very personable and professional! I felt like she was very attentive to my concerns and finding solutions. - L.H
I was pleased with both the time Anna Becker took with me and the attentiveness she gave to my symptoms. The symptoms I was experiencing were scary to me based on my past medical history and my family history but Anna put me at ease immediately. I wouldn't hesitate to see her again if Dr. Swayne was unavailable. - Deborah Holliman
Excellent...she was completely professional and knowledgeable and I truly enjoyed meeting her. - M.S
Very professional and cordial. Didn't have to wait, so that was nice. - M.D
Awesome! She was very concerned with my condition. She asked many questions trying to find solution. Very attentive. Gave me great advise with what may be happening and what I needed to do. Did not have al long wait for her to come in. Would recommend others to see her and would like to continue to see her as well. - R.W