David Clark Hobson

114 Minnie St

(907) 457-7878
Awesome group of people! Made getting my braces back on no problem! - Cameron Premdass
Awesome group of people. My kids love coming here ...keep up the good work - Wendy Compton
Crysti was very informative through entire procedure and has a very cheery attitude. Cindy was willing to accommodate my schedule for future appointments - Janet Gannon
Doc Hobson is great! I was a little apprehensive when I heard Dr. Henry was gone, but went ahead and made an appointment since my husband and daughter were taken very well care of there in the past. Dr. Hobson and Angela were both fabulous and took very good care of me. I'm excited for my soon-to-be-new smile! - Andrea Broumley Rhyner
Dr. Henry left right in the middle of my treatment plan right when I was needing TADS installed. He installed one and then moved so I never got the 3 more I needed. Dr. Hobson came in and continued my treatment and decided the TADS wouldn't work well for what I was wanting done and suggested pulling teeth. I was a little apprehensive but he took the time to explain his reasoning with me and I left feeling very positive about the decision. Since I am paying out of pocket with no insurance I had set an amount up with Dr. Henry and wasn't planning on needing teeth pulled, Dr. Hobson took care of the extra cost!! He went above and beyond to help in a unfortunate transfer of care. I would definitely recommend him! - Liz S.
Dr. Henry placed a TAD for me to help fix my overbite and had originally planned to place more but moved right in the middle of my treatment. So my treatment plan changed when Dr. Hobson came in and he decided the TADS would not work well enough for my condition and teeth removal was needed. Since I had already been given a quote from Dr. Henry, Dr. Hobson completely covered the difference in cost to have my teeth pulled! He went above and beyond in making a unfortunate change, easy! - Elizabeth
Dr. Hobson's office at Alaska Braces is definitely the office for your orthodontic experience. They are an experienced staff and always furthering ther education to make each visit exceptional. My assistant, Crysti was fun, knowledgable and enthustiac it made my visit enjoyable. Cindy greeted me with a smile and was willing to answer all my necessary questions and accomodate future appointments to my schedule. Alaska Braces....ALL THE WAY - janet gannon
Enjoy my visit every time. Dr. Hobson is friendly and so are the staff. They work great around my schedule. Highly recommended! - Alyssa Harrison
He was great with my child! His staff was so caring and happy! It was a delight to go to his office - Tammy M.
I am a patient at Alaska Braces and I always look forward to hearing Austin Beatty sing to the music he plays. I enjoy all of the staff at Alaska Braces they always are happy and try to make all my visits as enjoyable and quick as possible and they do succeed. They always make sure I leave with no problems in my mouth and see me very quickly if there ever is one. I also love missing school to go here!! - Devon Osborne
I have two children under Dr. Hobson's care and I absolutely love his entire staff and him. I have never seen him raise his voice at anyone as the person below claims and my children like him as well. As for pricing, Dr. Hobson's prices are actually lower than what I was quoted with Dr. Henry with a smaller down payment. I highly recommend his office to everyone who asks for a good orthodontist. - Anonymous
I have two children who are under Dr. Hobson's care and I highly recommend him and his staff to everyone looking for quality care in the Fairbanks area. He has always been sweet to my children and his staff in front of me and his staff are always smiling. I also was quoted a lower price with him than with Dr. Henry. My children really appreciated the balloons and goody bags. Thanks for the great care! - Angela Miller
I was a patient of Dr. Hobson for 22 months and have nothing but good things to say. His care is very individualized and he is very honest. I highly recommend him and his team! - Jennifer Zuccarelli
My daughter is a patient and always enjoys her visits. The employees and Dr. Hobbs are always gentle and make the visit fun and easy for my daughter. They are a great team! - Amy Osborne
My Daughter is in The younger side ( she got her braces at 7 yrs old) She has been very comfortable and not scared at all when she gos to her appointments. They get us in at our scheduled time, not 40 minutes later and get her appointment done , she leaves happy and with a smile. We are very happy with Dr. Hobson and the rest of the staff at Alaska Braces - Jennifer Renee Sommer
My son went in for a consultation and I was pleasantly surprised with how helpful and kind everyone was. He was nervous, but the woman we saw made him smile and loosen up. We decided to go with Dr. Hobson after seeing how understanding and caring his staff was and considering the fact he does interest free payments, I can now afford braces for my son! - Christina M
Our experience at Alaska Braces was so wonderful. Their staff is always friendly and helpful. Thanks to Dr. Hobson and his staff my daughters teeth are Beautiful?. Thank you so very much. D & J Smith & Natalie S. - Dawn Smith
Very friendly welcoming and attentive of my daughters needs. I was grateful to have gone there. - Liliana Martin
It was smooth, fast, excellent - T.A
It was a great experience with excellent service - A.T
Staff was very friendly Lovely Environment - N.M
Dr. Hobson and his staff have been great since the start of my treatment 5 months ago. I'm always in and out of the office with little to no wait time and scheduling is flexible. I recommend Dr. Hobson anytime I can. - M.A
Thank you much for the excellent service. Have a great day. - Crystalee Sam
Awesome service! - T.F
Everything went smoothly and rapidly. The staff was courteous and professional, as always. - J.G
I was very pleased with the easy explanation on the telephone about the services you offer, the staff was very helpful, and his first appointment went very quick. I am happy with the orthodontist I chose for my sons braces. - A.S
I came in with my 2 little ones, they immediately gave me a sense of ease with reassuring that kiddos will not be in their way. They gave them balloons and toys for rewards. Dr. Hobson and his staff were extremely patient with us! Will definitely recommend to anyone needing Ortho work! - T.P
I only just started with Alaska Braces and I couldn’t be happier. They are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Ready to answer any questions and solve my immediate concerns promptly. Dr Hobson is a master in his field and feel fortunate to have him! Thanks, Alaska Braces! - L.B
Staff was very nice and excellent service - K.S
I had my braces on for about 6 months . It was super easy and the staff was very thorough every step of the way. - B.H
quick diagnosis and the meds prescribed kicked in immediately with a quick recovery. - T.C
Appointment times are always on time. I never have to wait more than 5 minutes. Staff is very helpful and friendly. - K.B
Always treated with courtesy and respect. - S.J
Molly was a very young patient when she first started her Journey with braces ( just 7 years old) I thought that was extremely young for getting braces on as she still had a lot of teeth to lose. Dr. Hobson knew what he was doing though and only put the braces on where she already had her new adult teeth grown in. Being so young I thought it would be a traumatic experience for her, but in all the appointments she’s had ( going on 2 years this Summer) she’s only shed a few tears just one time . He works extremely well with younger patients and that relieves a lot of stress on both Mom and child. We are very happy with the care we’ve received by Dr. Hobson and his staff. 😊 - M.T
I really appreciate how you guys have taken good care of me ..Also working with me if I need to reschedule my appointments...Thank you! - K.W
I looked around for an ortho for MONTHS. I was referred to Dr Hobson and not only did I get a great price but it was all quick and easy to get a consultation and get out with braces. The staff was kind and easy going. Definitely recommend - S.F
I love the staff and Dr Hobson, this was the first time my 6yr old had ever been, he was a little scared at first, but after he met the staff and the Doctor he was all smiles, the doctor talked to him and explained all he saw and asked him if he had any questions. I highly recommend Dr Hobson. - D.R
I’ve always had such a great experience!!! Dr. Hobson always has funny jokes, is always very kind, and thoughtful. The staff is always nice and considerate. I look forward to my visits and am extremely happy with my orthodontic treatment so far! :) - A.R
We really love it and will definitely recommend them to our friends as well as our regular dentist to use as their referral for orthodontic care. - S.M
My children a really comfortable Dr. Hobson and his staff. They take the time to explain the process so the whole family understands. - C.L
Awesome people :D - B.J
Thanks to Alaska Braces, our family has had the best customer service and dental work done here. My son has had his braces on for 2 years and had them removed this year and loves his teeth. My daughter has her's on now and I am glad that they worked with her as of her age, she is now a lot more smiley. I found this organization designed for kids and loved how pleasant our experience has been and would recommend or refer others to your clinic. - K.J
Our visit was great. Staff was very professional and kind. Thank you so much! - P.G
Great Provider - E.B
I've always been treated with respect. Every question I've had has been answered. Great place. - C.B
My mom says y'all are Amazing, we feel relaxed and comfortable when we are in your care, thanks for being an Amazing and awesome Team. - C.C
Just a great staff both professional and personal and a great experience - A.M
They took care of my every need and was sure to consolidate to whatever my issues we’re. They proven to be the best with understanding my many arrangements on times and dates. Thanks for all you done to get my teeth back in track. - T.M
It was very good and went by quick and fast. The staff was nice and helpful. - A.S
They are doing a great job. Dr. Hobson is extremely knowledgeable and his experience shows. - S.Y
Since I fly in from a village that's quite a distance, each and every time, Dr. Hobson and his team has been flexible and understanding with scheduling and assuring that my treatment is progressing. I am comfortable at every appointment and look forward to the next! Soon, I'll be done with treatment and I'm sure I'll be happy with the results! - A.H
So far they are patient and understanding with me. - N.K
The staff have been amazing and friendly with my son. His braces have been great and super successful. - M.G
A very comfortable atmosphere, everyone there is awesome to be around - C.C