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Excellent experience. Explains everything very clearly and simply. - NICHOLAS WRIGHT
Very kind and knowledgeable - VALERIE G WHITFIELD
Dr. Laugh is wonderful. Very caring and he listens. I pray for his patients sake that never changes. He is the best. - DIANNE ACUNA
Everyone was so nice and supportive. - .B
My whole experience was over and above my expectations. The staff was kind, attentive and answered all my questions no matter how insignificant they might have been. I would recommend Dr. Lough to any of my friends or family if they were looking into bariatric surgery.. - .M
Excellent experience. Very professional - .B
Excellent ! - FERRIS KELLER
Last name now is DurbinDavila. Thanks soooo much!!!! - .D
Dr. Lough is a caring and attentive doctor. - SHANE M MCGUIRE
I would gladly recommend Dr. Lough to anyone. He takes the time to really see how your doing, address any concerns you might have and explains thinks thoroughly. - STACEY PETERS
Everyone was kind ,overall experience was excellent. Looking forward to working with them on my progress. - .B
Dr. Lough was very thorough and provided a detailed explanation of my problem and the potential solution. I was very satisfied with the visit. - .U
Dr Lough has awesome chairsode manner and well spoken and informative about procedure. - .D
Went as well as anyone could expect. Only problem I’ve had is getting a desirable follow up appointment with the doctor. - .B
My experience was exceptional. My only comment is that I was approached with insurance issues 1 hour prior to my surgery. This was a little added stress and I would have preferred that my coverage had been determined before my surgery date. - .F
All my questions were answered. - .M
He's patient kind and thorough. Looking forward to him doing my writing loss surgery - DOLLIE DURBIN
Should have gone to him long ago. Great surgeon, great results - GERALD M CBOINS
Dr. Lough and the entire surgical team were amazing professionals with much caring and compassion. - DELLA FEEHAN
Love Dr.lough! He has been very knowledgeable. He has answered any and all question I’ve had! Been there with me thru this whole process! I am a year out from surgery and so thankful that my surgeon was dr. Lough! I have had no complications and down over 225lbs from my highest weight! Without him and his team this would have never been possible. - .M
The staff was friendly and prompt. The dr was straightforward, informative, helpful and on time. - .E
Great bedside manners cares and listens - MELISSA BELL
Great bed - MELISSA BELL
Dr Lough has an old soul. A ture life Dr Marcus Welby MD. - GARY LONG
Dr lough has an old soul & heart. New Generation Dr Marcus Welby. - GARY LONG
Great Doctor, sweet and very understand if my needs and wants. I thank him so much for saving my life. - JONI D MORENO
Extremely knowledgeable and personable...very rare to have both these days! - PAMELA P PETERSON
Great bedside manner! I would recommend him to anyone. - KELLLY OPIELA
Excellent - JUDY M KNOX
I always get great and professional service and attention - ESTER G ZAPATA
Dr. Lough is very warm and personable in my office visits. I did not need his surgery services. - REBECCA K SPARKS
Excellent - ESTER G ZAPATA
Excellent - ESTER G ZAPATA
no complaints, all went so smoothly - .A
My surgery went better than expected. My recovery was so easy. Dr. Lough and his staff made it uneventful which put my mind at ease. Thank you to all involved in my care for all they did for me. - .G
Every one is nice! My questions are always answered! - .F
good but long time for recovery - .M
Erik Lough is excellent, facilities were good, Staff did not listen to me when I contacted for follow up concerns, did not give messages to Dr. lough and I never got call back. - .K
Dr Lough, compassionate, cares about his patients, and listens to the patient . Wouldn't trade him for any other surgeon. - .C
they really work well for you and are very understanding really enjoyed working with everyone - .B
Dr. Lough is extremely professional. From the beggining. I have felt as though I was in good hands. He is very hands on and his staff is just as professional as he is. 10/10 recommend! - .F
Always a great experience with Dr.lough and staff at Southwest Bariatrics. - .M
Dr. Lough was very friendly and professional. He answered all my questions. He was much more optimistic than my other doctors. - .I
Then surgery center staff were very friendly and thorough. Everyone took time to explain procedures to me and answered all my questions, which eased my mind about everything. - .M
Overall great experience and friendly staff, the wait time was a little much however it was a great experience - .W
Everyone was so helpful. Staff is quick to call back and schedule or send you things via email(if you misplace your paper work). Dr. Lough answered all my questions and didn’t make me feel rushed at all. I feel very confident with moving forward with Dr. Lough and his staff. - .B
Great doctor, I have the utmost confidence in him.Procedure went very well.Staff was very good.This was my second procedure and if I ever need another I am calling Dr. Erik Lough! - .K
I have been once at the Dr.'s office and the service was excellent. - .A
My life and health have improved far beyond my wildest dreams. I can't express enough how much better I feel. Dr. Lough is amazing. Best decision I ever made! - .C
Great experience so far. - SHAVONDRA PARISH
I really like Dr. Lough. He is very nice, takes his time to explain everything. And makes sure you understand also. He is very knowledgeable. I wish he had been the one that had done my surgery years ago. - .B
Amazing nurses & doctors made a scary thing like surgery as simple and pain free as possible. I highly recommend! - CYNTHIA A FORREST
Had a very good experience with you and your staff. - .O
From the staff to Dr. Lough all are top notch. Scheduling, appointments all convenient. On time and yet took the time to answer all my questions. - .P
Dr. Lough explained my condition in a way I could understand, with a picture chart. He answered all the questions I had during the visit, and when I had a follow-up question after the visit, I was able to get an answer. - .S
Dr Lough is a very attentive physician. He listens and gives feedback in a positive manner. The staff is very friendly and professional. Minimal wait time. Very efficient. I highly recommend Dr Lough and his staff. - .H
Dr Lough is a very attentive physician. He listens to your concerns, offers feedback in a positive manner. I would highly recommend Dr Lough as a Surgeon. - DIANE P HOULE
Dr. Lough and his staff have always provided excellent care. Always willing to answer all questions and offer help or suggestions for specific areas of concern. Thank you. - .B
He explained everything and I felt very safe in his capable hands. Overall, Dr. Lough made a very stressful time as comforting as the situation would allow. I am forever greatful Dr Lough and God bless you for extending my life! - MACHELLE GREENLEE
Dr. Lough did a Great Job of both performing My Surgery and keeping my Wife and I informed. THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL JOB! - DANNY R THOMPSON
Very kind person and easy to talk to. - AXEL JERRY BANUELOS
Everything went smooth with no issues to date. Entire staff was very helpful and answered all my questions. I would recommend this doctor and his organization any time. - .P
I was discharged from the ER the night prior (11/6) with gallstones. I woke up the following morning with severe pain and jaundice. I called Capital Surgeons and was able to get an appointment that early afternoon. Dr Walzel after seeing me and my bloodwork results immediately had me admitted to the hospital. I then had two emergency surgeries to remove a blockage and then remove my gallbladder. The surgeons and staff were so professional and took care of everything I needed to get well immediately. I can’t thank Dr Walzel and his staff enough!! If any unfortunate health issues ever arise again these are surgeons I will be going to!! Thank you all. - .R
Always a great and informative visit when I see Dr Lough - CAROL L JENNINGS
One of the smartest Doctors I’ve been around. I’m glad he will be doing my procedure. - RYAN H CHITWOOD
He had very good bed side manner and took time for my questions and cared about my thoughts - MELISSA BELL
Mr Lough, put my mind at ease about moving forward with bariatric surgery. - STEVE ORTIZ
Great Doc!!! - MARILYN J LAUB
Very professional and knowledgeable .Highly recommended! - PATRICK C LEEDY
Everything went smooth and I was treated very professionally. Facility was clean and people were very nice. - .D
I liked the warmth of the visit - SANDRA R FLOURNOY
Dr. Lough is very thourogh and actually takes the time to listen to his patients. He offers great advice and takes professionalism to the next level. I recommend him to all of my family and friends - SARAH LUKE
I love how all the staff gets excited about your weight loss and keeps encouraging you! - .C
Everyone was very pleasant. Appointments were always on time. Dr. Lough, Alice and staff were all very encouraging and kind. Surgery to be on the 18th, I am sure all will be good. I have the deepest respect for Dr. Lough and staff. - KATHLEEN BOWLING
Dr. Lough is awesome!! He always takes his time during my appointment, doesn't make me feel rushed, answers all of my questions and puts my mind at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Lough to anyone who is considering bariatric surgery. - STACEY PETERS
Great doctor! I would highly recommend him! - KATIE WAGLEY
Dr Lough has an excellent bedside manner and takes time for any and all questions you have - ANNETTE L COLLINGWOOD
Met him once and I knew he is the one. - DEBORAH SEDA
Dr Lough is an awesome surgeon. Did a great job and all the hospital staff that was working with me really thought highly of oh home as well. - PARKER R ST CLAIR
Dr. Lough described in detail the procedures available and I felt assured of his recommendation for me. - .P
Dr. Lough listened carefully then referred me to Dr. Lirov who specializes in my situation. Good practice. I'm very confident that I'm in good hands in the right place. - CHERYIE L PALMER
My first appt with Dr. Lough was wonderful. He took the time to answer all my questions. I couldn’t have picked a better surgeon. - .W
Love Dr. Lough and staff!! Always look forward to my appointment!! - .M
Dr. Lough was very thorough in answering my questions about my upcoming surgery. I’m very comfortable about moving forward. - DEBBIE R KLEIN
I have not finished my treatment as yet but I will say I have been very happy with all the results so far. I found the monthly appointments with the dietitian Jerry Elizondo a boost to my weight loss. He had many great ideas and helpful suggestions. Looking forward to my next appointment with Dr. Lough. - KATHLEEN.B
Very good Dr. Erik g. Lough was a very good Doctor and he listened to every i told him and my legs were swollen and he took time to have someone else come to the house and put stuff on my legs to help with the swelling i think that was very good to do this for me kris Volney Thank you kris - KRIS L VOLNEY
I am very pleased with the level of care and communication I receive when I visit this service. It's rare to have your whole person considered and yet everytime I attend I am treated decently and I really appreciate it in all its rarity. My doctor is the best, he is very attentive and spends quality time with you and is patient. The staff is wonderful and always ready to be available where needed. - .G
Very personal, competent doctor, would highly recommend him to anyone. - DEBRA S GEORGE
Dr. Lough was very kind and explained what would happen as we moved forward - JAN CANNON
Dr. Lough is great. He explains things very well, is always pleasant and encouraging. - STACEY PETERS
He is thr greatest Surgeon - HERLINDA CARMONA
Dr. Lough explained everything in detail, and answered all of mine and my husbands questions, and I have never felt so well treated before, I am very pleased! - .F
Explains everything, very pleasant! - GINGER FITZGERALD
I am eternally grateful to Dr Lough and his staff for helping me take charge of my health. I would recommend them without hesitation. - .C
Dr lough is very professional and explains everything thing in a very easily understandable way. He has a great bedside manner - .G
Dr. Lough performed my appendectomy with skill and precision. I had very little pain and a speedy recovery. He's very compassionate an - PATRICIA H LOBDELL
Dr. Lough performed an appendectomy on me with skill and precision. I had very little pain after my surgery and healed quickly. He is very compassionate and his communication skills are excellent. He is confident and calm and and an excellent listener. I give him an A rating and would highly recommend him to all my friends and family. - .L
Dr laugh. Explains everything in great detail and very easily understood terms. He is very pleasant and professional. - CHERYL GRAFF
He's an amazing person with really do bedside matter! - JESSICA J GUTIERREZ
Dr. Lough is wonderful. I had a Linx placement and he has been so patient and caring. Dr. Lough encourages you through the difficult part of healing, knowing with time it will improve. He provides helpful hints to make the process easier. The staff is polite and attentive. This has been a very positive experience and I am so pleased with the results. - .H
Surgery and recovery went great. Would highly recommend Dr.Lough to everyone! - BONNIE WOLF
My 73yr old father had hemicolectomy last Wednesday, we are now home, Friday.Dr.Lough’s bedside manner made us confident to be under his care. He made my dad at ease right away.With Dr.Lough’s expertise, great judgement and genuine care, my Dad is now home with us 2 days after surgery. His surgery incisions are looking great. They are healing fast. And now he is back watering his plants he left for 2 days! 😊 - NORLANDO D CALIBOSO
Everytime I go see the Dr. Are have a concern where I have to call the office they are very kind and professional. I am so Thankful I have a great Dr. And staff. Thank you! - .M
Very welcoming and answer all questions. - PERLA S OLIVA
Wonderful Dr. takes the very best care of his patients like his on. - RONALD E STAUFFER
Dr. Lough made me feel st easy for my surgery. Very professional and easy to talk to. - JULIA A RAGLAND
Amazing Doctor! - .S
Dr. Lough takes time to listen carefully & explain thoroughly. His staff is friendly, helpful, and efficient. - .C
Top of the line, professional. From the time, you enter. Reception great . Assistant wonderful. Dr. Lough, Excellent professional. Thanks, Keith V Wright - KEITH WRIGHT
Dr. Lowe really Texas time and explains everything. You don't feel rushed and when you leave all your questions are answered. He will do my surgery in about another week and I am confident all will go well. - JERRY A LANE
Dr. Lough and staff were fast and efficient. They took care of me without issue. Dr. Lough and staff explained everything to me and followed up to be sure I understood and was healing well. - .R
This is an amazing, caring doctor. Love be him and his whole staff. - PAULA BRINGHURST
Dr slough explains everything. He makes you feel at ease - CHERYL GRAFF
Dr. Lough has help more than myself. He is a great surgeon and very easy to talk to. He takes his time and answers all your questions. - .D
Excellent experience. Dr. Lough has displays genuine interest and concern, and he has a sense of humor. All of the support personnel that he works with were just as attentive and friendly. I would highly recommend Dr. Lough to anyone needing care within his area of specialization. - .S
I Love Dr. Lough and staff! And would recommend him to any one considering surgery!! - .E
He is very concerned about his patients. He is not in a rush to get you in and out. Great Doctor. - JONI D MORENO
Dr . Lough is a very thorough and compassionate doctor. He takes his time and makes sure that you fully understands pre and post procedure. His staff is excellent too. - DIANE P HOULE
Love Dr. Lough! Kind and understanding! We had serious talks about nutrition after surgery. Also he was recommended by surgeon at Mayo clinic! - MARIE ELLIOTT
Dr. Lough is very informative and helpful in helping me to understand my treatment and post procedure. - FRANK A CRUZ
Felt at easy. Appointment went well, in timely manner. Dr. Lough was pleasant and answered all questions. Staff was very pleasant, made sure to assure me that all was going good. Thank you. - .B
My husband and I were very impressed by Dr. Lough. He explained everything to us, and more. We really like him alot So very glad we were sent to him by Dr. Cheung-Phillips. - .B
Dr. Lough is an amazing Dr. He made so feel super comfortable with my surgery decision and eased all my worries. - KARA HARMON
I love Dr Lough and Dr DeLeon with Capitol Surgeons Group. They are very personalble and really do care about the patient! - STACY L VELASQUEZ
Great doctor, very knowledgeable. - .M
I especially loved how personal and conversational the staff was. I was put at ease very quickly. I feel like I was taken care of very well! - .C
Dr Lough is an excellent surgeon. - TIMOTHY J BARRIER
I love my Doctor and the staff, everyone is so sweet and very helpful. - .M
Dr . Lough spent a lot of time discussing my options and the procedure I preferred. I didn't feel rushed and was able to ask all my questions. I feel very confident in my choice of weight loss surgery after visiting with Dr. Lough. I am excited to move forward with the next steps toward the procedure and have every confidence in my surgeon. - .K
Dr. Lough was very professional. He went over everything in a manner in which I understood. He also was very friendly. Recommend 10-10 - ALIKA FOUAD
Dr.Lough was promt, treated me with the up most respect, took time to answer all my questions and appears to be a very competent surgeon. I am very happy I was referred to Dr Lough. - LINDA F BROWN
Dr. Erik G Lough is FANTASTIC. First and most important, he is a fantastic surgeon. He is smart, but talks at a level you can understand. His bedside manner is second to none. He takes his job very seriously, yet at the same time can make you laugh. Very kind and professional. Even the hospital and recovery nurses said how great he is. We highly recommend Dr. Lough to anyone needing surgery. He takes his time to make sure he answers all of your questions! We really trust Dr. Lough, and I don't think we would consider another surgeon unless Dr. Lough personally suggested him or her. We have a lot of faith in his abilities! He is like the best kept secret in Austin!5 Star Surgeon / 5 Star Service / 5 Star Person! - JAMES C STITZ
Excellent - .M
I was treat with the up most respect and Dr.lough explains thins to the T and I appreciate all he does for me as his patient thank u Dr.lough for caring for ur patients . - .B
Great - .B
He’s listen and he’s awesome love mi visits cause he tells u like it is thank u Dr Lough - ROSE M BERNABE
Dr Lough is very knowledgeable and professional. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. - MARJORIE S ARCHIBALD
Excellent services and staff. Surgery process from initial consultation through completion was thorough, friendly and professional. - .V
The staff was absolutely amazing and so was the facility. Nice and clean. The nurses helped me so much and were so nice and Dr.Lough is always so reassuring and kind! - .H
Great place and great doctor - JULIETTE VELEZ
Excellent surgeon - NOVALEE B WOLFE
I've had a very successful experience. Dr. Lough always took the time I needed to explain the surgery as well as side effects to me. - TERRI J INGRAM
He answered all of my questions and has a very nice bedside manner. - GLADYS HARPER
very pleasant - .R
From start of making appointment until end,it was done in the best and most professional way ever.all of the staff are very nice and Dr Lough knows his stuff.he is a great surgeon and I'm highly satisfied. - .P
Dr Lough and his staff have always been professional and dedicated to their patients. That's why I have entrusted Dr. Lough with all my surgeries. Thank You! - .E
Everyone was very nice and helpful. The Dr made sure I understood everything and took the time to answer all my questions. - .C
My husband and I felt very comfortable with Dr Lough from day one. A very caring doctor. Was always available after my surgery. - .C
I appreciate Dr Lough taking the time to hear my concerns and explaining things so that I understand. - .T
Dr. Lough and his staff are great. They are all very nice and welcoming, I felt very comfortable. - .H
Dr Lough answered all my questions thoroughly and made sure I understood the answers. Everything went smooth. - .M
Was extremely pleased with the support and nursing staff during my appointment. Everyone had a “we really care “ attitude and made the check in and check out process seamless. My time with Doctor Lough was very thorough, informative and professional. The diagnosis and surgical procedure was explained in detail with both leaving me at ease with the feeling of being in very capable good hands. - .V
I have always had a great experience when going to see Dr. Lough! Office staff has been great, wait time is very minimal, Dr. Lough LISTENS and even he asks YOU questions, which I love because sometimes you go in and forget what you wanted to ask him but he asks you! Best decision I have ever made for myself and choosing Dr. Lough has been great! - .W
Very happy with my experience. Will highly recommend Dr Erik G. Lough to Friends and family. - .D
Everyone has been helpful and accommodating. - .W
Dr. Lough was very nice and explained the surgical procedure and possible results so it was easily understood - .H
Very pleased with the surgery results and with the attention you and your staff still give me. Signed....your Poster Boy! - .C
Thank you so much Doctor I feel you are on my team!!! - .R
He did a good job - .G
Excellent service all the way around. Love Dr. Lough! He's awesome!! - .S
Everything was Great, as usual 😁 - .E
Really have great trust in Dr. Lough and staff people are awesome. Very responsive, helpful and friendly. - .C
Everyone was very nice. I especially liked the dietician class! - .T
Dr. Lough is amazing. I highly recommend him. - .C
Everything was seamless. Staff at facility was very friendly. Only issue I had was a bad reaction to the pain killer prescription. - .M
they help when needed - .G
I Love Dr.Lough and his staff. I am 1 year out of GB surgery and could not be happier. Dr. Lough suggested a new facility to do my surgery and it was more like a spa visit then a hospital stay. Dr. Lough and I have had extensive talks about my results and what to expect that I feel like I will be confident on an excellent outcome! I was given Dr. Lough's name as a reference from my BIL that is a surgeon at the mayo clinic in Minn. Highly recommend him!! - MARIE.E
All the staff I encountered was friendly and courteous. - .W
Follow up appointment was positive and encouraging. Dr. Lough is genuinely interested in impact of the surgery on your health and life. - .D
Very caring team, Professional, Clean office still recovering from surgery but Dr Lough is a great Dr. - .C
Dr Lough is very good at explaining things to me. He takes plenty of time at my visits so I understand what is happening to me. His drawing diagrams really helps me to see what is going on. - .T
I am so excited and pleased with Dr. Lough and his team. Everything has moved quite smooth and fast and it’s been a pleasurable and easy experience. - M.M
I was in the clinic for appointment with the dietitian prior to surgery. The nurse said Dr. Lough had time to see me so I was able to see the surgeon the same day and surgery was scheduled. Totally unexpected, but convenient for me. - R.F
Very friendly staff. - B.C
LOVE Dr Lough! He is the best! - J.M
Everyone is very friendly and helpful. All my questions were answered and all information was given in a way I could understand. I have had a wonderful experience at this location. - A.C
Great - B.C
Dr. Lough went out of his way to explain everything FULLY. I loved that he spared not details. I was able to compare the information he provided with my research to feel fully comfortable with my decision to undergo this proceedure. He was patient when I was annoying and kind when I was scared while being a wealth of knowledge. Nothing about him is typical. Do yourself a favor and meet with Doctor Erik Lough. - V.T
i was treat with kindness and respect and especially Dr. lough thank u for everything . - R.B
Dr.Lough and his staff were very nice and patient. Dr.Lough has been my surgeon since 2014. I lost 104 pounds after my gastric sleeve and for the past 3 years I have stayed between the ranges of 199 to 208. When I first started I was weighing 303. Everyone body is different some loose more and some become like my body to a stopping point to where it doesn't want to loose anymore this what I call the stubborn side of our body. One thing I can say my stopping point had nothing to do with Dr.Lough cause he had completed his side of the surgery. I have made appointments and he would guide me back in the right direction to where I could loose more and to where I stayed on track with my weight loss. Dr. Lough is an amazin surgeon every time I came in he has listen to me and always have wonderful suggestion. Sometime this month or so I will be going in for my second revision due to my body being at a stubborn standing point. Like I was saying earlier I trust Dr.Lough he is amazing. - J.M
My experience was great. I would highly recommend Dr. Lough. - K.W
I have been very, very happy with the whole process from beginning to today! Dr Lough is awesome as is the staff, St David's facility was amazing too! I look forward to my results in the future and to continue my journey with Dr Lough there when I need him! - J.W
My follow up was very pleasant as was Dr. Lough. He too the time to answer my questions and was very informative as to my progression and goals. - F.C
1st class all the way - M.B
Had a great experience with this surgery. - H.C
Dr.Lough and his staff are/were 5 Star Performers and I highly reccomend. My outcome was excellent and I lost a third of my body weight. I suffered no complications and was able to discontinue daily insulin injections. Gastric bypass brought me back from the brink of death. Thank you. - N.L
Great work - D.G
Dr lough was awesome and so were the nurses - M.G