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The Customer is always right...and in this case... PATIENT IS ALWAYS RIGHT... with no wait time, no questions asked Mr Tim Faulkenberry and staff ... know exactly what their doing. .. and I'm 100% satisfied... Thanks - .S
Great personality when speaking with patients. - TERESA WASHBURN
We're getting this thing down to a science. Surgery a success. Current weight loss good. 40lbs to go until it's time to level off and start maintenance. When I had a scare involving my stomach recently, Dr. Faulkenberry came to the hospital and they (my GI doc) did an endo to see what was up. All was fine in the end, but I appreciated his care. - .G
Dr. Faulkenberry is Great! He is patient, caring, and he really listens. Such a sweet gentleman. - BRIGETTE W VARISTE
The bariatric bypass went well. I am so happy I decided to call you. This has been a major plus in my life. - .H
Awesome! - .H
wonderful! - .S
Great experience - .T
The front back office staff are always friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. In my experience, Dr. Faulkenberry runs on time. He answered my questions and spent a lot of time with me. Great experience. I highly recommend him and his staff. - .G
Dr. Faulenberry is excellent. Great patient care and communicator. - MICHAEL H MARTIN
I highly recommend Dr. Faulkenberry. He is a great surgeon and has an amazing bedside manner - .B
No issues, staff has been great. Waiting on insurance approval to schedule the surgery. - .M
Dr Faulkenberry was excellent. I had surgery about 12 years ago and was having some issues. My doctor retired and so I saw Dr. Faulkenberry for the first time. He explained everything in clear concise words and was very personable. He is Very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him - KATHERINE RIVAS
Seemed like a good down to earth person.Made me feel at ease from the jump. - JOHN F MCCARTHY
Always grest - .Y
My gastric sleeve process has been a great decision. Dr. Faulkenberry is an amazing surgeon, someone I highly recommend. His nurse Amy is truly special and a real gem.It's been 10 months or so since the surgery and everything has progressed as anticipated. I couldn't be happier with the entire experience. - .B
I just love this doctor he listen and tell me the truth about how my health is going - DEBRA W SIMMONS
Dr. Faulkenberry is professional in every way. He is kind and knowledgeable. - KAREN L DRAPER
Dr Faulkenberry always explains test results and answers questions thoroughly - .K
First rate. I have total confidence in Dr. Faulkenberry. - JOHN ROBINSON
I love the staff and Dr Faulkenberry. I have had excellent results from my procedure and each time I visit I am met with positive feedback. - .D
wait time isn't long for appointments and all my questions were answered - .M
Dr. Faulkenberry is an excellent Doctor. You should know that after all these years.So stop with these unnecessary surveys! - JOSEPH C BRUZZONE
Great doctor - .M
excellent experience so far! I just need my FMLA return to work paper back and it will be absolutely perfect. :) thanks, olivia parker - .P
Well the information was pretty much the same as I received at St. David's except for the brain disease. The class felt rushed and I did ask a question in the form of a story. I need so much more information because I have acid reflux and heartburm. Found out that i would need a gastric bypass instead of sleeve. I'm having second thoughts. - RHONDA M NEWBURY
Excellent doctor and very nice person. - KATHRYN GILES
Dr. Faulkenberry is very professional and explains things very well. - .H
I feel secure with Dr. Faulkenberry and staff. Everything is explained thoroughly and Mitchell excels. He calls keep you informed and helps you in anyway he can. He is truly appreciated.Eve - .H
Waited about one hour to be called. - YOLANDA D VILLARREAL
Was very pleased. He took time to go over everything I needed know. Very pleasant visit. - DEBBIE KAECHELE
My experience with the doctor has been extraordinary. He is a great dr.and so is his team - MELBA TUCKER
I'm pleased with the way the Dr and his staff are courteous and always explain in detail the concerns of his patients. Would highly recommend him to my friends. - .B
Dr Faulkenberry is a terrific doctor and is always kind, compassionate, and considerate. His staff is always welcoming and attentive - .S
Dr. Faulkenberry is always kind and patient! - LESLIE ISRAEL
Thoughtful excellent surgeon. - MARY L SCHAROLD
Very personable and listened attentively. Relaxed and matter of fact. - GRACE E RIVERA CURRY
Very short wait time. Overall great experience. - .S
Professional, yet friendly - KATHRYN GILES
Best surgeon in Austin and a teue sweetheart - .M
Dr. Faulkenberry was great and his staff was very friendly and informative. Looking forward to getting this process completed. - .W
Dr. Fulkenberry and his staff are so wonderful I am so thankful for his experience and his staff for being so Good to the patient. - .F
Best surgeon in Austin - ELIZABETH A MASON
Great doctor - SUSAN S BRYANT
Excellent care... - VINCENT L FLORES
My surgery went absolutely perfect and I would recommend him to anyone who was thinking about having bariatric surgery. - MELBA TUCKER
Very good and professional and helpful staff. - .C
In and out, fast and to the point - TOBY L HATTON
Was thoughtful in his consideration of how we should proceed - MARTHA HOPKINS
He is a great Dr. I like him a lot. He has helped .me a lot. I tell other people about him. Very nice and sweet. God Bless Dr. Faulkenberry. - NELDA SMITH
Short wait timeand the Dr. answered all my questiins - STERLING R SCOTT
I was really impressed with the staff and the way they helped me and sure where I was going I did make it late in the so fan found time to see me again it's been quit fasting can be in an awesome thanks - .S
Dr. Faulkenberry and the entire staff were very pleasant and professional. Dr. Faulkenberry made me feel really at ease and truly supported and I know that I've made the right choice in choosing a surgeon and team to help me improve my quality of life. I look forward to the months to come and future journey with this team behind me! - .E
Very good experience - .W
Everything was on time and on schedule. Explained lab work and told me to come back in a year. - .F
Everyone is professional and kind. - .H
I have great respect for Dr. Faulkenberry and his staff is the best I've seen. - .J
Dr Faulkenberry is always professional, courteous and with regards to this visit specifically, he was open to my suggestion. The staff is nice to me and that is important. - .L
Everybody and Everyone was so wonderful the staff were so wonderful - .F
Dr Faulkenberry wasn’t my surgeon, Dr. Sherrod was my surgeon but has since retired. Dr. Faulkenberry was the assisting surgeon during my gastric bypass which is why I chose him to continue seeing me through my post operative care. He was very nice and encouraging! I definitely recommend him if you’re looking for someone who will treat you with care and is very knowledgeable and experienced. - .D
I like & trust Dr. Faulkenberry. He's thorough in his examination and explanation of the process and procedure, but easygoing enough to answer tons of questions and laugh with you. His staff is knowledgeable and helpful. It is not difficult to make appointments, nor is it a considerable wait for an appointment or in the office. - .G
I am well pleased with the service level I have received Thank you for being awesome - .M
I was a little nervous about seeing the doctor, but Dr. Faulkenberry was so nice, kind, and patient. After meeting with him my fears were relieved. The parking on the other hand.......definitely needs improvement. - .V
I love the fact that i am a lifetime patient. Its been 10 yrs since my initial surgery. Great comfort in knowing i can come any time with concerns - .F
Dr Faulkenberry and his staff has always treated me with the upmost respect, care and concern.I actually look forward to my appointments. - .H
I was very pleased with my experience. This time was a world away from previous experiences elsewhere. It was good to be treated with professionalism and care. - .G
Still waiting results surgery is only 2 weeks old - .J
Referring dr sent me to suite 210. Please update your address. - .M
Great as always - .M
overall experience was great. - STERLING R SCOTT
Great Experience with Dr. Faulkenberry and his RN (can't remember her name) who is awesome!! Surgery went fine and I'm home doing very well. No pain, no problems, drinking lots! I especially appreciate the multiple phone calls to check on me. - .H
They are wonderful people that work there especially kristy and Ashley they made me feel good about what I was doing. Please let them know. - NETTIE M FABIAN
Amazing experience! All office staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. Not long wait time, Dr. Faulkenberry is very professional and I love that he took the time to explain to me. Definitely goes to show that he KNOW WHAT HE’S DOING! Would definitely recommend and do again. Office does need to be updated tho, very outdated. - .S
I would recommend him to anybody - .M
Not much wait time to see the doctor and he was very friendly and informative. - .M
Dr. Faulkenberry inspires trust. He answered all of my question and questions that I didn't even fathom. The staff was kind and knowledgeable. - .G
As great as always, most excellent job well done. Thank you. - .J
Comprehensive diagnostics followed by a thorough explanation of procedures planned and what to expect during recovery. I am very please with Dr. Faulkenberry's team. - .A
It is always a pleasure and great experience. The office manager is very accommodating and competent. Dr. Faulkenberry is an amazing physician and my post-op experience has been phenomenal. - CHAZIA A MILES
Dr. faulkenberry has been my surgeon on several of my procedures. He is so knowledgeable,Professional, Friendly with all his patients. Dr. faulkenberry is a well established and respected Surgeon and highly regarded and recommended by his colleagues. I highly recommend Dr. Faulkenberry to everyone! Respectfully; HJP - .P
I had a great meeting with the Dr. and have high hopes for the future! - .A
He couldn't answer the questions i had and he couldn't remember what he had done/ care for me when I/ he last saw him. - PAULETTE CHRISTOFF
Excellent bed side manners which is one of the most important things. Very efficient . - JEAN E WATSON
Dr Faulkenberry is a great Dr. so glad he is my Dr. - BARBARA P DOHERTY
Excellent - ROBERT F CARR
Had my hernia operation follow up check-up with Dr. Falkenberry. He was very thorough on the examination and the instructions to follow in the next month. Recovery is going very well. Thanks again to Dr. Falkenberry and all of his staff.Regards,Elias - .E
Dr Faulkenberry literally saved my life. He is the best doctor to have on your team of healthcare physians/surgeons. He is the best Bariactric surgeon in Central Texas, if not the state. His entire team that surrounds him is devoted to his patients and will be supporting you even after your Bariactric surgery. - DANIELLE MILLER
On time an a very nice Dr very happy with my surgery - FRANCES H MOJICA
Everyone at Dr. Faulkenberry's office and Dr. Faulkenberry himself have always been very professional and kind. - .J
Excellent job. I am happy with the outcome of the procedure. I was very grateful that the doctor was willing to be flexible on the scheduling. I would recommend the surgery center over the hospital because the hospital is too expensive. - .T
Always quick, helpful and friendly - KAREN A TURNER
Love Dr. Faulkenberry - .H
Very nice. Very personable. Cares about your success after surgery - YANIRA I OLIVERAS
I am extremely happy to have chosen Dr. Tim Faulkenberry. The clerical personnel in his office are the very best, they all treated me with the upmost respect. The hospital staff in St. David were very professional and knowledgeable but most important they made me feel comfortable and at ease. My surgery when well and to this day I have had no complications. I speak very highly of Dr. Faulkenberry and will recommend him to anyone. - .B
Dr faulkenberry is wonderful - takes time with me and recovery (post surgery) has been easy - CHRISTINE WAUGH
Great surgeon, encouraging and attentive post surgery. - STEPHANIE A PHILLIPS
I have always had wonderful experience with Dr Faulkenberry and his staff. They are wonderful. - .R
Dr. Faulkenberry performed an umbilical hernia surgery repair on me. I have had a great experience throughout the whole process; from my first appointment, operation, post-op and follow up. Me hernia was repaired and I am on my way to a very successful recovery without any issues. He is a very experienced doctor and surgeon, and his staff are very nice, pro-active and always have a great and positive attitude. Thanks so much. - ELIAS ECHEVERRI
Dr. Faulkenberry is the consummate surgeon. I highly recommend him and his team, with 5 Stars for his nurse Amy. She helped to make my experience a perfect success. - ROYLE BERRY
Dr Faulkenberry is so awesome made you feel comfortable he asked what procedures did you think that you wanted and went over what would be better for you - PATRICIA WILSON
Excellent experience going to refer other family and friends was very comfortable with Dr Faulkenberry easy to talk to eased my anxiety about everything I'm glad I made the decision to come to him - .W
I absolutely love dr.faulkenberry! His bedside manner is wonderful! He reminds me of a caring dad who only wants to push you to do your best! He is direct and straightforward but never rude! - LATOIYA V BLUE
My experience has been wonderful, Dr. Faulkenberry, Jerry E. , office staff, and the entire team of doctors and nurses at St. David’s took excellent care of me before, during, and after surgery. Ami, with Bariatric Center was very helpful, she made sure all my questions were answered. Happy Holidays! Love and Peace. 🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎄🎄🎄 - .B
From pre-op check-in to post-op checkout, I was impressed at how professional, thorough, communicative, and just nice Dr. Faulkenberry and his crew were. Dr. Faulkenbery gave me complete confidence in the surgery. Nurse Amy is a pure treasure. It's obvious she is passionate about helping their patients be as comfortable as possible and her follow-up was amazing.St. David's facility is top-notch and very clean. The shift nurses were amazing, very professional, consistent in their processes such as taking vitals, allocating meds, and making sure I was up and active. They were true all-stars. The techs were just as passionate about my care. I enjoyed 2 nurse techs in particular who happened to be Asian and obviously rookies. They completed their rounds well but at hyper speed and with a little self-doubt. In other words, trying a bit too hard to complete their responsibilities perfectly. I believe they will be excellent techs and I enjoyed their humorous spirit. Each of the nurse supervisors made their rounds, encouraging me to share my experience.Overall, I give everyone 5 Stars and will share my story with my friends and family. - .B
You are amazing as always - .M
It's always nice to visit with Dr. Faulkenberry!! - .F
Very attentive! Great bedside manner! Very thorough. - JACOB M FLORES
No issues. I didn't even have any pain from the surgery!! - LAURIE CONAWAY
Dr Faulkenberry is experienced, super intelligent, and he took the time to explain exactly what was entailed with my procedures. He is very skilled as a surgeon. My surgery went very well. I would always choose Dr Faulkenberry if I need a surgeon. - NANCY M TOERNER
Dr. Faulkenberry and his team are very caring for their parients. He and his team work together to make sure your every concern or question is delt with. I am so very thankful I found Dr. Faulkenberry & team I had been living with pain for many years. I fell 100% better and this is a week to the day after my surgery. Thanks Much - MARY B RILEY
Great doctor. Great bedside manner. - PAULA K ROACH
Dr. Faulkenberry explained everything thoroughly and answered all of my questions in full detail. Afterward he made sure that i had all of the information i needed for at the appointment and the staff was wonderful as well. - ELIZABETH MASTERS
The best - JULIE A CURRY
Very professional - LAWRENCE R HARDAWAY
I can't rate him high enough. He tells you what you need to know in a no nonsense way and is always willing to answer questions. My scarring is as minimal as possible. I was initially concerned because the practice seemed to focus on bariatric surgery and i was dealing with cancer, but after having him do my surgeries, I shouldn't have been concerned. I trust this guy. I can't say anything better than that. - CHARLOTTE WILLIAMS
This asks about Dr Faulkenberry but I included staff cordiality which did drop score from 5 to 4 - TOBY HATTON
He listened and answers all my questions. He was caring and had no judgment. - EVA T IVEY
I never have any issues when I come for my appointments. Dr. Faulkenberry is great! Staff is friendly & I rarely have to wait very long for my appointment. This time however, I did receive a call about a couple of hours before my appointment to see if I could come in sooner. I work & it's south of downtown. So distance, traffic & the fact that I have to request my time off ahead of time where I work, made it a bit difficult. I was able to get there about 40 minutes sooner. If I can I am glad to. - .M
Friendly staff :) Dr Faulkenberry was kind and very personable. Extremely professional . - GABRIELA LLAMAS
Bedside manner fantastic,knowledgeable, understanding, interested in the patients welfare. - GRACE I LOBERMIER
Great experience - MARGARITA CANTU
Basically all is great. - .O
Doctor Timothy Faulkenberry performed my gastric bypass (and repaired a gastroplasty performed by another surgeon in another city) in 2006 and has faithfully followed me twice yearly since then. During the surgery, I had some unexpected bleeding and Dr. Faulkenberry's expertize and quick thinking saved me from any number of calamities and had me thanking God for such a great surgeon. Not only is he a highly-skilled surgeon, but he is also a very intelligent doctor. Recently I developed an unknown problem and was seeing a gastrointestinal doctor to discover what was going on. After all the tests were run, the gastrointestinal office proclaimed that all my tests were fine and--as a band-aid--I was put on long-term meds that left me sick from the side effects. As a backup measure, Doctor Falkenberry received these same reports and x-rays. Consulting with Dr. Lough (a colleague from the same surgery group,) they both saw on the cat scan an esophageal problem that the other office completely missed. The main reason Doctor Faulkenberry is a doctor/surgeon that I highly recommend is his kindness and caring. He is genuinely interested in the welfare of his patients. I have never known him to be judgemental (something I have seen in some physicians caring for a morbidly obese patient.) I have lost 80 lbs and nearly 130 lbs since my journey began. I feel that thanks to Dr. Timothy Faulkenberry I am a new person. It is like he gave me my life back. He is the best! - .F
I love all the staff Dr. Faulkenberry and all the Dr's, and office staff. (Sandra Alejo is a Angel!) I had issues after the surgery... blood pressure dropping real fast (within 30 days) and extreme nausea.. and it was around the time the Dr. was gone (end of May) so I couldn't get in to see him till June... and then in July but as soon as I got in everything was taken care of fast. Oh, and had some issues getting FMLA paperwork back in the beginning. I would recommend him and staff and facility to everyone. Great job! - .M
My experience with Dr. Faulkenberry and his staff could not have been any better. He takes the time to give a detailed explanation during every visit. Gloria, his assistant was also extraordinary. Every time that I called in with a question Gloria made sure to track down Dr. Faulkenberry and got me a quick response.If you are in need of a great Gastroenterologist, your first call should be to his office. - MARTHA N GONZALEZ
Always a very pleasant experience - EVELYN Y PATTERSON
Never had a bad experience!! In and out of office every time! Dr. Faulkenberry is a great doctor and helped me with my issue!!!! - KRISTAL VEGA
As always excellent patient care - .H
Love every thing about Dr fauklenbury and hid staff - .Y
Dr faulkenberry is a great combination of personable and very strong medically - CHRISTINE WAUGH
I am very pleased with the service at your office. Everyone was very helpful, pleasant, and knowledgeable. - .M
Great experience, officei is very nice and clean. Staff are amazing and informative. Dr. Faulkenberry is very professional and cares for every patient’s. - MARY RILEY
Love Dr Faulkenberry - JUANITA L DAVIS
Nothing to add. - .B
Seems like this is all taking longer than it should to get the appointments for the referrals and tests that Dr Faulkenberry requested. Some of the referrals do not see a need for rapid response, it seems. Dr Faulkenberry and staff have been outstanding. - .G
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Faulkenberry. I called on Monday for an appointment, went in on Tuesday and had surgery on Friday. He removed my gallbladder, repaired a hiacial hernia and did a fundoplication for my Gerd. He was very nice, knew what he was doing and has great bedside manner. He is obviously an A doctor, meaning he was an A student rather than a C- student. Not all doctors are the same as we all know! - VALERIE V LESLY
Working with Dr. Faulkenberry has been as painless as the surgical process can be. He told me what was going to happen and after, his skill was evident. I have had minimal pain and discomfort from the surgery. He's a straight shooter and tells you exactly what you need to know. I would choose him again. - .W
What can I say My brother-in-law found Dr . Faulkenbery for his daughter and to make a long story short. Dr. Faulkenbery Did my brother-in-law’s surgery and his daughter which is my niece and me we all 3 had sleeve surgery and all have had great results. I like Dr. Faulkenbery because he takes time to answer your question and he is a general surgeon also and he fixed a huge hernia for me. I constantly had heartburn and to me that was worth having the surgery ! He is very professional and so is his staff and he is kind, sweet hearted, and he has help change my life forever when I couldn’t and I will be forever greatful! - .S
He is very knowledgeable and his bed side manner you want fine on any better he is kind and he makes you feel comfortable and wants you to be the best you for you ! I can’t say enough good things about him or his staff I love his nurse Sandra she is so sweet - SHANNON E SHARPE
Very good bedside manner. I was very pleased after my consultation. He answered every question I had and made sure I felt comfortable with my decision for my future procedure. - KELLI D SCHWAKE
Another follow up from April's gastric sleeve surgery. Dr. F. always exudes caring and professionalism. Said next visit he wants to see "less" of me. - .P
Great doctor - .A
Highly recommend Dr. Faulkenberry. His entire staff are very friendly and helpful. - LONNIE.L
I am so grateful to Dr. Faulkenberry for getting me in to see a specialist that I was told I couldn’t see. - .P
Very nice nice informative, thoural an on time doesn’t keep u waiting - FRANCES H MOJICA
Great experience - MARGARITA CANTU
I had surgery and feel I had great results. I lost over 130 lbs and have kept it off for 3 years. Dr Faulkenberry makes time to answer my questions and teaches me about my health, labs and test results. Friendly and helpful staff. I could not ask for more. My health has improved greatly! - .C
Dr Faulkenberry listens to my concerns. He teaches me about my health, labs and my procedures. Dr. Faulkenberry has nice manners and does not make me feel rushed during my appointment with him. - KATHERN R CUNNINGHAM
He was very professional, answered my questions and gave me the time I needed. - DIANE KRAUSE
Dr. Faulknberry is very attentive and follows you as a patient well past the surgery. - GRACE I LOBERMIER
Pleasant experience - .D
Experience with Dr. Faulkenberry's office was great. They were always very helpful and polite. He is awesome. Detailed, caring and prompt to address my needs. Would reccommend this office to anyone. - ANN RYDEN
Was very professional answered all questions made me feel very comfortable with the process. - CHERRIE OKEKE
Dr faulkenberry took the time to answer all my questions, didn't seem distracted. He adapted my treatment plan when I had reservations about specific actions. - CHRISTINE WAUGH
Very good - .J
Awesome experience. Dr. Faulkenberry explained the procedure and answered all questions without rushing through things. Great follow-up. - SUSAN AVANT
Excellence in every way! Thank you for not only being an excellent professional, but for caring about your patients. Your staff goes over and above to support your patients and that is truly appreciated. - .S
Everyone in the office is wonderful--extremely professional and helpful. Both Dr. Faulkenberry and Jerry Elizondo are excellent listeners and provide information fully and clearly. One problem I encountered was delays due to people going on vacation just at the time I needed to do that consultation--so even though I started planning the procedure on June 1, it didn't happen until August 20. My recovery is going fine so it looks like I'll be OK for the start of the semester but the uncertainty was a bit stressful. I especially want to call out Christi who was heroic in coping with my primary care physician who refused to follow the instructions for formatting the release letter. - .C
Dr. Faulkenberry is so wonderful and I feel he is invested in my success! - .W
I am very impressed with how quickly everything goes. Everybody is courteous. It was a pleasant doctor's appointment. - .J
Very professional and compassionate. - TRINA EDWARDS
great - .P
Love the office...never have to wait...highly recommend Dr Faulkenberry and staff - .Y
The entire staff has been very helpful and supportive! Dr. FAULKENBERRY is the best! Thank you for such a great life changing experience - .M
Awesome and personable Dr to Patient! - JACQUELINE CENTER
Wonderfully patient. Kind. Caring. Takes his time to answer all patient questions. Office staff is lovely, too. Only recommendation would be to update systems so patients can upload documents to the office versus faxing and filing. - JAMIE FULENWIDER
Dr. Faulkenberry is a very nice approachable doctor and his staff such as Mitchell (advocate) is always available and always answers all calls in a timely fashion. - .R
Wonderful! Has taken care of me for over 2 years - JANE M RANDOLPH
Had some complications after surgery, Dr. Faulkenberry and his partners were great every step of tge way. Scheduling is always easy, and can usually be seen quickly. Appointments are always on time, hardly any wait ever. Dr. Faulkenberry is always very attentive and knowledgeable! - TRINITY A LINDSAY
Great experience, everyone is friendly and helpful - .B
I gave 3 stars for facility, because the building for check ups seems to be old and out dated. I have a 3 star for scheduling because there are only a couple of optionsOther than those 2 things 100% would recommend to everyone who think about choosing this team. The Doctor and his team are very knowledgeable and kind! - .W
Dr Faulkenberry was great from beginning to end. - VIRGINIA A THERRELL
The best - JULIE A CURRY
Dr Faulkenberry has my trust. Would recommend to anyone. - ANN RYDEN
You are awesome as always. - .M
Great office, wonderful Doctor, I’m glad to be a patient here... - DONNA MEHNERT
I am very impressed with the follow up care after surgery. I am now 2 1/2 years from surgery and am still being supported by Jerry and Dr. Faulkenberry. Am very pleased. I have recommended this clinic to two friends who have used it. One friend had surgery earlier this year and the other friend has been approved and is moving toward surgery this fall. I have mentored and supported both of them.Brenda Shirk - .S
very good conversation thank everyone - .M
it was wonderful - .C
Everyone has been so nice, from the appointment takers, nurses, dr, and Mitchell! Thank you all! - .M
Always a pleasant and professional atmosphere, the staff is kind and friendly, Dr Faulkenberry is always happy and ready to listen. It’s a calm and welcoming office and I feel comfortable there. - .M
The best doctor bar none! - TARA HOLLINGSWORTH
Dr. Faulkenberry and staff was excellent. Had a little trouble getting my FMLA paperwork back. Left message about feet swelling have not received call back yet. Surgery was no problem (was on pain study meds and had zero to none pain) had issues after ... blood pressure dropping too fast.... also nausea real bad... but both could have been avoided if I contacted office sooner. I could not get in too see Dr. Faulkenberry in two weeks due to nausea... then he was out so it was more like four weeks before I saw him after surgery.. by then nausea was so bad couldn't eat or drink.. (I should have called and ask for assistance). Would recommend to everyone. - .M
Explained everything fully and I've never had to wait long - PAMELA S EMERSON
Dr. Faulkenberry is by far the best surgeon I have had. He takes his time and listens to you. His bedside manners are excellent. I would definitely refer all my family, friends and (patients as I work in the medical field) to him! - MICHELLE P HERRERA
This has been a stellar experience. Dr. Faulkenberry has done an excellent job all the way around. Through this I have been treated with the best of care and I could not ask for anything more. Thanks to Dr. Faulkenberry, his staff and all concern with my medical and health condition as they have performed exceptionally well.Leroy J. Wormley, Jr. - .W
very pleases with the doctor and staff . - .C
Excellent dr and staff - MARGARITA CANTU
Very friendly staff. No long wait times for appointment - .R
He is a good Doctor he understands you - NOEMI L CERVANTES
I really appreciate my time with the staff 😎 - .T
I always have a great experince when i have an appointment. - .M
Dr Faulkenberry was quite attentive in general to my care. Additionally, he was diligent about my anesthesia since I had difficulty in the past. The anesthesiologist was excellent as far as I could tell and kept my family well informed after the surgery as did Dr. Faulkenberry. In general, the Bariatric Program, including dietitians & exercise physiologist were excellent. The psychologist was well informed. All the written materials were useful. I have no complaints, only praise! Mary Scharold, MD - .S
Great people, great medical care, great service. - MARIJO R HARTMAN
As always professional and courteous. - .E
He is an awesome doctor. Never makes you feel rushed or that he doesn’t have time to answer your questions. Highly recommend him. - DEBBIE DAVIDSON
He was great! Personable, professional and knowledgeable. - AMANDA L BATY
Dr. Faulkenberry and his team prepared me well for the operation and have been supportive and informative in the post-op healing. Dr. Faulkenberry has great rapport with his patients, and you can tell he has had a lot of experience with this type of surgery. I would highly recommend him not only for the Bariatric surgery but also general surgery. - .R
I am very satisfied with Dr. Faulkenberry. He is one of my most favorite Doctor's. I have been a patient of his for 2 years now and I think he is great. His staff is also wonderful. When someone has asked me how I lost the weight I tell them about Dr. Faulkenberry and Southwest Bariatric team. I have recommended him many times. He really changed my life and I have been all the better for it. - .G
I have written two articles for THE ELGIN COURIER on the gastric sleeve procedure and its effect in my life. I forwarded a copy to Anna Hadlock on Wednesday. I also gave a copy of them to Dr Faulkenberry during my recent visit with him. I know it is unusual to have a newspaper columnist as a patient, but since these stories are thorough and positive, I encourage you to take advantage of them. - .P
Dr. Faulkenberry is a gentle giant. Made me feel completely comfortable during the entire process. His patient advocate is patient and great! Some members of the reception could be a little direct and use a little empathy when speaking to patients. But most are great. - TOSHIKO RIVERS
I had a conversion surgery from the adjustable Lap Band to the Sleeve Gastrectomy. My surgery and recovery have been largely without pain while preserving my mobility and lifestyle. I had wonderful pre-operative instruction, both dietary and surgical prep, and the same held true for my post operative course. I will have my first in office post op visit next week. I have been very satisfied to this point. Dr. Faulkenberry and all of his staff are par excellence! - .S
The wait was short. I have been doing great 2years after weight loss surgery - KATHERN R CUNNINGHAM
Dr Faulkenberry is very profesional and lots experience after first week after surgery my PCP discountinued insuline he continuing monitoring my weight i recommend him if you are serious about you health thank you Dr Faulkenberry for help me . - PATRICIA DIMAS
Dr.Faulkenberry is an awesome surgeon and his staff they're very kind and professional. Would highly recommend him to my family and friends. - LYDIA G BARRIENTOS
Dr. Faulkenberry and staff are awesome. I couldn’t think of better hands to be in. I enjoy going to my appointments. - .L
Excellent surgeon and dr - TRINA EDWARDS
First time for first appointment. Really liked the whole experience. - .R
Great experiences, caring & knowledgeable staff/physician. I'm glad I found them. - .S
I really appreciated the respect and care shown by the staff as well as Dr. Faulkenberry. It meant so much to me that Dr. Faulkenberry took the time to kindly explain my condition, listen to my concerns and help me evaluate my situation. I felt no pressure to follow his agenda, but evaluate what was best for me. I will definitely recommend him to anyone who needs this kind of medical care. - .C
My overall experience was great. - .R
Dr. Faulkenberry is one of the kindest doctors I've ever met. I felt so respected. He seemed genuinely concerned and explained my condition to me in a way that I believe I truly understand how my body works. I am better able to make decisions about what I need to do to feel better. I'm so grateful I was referred to him. - CONNIE CEPEDA
Excellent service - FLORENDA S JAMES
Staff and all office people were helpful and professional - .W
My overall experience with the doctor's office has always met my expectations.But, I hate the parking fiasco. - .H
The wait time was minimal and the examination and follow-up was very thorough. - .C
Dr. Faulkenberry is professional and kind. He never made me feel shy or uncomfortable. I always had a million questions for him and he answered every single one. He made time for me and never made me feel dumb or was inpatient with me. I would give him 1,000 stars if I could. I give him hugs at the end of each appointment. He saved my life. - ROBIN HABBEN
Dr. Faulkenberry immediately put me at ease, which very rarely happens. Thankfully, as I’m not a happy huge fan of doctors. - CHERI RICHARDSON
Dr. Falkenberry was very kind and "personable" during my entire visit with him. When he was question real: my procedure; he never hesitated to explain. - JACQUELINE CENTER
Very knowledgeable and kind. - TRINA EDWARDS
A;together, excellent! - .S
Dr Faulkenberry and his staff are very professional and very nice and courteous - BELINDA R CHAVEZ
I am still waiting for the insurance to see if I qualify to use your facility. Dietician went a bit fast though. I would like to have slowed down a little more. - .M
Everything went smoothly. Would highly recommend this facility and Dr. Faulkenberry to anyone that is considering this surgery. - .L
He is an outstanding Doctor! Cares about his patients.I'm so very glad I choose him as my doctor. When it comes to looking for a doctor who will give you the care that is needed. Dr. Tim Faulkenberry is a great choice. - TRACY SMITH
It's been a long haul since contacting this office in Dec. for an appointment with Dr. F., at the enthusiastic recommendation of two former pts/neighbors. He is immediately likeable, trustworthy and clearly has a great bedside manner. Your team obviously includes Valerie Castro and the folks at her office. She is both likeable and equally competent, answering tons of questions. Jerry Elizondo was also thorough, and his handouts are a roadmap through the 30-carbs-a-day pre op diet to appropriate vitamins and supplements. A visitor from Mars could follow these instructions. The pre-op pre-op on April 2 was useful, meeting again with Valerie, an RN and an anesthesiologist. As a veteran of five surgeries in 2017, I knew pretty much what to expect on anesth., but still learned more. What was NOT made clear at the beginning of these interviews and "steps," was exactly when the "30 day window" would begin. I assumed incorrectly that is was immediately after the first visit with Dr F., so I had labs, psych eval, EKG done ASAP. Then I learned on April 2 that since my labs were more than 60 days old, we'd have to do them again. No problem; I have great veins. Someone just needs to say , "Your 30-day period begins here.......(cite date).The notion of hydrating just before surgery is WONDERFUL---it eliminates a raging headache on an empty stomach. ESR also looks interesting. My wife has been conscientiously following the 10-day diet plan (mostly). I look forward to April 9. - D.P
Friendly staff with a patient focus! - TAMMY L MILLER
I am always made to feel at home when visiting the SW Bariatrics Office! - ESTHER M COLVIN
Everything is awesome - .R
The staff is very professional and responds quickly to requests. - .B
Great - .S
All good thank you - JANIE C HERRERA
I'm content - T.B
He is a wonderful Dr. - BAILEY BAGGERLY
Dr Faulkenberry (and everyone at his office) is amazing. They are professional and friendly and always go above and beyond. Debra and Jenna are awesome, especially because I am a high anxiety person. - .R
I waited very little time - Dr Faulkenberry was pleasant & prrofessional! - .S
So far everything has been excellent. I have not had my surgery but my instructions have been clear and I have confidence in Dr Faulkenberry. - .R
Going in and checking out is very easy. Dr Faulkenberry treats you like family - .C
Dr. Faulkenberry and staff are fantastic. With each visit, I'm reminded that I made the right choice when selecting Dr. Faulkenberry's office. - .G
Could not be more satisfied with the Doctor and the results! - ANTON.K
Dr. Faulkenberry and his staff were excellent and provided good pre-op information, did an excellent job of surgery with no pain as a result, and thorough follow-up. The hospital (St. David's on 35th St. and IH 35) provided excellent care and all staff, from nurses to janitorial, were very professional and friendly, especially at a time of stress. The hospital was being inundated by flu cases at the time of my surgery. - .C
Everyone seemed friendly but it would be a perfect visit if the check out lady would be helpful and not just there for a paycheck. It would be expected to be friendly with the patient and not short only because she's doesn't want to explain the appointments needed prior to a surgery procedure. - .G
Facility and staff was great. - .B
Mitchell has been absolutely amazing during the whole preauthorization and insurance approval process. He is always extremely friendly and caring on the phone. - .P
Always enjoy Dr. Faulkenberry and his staff. He answers all of my questions and reassures me, when I have doubts. Thank you! - .V
I had the pleasure of returning to SW Bariatrics on Tuesday, February 20th to meet back up with Dr. Tim Faulkenberry. I was greeted by Deborah, then Nurse Sandra, next Jenna and ultimately Dr. Faulkenberry. Before I could even get signed in ... Nurse Sandra was ready for me. I had a nice conversation with her, she listened with the intent to 'care' and I didn't feel rushed; I was then greeted with a great big hug from Jenna!!! We go waaay back to 2008 when I first received the Lap Band...love this woman!!! Dr. Faulkenberry is always a perfect gentleman...always speaks very candidly, honestly and I leave with a good understanding of what to expect. He shoots straight from the hip. I'm ole' skool and I can certainly respect his knowledge and wisdom in the Bariatrics arena. I am looking sooo forward to my next procedure performed under his leadership and by his hands. A wonderful experience to say the least. Mitchell Furr is an outstanding advocate. Unbelievably polite, the perfect gentleman, well-informed, very knowledgeable of his job and patient as all get out. I am a happy patient- - - love them like I love my Michael Kors Handbag!!! HA!!!! Good group of people - - - they go above and beyond the call of duty even when that place is running over full of patients. - ESTHER M COLVIN
Great experience - .H
Dr. Faulkenberry is a fabulous doctor and surgeon.... - .S
This was an organized process from education through surgery! So highly professional and one ingredient was so positive throughout the process---all of the staff cared about me--and my success. Genuine caring is something that you don't see often! I felt comfortable with each step of the process and knowing that I had the resources available for questions and direction continues to be a definite asset. Thank you for making a life changing decision easy to accomplish. Helen Dale Simons - .S
Great doctor and staff - .L
What an amazing experience. Love my result and I am doing great. Wish I would have done it years ago - .G
colon surgery on 2/5/18. Recovery 2/5-2/8. Everything was on time, staff were excellent. Great communication and help. Very pleased. - .C
My first visit was great. I still haven't had surgery yet but hopefully I'm scheduled soon. - .G
I am so glad I was referred to Dr Faulkenberry at Southwest Bariatric Surgeons! The entire staff had been wonderful!! They have helped me every step of the way! - .C
My Advocate Mitchell has been very helpful. I think I like dealing with him more than the ladies that answer the phone in the office. I can’t wait for this time next Year hopefully will be 100lbs. Less and can excercise more and won’t hurt in so many areas of my body! - .S
Great service love the staff all very helpful - .M
Glad I did it. Dr. Faulkenberry is a good guy. Scars are very tiny and will probably be very minimal. - .O
He is amazing and very thorough - .V
Tell all my friend to come see you for help with ther obesity 🏎🇨🇱 - .C
Everyone has been wonderful through my journey, the office atmosphere is positive which makes my appts more comfortable and easy!!! Love yall...couldnt have choosen a better team. - .Y
Dr. Faulkenberry has a great bedside manner and genuinely cares about helping decide the best treatment plan for you. His staff is very nice and the wait time is minimal. - .B
I had Gastric Bypass on 5/1/2017 with Dr. Faulkenberry. It was a great choice for me. All my labs improved and I no longer have diabetes. I have lost 70 pounds so far. Very pleased with this surgery. No complications. - .L
Dr. Faulkenberry and his staff are kind and take the time to be sure I understand what they are saying. - .J
Follow up appt. blood work results were excellent . Dr explained why I gained weight after 2 years - .M
Faulkenberry has given me great treatment and lifestyle change. - .H
The front desk staff could be a little more friendlier. They always give you the impression that you're bothering them. - .P
My Nut appt with Jerry was great. I wished I had asked more questions about the % of of patients with horrible side effects...like exploding diarrhea... which I found alarming. - .R
Dr. Faulkenberry was very concerned about my weight loss, since my back surgery, ordered blood work, and the need to increase my protein and calories to gain more weight. You and your staff rate 5 Star on everything. - .W
Dr Faulkenberry was recommended by two friends who are former patients. After I learned that Medicare gave the OK (they're already sending me "Get Well Soon" cards), it was just a matter of going through the process to get to surgery. My wife and I liked Dr. F. immediately---great bedside manner. When he said "You're a perfect candidate for this surgery" I was reminded that none of my four wives have ever said that I am perfect about anything.Anyway, getting on track with St. David's can't come soon enough. I have made an appointment with my psychiatrist for his eval. We have extended family members who have had the procedure (in Michigan), and are quite happy with it. My friend who was the referrerer has said "Follow the Dr's instructions TO THE LETTER and you'll be fine." Perhaps some money could be made selling "I'm A Sleever" T shirts with appropriate artwork on the front. Anyway, I know that saying my goal is to drop 100 pounds sounds glib, sort of like saying "I'm going to have my teeth cleaned next week." I know it will be a long and sometimes painful process, but at this point in my life, the sleeve seems to be the best/only option to get all this weight off (Sorry, Oprah), and I DO eagerly look down the road a year to being healthier with reduced problems with diabetes, high blood pressure, excessive weight on a Charco foot, depression and cholesterol numbers which could be better. Starting out now with a BMI at that magic number of 40, I eagerly look forward to returning my weight from my college days: around 165.(My medical conditions aren't supposed to be mentioned here, I see, but since they are the prime reason for the surgery, how can they be omitted? My life is an open book) - .P
The only thing I was sorely disappointed in was that I was not allowed to continue my follow up visits after I moved. And I could not get another provider to see me for follow up because they did not do my surgery. So I have not had any follow up since my move. I think that I should have been allowed to continue my follow up care at my own expense. - .S
Dr. Tim Fulkenberry is an excellent doctor & surgeon. And I recommend Dr. Fulkenberry highly. A few times the front desk staff has not been friendly and seem to be preoccupied with others things. Thank you Dr. Fulkenberry for the great care you have given me. - .M
Everything works perfect. Would recommend to everyone. - .G
Everyone here has been very helpful and professional! I felt very good about my choice for Dr Faulkenberry, I feel I will have a good outcome with my health situation after he performs my surgery . Mitchell has been great with his follow up I what I need to do next. - .M
The entire Staff was very Professional, very caring and attentive to my health care needs.Nothing but the Best...... Excellent - .H
excellent costumer services. - .D
Dr Faulkenberry did a great job on my procedure. He was very matter of fact and has a no nonsense approach. If you are looking for warm and fuzzy telling you only what you want to hear, he is not for you. If you want honest straight between the eyes approach he is your man. - .A
started out a little rough but it only took about 2 months and I started doing better now I am not so sick any more and I feel very good in my new body been overweight a long time so this feels really good I have lost about 80 lbs thanks so much - .KNITTEL
Very good. Look forward to continuing care. - .H
Dr. Faulkenberry & his staff are superb. The entire process was simple and easy. From his medical coordinator to insurance to Dietitian to scheduling and Medical Assistants. The financial Process was explained thoroughly and accurately. (It cost exactly what they predicated it would be) The staff is professional, dedicated and caring. Dr. Faulkenberry explained the procedure in an easy to understand language, and I felt that I was well prepared for this new adventure. I highly recommend Dr. Faulkenberry and his team for anyone considering this type of procedure. - .T
So far, all has been excellent. I look forward to rating again after my surgery and recovery. - .S
Dr. Faulkenberry’s bedside manner is wonderful. He treated me with dignity, took his time to answer all of my questions throughout the process, from the first appointment to my post op appointment. My entire bariatric experience has been great because of Dr. Faulkenberry and his team! - .I
It was excellent - .S
Dr. Faulkenberry is always awesome. He is always so willing to answer all the questions that I have and never feel rushed like in other places. The staff is very friendly. - .S
Staff has all been very professional and made me feel confident in my choice to use this practice. - T.R
i never have problems with this office or staf. I can make appts, change them as needed, received reminders about appts, the wait time is never long, the staff and Dr listen and answer my questions. I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr Faulkenberry and his staff! - D.M
Office is always clean, Staff is always wonderful.. Gloria is the best... and Dr. Tim Faulkenberry is always able to explain everything to me so I understand what is going on.... He is the best!!! - D.S
The staff at SW Bariatrics is amazing! Dr. FAULKENBERRY is the absolute best physician ever aaaand he has a bedside manner that is reputable and commendable! - ESTHER M COLVIN
The staff goes over and beyond to assure that you feel your needs are met, all your questions are answered, you are interacting with the best possible customer service, and medical care. - C.M
My experience, thus far, has been a great one. Everyone is helpful, friendly, and responsive. I have finished all of my insurance requirements, and I'm anxiously awaiting to hear back on surgery approval, etc.. I've really enjoyed the experience with your team.Cheers,Mike Green512.799.1855 - M.G
Great experience! Answered all my questions and very attentive with post op questions. - A.M
The office was very welcome. Everyone was real nice, but I really liked the doctor. He was friendly and approachable. - V.P
Great experience - N.T
every one was very kind and experienced . they treated me very nice and were very helpful with all my questions. Dr. Faulkenberry was wonderfull about answering my questions as usual. - B.L
I really had a seemless experience with Dr. Faulkenberry and his team. The surgery went well, recovery was smooth and the follow up care has met my expectations. - S.C
Great - J.G
I had my gastric sleeve surgery done on dec 15th 2016 . i weighed 375pounds before surgery i now weigh 225 dr tim and his whole staff are first rate. my whole experience has been great. i highly recommend this procedure for anyone overweight . it has changed my outlook on life and has made me much more confident in myself. - M.R
Been going for almost two years now and every time I good service is excellent. Everyone is nice and helpful and you get in and out quickly. I've even referred other people to go to Faulkenberry. - K.V
I am a bariatric patient in maintenance. I had been experiencing reflux which disturbed my sleep at night. Dr. Faulkenberry adjusted my Lap Band and has resolved my issue, at least so far. He always takes the time to discuss my status and illicits my input into my own care. This is very much appreciated. The staff is always very cordial and accommodating. I am glad to be a patient with this office. - K.S
Seen at time scheduled and all questions answered. - C.O
Always professional and efficient! - T.G
Initial visit was pleasant and reassuring - Y.T
Great Experience. Knowledgeable and caring Provider and staff. A - A.K
Dr. Faulkenberry is approachable, extraordinarily knowledgeable and provided me excellent medical care from pre-op to my follow ups now more than a year later. I would recommend him without any reservation what so ever. - R.J
everything was good except the hospital is like some kind of maze and there is no regard for the person staying with the patient - B.L
Dr. Faulkenberry and his staff have been all that I could expect from health care providers. Jerry (nutritionist) has always answered my questions related to my nutrition and has been very supportive. Dr. Faulkenberry has changed my life and I will forever be grateful for his care and support. - C.H
was great - V.L
I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Faulkenberry's office. They are all friendly and helpful. - B.B
Dr. Faulkenberry is always so kind. I see Jerry also, and his patience knows no bounds. - L.C
Dr. Faulkenberry and all of the office staff have always been professional and kind. I have no complaints whatsoever. - L.J
Everyone has been very kind and patient in answering all of my questions. Even though I am driving from Hays County to downtown Austin and there are closer doctors and facilities I can visit I will continue to make the journey to see Dr. Faulkenberry. - J.F
After a long period of ignoring my lapband, the doctor and staff were supportive. - M.H
Everyone took such good care of me. They made me feel comfortable and reassured me. I wished I could have taken them home with me. - M.T
I love Dr. Faulkenberry and his Staff! Everyone is positive and helpful and most importantly honest! They do everything in their power to help you reach your goals and understand what you need to do and why. I am really glad I decided to change and move forward with my surgery. - S.C
Dr. Faulkenberry is great, he always takes his time answering all my questions. I never feel rushed when I see him. The staff is very nice and welcoming. - C.S
The staff was helpful and friendly. Dr. Faulkenberry really took the time to talk to me and explain every question in detail. - T.D
I love the upbeat , happy atmosphere. Dr. Faulkenberry is such a wonderful Dr. - D.G
Dr. Faulkenberry is an amazing doctor. He gave me a second chance at life. His staff has always been super professional and empathetic and I appreciate it. I recommend Dr. Faulkenberry to anyone that is interested in weight loss help. - G.S
Dr. Faulkenberry is a very nice, kind surgeon. He has a wonderful bedside manner, took the time to answer all of my questions and helped me feel comfortable with my life changing decision. His staff are friendly, prompt, and follow up immediately. This has been a very good experience! - L.I
Thorough, excellent use of time, excellent information, excellent presenters, comfortable facilities and very professional! - H.S
My greatest joy is that i am a lifetime patient and have help just a phone call away at any given time.I have also been so pleased that Dr Faulkenberry listens to me and customises MY plan to MY needs. Ive been a patient since 2009 and 90 lbs down and maintaining well.😊 - D.F
My experience with Dr. Faulkenberry and his staff from the very beginning has been wonderful. Dr. Faulkenberry gave me the ability to lose the weight I wanted and keep it off which is something I could not do on my own with the surgery. I have lost a total of 100 pounds. I had originally told Dr. Faulkenberry on my initial visit when he asked me how much weight I wanted to lose and I told him I would be happy with losing 60 to 80 pounds. I never thought I would actually lose 100 pounds. When people ask me what I did to lose the weight I am glad to tell them what I did and recommend if they want to have the same procedure to definitely go see Dr. Timothy Faulkenberry and his staff. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank you Dr. Faulkenberry and your staff for helping me. - D.G
The only thing I would change is how short the visits are post op. I just feel like it's so short and a waste of time. - K.A
Dr. Faulkenberry performed a Vertical Gastric Sleeve in late June 2017. The initial analysis of my situation, pre-op preparation, the surgery itself, and all follow up appointments have been very helpful. So far, the procedure has been a success and I am grateful I found Dr. Faulkenberry and his team. - G.F
My entire experience with Dr. Faulkenberry and the bariatric surgeons group has been excellent. They have been kind and helpful and beyond encouraging and with their help I've been able to reach my health and weight loss goals. And the surgery was a breeze, they educated me as to what to expect and I didn't have a single complication. - K.R