Tait Fors

1265 W American Dr Ste 100

Neenah, WI, 54956
Overall very good experience. Wait time in the treatment room was longer than normal on this particular visit. Usually it's been shorter so they must have been extra busy on this day. - G.C
Provider knowledgeable, pleasant and all my questions were answered. Lab test results were communicated in a timely manor. - A.S
Everything went well as does all appointments with Dr. Fors and his staff. All staff was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. - W.L
Very satisfied with my treatment. Office staff very friendly. Dr. Fors spent time describing my treatment and results. - D.L
Dr. Fors and his staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. I am confident in their assessment of my medical problems and how to treat them. - S.A
The doctor,nurses,and staff were all very friendly and informative. The information and treatment I received was very professional. I am feeling much healthier and would recommend your facility to anyone. - E.M
Dr. Fors and his staff have always been very professional and answered all questions making sure I understood the answers. If not for the skills of all I may not be here to fill out this survey. - A.G
I sure appreciate the staff and especially Dr. Fors. Thanks to him I have been 9 years cancer free! Thank you! - A.E
Dr. Fors was extremely helpful in solving my urinary track issues. He made the pathway to making sure this would be taken care of now and in the future very easy to follow. Being a stage 4 cancer patient, I am required to avoid any kind of stress whether it is physical, mental or even emotional. Once being seen by Dr. Fors, my stress for this matter was very much relieved. If I have any other issues I will have no problem contacting him again.Jerry - J.M
Dr Fors and his staff where very accommodating. Very pleased with the overall outcome of my treatment for a kidney stone. - D.S
I was very pleased with the way i was treated from start to finish. I thought the entire staff was very professional and friendly and if needed I would not hesitate to call you again. Thank you very much for being my Urologist . - G.H
It was without any negative incidents. Thank you. - N.S
I do not have much to say, I like just too get in and get out .As long as you tell it like it is no problem - N.M
Once treatment options were discussed Dr Fors wasted no time in doing surgugy to remove tumor and greatly increase my chances for a positive outcome, for that I am very greatful. - C.C
The nurse and doctor listened to my concerns and addressed them confidently. - J.C
Excellent communication with Dr. Fors. Appointment times consistantly behind schedule. Assistants at times uniformed if Dr. Fors not involved. Overall they've done a great job for me. - B.C
Dr. Fors is a very good listener, and makes me comfortable when I ask personal questions. I trust his judgement in prescribing the right medication and its dosage. He's a good man all around. - F.P
Everything is going fine. We have no complaints - T.A
It was determined that I need a procedure. The surgical scheduler went above and beyond to help me get the earliest date possible as I am planning to travel to my Grandson's Law School graduation on May 4. I really appreciate her extra effort. - L.M
Overall, procedure went very well. Was very happy Dr. Fors gave the Valium even though I declined originally. Procedure was short. Discomfort occurred into 2 weeks but back to normal and feeling great. Would recommend Urology Associates to others if considering. Thank you! - J.L
Doctor Tait was very helpful in providing me with the information I needed. He was very knowledgeable about my treatment. I appreciated his help in providing me with the prescription I needed. - D.S
We are totally thankful and satisfied with Dr. Tait Fors. We would give him 5-Star EXCELLENT in every category. Your Facility was excellent and we wish you were not moving.Wait time was reasonable.All Staff are friendly and competent.We are thankful for the treatment results.Scheduling was easy.Overall - we have been thankful for the years we have been with Dr. Fors. - W.B
Dr. Fors is a great Doctor and person, who is honest with you and works very hard that you understand and follows up. - J.S
I'd have to say that as far as I'm concerned, the service has been better than expected. I'm remaining in fairly good health, thanks to the efforts by this facility and the people. At my age, this is a blessing, I have a whole lot of peers and classmates that aren't having as good a time as I am. The ones that are still breathing, that is. - R.O
Everything went great, thanks. Pat - P.H
I felt very comfortable from the 1st time I met Dr. Fors. and his staff. He stayed on course throughout my diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up. I appreciated how up-front he was with me through it all.Wayne R Nackers - W.N
I was pleased that you recognized a complicated situation an consulted quickly about proper protocol with my oncologist, Dr. Abbi, at st. Elizabeth's. I'm sure there will need to be more communication in the future as I complete my chemo treatments. Thank you. - S.G
Excellent service with the Dr. and the nurse who took me back. Did have to wait awhile to check in as there is only 1 registration person at the window upstairs. I thought that was a little odd that you would only have 1 person that is registering patients. . The lady at registration was good and efficient, but the wait time to register was a little excessive if you want to perform great customer service. I also noticed that when my appointment was done, there was an even longer line of patients waiting to check in. Other than the wait time for registration at your desk, everything was great!!! - J.F
I had a very pleasant experience. Everyone was helpful, friendly, put me at ease. I had to wait to see the doctor, but having worked in the medical field, I totally understood. I look forward to working with Dr. Fors in the future for my urology care and would recommend him to a friend in need of such care. - D.R
My wife and I appreciate the time and adv ice we receive from Dr. Fors. He listens to our questions and concerns which is especially helpful because of John's Alzheimer's condition. He takes time to explain options and suggestions. Thank you. Judy and John - J.M
Everything went real well.All of the staff made me feel comfortable. Good job to all - S.H
The problem I had when the appointment was made, was gone on my appointment day. I knew I have kidney stones, so I thought I would keep the appointment, so that if a problem arose in the future (hopefully not) I would have a Dr. on file who I could see. Everyone at the clinic was very nice and Dr. Fors did an excellent job of explaining things to me - D.L
I couldn't be more pleased with my treatment by Dr. Fors, his staff and Dr. Michael Ray, who did my radiation therapy. Treatment has been successful throughout the 3 years I have been seeing Dr.Fors. - S.L
Treatment continues to be excellent. - K.E
Dr Fors was very patient & took the necessary time both before & after surgery to answer questions. The nursing staff was incredibly good, efficient & responsive. I feel as if I was treated respectfully & with dignity. Thank you - N.K
It was very good no time wasted at all - R.L
As always, great doctor, great staff, very professional, but treated with care! Thank You! - S.L
Great as always! - S.N
Dr. Fors is an excellent Dr. He takes the time to understand any problem and takes the time to explain any remedies he can help with. I would highly recommend him to anyone. - D.M
Excellent staff. Made me feel like I was important, not just a number waiting my turn. - C.V
My appointment was a follow up for a procedure done in September. Since my initial prostatectomy in September 2016, I have nothing been positive comments for Dr Fors and the staff. Thank you for everything you do! - M.H
Dr. Fors, is very knowledgable and professional, he listens and cares. I would highly recommend. And if he golfs with three other people it is known as a 'Fors-some'....peace - J.F
De fors and staff were extremely knowledgeable and took time to explain everything to me and family - R.F
Everyone was very nice and efficient. - S.N
Completely satisfied with all aspects of my visit. - D.L
Very professional, answered all questions/concerns I had and made me feel important. - G.R
Was great as always. - R.k
This was a follow-up appointment to review my condition. To my surprise I did not have to give a urine specimen before being examined by the medical assistant or nurse, and then Dr. Fors. The admitting woman (don't know her rank and she did not wear a nametag that I could see) was efficient and friendly, asked the usual questions, listened to my answers, took notes. Then, after a brief wait, Dr. Fors came in and we talked about my progress. Since everything seems to be going fine, Dr. asked me to make an appointment 2 months hence for ongoing progress check, which I have done. - B.G
Excellent staff, excellent experience. - S.W
Attentive and caring staff. Wonderful Doctor and NP discussions. - R.J
All excellent.Bob - R.S
I was in and out in no time at all. Dr. Fors had answered my questions in our session even before I got a chance to ask them. So he was pretty on top of things in regards to my health and follow-ups. Glad I chose him as my Urologist. - J.M
I am very pleased with the care I have received from Dr. Tait Fors and his staff. I have complete confidence in Dr. Fors excellent knowledge and he is so nice. I would recommend him to anyone wanting the best of care in Urology. - C.M
I came to se Dr. Fors after coming down with a UTI. I wanted to see a specialist in Urology and was impressed with Dr. Fors when I saw him several years ago. He speaks to me in layman's terms and in words I can understand. Everything he said to me was relevant and I felt he was concerned for my long term health. I had the tests done he recommended and was able to have them done the same day as my appointment. - D.V
Everything went as expected. Short wait. In and out in expected amount of time. - K.K
I was very happy with Dr. Fors. He took the time to explain everything to me, and answered all my questions in detail. - D.L
With the exception of a few times that the wait was longer than I thought acceptable, my experience has been an excellent one. - G.P
Dr. Fors, Heather, and the entire staff have always been very professional and helpful over the past few years! Whether performing prostate surgery, retrieving kidney stones, or just talking with me at my annual office visit, I have always felt their knowledge and caring attitude was and is very comforting!!They always take time to go over everything and explain what x-rays and ultrasounds look like! I am very happy and lucky to have them taking care of my urology needs!!!Mike Gallus - M.G
I was quite apprehensive when I came, not knowing what to expect.Your people made the experience tolerable. Still not something I would like to do on a regular basis.Thanks for your professionalism. - R.P
Dr. Fors and staff were fantastic. - R.H
You provide great service and give me the information on my state of health and what I need to do to maintain it. The info of what I can expect as a possible outcome helps to remove some of the unknown expiations. I feel very comfortable with doctor and staff. - J.K
Overall Excellent visit and Care! - S.W
This was my annual check-up after experiencing a massive stroke in 2006 and have had to catheter ever since. Have been very happy with the treatment and support of Dr. Tait Fors' office. - J.N
A little bit of a wait but not bad. - M.M
Everything went smoothly. The staff and doctor were all excellent. - J.B