Hal Stoneking, MD - Eagle Physicians

301 E. Wendover Avenue, Suite 200

Greensboro, 27401
(336) 274-3241
Dr. Stoneking is a great doctor. Smart, kind.and always welcoming. - .G
As always, everything was great. I could not imagine better care. - .G
Did exam on phone went well I was a little nervous at first but turned out great - .S
Quick, informative, caring - .T
As always wonderful care. Have been a patient with Tannebaum/Eagle Tannebaum since 1972! - .B
Video Appt. All needs were taken care of as well as a face to face appt. - .C
First time using Zoom for a telehealth appointment. it went fine. I enjoy Dr. Stoneking and glad he is my doctor. Will be glad when things get back to normal. Thank you - Jean. - .T
Over all excellent. - .G
This was a phone visit with Dr. Stoneking for a 6 month follow up. I saw Mandy Tann last October for my Annual visit, and she’s no longer with Eagles. We enjoyed meeting Dr. S. He is very nice, and professional. - .S
Had a video chat with Dr. Stoneking and that format was appreciate in these days of COVID 19. He answered all my questions and we will have a time in June for a regular physical.Betty Parker - .P
Thanks so much for a great telemedicine visit with Dr. Stoneking. Follow up by staff was excellent. We very much appreciate you’re fine assistance and service - .A
All was fine, no complaints - .N
Got in and out without having problem with social distance - .R
Dr.Stoneking and staff have provided me years of excellent care. I would recommend his practice to anyone. - .B
I really enjoy visiting with Dr. Stoneking. He has the best "bedside" manners of any doctor that I have had. He makes me feel very comfortable and knowledgable. - .C
Everyting i expected was done - .A
Great staff. - .J
5 stars. Look forward to a visit with the doctor. - Florine M Shoffner
I appreciated the opportunity to keep my annual appointment, including labs, so that I could also return the following week for a necessary treatment. Coronavirus safety protocols were all in effect, and I felt very safe being there. Dr. Stoneking is very thorough, making sure that all patient questions are answered to your complete satisfaction. Brittany is an awesome nurse, always professional, while maintaining a pleasant and caring disposition. I feel very fortunate to be a patient at Eagle Medicine. - .S
This was my first visit with Dr Stoneking and I could not be more happy. I had a full physical and he took his time to get my history and do a complete examination while addressing my concerns. All I can say is I wish all doctors were like dr Stoneking. - .A
The staff and my provider were very courteous and professional. No treatment was required. This was a consultation aappointment. - .I
all experience was excellent1 - .R
Everything went very well -- very little wait time, staff was excellent as was Dr. Stoneking. - Carol K Raney
Found everyone to be very profitable . All great to work with. - .F
Excellent! - .B
First visit as my primary physician.Could not be more satisfied. - .S
We love Dr. Stoneking! He is responsive, reasonable yet cautious and medically attentive to all needs. - .K
Dr Stoneking and staff are wonderful! He is so thorough and makes sure that all my screenings are up to date! I appreciate what an excellent doctor he is. - .M
Dr. Stone king listened to my concerns, ordered lab work and I am feeling much better. - .M
The staff and Dr. Stoneking provide excellent care. I never feel like I am being rushed. Everyone takes time to listen and answer any and all questions. The environment throughout the facility is excellent - all go our of their way to make patients feel cared about and cared for. - .S
The staff is Always efficient and professional . Dr Stoneking is one of the best doctors I’ve gone to in my 78 years. - .P
Excellent care - .M
I always feel listened to. Dr. Stoneking and staff are excellent communicators. They make sure my questions are answered and my concerns are addressed. - .S
I felt like I received excellent service and concerned attention to my problem. - .M
Dr. Stoneking was working me in. I appreciate that. - .L
Dr. Stoneking is wonderful in every way. - .L
Excellent! - .M
The staff and Dr. Stoneking are always great. The staff always friendly and very helpful. Dr. Stoneking always listens to my concerns and addresses them. - .T
Great experience! - .V
excellent - .O
Dr Stoneking and Dr Polite are wonderful - .S
Always caring about his patients health. - Sandra B Murray
I was seen in a timely manner. Dr. Stoneking and his assistant, Brittany, took time with me and responded to all my concerns. I'm grateful for excellent care by professional people. - .D
As always from the moment I enter to the time I leave I am very pleased with my interaction with everyone in this office - .F
interesting and informative - .S
Dr. Stoneking and his staff have attended to my health requirements for over fifteen years. They are prompt and efficient. I am proud to have been associated with Dr. Stoneking and his staff! - .W
Everyone is very courteous and very professional - .T
Compassionate and competent - Harlan L Kebel
Great Doc - Anna D Buxton
Wonderful experience. Mandy was patient, caring, and very thorough in her treatment. We so much appreciate Dr. Stone Kings team - Irwin Altman
Excellent - Mark I Smith Soto
Very good! - Terry L Fripp
Experiences with Dr. Stoneking and the staff are always excellent. - .R
Very personable. Always very nice. Have been going to Dr Stoneking for many years. - Patsy B Poe
Pleasant experience. I especially am grateful for never having to wait on service. Always prompt and on time. - .G
Great rapport. Thorough. Nice demeanor. Knowledgeable. - .C
From the time I entered the facility, I was greeted kindly. At check-in, staff members were courteous and friendly in asking for information.Dr. Stoneking is an excellent physician, who sees that I understand everything and asks questions regarding any problems I have.He is encouraging. His nurse is outstanding when I see her in person or talk with her on the phone. The health adviser was extremely nice and smiled a lot! It was a great visit, as it usually is. When I see the clinical pharmacist, he is extremely helpful. I am thankful to have the Eagle Physicians as my doctors! - .H
Excellent -- - .B
I appreciate Dr Stoneking’s regular evaluations of my progress. His priority is my continued good health. We pursue strategies to take advantage of what I can do to build strength and enjoy myself each day. His staff is supportive and positive in their implementation of my care. I am grateful. - Winifred Widman
I have always experienced the best care and professionalism at Dr. Stonekings office and his staff is exceptional....feel like I know all of them personally and they are almost like family. I cannot think of ever going anywhere else....and they always refer me to the best Doctors in their field here in Greensboro. I have no desire to ever go to anyone else as long and Dr. Stoneking and his staff are practicing in this area. Dr. Stoneking has been our family Doctor for over 30 years and we are all pleased. - .L
Excellent service! Dr. Stoneking is the best, hopefully retirement is not in his future!! - James A Holt
Excellent medical group - William L Coleman
Good - James L Sloan
Excellent physician - Carole S Fisher
Wray has been lucky to have Dr Stoneking as his Dr. We have been blessed with his quality care and wonderful manner. Wray always looks forward to his Dr. visits, and so do I. We feel confident in the medical advice! - .F
I sent an excellent in everything review. Dr. Stoneking was through. I got an excellent outcome in the ct scan - .S
I have the Best Dr Stoneking ! He’s and his staff are extremely nice! Answer all questions ! - .M
It was a very good experience. Got appointment quickly. Dr did some testing and gave me a diagnosis. All staff were great - Lois Bazhaw
Excellent experience as always - Lloyd F Shaw
Excellence pretty much standard with dr stoneking and the staff - Roger K Lankford
He is the best - Thomas Buckley
Always “Exceptional” - Ruth M Oliver
Excellent staff interactions. Authentic enthusiasm for their work. Dr. Stoneking was complete and attentive, very personable. - Virginia B Boyette
Patient, thoroughgoing, compassionate professionalism. - Robert S Gingher
As usual Dr. Stoneking was great. He will take the time to talk to you about things other than your problems. Great Dr. Brittany as usual was her great self. Checking in and out was a breeze, A whole bunch of great people. Thank you for taking good care of me. - .B
Great - Rachel B Lawrence
Prompt and friendly services - .T
Dr. Stoneking is an excellent doctor and provides excellent care. - .F
Great experience. - .C
No problem this is a professional man who knows how to treat a patient with respect. - Gerald W Scott
Dr Stoneking is very kind, caring and patient. - Ella F Brooks
Received answers to all my questions. Dr. Stoneking does a great job of providing encouraging and professional responses to all related health issues. - .C
Dr. Stoneking answered all my questions. He is good about seeing that I get a through examination and leave knowing what I need to know - Joyce I Swaim
Excellent experience - Dale W Brinley
He always gives me excellent care - Catherine P Holston
The best doctor and staff in Greensboro. Professional, caring, take the time needed, and very informative and responsive. - .G
As always, Dr. Stoneking and his staff are outstanding professions. - .W
Dr. Stoneking is kind, efficient, smart, thorough, and excellent in every way. I am fortunate to have him as my primary care doctor. - .P
Dr Stoneking is the best in every way - .S
As always, set the standard for office visits. - .C
MY first doctor visit in 20 years and it a snap!! Your people are great and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Stoneking was great and very understanding. I feel better already, Thank you very much. - .S
Everything was great - .M
Check in with Dr Stoneking's staff is easy and there is little wait time . He and his staff are very professional and prompt to return test and lab results. I have been a patient for many years ,hopefully more - Darrell B.M
He’s a wonderful physician and I have the upmost respect for him. - Francine D Sembert
Always a good experience. - Karen M Krone
Appreciate regular attention to mother’s health. She is doing well under his care. - Winifred Widman
Excellent chair side manners. Reassuring - Tarambakuf D Mukurazhizha
Good experience - .P
Everything went well from check-in experience, health adviser 's meeting, doctor's visit in room, lab and check-out Feel we get first rate quality care with this group. - .H
Very efficient I all area’s. - .B
Dr. Stoneking has been my doctor for over 20 years and he's the best. He's one of the most caring, compassionate doctors out there. - .N
Excellent Service, Quick in and out on a busy day for me. - .J
I was extremely pleased with the visit and the care I received. My problem was addressed with care and concern and I was well pleased with the results. - .A
No complaints; quite satisfied. - .F
Excellent - .B
Dr. Stoneking listens to his patients and provides a treatment that is effective - .C
I am so thrilled to be under the care of Dr Stoneking. He took care of my mother-in-law for several years before she passed away. I found Dr Stoneking after searching for a doctor with geriatric training. Hard to believe I now find myself among this group and it was easy to ask him to take me on. - .P
Dr. Stoneking always takes the time necessary to listen and respond to any concerns I may have. His kindness is evident in all he does. - Harriet W Smith
Very caring. Very “in the moment “ with examination. - Lillian Poplin
Very professional and efficient from both the doctor and the staff. - .M
I have previously done this with gusto and delight. Dr. Stoneking is the best of the best, always listening and finding answers to my needs. I do not have the strength to describe all the things he has done for me over the years. However, I’m old and do not have a smart phone and do not knw how to use the reply/talk to the nurse system. Unless there is someone to work with me and my iPad to teach me I cannot reply. (This may be why you want another evaluation from me. He is fantastic!)) - .S
very professional and corteous - .S
Dr. Stoneking was marvelous as usual. - Susan K Collins
All fine. - .K
Always helpful and LISTENS to what I have to say. Great doc and great facility - .W
Getting a timely appointment was easy-same day. Hal and all of his staff were solicitous, caring and very professional. You cannot ask for any better health care. - .S
Very satisfactory - .H
I needed and received an appointment the adsp for a bad cough. Although my regular physician was unavailable, I was able to see Dr Stoneking. Here helped me with a prescription cough syrup. - .N
Satisfied me with my health issue - .R
Excellent - C G Patterson
I was very pleased and impressed with Dr Stoneking. He provided excellent care - Benjamin L Greenland
Dr. Stroneking was in touch with what was going on with me and took action. He has very good bedside manners and I have a very good experience with him. - Darcell Anderson
Always gives excellent care, and is caring and compassionate. - Ronald J Pudlo
Always a great experience. Great service and great staff. - .J
Dr. Stoneking was very helpful and professional. His staff was friendly and efficient. We had a positive experience and are grateful to have Dr. Stoneking as our physician. - .P
Always seem to have a good experience. Professional and friendly in every way. - .D
He has been my physician for over 30 years. As always very satisfied. - Patsy B Poe
He cares about his patients - Ramona S Payne
I have had a very good experience with this practice. I have been able to get an appointment with Dr. Stoneking in a very timely manner and he is professional, friendly and always attentive to my medical concerns. However, I feel that Medical care in this country is being influenced by other interest outside of the medical community (for example, insurance companies, etc.). Therefore, there may not be enough time for the doctor and patient to adequately explore the cause of long-term conditions. - .B
I have always been pleased and satisfied with any visit to Dr. Stoneking and the staff at the office. In particular, he is always attentive and listens to me and my concerns and addresses each one. - .R
As always, Dr Stoneking listens carefully, conducts a thorough investigation, considers all possibilities, prescribes necessary tests, changes medicine intake as needed and asks for patient feedback if circumstances don’t improve. - .S
Dr Stoneking is very thoughtful and listens closely to my concerns. I appreciate his care very much. - .D
Good visit - .L
Dr. Stoneking is keeping close watch on me! Visit went well and he is working with me to control health issues as naturally as possible. Followup in March to see if progress with issues is being made by me. Very communicative while allowing me to take some responsibility for my medical care as well. Thank You! - .W
Dr. Hal Stoneking is a man that I trust and look to for guidance for my health. He is not allowed to retire! - .W
Excellent. Thorough. Very good rapport. - Lillian Poplin
Staff and doctor were both courteous and professional. There was great flow throughout my appointment. All expectations were met and exceeded by the staff. So fortunate to be acquainted with this practice. - .S
Always treated with up most respect - .B
Dr. Stoneking is the best of the best. He is patient, extremely knowledgeable, and helps his patients achieve and maintain their very best lifestyle. - Britany Green Stimpson
Spent time with me, listened, did not appear rushed. - Mary W Skenes
Dr. Stoneking has been my doctor for over 20 years. He has always been professional, courteous, kind, and concerned for my well-being. - Robert M Bass
Excellent - Walter L Shuler
Great always - Shannon H Cooke
All was good. - .C
Excellent, as always! - Lloyd F Shaw
Everyone was very professional. - .H
As always, another great job Eagle physician. They are the greatest.Bill Jones - .J
we discussed my current concerns for needed attention - .S
As always, my mom received excellent care during her office visit with Dr. Stoneking. She was checked in immediately by a friendly staff and we waited a very short time before she was taken back to a room by a nurse where her vitals were taken. The nurse was very kind and patient with my mom. When the nurse left, Dr. Stoneking came into the room with a bright greeting and proceeded with asking questions and listening carefully before examining Mom. He is so knowledgeable and we trust him completely. He was able to provide an excellent solution to the issue that mom was having and she has been doing very well ever since. Our experience, as always, was outstanding. Dr. Stoneking and his staff are the best!!! - .C
No waiting. Prompt service. Both Brittany and Dr. Stoneking very encouraging and attentive. Both appreciated my imput.Left with A POSITIVE AND UPBEAT ATTITUDE. - .Q
As always, I had an excellent experience across all areas. The Staff was friendly, courteous and prompt in getting me checked in. My wait time was minimum and Dr Stoneking reviewed my chart, highlighting any concerns he may have had as well as asking if I have concerns / issues. My examination was thorough and complete. - .H
Thank for seeing me and I appreciate it very much. Problem solved.It put my mine at ease.Thank you. - .H
Visit was very pleasant.Allthe test exams and shots are up to date.A lab result needs improvement.I will follow the directions for improvement and retake the lab results. I am very thankful for the condition of my HEALTH. - .H
The Eagle staff was pleasant and efficient, as usual. I recommend Eagle Physicians to anyone looking for medical care. - .L
Dr Stoneking was very attentive. - Patricia G Qualls
everyone was very helpful form check in to check out. Dr. Stoneking was thorough and asked questions. Arranged a follow up appointment in 2 months. - .M
As always, my experience with Dr. Stoneking was outstanding. He continued to follow potassium, thyroid, etc, situations with blood work, and allowed/encouraged me to discuss important matters for a patient my age, as my husband and I consider future plans, and with his expert input. Very helpful, as was Calandra, who asked and answered important questions as well. - Martha R Hoekstra
Really good experience. Had a same day appointment, and was seen quickly. - .B
As always great service. The nurses and staff are terrific, speedy, friendly and competent. Hal Stoneking is such a superior doctor, the best internist I have ever seen. - .L
Of great importance to many, I never have to wait! Both Dr. Stoneking and his entire staff always make me feel like they listen and have my best interest at heart. Any concerns I have are handled in a timely basis and Brittany is so kind when she calls even acting like I am the only call she has to make when I know there are many of them! I could not be more satisfied with Dr. Stoneking; I have complete confidence in him! - .A
Very pleased with Dr.Stoneking and his staff.wait time is very minimal. - .G
A wonderful physician! Thank you. - Robert L Miller
Always courteous and compassionate - Tarambakuf D Mukurazhizha
Dr Stoneking always takes me seriously. Not only does he listen to me but I truly believe he cares about his patients. I am so lucky to have him in my corner!! - Michelle R Murray
I love my primary care provider and unless he retires can’t see myself going anywhere else - .H
Always have a good visit with Dr Stoneking and his staff. - .H
Very quick! I was able to get in right away. I got there early and was already heading home at my appointment time. The medicine prescribed made me get better within a week. - .B
As always they give the best service with a friendly greeting and concern for our health I have recommended Dr Stoneking to many of my relatives and friends. - .P
Everything good. - .S
Great - .K
Great visit - Dwight Stanton
This was a follow-up appointment after receiving test results. I had a full discussion with Dr. Stoneking about both his recommendation and several alternatives. Questions I asked were helpfully answered. Several follow-up tests were done at the office. I have been given ample time to decide when to begin treatment. - .M
Excellent - Marcia L Kebel
Very professional and timely - Erik Howard
Always have a very good experience Eagle. Thank you. - .B
Very pleased with Dr and his staff. He is a compassionate Doctor. - .M
Dr. Stoneking is our favorite physician. He ALWAYS takes his time, and expresses concern for whatever medical issue I have. - Diane S Jenkins
Everyone from check in, nursing and lab were friendly and efficient. Dr. Stoneking was thorough as usual and always responsive to my questions and requests. It was an enjoyable experience. - .L
As usual, excellent! - .R
Office visit was very satisfactory and x-ray was set up that afternoon and had the results by Tuesday. PT was set up and so the staff was very efficient!! - .H
Fair - Frank Loflin
Comprehensive annual checkup with opportunity to ask questions and discuss medications. Tetnus shot completed vaccinations.Very efficient, thoughtful visit. - .U
Dr Stoneking and staff are very professional and always helpful. Our latest issue became more urgent and we finally got on the necessary trac thru him to get the proper treatment - .M
Quickly address my medical issues went from 0-100, now fully recovered. Thanks Dr Stoneking and staff - .S
Annual physical...everything prompt, professional and caring. - .J
The staff and of course Dr Stoneking are fabulous to work with. - .C
Good - .L
I had trouble getting the stars to respond, but can just tell you that every category receives an excellent rating from me. Because of theconfidence I have in Dr. Stoneking and the superior care and treatment I receive there,I make sacrifices to use your services. I live in Jamestown, and, because of my age, and other impediments, I no longer drive to Greensboro. In order to come there, I hire someone todrive me to my appointments. As long as I can manage it, I will be seeing Dr. Stoneking for my primary care. My thanks, also to the stafffor their friendliness, efficiency, and care. - .H
Expert advise - Charles A Rauscher
Couldn’t be better! - .S
Dr. Stoneking is very thorough and very patient with my 88 year old Mother. We have been asked several time by the memory care facility where she is now living if we would like to change to the Doctor at Carriage House and every time we decline. We know no one can compare to Dr. Stoneking and we will continue to bring our Mother, Anne Smith to see Dr. Stoneking. He's the best!!! - .S
Always pleased with visits. - .J
Annual physical. Hal is an excellent provider. Listens and gives reasonable advice. - .S
Everyone was great as usual and all went well. - .H
Dr Hal Stoneking is extremely capable care taker. He is very easy to discuss your health conditions. Is never in a hurry but never is so behind on his daily schedule that you wait. He is always attentive to managing medications to those absolutely needed. And always explains areas of concern or within desired limits but a worry for me like blood sugar from blood and urine test results. - Lawrence A Hulsbrink
He is a very busy Doctor but an excellent Dr have been a patient many years - Cynthia T Moorefield
Outstanding care; compassionate and professional - Stephen C Robinson
Love Doctor Stoneking - Fred J Adkins
Always a good experience. - Karen M Krone
Super doctor and staff - Herbert L Wilkerson
Dr Stoneking is the best! Always thorough and informative in his recommendations. We are so grateful to have him as our doctor! - Jill C Moore
Always receive great service - Nell R Brame
Excellent and no complaints. - .M
If I could write easily about Dr. Stoneking this note would be a huge book. But my rather rigid fingers are stubborn and it is slow work! He is a fantastic gentleman and I am so lucky to be his patient . He also has a gentle sense of humor to share. - .S
5 stars Hal Stoneking - Terry L Fripp
For fifteen years I have been attended by Dr. Hal Stoneking. He and his staff are the most professional I have used in the 41 years that I have been retired from the U. S. Marine Corps. - .W
My experience has always been good. Wait time is minimal, staff courteous, Dr. Stoneking generous with time spent with me. - .C
Dr. Stoneking is a great doctor. He is friendly, empathetic and explains things in an easily understandable way. As a result all the members of my family are his patients! - .B
Dr. Stoneking is a thoughtful and caring MD. I feel very fortunate to have him as my PCP. - Elisabeth E Talbert
Dr Stoneking really focuses on the person in front of him and projects calm competence. He balances quality of life into his decisions. Stoneking is a model for healthcare professionals. - Janis C Hammett
Excellent - William S Paschal
Excellent - Nancy Y Madden
Absolutely 100% satisfied - George R Penn
Dr Stoneking always listen to my concerns. Staff is always so helpful - Laura R Tate
Very caring, intelligent doctor. Dr. Stoneking has my highest recommendation. - Timothy J Hudson
Excellent as always - Carolyn G Carpenter
From the check in process to then end of my visit I was treated with respect and care. All my questions and concerns were address and solutions given to help me feel better. This is a very compassionate medical practice and I am very happy being a patient of Dr. Stoneking. - .K
Excellent - .H
Excellent!!! - Dale R Whitfield
always a pleasure to see Dr. Stoneking. Enjoy chatting with him re:my condition. very sastisfied - .S
Well pleased with overall treatment! - .H
Always great and thorough - Talmadge C Hall
always good...I have not ever been disappointed...I have told others that I wish Dr. Stoneking could been my doctor all these past years..... - .T
excellent experience... rrm - .M
Excellent. Always good experience - .R
Could not have been better. - .L
I feel confident with Hal - Paul J Megliola
Exceptional care - Ruth M Oliver
He listened well, was knowledgeable, was empathetic, and came up with a plan to help me with my allergies. Recommended him to family. - Suzanne Schallhorn
It is a privilege to have Dr. Stoneking as my primary care doctor. I am grateful to him and the staff for the high quality care I receive. - .T
Annual check up. Dr. Stoneking is the best! I look forward to seeing him and being able to have an honest conversation about all health concerns. I feel that he truly cares for me and wants the best for all his patients. - Randal S Romie
Thorough, pleasant, helpful, efficient, all questions answered. - .U
Everyone is always friendly and courteous. Never have to wait long. - .J
As always excellent service. - .M
Outstanding care! - Virginia B Osborne
Very thorough. - Laura G Kennerly
Excellent! - .B
Have been a patient at this practice since 1972. Have been with Dr. Stoneking many years also. Always pleased. - .B
The best every time - Russell Evans
Gave me plenty of time. Was good at answering questions and giving information. A very positive visit. - Daniel Martin
As always, very pleased with Dr. Stoneking. He has been my doctor for more than 20 years. - Ronald S Poe
Excellent care & clinical skills. Explains issues in easy to understand way, friendly & caring manner. Listens to patients. - Mary L Powers
Great - Naomi G Chandler
Excellent service! Very thorough and explained everything in a way that I completely understand. I rate him as high as the chart will allow!! - Virginia B Osborne
Always get excellent care- excellent in his listening and attention to details - Sandra M Neerman
We find him to be a very good doctor - Hilda G Bass
Great experience - Robert T Thompson
Excellent - Linda S Neal
I am always thankful for Dr. SToneking, a great doctor! He is patient and kind and a very excellent doctor. - .P
As always, Dr Stoneking is very efficient and professional. He takes time to listen and be attentive. - .D
Everything about office visit was pleasant and positive. Dr. Stoneking listened to my concerns and together we made a joint decision to modify one of my blood pressure meds to a lower dosage. Good follow up visit. Bob Quindlen - .Q
Dr. Stoneking was very courteous and professional .... and took his time to explain. - .J
Excellent - .S
As usual, everyone I met with was friendly and professional. Keep up the good work. - James W Parker
Brittany removed staples. Everything was excellent about the visit. - .P
As usual, everything was excellent - could not ask for more. - .R
I don't know how to rate this matter . . . I have always found reasonable wait times with each appointment. As for rating these matters, I can't seem to be rating these correctly, perhaps. But "excellent" is certainly an accurate measure in each instance. - .R
Everyone in the office is great. Very professional. - .K
Brittany’s smile and positive attitude are dependable and appreciated every visit. Dr Stoneking is a gem. Always calm, confident, a reassuring presence for a 90YO and his caregiver daughter. Thank you. - .M
As usual, Eagle Physicians was excellent and my primary doctor, Dr. Stoneking, was terrific. He is always timely, clear in explanations, professional in treatment, and patient with my questions. I'm grateful for the fine service Dr. Stoneking provides and would recommend him to anyone. - .F
I really appreciate Dr. Stoneking and staff fitting me in at the last minute to address my concerns. My PCP was unavailable immediately so they were able to fit me into the schedule and provide the appropriate care. - Lance Gainer
Excellent - Hilda L Andrews
Great patient care. Hal walks on the ground I worship. - .D
I had a pleasant experience. - .S
Professional staff, short wait time, lab staff efficient and time with doctor productive. - .S
Great - Talmadge C Hall
Outstanding experience! - Patricia W Mackenzie
Hal Stoneking's practice is the best in Greensboro. The Health Counselor was also excellent. Excellent phlebotomist was able to draw blood in my small veins! God Bless Dr. Stoneking and all who work for him! - Robert W Emmaus
all care and testing results were well explained for future health maintence - .S
Great doc and practice! - .H
Dr Stoneking has is a real good doctor. He listen to your question. - Laura R Tate
He always has time to listen to any question you have. Thaw staff is nice and friendly - Laura R Tate
Good experience - Margaret L Sparrow
My blood pressure was great, and Dr. Stoneking's nurse was courteous & professional, all receive top ratings - .M
Good experience - .M
Every effort made to run a highly efficient office. Hal as always makes for a comfortable and knowledgeable visit - .P
Staff always kind & professional- Dr Stoneking is always very professional with excellent skills & knowledge & always willing to listen & is empathetic-very competent kind practitioner - .C
Dr Stoneking has done everything he can to help me with my health problems which are too many to list here. I am so grateful to him for his wonderful care. If I were better with typing I would praise him more. He is THE BEST. - .S
It went very well!!! - .M
Always pleasant and available during appointments. Conducts thorough assessments and requests my input. Generally colaborative in treatment decisions. - Scott Lawrence
the entire staff were above and beyond with there patient care - Joseph M Priestley
Thanks for getting me in and My work completed - .M
Always with thoroughness, bedside manner, and accuracy. Even in after hours the doctors are always prompt in calling the patient back. - .K
Great communication. Love the email option. - .S
I have no complaints at all. Wait time is perfect and Dr. Stoneking makes me feel at ease. I have avoided going to the doctor for years but that is no longer the case since I starting seeing Dr. Stoneking. - .K
Dr. Stoneking is a terrific doctor! - .M
Exceptional Professional Knowledgeable Always available A Patience Listener Never gives up - Ruth M Oliver
Love his excellent communication - Mary W Skenes
Excellent - Norma L Cole
We are very pleased to have Dr. Stoneking taking care of me, and my husband, as well. He is very kind and caring and takes very good care of us. Would hate to be without him. - Sylvia Paschal
Appointments always on time, friendly staff; been a patient for 30 years and we appreciate Dr. Stoneking for being our provider...Excellent!!! - .J
Always kind and patient. - Patricia S Levitin
Always good. DR. Stoneking always takes the time to discuss whatever I ask or he thinks I should know. - .R
Was received on time which was much appreciated. Spent some time going over the issues, ordering appropriate blood tests, and discussing results. Dr. Stoneking is an excellent doctor who is responsive, communicative and responsible, and who has a keen interest in his patients. - .S
Efficient, timely and constructive!! Keep it up. Jerry Harrison - .H
Dr Stoneking's staff is always pleasant, efficient and timely from appointment clerks to nurse care and lab techs.Dr Stoneking is knowledgeable and responsive in delivering medical care. - .P
He demonstrates interest in me as a person, makes recommendarions for me to maintain wellness, facilitates requests to fulfill work requirements. Each visit has been a positive experience. - Susan K Collins
I am very pleased with Dr. Stoneking and his staff. They are very responsive to my every need. - .T
Always a good experience. I am always pleased with the promptness on my scheduled time of service. - .G
I was seen right away. Dr. Stoneking checked my concerns and accessed my problem. Ordered meds and the problem was solved. - .M
Professional and comforting - Margaret N Pickard
I always received excellent service from doctor stoneking - Shirley M Wilson
Effecient, Friendly,responsive - Marilyn L Schwabenton
Always good. - Karen M Krone
Excellent - Dorothy D Carelock
My experience with Dr. Stoneking was excellence as it always has been. - Michelle McNair
All staff and providers are excellent. No delays. Short waiting time. Everyone at this facility is knowledgeable and helpful. - .S
The nurse is always pleasant and talks with me about what is going on. When we checked meds this time, all were not listed. She put in what was missing. Dr. Stoneking is always good to take time to talk to me about what is going on and to answer any questions or concerns I have. The nurse drawing blood is always good to put me at ease. The ladies that checked me in and out are always pleasant and ask if I have any questions. - .S
Just like all the appointments over 20 years with Dr. Stoneking the last appointment was as exemplary as the first and I credit his outstanding diagnostic talent and treatment for my being alive today. Additionally I will always be thankful to his assistants from the first to the current (Brittany) and schedulers (Dora) for their kind and caring help in many ways. - .S
Dr Stoneking is an excellent physician - William E Dolan
I had my yearly physical with Dr. Stoneking recently. There was virtually no wait time, the nurse was knowledgeable and patient, and Dr. Stoneking was his usual courteous and efficient self. I feel very blessed to have him and his staff as my personal physicians - they're superb! - .W
Every aspect of this visit went well. - .S
Always look forward to my appointments. Great doctor that cares about his patients.And a great staff who works with you. - .J
Dr. Hal Stoneking at Eagle Physicians is a true professional. If I have a concern, he listens and honestly cares about my complete health. I don't feel rushed or overlooked. The staff works in a timely and pleasant manner. I like having the Lab onsite because it makes my visit so much more convenient - just a brief stop on my way to check-out. Then in a short time, I can view my lab results /comments from home. I've been a patient at Eagle for years and I think they just keep getting better. - .F
Excellent treatment and informative information on my condition - .B
Wonderful staff, nurse, doctor and lab. Always plenty of smiles. Thank you for another great visit:) - .M
Very professional staff. Hal is one of the best MD's. - Christopher B Staley
Got appointment promptly and excellent care. - .A
Very caring staff and a doctor who listens - .M
Exceptional - Ruth M Oliver
I have no complaints. He has always been a good doctor for me and my father. - Grant M Connell
Dr Stoneking as been my doctor for years. He is very professional, caring and makes you feel special. He does not make you feel rushed talking with him. When I have questions, he always knows the answer and explains it in a way that I understand. I trust him and feel blessed to have him as my doctor. - Cathy J Stewart
I enjoyed further reviewing my ailments and future planning - .S
I walked in as a new patient, and was greeted with smiles across the board. I was also very impressed with their professionalism. That goes a long way, especially when you're not feeling well. - .M
Have been a patient of Dr. Stoneking for a long time. He is very professional and easily to talk with Good personality. - .P
I recently had a yearly check-up with Dr. Stoneking and with a nurse. I would give a 5 star rating on all the above categories. I feel fortunate to have such a good internist who specializes in geriatrics. Stephanie Berry - .B
I have no desire to describe my experience in detail for a rating system. My physician is excellent and so are all the staff. Period. - .K
Dr Stoneking was attentive & listened to all details regarding my issue. He was very thorough in his questions & explanation of his diagnosis. He recommended lab work to make sure there were not extenuating problems. I was extremely pleased & relieved after my visit. - .J
Took time to fully discuss my situation and provided complete instructions. - Virginia B Osborne
Excellent! - Marian H Sherrill
Excellent - Bill Bass
He’s the absolute best! - Susan J McMullen
Dr Stoneking takes very good care of me. - William S Paschal
Dr. Stoneking is truly professional and a great doctor. He takes your questions serious and gives you answers. He is outstanding. - Juanita Best
Visit was pleasant and professional - Kenneth J Gruber
Everything was just fine, as always. - .R
It was my first visit. Everyone was very nice and caring. The Dr. made me fill at ease and was easy to talk too. - .G
As usual, it is like dealing with trusted family. Always able to talk to the doctor and get my problems resolved; he explains things to me carefully to make sure I understand. He is a good doctor, so personable with his patients, so professional, and a good advocate for his patients. He is always willing to help get a prescription medicine approved, and secure an urgent appointment for a test or with a specialist. I always feel like I get time to explain my issues and concerns without feeling rushed.Dr. Stoneking, as usual, is awesome, caring, highly knowledgeable, very friendly, and has a great chair side manner. His utmost concern is the patient's comfort. I've always managed to get in to be seen within a timely manner. He always took wonderful of my husband, and has always taken wonderful care of me. Both the CNA and Doctor have fabulous bedside manners. This makes patients feel very comfortable.He has an excellent staff that is great; everyone is patient, very friendly, and takes time with in and out issues. - .M
Like him very much.He was very good and easy to talk to, Since this was my first visit with him I think we will get a long fine. - Dorothy D Carelock
Dr Stoneking always pays close attention to whatever you came to him for. Outstanding. - .L
Good patience care. Very knowledgeable. - Linda C Glasgow
Wonderful Dr, so nice - Elsa G Troxler
Dr. Stoneking is one of the few primary care providers that actually performs a physical exam. I was also impressed that he called me back personally to review lab results rather than relying on a medical assistant. He is far and away the best primary care provider that I have dealt with as a patient in the Eagle system over the past 6 years. - .P
Dr Stoneking has been my primary physician for many years. I have total confidence being under his care - Darrell B Moorefield
My experience has always been outstanding since I started coming to Eagle Physicians for 11 years. The welcoming ladies at the front desk are always happy to greet you with a smile. - .P
Excellent - .J
As always all aspects of the visit were excellent. Dr Stoneking and all the staff are very competent and always pleasant in all aspects of the visit. I have been a patient there for many years and am so happy and feel blessed and assured in my health concerns with this group. - .R
Everything went on time and Dr. Stoneking answered all my questions. - .P
I saw Dr. Stoneking for my physical and I was o.k. - .R
Dr. Stoneking is a good listener & an excellent clinician. - Mary L Powers
Dr. Stoneking and staff, excellent, five stars! - .C
I have seen Dr Stoneking for more than 30 years and would not even think about seeing someone else. I have recently moved from Greensboro to Chapel Hill but again, would not want to treated by anyone else. He is simply the best. All staff are also excellent. Thank you. - .L
I appreciated not having to wait too long before seeing the doctor. - .S
Great experience - Yvonne J Clontz
Excellent— quick response - Lena C Baynes
I enjoy seeing him every time! - Charles W Saunders
he did a good job - .M
Registration went quickly. Physician was in the room promptly and was attentive to all myh conceerns. Check out went well. - .G
I am grateful for the excellent care from Dr. Stoneking and his staff. - .L
Wonderful, knowledgeable physician and caring staff - .T
Excellent as usual. - .M
Everything Excellent!!! - Blair W Jenkins
Everything about the practice is top notch. - .L
Very good - Barbara J Masi
Excellent and thorough. - Kathy S Andrews
all my questions were answered. - .B
Dr. Stoneking is always helpful, personable, and professional. Very thankful that he is our family doctor. - Robert M Bass
ALWAYS great care from Dr Stoneking and his group!! Dwight Spencer - Dwight L Spencer
Always an informative visit. Treats you with respect - Dennis G Marcotte
My wellness visit was very pleasant. All test results were good and services received by all were very professional. I look forward to following all directions and remaining healthy.Thanks for your services. - .H
Very pleased with Dr. Stoneking. He is very caring and kind. - .D
I've been a patient since 2001 and have always been pleased with my visits. He cares and it shows. - Tymphony Crosby
Excellent - Carolyn D McConnell
Very efficient. Very thorough. Very nice. - .H
I especially appreciate that if I need to be seen I can call in the morning and someone will see me. - .G
I came back from a trip to China with a sore spot on my leg, and Hal sawMe the day after I contacted his office. He explained my problem and ordered a prescription to correct it. I couldn’t have asked for better treatment! - .F
I am very pleased with stone king as my primary physician - .B
Dr. Hal Stoneking was my mother’s physician and has been mine and my husband’s since 2002. We trust him implicitly. - Barbara L Hutcheson
I have only the best to say about my appointment with Dr.Stoneking and his staff---as always. - .S
Typically excellent service! - .U
This visit was for yearly exam. No wait time. Felt good about results. Dr. Stone king is very professional and is an excellent doctor. - .M
Excellent - Paul M O Briant
He has been my Primary Doctor since 12/93. He is an excellent physician and we have a good relationship. - Charles W Hodges
All went well. - Wilbur L Smith
Excellent and has been that way for 30 years. - Alonzo F Pierce
I am a patient of Dr Stoneking because he was my father’s and my father in law’s primary care physician. He is excellent and his staff is excellent . - William E Smith
Very good - Robert W Tidwell
Very good ..toke the time to hear everything that was new and helped find ways to make it better . - Robert W Tidwell
Dr Stoneking is consistently thorough and caring. He is an excellent physician - Emily Morgan
Dr. Stoneking was very acceptable of my needs for seeing him. He diagnosed my need sent me for xrays, and providied a plan for me to go to theraphy. He showed a caring spirit and I appreciate that. - Marilyn M Davis
Excellent experience. Very thorough annual exam and quick follow-up with lab results. Thank you. - Michael L Krick
Excellent as always! - Jayne O Beuchler
Hal Stoneking gives me excellent advice and care! - Catherine P Holston
I’m pleased that I have him as my physician. He has always taken good care of any medical problem that I have had. Thank you. - Robert L Miller
very acceptable wait time. very competent staff. very good about returning phone call questions. - .G
Dr Stoneking was on point in diagnoses and test. Follow up the next morning due to late afternoon appointment. Was very pleased. - .C
I did not have to wait at all. Everything was quick. - .P
Excellent! - .B
Always a good experience with this practice. - .B
The staff are professional, competent and caring. Dr. Stoneking’s nurse, Brittany, is one of the best I have ever had. - .G
Very efficient, love Dr Stoneking, I feel well taken care of. - .B
Dr. Stoneking saw me as a substitute for my regular doctor. He did a great job I think. I asked for a referral to a specialist and he provided a fine choice. Dr. Stoneking has a reassuring and friendly demeanor and I would be very happy if he were my primary physician. - .A
All was great. Everyone made me feel comfortable. Hal Stoneking is an outstanding doctor. - .L
My latest visit was for my annual physical. Did not wait very long and the care that I get from my primary provider Dr. Stoneking is excellent. I am very happy with both Dr. Stoneking and his nurse Brittany. - .B
i always feel special when I visit Dr. Stoneking and staff. The staff make you feel comfortable and the fact they care shows. I could not conceive going anywhere else. They treated my Mom with the utmost respect and caring, I know I made the right decision when our previous Internist retired. - .C
We both are very happy with having you as Jim's doctor. Thanks for everything. - .S
Always a pleasure with Dr. Stoneking - .T
I've always been satisfied with the service I receive. - Paul W Stone
This was an emergency appointment and theyworked me in and got xrayed at the last minute.Dr.stoneking walked me to staff person to call X-rayand staff person walked paper work down to firstLevel to expedite as it was closing time for lab.theywent extra mile. Kay cashion - .C
Staff and health providers were very helpful, kind and knowledgeable. Test results were explained clearly and I felt that I was in good medical hands. Thank you - .W
I was able to see Dr. Stoneking on the day I called. He diagnosed my ailment quickly and the treatment he prescribed worked great! I was very satisfied!! - George D Frye
My experience was excellent throughout. The matters I wanted to go over with the doctor were discussed and appropriate tests were arranged. Wait time was very short. - .M
As always, great doctor, great staff, great care - .P
Dr Stoneking is always on time, knows my health issues, and communicates very effectively. - .L
It's always nice to see Dr. Stoneking. In addition to our medical discussions, we always talk about news and sports. - Kenneth J Hilliard
Wonderful experience. - .L
Prompt, courteous and timely. - .T
Coming here is like dealing with trusted family. Always able to talk to the doctor and get my problems resolved, he explains things to me carefully to make sure I understand. He is a good doctor, so personable with his patients, so professional, and a good advocate for his patients. He is always willing to help get a prescription medicine approved, and secure an urgent appointment for a test or with a specialist. I always feel like I get time to explain my issues and concerns without feeling rushed. Dr. Stoneking is awesome, caring, highly knowledgeable, very friendly, and has a great chair side manner. His utmost concern is the patient's comfort. I've always managed to get in to be seen within a timely manner. He has always taken wonderful care of me. Both the CNA and Doctor have fabulous bedside manners. This makes patients feel very comfortable.He has an excellent staff that is great, everyone is patient, very friendly, and takes time with in and out issues. - .M
The usual pleasant, efficient, and worthwhile visit to Dr. Stoneking and his staff for my annual Medicare "wellness" visit. - .F
Excellent service from staff and physician. - .G
Great overall service from everyone. - .J
Everything was excellent - .S
Love Dr Stoneking. He listens to everything I want to say and takes me seriously. How great is that?? - .W
All experiences were excellent as always - .S
I was in and out with no problem. Everyone was very nice and pleasant. Dr. Stoneking is great. - .M
I was able to get in the day I called, and was seen promptly. I have great confidence in Dr. Stoneking. - .L
Everyone was friendly and professional. Visit was fine. - .S
very good - .J
Thanks to Dr Stoneking and his staff. I was very sick with the flu and they were very caring and made sure I was treated promptly. I would recommend their service to anyone! I can always count on the staff at Eagle! Thanks! - .E
I marked all the above as "Excellent" because that's what they were. Dr. Stoneking has been a superb diagnostician and overall doctor for me, meeting my needs and answering my questions. - .R
Visit was good with no complaints.Dr. Stone king is very good to make you feel important. - .R
I was very pleased with everyone. Pat was very helpful in changing the reason for me to see Mandy. Lisa went out of her way to bring my cane to the x-ray department after I left it in the office. Also, I was very pleased with Dr. Kendall at Greensboro Orthopedic. - .G
Very customer friendly and efficient services - .S
My visit was great. Dr Stoneking is a really good Dr. He listens to your concerns and spend time to explain things to you. I am so glad that I became his patient. His nurse is very nice. All the staff is great. - .Tate
Thank you for always being there for me - .S
Dr. Stoneking and staff were professional and my concerns were addressed and answered and further blood work was taken and results forwarded to me. - .P
As always everything we handled professionally. - .B
Always a good experience. Prompt and take time to find what's wrong. - Karen M Krone
Things always seem to go smoothly at this office. I don't recall every having a real problem in this area.I am appreciative of that.Betty (Elizabeth S.) Godwin - .G
Professional and proficient - .M
My visit was very professional I left with confidence knowing I was in good hands. - .L
Had a great check up. Dr stoneking went over all my questions - .G
Excellent service and care as usual - .P
All was fine, no complaints - .N
Dr. Stoneking answered all my questions and referred me appropriately. I am very pleased with him as my doctor. - .A
Dr. Stoneking is fantastic ....actually talks to you and answers all of your questions and shows a genuine concern for your health ...could not be more please with the care I get from Dr. Stoneking. - .L
Dr. Stoneking was very attentive to me describing my problem and we have hopefully arrived at a solution. - .G
Everyone is so helpful. I love Dr Stoneking and Britney is always great - .M
It was all excellent. Always appreciate the expertise and professionalism provided by staff. - .C
I was ill and was able to get an appointment he day I called. Dr. Stoneking is knowledgeable and thorough. The treatment he recommended helped me to feel much better over the next few days - which he said would be the case. - .K
Great experience Very professional always great customer service - .R
Dr. Stoneking is a great doctor. - .S
Saw me same day. Wisely told me I must be seen if my temperature was up. Provided a mask at check-in. Very short wait. Efficient visit, quick diagnosis. - Barbara M Smith
Was able to schedule within a day due to cancellation -Dr was empathetic- listened then make a treatment plan-staff were all helpful & professional - .C
Warm staff, excellent nurse and physician-all csring and interested in me - .L
Dr. Stoneking is easy to understand and talk with. He is always responsive to my concerns and questions. - .L
I had no problem getting an appointment right away. I waited less than 5 minutes to see Dr. Stoneking. He told me my problem and what to do for it. I followed his instructions and am now OK! - .B
Dr. Stoneking is very personable; he readily puts the patient at ease. He is responsive and goes beyond what is required if possible. I enjoy the on-time service and have confidence in Dr. Stoneking's prescribed treatments. - .S
My experience was excellent as always. I sincerely apologize to Dr. Stoneking for complaining; this was not my usual self. I am so grateful to Dr. Stoneking, other doctors and staff at Eagle for consistent excellent care.Willie Taylor - .T
Everything went very well. Staff was pleasant and accommodating. Hal needs to get to church more often.Fred - .R
As always, it was a good experience and Dr. Stoneking's recommendations helped. - .W
Best Doctor I have ever seen. He’s thorough, kind and compassionate. - .M
Dr Stoneking is a caring physician. - .D
I agreed to excellence for the above questions. Can’ Really add anymore to that. Barbara - .F
My physical with Dr Stoneking was quick and expert as well as being very personal and on time! Dr Stoneking detected a subtle anomaly in my breathing and quickly ordered a Cat Scan and necessary follow-ups for both lungs and thyroid. I was very impressed at his skill at detecting this and the speed and assurance of his follow-up. Very impressive! - .W
I give these high ratings because of Dr. Stoneking taking time to answer my questions, being familiar with my history, and because of the overall courtesy of the staff. - .U
Dr. Stoneking was good to answer all my concerns and to listen to what I was saying. I feel like he is concerned about me as a person not just a number. The ladies that work with him are good and care about their patients. The lady drawing blood is good. They only get one stick with me and they nail it every time. - .S
I always have an excellent experience whenever I need to see Dr. Stoneking. Everyone in the office is really nice and friendly. Any questions I have are answered and I usually have no problem getting a visit scheduled when it is convenient for me. Thanks for taking good care of me. - .S
No complaints. Dr. Stoneking is an excellent physician and the treatment was excellent. - .F
As always, Dr. Stoneking reviewed my phone question and symptoms and prescribed medication that he agreed that I needed for allergic reactions I was having. The prescription was called into my Pharmacist had the medication for by noon. - .P
No problem with visit...GJA - .A
I could list a lot of complimentary things about this doctor and his staff, but the most important ones are:Dr. Stoneking and his staff are easy to get in touch with by phone and email, and easy to schedule an appointment with. He and his staff are very friendly and always on time for my appointment. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and has a pleasant bedside manner. He makes himself very understandable and very informative in response to health issues. I have always recommended him to my friends and family, and would continue if he were accepting new patients.Paula McDaniel - .M
Everything was excellent. Appointment kept prompt, facility clean, staff and Doctor Stoneking excellent. Would recommend to anyone. - .J
I got right in, was seen almost immediately, and was on my way in a matter of minutes. Could not have been better! - .B
Visit to Dr. Stoneking always an excellent experience. Staff always helpful & Knowledgeable. - Lloyd F Shaw
The ratings say it all. Excellent. - .G
Always professional and caring. - .K
Dr. Stoneking is very patient, kind, and thorough. He is responsive to online communication which is helpful to cut down time during appointments. - .S
went very well - .T
Dr. Stoneking is as good as it gets. He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and takes all the time necessary to make sure all of my questions are answered. He has outstanding bedside manner. On numerous occasions, Dr. Stoneking has calmed my anxieties and supported me when I needed it most. - Britany Green Stimpson
very thorough and knowledgeable. - Ronald J Komich
Dr. Stoneking is a very thorough and caring doctor. Always feel I get the best care. - .D
Thank you for seeing me during a peak holiday time. Dr. Stoneking was thorough, examing me carefully & provided specific instructions. - .G
Very knowledgeable and excellent bedside manners. - Joseph R Williamson
Dr stoneking takes very good care of my husband and me. We appreciate him very much. - William S Paschal
Always feel my health is in very good hands with Dr. Stoneking. - Vicky C Dawson
Dr. Stoneking has been our physician for years. We always receive excellent service from him and his staff. - .J
Dr stoneking was very informative and took the time to answer all my concerns and questions. - .H
I always have a satisfying experience on each visit regardless of the medical evaluation of my health condition. - .J
The facility is mostly quite efficient. A short wait for the physician is to be expected and that is fine. Vitals are taken efficiently. - .P
Great experience as always. Love me some Dr. Hal ! - .C
Caring compassionate - Patricia S Levitin
Competant Physicians and staff; pleasant surroundings - Joseph W Stiefel
I have just started with Dr. Stoneking after Dr. Johnsons retirement - .R
I like Dr. Hal Stoneking . He's very helpful person with my hearing problem. He explained to me very well about my health. - John N McDonald
Great always Great - .S
Dr Stoneking is attentive and thorough - Emily Morgan
Lots of quality time with Dr. Stoneking. Did not feel rushed. The staff is so nice and cordial. - .S
Dr stoneking is great - Robert A Nunn
Excellent experience... Support staff and especially the nurse was very friendly and nice. Dr Stoneking is the best of the best. - .S
Good - .P
Very caring and knowledgeable physician. I feel lucky to be in such good care. - .T
I feel I get excellent care! - Mark I Smith Soto
Professional and personable - Janet F Midgett
I really appreciated the addition of a staff member to help minimize costs (with Medicare and supplemental insurance) with needed prescriptions. - .J
Dr Stoneking is the best. He always listen to your concerns. - Laura R Tate
It was wonderful to get a same day appointment. Good diagnosis and the prescription took care of the problem quickly. I appreciate the excellent service. Rocky - .H
The entire experience with my appointment with Dr., Stoneking was very successful-- H e always listened answers my questions and is very helpful .The appointment is not rushed- is always timely. The office staff is helpful and pleasant. I could not ask for a better experience- thanks to all of you. Charlene Holler - .H
The day I was there it was as a new patient visit. I found the staff very cordial and professional. I thought Dr. Stoneking was very personable and I was very comfortable speaking with him in the short time I was with him. Hopefully, he will help to get me on a healthy track into my future years. - .F
As a new patient this was my second visit with Dr. Stoneking. I was very pleased with all aspects of the visit; timeliness, professionalism of all staff, attention to my my health needs. I am most pleased with Dr. Stoneking and his staff!!Gerald Harrison12/2/2018 - .H
Very comfortable. Dr. Stoneking seemed genuinely interested in my health. He listened to my concerns, made eye contact with me and encouraged me with his remarks. - .S
What else to say. I gave everything an excellent. - Diane G Grimes
Very attentive, friendly and thorough. - .L
Great - .K
Great - .E
Everything good and like the online service. Questions answered promptly. - Karen M Krone
Everything went smoothly and as always everyone was helpful. - .S
The complete office visit was excellent. Check in is easy and had almost no wait time before seeing Dr. Stoneking. Dr. Stoneking and his nurse are great. They are friendly and professional. They listen to my questions and handle all my medical concerns. - .S
Dr. Stoneking saw me promptly and gave me excellent advice. He listened to my concerns, took me seriously, and told me what steps to take to treat my problems. - .A
I have tried to click on items above but for some reason nothing happens. So, I will just say that I am very blessed to have Dr. Stoneking as my primary care physician. I would give him 5 stars for each item. He and his nurse are wonderful. Enough said. - .G
Dr. Stoneking was very sympathetic and accommodating with my very difficult situation. Office staff efficient and kind as usual. - .M
Very little wait time, everyone professional and friendly. Questions answered completely. Facilities fine..... - .S
I was wall please - .M
Dr. Stoneking is an excellent primary care physician. Since November of 2015, he has taken outstanding care of me. I am fortunate that he is my doctor. - Charlotte Vaughn
Recommended - .A
The Staff worked with me to get an appointment and when I arrived I was in the examining room in just a few minutes after going into waiting room.Dr. Stoneking came in shortly thereafter and examined my leg and I was out the door shortly thereafter. I have a follow up appointment set up for 90 days after this visit. I am very satisfied with my appointment. - .P
As I needed to be seen due to unrelenting sx and had no scheduled appointment with Dr. Stoneking, NP Samandra Tann was able to work me in to her schedule. I found her to be very knowledgeable, empathetic - as she listened intently to my complaints, and after her exam quickly addressed them very professionally. I truly felt her interests were in accurate dx while helping me be more comfortable A f/u visit was scheduled with her for midweek next week. I felt listened to and believed- - a feeling I did not experience in a prior phone call with a RN. I very much appreciated her decisiveness and attention to my needs. I would recommend her to anyone and am grateful she is part of the clinical staff at Eagle. - .P
The process was seemless with each person doing their job appropriately. The physician was caring and very helpful. - .T
Very nice exam. - .G
Blood pressure check/discussion re first prescription for BP medicine - .F
I'm always treated well and respectfully by everyone in this practice. Wait time is minimal. Dr. Stoneking seems to listen and answer any questions I may have. - .S
Very thankful to have had such a wonderful experience. - .R
fast - .R
It was fine. I had a referral and that went well also - .K
I have been a patient of Dr Stoneking for years. He is very professional and makes me feel special like he does all his patients. I Totally trust him. He saved my life years ago when he had me tested for heart trouble. Everyone in the office is outstanding from checking in to checking out. I love his nurse Too. She is So sweet and nice. - .S
My wait time was unbelievable!!!! I was greeted by the nurse and taken back to treatment area in less than 15 minutes!!! Dr. Stoneking and his entire staff could not have given more professional or personal care! - .G
Thanks so much for taking care of me. - .H
As always everything was very efficient and we got the job done. Dr. Stoneking is open and direct and easy to talk to. - .W
Productive visit that led to cause of problem. - .U
Always good to see Dr. Stoneking and his team. Good listeners all.KJH - .H
Dr. Stoneking listened to my symptoms with patience and gave me good advice. I am thankful he is my doctor! - Charlotte M Plyler
Dr. Stoneking and his staff provide always make you feel like you are the most important patient. Always caring and never rushed. - .A
Dr. Stoneking was very caring and responsive to my needs. I am temporally uninsured and he went out of his way to keep my expenses to a minimum while still attending to my needs. - .B
Excellent in every respect - .O
Quick email responses are really great. - .P
Timely and efficient - .A
All went well - .P
Excellent service - .G
I have always been treated with respect & have my questions answered. Appreciate the helpful employees. - .D
I called the clinical pharmacist for advice about antibiotics that that are compatible with my current medications. I was waiting for the results of a culture done by another practice . Val Wersching gave me the information that I requested and offered to call the other practice with that information. This was very helpful to me and resulted in the other practice calling me with a decision to prescribe the antibiotic today since the result of the culture was still pending. I was very impressed with Val Wersching's kindness, knowledge, and desire to help me. I am very grateful that she took the initiative to help me to receive prompt care. I am looking forward to my upcoming appointment with her. - Nancy B Stiefel
Very smooth and on time. Excellent - .M
I was in within just a few minutes of my appointment . The appointment went well with all my questions answered. A very good experience all the way around. - .P
The scheduled appointment was handled in a professional manner. Everything was on schedule and all my questions were answered. The overall experience was excellent. - .S
Excellent star rating in all categories --- GRB - .B
Excellent customer services from the beginning to the end of my appointment - .S
My experience with Dr. Stoneking and everyone who works in that office has been completely positive all the years I've been his patient.I am always received with courtesy, full attention and remarkably in this day and time--am always promptly seen.Dr. Stoneking's reputation in the larger community is well-known and he is held in the highest regard.I appreciate having him and his staff as my primary caregivers. - .S
Dr Stoneking is one in a million, and I am so blessed to be his patient. He is a fine physician and a very kind person to go with that skill. But more remarkably he LISTENS and finds ways to help me when I have problems. He deserves at least ten stars...... not a measly five! Because I come from a medical family I do have high expectations (from being raised in that atmosphere); Dr Hal is the only physician to fulfill them. - .S
excellent, as always - .R
Dr Stoneking is always caring and helpful. Great treatment as usual from him and the staff - .M
Dr. Stoneking was excellent, attentive, interested in my wellbeing and made me feel welcome to his clinic. I am encouraged and look forward to receiving care from Dr. Stoneking.Staff were very accommodating and were most helpful to reschedule my appointment when I had a time conflict with original appointment.I was seen on time and very little time elapsed from arriving to being seen....Great!!Gerald Harrison - .H
I really enjoy the feeling or personalized care at this office and with Dr. Stoneking. He is always willing to listen to my concerns and make suggestions that are meaningful. I never feel rushed and always feel listened to. Thank you. - .C
I had a medical problem, called Dr. Stoneking’s offic and was able to get an appointment the same day. - .B
I've been a patient at Eagle for over ten years, and have consistently found the quality of the medical treatment and the staff to be the highest available. I recommend them with great enthusiasm. - Brian J McMillan
i met with the pharmacist to go over my meds. she made some great suggestions. enjoyed very much speaking with her - .F
Normal yearly check up with blood work. - Allan C Johnson
Dr. Stoneking is a physician who listens to his patients. He is always kind and patient. He answers questions with medical knowledge that non-medical patients like me can understand. His exams are very thorough, and I believe he cares about my health. I feel fortunate that he is my doctor. Suzanne Pell - .P
Thankful for a doctor that cares for his patients. - .O
This office is always calm, clean, responsive and on time. Dr Stoneking give you his full attention.The receptionists and schedulers are especially outstanding in their courtesy and friendliness. - .P
The Staff (office clinical medical) are always so nice & friendly. They treat me like I am one of the family - .P
Had my yearly physical and everything went very smoothly. Felt like Dr stoneking took as much time with me as I wanted. Answered my questions and was very courteous and helpful. - .N
All great each and every time - .P
As usual, I was pleased with everything and everyone I experienced. It is a well run practice. - .B
Both nurse and doctor were compassionate and showed concern for my well being - .L
Dr. Stoneking always listens to the complaints and gives a thoughtful answer. Thank you, Dr. Stoneking! - .I
Dr. Stoneking shows just the right amount of sympathy and conviction about what will help my ailments. - Judith R Hyman
Dr. Stoneking is an excellent, primary care doctor. He and his assistants, and all of the staff at Eagle Physicians Tannenbaum are outstanding.They are attentive, efficient, and caring.I am fortunate and grateful to have Dr. Stoneking taking care of my medical needs. - .V
Always very good and welcomed - .B
very good visit. all questions answered. - .H
I feel good about my doctor and staff. They are friendly, accurate, address and follow up with all my concerns. Staff and Dr. Stoneking is so caring. I'm glad to have a wonderful group of people to care for me. - .A
My experiences with office visits have been consistently well handled, professional and pleasant. - .L
Everything went very smoothly. Am looking forward to working with everyone on the staff................... - .S
I have been a patient. Of Dr. Stoneking for 20 years. I am always impressed that he really listens when I am describing any symptoms I may have. - .P
Dr Stoneking always listens to all your issues. He is so patient and understanding. - .L
Just fine, as usual. - .R
Nothing to report - .P
I was on time. Nurse called me through immediately. Doctor Stoneking came into room very soon after nurse left. Satisfied with followup visit. Don't usually get in and out that quickly, it was great! - Barbara M Smith
I am truly delighted with my experiences with Dr. Stoneking and the staff at Eagle Physicians! They're always right on time, pleasant, and true professionals. Dr. Stoneking is a wonderful listener, very efficient, and no-nonsense! I feel very confident that my best interests are the focus at all times with all of them! - .W
Always very satisfied. - .S
Had an emergency that required attention. Was able to get an opening late in the morning. After being seen Your staff was able to schedule an agent appointment with the surgeon. All efficiently done - .M
Dr. Stoneking was very nice, professional, and interested in my problem. I wish he were my regular physician as he seems genuinely interested in geriatric patients. Any chance? - .P
I have a few problems and he took appropate actions and corrected my problems in a timenaly manner - .S
Excellent in every respect!, - .W
Great - .S
Excellent - .M
Excellent Physician and wonderful staff. Thanks for your service.. - Lynn Rankin
Dr. Stoneking & Brittany can never leave or retire! They both are awesome in patient care. They are very friendly and take the time to listen to your concerns. They are a part of my family and I am very happy with both of them! Keep them happy!! - .W
Very well structured visit and setting expectations. Staff is very competent and friendly.I love my health care team. - .W
Very thorough - .A
Always a pleasure visiting the Eagle Physicians facility staff and Dr. Stoneking. Great service and compassion. Thank you - .M
Great! - .S
Wait time was minimal and everyone was extremely nice and helpful. I was so impressed with Dr. Stoneking’s knowledge of a vast array of subjects. - .K
Dr. Stoneking is the best doctor and person on Earth! - .B
I was seen for an ER followup, I had no problem with getting in to see my PCP. and I felt that my needs and health care were addressed. - .H
My experience was excellent. My treatment was excellent. - .M
The overall visit was handled in an efficient and professional manner. Excellent doctor and staff! - Carolyn W Shelton
very satisfied experince - .S
Follow up visit was fine. - .Q
Pleasant, responsive to my needs, efficient as always. - .M
I am very fortunate to have Dr. Stoneking as my doctor. He is an excellent doctor in all ways. He is so knowledgeable, friendly, and treats me as a valued patient, as I'm sure he does all patients. - .M
Not much to say except that my wait was not very long and as usual I had a helpful meeting with Dr. Stoneking. - .R
Could not ask for more, from enter to check out, best experience I've ever had in a doctor's office. Of course, Dr. Stoneking is an extraordinary physician but also a kind and caring man. And his current assistant, Brittany Wade, like those who have come before her. sets the positive tone for every visit and phone call. The appointments secretaries also go out of their way to accommodate needs. I'm grateful for the care I'm so fortunate to recieve at every visit. - .S
Hal Stoneking is a wonderful doctor -- He listens carefully and makes excellent recommendations! - .R
feel very good about seeing Dr. Stoneking. He is caring and professional, answers my questions in a language which I easily understand. Feel very comfortable with him as my primary. - .S
I am treated with respect and feel like I am being listened to by the staff. They are very thorough in their questions & I am satisfied that I have their complete attention. I appreciate being a patient of Dr. Stoneking. - .D
No problems before, during or after with Mom’s care and treatment! - .H
Wait times were short. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Mom loves going to see Dr. Stoneking. Brittany is awesome too. - .L
I have been a patient with Dr Stoneking and his staff for many years . They have always been prompt ,courteous ,and professional with my health needs . I also feel very comfortable with their practice . - .M
The check-in process was very smooth, wait time average. All staff were pleasant and professional. I did not feel rushed, all questions and concerns were addressed. A prescription was phoned in to my pharmacy, and I was impressed by how quickly I received a text from the pharmacy that it was ready. (kudos to Eagle and the Pharmacy) This was a very positive experience overall. - Marla K Stevens Hilliard
Felt very respected and a genuine desire of Dr Stoneking to answer any questions. Grateful for him and staff. - .H
Great! As always.Great Doctor, Great Staff. Glad to be a patient here. - .J
Concerned about weight gain and some digestive issues. Recommendations were very clear and have been followed. A little too early to know the results. - Donald R Hoagland
As usual, from the time I walk-in the office to the time I leave, everyone is so friendly and helpful. Hope Dr. Stoneking doesn’t ever retire!! - Leah F Overman
Was able to get an appointment the day I called. Given excellent attention and diagnosis. - .K
Dr Stoneking always listens carefully, examines very thoroughly, and explains in detail answers to any questions you may have. He is not allowed to retire before I go to the “Great Beyond.” - .S
Everything was excellent - .C
Visit is always good and Dr. Stoneking always get my test results to me quickly. - .L
Cannot express just how happy I am that I found Dr Stoneking over 20 years ago. He and Eagle have taken care of my family and me thru my 40’s into my 60’s. Cannot imagine having any other health care. - .C
I had several issues so I made a list and an appointment and got my list covered. The one thing Imissed I found out through emails.Thanks. - .P
I have to rate everything about my appointment, including the things listed above, as superlative. Dr. Stoneking and his staff are the best! - .H
As usual, Dr. Stoneking was kind, sympathetic and helpful in discussing my life threatening issues. He is helping me get comfort help. These measures are much appreciated. - .M
Brittany and Dr. Stoneking are outstanding in this age of assembly line medical treatment. I appreciate and respect them for their outstanding care and compassion! - .M
As always, thorough examination and cover any and all issues. - .B
Excellent service as usual - .R
All of the staff is so attentive. Tammy is awesome! She is very responsive and I know she has quite a lot of communications to complete each and everyday. - .A
It was a great experience. The staff was very pleasant and helpful. The waiting time was very reasonable also. - .C
I am always seen by the doctor in a reasonable time. There is never an extended wait.Dr. Stoneking is not only an outstanding doctor, but a kind, caring person, as well.I always leave his office feeling better! If I have health difficulties, he figures out what to do andthings improve! The nurses are always friendly and welcoming. When I check in and out, theladies there are especially nice! - .H
Dr.Sto neking was very professional. He has an excellent bedside manner. He took the time to explain everything. - .B
Quick to call back on test results and questions. Concerned and caring attitude. Comprehensive view of care. - .A
I was seen for a follow-up visit after hospitalization. All the tests that I needed were provided and follow-up appointments were scheduled for me. It was a very reassuring visit. - Nancy B Stiefel
Everyone I saw, from Dr Stoneking & his nurse, Brittany, who were very thorough & professional to the staff in the Lab, at the front desk & the appointment desk were very pleasant & helpful. My wait time was minimal - Barbara A Hawthorne
So appreciate the time Dr. Stoneking devotes at each visit. He takes times to ask how I am doing, if I have any questions, if there is anything, whatsoever, that I may need. I have been a patient with Tannebaum/Eagle since 1972. Even though I live 1 hour away, I would not change seeing Dr. Stoneking as my primary care physician. - .B
Dr. Stoneking is a very caring person. My mother-in-law saw him and now my husband sees him. He takes his time explains things to you in layman terms. They run a tight ship there which is great. All the staff is very friendly and helpful. This is definitely a 5 star, professionally run office. I would recommend this office highly. I can't think of any thing negative. If you or your loved one needs help this is the place to go. - Kenneth J Caleca
It is always a good experience, always professional and I know I can count on the results being accurate and well done (even if I am not happy, I am comforted that I can and do trust the team) - .C
I was pleasantly surprised with the brief period in the waiting area. Dr. Stoneking was thorough in his examination, and explained everything to me. His staff was courteous and professional. An overall positive experience. - .K
I love Dr Stoneking just like all his other patients do. He has been my doctor for years. He is the Best of the Best! His nurse, Brittney and Lisa at the checkin desk are always so nice and makes me feel special..I am sure they are that way with all patients. All the staff are friendly and professional. Cathy Stewart - .S
Efficeint , caring and knowlegeable. - .L
Dr. Stoneking is very compassionate and kind. He is very thorough and so is his staff. - .M
I am so grateful to Dr. Stoneking for agreeing to be my family physician after a long term relationship with Dr. Osborne. He has been such a smooth transition that I haven't had time to miss Dr. Osborne. Dr. Stoneking feels like an old family friend which he is. - .W
Excellent care from Dr. Stoneking. Quick response with lab results & his comments are always very helpful. He cares, he listens, he encourages me toward best health; referrals when needed & refers me to physicians or health care providers who also provide excellent care. - .P
Everytime I 've visited Dr King I was feeling great - .K
As always, Dr. Stoneking is very thorough and helpful. He spent time reassuring me that my back was on the road to recovery. That definitely gave me peace of mind. - Vicky C Dawson
Dr. Stoneking and his nurse are always kind, friendly, and attentive to my needs. When I send a note to the Patient Portal, theyrespond quickly. I feel that I am in good hands with them, and am grateful that I have the opportunity to have such a wonderful doctor and great nursing services. THANKS! - .H
1We were seen immediately, the exams were thorough, and our questions were answered so that we could understand them! Keep it up, Dr. Stoneking - .M
Dr. Stoneking, his nurses and schedulers are wonderful. All of my concerns were followed up in an expedient and professional manner. Sincere gratitude for the services.Willie Taylor - .T
Dr Stoneking always listens and answers questions. - .S
Everything would be rated excellent;We feel blessed to have Dr. Stoneking as our primary care doctor;All of the staff is caring and friendly and professional;Thank you. - .J
Dr. Stoneking is always a good listener, and gives good medical advice! I feel blessed to have him caring for me. - Charlotte M Plyler
I never have a problem when I go there - .S
Dr. Stoneking's nurse, Brittany & Dr Stoneking were very caring & thorough - diagnosing my problem & suggesting a remedy which is working for me. - .H
I could not ask for anything BETTER. YOU HIT A GRAND SLAM WITH THE BASES LOADED. - .M
Outstanding as usual. - Herbert L Wilkerson
The wait wasn't more than 20 minutes, staff friendly. My experience has always been good. - .S
All staff and Dr. Stoneking pleasant and professional. I feel well cared for. Short wait time. - .K
Excellent and timely service...a great check-up - .M
Dr. Stoneking is a concerned and caring physician. He is up-to-date with your records, and recommendations. He listens well. He relates to you as a person, not simply a patient. - .M
This appointment was for my annual physical, and Dr. Stoneking was thorough in his examination and questioning, patient with my questions, and helped me determine the medications and inoculations required for an upcoming international trip. He is a caring physician whom I would recommend to everyone. - Gayle H Fripp
everything was excellent, as usual - .R
All went very smoothly with little wait time. Check in staff were very efficient and pleasant. Dr. was excellent and thorough and nurses were very patient friendly. - .R
Dr. Stoneking spent adequate time with me, and addressed my questions in a comfortable, friendly way. I felt well cared for. - .W
This was a 6 month check up for my mom who has advanced dementia and poor hearing. Doctor was thorough and responsive to my questions. Good visit! - .H
I appreciate the promptness in getting an appointment and lab results. - .L
Dr. Stoneking asked about my problem, examined me and referred me to an orthopedist for further exam and possible treatment. The office made my appointment with the orthopedist and I will see him soon. All very efficiently handled in a friendly manner. - .R
this was a 6 mo. follow up. Doctor Stoneking asked questions and gave advice. He is Cares about his patients. - .F
Eagle Physicians is well staffed and caring. My experiences have always been fulfilling. The internet communication is working well. Keep it up! RK - .K
Staff curteous and knowledgeable and Dr. Stoneking compassionate and thorough. - .L
As always, Dr. Stoneking is the best. I have never received better care. - Joseph A Golob
I was called to see Dr. Stoneking the minute I finished filling out paperwork! I did not have to wait long at all, and I was there early.He was kind and helpful in answering questions, as he always is. He did a complete examination. When my blood pressure was higher than usual, he asked me to come back a few minutes later, for him to take it again after lab work was done, thinking I might have been nervous. He suggested that I get a blood pressure monitor and take BP twice a week. He set an appointment for two months from that date (rather than six, as usual). He asked me to call him if blood pressure stayed in the range shown that morning - but if not, I was to come in two months. He always explains things well.I am very pleased with having him as my doctor. He is outstanding! - .H
All was fine - .N
After describing my issue and needs, a timely appointment was scheduled. I was seen within minutes of arrival. After the initial examination, we discussed my health history and current issue, which was addressed professionally and courteously. My condition has improved since my visit last week. - .G
Dr. Stoneking is a wonderful, understanding, practical physician whom I admire greatly. I could write pages of appreciation about his care of me. - .S
Although I drive 30 miles one way to see Dr. Stoneking, I would drive 300 miles to see him because I feel I get the besthealth care from him. - .S
I have been a patient here for over 10 years. The staff has always been, and continues remain fantastic! - .B
I usually have a good visit, the staff is always very friendly. - .S
Dr. Stoneking is always very caring. In and out quickly. No long wait times. - .A
Dr. Stoneking and the staff were very friendly an attentive to my needs. - .B
Dr Stoneking is totally focused on the patient in front of him and is sensitive to the patient's needs and opinions. He is thoroughly knowlegeable about each patient and tailors his interactions accordingly. His staff is professional and efficient. I had misunderstood time for my appointment and arrived 30 minutes late for what had been scheduled. Dr. Stoneking and staff worked me in and never made me feel like the dope that I was that day! - .L
The visit on 1/15/18 was for a blood pressure recheck. I did not have to wait very long and the overall experience was excellent. Dr Stoneking is always so personable and easy to speak to regarding any health concerns. He always takes his time and is very patient. - .F
Dr. Stoneking is excellent in every regard. He was very thorough and asked me dozens of questions about my physical and emotional health. He was efficient yet kind. I knew that he was listening to me and my explanations. In understandable language, Dr. Stoneking explained the status of my health and what I should do to maintain good health. Suzanne Pell - .P
thank you for working us in and for allaying our concerns. mom is doing so much better now.I wish that the office was more accessible - parking lot, drop off area, etc. while it is better than some offices, i just wish it was more accessible over all. Staff so helpful and lovely. thank you all for what you do! - .M
Very professional and informative physical with very human relationship! Excellent experience! - .W
All was well - .S
Dr. Stoneking is a kind and thoughtful physician. - .S
Dr Stoneking always listens to whatever my issue is and always solves it. He is kind and thoughtful and thorough. - .L
DR.Stoneking did a great job giving me my physical. We talked about my smoking and about my medicines and made some changes. All in all it was a pleasant experience as it always is. - .B
Efficient, courteous, - .M
My experience with Dr.and staff has been excellent in every respect!! - .W
Always have a great experience when I come to Dr. Stoneking and the staff are great... - .R
Great physician. Dr STONEKING is very concerned about my healthcare! - .W
Always very professional....very detailed...very thorough....problem I have is with the treatment rooms!! I feel the rooms need a makeover... brighten and freshen them up!! The rooms are depressing for patients...!!The doctor is super!! - .R
This was a follow-up appointment that was arranged by my doctor. I was pleased with all aspects of the appointment - Terry Fripp
Annual physical Exam - .M
Always excellent with Dr.Stoneking. - .R
Called for quick appt got it next day. Saw Dr I wanted seem as soon as,I arrived and was out in 15 minutes. Upper respiratory sinus issue - .S
Dr. Stoneking is a great physician and Britany is very good. I am very pleased with this practice. - .H
Nothing out of the ordinary to note. My wait was a reasonable time, and my visit with Dr. Stoneking went well and nothing unusual to report there. I am always grateful for Dr. Stoneking's care. - .R
Hal and his team are outstanding. - .W
Check in is easy and fast. The wait was not extrodinary. Dr. Stoneking answered my questions and did seem to be rushed. - .S
I have always experienced little wait time in the past. This time there was a longer wait in both waiting room and examining room. I appreciated that Dr, Stoneking's first comment was an apology for the wait time. - .P
I am well pleasrdThank you - .S
I appreciate the care and responsiveness from Dr, Stoneking and Brittany. I feel that I am well taken care by them. - .H
very pleased with the visit. it was quick and met my expectations. Dr. Stoneking was pleasant and thorough and answered questions. - .S
Dr. Stoneking was very thorough and helpful. He made a referral to evaluate an unresolved issue. - .A
Dr. Stoneking and his assistants and the attendants at Eagle Physicians Tannenbaum have taken excellent care of me since November 2015 and continue to do so. I am grateful for all of their exceptional care. - .V
Easy to talk to, Easy to understand. - .L
You and your staff are a delight - .C
As always, staff very helpful & professional.Wait a little longer than normal, but still acceptable.Dr. Stoneking is the best. - R.L
As usual, I experienced a professional and personable staff. - J.C
As always, Eagle supports Dr. Stoneking well, and he is a super physician! - H.W
Excellent experience overall.... wellness ck up, so no real treatment involved. - E.M
The wait time and service was excellent. The physical information was a little upsetting . I still need to concentrate on weight gain and monitor bp. Continuing medication , food control and choices should maybe make a difference. - P.H
Yearly physical - E.H
I have total confidence in Hal Stoneking. He is attentive without being intrusive. He is both knowledgable and caring. A great doctor! - A.L
My experience––not to mention that of my wife’s, my oldest friend’s and his wife’s––has been first-rate with Dr. Hal Stoneking. Thorough, personable, and kind. Top-tier professionalism and individual encouragement in progressive health...the best of the best. - R.G
I had a short wait time and everyone was very pleasant and helpful. In all I had a very good experience. - L.C
He reviewed my medications, immunizations and current health. Listened carefully to my concerns about shortness of breath, chronic conditions, borderline weight issues and lack of stamina. He requested an echocardiogram to check out heart murmur and shortness of breath. It was a very satisfying visit! - F.M
From the front desk intake to check out and all time in between, as well as phone calls and return of calls, a patient couldn't ask for more. Seriously, everyone from Dr. Stoneking to Brittany to Dora and all the other names I can't remember at the moment, the atmosphere they create for patients is one of caring and compassionate professionalism. I feel so lucky to have this wonderful team of special people taking care of my health. I love them. - S.S
Always a helpful visit from both the doctor and nurses. Look forward to seeing Dr. Stoneking again. - G.C
Could not ask for better Doctor nor any better service in all aspects of my visit. - W.W
As usual my experience was great. No long waits for anything. Had barely finished the paperwork when I was called back for weigh in. Experience with Hal was easy, complete and he arranged for me to have full battery of test that was needed.No complaints about any part of the experience. - A.D
As usual, I was checked in by the secretary and seen seen promptly by the Doctor. After his examination he reviewed and explained all test results. He also gave me information and instructions on things I needed to do to care for my self and to maintain my overall health condition. - C.S
The care I receive at Dr. Stoneking's office is the best care one can imagine...he listens to your concerns and cares very much about your health and well being ...I could not have chosen a better doctor to look after my health concerns....in my estimation ..he is the Best. Phil - P.L
Dr. Stoneking is always pleasant and listens to what I have to say. - S.W
As always, it is comforting to be treated by such an excellent doctor and his staff. They are tops is our book. - V.Dawson
My husband and I are thoroughly pleased with Dr Stoneking and his staff . - C.M
The doctor and staff are very professional, and I am well satisfied with the quality of the healthcare I receive from Eagle. - R.L
No waiting, respected our time. As always, Brittany and Dr. Stoneking were friendly, welcoming, and amenable to taking as much time as necessary to review my Dad's history, ask appropriate questions and answer ours in return. - W.M
Dr Stoneking is a very caring, listens well, and seeks to find and provide answers to my health issues. I am very pleased with him. - A.D
I was still experiencing abdominal cramping and Dr. Stoneking recommending stopping Omeprazole and Singular on a trial basis and increasing Florastor. This helped and was very important as I was about to leave for 16 days in Europe. I really appreciate his seeing me on short notice and being so helpful and effective. - J.A
I received the same attention that I am use to from Dr Griffin! I really appreciated Dr Stoneking seeing me as Dr Griffin was not available! - W.A
Excellent! Entire staff are excellent!! Doctor Stoneking is very caring and thorough. - K.M
As always, an excellent experience with a wonderful staff and the best Dr. one could ask for and have. - M.L
I had no bad experiences with my visit. Dr. Stoneking is always friendly and professional. I hope I never have to find another Dr. He also treated my mother and husband. Same experience. - K.K
Dr. Stoneking is the best. He really takes time with me and listens to what I have to say. His genuine warmth makes him an easy person to talk to. - S.C
Excellent overall experience. Brittany, the nurse who assisted Dr. Stoneking, is an exceptionally good and caring nurse. Special recognition to the lab associates on the 2nd and 3rd floor. They are always considerate and helpful. - D.I
Appointments are seen promptly. Dr. Stoneking is thorough and personable. This was my annual physical and I had a couple of issues which he explained thoroughly and made suggestions on further testing. Appointments for those tests were made easily. Lab work was done and the results posted promptly. I am very satisfied with the excellent medical care I received. - R.S
Dr. Stoneking and his assistant are always friendly, courteous and willing to take their time and listen. A very rare thing these days. - P.S
Everyone is very friendly; very knowledgable; very helpful. - V.C
Very short wait time. Prelim with nurse went smoothly, she was pleasant. I was offered a flu shot which she gave me. Dr. Stoneking answered my questions and responded to my concerns . He is efficient, attentive , helpful and has a very kind and pleasant manner.An all around good visit. - J.H
Excellent doctor. Takes time to listen and judge what I say. Staff is courteous. Place is very clean. Easy to get there and park. On time!! What more can I say?? Anyone would be lucky to have a doctor like Stoneking. - S.W
As always, my experience with Doctor Stoneking and his staff were very good with absolutely no problems. This includes office facilities, equipment and clerical personnel. - R.S
Dr. SToneking ,staff and facilities always get 5 stars from me, Ijust misunderstood howto click properly.........I DO KNOW that Dr. SToneking always gets 5 stars plus from me.He is the BEST primary care physician I have ever had....ranging over three statesPLEASE Correct my rating for him to reflect this!I did go back an was able to correct this myself! Thank you all - S.M
Dr. Stoneking always listens and answers questions. - B.S
I had a need to be seen immediately. The staff was extremely helpful getting me scheduled with a doctor. Being a patient of Dr. Griffin I had never seen Dr Stoneking previously. Dr. Stoneking was very friendly, professional, and helpful. - H.K
Basic check up with Dr. Stoneking. As always, hes very thorough and kind. He is an overall great doctor. - M.K
My visit with Dr Stoneking is always a very good experience. He always listens to what I have to say and advises me well. - L.T
Dr. Stoneking and the staff always provide excellent service. He has treated many of my family members and he has become a trusted friend. - C.H
Dr. Stoneking and all the staff provide outstanding professional service. I feel fortunate to have the Eagle group as my health providers. - W.T
Everything went very smoothly. - F.W
I was seen within 5-10 minutes of arrival and had a quick visit (primarily just a blood pressure check). No problems! - A.J
Dr. Stoneking always listens carefully and takes good care of me. - S.W
Through and satisfying - J.W
Thanks for going the extra mile and the preventative treatment. - W.W
It's always a pleasure to check in with Dr. Stoneking. In addition to excellent treatment, he's always interested in what's going on in my life outside. I appreciate that. - Kenneth Hilliard
I am always impressed with how efficient this practice is. Every one is pleasant, hardly any waiting, easy to get appointment, feel they all.know what they are doing. And always get help. - J.E
I have been a patient of Dr. Stoneking's for 20 years. I took my Father and my Aunt there, too. He is a excellent doctor-takes all the time that is necessary at your appointment and is very caring person. I would highly recommend him to others. - A.W
My experience with Dr. Stoneking and his entire staff has always been beyond reproach....this is one of the best staffs and Doctors in Greensboro in my opinion .....they are very personable and actually listen to your concerns regarding your health ....I would be remiss If I didn't also mention the ladies in the front office of this particular practice, all in all everyone is fantastic and no way would I ever change doctors or even contemplate going anywhere else when it comes to a primary doctor. - P.L
Dr. S is a good listener and very patient, good at diagnosis,etc We really appreciate him!!! Thanks, C.P.I wanted to check excellent for all parts of visit, but not sure if it worked! - C.P
As always, very attentive, caring. - L.P
Everything went smoothly and I was satisfied with my visit as all issues were resolved. - R.M
ok - T.M
Dr Stoneking was very good at listening and very caring. He is very knowledgeable. All others very polite and know their their jobs. - S.E
I was pleased with the introduction to Dr Stoneking and his assistant Brittany. - A.E
Dr. Stoneking is a superior physician with sincere interest in his patients. He does not waste time on trivia, but is friendly and thorough when he seeks solutions and gives advice. - H.W
Dr. Stoneking always takes his time to do a thorough exam. He listens to my concerns and answers my questions. I usually feel better because I am more informed after my visit.I like the patients portal to get my results. This time the waiting time was low and I was in and out quickly. My results were posted on the Patients Portal and Dr. Stoneking's Summary was posted the next day. Great job. - G.J
see star rating - G.B
Everything moved along very efficiently. My questions were answered. - L.L
I could't ask for better care. Dr. Stoneking and his staff are excellent- from the time I sign in to the finish of my appointment. Dr. Stoneking listens, is thoughtful and competent in his response to my questions. He does not rush but uses the time efficiently. I appreciate his care and know that I can call him when I need care. The visit was very successful. Thank you. charlene holler - C.H
Dr. Stoneking has an amazing ability to connect with patients. I feel very heard and supported, and he has such a great nature to him that I really enjoy seeing him. His clinical decisions seem spot on. - S.T
Went well - B.P
Dr. S toneking was very informed with my issues. Had all my records etc. I think he is going to be a great doctor for me. - H.B
Excellent! - B.J
As usual great treatment. Grateful to have Dr Stonking as my primary care doctor! - B.H
I was pleased with my experience. The lady who drew blood was amazing. I couldn't even feel the needle at all. Of course Dr. Stoneking is the best! I feel fortunate to have him as my physician. In general, your entire team did a great job! - S.S
Great visit - R.L
Dr. Stone king is always excellent. On this occasion he had to refer me to a specialist, and this was done promptly & appropriately. - D.M
Seen first by the PA, who took history. And suggested for plan of care.Dr. examined and discussed our concerns. - J.K
Very short wait - L.K
We always have a great experience with Dr. Stoneking! - I.I
all personnel were kind & professional. Dr. Stoneking is not only an excellent, professional competent physician, he is also caring & approachable. - S.C
Great doctor - R.B
Great as always - R.P
everyone from a thru z were outstanding as usual - J.P
Great experience Dr. Stoneking is a great physician - T.R
Dr. Stoneking has been my doctor for many years and he was my father's doctor before that. He is always friendly, knowledgeable and prompt. I am thankful he is my doctor. - J.M
Both my husband have used this medical practice for more than fifteen years. We have been completely satisfied with their services. "Top notch " practice. - F.C
Excellent from beginning to end. - A.S
Everything was handled very efficiently. Staff was friendly and courteous. - L.B
i felt that my concerns about my health were addressed quickly and effectively - A.H
I was very happy with Dr. Stonekinghe takes his time, listens to your concerns and tries to answer all your questions. He makes suggestions to improve you health. He does not pressure you. He was very encouraging and made me feel very good. He made me aware of what I need to work on to make my life better. - A.M
I honestly can say the entire experience is always excellent with Dr. Stoneking and Eagle Internal Med. - K.L
Dr. Stoneking is a kind, compassionate, thorough and sensible physician. You feel as though you are participating in your care, thanks to Dr. Stoneking's collaborative approach to treatment. As an added bonus, he's a downright decent artist when it comes to illustrating medical problems! - M.K
Dr. Stoneking is very professional and does a great job as my doctor. Very pleased. - J.B
Yearly physical.....good experience, painless.... - C.C
Wellness visit that went well. Always enjoy talking with Hal! - N.P
We were pleased with all aspects of the visit. Especially like and appreciate Dr Stoneking's manner. - P.S
Dr. Stoneking is a consummate professional who always gives good & timely advise... - N.B
Dr. Stoneking and his staff are the best ..they are very personable and show deep concern for your health and well being. I couldn't be more pleased with every thing they do for me. They are definitely my Go To ....Provider. - P.L
My experience was excellent from the front desk to the nurse to doctor to the lab tech and the check-out desk. individuals are always professional and caring. i am always treated with respect by everyone. my doctor is the best. - M.M
Dr. Stoneking was friendly and courteous. He did the usual examination, and detected a slight heart irregularity. He then called for an EKG, but everything turned out to be normal. I appreciate his thoroughness. I am happy to be in his care. - N.S
I am very pleased with my doctor, Hal Stonking and is nurse Brittany. My wait time was brief. I really didn't like my health problems, but I feel I was taken care of very well. - N.D
wait time was expectable, staff were/are great, and Hal has my confidence. I'll keep coming back as long as he keeps me alive. - G.C
As always, my visit to your office was pleasant and efficient. - S.W
Dr Stoneking is the perfect kind of doctor - W.D
Verry good visit very pleasent and kind doctor - J.S
It was easier than I thought tobsee Dr Stoneking. He is a great MD - S.A
Dr Stoneking truly cares about his patients and their needs. - P.L
Everything was very satisfactory and quickly taken care of. - J.B
Follow up visit. Reasonable wait in waiting room. Short wait in examining room.No complaints, all just fine. - Barbara M Smith
Very pleasing and assuring experience from beginning to end. Dr. Stoneking is quite detailed, attentive, and made us feel lucky to have him on our team. - J.K
This facility is always very efficiently run. Greeted immediately, directed to waiting room etc very quickly.Usually greeted by Dr's nurse almost immediately, weighed and taken into Dr's room. Another short wait before Dr appears.It has always been like this in the 7 years Dr. Stoneking has been my doctor. He is a good listener, good at relieving anxiety, and I trust his judgment for treatment. Knows a lot about medications. Also good at referring to other specialists and getting early appointments. - J.E
I had my yearly wellness exam. I felt good about most aspects of the visit. I knew what to expect as far as the physical exam and felt that I received a good exam. The new addition of a sheet stating the difference between a wellness exam and acute ongoing problems and how it was covered and possible fees accessed was a bit confusing after reading the sheet that I was asked to sign. I asked one of the office staff to clarify and she was a bit vague about the intent and coding procedures but was very polite and helpful in as much as she gave me a copy and said that I didn't have to sign it if I chose not to. I was a bit apprehensive about what questions I asked about specific health and general health questions as a result. I understand that Dr. Stoneking's time is at a premium and he has to engage the task at hand. I do have some follow up questions as to some flags on the tests results and what they mean but hope they will be answered in his summary when I receive it. I am very satisfied with Dr. Stoneking and confident he makes good choices as a partner in my health care choices. I am aware of the changing health care climate and issues that are associated as a result. Thank you for this opportunity for feed back. - F.D
Dr. Stoneking has referred me to a podiatrist whom I will see tomorrow, June 21. - A.T
Everyone was very pleasant and easy to talk to. Didn't have a long wait to see the Doctor. Was on top of things when I had a question. I have enjoyed my experience with this practice - N.C
Everything perfectly satisfactory.. Excellent, fully knowledgeable physician. - Seymour M Levin
Needed a quick appointment with Dr. S to take a look at nagging leg wound. Dr. set up a schedule of action which I am now following and hoping for good results. Dr. as usual, was at his best. - T.G
I appreciated not having to wait too long. Dr. Stoneking's manner and general solicitude were all one might ask for. - M.S
Very thorough, timely, and answered all my questions. - W.W
Yearly physical - H.S
Arrived for annual physical. taken on time, excellent treatment by physician and team. - J.H
Excellent visit, as usual. My new insurance card was entered into the system and I completed the necessary paperwork while waiting to be called. Excellent visit with intake nurse. Excellent review of systems with Dr. Stoneking. Excellent appointment arrangements for future visits. Excellent lab draw. Excellent exit. - Robert W Emmaus
Usual great service and treatment, thanks to all there. - R.G
First time meeting Dr. Stoneking for an annual visit and was very impressed with him. Am glad he is now my primary care physician. - Bill Bass
Since I was having a serious problem with dizziness, the nurse provided me with an appointment quickly for which I was grateful. Dr. Stoneking is very thorough and diagnosed my problem correctly. He sent me to the Guilford Neurologic Rehab where I am getting treatments to correct the situation. The calcium crystals in my ear have shifted thus the dizziness. The treatments have helped tremendously. I've had two and am signed up for two more treatments. - Jacqueline M Phillips
My visit was very through and very plesant. Dr. Stonerking always explains to me what I need to do and is very good doctor. - L.T
As always it was very good and very professional. - G.B
Did not have to wait. Thorough examination and very professional. - Penny A Rowe
Listened to what I had to say, showed concern for my issues and addressed the problem. Great Doctor !! - K.W
Follow up on meds. Good experience. Discuss recent surgery. - N.C
Dr. Stoneking has been my doctor for 20 or so years. He is an excellent doctor. He is very personable, asks and answers many questions. I feel as if I have excellent care. - Jean S Miller
I am very pleased to have Dr Stoneking as my primary Dr. He's always thorough ,answers my questions and professional . I've been with him and Eagle for many years . He's always ready to refer me to another Dr if necessary . He's also a very busy man and gets high remarks from others - D.M
Yearly physical - Mark R Davis
Hal is a great doctor. Knowledgeable, patient and caring. Highest rating! - J.W
I had a annual detailed exam including good discustions and sugestiions - H.S
Dr. Hal Stoneking is an excellent provider - efficient, caring and knowledgeable. We appreciate his care of our whole family! My wife, myself and my mother as well. - M.M
Good visit. Always pays close attention. - K.K
I was seen on time and a solution to the problem has been tried. - M.S
very efficient staff and excellent physician - D.A
I was in for a blood pressure check and medication check. Dr. Stoneking asked questions about my health and my routine at home in relation to how I was working to improve my blood pressure. Then he gave me suggestions on how to make more improvements. He asked if I had any other concerns or questions. I felt the visit was very helpful. - S.R
Had thorough annual physical and blood work. Friendly, helpful and knowledgable about whether I needed to check further on situation with left knee and meniscus problems I have had in the past. - E.P
Was satisfied, I was somewhat combative which I apologize for going though a bad time. Looking for help. Physicals do not seem the same after you go on midacare. Probably just me. Stoneking has always done a great job. - F.L
Dr. Stoneking has been a thoughtful and comprehensive physician for me in care of the routine, eg hypertension and the more unusual, eg normal pressure hydrocephalus. He does this with upmost compassion and consideration. - T.L
I always feel like Dr. Stoneking listens and hears my concerns. I am very pleased with my care in this practice. - L.C
Perfect like always - T.B
Kind and engaged attention. Appropriate questions asked and addressed. Received and addressed my concerns. - W.S
My Eagle Physician Abbey Jarella had left the practice and I was scheduled with Dr Stoneking for a checkup. The session was outstanding and I immediately found Dr Stoneking to be a great listener and a through examiner. His questions and suggestions were right on the mark. I only hope he will be assigned as my new family doctor by the practice. If asked I'd give him a 5 out of 5 Star rating! - J.W
My experience with Dr. Stoneking has always been a positive experience ...he has a great personality and a professional demeanor that is beyond reproach. Glad he is my doctor and I also am very satisfied with his entire staff. - P.L
I was seen on time. Had questions addressed with patience and compassion. Staff always courteous and attentive. Follow-ups were done professionally. - B.H
Very good time with the doctor. He was genuinely helpful. - George C Carpenter
DR. Hal Stoneking listens, he understands, he let you explain your problem,then he takes over and tell you whatneeds to be done to solve the problem.With him as my Doctor I am able to be active and enjoy life. He also has a great nurse. - Louise A Adams
My appointment was on time and I felt like Dr Stoneking listened to my concerns and had very helpful suggestions. I work full time and everyone is always very helpful about scheduling appointments when I am able to make them. Dr Stoneking took excellent care of my parents in their final years and so when I needed to change doctors he was my first choice - S.H
It was a very professional and pleasant experience. All my questions were fully answered. No problems were encountered. - Richard A Schaub
Dr. Stoneking is very friendly and empathetic. He seems genuinely interested in the patient's welfare and concerns. He explains lab results and what must be complex medical issues, in terms that are easy to comprehend for a lay person.Very happy with him as my doctor. - A.B
I went for my annual physical. Dr. Stoneking has been my physician for around 24 years. He takes time to ask questions and gives you time to ask questions. I do suffer from anxiety and he tries to make me feel as comfortable as possible. - Gary W Nance
Received good response to my questions. Action taken after discussion was appreciated, and consideration given by Dr. Stoneking and his nurse was appreciated very much. - P.M
Excellent. Nurse and doctor were both on time, friendly, efficient. - Mamie K Snider
Discuss test results and treatment - L.C
I saw Dr. Stoneking for my annual physical. I'm very impressed with the Eagle Physican's practice in general (competent, fast, comprehensive), but also very impressed with Dr. Stoneking's "bedside" manner. I can talk to him about any issues and know that he listens and provides good answers. I'm very pleased with my experience. - J.K
Hal has been my Doctor for over 20 years. I trust him.Mike - J.K
Dr Stoneking correctly diagnosed pancreitis and encouraged me to seek immediate treatment. His friendly and thorough care saved me from what could have been a bad outcome. - C.W
Outstanding - H.B
thorough and informative - D.M
Dr. Stoneking and staff always take of my needs. - M.R
I was very pleased with my visit, my waiting time to see the Dr was less than 15 minutes. Everyone was professional and pleasant. Dr Stoneking was very pleasant to talk to, he made me feel the he was interested in my well being. - M.D
Excellent as it has always beenwith Dr. Stoneking. Wonderful Dr and man. None better. - M.L
Very good! Dr. was very informative and answered all questions. - Harlan L Kebel
it was an excellent visit with a detail explanation of the problem and the treatment needed . He followed up the visit to check on the patient with a phone call . We were pleased with how he handled the problem . - Evans E Garber
Very pleasant as always - C.H
Hal Stoneking is exceptionally kind and professional. - C.E
My last several visits with Dr. Stoneking have been very good experiences. This last one was once gain one of compassion and concern. In particular he faced me with the concern of having my sugar level being out of control. As a result of his care and concern I felt challenged to take control of my exercise and diet. I am moving in a good direction and keeping up with my checking my levels, exercise and eating. I am drinking more water and walking away from unhealthy diet choices. - C.R
Saw me right on time and everything went fine. - S.B
I was pleased ln every aspect of my visit,, - West Wallace W
Signing in went well. I did not have to wait too long.I had my questions answered and I am getting excellent care from Dr. Stoneking. Jo Smith - S.J
Dr. Stoneking is always kind, patient and very willing to explain medical advice. - M.M
My experience was very good. Lab work done and problem diagnosed quickly. Treatment started and follow up scheduled. - P.G
Appointment easily obtained at convenient time. Greeted politely and quickly. Little waiting. Dr Stoneking is always friendly, personable,,attentive, and listens to the problem before responding appropriately. - B.P
I had a great experience.My doctor was wonderful. He was very kind and answered all my questions.All the staff was very kind. - Shirley T Albert
Excellent follow-up appointment to recent health matter. - L.D
wellness check, Dr. Stoneking checked my blood pressure, thyroid, eyes, throat, heart & breast exam. He is very thorough & professional. - K.B
My app.was for a yearly check up. My questions were answered and app for Orthopedic Dr to check hip pain. Also app. to see Dr. Shoemaker for wax in ears wasmade for me. Blood work was done.My check up was done in a timely manner and not hurried.I felt very good about the visit. - Evelyn B Love
All staff members were courteous & professional. My visit went smoothly & all my questions were answered. - N.D
Dr Stoneking is always knowledgeable ,meticulous,caring,thorough, and calm .He is truly Interested in what concerns me.He answers my questions and he keeps a close watch on my health needs.When my husband went to Cleveland Clinic for a bypass!in 2010, we asked for a recommendation for a different GP in Greensboro ,NC .Dr Stoneking with Eagle was their recommendation. I feel very lucky that Dr Stoneking is my doctor. I trust him with my life.Pat Bivens - P.B
Outstanding - R.B
Well received and cared for!!! Good exam and my concerns were dealt with in a good manner. - D.W
Excellent care - S.R
I was in and out, everything including labs done, On time. I was out 30 mins after my scheduled arrival time...... excellent. Dr Stoneking was great. It was the most thoroughPhysical I have ever had ( minus gyn that another md takes care of). He covered my concerns. And then some. He was professional and pleasant, even when talking about the tough stuff. My parents were his patients and because if the care he provided them, I changed mds and made him my PCP. No regrets. Everyone is so professional and friendly, reception in, cma, phlebotomist, to reception out. I made a great choice joining Eagle. - A.C
Appt was on schedule which was greatly appreciated. Dr. Stoneking responded to my immediate needs in a caring and understanding manner. This was greatly appreciated. - N.D
I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Stoneking last week. As always, he was kind, considerate and very interested in my health and well-being. Dr. Stoneking is a top-notch physician with an incredible bedside manner. He takes the time to explain anything that is difficult for me to understand. He reviews all medications in conjunction with any symptoms that I may be having and adjusts medications and medication levels as needed. I trust Dr. Stoneking completely and I am comfortable speaking with him about all of my health-related issues. One of the things I appreciate so much is that he never rushes me through appointments and he makes sure that all of my questions have been addressed and answered. - Lillian B Conner
Dr. Stoneking, as always, provided excellent medical care. He was engaged and actively thinking as he reviewed my medications and weight and blood pressure measurements. On this particular visit all of my indicators were headed in the right direction so there was not so much to discuss. But he was encouraging and positive in his comments. And he listened patiently as I ranted about how my crazy insurance company is abusing their power to force me to fill certain prescriptions at their selected pharmacy. :) He wrote several reauthorization prescriptions while I was in his exam room.We accomplished a great deal in this visit since Dr. Stoneking recommended that I get two vaccines (pneumonia and tetanus) as well as an EKG. - J.A
This was an annual check up. As usual, Dr. Stoneking was very thorough in his examination. We discussed my medications and made minor adjustments as needed. He asked questions about my well-being and inquired of any problems I might have. The examination was very professional and I know that my health was foremost to him.I am very blessed to have him as my personal care physician. - D.B
Permission granted for student from UNC to participate in my office visit. She checked b/p, heart, and lungs, etc. followed up on my recent bronchitis, reported back to Dr. Stoneking.ad after checking withhim Dr Stoneking ordered lab. I went to lab and was out within one hour. Lab results Have been given to me by Britany with instruction to follow. I had a very nice offic e visit on thins day - Florence H Crutchfield
As always, Dr. Stoneking was very friendly and thorough. He listened to my complaints and gave some suggestions. - S.W
Great visit. It's always a pleasure to talk with Dr. Stonking. Was nice meeting and talking with Stephanie,the visiting intern from UNC. - K.H
Dr. Stoneking is always thorough and listens to my concerns. I feel very fortunate to have such a fine doctor. Jane Johnson. - J.J
Good experience there. They seem to really care about your health and well being. Will continue to go there. - T.I
Dr. Stoneking always listens and discusses issues carefully with me. He is thoughtful and concerned. - J.R
Dr. Stoneking has his patients care at heart. Staff are excellent. - C.S
Right hip pain diagnosis. Dr. Stoneking determined it was bursitis. I was told to continue taking Advil and exercise as long as it didn't cause pain. - C.L
Krystal did my wellness assessment. We talked about several things and there are some things I will now talk with Dr. Stoneking about when I have my next visit. - J.S
Thought I may have a sinus infection so scheduled appointment for diagnosis. Staff and doctor were prompt.Dr.Stoneking is a true professional. - R.F
I was very satisfied with my experience and have always been satisfied. Dr. Stoneking is a very thorough doctor and if I have a problem, he takes action right away. Thanks! - A.R
Outstanding - K.S
I had a routine appointment with Dr. Stoneking. As always, he was a special physician. I am proud to be his patient! - Herbert L Wilkerson
I count my blessings every day and at the top of the list is Dr.Hal Stoneking and the staff at Eagle. Aside from his medical expertise, Dr. Stoneking is a caring, compassionate man whose devotion to his patients is apparent to everyone who knows him. - Sherry R Shirk
General checkup - J.R
Was updated on my general health, needed to update tetnus injection. Had blood test which was very positive. Overall an excellent visit.m - W.W
This was a follow up from visit to ER. Appointment was timely scheduled. Everything went as scheduled. Was pleased with examination, explanation of what had occurred prior to ER visit. Dr. Stoneking was professional, kind, and handled this in an efficient manner. - C.S
He looked over the sheet of questions we were asked to fill out to see if there were matters needing his attention. He verified our medication, inquired about our health, if there were questions. He checked blood pressure, heart and lungs, making positive comments. - J.M
Good time frame. Routine physical. Felt he heard my concerns. Very pleased with my care here. - L.C
Eagle at Tannenbaum is an efficiently run office where each employee is pleasant and responsive to patient requests or needs. Dr Stoneking is always on time, sits down and listens carefully to the current problem before responding appropriately. - B.P
Very pleasant experience. I visit their office every six months for a follow up, as I am on coninuing prescription medication. CUrrent meds are working with no side effects. Dr. Stoneking and his staff are always very professional. - R.B
Great doctor and very concerned about my well being!I like that Dr Stoneking has medical students go into his office for hands on training.I love my physician!! Mrs Stephanie Wilcox - S.W
We love Dr. Stoneking! He takes care of essentially my whole family: My mother in law, my husband and myself. We have contacted him several times regarding my mother in law and her care at a Memory unit and he has been so easy to work with on issues as they come up. He thoroughly knows guidelines and we feel fortunate to have him for my mother in law because his specialty is Gerontology. He is professional, trust worthy, and has a great "bedside manner" even though the days of rounding on hospital patients are long gone ( much to my dismay). We so appreciate his care. - J.M
Dr.stoneking is the greatest Dr i have been to in this town and i am 87.so kind and caring.his nurses so nice and helpful.thanks for being my dr.bill jones - B.J
Dr. Stoneking was more than compassionate. I was so impresessed with his kind & gentle mannerism he showed my almost 88 yr. old father.He came across more like a long time caring friend than a Dr. he had never met.Seeing my father was hard of hearing, Dr. Stoneking made sure he got very close to my dad to explain everything! He was a Blessing🙏Wish All Dr's were as sincere & dedicated to their practice as he is! Dr. Stoneking thank you for being there for my dad & for me "his only child." God bless - O.H
I was on time; The nurse was on time and I was treated in a most friendly and professional manor;Dr. STONEKING checked my vital signs - Eddie H Moody
Very pleasant experience - R.L
Pleasant, efficient, friendly - C.W
As always, Dr. Stoneking was knowledgeable and professional. I always feel comfortable while being in his care. - H.T
i visited dr. stoneking for examination of a cyst. as always, he was efficient, thorough, informative, warm, friendly, and extremely helpful. he facilitated scheduling of an imaging study and called me with the results of that study. he is the best. - N.K
always a good experience. On time, courteous, efficient, an exceptional experience compared to most healthcare visits. Really enjoyed the med student. - D.H
I had a good visit with Dr Stoneking. As always, he was an excellent listener, and answered all of my questions. He had an appointment made for me in 6 months as a recheck, and I went to the lab . I appreciate that he is so friendly and patient! - Charlotte M Plyler
I was in and out quickly, treated with courtesy and efficiency. Could not be a better experience. - A.L
Dr. Stoneking is kind, attentive, and thoutful in his approach to medicine. I went in for my annual physical. He asks good questions so you can be sure to remember what you wanted to tell him. He was on time but did not rush through his time with me. The practice is well run and efficient, which I very much appreciate. - S.M
He is the best doctor I have since I left Colorado . The staff treats me very nicely - T.B
This appointment for my annual physical was a very good experience. Dr. Stoneking saw me promptly, asked questions to determine how I felt and if I had any issues he needed to address, and then examined me for the things he considered necessary. He was attentive and respectful. When he decided that lab work needed to be done, he arranged for it to take place while I was there. - G.F
Good treatment from a good Doctor. I believe I celebrated my 90th birthday on Jan 17th because of the good care I have received for the past 15 years by Dr Stonking. Thanks Doctor John V Reece - J.R
I was very happy with my visit with Dr.Stoneking. - A.M
Always Pleasant - J.W
As always, Dr. Stoneking was very professional and at times, comical. He direct and clear in his communications which is appreciated. He displays a genuine interest in my well- being.Intake area: Ladies at the entry point are always very courteous and pleasant. - R.R
The kind greeting and explanation of my visit with Dr. Stoneking's from his staff immediately impressed me. I came to Dr. Stoneking with the high recommendations of several of his patients. I was not disappointed. He is professional yet very personal. I felt relaxed and comfortable talking with him. I feel fortunate to be under his care. Suzanne Pell - S.P
As always, my experience in your office was professional and very satisfactory. - D.S
All my questions answered and taken care of - S.W
Very professional, quick, through, and all questions answered - R.R
Excellent visit -- This was my annual wellness exam. Dr. Stoneking was very thorough in checking me out and making sure all my inoculations were up to date. Arranged for a pneumonia shot and lab work. - C.R
Dr Stoneking is always patient.Our appointments are always pleasant. - L.F
My doctor is knowledgeable and is really concerned about my health. - D.Jefferson
The appointment was on a day with a 2 hour delay in opening because of snow, ice and extreme cold weather. Dr. Stoneking was available and handled the wellness check. He is always professional, efficient and answers all your concerns and questions. He leaves each patient with a favorable impression. - C.S
I am very pleased with the results of the latest appointment with Dr. Stoneking for my annual physical. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Stoneking and will continue to follow his advice on all of my health issues. - John R Hutson
Six month check up went as expected. Results were stable or improviing. Dr. Stomeking was on top of everything as usual. - T.G
I had an excellent experience with this Wellness Visit. There was no expectation for a treatment, however, Dr. stoneking answered all of my questions. He also showed concern for my health issues and has followed up on a slight abnormality he recognized from my blood test. - F.B
It was a bp 6 month check. My bp was fine. Dr. Stoneking always makes you feel well looked after. I appreciate him and the people I come in contact there. - J.M
My visit wit Dr. Stoneking was as always a very happy and satisfactory experience! - H.M
Very well organized office visit. Minimal wait. I was given the time I needed to list my concerns and receive explanations. - J.M
Full physical exam including blood tests. Dr. Stoneking is very personable and listens extremely well - I felt he was intimately concerned with my welfare as well as extremely objective and up to date on the most recent medical facts and evidence. - Richard H Weller
Fabulous - R.B
My visit with Dr.Stoneking was a very pleasant one. He listenedto my questions and answered them in a friendly professionalunderstandable manner which made feel comfortable. - N.B
Very good experience; did not have to wait long. - Shirley H Thompson
Excellent - G.B
The appointment was as acheduled. I was perfectly satisfied with my visit. Dr. Stoneking, in my opinion, is an excellent physician. That is precisely why I go to him. Sincerely, Seymour M. Levin - S.L
Dr Stoneking saw me and determined what was wrong and prescribed a antibiotic and that was it. Very good results. - E.M
Dr. Stone king is always patient and thorough. He is simply the best! - D.S
Dr. Stoneking was kind, welcoming and caring. As a new patient, he reviewed my recent health history and told me to watch the swelling in my ankles. I also had some blood tests and am due to see him in three months. Since I'm up there in age, it was good to know he's a geriatric doctor and I am thankful to be his patient. - G.T
I was given an appointment and seen promptly. Dr Stoneking and his staff were excellent in addressing my concerns and scheduling appropriate testing. They encouraged me to call back with any additional concerns - S.H
Hal Stoneking has proved to be an excellent physician for me. I consider myself fortunate to have him as my primary doctor. - D.P
Dr. Stoneking took blood pressure, listened to what I told him, asked questions, had me stand, close eyes, and hold arms out. He is always courteous and caring. After discussing my medical problems, he decided to have a brain scan and MRI done. He took me to Dora to get an appointment made for this. He is an outstanding doctor and a fine person! I am thankful that he is my physician. - D.H
Dr. Stoneking always gives his best attention to my health issues. i trust him completely with all the decisions. - I.I
I am always treated with the utmost respect by Dr. Stoneking and his staff. They are always very thorough in getting to the cause of my complaint. I am well pleased with this practice.J. M. Phillips - J.P
This visit was for my annual wellness check up, and also a follow up about my blood pressure.I have complete confidence in Dr. Stoneking. He has been my doctor for 18 years. He listens to me when I describe an ailment and follows up with a problem that I might have. - B.P
Was seen as urgent care patient and received excellent care. I would recommend him to anyone!! - E.Knollmeyer
Dr. Stoneking is always attentive and treats my Mother with respect. All of our questions were answered. - B.S
Very good experience with my physical exam - J.F
Dr. Stoneking has always been very through in giving me my wellness checkups. I am very grateful to have Him as my Physician. - C.C
Excellent. One concern I have is the pressure to use the portal to receive lab and doctor results. I do not use the portal for reasons of security issues and will not be using the portal. This causes me to have to call for results to be mailed, which I tend to forget to do. I'd prefer automatic mailing via USPS of results. - R.G
Arrived on time for 10:30AM appointment. Wait time of 15 min. Dr.Stoneking's nurse was friendly & helpful. Dr. Stoneking arrived in a few minutes & was very professional, freindly & listened well. My visit was very helpful & satisfactory. - B.H
Very pleased with my appointment. This was my first time seeing Dr. Stoneking and he was very pleasant and answered any questions I had. - A.B
This was for my annual checkup. Dr. Stoneking always checks me over completely. He is good at listening to what is going on in my life. His suggestions are very helpful. I had two concerns this time. He took time to check each one and fully explain to me what was going on and with one concern, he prescribed medicine and explained how to use it. To my way of thinking, Dr. Stoneking listens and then helps me do what I need to do. - J.S
always enjoyable visit with Dr Stoneking who covers everything in a first class manner. comfortable and relaxed and on time - J.P
Dr Stoneking is always the ultimate professional. He is aware of our needs physically, emotionally, and financially. I consider myself very fortunate to be under his care. - C.J
The nurse and doctor were thorough in both the preliminary parts of the exam (vital statistics) as well as the main part of the examination, answering all questions that I had and insuring that shots were up to date. Dr. Stoneking also talked about the shots I would be due at the next annual exam. I was given the chart and request for blood work, which was done quickly and with no pain by the lab technician. The results were posted at the portal within a couple of days. - D.H
As always absolutely perfect. Dr Stoneking is so caring and really cares about his patients. - P.L
Very efficient. My appointment was at 2:45 and I was taken back right at my appointment time. Dr. Stoneking answered all my questions and did a very thorough exam. - M.S
I was in for a blood pressure check after starting a new medication. I was pleased with my visit with Dr. Stoneking. He asked many questions and answered questions I had. - S.R
I was greeted promptly and efficiently by the staff at the front desk. Dr. Stoneking was very helpful and thorough. He answered my questions and was courteous and knowledgeable. I was pleased at his care. - Jimmie D Agnew
Good visit. He addressed all my concerns. - Stephen Levy
Received appointment next day of request. Staff always pleasant and efficient. Dr. Stoneking always listens carefully and is thoughtful in discussing problem or problems and possible solutions. - K.R
Got quick appointment. Saw Dr. Stoneking. All went well. - C.R
Excellent service and on time. A good experience. - M.M
Normal check up. No issues to resolve. Got flu shot. all shots up to date. Friendly short discussion. Return visit will be scheduled. - E.F
I was pleased with my appointment. I didn't mean to extend my next exam for 12 months,I thought 6 months was the time between exams. - J.T
Having had the privilege of being a patient of Dr. Stoneking's, my experiences with him, and also his staff, have always been extremely pleasant and courteous. I never felt rushed during an office visit and all my questions and concerns have always been listened to carefully. They were then evaluated by him and a course of action decided upon.I have just moved to live close to my family and have found it very difficult to find a doctor who can easily follow in his footsteps. Anyone who is lucky enough to have him as their doctor is indeed a very fortunate patient. - H.D
Very good experience. Mostly on time, everyone was courteous and efficient. - P.S
Had annual checkup. As usual, went well with very little waiting time. Dr. Stoneking and his staff was professional and thorough. - J.C
Doctor Stoneking is always so pleasant. I have complete confidence in his evaluations and guidance. My visit was for a follow up on elevated blood pressure. He really listens when I am discussing my symptons. - B.P
The visit went fine. The Summary stated Stage 3 Renal Disease and that a handout was given. Renal disease was not discussed during the visit and no handout was provided. Stage 3 Renal Disease was later removed from the Summary, but the Preventive Medicine area was not updated to remove that a handout was given. The Preventive Medicine area should be corrected with the removal of discussion of Kidney Disease Care Plan. - E.A
Dr. Stoneking met with me promptly. He did a thorough job of completing my physical exam. As always he was cordial and friendly. Because I was having periods of shortness of breath he scheduled several additional test. After he got the results of my blood work he prescribed medication for a cholesterol issue. I am very pleased with Dr Stoneking as my primary physician. - E.K
The best care possible - R.B
Appointment went very well. Hal was very through, checking all my previous reports to see if any updates. Suggested strongly I receive shingles shot, which I did.Always conscience and through. - A.D
The visit went well. All my questions were answered. I look forward to my future visit to discuss my problems in detail. - M.S
Dr. Stoneking,You made me feel like I was the only person that you had to see that day. You listen. You respondedto my request with an answer or a sujestion.You make me feel that you really do care for your patients.To me you are the most caring Dr. I have ever had. Thanks Louise Star rating on all is a 5. It did not seem to register when I clicked on 5 - Louise A Adams
Last week's CPE, as are all my appointments with Dr. Hal Stoneking, was above and beyond highest expectations. - R.G
Dr. Stoneking talked to my son and daughter-in -law about my diagnosis of CLL.We felt much better after he told us what to expect and hopefully I could live without it getting any worse. We appreciated his help and felt much less anxious after our visit. - J.J
As always, Dr. Stoneking is personable and helpful. - S.W
Annual physical - A.L
As always, Dr. Stoneking was great. He is very personable and listens to what I have to say. The rest of the staff is also very friendly and helpful. - S.W
Very good. Dr, Stoneking dud a very thorough examination. He forwarded me to Solis Health Care and talked to the doctor there and then prescribed medicine to clear up the problem I was having. Very confident having Dr. Stoneking as my physican. - J.B
Always a pleasure to be seen by Dr. Stoneking. Through, professional, approchable and never in a rush. A wonderful Dr and man. - M.L
Very good. Treated with respect and frustrated that my BP was elevated. All is well and done extremely well!!! - D.W
On time. Very little wait time. Pleasant reception by staff and dr. Thorough exam for purpose of appointment. Lab work was efficient and painless. Check out was efficient and pleasant as well. - Rebecca F Lineberry
Very good and thorough. Staff is always friendly and kind. Lab was painless which is not always the case. Dr. Stoneking is very sensitive and seems to care. - K.M
Dr. Stoneking was very personable and gave me a thorough examination. He spent an adequate amount of time talking to me and had some helpful suggestions to insure my continued health. - I.C
Excellent - H.Wainer Md
everything was ok - Ray D Wohlfert
Saw Dr. Stoneking (accompanied by a medical student from UNC Chapel Hill). Discussed my cough and runny nose problem. My vital signs were checked after which he prescribed an antibiotic "Levopcoxacin".I was told to contact the Doctor if the condition didn't clear up following the completion of taking the medication. - Seymour M Levin
The MRI had been completed --- gaul stones were found --- an appointment with Dr, Patrick Hung was made for 1:00pm where a surgery procedure was scheduled the next morning. That is great service. Dr. Stoneking looks out for his patients! - Eddie H Moody
I was just in the office for a blood pressure check. Dr. Stoneking was very thorough and attentive. Dr. Stoneking reviewed my medicines and chart work, answered my questions and provided much needed suggestions regarding weight loss. There is a growth (looks like a bump or mole) on my face; I asked him to look at it, he did, and provided information on what he thought and suggested I see a dermatologist. He checked my appointments and scheduled appointments he thought I needed. I was asked if I wanted to take the flu shot that day; and I was given the flu shot. - S.N
I was seen by Dr. Jaralla, whom I found to be a very pleasant doctor. She listened to my health concerns and addressed them properly. She faxed two prescriptions to my pharmacy, and they were ready when I got there. I always have a good experience when coming to this office. My wait time time is never long and the doctors are always pleasant.Thank you for good service. - C.S
Treated for high blood pressure. Treated with respect as always. Blood pressure lower due to his recommendation. Very satisfied with visit. - B.J
On time; full discussion, Dr. stoneking made sure I understood everything. Excellent start to our association. - J.C
My experience in seeing Dr. Stoneking for the first time was excellent. I went to see him because of a couple of times when I had tremendous pain on the right side of my head. He checked my reflexes, balance, etc. Could not have asked for better treatment!! - H.B
I just had my yearly physical. Dr. Stoneking is GREAT! He is very easy to talk to. I did not feel like the appointment was being rushed. He listened to everything I had to say and I felt his responses were complete and easy to understand. - S.C
As always, Dr. Stoneking listens to the patient, discusses issues and expresses concern for patient. - J.R
Dr. Stoneking reviewed my hospital record and decided he didn't need a blood thinner only 81mg daily aspirin. Also took him off of Lantus as thought his blood sugar count of 80 when he entered hospital may have been a contributing factor with his stroke. He was very pleased with Dr. Stonekings examination. I am doing good since then with my blood sugar. - J.P
satisfied with Dr STONKINGS CREW AND RESULTS OF TREATMENT RESULTS WERE JUST WHAT I NEEDED thanks to the whole crew. John V Reece Sr - John V Reece
followup from previous appointment in regard to medication. Very professional and complete in his questions and review of medication needs. - L.H
Always exceptional - R.B
Dr. Stoneking always listens to our concerns and addresses them so that all of us can understand. My mother is in her 90s and often has a difficult time processing ideas. Dr. Stoneking is very patient with her. Additionally, if I have follow up concerns, he quickly responds to emails. - B.S
Excellent care & clinical expertise. Meds reviewed & updated. Discussed tx plan & course of action for current complaint for today's visit. He also advised flu vaccine & ok to get today.Explained duration of current illness & what to expect, when to call MD, etc.Thank you Dr. Stoneking!! - Mary Lou Powers
As always, very good and efficiently spent time - L.G
In on time out on time answers to my questions, professional staff, very satisfied patient. - Layton C Spencer
A very professional visit. I was pleased in every respect with all aspects of the visit. Very little waiting time. - W.W
My needs were fully met. - W.T
My wife & I met with Dr. Stoneking for the first time.....we were both very impressed with his friendly and professional manner. We look forward to a long-lasting and positive relationship with Dr. Stoneking, and have absolute confidence in his ability to provide us with quality medical care.Ed Hawthorne - E.H
very good - A.S
Outstanding as always. Dr Stoneking is very compassionate and sincerely cares about your issue. - P.L
Dr. Stoneking is absolutely the best. He is very knowledgeable, kind, and always takes as much time as needed with me anytime I come with concerns and questions. I am grateful to have him as my physician. - B.G
As always, visits to this office are great. Staff and doctors go out of their way to ensure that patient is seen at the appointed time. Additionally, doctors and staff are always caring, compassionate and make sure all concerns are addressed before the patient leaves, this visit was no exception.Thank you!! - P.P
As always Dr. Stoneking was very pleasant, parompt and answered my questions and made referrals as needed. - S.W
Great visit. Very professional. - S.L
my appointment was for my annual Medicare wellness visit. My medical history was reviewed including medications, recent tests, immunizations, and ongoing medical problems. I had an opportunity to ask questions. I received satisfactory explanations and helpful suggestions for dealing with current problems--i.e. compression hose for varicose veins. I was given an appointment to follow up on problems of continuing concern. I feel confident that future medical problems will be addressed appropriately. I am grateful for kind and competent medical care. - Nancy B Stiefel
My first visit with Dr. Stoneking...excellent visit. All questions answered in a friendly manner.Kenneth (Jack) Hilliard, Jr. - K.H
Courteous, professional and thorough as always. No complaints. - R.N
good - H.K
Very caring - R.B
Dr.Stoneking took all the necessary time with me to answerall my questions in layman's terms which I appreciated. Healways makes me comfortable talking to him about any medicalproblems that I may have. - Nancy J Baughman
This appointment was for my mother. I found Dr Stoneking to be very thorough, taking time to go over information we needed for my mother. Also a very quick follow up on lab work that required a change in medicine. There has also been good communication through the online system with his nurse and him on her current medical needs. This is very much a relief for me, as a daughter being a caretaker for an elderly parent. - L.B
Dr. Hal Stoneking is patient, thorough ,friendly, and answers all of my questions and concerns. I trust and appreciate him very much. This office visit was for my annual exam. The office nurses and staff are all excellent. - C.P
I am a firm believer that Dr. Hal Stoneking is one of the best doctors that I have ever be to. There are many in our area, bu he takes the time to listen to the patient. I would rather though that the annual physical be to the extent that it was in days gone by. His staff has always demonstrated a very positive attitude to me. - Van C Harrelson
I went back because Dr. Stoneking wants to work on lowering my blood pressure. He checked what I had recorded and we opted to try something else. Everything was handled perfectly and I rate Dr. Stoneking and his staff as Excellent in everything. - L.S
He was Very kind to my sister who he diagnosed with Alzheimer's and gently told her to stop driving.Needless to say, she is very upset with him but he was exactly correct. She has been started on additional medication and with the help of WhiteStoneshe will be able to take it properly. - S.B
My experience with Dr. Stoneking was very positive. He is kind, patient, and takes plenty of time to listen and discuss my health issues. He is extremely knowledgeable and he is an excellent physician. - L.C
Dr. Stoneking is very thorough in his examinations and explains his findings to me as he progresses. He answers my questions in language I can understand. I feel he is very interested in my well-being and I feel confident in sharing my physical issues with him. I consider it a privilege to have him as my primary physician. - David L Buster
This was my annual physical and as always, Dr. Stoneking answered my questions and gave me good information about my current health. He also made me aware of things to monitor. We are watching my blood pressure which has gone up in the last few years. I tried clicking on the 5 star rating for provider, facility, wait time, staff, treatment results and scheduling ease but didn't have any luck getting it to register for me. My experience has always been excellent with this group and with Dr. Stoneking. - W.P
The experience was great. Got there and I was called back to examination room immediately. Dr. Stoneking seemed to be very interested in my health problems and had a plan to change some meds, etc. Very enjoyable experience. The portal patient website is wonderful The patient can get results quickly and I really like that. Overall a very good experience. Look forward to next experience. - Bonnye G York
Yearly exam with Dr. Stoneking. Thorough history taken by Dr. S. Discussion of current medications. Questions about problems associated with aging. Review of immunizations. - K.K
I was very pleased with my last visit. Dr Stonekings new nurse extremely nice. - J.P
good as always - L.S
My appointment with Dr. Stoneking Was very helpful, He listened to my concerns and gave me very helpful feedback. I could not have been more pleased with my visit. Charlene Holler - C.H
Very satisfies by Dr. Stoneking... he is a great guy...rrm - R.M
As always great. Best bedside manners of any doctor I've ever visited. Goes over everything. Always suggest what I need to do rather than demand what to do. Not only is Hal great, his staff is as well. - A.S
Medicare wellness annual visit - all staff were professional & respectful & kind - Dr Stoneking is always very professionally knowledgeable & also listens to concerns as well as encouraging for patient wellness - Sandra M Cook
Excellent and professional consultation....good dialogue and direction. - R.P
Every thing was done with politeness, efficiency, and skill. It was a very good visit. - A.S
Dr Hal is first my friend and second the best Doctor in this whole area. Dr. Stonking attended prep school in Rome Ga.(my home town)He cared for my wife for several years before she passed away in 06 and has doctored me for 16 years and I think that is what keeps me going till less than 6 months I will be 90 years old.Keep up the good doctoring Dr. Hal Sincerley John V Reece 1823 Plesant Garden Rd. Plesant Garden - J.R
In addition to 07/15/2016, I have had follow up lab work on 07/19/2016 and 07/21/2016. The care that my husband and I have been given by this doctor and his nurse is difficult to describe. They are wonderfully caring, exceptionally kind and considerate. Dr. Stoneking's adeptness in the field of medicine is reflected in his faculties as he addresses his patients in serene patience and kindness. This is reflected in the calming effect it has on his patients. - P.M
I meet with Hal at least 3 times a year. In addition to annual check-up, I consult him on hypertension and arthritis. I am always satisfied with his service. This latest visit concerned arthritic and muscle pain. No additional prescriptions were needed and I am managing well. - D.Hoagland
Very professional and thorough. - Carmen B Paisley
Very through and attentive to my needs. Enjoyed talking to him and he listened to my concerns. - J.A
Very pleased with manner in which my follow up office visit was handled. Thank you to Dr. Stoneking and to Marie. - B.H
Very efficient. Would like a little more time to talk about condition. - L.O
Annual physical & lab work. Dr. Stoneking was very thorough in both consultation and physical exam. He was friendly and courteous and completely professional. Of particular concern is my diabetes and he has worked with me over a period of time to get this under control. I have nothing but good to say about him. He is a wise and understanding physician. I am very pleased to be his patient! - Walter R Heller
I was very pressed with friendliness from front office to rear. - J.D
Excellent throughout! - W.S
Dr. Stoneking always puts me at ease at once, because of his warm and friendly personality. Yet he is thorough and very professional, and gives me the opportunity to describe any problems and to ask any question I might have. He also refers to my history and to records from my other doctors. I am very pleased to have him as my primary care physician and have the greatest confidence in him in this role..I want to also compliment his very fine staff, especially Marie. Many thanks to all! - N.S
Robert saw Dr Stoneking for his wellness examination. He was wonderful, checking all information, noticing that attention was needed to his feet and arranged an appt with an Orthopedic Doctor, resulting in an appt with a Podiatrist which alerted Robert to necessary treatment. Dr. Stoneking has been the family Physician for 23 years and we believe we could not find a more capable and dedicated doctor, in fact he is also the family doctor for other relatives as well. He asks questions, reviews all past medical issues, prescribes treatment and refers to other doctors when needed. If an emergency exits he quickly arranges help from whatever source is needed. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any and all people in need of medical care. - R.O
I have never visited your facility and received any thing but outstanding treatment. Every person that I have contact with is VERY kind and considerate. Dr. Stoneking, in my opinion one of the best doctors in Greensboro. He demonstrates to the fulist the oath he took when he received his licenses. - Van C Harrelson
Dr. Stoneking was promt, pleasant and informative. Thanks for a good visit. - C.W
I'm very satisfied with the high level of health service being provided by Dr. Stoneking over the years. I have complete faith and trust in his judgment and advice. - John R Hutson
Unfortunately, due to circumstances of which I had no control, I was about 30 minutes late for this appointment. We should have rescheduled, but they took me in immediately and we rushed thru this appointment. I had some questions I wanted to address, but we never got to them. I really appreciate the Dr. dealing with the situation and I will take control of the transportation on our next appointment and will be 30 minutes early. I have requested all my records from Duke, but I have not received them yet. I will follow up on this and get them to the Dr. ASAP as we need a Morphine Pump refill by the end of 8/2016.The ratings below would not register so let's register everything excellent please. - R.B
As always, I am seen promptly, treated courteously and thoughtfully, and leave feeling relieved and glad I made the decision to see Dr. Stoneking. - W.S
Visit was a "wellness exam" and this was accomplished. I wonder if this is best use of Medicare funds. However, I will accept the procedure until someone comes up with something more practical. Lab work went smoothly but have not received results yet(7/11/16). - Thomas P Gallagher
Very detailed physical examination and question are. Covered all aspects of my physical condition. I was very satisfied with the overall experience I was given opportunity to input my healthand emotional experience cels. Most timidly and very satisfying visit. - H.W
Dr Stoneking and his nurse Marie are both outstanding, caring, professional and truly care about each of their patients. - P.L
All my experiences with Dr. Stoneking have been absolutely positive. - I.I
prompt response to request for appointment for acute injury. cordial welcome from all staff. as always, only a very brief wait to be seen.dr stoneking listens, responds, and refers for appropriate testing. a very efficient and caring physician and staff.also quick response to patient portal requests. - B.P
I was taken on time. I was seen first by the doctor's assistant. Dr. Stoneking discussed several medical issues with me and answered all my questions. He took my blood pressure and we discussed it. He went with me to the appointment desk to tell the staff member something important. I always appreciate his concern and care. - K.R
Dr Stoneking is a very understanding doctor. Listens to what you tell him. He is an excellent doctor. - L.T
I much appreciated the promt answer to my medication question on the patient portal. Thank you!y - R.P
Dr. Stoneking was attentive and thorough. I appreciate the focus that he gives elderly patients. He explains things and takes his time. - D.H
Arrived around 8:00 p.m., Saturday, 7/1 at Wesley Long hosp. for testing for blood clots in left leg. Tests taken and medicine given in preparation for a doplar exam scheduled for the next day at 9:00 a.m. Went back to WhiteStone rehab center for the night and back to Cone hospital the next morning for the doplar. Results showed several blood clots in left leg and possibly in right leg as well. Also reported was a urinary tract infection and medicine prescribed to correct that. All people were very professional and gave me a sense of being treated well and of their concern to get me well. They were kind and helpful. - M.Newton
Cursory exam, Dr was timely and pleasant, nurse was friendly, initial exam , nothing to complain about, quick - A.K
Hal is Fantastic! Has been my Doctor for over 20 years. Enough said. - J.K
As usual, I had an excellent experience at check-up. Dr. Stoneking is a caring and skilled doctor and he is easy to communicate with. - S.B
brought my mother for a check-up and prescription re-evaluation & refill. She has advance dementia and is a poor communicator of her actual symptoms. - V.H
Unfortunately, I have several chronic conditions and discovered that I am allergic to most medications. Dr. Stoneking is a concerned doctor who works with his patients to give them the attention they need to maintain good health. - S.T
Wellness check. Everyone on time-everyone friendly. Checkup went well-all questions answered. - H.J
Dr. Stoneking was very thorough and seemed pleased that I had lost some weight.He told me my blood pressure was down, which was good. He changed my medication.He sent me to Dr. Bill Caffrey for checking of my hip and knee. Everyone inDr. Stoneking's office is always friendly and helpful. - D.H
Wellness visit and discussion of reducing a drug i am taking - zyprexa. We have a plan. - C.L
My husbands and I have complete confidence in Dr. Stoneking's oversight of our health care. I always feel that I receive excellent care from him. - Donna H Purgason
The purpose of my visit was to have my annual physical. Everything went very smoothly from check-in to departure. Waiting time was minimal, and Dr. Stoneking's comments and answers to my questions were most helpful. Fortunately, my general health continues to be good. He also made a referral to another physician for treatment of a herniated disc, a painful condition that has lasted almost three months. The result of his referral will be outpatient surgery on Friday, July 1, with the expectation that I can return to normal activity without pain. - Lacy G Baynes
I arrived on time,was called by his nurse within 3 min. Took my stats,noticed I had lost some weight,asked me about it,very professional yet friendly.Met Dr.Stoneking, I see him once a year for my annual exam usually. Dr Stoneking suggested a vaccine,asked me about my family's health,performed several physical exams.I asked him some health related questions,he answered them. Dr. Stoneking followed up with me thru his nurse after reviewing my lab results, as well as a summary of the visit on line. I feel Dr.Stoneking is an important partner in my healthcare. The visit met my expectations. - F.D
Outstanding in every way - R.B
Was in office of Dr. Johnson for consultation and was able to get Marie, Nurse to get me to see PA. on short notice. I had seen Stoneking to weeks earlier for head cold and sinus. My concern was for a cough that had developed. Mandy treated me. Very nice. Listened to my concerns and concluded it was more sinus related. Recommended Flonase which I'm now taking. Totally pleased with way staff helped me in a situation that was not already scheduled. Just happened to be there because of app'tment with Dr. Johnson. Totally satisfied with way everything went. I'm to get back with Mandy in two weeks if cough hasn't improved. - R.Q
This was my annual physical. Wait time was reasonable. All staff were friendly, knew how to do their job and everything was very satisfactory in general. Nothing negative to report. - J.C
Very good visit; courteous staff. - D.A
notext - R.M
My Yearly physical with my doctor...Dr Stoneking. I love Dr. Stoneking and Marie his nurse. They always make me feel specialAnd really listens to me. They are Always professional and caring. The check in staff and check out staff are always very nice too. They are all Rated "Excellent" in all categories ! Cathy J. Stewart - Cathy J Stewart
excellent service s usual - C.R
Dr. Stoneking is an excellent Doctor. Marie,his nurse, is great too! - J.M
I'm especially pleased with Dr Stoneking's follow up practice...and his personal touch - C.S
This was a mental evaluation that my lawyer requested. Very pleased with Dr. Stoneking's concern and the way he worked me into his schedule on short notice. Greatly appreciated. - N.G
As usual the staff was very professional, Dr. Stoneking was on time as usual, he answered my questions sufficiently and there was nothing about the visit that left any questions. - L.A
I had a very good experience with Mandie the PA DR Stoneking was not in. She was very thorough in her exam and question and explained what she wanted me to do very well. She has a very good bed side manner. - L.T
Dr Stoneking stays on schedule and meets with his patients on schedule. He is cordial and treats patients with respect. He explains his findings and prescribes treatment appropriate to my condition.CarolynJune Hicks - C.H
Dr. Stoneking has always been extremely helpful and has made every effort to find and correct any problems with my health. In the past, going back several years and including my husband's treatment, my experience with the clinic has not been positive, but I am impressed at the comprehensive and successful efforts they are making to improve the level of service. - A.S
My visit was timely,questions were answered and my results were continuing on the path of improvement. After test results showed a questionable result I was called in for an appointment for 5/11.The new results required a change in medication.My next appointment is for 6/24 ,hoping the results will be an improvement. - P.H
Pleasent and informative ---- - Ralph H Caldwell
Dr. Stoneking is the best physician I've ever had & exhibits wonderful patient care. I would recommend him to anyone. - S.Y
I am very pleased and thankful that we have Dr. Stoneking as our primary physician; your staff is wonderful and we feel we are cared by the very best.The visits are always punctual and the preventive care and suggestions are welcomed. - Jenkins Blair W
I called in the morning to be seen regarding sinus and cough issues. Dr Stoneking was not available but Dr Hussein saw me at 11:30. I felt he was efficient yet thorough in gathering my health profile and immediate issues and prescribed both an antibiotic and a prednisone (shot) to deal with a sinus infection aggravated by allergies. Within 24 hours I was feeling noticeably better. I appreciate the ability to be seen on short notice when necessary. - B.D
All employees are very courteous & helpful. Dr. Stoneking is caring & thoughtful physician. - D.N
This was my annual medical review. Dr. Stoneklng was very interested in my recent problems. He is very professional and caring. - .W
Semi annual visit. BP check and blood work. I would highly recommend Eagle at Tannenbaum and especially Dr. Stoneking. - George P Sembert
Dr. Stoneking is a wonderful physician who understands his patients well and his manner is humble, honest, and interested. What more can any patient ask? His staff are friendly and organized and all care is timely and on time.Timothy Lane, grateful patient - Timothy W Lane MD
I was taken promptly. Everyone was welcoming and friendly. Dr. Katz is the best! I knew this from past experience when he treated me for a heart attack, etc. Dr. Katz immediately ordered an echocardiogram, carotid duplex and a 21-day monitor. I feel sure he will find the problem. I am grateful! - .H
Hal Stoneking is an excellent primary care physician. Personable, caring and expert in his role. I feel fortunate to have such good care - .P
My husband and myself feel very good about the health care we receive in this practice. Dr. Stoneking also took very good care of my parents. We feel very fortunate and trusting in receiving our care from Dr. Stoneking. - .C
I am not a regular patient of Dr. Stoneking, but he was kind enough to see me when I was having back spasms and could not see my physician. Dr Stoneking was very patient and understanding about my problem. He gave me a prescription and after two days, my problem was solved. - Josephine H Brown
frist time to & see Dr. Stoneking. He briefly reviewed my pass history. had lab work that day. called very soon to tell me a problem & what to do. that was really nice. appreciated the short time for results.the staff was very friendly accomadating/ am pleased with my new medical place. will be in Fri. for more labs. - Norma L Cole
My visit waster my annual Medicare Wellness check. Everything went smoothly and efficiently. I was seen on time and did not have to wait. All the staff were pleasant and helpful.Dr. Stoneking was thoughtful and thorough, as usual, and answered my questions to my satisfaction. - .F
My experirnce was great as it is everytime with Dr Stonekimg. - William H Ray
Everything was just fine, no wait, fine facilities. Dr. Stoneking is a fine physician, whom I very much appreciate. Treatment for a minor problem good, long-range effective. No problem scheduling. Overall, completely satisfied. - .H
I have been coming to this medical group since Dr. Vatz was practicing medicine. I am very pleased with Dr. Stoneking. - Mary L Milam
everything was excellent - Jane G Johnson
This was an annual physical. Dr. Stoneking, as always, listened to my comments and answered my questions in a way I could comprehend.In my 86 years I have had many doctors, but none came close to the care I have received during these (approx.) 25 years from this good man. - .B
right on schedule. Quick response. Always greeted promptly and with a smile and complete interest. - Evelyn E Lukeman
I came in for my annual checkup, cpe on Friday of last week. Check-in was smooth and I was seen promptly. After the exam, Dr. Stoneking discussed my condition in detail. We agreed that I should have an A1c test in addition to my normal lab screenings. We also discussed Viagra and Dr. Stoneking was quick to understand my situation and was careful to avoid any embarrassment on my part. He also answered my questions regarding my transition to Medicare this year.I received a prescription for Viagra. I had blood drawn (an excellent job by the phlebotomist) Wnen I got home, I checked the online portal and most of my lab results were already there (very nice). The A1C results came in on Monday and I received a call from the nurse telling me that Dr. Stoneking had prescribed Metformin based on those results. I realized that I had not received an appointment for my next annual check-up so I used the portal to set it up.All in all, I received excellent care and the whole team of health care professionals did their jobs in an exemplary way. - James Adamson
Staff reflects the genuine dedication of Dr. Stoneking to the health of his patients. My family is privileged to have found Dr. Stoneking and the Eagle Group when we moved to Greensboro 12 years ago. - Herbert L Wilkerson
As always, my office visit to see Dr. Stoneking last month was a very positive and pleasant experience. The staff are efficient, friendly and have created a happy environment. I am fortunate that Dr. Stoneking has been my doctor for many years. His gentle and compassionate nature is comforting. He is kind, respectful and thorough. He takes the time to ask questions and to listen and respond to my questions and concerns. Dr. Stoneking is an incredibly caring doctor and a trusted friend. - .C
Have always had very satisfactory visits with Dr. Stoneking....and he's taken care of all situations for me.....Glad he's my Primary Care doctor. - .P
Very good - Thomas W Anton
Very pleased with my doctor and nurses. Phlebotomists could use a bit of customer service training. I made a effort they got my message. It is no new there but I can live with it. - .L
I got in there on time. Dr. Stoneking went over aspects of my health care. I felt comfortable with the results. I had my blood drawn and got the results quick. I got my appointment for my next visit. I was very satisfied. - .M
Dr Stoneking is knowledgeable, professional, prompt, and courteous. He is an outstanding physician! I require a lot of patience and he understands and manages my irascible behavior. - Stephen C Robinson MD
I developed atrial fibrillation and called the office for an urgent office visit. I received a prompt call from the office with a visit for an EKG that confirmed my atrial fibrillation. Dr. Stoneking met with me and got me started on diltiazem which converted my heart rhythm to a normal rhythm within 16 hours. The office then set up an appointment for me to see a cardiologist to follow this up and that appointment is March 1. Dr.Stoneking called me personally on February 12 to see how I was doing. I could have received no better care anywhere in North Carolina for which I am thankful. - .K
Allowed ample opportunity to ask questions, discuss options, etc. Extremely satisfied. - .N
Good experience over all. - .Lin
Always get in to see Dr Stoneking promptly.He is courteous and thorough. He describes his findings and issues prescription if needed. I am pleased with his services. - .H
Always a pleasant experience. Good compassionate doctor. - .D
Excellent - Francesca E Messina
Excellent service from each provider - .O
Great as always - Thomas R Powers
I'm having a difficult time managing my diabetes (type 2), apparently because of drug allergies. Dr. Stoneking and his staff are excellent to work with. They encourage me to let them know how any given treatment is working out, and quickly make adjustments when needed. - .L
Time with Dr. was exceptional. He was thorough in explaining things. Staff very professional. - .S
I was seen on time. Visit was as expected. Test results were available the same day. I have only good things to say about my visit. - Stephen Levy
Dr. Stoneking recommended an echocardiogram and blood tests which were subsequently done to monitor my heart condition. I will be having a follow-up visit. Dr. Stoneking has been my primary doctor for the last 10 years and I am well satisfied. He is an excellent doctor. - .S
Good - .G
Easy scheduling, short wait and a very good physician. What's not to like? - .C
professional - .H
Dr. Stoneking is a caring, knowledgeable physician. I entrust him with my care as well as the care of my parents. - .O
As always, Dr. Stoneking was pleasant, patient, and spent more than adequate time talking with me. Am more than satisfied with his care. - .S
I have great respect for Dr Stongking. In fact, I rate him "Above Excellent". He is not only one of the best doctors - he is a wonderful person and it shows with the way he treats his patients. He truly cares about your health and doing what is best for you. Never makes you feel like he is rushing you or not listening to what you are saying. He gives you his undivided attention. I like that he does not prescribe medicine for every ache and pain or problem. He does what is necessary to get to the root of your health issue...if needed He will order A test, referral to a specialist or change in your medication. I Trust and Love "My Doctor". ... Dr. Stoneking ! The Facility, Waiting Time, Staff, Treatment Results, Scheduling Ease, and Overall Experience... ALL Rated " Excellent ". DR Stoneking - Rated "Above Excellent". I am proud he is and has been my doctor for 20 years. Cathy Stewart - .S
My family and I have been patients for more than 20 years. Excellent care has always been provided for us. - Herbert C Middleton
Very satisfied with Dr. Stoneking and his staff. - .H
Very efficient and reliable. Very caring and professional. - Joseph R Williamson Jr
Doctors' practices aren't comprised of doctors alone. They are surrounded by others who help them deliver the care we need. My assessment of the excellent ability of this doctor is my cumulative experience with his entire team, because he leads that team.It is easy to be kind to those you like and those who like you. Yet this team willingly shows kindness and helps everyone that comes to them each day. Their act of kindness can go a long way in improving the lives of their patients. Mark Twain once said that, "Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." - .M
Dr Stoneking is always on time, spends just the right amount of time addressing my concerns and is an excellent doctor is managing my overll health. Would highly recommend him to family, friends and all others - Rose Sladek Lawson
I have always been extremely satisfied with the care and concern that Dr. Stoneking provides. He takes the time to listen to me, give me advise and suggest specialist as needed. Dr. Stoneking always looks at my medical history and makes plans for future visits when needed. This visit was an excellent visit and was an example of alll of the above. - Ralph Bazhaw
I had a boil on my left buttock. Called for an appointment and received one the next day. Dr. Stoneking did an examination and I received instructions on how best to relieve the condition. - Lois Bazhaw
Appreciated concern Dr. Stoneking showed to me and my health issues. He is so caring. I'm glad I have him to care for me. - .G
Went real well no problems as always in and out in a realistic as usual time, been a patient of Dr. Stoneking for about 24 years. Well satisfied. - Layton C Spencer
When Dr Osborne gave up his practice to enter another field, I requested Dr. Stoneking to be my new doctor and was accepted as a patient. I had seen him on three occasions when Dr Osborne was not available. The first time I had pneumonia that was very painful. He prescribed a medication that immediately made me start to feel rapidly better. I was impressed by him as a person and a doctor. On two occasions I saw him for other problems. My thoughts at these times were if for some reason I should have to change doctors that he would be my choice. I also was attended by other associates of Dr Osborne but Dr. Stoneking was my favorite. I have seen many different doctors in my 92 years but Dr. Osborne and Dr Stoneking are the best. - James E Wiley
I am a patient of Dr Stoneking. He is always professional, personable, informative and compassionate. He is always willing to listen to my opinions and collaborate. His presence is uplifting and supportive. His assistant, Marie is outstanding. She is immediately responsive and helpful. I am grateful to have been referred to him. After working in technology in Silicon Valley for thirty years I would like to see some improvements in the computer communications system otherwise I am very pleased. Pat Luce - .L
Dr Stoneking is ALWAYS caring and takes the time to make sure he has answered all of my questions. He always makes sure his exams are complete and does not order any unnecessary tests - only the ones he needs to diagnose any issue. His nurse Marie is always very pleasant and sweet. Check out always greets you in a warm manner. Getting a new appointment - always easy and they truly care to make sure you get one the works with your schedule. Dora and Christina are usually the ones who make my appointments and they are exceptional. - Patricia S Levitin
Professional and caring office focused on patient care. I have full trust in the medical doctors and staff. Dr Stoneking is an outstanding and caring physician who never is rushed when I see him. - Peter M Levitin
Appointments with Dr.Stoneking are always satisfactory. He takes time to speak with patient and discuss whatever is relevant. I would recommend him to anyone as a fine and caring physician. - .R
Overall experience was good. Short wait time. Dr. easy to talk to, able to ask questions. No complaints. - .D
It's always excellent. I have no complaints. My only complaint with this survey is that it wouldn't allow me to give 5 stars on ANYTHING. This is why I gave up on the computer messaging with your office. It just doesn't work for me. - .J
I have always been treated warmly, professionally, and expertly by Dr. Stoneking and his staff, and my overall experience is truly 5-star! - .W
Always a satisfying visit with Dr Stoneking. - .S
Dr. Stoneking is always very personable. He encourages questions takes time to answer them. He makes you feel welcomed and really seems concerned about your well being. - .Robbins
Dr. listened and seemed attentive as I described my concerns. I have confidence in this doctor's diagnosis and treatment. - Karen .H
I am very pleased with everything Thank You Robert H.Ransone - .R
I have been a patient for several years, and I have been totally satisfied over that course of time. I shall miss Dr. Mackler; however, I am pleased that he has left me with the excellent care of others in his office. - Joseph W Stiefel
Excellent - always. - Clark Raney
Very well handled by all concerned!! No complaints! Very good results and explained very well. - E Ritchie Fishburne
AS USUAL just fine - .W
I'm not sure what the date was when I was there to see Dr. Stoneking, but he helped treat me for allergies which was correct, even though I have never had allergies?? I was happy not to have to take antibiotics and thanks to Dr. Stoneking I did not. The symptoms were manageable immediately and went away within the week. There was an intern with him that day and I was happy to work with the intern. The intern was respectful, asked the right questions, I thought, and did very well. - .R
Dr. Stoneking has always been professional and friendly. In addition he has been a good friend over the years. - Frederick T Jones
My overall experience with Dr. Stonking and his entire staff has been excellent. Dr. Stoneking' is professional, friendly and thorough and seemsTo care about his patients. His staff is friendly and efficient as well. - .W
Dr.Stoneking takes time to listen to all my issues and is truly concerned about a patient's health. Always up to date on immunizations that I may need. Staff is very friendly,especially the front desk staff. Excellent care from Dr. Stoneking. - Patricia C Neugent
No issues getting in to see Dr. Stoneking and he and staff did a great job as always. - Thomas E Lawrence
Overall an excellent visit. Short,to the point,informative,diagnosis explained and next appointment confirmed. - .B
Excellent service and received rapid feedback from tests completed. - Judith W Butler
Former patient of James Osborne. This was my first visit with Hal Stoneking. I found him to be very thorough and patient. Did not seem to be rushed. He took his time getting to know me and my history. - Mary W Skenes
Efficient scheduling, good wait time, thoughtful and relevant encounter with physician. - Walter F Ulmer
Could not be more satisfied - .R
I give all categories a 5 star excellent rating,however, I am not sure that I completed the rating section correctly because I could not figure out how to do it :( Sad, I know! - Susan Spangler
Excellent Doctor, always professional and has his patients care at heart. - .S
Dr. Stoneking and his nurse Marieare so caring. My mom is 92 years oldand he can't do enough for her and isalways on time. - .O
I always feel comfortable and confident that I am getting excellent care by Dr. Stoneking and his entire staff. He spends the time to give a thorough exam and always asks pertinent questions. I feel blessed to have found such an excellent Doctor. - Katina Madison
Dr. Stoneking is thorough and has good communication skills. I also think he is knowledgeable in all areas needed. - Karen J.S
All my experiences with Dr. Stoneking and staff have provided me with complete confidence in treatments receivedand recommendations for preserving my health. - .C
Dr. Stoneking is interested in the welfare of the whole person. He listens carefully, asks the right questions, and provides excellent treatment - John T Moore
The staff is always friendly and professional. Appointment times are kept and Dr. Stoneking is Superdoctor. - .W
Dr. Stoneking is very thorough. He asks multiple questions, and he refers to past visits to check on matters. He makes you feel comfortable - Judith R Moore
Thoughtful, careful, reliable and consistent service. Team dose excellent job of supporting thr Docters service. Very comfortable place to go. - .B
Always very good experience - Lisa R Kale
After discharge from hospital I needed to be seen by attending phy. as soon as possible. Dr. schedule was full for week, but Nurse called me as soon as she had a cancellation and I was seen promptly. Dr. reviewed info from hospital and told me what to do for next several weeks. Also had blood work done by staff. Very friendly, professional staff. - .S
Greeted by check in staff. Everything was handled in a professional and pleasant manner. Dr. Stoneking's nurse was professional and friendly. Dr. Stoneking handled the annual physical and answered all my concerns completely. Test results were available the next day. I think Dr. Stoneking and staff are exceptional. The service was excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Stoneking and staff to my family and friends. - .S
This was an especially good experience because I had the opportunity to interact with a third-year medical student who was seeing his first out-patients, and getting ready to apply for his residency. I am very pleased that Dr. Stoneking arranged for this extraordinary care. I continue to be very happy with my overall patient care under Dr. Stoneking. - Robert W Emmaus
Dr Stoneking is an excellent. The facility is very clean and easy to get into so I would rate it excellent. Wait time has never been a problem unless there is an emergency which is understandable so I would rate it excellent. Staff is always friendly and very helpful I rate them excellent. So far I have had no complains with my treatment. Scheduling is very easy. My overall experience has been excellent. - .T
The visit was pleasant and I got the diagnosisquickly and am okay - .S
The doctor did excellent and diagnosed my case and I am fine - Rose S Scruggs
All aspects of the visit was excellent . - .G
Dr. Stoneking is a compassionate doctor who provides the very best in care for his patients. - .B
I have always been impressed by how very professional Dr. Stoneking and his staff are. I would highly recommend him, very caring and knowledgeable. - .B
The best. Always, from the front desk to the schedulers to Marie (and even her sub on occasion) to checkout. Everyone is always polite, professional and, most important, displays an air of genuine concern for the patient.I suspect this excellent staff is a reflection of their leader: Hal Stoneking is a great doctor and a wonderful human being, always kind, caring and patient. I feel very fortunate to have had him as my doctor for the past 15 years. - Sherry R Shirk
I hit the little toe on my left foot on the table leg and thought it may have been broken. I was able to get an appointment with one of the other doctors. X-rays showed it was fractured and I was sent to an orthopedic who taped it up and supplied a special shoe to wear. - .J
Very comfortable and satisfying experience. - Barbara P Hood
I always enjoy seeing Hal. He is very thorough, explains things well, and is very accessible. - William M Wilcox
I could not be more pleased with the care I receive from Dr. Stoneking. He has been responsive, kind,and a very skilled listener in addition to being an excellent diagnostician. - Celia A Snavely
THe entire staff is excellent! Dr. Stoneking accepted me as a patient, and that was a super experience. Thank you to every one involved. - .C
All was well - .R
This was my annual physical and my first appointment with Dr. Stoneking after the retirement of Dr. Osborne. I found Dr. Stoneking to be professional, caring and engaged. he was attentive to my physical condition and diligent in reviewing my medical history. I look forward to a long relationship. - Robert B Skenes
I would like Dr Stoneking to spend a little more time with me during visits. He is very competent.Office effiency is excellent. Some staff is more user friendly than others. Blood techinician could bemore personable. - .W