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Dr Osborne always takes time to really listen to what you say and answers your questions honestly. - .B
Very good. - Robert A Heafner
Great appointment - Gregory H Davis
My initial impression was very positive. He spent adequate time with me to discuss my condition and potential treatments. - Arnold K Price
Great attitude and very informative - Gregory H Davis
Excellent experience - .S
Always satisfaction - Robert T Pleasants
Dr. Osborne listens well and explains his conclusions and treatment options well. He is an excellent doctor. - .B
Excellent - Randall A Underwood
Dr. Osborne is wonderful. Spends ample time with you and even made phone calls himself to follow up. Highly recommend! - .A
Exceeded expectations - Marshall White
Love Dr. Osborne...Best Doctor ever!! - Sandra W Chaney
great visit - .P
I have had the best of care from you and your staff! The kind and professional follow up you perform makes me feel supported.Thank you for such thorough and consistent care. - .P
Dr. Osborne demonstrated expertise and compassion. I am confident in his ability to help me and, just as importantly, his desire to do so. - .B
Awesome care! - Latoya Waddell
Awesome doctor! - Phillip Mark
Met with P.A. She was very knowledgeable, thorough and answered all my questions. - .F
Greeted by friendly staff, nice waiting area and was seen promptly. PA and assistant were friendly and professional delivering a high level of healthcare. Things were well explained and I did not feel rushed. - Neal R Graafsma
Very helpful! - Luane Maddock
It was a great experience. I felt Dr Osborne really cared about finding out why I was having so much problem with my Sleep Apnea. - .B
Dr Osborne was very courteous and very little wait time - .W
Very pleased with the care and concern - Pamela R Alberty
Prompt and professional! - .H
Picked up equipment for sleep study. It was ready when I got there. Did not have to wait for it. Returned it the next day, again no wait time. Received results promptly. Big thanks to Lauren for all her assistance. - .W
Friendly, straight forward visit. - .G
Dr Osborne and his staff are so friendly and listen to your needs and concerns. - Nancy R Brooks
Dr. Osborne was the most professional and helpful doctor I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Very respectful and listened to all my concerns and answered all questions. - David C Anderson
Very nice and through - Hermas R Ball
Excellent - Ashley B Fuquay
Lauren and Jennifer are terrific! - Anna Haydock
Excellent service & an on time appointment! - Charles L Allen
Dr. Osborne went over results from a home sleep study, answered my questions and had me in and out in a timely manner. - .C
Very good experience - Jack N Cleary
Great doctor and excellent assistant, Lauren. - .P
Thorough and to the point. I love that - .K
Very informative - .W
It’s all good - .C
Fully Satisfied, recommended for others - J.U
Everything went as you would want. On time, professional. - .S
Great, helpful - Leonard L Woodruff
Good experience, very professional - .W
Dr. Osborne takes the time to explain everything. He listens and is very helpful - .C
Very knowledgeable, thorough, and understanding. - Elizabeth A Bolton
I had a very good experience. Dr. Osborne took a lot of time to answer all of my questions. - .T
Dr Osborne is a very good sleep doctor. He has a fantastic way of communicating with me and understands the challenges and benefits of using CPAP device. He takes time to listen and offer feedback. - Michael D Witmer
Dr Osborne addresses my concerns in terms that I can understand. He has been consistently patient yet through during all of my appointments. - Stephanie G Glenn
Very satisfying - .G
Informative. - Thomas E Musser
Very good. He always takes time to answer my questions and share any new updates regarding sleep apnea. Every one in the office and his assistant are always polite and professional. - Victoria L Baynes
Have a very good experience he explained all I need to know about cpap - Bertha B Smith
Very knowledgeable and considerate. - Joni L Barclay
Dr. Osborne is the only physician that has been able to get me to wear a cpap, and it has probably saved my life. - .Y
They were quick and friendly. - Dennis E Meyers
Dr. Osborne did an excellent job of reviewing my status and providing advise and feedback about my CPAP usage. - Troy B Absher
Always a pleasant experience...no long wait and the staff and doctor are always positive as well as efficient. - Elizabeth P Brophy
Dr Osborne is very professional and has a good bedside manner. He takes the time to explain things in terms which you can understand. - David T Renshaw
I always receive excellent care and treatment from Dr. Osborne. - .C
Comfortable - helpful - supportive! - Robert Mowery
everything was great. - .A
I have been very pleased with the treatment I have received from Dr. Osborne. His greatest asset is Lauren; she is knowledgeable, dependable and patient with questions. She always returns my calls and is always helpful and congenial. - .P
I was referred to Dr. Osborne by my cardiologist. He was very helpful and is now guiding me through a re-examination of my sleep apnea treatment. - David A Hammond
This was my first experience with Dr. Osborne and his office. I found their intake process to be efficient. I received forms in the mail prior to the appointment, so I could complete them at my leisure. Once at the office, I found the office personnel to be courteous and client-focused. Dr. Osborne and his associates that performed the diagnostic and follow-up were competent. I was impressed with their insight and patient care. Dr. Osborne has a GREAT style - he takes the time to explain and makes sure that the patient understands what they are being told. While no one wants to have to go to the doctor, it doesn't get much better than this. Thank you! - .U
Had a excellent experience. - .R
Extremely valuable results from sleep study. Dr. Osborne and Lauren were very easy to deal with on scheduling and sleep study results review. I would definitely recommend them to others. - .C
great - Michael R Pendergraft
Very personable. I liked that he had sleep apnea as well and we used the same CPAP - William R Gaffney
As usual, I found Dr Osborne both personable and professional. I feel that he has the best interest of the patient at heart and that he knows his job. - .G
Still in process of treatment, but so far, everything has been excellent and really am comfortable and confident with Dr. Osborne. - .H
Always informative. Dr Osborne and Lauren are the best. - .A
Great. No problems! - .J
Dr. Osborne takes the time to explain and is courteous and professional. - .S
Easy going, no pressure, very nice and personable - .J
Iím impressed with the level of knowledge he has about my sleep issues. - Margaret Jones
Informative, provided options and gave adequate time for Q&A. - Keith F Feather
As always, I found Dr O to both personable and professional. I feel like he really cares about my well-being and knows what he is talking about. - James G George
Very good - Robert W Tidwell
Excellent - William L Walker
Wonderful doctor and staff. Thanks again. - Joseph A Yoder
Very good visit with good advice from doctor and staff. - .F
Dr. Osbourne is always gracious and kind. He is thorough and knowledgeable. - .S
Everything was very good. - .D
Med assistant April was excellent.PA Vin was also excellent, this was the best visit I have had here in Greensboro since I moved here.I left the office knowing I was in very capable hands. - .A
Dr. Osborne was pleasant and thorough as always. Staff was pleasant and there was no wait time. - .P
A great visit - .M
It was a fantastic experience with Dr. Osborne & his staff. - .F
Dr Osborne is very professional, he has a out going but laid back demeanor and he is very thorough explaining your results and issues. He asks alot of questions and gathers more details from you so he can determine what is at the heart of your sleep issue and he makes adjustments to help correct them. I am very impressed with him and very thankful for his care. His nurse is very friendly and professional. They are both awesome !!! - .P
The staff and Dr. Osbourne were courteous and thorough. - .T
Great! He Answered all my questions and made me feel as though I had a good plan going forward to re-train my sleep habits. I would recommend - Jennifer Luce
Excellent service - Lon Tytell
Dr Osborne is always responsive to my questions. He has great wisdom in knowing the best course for me. He rates 5 stars with me - Sandra J Bassett
Very professional - Angela D Deloach
Great Dr. Osborne does a great job and is very knowledgeable. Answer all my questions. - Thomas V Leatherberry
Dr Osborne is a professional and knows the subject matter inside and out. He has my complete respect for his treatment in my case. - .S
Dr. Osborne is very good with explaining whatís going on. He takes time with you and makes you feel that you are important. Very easy to talk to and knows his work. - Thomas V Leatherberry
Always pleased with Dr. Osborne's attention and willingness to explain details and answer my questions. - .J
Great! Dr. Osborne was on time and on target regarding this visits. Excellent annual visit. - Kenneth R Stainback
Takes time with the patient and explains everything. Calm and caring. - Brenda M Lee
Productive visit; thorough intake. - Robert A Paxton
Thorough intake session through history questions. Explained diagnosis and treatment plan. - .P
Everyone was friendly and efficient. Dr. Osborne was his usual helpful self. - .W
I really appreciate Dr Osborne’s willingness to take the the time to listen to my concerns and keep me informed about every question I have. This has provided me fuller knowledge of the necessity of cpap and enabled me to comply with this treatment knowing that I am unambiguously doing the right thing by complying. - .E
Very satisfied! - .C
Dr Osborneís care for my needs has exceeded expectation. Iíve gained needed sleep and my sleep apnea is in control and I credit my improvements directly to him for careful analysis and perceptive application of services and technology to resolve my problem. I highly recommend his careful, competent care and follow up service! - Sterling J Vanderwerker
Wonderful dr. and staff. Wish all my drs. and staff were like this - .L
Dr Osborne is always a pleasure to visit. He explains things so that you understand them. - .L
very good I was very pleased - .H
Love Dr. Osborne. Very professional and has a great sense of humor. Has been helpful in making several beneficial changes to my CPAP air flow. Thanks to the best sleep doctor ever! - Trina D Ellis
Excellent. He is a great doctor. - Judy M Mahaffey
Dr Osborne was very helpful - Priscilla D Tedrick
I really appreciate Dr Osborne and his staff. Friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable about Sleep Apnea and the supplies needed. He gave me good advice on solving my issues with my CPAP - Cynthia R Dye
As always... excellent. Good talk and advice. - Thomas W Henley
My visit was great - .S
The Doctor and Lauren have been wonderful in assisting me in the process. Very happy with the progress and results to date! - .T
It’s always nice to visit and Dr Osborne has helpful suggestions about improving CPAP use. - .L
Excellent discussion with the doctor and his assistant - .H
Always enjoy working with Dr and his staff. - .R
Dr. Osborne was very helpful in coming up with solutions to solve the problem I had been having with my CPAP machine. My wait times with EAGLE are always good. - .D
Great - Curtis L Bryant
Everything was excellent during my appointment! - .S
Excellent service - .S
People at the front desk are attentive and friendly; Dr. Osborne’s assistant is excellent! She checked my insurance and called with a heads up about how much my study would cost so I wouldn’t be surprised later. Dr. Osborne is compassionate and engaged - he cares about his patients and is invested in helping them. - .L
I appreciated that I saw Dr. Osborne close to my appt. time. He also was helpful in suggesting masks that might be more comfortable than others. - .M
Very pleasant and assuring. - .W
Dr. took a lot of time to explain a lot of options. I was very pleased. - .A
I have been seeing Dr. O for only a few months, and I am happy! He doesn’t just throw meds at you, without giving you practical tools tailored to your needs!! - Jessica L Morton
Great service. Great people - .D
I was able to get a new CPAP machine because of the recommendation of Dr. Osbourne. I finally got a good night sleep. Thanks for your help in this matter - Lon Tytell
Caring and professional. - .W
I appreciate Dr. Osborne's willingness to answer my questions thoroughly. - .E
Lauren and Dr. Osborne did an excellent job. I recommend them to all my friends - .H
Dr. Osborne is always great. Personable, easy to talk to, listens to my concerns/questions. I work for another large health organization in the area and have switched all my providers to those working for that organization except for my sleep doctor. While my organization has sleep providers, I like Dr. Osborne too much to switch. - .A
Friendly staff and no wasting of time. - .G
Greatly impressed. Learn more than ever about Apnea. - .L
I was late arriving due to a new office location, but I was welcomed into the office and processed pleasantly and efficiently. Lobby wait time was minimal, particularly since I was late arriving. Dr. Osbourne's nurse was cordial and after taking my blood pressure indicated that Dr. Osbourne would arrive shortly and he did. he is probably one of the most professional physicians I've encountered. Although my Primary care Physician Dr. Robert Reade is right up there with Dr. Osbourne.Thank you for the opportunity to comment on some of the Doctors at Eagle Physicians. - .D
Staff was courteous, very pleasant. Appointment was on time, actually maybe a few minutes early. Explained everything well. Enjoyed the visit. - .M
The doctor was great as was his nurse. Very personable and seem to truly care about the patient. Never felt rushed, was a great first meeting. - .W
It was a good experience. Lauren does a great job checking us in and Dr. Osborne is personable and thorough and engaged in making sure our goals are in place. - John D Wing
Lauren and Dr. Osborne are a joy to work with and always go the "extra mile" to offer assistance and provide care! - .S
I couldn’t be more satisfied with my Doctor or my visit. They have made it so easy for me to get a compliance report for my DOT physicals. - .B
I found your staff to be very courteous and caring.Also no wait time - .O
Dr Osborne is excellent and his staff or kind - .G
Dr. Osborne is amazing in his ability to explain complicated issues in a simple way. He is always willing to address my concerns without making me feel dumb. He is encouraging and supportive. I wish he could be my doctor for all my medical issues!!! - .W
Check-in was friendly and efficient; I was relaxed and comfortable from the beginning. The nurse/assistant continued in the same manner. Dr. Osborne was also relaxed, friendly but professional, and I felt confident in his, and everyone's, ability to meet my medical needs. Even when there was a problem, no one was upset and they were assuring me that this sometimes happens, so no need for me to worry. I truly appreciate the patience, care and professionalism of Dr. Osborne and the staff of this office. - .F
Dr Osborne always takes good care of me. - .B
Great experience. I will highly recommend. - .D
Very pleased with every aspect of my care. - .B
Excellent service. Dr. Osborne is great with treatment options as well as very knowledgeable about different medications and the side effects. He was very attentive to any questions or concerns I had. - Savannah J Fendley
The doctor was very professional and very thorough. I appreciate the time that he spent with me and all the information that he gave . - Melvin H Bivens
As always my questions were answered - .L
Physicians who take the time to answer my questions and provide thorough explanations are worthy of high rating when they obviously have expert knowkedge of their specialty as does Dr. Osborne. Plus he gas a great personality making me feel comfortable and that my health is of high importance. - Michael B Evans
Good visit - .S
Pleasant people to work with - .L
Excellent in all ways. - .M
My first time with sleep therapy consultation and review. Felt really informed and satisfied my issue was going to be treated well and with expertise! Looking forward to improvement with therapy! - .W
All around great experience. Both Dr. Osborne and his staff were friendly and helpful, and I feel like the treatment is significantly helping. - .F
Dr. Osborne is great! - Vicki V White
He is so thorough and gives you plenty of time for questions and answers. - Leonard H Smith
Excellent - Dale Hopkins
You guys are terrific! I don't think I have ever met a nicer group of folks. Lauren is so very pleasant. Puts me at ease every time I see her! Absolute joy to be around. Doc Osborne is also pleasant, easy to understand, encouraging and knowledgeable! Always an easy visit! Walk away feeling uplifted! - .M
It was great - .W
Dr Osborne takes the time to make sure you as a patient understand your test results and how the cpap equipment works. Highly recommend! - Wendy Nitsos
Dr. Osborne is knowledgeable and personable; he listens, and takes the time to thoroughly answer your questions. He gives practical advice from his own experience with sleep apnea. In short, he is the ideal physician to help anyone with sleep disorders. - .H
Very caring and thorough Doctor. He explained everything so we'll. - Gregory M Rice
Pleasant experience. - Dean M Sadler
He seems be concern about your well being. - Larry P Foust
seen in a timely mannerphysician & staff were courteous and knowledgeableCPAP had an issue that was successfully adjusted remotelyoverall great experience - Joseph P Mckinnon Jr
I have been a patient of Dr. Osborne's for 4 years and have consistently experienced professional and courteous patient-centered care. - .H
It's always a genuine delight to visit with Dr. Osborne. - .H
Dr. Osborne had always taken plenty of time to discuss my health issues. He presents as concerned about my health and clearly explains issues that we discuss. He expresses concern that I use the equipment that I have properly and that I have the latest up to date equipment. I feel that he has my best interests in mind. Appointments are handled promptly and his office is especially efficient. I have always had a good experience under his care. - .S
This was my first time seeing Dr. Osborne and he was very kind and knowledgeable. - .E
Dr Osborne is focused on each patient and responsive to needs. - .P
On time, informative and transparent. - .F
Very understanding and has helped my sleep so much - Anthony H Hannig
I feel like I have a good rapport with Dr. Osborne and I am very pleased with the results of the sleep therapy. Dr. Osborne is a very good listener and he takes the time needed to cover the medical topics at issue during my appointments. He took a little extra time in the last appointment to provide me with information that would allow me to put together a travel CPAP for very little expense. I am quite happy to work with him and feel that I have benefited greatly from working with him. - .B
The entire process was both efficient and effective. From the initial phone call, pick-up and implementation of the at-home sleep test and the initial diagnosis and script for the CPAP to the "within 90-day" follow up appointment after initiating use of the CPAP. Thanks for the help! - .H
Annual visit with Dr. Osborne. Everyone courteous and professional. Checked in with no problems and appointment was on time. - .Y
It is always a good experience visiting this office. Dr. Osborne is easy to work with and pleasant to be around. - .H
I love Dr. Osborne, he is funny and friendly and Lauren is the best! i did like the other location better though. - .R
I am glad to find my problem and the treatment Dr Osborne has me on is showing great results. Thank you and your staff for your concern and kindness - .P
My meeting with Dr Osborne was effective and efficient. - .L
Lauren, Dr. Osborne's nurse is knowledgable, friendly, and efficent. She is awesome!Dr. Osborne spent plenty of time with me, getting to know my issues. He is a good listener.Very good experience.Very pleased. - .G
Helpful and caring staff from reception all the way up. Dr. Osborne listened to my concerns, offered a suggestion and so far it is working and making a difference. I also like the fact that the office is now in the same building as my primary care physician. PS...Lauren rocks...always helpful, caring and friendly, returns calls quickly. - .W
Very knowledgable and concerned nurse very nice and polite - .N
It was great seeing Dr. Osborne again. He was knowledgeable and informative. Good visit. - .C
Lauren and Dr Osborne are outstanding! - .N
Although I was not on the schedule, the found an opening for me. This was much appreciated because I have a very busy schedule. - .W
It was very convenient to see a sleep specialist whose office is in the same practice as my primary care physician. I felt very comfortable with the surroundings. When I first was received by Dr. Osborne's nurse, she was very cordial and quite pleasant. Dr. Osborne is a special person; he is very personable. It is so easy t talk to him; hw has an excellent "bed-side manner." He was very professional and informative. He gave me written instructions to follow regarding my insomnia. Some of them have been very helpful; others, I admit, I have not tried, yet. I do plan to start them soon. I especially liked the amount of time he spent talking to me about my past and present sleeping habits. My appointment was not rushed.Thank you for the opportunity to see him. - .G
I was welcomed by a very nice receptionist when I entered the office, she asked a few questions, took my copay and sent me to the correct waiting room where shortly I was greeted by Dr. Osborne's nurse (?) who proceeded to take me into Dr. Osborne's office. I had a very short wait sitting in there. After Dr. Osborn came in and went over my c-pap problems etc., he received a phone call to which he was gone for several minutes . When he returned we finished our conversation concerning any problems I was having and he said goodbye and I checked out with a very nice lady and that was the visit. Everyone was very nice and patient with no problems. - .S
Both Dr Osborne and Lauren are genuinely caring, responsive and perfectly professional. - .R
Dr. Osborne was very good, took a lot of time and was really concerned with my issue. He looked at my historical info and suggested a treatment program. It is too early to say if it is working but have had some slight improvement.The staff was freindly and easy to work with as well. - .S
My phone visit is so convenient and Dr. Osbourne answered all my questions about my CPAP use. - .K
It’s all good - Jack N Cleary
Everything was positive, constructive and upbeat. - .S
Very short wait. Friendly service. Informative meeting with Dr. Osborne, especially with regard to c-pap care. All questions answered and concerns allayed. - .F
My annual follow up was a great experience. The appointment was set and I arrived and was promptly taken back. Dr. Osborne took his time and talked me through my results for the year and answered all my questions. - .A
Dr. Osborne is always very professional and answered all my questions. My appointment was just my annual appointment. - .T
Excellent appt. many thanks. So appreciated the time Dr spent with me - .F
Good visit - .W
I was able to do the appointment over the phone which saved me a trip to the office and was able to answer all the questions that was asked just like being there. As well as talking with my provider. It was such a great way to visit.. - .W
Staff very friendly and courteous. Dr. Osborne was very professional and friendly. I understood everything he was saying and he understood me also. Very helpful with getting me new supplies. - .V
The office visit was helpful and informative. - Phillip C Hood
Dr. Osborne listened and zeroed in on a solution (a new mask, one we didn't think would be an option for my Dad because he's a mouth breather). Then he pulled one out and demonstrated it, and took it another step by quickly going online to check the price. We walked out with the exact model number, price, and website. Went home, ordered it, it arrived several days later, and after 3 nights, seems to be a near-perfect solution to what I thought was about to be a crash-and-burn situation! Thanks Dr. Osborne and your kind and friendly staff who aided us on the phone ahead of time, in the office when we arrived, and as we walked out the door. We'll see you in mid-August for a follow-up appt. - .M
Very nice visit. Very professional. - .P
Dr. Osbourne was kind, compassionate, & professional. - .D
Dr. Ehinger treats me, my husband, and my son. I cannot say enough positive things regarding his care. I am very pleased. - .D
The staff was very courteous, prompt, and efficient. Dr. Osborne is a very knowlegable physican and has excellent communication skills. - .C
Dr. Osborne is always very nice and fully discusses any issues I have. His assistant is very sweet and accommodating. - .D
Overall, I was pleased with my visit. However, I have not been contacted about the at home sleep test which was to be the next step. This could be a problem with my insurance company. - .S
The entire experience was excellent and the staff was very helpful in all phases of the appointment. - .F
very good experience - .R
Dr. Osborne is very knowledgeable and can explain in a way I can understand. He has a great bed side manner if that still exists. My visit was excellent and Dr. Osborne took the worry out of my condition. Thanks - Thomas V Leatherberry
Dr Osborne is knowlegable about the sleep products and helpful with suggestions. - .P
Dr. Osborne is the best! - .S
Walked in straight to my appointment. Great doctor. - .H
Wonderful Doctor, He has a great staff. - .L
Great, very professional - .G
Great - Trina D Ellis
Worked with Dr. Osborne in regards to my sleep apnea. Long time patient. Dr. Osborne and staff have always been helpful and courteous towards me. They provide thoughtful and excellent care! - .N
Very simple. It was a followup appointment that went great - .T
I came in the Eagle Sleep Center on 3/9/18 (I think) and Lauren, the clinic manager, showed me how to attach the at-home sleep study apparatus which I needed to do in order to show I have sleep apnea, in order to get a new CPAP machine. Lauren was very professional, quick, personable in teaching me about the at-home equipment and I took the test that night (a Friday) and returned the equipment the next week. Dr. Osborn is a very positive fellow, very personable, tells me what is going on, is kind when he could verbally smack me down from some of my presumptuous questions and gives me feedback on what is going on. I used to often be in a lousy mood when I went into his office. The old machine did not work well. And I was always tired. I always felt that I could take a nap at any time during my waking hours. On April 3, 2018, I got a new CPAP Machine! This lastest RESMED is WONDERFUL!! WOW! What a difference in the way I feel physically and emotionally. I perceive myself to be less irascible. I When I am up, I am up and I do not feel the need to nap. This, in itself, is incredible. The front desk staff is always friendly, professional, competent. Very friendly women. My follow up visit was on 5/31/18 and it went well. Again, Dr. Osborn is just a very positive nice pleasant man. I really appreciate that he is kind. I appreciate his kindness a lot. And, of course, his expertise. I am very happy with the services Dr. Osborn, Lauren, Nanette, and other staff provide and offer great thanks for their efforts in getting me a new updated CPAP machine. - .G
Dr Osborne and his staff are exceptional. I feel fortunate to have found them upon returning to NC from Florida this past year. Dr Osborne allows for plenty of time during his appointments, I’ve never felt rushed or like I was simply being processed. He asks questions and has a genuine interest in what I have to say. He has answers to my questions and is not only knowledgeable but also relays information in a manner that is easy to understand. I’d be remiss if I failed to mention how great his staff is—specifically Lauren, who is prompt and timely with her follow up. Thanks again! - .B
First experience with Dr. Osborne and his staff. My wait-time was less than 10 minutes, which is always nice. The staff was pleasant, curteous and professional. They were patient with me, as I tend to ask questions, and they helped me to understand everything I wasunsure of. I am looking forward to, instead of dreading, my follow-up appointment in September. - Brenda F Cartwright
Fantastic physician and staff. Some of the most polite bedside manners you will find and they know what they are doing! - .K
Dr. Osborne & his staff are passionate & effective in treating patients. Dr. Osborne has many years of experience & expertise in his field and I feel fortunate to have Dr. Osborne as my health provider with great respect & trust. Thank you and keep up with the great job! - .F
Dr. Osborne was very informative and help me understand the process. Staff very friendly. - .P
I was so thankful that I was able to shift my appointment to the next week so it did not effect my work schedule. Dr. Osborne's nurse took care of it, no problem. Dr. Osborne took the time to allay my fears about not getting enough sleep and encouraged me in my efforts of good sleep habits. - .D
I have been extremely pleased with everything about the Eagle Sleep Center. I was referred by my lady friend, who is also a patient of Dr. Osborne. Lauren and Jennifer are a delight to work with, and are extremely courteous, professional, and respectful of my time. I would highly recommend the Eagle Sleep Center. - .N
I appreciate the professionalism of Fr. Osborne and his staff. - .L
Excellent experience overall. Great to have answers and a fix for the chronic tiredness I have struggled with for years. - .B
I talked with Dr. Osborne with my previous experiences with solving my health problem. He answered any questions that I had. He and his assistant, Lauren were very nice and spent the amount of time with me that I needed. - .H
Very personable visit. Answered my questions well. - .C
Everything went very well. I appreciate the ease Dr. Osborne puts you in each time i speak with him. He is well prepared for me and my case and states facts as they are and does not "mess" around. Good experience each time. Thank you. - .S
My absolute favorite Dr. to visit. - Todd V Lipe
Dr Osborne has really helped me sleep. He is a great listener, thorough and careful. He EXCEEDS my expectations and provides great counsel on state of the art apnea equipment available.Excellent in all i experience at the Eagle Sleep Clinic. - .V
Dr. Osborne was great! Very nice man and we had a great conversation! I would recommend him! - .N
Dr. Osborne is great, I am finally able to understand why I feel so tired all of the time. He has been a lifesaver for both my wife and I. Knowing the reasons behind my impulse to fall asleep randomly and uncontrollably gives me great reassurance. - .W
Enjoyed visit, got all questions about my cpac machine answered. Got an upgraded mask and am totally satisfied. - .G
Dr. Osborne and his staff continue to provided some of the best medical care I have ever received. He and his staff are medical professionals, engaging, and supportive. The best care ever. - Joseph F Brandon
Great experience - .B
Great experience I’m glad I was seen here. - .S
Everyone was very helpful and polite. All of my questions were answered and I am very happy with the care I received. - .J
Excellent service and very professional staff! - .A
After years of struggling to find a diagnosis (which I still don't have), I have been comforted by the ease with which I have been able to schedule sleep studies and a consultation with Dr. Osborne. The availability of appointment times, as well as Dr. Osborne's thorough and careful attention, are much appreciated. I trust Dr. Osborne to help me find a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. - .E
It was good seeing Dr. Osborne and his assistant Lauren. They were both very patient, listened to my concerns, addressed them, and worked with me on a path forward. I highly recommend Dr. Osborne for someone dealing with sleep issues. - .S
Everything went great, thank you Bob Cable - .C
Always a good experience seeing Dr. Osborne and his staff. - .B
Yearly visit related to sleep apnea. Quick, no wait and answered all my questions. - Richard Alsup
Appointments were easy to make. This office is very patient oriented with a very friendly and courteous staff. Dr. Osborne has an excellent bedside manner and is able to convey his knowledge of sleep apnea so patient can understand. Greensboro is very fortunate to have a doctor and staff who's speciality is sleep apnea. - .C
My visit was quick and easy. Dr. Osborne is very easy to talk with and my treatment is going well. - .S
It was all pleasant and professional. Results of what was revealed at appointment were swiftly taken care of. - .M
Very pleasant. Quick and accommodating. - .C
Dr. Osborne is awesome!! He takes the time to make sure you understand his methods and your problems . He also help me sleep a lot better. he found something that was diagnosed wrong years ago by another doctor and he made it right. I thank him and his staff there always happy and smiling . - .W
Was there for my 6 month follow up. Everyone was very nice..they know me by name ..Dr. Osborne very professional and he answered all my questions..even the news updates that don't really tell the whole stories.I enjoy my visits there. - .H
All staff was very knowledgeable and explained everything in detail. Great experience! - .L
Dr. Osborne was very thorough in his assessment and explanation of my diagnosis and treatment options. - .G
I was made to feel welcome and I was seen very promptly. I was very pleased with everyone I met, and everyone was very professional and cordial.I rate my experience as OUTSTANDING!!! - .J
Doctor always listens to what I'm saying. Gives appropriate recommendations that lead to best results for my quality of life. - .G
Very good. Dr. was knowledgeable and thorough. - .K
The doctor and staff were very efficient and friendly. - .H
Dr Osborne and his assistant are fantastic. Always a pleasure to go in there and because of them I sleep well every night. - .R
Dr Osborne has really help me understand my difficulty in going to sleep. After one visit, I was able to begin a better sleep pattern. On both of my visits, he took time to really listen to my concerns and good suggestions for my insomnia. I have recommended my husband see him for his sleep apnea in the future. - .R
good visit, always a quick and informative experience. - .D
They help me realize I had a serious problem and showed me how to treat the issues for the rest of my life - .C
Things generally went very well. wait time was much less than usual which is always appreciated. All my questions were answered and concerns addressed. - David G Pitonzo
Appointment time was honored, office staff was friendly and courteous and Dr Osborne and his professional staff were personable and explained all details of CPAP information. - .S
I have full confidence in Dr Osborne and his staff, - .B
I received very helpful information in a friendly environment which allowed me to make a good decision. - Roy S Greer
The thing I love about Dr. Osborne is he is not only concerned with the patient's sleep health but of the health of the whole patient. He talked with me about my blood pressure medicine and encouraged me with information he knew and supported me to give it a try. He is so easy to talk with. Thank you Dr. Osborne. - .S
Dr Osbourne and the staff are great and easy to work with - .G
I experienced excellent customer service as usual during my annual sleep apnea follow-up visit. Dr. Osborne and his staff are professional, courteous and go above and beyond to provide a superior patient experience! - .R
Always exceptional - .M
information was very concise and detail - .W
My experience with Dr. Osborne and his staff was excellent. Dr. Osborne referred me to Advance Home Care in Greenville, NC. I was expecting to get a new CPAP machine, hose, masks and nasal pads. Instead they "loaned" me a used CPAP machine. new hose, no mask and no nasal pads. I am now required to go back to the Greenville office to turn in my used loaner machine and sign forms with hopes that I qualify for a new replacement for my inoperable 7 1/2 year old machine and two to three year old hoses and mask. I was thinking that all of the extra time could have been avoided with AHC issuing me new equipment. - .B
Follow up for sleep apnea . Met with Dr. Osborne to discuss progress and review results so far. Found him to be very interested and insightful. - .W
Lauren is always warm and welcoming. Dr. Osborne, too, is welcoming. He discussed with me how I am doing and answers my questions. It's always a pleasure. - .D
I was very impressed with everyone. Dr Osborne and his assistant were just great. They were friendly, concerned and knowledgeable. I'm so glad I have been able to get treatment from them. - .G
Staff was wonderful and friendly - .I
Extremely pleased with all aspects of the appointment. Corrective action was taken immediately and has seemed to solve my problem. Dr Osborne Is a great doctor he's easy to talk to and he takes his time with you. You don't feel rushed. Lauren is a great facilitator she makes everything run much smoother. - .L
The Staff were was very helpful and courteous in all aspects of my appointment. Everyone was and has always been extremely professional. - .G
absolutely one of the best experiences I have ever had. Lauren went above and beyond the call of duty. I had to reschedule my appointment and she did not seam to mind and was kind in the response. I had satisfied my deductible and was working to get in the calendar year. Everyone worked to help me achieve the visit. thanks to everyone at this office. it was refreshing to have such care. - .A
Overall a great experience - .W
Very helpful - .M
Nice facility , great and responsive staff with wonderful attitude and caring demeanor. - .D
Dr. Osborne is very easy to talk to and explains everything in terms that can easily be understood. His nurse is also great! - .W
Awesome doctor and staff - Boby M Brooks Jr
Excellent service and detailed explanation of the evaluation. - .B
Thanks for the professionalism! - .B
My experience with this medical group has always been pleasant and excellent. They are ready and willing to aid me in what I need to do or know and what to expect from my sleep machine experience. - .R
The visit was great. The staff was kind & helpful.The wait was short.The nurse was kind & gentle & pleasant.The doctor was nice & thorough & explained things so that they were easy to understand. - Edward Laws
The staff was nice and this was mr first time there and they call results so over all was great - .M
can only say great things about staff, Doctor and my experience - .R
Dr Osborne and staff are all friendly, efficient and detailed in their approach. Short wait-time and I feel that I am really listened to during the appointment. - .B
A very good visit for my husband and myself. No complaints at all! - .D
Dr Osborne was very down to earth and easy to talk with. He was very informative about sleep apnea. I enjoyed meeting him and his staff. - .M
The staff was very helpful in getting me started with my new machine and understanding it. The visit was helpful in getting me know how I was doing with the treatment. - .M
All personnel very warm and friendly. Office is pleasant. My wait time, however, was a bit lengthy. - Robert Klippstein
Good care and compassion. Everyone seems knowledgeable and friendly - .F
Very happy with Dr. Osborne’s care! - .B
Overall this was an excellent experience - L.D
The only problem was it took about 5 weeks to get an appointment. But other than that the whole experience was great - .G
This was a very good experience. The technician and the doctor were very helpful and encouraging and gave me very good news that I do not have apnea - .P
It was an appointment over the phone. Very convenient for me. Period fission use of my time. - .P
Dr. Osborne takes time to understand my concerns and provide solutions. I always feel that he has my best interests at heart. His assistant is also very courteous and professional. Excellent medical care. - .S
Dr Osborne and his staff are fantastic. They take the time to meet with you and actively listen to all your comments and concerns. - .C
Everyone was very friendly and professional. Lauren was extremely helpful, courteous and pleasant. Dr Osborne took time to listen to my concerns and explained everything. I would highly recommend Dr Osborne and his staff. Wonderful experience. - W.S
Every staff member was very cordial and professional. The wait time was minimal, and Dr. Osborne explained my diagnosis and treatment plan very well. - A.H
The staff and physician arevery friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient and I would definitely recommend this practice to all my friends or patients. - B.E
I saw Dr Osborne and his assistant Lauren. They both are very friendly as well as very professional. - R.S
Lauren is always so friendly and pleasant to deal with. Wait time in lobby was about average - maybe 10-15 minutes. Time waiting in the room for Dr. Osborne was good - about 5-10 minutes. The appointment consisted of getting weight and blood pressure. There was discussion concerning my satisfaction with CPAP. Dr. Osborne presented some data concerning my usage. He made suggestion concerning a possible mask that I might like, given my history of difficulties with masks. I also asked about the SoClean CPAP cleaning machine and he gave his opinion of that. Overall, a good review of the past year of usage. Dr. Osborne has a very pleasant demeanor and is both friendly and professional in his dealing with patients. - C.L
The staff is always extremely nice. The wait isn't ever too long and all of my questions get answered while speaking with the Dr. Osborne and Lauren. I'd recommend this facility to others that are experiencing sleep issues. - C.H
Excellent staff. Lauren and the Dr. are top shelf. I would (and do) heartily endorse them and this practice.Thank you both! - C.W
Dr. Osborne was very nice and courteous. He was very informative and explained everything in great detail. He also answered my questions completely and in a way that I could understand. The other members of the staff were very courteous as well. Lauren was very nice and did a good job telling me how well my numbers looked before I even saw Dr. Osborne. - M.L
Enjoyed the meeting with Dr. Osborne and had a very good discussion about my situation. It was actually what I thought was one of the best interactions I have ever had with an MD. Dr. Osborne was extremely prompt to the session, right on target with the points we needed to discuss and I came away with a recommendation to try a new medical solution which I hope works well. - J.B
scheduling an appt. was easy and the staff was very friendly. My wait time was short, which I greatly appreciate. The Dr. was concise, and thorough, but took the time to explain my situation and how we would address my issues. I left there feeling that I was In very good hands. overall, one of my better Dr. visits in the past year or two. Thanks, - R.D
Very courteous and professional office staff. Wait time was less than 10 minutes. Dr. Osborne is very personable and dedicated to individualized care and positive outcomes. - C.H
Everyone was friendly and professional. The staff answered all my questions and put me at ease. - L.G
I did not wait long in the lobby to be seen. The receptionist was very pleasant. The doctor was easy to talk to and knew the questions to ask. All staff were very pleasant and I felt very comfortable and at ease I was in good hands - L.F
My visit was good, Dr. and staff were all very friendly. - L.S
Annual follow-up exam by Dr. James Osborne went very well, as expected. Dr. Osborne reviewed my clinical history, detailed C-PAP usage stats, and made specific recommendations for continued best practices using the C-PAP. Looks forward to our annual exam next year (maybe via the web if Medicare approves). Best Wishes, Donnie - D.B
Experience was very pleasant. Personable and courteous staff made me feel like a person and not a patient. Very short wait time and straightforward results. I would recommend to anyone. - C.B
I was taken back before my appointment time. The preliminayies were handled in a quick and efficient manner and the Dr. came in very shortly after the preliminaries were done. He was able to answer some concerns I had in an easy to understand manner. Overall it was an excellent visit.I could not ask for any better. - C.H
It was good, wait was a little long but not to bad. - A.G
It was over the phone. A phone appt. was set prior, they called on time, they told me exactly what was going to happen, everything went smoothly - T.W
quick and easy - D.C
Dr Osbourne is a great doctor - L.G
Very professional and knowledgeable.Great health care! - D.C
I like doing the phone apointment - T.H
Dr Osborne and his surgical staff were very professional and courteous. Appt. time was honored and all questions were answered by the Anesthesiologist and DR. Osborne. - J.S
Dr. Osborne took the time to listen to me and find the best treatment possible. Overall, it was a productive experience. - A.M
Dr. Osborne asks good questions, listens carefully, and makes suggestions. He is warm and friendly and puts you at ease. I appreciate the handshake to start each visit. - S.M
The staff was very friendly and helpful. The wait time was super fast. As always Dr Osborne is very concerned with the health and well-being of his patients. - R.S
Went as planned and everything was handled professionally. Very happy with the outcome. - J.W
Dr. Osborne was great and took extra time to explain my sleep study results. I can tell he really cares about my well-being and wants me to understand the rationale for treatment. Great experience. Lauren was also great and explained the process of the sleep study in excellent detail. The whole process was easy and I should have done it years ago! - B.D
In and out, in a reasonable amount of time. Positive feedback on therapy, after reviewing data download. Great recommendations for an aging CPAP machine. Overall a pleasure. - H.R
The staff is always pleasant, And I have recommended Dr Osborne to family and friends. - G.B
Very good medical experience. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Excellent Doctor speaking in a way anyone can understand. - E.S
A five star visit including dr , wait time - R.M
Follow up after 90- days or CPAP treatment. Dr. Osborne reviewed my results to date and explained the necessary steps going forward in a very understandable way. - T.A
Great doctor who listens and gives honest feedback. - R.H
As Long as Dr. Osborne practices and will treat me he will be my DOCTOR of Choice. He is a great Physician. - W.P
It's always a pleasant experience visiting Dr Osborne's office. The facility is nice and the staff is amazing! I'm so grateful to have Dr Osborne and Lauren! - M.A
My experience with Dr Osborne and staff as very good. He was very thorough with going over my meds, symptoms and ideas of what I can do to try and solve some issues with my sleep time. Lauren is always nice , professional and easy to talk to. - C.H
The staff are great, waiting area clean and cozy, ave waiting time is the best so far out of any of my hospital visits in the past, so I can't complain. - F.J
Phone conversation answered all of my questions. Excellent visit. - M.A
Not enough stars to show how amazing this practice is - from first call, follow up calls, intake, directions, office visit, follow up scheduling, level of patient care, physician taking the time to truly get to know me and explain the reasons behind his recommendations - all was patient focused, warm, professional and personable. - Betsy A Wood
Dr. Osborne is an excellent doctor with a high level of integrity & professionalism. My experience with Dr. Osborne & his team has been a productive & informative learning process. Thank you and keep up with the great work! - J.F
The entire experience has been a pleasure from Dr. Osborne to Staff and process & results. - Phillip C Hood
Great doctor and great staff. Lauren is is both personable and efficient; she just helped me get cpap to use for travel and was in and out in a jiffy, with all info needed. Just can't say enough good about both Lauren and Dr Osborne. - E.R
This place is awesome!!! - S.A
Always quick getting in , the doctor explains test well, and listens to my comments. Nurses are efficient too. - D.M
everything was good - M.P
The doctor was very informative and made I understood what he said. - T.H
I really appreciate Dr Osborne and his staff for the excellent attention and professionalism shown during my visit. - V.F
The entire visit went well. - Y.P
It was a easy good appointment. Waiting time was short. Question where answer in a good manner and to the point. Good jobR M - R.M
Visits with Dr. Osborne are always comprehensive, thorough, and informative. In addition, the doctor is very pleasant person with whom to talk. - E.S
Arrived on time. I was seen in a timely manner. Dr Osborne was, as usual, very pleasant and in my opinion knowledgeable in discussing my sleep apnea and Cpap treatment with me. - J.G
Everything was terrific! - J.C
It was great. Dr Ozzy reconfigured my CPAP and all seems to be better. He was very patient and informative. - R.C
From the moment I entered the facility I was treated with care and professionalism by the front desk staff. Dr. Osborne and Lauren Allred provided excellent care. All information was clear and concise. The sleep study went well and the results were returned quickly. I was pleased with my entire care. - C.A
Always a pleasant visit. Staff and doctor gives full and undivided attention. I don't feel rushed off. I appreciate the personal touch. - S.W
Dr. Osborne is always friendly and willing to listen to any concerns I might have. He went out of his way to explain the latest mask available. - N.N
Very happy with my visit . I liked having everything explained in a way i could understand. Also Dr. Osborn spent a lot of time asking and answering questions. Much better experience than i have had with other providers! Thanks! - T.D
The staff was excellent and the outcome was alot better than what I had expected. - R.W
Great consult. Informative. Felt Dr Osborne was thorough in reviewing my file. - V.D
A follow up with Dr Osborne re cpap. Very helpful and informative. A very very pleasant visit - P.Tedrick
The teleconference was well done. My questions were answered completely. I will definitely consider working with Dr Osbornes staff via teleconference again. - T.M
Very nice place. - L.B
The visit was helpful and the solution on point. Dr. Osbourne was informative and friendly. His assistant Lorin was teh same. The experience was pleasant and patient friendly. - P.H
Dr. Osborne was very patient listening to my issues and provided valuable solutions regarding my insomnia treatment. A follow-up was scheduled to see if any improvements were made. - A.M
Great!! - L.S
Completely satisfied with the service. All my questions were answered fully and clearly. - J.L
Wonderful doctor! Great bedside manner and very personable! - S.B
Excellent - W.B
I am pleased with my visit. - B.M
He explained the treatment and was very careful and considerate. - M.L
Dr. Osborne was quite personable and did a great job of explaining my CPAP progress and plan for the future.He was also quite helpful with discussing my plans for a trip to Scotland and the implications for the CPAP treatment. - D.J
Doctor Osbourne was on time and took his time with me explaining some possible treatment alternatives.Staff went the extra mile and set me up with a company that had a super deal on a travel CPAP machine.Saving me time, money and aggravation.Thanks,Dan McHale - M.D
Good! - Allen Robert L
Went in for 3 month follow-up on CPAP machine. Dr. Osborne went through the details of my machine with me-he explained everything very well-told me of his plans to better serve all of his patients-excellent visit - R.B
He spent time with me and I was very impressed best Doctor I've seen in a long time. There needs needs to be more Doctors like this that really care. Thanks Terry Nance - T.N
My first time in this office. Everyone on the staff was pleasant. I was booked into an examining room within 20 minutes of my scheduled time. Dr. Osborne, who I have known for a long time, was as usual very professional and efficient. - J.G
Visit was truly outstanding. Dr. Osborne treated me well, got right to the point, and made arrangements for ongoing treatment of my sleep apnea problems. His entire office staff was polite, efficient, and respectful. - T.P
I arrived a few minutes before my scheduled appointment. I was greeted by a very pleasant lady and after paying my co-pay was given some paperwork to fill out. Shorty after completing the paperwork Lauren called me to come back. She took my blood pressure and went over my medication list. In about 5 minutes Dr Osborne came in to discuss my case. He did not rush through my visit as some doctors I see. He was very thorough and clear about his planned diagnostic process and possible treatment. I was very impressed with every aspect of my visit. - J.J
Always a great experience when i go to my appointments. Staff are the best and really are informative. Great visit. Melvin - M.S
Lauren and Dr. Osborne are the best! They are always on time, he listens and considers all the best options for each individual patient. They have been so helpful in helping me deal with my narcolepsy. - N.G
Lauren was very friendly, welcoming, and professional. Dr. Osborne did not make me feel "rushed" through the appointment and took sufficient time to answer all of my questions. The C-Pap therapy has greatly improved my life, and I am thankful for Dr. Osborne and his team. Their knowledge and eagerness to help was refreshing to me with today's healthcare "standards". I would highly recommend any of my acquaintances, with potential sleep disorders, to seek treatment from Dr. Osborne and his staff at this facility! - T.Cook
Office staff very helpful . Lauren very professional and pleasant. Dr Osborne covered all bases explained and answered all questions.Ordered a new bi-pap machine foe me.Very short wait times. - J.M
Dr. Osborne did a thorough job of gathering my information and discussing my options. - Roy S Greer
Very good friendly offered good information on treatment. On time no wait time meeting room up to standards. - Millard O Sloan
Great care from Dr. Osbourne and staff. I'm very thankful for their help - Andrew Morris
I was only in the waiting room about 5 minutes. I was called back to Dr. Osborne's Office. Dr. Osborne and I talked about every thing to with my lack of sleeping correctly. I am trying all of his suggestions. - L.M
Dr. Osborne is great. Even though I only see him once a year, he is one of my favorite physicians. - S.A
Very prompt visit and friendly staff. Dr. Osborne is very friendly, thorough, easy to talk to and answers all questions. - K.S
Was very pleased with Dr. Osborne. He was knowledgeable and thorough with his exam. He respected my opinion and listened to my concerns. - J.J
I had a very pleasant and informative visit with Dr. Osborne. He did not seemed rushed, and was interested in the details of my case. He was knowledgeable, though the cause of my concerns could not be determined. That being said, he came up with a follow-up plan that was clearly explained and rational. Overall, a very positive experience. - D.Inman
Excellent experience. - P.G
The doctor was thorough and spent the necessary time determining what are next steps were. - L.L
Dr. Osborne was great. He spent a good deal of time going over my medical history so he could make a decision on how to proceed. He was so thorough. I was impressed. So many times anymore, doctors do not listen to the patient as carefully as Dr. Osborne. I would highly recommend him to anyone with sleep apnea. - P.R
Good explanation of equipment and effectiveness of the program. - D.K
I received detailed information on my CPap use since receiving the unit. Dr. Osbourne explained the answers to all my questions. He took plenty of time with me to be sure that I knew everything I needed to know. He even gave me information not stated by the CPap providing agency. - B.W
Excellent as always. - Joseph L King
It was a very pleasant experience in discussing next steps and treatment options. - E.L
As usual Dr. Osborne was very professional and took the time to address my concerns. Dr. Osborne along with his assistant Lauren made my visit quite pleasant. - T.S
Everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful. The experience was a lot more comfortable than I could of ever imagined for a sleep study. The room was clean and very relaxing. Overall I highly recommend this practice and all of there staff. - E.J
Dr Osborne was very helpful, and appears to have diagnosed what caused my collapsed lung back in September. I am very satisfied with Dr Osborne. Mike - M.B
Helpful, pleasant and efficient. - J.H
This was my first appointment with Dr. Osborne. Dr. Osborne took the time to ask questions and inform me about my issues. I was very impressed with Dr. Osborne and his staff! - P.C
could not have been any better. everything and everybody were the best.thanks - P.D
Dr. Osbourne was very thorough and I felt comfortable and taken care. I was set at ease with how he handled everything. - Andrew Morris
Annual assessment of CPAP success. Dr. Osborne is always on time and always willing to listen and answer questions. Never feel like I'm rushed. - Peggy S Hankins
Great experience felt Dr. Osborne and Lauren did a great job. I was very pleased with detailed interview and explanation of things to me. - R.S
Went thru door,met nice person, sign-in,sat down looked at magazine,nice person took me to Dr.,Dr. said hello,we talked, I asked questions, he gave me answers, good information,and checked my card,all very pleasant, shook hands, went home.If you want specific answers ask the questions. - R.G
Quick service, <5 minute wait, Dr. & Nurse heard my concerns, good report from Dr. - C.D
Very satisfied - E.S
Dr. Osborne is very thorough and didn't rush the examination. Was very pleased with my first visit and look forward to doing the sleep study. At this point i'm extremely happy with the first phase of the process and am hoping we get to the root cause of my sleep issues. - J.W
I was seen promptly and the nurse and Dr. Osborne was very curteous and imformative. It was a pleasant experience. - O.M
Appreciate a Dr vested in his/her patient's care. - M.G
I saw Dr. Osborne for my follow-up visit after starting on a CPAP machine. We discussed some changes in my medical history since my last visit. We devised a plan of action to continue treatment. I was advised to contact him if I had any problems or concerns. - Helen E Ashworth
I was very pleased with everyone I came in contact with at Dr. Osborne's office.I did not have to wait long and I was impressed with the professionalism and friendly atmosphere of entire staff. - R.J
This was a visit to follow up my sleep study and narcolepsy. I get evaluated as necessary for my medication. Dr. Osborne is very nice and thorough. He answers and explains my treatment to my understanding. His assistant,Lauren is helpful and gets back with answers when I have questions between my visits. - Cindy K Hockett
I have had a very good experience with Dr. Osborne in his diagnosis and prescribed treatment of my sleep apnea...and his nurse, Lauren, is very good in assisting him in his practice. I am very happy that he is the doctor I was referred to by Dr Kevin Little. My overall experience with all aspect of the practice was exceptional. - R.T
Having sleep issues. Dr Osborne took time to talk to me about not only sleep but other things in my life and medicines that might be causing the sleep issues. He is the only doctor who took time to listen. - J.W
Dr. Osborne and his Site Administrator, Lauren Allred are excellent. - B.M
He was wonderful,and so was Lauren. I loved his sense of humor as well. Very thorough and professional. - S.A
Very good - M.P
I went for my 6 month follow-up app't. Everything went fine. Lauren is always very welcoming and informative. Dr. Osborne is warm and thorough. It was a good experience. - Lois A Duperault
I was very pleased with the approach and plan of action Dr. Osborne recommended. - R.B
Staff was very friendly. The time with the doctor was excellent...he listened...I didn't feel rushed. I would recommend him to anyone! - C.S
My experience with Dr. Osborne was very pleasant. His staff is very professional and friendly. - R.B
Follow up of CPAP usage, with explanation of history and settings. Explanation was concise, to the point, and clear; also Dr. Osborne offered to give further explanations as necessary and asked if I had any questions or concerns. I am very pleased with Dr. Osborne and his staff in providing truly professional care. - S.Byrd
Great experience. Dr. Osborne was very knowledgeable, experienced, and equally importantly he was practical. Very easy to talk with. Overall great experience. I highly recommend him. - G.C
Excellent no problems - G.T
Excellent!! He is a knowledgeable doctor who shares information as well as listen to the patients questions. The office is well-run and Lauren is great. - L.H
great doctor and staff to talk with , takes great interest in personal questions and problems and very easy to talk with - S.D
I had a very good visit with Dr Osborne. He took time to explain a couple of things going on with my C pap...my new best friend!.... - Linda D Yates
He is a real doctor that care about his patients and explain everything to you and take his time with you and then ask you if you have any questions He a wonderful doctor and so glad he mind . - M.T
Service could not be better, superior asttention and kindness extended to both my wife and myself. We have complete confidence in the professionalism of Dr. Osborne and Ms.Allred. Anyone with any kind of sleep disorder should make it their business to contact this medical provider. Sincerely, Seymour & Carol Levin - Seymour M Levin
I was promptly seen, all my questions were answered. Dr Osborne has a manner that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. - F.R
Dr. James Osborne is very professional. - M.D
As always, visit was on time with minimal waiting. Nurse & doctor both very friendly and efficient. All my needs and questions were covered thoroughly but quickly. I was in & out with no time wasted. - R.K
My experience with Dr. Osborne was great. He was very clear going over the results of my sleep study. He also stressed the importance of using my a-pap machine properly. The nurse was very friendly, very cute and prompt! - D.C
Dr. Osborne is very focused on my treatment. He answers all questions and is willing to take time to listen to my concerns. He also offers suggestions related to my treatment to improve my results. Everything always goes very smooth with the visit with a minimum of wait time. - C.S
I could not be more pleased with my care by Dr. James Osborne. His staff were welcoming and carefully thorough in preparing for his exam. Dr. Osborne was interested in my issues and asked a number of clarifying follow up questions and was not hurrying thru the diagnostic segment of my visit. He explained thoroughly the possible issues and solutions, provided a needed test for diagnosis and cared for the expenses for testing and treatment options. This is particularly noteworthy as i mentioned only that I was "Frugal" in relation to my medical diagnosis and treatment. Normally a physician is in such a hurry that they don't pay CAREFUL ATTENTION to me.Dr. Osborned personally called me with the diagnosis, provided treatment options and is personally involved in the solutions and maintaining my treatment. I really appreciated his careful assistant and the practice was not only clean but efficient, i didnt wait long for examination, a rare thing today!Great experience,... period! - Sterling J Vanderwerker
friendly people gave me a pleasant visit. all professional. - J.S
Dr. Osbourne takes the time to answer any questions and look for assistance on even the smallest issues. Have never had even a small complaint and never have to wait at all on appointments. Could not be happier! - M.C
I found this to be an interesting experience -- Dr. Osborne was truly a pleasure and made absolute sense in his recommendations. I would highly recommend Dr. Osborne. - S.G
This was my regular annual check up. Everything went great. - J.M
I thought that Dr. Osborne explained everything very well and gave me many things to think about. - L.M
Staff is excellent. I picked up my at home sleep monitor and given easy to follow directions. I returned the next day to Meet with Dr Osborne. He was very professional and provide details about my condition. His treatment plan was implemented. - P.I
very friendly, courteous, and professional staff - C.H
Very Thorough, Dr Osborne explained everything about my CPAP and sleeping patterns. - L.G
Professional and efficient. Great results so far. - C.W
Very good. - R.S
enjoyab;le - D.N
Greatly appreciate Dr Osborne's help. - Victoria Rankins
Dr. went over the results of the home study and explained what they mean. He directed me to the vendor and briefly reviewed the product styles. - R.L
On time, good discussion, all questions & concerns addressed. - R.Y
Excelent. Dr. Osborne spent an hour with me working to understand my issue in detail and came out with a very practical solution and without medicines. I really like it. - T.L
A longer than desired wait, but once I actually saw the doctor he was very friendly and helpful. It was a very good visit and I left with a solid understanding of my condition and what to expect. - D.A
Always a joy to be associated with such a kind and well mannered staff. - M.J
Dr. Osborne was attentive and helped answer my questions during my visit. He offered several good tips (options) to address an "air leakage" issue I've been having with my C-PAP mask. His tips have helped me get more sleep.Thanks,Donnie - D.B
Very pleasant visit. I didn't have to wait long, and the staff was both knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. No complaints at all. - C.B
Dr Osborne and his staff are one of my few Dr.s appointments I look forward to. The wait is never long and office visit is quick. The staff are exceptional about making things easy and providing a full evaluation with no waste of time. They had to change my appointment time this year but called me and set it up in one 5 min call. Not a big deal since the original time was set a year ago. I use Eagle for all my medical needs and though the others are always good Dr, Osborne is always great. - C.B
My Experience with Dr. Osborne was excellent. It was my first consultation with Dr Osborne for a sleep apnea test that is yet to be scheduled. Dr. Osborne was very thorough in questioning me about my sleep habits and giving explanations as to what could be causing my sleep issues and identifying remedies that might be needed once the sleep test is completed and analyzed. A blood sample was taken to test for my iron level which came back in range but low. Dr. Osborne has a great "bedside manner" in his way of explaining medical issues and in conversation that is easy to understand. Based on my experience, so far, in this sleep test process i would definitely recommend Dr. Osborne to others. - Ryan K Tessau
Arrive to my apt 10 minutes early, completed some minor forms and was seen by Dr Osborne on time. Staff was pleasant and knowledgeable. - G.B
Very informative session, Dr. was very comforting and easy to talk to. - B.D
Visist was very timely and extrenely informative. - A.R
Dr. Osborne put me at ease immediately. His instructions were clear and concise. It would have been helpful to know the Sleep Center was at the back of the building. - Marcia L Kebel
Great felt very much at ease with Doctor and staff. - L.J
very good meeting - Nicholas A Difalco
He was/is awesome! He made me feel comfortable, gave me instructions/directions that were easy to understand, and is easy to talk to. - D.E
Excellent Staff. They were there to help in any way they could do get everything back on track. Dr. Osborne proved to be caring and wanting to get my situation straightened out.He explained everything to me and my wife so we understood what I needed to do. - G.G
Very friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. He asked me why I was there to see him and took the time to really listen to what I had to say. He was very attentive and seem to be hang on to every word I said. I was impressed. I find that most doctors just want to get you in and out of there office asap so they can see the next patient. I have mentioned my sleep issue to two other doctors multiple times and it wasn't even commented on. It took an RN in our wellness center to get a the ball rolling. She is a true patient advocate. I enjoyed seeing Dr Osborne and look for to seeing him in the future. I am grateful and pleased he is looking after my sleep issue. I would definitely recommend him to others. He goes the extra mile. - R.C
Great appointment. It was fast, efficient. The staff was detailed and professional. - D.C
My vist went very well. Dr Osborne and his staff are very knowledgeable and professional. I look forward to visiting again. Mansur - M.A
A very welcoming staff, very friendly even though at the time it was very busy with phone lines the staff was very professional. Lauren is a sight for sore eyes, she always has a smile and very pleasant to be around, even when I have crazy questions lol Dr Osborne is an amazing Dr and I would recommend you go to him if you have any sleep issues. Thanks - K.W
Very good always.Dr. Knowledgeable, On time. - Thomas D Pulliam
Waiting was a little long, but over all once I was pleased with the appointment. Staff very nice comfortable feeling. - H.G
Everything thing went well. - C.W
Great experience! Dr. Osborne was great. Very professional and knowledgeable! - S.K
Very good. Very satisfied. - E.W
He was very thorough. Spent enough time to go over results. - M.B
It was great the staff was wonderful and Dr. Osborn was very informative. - P.U
Quick check inLauren is very friendlyDid not wait long to see Dr. Osborne - A.B
Dr. Osborne is at high level of professions & integrity. I'm very happy that I can see him as a patient & the service is to a full satisfaction of mine. - J.F
Excellant. Dr. Osborne is totally engaged and thorough. He is beyond a #1 as far as my evaluation and treatment - S.B
Doctor Osborne and his staff made my first visit a very easy process. Doctor Osborne was very pleasant, informative, and quickly came up with a plan to satisfy my needs. - T.S
Very informative and very professional - R.B
Very professional and easy to talk to about my situation. Explained in easy to understand terms. - K.S
Excellent. on time and very professional - R.R
Nice guy, helpful with friendly staff. - S.G
I was very happy with the service I received from Dr. Osborne because he was very knowledgeable about my sleep problems and I think he will be able to help me after my sleep test. Real personable and detailed about the questions and answers. - J.M
My first visit was a good experience. I received a detailed map of the location prior to my appointment which helped greatly. I had a very short wait and found Dr. Osborne a good listener and quickly determined next steps for me. - R.M
Great and through exam. - C.C
I feel I am receiving excellent care with Dr. Osborne and he makes sure I understand my treatment plan. The staff in his office are very pleasant to me and treat me with respect and make me feel at ease. - S.H
Dr. Osbourne is always very pleasant to see for a checkup. - D.G
It was a delight meeting Dr. Osborne; great personality and doctor/patient relationship. Everyone was very nice.I was unaware at the time of the visit my weight had been transcribed incorrectly indicating a weight gain of 41.4 pounds! Now I understand why Dr. Osborne asked, "Have you really gained that much weight?" Imagine the shock when I saw it on my summary of visit! Lol. Correction has been made; thank you Lauren.I really appreciate the concern for my sleep apnea and the use of the CPAP. Now, about that waiting time after arrival . . . (Lol!)Have a great day, and again "thank you."Sherry Wyrick - S.W
Very very good. Easy check in. Little wait time. Doctor saw me within 5 minutes of entering a consultation room. Given updated information re: sleep apnea after machine info downloaded. The end. - D.G
Dr. Osborne was extremely knowledgeable about sleep disorders. He took the time to listen to me. He also patiently explained my condition and options and the treatment path I need to follow. He treated me with dignity and respect and expected me to be involved in my own treatment. I am grateful to have found such a terrific doctor. - Jill M Tierney
Excellent experience. Dr. Osborne was very helpful with his suggestions to try a different mask to get the most comfortable one for me. - D.S
Went very well - F.C
Dr. Osborne is always a pleasure to visit--always very thorough and encouraging. He attentively answers questions and provides knowledgeable information. - Elizabeth H Seel
Well organized and friendly - C.K
Good - A.W
The wait was minimal and the staff was courteous. The whole experience was excellent. - J.G
I have to see doctor again soon. - Madhukar Devkota
The meeting was quick and efficient. Dr.was kind, cheerful, and knowledgeable. - T.M
EXCELLENT - Richard F Rice
Very comprehensive, competant and caring. - C.W
Excellent attention and medical services. Can't be beat anywhere. - S.L
Excellent service in EVERY way! - L.I
Taken in on time, friendly and professional tests. The Dr.was clear, conversational and was open to questions and provided concise answers. In short you felt combination personality and proficiency... not a common medical experience. - W.Aber
Love the LJ office and the staff and Lauren is great! Dr Osborne is very good, my case has not been an easy one and he's has been a great doctor! - S.G
I am extremely pleased with the results of my treatment as well as the quality of care and staff. It has made an incredible improvement in my quality of sleep and I am able to enjoy my day after a great night sleep. - F.J
I was very pleased with whole experience. Everyone was very friendly and understood the situation of needing a repaired/new cpap machine and the need of medicare requirements to make it happen. Thank you very much - C.F
I was checked in within a couple of minutes of my appointment time. I was taken to see the doctor in a timely manner by a friendly staff member. Dr. Osborne was thorough and I was able to ask my questions without feeling rushed. I appreciate that his office move to Elm Street is much closer to my home. - Lois A Duperault
Dr Osbourne and his staff have been outstanding! He referred me to Dr Katz after doing a great job of analyzing my data. Dr Katz used his data and made me an appliance that has solved my snoring problem.Thanks!Jim Scott - James Scott
Everything excellent, facilities, professionalism,consultation...Look forward to my next appointment....Seymour M. Levin - Seymour M Levin
A quick and easy check up and cleaning. All staff are very friendly and helpful and Dr. Farless is also very friendly and helpful. - .B
I wish Dr. Osborne could be my primary care physician. It is the first time I've felt "heard" in a long time at a doctor's office. All of the staff were genuine and helpful. The facility is clean and pleasant. - .S
Dr Osborne was very helpful in explaining my condition. I never had to wait long for an appointment and his nurse was very professional yet kind and understanding. Would definitely recommend this office to anyone with a sleep problem. - Peggy S Hankins
Great staff Lori was excellent as well. She really help me and worked with me - .M
Friendly,covered my questions,gave suggestions as to how to improve my use of the CPAP - Gerald D Taylor
The appointment had been scheduled as a follow-up to a previous appointment months earlier. I waited in the waiting room for perhaps 10 minutes and then was seen by Dr. Osborne's nurse, Lauren, who is an asset to that office. She has always been friendly, patient, and efficient. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Osborne came into the room which was set up more like a conference room since an actual examination was not required other than blood pressure check. Dr. Osborne was, as usual, quite personable as well as professional. Over the past nine-months he has understood and has sympathized with me on the difficulties I have experienced adjusting to CPAP therapy. Although other treatments for apnea appear limited, he has been able to give suggestions and let me ultimately decide on the immediate course of action. The sleep data, however, do indicate that I have had a very positive response to that therapy. At this appointment, Dr. Osborne had previously reviewed my sleep data and was able to immediately comment on such. He listened to my concerns and answered my questions. - .L
My yearly CPAP check up went very well. Dr. Osborne explained how my Sleep Apnea was doing and how the CPAP machine is working. He is always thoughtful, professional, and takes the time neccessary. The staff is welcoming and helpful. The new facility is very nice. - .D
Dr. Osborne is an excellent doctor. He's very personable and easy to talk with. He takes his time to answer any questions you may have. I enjoy visiting with him on my annual appointments. - .S
I have always been very pleased with Dr. Osborne and his staff. They are courteous and efficient, and Dr. Osborne is very good at explaining what I need to do to address sleep apnea. He has also been an advocate for me when we had to interact with insurance. I appreciate his work. - .L
Dr. Osborne is a pleasure. He is friendly, smart, and informative. He answers questions easily and his knowledge of and passion for his field is obvious. He is probably the only doctor I am sorry I only need to see once a year! - S.A
The staff is friendly and courteous, the office is quite and relaxing, the artwork is lovely. Dr. Osborne is always friendly and makes me feel at ease. - C.B
Nice,friendly staff all of whom made a potentially awkward visit feel relaxed. Dr.Osborne is clearly very knowledgeable with a lovely patient-care approach. - V.R
Very professional and good experience with Dr. Osborne and staff. I will not hesitate to see him again if need be. - .D
Overall a very nice experience starting with the nurse, then Dr. Osbourne and checking out staff. - .P
I was especially impressed with how personable Lauren Allred was. On my very first visit for consultation, she addressed me by my preferred name from the moment she called me back and throughout the visit. She made me feel comfortable and treated me not like a new patient but as though she had known me for years. She is gifted in her knowledge on how to treat people with kindness and caring. Dr. Osborne took plenty of time during my consultation and follow-up to thoroughly explain the procedures for testing and the ensuing results. These visits were not rushed in any way. He made sure I understood the results of my sleep study and explained them in detail. He discussed the sleep study in terms that I could clearly understand. I would highly recommend the Eagle Sleep Center for its professional and caring staff. - Amanda J Whitaker
Dr. Osborne did a great job answering my questions and made me feel comfortable. - .M
Practically Perfect in every way! - .L
very good, as always with Dr. Osborne - Joseph L King
Fast efficient personable enjoyable - .S
Really liked talking to the doctor at a table instead of the regular office. It was more comfortable. - .W
I was made to feel comfortable and the doctor and staff understood my issues and helped me. - Susan B Hemphill
Fast friendly and knowledgeable. - .M
Jame Osborne has been my primary care physician for 15 years - he is the BEST. I highly recommend. He is an extremely relational, thorough and knowledgeable physician. If I had a serious ailment, I would want him diagnosing and managing my care. My last encounter was for my annual physical (August 2015). Dr. Osborne was up to date on my record when he arrived to examine me. He asks excellent questions and responds to all patient comments/questions in a manner that is never condescending. The hands on portion of the exam is always thorough and he provides feedback. Dr. Osborne is an excellent example for all physicians. - .B
I can't remember the name of doctor I saw, but she was terrific and explained everything to me clearly. - .V
Doctor Osborne appears to be a highly skilled professional who cares for his patients. - .A
My sleep study was very easy to to administer and the results were quickly evaluated. This lead to a c-pac machine being prescribed. The results on this are also evaluated and has lead to good results in the quality of my sleep. It has been a good experience. - .K
All went well - .L
very good. Dr Osborne very detail with information. Thank you - .S
Very nice experience - .B
Doctor Osborne is a very nice and understanding doctor and is very concerned about his patients. I highly recommend doctor Osborne. - .M
Dr. Osborne takes care of business professionally without doing more or doing less that is necessary. Appointments cover what it needed but yet short, sweet and to the point. - .G
Always a good experience. I've had sleep apnea for 6-7 years and Dr. Osborne got me started off right and has helped me keep on track. The staff is very friendly and courteous and I wouldn't change a thing. - Curtis D Brooks
Dr Osborne is a great guy. He's fully considerate, concerned, smart, aware, informative, modest, well-read and helpful. I saw someone else in Greensboro for the same issues and I didn't even think that person should be practicing. Dr Osborne - breaking all precedents in today's medical world - referred me to Dr Chiang at Duke for a more detailed sleep study than he felt his facility could offer. Lastly, Dr Osborne has even been helpful with the hardware suppliers - and those folks are a can of worms. - .R
Dr.james Osborne and his staff are the very best. Five stars for everything they did for me. paul Doby - .D
Dr. Osborne is a pleasure to treat with as is his staff. - .C
Fantastic experience. Wait time not noticeable, if any. Lauren is a gem, knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. Dr. Osborne makes you feel comfortable and willing to take the time to answer any and all questions. Exceptional Doctor and Staff. - .R
I was seen quickly.the staff and facilities were first rate.I'm feeling much better after seeing Dr Osborne - .G