Dr. John Dorsch

5400 N. Oak Traffic Way Suite 123

Kansas City, 64118
(816) 454-6800
Dr. Dorsch and his staff are very knowledgeable about Invisalign. It is very easy to maintain and works much faster than traditional metal braces. I have had them for about 6 months and they tell me I might be done in 30 more days. That is amazing! In addition to how amazing Invisalign is, the office is very welcoming and helpful. They work with you to make you feel comfortable in any situation. They want what you want.... to have a perfect smile that makes your heart happy!!! - H.W
Being at Dorsch has been great! Everyone is very kind and considerate. There are so many pros about being at this office, everyone acts like they are a family. A very well rounded place. - Maliya.A
This office always has the nicest people that insure the best experience possible. Friendly people always make things more comfortable. - M.A
Great experience wonderful facility - C.V
Itís a really good place and always did a really good job with my teeth. Also had a good treatment and really liked everyone and how everything turned out. - M.S
Dr. Dorsch and staff are amazing. Only place I would recommend. - A.M
My experience with Invisalign Braces has been great! No wires to deal with, the trays are easy to care for and change, and my teeth were straightened in less than a year. Definitely worth it! - Kayla Brown
I liked my experience here the people are very nice. - L.N
I deal welcome with the water and coffee. - L.N
I was a little nervous at first to get braces on but once they put them on they fixed my teeth completely and made my gap smaller.I recommend Dr Dorsch to anyone that needs an orthodontist. - Erin Brown
It was really nice everyone was very gentle and polite, over all it was good - C.A
They are always nice and gentle when you go for your check up and always smiling. - E.C
Very simple non invasive procedure that corrected the bite and appearance of my smile. - B.S
I love my results with my braces and dr Dorsch and his staff worked really hard to get me here, and everyoneís friendly and like a family. - C.T
Dorsche is a pretty cool guy. He fixed my teeth also so thatís nice - S.B
Good quick service and friendly environment - Haden Neild
I am overly impressed with the expertise and professionalism of Dr. Dorsch and his staff. I highly recommend his orthodontics treatment. My son has a very narrow mouth and I was skeptical of how his mouth could be expanded without a traumatic experience. Dr. Dorsch explained the whole process and Iím very happy with the outcome. - K.M
I had my teeth straightened in less than a year. The process was simple and non-painful vs traditional braces. I am very happy with the results. - Jennifer.B
Loving my new smile! Dr. Dorsch and staff are great! - S.B
I would highly recommend Dr.Dorsch and his Invisalign program. It was quick, easy, and very minimal pain compared to braces. Both him and the staff were very friendly and personal. - Kaitlynne.T
The staff are really friendly and nice and Iím excited to get my braces off soon. - E.R
Dr. Dorschís staff are very welcoming. They explain everything they are doing in detail. Itís a very relaxed atmosphere and it puts their patients at ease. - R.A
I had braces when I was a kid, but this time I went with Invisalign. I think the Invisalign went a lot smoother and it was a lot less painful than traditional braces. I would definitely recommend Invisalign and Dr. Dorsch as well. He did an excellent job. - P.H
Invisalign was so much easier and compatible with my lifestyle and routine. The soreness of my teeth and gums was less painful and went away much quicker than braces. There wasnít any cuts or scraping on the inside of my mouth, unlike when I had braces and a wire could snag or scrape the inside of my mouth. Also with Invisalign I had the option to have fillers in place of some missing teeth I had (the Invisalign was preparation for implants), which was much more aesthetically pleasing than large gaps in my smile while I had braces. Overall my experience with Invisalign has been pleasant and I would highly recommend the process to anyone whoís considering straightening their teeth. - A.A
The ladies are very nice and the office atmosphere is very friendly. - R.H
Everyone is very nice - D.M
Dr Dorsch is excellent and always kind. The office staff is wonderful and super friendly. We trust Dr Dorsch implicitly and are so thankful we chose him for my daughterís braces! - A.A
They always care about the patients happiness and comfort they are very welcoming and always make fun conversations with the patients and always do the best to inform the patient on what is going on with their teeth and try to keep them updated for future appointments. - P.N
Iíve had such a lovely experience having my teeth straightened here! All the people helping me are so nice and caring, and have done a wonderful job on my teeth. - Elizabeth ODell
My experience is great I donít ever leave in much pain - H.W
I was pleased with my Invisalign experience at Creekwood Orthodontics. Everyone was very accommodating and pleasant when I had a concern. - K.A
Always great service with hardly any wait time. Everyone is very friendly. - L.C
I am almost halfway thru my Invisalign experience. It has been great so far. Dr. Dorsch and his staff are awesome. Wish I would have decided to do Invisalign sooner. - G.H
They made my teeth perfect and I got my braces off today and they look perfect and also they are super gentle and care about how you feel - A.W
I have been so pleased with my Invisalign experience! I am amazed at how quickly my teeth have been straightened out. I love Dr. Dorsch and how he spends time explaining each and every step along the way. The staff has been friendly and professional, I highly recommend Dr. Dorsch and Invisalign! - M.S
My assistants is the best - J.H
Excellent!! - K.C
I like this office because everyone is super nice. I always get greated. They are careful with my teeth as well. - M.H
They have the best staff. I recommend Dr Dorsch to my friends all of the time. - S.H
Great staff very friendly - A.C
We are so impressed with how great the whole staff is at the office. Dr. Dorsch was very professional every visit. He considered my daughters feelings and concerns at every visit. We will definitely recommend him to all our friends. - S.M
Very impressed in how fast my sonís teeth moved. His front teeth were sticking out too far, and within a couple months, they were moved to where they should be. Definitely recommend - A.K
The assistants are super nice. - D.T
I liked my experience here. The employees were always very nice and welcoming. There are also a lot of spots that my teeth have made improvements on during my time with this office! - A.H
Oh my.....such a caring, professional practice! Dr Dorsch did my girls ortho years ago & here I am in my 50ís getting ortho care. Dr JohN Dorsch is the best! There truly is no smile like a ďDorschĒ smile!!! Thank you to the team & Dr Dorsch for their professional, & exceptional care! I love my new beautiful smile!!!! - Janet.T
Staff is always friendly. Appreciate weekend hours so we can get in and out quickly! Thank you. - C.F
We have had the most professional and streamlined experience with Dr. Dorsch and his staff. The efficiency makes sure that we are in and out as quickly as possible. We have not had even one problem in this ongoing relationship with this office. I highly recommend Dr. Dorsch for any family in the Northland. - E.M
Dr dorsch is so wonderful and patient. I had a wonderful experience with this office. I highly recommend. - J.S
Dr. Dorsch and all his dental assistants go above in beyond in ensuring the outcome is perfect. They work hard and show a true interest in the well being of every patient. Iím extremely happy with how my teeth turned out and would recommend him to any person of all ages. - C.E
They are nice to us and make us feel welcome - B.M
I have loved my experience with Invisalign. The process was very to do complete and I am happy with the end result. I was able to both fix my bite and align all of my teeth for a picture perfect smile. I now get lots of compliments from friends and coworkers, and have already recommended one friend to Dr. Dorsch. - J.L
Dr. John Dorsch office is excellent and they did a very good job giving me the smile Iíve always wanted! - D.C
I have had the most incredible experience with this office. Every person I have come into contact with at this office for the past ten years have always made me feel at home and apart of their family. They go out of their way to make sure appointments work with your schedule, even if you accidentally forget. I always walk away from Dr. Dorschís office feeling better emotionally, even if I might be in discomfort physically. Dr. Dorsch has personally saved me thousands of dollars, pain, and an unnecessary surgery because of his great knowledge, skill, and years of experience. I am beyond grateful to each and every person who has played a role in my orthodontic journey. - M.T
Everything was excellent and I liked everyone that helped me. - A.D
I like how they let you pick your band color and how their so gentle - K.S
Great assistants, always willing to listen and explain details of my Invisalign treatment. - E.L
Invisalign is great itís so easy to use. You just put them in all day when you eat you take them out and they have very great results. I see just as great a change in my Invisalign as I do with people with braces. - B.R
My time with Invisalign was great. I never had any issues and the end results was amazing. - G.S
The experience here was amazing. The staff is friendly and helpful. Will recommend Dr. Dorsch to friends and family. - D.C
Very great staff, always welcomed with a smile and answers any and all questions I may have. Iíd recommend to anyone considering treatment. - R.G
Everything that the people do here is great. The people here are really nice and make being here good. - C.W
Every time I have an appointment everyone is always so kind to me and the other patients. Although Iím not the best patient when it comes to following directions. - T.P
I have been at Dr. Dorschís since I was eight. I got my first set of braces in fourth grade and got them off in fifth grade. I got my second set when I was in sixth grade. They are always very patient and kind with my brother and I. - Katie Jane Karlstrand
Just got started on the Invisalign treatment a couple months ago and so far Iím already seeing some improvement in my smile. The visits to the office are very quick and easy, there is very little wait time and the staff is very friendly. Canít wait to see the end result! - P.D
Very nice and polite. Always is caring. - C.R
Great experience - G.W
Very caring and good service - K.M
Overall wonderful. Today I did have to wait a little bit. - S.D
He is polite to me and heís funny - J.M
I always get a little worried when having to come to an appointment. But I never end up feeling that way when I arrive. I feel welcomed and at ease. - Lilyana Cruz Xuarez
The staff at Dr.Dorsh office is wonderful. They have done an excellent job in perfecting my teeth. Since I am a college student they have been super understanding and helpful when working around my schedule. I would highly recommend Dr. Dorsh office when deciding where to prefect your teeth. You will not be disappointed with the results. - L.W
I enjoyed Invisalign because my teeth were fixed in half the time it would have taken if I had gotten braces. I love the results, and I am so thankful that my teeth were a good fit for the program! I would definitely recommend Invisalign to anyone who wants to get the perfect smile :) - E.C
The staff are nice and most checkups go by quickly they are able to straighten your teeth without it really hurting they know what there doing and just over all itís a nice orthodontist. - Loran.L
Great staff and environment. The flexibility in appointment times and locations is an added bonus. - C.S
My teeth have looked better then it did when I first got here. - A.W
I have had a lot of good experiences here. They have been nice and friendly and make sure they donít cause a lot of pain. - C.W
Great experience! Staff is very friendly definitely would recommend to others - J.D
Its vary welcoming here everyone always has a smile on there face and they are so helpful and friendly they make me feel welcome - B.M
I experience good not very painful and I have god teeth and my mom and dad pays. I like getting color s on my teeth - Braden.L
Nice and cool - K.G
I always like coming to Chang my colors - M.M
It happens very quick like in and out. And it helps my teeth slowly become normal again - S.G
I love this place everyone is so nice. - C.L
My overall experience with Dr. Dorsch was overall very nice. My teeth straightened within a very fast time period compared to what it looked like before. - K.N
I enjoy having a doctor that cares about my treatment, and works hard to see me have a smile I will be proud of. - T.Han
Funny and nice - B.C
There is a reason Dr. Dorsch has been doing this so long (he worked on my mom, and that was a while ago). He does really good work, and thanks to him I have perfect teeth now! - R.G
Makes things easier - D.R
This has been the best orthodontist experience I have had. Dr Dorsch is always polite and knowledgeable. Every encounter has exceeded my expectations!! Thank you for caring about your patients! - A.S
My experience so far has been pretty good- obviously braces arenít really fun, but here they arenít terrible. - A.J
Phenomenal brace experience, he put my braces in and I experienced how braces felt, and I learned how the braces and expander worked. - G.B
Never have had any problems, always friendly - E.K
I had a great experience everyone is so friendly and I always feel welcomed too come - Lauren Davis
Great Service - L.M
My teeth have become so straight in the past year Iím so glad we came here and the nurses are so nice and supportive. - Samantha.L
Really super glad I decided to come to Dorsch for my kids braces. People are very nice and their teeth look amazing! - D.L
The atmosphere is awesome and they make you feel welcome. - D.L
This place is super chill and everyone here is coolio. - A.M
They are always upbeat and happy. Amazing progress on my teeth! - S.K
All the staff is really nice and they are fast - M.G
Everyone is extremely friendly and professional!!! - D.F
I never felt pain with my braces experience ???? - S.T
Dr Dorsch and team are very knowledgeable and friendly. It almost make you feel like family when you are there for your appointments. I love the fact they have 3 locations throughout the Midwest. - C.S
So far the treatments have improved my teeth a lot. I am very satisfied with the results right now and canít wait until I can get my braces off and have amazing teeth. - B.M
My daughters teeth look beautiful! - R.H
He is good at his job and really cares about people I have never met a dintist like him - B.Kidd
He helps me get my teeth straight and he is a really nice guy. - D.G
Very attentive to detail. - A.B
Everyone has a positive attitude. Everyone is nice and are patient when telling me how to take care of my braces. It gives me comfort to know that I can rely on my doctor. - A.B
Invisalign was great, I have always been so self conscious about my smile and now I looove taking pictures. The convenience of it was great. Being able to take them in and out, and it was so painless because of how often you change them. No painful tightening brackets and wires. The staff at Dr. Dorschís office is very polite and helpful with any questions you have. 10/10 would recommend Dr.Dorsch and Invisalign,, - B.G
They have a fantastic staff! Dr. Dorsch is thorough and personable. Have had three kids with Dr. Dorsch. His work stands out. Fantastic! Highly recommend. - T.T
I like to come here because they are nice and careful when working with my teeth. - K.W
Everything went great, the Dr. is great at explaining things to grandma! - Becky Ragan
Great staff, super friendly, willing to work with your schedule, - T.L
Itís been great. Everyone is nice and friendly. - C.P
Everyone is great! - K.C
Everything, awesome - R.L
Dr. Dorschís staff is very friendly staff and Dr. Dorsch takes the time to give a quality orthodontic treatment and experience. We are glad to have had his expertise with our two boys. - C.B
Everyone is nice - D.S
Very fast check ins and appointments they are very good at their jobs - T.Hadley
Dr. Dorsch has made my experience with getting braces easy. - E.A
It is gum and dr Dorsch is nice and good at fixing teeth. - M.H
Nice, fast, and easy - C.B
Dr Dorsch is a very friendly guy and is a great way to come to have a wonderful smile. - B.S
He nice to every one - A.S
They are all nice I never have problems here - A.A
Experience was good, everyone is very helpful. - J.H
Dr. Dorsch is very kind and takes care of every patient with a smile. - M.S
The staff are good and kind my teeth change to starlight - L.R
Always look forward to coming and very nice. - S.T
Very pleasant, even with all the missed apts everyone is so kind, the conversations between patients and staff really helped time go by, very accommodating as well - A.L
Very gent and funny - C.M
Very good experiences. - M.C
There very nice and helpful. - Jayden.D
Dorsch has been very helpful and i felt comfortable with his decisions. All the other staff were very polite and understanding. Iíd recommend this to anyone. - J.S
I love it here at John Dorschís office. I feel comfortable with my surroundings and can trust whomever is doing my teeth. The dentists, and John Dorsch himself are very, very nice and respectful. - H.P
Everyone who works on my teeth is alway so nice and the do a great job. I have seen a lot of improvement on my teeth since I first came here. Everyone knows me personally here and I feel they know what they are doing. - Leah Franzen
Great Dr. Dorsch did a great job fixing my retainers. - R.J
I have had fun here. The people are very nice. Hopefully I can have more fun . - L.N
My teeth are white - L.N
Good service and friendly people - T.G
Easy to make appointments and get in to see Dr Dorsch and flexible to make adjustments during treatment. Staff is very friendly and provides great service. - M.H
The entire staff is super friendly and helpful. - S.D
I felt like a priority. - T.K
Great experience working with Dr. Dorsch. He does not pressure into doing procedures that are not needed. Very laid back with kids. Receptionist are awesome - A.M
I like how fast my teeth moved straight in just a month! - A.B
I love Dr. Dorschís office. The staff is so nice. I had an amazing experience, both my brother and I went here and loved it. I would reccomend this office to anyone. - F.L
I really like the assistants they are very nice and caring - E.S
The staff are nice and the wait time is good. - E.H
The staff here are wonderful. They are kind and as gentle as they can possibly be while they are yanking on your mouth lol. They really know what they are doing here and doctor Dorsch is a great orthodontist. He handles everything wonderfully. These guys are so great! - L.Anderson
Our Invisalign experience has been wonderful. Our 15 year old had 32 sets to go through. He will be finished after just six months. As a debater, singer and actor - Invisalign was a perfect choice. They made performances easy. - Kristin.W
A great experience nice people and a nice treatment to my teeth and others. - A.S
I was excited to get my braces and it was a good experience! I also enjoyed the assistants and the Doctor. - R.W
The staff is very kind, The Dr is very kind and is very gentle while handling braces in the mouth. - C.Strain
Very nice people, you get prizes, and they treat you like a friend. - K.A
Everywhere else I heard of about getting braces everyone had a bad experience. I heard very good things from here from my friends and family. Dr.Dorsch is great place. Very kind and helpful. He and his nurses made having braces fun. I totally recommend this place. - K.B
I started wearing Invisalign in 2016. I was very surprised at how straight my teeth were getting in a sort amount of time. I have been very please with my experience. - A.G
We love coming here. The staff are all very friendly, and make us feel very comfortable here. My son loves the extra perks with earning the Dorsch Dollars. It makes all the mouth adjustments bearable. - K.H
Fun!!!!!!! Great stuff, easy to work with. Wonderful with kids! - E.T
Friendly staff - W.K
The experience I had with him was pretty good he work with me and family and he did a good job being dentist. - R.Jones
He is a very good person - L.N
They are all super nice and helpful when I have a question. Doctor Dorsch is pretty fast at getting to me. - S.G
Magnum has a great experience! He loves the contest and that everyone asks about him, his interests, and accomplishments. - M.F
I thought it was quick to get in and out. Iím thankful that I am not able to suck my thumb. - L.F
Always treated nicely. Works with our schedule - D.A
They have helped me get my teeth straightened so they arenít a mess. - L.C
Dr. Dorsch is great. He is easy to get appointments with. - A.H
Love coming here, very good environment and staff is really nice. - E.Y
I like coming her. They always have great service and are super nice. My waits arenít always great and they can average from nothing to over 30 minutes. - Aubree Anderson
Dr Dorsch is really nice and I have been with him for 4 years he has always been thorough and checks my stuff every time I come in to any of his offices and I would recommend him for braces or retainers if you need them. - J.S
Dr Dorsch is awesome and I love love love coming in - E.D
Very relax and very nice - D.L
I LOVE Dr. Dorsch and all of the ladies in the office. Thanks for making Invisalign a very painless experience! - C.S
I canít say enough about the staff here at Dr. Dorschís office! Yíall are very kind and professional. - A.J
Great treatment love dr Dorsch great ppl - Dirir.S
I got my colors changed on my braces and it was great. - J.W
My experience in this office has always been pleasant. The people are always so nice and greet you with the most polite smiles. I would definitely recommend coming to this very family friendly office. I am an Invisalign patient and I am very happy with my results! - Ashley Tyne
I started with Dr. Dorsch and his amazing group of gals when I was Iím middle school. I went through braces then with my mom and sister. As an adult when I was told my daughter needed braces there was no question as to who I was going to call. She has now completed her treatment and has a beautiful smile. I noticed my lower teeth had started to shift as I got older and made a call to Dr. Dorsch. He recommended Invisalign and I jumped on the opportunity to not have full braces again. I am now almost done with my treatment and I am just as happy with his work and his amazing staff as I was so many years ago!!! I just love this office and all its staff. Everyone is so helpful and polite. - C.D
Everyone in the office has been very kind to me - C.M
Our experience has been pretty positive. Anna is awesome. No complaints. ???? - S.R
Great experience. - S.Meyers
Everything gets done fast and done right. Everyone is super nice. - C.S
I love all of the staff that work in Dr Dorschís office. Everyone is so nice and personable. My daughter is enjoying her orthodontic experience and can see results already! - S.W
Every time I come into the office, I am welcomed with I warm smile. They strive to make sure my teeth are straight and do the best that they can to fix them. I wouldnít choose an orthodontist over them. - N.F
It was great! Braces were sometimes an annoyance, but it was not as bad because of the great care here! My teeth look great! - H.R
Loved Dr Dorsch and my assistant Anna. My teeth look great. - T.H
Dr. Dorsch is a great doctor. I always get good service and the staff are nice to me. - Trevor Roberts
I have been going to Dr. Dorsch since I was a little girl and he has always been amazing! I have gone through full traditional braces as well as Invisalign and I am beyond happy with my results! The staff is always so nice and accommodating too. I wouldnít go anywhere else! - R.L
From start to finish the past 17 months here have been the best experience. Dr. Dorsch is amazing and so is the staff. I highly recommended this location for all of your orthodontist needs. This place is the best. - K.K
Creek wood always does a great job working with us. - J.C
I have nothing but positive things to say about my experiences at Creekwood Orthodontics! Dr. Dorsch and his entire staff are amazing. Knowledgeable, helpful, always a upbeat vibe in their office. I actually look forward to my appointments! - J.G
Sydney and Annika have both had a great experience. - S.M
Dr. Dorsch and his staff are fabulous and professional by far they are the best anywhere even close to the Kansas City Area. - D.W
The doctor is great at his job, the ladies here are really sweet and goofy. Great for a laugh if your nervous. - S.K
The reason I choose this office is because of the people. Everyone at the office was so nice and Iíve never seen a business that cares about their patients the way they do. I walk in and they greet me by my name, feels good. Itís the little things like that, that make them different! - I.B
I love coming in and seeing Dr. Dorsch we always talk about stuff and tell stories and laugh. Heís very good at his job... very good. When I come in Iím always greeted from they friendly staff and I feel welcome. Itís very fun to come here and talk to everyone - B.B
Dr. Dorsch is very patient with everyone he meets. He makes me want to work hard to get the best teeth I can. - M.H
I it awesome here and i always have a good experience here. - N.H
Dr. Dorsch has given great service and made me feel involved all the way. They even gave me a gift card for recommending my dad to Invisalign! One of my favorite things they do is ask me in the beginning what I thought was wrong with my teeth. - Anna.B
I love coming here to they are all really friendly and nice they help me with my braces and my brushing i love this orthodontist - C.B
I was extremely impressed with Dr. Dorsch and his staff. The process lasted for over a year and I was always treated very well by all involved. If there was a problem with the results - adjustments were made; etc. I would recommend the practice to my friends who are looking for the service. - E.L
I originally had braces when I was younger and over the years a few teeth had shifted again so I went in to see Dr. Dorche expecting to need a tooth pulled due to over crowding and he was able to fix the problem with Invisalign trays. The process was a lot faster than I expected, only 6 months and was quick and painless. Very happy with my results! Everyone in the office is very friendly and made my visits fast and easy. I would highly recommend Invisalign! - J.C
My experience with Dr. Dorsch was very good. Making appointments was quick and easy and Iím glad we chose him as our orthodontist. - M.F
The Invisalign process was quick and painless, as well as convenient. Dr. Dorsch was amazing at hearing me out and choosing this as the best option for me. - A.O
My teeth are a lot straighter than before. I had a large gap between my 2 front teeth and itís gone now. The glue does taste bad, and it hurts to have the braces tightened or bands put in, but overall I think itís worth it. - T.Kerns
I didnít really think it was possible to have a straight smile with the type of teeth I had but John Dorsch really worked a miracle - J.W
Iíve been an Invisalign patient of Dr. Dorschís for a couple of months now and Iím very pleased with the progress my teeth are making and the experience overall. There has been no pain or discomfort and my teeth are moving right where they are supposed to be. I highly recommend Invisalign to anyone that is eligible! - M.C
Everyone is very nice, especially Jenny. When I had an emergency, the office made sure to get me in on short notice. - A.G
I really liked this experience. The Invisalign experience was very easy and much better than braces. People couldnít tell when I had them in and I really liked that. - K.H
Our experience was wonderful! The staff is always so kind and helpful and Emmaís teeth look great! - Megan Dysart
This is such a great place to go for straightening your teeth! I love coming in here because everyone is always so friendly, and it is such a great atmosphere to be in. - E.C
Everyone was really nice. They helped me through everything. - A.S
I would love to give kudos to Dr. Dorsch and all of his staff during my Invisalign treatment time. I previously had braces when I was younger, but my teeth had moved back due to not wearing my retainers. Being older in age, I wasnít sure if I wanted braces again, so I did some research and had found the Invisalign option. I had seen Dr. Dorsch for my previous orthodontic work, all of my experiences were fantastic so it was a no brainer to go back to him for my Invisalign treatment. When I came in for my first consultation, everyone was so incredibly accommodating and kind. There were other staff members who had Invisalign at the time so it was nice to see the staff members using their own products, which gave me confidence to choose Invisalign. I started my treatment in June 2017 and got my last trays in December 2017, and now wear the clear retainer. During my treatment I had been to the different offices, and In for some emergency appointments to get some of the bumpers placed back on my teeth that had came off. There was never a wait, and the staff is so easy to get along with. Not only was my treatment fast, but the before and after pictures are remarkable, and this treatment has been by far the best investment on myself to date. I am no longer self conscience about my smile, and love when people ask because I can not speak highly enough of Invisalign, and Dr. Dorsch & his staff. Overall my experience was exceptional! - R.M
Doctor Dorsh is so nice. He does it in the right amount of time if we need it fast or slow. His conversations are so funny. - Jillian.M
Dr.Dorsch and my orthodontist both were very careful and didn't accidentally poke anything, so it didn't hurt at all. - S.L
Good and fast service, professional. - T.N
Dr. Dorsch and his staff are awesome! I'm an event planner and Invisalign was the best option. I can't believe it only took less than a year for perfect teeth! Highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for not only Invisalign, but for braces as well! Thank you Doctor Dorsch for my perfect smile ???? - K.W
Dr Dorsch has been great and very friendly. Treatment is going along faster than expected. Assistants are always super nice. - A.E
Thanks for the expander to help my teeth - B.E
At first I was a little worried about getting braces but as I got into the process of the things, the ladies help me kinda figure out what I needed to do and Mr.Dorsch was there for me when I had questions about anything but Iím very happy that I choose him to be my orthodontist! - K.M
The staff at Creekwood Orthodontics is so kind and accommodating. Truly a pleasant experience. - M.B
I have loved my Invisalign experience! As an adult, I was apprehensive to commit to long term dental work, but this was such an easy process! With the flexibility of being able to take my trays out to eat, I didnít feel constricted and the time flew by! I love my bite and smile and canít believe the results Iíve had with such a short amount of time of work. I recommend Invisalign with Dr Dorsch to people on a weekly basis! - C.M
I had a very positive experience and a short time with braces then I think I would have had otherwise if I went to another ortho - J.Greene
He is awsome. !!!!!!!!! I only went to dr.dorsh because he had Gold braces wich r awsome!!!!???????????????????????? - N.S
My treatment was good and all of the staff is super nice and flexible. I am happy with my results. - C.N
I really enjoy this office. They make me feel really comfortable when I am in the chair. - H.V
Experience has been great! Great scheduling for busy families! - T.V
Dr. Dorsch is amazing with the kids. Very patient. - Jennifer.C
Dr. Dorsch is an amazing Doctor. I chose Invisalign and my treatment was only 6 months. The staff is wonderful when it comes to helping patients. Highly recommend this place!!! - M.D
My experience at CreekWood Orthodontics was great! With excellent service form Doctor Dorsh and his staff. - K.B
My experience over the past few years has been great. They are very kind. They use the newest technology to improve your smile every visit. I would recommend Dr. Dorsch to anyone anytime! - B.S
Dr. Dorsch is great! Our appointments are effortless and He takes time with his patients. We feel comfortable with the treatment he is providing and know the outcome will be worth it! - S.S
Really welcoming - A.Pierce
They make everything easy and fast and are always getting everything right - Elana.S
Good experience, I'll recommend to friends - G.G
Thank you soon much for everything you have done !!! I love how special I am to have you as my orthodontist and how awesome it was to have you help me on my teeth . I hope you have a great future with many more awesome and lucky kids like me !! Thank you so much dr. Dorsch - Cassie Graham
I love my braces! Everyone in the office is super nice and helpful! - C.M
It's been great. Dr Dorsch is very good. - T.P
Their nice and they care about their patients if they get it done or not and they are really patient with people. - Alexander Schapiama Sainz
I like Dr. Dorschís office and his girls. They r always nice to me - S.H
Good office and everyone is nice - M.W
I like the service we get very well. - T.M
Always have had a great experience with the staff and Dr. Dorsc - J.W
Dr. Dorsch just pulled the bar and it didn't even hurt. - C.B
I like my experience with Dr.Dorsch I never have to wait to get my braces tightened or something and I like that. - Caden.B
Dr. Dorsch is an amazing Doctor, who is extremely dedicated to his work and his patients!I first came in with some, excuse my French, pretty fucked up chompers. My teeth look amazing and being in such a friendly and clean environment not only improves my dental health but my overall mood as well! Many thanks. - V.N
Good it didn't hurt - A.W
The front office ladies are awesome! - Eli.A
I like my new smile!! - A.A
It has been a great pleasure using Dr. Dorsch is Services as well as his assistants. The have done a outstanding job. I would recommend them. - J.T
It has been a great pleasure using Dr. Dorsch is Services as well as his assistants. The have done a outstanding job. I would recommend them. - J.T
They work fast and they don't mess up and it always works well - G.L
This place is really nice and everyone is so helpful - C.L
Me teeth have gotten a lot better since I've been here. Anna was pretty nice too, and everyone's really friendly. - O.C
Love this office!! Dr.Dorsch is great! - C.B
I couldn't be more pleased with the progress and result of my Invisalign treatment!! Dr Dorsch is so wonderful and personable. As an adult, I have postponed braces for quite some time but decided it was finally time..I am so glad I made this decision! ???? - N.R
Everyone was always so helpful, and willing to do anything to keep you happy and you teeth straight. - Z.W
It's a good ortho and all of you here are super nice - C.H
Quick and easy and painless. They were wonderful. - Kash Hardin
In the past I brought both my daughters to Dr. Dorsch because he came highly recommended and we were receiving mixed recommendations from another orthodontist. Dr. Dorsch was very friendly and very knowledgeable and had the best plan of action for our daughters needs. Now he has my son as a patient and he has a little unique of a case missing 6 permanent adult teeth. They are very pleasant and have a great action plan for him as well. He likes coming here which is even more important. - M.A
Friendly - A.S
My experience has been great! Everyone is very kind and explains what's going on well. - M.G
The people were very nice. I had no problem with anything, everything went perfect. - Mario Andrade
Love Dr Dorsch and his staff. Great experience with braces start to finish. - R.L
We have greatly enjoyed our visits with Dr. Dorsch. At our first visit, the staff was very friendly and helpful with my other kiddos during our consultation. We enjoy coming to see Dr. Dorsch, not getting any shots!! - K.H
I'm a college student and live 2 hours from the nearest office. Dr. Dorsch and his staff are always friendly and work with me to schedule appointments around my classes! - L.H
My experience was amazing! My teeth are great and I have about one more month, the doctor says! I can't believe how nice all the nurses are and the doctor! Thank you all! - M.W
Dr Dorsch has helped get my teeth very straight. - A.C
So far my experience is great, I was able to get my teeth fix within a short period. Overall, I have gotten a good experience that I might have not got from other orthodontics. - T.Dang
A well run dental office. - J.H
The staff is awesome. They know every person that comes in and that makes people feel more than a number. All three of my kids teeth look amazing and they have so much more confidence now. - Tonya Deason
Great place and great staff - Benjamin Homan
The people here are kind and helpful. - E.E
The doc has great experience and is great at what he does! - Sara.K
Love Dr. Dorsch and all his staff. Everyone is always so helpful. - C.M
Super nice and always wanting to make your teeth the best they can be. - S.M
I had a great experience here. My teeth look fantastic and all the people are amazing! - Annie.M
It is great. Nice staff. - J.P
Very clean and quick, would recommend to anyone wanting braces - C.S
It was super easy to go through the process with all the help from the amazing staff (my favorite being Amanda). The environment was very friendly and welcoming. My teeth look awesome and I am very happy with the turn out. - Brianna.Q
My experience with Dr. Dorsch and his staff have been excellent. Dr. Dorsch makes sure that I am getting the treatment I need and his staff always makes sure I am comfortable and ready. Everyone is very kind and understanding and are careful with their work so they get the job done right. - P.G
We have had a great experience at Creekwood Orthodontics! The office staff is friendly and helpful and Dr Dorsch is very knowledgeable and thorough! - N.G
I've had a wonderful experience with Creekwood Orthodontics. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and my children have felt comfortable having their teeth worked on at Creekwood Orthodontics. Given the special circumstances with Pierre Robin in one of my children I have found the knowledge of Dr. Dorsch extremely reassuring. - T.R
We have had a great experience! Everyone in the office has been so helpful and encouraging! Everyone is get at explaining what is happening. They get us in very quickly if we do have a problem. My husband and daughter have had orthodontics here. We always recommend the office to our friends. - E.H
I like my teeth and the staff here are really nice and fun. I've been going here for years and now my brother does too. - B.D
It's very good, everyone is very nice - I.E
All the staff members at this office are very friendly and extremely helpful. They always take time to explain what is going on and plan for the future. Dr. Dorsch himself is very patient, kind, and has always been wonderful. - L.C
The difference of how my teeth look now is amazing and I'm not even done with my visits. Even my friends have noticed how my teeth have straightened out so quickly. - E.C
I really enjoyed my experience here, I loved the way my teeth came out. They know what they're doing here and every visit has been pleasant. The workers are very nice and you can tell they're experienced. 10/10 recommend. Thank you sir my smile, Dr. Doursche orthodontics. - D.C
Everyone is super nice. Always super helpful as well. - S.D
Braces aren't as bad as people think and this place is awesome - D.C
Braces aren't as bad as people think and this place is awesome - D.C
Invisalign is much easier and more convenient than braces or wearing a wire retainer. It's a lot more simple and hassle-free than the potential poking of a wire retainer and the fact I can just get multiple pairs at once and switch on my own time without having to come in to the ortho building building every time my Invisalign need changing. - G.P
I had Invisalign and I loved the experience. I had braces before and didn't like that my teeth were moving and came in and they look so good now. I am very happy with the services and my results - M.B
We have had an awesome experience with Dr. Dorsch! All of the staff is so wonderful. - K.K
I was so nervous to go through this process as an adult! I'm so glad I trusted dr dorsch because I'm so happy with the turn out! Thank you dr dorsch and all of your wonderful staff!! - L.K
My experience has been amazing with Dr. Dorsch. He takes time to engage in a conversation with me every appointment. I am so pleased with the outcome of my Invisalign treatment. It went as smooth as he said it would during my initial consult. Best doctor in Kansas City. Highly recommend! - K.L
Dr.Dorche was very nice and the invisiline helped a lot. I was not very excited about braces but since I had invisiline it was a lot easier to cope because you couldn't see them. - E.R
Great boys love to come here. - M.H
Everyone was always super nice and helpful - A.J
I got my retainer and was treated very well! - S.S
This place is nice - T.C
Dr.dorsch and all his staff are awesome.And I love coming here - F.H
It's cool - B.B
I had a great birthday visit! Dr.Dorsch is my favorite because he's cool! - A.M
My experience at this orthodontist has been great. I love Dr. Dorsh, he is a great orthodontist person whatever you call a person that dose his job. I have gotten a lot of respect and my teeth look much better. My mom was a little skeptical at first because my sisters brackets kept falling off but we haven't really had many other problems since the first few months. - Ella.C
It was a very good experience and even though it took longer than I expected, I enjoyed it - D.K
The service was very nice and the staff was friendly. - A.T
They are quick and know what there doing. They make sure to make you leave with a smile. - B.C
Visits are quick and painless and Dr. Dorsch is great. Everyone is very friendly as well. - J.C
Dr. Dorsch and the staff were great. My teeth turned out better than expected. Thanks! - H.N
Love ALL of the staff!! - Gia Nelson
It is always good - M.S
The employees are super nice and helpful! They make sure your process is super speedy and you get a movie star smile! - J.D
They are nice and work well with me - D.L
This place is nice. Everyone is nice! - D.C
I have had no problem here - Nathan White
Love this place!!! - J.D
Jeni is awesome - S.M
The ladies who work here are always super nice! - S.M
My experience was great!! - K.M
Fast and friendly staff! - E.T
Highly recommend - T.C
Everyone's so nice and my teeth so good - M.P
The first time I came here they treated me nice. - M.E
He his a awesome Doctor. - C.J
The staff here is really nice and I've had a great experience while it been here - D.C
Excellent service by the doctor and staff - B.R
Dr. Dorsch and his staff are honestly so wonder. Ashely, Amanda W, and Stephanie are my favorites - S.M
Everyone is friendly. Staff is very professional and easy to talk to if you're having any problems with your braces or retainer. - A.S
I have only had braces for 8 moths, but I love the service from Dr. Dorsch and his staff. He and the staff have made this transition the most comfortable for me. I highly recommend him for all of your orthodontic needs. - K.K
Wonderful. - J.C
The waiting room was a little full but I was treated as soon as they could! It was quick, concise and all right. :-) - V.N
Everybody says how great my smile is getting! I'm so happy with how my teeth are coming along! They look 100x better than before! So thank you so much! - S.M
You were great people to work with. You guys were so nice and new what you were doing. Thank you - J.D
Recently got my braces off and love the results! Dr Dorsch is knowledgable and friendly and the staff is great to work with! - M.R
They were excellent workers. They all knew what they were doing and when they seemed calm I was calm. They are very great at making you feel happy; they talk to you and compliment you. They make you feel really welcome! - S.D
Every one is always so nice and kind and I can tell they all love their job. - L.M
My experience has been really good here. I really enjoy coming here,and I always look forward to coming. I am treated very well here and I love how everything is ran. - M.A
It was good. Dr. Dorsch and Kayla treated me good and got everything done good - L.H
Everyone is great no matter who we see. Dr.Dorsch is always very kind. We look forward to appointments and have tons of fun earning points while achieving better teeth. - S.T
I'm excited to get straight teeth. After sending my wife and daughter here with great success I wouldn't go anywhere else. - A.U
They have taught me how to really take care of my teeth and to finally get me to wear my rubber bands! - F.J
Very helpful and encouraging - N.J
Pretty good. Quick appointments and easy instructions. - E.K
Had a wonderful experience, Jeni was amazing ! - S.O
I'm the sixth person in my family to have Dr Dorsch do our braces,very friendly staff very pleasurable atmosphere.Highly recommend - R.H
He's nice! (-: - J.C
John has always answered my few questions. And he always does his best to get me out of braces and on my way. - J.N
I started using Invisalign earlier this year and in July, my family and I already notice a lot of movement. I love that I get to do Invisalign and it's already making me much more confident in my smile. - Moriah Rogers
We are always greeted with a friendly smile and they continue throughout the dental visit from the front to the assistance in the back. The staff are helpful and thoughtful but most of all patient with my children. - M.C
We love Dr. Dorsch and his staff! They are always so friendly! - C.Barbee
I feel well taken care of and have no concerns, however, it bothers me a lot that Dr.Dorsch does not wear a face mask. Otherwise everything has been great. - M.Ginestra
Everybody was always super nice and welcoming and I definitely got the smile I want. Jeni was always quick to help with a big smile on her face. Great experience! - Veda Matthews
Good experience. Knowledgable and friendly staff. - M.H
Great service! Dr Dorsch went out of his way to accommodate our schedule. Would recommend! - M.H
Dr. Dorsch is the most amazing Doctor I have ever met. He is funny and has a great personality. I am happy with the whole experience that has happened - R.C
All around a good experience. I would recommend to others needing braces. - J.G
Pretty good - S.R
I really enjoy Dr.Dorsch and my nurses too, they really make it a comfortable experience. - E.C
I really like how Dr.Dorsch is at every appointment and tells me what I need to do to keep my braces clean. - K.D
I really like how Dr.Dorsch is at every appointment and tells me what I need to do to keep my braces clean. - K.D
Very good for my son always helpful if something goes wrong - Christopher Epperson
Dr. Dorsch is a very caring and concerned Doctor. When I got my braces on he called me that evening to check on how I was feeling and if I needed anything. The staff is friendly and helpful. I would recommend his office to anyone! - A.R
Good - Z.S
Dr.Dorsch is a very helpful guy and he always is really nice! - L.K
Dr.Dorsch is really nice and makes me feel comfortable while I'm here. I feel not scared to go to the orthodontist but most kids hate the dentist/ orthodontist. The staff are nice and funny I don't feel worried about going to the orthodontist. - C.C
My brothers and I had our braces done at John Dorsch's office. Overall it's an amazing experience for the patient when it comes to orthodontics, it's a friendly environment where the assistants are all very hard working yet are able to let the patient have a great time. I highly recommend Dr. John Dorsch's office. - A.S
It's always pleasant when I'm there love them all - R.Bledsoe
Second generation of orthodontic care with complicated cases. Always a great experience! Dr. Dorsch is very knowledgeable and collaborates well with other dentists and oral surgeons. His staff is amazing and genuinely concerned for their patients. They are all amazing with kids and patients of all ages. This was the only orthodontist I would even consider especially when we started care at 3 1/2 years of age. They treat their patients like family all while providing outstanding orthodontic care! - D.K
The experience is really good because Stephanie would make not to hurt me. If she were to accidentally hurt me she would apologize. Dr. Dorsch would be able to exactly tell Stephanie what is needed and what she can do. - T.D
Dr. Dorsch has extensive knowledge and experience. I have extremely high confidence in his skills. I've been a patient for nearly a year and have never seen him take a short cut. An excellent experience and well worth the money. - V.P
Great!! - C.B
Really love coming in staff and everyone if nice and friendly. My daughter was the first to come here now my son needs some work done. Definitely recommend Dr Dorsch - B.R
Everyone here was very nice and welcoming they always made sure everything was feeling right and nothing was poking it was a really good experience and I'm glad i picked this orthodontist - Ashley Pelico
My experience with this orthodontist has been better than I expected, they have helped me greatly and gave me a beautiful smile that I love. - T.S
It was fine having my teeth fixed after the first time because they helped me get through it and said your teen would feel better soon. - R.G
Every one was very caring and the nurse ask if I was doing good and and made sure that I was always comftorble - D.F
Quick, courteous, professional, friendly and caring. Updated and current equipment. I felt like I was getting cutting edge medical advise. - J.B
Dr.dorsch is a really nice man. Everyone who has worked on me has been so sweet and caring for me. - E.S
Fantastic service! They really listen and work with each patient's needs. They are really great with a Special Needs children. - T.L
Great service , awesome rewards - C.W
It went really well, the staff was very friendly. - A.T
Outstanding support and great Staff! - M.S
We love Dr Dorsch!! Everyone is friendly and his office is always clean and inviting - M.S
Tami is really nice and gets me in and out fast without any problems - C.K
It's been Amazing!!!!!! - K.C
Dr. Dorsch was willing to work with me financially when otherwise I wouldn't have been able to get Invisalign. The entire office staff is very nice and welcoming and facilities are very clean and comfortable. - S.P
Everyone is extremely nice and always have smiles on their face - M.L
I have had a good experience here with Dr. Dorsch and my assistant Amanda. My mom has also known Dr. Dorsch for a long time and our family really likes him. - J.B
I have had a great experience at the north oak office and the Liberty office the staff is really kind and always explains what they are going to do before they do anything on my teeth. - Blake.S
I love all of the assistants! They have always been so great to talk to, Dr. Dorsch too - Claire.H
Excellent!! - D.B
I had a pleasant experience at Dr. Dorsch's office, the staff makes sure you have a great experience and make everyone feel welcome and comfortable - Lauren Mort
Appreciate the customized approach. Each step is based on what her teeth are doing now. - J.S
I like how my teeth are straight and being flexible with times. - K.W
Overall the experiences are very good. However, the wait time is bad it normally take an average of 20 minutes before they even reach you. - V.K
My daughter has had very positive appointments with Dr. Dorsch. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. They try to put me at ease by explaining every step of the braces process. - D.H
Love this offices! My daughter has been going to Dr. Dorsch for years and he is amazing at what he does and always very pleasant. - G.B
Staff is very friendly and good with children. Dr. Dorsch is very knowledgeable. - S.C
So caring, quick and accurate Environment doctor and nurses are so kind. - Lucia Peterson
We have had an excellent experience with Dr. Dorsch's office! The staff is very helpful & curtious! - J.S
I like it here.Everyone is super nice.Also they make everything comfortable and they make it not hurt. - E.S
We really like Dr Dorsch. My kids say he has a good sense of humor. Most of the technicians are good,and don't cause much pain. We used to go to Dr. Lebsack. The difference is night and day. We are much happier here. - Chris.N
Everyone is very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. - C.F
Always helpful and make the experience more comfortable for the patient by talking with them and making them relax. - G.K
Working with Dr. Dorsch is easy and pleasant. He is always in good humor and puts the kids at ease. I trust his judgment since he is so qualified and passionate about his work. The staff at the office are also all cheerful and helpful in all regards. I was a patient of his 20 years ago and now my daughter is getting treatment - I have faith that it will be done right the first time. - N.B
Great staff, enjoyable environment - Brooklyn Cornett
Some of my brackets were repositioned, orings changed. - M.W
We were greeted pleasantly and Kai went back immediately. He had his bottom braces put on today quickly and was happy. - K.A
My daughter has been coming here for over a year now. She's had excellent service everyone! The staff is wonderful and friendly! - D.C
I really like my experience so far everyone is super friendly and nice! Mrs.Jenni is always gentle with me and makes sure I am doing okay. ???? - Lejla Keljic
My experience with braces has been really quick and there wasn't as much pain as I thought there was going to be. - A.G
Everyone has been very kind and patient working trying to get all the new metal places- I really like the ease of coming in before or after school and not having long waits. - S.D
It has been a very pleasant experience. He is nice and speaks to my child in a nice tone. - J.Fuimaono
Great - G.O
Very pleasant staff, and wait time is good. - M.T
My experience was good because I have my braces off and the lady's looking at my teeth are nice - Savannah.T
Two kids thru with braces from Dr Dorsch. Been very happy with the results! Great staff, very pleasant to work with - Chris.H
Dr. Dorsch was extremely dedicated to improving my teeth. I couldn't have chosen a more knowledgeable doctor to transform my smile! I'm very happy with my results, and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in Invisalign! - D.D
I had a good experience. It was pretty painless and I didn't have any trouble with broken parts or scheduling an appointment. I got spacers first which hurt but I got used to them after a while, then I got the actual braces put on. It didn't take very long to put them on and then I got the expander. The expander was annoying because food would always get caught in it but I didn't have to have it on long. Next I got rubber bands which I didn't mind. I never ran out and as long as I remembered to wear them I could feel them helping my jaw move forward. I never had any trouble with braces here, the staff was nice, each appointment was as quick as possible, and my overbite was fixed. - R.E
Great experience. Doctor always makes sure you are comfortable - P.J
Pleasant staff. Treatment expectations reviewed at each appointment. Great service! - R.D
The staff is always nice and friendly and my son gets in and out quickly for checkups. Everything is explained in detail to the parents which is great. - M.S
Great - E.P
I am very pleased overall. - S.S
I have been coming to Dr Dorsch since I was in sixth grade. I have brought my oldest daughter and now my second daughter. I will continue to bring my family to see him because we love the care we receive! - D.M
I went to another orthodontist before dr. Dorsch, and I like dr. Dorsch a lot more than him. He sees me every appointment and all of the staff here is really nice. I have really enjoyed my experience here. - R.E
Dr Dorsch and staff are always courteous and professional. Our appointments are always prompt. No complaints here ???? - S.Kirby
We have been generally pleased with Samantha's care, at times the wait is long however I understand they can get behind. - J.W
Every visit has been a pleasure. Staff has all been very pleasant. - Kathleen Kincaid
Dr. Dorsch is very thorough and takes the time to explain everything - R.H
Good - D.E
Very friendly and caring place! Both of my boys have had braces with Dr. Dorsch. He and his staff are excellent! - C.O
I have been very happy with the overall experience. It was not a long process and my teeth look great. I had braces as a child but my bite and teeth had shifted and Invisalign fixed all of that. - J.L.
Great staff, never a long wait in the office. Takes cared of needs promptly. - N.D.
Great staff, never a long wait in the office. Takes cared of needs promptly. - N.D.
Very friendly environment kind staff - V.M.
Always a good experience - T.C.
Good. Quick in and out. Friendly staff and Doctor. - D.V.
Has been a great experience, and making a huge improvement on my sons teeth! - K.F.
From start to finish I felt Dr. Dorsch took the time to explain and detail the steps needed to return my teeth to proper alignment. Several trays were created for me and I switched them every two weeks, creating (over time) a very significant movement in my teetH. Athough the entire process took almost two years, I'm very pleased with the end results. I'm confident that my teeth will continue to stay aligned as I continue to age, which was my biggest concern. - D.P
Really love everything about Dr. Dorsch and his staff they all are very pleasant & helpful. The service is fast and one couldn't ask for a better ortho. - K.Williams
Appt was fine. Office would be better if it had wifi so waiting parents could get work done. - A.G.
I am extremely pleased with the results of my Invisalign!! Dr. Dorsch and his staff are excellent. I highly recommend this office! - K.B.
Very professional staff, so courteous. Worth the drive from Chillicothe for sure! - K.C.
I enjoyed my Invisalign experience from start to finish, I saw a great improvement and would recommend to anyone to change the appearance of their teeth. - T.M.
Great - S.G.
Very nice and friendly and you get in very fast - S.M.
I really like my Invisalign. People hardly notice I have anything in! - M.M.
When I first got my braces my teeth needed help! And thankfully Dr. Dorsch came to the rescue. It was a long process but it was all worth it! I get compliments all the time of how good my teeth look and people ask me where I went for braces and I tell them Dr. Dorsch. I fully recommend him, he is great! - R.M.
Always enjoy coming in. Everyone is always so friendly & helpful. - F.B.
My son had excellent care while getting his braces started from phase 1 to 2. - MELISSA BARKER
Always pleasant office atmosphere. - Carrie.Y
Every visit is great! The staff treat you like family and genuinely care! - S.G.
We are glad we chose Dr. Dorsch for our son's treatment. The staff members are always delightful in their interactions with us. We love the convenience of a local office for appointments. - C.B.
Excellent experience. Professional staff. - P.I.
It's great having our Cameron location. Very convenient and staff is always so nice. - L.K.
Very efficient and nice. - E.Y.
Being a college student, making time to go to appointments can be hard, but they always worked with my busy schedule. Invisalign is also wonderful for someone with a busy schedule as well. Plus nobody hardly notices the trays! - A.A.
Great office with wonderful and caring staff. They always make me feel comfortable and like family! - Z.S.
It's always fast, and all the girls are wonderful. - P.H.
Love love love this team. The best service ever, always fast and efficient. I don't know what I'm more pleased with, the staff and their ability too do their job so well and still able too make me smile, or getting my teeth fixed. I just love it all go team Dorsch - A.W.
It has been a good experience. - Reece Littrell
Dr. Dorsch and the staff are the best! They always greet you with a smile! They are easy to work with because they are helpful in every way! It has been a great experience ! - A.K.
Dr. Dorsch and his staff were wonderful! - B.K.
The service was excellent the staff very friendly. - S.M.
We love Dr. Dorsch's office! Dr. Dorsch personally checks the girls progress at each appointment. He takes time to visit with me and my child at every visit. He listens to my child and gets her input. He and his staff try to accommodate our schedule and take time to explain what they are doing or trying to do at each appointment. I recommend him to all of our friends. We couldn't ask for a better experience! - Heather Baymiller
Very short wait time - D.P.
Very professional and friendly team and beautiful atmosphere! - A.Z.
Very good! - T.Q.
Invisalign was super easy to use and I'm in love with my results! Process wasn't too long and everyone was great! - Adrianna.B
My experience with Invisalign so far has been great! After only two trays I can already tell a huge difference in my bite and am not having the teeth grinding/clenching problems that I was previously having at night. Being a working mom of two kids, Invisalign has been low maintenance, easy to clean, and virtually pain free to where my daily life is not negatively impacted. I can't wait to continue to see my results! - C.M.
I love Dr.Dorsh's business along with his great warm welcoming staff. The buildings are very well put together. I always look forward to my checkups. - Miranda Coble
Three kids at various stages of braces. We've been coming to Dr. Dorsch for years and always have a positive experience. Great office staff. Everyone is friendly and wonderful to my kids. - D.S.
It was great got right in and got out. People are really nice. - J.M.
Dr. Dorsch has always explained everything clearly and has provided excellent treatment. - W.T.
Both of my children have been patients of dr Dorsch and we have been thrilled with his work. All of the staff is friendly and great to work with. I would definitely recommend Dr Dorsch to anyone - Jill Hinchey
Jacob is my 3rd child to get braces from Dr. Dorsch. They are awesome and we would not go anywhere else. - J.P.
I really enjoyed Invisalign. My teeth look so much better than what they did before. They were really easy to wear and didn't give me a lisp like some retainers do. - Bailey Hinchey
Very happy and pleased by all of Dr Dorsch work and all the kind staff and Doctor and how honest they are to us I have had 3 of my kids come here and we have loved it!! Thanks Dr Dorsch and Staff - M.W.
They are amazing they talk to you and make you feel comfortable I would recommend Dr Dorsch to anyone - K.Axelson
It has been a nice experience at each visit as well as today! Kasten is fairly new to braces & the staff & Dr. Dorsch are always helpful with explaining things! - Karen VanMeter
We always have a wonderful experience w Dr Dorsch! We are now starting our 3rd child in braces, and their office has been completely trustworthy! - M.J.
I'm very satisfied - A.E.
Our appointment was at 2:30 and we arrived at 2. They got my daughter in quickly and we were done early. Service was great and friendly as always. - J.Yount
Outstanding.. - L.S
I appreciate Dr. Dorsch sharing the action plan and discussing what we are going to do at each visit. The staf is friendly and helpful. - B.P.
Everyone was nice and respectful. - M.H.
We love Dr. Dorsch! He treated my oldest daughters underbite and we're waiting to start phase two with him when she's ready. When my other two kids need braces we'll be going back to see Dr. Dorsch!! - B.M.
Invisalign is a much easier option than braces. They are less of a hassle and are not as noticeable as braces are! They do not hurt at all just a little tight but no where near am uncomfortable pain! I recommend them!! - J.M.
Invisalign is a much easier option than braces. They are less of a hassle and are not as noticeable as braces are! They do not hurt at all just a little tight but no where near am uncomfortable pain! I recommend them!! - J.M.
Always professional, informative, and caring. - J.H.
Excellent experience. Appointments are very flexible for busy professionals like me. Office visits are fast, the staff is knowledgeable and the doctor is immediately available. I never worry that I am receiving substandard care. Considering how focused I am on excellence, that's the highest compliment I can give. - V.P.
Great. Best money we've spent on our daughter. - D.S.
Excellent - S.M.
I had a great experience using Invisalign! It was especially nice when I wanted to take pictures. Having Invisalign allowed me too have a nice smile and be confident without having braces. Nobody had to know I had Invisalign unless I wanted them to. - Kaitlin Bennett
Professional office, knowledgeable staff - B.S.
Has been a very great experience - B.R.
Dr. Dorsch office visits are always prompt and scheduling is easy. Office staff have always been friendly and efficient. - T.B.
I was very pleased with the process and the outcome of my Invisalign experience. I never struggled with wearing the trays and felt they always fit right and were comfortable to wear. As someone who had had regular braces in the past, I was very impressed by the efficiency of Invisalign in comparison and the ease with which I could use them. Overall, I was very happy! - A.D.
My daughter is getting impressions for her retainer - N.H.
All these chicks are FIVE STARS..... and please let's not leave out Dr. John Dorsch which has made every visit a blast.....*****???????????????????? - B.D.
We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Dorsch and his team. Everyone was friendly. They explained everything they were doing and made sure my daughter understood the entire process. - Megan Stone
Dr. Dorsch and his assistants are awesome, I overslept and they were still willing to let me bring him in at a later time. They always treat people with respect.. - T.F.
Good service and very helpful. - Russell.T
Love this place - M.P.
The doctor is wonderful and the staff is always friendly, kind and courteous! They really care about their patients. - P.B.
Awesome! Always fast and courteous with great reminders for apps! - L.K.
Love Dr. Dorch and all his assistants! The best place to come! - Joannie Rounds
We have been very pleased with Dr Dorsch and the entire staff throughout this whole process! Will recommend his services to others. - C.G.
So far it has been great! - H.P.
Nikki said it was good. - G.J.
Fast friendly and beautiful - C.T.
We always look forward to our appointments. Staff is professional and friendly. Waiting room is comfortable. Dr. Dorsch is a great orthodontist with a lot of experience. My family members have been coming to him for years.. - N.G.
I always have a good time when I'm here and everyone is so up beat and friendly. - J.A.
Excellent customer service! Staff always friendly and happy. - B.G.
We have been very pleased with the staff and our son's Doctor. - Leigh Greene
We've been coming to see Dr. Dorsch since my daughter was 8 and she's now almost 14. Dr. Dorsch does great work and has helped my daughter a lot. The staff at the North Oak location are always pleasant, helpful and professional. I've never been to a medical office where the staff always have a smile on their face! I would highly recommend Dr. Dorsch to anyone needing orthodontic care! - T.C.
Love it here!! - K.C.
They have been so patient with my daughter who is usually nervous about everything. Thank you so much. - J.S.
Friendly staff and easy to deal with. Very knowledgable - S.S.
Pleasant - M.T.
Both children had appointments today. Everyone was friendly. I didn't go back with them so I am not sure how that went. - M.H.
Great! Every appointment I was greeted by such kind people, Dr. Dorsch was very good at explaining the progression of my teeth, and what the next step was. Very knowledgeable staff! - K.F.
I believe everything is going well. The boys could do better with their end of the deal, however. I personally appreciate the radio station! - K.H.
We have had a great experience with Dr. Dorsch and his staff. We were very pleased with the results we got! - A.R.
It's been easy! Elise is beyond wonderful - from the first contact to schedule a consultation to figuring out a complicated payment plan with my ex husband. Everyone else is fast do responsive the first few interactions we've had. - L.F.
Everyone is friendly. We have both our boys here and haven't ever had a bad experience. One is in the final stages and the other one is just starting. - J.M.
Smooth everything going as planned - J.C.
Staff was great, Dr was particular about my son's teeth which I appreciate! - Kim Wilson
Great experience! No wait! - J.S.
Amazing I love the nurses. They are so nice and cool. - Cheyenne.B
This office is always excellent in patient care and service. It's a great experience with them. - Kathi.C
We have been very happy with our care at Dr Dorsch' office. - T.A.
Invisalign have made straightening my teeth a lot more enjoyable than having braces because I didn't have to worry about wires poking or cutting the inside of my mouth. Plus most people can't even tell I have them in. I've really loved having them! - S.P.
Satisfied - S.S.
Always friendly and very flexible. - S.K.
Love the staff - I.R.
The doctor is a really good. In my opinion I think that the braces have made a big difference in my sons teeth. Thank you - H.A.
It took awhile for Cheyenne to get her braces off but Dr. Dorsch was great. The office was great working with a split family. - R.Townsend
I am reoccurring patient who now is returning as an adult. As a child and even now Dr. Dorsch has always been such a delight to be a patient of. When you come for an appointment you can tell what kind of a person he is by how welcoming the environment and staff is. It feels like family, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. - M.T.
Experience has been very good. Great and friendly service. - D.F
Very friendly staff, able to get in when necessary. - L.L.
we absolutely love Dr. Dorsch he has been very upfront and explains everything to us especially to my son and at his level!! - M.B.
I used to take my son to Dr Lebsek. Every time he had a dentist appointment he would leave and complain about how rough the dr was. Also, when ever my son would have problems with his braces he did not want to complain to Dr Lebsek because he would get very mean. I on several occasions witnessed how he acted with my son, so I made the decision to change. Another parent suggested Dr Dorsch. From the very first consult I knew he was our guy. He has a great "bed side manner" if you will. The techs here are awesome also. - L.Nyhagen
It was good. If I have a question or concern they were more than willing to answer. The wait times are appropriate as well. - S.P.
We love it here. The staff is amazing!!! - M.K.
Everyone is in a good mood, friendly and nice. The whole office seems to be running smoothly. Dr. Dorsch balances his time between patients well and everyone is committed to resolving issues promptly. - D.Loew
Everyone has been very helpful. Always smiling and cheerful. - Debbie Bradbury
Good experience every time - C.M.
We have had 2 children with braces. One is finished and one is in the process. Great results and nice staff. - J.H.
Great place! - A.K.
We have enjoyed Dr. Dorsch and staff. All have proven knowledgeable as well as kind. - C.D.
My daughter and I have both been through braces with Dr Dorsch and his crew. We love them and recommend them to everyone we know. Dr Dorsch is a perfectionist (in a good way!) and will make sure you get the best care and results. We love all the staff members, who treat you so well and make every visit a positive experience! - A.W.
Everyone was very friendly and helpful. The doctor explains what he is doing as he goes along and makes you feel comfortable that you understand what he is doing. He is extremely knowledgable and I would recommend him for any orthodontic procedures. - L.D
Dr Dorsch and his team have been very thorough and friendly. We feel like our kids are in competent hands, and that is such a relief as any type of dental work can be frightening. A big thanks to Dr. Dorsch and his team! - A.H.
Doctor is very attentive and staff are friendly. - C.E.
It has been a good experience that I never dreamed I would have at this time of my life. I am really happy with the results. Dr Dorsch is very knowledgable and kind and I felt confident in his expertise. - L.Turner
Breath taking - T.B.
Braces for my youngest daughter - G.D.
Dr. Dorsch is wonderful with my daughter. He always takes the time to explain exactly what he is planning to do and double checks his work. He actually has her braces ahead of schedule to come off. We can not say enough good things to our friends and family about him. We are always recommending him to others - K.R.
My daughter and I are both quite with the service so far! - P.K.
Third kid to come here. Good experience - Stephanie Davis
Quick and efficient, good job overall. - C.H.
Dr Dorsch is great he explains everything to me he doesn't sugar coat it the office staff is great too. They are so patient with me about asking questions - Lori Larson
Good - A.N.
Quick and informative - S.M
Experience has been great - L.P.
Always a great experience. Staff is very friendly, organized and make decisions without needing to ask for permission. Dr Dorsch is informative and knows his work well due to many, many years of experience. - L.A.
Visits have always been good for my daughter. Had a good experience with our son that has had his braces off for almost a year ... Good results. No complaints. - V.Dixon
Megan had excellent care from dr. Dorsh and staff . - S.Sandy
It's been great from the start! There's not one thing or another that really stands out - it's just all been great! - I.R.
Good experience so far but expect that since Dr Dorsch was my orthodontist. ???? - L.Moore
Everyone is always courteous and friendly, as well as knowledgeable. Dr Dorsch is very professional and friendly and I take comfort in his having so many years of experience. I don't love having orthodontic work done, but I am glad I'm coming here to do it. - M.R
Dr.Dorsch is very thorough and the staff is great! - M.M.
Abby has been in braces almost 3years and although not the most fun for her our experience with the staff and Dr Dorsch has been really great. - Jodi McCorkendale
Office was friendly and always willing to help. Dorsch was awesome. - L.D.
Daughter Ellie had braces done by Dorsch. Her teeth turned out great and she always enjoyed coming to the office. - S.P.
In and out super fast! Doctor explained everything he was doing. Everyone was very friendly! - J.H.
I always feel very well informed. They make everything easy to understand. - C.W.
Our experience has been amazing. Great patient care and chair side manner. - A.H.
Dr. Dorsch has been our family's orthodontist for 20 years. We are so thankful for the excellent care he and his staff have provided. Our oldest child only needed retainers; her 10 younger siblings needed braces. After today, only our youngest will be in braces. Ten beautiful smiles, and one in the making! Soon, our oldest will be bringing her first child in for a visit with Dr. Dorsch. No doubt about it, you can trust Dr. Dorsch with your child - he's the best orthodontist in KC. - Benecia Fowler
Wonderful doctor and the sweetest staff???? The most thorough consultation we have ever been through! Excellent care at every visit! - Sarah.D
Doctor works great with the kids and keeps the parents well informed. - K.S.
Good doctor is helpful and answered all questions - M.U.
Amazing experience from prices to the process. He's completely hands on. - Brooklynd.W
This is my second experience with Dr. Dorsch. I am now taking my grandson to him but I have also taken my own son to him. He is patient (thank goodness) but he can be firm when needed. Wonderful doctor and wonderful office staff. Family atmosphere. - T.G.
My son sees Dr.Dorsch currently and just got his braces off today! The whole experience has been great! We have always had great experiences here, even when I had my braces as a teen back in 1997! Thank you all for making the experience memorable! - S.V.
Dr. Dorsch is very knowledgable. He doesn't mind taking time to explain things when asked. I have experiences with another KC orthodontist and this is far superior. - A.J.
He is the best!! - A.J.
We have had an excellent experience here at Dr. Dorsch. My daughter and I are very happy with the results! Thank you for giving her a beautiful smile! - A.D.
Dr. Dorsch and his staff were so amazing. We had a great experience. As a dentist, I always feel confident referring patients to Dr. Dorsch. - Dr. Erica Fisher
The staff here has been awesome. Never had any problems with anything at Dr Dorshe's office. I have recommended him to anyone who has asked who we use. Always easy to get in when works best for me juggling 2 jobs. Wonderful staffing!!! - B.R.
It was great - T.W.
Very good overall. Easy appointments and good communication from the doctor and the office. - B.J.
Always a pleasant experience at this office. I would recommend John to everyone. My son has a total different appearance to his mouth it's amazing. - S.M.
My daughter had a great time here . People are so kind - M.L.
Walking in for a consultation, we were greeted with smiles and a very friendly atmosphere. We were given options and time to decide if we wanted to get treatment here. We decided to and were given options for setting up a payment plan. We have continued through treatment of braces and now retainers. Everyone is friendly, they take time to answer questions and address concerns. Dr. Dorsch always greets meet and asks me as a parent what questions or concerns I have. We love this office! - R.T.
After 3 kids being seen by dr Dorsch, we have been pleased with our service from him and all the staff. - P.W.
Excellent customer service and Dr. Dorsch is fabulous. - Amy.C
Everyone is great to work with and try their hardest for my kids. - J.M
Pleasant experience - J.B.
Great staff with lots of smiles. - A.M.
We always have a great experience when we come to the orthodontist. Dr Dorsch and the girls are FABULOUS!!! - T.S.
Very pleased with how my whole experience always making my kid comfortable explaining every procedures and answering all of our questions very professional staff , definitely recommend this place - A.S
Great staff! - A.B.
The dentist and staff are amazing - B.P.
Very friendly. Staff was wonderful to consult with. Dr. Dorsch explained everything in detailed and was wonderful to work with. Very happy with our results. - C.J.
Really a nice atmosphere . The staff is very helpful and nice. - L.B.
My son received great care. We were excited to see such quick results. They were always on time for appointments. - A.W.
They truly deserve the 5 star rating Everyone gives them. - P.F.
It was great the doctor was very helpful - N.S.
Wonderful job - very thorough and explains everything well. Staff is wonderfully friendly. - L.R.
Great so far... to date. Seems to be minimal discomfort for Sydney between adjustments and professing stages with her braces. The office is always clean, inviting, and the Dr. and staff have always been pleasant and easy to talk to... helps to explain steps along the way. - Dallas Lockridge
Everyone has been very nice and extremely helpful. I will definitely recommend Dr Dorsch and his staff. - L.K.
Always great,friendly and taking great care of Henley - Danna Puls
Great to find an orthodontist that was part of the cleft team at the hospital we go to. All the staff are patient with our son and explain treatments in detail. - L.T.
Appointment times are easily worked around our schedule and easy to reschedule, staff is friendly and quick getting the boys back, and overall it has proved to have been the best fit for us choosing Dr. Dorsch - Jessica Taggart
Dr. Dorsch and his staff are simply amazing. Competent, friendly, professional and timely. Every visit is a pleasant experience. - K.J.
Seen I within 5 minutes of scheduled appointment time. - D.G.
Dr Dorsch has been very helpful in explaining any concerns and or questions that we may have had and the staff is a treat to work with. - S.H.
Dr. Dorsch could not be a pleasanter and yet, professional, caregiver. I believe all 6 of my children treated by him had positive experiences, especially when they followed his instructions. - M.Schake
All good - A.Hanks
We get great service, he and staff are kind. We have been coming here for years. - L.M
Dr. John Dorsch and his staff are very good. - C.D.
Wonderful experience he personally does work with all his patients and educates everyone to make sure you know what he is doing or recommend to do. He is quite reasonably priced as well. - B.W.
They are always friendly and professional. - M.W.
I always have the best experience in the office! The staff are wonderful people and make me feel welcome and important at every visit! - S.G.
Very prompt service - R.B.
A very good overall experience. - S.G.
In all my years and experience with four children and their braces, we have always had excellent care and service from Dr. Dorsch and his staff. - S.F.
Great service! Kids are treated really well. Quick to call back and quick check-ups, - T.L.
Never had a bad experience and so glad you have a Cameron office. - D.B.
Everything has.been great. No complaints we don't have to wait an everyone has been really friendly an nice. - M.S.
Lovely time. Beautiful place. - K.H.
Follow up and check on My daughters brackets. Flexible with scheduling and very friendly staff. - J.M.
We have had a wonderful experience here! Dr Dorsch and his staff are top notch! : ) - L.G.
All 5 of my children have been treated by Dr. Dorsch. I love the final look!! I really like how the teeth, mouth and face look on end finish. We have been pleased and we have recommended him to others. Friendly and easy to work with. - T.K.
Everyone is always so kind and professional! We love Dr. Dorsch!!! ???? - L.S.
Excellent patient service! They are always good about scheduling emergency appointments! All staff are friendly and attentive. - C.S.
Everyone at Dr Dorsch's office is so friendly and helpful. My kids love how quickly their smiles are improving. - J.H.
We love seeing the huge change. Everyone is so wonderful and explains things great. Definitely recommend Dr. Dorsch and his staff. - J.Daugherty
It was quick and easy. Friendly environment! - C.C.
Excellent service very professional and I would recommend him to anyone who asks! So happy all my girls are seeing him. - Patti Sanchez
Super quick appointment. My daughter's teeth look good. Thanks for being efficient! - M.B.
We came in for a routine visit, but also had some difficulty with a wire that was into the tissue of the bottom of his mouth. They were very helpful in fixing it. - K.G.
We love Dr. Dorsch and his staff! They are always helpful and friendly! - C.Barbee
Scheduling is usually pretty easy, they always accommodate us when we come in a little early & the staff is always friendly. - E.P
Staff is friendly fast service short wait time - L.A.
We have had a great experience. We never have to wait more than 5 minutes. The staff is very friendly, and always answers any question we might have. - J.R
We have always had a great experience. Great staff & dr. & always treated with respect. - Tammie King
Had a wonderful experience. Everyone was patient and explained the process very throughly - G.D
We have nothing but good experiences at the north oak location. We have never been to the other location. Dr Dorsch always takes the time to explain treatment. Real friendly staff. I'm happy I made the decision to see Dr. Dorsch - T.K
Today I went in to have a retainer check. It was a great visit, I always love seeing the staff as well as Dr. Dorsch. I'm always greeted with a warm smile and a sincere "Good morning" It's one of my favorite parts of visiting. Even when I'd have a painful visit, it was always ebbed by the fact I had such great people taking care of me. As my braces are off now, we're in the final stages of tweaking everything just so my smile is perfect. My wedding is in September and I was growing concerned because I have a wire retainer that aggravates me. I fully understand the fact that it's necessary for orthodontic treatment. However, having a glaring wire in my wedding pictures is not something I was looking forward to. The thought made me really upset seeing as how I spent all this time and money to FIX the smile problem. Since my gap was so big in the beginning, any time I take my retainer out the space starts to open up. After an hour, it looks way different because you can see it's opening! I expressed my concerns to Dr. Dorsch and requested that I get an invisalign retainer. Due to some miscommunication, I was under the impression this could be done at no charge to me. I grew slightly upset/irritated at the fact I'd have to pay for another retainer (alternate story, my other retainer was lost when my purse was stolen) after just getting this one a couple weeks ago. Dr. Dorsch listened to my concerns and he was very understanding of my situation. After a brief discussion, he agreed to help me. This is the kind of stuff that keeps me coming back and causes me to refer ANYONE considering orthodontic treatment to visit Dr. Dorsch and his great staff. He showed me my before pictures again today and it still amazes me how far my mouth has come in such a short amount of time. I know others who have been in braces for 3 years. My mouth was corrected in 21 months. I will never ever be able to express properly in words how much this whole experience means to me. It's been quite a journey and having such great people on the ride with me has been the BIGGEST blessing. Thank you times a million zillion to all of you!!! I seriously will never be able to tell you what this means to me. - K.S
I've had a great experience. The employees are always nice and helpful. I always look forward to coming into the office. - A.S
My son had his braces removed. This was a great day and the staff was very supportive and provided good clear education on how to take care of his retainer. - C.S
Vicki was great, i am satisfied with the treatment. everyone is great at the facility. I am very happy. I would recomend everyone about this facility - R.G
Great Staff, Very Please Office - T.K
Dr. Dorshe is awesome! -Nikolaus - M.H
Have been seeing Dr Dorsch since over 8 years. He is one of the best orthodontists there is. Dr Dorsch goes way beyond to help in anyway possible. I would recommend him to anyone. He rates way over a ten. The office staff is wonderful. - Julie Shoemaker
Very pleased with my experience here - Jonathan.P
I appreciate you and your staff's professionalism and that everyone is so friendly and easy to work with. Thank you for providing such clean and inviting facilities for us to come to. I also appreciate you going the extra mile to visit with Jonathan, my wife and I to make sure that we understood and we're comfortable with the process. - Jonathan Parker
Patient friendly, clear and concise treatment options - R.D
I was really nervous to get braces and I thought that they were going to hurt really bad. But after I got there and got them on they didn't and they we all so nice. My mom also got a phone call that nice from Dr.Dorsch asking how I was doing and that was really nice. - A.H
She couldn't wait to get her braces back on! - B.H
Timely, friendly, and professional staff. - Beth.H
The staff was very friendly and made the appointment easy. Overall it went great. - C.E
Thank you for giving me a nice smile and helping me get my confidence back. - Adam.S
We have been coming to Dr Dorsch for a year. The employees are extremely nice and very welcoming. It makes for a pleasant visit. The results were visible quickly and the employees are very knowledgable. The team is very helpful with scheduling both my kids at the same time so I am not coming for multiple visits. - JY
Great place and all the staff are nice and friendly. I would recommend them to everyone. There great at working with your schedule. - BP
The ladies in the office are wonderful! They are great with scheduling appointments! Dr. Dorsch is an awesome guy and does great work! - oh
No complaints! Wonderful experience every time! - Digger1234
Staff is friendly and informative. Dr. Dorsch uses the newest best products which has Put us ahead of schedule - C.P.
The office is always a pleasure to visit. The staff is patient and knowledgeable and Dr. Dorsch is wonderful with my kids! - Candyalway
They are always kind and friendly. - MG
This is awesome. - CS
Dr Dorsch is amazing. He is so kind and friendly. His staff is very caring and makes you feel comfortable at all times. I would highly recommend him and his staff to everyone! - JH
I was anxious about getting braces but Dr. Dorsch and all of his staff have been really nice. From the start of my consultation to now I have always felt comfortable with Dr. Dorsch and his assistants. They always do their best to make me feel at ease while I am in the chair. Thanks to Dr. Dorsch and the rest of the staff for making this experience the best it - HS
They are super nice! They make braces fun:) - M.P.
Amazing job on fixing my teeth !!! Thanks Dr.Dorsh - F.L.
My last time in there was grate! All the workers are so nice.:) I can't want to go back!!!!:) Dr Dorch and his team are awesome! You guys are so nice… - A.F.
I love this place! They do really good work, and my teeth are really straight! I suggest you go to them if you need braces - B.M.
They are very gentle on your teeth and they talk to you a lot and they are really friendly. - H.P.
This place is so amazing it does not heart they put braces in. - A.W
We've been coming to Creekwood Orthodontics for a little over a year now. The staff and Dr. Dorsch are all always very nice and professional. Also always get us in and out quickly for our appointments. - G. Kirby
My time here has been amazing all of the people here are so nice and i like them for that and they talk me through everything I love that because that way I know what is happening to my mouth thank you Dr.Dorsch - S.B
My daughter and I love Dr. Dorsch! He is amazing , patient and really seems to care about my childs needs. He also has a sense of humor which makes - G.B
This Orthodontics is awesome because they help you out a lot and making you feel better. They even asks you how you been and starting conversations, and that's kind of them. - V.N.
The Creekwood Orthodontics is a friendly place, I've been going since I was 7 years old and they have always welcomed me in and make me feel comfortable! - J.A.
Dr. Dorsch's office is such a nice environment where everybody cares about you. Everybody there is so nice and kind. And when you have to get braces they tell you it is going to be ok and they help you through it. - L.M.
Everybody was very friendly and helpful with any questions I had, Dr. Dorsch explained everything very thoroughly and made me confident in reaching my goals, Makes me excited to start my treatment! - L.C.
Very friendly staff. They always greet us with smile and are always helpful. We never have to wait and they always work around our schedule to make getting in to see the Dr. easy. - P.D.
Dr. Dorsch and staff are wonderful! Dr. Dorsch has treated all my family with beautiful results. I recommend this office to everyone. We feel that Dr. Dorsch is part of our family. - L.J.
We have always been treated well at Dr. Dorsch's. Our Appointments happen in a timely fashion. The staff is friendly and professional. - R.T.
Ali loves coming. She loves visiting with the staff and getting rewards for taking care of her braces. - S.R.
Great place - Amanda
LOVE this office! Wonderful staff and Orthodontist! Highly recommend it! I always enjoy my visits, very warm personalities! - PS3
Dr. Dorsch and his staff made the process very easy and pleasant for my son. They are all very nice and helpful. - try
I like all of the people at Creekwood Orthodontics. Everyone is friendly. -Jaylee - JC
I was taken in very fast and all the ladies are super nice and always try to help me with broken or messed up things - KT
Dr. Dorsch and his staff are amazing. Always helpful and pleasant . I recommend everyone to his practice. - LMB
I love coming to the office and the employees and Doctor Dorsch are all very nice with a welcoming environment!! - AR
My experience has been great so far. Great staff and a welcoming environment. - AH
We like it here. Staff is professional and friendly. - Paige
The technicians were friendly and everyone was really nice. - Lexie
Great staff in front and in back. Very knowledgable and ready to explain every part of the process. - joy
Always friendly and always on time. If we show up early we are in early. - Tina
Great care and always helpful with any questions or concerns. - Sophia
My experience has been good so far. - H.N
Staff is friendly and Dr. Dorsch is great. Always a pleasure coming in for treatments. - M.H.
Dr Dorsch did an amazing job w/correcting my 2 daughters smiles!!! - J.M.
Both granddaughter have been treated for braces and I have been very pleased with the treatment received. - O.E.
The doctor was very knowledgable and the staff was helpful. Overall good experience so far. - S.Q.
Dr. Dorsch and his staff are awesome. They made my daughter's orthodontic experience fun . - A.P.
The experience was great!! - N.M.
Just excellent. - L.N.
Our experience has been fantastic. All the staff is extremely courteous and professional. My daughters experience with her new braces has been great. Dr. Dorsch explained the entire process up front with all expectations very clear and accurate. Highly recommend. - Brent.
Easy apps good people - D.W.
Love Dr. Dorsch!!! Staff is wonderful. Fully recommend to anybody. - K.A.
I have had my family and myself in braces. I would highly recommend Dr. Dorsch for all our orthodontics. - Margie J.
I have had two daughters whom had braces with Dr Dorsch, I went to 2 other orthodontist to get opinions first and I made the right choice, he did a wonderful job their smiles look beautiful. I now have two younger children in braces he does such a great job would not go anywhere else. - Danielle
i love doctor dorsch's office... i used to be scared to go to the dentist,but i feel safe in doctor dorsch's hands.i also love the idea of a rewards program a way to involve kids.(along with the ice cream of corse)it really makes me feel like "he's not just my dentist he's my friend he has my back - HP
Our experience has been awesome! Dr Dorsch is very friendly and explains things throughly. - L.G.
i really like the new points system and think that it is a good idea to get kids excited - L.M.
We are very pleased with the friendly staff and quality of service! I would recommend Creekwood Orthodontics to anyone and they are especially good with children. - A.I.
We are very pleased with the friendly staff and quality of service! I would recommend Creekwood Orthodontics to anyone and they are especially good with children. - A.I.
You guys are very nice and really know what your doing. - K.B.
The staff is always helpful. They explain what they are going to do - S.W.
Everyone is very nice. - K.W.
My teeth before looked horrible and now my teeth look much much better! - L.M.
Everyone is so nice and know how to calm my nerves! - A.W.
Quick and painless! Thank you! - T.W.
I think this award system is really nice. It is a great prize system and influences kids to brush their teeth more often. - D.S.
Everyone is so positive at creekwood orthodontist. - K.R.
We are very pleased with the friendly staff and quality of service! I would recommend Creekwood Orthodontics to anyone and they are especially good with children. - A.I.
Very helpful and nice people! Rewards system is awesome! - M.J.
Dr. Dorsch and his staff are awesome. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for orthodontics - A.R.
i think these games are really fun! - S.C.
Really fast results. My smile looks really good and recommend this place to everyone! - D.K.