Jack Lee Walzel

3705 Medical Pkwy 250

Austin, 78705
(512) 334-1885
Great doctor and very good customer service on the office and. - STACY ALLEN
The facility, staff, treatment, and results were all positive. - .F
Everyone very nice and efficient and willing to help. - .P
Dr. Walzel and his team have been EXCELLENT! Everyone I've interacted with at Capital Surgeons Group has been professional, courteous and very kind.My experience (from "start-to-finish") has been a "refreshing" and "positive" one.Kudos to Dr. Walzel for assembling a caring and awesome team! - MALCOLM W SCOTT JR
I am very happy with the care I have recieved from Dr. Walzel and his staff. It's been a very pleasant experience. - .C
The office staff is very friendly. - LYNELLE R CASILLAS
Dr. Walzel was courteous, thorough, and knowledgeable. He put me at ease when my son was having surgery with him. - .L
Dr. Walzel was courteous, thorough, knowledgeable and puts you at ease about your or your loved ones surgery. - JOSHUA LEON
Very professional - ROBERT PETERSON
Patient, thoughtful, and direct - SUSAN KEDROSKI
Excellent - .K
Professional as always. - ELIZABETH R WICKHAM
Dr Walzel is an excellent surgeon. He takes time with his patients and makes them feel at ease. Highly recommend him and his wonderful staff. - IRENE C SHOOTER
Dr Walzel is a class act. He helped me with a reschedule for a surgery when something didn’t work out. He put my nerves at ease and has a great bedside manner. I feel like I have gotten the best care available. - .F
Dr.walzel was excellent in every way!!! - ROLAND G CLERC
Dr.walzel was great on all counts.!!! - ROLAND G CLERC
Great surgeon and bedside manner!! - ANGELA FREEZE
Thanks for all your help. - .H
Dr. Walzel is the best doctor/surgeon experience I have had. - .H
Came in for a consult, and a thorough conversation and left understanding the option Dr. thinks is best for my case. I'm still noodling on what I want to do, but overall this was a positive experience and I'd come back to get opinions from him on other things. - .R
He’s a great Doctor and I’m so happy to have found someone who cares about his patients. - SANDRA D HICKS
Fixed the problem. Would use him in the future if needed. - DICK H WEATHERLY
Straight forward. Clear explanations. Easy quick and friendly. - .H
Dr. Jack Walzel is a great surgeon. I appreciate his willingness to listen to the patient then deliver options and what he believes to be the best approach for the individual. He delivered a very successful breast surgery with a remarkably easy recovery. Very little down time and not much pain. He explained my condition with the breast cancer and the procedure to follow with great detail so I was very well prepared with what to expect every step of the way. This approach turned my fear of the word cancer into a positive journey to heal my body of the cancer. - BRENDA G HELTON
So far, only had the 1st appointment to see if I needed surgery or not and I do. Scheduled the surgery to be in July. Everything so far is great. A 5 star overall. - .S
I am grateful to have the opportunity to write a review for Dr. Jack Lee Walzel. From the moment I met Dr. Walzel in his office I knew I was in the hands of the right doctor. His professionalism and experience put me at ease. He was very thoughtful and explained everything in detail that so I could understand. On the day of my surgery Dr. Walzel stopped in to see me and explained to my wife and I what was going to happen during surgery. My wife really liked Dr. Walzel's explanation of the upcoming surgery and how professional he is. I assure you if I ever need surgery again and it falls within Dr. Walzel's expertise I will be knocking on his door. Thank you Dr. Walzel for what you did for me and helping my wife feel at ease with the surgery, it means a lot to me. - .D
He has a great bedside manner. He explains everything in great deal that made me feel at ease. I would recommend him to all my friends - SHERRY A MACIGEWSKI
No guessing no surprises just professional carrying Dr I can recommend to friends and family. - EDWARD A BLAZEK
Great bedside manner. Did a great job answering questions. - ANGELA FREEZE
All interactions with Dr. Walzel were professional and I feel my medical concerns were addressed. I scheduled my surgery three weeks in advance and had a family member take off to drive me the day of surgery. A message was left on my phone the week of my surgery at the last minute that my surgery time had been changed. When I called the scheduler in Dr. Walzel’s office I was told another patient needed my scheduled surgery time. I understand a change in scheduling but to change a surgery without personally talking to the patient was unprofessional on the scheduler’s part. - .L
Dr. Walzel is a true professional. He's caring and attentive. He personally called the evening of my surgery to check my progress. I didn't spend a lot of time on hold when I called his office. I was surprised how quickly he was able to get me scheduled. The staff at the surgery center he uses were amazing. I would definitely recommend him to anyone contemplating a similar procedure. - .K
He is very professional on his work thanks so much... - RAUNEL ESTRADA-LOPEZ
Yes, all 5 stars in every aspect is my really and honest review. I was so nervous going into this. I did not know what to expect and surgery scares me but it was needed. I was in so much pain. The staff was so nice and genuinely happy. Dr. Walzel was so nice and informative. My stress and anxiety was almost immediately eased once I was taken back by the nurse. Every questioned was basically answered before I could even ask it! Seriously, I can't get over how great of an experience this was. I appreciate everything! - .S
Great job, feeling good about the surgery, all is well! Thank you - LINK J AASE
Doctor’s personality and smile helps to cope with the cancer treatment - VLASTA PITRA
He is so wonderful, thourogh, and so pleasant to work with!! I would recommend him to anyone! - ALMA D PHELPS
I couldn’t have been more happy with Dr. walzel. From beginning to end the experience was more than I could hope for and even expect. I am so deeply appreciative. - TARA B SULLIVAN
It was a great experience...at least the parts I remember :-) - BRENT D ALLEN
Great bedside manner! - STACY ALLEN
He is one of the best doctors I have ever been to see. He is the type of doctor that really cares, not just in it for the money and you are more than just a number. Highly recommend for any surgical needs. - MICHELLE T GOODRUM
Dr Walzel was very personable which help put my mind at ease. Everyone at the facility was great and I never felt uncomfortable. - .S
Excellent consultation decided to pursue operation w/dr.WALZEL - ROLAND G CLERC
Everything went as planned. Recovery time going well. - KENNETH G ESSENBURG
Facility was easy to locate, parking was accessible, waitnig room was comfortable, wait time was reasonable, paperwork was typically burdensome and somewhat redundant between pre- and post- admittance to surgical area. Staff was knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. Private stalls were well equipped. Gowns provided were (words fail me - liked the socks though). Intravenous hook up was necessarily worst part of experience. Anesthesiologist was comforting and competant (felt nothing and woke up remembering pre-op instructions despite adomonitions that I wouldn't). Post op recovery is proceeding quickly. No pain relief medication was required. I've had more painful bruises (contusions for medical translation). - .R
I rushed off to the Cedar Park Regional Hospital in pain. Very quickly I was diagnosed with appendicitis and told a surgical team was ready to operate. I met all the star "players", briefed thoroughly, and immediately operated on. Dr. Walzel explained what he did and asked if I had any questions. I indicated I wanted to go home then. He was quick witted and explained why I needed an overnighter at the hospital. I later thanked him for doing so. His out briefing was in fun terms that were easily understood. The followup post surgical appointment went well and Dr. Walzel is the best! - .M
I was treated well by the staff, had a quick recovery and did not feel any pain or discomfort!!Thank you! - ELI J MARQUES
Prompt and professional! Helped me understand my situation and discussed my options. - .H
Office Consultation pre surgery. - .G
Dr. Walzel is an excellent doctor and friend. - .D
Dr. Walzel is one of the best doctors I've ever dealt with. He was kind, listened, spoke in a way I could understand, honest, and his concern for me as the patient was evident. I highly recommend him. - .D
After Dr. Walzel discussed all the options I had to try to take care of my positive breast cancer problem, I opted to have a mastectomy. He did this for me and I am very pleased with the results. I have great trust in Dr. Walzel. I like his attitude about everything and his wonderful bedside manners. He has a way of making a patient feel at ease at all times. If occasion should arise, I will recommend his name to a friend needing a surgeon for whatever reason. - .W
Dr. Walzel was very friendly and explained the situation with my hernia and how it would be treated. I highly recommend him. - BRIAN E THOLEN
Had to wait a bit to see anyone but the staff and Dr Wazel are great. Second time I’ve been to him for Surgery. Never excited about surgical procedures but he is who I want when the need arises!! - .K
Everything was good. I thought I might have a hernia but he said I did. Not - .R
Dr. Walzel is amazing! Made me feel at ease about my procedure. The St. David's surgical hospital was really nice and clean and the staff was polite yet professional. - .P
A nurse the day of my surgery mentioned that Dr. Wazel is an excellent surgeon and I agree not only an excellent surgeon and doctor that has my 100 percent recommendation. - .T
Pleasant, professional. - .M
He is the absolute best! Helpful,caring and beyond knowledgeable. - .V
Dr. Walzel is a very knowledgable and gifted surgeon. - .W
I would highly recommend Dr. Walzel to anyone! Office staff was very helpful and caring. - .C
My follow-up visit with Dr. Walzel for my test results went as well as expected. He very was thorough explaining the options that I have and stated that he will go along with my decision. I feel completely at ease and have great confidence in Dr. Walzel. - .W
Very professional, courteous service. Highly recommend Dr. Walzel! - .H
My PCP referred me to Dr. Jack Walzel. I was nervous at first since I usually only go to female physicians. Dr. Walzel put me at ease immediately. He was warm and professional about my situation. He explained the process and recovery process answering all my questions. Thanks for the excellent care! - .H
Dr. Jack - Port implant went well, was used 1/21, cleanout 1/23, GOOD so far! HRW - .W
Outstanding - .F
Dr. Walzel is a great doctor and his staff was very professional and courteous. I would recommend him to friends and family. - .D
From start to finish, service was excellent. Couldn't ask for an easier way to go through a surgery. - .I
Dr. Walzel are personable, prompt and professional. A very thorough and caring team have needed his services in the past and would use them again in the future if there is ever a need. Friends and family all commented favorably about his care. - .R
I have been very satisfied with Dr. walzel. He genuinely cares about his patients. - CYNTHIA FELLOWS
Dr. Walzel was professional, experienced and had good bed side manner. He was always available to answer questions or concerns pre-op as well as after the surgery. He was highly regarded and recommended by my personal doctor and surgery center nurses. I would both recommend and use Dr.Walzel for any future procedures. - .B
My surgery was scheduled quickly. Everything went as explained to me. Dr. Walzel took the time to answer all my questions prior to surgery. - .L
wonderful experience. Made it very simple and did a great job. Absolutely loved this guy, favorite doctor to date. - .B
Dr. Walzel is an excellent surgeon. Really cares about his patients. I will recommend to everyone. - GUY S SHEWMAKER
Very up front about my procedure. Answered all my questions. - KAREN G LOCK
Wonderful Doctor!! - LYNN V GREENWALD
Dr. Walzel is careing and knowledgeable. - THERESA HARDY
Really appreciate Jack’s honesty and bedside manner! - .C
Thanks for Y'All services and support. Love Y'All - .H
The staff was nice. The facility was a little warm, but that could have just been me. - .K
Very caring and knowledgeable. - ELIZABETH H BOUFFARD
Excellent bedside manners, kind and caring - JO E CONNER
From start to finish, the experience was un-stressfull. - .I
Dr. Walzel is 5-star all the way. He is very personable and has an unassuming nature about him. He put me at ease right from the beginning. He explained the procedure in terms which were easy to understand and I never felt rushed during my office appointments. He gave me ample time to ask questions. At my initial surgery consultation he even stopped in the exam room to apologize for being 5 minutes (yes...only 5 minutes) behind schedule and told me he would be just a few minutes more. And he returned within a few minutes. How refreshing - in a time when most doctors are 45 minutes to 1 hour, or more, behind schedule...and never apologize for making us wait. He genuinely cares about his patients. His scheduler worked hard to juggle his schedule in order to fit my surgery in sooner than I had initially planned. He promptly stopped by my hospital room to follow up with me each day after my surgery. He chatted with my family...never in a rush to move on. My discharge process was short and simple. At my post surgery follow up appointments he remembered details about my family and took the time to ask about them...and me. I highly recommend him and sincerely thank him for taking care of me. His office staff are 5-star as well. - .P
Dr. Walzel was the epitome of professionalism coupled with kindness , caring and concern. At this juncture in my life, I don’t take kindly to “going under the knife” but my Doctor allayed my fears with his kindly attitude. Other staff remarking on how wonderful my Dr was further allayed my fears. Seven days later I am still on the mend (I’m 76) but grateful and thankful to Dr. Walzel for taking such great care of me. - YVONNE CRONIN
The staff is extremely nice and very helpful. The wait in the lobby was minimal and very pleasant. Dr. Walzel is very knowledgeable and talks to you on a down to earth level. He is very nice and a pleasure to visit with. He cares about and for his patients and staff. He did a great job on my surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Walzel for your surgery. - KAMERON W PIERCE
Very pleased with Dr. WalzelThank you - MUKESH K AGGARWAL
Very personable, empathetic, thorough and explained procedures in easy to understand terms. He followed up my surgery consult with a phone to see if I could schedule my surgery sooner than I had planned and made himself available pretty much around my schedule. His scheduler worked hard to get me in. Office staff incredibly friendly. Highly recommend. - WENDI L PAULK
Dr. walzel is a great surgeon they have great staff he took very good care of me I have no complaints - RANDALL S FRASER
Such an amazing doctor! Explains everything and makes the whole process comfortable. - ROSE A GARZA
Doctor Jack Walzel is simply AMAZING! He is the most caring, dedicated and interested doctor I have visited. This visit was completely unexpected and even when he had a rough day, he made the time to have me in and check upon me. His staff is also great, very courteous and nice all the time. - .V
Down to earth kind of guy. - GEORGE A MALONE
Fantastic surgeon! Really makes you feel at ease pre surgery and explains everything clearly. Highly recommend!! - BRIAN A RANDALL
Excellent care and support by all. - .L
Front desk was short staffed when we arrived. I stood at the window with a young lady staring at me while she was on a phone call behind the glass. She did not stop to acknowledge me while I stood there for at least 8-10 minutes, even when another patient got in line behind me. Finally another staffer came to the window and saw me and initiated my new patient paperwork. Dr. Walzel couldn’t have been any better! He was awesome and attentive and answered all of my questions before I could ask them. So glad Dr. Michel referred me to him! - .D
Very good - .B
Dr walzel is very easy to talk to and made me feel at ease with an upcoming surgery. - .R
Super humble and straight forward - I liked him a lot. - BILLY G ODOM
So professional and caring...as always - ELIZABETH R WICKHAM
Xxxxxxx - .P
Dr. Walzel has a great bed side manner and very knowledgeable and the staff is easy to work with , my experience so far has been great ... - RANDALL S FRASER
Dr. Walzel is top notch! He made me feel so comfortable and really took the time to listen to me and care about my pain and symptoms I have been experiencing. Wish I had met him sooner! - .S
Dr. Walzel was honestly the first doctor to sit down with me and really listen to me while discussing my pain and symptoms I had been having for so long. I didn’t feel like I was just a number, like I have felt so often in the past. I felt like he truly cared and wanted to see me get better! Thanks Dr Walzel. He also has a great sense of humor 😀 which sometimes you need in the midst of it all. Wish I had met him sooner. - DESIREE C SILHAVEY
Doctor had great bedside manor besides having the skilled hands to do the gall bladder removel surgery. He was kind and informative. Thank you.......your Michigan patient. Susan Heinenan - SUSAN J HEINANEN
From initial consultation to surgery and follow up...there are none better than Dr. Wazel and his staff. - .P
Very good job - .H
Very pleased with Dr. Walzel & staff. - .W
Overall a great experience. - .B
He has a great bedside manner, I truly felt at ease . - MARIA A BREEST
Goes above and beyond! - JERRY C PLATTOR
Everything was great except the treatment which I assume means the surgery which is scheduled for next week.I really appreciated Dr. Walzel taking time to draw the illustration and explain my situation in detail.I am concerned about the dietary restrictions in order to minimize bloating and other negative side effects. I have had these problems for the past six weeks and really would like your advice on this subject.Thank you for your assistance with my situation. - .H
Very good experience No pain quick recovery. Friendly atmosphere. - ROBERT G MILLER
Everything was perfect. - .D
great experience, - .S
The Dr and his staff at the office were excellent, as well as the staff at Seton Williamson where I had my surgery preformed by Dr Walzel. Thank you for the great care and for explaining everything to my wife and myself - .C
first visit all was explained in detail surgery center was organized, well staffed and all was explained in detailall went as planned on time staff was greatoverall a great surgical experiance - .B
Friendly and decisive in what to do. I appreciate the great service. - MARK A WESTERFIELD
He just made me feel comfortable from the first time we met. That he could help me - CLARENCE J GUIDRY
No complaints, everything and everybody exceeded my expectations. - .J
Dr Walzel thank you for taking care of me. Just like you took care of my mother in law and my wife - KELLY B GILBERT
Fantastic surgeon and really cares about his patients. Fun personality! - CYNTHIA L TULL
Overall good experienceExplains everythingGreat staff - JAMES T BUCHANAN
The office staff is great. Everyone is nice and professional. Dr. Walzel makes you feel at ease and has a wonderful sense of humor! - .R
Dr. Walzel was very friendly, knowledgeable and followed up on a complaint I had after my EMERGENCY gallbladder removal. - .A
He was very knowledgeable and informative. His suggested treatment plan made a lot of sense. Very personable. - LENN M LANAHAN
I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Walzel twice with intestinal problems/pain. During my second visit and to my relief, he decided after I explained all the pain, etc. I had incurred the week before that it was time to remove my gallbladder. I am scheduled for surgery Thursday, September 27th. I am at ease waiting for the surgery as Dr. Walzel was very thorough in explaining what will be done during the surgery. He has what is called "good bedside manners" as he listens to his patient. I do appreciate this with any doctor. As for his staff, they are all very pleasant and very thorough in what they do. They smile and make you feel welcomed. I look forward to saying "HI" to all of them on my follow-up visit after surgery. - .W
Dr Walzel has been a great surgeon through my battle with breast cancer. He takes a lot of time to explain every aspect of thecsurgery. Just a great person to talk to an feel very comfortable asking him questions. - .S
Dr Walzel was awesome. He is knowledgable, explains to you all the things to be sure that you understand. He does not rush you and his bedside manners are excellent. I really recommend them. - .V
I feel bad a 45 minute surgery took almost 2 hours. I thank Dr. Walzel for taking great care of me while on the table. Recovery so far has exceeded my expectations. - .K
He truly seems to care about his patients, if it weren’t for him being thorough, things for me would not have been good. And he’s funny! - MELINDA HAGE
He has super good bed side manners, is very knowledgeable and makes sure you understand. - CYNTHIA VITON
I enjoyed meeting the Dr. Im glad he didn't want to cut me up :) - .H
He was a awesome Dr and I highly recommend him . - .G
Dr. Walzel is wonderful. I appreciate him not making me feel like he’s in a rush and being respectful of my time as well. He was kind and courteous and detailed. Would defiantly recommend. - .P
He answered all my questions and it all turned out as he said. I had a very good experience. I definitely reccomend him. - TONIA M ELDER
Great Dr and staff! - MATTHEW W BARNETT
Dr. Wahzel called me personally to follow up on a first visit and to suggest that I reconsider having surgery and talk to Dr. Lough. Dr Wahzel asked to assist at the surgery. I really appreciated the personal attention and concern. - .H
I only have good things to say regarding my care. All aspects went as well as I could have hoped. From my first visit to my last check-up I was pleased in every way. I cannot thank Dr. Walzel and his staff enough for my treatment and care. - .S
Easy location. Great parking. Everyone was very friend;y. Doctor was very patient and very good at explaining things regarding my procedure. Great bedside manner.Scheduling was easy and really appreciate all the helpful reminders. - .W
He is a very caring doctor. - ELIZABETH H BOUFFARD
Consistent high quality care. - .M
Everyone was very nice and caring. The facility was exceptional and Dr. Walzel was great. - .B
I had an abscess that needed "fixing." Dr Walzel got me in fast, was very honest in his assessment, explained everything that would/will happen, and gave me excellent post wound instructions. I mean, if any minor surgery could go any better with a nicer Doctor, I am really not sure how it could improve. Even the office staff was very personable and professional. - JARED S CARL
Pleased that Doctor Walzel was able to arrange his schedule so that in performing surgery took place in RRMC not Oakwood. - .B
Always a great experience! Never any wait time at the office. Dr.Walzel always goes above and beyond for his patients. He makes you feel welcome and makes sure you understand everything that’s going on. I would recommend him to family and friends. - ADRIANA R THOMAS
Great doctor took great care of me - .M
Great doctor explains everything , answered all my questions,didn’t feel rushed and he took very good care of me! - KIMBERLY C MARTIN
Dr. Walzel is amazing!!! I felt fully informed & comfortable!!! Im scheduled for surgery and feel like im great hands. - .V
I felt like I was in really good hands with Dr. Walzel. He explained what would happen and followed up to make sure I was ok. - JOSHUA S LANDAU
Dr. Walzel continues to exceed all expectations. His professionalism and genuine care for his patients is beyond measure. I am so grateful for him! - .T
Dr. Walzel continues to exceed all expectations. His professionalism and genuine care for his patients is beyond measure. I am so grateful for him! - AMY N TARRY
Caring, kind and considerate - JULIE L PETERSON
Dr. Walter was very comforting and professional. - .G
The staff and. Dr wazel were excellent the all laugh and seem to enjoy their jobs.the girls all seem to care about the. Patient's care. Dr.easel has a dry sense of humor but is very matter of fact.which I myself appreciate. Thank you. Tom Kitchener - .M
Dr Walzel is very personable and thorough! He and his wonderful staff make you feel like family. - CHRISTA C SMITH
I’m very happy I met him , I would really recommend him to others because he explained everything very good, and he also called to check up on me - ELVIA MENDOZA
Good doctor - KARL S HISLE
I had the most pleasant experience you can possibly have while undergoing surgery. So glad I found Dr. Walzel. My experience was top notch. - .D
Everything went very well. Everyone was nice and professional and I could not be more satisfied. - .S
Thanks for all you did for me it was exellent - .E
Very appreciative of his bed side manners and his personal care before and after surgery. - KAREN M HOOD
Absolutely loved Dr. Walzel! - SOUMYA CHIGURUPATI
Very professional explains why procedure must be done if any and very helpful very warm and makes you feel comfortable - MAYRA HERNANDEZ
Dr. Walzel is fantastic! First class care all the way. :-) The hospital stay was not so great. - .G
Best doctor I’ve ever had :) - .M
Great experience - .N
Expert diagnosis and recommendation from Dr. Walzel. - RANDOLPH E HAPPEL
Timely, kind, informative, considerate, helpful. - EDITH J LITTLE
I feel I've been cared for satisfactorily and been given excellent care. Tom mitchener - TOM MITCHENER
I'd return on a heartbeat if I ever needed a surgeon again. His front desk staff, Ashley was the best. I have nothing but positive memories with Dr Walzel and his office. - DEBRA SIGNORINO
Overall, very good experience. I called the office to report some bleeding and had to leave a message. I called back several hours later as I had not received a return call. I was told I didn't need to be concerned---and they were correct. it stopped the following day. - .P
Dr Walzel and staff are great. Have never had to wait in lobby more than a couple of minutes. Dr walzel takes his time and explains everything thoroughly. - .S
Amazingly compassionate! - AIMEE C FORDHAM
Dr was very interested in my condition and my concerns. Look forward to a long relationship. - BILLY R BROWN
Buen trabajo doctor. Muchas gracias. - AGAPITO CORONADO
He made a personal phone call to me regarding my situation and that made me very appreciative and to feel as if he really had concerns for his Patients. - JOYCE F HARDIN
He is the best doctor I have ever had! Great surgeon and a great caring heart. I hope he will always be my doctor. I wish I could give him a score of 100! I'll always recommend him to anyone who asks- - SALLY M CANFIELD
Great place and a Doctor. - .R
No time wasted, a very efficient operation. - ROBERT MCLEOD
Nice staff, and I love Dr. Walzel, short wait time, they took to time to explain thing to me. A very nice experience, well as much as a visit to the doc for a lump in my breast can be. - .G
Dr. Walzel listens and answers my questions thoroughly. - .S
Dr. Walzel listens and answers thoroughly all my questions. - ROMELIA SERRANO
My wife has has numerous surgeries performed by Dr. Walzel. Her experience was without question awesome. My experience was equal to hers. He is our go-to surgeon. Thanks doc for such a positive experience. - .F
Dr. Walzel did an amazing job on removing my gallbladder. He is kind, caring, has a GREAT bedside manner. A total professional. I would recommend him to my family & friends. - JANE S FARABAUGH
Excellent communication and service! I would return for medical service again if needed. Even called me personally to check up on me! - .E
Dr Walzel Always is kind and has helping me to understand my options regarding my healt I am lucky of been his patient - BRAULIO GONZALEZ-ALVAREZ
Everyone was very friendly and helpful. The procedure went according to plan and things were explained to me so that I would know what was happening as they did. - .C
Dr. Walzel did a great job. Now I am back to normal and it's great. - GERALD W BUSH
I have total confidence in Dr. Walzel and appreciate his attention to detail in my treatment. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends needing surgery. - .C
All went well. Staff was professional, and friendly. - .L
Dr. Walzel helped fix my hernia, my pain, my LIFE. Forever greatfull.Walker Tx Ranger. - WALKER G ALSOBROOKS
I did not die while under his care. A ! - MICHAEL E BROWN
Very nice staff- prompt service. Loved Dr. Walzel- common sense, thorough exam. - .L
Very caring and professional. - BESSIE R SORRELLS
Dr. Walzel is wonderful! I appreciated his gentle, compassionate Professionalism. I trusted him immediately with my care, and will highly recommend him to others. I was disappointed his staff did not return my call from Tuesday afternoon. I guess I will find out why tomorrow when I see Dr. Walzel again. - .W
Dr Walzel and staff have gone above my expectations. Highly recommend - .S
I love Dr.Walzel and Ms.TiffanyThanks for taking good care of me!!! - .T
Dr. Walzel was very kind & took time to explain everything and answer all my questions. - JANE S FARABAUGH
Well , it has been an stressful time for me as I never had anything like this before . I have been receiving good care from Dr Jack Walzel. Thank you and keep the good work. - RUBEN RODRIGUEZ-LUNA
Dr. Walzel and his team were very informative and did an excellent job! I feel so much better now, their services are greatly appreciated. - .G
Dr Walzel always take the time to take care of my and explain my options regarding my health - BRAULIO GONZALEZ-ALVAREZ
Dr. Walzel was an amazing surgeon and did a great job in comforting me regarding my surgery during this difficult time in my life - .C
Dr. Walzel is wonderful. He’s genuinely kind, caring, and knowledgeable. I recommend him highly. - MEREDITH S TODD
I did not have to wait long at all. Dr. Walzel listened to what I said my problem was and suggested the appropriate solution after the exam he gave me. His office scheduled my surgery and now I am waiting for that. So far I am completely in agreement to the remedy he gave me. - .B
I have been involved with this office since 2016. Each visit has been consistent: Friendly, pleasant, efficient staff that puts one at ease. - .M
Dr. Walzel not only is a great surgeon but he took the time to answer all my questions. He was very patient and answered in great detail not just a generic answer. I will go back for any future needs as well as will highly recommend him to others. - .P
Dr. Walzel was incredibly generous with his time and knowledge. I felt like he really cared about my wellbeing. Since my case was rather complicated, he went above and beyond by re-reading all of my films to double check for anything that may have been missed. He called me personally with his findings (within 24 hours no less!), which I found so wonderfully amazing in today’s very un-personal medical system. I wish all doctors would care as much as Dr. Walzel does! I highly recommend! - .N
I was very pleased with the accommodation to fit me into the surgery schedule. All the staff were great - both at the surgery center and Dr. Walzel's office. - .V
An excellent surgery, a well done, painless experience. Quite honestly, I was somewhat apprehensive about the open surgery procedure, but felt the merits offered by this style would outweigh the lesser invasive surgical procedure. I expected, and prepared for a certain amount of discomfort, especially for the first few days,due to substantial swelling of the wound area and healing. There has been virtually none through the second day, which is where I am at now. The swelling last evening worried me, but the use of cold packs has adequately dispelled this. The recovery has progressed very quickly. I have not found a need for the advised preventative pain medications by this, this the second day, but having placed myself in Dr. Walzel's capable hands, intend to fully follow his instructions. While I'm certainly not quite up to run a marathon yet, if the daily rate of improvement experienced so far is any indicator, I think by the post op appointment, I may well be. - WALTER M SOLAND
Everyone I had contact with seemed to be listening to me and trying to provide good service. - .N
Friendly staff and excellent experience. - .W
Dr.Walzel and his staff have been amazing. Dr Walzel was so caring and up front about my surgery. I had a double mastectomy and couldn't ask for a better doctor. Any surgery you must have, I highly recommend going to his office.Thank you,Wendy Richardson - .R
Good visit with Dr. and staff. - .B
I received an outstanding service from the staff and specially from doctor Walzel. He answered all my questions and was very thorough on his explanations. 100% recommended. - .V
Arrived early to fill out paperwork, got in right on time.Wasn't rushed with Dr. Walzel. Had an easy checkout. - DAVID M COULTER
I felt that time went by so fast but My Shoulder is still hurting - .MCLAIN
Excellent all the way around. Couldn't get a better doctor or staff anywhere else. - .L
Dr walzel and his staff were wonderful! I was in and out in a timely manner and Dr. Walzel addrsssed all my concerns - .B
Dr. Walzel makes me very comfortable. He's friendly, very patient and empathetic. He takes time to answer all questions no matter how dumb some of those questions may be! I feel at ease when consulting with him. - .D
Everything went smooth from the surgery and post surgery care. It took a while for me to be able to be released, but the nurses were great with waiting until I was good to leave the facility. - S.M
Dr. Walzel and his staff were wonderful. - .N
I clicked five stars on all categories, but I can't tell if they registered. Positive experience every time! - C.C
Dr Walzel and staff were helpful, informative, and caring. Scheduling was prompt, and they had my results from the place where I had diagnostic imaging when I arrived at my appointment so as to make the visit go smoothly and efficiently. - L.M