My ears have been bad since I was a soldier in Vietnam. Dr. Peskind, for six years, has healed whatever has been ailing me. He is suave, professional and compassionate. He also has an infectious sense of humor. Highly recommended.


From Dr. Peskind to the entire staff, always a smile. Less than 3 minute wait. They always explain in layman's terms.


Dr Peskind worked on my sinus issues for a while. He arranged a CT Scan and concluded I need surgery. Referred me to UT Southwestern Dr. Ryan for surgery to remove a sinus cyst with the size of an egg . Surgery was first day of reopening on May 4th 2020. The results are absolutely excellent: No more tooth pains No more ear pains No more headache No more sinus pressure No more biting my cheek daily I can breathe through my nose Less snoring Feel energized Thank you Dr. Peskind, I highly appreciate and respect your evaluations, actions and engagement Thank you from new Henrik.


Great service and care. I've purchased hearing aids and had my ears cleaned a few times. Always there for me even during emergencies. I would recommend anyone who wants great care to visit.


Dr. Peskind is always attentive and gives the necessary care. He's knowledgeable and friendly. We've been patients for ten years, he's great.


Dr. Peskind is the best!


I was extremely pleased with the results. I could hear again!


Had the best experience this morning with Dr. Peskind and his staff members. Dr. Peskind took the time to explain everything and answered all my questions about my Vertigo issue. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends. Five stars all the way!


First time here, referred by my PCP...all staff are so friendly and accommodating.


Very good.


My experience start to finish was extremely pleasant. The young lady's at the front desk were kind and Dr Peskind was attentive and listened to my concerns.


Thank you as always.


Dr. Peskind and his staff are easy to visit with. I always feel well taken care of if there office.


It is a great experience every time I go -- short wait time, communicative doctor and friendly staff.


Dr Peskind and the staff are super! Have been going there for over a decade.


Dr. Peskind is a true professional that runs his practice like a well-oiled machine. His front office staff (particularly Robin) is exemplary. He takes the time to actually listen to his patients and I will never stray from his support.

Jeffery T Benson

Dr. Peskind and his team are excellent! My whole family has seen him and he is an excellent, conservative clinician! Highly recommend!!




Over the yeaers I have had nothing but praise for Dr Peskind and his staff, including the hearing aid group. including Christy(sp?) who has been very sympathetic towards an old man with deteriorating vision as well as M.D.All of this makes it very difficult to work on my aids. And Dr P gavbe me my first advice on taking pills - "Stop taking them like eating peanuts and you won't have so many problems swallowing them" And I'll bet he forgot about this advice---So it's a good group, and I'll keep coming as long as I can.




Every once in a while, the wait is a little bit long, but the customer service and quality and care provided by Dr. Peskind makes up for the few minutes. I like the one on one interaction he provides.


Dr. Peskind is a kind, caring and thorough physician who is willing to listen to his patient and move forward in his care in line, not only with his patient's physical needs, but emotional, financial and other concerns as well. His staff is excellent, engaging and helpful as well.


Our first visit to Dr. Peskind was about 20 years ago when he put tubes in my 10 month old son. Over the course of the last 20yrs, he has been our family's ENT. He is patient, a good listener, does his best to get to the bottom of the problem, and I trust him completely!


Dr. Peskind is great - super attentive and wonderful with Children. He came highly recommended and we appreciated the professionalism, short wait time, etc.


We were able to quickly get my daughter a consultation appointment and surgery set to get her ear tubes. There was virtually no wait time any time we went to the office for an appointment. The office is child friendly as is the staff. Overall very happy with the whole experience.

Lilly .M

Very impressed with Dr. Peskind and his thorough approach to helping me. Oh, and his sense of humor is fantastic!

Brian E Pauley



My entire family has been seeing Dr. Peskind for 15 years and we have always had great experiences. Dr. Peskind is skilled, knowledgable, and caring, and his staff is professional and attentive.


It's a very positive atmosphere at Steven Peskind's office because it is a team effort to help identify the patient's needs and offer a treatment.


Assessment,test,review results go home.


Excellent ENT doctor????


He is very funny and is really nice you can Evan be on your phone while he's working he's on task and he's a straitened savage.


I have appreciated every interaction that my family has had with Dr. Peskind's office. He treats us kindly, answers our questions and is sweet to my kids. He is a great physician.


My son came in to have his ears cleaned. Everyone was so friendly, and the doctor was very kind and patient with him. I will recommended this office to everyone! Thank you!!


We found Dr. Peskind after having gone to another provider for about a year (and with whom we did not have a very pleasant experience with our first child). Some background - our first child had a history of rather terrible ear infections and we eventually got her tubes done. We have now been going to Dr. Peskind for about 3 years for our two children. Simply put, we cannot be more pleased. While the practice itself is great with very courteous, capable and professional staff (both nursing and at the front office), what's really amazing about getting medical care here is the Doctor himself. He truly cares about the patient, takes his time to educate and inform the parents and provides care that seems independent of any financial concerns for his practice, which is very rare these days. In many cases, even recently, when I have advocated for perhaps surgical intervention (including a debate on whether a tonsillectomy might be needed), I've found him to provide us medical advice that is sound, not self-serving and most importantly, gives us effective results that help the child. He even gave us another appointment (at no cost) where he addressed my wife's concerns and decided along with us that surgery was not needed at this time. He certainly has our utmost confidence, respect and appreciation! We highly recommend him.


Wonderful!!! Excellent bead side manner. I am so glad that we have finally found a doctor who really cares and takes his time with his patients. I recommend him to all parents, for their children and themselves.


Been coming over 10 year best ENT in Dallas. Cares for his patients.


Fantastic service!


Dr. Peskind truly cares about the patient, takes his time to educate and inform the parents and provides care that seems independent of any financial concerns for his practice, which is very rare these days. He certainly has our utmost confidence, respect and appreciation! We highly recommend him.

Raghav Radhakrishnan

The doctor and staff are awesome. The doctor is very knowledgeable, patient, takes the time to explain everything, and ask if you have questions. If you need to see a ENT choose this office. You won't be disappointed.


The staff was very friendly and accommodating and Dr. Peskind was extremely good with my daughter who is not a fan of going to the doctor.


Dr., was very transparent with every step and provided TLC through whole process and what can I say about the nurse and staff? Extremely friendly,pleasant and fun, lightened up my nerves and held my head steady.A experience.


Very helpful.... reassuring.


I spent time researching ENT doctors in the area and chose Dr. Peskind. I'm really glad I did. He and his staff were attentive, kind, punctual, and thorough. They listened well, tested me, and then explained the results and options thoroughly. I recommend Dr. Peskind and his team. PS: I'm not that easy to please.

Mike Williams

Cannot begin to describe how wonderful my experience was with Dr. Peskind . Even the office staff was terrific . The nurse was friendly too. I couldn't hear and was in horrible pain. I was taken very good care of and giving referrals to him. Blessings 5 stars across the board.


It was just an ulcer...I'm going to live...thanks Dr. Peskind for taking care of me...go Turkey!


Amazing doctor! The kids enjoy coming here.


It was relaxed and fast.


Very thorough discussion, learned some things no one had ever discussed with me.


Receptionist was very polite and professional. Dr. Peskind was very professional and asked questions to aware about my overall health. The audiologist explained the procedure so that I understood the process. Overall, no complaints about my visit today. All staff professional and friendly.


Wonderful experience!!! I can hear again:).




It was great awesome doctor and staff!


Great doctor. Knowledgeable an straightforward.


Answered my questions. Great visit as usual.


Excellent I can hear again. Everybody was great!

Linda Holmes

Great visit with friendly staff. Dr. Peskind was very informative and knowledgeable. I will recommend him to those that need his expertise.


Dr Peskind is always awesome, attentive and straightforward. The staff is always friendly and organized.


As this is my first time with Dr Pestkind, I was very much satisfied with the level of service that I received today. The staff was very professional and friendly at the same time. I look forward to revising this office again.


Best visit ever. Dr. Peskind is both knowledgeable and gentle. Staff is always super kind and friendly!


Excellent experiences for both my son and myself. Dr. Peskind is a great listener and very efficient. My son's surgery was fast and without complication with an easy recovery time.


Exellent care by Dr. Peskind.


Awesome as always!!!


Friendly, professional and caring My issues/ concerns were met Entire staff was lovely.


The staff was very welcoming, the office was very clean, and wait time was short. Dr. Peskind is a good listener and easy to converse with.


It was a great experience the dr was more than amazing to my son (7 years) I recommended everyone to him.


Wonderful! Thank you!


Excellent customer service from set up of appointment to end of visit. Robin & Jessica are so pleasant and professional. Dr. Peskind is very pleasant, knowledgeable and took time to explain what he was going to do and why. Good ole' school doctor visit with all the updated technology.


Very nice and friendly office. Thorough exam. Very pleased.


Great staff and physician. Easy scheduling and little wait time.


Dr. Peskind and staff were very courteous and thorough. Thanks for your service.


Exceeded all my expectations, I am very pleased.


Great service, felt very personal and caring all around.


Very thorough and concise. Great staff!!


Very friendly staff. Little to no wait time. Very informative doctor.


Very caring doctor.


Great visit, short wait and found that I have no serious problem. Dr. Peskind was thorough and professional. Would highly recommend him.


The doc is a cool guy. He explained everything in detail and fixed my ear.


Very nice always. Doctor is very informative and kind. Staff is. Dry friendly and always smiling. Love to bring my daughter here.


Very friendly staff, easy to get appt and no waiting. Office staff fiendly and helpful. Great experience. Thank you.


Felt very comfortable, friendly.


Dr Peskind was very quick to assist with providing a resolution to my child's allergy issue. I will be definitely referring my friends here!!!!!!!


This is my first time visit with De Steven Peskind. I was treated really well and fixed my ear issue. Thanks Dr Steven P and Team. Keep up the Good work.


Excellent service Dr has explain it very clearly.


Very pleasant, professional. Look forward to Dr. Peskind being a part of my health care.


It was nice because dr.penskind was kind and fun to talk to.


Really great.....


It had been a very long time since I had seen dr peskind. I came back to the dr because I lost my sense of smell again. He took my information and prescribed me a steroid to see if it helps. He wants to see me back in 3 weeks.


Very thorough, professional, friendly. Overall, very good experience.


Dr. Steven Peskind and his staff are the most knowledgable medical caregivers. Dr. Peskind has from the time we started visiting his practice taken great care with our daughter, answered all our questions and checked for clarity and understanding on our part. He was WONDERFUL paying special attention to our baby. He and his staff offer nothing but compassion and expertise. Comfort above and beyond from Dr.Peskind and his staff while exhibiting top notch medical information. They simply CARE!


I've seen Dr. Peskind for years and I have to say he is one of the kindest most dedicated doctors I've ever seen. He takes the time to actually listen to his patients and he bends over backwards to make sure his patients have the best care. I honestly have never known a doctor as dedicated and honest as him. I couldn't imagine seeing anyone else. Dr. Peskind is a rare doctor- he truly cares.


My family and I have been seeing Dr. Peskind for over 10 years. He has performed surgeries in addition to general office visits for us and we couldn't be more pleased and confident in him. From allergies, asthma issues, 'killer' sinus issues, tonsil troubles, ear tubes, and repeat strep throat he's taken care of all of it for the whole bunch of us and treated us with respect and kindness. I highly recommend him and do so frequently.


Dr. Peskind was always so personable- my little boy just loved him and would pretend to be him when he played doctor. Dr. Peskind put tubes in my son's ears at 11mos and at age 3 put in T-tubes (at my request to keep from having more and more put in) and they lasted until he was 7 when Dr. P took them out- in office- no pain. He is knowledgeable, thorough, and completely put my son at ease, every time. I have no idea why anyone would say otherwise? We saw him for 6 years and got to him by a personal referral!


My initial contact with was when I was 30 and had to have my tonsils removed. One of the most unpleasant surgeries. At the time I did find him a bit dry in humor but a great doctor. Then my little one had speech issue and had to have a hearing test. This man is brilliant with children! I could not have been more impressed when he took my 2 years hand and joked with her all the way to the test booth. The following summer my teenager broke his nose and off to Dr. Peskind we went. He was just as great with a 13 year old as a 2 yr old.I have sent friends and family knowing he will do a great job for them!


I have been taking my daughter to Dr. Peskind since day one. I will not take her anywhere else! Peskind has always been so kind and sweet with her, gets down on her level to talk to her, plays games with her and walks her down to the hearing room instead of just sending us to it.He also makes it a point to call me and let me know how her appointment went and what he found if I cant go with her. I would recommend Peskind to anyone!!


Simply, a wonderful doctor. This world needs more like him. I also echo the other responses in saying his bedside manner is impeccable. He has a way with patients and their families that puts everyone at ease.


Great doc, nice man, good listener for my wife's health concerns.


He is the very best ear, nose and throat physician. He is caring, thoughtful, very skilled in his profession and is quite funny!


BEST doctor EVER! My son absolutely loves Dr. Peskind! We are very grateful to have such a wonderful ENT. :).

Chelsea Mcbride

Took my daughter to get ear tubes with Dr. Peskind. Had a very good experience and have been back several times for rechecks. Dr. Peskind is very competent and kind, and I have had good experiences with all of the staff.

Lisa Hill

My son is 23 now but has been going to doctor peskind since he was 12 years old. He is the only doctor that we trust with ENT issues. He is a great, personable and caring person.

Vickie Smith

Great doctor. Exact right amount of treatment. Doesn't feel the need to over do it. Works with you.


Dr. Peskind is great. Most importantly, our toddlers like him.

Lorrie Engel

Dr. Peskind is amazing! He went above and beyond the call of duty for our daughter when she needed her tonsils removed. He is very responsive and worked our daughter in when he was very busy. He even called to check on her after hours and on his day off. He is a fantastic doctor and knows what he is doing! He has a great personality and my entire family who met him at the hospital loved him. The staff is also fantastic and I have never been to a doctor's office or interacted with a staff that is so responsive. Even the nurse at the surgery hospital had used him and raved about how much she liked him. I will recommend him to as many people as I can. I never write google reviews but Dr. Peskind deserves 5 stars!

Wendy Curtis

Everyone in the office staff is so accommodating and professional.

Gary Brownfield

Awesome bedside manners!! Truly cares about the patients. Highly recommend if you need an ENT.

m truax

I'm so glad my friend told us about Dr. Peskind! My 3 year old had an ear injury, we went in for a check-up and were very pleased with the friendly office staff & Dr. Peskind. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an ENT, he is great with children & families!

Aimee S.

I rarely write reviews for doctors but Dr. Peskind is THE MAN!!! My 2 year old had a ton of ear wax and we were worried it was impacting her hearing; we took her into the pediatrician and she was really fussy and wouldn't hold still for the doctor to examine her. We took her to see Dr. Peskind to see if he would have better luck and OMG - he cleaned her ears in just a few minutes! I don't know why my daughter held still for him but she just did! He's a really nice guy. I highly recommend him for pediatric care.

Joyce K.

Dr. Steven Peskind comes across as someone who really enjoys what he is doing! His office is nice and organized, Everything from scheduling an appointment to actually meeting a doctor was easy and smooth. We arrived for our appointment 5 mins prior and we've been seen literally @ our appointment time on the dot. As a working mom with very tight schedule, I value people and professionals who respect your time. It's been multiple times when I walked out of doctors' offices after waiting longer than 30 mints to be seen. So trust me I'm very serious about time management and punctuality.So first we've done hearing test, which was hard to do with my crazy active 2 y.o. Then we've been seen by Dr. Peskind, who was extremely good with my 2 y.o. thunder toddler.We've been followed up by his assistant after we left the office to schedule appointment for ear tubes insertion. Needless to say I've received email with detailed information about all the pros and cons of the procedure and what needs to be paid attention to.Dr. Peskind was very detailed when explained about the procedure and was looking for the best case scenario for my son. We had 8 ear infections in 7 month :( I think it's time for some help!

Yuliya S.

He is a vertical good ENT... He very through, up front and honest with you. Really like him so much. I took a friend once and my husband to the second visit. Both were very, very inpressed. He did a great job on my sinus surgery. We get along very well. His staffs are outstanding and you can't say that about many doctors offices. The staffs he uses at the Texas Diagnostic and Surgery Center were wonderful too. He is Dr. Steven Peskind (Peskend).

Cyndie Turner Lang

We absolutely love Dr. Peskind, he is great with young kids. He takes his time to talk to the kids and mommy too! I would highly recommend a visit if you are suffering with ENT issues.

Candice W.