Been comin here for over 2 years. The doctors are great. Dr. Abraham is the best. Location is convenient and had parking. After having some stomach problems for years, I am not really feeling a lot better. He pays attention to your needs and really takes care of you. I had a few procedures done by him and all were perfect. The front desk is nice and always follows up. Best place in Long Island for stomach problems.

Dan R.

I highly recommend this doctor and this office. I appreciate professionalism and efficiency and great bedside manner.


It was a pleasant time. Very good services. Everyone is very professional and Dr. Farhat is a super good doctor. She really takes care of the improvements of all her patients.

Kathereen Palencia

Superior experience.


Staff is very friendly and helpful. Doctor was very knowledgeable, kind and helpful as well.


Staff and doctor were very professional and accommodating from scheduling appointment to the end of appointment.


Doctor seems knowledgeable and seems to care about results. I am hopeful to work with Dr. Farhat.

Shannon Truitt

Very compassionate and thorough doctor.


I was seen rather quickly. The doctor was very informative. I was satisfied with my visit today.


Great patient care. Staff and doctor were very nice.


I really love this place! I live in the Bronx and it's worth it coming here because I get treated very good. I would recommend to others who are suffering the same pain as I am.

Marwa Alshami

very helpful! Received a lot of information.

Tara Werner

Very good doctor. Very informative. She was very helpful!

Miguel Paredes

No wait time, was seen right away. Doctor was extremely nice, comforting and helpful. Look forward to seeing her again.


Great provider, very helpful!


Great patient care. Explained everything to me. Staff was very nice and friendly.

Christina Guzman

Everything was superior, didn't have any complaints.


Dr farhat was great.


Everything was very good. No issues.


Very good follow up appointment.


Thank you for last week, seeing me for an emergency last minute and for treating me. I feel so much better. =).


Amazing follow-up. No wait time. Listens and actually remembers my symptoms. Insightful and informative.


So happy here!!! Crystal did a very easy/gentle bloodwork. Dr. Farhat was gentle, sweet and most importantly...caring. I'm very happy with my experience. The whole staff has been very sweet.


Made an appointment at 1:00pm and was able to be seen at 3:00pm. The staff is great; very nice and sweet. I will be recommending this place to all my friends. Never had a doctor be so descriptive. She was great!

Kathy Perez

My experience was very easy and good. It was easy.


Dr. Farhat is the best!!


Dr. Farhat was very helpful in telling me what was going on with me based on my symptoms. She covered all of my concerns.


Dr. Farhat is very conscientious and takes time to explain everything in detail - something most doctors overlook.

Alexander Mesa

Dr. Farhat was amazing and explained everything thoroughly. She made me feel very comfortable.


Amazing listener and took her time to listen and ask follow-up questions. Patient and knowledgeable about condition and took steps I am more comfortable with.


Good visit.


Dr. Sakina is very experienced. I'm hopeful I will be well soon with her treatments.


Very good appointment.


I wish all doctor appointments were as pleasant as Dr. Farhat and her staff!


Great staff, fun and friendly. Would recommend!


The doctor is very considerate. I was here for an urgent case and the doctor saw me immediately and found quick solutions. More than what the emergency department has done for us.

Hemawatie Adjoda

Everything was Great ! Thanks Again !I will be sending friends and Family.

Stephanie Ramos

Very quick and thorough. The staff was very friendly and patient. Thank you!

Vanessa Francis

Excellent consultation. Hopefully my follow up visit will be just as good!


Staff Maria and Crystal have been very helpful in making me feel comfortable!

Isabel Cartagena

Great experience.


Aside from the wait time everything was good.


Nice doctor. Very intuitive real care provider. Not just for the money, but for the patient.

Ulises Baquero Cueto

I was very pleased with the very friendly staff and Dr Farhat. They made the experience much easier than I had expected.


Very good all around.


Excellent staff. Friendly and courteous.


Came in for a procedure. Everything was very good.


Excellent. No complaints.

Michelle Sharabi

No complaints. Very good visit.


Excellent service, great doctor! Whole crew, amazing!


Dr. Farhat is so knowledgeable and so patient with my concerns.


It was a very good procedure.


Staff and doctors were very helpful and informative. The whole procedure is not painful at all, contrary to what other people say. Excellent service. Thank you!


Great experience!


From my first visit I can't really judge yet, but I have a great first consultation.


Everything was very good.


The doctor and staff are very welcoming. They provide you with all the necessary information to treat you and give you a comforting feeling that you are well taken care of. Recommend anyone to come visit.

Yomaly Diaz

Great doctor and quick appointment availability.


Dr Farhat was able to see me urgently on Tuesday morning and schedule me for a colonoscopy the next day in the afternoon. Now that's quick service for those in need.


Good, actually excellent.

Doris Ortiz

Good consultation. Will return.


Doctor is very nice. She explained everything very well. Overall, super treatment. I feel good and I am happy.

Zahida Parveen

The staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr. Farhat was very professional and made me feel comfortable discussing my ailment.


Nice visit with Dr. Farhat. She taught me things about my condition that I didn't know from my own research.


Excellent experience.

Saba Bekele

Dr. Farhat is great.


Very good!

Kiochi Yoshihara

Really great sleep during my procedure!

Kelly Bignardi

Very helpful and understanding!


Lovely staff!


Dr Farhat was very attentive. She carefully listened to my problems and gave me suggestions on how I can improve my health. Will definitely come back to see her and her great staff!


The doctor is excellent and the staff was very friendly!


Very caring and helpful staff.


Very satisfied!


Very impressed with the service of the staff and doctor. Friendly atmosphere. Feel very good.


Excellent treatment! Thanks!

Prince Bruce

Everything was very good!


Great team!


Everything they did for me was superior and excellent. Will not change my doctor for the world!

Carlos Smith

Staff was very friendly and pleasant. The doctor was very helpful and nice. I was able to book the same day. I recommend the office 100%!

Benicia Fernandez

Very clean office, with great friendly staff! The doctor was very patient and kind. Will definitely recommend this office and doctor! My only regret is not making an appointment sooner!

Paola Hernandez

Everything was above my expectation. I visited another gastroenterologist and it was a different experience (not a good one). Keep doing the good work!! God bless you guys!


Felt comfortable and everything was very well explained to me by Dr Farhat. Staff was very courteous. Overall, very good service. Many thanks!

Shameen Ali

Everything is good and I am happy with my doctor and facility.


great staff and great doctor. This visit definitely eased my worries about my stomach health.


The doctor was really patient and strictly required me to follow all the procedures. It feels like she cares about her patients very much!


I felt heard and left clinic with a clear plan to help figure out what is going on.


Great doctor! Feel better already just speaking to the doctor!


Everyone was very nice and caring!


Very Good.

Sultana Sanwirja

Staff were professional and nice! Doctor was understanding and walked me though the next few steps. I feel comfortable with them!


Very detailed consultation!


Great doctor!Anondita(medical assistant) was great!


Great first consultation!


Everything was excellent.

Rabiya Khan

Dr Farhat was wonderful in explaining everything and all procedures.


Everything was great! Thanks again! I will be sending friends and family.

Stephanie Ramos

Wait time was very short. Overall staff members with in the facility were super friendly. I would highly recommended someone to come see DR Farhat and The staff. Excellent service from everyone staff members and my provider.


Doctor and nurse was very helpful and sympathetic. Very good job done by the doctor.

Ramanand Prasad

From Preparation to Procedure every staff was friendly and procedure was smooth organized. I would like to recommend this Facility to my Friends. Thanks a Lot !



Rabiya Khan

Everything is good. The doctor was good as well.


Very friendly staff and doctor! Doc was very informative on condition and next steps. Overall pleasant experience - look forward to my follow up!


Great First Consultation.


My visit was very welcoming with the nurses here. I was well taken care of.

Brenda Cameron

Excellent work. Highly satisfied. Provider was very informative. Didn't have to wait long especially being a new patient. Staff members very sweet, helpful and super friendly.


Staff accessing Kind and Helpful.


Wonderful. No complaints.

Ronald Lamb

My overall experience was superior!


Can't ask for better service!


Wonderful!!!!! Both doctor and staff!


Doctor was very professional. She took time to listen about my current issues and made me feel at ease. Overall experience was excellent.


Very informative and helpful. The doctor was very nice and took enough time to explain all my concerns. the office staff is friendly and helpful.


Very happy here.


I enjoy coming here. I love my doctor and the staff is great!


It is a pleasure visiting this office. Dr Farhat and all of the staff are wonderful. I love this practice and that they have Saturday appointments available!


Overall, everything was very good!


I am very happy that I found this doctor!!!


Recommended by Zocdoc, the doctor explained everything and made me feel comfortable, even the staff. Elizabeth is great! Everyone made me feel at home. I would recommend this doctor to anyone.


I like the close feeling between the staff and clients. They are very thorough.


The service overall was outstanding. They really focus on what is going on and ask a lot of questions that shows interest in the patient. Making appointments here were easy and everyone in the office is incredibly kind. Additionally, the doctor explains in detail what is occurring to your body and takes time on you without no rush.


I came in here for a colonoscopy. I am very grateful that Dr. Farhat was at least willing to attempt a colonoscopy with no sedation. She really listens to her patients. She has excellent bedside manners. I also appreciate the anesthesiologist, Dr. Raftopol who was reassuring and professional. The facility is cleaner and more professional than most places I have been to and the staff is very helpful and provides service with great attitude. All of these factors are hard to find in NYC. Thank you!


I love it here! The staff is very friendly and my doctor is very wonderful to me!


Great staff all around! Thank you for everything!!


My colonoscopy was quick and easy! There was no wait time and the staff was very efficient, professional, and friendly.


Great staff. Everyone is friendly and professional. Clean office and patient room. Dr Farhat is patient and informative.


My appointment went smooth. Everything was well organized and ready for me when I got there whether it involved signing paper work or preparing for my procedure. Well put together.


I arrived to the doctors and I didn't have to wait long at all to be called in for consultation. The doctor made an excellent first impression! I will surely visit again.


Amazing! Great doctor. Will be back!


Excellent doctor! Excellent facility and staff! Highly recommended.


It's been a very good experience overall! Everything went smoothly. My visit was quick and efficient. Exactly what I was looking for.


Perfect experience. I had a great time visiting my doctor. She made me laugh and took very good care of me. Thank you!


Very good facility, staff, and doctor. The wait time was excellent, I didn't have to wait long at all.


Dr. Farhat and her staff are very friendly and informative. I would highly recommend her!


Wow, Great service!


The staff was very cooperative. Excellent doctors visit! Highly recommended!


I have no complaints in regards to my visit. Everything was so smooth and I taken care of in an orderly fashion. Great experience!


I came in for a procedure and everything went smooth. I was taken care of very good but I had to wait a little long to be seen. But everything was good at the end.


Outstanding facility and staff. My doctor was excellent too! I would highly recommend this place.


Upon arrival the staff was ready and very attentive. One of the staff members, Christina, prepped me and then the procedure was performed. The procedure was quick and painless, I slept through majority of it. Even after the procedure the staff was helpful in getting me ready. Overall, very positive procedure. Thanks!


Great facility and great staff! My visit to Dr. Farhats office was very convenient. The atmosphere was not hectic at all and every thing was well organized.


I love it here. The staff is very friendly. Dr Farhat is very wonderful to me!


Very good! I am satisfied with my visit and satisfied with my doctor. Dr. Sakina has been very kind and proactive towards my health and I am leaving my follow up appointment with a lot of progress.