Dr. Farhat is very conscientious and takes time to explain everything in detail - something most doctors overlook.

Alexander M.

Great doctor!


No negative feedback.


My experience was very good.

Rohinee Brijmohan

Very helpful and friendly.


Good service.


Excellent staff and doctor!


They're good. They explained everything to me properly.

Elizabeth Cordero

Everything was great.

Angel Aroche

Friendly staff. Everything was great.


Very good experience. I am very happy with him.

Martin Boone

You're the man!


Very friendly and considerate staff. Great doctors. Everyone is very professional and courteous.


Kind and professional. Nice treatment.

Jamal Reda

I liked him a lot - thorough and listened to me. Seemed very knowledgeable.

Carrie Rubenfeld

Excellent doctor.

Saul Mercardo

Dr. Abraham listened to me. He explained in thorough detail. He is a very nice doctor.

Hemlata Patel

Exceptional Service.


Great service and the whole staff are superior, polite and professional.


Very caring and informative. Dr. Biju is very professional and takes time to explain. Also, doesn't beat around the bush. If some needs to get done, he gets it done immediately. Quick results. Highly recommended.


He is really a nice person I feel really comfortable here.


Everything was very good!


I am really satisfied with the service provided by the doctor's office.


Very professional care all around.

John Alves

Very good staff. Scheduling an appointment and procedure was fast. Excellent people.

Maria Figueroa

My Consult with Dr. Abraham was very professional and very pleasant regarding my condition.


Dr. Abraham is a very thorough, caring doctor.

Linda Gray

Great doctor! He's easy to talk to, he can relate easy. 10/10. Would recommend him to anyone I know! Also knows how to relay information to his patients in a way they understand!!!!!!!!!!


Great experience with Dr. Abraham. He is thorough and honest. Takes the time to explain things in "normal" understandable terms. He clearly cares about his patience. Thanks doc!


Pleasant ..Clear .. courteous.. the staff and Dr Abraham were great...


He's a good doctor and I'm happy with his service and all the staffs.


Good service. Good experience. Good staff.

Piyush Parikh

I came in after having intense vomiting for some time now .. Dr. Abraham was able to give me the necessary tests that pinpoint the problem. After a treatment regimen , I feel great again. He is attentive to a patients needs and professional with explaining the steps needed. I must say that the entire office atmosphere is quite pleasant .. receptionist are pleasant while being professional. I am amazed that after seeing so many patients , they are still able to greet you by name.


Dr. Abraham, very professional, patient , and explained everything to me. Answered all my questions and concerns that I had. Very great doctor!


Very thorough and knowledgeable. He was able to respect my time constraint and did not have me waiting long.


Everyone was very friendly and made me feel comfortable!

Alexander Bernard

Fantastic team of operators from every time I visit. I have received results of my second colonoscopy at the New Hyde Park and didn't have any issues. Wait time, staff and overall experience was smooth. My first experience with DDC was just as smooth as I expected. Superb results and no side effects.

Sadik Uddin

This was my first visit with Dr. Abraham and it was great. The doctor was very informative and explained thoroughly.


Dr. Abraham's hospitality and kind nature made me very comfortable. The staff are professional and kind.


I came in for an endoscopy and colonoscopy and everything went well! No issues. All instructions were given multiple times to avoid any issues.


The doctor was superior. He was friendly and answered any questions that I had. The staff was professional and very timely. I would recommend this office to others.

Anthony McFarlene

My experience was great. The doctor was great. The staff was nice as well. My overall experience was great.


Excellent staff. I would recommend this facility to others.


Dr. Biju is really an excellent . I am surely recommend him to anyone.

Sabin Sabu

While I had my procedure, I felt very comfortable. The staff made it easy for me to relax. The doctor and the nurses were awesome. They answered all my questions and put my mind at ease. My only complaint was that I didn't know I had a copay, but the staff was able to work with me and get my procedure done. Thanks.


Friendly. Would recommend.


Very good experience.

Deokaran Sanasie

Thank you for everything.


Very satisfied with staff - polite and pleasant! Doctor is great - understanding and helpful. I will recommend Dr. Abraham anytime and a great smile =) Very clean facility.


The appointment was great. No comments.


Very good service!!

Louinet Orilas

Thank you! Very good service. Easy to understand procedure (endoscopy). The staff is cooperative.

Bal Sah Teli

It was a smooth process.


Very professional staff.

Balwinder Kumar

Service and doctor all up to the highest standards. Satisfied with all the procedures.

Mohammad Butt

Wonderful staff. Made me feel very at ease. Lets look into flavored lidocaine though, because that was rough.

Angela Caldas

Great experience - for this being my first time (colonoscopy).

Paschal Menezes

The staff and medical team treated me well. They work well together and very compassionate with their patients.


This has been a very nice experience. Excellent staff. Keep it up. BRAVO!


No complaints at all. Everything was very good.


Very good staff!


Everything was good! No problems.


Dr. Biju was the best I ever had. Thanks doc! I really appreciate it. Thanks!

Mir Shafiuddin

Everything is going good so far.


Excellent arrangements!


There was a sense of professionalism in this office. I was very impressed by the wait time. I didn't have to wait at all and the assistant and doctor were highly informative. I highly recommend this doctor.


Very good service!

Alexander Marte

I had a nice sleep during the colonoscopy. I woke up and everything was done. I liked it. I would strongly recommend to have this procedure done if needed.


The staff and medical team work well together and are very compassionate with their patients. Keep up the good work!


Everything was good! I came very early in the morning for a procedure and did not have to wait that long at all. They called me in for some signatures and put me in the back immediately. From there, everything ran smooth. The staff was very informative about every step they were taking and gave me an idea of the total time it would take to be out of the office. So it was easy to plan my morning accordingly because they were highly informative.


Everyone was very nice and very concerned.


Friendly staff, cordial and polite. Fairly quick service.


Everything was great!


Nice. Professional. Felt very comfortable.


Staff is very nice and I love coming to this facility.

Karen Aguilera

Everything was very good.

Surinder Kaur

I feel as though the office is very well kept and welcoming. All staff are pleasant and helpful. I am satisfied with the level of care, recommendations and services I've received.


Very convenient and helpful with last minute appointment!


Very friendly and excellent bedside manner.


I would definitely recommend this office to others.


All the staff members were very nice and the doctor was great!


Thank you Dr Abraham! Nice experience. You were very professional as well as your staff. You and the staff catered to my needs and made me comfortable. Thanks again.


Very good, staff was very nice and professional!

Cori Viles

Everything was excellent from beginning to end!


The visit went very well. I had a minor procedure down in office, and I feel satisfied. I especially like the fact that before my appointment. I received a text message with my appointment details, including the address, date and time. Overall, it was a good experience considering its a doctors office.


I love this place because of the professional doctor and his staff (Kinverly). They were very knowledgeable and kind and answered all of my questions. Dr Biju Abraham was very patient and thorough and I highly recommend him!

Tomasz Zaleski

Very good care. Polite. Very helpful.

Ramkhelawan Seetaram

Dr Biju's office has excellent public attention, professionals and organized. Kinverly is really nice and I feel comfortable because she is bilingual in Spanish and English. The funny part is, she always remembers my name and recognizes my voice by phone!


All was good, only a little discomfort, nothing else. Thank you!

Margarita Vasquez Laurenti

Staff is very cordial and procedure was quick. It is a warm atmosphere and I would recommend this place to others. Thank you for your services and continue to do a superb job.


Staff and doctor make me feel very comfortable. They show professionalism and care. Lovely staff. I'll definitely come back and recommend this wonderful place. Thank you for everything!


Everything was super easy and fast. Everyone was really nice. Thank you!


Everything was good. Wait time and staff was superior.


Staff and doctors are excellent and very nice. I love being here.


The staff was very nice!!!


Staff and doctors are excellent! Front desk are very good and they make me feel welcome. Staff is very professional!


The procedure went well with my colonoscopy. The staff was very professional and courteous. they always ensure that everything is fine with the comfort and procedure. Definitely will recommend the clinic to other patients!


They make people feel very safe here. I will do more procedures here.


Staff is friendly and caring!


Overall excellent. The staff is excellent!!!


No complaints! Everything was good.


I liked everything. Everything was very professional and very good.


Professional staff! Excellent doctors. Takes time to discuss. Excellent experience.


Overall a good experience. Staff is very nice, very organized. I am very happy with their services.


Very professional and friendly!


The staff and doctor were friendly and fully addressed my issues.


I am highly satisfied with my visit to this doctors office mainly because my doctor is very down to earth, but I also like the staff. Every time I visit my doctor, the staff always greets me with a warm smile and answers all my questions thoroughly. They really know how to get their work done in a timely and organized manner. The waiting area was also very clean and comfortable so I have no complaints.


I had a procedure done at this facility and I didn't encounter any complications. The staff over here is excellent. Everything was pretty convenient and all went well. They have a parking lot here which made it easy for me to bring my car.


Great staff, especially Maria! Procedure is quick. Would recommend facility, provider and staff. Thank you for all your help!


Staff is always very friendly and understanding. They accommodate to patients needs.


Everything went well. The staff was awesome and available everywhere I turned. If I had any questions, they were readily available to answer any questions or concerns regarding my visit. I am happy with my provider and treatment results, this is exactly what I was looking for. Their level of service is great and they keep it professional at all times. I will follow up with them soon!


Very good service! I am satisfied.


Everything went very well! Special thanks to Parag, Maria, Christina, Sejal and my doctor, Dr. Biju for providing such excellent care with so much sincerity.


My visit is always very good. Dr. Biju takes his patients very seriously. I have been following up with him for about 2 years now and with every visit, he provides a realistic approach to ensure my wellbeing. I appreciate the honesty and I applaud his staff for being just as kind. I intend on continuing my visits with Digestive Disease Care.


Amazing team! From start to end, I was treated with loads of kindness. Everyone was so gentle and respectful! Thank you!


I feel so comfortable with all the staff in the office. I came here for a procedure and even though all I wanted to do was nap after my procedure, the girl there, I believe her name was Christina, made me laugh a bit. She also took great care of me and ensured my family was there so I wasn't all alone after my procedure. Everyone is so kind and thoughtful! Good experience.


I chose this place because it is convenient for me. The atmosphere in the medical office including the doctors and medical assistants are great!Everyone in this office is very helpful and informative. There is a sense of organization and teamwork amongst the staff and together they made my experience consulting a gastroenterologist more convenient. I am glad I chose this place.


My doctor, Dr. Biju has been nothing short of keeping it kind and professional. He is very amiable, understanding and super down to earth. I am really happy I chose him as my GI doctor.


The doctors are good and so are the girls. I noticed this office has a high volume of patients and despite the fast pace, the staff there answered my question with so much ease and a friendly smile. They were great! Excellent service!


I have been following up with Dr. Biju since last October and I greatly admire how knowledgeable he is. His medical advice has been very effective and I make sure to follow up with him ever couple of months. He is very informative and kind and I mostly admire his ability to make me feel comfortable confiding in him. I am happy he is my doctor and I look forward to my next follow up appointment.