Dr. Jochims is always very professional yet caring. He is a good listener and wants to help. His nurse is excellent. Again, kind and caring at all times. The greeting and scheduling staff are very quick to answer and seem annoyed to work with clients.


I saw Dr. Jochims for a headache and sleep consultation. I checked in and waited about 15-20 minutes. During the appointment, Dr. Jochims asked many important questions about my medical history and was very thorough about figuring out what was going on. He taught me about what conditions and symptoms I was experiencing and learned things that you can’t easily find through a Google search. I was told about migraine management and had some medications switched around. Dr. Jochims also ordered an at-home sleep study, which was more cost-effective and convenient in my case. All-in-all, Dr. Jochims seems to have my best interests in mind and I continue to see him today!


the Dr. gave me a carpul tunnel test and then explained all my options. he is very caring . The girls that work here are so friendly. I highly recommend this office .


I have never had a bad experience with Neurologicl Wellness.

Kathy Mack

All of the staff are great. Dr Jochims has really helped my migraines. I'm glad I switched from my last doctor.


I would definitely recommend this facility! Dr. Jochims is very friendly, patient and caring! The facility is very clean! Wait time is short and the staff is very friendly!

Diana Oleson

Always a pleasure coming here. The entire staff and providers are so committed to their patients. From getting me wheelchair and helping me get my father in to the office to getting him comfortable and warm for his testing. Getting an appointment on very short notice is always very accomadated. I refer as often as possible and we are so happy we found such a caring Doctor and office for my fathers neurological and many health needs!Thank you all countless times!


Dr. Jochims suggestions for relief from leg pain was spot-on. My complaints from that time have subsided. -Marilee Burczyk.


I kept all the default answers but that is b/c my experience was very impressive and I felt Dr K and Kristin really cared about me. Additionally, Dr called me 2 or 3 times to answer follow-up questions I had. I would highly recommend him to anyone behind his expertise. Darrell.


My annual visit with Dr. Jochims was excellent! Let him know, because of his recommendation of how good the movie is, I bought the movie.


Through careful diagnosis and medical care, Dr. Jochims has helped my medical condition significantly.

Sally P.A

I started with serious sleep apnia. 49 interruptions per hour. The ResMed unit is easy to use. Most nights the interruption average is only 2-3, sometimes a little higher. I sleep deeply for the night. The best part is Iím awake and alert during the whole day. No danger driving. Thank you to Dr. Jochims and the excellent staff.


Everyone was helpful, and took the time necessary to answer any questions.


I have had great success with Dr. Jochims. The pain in my feet has improved since being on the meds he perscribed. Also my back pain has improved since he sent me to Physical Therapy. They gave me exercises to do that have improved the pain. I am feeling much better.


Dr. Jochims is always easy to talk to and open to questions/discussion regarding treatment and works with you for the best outcome.


Dr Jochims understood my tremor condition and was able to eliminate parkinson's disease. We started a medication treatment but went slowly until we found the dosage that works for me. He listens to what I'm telling him so we can discuss options. Dr Jochims has a very calming personality and I feel that I have an excellent partner in my medical needs.


I would recommend the doctor, he was a good guy and was able to diagnose me.


It was great. All my questions were answered, and my migraines improved!


I have been with Dr. Jochims for many years now & continue to be very happy with him & his staff.I have a follow up appointment with Dr. Jochims yearly.


The staff was very friendly and informative, and worked with me on scheduling. Dr. Jochims took time to discuss the sleep test and answer all questions that I had.


I have had great success with Dr. Jochims. The pain in my feet has backed off with medication. My back pain improved since he sent me to Physical Therapy , they gave some exercises to do for back pain. Doing much better!


The staff was very friendly and informative and worked with me on scheduling. Dr. Jochims took the time to explain the sleep test and answer all questions that I had. A good experience.


Had an wonderful experience with this clinic, Dr. Jochims was so very kind even though I tend to talk a lot when Iím nervous :) he really put me at ease. Itís a very frustrating thing feeling symptoms so profound and not knowing the cause , he listened and was very sympathetic to it. I would highly recommend not only this clinic but also Dr. Jochims to anyone!!


My experience has been great with Dr. Jochims. My foot pain has improved with the Meds he perscribed. My back pain has also improved since he sent me to Physical Therapy and I have some exercises to do for my back. Feeling much better.


I felt very satisfied with my experience. Dr. Jochims and his staff are very well versed in the treatment and I felt comfortable in asking for help.5 star all the way!


The Dr. takes the time to discus things with me. It's not hi see me in 6 mounts. you like that.




I had a follow=up for my CPAP machine and all went well. Didn't see Dr. Jochims, but it was not necessary.


Just moved to the area and needed to establish a provider for my chronic condition and was able to get into Dr. Jochims quickly. He and his nurse Shannon made sure I received the care and treatment I needed.


Very satisfied regarding my medical visit with Dr. Jochims, his staff and office.


I experienced nothing short of excellent. The staff is very welcoming and the offices are very clean. Dr. Jochims took the time to review my CPAC experiences. He listened and understood my concerns and made recommendations. His staff have always answered my questions and concerns professionally and quickly. This is why Dr. Jochims and his staff get high ratings.


We are very happy with the care we get from Dr. Jochims. He cares about his patients and makes the time to listen to their needs. We would highly recommend him.


Dr. Jochims has seen me regarding two separate problems over several years, the last being in April of 2014. He is thorough and easy to talk to - he listens! I would not hesitate to consult him again should the need ever arise, and would happily recommend him.


Dr. Jochims listens to you. He is very tenatived when you are with him. His staff is helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend him and his staff.


I have been very pleased with Dr. Jochims and his staff. I would definitely recommend him to others. Thank you.


All went well! Everyone was very courteous, friendly and efficient. Timing was very good and not always other places. Would recommend anyone to you. Thanks, Dale Peck.


I've been going to Dr. Joachims for a couple of years now for sleep apnea. I had challenges getting used to the treatment and gear, but through coaching and consistent encouragment Dr. Joachims has got me regularly using the machine and equipment and I feel great. So much better! The staff are so helpful in the office and work hard to help me comply with insurance and maximize my insurance provision. Couldn't be happier with Dr. Joachims and the staff.


He takes time to explain his thoughts.


I see Dr. Jochims once a year, unless I have issues to discuss before hand. He and his staff are very professional. My appointments have always been on time. He takes an interest in me, as a person, who he can help. The office, where I see him, is always clean and orderly. He's a very nice doctor, who cares about his patients.


Absolutely a great practice, Dr. Jochims and his staff fit me in their schedule, I was having a right knee replacement and at the last minute I needed a sleep study, and Dr. Jochims fit me in and did the sleep study and everything that goes along with the sleep study so I didnít have to change my surgery date by over a month later. His staff even came in early one morning (Before Office Hours) to go over the sleep study results with me.


Everyone is always courteous and helpful.


Everyone was very kind and very knowledgeable.


After suffering with Benign Essential Tremors for years, I saw Dr. Jochims and was prescribed a medication that stopped my tremors! Within 1 week my tremors subsided to the point where it changed my life! I didn't think I was embarrassed by the tremors but I realize now I was. The staff is extremely courteous and friendly, the office is nice, and I have always been able to get an appointment in a timely manner. I highly recommend Dr. Jochims and staff!


Everything was great as always. They answered all our questions, the wait time was short, everyone was nice and friendly.


There were no issues at all, everyone was super.


Appointments are always on time. His staff is excellent and very helpful. Dr. Jochims takes time to answer my questions and any concerns. I never feel he is rushing to the patient. The quality of his care and concern for my wellness is always evident.


My visits have been very informative. Dr. Jochims answered my questions in a way that I understood what he was talking about and I think the suggestions he had for my loss of memory are helping.

Richard Rohde

Everyone was very friendly.


After doing a home sleep study and a visit with Dr. Jochims I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I then met with a CPAP technician, received excellent instruction and equipment for use at home. After about three nights of getting the mask fit and familiarity with the CPAP equipment I have found relief. I sleep more soundly without waking, sometimes over eight hours straight.My original sleep study showed my AHI to be 60. Using the CPAP my number is less than 5 every night, which is tallied and reported wirelessly.Thanks much to Dr. Jochims, his staff and my CPAP tech Laura.


I was pleased from start to finish with the office, staff, doctor, and procedure. I was able to get an appointment quickly and the ease of completing paperwork in office was quick. The doctors assistant was kind and informative. Dr. Jochims was kind and answered all questions I had. The procedure was smooth and Dr. Jochims discussed each step again as we went through it. He also made sure to ask about my comfort during. I will return to this office for any other neorologial treatment I may need and reccomend it to others.


After our referral to Dr. Jochims, he spent two hours with us and made a referral to Froedert for a more detailed examination. He expedited out scheduling at Froedert and called to see how we we doing later. What more could we ask for?


Friendly and helpful staff, from the initial contact all the way through the appointment. The time with Dr. Jochims was very helpful and informative; he made recommendations for lifestyle changes and his demeanor is such that one does not feel rushed; his.


Dr Jochims is so wonderful! He takes the time to listen to patients and includes them on a treatment plan. Heís friendly and approachable.


I was treated courteously and with respect of which was greatly appreciated and will not have any issues about returning to your office should the need arise.


Med check. Excellent Dr. always listens to patient!


after more than 5yrs at a different doctor , who never listened to me about being a mouth breather , and being given full face masks that did more harm than good. here the doctor and all the staff LISTEN and got me the correct mask and now im useing the c-pap every night . Thank You ! these people here are FANTASTIC.


I am always impressed with the staff here and the care and attention I receive. Dr. Jochims is very thorough and kind and takes the time to listen to my concerns and if appropriate, will suggest different medications or treatment options. Restless Leg Syndrome is something I have struggled with for many years, but I feel that I have finally found a physician who knows a great deal about this disorder and the various options for treatment and alleviation of discomfort. Shannon, Dr. Jochim's assistant is a joy -- she makes a visit fun, and we always enjoy a laugh together. I have never had to wait more than a few minutes before any appointment, and check-in is fast and easy. The staff is attentive and mindful of their patients' time and other commitments. I am very thankful to have found the Neurological Wellness Center. Thank you!!


Great experience, caring staff, knowledgeable doctor.


As usual, my experience was very nice here! Dr. Jochims is great and gave me some good tips for my migraines.


The staff and Dr are very helpful and I believe without seeing Dr Jochims I would not be walking today. He saw me last year and realized I was in pretty bad spinal shape and he referred me to a surgeon . I had 2 neck fusions and feel totally grateful to him and his awareness.


Coming to see Dr. Jochims is always fast, easy, and enjoyable. Best doctors visits ever. He is extremely professional, kind, and friendly and his staff is phenomenal.


fantastic job. i'm looking forward to my new medication working.


I was very satisfied with the appointment and personnel. Thank you.


I just had a check up to get supplies and review my results.


Dr Jochims and the other staff gave me a lot of information and listened to everything I said. They were very prompt and nice.


As always on time , kind courteous and excellent treatment.


They are easy to work with even shipping supplys to you.


Having my sleep monitored there, I am always reassured that things are going well with my plan. Thank you for that peace of mind you give.

Larry Abbott

Very helpful and explained my condition on easy terms. Easy to set up appointment and explanation of equipment.


My follow up appointments have been easy to schedule, on time, and efficient. The staff is always friendly and helpful.


The staff and Dr. Joachim were very informative and caring.


It's wonderful to have the two practices with one visit. I feel I'm in excellent hands.


easy to get to office. friendly staff helpful in all ways.


Great solutions to issues; agreed with everything said. Overall excellent care.


I didn't know to expect for this appt. because sleep apnea was new for me. The Dr. and staff explained in detail of how it all worked. As well as answering any questions I had.




Always professional. Takes time to answer questions. Not rushed.


Very helpful understanding what is going on. They took care of my needs faster than I expected to meet my other scheduled appointment. Both Kristin and dr jochims are Comfortable to talk to, and I would advise other people to go there.


Wish all my doctor appointments were this smooth.


Fantastic service took very good care of me.


Everything was handled quickly and efficiently. The doctor and staff were pleasant and accommodating. Overall, a very good experience.


Excellent doctor and staff.


The medication prescribed to me to help Migraines for the most part really helps! Occasionally, nothing helps, just rest with medication and icepack. Thank you Dr. Jochims, it's definitely better than it used to be!!


All went well.


Have always had excellent service and care .


I was having terrible headaches and my former doctor couldn't do anything for me to stop the pain. When I changed doctors and started going to Dr. Jochims he put me on Topiramate and ever since I have not have a single headache like I had before. A difference of day to night. ldn't do anything for me.


My appointment was on time. The specialist is very knowledgeable and we thoroughly reviewed my sleep history which had already been uploaded. My results were so positive that I left with great confidence that I would ace the year ahead. I won't have to make an appointment for a whole year!


Dr. Jochims is an excellent doctor. He works with his patient's as a team to manage health issues. Listening to his patients is very important to him and he not only 'listens' to what the patient has to say, he actually 'hears' what the patient has to say!I am very lucky to have Dr. Jochims as my doctor.


Very positive.


I found that I had wonderful care and my concerns were listened to and feel good about my experience.


Great experience at the office.


I always appreciate going to your facility. It is well organized and very personable. All of the staff from Dr. Jochims on down are very well versed in what they do there.




Dr. Jochims was on time, and the nurse was efficient and asked all the right questions. Dr. Jochims listened to what I had to say and came up with a simple solution to my problem.


No wait time. Friendly staff. Clear evaluation.




Checked in easily, very short wait time, very professional and courteous staff. Would definitely reccomend to others.


I arrived at 8:00 for the 8:15 appointment. The wait time was short. The nurse interviewer was friendly and asked about my health history. When she was finished, there was a short wait and the doctor came in. He was friendly, personable, and explained what he was doing and what he was looking for in order to decide a path of analysis and treatment of possible sleep apnea. After an informative video of how to use the home sleep study equipment, I scheduled the home study and was given the equipment to use. We'll see was they find out when I bring it back next week.

Steven Reich

Dr. Jochims and his staff are great to see and work with.


Excellent treatment with my provider! Staff is very friendly! Would definitely recommend Neurological Wellness Clinic!!!

Diana Oleson

Very cordial, anticipates nervousness, informative, accomadating to disability during procedures, reminders ,and professional.


Dr. Jochims helped my foot pain, put me on a drug that helped a lot. He also sent me to physical therapy for my back pain, the exercises relieved the pain. As long as I don't get lazy and keep doing them. So my experience was great with Dr. Jochims.


Have struggled with fatigue and headaches for years. Dr. Jochims has been helping me with both. He's thorough and genuinely cares about your needs. I strongly recommend him for help with your neurologic needs.


Changed my life! Iím now down 100 pounds and feel amazing!


This was an annual check up for my neuropathy. Dr. Jochims and I discussed my concerns regarding the nerve sensitivity decline in my extremities. Dr. Jochims examined me and my treatment was discussed. As always, Dr. Jochims was very professional yet friendly, concerned, and thorough. I was very satisfied with my appointment.


From the time I walked in the door, I received excellent service, from everyone in the department I encountered. Thank you.


The staff is always friendly and courteous. The wait time is minimal. Dr. Jochimís assistant who greets you and puts you in the room is always very friendly and easy to talk to. Dr. Jochim is very kind and knowledgeable in the field of Parkinsonís. He answers our questions and addresses our concerns. We are very grateful to have him for Billís neurologist.




Dr. Jochims has monitored my use of the Resmed device since I was diagnosed at the Prohealth Sleep Center. He has been very consistent about my improvement using the device. At first it looked like I was going to have no problem using it. Eventually I found it very difficult to match my sleep habits such as position with sleeping on my back.. Eventually, he advised a different nose appliance, which led to less fewer air leaks and fewer times that I awakened during use. He has been very diligent about refining my benefits because I have serious apnea issues. He prescribed a medicine (muscle relaxer) to help with the sciatic pain I experience from sleeping on my back due to chronic lumbar problems. Dr. Jochims is an attentive listener and has a gentle manner.


Dr. Jochims is very pleasant. He is thorough and truly listens and cares about your condition.


Everything went very good.


The staff here are very helpful and attentive. Dr Jochims takes the time to listen to my concerns and needs. He thoroughly answers any questions I have. I know I can always call them if I need them. Highly recommend!


I was very impressed with Dr Jockim and his Staff . They quickly checked my breathing equipment, did my evaluation ahead of seeing the Dr . My appointment have always been very professional , but never stiff or unfriendly. Every time I visited I learned more esys to improve my health.


My treatment was thorough and fast. My sleep is much improved. Dr Jochims got me the proper treatment the first try.


It is easy to schedule an appointment. The staff is friendly. The wait time is normally short. Purchasing supplies is easy.


Very good experience. Friendly staff who really listened. Dr Jochims really spent time with me and seemed to genuinely care. He has really helped me control my bad migraine headaches.


Dr. Jochims is a good communicator. His has been responsive to my medical needs. I would highly recommend.


Very helpful and took time to explain test results to me. If I ever need help again it will be to your business.


Would recommend Dr Jochims to anyone. He is personable, friendly and very knowledgeable. His staff is always great and very friendly!


Total staff is very friendly and helpful. Wait time was minimal. All of my questions were answered.


Dr. Jochims has anyways answered all of my questions and concerns completely. He is very personable and gives you the patient all the time you need to address your medical concerns.


Was a pleasure to have you as my neurologist. You were very personable and knowledgable. You explained all that was going on and i was at ease with your expertise.


Dr. Sean took his time and went over my concerns. He is quite knowledgable and has been monitoring my condition. His staff has been very helpful in filling out the forms for my insurance company.


I have had nothing but a great experience with Sean Jochims and his entire staff.


Very professional and courteous team. Answers any questions I had and took the time I needed to understand all that was involved with sleep apnea.


My experience with Dr. Jochims, his staff and the facility has been excellent and I have and would recommend him without any reservation.


My experience has always been excellent with Dr. Jochims and his staff. They always take their time with me and address all of my concerns.


Arrived, got right into exam room and was seen by Dr within 10 minutes. Very smooth and professional.

Timothy Wilcox

I love the staff and the doctor you guys are wonderful with helping with my seizures and Iím glad I came to you guys for my needs. Thank you you guys are a wonderful facility and so polite and really listen to my concerns and help me the best way possible. Thank you again!


Knowledgeable staff with good teaching skills. Very polite and compassionate.


Dr. Joachims was great. He was very friendly and made everything as possible as possible. I received results right away and the referral to my hand specialist was very quick.


Dr. Jochims was running a bit late, and after maybe 10 minutes, the receptionist offered to have me see the NP. My case is really easy, just restless leg syndrome, so I agreed. I felt she was very nice, extremely competent and I was very satisfied with the care I received.I referred my brother-in-law, who had a severe problem, to Dr. Jochims. Dr. Jochims, while unable to do the surgery my brother-in-law needed, was able to get the proper surgeon in a very short amount of time. He was the only physician my brother-in-law had seen (and there were 2 or 3) that actually helped. I'm more than happy to refer Dr. Jochims to anyone who needs a neurologist or a sleep specialist.


The people are very friendly at the doctor's office. They provide any information I am asking for. The doctor is helping me a lot. Since I have changed to some of his directions, I have not currently had any seizures since I started seeing him 1 1/2 year ago.


I have had ongoing treatment with Dr. Jochims and have no complaints. Heís a great guy and more importantly, in my opinion, heís honest.


I have been seeing Dr. Jochims several years now, and I think he is an exceptional doctor. He takes the time to really listen at each appointment and does not push his recommendations on me. He is respectful and kind.


My experiences with Dr. Jochim have always been good. He is friendly, thorough, very knowledgeable, listens to my concerns patiently and takes the time to respond to them. I feel very confident in his expertise in my treatment plan.His staff are always pleasant and make me smile.

Kathy L.R

I have been seeing Dr Jochims for many years and have recommended him to friends. He always takes the time to listen to your thoughts and if you're having problems. He's a wonderful, knowledgeable, caring doctor!


you could not ask for better staff members are also friendly and caring . I have been a patient of Dr. Jochims I think since he started this practice I followed him even though he was not in my insurance plan and had to pay full price I have that much faith in him heís a great doctor.


Dr. Jochims was very patient with me during the test and explained everything he did and why. Overall, the appointment was worth having. He was very professional and as a result, I had the recommended procedure on one side and will eventually have that same procedure on my other side. I highly recommend Dr. Jochims for any neurological needs.


Greeted promptly. He is very thorough and knowledgeable. Explanations of what test are and what they are for. Described his course of action and why. These were in terms that anyone could understand.


I always have a successful visit to Dr. Jochim's office. The staff is wonderful, on top of all the details and my time is well spent. There is little to no time wasted there. I am seen within minutes of my scheduled appointment and although my visits are very efficient, I always leave there with all my questions answered and feeling like I had their entire attention the whole time. It is truly a smooth running team there!


I have been going to Dr. Jochims for many years now and I have always appreciated his professionalism and timeliness. I would not go to another Neurologist.


Dr. Jochims is always considerate in discussions, listening well so as to answer completely. He is knowledgeable and informative, providing discussion on the latest research and treatments. I always come away from sessions with him feeling uplifted from his feedback.


The entire process was seamless . I was started On new medications and needed to speak with the physician twice. Each time he immediately called me back personally and eleviated all my concerns.


Helped me to change thinks that help promote sleep, I am much better but do not sleep aFull 8 hours......... I wake and relax to get back to sleep...... still take Meletonin!!!


Dr Jochims listens as you explain what is occurring. Then discusses options and we arrived at a course of treatment that works for me. Heís attentive and kind.


Staff is always friendly and helpful. Dr Jochims listens to my concerns and we work together to find solutions.


I have several health conditions and I am seeing a number of other physicians. Simply stated, I have found Dr. Jochims to be excellent. His staff is friendly and respectful. I have never really had any wait time when I arrived for my scheduled appointment like I have had with a number of the other physicians I see. I also have found Dr. Jochims to spend the time with me. He is not on a production schedule like many of the other physician seem to be. He ask questions, makes comments and explains things in an understable fashion. He truly listens to my concerns and the answers I give him. Scheduling convenient and timely appointments / follow ups has been excellent. I highly recommend him without any reservation.


I found Dr. Jochim to be very personable and I felt confident he was knowledgable to treat my sleep apnea.


I have been treated for a number of years by Dr. Jochims for a chronic neurological condition. He always listens to my individual concerns when providing treatment and/or considering treatment options. I have had other providers for my condition and find Dr. Jochims' expertise top of the list.


Dr. Sean listened and provided excellent care. He works in a difficult specialty. I found his experience and knowledge very helpful to me.


I'm very happy with my treatment. If it were not for Dr Jochims and his great staff. I don't know long it would have been before i found out I had a health disorder that was affecting my sleeping. Because of them i am doing better than ever.


I attended a sleep study clinic in the past with No follow up and that led to poor results. It was more of a.


Dr. Jochims took time to listen to my concerns and tailored his responses to effectively address those concerns. His staff is very knowledgeable and efficient in dealing with durable equipment suppliers.


I was tired all day, also while driving. I couldn't stay awake. My baseline sleep analysis showed an average of 49 interruptions per hour. That's an event happening about every minute and a few seconds. I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I chose the ResMed CPAP machine. It's an easy system to use. My sleep patterns changed immediately. The machine shows how many sleep events happen. My average now is about 2 events per hour. I'm getting deep sleep and can remember dreams. I've used the ResMed for a year and a half. I take it with me even when I travel.Dr. Jochims and the staff are really professional, friendly, and care about your sleep issues. They worked with my health insurance to find coverage for the ResMed machine. I'm really satisfied with their care.


I am always treated with courtesy and respect. I never have to wait more than five minutes. Dr. Jochims always listens to what I have to say and we discuss a plan and then agree on it. I enjoy going to see Dr. Jochims and he is always very pleasant. I usually don't have a problem scheduling an office visit. His receptionist is always very pleasant.


Dr. JOCHIMS is awesome and a very caring man. This is a doctor who takes his oath "Do no harm" to heart and genuinely PRACTICES it! Hard to find these days. Office staff are fast and very nice. Special mention ‚ÜĒ Sue! Sue works with patients mainly on EEG testing and is so cool, real, compassionate and really cares. Thank you all and God Bless!!


Very friendly doctor and staff. They all take time to talk to you and answer your questions.


My sleep apnea evaluation was required prior to knee replacement surgery. Overall the experience was good and that it moved smoothly and in a timely fashion.


To be clear on the wait time. I got into a room with the nurse asap, then after questioning waited about 25 minutes for Dr. Jochims. He immediately apologized. In all fairness, he gave me full attention and was not in a rush to get to the next patient. He clearly spends the needed time to fully understand the patient circumstances and was very thorough. I learned about his qualifications and tenure explaining the direct link to how he would be able to assist me with my concerns. Dr. Jochim's took a personal interest in me, my health concerns, my history and what I am trying to overcome. He was thorough but practical in his approach, we eliminated possibilities and I trusted his judgment where he didn't feel it necessary to spend money on testing. Scheduling is expected to be out 2-4 weeks depending on the severity so not unreasonable but has an impact on the scheduling rating. Scheduling was accommodating to my calendar if I was able to hold out 3 weeks or so. The office took the initiative to call me to get on their calendar and I didn't have to play phone tag for more than 24 hours so I would say very effective with a customer focus. Otherwise, I sincerely feel confident in the care I am receiving from Dr. Jochims.


Dr. Jochims and the staff are always so friendly and pleasant every time I visit. They make me feel at ease. I have an enjoyable experience every time I go. I would recommend Dr. Jochims to all of my family and friends.

Jennifer L Switon

This was a 3 day EEG test. I was wired up at the office and sent home with specific intstructions that I tried to follow. The first day, the video recordered said the battery was low even though it was plugged into and electrical outlet. I called to report this and was told to not worry about it, so I didn't. I continued with my daily routine, experiencing no episodes nano-naps. On Saturday, I unhooked the equipment and returned it the next business day. The experience was as pleasent as can be expected. Staff were all professional and kind.


can read my review. Please use first name only.


I answered Excellent for all the above questions but I did not see the stars take or the excellent appear so just so you know that my answers were all excellent. You were the first doctor to solve my terrible pain in my head and I have been on an even keel since then. Good job.


Dr. Jockims was very professional and friendly. He quickly helped me with my issues and the follow up care has been first rate.


Excellent experience enhanced by knowledgeable doctor and accommodating/caring staff.


Very nice and informative.


One of the best in his field.


Seemed very good and thorough.


Communicates very well.




Very nice meeting very personable.


Felt it was thorough and informative. They listened to my history and description of issues concerning me.Terms were explained and helpful tips given.

Jean Van Dam

Dr. Jochims does a great job listening and then dicussing your options.


Extremely thorough. I'm very satisfied with overall experience and appreciate that I can get my replacement equipment here too.


Appointment went well.


Excellent. Knowledgeable.


Dr jochim and lori herbst (dr assistant) Did an outstanding job, working with me on understanding and treating my nerve pain , Lori herbst went above het job duties to take my calls and was very supportive, I would highly recommend Dr jochims.


Nice person. Laid back. Good patient communication.


Excellent very caring and thorough.


He seemed very knowlegable and concerned for me. Took his time and answered my questions well and asked for more questions. I would recommend him.


It was amazing.


Good explanations and interpretation of study.


Felt very comfortable with the doctor and staff would not go anywhere eles. Thank you so much.


I was greeting very friendly and my appointment was on time. Dr was great. I would recommend to everyone.

Kristin Sims

We found the staff very nice. The doctor and his assistant very pleasant, helpful and explained results of testing very clearly. An overall great experience.


Awesome! Great staff and always available for any questions I may hve. I've had excellent results with my equipment! Thank you!!!


The doctor is always concerned about my progress and the results of the prescribed treatment. The staff is friendly and considerate. Highly recommend. In fact, I have recommended his services to others in the past.


Always a great experience. Did wait longer than usual in the lobby for appointment on this date, but he may have had other patients ahead of me that ran late, so it was alright.




The staff was very friendly and polite. The Dr. did his exam and spent time answering my questions and explaining his findings.


Dr J has taken the time to understand my sisters issues and help me help her.

Marjorie Peggy Kroggel

Doctor answered my question well.


Very professional office.


He was truthful and understanding for what I'm going through! He is not pushy or insistent, but gives his suggestions in all honesty. I would recommend him to anyone I know who needs one who will listen to you. Thank you so much Dr Jochiums and for also keeping in touch with my primary also!


Dr. Jochims spent a considerable amount of time with me listening to my symptoms and explaining the results of recent tests and probable causes of my problems. I felt he was very thorough and was very easy to talk to. My visits with some specialists have been no more than 5 mins. and I'm not always sure I was able to discuss everything that I came in for. Linda Acheson.

Linda Acheson

Excellent service.


All was fine. Thanks.


As I previously experienced the staff was very pleasant and accommodating. The staff was able to answer my questions and were able to facilitate a concern I had. Dr. Jochims was pleasant and thorough during the time that I spent with him.


Dr. Jochims and his staff were friendly, efficient and thorough. Always a good experience.


I was very please to have met Dr.Jochims. He has a very welcoming personality and makes you feel comfortableHe was able to explain to me why I was there prior to surgery - and if I had sleep apnea what could possibly happen during or after surgery causing major complications to me. He did not just tell me that it was a new protocol that was just begun, and leave it at that.After meeting with him I was pleased that he listened to me and that I was scheduled for a test to make sure that I would have no problems when I had surgery. I was surprised and happy with the length of wait to be able to have this test performed. The office staff was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Sandra Vogt

Dr. Jochims seemed knowledgeable, caring and is a good listener.


Dr. Was On time for appt.Helpful office staff.


The staff was great! So friendly, very nice waiting room but couldn't enjoy it too much my wait was so little! Thanks for the care and concern that was expressed to me! My very first time and it felt like I had been going there for years!


More tests scheduled (as I expected) Anxious to get the cause. It has me puzzled.

L.Van Elsen

Overall, good experience. Would recommend doctor to others.


Dr. Jochims and his staff are great!! They take time with each patient, are attentive and make you feel confortable.


Everyone was pleasant on the phone when I made the appointment to the time I left the office after the appointment.The PA and the Doctor were very professional. They were interested in me and my situation and condition. THANK YOU Dr. Jochims MD for your help.


Everything went smoothly. Quick and easy in and out.


The Dr. was very patient and answered all my questions. He offered a treatment but I am declining at this time. He was very courteous and pleasant. The nurse was wonderful. All in all a very good experience and would recommend him to others. Sincerely, Patricia A. McAloon.

Patricia McAloon

All was fine, no issues.


My wife and I met Dr. Jochims for the first time based on a referral from my cardiologist, Dr. Sanjay Singh. The reason for the referral were for tremors in my hands. Dr. Jochims was very pleasant and attentive to my condition and did a few simple diagnostic tests to determine my future treatment. I was diagnosed and prescribed medications to treat my condition. I have another followup appointment in a month. I was very impressed with Dr. Jochims and his staff. Thank you.


Dr. Jochims was very thorough in his exam. He asked many questions and gave me advise as to a solution that he would recommend. I will take his advise.


I would highly recommend Dr. Jochims and his staff. The front desk staff was very friendly and caring, Sue who does the EEG test is excellent I loved her. Dr. Jochims is very knowledgeable and professional and I would him to anyone. Thank you so much for all your help!


This was a follow up appointment, it went well. He also answered all my questions about my neck as well as my prescriptions, etc. He took his time, I never felt rushed.


My name is spelled incorrectly above. It should be Teresa. Thanks!The visit was pleasant- a fu from a home sleep study stemming from severe fatigue and headaches. The np was great and took a wonderful history. The dr sounded proactive and big really wanted to help.


My experience was ok. I was a little irritated by the fact that I came to my first appointment after wearing my machine and no one was prepared for me. I got to see the Doctor but he couldn't do a report because the company had not sent the information over. That disappointed me because I wanted to get some numbers etc and see how it had changed. Dr. did call me after he got the report but it just was not the same. Next time I have an appointment I will call before I go in to make sure they have all the information necessary.


It was a short appt to discuss the use of a cpap and get a prescription for one. I learned bits from Dr Jochims, his nurse and his practitioner. A prescription will now be sent to my insurance co as I wait for an appt to be fitted with the proper equipment.


Dr. Jochims (and his staff) is one of the best physicians that I have had the pleasure of being treated by. He is patient, and brillant, and really listens to you as a person and takes the time to get to know you and know what you need. 10 out of 10, definitely would recommend.


All staff was very attentive and caring. Thorough history, exam and plan of care.


I thought it was a good appointment. Not a long wait and very attentive.


Very good at putting 2 & 2 together to make positive suggestions for change in getting better sleep patterns for a full nights sleep.


Professional, courteous, patient.


We were greeted warmly by the receptionist. The care we received from our medical assistant, Kristen and Dr. Joeckim's was friendly, caring, and professional. We felt they truly cared about educating us about my condition and I look forward to my sleep study.

James Schoolcraft

Everyone was extremely nice​ and professional. It was a good experience.


Always treated very nice when I make appointment or drop by for supply's.


I thank Dr. Jochims for taking time to see me and listen to my problem. I tried to explain numbness in legs and feet and really don't know how to describe it. I tried to explain that the degree of numbness changes throughout each day. He took time to do some testing and suggested a pill to take to help with nerve problem. He was interested in wanting to help and will explore further testing in two weeks. I thought appointment went very well. Thank you.

Marian Mann

Dr. Jochims is a great Neurologist. He took time with me and explained things in a clear manner. Even though he could not figure out what is wrong with me, I had a very positive experience with him.


Great visit. On time. Dr Jochims and staff put the patient first.


Staff and doctor were great. The wait time was long for an initial visit. I was there an hour and 20 minutes.


I had a great experience. Each time I see him, he teaches me something new about my self and the importance of good sleeping habits.


I went to see Dr. Jochims for concerns about neurological symptoms related to MS. Dr. Jochims was very kind and thorough and treated me with kindness and respect. He spent ample time with me as a patient and made sure that I was confident in the care he provides.


Dr. Jochims is comprehensive, caring and most knowledgeable.


I met with Becky to pick up my new CPAP machine and mask. By the way my email address is correct, but my name is spelled incorrectly within the email and on this survey. Hansen not Hanson. The experience was very good and informational. I was excited to try it out.


Wonderful treatment, I wish I would of done it sooner. My whole life has changed now that I'm getting the sleep I need, instead of resting. My cpap machine is comfortable and unlike some people I look forward to going to bed every night knowing I'm getting the sleep I need.


I didn't really know what to expect but Dr. Jochims explained everything as we went along. The nurses were very helpful helping me walk to the room and back to the lobby. Shannon walked me outside to my ride. I am very thankful for everything you all did and do!


Dr. Jochims and staff reviewed my medical history and needs, and addressed the issues promptly with thorough explanations and follow-up.


Excellent. Dr. Joachims is very easy to talk to and helped resolve my sleep problems very quickly.


Dr. Jochums takes time with his patients is personable and thorough and his staff is just as great.


Treatment for seizures; Regular follow-up consulations.

Nettesheim Neal

Great doctor! Wonderful experience.


My names are reversed above: Abbott is my last name and Larry is my first name. The doctor reviewed the info from the SD card in my C-Pap machine and asked how the sleep was going. I told him everything had been going very well.


As always,my appointment experience was excellent.This includes communication and Dr. Jockims checking for my understanding as to what I was being told.

Jurczyk David

Everything went great. Dr. Jochims is quite pleasant and explains things well.

Honcharenko Boris

Excellent Doctor. Connects with patients.


I went in and got what was needed done and my question's answered.


i was please with the visit and the doctors experience. he made an adjustment on the equipment that was a noticeable change.visit was about 45 minutes.i received a bill for $125.00 from waukesha memorial. I called the office and was told it was a fee for the use of the facility. three months later i got a $560.00 bill from the actual doctor's office.The billing was very disappointing.


Dr Jochims is always very pleasant & helpful.


It was very helpful. The doctor spent ample time with me.


Dr. Jochims is a very responsive physician. He listens attentively and addresses any concerns I have with candor and action. It has been my experience over the last two years that the front desk staff can be cold and distant. The assistant at the desk does not always acknowledge my presence and I wait a good deal of time before being acknowledged and checked- in. From there it is all good! Dr. Jochims' nurse is kind and friendly and gives a good estimate of how long the wait will be until the dr. comes in. I come to Dr. Jochims because of his reputation and level of care.


I have a very great sleep it is hard to describe!Feel very rested in the morning. Just great!It is the best move move I made.


Very thorough, approachable and understanding professional.


follow-up on PD evaluation went well. Referred to Arora Hospital Summit for PT which I am currently participating in.


Checked-in with the Receptionist and had a very short wait to see Dr.Jochims. Dr. Jochims reviewed the data on the flash drive from my CPAP machine. Dr. Jochims was pleased with data he reviewed and we had a very pleasant conversation. I informed him of a somewhat persistent but intermittent cough that had developed recently. He recommended a chest X-Ray. That was done, but nothing was discovered.


Migraine treatment/prevention and back pain.

Pierzchalski Tamara

Dr. Jockims has been successful in treating my restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea. His bedside manor is excellent. He has consistently been empathic and practiced good listing skills. He has treated me with respect and has had results with my medical issues. His staff has been helpful and professional. I appreciate my care. " Health is wealth." Tim McCormick.


Very good. Detailed.


Welcome very nicely on arrival. Doctor explained to me everything he was doing. Seem like a very nice intelligent doctor. I would go to him if I need his services again.



Richards Jere

Great service! Very pleased with initial appt for Kayla.

Kayla Johnson

I was evaluated for possible seazures. MRi and EEG were taken and meds were prescribed. Very good treatment, very professional approach and manner. I was very satisfied.


Quick, friendly, supportive, pleasant office space, reasonably available appointments. Ultimately, Dr. did not have experience with my condition, so I don't have a reason to return at this time.


As always, today Dr Jochims was able to help me evaluate the cause of the tingling in my fingers. I appreciate how he frames his questions in order to evaluate possible causes.


Everyone is so pleasant and services are quick.


My visit was good.


Dr. Jochims takes the best care of me. I have been seeing him for years. He is personable and compassionate. His staff is always so kind and patient if I ever have a question or need help.


What a nice staff. And the doctor was very nice and I felt good about all he told me.


I was very happy with the follow up Appointment.


After many trials my symptoms of chronic fatigue are worse then ever. I am seeing an Endochrinologist now. No bad words or feelings about Dr Jochims and staff but I have been fighting this for 40 years. I may return to Dr Jochims in the future.


I have always enjoyed seeing Dr. Jochims,always interested in your state of health. Staff is always pleasant and professional.Facility is always clean.


Nice practice geared to sleep wellness needs.


Dr. Jochims had provided me with an at-home apnea test machine. Today we returned it, and fortunately he had an open appointment wihtin about 15 minutes.


Really good first appointment- didn't feel rushed at all.


good and thorough for first time consultation.


excellent service, very professional and knowledgeable.


I Was seen for snoring and possible sleep apnea . Dr Jochims was very professional, kind and funny. He has scheduled me for a home sleep test.


Welcoming experience! I felt like my situation was assessed well. I am so appreciative of any and all help.


Dr. Sean Jochims was very professional and was very helpful in starting to help me in figuring out the issues I've been having. I look forward to working with him in diagnosing and helping the issues.


I am having very positive results following the injections received on April 19. My head movement is calmed down and my pain level is reduced.


Very nice.


Very good, he is very kind and compassionate and really listens to what I have to say!


Great staff and provider.


First appointment with Dr.Jochims. Was very pleased with his attitude along with his exam. Definitely will be returning.


I have been seeing Dr. Jochims for many years. He is thorough and does a great job with explaining what is going on and what the next steps are.




Very good and pleasant.


friendly,clean,very informant. ever thing well told to understand what is going on and what will be happening next.


Dr Jochims was informative and friendly.


The technician that met with me did a great job reviewing my results. And the Dr came in to confirm that I didn't have questions or needed Anything extra.


Sean was very nice and friendly. He made my mom and I feel very comfortable and cared for. He also gave me a suggestion of something to look into for my migraines. Very satisfied !


Thorough and engaging orientation done by office admin.


Helpful good and pleasant learned more on my machine.


Very pleasant. Thank you.


Everything went well as expected. Everyone very friendly. Enjoyed laughing together.


Very helpful and informative. Has a plan. Looking forward to see results of the sleep study.


Very informative.


Everything went well as we expected. Everyone continues to be very saçcomadating. We l8e everyone's. Business like manner and good sense of humor.


Very prompt and professional. Made sure I understood everything and had the time to not move on until I did.




Pleasant on time great nurse & Doc.


I came to Dr. Jochims office this week to get my first Botox injections for the chronic migraines I have experienced for several years. I have been seeing Dr. Jochims on and off for roughly 10 years. He is both professional and personable with his patients. He is caring and really does want to help. He explained in detail about the Botox injections prior to my visit, went over side effects and my prior medications in order to assure me there would be no interactions of medication. The day of the injections he explained what he was going to do and where he was going to inject the Botox. He was very positive and hopeful that this will greatly improve my migraines and by extension my quality of life. I have recommended him to both family and friends.


I met with Dr. Jachims to go over my sleep home study and decide on treatment. The appointment was short and efficient.


Good, thorough discussion of my condition and alternate paths forward. Dod not feel rushed. Felt I could ask any questions.


Finally receiving some sort of relief from some of my symptoms thanks to the doc. Everyone is always very nice and listens to intently.


The employees who work for Dr. Jochims are the nicest most helpful people I have ever met. They are very friendly and always willing to help/work with me.

Jennifer Switon

Results of home sleep study was explained to me, and what treatment was likely to help me. I was then given the numbers of several businesses that specialized in SCAP machines. Overall, it was a good meeting.


Very personable and professional. Made me feel at ease through the entire procesurw.


excellent. The doctor ran through exam tests. Took the time to ask and listen to responses. Was not rushed at all. His expertise came out in the discussions. Highly recommend this doctor. also, the staff was friendly and sharp. -- Dr. Chuck Hajinian.


Very thorough and explains treatment and next steps. Warm manner.


Dr, Jochims was very knowledgeable about my condition. He was able to answer all of my questions.


Pleasant experience. Felt like staff really wants to help me.


I needed to see Dr.Jochims due to my headache's and to see if he would also see me because my current sleep doctor retired. He said he would gladly take Mr as a patient. We talked about my migraines and suggested a medication. I am going to give it a try and see him again in 6 months.


Excellent experience with Dr. Jochims, we have been on the same page since I walked in the door. Covered all options completely and settled on the best fit for me.


Always an excellent and informative visit.


Doctor and staff have been extremely helpful and supportive. Since wearing the CPAP mask every night seldom need naps and have been alert all day. No more all night coughing, and less bathroom visits. Waking up happy with positive energy.

Harvey Mikulecky

Orientation to CPAP. Staff made me feel comfortable while we addressed my claustrophobia concerns.


It was pleasant and informative.


Eccellent physician. Takes time to evaluate and work wwith you come up with a plan of care.


My experience has been life changing. I can not believe how different I feel. I had know idea howexhausted I truly was. I was anxious about the sleep study but the staff made me comfortable and well informed. My follow up apt. Was so informative. I felt well prepared when I went home with my cpap. I thank Dr. Jochims and his staff.


I am so happy with the care we have received here. We are listened to, asked questions back and I feel that the Dr and staff really care. Thank you!


Very personable and easy to talk to. Seemed concerned for my wellbeing and wanting to see me get better.


Everyone whom I have deal with at NWC has had my best interest at heart. I appreciate the aggressiveness of treatment and the positive results. Staff is always friendly and informative.


Was very good.


Pretty okay, still a little unclear of the specifics of my condtion. Otherwise very happy with the care given.


Made me relaxed, and explained what he was testing and how it worked.


Excellent overview of causes and solutions for sleep apnea. Answered all questions completely, I feel confident we will find a solution to my condition.


I was very pleased with my experience. Everyone was welcoming, respectful, and professional! I also felt confident in Dr. Jochim and his expertise.


Everyone was courteous and professional. Dr. Jochims was thorough and very engaged in my well being.


Great visit as always. No wait time at all. Dr. Jochims listens to issues & concerns. I completely trust his recommendations. Dr. & Staff are always smiling & very friendly.


Very favorable experience. I thought Dr. Jochims was very easy to interact with. He was pleasant and thorough during the entire exam.


He was very helpful and easy to talk to. Pleasant experience.

Denise Neumann

Very thorough and knowledgeable in his field.

Kerri Baggenstoss

Appointment check in went well. Appointment time was right on time. Testing was done as I understood it would be done. During mt testing as well as at the end of my test Dr. Jochims asked if I had any questions, etc.. I never felt rushed. A follow up appointment was set up immediately at the end of this appointment. Over all I felt this was a very positive experience.

Dale Petretti

Very satisfied with the outcome :).


I have severe sleep apnea (57/hour). I was unconsciously taking my mask of during the night because the mask I was using was not the right mask for me.I had some issues with the full mask strap putting pressure where the back of my neck and base of skull meet, causing headaches, pressure from the full mask was also causing sinus problems and I was swallowing air causing stomach issues, gas and pain. After going on-line and trying what others with similar problems had done I was able to alleviate some if these issues, but not all. When I went in for my follow-up I discussed the issues I had, the things I tried to fix it and what I wanted to do next.I WAS HEARD, I FELT VALIDATED, AND I WAS HELPED. I left with the nasal pillows, and a chin strap just in case I would open my mouth while sleeping (I've always been a mouth breather).I've been using the pillows for a week now, no more headaches, sinus pressure or swallowing air. I don't take off my cpap unconsciously anymore and am waking refreshed in the morning.An added bonus, no mask leakage and my apneas are below .2/hour.I also haven't opened my mouth once using the nasal pillows and haven't had to even open the chin strap package.LOVING MY SLEEP NOW!


He is very thorough. He's very easy to talk to and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you.


I was diagnosed with OSA and so far Dr. Jochims and his team has worked very close with me in making sure my treatment is as comfortable as feasibly possible. I recommend Dr. Jochims and am very pleased with the services provided.


Problem feee appointment. Friendly courteous staff. Asked about any concerns I had and worked to make mt results positive. Clean office, nice atmosphere.


My experience was very good overall. Dr. Jochims' exam was complete and comprehensive. He asked specific CPAP questions and made the recommendation of a sleep study. He explained in detail what was involved and what the expectations are.


it was ready nice. The staff was friendly and smiley. The doctor was great and was concern how I was doing all the time. Was very comfortable during the whole visit. Thank you all.


It was my first visit to Dr. Jochims. The staff was very pleasant and helpful. Dr. Jochims was very helpful and knowledgeable.


I met Dr. Jochims today for the first time. Dr. Jochims was very professional and told me a little about his qualifications and experience, which made me feel more comfortable. Dr. Jochims asked about my experience with my CPAP machine, looked at my numbers from my machine, and adjusted the machine to make it more comfortable. I am very happy with my visit and with Dr. Jochims. I am really happy that I am able to get CPAP supplies from their office immediately. When I have a problem with any of my supplies, I usually have to wait over a week to get them, which means I may not be able to use my machine. Although I was told that all supplies are not stocked, I was able to get a new mask today! Overall, I would rate my experience as EXCELLENT due to the speed of getting an appointment, the care and compassion from Dr. Jochims, and the service I received with my supplies!!! I would recommend Dr. Jochims to everyone!


Check in was quick and easy. Wait times were better (shorter) than normal. Everyone was friendly and made us feel at ease. Dr. Jochims was straightforward, open nd informative in his responses to all questions. Overall, the experience was pleasant and reassuring.


Dr. Jochims and his staff were very kind and thorough with their treatments. Dr. Jochims gave us good understanding of what we are dealing with. I feel that anything that we need in the future we can depend Dr. Jochims to help us.


Outstanding job. He gave all of the options available and was truly concerned with finding a solution that best met my needs.


Dr. Jochims and his staff were very professional and friendly. They seemed to enjoy what they do and they made me feel very welcome and "at home". Dr. Jochims is easy to talk to and seems to genuinely want to help me improve my situation. I liked that he suggested some vitamins and minerals which very well may help with my energy level and pain, especially since I am a vegetarian. He also helped with some migraine medication which I brought up impromptu during my appointment hoping he could help. I would recommend Dr. Jochims and his staff to friends and family.

Kari Flanagan

Excellent care!


Patient and thorough.




I liked the comfort I felt and appreciated him asking if I got all my concerns answered.


Very knowledgeable, good listener, very personable and kind. Very Helpful.


She is just a down to earth person easy to talk to marry chirstmas.


Dr. Jochims listens to your concerns and provides needed information to improve your health. He is easy to talk to and knows not only his medical specialty but also knows me as a patient. This makes him overall a wonderful physician !


Dr Jochims is very kind and patient. I am on Medicaid and am very obese, and some doctors might not have been as kind. But I was treated like a human being.


excellent. thankyou.


The examination, the sleep study, the CPAP machine and supplies, and the re-ordering of supplies were first class .


Dr. Jochims is concerned, thorough and treatment plan is working yielding a much improved quality of life.


All ways received great, respectful, courteous treatment.


Very knowledgeable and provides awesome service.


He is a great and friendly. Very caring to his patients.


Wonderful caring compassionate awesome doctor with a very special medical assistant.