My experience was great at Hillmont GI they explained everything well.


After many weeks of feeling absolutely awful , I felt so reassured that Tanya has a plan . Know I can spend my days recovering not worrying! Thank you so much!


It was great.


Extremely professional n prompt. Arrived early took me early n everything was handled n scheduled quickly.


Tanya is always very friendly and professional, she answers all your questions and explains everything in detail😊.


I was very impressed with the time that was given to me to discuss my future treatments. The staff was so nice, I didn't recieve that kind of respect from my previous Dr. I'm so glad I came to see them.


Tanya is always very pleasant and professional. She takes time to explain everything and answers all questions😊.


I had a very good experience at my first visit. Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.


I was seen promptly, and all my questions and concerns were discussed thoroughly.


Everything went really well at this office. Tanya was very easy to talk to and listened well. She took her time with me.All of the staff was pleasant and efficient. I have no negative responses.


I came here with pain in my stomach. Tanya asked me numerous questions about my problem. She decided on me getting an endoscopy and an abdominal ultrasound. She was very attentive to my problem.


Explained my situation. I asked quite a few questions. Dr. Carter answered them all thoroughly and comprehensively. I know much more than I did when I walked in. She mapped a course of further investigation and diagnosis. Information presented professionally and pleasantly. Steve Hodgson.

Stephen Hodgson

Very professional and welcoming office atmosphere. Tanya was to the point and very knowledgeable. Very nice visit. Office personnel very pleasant and polite.


Tanya is wonderful. She listens, is attentive and comes up with a plan to help. I am definitely feeling a lot better than I was, and I owe it to her. This is also one of the rare offices where you don’t really have to wait too long. I don’t even think I waited two minutes to be seen - definitely very efficient. I would highly recommend this practice!


Excellent as usual!


All the staff that I encountered was pleasant and professional which put me at ease.


Everything went well from making an appointment to checkout.Quick check in. Waited about 5 minutes and was taken back to have my weight taken, BP, pulse and to go over medications. Tanya Carter came in and we went over the reason for the appointment. Exchanged questions and answers and decided to continue the plan we are on. I was told to call any I have any problems. I enjoy seeing Tanya Carter, makes me feel at ease and give me time I dont feel rushed.


I was nervous coming in but everyone I interacted with was professional, courteous and kind so I ended up relaxing.


Everyone was very friendly and willing to help. Knew what they were doing.


Tanya is a very personable and interested in my welfare and medical issues. If any GI symptoms occur she is willing to, return my call and prescribe accordingly. The only other comment is the prolonged time in trying to reach the office staff when calling.


It was a very pleasant experience. Tanya listened, at length, and asked pertinent questions. She made me feel very comfortable. She understood my situation and we are trying a treatment plan. I will see her again in 4 weeks.


Tonya reviewd my symptoms and discussed possible causes of the problems. She recommended increasing Benefiber to 1 tbsp and possibly starting a food journal to track possible foods that are not tolerated. Also a PT course was discussed when results of the procedure were determined. A colonoscopy and follow up were scheduled.


Very attentive to my issues.


Staff was courteous. Wait was only a couple minutes. And visit with Tanya was informative.


Everyone in the practice has always been very pleasant. I have always felt comfortable with everyone who interacts with me.


I had an appointment with Tanya Carter and the experience was excellent.


Each person with whom I had contact, from the phone call to schedule an appointment to the last person I saw was exceptionally personable while being noticeably efficient, admirably professional and precisely accurate in everything they did.The appointment was assuring and very informative.


My appointment started promptly at the scheduled time and was handled in a friendly and professional manner.


Every staff member was very positive and helpful. Tanya was knowledgeable and efficient, explaining everything until she was sure I understood, asking more than once if I had any questions. Very encouraging. I look forward to working with her to find a solution to my problem.


Tanya was very friendly and easy to talk to about issues that can be uncomfortable. She addressed my concerns. She explained things easily and made the visit pleasant.


Prompt appointment time, very professional.


Pleasantl staff and very thorough care☆☆☆☆☆.


Tanya has been working with me for a long time, and i trust her completely. She is very professional, yet has a great demeanor that puts me at ease. I truly believe she cares about my well being.


The treatment was excellent. My overall visit was excellent. I didn't have to wait the everyone in the office is very nice and willing to help.Tanya took the time to listen to me and I like that. She didn't rush and was paying attention to what I was saying making eye contact.Coming to HIllmont G.I. is a pleasant experience.


Very pleasant experience! I didnt feel like I was being rushed. Very friendly staff!


Tanya Carter was thorough and efficient with her consultation. Her recommendations all had reasoning to back them up. She explained everything very well.


I am very pleased with my experience at Hillmont GI. No complaints at all. Staff all very professional, kind and caring. Scheduler was very patient with me when scheduling appt and got me in quickly. Tanya was very thorough, easy to talk to and very reassuring. Highly recommend your office.


Nothing but positive things to say!


Pleasant environment, the staff are very friendly and nice. Tanya, is very thorough and has a very comforting bedside manner.


Tanya is the sweetest! Staff was so nice and uplifting! The facility is clean, fresh smelling and welcoming. I was scheduled the next day and had no wait time! If I could give her over 5 stars I would!


This was just a follow-up with Tanya. She listened to what has occurred since the last visit and discussed options on how to proceed going forward. We agreed to continue with the current plan and see how that works for the next couple of months.


I was treated very quickly and the staff was very courteous. The Doctor was very pleasant and helpful. She offered very good advice with a plan to follow for treatment for my condition.


Always great!


Yesterday, I was so upset and worried about some test results, which were the ultimate reason for my needing to come to this office. I called the office and they took me in for an immediate appointment, showing great concern for my urgency in my personal situation. My visit was wonderful from start to finish... Everyone was very pleasant and compassionate, empathetic about my personal case...especially the amazing Tanya Carter, CRNP. Her positive spirit and energy made it impossible to walk out of there feeling worried. She reviewed my situation and truly cared about the situation, as opposed to most other medical professionals who simply read a chart and forget you the second you leave... She made me feel as though she was going to fight for me and was on my side. I don't know my diagnosis quite yet, but I know that I'll be in great hands with her and her team. I feel better already... No more worrying for me.


My overall experience was excellent. I did not have to wait more than 5 minutes. Tanya Carter did not rush through the visit. She took the time to listen to me. This helped me to remember some things I wanted to say concerning my physical condition.The office personnel is always cordial and helpful in making appointments.




Polite, punctual and efficient.


Tanya is wonderful. It’s so nice to have a doctor who listens, takes notes and discusses options with you. She does not have ‘one foot out the door’ like many doctors do. She spends the time that’s needed to come up with a treatment plan. I am so glad that Tanya is my GI specialist. Other office staff are nice and friendly and helpful. I thought I was going to have to switch providers, due to new insurance, but I’m so relieved that I can continue to see Tanya Carter.




Everyone was friendly and professional. Tanya really listened to what my symptoms are and prescribed a regiment that should lead to figuring out the root cause of my symptoms. I really appreciate that.


Tanya went over my test results with me in a clear and concise way, and is helping me take next steps to determine the cause of my pain. Even though its difficult, I feel like a priority and that Tanya cares and wants to explore all options.


Tanya Carter gave me excellent, caring advice on my stomach problems. I trust her and give her my highest recommendations. Im very grateful for her professionalism.


She explained everything in detail, made me feel comfortable, knew what was in my chart before i even spoke, and quickly came up with a course of action.


This is my second visit with Dr. Carter. I came on again with stomach pains and bowel issues. The front staff was very nice and signed me in easily. As was my visit with Dr. carter. She listened to all my problems, and did a thorough exam. I then scheduled a procedure before i left. Everyone was very kind and knowledgable.


The entire staff at Hillmont are very professional and courtious. My original consult, procedures and final review of my tests results all went smoothly. I would recommend this practice.


If i had he choice of one word it would be awesome. The receptionist are always pleasant and the doctor makes you feel a sense of peace. She ensure all your questions are answered.


When calling to schedule appt there was a long wait time. I don't want to leave a number and be called back, I want to be able to call and schedule when I have free time. I don't want to be waiting for a call back. That's my only complaint. All else was excellent.


They get me...very thoughtful, helpful and understanding.


My experience was great! The receptionist was welcoming which helps to remove any form of nervousness which i found to be helpful which led to an interesting time spent dialoging with the dr who made me feel comfortable . I was given all information i needed in order to give me a clear view of what may be going on with me. My exit was awesome the smile and pleasant tone was great.


I feel very comfortable meeting with Tanya. She is very personable and professional. I feel comfortable asking her any questions needed. Office staff is always pleasant and professional.


My visit was very good. The doctor listen to my stomach problems and helped me getting the right treatment. Shes very nice and and takes her time.


Its a bit hard to get through to schedule a first apointment, but once you get in its a smooth ride from there. No wait time (wow!), I came in 15 minutes early and was seen by Tanya Carter at my scheduled time.


Today's visit was very comfortable, and we discussed the past, present and future elements that are most pertinent to my original visit and subsequent procedure. My provider is confident, knowledgeable and responded to my style and concerns graciously and smartly. That is to say, the answers were fast, appropriate, and not condescending in any way. I felt like we had a really friendly conversation, the medical facts were presented, and my role as patient was appreciated and treated with respect. I met this provider at my original visit, and the same was true then. This has been a really good experience, and I feel that is how all patients are treated. Thank you!


Was very good.


All nurses and doctors were very careful and concerned for my well being.


I arrived early. Was escorted back early. Was seen early. I barely had time to finish my clipboard form as future appointments were being made.I don't mean to imply by any of the above that I was being rushed. Tanya took her time, asked and explained as required, appeared to be very competent and was extremely personable.Overall, a very good experience executed by a well oiled machine and staff.


I have been having appointments every two weeks for the past couple months. Dr. Nack was not available, so I’ve been seeing Tanya. She is knowledgeable and makes me feel comfortable. Glad to have a stray second person that I am able to make visits with that is familiar with my situation!


Excellent experience. Kind and courteous staff.


Discussed problems with bowel function, how to prevent problem, possible causes of problem. Ordered blood tests to determine if problem is a metabolic problem. Suggested the use of imodium for immediate relief of problem. Will return the end of september .


Quick & effective follow up appointment. Tanya offered great advice & easy solutions to my challenges / questions. So glad I found this GI practice.


This was a follow up to my colonoscopy. Tanya explained my condition very well. I have a plan. I will return in 6 weeks to see how I aprogressing.


I met with Tanya as a follow up to my colonoscopy where hemorroids were found but no polyps. I have boewl movements 4 or 5 times a day and would like to reduce that. When I met with Tanya before she recommended Benefiber. That helped make the bowel movements better formed but did not reduce the frequency. She recommeneded that I increase the dosage and come back in 4 to 6 weeks. At that time I will meet with Dr Raile to discuss banding.


Great visit! The staff and doctors were kind, quick, and they are thorough. Loved it!


I am disappointed that what could be done in a single visit now takes 3 visits, it sounds and feels like gouging the patient for $$$$.


My visit was pleasant and professional.


Greeted at check in. Filled out paperwork. Wait only 5 minutes. Saw Tanya. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Office smelled great complimented staff on that. Quick painless office visit.


All was good.


Received a lot of good information and care.




I could not be happier with my care! Thank you for taking so much time to listen, so you are able to help me feel my best!


Very thorough visit. Tanya had a nice bedside manner and established a treatment path that makes me feel confident / comfortable. Office is very clean and tech friendly top notch care so far.


Ive been dealing with pain for a while now and Tanya listened to me and requested the appropriate tests. I felt like a priority and would recommend her to others.


Very pleasant experience! No wait and Tanya Carter and her staff were very professional and courteous.


Staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. It was a great experience!


Dr. Taterka, as always, listened patiently to my complaints, discussed my options, and considered my input. He evaluated my report of nearly constant gas, frequent nausea, and occasional pain and diarrhea. He reiterated that he believes these are symptoms of my Crohns Disease, ordered a test, and prescribed medication.


It was my first time to this office and it was a pleasant experience. The receptionist was welcoming and the nurse pleasant. I thought Tanya Carter was very pleasant and did a nice job explaining things to me in terms I could understand.


Great experience! Tanya was very knowledgable and her bedside manner is excellent! She listened to my concerns and we came up with a suitable plan. Thank you!


Came in to get checked for acid reflux/silent reflux. Staff/np were very nice, made me feel comfortable and explained future steps/plan. Great experience thus far.


The staff was very friendly and supportive. They have a wonderful sense of humor. I am very comfortable with the plan of care that we are planning. Check in was very smooth. The wait time was very short. There were interactive patient education screens that were very informative while i waited. My testing was scheduled efficiently and i was on my way,.


Tanya had a great energy from the moment she walked in. Explained everything clearly and asked pertinent questions. She allowed me to explain my systems in detail. Very informative for such a quick consultation.


I was 15 minutes late but was welcomed nicely. I only had a 5 minute wait before going in. Tanya arrived a short time later and was very informative. I had a very pleasant visit.


Very professional, courteous staff. Very short wait in the waiting room. NP was very friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend this office.


Today was a follow up appointment after testing. I was given my results that i easily understood she answered all my questions and helped me come up with a plan. Shes very caring and easy to talk with i feel great about going forward.


Although I have been at this practice in the past, this is the first time that I was seen by Tanya. It was a pleasant experience, in that she was both personable and professional. She listened intently as I described my situation, and responded with her diagnosis. I only had to wait a few minutes in the waiting room, and the staff that I encountered were friendly.


I was very impressed with the facility and staff. I was greeted immediately upon entering and my wait time to see Tanya was very short, only a few minutes. Her treatment and suggestions were great and she facilitated the steps I need to take for my upcoming colonoscopy. i was very pleased with my visit.


I was taken quickly and staff was friendly.


Great experience, staff are extremely nice and personable, and i felt very comfortable and welcomed my first time here. I am happy i was referred here, and will recommend this office to anyone.


Quick call back from the waiting room. Did not have to wait more than a couple minutes. Was seen in the exam room equally as quick. Tanya was friendly, informative and made me feel comfortable.


My experience was very good. I am a new patient and I feel very welcome at this location. Tanya Carter makes you feel that she is truly concerned with your health issues.


My office visit today, May 4, 2018, was very pleasant.


It was a good experience .. I was taken back right away .. the doctor was really nice and attentive she listened to all my concerns. I will be taking some tests and following up. Great care I very much appreciated it!


I was very anxious when I arrived. The staff was very pleasant and efficient. Tanya was wonderful. She alleviated a lot of my anxiety and answered all my questions. Scheduling was quick and the young lady was so pleasant. So happy I chose Hillmont. My husband sees Dr. Bertiger and can't say enough good things about him. Thank you all Kathy Cerulli.


I greatly appreciate the care that i received from tanya. She is very professional and able to answer all my concerns. The medical profession needs more doctors like her. Thank you tanya for your care and interest in your patients.


I feel that my visit today was done very professional. Tanya listened to my thoughts on what might be causing the blood work i had done. She gave me a positive approach to follow up in a month with very little trauma and stress. She also consulted with the doctor before proceeding. I feel very confident with my visit and will follow up as required.


Tanya is one of my favorite health care practitioners that I have seen. She really allows me to convey my symptoms or concerns, and doesn’t hesitate to refer me to needed services. I never feel rushed during my appointments with her and I always leave feeling glad that I went. I can trust that she is as concerned about my health and symptoms as I am, which is NOT something I have seen from a lot of practitioners. Thanks Tanya!


My experience was very great, very one was pleasant and quick to help me with my needs.


My visit was very good. The NP made some changes to my medications, but since it has only been one day I cannot make any comments on the results just yet. She showed concern for my condition and I felt very comfortable with her.


Tanya was great she listed all the treatment options in detail. The staff was friendly and professional.


Fast easy friendly.


My overall experience was excellent. My treatment and understanding have been explained to me. Very helpful.


This was my first appointment with the Group. Everyone I encountered was pleasant, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I received good service, attention and medical advice. I will be returning for follow up, after I get the prescribed tests. I left with the feeling that I had made a good choice.

Anne McNulty



Tonya you’re the best and your staff is the greatest.


she was prompt and thorough with what she thought was probably going on. Seemed well prepared for visit. Answered all my questions and offered alternatives to what ails me.Good visit.


Had an excellent visit. Almost no wait before seeing the nurse to take my vitals. Saw Tanya Carter, she asked how I have been doing and listened to what I had to say and ask. Overall a very good visit.


Pleasant staff, almost no waiting. Thorough will all explanations.


Tanya really took the time to listen, answer my questions thoughtfully, and put me at ease. She gave me tangible steps I could take to relieve my symptoms. I felt very comfortable with her.


My experience could not have been better. In and out in 15 minutes, mission accomplished!


The entire process from scheduling my appointment to discussing, analyzing, and deciding a path forward for my symptoms was timely and professional. I am looking forward to working with this team to resolve my GI issues.


My experience was great. She knew my history and was able to go back and reference my previous visits that werent with her. She made me feel comfortable.


My Doctor's office scheduled the appointment, as I had initial problems trying to do so, but everyone in the Abington-Lansdale office was great and I left feeling informed & prepared. Thank you.


I was comfortable.


Staff was welcoming, professional and friendly.


Very friendly, and supportive.


I was very comfortable with Dr Tanya she is a great doctor!! I feel much better with her help! Thank you!!


It was a pleasure with not one single complaint, they were professional ,pleasant ,prompt and very nice to work with.


Everyone was very pleasant and helpful.


I had a great visit with Tonya. She answered all of my questions.


Everything was exactly what I expected.




I came to discuss a medical issue with the physician assistant. She asked appropriate questions and listened to what I was saying. The scheduling person was extremely helpful and accommodating.


Upon entering the waiting room I found everyone to be professional .


My appointment was @ 3:40 PM ,I finish work in Collegeville,Pa @ 2:50 Pm,which usually is enough time.Just not today. I encountered a lot of traffic because of late afternoon road work.The traffic caused me to be 20 minuets late.I explained why I was late and figured they would charge me for the appointment and turn me away.They didn’t ,Tanya honored my appointment and didn’t rush me out,she examined me and answered all of my questions and also gave me plenty of office samples of the medicine I take until my prescription would be filled.Tanya Carter is an Awesome Physician who really cares.The Nurses and office staff are also very kind and friendly.I whole Heartedly recommend Hilmont GI for your care! 🤗.


Every one in the office is very professional and proficient. Tanya was very informative and proactive, has a plan and follow up for my issues and concerns.


Staff is always pleasant and there is very little wait time.


The atmosphere within the practice always makes a better visit. I always look for how well the staff seems to get along and this group was great in my opinion.


It was a very good experience. We went over my case, and Tanya asked a lot of questions and explained any questions I had.


Tanya is very patient and encouraging. Even when I didn't immediately follow all her suggestions, she made me feel good that I had at least started my path to feeling better.


Everyone I encountered in the facility was super friendly and very attentive. I was very comfortable there, not like other places where it feels like they only want your money. I felt like here they cared about my health and listening to my concerns.


Very timely and thorough . Made me feel comfortable talking about an uncomfortable subject.


All staff were pleasant and efficient, from front office to P.A., doctor, anesthesiologist and prep nurse. Would recommend this group.


The staff were really nice and Tanya listened to what I had to say and makes me feel like I will finally get things accomplished and figured out a solution with the tests. She also gave me recommendations. I went in nervous but came out feeling better. At check out, the woman was very nice with making my appointments and information regarding tests. Thanks so much.


Staff extremely personable, helpful & professional. Tanya very attentive - listened to me & took time to answer questions. Explained past test results & also why additional tests are needed. Very thorough appt - did not feel rushed. Very encouraged that my health is on the right track. Thank you, Tanya!


Very pleasant experience. Staff was warm and welcoming. Wait time extremely minimal. Hardly took my seat in the waiting room before i was called back.


Good experience; nice staff; tastefully appointed waiting room with beautiful pictures on the walls!


The staff was having Tanya. She put me on the fodmaps diet last time which really has helped me overall.My only disappointment was being told three weeks after I took the lactose test that I was lactose intolerant, when I was told that I would hear the results from them after I took the test. I had two challenging days which would not have been challenges had I known about the lactose intolerance.Other than that, an awesome experience!!!Myappointment was Sept. 29.


The staff were very polite and they worked efficiently together. I feel the doctor was knowledgeable as to my condition. A 9 out of 10 experience.


I had a follow-up appointment with Tanya who is very easy to talk to. She answered all of my questions and ordered a test. Staff was very friendly and helpful in scheduling the test.


Today was my first visit to hillmont GI. I was very pleased with the staff and the outcome of my visit.


Always a great experience !


I appreciate your office & service. Thank you for making this visit easy.


I was greeted by friendly staff and promptly seen. I was given an explanation of what my issue may be and the testing that i will need. The procedure scheduling and prep were also thoroughly explained.


Easy in and out. Pleasant staff.




Staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. Everyone I interacted with was smiling and seemed genuinely happy to be there and help me. If the staff is happy that's a huge indicator of the patient experience to come. My provider, Tanya Carter, was engaging and work with me to develop a treatment plan that was best for ME. Highly recommend.


I was concerned about several issues I was having. Amy was wonderful about getting me in the same day! Tanya listened to all of my notes, and made some suggestions I had not known about. She was very reassuring. Jen did a great job explaining my next steps. All in all, a very positive experience!


I've been there three to four times and I have never had to wait. They always take the time to listen to you and never rush you out.


Everypne was very helpful. I felt the reception workers to be very thoughtful. I flt the nurse practitioner to be very informative and genuine. Overall a pleasant visit.


It was a very pleasant visit discussing my issues. All my concerns were addressed and explanations provided. Follow up care was quickly arranged. I was pleased with the services provided.


I told Tanya my symptoms in detail and she was very helpful with scheduling a colonoscopy, and said that well examine our next steps after. She was very friendly and helpful.


My experience was pleasant. Tanya has a way of putting you at ease. She listens to you and thoroughly explains things. She assured me that she would be available should I need her.


Very short wait time. Pleasant interaction with time allowed for questions. Clinical trial for colonoscopy described but declined because of pressing family medical appointments. Need for bloodwork and colonoscopy discussed and will be scheduled. Checkout pleasant.

Mary Ann Rager

The office staff and wonderful and the doctors are very attentive and prompt. They take the time to listen to everything you have to say and provide you with the best care they can.


The PA was friendly, efficient, thorough and was happy to answer any of my questions. She was able to fit me into her schedule and get me right in to see her.


I was very pleasantly surprised.I was extremely worried about this appointment before my scheduled Colonoscopy in June. I'm still healing from an extensive fusion laminectomy surgery on my Lumbar area of my Back and I was concerned that it would affect this procedure.My Physician Tanya Carter was very comforting about my concerns and compationately answered any and all of my 50 questions and she also gave me free of charge Laxative Medicine to hold me over until my prescription was filled because it was on back order.I have never met Tanya before and I couldn't how caring she was. The young woman who checked me out and provided my colonoscopy appointment paperwork was so kind,I wish I knew her name,but she was so nice and didn't rush me from asking questions even though the answers were on the paperwork she prepared for me.The entire visit was worry free and had a very relaxed atmosphere,even the Woman who checked me in was nice and friendly.This was a very worry free Doctors Visit.I highly recommend Hilmont GI.!

Kevin Yost

I went to see her about getting my colonoscopy done. She as always takes her time with me and never rushes me through the appointment. I am comfortable talking with her.


My visit went well. Procedure options explained in detail. I felt at ease, not a stressful visit in any way. Nothing but positives for todays visit. I am looking forward to having the procedure "behind" me.


She was very nice. I felt comfortable. I'm a difficult patient and a lot of medical practitioners don't know how to handle me, but she made sure to answer all of my questions.


I was quite distressed. I had woken up on Fri morning (1/27/17) and experienced anal bleeding - very heavy bleeding. I contacted Dr. Nack's office (I had just had a colonoscopy on 12/28/16). Dr. Nack was not available but they said Tanya could see me. I made an apt for 11 AM. In the mean time, I was able to get an earlier appt with my family physician. When I saw the family physician, she found a lot of blood in the bowel and drew blood. When I saw Tanya at 11, she reviewed all the information and told me what she thought but said she would consult with Dr. Boynton. Dr. Boynton came into the exam room and explained what he thought. They determined it was a bleed from the diverticulitis. They recommended options for following the situation and what to eat and how to rest. We chose to follow the situation from home and keep a close eye on everything. Tanya asked me to follow up with her on 1/30/17. My weekend proved uneventful. Before I could call Tanya on Monday morning, she called me to follow up. I was very pleased with how Tanya handled herself. She wasn't afraid to ask for assistance and stayed with me during Dr. Boynton's consult. Tanya followed up with me on Monday morning and answered my questions and said she would follow up with Dr. Boynton on other questions I had. I thought Tanya showed a great deal of caring and concern for me and was very attentive and responsive to me. I would have no qualms seeing Tanya again. I was also impressed with Dr. Boynton and wouldn't hesitate seeing him again for treatment. Thank you Hillmont GI for your great care.


Tanya covered all the basis and asked all the right questions.I was also able to get my prescription refilled. The visit was a 10 out of 10.Thank you!


My experience was very pleasant. I was seen in a very short time. Tanya greeted me warmly and listened intently to what I said. I didn't feel rushed or unimportant. She offered plausible sounding reasons and sensible treatment for my complaint. The receptionist and the appointment coordinator were also pleasant and moved me through those processes quickly.


Other than a wait time (i was 5 minutes late for my appointment), everything was fine. Tanya explained my colonoscopy results thoroughly, discussed bowel heathly eating and recommended that i up my fiber intake to twice a day. I like her and her manner. I was happy with the visit.


Didn't have to wait long. Tanya is pleasant and knowledgeable. Answered all questions. Respected my decision to shorten length of taking medication and waiting to do another test to monitor conditions. Very satisfied.


Was a total experence ! ALl questions answered with total understanding The Dr devinately knew her field of medacine. WAs an absolute pleasure doing business with Tonya.


Dr. Carter re prescribed me for Prilosec to help aid in the gastric issues I am having. She is always so kind and understanding towards my situation and gives me hope in figuring out a solution to this problem. I will be back in three months for a check up. Thank you!


Office was clean, staff was polite as well as professional, and the practitioner was very informative with my care.


Everyone was pleasant and professional. I was very impressed by the nurse practitioner, Tanya Carter, who saw me. She listened to me. She did not rush me. Her advice seemed logical and she was very pleasant. She made me feel quite comfortable.


I was seen promptly, within 10 min of my appointment time and Tanya asked me necessary and relevant questions related to my visit. She gave me a variety of options and paid attention to what i would feel comfortable with.


Always a pleasure Tanya provided me with great info on my colonoscopy and explained the results well office staff is always gracious and kind.


Came to Hill Mont GI because i was having a procedure and I was having anxiety and they totally put me to ease about it......thanks hill mont.


I thought everything was very efficiently ran during my visit. The facility was very tasteful and clean, which was nice to walk into. The wait time was minimal and i was in and out within 25 minutes.

Olivia Kolis

Very simple friendly experience. All members of the care team were knowledgeable and friendly. Thankfully there was no wasted time. very efficient.


PA on time. Very professional and knowledgeable. Took time to answer questions thoroughly. Courteous and respectful.


I am very happy with the doctors here. They are helping me with my diarreah issues. They take time to listen and help.

Janice Niznik

It was great. I find you guys very personal and caring. It is 8 in the morning and i am not awake yet to make this more personable.


The office area was neat, clean, and warmly decorated. The staff were very friendly and efficient. There was very little wait time. Meeting Tanya was a pleasure. She took time to listen to me and answer all of my questions. I felt like I was well taken care of.


Very happy with my visit. Tanya explained everything very well. Was seen promptly.


Everyone courteous. Seen on time. Very professional staff. Dr Carter was very friendly and helpful.


Everyone was pleasant from beginning to end.


Everyone was very polite and helpful. Easy to schedule and reschedule appointments.


Great-on time-office staff very professional and friendly. Love the decor-relaxing. One drs office I dont mind going to.


Tanya was very friendly as usual and interested in my health. She has always been a great listener and offers options to involve me in the decisions.


Tanya is an excellent and informative provider. I am very pleased with my care.

Terrie Johnson-Black

I was able to get in fast with no waiting time. Tanya was kind and friendly.

Jacquie Sharpless

I was taken very promptly and Tanya was very thorough.. I feel like I'm in good hands at this office!


Saw crnp Tanya in regard to a problem i was having. I appreciated her candor and her ability to make me feel at ease about an embarrassing condition. She was easy to talk to and professional. The intake nurse/assistant was also very nice. Scheduling of a future procedure and checkout was very good as well. Everyone was very nice and helpful.


Staff was extremely thorough and very pleasant. Making an unconfortable situation easier. Thank you.

Terry Chorba

Easy to make appointment. Friendly staff. Did not feel like my concerns were being dismissed!

Tina Blatt

Very short wait time. Receptionist friendly. Dr. Very nice and informative.

Lisa Dannaker

Great experience! Friendly staff. Quick and to the point, getting everything figured out.

Oliver White

Tanya was very professional and answered all my questions about the procedure.


I can in and it was a quick easy experience. I would recommend the facility.


Scheduling was easy, i was taken immediately and the staff were professional.

Denise Nuccio

Staff are very polite, there is no wait time which is great. Tanya was very informative with a great bed side manner. My overall experience has been great.

Debora Pirner

Tanya understood all of my concerns about the procedure very well. We had met during a former appointment. She was able to provide solutions which reassured me greatly. We scheduled two procedures. I am completely at ease with the scheduled appt.


Ms. Carter listened to me and really took my concerns into consideration. I felt like I was heard and she did what she could to help alleviate my symptoms.


Tanya was very kind and understanding. She made me feel a lot more at ease at an appt that I was very nervous to attend.


From the moment I scheduled my appointment until the end of my visit with Tanya, I felt welcomed into the practice. Tanya listened to my concerns and clearly explained the Next steps in my treatment. Thank you for making this a wonderful first experience.


I Was pleased that I could fill out the paper work prior. I was taken immediately. Everyone was kind and professional. The entire experience was wonderful. Information was easily understandable.

Patricia Donlin

Everyone I came in contact with today was very professional, accommodating and pleasant. Thank you for that.


Very Satisfied. Tanya was very professional..