Overall my experience with Doctor Murphy and his staff was very good. Iím satisfied with the outcome and although there was a lot of back and forth with the dentist and oral surgeon it was all worth it. The staff is very kind and gentle. I never had a problem with any of the girls or Doctor Murphy. I would definitely recommend this office to my friends.

Alexa Carnes

I had a very good experience getting my braces off. It feels weird to have not braces I feel like I donít have any teeth. Iím so happy with how they look. I am very happy to get them off!


Ever since I walked in everybody here had been more than exceptional and in recent months very understanding i wouldnít have done it differently if I could thank you for everything.


Dr. Murphy is good.


Great faculty and staff, Iím happy the outcome of the way my teeth resulted.


Dr. Murphy and his staff are all very kind, and are definitely good at not making any situation awkward. I am happy with the work they did on my teeth. My teeth were pretty bad before having my braces, and now they look perfect. Even when I sometimes neglected not wearing my elastics enough, the staff was still kind and had explained to me why I needed to wear them. Overall, my experience was very good, and I could not imagine going through anyone else to do my braces.


Dr. Murphy is the best - he is kind and gentle ????


It was good overall. Everything turned out right braces wise.


It was a good experience because they did a good job explaining what they had todo and they did things safely so nothing really hurt.


I had an amazing experience. Everyone is super nice.

Isabella Salazar

I liked Dr murphy. Coming in everytime was very quick and easy and they were very flexible with me for appts. The Hygeinists are super quick and always answer my questions. Itís overall been a good experience.


Everyone here was very friendly and welcoming. I have been coming for years and itís always a great experience.


My experience here was very pleasant. The staff was helpful and attentive. I personally had my braces taken off early, but I was given all the necessary encouragement and means to finish completely. Everyone was very kind and Iím happy with my end results.


Great Service.


My experience was very good, every time I came in to get my braces checked I always felt welcome and there was never any pain o discomfort. I was also very pleased with the results of the braces.

Colby Lanager

My braces were taken off early but overall my experience was pleasant, and my teeth are looking so much more beautiful than they ever have before.


When I first get my braces on it only hurt a little and then it started to feel normal. There were some points in the beginning where I even forgot I had them on. Every time I got them tightened it hurt slightly for maybe a day or two and then I felt fine again. The whole staff is really nice and friendly. I really liked getting my braces and just the whole experience in general.


I was very happy with the result of my teeth. They are very nice and treated me good.


I love my new amazing smile! Dr. Murphy and his staff are the best - professional, friendly and accommodating for my busy schedule with convenient evening hours. The office is well organized- never a wait. My whole family had great experiences and now we all have beautiful smiles. I would highly recommend.


I had a great experience here. I would definitely recommend coming here to friends and family in the future.


My experience with braces was very good. The most memorable experience was definitely Dr. Murphy and his staff. Dr. Murphy and his staff are really nice, kind, and helpful. I would definitely recommend coming to this office for orthodontic treatment.


Getting my braces treatment with Doctor Murphy was really easy and after the first month I was so used to the braces I had hardly noticed them and the treatment seemed to go by very quickly.


Doctor murphy is a friendly and encouraging orthodontist who will help you every step of the way like he did for me and many other patients. He always makes a comforting environment for whatever you are having done.


Dr. Murphy was a great orthodontist, and helped me through every step of the way. He knew what he was doing and left me very happy and satisfied with my smile. Thanks Dr. Murphy!


I have enjoyed my experience very much! The staff is always friendly and enjoyable to be around.


For the past 3 years my experience was amazing. Even though I might not have liked braces Dr. Murphy motivated me to wear my bands. I thought I would never see this day where my braces were off but Dr murphy made it possible. Thank you sooo much.


Well planned.everything went well.


This was pretty surprising, and I enjoyed the experience. As I went through this for three years, visiting here really became a big part of my life. I enjoyed meeting everybody, and the process was not very difficult.

Jadon Derosa

My experience here was great. I was always welcomed by a friendly staff and felt very comfortable. I have been here almost 5 years come springtime, I wished it could have been sooner but I never wore my rubber bands.


All the staff from the beginning of my experience was very helpful for creating my new smile! They were also very informative in what the process of my experience would be. I would recommend Dr Murphy any day!


It was very good! My teeth feel much better than they did before I got my braces on. It was really worth it.

Matt Makaus

Good experience with my braces. Staff were nice and I always felt comfortable at my appointments.

C.van Rossen

Dr. Murphy is a funny, and excellent Orthdontist. He makes you feel right at home when you come into his office.


The dental assistant where amazing and very kind. The dentist was nice and straight forward with everything.


Everytime I went to the orthodontist Dr.Murphy and the nurses were always nice to me. Anytime something was bothering me in my mouth they fixed it and did it gently so that it didnít hurt when they did. My experience here was really great and my teeth ended up great.


My personal experience was great. At times the braces can hurt but it really isnít that bad. The staff here are great and easy to work with.


My experience here was great! Dr Murphy is so funny and so nice and my teeth look awesome!


It was great they worked fast and nice.


The past few years with my braces have been wonderful, the staff and Dr. Murphy are incredibly helpful and kind.


Now whenever I get pictures, I donít have to feel insecure about my smile, or have to try and smile in a way that makes me feel like it will look okay. I can smile normally and know that it looks great. Thereís no way to describe how great that feeling really is. It took less time than I thought it would, and once I got used to my braces, I hardly even noticed I had them on. Overall amazing experience, thanks to Dr. Murphy!


My experience here was great! Everyone was so kind and did everything they could to help me get perfect teeth. Every time I came here I felt like everyone really focused on me and made me feel comfortable, allowed me to ask as many questions as needed, and always kept me entertained during my checkups!


I enjoyed the comfort the staff provided throughout this process.


Amazing experience. All of the workers are very nice and gentle. I Love having a great smile. Thanks to Dr. Murphy for me to have amazingly straight teeth!


Yo tuve un excellente tiempo aqui con el doctor. Me ayudo areglar mis dientes en un aŮo y medio. Lo recomiendo.


Iím overall pleased with the results. The appointment times were very flexible and I had an enjoyable and surprisingly quick experience with braces because of Dr. Murphy.


I believe that this was a very easy adventure. There was not much of a wait time, nothing hurts too badly, and everyone very nice.


It was very good, I came in and got everything fin very quick and easily when I had check ups. My teeth now look amazing and Iím so glad I came to Dr. Murphy.


Had always wanted straight lower teeth as they seemed to effect even my speech. Chose Dr. Murphy as he did my daughterís braces years ago. Have been completely pleased with my treatment and services along the way. Everything was explained and Iím happy today with my straight lower teeth. I would be pleased to recommend Dr Murphy. By the way I am 72 years old!


I felt that my experience was very good. From the check in counter to the appointment Every person was nice. When I Brock my brackets or neglected to where my rubber bands there were no rude remarks. when in the waiting room the wait was never long. When I did what I was supposed to do the check was about five minutes. Overall a very good experience.


Dr. Murphy did a great job on my teeth, they went from looking out of place and crooked to being aligned and straight. I give him a 10/10 job!


They were constantly doing different things to make sure that my braces would only come off if they were perfect. All of the people that work here are so nice and genuinely care about you! Overall great experience :).

Ella Musto

It was great! Everyone here was very supportive of trying to get my braces off. And my braces were very comfortable.


I was well taken care of. This is a very good facility.


It wasnít that bad having braces. The time went by really fast.


I had a great experience here. The nurses are all so sweet and do a everything very precisely.


It was fun and nice to know my teeth are good as new. The whole experience was great and I never would go to a different place to get it done.

Cadence King

My experience here was fantastic. I enjoyed hanging out with Doctor Murphy and all of his assistance. Iím truly going to miss this outstanding place. Thank you for everything P.S. I canít wait for the next Star Wars movie may the force be with you.


Dr. Murphy was very strict especially when it came to rubber bands but overall he was very good and made my teeth nice. His dental assistants were also very nice and did a great job.


Very good service and staff. I am very glad with the results.


My experience here was amazing. My smile looks perfect after my braces thanks to Dr.Murphy and his amazing team.


It was a pleaser experience and the job was accomplished properly.


It was a great experience, Dr.Murphy was always pleasant and had kind and funny things to say. The experience of braces was made easier than I had thought it was going to be by everyone here. I am so glad to have come here.


Dr. Murphy is a great guy who is great at his job and he did a fantastic job with my teeth.


Dr. Murphy never failed to make my trips to the orthodontist full of smiles. Dr. Murphy and the rest of the staff were constantly cracking jokes and making small talk to make everyoneís time with braces more enjoyable.


My experience was very well, there were no times that I was hurting and I think they did a great job on my teeth.


My experience was very good. My teeth look a lot better than before. The people are all nice and helpful.


Overall the experience was great. There are no particular complaints that I have.


Time went by so fast,Great staff!! Wish I did braces sooner.Canít wait to smile again and again.Thanks Dr Murphy!


Dr. Murphy treated me very well.


My experience with having braces was a great experience. I got to change the color and see how it look on me, and see if it match my style. The staff here are very nice. Having head gear isnít the best but I got through it. Rubber bands are hard at first but it got easier over time.


Cares a lot about his patients and always has been so kind and nice to me. Always makes time and answers any questions I have. Will definitely recommend him to anyone I know that is looking for an orthodontist Iím the area.


My son has autism and he desperately needed braces, but we did not know if we could find an orthodontist willing to work with an autistic child and we also didnít know if my son would tolerate them. We were extremely pleased with Dr. Ken Murphy and his awesome staff. They were patient and made the experience as easy as possible for my son. I am pleased to say he has a beautiful smile thanks to Dr. Murphy and his team and he even asks to come back to their office! ????


Dr Murphy always put a smile on my face with his jokes.


I really like how great my teeth came out to be. My experience here has been great, the assistants were great and Dr.Murphy is very good at getting your nerves go away. He has a good sense of humor as well. They helped me out when I wasnít doing well and they were all very nice. They also have a very nice system about how they do things, they are very good at theyíre job and are very organized.

Lilly Ligowski

The two years I have had them on have been a lot more enjoyable thanks to the facility! All of the staff were really patient and allowed me to understand everything they needed to do in order to straighten my teeth. They got me right in very fast every month to check my teeth out. They did a great job. Thank you so much! Logan Hallihan.

Logan Hallihan

Dr. Murphy and the staff were very nice and helpful throughout the duration of my braces. My teeth look really good now and I am glad Dr. Murphy did so well in fixing my smile.


It was very well. Staff is all kind and makes sure you know everything that is going on.


My experience was very positive. Everybody here was so nice and did a great job with my teeth. The wait time was very little and the checkups were fast and easy. My teeth look very nice after the two years in the braces they gave me, and I am very thankful that I was able to straighten my teeth with Dr. Murphy.


My experience here was absolutely great ????. Every appointment I had was always quick and easy. Dr.Murphy was fantastic and he was always super kind and made it easier and better to go through the process of having braces. The assistant were also fantastic, always super kind and fun, and nice to talk to. Overall my experience was great.


Everyone is pretty nice. Very professional.


Where do I start! Dr. Murphy and the hygentists did an amazing job! When I got my braces off they knew what they were doing and were indeed experts! Thank you guys!

Alyssa Lagomarsino

My experience was fantastic. Everyone here is nice and funny! Dr. Murphy will always make you laugh he is hilarious and has a lot of stories. He also loves dolphins.


The experience was very nice and pleasant.


Dr.Murphyís qualifications are definitely underscored through the amazing work he does with your teeth. He immediately gets to work trying to get you to 100% with the process. With a combination of a great orthodontist, the great staff, wearing your rubber bands, and following directions, your teeth will be EXTRAORDINARY in no time. The staff members are very friendly and always bring a positive attitude to all of the appointments. I would strongly recommend this office!


My experience with doctor murphy and all the girls was absolutely fantastic. Iím super happy with the way that my teeth turned out totally worth every penny. Everyone in the office is extremely friendly and caring the past 2 years of coming here has been amazing.


Mr murphy was very kind and always asked about my day and also reminded me of what I had to work on. If I had the chance I would send my friends here if they were to get braces because I believe my experience here was really really fun.


The experience was long, but definitely worth it. Dr. Murphy and his staff have always been extremely kind to me and have a great knowledge in the field. I am pleased with the work Dr Murphy has done for me.


The workers were very nice, and Dr Murphy was nice they did a great job on my teeth.


Being with doctor murphy was great he is such a good guy and the staff was amazing. They really know what to do at the office they are very kind and would recommend them.


I had a good experience with this orthodontist. While it took a long to get my braces off, Mr. Murphy kept my treatment going until my teeth were perfectly aligned.


I had check ups every month and they went really well. Doctor murphy was always really nice and funny. I never felt pain with my braces they were always comfortable. And I really like the way my teeth came out.

Jeremy Maida

My experience was great, Dr. Murphy was very welcoming, nice and he always made me smile.


My experience here was great. All the staff here was very nice and very helpful.


I could be any happier. The staff is friendly, personal and caring. Dr. Murphy is very competent. My oldest son has been going here and we are very happy with the results. Certainly recommend this office.


When I first got my braces on, I was extremely nervous and dreading the 2 year experience ahead of me. But Dr. Murphy and his staff made me feel very welcomed. The staff is very supportive and nice to chat too. I really enjoy coming here.


Dr. Murphy doesnít make coming to the orthodontist scary he makes it fun. Dr. Murphy will make sure you are comfortable and make you laugh. He will always make sure to make you smile. This is the best place to get your teeth fixed in my opinion.


My experience here was great and I am very pleased with my results.


My experience with my braces here went quicker than expected. I got my braces off early and never had any problems with poking and never had any pain throughout my mouth.


Very good. Everything felt good and wasnít in the braces for that long.

Daniel Kenny

Everyone was very kind and helpful during the process and, they did an amazing job with keeping me on track with putting my bands on. Also encouraging me to just keep going and soon enough the braces will be off.


Thank you sooo much for the braces and the non painful experience. Many of my friends go to other orthodontists and end up having to get them back on or have them on for at least 3 years. Other than the 2 hour drive, this was well worth the time and it was a quick process.


Excellent, professional service every time I came in for adjustments. Having adult braces seemed at first like it would be a challenge but I hardly noticed they were there; I truly didnít mind wearing them. The staff was always courteous and ensured my comfort at each visit. They also took the time to answer my questions in detail when I had them. Iím so thankful I chose Dr. Murphyís office for orthodontic treatment. Iím confident my straight teeth serve me well for years to come. THANK YOU!!


I had a very good experience with Dr. Murphy. He was very precise in all of his work and my teeth came out amazing.


I had a great experience here as Dr. Murphy helped me through it all as well as the staff here. The process went a lot quicker than I had expected.


It was a great experience. It was very quick and everyone working was so nice. My teeth feel perfect after 2 years thanks to Dr murphy and the staff!!

Mackenzie Selvaggi

Easy to understand and great results.


Excellent orthodontist, funny and really helpful to make my teeth feel great again! Thank you Dr. Murphy!

Michael Mazzola

Awesome orthodontist! Thanks for my great smile!


My experience here was wonderful, Dr. Murphy always makes sure all of his patients have beautiful teeth. I will admit that at first I was struggling with keeping my elastics in 24/7, but after he (he as In Dr. Murphy) explained how important the elastics were, I started wearing them all the time. I love it here because itís child friendly, they know what theyíre doing, and I know Iíll have a good outcome with my teeth. Overall my experience was amazing!


Overall my experience was pretty,my teeth are straight and I no longer have a gap so they did what they were supposed to.


Just got my braces off so greatful for Dr. Murphy ,Sking my smile great.


Everything was done effectively and explained well so I knew what was going on. The staff was friendly as well. Overall a good experience!


Dr Murphy did an amazing job on my teeth. I could not be happier. Even though having to wear the bands for my braces got annoying after a while Iím so glad I did. Now I have this perfect beautiful smile. Thank you Dr Murphy!!


Dr.Murphy did a great job making sure that I took good care of my braces.


The dentists were really nice and made the 2 year braces experience as good as it could be. The braces never fell apart or anything like that.


Everyone is very friendly and makes you feel welcome.


Overall a very good place to obtain braces. Even though I received braces somewhat late into my teenage years I still think it was worth it.

Jordan Maier

I had a good experience with the staff I just got lazy with my bands so thatís on me but the people here were great.


Dr. Murphy applied my braces for a severe over bite.


The experience overall was great. Getting the braces on was a little painful but after that everything was fine. The dental assistants were very caring and specific about what they were about to do to you. I loved how I always knew what they were doing to me! The time really flew by and it was all really easy!


It was generally a very good experience! The staff was very nice and made my experience very joyful, All in all a pleasure to be surrounded with great individuals. The wait time was very short and all of it was worth it in the end!


Iíve had a really amazing experience here. The staff here are super friendly and great, They care about their job and your teeth. I would have wanted to go to any other place. Dr Murphy is a great man and really did an amazing job fixing my smile!


Great work and service.


My experience with dr murphy was great! The appointments were quick and easy with no problems, making it very organized. Dr Murphy and the staff also made it a very comfortable and friendly environment by being communicative when telling you what they were about to do or just asking what I wanted to do when I got older.


As an adult patient, Dr. Murphy made this experience as pain free and easy as possible. He and his staff were so easy to work with and every visit was so pleasant. I couldnít be happier with choosing to spend the past two years working with him.


From the day I got my braces on all I have been thinking about is getting them off as soon as possible and thinking about how they would turn out. My overall experience with this was amazing. Dr. Murphy was there telling my when I would get them off and what I should do to get them off quicker. He has been there to make me smile and laugh even when I got my braces on and when I got them off. To be honest, I hated my braces, they always cut my lips, they gave ,e many sores in my mouth and poked my cheek all the time. But when I got them off, it was a very happy day. My teeth felt very different, they felt free. They could rest up against my lips, I could can run my lips against my teeth without cutting or scratching the inside of my mouth. For the two years that I have had my braces on, it was a long trip, but I finally got them off and I am happy about that. And Dr. Murphy helped my through that.

Sammy Castner

My teeth look great now thanks to Dr.Murphy.


My experience was excellent I loved the way my teeth came out. Also the employeeís who worked here were all nice. Doctor murphy was Great Doctor and was really nice.


I liked it a lot. it wasnít hard work. The service and the people who helped me were great and helped me through my braces. I would definitely recommend this place to other people. I felt safe and comfortable coming here everytime.


My experience as an adult with braces was easy thanks in part to Dr. Murphy and his staff. Appointments were on time with little waiting. Changing appointment times or dates was accomplished without difficulties.


Getting my braces on here and coming back to get them checked was much easier than I thought it would be. Clearly, it is not the greatest experience but the kind and funny staff made the whole thing seem faster and less of a hardship than it could have been.


Every time I came here I didnít feel rushed out or unwanted everyone was so nice and caring and very good at what they do Dr murphy was amazing to I want to thank you for making my teeth amazing! I loved the service here and I will continue to tell people to come here I canít thank Dr murphy and all the ladies here enough. They really did an amazing job. All the staff was nice and caring and wonderful.


I first needed to get a pal ENT expander because if my small mounts and it was perfect no issues and fit my mouth perfect. I then needed to get braces I kept the, on longer then I thought I would but thatís my fault for not wearing my rubber bands. I finally got them off and couldnít be happier with the way my teeth look.


My experience at this dentistry was very good and I can already tell how much better my teeth are. All of my appointments went smoothly and I am glad that I got my braces here. Dr. Murphy seems like a very good guy and his jokes helped to make the entire experience go better. I would definitely recommend having your teeth fixed here.


Dr.murphy does great work he did my and my daughters braces and our teeth turned out great Great and his staff are really nice people...

Lisa Banghart

My entire dental experience was very smooth and practically painless. Dr. Murphy and the assistanceís did a wonderful job with my smile and were always very caring.


My time with Dr. Murphy and the staff has been fantastic. They were always kind, guided me, and overall were great.


In all honesty, I did not enjoy the process of putting the braces on, wearing elastics, and coming to appointments, however, now that I see my smile and the end result of my braces, it was totally worth it. The staff was very nice and Dr. Murphy was a great guy who likes to have fun with his patients once in a while. Overall, my experience was great and I would recommend him to many others.

Arnav Sharan

They were very good. My teeth are really straight and I love them.


My teeth feel great after the quick and easy treatment I received here.


My experience here was absolutely great. The workers here are all very nice and make coming here a pleasure. They also all do a great job at what they do.

Julia LaManna

It was fantastic, I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Murphy. Everyone was amazing and very helpful. I would definitely recommend going here for braces.


I really enjoyed my experience. Everyone really cared about my teeth and making my teeth as great as they look now.


Dr.Murphy place is a great place to be he makes sure your teeth are straight. Other then that I would recommend going here. Thank you for making my teeth straight.


The braces process took a really long time, but it was so worth it. The staff was very nice through the whole time. Dr. Murphy helped me to get the ideal perfect smile:).


I had a very good experience.Doctor Murphy and all his staff are excellent , very friendly and cooperative.


The experience of getting braces was great. The staff were nice, and Dr. Murphy was amazing. I highly recommend!


Dr. Murphy and his staff were so helpful and caring throughout my whole experience. Everyone treated me like they really cared and I felt comfortable and was able to be personal.


I really like the people here. They are all really nice and answered my questions perfectly. I loved coming in for two years and I donít mind at all. Everyone treated me well and I am very happy with my service. I really like how my teeth came out. Everything is very organized and I was very comfortable. Thank you!


Good experience with the staff. Never had any complaints, always did a great job.


It was great, everyone was always kind and nothing ever went wrong. Everything was also simple for me from the payments, scheduling, and care of my braces and now even happier with my straight teeth and smile!


My experience with Dr. Murphy was wonderful! He was very gentle when ever he was working on my teeth and was pleasant to talk to during my appointments.


Everyone here was very helpful and very hardworking. All the workers knew what they needed to do at all times. Dr. Murphy was very helpful throughout the process. Every visit he is efficient and takes great care of all his patients.

Alec Burns

For the last 5 years, I came to Dr Murphy for my braces, and every time he continues to boost my morale with compliments, but also maintaining my teeth. I have never left his office disappointed, but motivated me to fix my teeth. Once I got my braces off, my teeth look flawless, with no flaw or mistake in them, all thanks to Dr Murphy. Thank you Dr Murphy for a Great Smile,!


It was awesome, everyone did an amazing job at making everything;less scary. I love my new smile, thank you so much.

Daisy Crubaugh

Thanks you for all your help on getting my teeth the best that they can be. My experience here was very good. The people are always very nice to me. And I did not have to wait very long to get checked out and in.

Edward Holder

I have been going here for two years. Every you come here they tell you what you do right and wrong and it helps you fix it. The assistants are very kind and so is Dr. Murphy.


I had a great experience here. Everytime, I came they were very nice and pleasant with everything they had done with my braces. Overall, I had a extremely good with Dr. Murphy!

Emma Kenny

I First had braces in middle school, around 7th grade. Iím now in the Tenth grade and ive never felt happier with my new Teeth. Thanks to D.Murphy as well as his staff, I have a new set of teeth to show off and be proud of. Thank you, Doctor Murphy.

Omar Abdallah

My teeth came out great. Staff was friendly.


I liked how nice the people are here and how well ,y teeth look with braces.


Doctor Murphy was a good guy who was very nice every time I came in. My teeth ended up coming out nice.


I loved my experience. All the girls are very nice and welcoming and always start a conversation. Dr Murphy always cracks a joke and knows how to brighten a day. Overall, I loved my experience here and would definitely recommend a friend.


I have had a great experience. The staff is super friendly and are always here to help you when you need it.


My experience was good and successful and all the people were great.


Dr. Murphy makes having braces easy and makes the process go as quickly as he can. His staff is great and are great with the patients.


Not a very long wait and good helping staff. Overall great experience.


I felt comfortable during my appointment. There wasnít any major discomfort while getting my braces taken off.


Thanks to Dr. Murphy I have perfect teeth! The staff here is beyond nice and Iím glad I had Dr. Murphy as my orthodontist!!! Thanks Dr. Murphy for a great smile!


They were extremely nice and extremely professional. They treat you like part of their family. I had a great experience here with Dr. Murphy and Iíd definitely reccomended it for anyone looking to start treatment.


I had a great experience with Dr. Murphy.


The people are great here and will help with any concerns. My experience was great here and Iím very happy with the results after braces. No problems at all for the whole time Iíve been here and it was an easy relaxed experience.

James Sanford

My experience was amazing. From the beginning my teeth were very crowded and throughout my experience my teeth have been getting straighter. Iíve been through some tuff times with my braces but it was really worth it.


Itís was good. The only bad part was that I couldnít eat my favorite candy. Other than that it was good. My teeth look really nice.


I really enjoyed getting my perfect teeth to life .thank you for helping me do that Dr Murphy and the rest of the staff.


Dr. Murphy and his staff did a great job with my braces.


Dr. Murphy was a great guy who helped me achieve my goal of straightened teeth and I am glad I had him as my orthodontist.


All of the assistants and Doctor Murphy were so nice and made my teeth look so nice. I am very happy with how they turned out!!!

Veronica Bialek

I started my experience with Dr.Murphy in 2012 and I havenít been the most compliant patient ever, wearing my rubber bands sparingly and sometimes missing appointments, but regardless the Doctor and his office have been very nice and understanding with me. I am happy to have had my braces done here and the results were definitely amazing.


My experience with Dr. Murphy was a great one. Heís a nice and funny and leaves you satisfied with the end result. Everyone here is nice and patient with every one of their patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Murphy as the place to get your teeth to look as straight and perfect as can be.


My experience was great and when the process of braces was done my teeth looked amazing. Also, The staff is very good and I would highly recommended this facility.

Abdul Sattar

I loved it here. I was very nervous getting my braces but all the assistants helped me calm down. They answered any questions I asked. Dr. Murphy was really nice and did an amazing job. My teeth are really straight right now. So a big thanks to him. Dr. Murphy always made me laugh and the process of getting braces on and off didnít hurt.


Everyone is always very nice, and the experience always was positive. Nice environment, feel welcome. Thank you Dr. Murphy!


Whenever I came to the orthodontist, I was very confident that the staff would be doing a wonderful job. Having this confidence, my experience here was always fun. I would be comfortable talking about what I want to do when I graduate and be able to have a comfortable time with the staff.


I had a great experience here, now that I donít have braces why mouth feels weird. Itís like now that Iím missing a part of me, but Iíll get used to it. Anyways the staff here are very nice and helpful with the whole braces thing. One thing that I had a problem with was the fact that I had to have the elastics all the time, and me being me would end up forgetting. Overall this was an amazing experience and I would recommend this place for anyone who needs braces.


The service is very good. They care about the patients and are very nice to you. They ask about your personal life and never make you feel uncomfortable. My experience has been very good!

Renee Dimonda

I am ecstatic! I had on my braces a little longer than I like but it is totally worth it! Dr. Murphy and his assistants were so nice and accommodating. I would definitely recommend coming here to anyone who needs braces.


Iím an adult patient of Dr. Murphyís. I was so happy with the work he did and was so happy with the staff. They were all amazing from start to finish. I highly recommend their services. Thank you for such a pleasant experience!


My experience for the first time was weird and great because my teeth now feel all slimy and gooey in a good way and they are all perfect and straighten.


They were always very kind and the treatment was as gentle as possible.

Devon Benzaia

Throughout my two years coming to this orthodontist, I felt welcomed. The staff here are all kind and care on making my and anyone elseís smile the best it can be. I love how my smile came out. Thank you!


I really enjoyed my experience. Everyone was very nice and the process went smoothly! Thanks for the smile.


My teeth look amazing. I love it here. Staff is so nice and Dr. Murphy is great.


I had a great experience, the braces didn't hurt while I had them. My teeth look very straight now!

Jaiden Bayer

I thought my experience here was very good and it wasn't very difficult for me either. Th checkups were easy and the only requirement for me was always wearing my bands which wasn't much of a problem. It felt like 2 years was a long time but I'm really happy with the results.

Chelsea Capan

Was glad to get straight teeth and how satisfying it was to have a great smile.At first it was sore but it was worth it in the end.


Dr. Murphy is a great person and a great orthodontist. He always makes jokes and makes you smile. He knows what you need to make your teeth better even if it's a lot of work. His staff is great too.


Pretty good experience all around and a good way to spend one day a month on checkups.


It was a good experience and I like the turn out of my teeth.

Sydnee Henderson

My experience was amazing! I am so glad Dr. Murphy made my teeth beautiful! The staff here is wonderful and I don't think my teeth could be any better! Braces were absolutely worth what my teeth look like now. Glad I can walk around with a confident smile!


The time went by pretty fast. Dr. Murphy and the staff made everything easy for my family like fast appointments. The overall atmosphere of the office makes it a good experience.


I had fun here! Dr. Murphy would talk to me while he would work on my teeth, and it always lightened my mood. He would call me Queen Elizabeth of England, which was funny. I think my teeth look straight and great, and I'm so glad that my mom and dad chose this place over all the other places. -E.Z.????


It was very very good. I like how the assistants explained what they were doing throughly and how engaging they were. Dr. Murphy's attitude was always fun to make jokes with and my experience was excellent!


My experience was very good for the most part it taught me responsiblty.


I loved getting my braces off and I had a nice experience with Dr. Murphy and the staff. So thank you Dr. Murphy for my new smile.


My overall experience was great, the people here were very nice and helped me get my braces off as soon as possible.


Everything about this office is great! The whole experience was pain free and enjoyable. Dr. Murphy and his staff always greeted me with a smile. I would definitely recommend Dr. Murphy to a friend.


My time with braces was as pleasant as having braces can be! It was not uncomfortable or problematic, and it was well worth the beautiful smile I got out of it!


The staff here were very nice and welcoming. They talked me through everything they were going to do so I wasn't nervous. Dr. Murphy is a great doctor and got me some nice teeth so for that I am glad. Overall, my experience here was a good one.


Dr. Murphy made my experience getting braces super easy and painless. The appointments are quick, staff nice, and overall very nice atmosphere . Thank you for a very easy two years!


Though I had my braces on for more time than I had hoped, I thought that my teeth came out wonderfully and I could not thank Dr. Murphy and his staff enough. They were always helpful and answered any question I ever had about my braces or what they were doing to my teeth.


My experience at Dr.Murphy's office has been great. Dr.Murphy is an amazing doctor. He is very professional, knows his job well. Can't ask too many questions with him though. His staff are wonderful. They are very friendly and nice. They answer all the questions/concerns. I loved coming to this place. Did not have to wait much. Overall, I had a very good experience here.


My visits at Dr. Murphy's office have been extremely pleasant and full of welcoming smiles. All of the staff are extremely friendly. I thank Dr. Murphy for my beautiful smile!


I had a really great time here and I loved how caring and such the staff was. Thank you for dealing with me for 4 years..haha. My teeth are definitely better than what they used to be. Thank you to Dr. Murphy, as well!


It was always a good experience, the ladies were always nice and gentle. Never were they rude to me, even after a long day they still had smiles on their faces. Dr. Murphy is nice and caring as well, we really took care of my teeth and knew exactly what to do.


My experience with Dr.Murphy was great! At first I was scared to get braces but he made the experience painless and easy. I always was treated greatly and I wouldn't have gone anywhere else to get the great smile I have today.


Dr. Murphy made my experience here very fun with his jokes. The staff here was very kind, and they are great people. I would definitely recommend coming here for a good experience and a good orthodontist. I'm very happy with my results and the time leading up to it.


My experience was good and all the people are very nice.


The experience was good. My teeth look great thanks to doctor Murphy rest of the staff. There wasn't any pain and the checkups were quick and easy.


I had braces for 4 years, I didn't understand the responsibilities. I didn't wear my bands all the time like directed. If you listen to Dr. Murphy everything will end up great. Great staff and facilities.


I had a great time in this office. Everyone was very kind.


It was great. I was so happy with the result ????????


My teeth were completely transformed from when I had first sat down in his chair. Everyone that worked on my teeth were very welcoming and friendly, including Dr. Murphy.


It's was a good experience, doctor Murphy was stern but caring. He did a great job.


Dr.murphy's a rad dude.


The people were very kind. They always explained what they were going to do so that I knew what was going on. I always got good service and just a great atmosphere. Dr. Murphy made my teeth very straight and beautiful and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out.


Absolutely fantastic! Staff was helpful and wonderful to be around. Thank you Dr. Murphy!


It was great!! Everyone was so friendly and willing to answer any questions I had, and they made the process of having to straighten my teeth fun :) I have beautiful teeth now and it's all thanks to them!

Melissa Dziatkowski

Was very good all of the staff were friendly and helpful. I was given tips to help make my teeth look good which I appreciate very much my overall experience at the office was amazing.


Dr. Murphy was great. He always does what is best for his clients. Thank you Dr. Murphy for a great smile!


I had a great experience with Dr. Murphy. He helped me get the perfect smile!


My experience with Dr.Murphy and his office went very smooth. Dr.Murphy was very efficient with his work and wanted me to do the best I could at everything. I am so glad I came to him and his office to fix my teeth!


My experience was great, all of the people that helped me with my braces were amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. My teeth turned out great and I am very thankful for Dr. Murphy and his staff.


My experience here was great the staff was nice and dr murphy made sure my teeth were going to look good and they do.


Had a great experience here, both my boys now have beautiful teeth!

D.O Sullivan

My experience with Dr. Murphy and his staff was a great one. He is very kind and easy to talk to and get along with. I experienced very little pain the whole time I was in his care, and I was able to trust him with my teeth. He is also very understanding and all around did an amazing job. I wouldn't of wanted to go anywhere else, thank you Dr. Murphy for a great smile!


Best doctor, really cared about how my daughters teeth looked.


Dr. Murphy is a outstanding orthodontist. My experience was a long time but worth It !


My experience was awesome, the people were nice, never kept me waiting, and always made sure my teeth were the best they could be. Also, I'll never forget what they did for me and my teeth.


The staff was amazing, they explained everything to me and were great when I cam in for my check ups. Dr. Murphy and his staff did an amazing job! Thank You!!


I had them on for almost three years but the result was definitely worth the wait. The staff was very very nice and I'm glad I chose this place for my experience.


He did a very nice job with the braces treatment and it definitely helped my teeth get better and look much better than it was before.


Great staff, always on time and professional. Enjoyed discussing the Irish with Dr Murphy!


I've been coming here since 2013 from Sparta and I couldn't have found a better orthodontist! Everyone here are so nice and helpful and Dr.Murphy made my teeth look amazing! High recommend it here!


My teeth came out amazing!! Dr.Murphy and everyone here made the time fly by! Everyone is so friendly and skilled at what they do, I love the results! Thank you so much!

Isabella Foley

It's a nice place, the people here are very nice and beautiful. The doctor was also a very nice man, we had some good conversations and a few jokes here and there. The people up front were also very kind and very helpful. ????


Great experience ! Friendly accommodating staff! Great results.


Thank you Dr. Murphy and your wonderful staff for that beautiful smile!!!!


Having braces was really fun, and I loved the experience.


It was nice. The staff was very friendly and pleasant to be around. Making appointments was easy. It was very convenient and simple. Everyone was nice and the doctor was friendly. I enjoyed my time here.


Doctor Murphy did a great job with my teeth. He is really nice as well.


Doctor murphy is very nice and cool. The staff is really nice and are fun to talk to. I had a great experience with my braces here.


It was a great experience, and i will definitely Recommend my friends to the office.

Jake Riva

My time here at Dr. Murphy's office was an excellent one!! The workers are kind and get the job done. Dr. Murphy stays interested in each and every individual because everyone is different. When I first got my braces on, I felt nervous. At the time, I thought I liked my teeth how they were before braces. Now, after my treatment time here at Dr. Murphy's office, I can't even recall that time!! Braces were not bad at all, but the experience of getting them off feels more rewarding than ever after a 2-year waiting period. I'll take care of my teeth and show them off proud. ALL SMILES FROM HERE ON!! Thank you for a great smile Dr. Murphy and office staff!!! ????????????????


Dr.Murphy was amazing! He always assured me that I would have perfect teeth. I really do have the best teeth now! Dr. Murphy is the best!


A had a good experience because of the good environment Dr. Murphy's office had.

Christian Evans

A very friendly environment and treated me like they knew me forever.


I had a very good experience. He's very nice and cares so much about your teeth, probably more than I did. He's a perfectionist and now I'll always have a perfect smile. Thanks Dr. Murphy!


I did not want or see the value I'm braces. I thought the process to be unnecessarily painful and tedious. However, after seeing the results that Dr. Murphy and his staff have kindly helped me produce, I'm glad to say I was wrong. My original thoughts were not only short sighted but entirely incorrect. There was a point to the two year long journey. I have never had a smile that I liked and rarely smiled in pictures. That changed when my braces were removed today. I look forward to smiling in pictures for years to come.


I am extremely satisfied with the excellent staff and customer care I've received. The whole experience was very pleasant and everyone very professional. So glad I chose Dr. Murphy for my orthodontist. Thank you!

Michele Em

Dr. Murphy did a great job with my teeth.


Dr. Murphy is very friendly and a funny man. He wanted my teeth to look as good as possible and now they look perfect. The assistants are also very nice and always careful. They made the time with braces enjoyable and painless.


My experience at Dr. Murphy's was great. He and his staff were always very kind and courteous.


Dr. Murphy and everybody else was very nice and everybody had a great sense of humor.

Anthony Marinaro

Dr.Murphy and the workers did a great job on my teeth! I'm so satisfied with my overall outcome and I thank you all so much!!


He did an amazing job. He told me what to do and how to get things done. Great experience and in the end. I came out with a great smile.


Dr.Mruphy is a funny guy that made sure my smile was perfect.


Dr Murphy was wonderful. Very patient and professional. His staff is amazing.


Doctor murphy was a good orthodontist he made my smile unbelievable and I'm very thankful he was my orthodontist.

James Lynch

Great man very kind. All the workers and staff are awesome and so kind. This really is a great place to be and have fun. They gave me a great smile. 10/10!!!????


Dr. Murphy did a great job. My teeth are very straight now and I like them very much. Before, my teethe were very crooked, there was a huge gap and two of my teeth were up in my gums. Now they are very evenly spaced and my teeth are aligned and straight.


He's a cool guy. Loved the fast service. My teeth look great!


Doctor Murphy is a cool guy. He did a great job.


Great Orthodontist and a wonderful environment! So glad to have come to Dr.Murphy because the end result was perfect. Now, I have a great smile thanks to Dr.Murphy!


Dr. Murphy did an excellent job!


It was an easy process with continuous encouragement from the entire staff. It was so rewarding to get to see how great of a job Dr. Murphy had done for my smile! :).




Review by SMS.


Had a great experience with Dr.Murphy he helped me get perfect teeth! Every time I came everyone was nice and welcoming I would recommend this office to a friend.


He is a great orthodontist who did a great job on my teeth.


Best orthodontist ever!!! Amazing job!!


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Dr. Murphy is the best orthodontist ever!


I'm glad that my braces came off so fast! Dr. Murphy and everyone else here are so friendly and funny, and I wouldn't have chosen anyone else to fix my teeth. I would totally recommend anyone with any orthodontic problems to come here. Thank you all!


Dr. Murphy has treated all three of my sons. I am so satisfied with the quality of care that my sons have received from Dr. Murphy. He has been an excellent orthodontist. His office staff is also excellent and very accommodating. You cannot find any better orthodontic care !


Dr. Murphy made my teeth look great!


Dr. Murphy is a great orthodontist.


Dr.Murphy did a great job.


Dr. Murphy did an amazing job.


Thank you for giving me the smile I've waited so long for! Thank you for everything!


It was a great experience. Everyone is very nice and helpful. I love my new smile.


Dr. Murphy is an excellent orthodontist and I'm so happy with how my smile came out!


Dr. Murphy did a wonderful job with my teeth! My smile is perfect thanks to him!


I really liked my orthodontic experience with Dr. Murphy and his assistants. Everyone was really kind and helpful, and I would recommend him to anyone I know who will require orthodontic services.


Great experience! Everyone is so nice and my teeth look great!


The experience I had with doctor murphy was nothing but wonderful thank you.


I had a great experience, I can't complain about anything.


Thank you for fixing my teeth and thank you for letting me have a great smile!


Dr. Murphy was great on straightening my teeth!


Dr.Murphy was very informative and helpful about explaining what was going on with my teeth and how he was going to fix it. I liked my overall experience with Dr.Murphy and had great results.


Dr. Murphy is a great guy. Thanks so much for giving me a great smile! I appreciate it very much.


Dr. Murphy is fast working and did a great job on my teeth. A pleasure to have worked with.


Very happy with Dr. Murphy. This is our third child who has seen him. Extremely clean and professional office. Friendly and efficient staff. Definitely recommend!


Dr. Murphy was really funny.


Dr. Murphy and the staff were extremely kind, and overall the environment was nice. My experience and the treatment results were great.


It was a great few years, dr murphy is a great person. He is easy to talk to and a great orthodontist. I would defiantly recommend them!


Dr. Murphy is the coolest!


Dr. Murphy is a fantastic orthodontist who made my teeth look amazing. He's great at what he does and shows it through his work.


Dr. Murphy is a really great orthodontist. Thanks to him I have perfect teeth and my new favorite smile.

Sofia Arana

Third son to go thru Dr Murphy's program with outstanding results!


Friendly atmosphere. Convenient scheduled apps.

Pilar Urea-Paz

Dr. Murphy did a wonderful job! He is a very funny guy!


Dr. Murphy did a great job on my teeth!


Dr. Murphy was very nice throughout the whole process and always encouraged me and made sure I was wearing my bands which helped me get my braces off sooner.


Great time did an awesome job thank you.


Thank you so much for all of the support for the past 2 years and for my new, amazing smile! I am very happy with the results and I am glad to have you as my orthodontist! Again, thank you so much!!!!!!!????


I had an amazing experience. Dr. Murphy is a great guy!

Lauren Barbato

Dr. Murphy is a great orthodontist, he is very nice and made me teeth look great!!:).


Dr. Murphy and his staff helped me achieve my great smile and were very helpful.


Dr. Murphy is awesome. The staff helps you get through braces quick and easy!


I really enjoyed coming to the orthodontist when I had my visits. The staff is great, Dr. Murphy is a great orthodontist, and both buildings are very nice. I would recommend this orthodontist if anyone is in need.


Every appointment I had was quick, easy, and straightforward. I'm happy with the results. Thank you Dr. Murphy and staff.


Teeth look amazing. Thank you.


Dr. Murphy took his time and did a great job on my teeth!


It was a very pleasant time, and doctor Murphy went above and beyond to make my smile look great again.


It was amazing all the people here treated me well and I got my braces off in perfect timing. I will definitely recommend Dr. Murphy!

Ashley Martino

Dr. Murphy was very welcoming from the beginning. The staff was very helpful through everything and made sure that I knew what I was doing for proper dental care. Overall, my braces journey was a success!! :).


It was a great job couldn't ask for a better job!!


Dr Murphy was very helpful to make my teeth straight and wonderful. Thank you so much for making my smile wider!!


He's cool and funny! He really helped to have a great smile!


Very nice. Every time, I learned a new fact about Brittany, France!


The best orthodontist out there by far!! Going to miss him!

Sage Hyland

Great place to get braces!

Anily Merino

Loved every moment of it!


Dr.Murphy did a great job.


Dr.Murphy's more than a five star, he's a six star !

Taylor Edmondson

We had a positive experience. Everything was great!


It was absolutely phenomenal, the entire process was incredible and personalized just for me. Now that I have my braces off and a great smile I can't thank them enough.


It was easy to follow instruction and because of that I got great results.


My experience was great! Dr. Murphy and the staff are very nice and very good! I can't thank them enough for my wonderful smile!!

Jayde Talmadge

My experience was great! The wait was well worth it and Dr. Murphy is super cool! Thank you so much for a great smile!

Mackenzie Shelley

Everyone was really supportive and helped me throughout the entire process.

Nicole Hill

Staff is wonderful. Efficient wait times. Everything is explained in detail. Would.


Dr Murphy and his staff are very courteous and knowledgeable They make you feel comfortable and not nervous I highly recommend them.

Steve Squeri

Dr. Murphy is wonderful. He and his staff have been so nice to my children and their teeth are looking great!


Dr Murphy and his staff were very professional and answered all our questions. It was easy to schedule appointments due to the two office locations. My son is very happy with his results. I highly recommend Dr Murphy.


Dr Murphy is fantastic!!! I could not be happier with the results. My teeth look great. I would recommend him to all my friends.


I'm assuming hello my name is Brenda Massetti and I agree Expressen Dr. Murphy is an excellent practitioner and I'd recommend him to anyone.