Physical therapy, electro pads, ultrasound, and posture pump. Chiropractic care. Adjustment of the neck upper back and low back.


I have been a patient here for years! The staff is one of a kind and they are always willing to go the extra mile! Dr.Spurlock figured out my back problems when several orthopedic surgeons could not! It has been a blessing to find a Doctor who took the time to ask questions and track results to keep me moving!!

LeAnn True Norton

I have always been treated with respect from the entire staff. At one time or another I have seen all the chiropractors in this office. I feel confident that if they determined I needed other care or services I would been referred to other Drs.


They are the Best Treat me like Family.


I hurt my back and Dr.Spurlock fixed my returned my back to where it felt new again I did the spinal decompression and I would recommend this to anyone who would need it! The staff very friendly and caring people.


I suffered from vertigo and severe headaches. I sought help from chiropractic treatments through The Spurlock Chiropractic Centre and received immediate relieve. Since my first adjustment I have pursued treatment for my lower back pain which also resulted in much need relief.

Ann M Brunker

I have been coming to Spurlock Spine Center for several years. My experience has always been great. The doctors listen to me about what is going on with my spine and my treatment is tailored to me. The staff is kind and helpful.


The care that I always receive from the staff is top notch. Very courtous, and truly professionals. I would recommend this medical staff to anyone.


It's not just a job to them. From my personal experience they seem to care about you as a person rather then a pay check. Very important quality to have.


Awesome people . Great help to me anytime I need them.


I love all the staff! They do what they can to make sure that you get the proper care. They give great care!!!


Love the service great people.


Great staff.


Decompression has helped greatly.


The procedures have worked very well. I am well pleased, and will share with others in need.




With me getting injections, epidurals, and chiropractic care, has improved my back pain.