Dr. Taterka is a very knowledgeable and caring physician. He has been treating me for my GI issues since 2006 and has helped me considerably in dealing with my ongoing needs. I strongly recommend Dr. Taterka!!


I've always had a good experience at this practice. I've been a patient for over 30 years at Hillmont G.I., first with Dr. Messori and now with Dr. Taterka. No complaints.


I felt comfortable & thought that he cared about my priblem.


My experience was very good. Staff was helpful and doctor was attentive and clear. I was not rushed one bit in my time with the doctor.


Almost no wait time. Friendly and efficient staff. First visit so no results. Dr. seemed knowledgeable and ordered tests and suggested possible causes, an Tx. So far so good.


My appointment was very satisfactory. The office personnel, the nurse were very attentive. Dr. Taterka listened well as we discussed my ongoing issue. Iím glad not to need a third endoscopy. I hope change of prescription will work for me as I adjust my dietary intake. Every category was five stars except ease of scheduling. I tried but could not get through so my primary made the appointment. Thank you! Sister Therese Destefano, SSJ.


My experience with Dr. James Taterka was excellent. He is very thorough, sensitive to my problem and my needs. I feel he is looking out for my best interests and trying very hard to help solve my medical issues.The staff is very accommodating, knowledgeable and helpful. I am very happy with my relationship with Dr.


Had to call twice to get an appointment. Once that was gotten everything else was outstanding. Thanks.


Iíve been a patient for many years. Today I continue to be pleased with my experience: The result of my care The pleasantness of the staff The comfort of the waiting room.


My Appointment was handled very smoothly and professionally. I have been a long term patient and very pleased with my care.


I rate Dr. Taterka as a excellent service provider. He provided information about my condition with words that I could understand and wanted to make sure that I knew that I could reach out to him if I needed to make another appointment or call to speak to him.The facility is well maintained, the staff is very friendly, and the wait time was about five minutes.


It was helpful to meet with the physician prior to having the procedure. My first time meeting Dr. Taterka, I feel confident that the information he shared with me will put my mind at ease in having this procedure done. Also the person who explained the preparation for myself gave clear instructions! I appreciate the professionalism.


review +update on treatment of crones. blood tests to be done. next visit in fall '18i related other (muscle problems in legs) problems,, not directly related to crones treatment.


Pleased with entire experience from ALL staff. Very professional, attentive and listened to me.


Staff forgot to give me lab prescription--left on copy machine.


After initial exam, I was told to wait in waiting room for lab prescriptions. I was left waiting for nearly half an hour as they forgot about me. The prescriptions were left on their copy machine.


Very patient and helpful.


Dr. Taterka and staff are truly amazing!!


I had a follow-up appointment after a colonoscopy. The woman checking me in was pleasant, the nurse who weighed me and took me to the exam room was very friendly and efficient. And of course, Dr. Taterka was excellent as always!!! My only negative comment is that the girl who arranged my next appointment was not as friendly as the other people in the office.


This follow up visit went well. Thankfully the treatment plan is working for me - so I can't ask for more!


Everything was professional as usual.


I was promptly checked in and was seen within minutes.


Everyone was very pleasant. Dr. Taterka explained what steps will be done to get to the bottom of what's going on with me. Very informative.


Dr. Taterka is a very caring and helpful doctor. The office is run efficiently and the staff is very pleasant. My appointment was at 3:20 and I was seen promptly!!!


Dr. Taterka was pleasant and knowledgeable. He listened to my concerns and answered my questions. It was nice that he didn't rush through the visit.


Appt went well the doctor was very thorough and answered all questions. Only disappointment was that Dr Taterka wanted me to return in two weeks but the desk was unable to accommodate that and gave me an appointment for three weeks. Ian going to be doing some traveling in April and May and would really like to get this resolved as soon as possible.


Dr Taterka and his staff are awesome!

Vicky Mccoach

Dr. Taterka was great.


Everything was explained people were pleasant.


I found my appointment to be very informative and I just love the way my doctor takes time to listen to my concerns.

Deronde Reed



Review by SMS.


Good experience. I was a bit late and they still accomodated me with no delay. Also helped with billing and suggestion on communicating With insurance company.


Dr. Taterka was very attentive and listen to my concerns about my health. He was able to review my past issues and tried to find a resolution to my concerns.