Confidence in Dr. Boynton fulfilled once again. Knowledgeable, caring, clear, and succinct. Always a pleasure to work with staff, in person or by phone, as well.


Excellent conversation to his entrance into the room to break the worriment in my mind from the recent test I had. Very informative on all the question I asked Thank you Dr Boynton.


Dr. Boyton was very informative and answered all of my questions. I was very satisfied.


Great doctors and staff! Very nice location.


Dr. Boynton always takes the time to discuss things thoroughly with me and put me at ease.


I arrived early and was immediately signed in. I was taken back to the exam room where my weight and blood pressure were taken. Dr Boynton actually saw me before my scheduled appointment time. He checked me over after listening to my concerns and offered some advice. He answered my questions and told me to schedule the next step.


Excellent doctor - very professional, caring, & knowledgeable. Dr Boynton listened to my concerns, addressed my questions, & made recommendations.


Staff and doctor were pleasant and very accommodating.


Good first experience, friendly staff.


My experience today left me feeling very satisfied with my results, as well as relieved. I appreciated the conversation with Dr. Boynton and look forward to future visits with this specific office if issues are to persist.


Dr.Boynton is always courteous and professional and very pleasant to have a visit with. I trust his recommendations and he is very committed to my health and follow up. Thank you for taking care of my health.


The staff was friendly and the activities and services they provided were handled professionally and promptly. The wait time in the office prior to being taken back was short. In fact I didn't even get to complete the information forms that were requested. The forms and information is a bit of an issue for me ... I have been a patient for a long time ... my information has not changed ... I find it a bit annoying that I need to fill out these forms and provide this same information over and over again. Dr. Boynton is always friendly and professional and works with me on a course that make sense given the specific situation and circumstance.

Steven Kannengieszer

My appointments with Dr. Boynton always go well and he always offers me solutions for any issues I have. He is very personable and shows his commitment to me as I am sure he does to other. The staff are polite and help handle any items that come up. The office area is well kept and you are made to feel at home.


My experience with Hillmont GI is always excellent. Staff, Doctor etc. are always very courteous and respond to inquiries. Appointment happen on time. I have never had to wait. My doctor - Robert Boynton - is professional and shows concern regarding any issues that come up since my last appointment. I always leave with thoughts and advice given to me. I feel in very careful hands. Couldn't be more pleased. Sincerely, Charlotte Pulkowski.


Came in for stomach problems, described system and Dr. Boynton talked about some things I could do to help me feel better. Also prescribed other meds. I could take if present med. does not work. I will do what Dr. Boynton recommended. Will come back in 6 months.


Excellent experience with staff and Dr.


Everything is good.


So far my experience has been great! Staff is friendly and the doctor listens to my concerns and is being proactive in helping me!


Dr. Boynton and the staff are excellent!!


Follow up to endoscopy, received extensive explanation of Shotts circle,hiatal hernia. Understand why to continue omeprazole now which motivates me to be compliant.

Genevieve Stoudt

always friendly and nice service.


I am always pleased with the detailed information that Dr Boynton gives to me at my appointments. He informs me of the latest information available about my condition, research, and medications available. I appreciate that he always takes the time to answer all my questions fully.


Check in process was prompt. Time waiting for the doctor was also prompt. Doctor spent the proper amount of time with me. I did not feel rushed.


The staff is great. Very friendly. Dr Boynton is very good. Would recommend to friends and family.


Excellent experience all around.


Dr. Boynton is the best!! His nurse is great too.!!




My appointment went very well. I was in and out of there in 30 minutes. My only complaint is that it took 2 months for me to get this appointment.


Everything was fine.


Excellent. Prompt, professional, very clear as far as current situation and next steps.


Doc was great!


Hillmont GI has been very helpful.


Dr Boynton was very caring, understanding and knowledgeable. Took time to answer any and all questions. Overall a very comfortable experience.


Dr Boynton was very knowledgeable and took time to listen and explain things. Answered all questions I had also. Overall a good and comfortable experience.


Got in early for visit and Dr was very informative with his answers.


I was well satisfied with my visit with Doctor Boynton. He felt that my Reflux condition continued to be under control and that I shouldcontinue using Pantoprazole.


Good visit with dr. Boynton and new pa. Discussed recent liver bloods and the meds im taking for gerd. Im not taking meds the best way so will change that. Good visit and very helpful.


Excellent care was taken in all aspects of my visit. Dr Boynton took the time to explain very clearly my treatment and what to expect next.


The doctor and i discussed my overall gi health which for the past year has been good. We will be switching to another medication for my indigestion. If no problems, l will return in one year.


Fu visit on mri. Front desk people were very courteous and the dr. Was on time. Explained everything very well and we agree on next-steps. He remembered details from the first visit, which was very impressive. He makes me very comfortable and trusting.


Very informative discussion of my symptoms and probable cause.


What a relief to be nearly back to normal again. My symptoms appeared in early December and evolved and intensified for about 3 months. I adapted my eating behavior if I felt some foods triggered more severe reactions. Dairy, cheese in particular, seemed to produce the most pain. (I'm eating it again now with little or no discomfort.) I'm still very much confused about this episode, having never had one before. I've been taking Omeprazole for 20 years (?) to eliminate "heart burn" and it has always kept me symptom-free. If I understood Dr. Boynton and Dr. Kliger correctly, I suffered from a prolonged bout of GIRD. (I didn't know thee was such a thing!) Abdominal pain (which migrated from location to location), unbelievable gas and bloating (in the middle of the episode - January), with no change in appetite or bowel habits. I reduced my meal size and had a very early dinner, because I felt the best when my stomach was empty, like early in the day. After a CT-Scan disclosed that I have fatty liver disease, I eliminated all alcohol for a period of about 6 weeks. (I'm back to 2 glass of red wine daily now, with no impact on my health, and approval by Dr. Boynton. THANK YOU, DR!) I'll certainly pay close attention to gastric changes in the future and will double up on dosages quickly if the recur. Thanks you so much for seeing me through this episode, Dr. Boynton. So happy to be in reasonably good health again. Harry.


My office visit as a new patient went very well!


Contacting the office is futile as calls are not returned when you choose to leave your phone number. If you do get a call back you are hung up on after one ring.




Medication follow up visit. Nurse was friendly, informative and thorough. Doctor answered all questions is terms i could understand. Visit was quick and painless.


overall experience was excellent. The doctor is very professional and he knows me as an individual medically wise.


I was taken back before my appointment time! Dr. Boynton was very patient with all my questions and took time to explain his responses and suggestions.


Appointment with the doctor went well. All of my questions were answered, and I was treated with good care.


It was a very good experience. Everyone was great. Very informative. Thank-you.


The staff is very courteous, professional, and pleasant. Dr. Boynton is a very caring, concerned, and knowledgable physician! I would recommend this practice highly!


Always completely satisfied with my visits.


Pleasant and very helpful office staff. Doctor explained everything clearly and answered my questions. Very pleased.


Discussed issues with Ulcerative Colitis, IBS and other items in this area. Went over medications etc. to help with these issues. New suggestions made to alieve these issues which I will give a try. Helpful discussion. Feel very confident with Dr. Boynton and his suggestions.


Annual visit with Dr. Boynton. It went well and he ordered some tests.


Was here for consult related to discomfort in chest and swallowing issues. Dr. Boynton was thorough and suggested and endoscopy. All around a good visit!


Very pleasant staff and dr was very informative and helpful. Brought in at appt time and no wait time. Efficient and friendly location. Doctor answered all questions thoroughly.


Emma was very efficient and gracious. Dr. Boynton was precise and very educational. His manner is also gracious. The lady in charge of the appointments was also likeable and helpful, as everyone with whom I came in contact.


In every category everything was excellent, everyone did an excellent job!Thank you.


Dr. Was excellent....took time to,explain everything...not in a big hurry to get to the next patient.


Entire visit went extremely well. Not a long wait and entire staff was friendly and courteous. All my visits have been this way. Dr Boynton has really resolved my problems.


I saw Dr. Boyton today, he was very professional and a pleasure to meet. He reviewed my records and we talked about my progress with the new medication Victoria prescribed for me a few months ago. I really like this practice and will continue to use it.


This was an annual follow up visit. The wait to see the dr was about 40 minutes but he did apologize when he came into the room. Appreciated the apology.


Professional, thorough and efficient medical services.


Dr. Boynton reviewed recent CT scans with me and discussed the results as they relate to my liver and esophagus. He has been carefully following the health of these organs for years. He prescribed followup tests, and discussed the possibility in enrolling a clinical trial. Dr. Boynton is always courteous, and explains things in a manner that I can understand.


Dr Boynton was extremely easy to speak to and he took to my concerns in a manner that no previous GI i had visited did. He was respectful and courteous, as well as generous with his time.


I always have a good experience at this practice. Doc Boynton is not only a good doctor, he is also a genuinely good man.


Minimal wait, doctor was polite and listened, explained different possibilities from symptoms and plans of treatment. Willing to work with other doctors if needed. Very positive feeling going forward.


Met Dr. Boynton for the first time. We had a good discussion he seemed very thorough in his questions. We agreed to follow same routine as in the last 6 months and I will see him again in April. I am relieved that my condition does not require any changes at this time.


Spoke to doctor about tightening caused by acid reflux and he recommended increasing the dosage of my medicine.


I really love my GI doctor, and im the staff has always been nothing but kind, considerate, and accommodating. Also love the staff at the Springfield facility where the colonoscopies are done. Those people are also kind and considerate individuals! It’s hard finding good doctors that you like, and I’m so fortunate that i have! Thank you for all you do!


Staff very professional, knowledgeable. Good listeners.


Was taken almost immediately after arrival. Staff was very congenial, as always. Dr Boyton always there with a smile and good news.


My experience was as i expected. Dr. Boynton was very helpful and i hope he can help me in the appointments to come with my symptoms of ibs.


Very good. The doctor was patient and answered all my questions thoroughly. I was told my options for treatment, risks, and prerequisites for starting a treatment.

Rodney Bieak

The wait to be seen was one half hour after my appointment time.


The staff was courteous. Doctor was very helpful explaining things. Dr. Boyton answered all of my questions and gave me options for my treatment.


Frank, to the point, plain English conversation with Dr. Boynton about my condition and needs, and plenty of time for questions, which is exactly what I want.

Carol Lutter

Treatment results, and scheduling for follow-up were excellent... I would highly recommend anyone here for services...


Always am treated kindly. Never have a problem scheduling. The staff and Doctors are the best.


I saw Dr Boyton today for the first time. He was very nice, explained things to me so that I could understand them. He also took his time with me which I think is very important.


Pleasant and informative appointment. I have total confidence in my Doctor.


This was my first time meeting Dr. Boynton. I found him to be very kind and informative. We discussed my condition and he informed that I had CHOICES in treating my condition, which I found extremely helpful. I left his office much more educated and felt comfort knowing he had my best interests at heart. He comes highly recommended.


I needed to fill out some forms. I have been a patient for a long time so I am not sure why these forms were required. Staff was friendly and helpful during check in. Printed receipt quality was not great but hopefully sufficient for Flex Spend submission. Was taken back for appointment right on time. Weight, BP, pulse etc done professionally and they tell me the measurements as they do it which I like. Doctor came in shortly after so wait was not long. Discussion with Doctor about my condition, the level of my meds and recommendation for colonoscopy. The recommendation was not really clear if it should be done 1x/yr or 2x/yr. Doctor offered participation on study for new prep. I declined but appreciated being asked. Doctor handed me off to his staff. Set up of appointment for colonoscopy was done quickly and professionally. Not sure about the new prep process and the involvement of some third party that will be in touch - will have to see how this goes since it is my first time with this new process. Handed in my completed forms on the way out.


my appointment was a 2 month check up following my visit regarding my liver condition,blood results,etc. as usual,everyone there was wonderful! there is never a wait time, you are treated extremely well. anything you don't understand will be explained to you clearly. Its always a nice experience.


First of all, the staff that greets you and others are always very pleasant and give assistance as needed. My meeting with Dr.Boynton on time as usual. We discussed my issues with ulcerative colitis and IBS. I have had more problems than usual and Dr. Boynton has been looking into what would work best for me. I have complete confidence in him as he gives me suggestions for handling the issues. He always gives me different options to choose which works well with me. I am very pleased with Dr. Boynton and the facility.

Charlotte Pulkowski

Dr. Boynton was very accommodating. I arrived late for my appointment today (AM bus traffic, rain, unfamiliar location), and Dr. Boynton not only honored my appointment but also managed to see me after very little wait time. He did not make me feel rushed, but rather spent quality time with me, reviewing my current health and answering all questions that I had. I feel that Dr. Boynton is a very approachable down-to-earth doctor, and I know that I can ask him anything about my health and he will take the time to give me a thoughtful, complete answer.


I was really impressed with Dr. Boynton, He gave me excellent support and his bedside manner is flawless. I really believe he is getting to the bottom of my health needs. I was also impressed by the staff at his office. They were very efficient and curtious. Thanks, Evelyn.


Reviewed my history, discussed alternatives in medication doses and came up with a plan for the reduction of my medications. A monthly monitor through blood work during the reduction of the medication.


Professional,relaxed and very informative discussion of previous symptoms. My questions were answered precisely and respectfully. Thank you.


I had a very good experience. I felt comfortable with the information I received, and the information was delivered in way I could understand and feel comfortable asking questions. The staff was prompt, helpful and very professional.


Consult with the Doctor regarding stomach issues and prep for 6th colonoscopy.Everything was great. The supporting staff was very helpful and the Doctor was his usual professional self. I'm glad I scheduled the consult.


Hello to all; My visit went just fine. Everyone was friendly,and helpful. Dr Boynton was ,very informative. He has put me at ease. Explained everything. I`m all set. Thank you all very much. Herb Burdsall.


Very efficient staff, friendly and professional. Dr. Boynton very comforting and professional. Nice visit.

Dawn Craven

I went right in, 20 minutes early. Doc spent plenty of time with me, was very thorough.


EVeryone pleasant, little wait time.

Gerard Senske

dr. was very clear and thorough in explaning what my problem is which i certainly appreciated. so much so that i had very few questions when he was done.


The doctor was very nice, genuinely cared about my experience and emotions, and the office was very professional.


My visit with Dr. Boynton included a very thorough discussion of my problems. When completed, I was confident that the treatment/testing plan was the right way to go. Very good visit.


I had a positive visit with my Doctor. Everything went well with my test and I only have to return if I have a need to do so.




Difficult to find the address. Called & no way to connect with a person. I was lost. However, as soon as I got here every one was extremely pleasant and accommodating! Thorough and helpful! Was scheduled for procedures immediately! Could not have worked out better.


This is the first time I have ever rated anyone or anything with such an outstanding rating. I have no complaints and am extremely pleased with everything so far. Keep up the good work.

Peggy Lintellsmith



It was easy to get to. Paperwork was sent in advance, which was convenient. There was almost no wait, and the doctor did his job well.

Adam Dickey