Overall experience has been great, no more miserable constant pain. Hoping the next few months will clear up some of the after surgery issues of leg/nerve pain and limited physical mobility.

D.A (07/16/2019)

I am very satisfied with the results of spinal fusion surgery with Dr. Zamorano. Her knowledge and expertise are invaluable.

s.h (05/29/2019)

Very pleased with results of my two surgeries over 2 years. Hope no more are needed but if it is this is my surgeon. Thanks to you all.

R.R (05/27/2019)

I was very nervous about the surgery at first but I am now very happy I decided to have it done.

J.F (05/23/2019)

I am very, very pleased with the surgery done by Dr. Z excellent job inside as well as out the scar on the out side of my back is so clean and neat so very happy.

R.J (05/22/2019)

Dr. Zamorano and her staff are phenomenal. Doctor spends time to explain everything from the procedure, to the risks, timeline for recovery, etc. She is very thorough. Also, I had questions post surgery. Her staff answered my questions in a timely manner. I also have recommended Dr. Zamarano to others.

R.M (05/20/2019)

She is an amazing doctor and I'm so thankful. The facility is nice and the employees are nice and friendly. I had a good experience.

D.M (05/20/2019)

I am very happy with my surgical outcome, and I am pain free today.

R.K (12/10/2018)

I am very happy with the results of my surgery.

J.F (12/10/2018)

I am very pleased with Dr. Zamorano and staff. She is a wonderful surgeon.

C.O (12/06/2018)

The wait times can be extremely long, but my level of care and outcome from surgery have been excellent; all of this makes the long wait times worth it! Dr. Zamorano is an EXCELLENT surgeon.

S.W (12/06/2018)

I am very pleased with my overall experience, and my successful surgeries.

R.R (12/06/2018)

Dr. Zamorano is an exceptional surgeon. Her skills, professionalism and bedside manner are traits that are difficult to find in physcians these days. I am so happy with the results of my surgery.

T.W (09/19/2018)

Dr. Zamorano is an excellent surgeon. Yes, the wait times are long, but Dr. Zamorano gives you a great deal of personal attention to her patients. In fact I have recommended her to friends and family.

C.S (09/17/2018)

My surgery has been very beneficial. I am pain free.

P.M (09/17/2018)

I had a great experience with Dr. Zamorano and her staff. I was in horrible physical condition. I was having daily pain and symptoms of paralysis. Since my cervical spinal surgery, the pain and paralysis has greatly improved.

D.D (09/17/2018)

I found all the staff and doctor very helpful. Harper hospital was extremely well run.

s.s (08/27/2018)

Dr. Zamorano and staff listen and wait to make sure they understand my symptoms and then carefully explain options and procedures. My pain is significantly better after surgery and continues to improve. There is usually a good bit of time spent on the appointments, but well worth the wait.

J.B (08/20/2018)

Everything went good with neck surgery. I am feeling much better. Thank you so much.

K.D (08/20/2018)

excellent staff! Felt great after surgery.

F.A (07/10/2018)

I had a very pleasant experience at this office the staff was very friendly and helpful.

J.B (05/28/2018)

I'm very happy with the results of my back surgery. 100% satisfied and have recommended Dr. Zamorano to others.

J.V (05/28/2018)

My experience with Dr. Zamorano has been great. I am very pleased with the outcome of the two surgery that I have had with her. I have only had a very positive experience with her staff. Everyone in the office has been very nice and attentive. They are always there and take care of me right away. I have never had to wait.

Doretha Sistrunk (05/25/2018)

I was in constant pain for an entire year from spinal stenosis until I came to see Dr Zamorano. She performed a minimally invasive surgery with two small incisions and I am now two months after surgery with ZERO pain. She is certainly a Godsend in my life. She takes about an hour with each patient, so sometimes the wait time is long but well worth it. She treats patients as her number one priority. Office staff is very kind and caring. They are very friendly. I would recommend Dr Z for anyone with serious back issues.

B.K (05/25/2018)

I love the staff and Dr. Zamorano is awesome. I am happy after t=my two cervical fusions.

C.S (05/24/2018)

I am truly happy with the results of my back surgery no more pain !only regret is i should have had the surgery when Dr.Zamorano suggested to me years ago could have saved myself from lots of painful nights. now i am ready for spring. Thank You DR. Zamorano !

R.J (05/23/2018)

I've had a great experience with everyone here with Doctor Zamorano. Only thing that ever bothers me is wait time with being in constant pain it's hard to be patient but they've been great to me everyone has always been nice and no problems. over all happy with with my results and how everything went with surgery.

T.C (05/23/2018)

Very satisfied with the outcome of my surgery Dr. Zamorano has given me my life back. Very kind and friendly staff would recommend to anyone.

D.J (05/07/2018)

Very good doctor excellent service and good staff would recommend to anyone.

R.O (05/07/2018)

so far I am just healing and taking things slow. I am not having any headaches, which was consent before my surgery.

p.b (12/22/2017)

Great surgeon, worth any wait. Awesome staff, always kind and very courteous.

P.M (12/22/2017)

I have been coming about a year Its been rough had some serious surgery but all in all the outcome has been awesome Great surgeon, awesome bad ass staff!!!!! Every one of them have been patient, understanding, honest and very thorough in their duties in this medical field I cant pick just one I love them all and thank everyone for all their help. May God bless them in their lives and wherever their lives take them always.

Brenda.S (11/27/2017)

I could not have had a more positive experience. I was well taken care of start to finish. I don't know what the future will bring but if I were to need additional surgery Dr. Zamora is my choice. Thank You.

R.R (11/27/2017)

When I first came I could not turn my head at all, but after the surgery everything is much better. I can now turn my head from side to side with no problems. Had problems driving but now no problems. Over all surgery is what put my life at ease.

F.W (11/27/2017)

My name is Charles Walker I came to Dr. Z with a back and neck problem otherwise my overall health is good. Now since seeing doctor my back and neck pain is under control and I am very happy with the results.

C.W (11/17/2017)

from the first day I met dr. Zamorano shes been concerned about helping me from the pain cused from a car accident on November 3 2017. the injection that I received from her was helpful as well as the knowledge about my injury. I'm so glad that I met dr. Zamorano because, shes performed a skillful surgery with great results for me. I still feel pain in my mid back area and lower back and I believe with her help ill be able to gain proper mobility in my body again. her staff and her a very polite and respectful.

w.M (09/12/2017)

Ive had four operations total with Dr. Zamorano, two on my neck and two on my lower back. I was in a bad car crash and after the accident I was in extreme pain and discomfort so I came to Dr. Zamorano. She did a wonderful job explaining to me my diagnosis and what procedures would be performed and I am very happy with the results.

A.Bashman (09/06/2017)

I originally came to Dr. Zamorano because I was having sweats, dizziness and fatigue which my family Dr. could not diagnose so he ordered an MRI of my Brain and found a tumor and recommended I come see Dr. Zamorano. Dr. Zamorano was very thorough with reviewing with me my treatment options, what procedure would be preformed and the risks and benefits. I had two different gamma knife treatments with Dr. Zamorano and after all of my symptoms were resolved and I am very happy with the results. While not close to my home it was worth the drive to see Dr. Zamorano and i would reccomend her to all of my friends and family.

W.Panasiewicz (09/05/2017)

I was very impressed with the staff and treatment. Another thing I'm impressed with is how they follow up, makes me feel like family.

E.G (09/04/2017)

My first appointment with Dr. Zamorano with in March of 2015. Upon meeting Doctor Zamorano and her staff I felt very comfortable seeking medical treatment from her. Her and the staff are very professional and knowledgable. The cleanliness and modern office environment with updated equipment and furniture made me feel I made the correct decision in choosing them for my care. To me a well organized, clean and professional environment indicates that the doctor is very particular and would be very particular in her treatment plan as well as surgery.The office complex is customized to meet the needs of the patients with having the office, medications, physical therapy, testing, mri facility, x-ray equipment and lab all located in one general area/building. This is most convenient for the patients which allows them to receive a variety of services without traveling to several different offices with various appointments. All can be done at one central location.I have referred friends, colleagues and family to this practice as well as Dr. Zamorano. I truly believe she is the best in her field and puts the patients needs first. Over the past 2.5 years I have been very pleased with the diagnosis and treatment plan customized for my needs. My surgery last October 2016 was successful.

C.D (08/31/2017)

My experience was very good, the staff was very helpful and doctor Z was very nice.

I.N (08/29/2017)

Michigan Brain and Spine Surgery Center is the best surgical center in all of America. Dr. Zamorano is very professional, educated, and sentimental with all of her patients. In my opinion she is the best doctor around. She did my upper back surgery to remove compression from my spinal cord. I was very nervous but throughout the whole process I was in great hands. Just one month after the surgery the results were phenomenal. Six months after the surgery my upper back was practically healed! Dr. Zamorano is a miracle worker. I highly recommend coming here, you wont regret it. Not only is Dr. Zamorano the best but all of her staff is top notch. They are all professional hard working individuals that will go out of their way to help you in anything that you need. The best choice I made was choosing Michigan Brain And Spine Surgery Center.

a.i (08/29/2017)

Dr. Zamorano took a lot of time to explain extensively the procedure before hand so I felt comfortable. As a surgeon she is definitely a percA perfectionist. She is not a doctor that rushes. She goes above and beyond to make sure that she can and does everything that is possible to make sure you have a positive outcome I also must say that her staff especially her PAs were outstanding. They always made me feel great answering all my questions even when I probably was a pain I found them very professional and compassionate. Dr. Zamorano also made it easy for testing and the visiting nurse and the physical therapy that she suggested for me were wonderful.

J.L (08/29/2017)

I can't began to tell you the diffrence Dr Zamorano made in my life. Before my surgery ,i was unable to do almost everything i enjoyed. But after surgery i'am living an active life. Thank you so much.

M.P (08/28/2017)

the surgery went well, a little pain after surgery neck fill a lot better, I had pain for a few week that to be expected and now i can turn my neck much better now without pain. i had a second mri which showed no complication. i m not put any stress on my neck headaches are down vision is better.

G.C (06/07/2017)

I have been coming to Dr. Zamorano since September 1 2011 and have been treated with the same care and understanding as day one. the staff here are amazing and address every concern that I would have I have recommended all my family and friends to Dr Zamorano for any Back and Brain issues that anyone would have.

Christopher Boyd (06/07/2017)

I had Minimally Invasive Neck and Back surgery with Dr. Lucia Zamorano. Neck surgery, ACDF, of C3-C4 the spring of 2016. Back surgery TLIF in April 2017. I have been suffering with these conditions since the 90's. Also spinal spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, and slipped disc, which were DNA birth defect, which worsened to point where they disabled me from my lifelong employments in the 90's. Prior to my neck surgery I was having pain in my arms, neck on both sides and some pain in my hands and shoulders accompanied by loss of some function. Pain in my left leg nerve and muscle atrophy complicated by limping stumbling and risk of falling and falls. Severe linear pain in my lower left leg at times that would make me scream. Hardly could do any sports since the 90's as well as minimal lifting. Her operations gave me my life back. I feel like I did 25 years ago now, or will be in the months ahead full recovery when my nerve and muscle therapy is completed for my left leg. Having been a licensed Utility Engineer all my life as well as a Military Retiree and Tradesman all my working life, of which I have had a very active life. I credit Dr. Lucia Zamorano as being my Mother Teresa of Brain, Back, and Neck Surgery. Her Medical Staff and Physical Therapy Staff as well. I have never met anyone else in my life that I badly want to do a biography on, calling it "The Mother Teresa of Minimally invasive Brain, Back, and Neck Surgery." Which she Pioneered in Germany prior to coming to the United states. As well as Dr. Lucia Zamorano being an Inventor of the Real Time MRI Endoscope which Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery while she was in Germany. I believe she is one of the Pioneers of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in Germany that made it possible to be recognized by the United States of America approximately 10-20 years ago. God bless her, she gave me a new life to live.-Retired Military and Retired State of Michigan Civil Servant.

D.F (06/07/2017)

I had a wonderful experience at this office my life has been changed for the better.

J.B (05/17/2017)

Staff and Dr. Zamorano were phenomenal! Very helpful and informed.

c.b (05/12/2017)

Dr.Zamorano and her staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend this doctor.

J.G (08/12/2016)

Dr.Zamorano agreed to operate on me after other surgeos refused. After operation the very next day all symptoms gone for the very first time in years. I have been pain-free.

J.B (03/15/2016)

I had back surgery back in December and I am feeling much better after the surgery. I would recommend this doctor because I am feeling a lot better and her staff is wonderful.

J.P (03/03/2016)

Great staff and great doctor.

K.G (02/22/2016)

I have been a patient of Doctor Zamorano for a while, She has provided me with epidural injections which helped my back pain tremendously.She has a wonderful staff.

K.G (02/15/2016)