My children are both athletes participating in various sports. Within the past four years, Dr. Smedberg has treated my teenage daughter with a fractured hip, torn meniscus and a strained shoulder muscle. With each visit, he and his staff have been kind and thorough. Recently, my son had a sports injury and Dr. Smedberg gave me his honest recommendation for treatment. His patience, honestly and medical treatments are truly one of a kind!

R.F (04/06/2020)

Very good Dr did a super job very caring.

D.E (07/01/2019)

Kept me very informed of everything and answered all my concerns and questions.

D.R (10/31/2018)

Really appreciate being able to walk normally again. Thanks so much!

S.b (10/31/2018)

The full staff took very good care of me for the full 3 months I was a patient. I couldn’t be happier with the level of care I received.

W.P (09/26/2018)

I had an ACL repair. Dr. Smedburg had excellent nurses and the surgery was easy. Recovery was on track with physical therapy. It healed very well in the end.

K.R (09/26/2018)

Very pleased with the outcome, he throughly explained the procedure and explained recovery, he explained and stressed therapy and everyone heals definitely but therapy is key..

J.M (09/26/2018)

Wisconsin Orthopaedics was great at working with my school being in a different state. They were very personable and genuinely cared that I fully recovered. I appreciated being to get into surgery so quickly and not having to wait for months.

H.Engelbrecht (04/26/2018)

I would recommend your facility to anyone that is in need of knee surgery. All the staff at Wisconsin River Orthopaedic are kind courteous and friendly thank you again for the professionalism.

T.L (01/30/2018)

Staff was very professional and explained what the problem was and how to exercise and help the condition.

D.O (01/25/2018)

The experience was very good, and was taken care of expertly!

G.W (01/25/2018)

I had this issue for several years so I was glad Dr. Smedberg took the time to listen to me & not just assume my issue was caused by my weight. I had seen a different orthopedic doctor who just dismissed my complaints. He did further testing(MRI) & found what was causing the issues I had described. I had surgery & PT afterwards. I am able to walk down stairs, which had been an issue for several years, within a few weeks of surgery. It is nice to not have the pain I was having & it's nice not having to worry about my knee locking up.

I.Otero (11/30/2017)

It was very good, I am now pain free and very pleased!!!

K.M (10/26/2017)

I fell on the ice and shattered my wrist on December 23, 2016. Dr. Smedberg came to Riverview Hospital and performed surgery to repair the damage. I had a second surgery on April 13, 2017 to remove the plate and screws. This second surgery gave me more movement of my fingers, hand, and wrist. I also started occupational therapy in March, 2017 at Wisconsin River Orthopaedics. Dr. Smedberg did an excellent job repairing my wrist and with the help of occupational therapist, Faith Jones Anderson, I have nearly regained full function of my fingers, hand, wrist, and arm. I am very grateful to Dr. Smedberg and Faith Jones Anderson for all they have done for me.

B.F (06/29/2017)

Not knowing what to expect with surgery, I thought it went very well. Staff prepared me well - no surprises. Even with a longer than normal surgery, I always felt confident in the Dr., staff & their competency. I needed a blood transfusion during surgery, but again, still felt I always had the best of care.

Scott Soley (06/01/2017)

I fell the 1st week of April. Fractured my knee cap. Had a brace put on for 8 weeks. Dr. Smedberg treated me. Dr. Smedberg is very knowledgeable and professional. Had a great experience. Would definitely recommend Dr. Smedsberg.

J.R (05/31/2017)

I would recommend the doctor and therapist!

Dawn.W (04/13/2017)

Joyce in X-ray did a wonderful job at making sure the process was painless.

S.C (02/16/2017)

Staff is friendly and helpful. Dr Smedberg explained procedure and aftercare well. Very good experience.

Laline Moore (10/20/2016)

Every thing went well . I think recovery was good and the therapy was big help.

Barbara Lowe (09/07/2016)

Everything was great from staff to treatment.

K.h (04/05/2016)

Very respectable an professional.

R.e (03/31/2016)