The experience was every thing that Dr. Duellman and Dawn said. I did not experience any unusual . Felt I was in great hand.Highly recommend Dr. Duellman and his team.

M.V (12/02/2019)

Have 95%.rang of motion back which is fabious . I will highly recommend, rate wis Orthopaedics. My therapist Faith was awesome Thank you Dr, Duellman and Faith and all at wis, Orthopaedics.

L.M (12/02/2019)

Had 2 knee replacements in 8 week period of time. I am so pleased as to how well everything went. Dr. Duellman and staff were excellent. Everyone was so helpful. My questions were always answered in words I could understand. I would recommend this facility to anyone who needs to have work done. In fact I did have 2 friends have hip replacements by Dr Duellman after my first knee was done because of my experience. Thank you to all who cared for me.

A.A (12/02/2019)


Don.B (11/19/2019)

Very thorough, answered all my questions.

A.S (11/04/2019)

I had a rt hip replacement by Dr Duellman and my experience was excellent. He fixed my bad hip and now my pain is gone. This doctor goes beyond to help his patients and I recommend him to others every chance I get. Aaaaaaaaa.

A.P (11/01/2019)

Dr. Duellman did a wonderful job on my replacement, I was driving the car at 11 days out....his nurse Dawn is exceptional you can call her anytime night or day with questions, and she is always so pleasant...then John the therapist is great and so helpful in your rehabilitation...I looked forward to going...thanks for taking good care of me.

J.K (11/01/2019)

Excellent. Very professional. Impressed by the two home visits Dawn made for new bandages. Very thorough explanations by Dr. Duellman.

Brian.V (11/01/2019)

Just had 6 week check up on my right hip and hes just wonderful! Will always come back to. Dr Duellman!

S.M (10/07/2019)

Everything was great. Dr Duellman and /or Dawn answered all my questions and their care was exceptional.

K.D (10/07/2019)

Hip replacement, left hip, everything seems to be going well.

J.C (09/05/2019)

You and your staff made this whole procedure go smooth.Your all rock stars at this !!

a.h (09/04/2019)

My hip surgery experience began with talking to pleasant staff (and included his very capable assistant, Dawn), trained to gather critical information about.

S.M (09/02/2019)

I had rotator cuff surgery. Dr. Duellman did the surgery. This Dr. is amazing. I couldn’t use my right arm for hardly anything. I had no shoulder pain after my surgery. I have and will continue to recommend him for any kind of surgery. Very thankful I had him for my doctor.

J.Gaber (08/01/2019)

Very great quality service by dr.duellman and his pays to listen on what exactly to do as far as rehab and also very good on what to expect to happen after surgery. His personal nurse was exceptional they ought to make more of them like her in this world very appreciateative ALso do the therapy that made a world of difference and thank you Maria stats on that cause my knee feels like a million bucks. Top quality service had by all thank you very very much.

John Bidwell (08/01/2019)

What wonderful care I received before, during and after my hip replacement. Dr. Duellman, Dawn Tammen, and the entire hospital staff provided unbelievable attention and care. I 100% recommend Wisconsin River Orthopaedics !

Michael Pastore (07/31/2019)

Great! Would highly recommend Dr. Duellman for knee replacement surgery.

D.S (07/01/2019)

My overall experience was very positive. I was very well informed about my procedure from beginning to end. All staff were very professional and courteous and all of my questions were answered promptly. Thank you so much for all the help you extended to me!

J.H (07/01/2019)

Was fortunate enough to meet Dr Todd Duellman and his very efficient, knowledgeable and courteous staff back in 2016 after a rotator cuff tear. His knowledge and expertise in this field is unmatched. Felt so very safe and positive about my experience with that rotator cuff tear that when the other side got torn I immediately knew that I wanted Dr Todd Duellman repairing that one as well. He did so well on both of those surgeries that when I needed a knee replacement I knew who I wanted to work on me again. Getting old and falling apart is a LOT more tolerable and livable with Dr Todd Duellman and his staff in your corner!!!I now need another knee replacement and you know who I'm going to!!!!!Highly, highly recommend Dr Todd Duellman!!!!!

J.C (07/01/2019)

I had my right hip replaced.

Roberta Foster (06/12/2019)

R hip replaced. All aspects (preop through postoperative) of care were excellent. There were high expectations right from the start because Dr. Duellman has developed quit a high reputation. He did not disappoint. His team of staff are top notch as well.

M.L (06/06/2019)

Left hip replacement !! Dr duellman did a fantastic job,, the staff was fantastic., very professional and made the surgery as pleasant as possible.

B.B (06/03/2019)

Was very painful so had it checked out. Said should have knee replacement. Dr. Duellman did the surgery. Great job never had pain in knee but some in thigh. Did my exercise then did therapy. Got done early with the therapy. Doing great. Dr Duellman said doing great so done now.

Richard Kempen (06/03/2019)

Dr.Duellman was an absolute pleasure to have as my surgeon. He was so kind and personable every visit!

M.l (04/01/2019)

My knee surgery went very well. I was treated excellent from beginning to end from everyone that I was in contact with. Excellent therapy classes. Very happy that I finally got up the courage to have the surgery. Very pleased with my new knee and Dr Duellman's excellent knowledge. Also want to compliment his excellent staff. ~ Cathy Timm.

Catherine Tim (04/01/2019)

Came in for hip replaceement at 9 am; by 5:15 pm, I was home sitting on my own couch. Preop pain gone, minor postop swelling in thigh, but remarkable result. Within a couple weeks I was able to feel fully stable and walk unlimited distance without discomfort. It is truly incredible that my mobility has been restored, and the constant pain in my lower back, and leg are gone !!! ALL staff were exceptionally professional and compassionete. Appointments timely and fully addressed all concerns. Thank you for what you do...

J.w (02/06/2019)

Very professional and took the time to listen and explain everything!

J.S (01/02/2019)

I feel that my experience was very positive and professional.

R.T (12/06/2018)

It turned out to be an awesome experience! Very well presented as to what to expect after surgery. I would recommend Dr. Duellman and his staff anytime. Thank you so much!

c.m (12/04/2018)

Overall, this was a superior experience for a knee replacement. The information provided ahead of the procedure was informative and useful. I knew what to expect every step of the way. My comfort was of the utmost importance to all. The professionalism of those dealt with was exceptional. I would, and have, recommended Dr, Duellman and his staff to others.

K.I (12/04/2018)


Glenn Ross (11/05/2018)

everyone here is great and takes time to explain things very well.

L.C (09/26/2018)

Dr Duellman is very good at what he does. The staff is efficient and courteous. This is my second surgery by Dr Duellman. Hopefully the last, but if necessary,he will be doing any further surgeries for me. I do trust him.

Peggy Becker (08/23/2018)

Dr. Duellman is the best .. His nurse assistant Dawn is the most pleasant and professional person I have ever met in the medical field. They both take the time to explain all the details of your procedure and answer all your questions. Very professional but still down to earth and caring for your personal needs.. p.s. my last name is reiter not reiterate ..

J.r (07/09/2018)

This was so much better than when I had my right knee done but it was a different knee all together!! Everyone was so friendly and helpful! I wouldn’t go anywhere else! A huge thank you to EVERYBODY! I couldn’t have done it without you ALL!!! Hugs to everyone!

Hariet Dehlinger (07/09/2018)

First class in all areas, I will be proudly recommending that others in need chose this facility/ staff for help. They exceeded my expectations!

k.f (07/09/2018)

I was always treated with respect and consideration. Dr Duellman and Dawn were always very informative about what they would be doing and made me feel comfortable. Marie was excellent in therapy and kept me working to get my full motion back. The front desk girls and nurses were very polite and friendly. Thanks for a great experience.

K.F (05/24/2018)

Couldn’t have asked for anything better. I would recommend Dr. Duellman and his staff if you are looking for hip surgery. Excellent!!

J.L (05/24/2018)

Top notch professional from start to finish. I was very well informed about the surgery before it happened. Dr. Duellmann and Dawn his nurse answered all my questions before, during & after. The surgery itself went better than I could have imagined. Everyone involved was great - professional yet caring & empathetic. The hardest part was the physical therapy I needed afterward. But every step I progressed to was very rewarding & worth the hard work. I am so confident in how things went that I will be back to have my other knee done in the future.

D.H (04/30/2018)

All in all it was a positive experience. The doctor and all the nurses were very helping in my recovery.

S.G (04/27/2018)

Very happy with my procedure. Doctor and staff amazing. Everything from first appointment, surgery, to last appointment went smoothly.

m.A (04/27/2018)

Couldn't be happier with the experience of my hip replacement surgery! Everyone was so helpful and friendly and ready to answer all questions! All the information handed out ahead of the procedure was spot on! Thank You to all the Dr.'s and staff!

S.D (04/26/2018)

I had my knee replaced in Feb. Dr. Todd and Dawn were so helpful, always happy to answer questions or do anything they could to make it easier for me. Maria, my PT, was also great and very helpful. I recommended them to several people after my first knee surgery and will do so again. I really can't think of anything they could improve upon. They take their jobs seriously and yet make it as pleasant as possible. Thanks to all! Jenny Stowell.

J.S (04/26/2018)

Appreciated the pre surgery information binder I received at the doctors office, the presurgery information meeting with physical therapy and the no nonsense approach of Dr, Duellman. Telling me his part of the knee replacement is 20% and my part is 80% made it very plain that the recovery was up to me. I had a very positive experience. I will highly recommend your clinic to anyone contemplating knee surgery.

C.L (04/26/2018)

Dr Duellman and his staff are professional yet very personal in their care from the moment you walk through the door. Dr Duellman and his staff are thorough and competent from start to finish with you or your loved ones. The care given with your diagnosis and treatment are important and why I recommend him EVERY I am asked who to see.Dr Duellman will also get you to an equally amazing doctor if it is something out of his realm.I am grateful he is also dedicated and invested in our community.

O.S (03/29/2018)

Dr Duellman and his staff are always the most professional, yet very personal, and take excellent care of you the moment you walk through the door. And it doesn't stop there, the follow through and total care given is top notch. The confidence I have in Dr Duellman and his staff is reassuring in times of care needed for loved ones. I had no worries that he would take care of the injury or keep asking questions and reassessing until a successful heal.I recommend him EVERY time I am asked who to see. Reassuring that if it isn't something Dr Duellman is comfortable with, him and his staff find you the most capable to handle your situation.

O.S (03/29/2018)

For a very difficult situation that I may have not have gone through if not coming to wi rapids ortho. The staff was outstanding and reassuring allowing me to feel comfortable at all times throughout my hip replacements.

C.G (02/28/2018)

I had knee injections, followed by surgery. Dr. Duellman made a before clinic hours appointment for one of my injections to accomodate my work schedule. Entire staff very caring and pleasant. Never once had an employee who seemed to be having a bad day. Surgery was well explained and prepared. John Egge, P.T. is the best! He is compassionate, encouraging, and very knowledgable. Answered all my questions without hesitation. Never once did I feel like I was in this alone.

C.A (01/25/2018)

All aspects were excellent.

D.T (10/31/2017)

Hospital stay went very well. Felt I had wonderful personal attention. I feel Dr. Duellman is an excellent surgeon. Physical therapy included exercise and massage. I think that helped immensely. Don't care for the dissolving staple. They're poking me. Overall, so glad I went to Wisconsin River Orthopedic!

V.L (10/25/2017)

Had knee replacement with Dr. Duellman and was very satisfied. He did an awesome job. All the staff there is friendly and helpful.

D.B (10/25/2017)

Everything was excellent!!! Very happy with things!

Darlene.P (10/25/2017)

I had a knee replacement 6 weeks ago and the process has been a learning experience for me. I've been learning how to walk again without a limp or keeping the foot/knee going straight. The physical therapy was a work out but as Maria helped me get the strength back in the right leg, things got easier.

M.W (09/28/2017)

I had my second knee replaced by Dr Duellman 8/14/17. He did an excellent job and I was walking unassisted the first week. By my 6 week appointment is was as if nothing had been done and my knees were my own originals. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Duellman to anyone, and should I ever need orthopedic surgery, he would definitely be my choice of provider.

S.C (09/26/2017)

Very pleased with the surgery have recommended you to my friends.

E.S (09/18/2017)

I am very pleased with everyone who took care of me from the doctor, nurses, the therapy at the hospital and clinic. My knee feels good, no pain, yeah! Thanks again for everything, Dianne brooks.

D.B (08/08/2017)

I had a knee replacement and the results are amazing I highly recommend dr duellman and his staff! Very very satisfied.

C.S (08/02/2017)

I feel as though I got my life back. I can mow lawn and work in my flower beds and help my children...all pain free!

P.L (07/29/2017)

I was terrified before I had my surgery. The first time I met Dr. Duellman, he made me feel completely comfortable. I can't say enough good, I recommend him to everyone ????

J.M (06/02/2017)

I was treaded very good ,liked working with Dr.Duellman and his staff. Very happy with outcome. Have and would recommend him to anyone, thank you Dr. Duellmen and his staff for my new and improved knee.

Edward Jankovitz (06/01/2017)

Everything went way better than expected! I had right hip replacement surgery. I could not stand or walk previously, but now I am back to my old self!!! Excellent staff. Recovery was better than expected. Back to work in way less time than I expected. Should of had it done sooner, but my schedule didn't allow it until now.

K.H (05/31/2017)

I am so happy with my results, as soon as i can I will jump for joy!

Gloria Lipman (03/24/2017)

After a full summer of left knee pain and many different appointments and opinions on what the main problem was with my knee and how to treat it, I decided to seek a second opinion. Since I'd had a right knee replacement 7 years ago I knew several of the treatments suggested were only stop gap measures and I probably just needed another knee replacement. So, on the recommendation of my chiropractor I met with Dr. Todd Duellman. He was very confident in his decision a replacement was the only thing that was going to give me long term relief. So in late October I had my second knee replacement. I was very impressed with the personal care WI River Orthopedics and Aspirus Riverview Joint Center of Wisconsin Rapids provides patients. They require attendance at a pre-op class for the patient and person who will be the primary home caregiver/coach; provide a 100 page binder of information on what to expect, exercises for before and after surgery, and answers to frequently asked questions; they even do home visits if called for, (Nurse Dawn came to our home, approximately 30 miles from the office, twice during the initial six week recovery period); and finally hold a follow up luncheon and discussion within six months post op to get feedback on your experience and how they can improve their program. Impressive customer care!

C.M (03/22/2017)

I had a total knee replacementa excellent experience start to finish.I had some issues before surgery with my insurance provider and Kerry did a great job in resolving all problems.Doctor Duellman was straight forward as far as what my options were for treatment and left it up to me to choose.My surgery went very well as did the healing and recovery,as long as you follow their instructions.Then there is his RN Dawn what a great nurse/assitant (a little hyper but very good) she provides you with her cell number to call about concerns or problems that may occur very helpful.I would highly recommend Dr.Duellman and his staff to anyone that maybe in need of his services.Note I also had a hip and my other knee done by Dr.Duellman.

R.G (11/17/2016)

From my first visit to last post-op appointment, I felt very relaxed and confident that my surgery for Left Total Hip Arthroplasty performed by Dr. Duellman would go well. Dr. Duellman and his assistant,Dawn, put me at ease with their detailed description of my surgical procedure and what to expect during recovery. At all times I was made to feel that I was never to be embarrassed asking questions. Both were available 24/7 to answer them and I did call them a couple times during my recovery. The best part of my surgical procedure was the use of the waterproof dressing- no stitches!! This allowed me to move with little restriction. I feel my recovery is on schedule and as days go bye will be complete. Thank you Dr. Duellman and Dawn for a "very good" surgical experience. See you in 5 years. Maribeth.

M.L (11/11/2016)

My knee replacement was a success. The office staff set up all pre op appointments & verified my insurance coverage. Dr. Duellman did a great job & my movement after surgery was better than I expected. Thanks to Dawn, Dr. Duellman's nurse, for going over in detail the pre op paperwork. Maria in physical therapy was fantastic. She would work to loosen up my knee before doing exercises & would make therapy as pleasant as possible. I highly recommend this office.

S.L (11/10/2016)

I would highly recommend Dr. Duellman and Wisconsin River Orthopaedic to anyone considering a knee replacement. Dr Duellman and his nurse Dawn are fantastic to work with. The physical therapists are wonderful.

Sarah Hughes (11/03/2016)

I,m very happy with my results and have already recommended WRO to others.

Burton Moore (11/03/2016)

my experience was very good. Dr Duellman told me everything I needed to know about my knee surgery and that was very helpfull to me.

M.C (11/02/2016)

I could not be more pleased. You gave me my independence back. Feels wonderful to wake up and not be in constant pain all day!

Michele Jagodzinski (10/20/2016)

Right hip replacement.

l.k (10/14/2016)

I am not only impressed with the facility but very happy with my doctor and the great care I got at the hospital. I Have only great things to say about my experience.

R.Wells (10/06/2016)

Every thing has been very fine. Maria was a treasure. Thanks to all.

Dolores Carrigan (10/06/2016)

I am very happy with the new knee. I know he & Dawn said I would have lots of pain just didn't realize it could be so intense. Thanks to theraphy and home exercises I am getting back to normal. The hospital stay was super. Everyone was super nice and helpful. I couldn't have had a better doctor, nurse & therapist.

S.H (09/29/2016)

I had wonderful care during and after my surgery. My therapist was awesome and also Doctor Duellman & Dawn. I didn't fully realize how intense the pain would be. Everyone in the hospital was very nice. I would like to thank you for the beautiful flowers. They were very much appreciated.

S.H (09/29/2016)

The procedure from top to bottom was presented with detailed expectations. I was pleased with everything.

James Vallin (08/25/2016)

Second Knee replacement. Very good experience.

Linda Blum (07/11/2016)

I am very happy with the results of both my knee replacements. Will recommend wis river orthopedics to others. Dr Todd Duellman is awesome.

D.K (03/31/2016)